Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 02, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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No adverUsemehts will bo tahon'for
these couimns alter I2:3O p. m.
Terms-GaBh > atlvnnco.
Ad vcrtiscrnents under this head TO cents per
line for the first- Insertion , 7 eentn for each sub.
sequent fnncrtlan. nnd ll Opcr llrie per month.
Wo Bdverttsdmtnu taken fo- leas than 25 ccntn
for flrnt insertion. 86vrn wordi will bo counted
tothMlne : they must nm cocsocntlrely nnd
jnunt bo p'nld in ADVANCE. All advertise-
monte must be hnndcd In before 12rPO o'clock p.
tn , , and under no clrctimstnticns will they M
token of discontinued by lolepnnne.
Parties adrtrtlRlng In these columns and har-
Inc their nn wcra ndflrefescd In care of TUB lIKn
will please ask foraehrcKtoennblothemto get
their letten. as none trill bo delivered except
on presentation of check. All answtrs to ad *
Tcrtlsemenls should be cnclcied in envelopes.
All advertisements Inthrso columns nro pub-
llstied In both morning nnd evening editions ot
Tim Hr.K , the circulation of which nggregatci
more than lli.OUOpapera dally , add ctves the ad *
vcrtlser-s the bencllt , not only of the city rlrru.
mtlon of TrtBllKK , but eleo of Council Illulfs ,
Lincoln and other cities and town * throughout
this pcctlon of t lie country. _
.Advertising forthcso columns v.lll be takrn
on the nbovo pondltlonn , at the following busl *
ness houses , who are authorized agents for TUB
Unit special notices , nnd will quota the samt
rates aa cnn be had at the main ofllce.
U BUcet.
. Stationers and Pilntera , 113
V Botith inih Street.
n. FAHNBWOHTH , Pharmacist. SllOCum-
ming Street.
WJ. HUGHES , Pharmacist , K4 North IGth
. i Street ,
rj.Ep.W.PAllM , Phornmclst , IC09 8t. Mary'i
H UGUIEB' PHAKMACr , sa Farnam Btrwt ,
\STWNTED-lly n younK lady , position as
VV Amanuensis ; experienced , is thoroughly
competent nnd Is comment of slving satlstac-
tion ; Is rapid , neat and accurate : best ot
references. Hoz Shouaudoab , Iowa.
0.15-7 *
T\7ANTKU Situation as bartender : tnreo
V > years experience In Now York ; nrst-class
reference. AddreBs . f. II. , Occidental hotel ,
corner Tenth and Howard streets. , QIM *
OIIUUTIIAND amanuensis ( first-class ) wants
PuoBltlon. 114 . Ilee. ; _ 4003U _
Tx 7 ANTED A situation 'In small prfvate f am-
VAddress by a respectable middle-aged woman.
Address or call at 317 N. ICth St.
Bltuatlon by a llrst-class book
keeper and accountant , with the best of
Omaha and 0. II. riiforencos. Address It. IL ,
core Ogdenllonso. Council UlulTs , la. 8oU 2 *
ANTED A good bread nnd cake baker
W Home bakery. Cl > North llith st. ii7t-i.'l )
TIWO young men for the wrapping counter
Nebraska Clothing company. 077-2
ANTED Youus Herman butcher. Cor-
27th and Loavonworth. fi 7 3\t \
\A7ANTED-An cxj-erlenced tailor and cutter
VV would like to have a situation In Omaha
or vicinity.- Address "Tailor , " care of Nelson ,
CheaniKn Al.Co. , St. Louis. Mo. ESTOlt
WANTED Concrete mixers nnd shovellers ,
* l.-r > nnd (1.5) ) per dajv Twenty-second
strost and California. J. U. bmlth & Co.
W A NTEU-OlIlco men to introduce the Light
ning Bhlrt Ironer. Salary tie toUO.por
month tind uxponsos. No canvassing. Address ,
with stamp. Brown , Itunsoncri'Co. , Englewood ,
WAITED At once , man to attend to outsld"e
display of clotnlng ; man with some ex
perience In clothing business preferred ; good
reference .required. Two Orphans , 18th and
Douglas , COM !
TANTBD Mnnund wlfo In a private fain-
'lly4) : lonnfarm.Sl' . ; 1 aUtf ; 2d cook ,
SK ; dlsh/vusliors / , kitchen men. farm hands ,
etc. .Mrs. Hrogn. 314J ! S. 15th. 507 31t
"iVANTEDSalcsmen everywhere for our ad
> . lustnblo all metul door plates. ( Can sell
nnd'dellver nt once. ) Made ot nickel , gold or
a'olla bronze , now goods Just out , prollts largo
i and sales rapid ; no house canvassing.Write
for particulars , N. Y. Door Plato Co. . Newark ,
K , J. . '
WANTED Goodman In every town. Salary
paid weekly. Audress Sherman , Tangen-
i'berg' & Co , . UO W. Lake St. , Chicago. CU5-31T
WA'NTBD First class pants maker at once.
Address A. Uorgsttand. Fairmont. Neb ,
"TArAN'i'ED A good competent boot and
VV shoo maker married man preferred and
refurence required. Address A. Hothwoll ,
liuat 1st St. , FromontNob. _ 02 2
cA I'llAOTIOAL bookkeeper , who has had
-txniany years experience nnd who can glvo
the very best references , desires a situation.
Address II 67. Heo olllco. C53-2 ?
NTIJO Boys to learn a cooa trade. The
W , II. Ilulue Co. , 13th and Nicholas sts.
Ww 009 8t
w I ANTED Men for Washington territory.
Albright's Labor Agency , ittO Farnam st
ti8 !
\\TANT13D-Flvo traveling men In lumber
> business to sell our cedar posts , poles , otc.
on commission. Wrlto for particulars. . ) . . care
Lord * AThomas Chicago. 111. UUMt
'ANTED 60 laborers , enquire Van Cour
\ Lomist exposition building. Capitol nvo-
nnd l h at. 015 3
nndW 'ANTED-llarbcr. 1 03 S. 13th at.
w ANTED Window dresser nt Tho.Fair.13tb.
nnd Howard sts. 580
Trnvelmi salesman to sell In
Omaha and western cities and towns In
Nebraska , a full line of cloves and mittens ;
no objection to soil in connection wltn other
goody ; irlll pay good commission. Address
N. Slocum. OsKuloosa Tanning & Glove Works ,
. la. M92t _
GOOD reliable canvassors.steady employment
with The Singer Mfg. CO. , 1518 Douglas st.
822 S 18
WANTED Salesman to carry full line Cali
fornia niuvus on commission , for this
territory. Deferences required. Kavmond ,
Squlro A : Co. , Ban Francisco , CaU 218-81 *
r73OHDEUSlnfldays : " 1 average 10 orders In
I 12 calls. " Those extracts from agents' letters -
tors ; agoiits wanted In Nebraska. Address with
Btamp , CE. . Osborue' . Heatrloe. Neb , till a 17'
"VATANTE1) A good olllco man to go east ;
T > jiiust Invest iK..60"imi9tbo ; a good buelnesi
man. Address the ( Ico. . Cllno PubllRhlng
House , 3l5to 321 Wabash avo. , chlcaso Ill.
WANTED Agents. Maglo cigar lighter ,
every xmoker uuvs , lights in wind or rain ,
lasts a lifetime. Sample 15 o , two for25o , dozen ,
II , by mall- Stamps , token. Austin & Co. ,
rrovUU'iico K.J. 4ii8i ! ! : |
\\f ANTED J25 weekly repreheptatlve , male
' or femalci. In every community. Ooods
Btaplo ; houichold necessity ; sell at sight : no
peddling ; salary paid promptly , nnd expenses
iidvnnceti. FullpartlciUara nnd valuablB sarjple
case Pr e. Wo mean Just what we sayj address
at once , Standard SHverwnro Co. , Hoauiu , Mass.
W "ANTKD " Good girl for general housework
at No. 1331 North 18th Bt. 61O
\\MN I'KU-AijIrl In family of three. 2115
V > Caiirormast ' 673 at
WAKTKD-Watst and skirt finishers and
girl apprentice. Mrs. U. C. Boutleld , 1618
Doujjiiva , diu 3
WANTKD ( llrl to do evnoral housework ut
32HChlcacost. | 407
ANTKU-Small nurse girl at BU ( leorgla
ave. i/O 2
j NTKU-a extra dlnlua room girls at
. . Arcade hotel , 1215 Douulus bt. , to begin
Monday morning , Kept. 2. Wugesouu dollar per
day for tba weak. UU-lt
\\7A"NTKD aood glrl for gentral work , An-
f V ply at one * at 611 North 1 uh at. 6'Jfl ' nil
\\rANTKD CompeUnt girl for olllcer'a fain-
> V. Jy | of B , lib ; cook and d girl. 20and 10 :
settled cirl to nurse aud ii'cond mrl , coed
; 83igirU for the country ; 0 dining-room
. , . SJiou nke per for widower with 2 f fill-
drcn : W ulrla for general work. Mrs. llregi ,
U14VJ B. IfiiU. LMU ! *
- -An experUnccd cook , wno U a
WANTEU- .i German or Irish p re
ft rred. Apply aHi2 Waveuport Bt. J..L
H A Rood ulrl for geniiral house-
Yor Enquire 2U5 J oliea. 40H 31t
T AN'/ED-Otrl for ifoneral housework. 2113
Klrl todo second \\ork iiuU
take cart ) ot child 3 Years old , 21W Bt.
T ANTED Coiupeuut girl in mnall tamlly ;
T T cainuoruimii. HJlS2sthBt. iUL
TXTANTKD-Qirl for coneral bous vrork In a
V > smslUamtly. IW1 Parnanibt. 572
'WTAN'fflj A t"o < l con ptent ulrl for gun-
VV erul homework , waiUiluu aud Iroulug. Cil
BouUil UxstrtU- Ui
'Ejtporlence < l clrt for conernl
hotwework.filr . L. O. Jonci , 713 No. 2Ist.
WANTRD Housekeeper Ily a widower
with threochildren , at O'Neill. Nob. Cath
olic lady preferred. Inquire nt Arcade hotel
utter Monday. Kept. S. Pit 8J
Wanted At the Star laundry , 27th nntl
cavenworth- C22'lj
ANTniA * Rood cool , M pwVcek Franr.
B. Mooros , OIT B. 18th. 4Z7At
- ntrents for our Slew Mcln.
tosh waterprcifif Italian. ' Very stylish ;
cloth ouUld i nothing lUe them In stores.
Agents unvo bl trnrte , Trices ou "Daisy" hose
supixirtors greatly reducua. Wo Rlvo agents
the nreatcet chance over offered to make money
this fall on our full line of fust sclllnc coods.
Addrws with stnmp. E. U. Campbell. 4l. l. Itan-
Oolpn Btrect , Clik'apo. B'iO-Tt
- for Rtneral hotiseworK In
family of'tJirco , Uerman preferred ; npply
to 2020 Cftpltol nve. * 3 > tl _
WANTED A ylrl for general housework ,
62U N. suth st. cor California. 1"J
WANTRD Qermaugtrl to do cooklnu and
wanning , best of Wages paid , Inqulro J.
Lvllrandels , 724 p iBthat. gJL , . .
" "
YCUNO.-altornoy praduato ot Ann Arbor
university. . apcaklni ; llohemian nntl
( Herman nniX-wfll acquainted In tnls city , wants
to enter Into partnership or some other ar-
rnugotnontttllKnn ostabllshod law firm. Ad-
druss H 55. Ucu Qmce. H - *
WANTEI > 5rO.Oi l7nrds of dirt , west of , at fi cents. lloKK1 * &
Hill , Heal Estate , 1401 Ffttnnm. 5004
ANTED To rent an H or 0-room IIOUPO In
Boutliwcst part ot city of Omaha : nil mod
ern Improvements ; Klnplo housu deslrod. Ad
dress j. I ) . Hianchard , So. Omaha , Nob.4C94
OXXENR Hotel , corner of irth and Hnrncy
streets , 92.0U per day , No dark rooms.
Table flrst-clais. Try it. ' B41-3H
FIH8T class Hay txmrd. Inqulro 1009 Douglas
1G5 !
HES3MAKINO In fainUlea , G27 So. 17th. ava.
- - - 019 sht
to'dodrcssmiiklnpln fatal
UPS solicited. Miss Sturdy , D19 8Jcth St.
834 Rlt
OH HENT A 3-room house in rear ot lot.
Inquire 1317 Casa st. 41'3 ' 3tit
TT.OU IlENX 4-foom house , 010 Williams st.
X ? „ Ili7j ll
F I OK KENT Elegant 10 room brick , Douglas
su ; J. B. Evans. 3U8 W. Y. Lite. 4133U
FOIl HENT House of 0 rooms , on 25th and
Cumlngs ; price , bUt or 4 rooms $10. In-
iiulrc , P J South 18ill st. 307-30.
1011 KENT Two nicely furnished rooms
1 with or without board. COl No. 17th. 593 31
FOU HUNT Fine brick store rooms on S 13th
St. , No. Ol's l'17 ' , Hit' ' , eto % Ono I'-room cot
tage , 121U on Mason St. . in good order , Inqulro
or John Hnmllu. 1)17 ) 8 13th * t. 31131
TTIOH UENT Immediately , a well furnished
L' n room cottagu. on cable and horse car ,
ithin one blockof high school ; nice lawn ;
city \\utor cistern , etc. Call at ! iJ15 Dodge st.
TTtOll 11ENT TAVO nice cottages corner J8th
JL1 and nurt. * 18 per month. A. C. Wakeley ,
room B'J7 N. Y.JJfo miildlnB. 633
I710U HKNT A pretty 7-room house , con-
-U venlently located. fi' > per month. Hath and
giis ; 22lCalifornia ! ! 6t. Inqulro Nethcrton Hall ,
Ilia Farnam st. 510 0
T71OII HENT fij ; 7-room house , California
Jt ? st. , near 23rd , bath , city water , gas , etc. In
quire itlngwnlt Hrns. . Marker b Ik. 5000
FOU KENT Furnished house ; nlnu looms ,
bath , gas , now furnace. Location unsur
passed In Omaha. Within one block of high
school. Pnrttcs are leaving tl.o city for the
winter. Possession at'onco If desired. Can be
had for from II to S months. Address It Ol.caro
lleo ollice. fi Kl *
, 9-room modern brick hou o.North 10th st.
$40 ( W , elegant brick house.,10 rooiua , all .con
veniences. 120 South SCth'st ,
$40 , U-room inoucru house , Park avenue , all
conveniences. n
81 , a 3-room cottngo , ZffiO Davenpoit street.
Inquire Netherton Hall , 1112 Farnam st
TpOR ItENT Flat I ) 522 8. ICth st. has all con'
J ? venlenccs and ono of the best 7-room Hats In
the city. For terms call on Her & Co. , 1112
Hnrnoy st. S03
POH HENT 7-roomed house , city water.bath ,
largo cellar , etc. , 8339 l-Vanklln st. Apply
roomUOD. Jlerchanfs Nat'lbonk building.
I7OH ItKNT B cottages. Omaha View , to re-
-0 liable parties. 3U per mouth , Hoggs & Hill ,
real estate ) . 1108 Farnam. EOO-8
TCTOH KENT Flno Hand 13-ioom housesvlth
JJ all modern Improvements , Cass street , be
tween 21th and 25th sts. , at low rates. II. T.
Clarke. 8420 Cass st. . ' 2f5
T71OH UENT 7-room , 2-story liouso , barn lor
JU 4 horses If deslrod. For terms for the winter
call on or address C. F. Harrison , .Merchants'
Nat'l Hank. 1EO
OOH KENT Two now8-room houses ( nobaso-
JL ! moiit ) , every convenience , less than mile
from P. O. , reached by three lines of streetcars.
Will rent very low to suitable tenant on yr's
lease. Aoply. IKl South 23th t > t. or Dan H.
Wheeler. Jr. . Douglas oiul lith St. 361) )
T710H UENT ZTo responsible family without
JJ children , for termw of yenre .at low rental ,
a deblrubln residence , ! urnlshed or unfurnished.
21th und Cuss streets , or would sell at low
price. Hoggs ii Hill , Heal Estate 1403 Fnrnam.
roUSKS for rent Wilkinson , 1417 Farnam.
L 848
iTIOll UENT l-roum cottage near Fort Oma-
Jv ha. * ; > per month. Sell for 41,100. D. V.
Sholes. 210 First National bane. 833
TJ1OU HENT 7-roota hone , 28th nnd Capitol
JU avo. lmiulrn.2-iU Dodge. S\\ \
SlXnew housts. 5 to8 rooms each , price vcry
low. Call upon or address , Nob. Mortgage
Loan Co. , room 518 PAXton bl'k. 1J
IOH HENT Two nine room brick houses on
- Park ave.mip , with all conveniences. Also
nine room frmiio'lioubq cm tame street , with all
conveniences ; priced to W'S ' permonth. D. V
bholes. 210 First National Hank. 311
IPlOlt IlKNT Hesldence , 2100 Douglas st. , now
' house , all modern Improvements ; not iv
basement house. Etlqulro ot Morltz .Mover ,
Cor. Kith and larnam. KJ3
H OUSE torrent , 10J1 Dodge.
FOU HENT 7-room Hat. Sil per tno. uhova
The Fair , 13th mid Howard. Inquire TheFalr.
HENT 10-room brick house on 20th st.
FOH Loavonworth. Apply at No B278.20tn
TnOH HENT A detarhcd 0-room liouso , nil
X' modern conveniences. Unq. - : l Capitol avo.
"TTKHl HENT ID-room house , steam heat , al >
J. Improvenihnts , chenp rent. O. K. Thompson ,
room ill , Sheoly block , 15th and Howard.
FOH HENT Fine large residence , hard wood
llnish. all conveniences , low rent to private
family ; aid N. loth t. inn
lrult HKNT The -room Hat occupied by Dr
X1 ( lilmcro. 2d llpor. No. 18ij : Howard st. In
qulro or ( U-O. Illijulpj , lull Howard Bt , 182
FOHHV.NT Sixnewft-room cottages , ready
on or before fepiemlxir 1 , 3ith and Hal
Howard Directs , healthy location , near Farnam
cars , lleiit. each 815 per month. Suitable for
fcmall tidy fumllltis. , John 11. F. Lehmnun , 02
S. 17th Bt. 411
T71UHNISHED rooms , with board , 1U20 Doug
jj laa. 6T4-S *
| \OU \ HENT-Furnished rooms lth or with
JU out board ; 2111) ) Decutur. fi02-2t
MUS. H. A. Churchill has taken und
nuwly furnished No. 411 N. mil st. . Yt
llrat clans accommodations may be found.
1JIOH HKNT Two furnished front rooms.
X' Private family , 117 So. Kith at. , between Far.
imrn und Dcilge. ecu 3'
IMS Donalaa.
Ii Olt HKNT A pleasant , well furnished room
< with hoard. Call at 1213 Dodge. COJ-3J
rpwo nicely furnished front rooms nt 710 So.
x must , MI 2t
TTIOH UENT-A nicely furnished large front
X' room with alcove. All modern conveniences ,
Cloio to cable aud horse cats , ajiJ Cass bt ,
TjlOlt KENT Oca nlca furnished room for ttl
X1 Wth | or without board , loll Douglas.03l3f
U HKNT Lurgs furnished roomCZi North
liilhat. Oft )
OH HKNT-Nicely furnwhod room , with
board , tn private family , fur two youiu ;
in nuiily0blocks from 1 * . U , . ou cable ; all
luoderu couvenlencvs , Addruis II si. Hoc.
moil TtKNT Furnished rooms ! also r66m
-C for light housekeeping. 0)3 ) N 17th st.
T 1IWO nice rurnUhedr"fr6nt"rooms"and two
TH small rooms. OOJN. 17th at.
HIt rooms , cotxl board , sra.1 anil bath. it. M )
to $5.50 ft vrook , motor passM door. 1323 N.
7th at. BUM
_ _
[ 71011 HENT Olllco room opposite the post
X1 omce , 103. 47J H
rjEAUTH'UL house , nicely furnished room ,
Pond first-clans boiml. 407 N 10th. 45VU
F oil KENT I'urmshed rooms , with
1722 DodRO St. 401
rjlOIllKNT-S nicely furnished rooms , 2103
U Jurnam street. ' 403
| 7UIt IIKNT Elegant furnlsned room for
U' single gentleman only , 724 8. Ittth St. , cor.
< eavenworth. 1 > CO
mOH HI5NT Furnished room , at 2215 Dodge
U street. 3TO
.OOU room with bnth. "SlOiSHU st.
j _ gai
RfXMIS and board tor 3 gentlemen , where
they can bo at home. 523 3 2ith ave.
ELEdANTLY furnlsheil rooms nt4' N. 10th
I'aul block ; nlliiioaern Improvement * .
3S1 2
R1 OO.M with or without board. 1812 Dodge.
[ < 1OH HUNT Two furnished rooms , on St.
. M.ny's nvenue. To gentlemen only. Six
minutes wall : of business center , Heforoneo
required. Inquire at store. 210 and 212 3. 15th at ,
3T. CLAIM r.ttroponn note ! , cor. 13th and
O Dodge ; special rate by week or month.J.
J. 3
FOH KENT Two parlors front and back on
first lloor , also single rooms with board.
Ml modern coveulencea. 1GOJ Douglas. 682
DDS1UA11LK rooms cheap , on car line. 1319
N. ISthSt. U8J-317
FUHNlSlinOor unfurnished house for rent
In 1'ark Terrace , opposite llnnscom park ;
all modern conveniences. Inquire , Lee XNlchol.
Sth and Leavenworth. 220
I7IU1IMI8IIEU rooms with nil modern con-
X * VDiilonccs , for gentlemen only , 170'J Dodp st.
VTICELY furnished suit of rooms and ono sin-
L > pie room. All modern conveniences , private
family. 2214 Karnam st. C2 , >
3OUTH front room , menls In the house , 1008
JCapitol avenue. _ : CT
FOU ItENT Two convenient rooms , unfur
nished , for light housekeeping. 800 AiJUi.
611 2J
FOU BENT Unfurnished "back parlor wltti
unrpet , for one or two gentlemen , SOU7
Cess st. _ DM-it
"P\VO hxrgo tinfurnlshod front rooms for rent ,
J-tO ) 8.18th st. CHI st
1710U HKNT 4 rooms , unfurnished , suitable
JO for houieUeeplntr. with nil modern Improve
ments. 17C2 Webster st. Price J.'U. 50l _
' '
TTlOu'linNl' Unfuruls'hed rooms sultnolo for
X ? housulceoplng , insultos of tf to 4 : convenient
location. IJutfs llontlng Agency , ICOfl Farnnm.
CWJ si ;
FOR KENT Small building between Dodge
nnd Cnjllol Avcnuo on 17th st. Suitable tor
a shop. Sniper month. IJoggs & Hill , Kenl
Ustato , 140J Faraam. 500-a
"plOlt ItENT Stores and living roomson Cum-
JL ? Ingst. AlsohousoonCabSSt. Harris , room
411,1st Nat. Uaufc at
"T71OH KENT A large warehouse on
-L ? bet 13th and Htli , three stories und base
ment. 44 by 1UO feet , well lighted nnd very
strongly built , suitable for heavy machinery
for manufacturing purposes , will , lease for llvo
or raoro years ill reasonable rout. Inqulro of
Henry A. Homnn , 413 S. 13th st. ! O3 ut
TjlOH KENT Store room , cor. 2Jth and N sts. .
J3 South Omaha. Itest location In city for
gents'furnishing or dry goods store. Inquire
of J. J. Muhunoy , room SOU I'axtoulUte. 47i-s3 !
TO ItENT Desirable war house room on
tract Apply to 0.V. . Keith , 711 Pacitle St.
I7\OK \ RENT Tlio 4-story brlcU building.with
-t ? or without power , formerly .occupied by The
lice Publishing Co. . U10 Farnum t The build-
ins has a lire-proof cpmented basement- < complete -
pleto steam hoatlni ? llxtures , wntur , on'all tile
floors , gas , etc. Apply ut the ollice oCTho Doe.
"TTlon KENT Tne corner room under the No-
Jbraska National bank will soon bo for rent ,
the Equltablo Trust Co. removing to larger
The space Is about double that occupied by
thoC. , 1) . A.-Q. ticket ollice. Tne lloor Is tiled
ana the room can bo made desirable for a II. It.
ticket or broker's ollice.
For particulars apply at bank. . 683
/V SEI.ECTprivate school for smal .
.cVuirls Wlll be opened September 16. IbSU , by
Mrs" F. It. Edgar. For particulars address 614
NSM st 007 3'
JIUVATK sale household furniture. Sff-'l Call
fornla. 48U 31
LADIES visiting the city during the fair can
have their dresses mudo while they wait.
Perfect tit guaranteed. All work neatly exe
cuted. Sirs. K. C. Scholleld , 1518 Doulasst. _
070 * )
C HAS. L. Todd docs collecting' . 44 IJarker blk
A SELECT school for children , under the
Eclectic system as taught by Prof. Itlch-
ards , W. D. C. , will bo opened Sept. 3 , 18SU.
Home comforts can be had In building. For
further particulars address Mrs. W. , 1112 Cap
itol ave. 3133
ECONOMIZE in fuel by coyonng your'stsam
pipes with fossil meal nnn-nonducting cov
ering , the most oillclent and cheapest of nil
coverings. D. O. McEwan , western agent , lull
Howard ut. 297S3 ; )
/CESSPOOLS , cisterns , privy vaults , etc. ,
/clpanod quietly , quickly , cheaply and clean
ly ; all work done by odorless pump. Odorless
Sanitary Co. , 1400 Farnam street. Tel. 29A
milE banjo taught as an art by Qeo. F. Ocllen
-Lbeck. Apply at Hco ollice. V50
LOST On or near Farnam st. , 3 note books ,
Initials S. n. C. Please return to W. David
son at Falconer's. * 'Will ;
"I O8T Largo , young close-haired St. Human !
-LJ dog , yellow with white breast and feet. Je-
turn to 1UO Georgia are. , or 901 Douglas and get
reward. (33
U'ANTED A lot north of Californla.-east of
UOth , cash customer. Oeo. J. I'aul , i
Farnam. " ' 473
WANTED to Buy A piece of acre property
near Omahu or Council Illuffs that will
grow in value. Address with description and
price 11 31 Heo olDco. 421
VI'ANTED Furniture , carpet * , stoves and
* > household goods of all kinds , Omaha
Auction & Storrgo Co. . 1121 Farnam. 337
at low rates at 1121 Farnam at-
Omaha Auction ana Storage Co. 237
STOUAGE nnd forwarding. We collect and
deliver goods of all descriptions , merchan
dise , furniture and baggage ut cheapest rates
for btoragp for any length of time , vans and
wagons to bo had ut shortest notice , wltn rare-
ful men for moving. Packing aqd ehlncln ?
from our own warehouse done on moderate
charge. Merchandise loaded and unloaded.
Warehouse on our own tracks. Ofllee 217 8 litli
ht.toophono ; ! lit. Howell & Co. JUQ
mjtAGKAQU storage at lowest rates W. M.
JHushmau 1311 Leavenworth , 2U3
MADAME Wellington , world-renowned as
trologlut , test medium und destiny reader
just from Europe. Tells your life from the
cradle to the grave , reunites the separated
causes speedy marriage with the one you lore ,
locates Disease and treats with masttaga am :
electric baths. All In trouble should not fall to
consult this gifted seeresg. Parlor U. upstairs.
4178. llth ; ollice hourt. from 10 a. m. to 10 p. m.
422 Ut
MUS. Eccles , the famous fortune teller am :
clairvoyant ; business , love , marriage am !
changes. OJ7 H 13th st , next door to llarkur hole
TT10HTUNE Teller-Mrs , Lenorinan can bo
JL consulted on all analntot life. Patlsfac-
tlon guaranteed. No. 310 N. 15th at. U31-8J *
II. NANNIE Y. Warren , clairvoyant , medl
nil and business medium. Female rtUoases
a specialty. 119 N llth it. rooms 2 and 3. 103
rj.OOD homes for ladles during conUnement ,
vXterms r aaonable,82J d.nth. Dr. Jlr .iiuntzo
013 tJJj
MUS. Jl. OhleufcbUger.mld-wKery home for
ladUf. ( loou arcommodatlQua and attend
aucu. Low prices. 251/1 North34that..Omaha.
WlllTXLKSUrs BfcorWiand School , Uarxer
block. 8 nd for circulars ; Lord's prayer
In ihorthatid tree. ' 7 , ' ° 470-sJr
fcTTANDAUlltthorthatfo school , Faxton blk. ,
Ofsuecessor to Vnlentlmi'sj the largest exclu-
Rive shorthand school pi ethn west. Teachers
are verbatim reporters. . 1'artlcnlar attention
paid to typewriting. Mechanical construction
of machine taught by factory expert , Circulars ,
/ \MAHA Uuslnoss Outoce , cor 16th and Cup- !
V/tolave. Shortnand , ; fuo largest nnd most
Miccessful shorthand ifoprlttmonc in the state.
Standard methods tango * , Munson's revised
ot ' 89 a specialty. Call , on write for tornu.
1J1OH SAL15 Moslor safe , outsldo measurement -
* ' ment 04x3Sx2V. good condition. Enquire
Gotham cigar store , s.e. cor. lllth and Dodge Ms.
FOH HALE or trade tor buggy , light half
platform spring wngnn1M7 n intu st.
neil SALE Work team , wagon nnd harness.
' single horse , harness and carriage. 2
wagons , Ssots heavy harness , or will exchange
tor brick. J. J. Wilkinson , 1417 Farnam. Quo
100 buys mare , harness , open buggy. Enqulro
1819 Sherman avo. , after 5 O'clock. 441 837 *
1JIOK SAbE-Gnoap 4 large and small show
X1 cases , ono small safe ; also flue norsa nnd
buggy. llrauchAi Co. , 1211 Howard street.
331 4t
/"INK lire proof safe ; light express wagonnow ;
Wfour horsos.rnnglncfrom WO to 1.3uo pounds ,
will bo sold very cheap. NeDrnska Mortgage
Loan Co. , room 518,1'axton block. 830
"IJ1O H 8A LE A 3.-horse power I'orter engine
X'In good condition , weight 5,10. ) pounds , cyl
inder 11x10. For particulars apply to Ihe Hoe
ollice. 79 < 5
FINEST carriage team Instate , dark browns ,
tull 10 hands , weight 1.1SO. Inqnlro W. U.
Millard , S. U. cor 16tn and Douglas , Omaha.
7G9 s 13
T\TlDLANDGuaranteo & Trust Co. . N. \ \ Life
iTXbldg , Complete abstracts furnished and titles
to real estate examined , perfected le guaranteed.
MONEY to loan at low rates and no delay.
Capital and surplus J1 , H.OJO. Lombard
Investment Co. , 309 813tu st. 60 ! )
M ONEY to Loan Chattels , collateral rcnl
estate. It COl , Merchants'Nat'l bank bulldicln.
28J s23J
BEFO11E making chattM or collateral loans.
It will pay you to see The Western Invest
ment Co. . room 4l2Ueo blag. 1JV
P HI VATE MONEY wanted on gilt edge , llrst
mort'g : s-jcurity. Want I5 , jo , $ J.noo , $ I.ODO , .
SI3,0iO. Address U. 50 , lice ollice. No agents
need answer. C72-lt
MONEY to loan We make liberal advances
oa all kinds of fumlturp , pianos , organs.
lorscs and wagons , wlthcut removal , wltnout
publicity , nml at lower rates than can bp had
oliewhcroln the city. Payments can bn maan
nt uny time , which reduce both principal and
interest. Long and short time given and lib
eral extensions made. All business strictly
coufldentlal. Before you borrow or renew your
oan cull and got our rates , Hawkeyu Invest
ment Co. , room P3 , 3d lloor. Douglas block , s. w.
corner IGth nnd Dodge streets. UOJ-s-Sl
Morfiage & Trust Co. f ur-
PHILADELPHIA ' to borrowers ,
purchase securities , perfect titles , accept loans
at their western olllce.-ujQeorge W. P. Coates ,
room 7 , Hoard of Trade. " JMl
M : ONEY laaned on chattel securities and jew
elry. Uooin 411 , Shevly. block , Omaha Ne
braska. F.H.Jerome. . 437 s2 *
T1TONEY to loan ; cash pn hand ; no delay. J.
Irlw. Squire , 1210 Farnam st. , First National
bank building. > W 280
TT1IUST mortgage loans at low rates and neE
-E delay. D. VT Sholuu' 210 First Notional
bank. aBi Zil
MON EY to loan on aflypucurlty
for sbort time ; at1 low
rates. Lowest'frttes
on personal
propertivs > l
The Henderson JIortBaseJnvestment Company ,
room 400 , Pnxfon blocJL ; , ; , , 28U
BUILDING loans. < D. iVi. Sholes , 210 First
National bout. > 4.rfi 281
MONEY loaned on'Turnlturn. horses and
wagons : rates reasonable. ' tlty Loan Co. ,
118S. lith St. , opposite Milliard hotoi. 270
OANS made on real estate and mortgages
. /bought.Lewis Slteed.iCo.U , 13Board Trade
MONEY to loan on furniture , horses , wagons ,
etc. , or on any approved security. J. VV ,
Hobblns , 141 lf > Farnam street , Paxton hotel
First class Inside loans. Lowest
rates. Call nnd see us. Mutual Invest
ment Co. , U1. Darker blk. . 15tn and Farnam. 278
MONEY loaned for 30. UO or DO days on any
kind of cnattul security ; reasonable Inter
est ; confidential. J. J. Wilkinson , 1417 Farnam.
KES1DENCE loans Oii to 7 per cent no ad
dltlonul charges for commissions or attor
neys' fees. W , II. Alelklo , First Nat bank bldg.
SEE Sholes. room 210 , First Nat'l bank , before
making your loans. 281
q rOO.COa to loan at ( i per cent. Llnahan i ; Jtft-
uJhonoy , room 50U Paxtoit > locU. 237
MONEY to loan on real ehtuto security , at
lowest rates. Uetoro "negotiating loans see
Wallace , It. 310 , Urown bldg. liith & Douglas. 2U !
MONEY to loan. O. F. Davis Co. . real estate
and loan agents , 1W5 Farnam st. 277
MONEY to loan on corses , wagons , mules ,
household goods , pianos , nrgaus , diamonds ,
lowest rates , 'ihe llrst organized loan olllco in
the city. Make loans for thirty to three hun
dred and sixty-five \\hlchcanbnpaldln
part or whole , at any tltne. thus lowering the
principal nnd Interest. Tall nnd Bee us when
you want money. We con asulst you promptly
nnd to your advantage without removal ot
property or publicity , tyoney always on hand.
No delay in making loans. C. F. Heed & Co. ,
310 S. 13th st. over Ulnghaui & Sons. 2.S3
MONEY to loan on furniture , horses , wagons
or securities of any kind ; commorcirl and
mortgage notes bought at fair rates ; all busi
ness transacted confidential. Collateral Loan
Co. , room 321 , Itamgo building. , 713
6""per Cent money U. 302 , N. Y. Life IB683S Ins. * uldg
MONEY to loan. on city or farm property.
( U'O. J. I'aul , 100J Faruam Bt. 10J
DO YOU want money ? If so don't borrow
ceforo getting my rates , which are the low
est on any sum iron ) SI up to $10,000.
1 make loans on household goods , pianos , or
gans , hnrbcs.muleswagonswarehouse receipts ,
houses , leases , etc. , in nnyiimmmtnt the lowest
possible rates , without publicity or removal of
Ixjans can be made for ono to six months and
you can pay n part ut any time , reducing hath
principal and interest. If you owe a balance
ou your furniture or horses , or have a loon on
them. I will take it up and carry It for you as
long as you desire.
if you need money you will find it to your
advantage to see me before borrowing.
II. ! ' . Masters , room 4 , Wlthuoll building. IGth
andllarney. 249
KEYSTONE Mort8ago3io. Loans of IO to
11,0.10 ; get our rates wif < w borrowing and
save money ; loan on hpr.-wu , furniture or auy
approved security , witnmit publicity : uotos
bought ; for now loan , renewal of old and low
est H203Shael4yblk,15tti , & Howard st.
< b3Jn ' ft"
rpIIE lUkhorn U > an CAl'lVnonoy on furniture
_ L in use , horses or anything that's good se
curity ; over Com. Nat. ikukl3th and Douglas.
j.'Uli 4W
NEUHASKA Morr. Loiih lo will make you a
loan on household goods ,
horses , wtfgons ,
land contracts.
fine jewelry , or fitwrnritlM ot any kind
without publicity , tatfeaaouable rates ,
itoom 7 , Howlev block , ttoulh Omaha.
Itooini D18-10 , Paxton block , Omaha , Neb.
MONEY Loans negotiated at low rates with
ou Kiel ay , und purclmsu goods , commercial
paper and mortguganote lB. A , Slomun. cor.
J3th and Farman. 272
EOH BALK Twomnalr barber shop , good lo
cut ion. address Crawford , Neb. , for terms
A. O. Tatro. ' 3B5 81
\\7ANTKD-Partner with 1.000. will double
T' this in nix months ; nice ba lne s ; investi
gate thli U 47 , Uee , , { KJ2.31 *
IjlOU HALE A nlc * clean Mock of stores and
X' tinware on one of the best streets In tlie
olty , A bargain , C. 8. Orlcsteftd , room 8J ,
Douglas block. ' CU'll
"II1OH SALE Trult. confectionery and cigar
-L.1 store In good locutloa j null cheap , cuu N liith.
tun at
TflOlt SALE Chdap , cigar , confectionery and
X' fruit stand , with took living rooms In rear ;
cheap rent , good location. Address ( loo. U.
Moore , Nebraska Furniture Co. , 000 N 10th.
THOU SALE-In good railroad town , stock ot
-I-1 drug * worth about ti.MJi. good sales , ouly
drm ; .busjnws in town. Address Vf , B. White ,
U. i ) . , Palmyra , Otoa Co. , Nub.
TTIon SALR Ororerr ttora at Florence , H
JU1 Ing from SW to JIW per day ; will take a few
peed teams ns part payment ; look thl * up ,
Cowau Jc Hall , Florence , 415 3t
AUAUnAlNI-JI.OOi drug stock for cash }
will boll any amount from UOO up. Address
E. E. Cnupa , Uulbertson , Nob. 433-3J
lilOIl llENT-Ono barns 11 stalls ; largo yards
JJ clean and convenient ; cnnuiro ot Frost &
Harris , Uard st , bet. 2td.and23d sts. Oil-
A HE you looking for nn opportunity to en-
gagelnthomercantllo bunnessr It so come
nnd see as. W. 1U \-M.ii , Itoom 14 Chamber
of. Coinmcrco. Tel. 1140. U15
ANTEl ) A partner with W.OOQ to $ ' > ,000 to
taken half Interest In a well established
praln nnd seed business. Address Hex II ,
Urecnwood , Nob. 185
TjlOUSALU Cheap Harbor shop nnd 4 chairs !
JL1 good location ; paying business. M.I I. Floui-
Ing. CTelo. Nob. C04 s7
'T71OU SALE Elevator nt Onkdale. Hood loca-
JJ tton for grain , live stock , lumber nnd coal.
For particulars write A. Truosdell , Fremont ,
Neb. V sl7t
TIT ANTED A partner inn brewery dolnn a
T good business In a prosperous Nebraska
town , Enqulro at room II , Chamber of Coin-
inorco. Tel. 1410. 875
TilOH SALE or Trade forOranhn property an
JL1 established business , llox 018 Omaha ,
> 310
rpo EXCH A NOB for mortgaged notes or for
-L sale on easy payments :
Ono bay horse , ono platform spring wagon ,
onebot brass mounted harness , two now car
riages , and one grocerymnu's delivery outfit.
W1U Colfax , room 13 , Hoard Trndo building.
LAND In llox llutto Co. , Nob. , to trudo for
unlncumberod Omaha property or hard
ware. Address llox 8.1 , Alliance. Neb. C'Jl 4t
/TJ.OOI ) clear lots totrndofor Improved prop-
VT orty with some incumbrauce. 0. 8. ( Irlu-
stead , room 21 Douglas blk. 017 11
rpo EXCHANGE--For nice clean stock of
-L merchandize or Hardware ; must bo good
stock , a choice farm of 120 acres , 80 nctes in cul
tivation , 4'J pasture , good spring water , peed 7-
room house , nil other necessary out-buildings ;
Is second bottom laud roll good , title perfect ,
lying In Joirorsou. Co. , Nob. , 2K mltus from
SteeTo City. Call on or address W , U. Gordon
&Co..Steolo City. Nob. 614
TWH EXCHANGE For stock ot clean and
well-selected stock of merchandise or hard
ware , oil acres of beatitltul laud , all fenced and
never falling water , frco and unlncumberod :
perfect title , laying adjoining the addition of
Flarbury Heights , Valrbury Is county seat of
Jetrnrson Co. Neb. 'Jhis land will all bo laid
out In town lots In'.a short time. Call on or ad-
drvsii W , U. Uorden & Co. , Stcele City , Neb.
rpo EXOHANGE aonoral stock rndae ; want
X land and money , llox 70 , Frankfort , Ind.
478 St
VCTANTED Property In Colnmtjns , O. , for
T T Omaha property. C.F.HarrlsouMerchant3'
National bank. 4U3
ElflUTY ncres near Marvsvlllo , Kansas. Mar
shall county , lor vacant lot In Omaha. 0
F.Harrison , MarUinnts' Nat. bank. 3t < 0
T7VJK EXCHANdK-Cloarlot In So. Omaha to
X1 trndn for residence lot In Omaha ; assume
difference. 0. F. Harrison , Merchants Nat.
Hank. 27U
Fpo EXCHANOE-For good real estate. $25.0o :
Xstock of goodclgnis lulots of ten thousand
nnd upwards. J. F. Fltestono , Uourbon , Ind.
E8i 2t
WANTED To trade for a stock of grocenos ,
cash nnd lots on O. He C. H. motor Hue.
Lots will bo put In ut their cash value. W. It.
K.ll. . E. , itoom 14 Chamber ot Commerce ,
rol. 1440. 010
WHAThave you to offer In exchange tor my
Sl.OJO equity In my double nouso on
Latnrop st , near IGtn , or for my iKi.OM equity In
my double house on Spencer st near il. l. or for
my &I.OOO equity in my double house on Wlrt st ,
east of 21th. nil with modern Improvements , all
encumbrances 5 years at 7 per cent. No farms
will bo considered. W. T. Seaman , e.ibt side
ICth fit , north ot Nicholas st. Omaha's largest
variety of wagons nnd carriages. 701
ON E farm of 440 acres In Page county. Town.
One farm of 120 acres In Adams county , la.
Ono farm of HO acres In Hock county. Neb.
Ono farm of 10. ) acres In Uraud Forks , Dak.
Also Llndcrinan hotel furniture , Clarmda , la.
All of the above described property must bo
closed out In sixty Uays. regardless of price.
CaU or address F. M. Park , CUrindo , Iowa ,
'i j filOs'JO
CHAVB pome first-class rental property tor
sale cheap within onu mile of poseolllcn , on
paved streets nnd motor line , Thos. F. Hall ,
311 Paxton block. 5S8
TJ1OH SALE Two of tne nest locate a trncKHgo
X1 lots , on the northwest corner of 21st and
Izard atrculs , size 120x132 rout. For price and
terms Inquire of the owner , Edward Speller-
berg , 1012 North sin stree ; 80J-sfj4.
TjlOR 8ALB Lots In Stewart Place , will fur-
X1 nl&h money for building house , and pay
ments monthly. Hero is a cliancs to secure a
homo. Harris , Itoom 411.1st Nat. Hank.
FOH SALE On easy terms , now 6-rooni cot
tage , cor. lot , near street car lino. Address
H22Hoe ollice. 4V82f > )
BVOH SALE Good , clean 810.COD investment ;
write and ask mo about It. C.F.Harrison.
Merchants' Nat'l bank. 497
rpllJi motor will go to tno state mute institute
X this fall , conse.iuently whoever buys any of
this property wlllaoublo his money right away.
C acres close to Institute $1,000per acre.
Lots In Orchard Hill J.VOO each.
Walnut Hill * ) UO each.
HlshliindTnrk $150oach.
Cloverdale JolH ) each.
Hakcr Place $ i" > 0 each.
Sauuders .V Hlmnb ugh's $ G50 each.
fctrlnger Jc Penny , room 20 , Douglas block ,
cor. iftth nnd Dodge. 33' ' ) 31
F OH 3ALE Splendid 100 acre farm Kearney
co. , at a great sacrifice , only $1,00. ) down. I'M
acres i cultivated. Hoggs & Hill , real estate ,
140i * Faruam ill 0
HANSCOM place lot for sale very cheap for
cosh , lot 15 block 7. liOxlW. Address V. P.O.
box 30. U77
T/'OHSALB ' , real estate Hrlggs Place , 1 have
X1 in tills dunlrable addition a number of
choice lots for sale nt low figures and terms to
suit your convenience. If you are looking fern
n line residence location , let mo drive you out
nnd show you these beautiful lots which 1 offer
for sale. They belong to non-residents nnd
must bo hold. Don't deloy but cull at once on
( leorKe J. Stornsdorlf , 1st Nat. bank oulldlng.
Telephone 04. 4t3
rpOMANUFAOTOHEUS -l will glvo nmplo |
X ground , with splendid trackngo facilities ,
on the Fi onion t , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley
rnllroador on the Missouri 1'aclllc ( Holt Line )
railway lu Westlawn , just outside the rity
limits , lu West Omaha , conveniently situated as
regards access to thu business center ot Omaha
and South Omaha , to parties for the locution of
any of the fol lowing Industries :
Furniture factory , Hutton Factory ,
Snoe Factorj' , Lard Hofluery ,
Starch A : (1 lucoso W'ks , Sean Works ,
Paper Mill Purifier Manufactory ,
Plow Works. llroom Factory ,
Harvester Works , Woolen Mill ,
Null Works. Oatmeal Mill ,
Knitting Mills , Hex Manufactory ,
Sash. IQor ) and Blind Wire Works ,
Manufactory , Machine Shops ,
Flour and Feed Mill.
Or any good manufacturing plant. Westlawn
Is just outbldo the city limits , and industries
planted there will escape heavy city taxes.
If you are thinking of locating in Omaha it
will pay you to Investigate ) this.
Geo. N. Hicks , Now York Life building ,
Omaha. 71M
NlCEfl-room cottage , near high school ; lot 3
jr.132. J.I.MO ; thu is a bargain. C. F. liar
riaon , Merchants Nut , bank. 127
"IjlOH SALE Easy terms , ICountzoplaca.
X1 Two homes , each 8 rooms , eich f 1,000 ,
Two homes , each 0 rooms , each io.ooj.
Two homes , uach 15 rooms , each 17,590.
All with modern convenience.
All large value attho price.
All within a square of thtt motor Una.
Don't lose thesu opportunities.
For sale by the owner. W , T. Seaman ,
East side lath st , north ot Nicholas st. ,
Omaha's 'largest variety of wagoua and car
rlages. -/I
17 > OH HALE U room house , barn and lot ,
X' Hanscom Place , at a bargain Harris , Itoom
411.1st Nat. Hank. 6TJ
* T7UH BALE 2 houses on lot 07)ix83 ) on s e cor.
X1 llth Hud Vlnton , $4,000. Inqulro wltnln.
_ lOi 818J
TTUMt SALE-On the motor line in Walnut ITU
X1 2 H-rooin houses with full lots , 50x150 ; price
11,900 ; mil all payment donn , balance uasy.
House to rent. Inquire uf U. G. Merrill , 44th
and Seward all. _ 487 W
BUY ft home in the center of the city , on
monthly paytnenti. 1 will sell you a lot. in
Aldluo square , nullua houteof any kind , wortl
from (12jO upwards , and you can pay for 1
monthly , quarterly or yearly. Aldlue square
is on Grace utreet , between 22d and 2id street !
it has all the advantages such as paved utreeti
sewerage , water , gas , and Is a nrst-cl&fs local
ity. CaU at 1001 Farnam street and see plans
of buildings and get figures. U. J , O'Uonahoa
FOU BALE , real estate-Three cnolce lots Ii
Hedlck Park addition , facing 2th avo. Only
tl.OUO each. A Una dais of residences surround
this property , and in less than two years the ;
will double in value , George J. Sternsdorlf
tst Nut. bank building. 4t'j
8ALE-fii3.73 acres , too. 5 , t p. 1) . r. 6w
X1 Hamilton county. Nob. House , stable. 330
acre * fenced , living water. Price , IJ.OOX V. K
Atklnt , own-r , railroad bltlg. , Dcutor , Col.
rtOMRand s ns and Inrestlgntn fiome of the
WbanralnB wo hara to ottsr. W lure contln-
nally listing new properties , and "if you don't
> f e what rou want ask for it , "
For unle or exchaniro ono ot the finest res
taurants In Oranlm nt n bargain.
Wo hare several line hotel properties to trndo
'or ' land or other good values.
An elevator property with largo dwelling
muse , fit n bargain. Klovntor complete , with power , scales , office furnished , eto. A
fine opening for a prartlral grain denier.
Houses and lots tn all parts ot Omaha foe
sale and oxctianqo.
For exchange , for Oman A property , lcn ) acres
of school laim lease. Mono of the best counties
n the Blnfo ,
A tine residence property in Omaha View for
gale nt a bargain.
From )75.iK)0 ) to $109,000 worth of first-class
notw to exchange for Omnnn property.
For exchange for Otnaha property , ono of the
> cst farms In Hock county , Nonrnsko. together
with stock nnd machinery necessary to carry
on the place. Old nge nnd falling health of the
owner la reason tor nfllln ? .
A line Wheeler county farm , well developed ,
good soil , for exchange for Omaha property.
28) ) acres of fine land in northwestern Iowa to
exchanunforOuinnn prouorty. . ,
For sale or exchange for western lands , rity
property , merchandise or llvo stock , a fine hotel
"iroperty ! In Iowa town ot ( UXM Inhabitants.
.ending hotel ot the Place and doing a Duo
business. FurnMhrs menls for two passenger
rains i'.lly. Asnap forthorlahtinaii.
We have unsurpasso. facilities for disposing
of property , having sotuo MM agents scanned
over four or llvo state * . List your property
with us If you wish n quick turn. W. H. K &
I. E. , Hooni H , Chamber of Commorc * . tolo
ihono 14IO.J _ f < a _
8ALI5 , real estate 'llio motor cars ari
L1 now runulmt to Walnut Hill , which makws
hntaddltlon n very doslrablo location. I have
xvo brick houses otflvo rooms each that ran bo
longhtat figures nud terms to suit. George J.
Sti-rnsdorff , 1st Nat. bank building. _ 441
moil 8A"LI'120 choice" lots , "Omnhn View.
I ? Special prices and terms to people wanting
hem for homos. Hoggs Ac Hilt , Heal Itatnta
403 Farnam. 100-8
FOH SALE Cnolce farms near good mar
kets , r.noap nnd terms uasy , or will tuko
good Irndo. l.owla & Co. , Sterling , Colo.
/ IIIEAP qnough at half the money.
\J 1. Six doslrablo rosldouces in IlaDscom
place , the prettiest part of the town. 1'rlccs
from J,000 to sn.UOO. Don't buy till you see
2. splendid home , line groundR , largo now
barn. House with all modern Improvement * ,
10 rooms , lots ot closets , everything In flno con
dition anil nearly now : only 1 block rrom 1'ark
ave. , street and motor cars. Price , Mfl.OJO.
Any ono desiring to buy a really haudsomo and
convenient homo should look at thin.
3. Very sightly cornors. 3 full lots. In Orchard
Hill , . ' .100. for n few days only.
llnnl Estate loans and tire insurance.
W. H. Alexander , IB and 10 , Continental ! Pd'g ,
TJlOIl SALE Sj.OOO , (1,0011 cash , bat In 1 , 2 , 3 ,
-C 4 and fi years , will buy a beautiful house
and lot on Woolworth avenue , near Georgia.
Lot TO feet front. Grass , llowers and trees ,
barn , sheds , cistern , city water , sewur connec
tions , etc. , etc. ; 15 minutes rldo from P. O. ,
after September IBth. This is a bargain. Caller
or address Netherton Hall , 1112 f arrmm st.too
too 2
/ 1NK of the two house and lot bargains 1
Whavobcou offering on Georgia avo..north of now sold and occupiedbecause
ot my very low price. The south house of the
two still remains n bargain 011011 to somebody.
First comes , first served. To be appreciated it
needs to bo examined Internally. 1 positively
will not rent it , though several times ottered
STO per month. Price , on very easy terms.Jfl.OOO.
W. T. Seaman , east sldo IBth st.north ot Nich
olas st.Omaha's largest variety of wagons und
carriages. ZUI
"R1OH SALE-HIg Bargain. 0 lots. 20th and
X1 Dodge btroets. Hoggs K Hill , Heal Estate ,
14QS Farnam. 500-8
TJIOU SALE f.000 ncres land in Nebrasica ;
X1 50x140 toot lots 13th a sacrificing price.
Inqulro 1112813th. ( ieo. H. Peieraon.lOj-sH
rrUIH host inom > y's worm ot house nnd lot now
X for sale lu Omaha Is that which 1 urn now
completing near 24th St. , ou paved Wlrt st. , In
Kountzo place. H bedrooms , 2 parlors , dining
room , kitchen , 2 bath rooms , 3 water closets ,
large laundry , stationery wash tubs , furnace
and coal room aud cellar , electric bulls and
speaking tube. 12 closets. Price only $7.500 on
terms to suit. Likewise a duplicate adjoining
at same price. W. T. Seaman , cast sldo 10th st.
north of Nicholas st. Omaha's largest variety
of wagons and carriages. ' )0 )
T/'OH 8ALE-22. 41 or ( W feet of lot 0 , block 7
X1 at $ > > M/ per foot. This Is within a quarter of
a block ot the new P. O. site , and will bo worth
The e H lot 8. block 101. cor. Douglas and 10th
sts , 44 foot on Douglas and ft ) on 10th , prlco
f-OOJ , 10,000 cash , balance in live equal annual
payments ,
'Iho se ij nw ) < J sec 0. t II , r 13 e , Douglas Co. ,
price $12o.nSIojJ . cash , balance easy.
Lot. 7. blk aw. South Omaha , price 91,203. terras
easy. W. H. E. A St. E. , I ooui 14 , Chamber of
Commerce telephone 1440. 727.
T71OH SALE On longtime and easy payments.
X' handsome , now. well built houses of 8 , Sana
10 rooms. All conveniences , good neighborhood ;
paved streets , street cars and within walking
distance of P. O. Nathan Shclton , 1014 Farnam.
* * r I ij > * f f m v * - h * * >
[ 711UST National safety deposit vaults. Safes
E to rent $ . " 1 to 8Vi a year. 'Ml B , llitli. 812sl4
GLOI1K HOTEL Newly furnlshel and llttod
up throughout : centrally located ; ( } per
day. 130M310-13I3 Douglas Bt. 181
TX/fUHHAY / HOTEL Newest , latest and only
J-'J-llrst-rlnss hotel In Omaha ; $3 to $1 per day
U. Sllloway. proprietor. ' 179
WINDSOR UOTEL-Corner or 10th and
Jackson streets , 3 blocks from Unlo
depot. Ben S3 a clay house in tne city. 180
Noelcii to ontrnctnrs.
Sealed proposals will bo received at the omco
of the County Clerk , Douglas County , Nebraska ,
until 2 o'clock p. m. , Saturday , September llth ,
Mo ! ' , for the erection of llvo ( j ) twenty foot spans
trestle work , on road known ns Dr. Miller's
lload , between sections 1 and 12 , township 14 ,
range 12.
Plans and specifications to bo found In County
Clerks olllco. All bids must be accompanied by
certified check for $00 ( XX The County reserves
the right to reject any nnd all bids.
LsiAr/ | II. D. Hociiu .County Clerk.
Notice to Contractor * .
Sealed proposals will bo received at the office
of the County Clerk , Douglas County. Nebraska ,
until 2 p. m. , Saturday , September llth , ISsy.
for the crtictlon of seven (7) ( ) twenty foot spans
trestle work , over the Paplo , between Sections
IHand 27. township 111. range 12.
Plans unil sneclllcatlons to he found In County
ClerKH ollice. All bids to bo accompanied by
certined check for $ .M)0. ) ( ) The county reserves
the right to reject any or all bids
IBUAT , ] M , D. HocuE , County Clerk ;
\rO. fl.-L. ANO. . COfl-PHOPOSALS 1 OH
JAIIMY Supplies Olllco ot Purchasing and
Depot Commlsary of Subsistence , U. H , Army ,
Omaha. Neb. , AugiiHt28 , IKM ) . Sealed proposals
In triplicate , subject to the usual condition ) * ,
will uo received atthlHOfllco until 1 o'clock m. ,
central standard time , on .Monday , the Ifltli clay
ot September , 1HW. at which time nnd pliico
they will bo opened in the pre.iuncii of bidders ,
for tbo furnlshlngand delivery at Omaha. Nob. ,
the tallowing army supplies , viz. : Hard bread ,
com meal , cheese , Y , A. : crackers and oatmeal ,
cooked. Preference will ton given to articles of
domestic production ormanuructuru , conditions
of quality ana price ( Including in the prlci of
foreign productions or manufacture's the duty
thereon ) being equal. Tno right Is reserved to
reject any or all bid * . lllanlc proposals
and specifications showing In detail tlm articles
and quantity required and giving full Information
mation as to condition of contract will bn fur
iilshod on uppUcationtothlsolUco. J. W , UAH'
UlUElt , Mai. and C. S. U. B , A.
a20dts.l3ll. . ' _ ,
1m , Neli. , Augusta ? , 1889. Will be sold for
cash at public auction ut the Quartermaator's
Depot In this city , at eleven o'clock a. m. September
tember Kith , it8y , one framu storehouse ; the
liurchascr to take Immediate steps to remove
the building from the depot grounds and complete
ploto thu removal vrlthln tun days , For further
information apply to the Depot Quartermaster
or the undersigned. WM. 11. HUUHES. Lieu
tenant Colonel nnd Deputy Quartermaster Gen
era ) , U , S. A. , Chief Quartermaster .
Matter of application ot John liowyer for
liquor license.
Notlco Is hereby given that John Jlowyer
upon thu 22nd day of Aug. A. D.DfKfl , Illo lilH
application tot no board of llro nnil police com
mleslonursot Omahu , for llcensu to sell malt
spirituous und vlnoun llriuors at Nn. N. E. Cor
2tth and I.ako htreetM. lith ward , Omaha. Nub.
from Iho llrst day of January , lib'J , to the lira
day of January , IK'JO.
If there be no objection , remonstrance or pro
test tiled within two weeks from Aug. 2Jth , A.D
188 ! * . the aald llceuso will ho granted.
a-21-lll JOHN HOWVKII , Applicant ,
ifattcr of application of M. T. Moss XCo. . , for
permit to sell liquor us Druggists.
fNotlcu Is hereby given that M. T. Muss A Co.
did uuon the il/th day ot Auguut A. D
18cK ) , tile their application to thu Hoard uf Fire
and Police Comuilsslonoru of Omuhu , for per
mit to sell Malt. Splrltuouu and Vinous Liquors
us DniKgUtii , tor medicinal , ineclmnlcul aiu
chemical nurpo es only , ut No HVH llowan
Street , 4th Ward , Omaiia. Nebraska , from th <
1st day of January 1889 to the 1st day o
January IK * ) .
If there bo no objection , i einonstranco or pro-
tent Bled within two weeks from August Ills
A. D. IBM , the said permit will bo granted.
31-0 M. T. Moan &LU. Applicants.
Noilou to i ulltlcrw.
Sealed proposals for the erection of a double
2-story brlct house will b received by the
underBlKiiud until noon of September H , 1W9
Plan * and HpecHlcallons can bo seen at the
olnceof Uuhoncy , Mlnahau A ; Smith.
30it7t 1'A'lltlCK. MA1IONEY.
ESTOOLISHEO 1351 ( 180 So.
Chicago , Ills. I ClarkSt ,
Tlio Regular Old-Establish
Is ttlll Treating with the Grottctt
v M / * . *
Chronic , Ncros and Private Diseases ,
JHJ-NERVOU3 DEniLlTY , Loll Manhood ,
Palling Memory , Exhnuatlrii ; Drains , Terrlbla
Dreams , H < d nnd Back Aeh * and nil the effect )
kudina to rly tUcuy inl ptrlups Consumption ot
Iniaclty , treated ncKnUticilly ly iww method * With
Dcver-filllna imcttsi. .
JV SY PHIL.I3 ami nil bad Blood and Skin Dla
cnits pcrmua'iitly cured.
JCT-KlDNKYund URINARYcorapblivUGleet ,
Gonorrhoea , Strlctu re , Vartcoc * ! * and all tlUcMct
ef the OcQltO'Urirury Orgnt curtO promptly without
Injury to Stomach , Kidntyt croitrOiirwu.
4Y No experiments. Aneandexptrttncelmi
portant , Cootultrtlon free and sacred.
49Send 4 c nti rxatage for Celebrated Worki on
Chronic , Ncrvoui end Delicate Duewi.
AT'Thoto coitemplallng MiitUce lend tor Dr.
CUrkc'a ctUbnted guide Male and Female , each
l > cenu , hnth 15 ccntt ( itamin ) . Conivll the old
Doctor. A friendly letter or call may uv future tufTer *
ing and thane , and add golden yean to life. AipHoole
"Life's ( Secret ) Brror"soc4nti ( tumps ) . Mtdlcin *
ind writing ! cent everyuhrre , secure from expotura.
ioun.BloO. Sunday ! 9 In 11. AJJrcw
Wcstwnrd. "
Running between Council Hlnrrs and Al
bright. In addition to the stations mentioned ,
trains stop at Twentieth and Twenty-fourth
streets , and at the Summit In Omaha. '
Health is Wealth !
HUNT , a guaranteed nocluo for Hyitorla , Dliai-
jesi. Convulsions , fits , Nervouii Neuralgia ,
Headache , Nrvou I'roitratlon cauvpd by th
use of alcohol or tobacco , Wakefuiueai , Mental
Depruaiton , Roftenlngnf the Hratn , reiuttlnKin n
Insanity and leading to misery , decay and death.
PiematureOld Age. llarrenuegs. Loss of Power IJ
In either s x. lavoluntary Lossa * and Hiiernat-
orhiBncauied by oror-axertlrmot tlia lirftln.oelf.
abuse or overindulgence. Each box contain *
cne month's treatment , f 1.00 a bor , or six boxo *
for M.oo.senl by mall prepaid on rscelpt of price.
To cur * any case. With each ordor. received by
M for six boxen , accoinpnnlnd with 15.00 , we wlu
end the purchaser our writtan uuaranteo to ra
fund the money if tne treatmtut do not eaeot
cure. QuaraaUoa IMUBI ! only by Goodmaa
Drag Co. , UrugaUU , BoU Aaeo.1 * , 1113 FMnatn
UeHLOmahN _ _ h. _ . .
flTTT ? T ! W ak t i ef Bodyi.d jUipdi Xft * t
\J U JLVJW eflrrorf orZxcMUilnOliorTguiir.
. XiVHUUU foil , lltn.rnl. U ( .l.ri.
nir. iik. . w i , i i > iinioID IIKCUXS * nine e. < So
L.oluldT rilllo HO tit TK 1T1III I-II..1U I *
M l.illf/ fr < t Bl ( , T.rrll.rl. . , 1.4 fer.1 , , C allrl ( .
m rU U > . Kni. r.ll . , vl. U. . , tat pr or. utUJ
tin. Ulrw * Ull HtllUl tl..BI ) llft. . ,