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Itllveredlir carrier In Anv I'atl of lieCltyn
TwcntrCentM 1'erWcok.
Jiff J JIFFS On ICE No. 43.
K OHT KuiTon. No. 23.
N. Y. P. Co.
Glcnton conl.
C. 11. Music Co. , B33 U'way. '
D. W. Otis , city und form lonns.
Dry Koodft , eastern prices. Uoston storo.
Mr. L Klssell , on Grabnm avenue , Is ru-
jolclng ns only n now pupa can.
Tlclcotn nro on Ralo for tlio rouital Sntur-
dny evening , nt Cump & Kills' druu store.
1'rluc , GO cents.
Oly Treasurer Spctman Is dovotlnp moro
tlmo nt present to n newly arrived daughter
than ho Is to cashing city warrants.
The Union Pacific overland express wns
three and a linlf hours Into ycstcrdav morn-
lng < It was composed of twenty curs.
A apcclnl trnln came 111 yesterday morning
over the vVnbuRh loaded with vliltors to lie
Omnha fair. The heavy rnln was a Krent
Owlnp to tbo romovnl of tlio Y. M. C. A.
rooms to the new quarters In the Mcrrfam
block , the pymnuslum clusscs have been
abandoned for tills week.
In pollco court , "yesterday morning , C.
Lrttidstroni wns lined S10 for Intoxluiitlon.
'Ibo CHHO npalnst Koburt Mardis , for assault
ing an oniccr , was dismissed.
The democrats meet nt tlio city bulldlnR
to-morrow u von Ing to perfect arrangements
for sending u largo delegation to the state
convention ut Sioux City nn tbo 17th Inst.
The funeral of F. C. Havens will take
pi n co from tbo residence of G. VV. Jacobs ,
No. ICi'Jl Tostovln street this morning , ut 10
o'clock. Friends uro respectfully Invited to
A mU'.tla cotnpunv , to bo known ns the
"Hibernian Hllles1 Is boliiK orKiinlzed , und
tbo organization will bo perfected ut u moot-
tug to bo bold next Sunday at U o'clock
ahurp , at St. Joseph's hall.
The case against Mrs. 13. Miller , charged
with keeping n disorderly bouso ut tlio cor.-
nor of b'cvcuth Htrcot nnd Washington
avenue , wus dismissed yesterday morning ,
tbo prosecuting witness fulling to appear.
The second trial of the Harrott brothers ,
for stealing u lot of chickens , was com
menced again yesterday in Squlro Hon-
drk'Us' court. It was not completed , nnd
will bo resumed this morning. On the
former trial the Jury disagreed.
Tbo contractor furnishing the season's
coal for the institution for the ( lout nnd
dumb has been awarded to the Carbon Coal
company. Last year tha institution used
about UCOO , tons , and it is expected that the
amount used this year will bo nearly douolo
District court Is quietly grinding away ,
but no cases of especial Intorcst have yet
been reached. The grand Jury has made no
report , und will not this week. A large
number of witnesses ore being examined ,
nnd it is expected u largo number of indict
ments will bo returned.
The nicotine of the Hetail Merchants' Pro
tective association , culled for lust evening ,
at tbo board of trudo rcoina , wus postponed
owing to the Inclement weather mid the
number of merchants who were absent in
Omului. The meeting will bo held this even
ing , and all members urc requested to bo
The now church which Is being erected at
Washington township center is nearing com
pletion , mid indication duy has been llxcd
for the 20th of September. The dedication
rcreinouios will bo qulto interesting. Tbo
new church Is a splendid building , and a
decide 1 credit to Washington township
A largo delegation of Council Bluffs trav
eling men assembled ut tbo Beuhtolo yester
day , nnd bonded by Dahlboy'a band , inudo a
parudo of the priuciunl streets , after which
they boarded n special motor train for
Omaha. H. CoiTcen acted ns captain , und L.
C. Dunn curried the handsome silk banner ,
The boys looked very swell in their natty ut-
tlro , and marched like veterans.
C Mrs. Almy , who keeps u candy store on
I'M Upper Uroadway , bus had a llttln girl who
lives nbovo the store arrested for potty lar
ceny. ' 1 bo little girl says that when sno and
her mother went to live there. Mrs. Almy
told her to go and take candy from the show
cuso whenever she wanted to. This Is the
child's explanation of what is charged to bo
a criminal act.
Invitations are out for the dress parade
nnd hop of the Omaha , Guards at their
nrmory next Monday evening. The Uodgo
Light Guards , of this city , will attend nnd
take part in the parudo. The guards will
tnko twenty-four privates , flvo non-com-
inittsioned and two commissioned olllccrs.
A largo number oC invltod guests will also
attend from the , UlulTs.
Tbo Coursing club has decided to postpone
the chnso , which wus to have taken jlui-o to
morrow morning , as the hounds are still sore
from the effects of the lust run. Thcro will
bo a grand chase Saturday afternoon , Sep
tember 28. nt tbo Plumer settlement , seven
miles southeast of the city. There will bo
other nieo's before that tlmo nearer the city ,
hut the duto is not yet announced. It is ex
pected thut the next run will take place the
fore part of next week.
The articles of the. ro-lncorooratlon of LtiUo
Mavawa.hitvo been illod In tbo ofllco of tbo
county recorder , tbo election having boon
hold on the 19th of August , when twonty-
seven votes were cast , all of them bulng In
favor of Incorporation , ana the town of Lake
Manaxva Is an incorporated municipality.
The odlcluls will bo elected ut another elec
tion to bo hold this month. The eommis-
olonors having charge of tbo election were
F. C. Heed , C. O. Malonuy , Mark Dohisio
nnd W. U. Uock.
A man named Harris , who works ut
Wlclthain's brick yard , loft the yard Tues
day und has not bcon seen since. Some time
ago ho lost a child which ho thought every
thing of , and stnro than ho has constantly
brooded over his aOllction until ho began to
show many symptoms ot Insanity. Tuesday
morning bo went to work us usual , out was
tnlssod lutor in tbo afternoon. No ono has
the least Idea which way ho ' .vest. A com
pany of friends spent ull afternoon und
evening searching for him ,
Dexter , employment , US Pearl st.
J. G. Tipton , real estuto , 627 B'dway.
Go to M. Keating for drugs , COS Uroadway.
The young Indies' society of St. Francis
Xavler's church , of tins city , have postponed
their entertainment from Wednesday night
to Fnday night. As bus boon said before ,
tbo entertainment will consist of muslo , lec
tures , scones , dancing , etc Au enjoyable
night Is promised by the young ladles , who
ndviso all who wish to enjoy a good laui-li
and a pleasant evening to conic and patronize
thorn on next Friday ulgbt , September C.
All remember the night und bring your
friends with you. All holding tickets for
Wednesday can use thorn on Friday , The
entertainment will bo given at St. Joseph's
bull , and will bofln ut U o'clock sharp. Muslo
by Dalboy's band.
Kcllcy & Younkorman sell precede
Chase- and Sauborn colfees a speclaly ,
Good business chance ; a ) ,000 , stock ol
gout's furnishing goods , bats , caps , boots
aud shoos , 1s offered for sale by Fox &
Hughes of this city , The business reaches
XUOO ) yearly und is well established. .
Kerr & Gray , real estate , 505 First avenue.
Money loaned at L. U. Craft's & Co. 'a
loan Olllco on furniture , piunos. horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds.
uml all other articles ot value , without
removal. AU business strictly con 11-
Kalrniount I'ark.
The beautiful gem of Council Blulfs sot
unld tha romantic hills aud shaded by vcr-
tlunt bought of forest trees. The most do-
Ughtful place. Imaginable for picnics , tennis
parties , and quite rumbles.
'anko the oloctrio motor cars bridge llno-
whlch land * passengers In the vary Heart ol
Dm park ' Furo from Omaha to the pavl
only 10 c-ents.
The park ! $ owned and controlled uy tbi
city authorities and the bc t of wood urdoi
U enforced.
Mnkoa a Much Reduced Tax Levy
lor the Next Yoar.
Ctiniitnuqitn To Ilo fiohl To-Dny
Crocket's llrlgndo ComlnirA
llorrtbln SuloUlo Another Ons
The Coiinoll Cult the Tnx Tjovr.
The city council Inst evening , nt Us special
session , adopted a resolution enforcing the
collection of special assessment taxes , mid
Instructed the county treasurer to proceed
With the collection forthwith by ordering a
special tax sulo of all properly upon which
special taxes are delinquent.
The city engineer reported nn ordinance
estnbllshliiK the gradoon Uldgostrcot. which
wns adopted. The Fojrmount avenue grade
was also established.
The water works company wan assessed
$ < 13 for relaying -pavement taken up for
water pipes.
A resolution was adopted jileik'lntc Chicago
the support and sympathy of Council Bluffs
In her effort to sucuro the world's fair.
A ordinance levying n pcncral sewer tax to
create u fund for right ot way for sewers
through private property , und similar pur
poses , was udotud. ]
Iho council then adjourned and went Into
executive and secret session for the purpose-
of fixing the annual tax levy for
1803. Upon reassembling they announced
ilia following : Mills.
Goncral fund 10
Extinguishment bonded debt ana inter
est 2
Extinguishment paving und grading
bonds 3
KxtinRiilshmcni of intersection sewer
bonds und Interest 1J
Gradual extinguishment ( undcd
Judgment fund "
General city bridge 3
Public library J
Park 1
Water tux 4
General suwor \yt
Total 33
The total levy Is 10 mills less than that of
last year.
Under this reduced assessment the new
levy gives a sum of about SlUo.OOO for exclu
sive city purposes , outside special , Judgment
und sinking funds , as against $1)4,01)0 ) ) last
year , with the 40 mill levy.
The Chicago & -Northwestern railroad
comminy was ordered to keep fluginon at the
cjossinus on Avenues A , U ana C. or dis
continue ) their switching and making up
trains al that point.
The common carriers' and hacktnon's
ordinance was taken up and passed , with
the rates as previously agreed upon. The
rates , as tncy now stund , allow the carrier
> cents for carrying uasstncers to or from
any part of the city , depots or othnr similar
points within the city , und 50 cents for bag-
gaga of 150 pounds weight.
An Anatomical Mystery.
The pont-martein held upon tne body of
Frank Haven , the man who fell dead from
heart disease in the alloy in ilio rear of the
Biscmaii block on Tuesday , was not con
cluded until after midnight. All day yester
day the remains woru visited by crowds of
curious people , among them every physician
in the city and many from Omaha and out
side towns. Yesterday forenoon the
strangely malformed and misplaced internal
organs were photographed. Two views
were taken , besides several pen and pencil
sketches made by special ai lists employed by
physicians. All the doctors who examined
the body do not hesitate to declare that in
the whole range of anatomical study and in
all the human freaks it has revealed , tbero
never has boon an instance that puralollod
this strangely formed individual. The ex
ternal appearance of the body was re mark u-
bio. The flngnr and too noils were not oval ,
but nearly perfectly round and more than
twice the normal size. When the man was in
health the disturbed circulation often made
him an object of interest on the streets. His
complexion would often bo a very deep pur
ple or a bright bluo. THb bones of the
sternum wore bulged out. The largest pro
tuberance was on the right side of the mid-
mu line , und about three inches below the
shoulder. It was as largo nt u good-sized
bowl , and in the cavity it formed the heart
laid. This , like every other Internal organ ,
was reversed from the normal position and
turned upside down. The lungs we're not
more than two-thirds the natural size , they
being almost entirely exhausted from tubor-
culur trouble , und wjro very much diluted
and death 'had resulted from a rupture of
the right ventricle. The stomach was just
reversed and was located on the right side
ana overlapping the lungs. The liver an d
spleen were both reversed und on the loft.
Hoth were abnormally developed. Nature
followed the same wrong-ond-to tendency
when slio made tbo abdominal viscera and
these organs were completely reversed.
The brain was not examined , but it Is prob
able the saino romarKilbla tendency was fol
lowed in the development of that organ.
Tno development of nil the organs was
nearly normal , und all would have dis
charged their proper functions the full al
lotment of years ol mankind If they had not
been weakened by disease.
It Is not at all romurkublo that with all of
these reversals of nuturo's customs the man
should have boon decidedly loft handed in
S. B. Wndsworth & Co , loan money.
Swanson Music Co. , 335 Broadway.
If ynu want clean , fresh groceries and
fruitscull on Johnson & Olson,713 Uroadway.
On Tlio Klnotrlo Hail.
The immouso crowd that visited Omaha
yesterday morning to see the parade
of tbo traveling men taxed tbo motor
line to its utmost capacity. Extra cars were
added to the regular trains , but that would
not sufllco and additional trains were put on.
All were crowded and the isles , platforms
and stous would not furnish the requisite
standing room , There was not sufllciont
power to handle 'all the trains ,
with their heavy loads , and
considerable difficulty was experienced in
petting up the grade to the bridgo. Ono
train fulled to get up , blowing out a fuse ,
after which the currant molted the connec
tions and set lire to the wood work of the
motor car. It was quickly extinguished , but
the motor was "dead , " und quite u "layout"
resulted , several trains being blocked there
for nearly half an hour , when everything
was again straightened out , after which there
was no further trouble , us the rush was
about over. .
It has been pretty clearly demonstrated
several times that thirty horsonowoi motors
would be much moro effective than the
twenty horsepower motors now in use , as
tbo bridge grades und the unusually heavy
grade , on Madison street liavo frequently
proven serious obstacles to a heavily loaded
train. A few heavier motors would coma In
vury good play , und it is not unlikely that
the company will sesurosorao of the larger
machines in their next order ,
Wall paper , room moldings ana decora
tions , No. W North Main street
Winter & Monroe , sign painters , 410 B'way
A. New Ons Company Incorporated.
A newly organized company , the Councl
Hlufttt Gas and Kloctrio Light company , Dice
their articles of Incorporation at the oftlco a
the county recorder yesterday. The incor
porntors are Charles L. Easton , of Now
York , and Walter S. Wright , of Chlojgo
The capital stock Is fSOO.OCO , with shares o
flOO each. Mr , Wright owns 155 shares
und Mr. Eastou 145 shares. According ti
the articles of incorporation , 25 per cent of
tlio capital stock must bo paid up bo fora the
company begins business , which will baSep
tember 5 , I6S'J. The corporation will con
tlnuo for fifty year *
lion , George V , Wright , of the Counci
Hluffa Gas company , was soon yesterday af
ternoou , and asked If ho know anything re
guruing the new company , or it * iucorpor
tors. Ho stated thnt ho did not , but was
ncllned to think that the Walter S. Wright ,
r the now company , wuS the one
onncctcd with Iho fuel cas com-
mny , which has n plant In Omahn.
Yom the name , ho Inferred thnt the new
onipany wai organlzod to cotnpoto with the
Humiliating companies now doing business
n the city , and would respond to the mlvor-
Isemont of the city council for bids forllght-
ng the city. The nldermon uro not surprised to
cc outside companies coming In , as they are
nthflcd that there Is great encouragement
or n company that Is willing 16 furnish light
at moro reasonable rates than nro now
charged ,
AlwnjH on Time.
If you wish to purchiwn n good and reliable
vatch 2.5 per cent lefB than club rates , and
on easy terms , then call at once and mnko
our own selection at C. B. Jacqucmln * &
Co. , 27 Main street.
The Now Ogden , Council 1 Muffs , finest and
argcst hotel in western Iowa. Special nt-
entlons to commercial men.
Itonrd of Supervisors.
The board of supervisors is transacting
outlno business , and will probably bo ready
o toke a short adjournment by Saturday.
The principal business of the session , how
ever , will not bo taken up until Mr. C. 11.
Valto sufllclontly recovers from his illness
o bo present and assist In the deliberations
of the body. If ho has not recovered by the
end of the week , the board will adjourn until
10 IB , as the tax levy for 1S90 Is to bo made
it this session , ana It Is desired to have every
member nresent. The mutter must bo soi
led at this session , and cannot bo postponed
until the December term , as the clorlts In
he county auditor's ofllco are now waiting to
pot to work on the tax list , which must bo
: omplctcd by January 1 , and will require
hreo months to prepare. It will hurdiv bo
> ossiblo for the board to complete ) the busl-
loss of the September session before the
middle of the month.
Vine jewelry , watches and diamonds ;
cleaning und repairing at E. Uurhorn.
, "Tho Kamous" cash bargain house , 200
13 road way.
Chnmntiiia To-Day.
Those who want the choice of Cbautauqua
ots should bo on hand to-day. Thcro will bo
cams ready to take passeugcrs out to the
grounds , The trains on the Milwaukee and
on the Bock Island roads stop at the grounds
coming and going to accommodate the pub
ic. This opportunity will bo given to get to
and from the grounds.
Everybody is urged to take a lunch basket
and combluo picnic pleasure with business
iroflt. The choice of lots will bo sold at
If the public take hold of this ontcrprlso
as it should ttio Chautauqua can soon bo
readily furnished the needed money for
nakmg such improvements ana securing
such attractions on the programme as will
make this the leading CUautau < ] UU of tbo
In thus helping along the enterprise the
lot takers will also bo helping themselves.
These lots should prove a tempting invest
ment for many reasons.
Get Fountain 5c cigar , next Elseinan block.
C. B. steam dye works , 1013 Broadway.
Itciinlnn oTCrocker's Brigade.
The famous Crocker's Iowa brigade will
told its flfth biennial reunion in this city
Wednesday and Thursday , September 18
und 10 , and preparations for a grand recuo-
iou to the members and guests who will bo
irescot attuat time are well under way.
This brigade is composed of the Eleventh ,
Thirteenth , Fifteenth and Sixteenth Iowa
n fan try volunteers , ana it , is estimated that
fully 000 members of this famous brigade
will bo present , together with u largo num
ber of other visitors. The biennial address
will bo delivered by Hon. Gilbert Pray , of
Wooster City , la.
Among the visitors who will bo nresent ,
who have accepted invitations , are .the fol
lowing : General W. W. Belknap , wife und
daughter , of Washington , D. C. ; Mr. Hueh
B. Belknap , of Chicago ; Mrs. Wolcott aud
daughter , of Kookuk , la. ; Colonel and Mrs.
Winslow , of Chicago ; Colonel Gconro S.
Rope , of Rockford , 111. ; Major A. A. Por-
Icins , of Burlington , la. ; ex-Governor Sam
uel J. Kirkwood , Senator W. B. Allison ,
Governor William Larruboo , Secretary of
the Interior John W. Noble , William
Peterson , of Stark , 111. ; Charles H. Smith ,
of Mount Pleasant ; J. J. Thompson , of Swan-
ton. Nob. ; Captain A. B. Greo. of Iowa City ;
Judco P. M. Casady , of DCS Moincs ; B. T.
Chapman , of Derby , la. ; O. A. Warner , of
Syracuse , Nob. ; John Huntington , oC Flan-
drau , Dak. ; L A. Linville , of Osborne ,
Kan. ; Samuel Mahon , of Ottumwa ; Major
General J. M. Scofleld , of Washington , D.
C. ; W. H. Orton , ot Fullerton , Neb. , and
General and Mrs. Govan , of Arkansas. The
latter gcntlemun commanded the confederate
forces in one of the engagements In which
the Crocker brigade took part.
Among the other attractions at this re
union will be u bugler from Fort Leaven-
worth , u member of the Sixth cavalry , and
the famous "Em Seo" glee club , of Cedar
Hapids. There will bo no camping out , as
the visitors will bo entertained at the vari
ous hotels. Regimental headquarters have
been solectcd at the court house , govern
ment building , Dohany's opera house , and
the Masonic tern Die.
oAta mcctinir of the finance committee , of
which Hon. W. H. M. Pusoy Is chairman ,
hold yesterday afternoon at the rooms of the
board of trade , a report was made that one-
half of the money required for this grand
affair had been subscribed and paid into tbo
treasury , and the committvo was instructed
to continue its work ana report again at an
other meeting to bo hold next Monday.
It has bcon decided to tender the visitors n
grand banquet at Masonic temple , and covers
will bo laid for COO parsons. Messrs. Louie
& Metzer , the well known caterers , will
have charge of this spread and will servo the
Oysters a la Poulotte. Celery.
Cold California Salmon. Mayonnaise.
Chicken Croquette au Salpicon.
Cold Vollerc of Prairie Chlclienuu Chasseur.
Cold Koast Turkey. Hum. Tongue.
Boned Capon. Chicken Salad.
Pyramid of Meringue.
Pyramid of Macaronis.
Sorbet Hoyal. Cako. Coffee.
Steam and hot water hoatlnjr , first-class
plumbing. Work done la both cities. John
Gilbert , 518 Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
Desirable dwellings for rent at mouorato
prices. E. H. Slioafo & Co. . rental agents ,
Broadway and Main streets , up stairs.
I'crsonnl I'nrncrapht.
Ed Stlmpson , son of the city engineer , has
gone to Salt Lake City , whcro ho will rusldo
In the future.
F. G. Pfolfer , editor of the Frelo Prcsso ,
bus rcturund from a two mouths vacation
spent on the Pacific coast.
Superintendent/Jainnboll , of the Milwau
kee road , was In the city yesterday uioruluir ,
and wont east in his special car.
Colonel W. F. Sapp wont to Lincoln yes
terday to attend the Nebraska state fair ,
and purchase some tlno blooded stock ,
Mrs. Hugh Stophcunon and daughter and
Miss Jeiinotto Stenhonson , of Ainsloy , Neb , ,
are In the city visiting Mr. H. Stopbenson ,
Assistant Commissary Goldsmith , of the
Pullman service , was in the city yesterday ,
having returned from an Inspection trip
J. D. Warren , representing the Simmons
ardwaro company of St. Louis , loft lusl
evening for DCS Moincs to take in the slat'
fair. Ho will return to-morrow.
Dr. Murphy , optician , room 210 Morrlair
block. _ -
E. II. Sheafo & Co. give special attention
to the collection of rents and care of prop
erty In the city und vicinity. Charges mod
erate. Oftlco Broadway aud Main streets ,
Frank of n Ornzy fanner.
John Anderson , a well-known farmer ol
Lewis township , living about five railoi
from this city , Is dead , as thi
result of an insane freak In which ho in
dulged Tuesday afternoon , Anderson has
been acting rery queerly of late , the death o :
allttlo daughter about four weeks ago , hav
ing had a most disastrous , effect on htm. Ho
went Into the cellur-of hU homo Tuesday
afternoon and satuYK'toa his clothing with
oil , which ho tieMltnltcd ! , nnd rushed out
toward a neighboring cornfield , yelling at
the top of his voice , and the flames tl'irtlng '
high nbovo bl.i lioJil. His cries attracted
the attention of a Welt digger , who secured n
blanket , and hastened after him. The un
fortunate man wns chased nearly li'ilf ' n mlle
before ho was overtaken , when his clothing
wan entirely burned from his body , nna his
llcsh wns hanging In shreds. He. was re
moved to the houses nod Dr. M. .1. Bellinger ,
of this city , summoned. "Everything possible
to relieve his turrlbla sufferings was done ,
but ho suffered unspeakable agony , as the
burns were Very deep , nnd covered bis ontlt-o
body. The funeral will occur at 3 p. m. to
Dwelling for sale on easy payments. Also
building lots at lowest market prices. Call
nnd examine our list. E. H. Sheafo & Co.
Ilnnr.l of ICducntlnn.
AU members of the board of education
were present nt the meeting Tuesday night.
Superintendent A. A. Munroo reported favor
ably on the conditions nnd progress of the
schools. The following bills were ordered
paid ! Stating- , t')0.f'J ) ; Fred Hnnson , $4.37 ; C.
T. Van Akin , 13 ; Eggerton & Fnrnsworth ,
$10 ; Chnrlo Splltt. $30 ; Eggors & Book , ? 3- ,
777.73 ; James O'Brien , > ; John J. Gorman ,
$75 ; Holmes & Smith , $3 ; Stockman , $0.75 ;
J.'E. Hnrt , 515.73 ; J. F. Burt , $31 ; P. S. Mo
Cally , $ J1 ; Daniel Bros. , ? 3 .no. Total , $4-
087 , < X ) .
A. II. Herat , of Omaha , applied for n posi
tion of llrcman In the school building. The
board approved of the contract with W. H.
Spollmun to superintend the gas and stoain
fitting in the now school houso.
W.'L. Selby's offer to deed lots 21 , 23 , 23
and 21 , in block 3 , In Selby's first addition ,
subject to an encumbrance of $70 on each lot
duo In 1SU2 , for school purposes , was road.
The coal bids were opened as follows : D.
Morroll , walnut block coal , $3.74 par ton ;
Mlllspaugh & Cuddlngton , walnut block.
$3. 5 : Rich Hill , run of mine , $3.33 , nnd
screened lump , $3.(55 ( ; soft nut. $2.90 ; somi-
anthracite , $5.U3 , and Colorado , $8.15 , Sep
tember delivery ; Howlnud & Bradford , wal
nut block lump , September delivery , $3.00 ;
L. T. Snndorland , September delivery , wal
nut block , $3.44 ; balance of the season , $3.79 ;
white breast lump for season , $3.U'J ; nut ,
$3.10 ; Iowa lump for season , $3.03.
The coal matter was referred to Messrs.
Walter .1. Slate and John C. Carroll.
The order for blackboard slate was civon
to the School Scat works , Marshall , Mich. ,
at 2Gi cents per foot laid down , a
cents per foot put up. Adjourned *
merchant Wi'ok V
Chairman W. N. Babcock , of the reception
committee , announces that the special train
carrying the visitors from Omaha will arrive
at 1:30 : o'clock Thursday , aud that the pro
gram mo will bo carried out as published in
Tun BIE.
All of the packing houses will bo running
full In every department Thursdav. und will
bo open to tno visiting public. Every facil
ity and convenience will bo offered visitors
to see all the workings of packing house
work. , ,
The committees have made nmplo prepara
tion to receive , entertain , and feed the visi
tors. The people of South Omaha extend < a
cordial invitation to. tlio thousands of visitors
to visit the Magic City , see Its wonders uud
partake of Us hospitality.
The special free tram will leave the Union
Pacific depot , Omaha , at 1 o'clock Thursday
afternoon , and will , Icavo South Omaha
on its return at 7:30 : o'clock.
Kppub'.ican Club Ueorcnnlzttlon.
A largo meeting of representative republi
cans assembled in Hunt's , opera house Tuesday
night to reorganize , tlio Republican club and
elect an executive board and oDlca-s. Cap
tain John E. Hurt ] was elected president by
27 votes against 10 for Fred M. Smith ;
Daniel Condon , vice president ; E. O. Mayfield -
field , secretary , and Fred M. Smith , treas
urer. The executive board of thrco from
each ward was elected as follows :
First Ward Messrs. Dr. J. H. Glasgow ,
Fred M. Smith and J. B. Erion.
Second Ward Messrs , Charles C. Stanley ,
L. C. Gibson ana Samuel W. Dennis.
Third Wara Messrs. Patrick Trainer ,
Walter J. Slate and John Byrnes.
Fourth Ward Messrs. Thomas W. Wbit-
tlesy , Colonel E. P. Savage and M. Mortison.
Adjourned to moot at the call of the chair
man. _
Not"s About the City.
Hermann Kobert won tbo gun club badge
Sunday on ji score of 17 out of 20.
Micbaol P. O'Donnell has purchased tbo
lot at Twenty-second and J streets and has
commenced to build a house.
St. Agnes parochial school , under tbo
charge of the sisters of Providence , will
open up next Monday in the new church.
Miss Nellie S. Uoot , of Albright , who has
been elected u teacher in the Omaha schools ,
has been assigned to the West Omaha school.
Peter Itoonoy , an insane man , was arrested
Tuesday by OHlcer Fallen. When unob
served Mr. lloonoy struck Mr. Fallen knockIng -
Ing the ofllcer down.
The horsa that fell over the bank Satur
day near Twenty-fifth und J streets has
been killed by Marshal Maloney , under or
ders of Mayor Sloano.
Thomas KInsolla , the export ham-sower of
the Armour-Cudahv packing force , who won
in tbo contest at Waterloo last Sunday , and
has a record of sewing 715 hams in ten hours ,
has $75 up and challenges any man in the
world to a sowing contest.
Abstracts of title to Wyoming oil
lands furnished. Assessment work done
and verified to by affidavit and certifi
cate of recorder. Clul ins located. J.
J. Corbett , Casper , Wyoming.
A. PrecocloiiH tiittle Shaver.
Mr. Wiclt , of Chelsea , is the father of
a very rare lnfantof which ho and Chel
sea can both boproud. . The infant's
name is Nelly , says a London cablegram
to the Pittsburg Dispatch. It is four
years old nnd on Wednesday , bae.ked
by its father , it shaved Ovo man inside
of thirty minutes , for a silver modal.
No modal was clvon to the men , who
seem , however , to have deserved some
thing. This precocious young woman
did the job very neatly , with ton min
utes to spare , taking about four minutes
to u man. The men were picked out of
a very stubby lot .
Chnmbsrlaln'-i < ollc , Cholorn and
Dlarrlp. ) KemeUy. >
This modioinocanialwtiys bo depended
upon , not only in'-tho milder forms of
summer complaint. Jbut also for malig
nant dysentery ana cholera infantum.
The lives of many persons and especial
ly children are si vijd by it eauh year.
HIM Teeth for Drink.
A Chattanooga inun tried the other
day to pawn hisfiilso teeth to got money
to buy drink.
Pears' Soap sodjrL ( s u beautiful com
plexion. _
, Ilus | i > rf JlorsoH.
Recent statistics show the stock ol
horses in Russia td ho 21,000,000 , exclu
sive of the Caucasus , Finland und the
Asiatic territory , says the London
Sprains , Strains , Soreness , Stiffness.
Aches and Palna.
Bold bjr OrucicItU und Dealer * .
Tows. There are six fjovornmont studs ,
jcsldcs n Ifti-RO nninbor of prlvnto onos.
The sum of 100,000 roubles is clovolod
niinually by the Uusslun Kovorninont to
ho purolmso of stulllons. Much 1ms
> eon done in Russia of Into years to
inprovo the brooding of horses. Races ,
rottiiiff tnntuhus und "shows" htxvb
icon multiplied nil over the country.
Children Cry for Pitcher's ' Castoria.
When Ddby w nlek ,
\Vhen slio WM n Child , slio cripd for Dutortiv ,
Wlen she brcnrao Hln , eho cluog to Cnstorin ,
Whsn nboliBtT ClillJrcn. nti rave tliom Cwlorln
RlAtTCSTATI-nought : nl sold and ex
changed. Hpnrlal attention Klvon to axnm
nation of titles. W. 0. James , No. 10 1'oarl at.
"TOOK BALK or cxchanpo Now li-room house
JL' in good location. Will oxchangn for 80
icrcs of improved land in Western Iowa , or
will sell nnd take part In vacant lots. Kerr &
( Jrar , Council llluir.i , la.
FOifKHciTANOE-KlO ivcrcs In Audubon
Co. , .T miles from Co. scm , well Improved.
Will oxchfingo for Improved Council lllulU
proporty. Kerr & Gray , Council mulls.
FOHSAliK Aero property in city , reasonable
Kerr & ( lray , Council llluifa ,
GKEAT bargains In Nebraska farms If yon
wantouu. Wo have a number on liarul
that will bo sold cheap. KcrrAt Gray , Council
UlulTs , la.
WM. SIKOGNTOl'F , Itcal Kstate.
nUentton Riven to examination ana cor
rection of title to lands and lots In city and
county. No. . North Main st.
1'iOH SALE or Ilont Gordon Innd with houses ,
by J. It. Itlco , lUiMaln St. , Council UlulTa.
"D AI1IHTT 1'luco lots for sixlo by P. J. Day.
GO LOOK at the Habbltt Place on Upper
llroiuhvay then see F , J , Day.
HOUSES for rent in all parts ol the city. F.
J. IJny.
TT\OH SALE Two nno now six-room houses on
Ju Pnclllcnvo. will bo sold clicop for a small
payment down and balance to suit purchaser.
ICorr & Gray. 605 Flrt ave.
OK ltr.NT-3 unfurnished rooms , 001 Third
avenue ,
frilVE Kansas farms to exchange for city
J ? property. Johnston A ; Van Patten , Everett
17IOH EXCHANGE A small new pup r outllt
- to exchange for lots. Johnston & van 1'at-
ten. Council Illuirs.
OEVEUAL Nebraska farms to exchange for
O Council JllulTs lots. Johnston Ac Van Pat
HOUSES to exchange for equity In House and
lot. Johnston & Van ratten.
SEVIIHAbnlce faims neur the city for sale.
Johnston It Van I'ntteu , Everett block ,
Council UluirH.
LOT on nveatie A. tu Beers' sub. . (400 , If taken
soon. Johnston & Van rutten.
HOU8E3 for Bale , flOl down and J12.GJ per
month. Johnston & Van Patten.
LOT on High street , SI.'iO : speak quick If you
want It. Johnston & Van Patten.
T71OU SALE One ot the best paying cream-
JC cries In Iowa , making now over f.OJO pounds
butter dally. Also a largo brick butter , ewr
und poultry house , ftll complete with latgecold
fitorago elevator , etc. . doing big business. Price
of this entu-u riant complete > , < XM : Sl.ixxicasn ,
ba > . In 5 aud 10 years. Or would take good city
property , or No. I land tor tha fl.OJJ paymnnt.
lluslnoss done last year. $ S7,030 , will exceed that
tnls vear , und It Is the only plant In the county ,
Enquire ot Kerr & Gray , W. Flrat ave.
FOR SALE Acre lots in Orchard place. Tills
property Is located in the Illce nursery ,
Bnutnof the main part of the city.'A miles
from court house , Geo. Nfatcalf , 10 Pearl St.
FOR KENT Houses in all parts ot tne city.
Kerr le Gray. 605 First ove.
FOR KENT Eight now 1-room cottages on
Avenue H , Backett's add. to city. Kcnts
very reaBunablo. Call and let us show you them.
Kerr & Gray.
FOR RENT-7 ot the most beautiful cottages
In Council IHutfs ; ono block from motor
line ; now houses ; city water in the houses and
all modern conveniences. See Kerr & Gray.
17UW SALE 130 aero fnrm In Jasper county ,
-L1 Iowa , located near coal minus that are in
operation. Til ere la a live loot vein of coal
under the farm. Geo. Motcalf , No. 10 Pearl t.
TTIOH SALE Improved and unimproved prop-
Jj erty in every part ot the city. Kara oppor
tunities for investors who seek speculations ;
uploiulUl opportunities for thosu who doslro
homes. Geo. Motcalf , No. 10 Pearl st.
locations oc Main and Broadway
at great bargains. Geo. Metcalf. No , 1U
Pearl si.
FOU SALE BO feet lake frontage located be
tween C H. boat house uiul.\lana\\a beach.
Also a number of cholco lots in Hegatta place.
Oeo. Motcnlf , No. 10 Pearl st.
IF you want some gonumo Huaps in cholco lots
on bottoms call nnd see Kerr A : Gray. They
have seine lots that must be sold regardless of
cost before Nov. 1.
TF you have anytfilncr In the line of real estate
J-or chattels you want to exchange or iIlspoHO
of , you fihoiilu call on Keir & Gray. Yon can
find them at their olllce. 1 > 0 > First avo. , Council
TJlOHSALiB On monthly payments , very neat <
JL'new house near Harmony mission. Call. ,
address Kerr & Otay , GU > first avo. , Council
' /\DELL IlliOS. & "CO : loan moii5r7 The most
v/llberal terms oirero.l. 10) ) Pearl st.
Or > feet on Main street for sale cneap. Johnston
FINE homo on First avo. for sale. Johnston
& Van Patten ,
WANTED A good horse aud buggy. Kerr
JcOray , .
T IAKLU boarders wanted ut KJ lienton street.
Goodboaidat reasonable rates. Mrs. I. W ,
G PER CENT loans made on real estate , cash
on hand. F. J.Iay.
A BEAUTIFUL homo on Oakland ave. at a
bargain. K J. Day.
/ OxlbO on Oakland ave. , W(01. P. , r. Day.
0300 on Park avo. , fJ,000. V. J. Day.
TTOME8 for sale on monthly payments. F. J.
Uay. )
acres good bottom land In Iowa to ex
290 change for vacant lou in Council Illulls. i ; .
E. Mayne. fll't Uroadway.
10 a own and 15 per month , n good lots to sell
§ on these terms. High ground , full size ami
le perfect , E , E. Mayne. 619 Broadway ,
will buy lot V , blk 21. Central Hub , , If taken
$27ft once , on Avenue D. High ground , good
title and actually worth 1503 , K. E. Muyno , fill )
I7\OR \ EXCHANOE-Lann In Iowa for Council
-V Jlluirs property , K. K. Mayno , ( ill ) Uroad
\X7ANTED Some moro bargains to neli. E.
V > K. Mayne , UIU Broadway.
TTIOR SALE or Trade rail supply of hotel
JU furniture , also lease for 18 months on mnall
hotel in Council lllulfj. Apply to Udell llros.
AVKNUE A lots , cornars. great bargain ! ) .
Benson & Shepherd , 0 Main st.
HOUSE nnd lot , Cochran and , , cheap , easy
payments. Benson fepnepherd , V Main st.
WE have more Broadway property than any.
body. Benson & Khcpnenf , U Main l.
LOT on 4th avenue , Van Brunt ti IIleu's uu. ,
cheap , Benson & Shepherd , U Main t.
LOT on BluCf bt. . line residence lot cheap.
Bcnuon .V bheplierd , U Main Bt.
BEST corner on Broad H ay. opposite power
liouse1 Benson & Hlieplierd , 0 Muin at.
FT LOTH In BayUsaMSd. on uiqtor line , tJOOeach
Demon & Shepherd , U Main ut.
I OTS on Glen ave. , genuine snaps , Benson &
J Shepherd , U Main Bt. _
HOUSES nmOotat IIOD cash , JOO cash. MOl
cash , .balance easy , Benson & BtiophurJ ,
U Main at , _
GRAHAM avenue property that will double
right away. F. J. Day , _ _
rTvfS'bn IlrouiTway. Flr t avenue and Ave-
JJnuea A ami II , cheap. K. J. Day.
AILWAVTricycle-or sale cheap. Exce
lent condition. One man can handle eauil.
Will carry two persons ud load. AdUresa Boy
Council Blutls
1 s a BEAT-ALL , bocnuso it never breaks , splits , cracks or curls.
Because it is indestructible in the wcnthor , unfl will uiulei'go no clinngo ID
n any climate.
Because it is more durable thnn any other roof marto , iron , tin , slate or wood.
Because it can bo quickly put on without skilled labor and is uhoupor than
Because it has been proven by the severest trials mid has novel" fulled.
For further Information apply to
Boom 5O9 First National Bank Bulldin ? , Omaha.
Council Bluffs office , 116 Pearl Stroot.
E !
Especially Adapted for
HORSE POWER Mills and Elevators
Specifications and estimates furnished for complete steam plants. Uegulatlon , durability
guaranteed. Can show letters from users where fuel economy
with Corliss Non-Condensing. Send for catalogue.
E. C. HARRIS , Agent.
No. BIO Pearl Street , Council Bluffs.
H Hydraulic ivnd Sanitary Engineer. Plans , Estimates
. Specifications. Supervision of Public Work. Brown
Building , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
I D7 Justice of the Poaco. Olllco over American Express , No. 41
NOOLJI U fit. Broadway , Council BlulTs. Iowa ,
Ri QIJWIQ Attornoys-at-Law. Practice in the Stata and Fod-
Ot OilVIO ( .rnl Courts. Rooms 7 and 8 Shupart-Bo : Block ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
One Host Kqulppud Establishment in the West. Does Dyeing und Cleaning of Garments un4
( leeds of every description nml material. Dry Cleaning of Flue Garments n Speclult ) .
Out of town orders oy mall or axpious.vlljreceive prompt attention.
Works on Motor Line , Corner 26th St , & Ave , A , Council Bluffs
P J Room 0 , Brown
, , r , 115 Pearl St. Olltco hours , 9 to 12.
n. m. , 2 to 0 and 7 to 8 , p. m.
QTFVFIMQ M ROlllco , No. 741 Broadway. Hours : 8t
HM OIL.VL.llO , IVIi U' 10 a. m. , and 2 to 4 nnd 7 to 8 p. m. Tel
phone , 287.
OFFICER & mil ,
Corner Main and Uroadway ,
Dcalura In foreign end domestic exchange.
Collection ! made and Interest paid on tlmo d >
Incorporated Nov. 1 , ISfl ) .
Eoatnwest Corner llrondwiiy and Main Street.
CAPITAL , 13.1. 10,000.
Does a Hegulur Hanking and Kxcuaugo lluslness
N. P. 1)01)0 ) K , ( 'resident : JOHN IU2KK8HKIM ,
Vice 1'rost. ; A , W. HIKKMAN. Cashier.
Ultcctors-N. I * . DoUo ( , J Ileroxhelui. Oeo ,
Keellne , J. L. Btuuart. V ? . W. Wallace , 0. M.
Glasses Accurately Prescribed ,
SurcUl attention uUeuto chronic noiiralglas ,
houiUches. epilepsy and other nervous airoc-
tloiis. a lart-e mnjorlty of which are caused by
oculer defects , ana are entirely curable by
nrouer treatment of tha uy < ' . Bend stamp for
immphltt. llett. of rofereures t'lvrn n appll-
itttlon. CuturrU trttMeil witb succesu by mull
after llmt u > n ulUtlon. OIllLo cor. Ilroadway
and Main Htreet , over Council IlluUB HavlnM
Ilanlc , lloun-U to V& uud t to 6. Council
lilulln , loYTtt.
Electric Trusses , Belts , Chest Pro
tectors , Etc ,
Agents wunteu.
jf >
The best is generally the cheupout. If you
would bo u llmt c'lusn uoolc-kaopur , toucher ,
penman , or reporter und typewriter In ( treason *
ably short time attend tlio
end for catalogue glvinu full particular *
free. W , B. I'AUI.HOK. Council lllullg la ,
I'rus. Vice 1'res.
CIIAS. K. .v , Cashier.
Paid up Capital . SIBO.OOO.OO
EurplUB . M. . . . . . . . . . . . . 3QOOOOO
Liability to Ooposltors. , . 333OOO.OO
DniKOTniw-I. A. Jllller , i'.O. Olenson , U. L
Bhucart , i : . K , Hurl , J , I ) . IMmundsoii. ( jhtu. Ik
llunnun , Transact gunorul baaking biulncsi.
I.arK Dt capital aim surplus ol any bunk id
noathwestern Iowa Interest on tlmadaposlw.
In the city. Ollt edged opportunities to