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An Auspicious Lookout For the
Coming Six Dayu.
Openlnir ] > nys of tlio Omnlia Knlr
Whcra to Go nml Whnt to Boo
Hold ActiniiiiumlatlnnHStreet
ttnllxviiy Service.
Hovond pernuvcnturo this week will boone
ono of tlio most Important In Omnhn's his
tory , Tlio attractions , the fnlr exposition
nnd the Merchants' week colobrutlon will
attract thousands of visitor * to the city , nml
n Rcncrnl grand , good tlmo may bo antici
pated , providing always that It doesn't rain.
The annual fair of the Douglas county as
sociation promises to bo the best over held
hero In ovcry particular. The trials In thu
epccd fitly wilt ccllpso anything of tlio kind
ever seen In the city. The track Is in per
fect condition und thu numerous trotters and
runners which nro entered were novcr In
bottc-r form than at present.
The grounds ycstorday were In a state of
busy activity , the merry-go-round man being
hard at work In putting up his machine
whcro one cnn get a riilo on almost any col
ored bnsswood equine tit the nominal figure
of a short bit per rldo ; the Icnu/nuJo / nmn
with hli single lemon ana barrel of water is
on the ground , and all the llttlo hand cider
presses arc running at full blast.
Floral hull Is already assuming shape and
the ninny bright Hov/ora und rare plants ar
tistically arranged form n sight
which on co neon will bo remem
bered. Chrysanthemums and tea roses
nod their heads at geraniums und rhododen
drons , while mingled in artlstio confusion
nro cactuc , prickly pear nnd u host of oilier
rare and beautiful specimens of floricul
ture.Tho wct sldo of the hall , or the west
buildings , rutlier , are devoted to the Doug
las county ngricultual exhibit , and a glance
ot tbo display is Hiifllciont to the looker-on
that Douglas "county Is one ot the great gar
den spots of natuic. There 1110 mammoth
pumpkins and squushcu , rlpo , red tomatoes ,
iiugo beets , succulent egg plants , luscious
gfiipco and ticurs , round , red and ripe tipples
of all sires , watermelons nnd cantelnpos , in
fact cver.v variety of fruit and vegetable
common to this climate. The visitor is In-fit
In a continued statu of wish-1-had-somonuss
from tbo tlmo of entry until departure.
One need not bo told that this Is a n
country , cither , for here arc golden aheuves
of wheat , bundles of ottts nnd tyc , bunches
of barley nnd piles of yellow corn that are
equalled by few und excelled by none.
Art hall , too , is an Interesting place to
visit. Tlicronro oil paintings , panel portraits
nnd pen drawings , all the work of skilled
hands ; crazy quilts , the result of woman's
fancy ; rugs , mats nnd baud work ; carvings
In stone und \\ood ; in short , a collection of
artistically fashioned handsome bric-a-brac.
Jn this department is u uniiiuo collection of
turned wood articles from Madison , O. ,
which will doubtless attract more limn ordi
nary attention.
The exhibit of stock Is very large and com-
pleto. The draft horses exhibit is especially
llno.thcro being over one hundred Cl vdesdalc.
Uormnn and Percheron nnd French horses
on exhibition. The major portion are owned
by Nebraska people. Prominent among the
heavy stables are tnoso of Dr. Noble , of
Blair , Co til , of Fremont , and Hefner , of
Nebraska City. CouU has ono niaro in his
stable weighing 2'JGO pounds , which lias
taken llrst premium at every fair she has
cqer been exhibited.
In the cattle pen& are a largo number of
blooded animals. There are Polled-Angus ,
Here fords , Jerseys , Short Horns and Dur-
hamsrwithnut number. Some of the flnost
specimens of horned cdttlo uvor exhibited in
Omaha are now hero.
Four IOIJR rows of pens form a pleasing
eight for the hog fancier. Poland Chinas ,
! ' * Chester Whites , Ltorlisnlres nnd Dttroo Jerseys - .
If soys grunt and squall in uhorus. The hog ex
hibit is perfect.
Poultry is very beautiful , the building de
voted to that department being well tilled.
Plymouth Rocks , Cochin-Chluas , Leghorns ,
game fowls , Uraoman and others mingle their
crows with the quacking of the fancy breeds
of ducks which arc on exhibition.
The machinery department is not very
well represented us yet , but several cut-loads
n 111 bo placed in position to-day.
Evcr.vLhing'nccessury for the comfort ot
the visitor is provided. All sorts of refresh
ments nro obtainable at reasonable rates.
Another point which should not be over
looked is the fucility for transportation. Ono
can pot to the grounds from any pait of the
city. The Omalm Motor company's line runs
direct to the cast gate ono Sixteenth street.
During fair week this company will put on
twenty trains , which will give a service of u
car each three minutes or less. The service
- will ho fast and very unllko the old method
of horse car travel. The cable company xvill
run twonty-fourtrninson Us Twentieth sticot
line , which will connect with noise cars at
Lake etrcot for the grounds. On thu short
track from Lake street north twelve cars
will be raji , xvtiich will ufford u soivko of
ono car per minute. The street car arrange-
incuts are very perfect.
As Twentieth and Sixteenth streets north
of Lake ai o unimproved and In a very dusty
condition , the management will keep them
sprinkled and will run eight sprinklers con
stantly. This will bo a great improvement
over the old method of allowing the streets
Ifr to take euro of-themselves.
Tilt ) Exposition.
Whnn the visitor at the exposition at the
Collaoum to-day looks over the magnificent
display before him ho will ccnso to wonder
why Jack Prince appears in such good
bumor. The Interior of tbo building is beau
tiful in the extreme , nnd the exhibitors seem
to have vied with each other In scoing who
could get up the best display. Everything
thut IB sold , barternd or traded for In Omaha
is at the Coliseum by sample , of course.
There uro splendid exhibitions of dry goods ,
elegant display of groceries ; In short ,
everything. In ono booth is found the
cradle of life , while the next Is tilled with
the caskets of death , ami the luttor nro oven
moro hundsomo than the lirst. This may
need explanation , hence it U stilted the llrst
booth Is a furniture I'lsplay , while the second
end Is an undertaking outilt.
fa'omu of the booths uro extremely hand-
BOUIO , that of 8. P. Morse bolng a very ar
tistically arranged ono. In the machinery
exhibit Strang & Clark fairly outdid them-
solves. The Hlchurdson Drug company's
corner is u great point of Interest , us also Is
that of Hrundois & Sons. The Consolidated
Coffee company 1ms erected mi urch of pack
ages and palU which ut onoa commands
attention. William Darst lias a display
that would command attention at the
Pur in exposition. There is aver.vthlnu to
see. Pianos , organs , jewelry , draperies ,
wagons , diamonds , tea , uotleo , purple nnd
fine linen , pickles and inusUul , stuffed buf
faloes and birds , shotguns and rillcs. The
building is usymposium of bewilderment ,
nnd nnuhlng like a correct description Is an
impossibility. It must bo soon to bo appre
The "sUtuo of Liberty enlightening the
world , which stands ut the north end , Is of
great interoit. It is constructed of grain ,
nuts , corn , wheat , bailey , millet ; In fuct , ull
the cereals thut Nebraska grows , .
Thu arrangements for lighting ur.d venti
lating the building tire very complete.
Twenty aru llchtt will bo used In connection
With uboutfiUJ IncundcBconts , which will bo
Buppllaa from machinery In thu building.
'J'ho aporturcc in the roof will contain fans ,
Which will on revolved by machinery , thus
insuring u comfortable state Of alTuira us ro-
Kurd temperature.
The Coliseum will bo an especial point of
interest iioxt ueek ,
MerolmnlH'VocIc. .
The Merchants' week celebration will bo
by no means an insignificant affair , for the
number of visitors who will ba piebcnt bids
fair to bo enormous , The various commit
tcca In charge buvo labored hard to make the
celebration n success , und they will bo In IK
wise dlcupi iuied. ! Work on the urchos wll
bo comnteted at noon to-duv. us u ell us tbo
other decorations. The arches nro ut Tunt !
nnd Jackson , Fifteenth und Doughs , Six
teenth uud Furiiuw nnd Thirteenth uni
Howard. While OH yet nothing of uny
consequence has been dona along the princi
pal sU'eots , tuo cotauUtcoon decorations ,
Hcimrod In particular , nro busily on-
fngcd In an nffort to have the proper action
nkon , In this m utter Mr. Holmrod has been
practically Indefatigable , and la deserving
of a ( deal of credit.
The parndo on Wednesday will bo ft grand
affair , while the pyrotechnic display at TUB
Jr.G nnd Now York Life buildings will bo
, hc finest ever scon In Omaha. Already
visitors are Arriving by the score , and by
a-nlght the city will bo full. The programme
'or to-day will bo reception , nnd to-morrow
all the points of Interest will bo shown. To
morrow night the flambeau club will parade.
also on Wednesday night. Wednesday Is the
lay of the grand parade nnd Merchants' boll
n the oven I u ? at Exposition hall The
festivities will continue until Saturday
111 ; lit.
In expectation of an immense crowd ot
Visitors t > > the city during the fair week , the
lotcls have made every arrangement possible
'or increasing their facilities for the nccomo-
datlon of the guests. Convenient rooms ad-
acont to the hotels have boon secured nnd
Hied up with colt for ttio occasion ,
' 1 ho number who can bo accommodated at
, lie principal hotels during the week nro as
follows : Mlllard 000 , I'axtou .VJO , Murray
850 , Windsor 350 , Merchants' 800 , does 200 ,
Arcade ! & , Canilold 130 , Cozzcns ! ) )0 ) , Bar
ker 800 , Metropolitan 150. Esmond 250 ,
I'lantcrs' 160. City hotel 100 and Qlobo hotel
100. In addition to thcso , the California
liouso , Millar's hotel , the Elkhorn Valley
house , the Atlantic , tlio Now York hotel , the
Cruluhton , the 13. & M. , the Capitol , the
Derby , the Occidental , the Omalm hotiso ,
St. Clalr , St. James , Southern and Tromont
ire hotels of smaller pattern , but each uapa-
jlo of accommodating tlfty visitors. These ,
with the rooms run in connection with
, lie numerous restaurants ot the city will af
ford accommodations for all who may visit
the city.
The committee on hotels will have a direc
tory of boarding nnd lodging nouses ut the
board of trade rooms for the accommodation
of visitors ,
Pnlnti of Interest.
The strangers visiting Omaha can , If they
wish , find many places to go and sights to
sec that will be of interest , to them. Besides
tlio fulr grounds , Coliseum , various theaters ,
hotels and stores , are the folio whig :
Tim BFB building , corner of Fnrnain and
Seventeenth streets.
The New York Life building.
The county court house.
The government building , corner of Dodge
and Fifteenth streets.
The Union Pacific headquarters building ,
corner of Ninth and Fnrnatn streets.
'Jho Union Pacific shops.
The Union P.icltle bridge.
The smelting works , at the foot of Capitol
The high school ,
Creighton college.
O. VV. Lininger's art gallery , corner of
Eighteenth and Davenport streets.
The Omaha-Council 13luffs bridge , foot of
Douglas street.
The First , Nebraska , United States ,
Omalm , Merchants and Commercial National
bank buildings.
Sacred Heart convent , on the 13urt street
motor line.
Nebraska Institute for the Deaf nnd
Dumb , northwest of the city.
Water works power house and reservoirs ,
at Florence.
The cable railway power house , corner of
Hnrnoy and Twentieth streets.
The Omalm Motorcemnnnv's power houue ,
Nicholas nnd Twenty-second streets.
Hanscom Dark , southeast part of the city.
Board of trade building , corner of Farnam
and Sixteenth streets.
Brownell Hall , on South Tenth street.
Union stock yards and all the packing
houses , at South Omaha.
The city jail , located on court house
The central police station is in the cast end
of the old exposition building , on North
Fourteenth street.
The central fire station is located on Ilar-
ney , between Thirteenth and Fourteenth
By taking n ride on the various motor and
cable lines , ono can enjoy the delightful
pleasure nf rapid transit , nnd also see many
of the fluoft residences and private grounds.
Thn Merchants' Hall.
There will bo many events ot stirring in
terest during the week , but by far the most
eleirnnt will bo the Merchants' ball on
Wednesday evening. The Indications nro
that the flower of Omalm socletv will be in
attendance , and it will not only bo swell , but
thoroughly enjoyable. Thu Invitations is
sued nro restricted to an even 1,0.)0. ) None
but poisons holding cards of Invitation can
secure tickets.
Lmbitr Dnv.
To-day Is Labor Day. Work will ba gen
erally suspended throughout the city. There
will bo a grand paraao of labor organizations
according to the programme published in
TUB BUB of yesterday.
Tno Omaha Flambeau club will meet at
the Omaha Guards armory this evening at
7:45 : for dress flarndo. Kach man's position
will bo assigned him for the turn-out on
Wednesday und Friday nights of Merchants'
week. All who can not attend ure requc tf > d
to notify Captain Harry Weber , ut U13 South
FiHeonth street , before Monday evening.
The Central Labor union nnd the commit
tee of arrangements , composed of the presi
dents of the various unions , held u meeting
at Gate City hall , nt Thirteenth nnd Douglas
streets , yesterday morning about 11 o'clock.
Tbo action of the committee in arranging for
the parudo was endorsed. A handsome ting
nnd white silk streamers with the words
"Central Labor Union , " wore presented to
the union by Typographical union.
Salt Ltiko and the Mormons at Kdon
A Splendid Caul For Each of tbo
Pivo Iiiy < .
The races begin at the fair grounds this
afternoon ai 1 o'clock sharp , the first event
bolng a trotting race for foals of 1833 , half-
mile beats , two in five , added money , $75.
Following this comes the 2:48 : trot , purse
$500 , for which there uro u largo number of
entries and u good race is assured.
The duy'8 programme will conclude with
n runninsr race , all uges , half-mile heats , for
a pursot > f 9100.
On Tuesday , the second day , the card em
braces a trot for fouU of 1B37 , mile heats ,
best two In three , added money , ? 125. Pac
ing , 2:25 : class , purao , $500 ; trotting , 2:20 :
class , purse , gtOO.
Wednesday , the third day , trotting 2:23
class , puree , $500 ; 2:30 : class , stullions , purse ,
600 ; 2:2-1 : class , purse , $500. und u running
dash $11 $100.
ruco , threo-quarter-milu , ages ,
Thursday , the fourth day , trotting for
foala of 1BS5 , added money. $150. Free-for-
all pace , which will bo ono of the best events
of the woo't , pill-so ? 50J. Trotting , 2:3i : class ,
guaranteed purse $1,009. Running , milu
heats , ull ages , purse ? 15J.
Friday , the fouith day , the free-for-all
trot takes phtco , purse $500. Uunning , ono
and ono-huU milu dash , novelty , ull ages ,
1150. First horsu to half-milu post , f-o ! ; llrst
horsu to mill ) , $50 , und the winner of thu
race , $75.
PAXTOK HoTun , OMAHA Snoclui nt-
tontion to comineristul muu. Finest nnd
largest liotol It ) thu west. Ktttrcdgo &
Brnlnurd , proprietors.
No disorderly or disreputable chnrao *
tors allowed ut uny ttuiu in "Edun
Museo. "
A Twenty-Two I'nundnr. *
Lewis Fun ton , who is camping nt
Bella View , near Jamestown , N. Y , ,
untight a twonty-Uvo-pound uuisktiUrm u
tlio other day. Itus forty-four iiichut
loiitf and four und ono-hulf inches
ucrosd tlio buck.
Abstracts of tltlo to Wyoming1 oil
lauds furnibhiid. Asbossincnt work done
und verified to by allldavit und cur till-
cato of rceordor. C'lni us located. J.
J. Corbett , Cuspor , Wyoming ,
Eden Musoo curiosity hall , two thea
tres and wondurlund for 10 cts. , opens
OtntOia mid Council IMufTrt Soldiers to
Drill ToRPtlior.
To-night the Omaha guards will partici
pate with the DOURO Light Guard * , of Coun
cil Bluffs , In n dress pnrndo In the latter' *
nrmory , In the Mnsonlo Temple block. It
Will ho a ulcaslnp ceremony. The dross pa
rndo will ho can led out In all the details.
Captain Bcharf/.of this city , will bo the
commandant ; Jesse Ho wo or Lieutenant Ar-
rhnmlth , or the regular army , will servo M
udjutant , Hull ns sergeant major. Company
oniccrSnA.ltchlson nnd Dlxon , lieutenants ;
Webster and Mulford.of the Omalm Guards.
There will bo four companies In the battal
ion ; The music will bo furnished by the
Omaha Guards band ,
There will also bo n competitive drill of
the Omaha Guards for the elegant gold
mndal offoied bv the odlcers of that com
pany to the boil drilled mumber , the Jtulpcs
to bo selected from the Dodge Llaht Guards.
Next Monday the DoilRO Light Gunnls como
to Omulm to participate in a like dress pa-
rndo hero with the Omaha Guards. They
will probably bn accompanied by Dnlbv's
band. The position of commandant nlll
probably bo clvon to Captain Attention , of
Council Uluffs.
The Pintle
The rlllo team of the Department ot the
Platte loaves to-morrow for Camp Douglas ,
Wisconsin , to take part In the division com
petition of the army. The members are :
James A. Goodln , second llcutcnantJSevontli ,
Infantry ; Albert Saladln , llrst sergeant I ,
Eighth Infantry ; John Corrlo , private , band ,
Seventeenth infantry ; Gustavo Ohrenbcrg ,
private , A , Second Infantry ; Edmund Gcr-
uor , sergeant. F. Twenty-first Infantry ;
Leonard Deitz , first sorgeint , F , Seven
teenth infantry ; Jnmos W. Davis , corporal ,
B , Sixteenth Infantry ; William Evans , cor
poral , G , Sixteenth infantry ; James Brcu-
nan , llrst snrgoant , I , e > doond Infantry ;
Charles El well , sergeant , C , Second In
fantry ; Uichant N. Davidson , private , F ,
Elghtn Infantrv.
Lieutenant William L. Pitchor. Elehth in
fantry , und John F. Pnrko , Jr. , Twenty-first
Infantry , have been detailed for duty as
range ofllccra at the army competition.
Lieutenant Beaumont D. Buck , of the Six
teenth infantry , who Is one of the depart
ment team , has been detailed to the Missouri
state university as Instructor m military tac
tics , and is therefore relieved from taking
part with the team ,
Sunn ol' Vcti'rnn * .
Colonel Moses P. O'Brien will go to Pat
terson , N. J. , on the lith inst to attend the
national encampment of that order. This
organization Is rapidly becoming a powerful
factor nmong the societies ot the country , Us
membership now comprising about eighty
thousand of the direct descendants of the
defenders of our country. Mr. O'Brien
might bo able to induce the order to hold
their next encampment at Omaha if sufll-
cicnt Inducements \veie hold out.
Loandcr Stniloy at Eden Musee to-day.
To the 'Jrnvollnc Public.
The sale of the Cozzons hotel prop
erty to Dr. McMotmmy do < > 3 not nt nil
interfere with the present louse and the
undersigned will continue the manage
ment of this well known and popular
hotel for a number of years. We solicit
a continuance of the traveling public.
M. J. FllANK.
Cowboy life at Eden Musoo to-day.
I'orsoiuil I'
General Dandy , U. S. A. , left for the east
last evening.
Mr. W. E. Annln returned yesterday from
Fort Robinson.
Billy Anderson , of the Murray , Is laid up
with rheumatism.
S. H. Morrison , of Nebraska City. Sun-
auycd at the Murray , s -
J. M. Graham } of Valley Stution , Neb. , is
with Al Swcurmgcn ut the Pnxton.
John F. Crocker , a prominent merchant of
Kearney , was in the city yestetduy.
C. B. Finch , mayor of Kearney , will stay
through Merchants' week at the Puxton.
Mr. Russell Harrison leaves Now York for
Omalm this week , says the Now York
Colonel J W. Fowler and Judge John R.
Brcman , of Rapid City , S. D. , spent Sunday
at the Muiray.
The family ot Major D. W. Benham , Inspector
specter of small arms practise , has arrived
from thu cast and is nt the I'axtou.
Count Le Punton do Arcc , of San Fran
cisco , accompanied by an accomplished
daughter , spent Sunday nt the Murray.
Mrs. A. L. Powell , widow of Lieutenant
Powell , who accompanied Greoly on his ex
pedition towards the north pole , was at the
Murray yesterday. .
Al Sweariugon , tlio Montota , 111. , pool
seller , is stopping at the Paxton. W. W.
Smith , of Kearney , und C. Anuress , of Men-
dote , uro with him.
Eden Musco enlarged , refitted nnd
embellished ut a cost of $15,000. reopens
to-day. _
Tvphold Fov.-r In Ijnndnn.
Typhoid fever continues to spread in
London , and people are potliner very
nervous. St. George's district is the
one most atlectud ut present.
Six great exhibition rooms open at
Eden Musco to-dav.
A Ilnly diiir Hinokpr.
AnBonin , Conn. , has a two-year-old
boy who cries for nigars , and , smokcs
them when they are given to him.
ThU powder never varle > . A marvel ot pure
ly , htrutiRth and wholes Jineueas. More eco. than ths ordinary kinds , and cannot
ba bold In competition \\lth the multitudes of
lor or tliortn efcht ulnm or phoiphalo powders.
Bold only In cans. Itoyal llaelii I'ovtdar Com
pany , 120 Wall fatiect , Nuvr York.
y iind.Wcdnodiiy Kept , S nnd 4.
Musnlllcont Hnvurlv Jlaitoon Mlumrals.
Chilsttcdon's ( h mfilun t'omiufio
J.tul by the Kliuof Mlnlhtrcl : ) .
Supported by nlglu eminent blucK ' face
TUe original ( Mental 1'atrol Jlarcli ,
\uil the celob-atuu buUnceM ,
Iteiraular Drlc-'S , Stats to on tale Monday
morning , _
tune ;
CANCER Uiokrrvo. UU. B < uiiUiliL , iu. ,
uiu. ;
At Frank Rawllh's ' Stable , Lincoln , Neb ,
Scptointecv 0 , nt 1 p. m. ,
RY'S ' , DtIKE No , 654
The strongest ulooUotlllninblrtonlnn Stnlllon
HvlnK. In Rood condition and nctivo as a four.
ycnr-ohl. At the itmno tlmo 40 inuroi. coltt ,
drlreri and arnitiioms. Mare * by lly'8 Unko.
Bnttirn , StiindnrdHIlenror. Comncor nnd Cluy
Illnod. Some ottm yoiinc Btnlllons by lly's
Iinnit time libornl discount ,
J. K. IONril09l 1'roprlotor.
F. M. WOOD ? . Auctioneer.
( urn 3iziJ >
( Opposite 1'axtoa Hotel. )
Olllco hours , 0 n. m , to 8 p. m. Sundays , 10 a.
m. to l p. in.
Sport illsts In Chronic , Nervous Skin and
lilond Diseases. .
{ . 'Consultation nt olllco or by mail free.
Medicines Bnnt by mail or uxptesg , securely
DHckvd. tree fiom ol.Ber\ixtlon. Guarantees to
euro milokly , sntely nnd pormnurntly.
Blous. 1'liyslcnl Uioay. nrlsltiR from mdlicro
tion. Kycess or Influlnencp. pi oilucliw Sleepless
ness , Despondency. 1'lmp o * on the fuco. nvor
plon to socletv. easily alstournitcfl , lacK of conn
clenco , dull , unlit tomtudy or business , luulllnds
llfo n , burden , batsly , pcrmiu ently end pri
vately cured. Consult Drs. Uctts A , Belts , HIM
Fnrnnin St , Onirha/Neu.
Bloofl ana Skin DISPEL
results , completely eradicated without the uld
of Mercury. Scroialii , Kr/slpolas. rover t-ores ,
Illotches , Ulcer ? , 1'einsln tbo II cad unit nones.
byphllltlcSaro'lhroat. Mouth nnd 'Jongup. Ca- '
tarrli. etc. . permanently cured where otlieru
llRM ) flllU'tl.
nllrt niaildcr Complaints.
FiHllOlT TfriniT'TT '
iUQllCV' Ulllld J IMlnCul. Dllllcillt , too frequent -
quont Burning or Illoody Urine , Urine high col-
mud or with inlUy sediment on standing , Went
Ilaik. ( jonorrluua. Gleet , CjstllH. etc. ,
Promptly nnd Safely Cured , Charges IteiiEoni
ble. _
moval complete , without cuttini : . caustic or
dlllatlon. Cults elU'Cted at homo by patient
\\ltl.out 11 moments pain or annoy aiuo.
To Yonmr Men and MiMli-Aiefl Men ,
pnrJI ? The aw till cllocts of early
AqfTrm uUntj Vice , which biincs organic
weakness destroying both mind and body , with
all Its dreaded UN. permanently cured ,
TIT ) ? T3PTTAilrossthojB ! who have impaired
JJIlOi DDllU themselves by improper indul
gences and solitiiy habits , which ruin both
Jiody mid mind , unfitting thorn tor business ,
study or marriage.
M AituiKL ) MIIN. or those entering on that hap
py life , awaio of physical debility , quickly as
Is based upon facts , 1'lrst Practical Expo
riencc. Second 1oiy : casu Is especially studied-
thus Ktartlng aright. 1 hi1 d Me lie ties urd pre ,
paied In our labatnry exactly to suit euh case ,
thus nilectlng cures without Injury
S3sJ Send 0 cents posttpo for cc-lolirato 1 works
on Chronic , Nervous nnd Delicate Diseases
Tnousandh cured. SiA friendly letter or call
iniiy savu yon future biiireilnir nnd gimme , and
add golden years to life.ffKo letters an
ew ered unless accoiupanlod by 4 conta In Btauioa.
Address or call on
HOai'arnum Street , Omaha. Jleb.
State Line.
To Glasgow , Itclfusl , DublinnudLhorpaol
From New York Every Tuesday ,
Cabin patsnKO J35 to KO , ncconlliu tolooiUloa otiti
room. Kxcurslon K > i to ( JU.
Stccrnge to na.l from Kuropo at Lowest Hatei. '
AUbTI.V UAUiWl.N & , Co , Gcn'l AKonts ,
U Ilroailwar. Nov ? York.
J UN Di.EnKN , Uon'l WcBiern Aucnt.
101 Himdolu'.i St. , Clilctigo.
UAIUtV K. Moias , Aecnt. Umalnt.
ReducedCubmr.iteJ to
OF TH1 !
Chicago , Milwaukee & St , Paul R'y ' ,
Tlio Itcst Iloulo from Omaha and Council
i HI nils to
Chicago , rAND Milwaukee ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis , Cedar Itaplds ,
Itock Island ) Frefpurt , Itotkford ,
Clinton , Dubuqiio , Davenport ,
Elfin , Hudlsou , . Jnnesvlllc ,
licit It , Winonn , La Crossc ,
And nil otber Impotunt nolnt L'ast , Norllieait nnil
Fortbrouuh ticket * call on tlio tl kot ascnt at 1W |
Farnam ttrcct , lu il > rVur llluolc , or ut Diilo 1'uciflc
Uun .it.
1'ulliann gleopen iul Ilia tlneit Dining Can In Ibt
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waukee & tit raul d. 4i ujr , and ovury attuntlon
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A. V. It. UAltl'tt.vmt , Uvucral 1'uiienver and
TkLot Acint.
Ul'O K. IIKAKlOIitJ. Anl tn t General I'anenncr
an I 'llckt't Affunt.
T. J.OLA ItK , ti naral Snpirlut ndcut.
Colllsmim t'jounda , communrlnK tlouaiyovon.
audnll week , , sup. m
VinUCVand all urinary troubles cuuily. qulcic
MUntl I lyuudnufdly cured byUaOTUUA Uap.
Bulea. Hoverul cases cured in sjvuuttayrf. Bold
uttl.G'J per box. nil drmwlsta , or by mall from
UoctUJuM't'jjCo. It * Whltos N. V. Full dlrao-
Neur Travel M'ltlu'iit n Unxof
Continental Clothing House
The largest and most complete Clothing and Furnisliiug House
west of New York City. More space is devoted for the sale of readymade -
made clothing than in any other retail house in the cquntry.
No house can foe more thoroughly equipped in all its details for the
sale and manufacture of Pine Heady-Made Clothing. Our aim is to
furnish only first-class goods and nothing will be sold that is nofc
thoroughly reliable in every respect.
Wo will offer 150 Men's Pure Worsted , Wide Wale Diagonal Coats and Vests , one of the
very latest fabrics and thoroughly reliable in every respect. This material will be very popular
this season for coats and vests to wear with mixed trousers. These are new goods and the
coats and vests were made to sell for $18.00. We will offer them this week at $13 , and we feel
confident that this is one of the best values we have ever offered. The sizes arc from 34 to 40.
Another Special Lot-Sack and Frock Suits ,
We will offer 100 Suits in sack and frock of a pure wool cassimcrc in very neat mixtures , in
all sizes , sack and frock suits at $15.00. We do not quote this as a specially low price suit , but
when the quality is considered , it is one of the best values a person can buy. We think it better
to embrace superior quality and popular price. This is in every respect suitable for a genteel
business suit , perfect fitting and made and trimmed equal to any of our better grades in all
sizes from 34 to 44 , at $15 per suit.
Our selections for the coming season are coming in every day and our stock already shows
a very choice assortment of the latest designs. We expecl everything in by Sept. loth. Prices
in this department will be lower than the same quality of work produced by any other house.
We have always been acknowledged to be the leaders in Boys' and Children's Clothing.
Our variety is larger and styles superior to any other stock in the west. We call particular
attention to our new design in a Boys' Vest Front Suit , age 4 to 9.
Our stock of three piece suits and kilts arc larger than ever.
BOY' RTTTTl-sP8cia . . argamlmesinBoys
School Suits at $4 , $4.50 , $5.
Don't buy your Fall Hat ut\til you have seen the Wilcox Hat , price $3.50 , five shapes in
stock. Money cannot buy any better article. Then , why pay fancy prices for any other make ?
OMAHA BOSTON Freelandv ILoomis Co *
OES tilOINES Proprietors
Cor. Doug-las and 15th Sts. , Omaha.
Great reduction of price cm second hand
Piano ? und Organs. A ijooil clmuco to get .1
good Plauo lor n small femount of moiiJV.
Thn above prices are 10 per cent leas than over
olTcred bufoi c and IIH M o must have room for our
larce stock ot New I'hinoa we will Rive nn extra
10 per cent discount fiom above prices to any
one that buys an Instrument before Auirnst 1st.
IJverv Instrument guaranteed to bo just a1 * re
riiinos for rent Tar $2.oO and upwards
] icr mouth.
Organs fur rent for $1.50 antl upwards
per month. ,
If you buy any ot the above Inmiments und
you aio not mitixlled , we will allow you name as
you paid for it toward any new Piano you may
belett. Call early and iet a bargain.
Cor. 16th arid Farriam Sts ;
A lid we m a ready for it. Our buyer has
been InanectliiK ilie Kastarn MnrKutH fur
the pa t xlx wtelcH , prunurluu lor the com-
Inn season. Wo are already receiving early
Toll Novelties , und the Hummer outllts will
hoon bo removed to the bntk bhehea , Our
'imw ' Block has been Htlccted under moat
'nclvuntaRUOUs ' circumstances from the best
approved iiuimfailiiiea , We are confident
'of ' tin ) excellence of our goodf ) and hope by
'couitei-y ' and honorable dealing to com
mend ourtclvfu.
to Dualrlu t'XKin-
Jimtly col-
ibiutedlli.aof Hoots uud hlioea , miiiuifiutnr.
ciloyl' . M. llcndursiii A : tU. of Chlcauo-luo
torle ut C'hl'uco. KUon. Il | . . and I'oaiJ lu l.uc ,
Wl . - noiild write HAM. N. WATSON , resi
dence , I'JIKMONT. NKII. TruYKlluu' mjeut.
UetU < | Uurt ia ( or Uulibcu.
1409 Douglas.
OVER 2,000
It's been a year of active trade ; warm
IMKU friends and cheerful greetings by the scores
every day of the 365.
We said , in our preliminary advertisement
a year ago , " we're going1 to do the best of
Tailoring in the best way" clothing such as
SO MAX ! ' , you intended to have ever since you began
\ to wear garments.
How well we have succeeded is best
So Kciisoiuiblc. stated in the thousands of friends who have
returned again and again within the year
and brought their friends. .
It was no experiment with us. The ex
Ocmillcs of perience and training of twenty-five ) cars
directed us.
rail Overcoats ,
We'll serve you even better this Fall , we
10 .UP ,
will make new friends from city and state.
Mude to Ortlor.
For Tutting THE TAILO
IMuIn llullillnirl
ir.Mviitsirv :
colliMlntu yruritlllnijon'l uoi. .
Ilia | > aclu and clecunt LullUlnKt lime , Uurlnii
lliuim I ji'ar , uccniniTiDiliiteil luurutiiunlUliotUoiii
tuuenti Kvurr fad lljr U utTorded lur unulrlu | a
ttiorou li knovrieJguuf
< 'lu ilr > , Jliidiciuiilln , I.uii , Hvlvura , ituil
A tlioroutihroirinurcl'il cojr olt al o n fciituro of
tlinlinlllutlon. biicclul ililviuitJtcs will bo ( iluod
wlitilmliurcocUcrtlionoilo IrliiK Ui ttudy
I , A IV.
THE MIMU Driiartnieiit. for tiojri nil'ler ' thirteen
. tnlMlciiuoglfliiK lull imrtlculari will
l > e uiit > ouajipIcail [ n to Ittn. T. J. WtiUli.
- l , Nolrulluiuu I' , < > . , Jiitl.
wall on.JImUon. Col. 0. J.Vt ijLt. II. d , .
A. M. . Ujpt.i U , r * . llyam Comd lot Oudeu.
11ANI.IU8. N. Y.
Civil KnulncorliiK. HJBHICB. IluMncgi.
Hr , ItKV. K. . IIUNTINO'JON , I'Ji-uldont.
Iff.Cob. W , VISUIII'.CK' , eupurlntmident.
llrookollull.forUlrU uadYuunv Ui4le
lld o McUlu Atmlouiy , for lloymwd Yottux Men-
Switliin C ,
Media , I'cnnsylvaiiU , near Pt > Uudoli > lilo. _ _
Murtfiinl'urWdici. for nirlt and Voiiiiu I * ilet , Ior ;
taUloBUH odilri . 'J'HAVJSI1 , J-Ij. . .