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Armour , Swift ot ixl Foil to Put In
An Appoaranco.
It Will no JLmld IJeloro the Sonntc
Vest Rends n BeiiHiulonnl Tele
gram Why Armour Did
Hot Appear.
In n. Qnnndnrv.
CmcAOO , Sept , 4. [ Special Telegram to
THR BEB.I The United States senatorial
investigation into dressed beet transporta
tion arrived nt n position this morning when
it becnmo necessary to resort to vigorous
measures or acknowledge tbo whole affair
to bo a stupendous farce.
G. F. Swift , tbo millionaire dressed boot
dealer , bad been subnccnaod for the third
time , and It was reported that ho had agreed
to appear before the commission this morn
ing. He did not como. The messenger who
norvnd thu fturntnons was called.
"What did Mr. Swift say I" asked Senator
"Ho said ho would bo hero without fall. "
"You nrc sure you saw him In , person 1"
asked Senator Vest , who was evidently
laboring under suppressed indignation.
The messenger acuratcly described the de
linquent packer ,
"You saw Mr. Armour again I"
"I did. "
"And what did ho suyt"
"Ho told mo It would bo extremely Incon
venient for him to bo hero nt this hour , but
ho would send word us to when ho would
como. "
"And ho sent no word ! "
"No. "
It began to look serious and tbo three sen
ators leaned over thu table In whispered con
sultation. Just then Secretary Gcorgo T.
WllllnniH , of the Union Stock Yards and
Transit company , entered the room. He was
ordered the other day to again appear be
fore the commission with certain stntisticsof
shipments nnd a list of the stockholders in
his company. At the request of Senator
Vest , Mr. Williams took u seat in the wit
ness chair.
"You huvo that listl" asked Senator Far-
well.Mr. . Williams looked like n small school
boy who hail been asked a hard question.
Ho twisted his hut in his hands and mur
mured , "No , sir. "
"What is that , slrt"
"I have not the list. "
"Why not , sirl" demanded Senator Vest ,
with Hashing eyes.
"I thought best to see counsel about the
matter , and I huvo been advised not to fur
nish the list. "
"Then you decline , ns secretary of the
company , to produce a list of too stock
holders I"
"I do. "
| 4A "That is all , sir. "
Mr. Williams was only too glad to getaway
away , and again the senators consulted to
President John B. Sherman , of the stock
yards company , was the next witness. Mr.
Sherman said ho hud boob president of the
company for the last five years and
pretty well ucquuiated with the methods of
doing business.
"Who are the principal purchasers of cnt-
"The' packers and the shippers.1'
"Who do you mean by the shlppersl"
"Men like Eastman & Munroe , who buy
for eastern parties , and dressed beef deal
ers , like Armour , Morris , Swift , and the
Llbbys. "
"Do you know who the stockholders are ? "
"No ; that is the secretary's business. "
"What do you charge shippers for hay 1"
"Wo charge § 1 for prairie and S1.50 for
tame hay. Wo ulso get 25 cents for yard
age. "
"Can n shipper buy hay outsldoj"
"No , sir , that Is the only xvay wo have to
gain a revenue. " Mr. Sherman said that
thcro had been 20,030 hoacTof cattle in the
yards at ono tune. The charge for yardage
included considerable service , as the stock
ytmls company furnished the tracks con
necting with the various railroads. It saw
to the unloading of the curs i.iul welched the
cattle. Cei tlllcatcs of weight were issued ,
which were used as headquarters' rccoips (
on change. Banks ndvunco money on
them , sn there was no delay. All this was
included in the yardage charge. The com
pany also watered the cattle and fed them
buy ( turchascd by the shippers.
Senator Vest "Your secretary said there
F. was 1,500.000 In the stock of the company.
. Is thii truol"
"I think that Is the amount. "
"Now what Is the market price of the
"Oh , it varies. Sometimes It Is nt par. I
br.vo known it to bo us low ns 00 , or us high
os 115. "
"It Is not quoted on the stock exchange ! "
"I think not. "
"And there is llttlo soldi"
"Very little , I believe.
Senator Coke nskiui the witness if tlioro
wore any relations between the stock yards
at Omaha and Kansas City , and these at Chi
cago. Mr , Sherman said there wore none
whatever. Then ho was excused , and after
vainly waiting for some time for word from
Air. Armour , the commission took a recess
until 3 o'clock. >
Two o'clock came , butthohour did not her
ald the appearance of Mr. Armour. His ac
tion was a direct rebuff to the committee und
. the members full It keenly.
Chairman Vest , In discussing the nbsonco
of Mr. Armour und other gentlemen , said he
was sorry that it number of persons , includ
ing the hoiids of several of the prominent
dressed beef firms , had refused to attend the
sessions of the committee , und had p.ild no
attention to its subpuinas. Mr. Vest said
there was no doubt about the power of thu
commission to compel the attendance of per
sons summoned before it as witnesses , and
read several statutory clauses providing pun
ishment by fine and imprisonment.of parties
willfully falling to appear before the commit
tees of either house of congress , Mr. Vest ,
continuing , suld that although they could
compel attendance , they could not compel
unwilling witnesses to testify to ull they
knew , and ho feared If they hud thcso par
ties brought In before them now they would
find themselves In thu same predicament
they were In at the start. All they could do ,
therefore , WUH to report thu facts to the
sonata with u viuw to iiavine the matter
placed In the bandit of the district attorney
of Columbia and bu brought by him before
the federal imuul Jury. " 1 huvo buro a Uile-
grain , " cotitlnucd Senator Vest , "about
whlelul hud desired to personally usk Mr.
Armour , had ho , appeared here. I Intended ,
in JuStlco , to do so before making it public ,
but Inasmuch us hi1ms refused to appear
here I will now make him publicly aware of
its contents. It was sent to me by a gcntlu-
nmn about whoso respectability there can bo
no question i
FIIURI.ANU , PH. , Dec , IS , 1888. Can't allow
Kchwtib to continue killing livestock. If ho
\vliru3t"8top 'inulto other arrangements nnd
r * > luubathc prlcu so wo can got his trade.
Aituouit&Co , "
I The following was unanimously passed ,
utter which the vomuiittoo adjourned.
Whoroui , Phillip Armour , Nelson Morris ,
, Lewis Swift , Frank E. Vogel , J. S. Newman -
man and Jacob Meyer , having been duly
' aud lawfully summoned to appear us wit
nesses baforo this committee huvo repeatedly
rufuftttd to obey the same , it U ordered that
the facts be ru | > orted to the chairman of thu
senate of the United States at Its next ses
sion , in pursuance of chapter ? of the revised
statutes of thu United States ,
The committee adjourned to moot In Dos
Mnliifs on Friday morning. .
A ivporter for the Ati&oolutod Pro s called
on Mr , Armour and asked for an interview ,
Mr. Armour made the following statement :
"The reason wo did not utipeur before thu
scnU > ri l cornumtca WM thut wo ku w wo
could not expect fair treatment from the
Imtids of Senator Vest , who In notoriously on
record ns opposed to the dressed beef busi
ness. He is the champion and advocate of
the St. Louis deserted cattle mnrxct , nnd is
opposed to Chicago Interests. Ha has been
friendly to the hostile oaof inspection bills
thut have been Introduced In
various state legislatures against
Chicago dressed beef , which If passed
would tmvo destroyed this business. Wo nro
perfectly willing to appear before an Impar
tial committee nnd give any information por-
tnlnlngtoour business which is not ot n
strictly private nature. Wo hnvo never ex
erted uny Influence to depress the price of
cattle or Increase the pried of dressed beef.
On the other baud. It Is a well known fact
that cattle are (1 per 100 higher than
they would bo if U was not for the dressed
bsef Industry , as we can got n great , deal
more out of n bullocit than the butr-her or
man who kills In small quantities. Wo have
never had any association with sjwlft , Hammond
mend or Morris , directly or Indirectly , In
the purchase of cattlo. The telegram Mr.
Vest read this afternoon for the sake of get
ting It on record was directed to our ugont ,
whom wohna n perfect right to toll that ho
should not kill cuttle If ho sold our dressed
beef , and It is entirely stripped ot Its force
when thu fact Is understood that the man
WPS our representative. "
Senator Vest was shown Mr. Armour's
statement tonlchHo said : "Mr. Arm'our
must know that , us chairman of this commit
tee , I have no moro power than any other
member , Then again , If I hnvo any sympa
thy nt all with the Missouri cattle trade , It
would not bo with that ot St. Louis. I
have bean a resident of Kansas City
for seven years , and I believe It Is conceded
that the cattle trade of that city Is in sympa
thy with that of Chicago. As to Mr. Ar
mour's telegram , , it was directed to his
agent , but It compelled Suhwab , who was
not his agent , to quit killing cuttle. "
A M12 RI CAN VfOOti.
Business I'lcKlnc Up ami the Out
look Much Brighter.
BOSTON , Mass. , Sopt. 4. [ Spaciul Tele
gram to THE BKK.J The American Wool
Reporter's review of the market speaks
most encouragingly of the outlook. The
end of the long lane to stagnation seems to
be reached. Manufacturers , despairing of
bearing down prices from the < present high
figure , nro beginning to buy to fill the orders
thut have been accumulating oa their hands
for the past two months. The
largest business doing at the present
Is in territory wool , especially in the Mon
tana clipping , the excellent condition of this
grade last year making It extremely popular ,
although , like all this year's wool , it is not
up to the standard of lust. Reports from all
the seaboard cities report a similar improved
condition ot thu market , and the prediction
Is that with the pressure of hlirh prices nnd
a compulsory demand , nothing but
unforeseen financial disaster will prevent amore
moro settled condition of trade In futuro.
Sales are consequently larger , with
the following quotation ! ) : No I Montana ,
SiiL- ; line medium Montana , 5'faGOo. ) Some
Michigan X is hold at 3Jc , but ttfc usual quo-
dcman'd 'for Ohio has been slightly inter
fered with by odd lots of Australian of good
staple , but there is not enough of It to prove
lasting. Texas wool is quiet , the best of
which , some million pounds , is held in Gul-
vcston ut 'Jlc. Georgia wool cannot
be quoted ubovo "G@27o ; California ,
13@JOo ; Washington territory , 14@17o for
line and I6@20a for fine medium. Sales of
carpet wools include autumn Donsjcols at 10
@ 17e , though 1TK" s obtained in Phila
delphia , light gray imported for Kic , but best
ICunduhar is quoted at 2l@ ju and Damascus
not over 13c. The Philadelphia , Chicago nnd
San Francisco markets nil report an increase
of sales and n brighter tone in general. New
York alone complains of dullness , but thcro
is no fulling oft of sales und prices remain
Dr. Grrnti ThlnKH It Will Uo u
Nuw YOIIIC , Sept. 4. Postmaster General
Wnnaraaker recently summoned to Washing
ton various oflld.ils of the telegraph compa
nies in order to lay before them some details
and make propositions for a new postal tola
graph service 'which ' ho has had under con
sideration for sumo tlmo. Dr. Green , presi
dent of the Western Union , was ono of these
officials and has just returned from the con
ference. He gave this afternoon to n reporter
some details of the proposed scheme. Dr.
Green did not look upon the project In a
very favorable light. It would be n dls-
tlnctlv second plass delivery service. There
would not bo immediate delivery by the post-
offices , but at stated times of delivery , as in
the case of letters now. Business und com-
morclul men , ho believed , would not avail
themselves of such service when they can
have first class service messages being de
livered by the company the very moment
It is , however , the extension of the tele
graph service chat forms the chief feature of
Wanamaker's scheme. Thcro nro at present
R'J.OOO postoQlccs in the country. About
nineteen thousand have telegraph service.
Dr. Green said of the 19,000 receiving ollleos
which the company now has about two-
thirds were prolltless. Dr. Green was very
much Inclined to doubt the financial success
of extending the lines to 40.00J llttlo places
In order to make the blessings of the tele
graph sorvlco well nigh universal for tbo
pooplo. _
Wntcr Wit B Convention.
CINCINNATI , Sopt. 4. The convention for
the improvement of western water ways be
gun Its eighth mooting hero to-duy with fully
150 delegates present from the principal river
points between Plttsburg and New Orleans
nnd Cairo and Davenport. B. D. Wood , of
Now Orleans , called the meeting to order ,
und lifter a abort prayer , Hon. John F. Fol-
lotto made u welcoming speech on behalf of
the city. Ho was followed by Murat Hal-
sioud , who welcomed the delegates on behalf
of the commercial bodies of the nity. Chalr-
mnn.Wootl replied in u brief address In which
ho outlined the scope and purpose of the
convention , saying It was intended to roach
u definite and wlsu conclusion with regard to
the need of the different witter ways whoso
importance' to the trafllo of the country con
tinue to increase. W. H. Holmaii , ot Indiana ,
was chosen temporary chairman. Ho made
an address , after which various committees
wore appointed for the purpose of effecting
a permanent organ Izatlou , and the conven
tion adjourned to go on a pleasure trip up
the river.
Twenty HorniiH Crniniiti'd.
SALT LAKU , Utah , Sopt. 4. [ Special
Telegram to Tun BKK.J Early this morning
a lire broke out lu a llvory barn belonging to
B. Q. Knowlton. The flumes spread so rap
idly that the horses could not bo released ,
and twenty wore burned up. About twenty
buggies and carriages were also consumed ,
' 1 hwb was no insurance on the burn or
Iho del-man Onthnllfli.
Ci.Evni.ANii , Sept. 4. The German Roman
Cathollo Central Association of America
finished Its business to-day. H.J. Spauu-
horst , of SU Louis , was elected president-
Other officers were elected and a vlco-uresl-
dent for each state , among them Anton
Nellusou , Frank Haar , Fort Madison , lu. ; E.
Mallands , Ornuhu , Nob. ; Guntav ICaister ,
Milwaukee ,
lUoiliii ; llnnuiirlanH.
Pirrsutmo , Sopt. 4. A special from
Greensbure , Pa. , says ; News has just
reached hero of u riot among Hungarians at
the Standard mines , near Mount Pleasant , lu
which ono of tbo Hungarians was so badlv
beaten that he uled u short time afterward * .
Another was shot severely. Others were
Injured. The fight was occasioned by a dis
pute between tbo Hunguriaiii over a woman.
Who Is the Chairman of the West
ern Pasaongor Association ?
Thcro Is n Chnnco For n Good Sized
Row nnd Probably n haw Suit
Before the Question la
Settled ,
When Doca Abbott's Term Expire ?
CHICAGO , Sopt. 4. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BRK.J The Western States Passen
ger association docs not know whether It
has a chairman or not. According to. some
of the roads , Chairman Abbott's term of
ofllco expired nt the bsglnntng 'of this morn-
Ing's session , nnd according to others it does
not oxplro until January I , At any rate ,
during to-day's meeting Mr. Abbott was not
In , and the whole day was spent
In balloting for u now chairman. Chairman *
Abbott had eight faithful friends , who stuck
to him all day , and Mr. Nowaiau , formerly
of the Union Pacific , and Trafilo Manager
Wntta were also strong favorites. Attor
u dozen or moro ballots it ' ba-
catno manifest that It would bo
impossible to elect a permanent chairman ,
nnd it was decided to try and elect a tem
porary chairman. After repeated ballots
this almost resulted in the election ot Mr.
Newman. Ho was , in fact , declared elected ,
when General Manager SU John , of the Rock
Island , put In n decIdoJ negative , Ho said
that the Rock Island could not nocognizo Mr.
Nowmun as chairman , or , in fact , any ono
other than Mr. Abbott , whoso term ot ofllco
extended to January 1. This position was
actively combated by several members. Quo
of them claimed Mr. Aobott was elected
chairman for but oun year , nnd
slnco that tlmo H ho had simply
boon acting chairman. It was further
claimed that by a resolution Mr. Abbott's
term of ofllco as acting chairman bad been
detlnltuly extended until this meeting. The
very fact of the meeting being held termi
nated his term of olllco and ho could not con
tinue serving oven as temporary chairman
nnlcss duly elected.
The nbove is the position In which matters
now are and not one of a half dozen mem
bers seen on tbo subject believed there could
be an umlcablo settlement of the subject. A
committee had been appointed to wait on Mr. '
Newman and notify him of his election , but
owing to the objection of the Rock Island
the committee did not perform its mission.
There is a chance for u good sized raw nnd
possibly a lawsuit before the question is set
There is a radical disagreement ns to the
tenure of ofllco of Mr. Abbott , nnd it is
probable that some of thn roads will refuse
longer to recognize his rulings. There was
considerable talk of a split m the association ,
but the coolnr heads will try to keep it to
gether. One member confidently assorted
after the mooting that it would end in Sec
retary Thomson , of the association , taking
charge of the ofllco , and the association
electing u presiding ofllcor at the meetings
until n chairman could bo agreed upcn.
Chairman Abbott's position is nn em
barrassing ono. According to some of the
roads ho cannot resign and according to
others ho owes > t to the association to hold
on until January 1. Ho Is taking no part in
the squabble and said to-day he had
not and wonld not nsk a solitary road to vote
for him. He received an unanimous call'
from the association nearly three years ago
and resigned his position of general passen
ger agent of the Erie to accept. The posi
tion is an extremely Important one , its Juris
diction extending over practically all tbo
western lines except those in the Trans
continental association. The salary is $10,000
a year.
The Illinois f rouble.
CHICAGO , Sopt. 4. [ SpocIalTolegram to Tun
BEE.I Acting President Harriman , of the
Illinois Contra ) , refuses to make
any statement relative to the resig
nation of General Manager JofTery ,
other than that contained In his ac
ceptance of the resignation. Ho to-day
issued a notice appointing General Superin
tendent Book acting manager of the Illinois
Central , Superintendent Sullivan acting
general superintendent and Wisconsin Su
perintendent Russell to have charge of tbo
line in Illinois and Wisconsin.
The feeling nmonir the Chicago railroad
men against Acting President Harriman is
strong. Thcro is u sentiment in some quar
ters that Mr. Jeffery should either have ig
nored Mr. Harriman's ' temporary authority
or yielded to it until President Fishcould bo
notified. All agree , however , that the end
would have been the samo. Mr. Hurrlman
was on Mr. Joni > r.v's resignation ,
and would have compassed It in some way.
No Jury Vet An Interesting llullng
by Judge McCounoli.
CHICAGO , Sept. 4 , The work of securing a
Jury In the Cronln case was resumed this
morning. The only mutter of interest de
veloped thus far was the ruling by Judge
McConncll excusing Talesman W. P.
Turner. Turner testified ho was a member
of the American League of the Independent
Order of Deputies , whose object Is to prevent
members of the Koraan Catholic church from
holding or controlling political ofllces In this
country. The talesman , however , thought
this would not influence nls actions nnd tnat
ho could glvo the defendants a fair trial ,
QV03 if It were shown that they wcro mem
bers of the Clan-na-Gacli The defense
uhallonged him for cause und the court sus
tained the challenge. A number of other
talesmen were examined. Two wcro tem
porarily passed and u recess taken until to
morrow in order to glvo the defendants'
counsel opportunity to consult as to whether
they will turn four men now In waiting over
to the state for acceptance.
Wintry Weather In Oakotu.
ST. PAUL , Sopt. 4. Reports from North
Dakota and portions of this state toll of a
heavy storm last night. Grand Forks says
that utorriilo olectrio and wind storm pre
vailed last night within an area of 100 miles
of that city. Telegraph poles between there
und Fargo were blown down and communi
cation interrupted. Tbo damage in that
neighborhood Is thought to bu heavy. A
Jamestown correspondent says that the
heaviest wind , ruin und thunder storm in
years prevailed last night , but no great damage -
ago has yet been reported. Thu weather is
now wintry and considerable damage will
Thn MnsKravo Failure.
NEW Yoitic , Sept. 4. Wall street con
tinues to discuss iho failure of thu old and
well-known house of T. P. Musgravo & Co. ,
and tlioro were rumors to day that the lia
bilities would bo greatly In excess of the fig
ures first stated. Henry Kulm said that per
sonally ho bad no voice In the conduct or di
rection of the business , hutbalfevud that the
liabilities would fall vastly short of 50J OOJ ,
and that u satisfactory settlement would bo
made with creditors wlMiln u reasonublo
tlmo ,
Dniwiiirl In Ijnlco
CHICAGO , Sept. 4 Two fishermen , John
nnd Kdwanl Brochor and
, iUtoon-ycar-old
Charles Bluhm , wcro drowned in Lake Mich
igan to-day oft Thirty-eighth street. Thu
trio were a mlle and a half from the shore ,
when u sudden squall capsized their smaok.
Too heavy n sea was running for them to
cling to the boat or swim ashore. All three
went under almost Immediately , Nona of
the bodies were recovered.
The HtntoConvention Jjt r ely At
"tended Uverjr Gonntjr llfci rcHnntrcl.
Hunotf , S. D. , Sept. 4i f poolal Telegram
to Tun BBC. | The democratic jltnto conven
tion this afternoon was -largely attended.
Representatives wcro present from all parts
of the fifty counties of South Dakota and
thcro were many visitors. *
J. E. Carpenter , chairman of the state con *
trnl committee , called the convention to or
der. Colonel Stcolo. of Lawrence , nnd Gen
eral Hnrdln , of Jorauld , were nominated for
temporary chairman. The vote by counties
gave Storlo four majority nnd ho took the
chair. E. M. O'Brien , of Ymikton , II. S.
Valkmcr. of Grant , and O. W. Goddnrd , ot
Mlnnotmhii , were inado secretaries.
After nupolntlng credentials nnd permanent
organization committees an adjournment was >
taken until 7 p. ra. On reassembling the
credentials ! committee report was adopted ,
showing all counties entitled to a full voto.
The chairman appointed flvo on rules and
nine on platform , when another adjourn
ment was taken till 10 p. m.
After appointing a committee of nine on
platform , the convention began the discus
sion of various methods for the appointment
of a stale central committee.
McClure Dec-lints tlio Nomination.
PiBiiiin , Dak. , Sept. 4. [ Special Telegram -
gram to THE BKE.J Hon. P. P. McClure ,
who was solicited to accept the democratic
nomination for governor of South Dakota ,
positively declines the honor , preferring to
use his tune In the Interest of the Plorro cap
ital campaign , _
Pcnnsylvnnln Democrats ,
IlAituiBiiuua , Pa. , Sept. , .d. There was n
long delay In the assembling of the demo
cratic state couvcntlon to-day. At 11 o'clock
It was called to order nnd the usual prelimi
naries wcro gene through with. Samuel W.
Wherry , of Cumberland , was chosen torn-
purary chairman , and of tora short speech ,
m which ho arraigned the republican party
nnd eulogized the democracy and Cleveland ,
the usual committees were appointed and a
recess taken for half an hour.
The convention reassembled at 1 o'clock
nnd made J. B. Riley , of fechuylidll , perma
nent chairman. The platform was then read
and adopted. It roafllrms the declaration of
principles made by the democrats at St.
Louis in 1833 , especially that part demanding
the revision aud reduction of the tariff
taxes ; favors the admission free of duty of
all raw material where it will enlarge
our product and increase the demand for
labor ; renounces trusts and favors the
Australian ballot box s.Vetotn. The platform
advocates a liberal ptiuslon1 law in order to
have Justice done honorably discharged
soldiers who by reason ot their wounds nnd
other infirmities are prevented from por-
form'ng manual labor , out the giving of "pen
sions to other parsons is denounced us an in
justice to those entitled to ) this recognition.
A resolution was unanimously adopted com
mending the course of Gladstone in his utti-
tudu toward the Irish people. Edward A.
BIglor , of Clcarfleld county , was then nomi
nated tor state treasurer , and the convention
adjourned. _ * '
Massaclitt setts ProhibltlonUts.
WoiiCESTEn , Mass. , Sept. 4. The state
prohibition convention was called to order
this morning , and a permanent organization
was perfected by thoclcqttonfof Gorge Hemp-
ton , of Sharon , as chairman. The usual
committees were appointed. and they retired
for conference. It is1 understood the corn-
mi ttco on resolutions is-cngagod in a wrangle
over a woman's 8Ultrtge.rnlanlc. : ,
When the committees' reported , Dr. John
Blackaian , of Springfloid.'was nominated for
governor and B. P. Stnrtevant , of Jamaica
Plains , for lieutenant governor. The plat
form was presented. It advocates the inser
tion of n prohibition clause in the constitu
tion of every state ; says local option , while
n good thing locally , is totally inadequate on
thc-whole ; heartily rejects high license as
opposed to its oxpcrlenco and utterly mis
leading in its promises.
CHEYENNE , \Vyo. , Sent. 4. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BCE.J Very littlu work was
expected of the constitutional convention to-
da.v. The committee on rules reported. They
have arranged for nineteen committees to
look after the principal subject ? which will
engage the attention ojt the convention. The
matter of printing was considered. A propo
sition was submitted to ' do all the work
needed and then trust to tlic legislature for
reimbursement. The convention then ud
journod so that Presfdent Brown might be
allowed tlmo to fix up'the committees. It is
possible that an adjournment may bo taken
for n few days after ' 'the "announcement of
committees. -
The New Yorlc Prohibitionists.
SYKACUSB , N. Y. , "tJopt. 4. The prohibi
tion slate convention opened this morning
with mnnv ladles present us delegates ,
When the convention reassembled a per
manent organization wiis.cffectod. Tbo com
mittee on finance reported a deficiency of
? 2,300 last fall , several counties hav
ing fulled In tholr contribution. Six
thousand dollars were needed to
pay the dellslepcy nnd meet the
expenses of the coming1 campaign. This
would help to destroy thor liquor tnifllo. In
a short tlmo foJS7 ( was 'pledged by those
present The convention then adjourned
until to-morrow morning.
The New Moxlan , Convention.
SANTA FE , N. M. , Sopt.4. The convention
to-dny comnletod a permanent organization
and agreed to the appointment of eleven
standing committees. Tlio incident of thn
day was the election of chaplain , a Protest
ant minister being pitted against a Catholic ,
und the latter coming oft victorious by a ma
jority of ten. The committee expects to got
down to hard work soon.
The Dcndwood Conl'uriMioe.
DEADWOOD , S. D. , Sept. 4. [ Special Tele
gram toTni : UiE.J Bishop John II. Vincent ,
of Chantauqua fame , and author of the Inter
national Quarterly Sunday School Lesson ,
arrived to-day add will lecture at the M. E.
church to-night. Ho will prcsldo ut the M.
E. annual co'nfcronco , which begins tomorrow
row morning. Other' prominent divines in
the city are Bishop Morley , of the Catholla
church ; Dr. A. Hoagatfe , of Ncllgh , Nob. ,
presiding older of thoiElkhorn conference ,
nnd Dr. T. C. Webster.of , , the Chudrou M. E.
NnKlu's StricC/iiHti notions.
SAN FIIANCISCO , Sqpt4 , In tno habeas
rorpus case of Deputy Marshal Nuglo to-day ,
Marshal Franks said . .thatvlieii Justice
Field loft for Los Angeles about August 7 ,
ho Instructed Naglo to accompany him ,
watch the Torrys and prevent thorn from
doint ! Fluid any violeirco. Ho called Naglo's
attention to the fact that Terry was not nn
ordinary man and wurqe4 the deputy to take
no chances but to Arotoct Field ut all haz
ards. * ' } * T
Sulolda ofu ICiillrond Mnn.
SEVILLE , Fm. , Sept. 4. William Kimblo
Louto , a prominent railroad and real estate
man , committed suictdo Jiere to-day. Ho
was thirty years old und a son of the late Dr ,
Frederick Loute , from'Whom ho inherited u
large fortune. Nearly nil of this inheritance
had boon lost or Hod up in such u way that it
was uiiromuncratvo | , and financial troubles
are supposed to bo the cause of his suicide.
Nntinnal Bankruptcy Convention.
MiNNKArousSept. . 4. The National
Bankruptcy convention reconvened this
morning , A committee of five was n4 |
pointed to wait on President Harrison and
ask him to recommend to congress in bis
next annual message to thut body u bill
ilmllar In import to thq Torroy bill. The
convention then adjourned , subject to the
cull of the executive commlttou.
Tuo Merchant Rofusocl to Soil Thorn
Gcorcn Allan , the Iiondor of tlio Out-
Enforces Ills Authority
With Death A Possu In
llot Pursuit.
A Deserter AVill Pilot the White * .
Nnw OKMUNS , Sept , -J. A Greenwood ,
Miss. , special says : The mostdastardly out
rage since the beginning of the trou
ble in the upper part of the county
was perpetrated by George Allen nnd bis
squad of fifteen negroes last night , In
tbo burning of Mr. Jamison's store
at Shady Grove , on the Tall'a-
hatchlo rlvor. They woat there
nnd asked for powder and shot. Jamison
refused to lot them have any and they told
him they would either burn his house or kill
him. They caught him , sot tire to his bouse ,
firing of ! tholr guns in tbo meantime and
making other hostile demonstrations. Jami
son got nway and wont to Sunny Sldo in
forming the pcoplo what had happened.
About too sumo tlmo n negro deserter from
Allen's band oTored ( to pilot the whites to
Allen's camp at Lone Star bend if they
would spare him nnd his two brothers who
were among Allen's men.
About two nundrod men nt once started
for the hostile camp , which is about
six miles nbovo Sunny Sldo , but it
has not been learned whether they
succeeded In capturing Allen. It is not
likely ho will bo tukon allvo as ho is u very
dospcrato negro.
It now transpires that the negro whom he
killed last night for refusing to tnkn up arms
against the Whites was his own brother.
Vcstorday evening the sheriff's posse got
sight of two negroes who hod eono to Cleve
land for ammunition. Too negroes jumped
from their mules and fled into the cornhraico.
The posse captured the mules nnd 3,000
Winchester rifle cartridges , ton pounds of
buckshot and four pounds of oowdcr.
Further particulars from up the river con
firm the statement that tno four negro lead
ers who were killed up there yesterday wcro
killed by the shurifTs posse while icslsting
The number of hostile negroes aru now
estimated at from 100 to ICO and they are
in largo squads one of which Is led by Gcorgo
Allen and tbo other by u negro named
The object of the sheriff is to capture the
leaders and deal with them according to
law. Tholr followers arc merely ignorant
negroes who hardly understand what they
are about.
Terrible Condition of the Locked Out
Spring Valley Minors.
CHICAGO" , Sopt. 4. Mr. Henry D. Lloyd ,
formerly on the editorial stuff of a Chicago
morning paper , has been Investigating the
condition of the destitute miners at Spring
Valley for several days and makes an appeal
through the press m tholr behalf.
Ho says there Is greater need than over for
help for these pcoplo.
There are thousands there suffering for
.food , clothing and medicine.
Most of the sufferers nro children nnd
most of the children are Itttlo ones.
Tboro are families whora adults and chil
dren are grievously sick and without medical
attendance and medicines because there Is no
money to pay for thorn.
The men at Spring Valley , Mr. Lloyd says ,
are not strikers. They are victims of two
lockouts. .
Last Christmas a thousand of them wcro
shut out of work by the order closing a part
of the mine. For the rest of the winter the
other minors divided their work with these
unfortunates. This lasted until April , Then
the community , exhausted by this strain of
bunporting tbreo men and their families on
the earnings of two men , received its final
On April 24 , without previous notice , all
the miners wcro told to take away their
tools , and the mines wore closed. They hud
no thought or plan of striking.
They \voro not oven glvon a chance of
working for lower wages.
From the day they received this notice
until Mr. W. L. Scott , of' Erie , Pa. , mate
his recent offer to them of a reduction of
wages from 30 cents a ton to the equivalent
of 55 cents or less , coupled with the demand
that they give up their labor unions , tbcso
men huvo been waiting in involuntary idlo-
nesslto learn what was to bo tholr fate.
"Before the lockout they earned , according
to the flirures they gave me. " says Mr. Lloyd ,
about $30 o , month. According to iho figures
glvon by nn ofllccr of the company they
earned about $43. If thcso wcro their earn
ings ut 00 cents a ton , what would they bo at
65 cents ! "
" 'I his community of 5,000 persons , in the
state of Illinois , is In tbo throes of starva
tion , " adds the appeal , "and has been so * for
months. It Is n public scandal and a catas
trophe which would scorn to demand us
prompt and thorough action from the gov
ernment and the people as the Johnstown
disaster , and I trust the press and the pub
lic will use all tholr influence to request the
governor to recognize the emergency by all
the action within his power.
"Thero must bo funds at his disposal for
such an emergency.
"A personal inspection of this battle of
0,000 persons with death , would , I am con
vinced , spur the governor to Instant action.
"Whatever are the merits of the dispute as
to wages , the starving must bo fed and the
children saved. "
Transfer Uout .
CiHMimiu.AiN , S. D. , Sept. ) . ISpcojul
Telegram to Tun BEG. 1 The Last Cnanco ,
a transfer boat , has arrived hero to do trans
ferring to the Sioux reservation. A steamer
has also boon ordered here by the Chicago ,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railway to do trans
ferring for that company.
* rryinjr to Burn Plorro.
ST , PAUL , Sopt. 4. A Pierre spaclal sayss
Great excitement prevails in this city over
the third attempt within a week to burn
down the place , No great damaga has been
done. Thu people are much uxclted and
somewhat nervous over the situation.
A Dakota Fnrmur HulcliloH.
CIUMIJIIIII.AI.V , S. U , Sopt. 4. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Bun. ] A prominent farmer
of Charles Mix county nuino Clurcnco Gablcr
has committed sululdo by sbootlm ; himself
through the head , dying almost instantly.
Ho was wealthy ana no causa is known for
the act. _
A I'roinlncnt MIIHOII Dead ,
CHICAGO , Sept , 4 , Grand Master Mason
Smith is advised by telegraph from BloomIngton -
Ington , III. , of the death of Dr. Alexander
E , DarruL'h , Jr. , past commander. The fu
neral will occur at Bloomlngton , Friday.
| | m Lmrurtu Oold Har Ever Oast.
IIULK.VA , Mont. , Bept 4. The largest bar
of gold over cast In the world was turned
nut at the United States assay ofllco hero to-
day. It weighed 500 pounds and Is worth u
llttlo over ouo hundred thousand dollars ,
A Baitlo Near
SIUKIVJ , Sopt. 4. Tbo dervishes defeated
force of "frlonalles'1 bnro
a near to-day ,
The loss on both Kido * wu very heavy ,
Mnx Jnoou on Arrested For Kmliczzlo-
tn-nt From III * l mployrr.s.
CitlOACio , Scut. 4. Max Jacobson , until
recently western superintendent of the
Fidelity & Casualty company , of this city ,
was hold to the criminal court to-dny for
oinbczzlintr money from the company , Jacobson -
son first made his appearance hero n year
ngo , nnd was , on the strength of good tecom-
tnondatlons , given a minor clerkship In the
ofllco of the company. Ho soon won the
confldcnco of the managers by his ability
and was advanced rapidly to the po
sition of western superintendent. General
Manager Alexander says they had no-
suspicion of Irregularity until n couple of
months ago , when ho was found betting
largely at the rnco track. The general man
ager lomonstratod with him and ho prom
ised to reform , but n week ngo It was dis
covered ho was behind mjaln nnd was dis
charged. Ho went over nt once to another
uonipilny nnd they advanced him money.
"Tho assurance of Jacobson , " said Mr. Al
exander , "is shown by the fact that ho went
to Jollct nnd on the strength of
forged letters got prominent clttrons
to go on his bond. Jacobson Is un
derstood to belong to n noble family
In Austria. It has been learned that before
ho caiuo to Chicago ho served three terms In
the penitentiary for forgery. Ho has been
very successful in this city in securing
money under fnl o pretenses nnd thcro Is no
means of knowing how much ho has obtained
aside from the $1,000 or so of thu Fidelity's
When arrested last night Jacobson was ,
about to take the train for the cast. His
lawyers this evening sued out n writ of ha
beas corpus.
Strange Disappearance of a Citizen
of That City.
LBAVENWOHTH , Kan. , Sopt. 4. [ Special to
TUB BKB.J This city has almost u p.irnllol
of the Wichita Brown mystery , so far ns a
sudden disappearance and continued and in
explicable absence nro ' 'concerned. Last
Sunday ono week ngo Mr. E. O. Webster ,
who resided In a suburban addition to this
city , loft his homo to go to the Baptist
church , located In the central part of the
city. Since that tlmo nothing has boon
seen or hoard of the missing man. The most
careful search has utterly fulled to load to
the slightest duo to his whereabouts , or ex
planation of his continued absence. The
case is assuming nn alarming uhasp , thcro
being no possible reason suggesting itself
which will clear up the case ,
A Marked Inoronso of Work -rs on tlio ,
Liondon Oookn.
LONDON , Sept. 4. There is a marked in
crease this morning In the number of donk-
mcn resuming work , and business on the
wharves presents a rather brisk aspect.
John Burns delivered an address to the
strikers to-day at Tower Hill. Ho denounced
arbitration through intermediaries , nnd de
nied the reports that thodockmon wore going
to work. Ho said It was expected that strikes
would bo inaugurated in Glasgow and in
Southampton Thursday.
Report on the Klithr. Hour Dny.
DONDEH , Sopt. 3. At the session of the
trades union congress to-day a census report
on the eight hour movement was presented ,
showing 89,039 for and < U,6S3 against it.
The strike committee was in session until
2 o'clock this ( Thursday ) morning. Jtwna
agreed that the committee would" consent to
the men resuming work at any wharf paying :
Od an hour , ordinary tinjo , and Sdbvor time ,
the "plus" in niece work to bo equally di
vided between journeymdn and foremen.
Strikers Victorious at Liverpool.
LlVEiti'OOL , Sept. 4. The strike is ended
hero , the employers having granted the advance -
vance demanded.
Russia's New linpnrlal Train.
LONDON , Sopt. 4. [ Now York Hor-
nld Cable Special to Tin ; Bnu.l A now
imperial train has Just beau built for the em
peror of Russia. The siloons are covered
with iron outside and thou comes eight
inches of cork instead of steel plates , witp.
which the carriages of the old train wcru
protected. All the saloons , which communi
cate by a covered passage , nro exactly the
same In outward nppcaranuo , so that ho out
sider may bo able to discover in which car
riage the czar Is traveling. During the em
peror's Journey last autumn ho passed most
of his tlmo In a carriage which from the
outside looks like a buggago van.
A I'attor In llot Water.
[ CflDj/r/oit / ? WW l > u James Uonltm nenii'M.l
LONDON , Sept. 4. [ Now York Herald
Coble Special to THIS Bisn.J J . G. Gregory ,
incumbent of Emmanuel church , Brighton , is
in hot water. Ho presided at n puollo meet
ing at which Dr. Fulton , "an American , "
lectured. In the course of the lecture Fulton
said : "Thu Virgin Mary was not much of u
virgin , " and much moro to the same effect.
This profane utterance was brought to the
attention of the bishop of Chlchoster , who In
a most temperate letter calls upon Gregory
to disavow any agreement with Fulton's
statement. _
The Mnyhricic Children Adopioil ,
[ CopurioM 18SO l > u James Gordon /Jciwrtt. ]
LIVERPOOL , Sopt. 4. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tim BEH. The Dally
Post states that the two children of Mrs.
Maybrlck have , by the consent of tholr
father's brothers and of Baronnss Von
Hoque , their grandmother , been adopted by
a lady nnd gentleman In London , who are In
good circumstances and who will see to their
maintenance and education. The children , u
boy and a girl , will assume the names of
their foster parents , and thus , It is hoped ,
in their future llfo escape thp stain attach
ing to the riutno of tholr mother.
QuHe n ( ni)3 Vln ? .
iCopi/r/uht / bi/Jtimti OonJm HsiwstS 1
LONDON , Sept. 4. fNow York Herald
Cable Special to Tim Bnu.l A vine
known as the "Great Vine , " ut Hampton .
court , has nearly 1,00 ! ) bunches of grapes on
it , all wall colored and looking healthy.
Htcnmship Arrival ? .
At London The Trnvo , from Noxv York
for Bremen , passed Scllly this afternoon.
At Glasgow The Clrcussla , from Now
At Now York The Nordland , from Ant.
.worp ; thu State of Nevada , from Glasgow.
A Cabinet Mco ing Satiii'.lny.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Sept. 4. It Is under
stood a meeting of the members of the
cabinet will bo hold ut noon Saturday next.
The subject of an extra session of congress
will probably bo discussed then and a de
cision reached , _ _ _
I'liylnii For HIM ftnoop ,
PAH19 , Sept. 4. The editor of Cocardo has
been sentenced to four months imprlbonment ,
and to pay a fine of 500 franca for purloining
court documents.
Tlio Gorman ICinprosH n Catholic.
VIENNA , Sept , 4. An Inspired article in
the Vatorland announces that Empress Au-
gustaNVIctoria , of Germany , has Joined the
Cath'ollo church.
Dr. fitters Itcoallell ,
, Sept 4. Dr. Peters has been re
called from East Africa. The expedition
for the relief of Eiuln Bey bat bctm aban
The Qovornmout Oaso Gota'u Now
Lease of Llfo.
Who U Mr. AVnbucr That Mr. Wnnn
milker In filmivlns- thnVorkluea
ut'tho Postal SjNtntn ? Western
Workmen In Washington.
WASHINGTON HUUP.VU , Tnn O\t\nv line , J
WASUINUTON , I ) . C. , Sept. . f
The government suit against thu Boll
Telephone company took on n now lease of
llfo to-day with tlio flltng in the patent oftleo
of a document In which the 1'coplos1 Telephone -
phone company assigns all Us rights nnd tttla
to Bomo sixty patents tind applications for
patents which It coutrMs to throe mutual
trustees , Prank Jones , the millionaire of
Now Hampshire , Joiiu It , Hurtlott unU Henry -
ry U. Andrews , of Now York. The result
of this assignment Is to concentrate nil the
elements in opposition to the Hell Telephone
company in a strong working force , nnd It Is
said at the patent ofllco ttiat it IB upon this
combination that the hope of thu Rovorn-
uiont's success in the suits against the Uoll
company rests ,
Workmen mill mechanics are being treated
to a _ sample of wild western ways which
causes their eyes to bulge out with astonish
ment. Recently tlio Washington & George
town Hallway company entered Into u con
tract with n concern In Kansas City to lay a
cable road ulong the Seventh street branch
of their lino. Work was begun on this inno A
vation in street service in this city yesterday
morning. The contractors brought tholr
men with thum from Kansas City uiul put
tticm to work as work Is usually done in the
west. The cuso with which the track
layers performed their work has cnusea
quite a commotion In Washington
labor circles. At tlio upper end ot Seventh
street this afternoon onu hundred or moro .
men wcro engaged laying the temporary
track upon top ot the granite blocks , and at
least live hundred of Washington's copula
tion watched the operation for hours. The
work is being done with energy which is
surprising to iho people of this section , uud
already thn indications are that the Seventh
street line will bo built with twice the rapid-
ity.tho work was upon the company's mala
line running from the navy .vard to George
Mrsmnious MIL WAIINEU. t
A representative of the German govern
ment named tiustav Wabncr has boon In the
city for the past two or tiiroo days to coni
suit with the postofllco ofllulnls In rotation to
the manner of the conduction of the postal
nnd telegraph business of the country. PosW
master General Wanumnkor has received
Mr. Wabncr with every courtesy and has ex
tended to nlni nil the facilities n&
his disposal , besides supplying him
with a number of letters of
introduction , which will bo invaluable to
him hi his researches. The gentleman , how
ever , has maintained a sccrctivenoss whicli
Is entirely unaccountable. Ho has not ( jailed
upon the German minister nor upon any of
the principal German-Americans in Wash ?
iugton , and although strenuous efforts have
been made on tholr part to Hud Mr. NVabnerj
they bavo been utmblo to do so up to the
present time , v *
It wan announced to-day that the presi
dent would appoint a cainmissiotiar of the
general land offlco bbforo departing for
Philadelphia this aftoi'noon , but up to the 1
present time the name of the gentleman who
is' to occupy tills position has not been glvqi )
to the public. ISx-Coimrcssmun John It. .
Thomas , of Illinois , Is confident of his ap f
pointment , but his coulldonco Is no creator
than that of numbers of others who are un
derstood to bo In the Hold for the position ,
and the interior department people express
the same degree of ignoranio upon the sub'
jcct whicli tins pervaded that department
since the resignation of Commissioner Stock *
singer. It is believed there , however , that
Judge Groff , of Omuhn. js the coming man ,
but the basis of this bollof can not bo ascer
tained at this writing.
So much of the special orders as direct the
transfers of certain lieutenants in the Fifth ,
artiilory to take effect October 1 , 1889 , Is so
amended as to direct the following transfers
instead to take effect on the day named :
First Lieutenant David D. Johnson , from.
Battery L to Light Battery F , vice Firsfc
Lieutenant Harvey C. Carbough , from Light !
Battery F to Battery K.
First Lieutenant Gcorgo E. Sago , from ,
Batterv 1C to Light Hattory D. vice First
Lieutenant S. E. Allen , from Light Battery
D to Battery L.
Cottonwood , Leo county , J. R. Syphorj
Marathon. Buenn Vista county , E. E Kiel-
field ; Hlchardnvillc , Dubuque county , Mrs.
Murgarot Blalco.
Francis C. Griblo , of Oinabu , Is at thp
A caolccram received at the navy depart
ment to-day announces the arrival of tbo.
Galena under the command of Cotntnaudoir
Sunnier , at St. Nicholas Mole , Huytl. Adi Gmirnrdl , of the Kcarsjgo , is also a1) )
St. Nicholas Mole in communication with !
the navy department. It is prob.iblo that
the Kcarongo will oomo north soon , but that
will bo loft Inrgoly If not entirely to the ad-i
inlrul's discretion.
The secretary of the Interior to-day ap
pointed Albert F. Childs , of Ohio , chief cleric
of the census olllco. *
Captain Robert Ho.yd has bean selected by
Secretary Tracy iis supervisor of the port ot
New York.
Judson Hmlffbs has been appointed store- .
hecpur for the district of Nebraska.
unit Iowa I'oiiHlons.
WAsm.vt > xo.v , Sept. 4. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB UIB. ] 1'onsions granted Nebraskans -
braskans : Original invalid Janice Frono ,
George W. Berry , Israel C. Tobias , Frances
Illckot , Henry C. Strentor. Franz Plot , Vln
cunt F. Stevens , Increase Peter Koney ,
John Gorman.
Pensions allowed lowans : Original m-
vnllpSimon' Boodle , .inspor N. Johnson ,
V/illlum Kichurdiioii , Benjamin E. ICgard ,
Thomas J. Hollicmy. John Chambc'rlln. Lor
enzo Guno , Charles To hey , Martin Vandyke.
Hestorutlon William Rico. IIILTOUBO
Thomas II. Lee , William Shoolunun , George
O. Brown. HoUsuo Thomas L. Doble. Or
igliml widows , otc Miirtha , mother of
Thomas JohiiBOu ; JtoBiinnu , widow of Joha
Sears ,
Ilnrrlton Homo mid Awar
WASHINGTON , Sept. 4 , The president and
Mrs , Harrison , accoinpunloa toy Dr. Scott
uud Prlvnta Secretary Ilulford , arrived at
the white house to-day f lorn Door 1 'ark at
ii:45p. : m. Them was no regular cabinet
muctlng , but wlthlu his hour's stay ut the
white linuso the president managed to sea
Secretary Traoy , Attorney General Miller' ,
and Assistant Secretary liulcliollor and
thus gather an idea of thu , cpurse of buulnus
In most of thn department. Auw luluutas
bofori ) ' 4 o'clock thu party again entered a
carriage and wuru driven to the Baltimore Si
Ohio railroad station , vvhoro they look ta
train for 1'hlladulphlu.
The \Viiill h r
NebraskaFair , stationary toiuperaturo ,
northerly i
Iowa lialn , followed by during weather ,
lower temperature , winds shitting to north
Dakota Fair , lower tumpcruturu except
In northern , northerly winds , ,
Visit Ilin View
HONIJOUT , N , V. , Sept. 4. Burglar * made
nn unsuccessful attempt lust night to rob tU4
residence of Vlco President Mortou.