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    THE OMAHA DAILY 3 $ % : WEDNESDAY , ' ATJGUST 28. 1889.
Llncolnltas LOBO their Temper Over
the Omaha-St Joe Qamo.
Xiio Apoflllos Again Noatlr Talcon
Into Camp By the Brewers
In tho- Local Flo Id
of Sport.
Rtnndlnc of the Claim.
Following is the standing of the Woitorn
Association clubs up to and Including
yesterday's ' games :
Plnvod. Won. Lo U Per Ct.
Omaha 03 Ot 23 .GM !
CO 87 .1110
Minneapolis , . . .83 47 40 .5l ) " >
Sioux City HI 40 48 .4S9
Denver 04 41 CO .41W
St.Josouh 88 83 49 .443
Milwaukee 93 40 53 .480
r > csMoines..01 81 00 .841
Omnha 13 , Ht. iTo cpl < 7.
LINCOLN , Neb , , August 37. Omaha won
the game from St. Joe to-day with easy
work. The suporlorlly nf the former club
over the latter was apparent from the llrst.
On the whole , however , the game disap
pointed the great crowd that greeted the
players. By thj crowd generally It was re
garded as n hippodromo. Over half the spec
tators loft thn grand stand during the inst
half bf the seventh inning because of a
rank derision of the umpire In favor of the
pennant club. Willis lined a ball over first
on n clear hit and It hit t8 the right fully
throe feet , making a foul. Ho decided It n
fair hit and hold to bis decision. The Jeers
nnd hisses and hoots from tlio crowd were
merciless. Cushions were hurled Into the
prounas by excited spectators nnd for a tlmo
it seemed that the game would break up in a
row. After tbo major part of ttio crowd had
left the grounds the game , was played to a
finish. Fully 3,000 people wore on the
grounds. Score :
r. h , o. B. o T. h. o. n. a
Coon r , cf l 1 1 0 llMca rr.Sb . , . 1T. 6 3
CIOTcl'Jb 1 0 J 3 1 2 0
minims , rf..J 311 oarli'K. c. . . . . . . . U 5 1
Crooks , 21).i.3 3 z 1 1 Anlnor.3l > & p-1 5 1
WIIIHp I..I 1 ! 0 2 OHnrks.M . .I I I
Wnisii , M..I a ,1 r 0 0
-Audi-own. Jb..l a IT II 0 ( ) .
CormTfltt , If..3 I 1 0 . . 1101
Mcnltt.c J ) 3 0 1 Devlin , P&F..O 0140
ToUla .13172717 Si Totals 71027 11 t
flrnalm 2 1111620 0-11
J U 3 1 0 1 0 0 0 7
Karncrt runs Omaha6 , St..loieph 4. Double plsys
Mcllnrr to Anlncr to Cnrtnrlglit. Homo runt
fUruii. C'rooks. Cnnavnn , Burkx , OnrlnrlRlit. Two-
Imso hln Strauss , Crooks , Willis 2. Andrews 1 , Me.
tiirr. Struck out Uy Devlin J. Umpire Uouscliur.
Milwaukee 1-1 , Hr. Paul a
MIIAVAUKKK , Wis. , August iS7. Milwaukee
won the first game of the series with St.
Paul by pounding Main * hard. Score :
tllcli2Alborta3Carrali2lliincsV. ) Hiieeiun i.i > u- >
Hiiticn , l.owe , Murpby : , llnwos , Wcrrlck , liroutnton ,
'Miller. vltchoil UKll-CarrolI.t Uroupnton.
Htruck out-ltr OrlnilU b ; by MulnsS. I'it i > a rmlls-
ICarlo 1. Wild | > ltcti09-irimtli ( I. Malm I. Tluio-
3 hours and 5 minutes. Umpire-McUcriuott.
< , i n . v j > _ . i'
Hlou.x City 10 , Jen Br2.
III- v DKNVfiit , Cot , August 27. The inability of
the Denver players to hit Crowell's curves
cost thorn the game to the Corn Huskcrs by
the very one-aided score which is appended.
The homo pitchers were hit hard and often.
Score : '
Denver . J ) 00001010-3
BlouxCItT . 3 3000020
ICamod runs-Sioux City 8 , Dourer 1. Two-buso
Jilu-llrudley , White , Powell. Uasos stolim-Uonver
l.Woiix City 3. Uiisca on bulls-Oil McNibb 2 , on
K cnn4. Btruck out Ily McNaub 1 , by tucan 4 , by
Crowell 4. 1'iiRsud balls Doluu 1. Crotty none. Tlmu
of eame Onobouraiid Bfty llru mlnutos. Umpire
Hurst. Wild pltcnos McNubb. lagan , Crowell.
Ixilt on buses Deuvor 3 , Sioux City 4.
Two Gain ra To-morrow.
"Chippey" McQnrr , with his St. Joe me
nagerie , will go out to the ball park to
day and make a desperate effort to check )
tlio O mail its In tholr triumphal march pon-
nntward. There will "bo two games for one
price , the first beginning at 2iiO : sharp , nnd
tha second immediately after the completion
of the first. This Is a'grcat Inducement for
' thti lovers of the great sport , nnd a tremendous
deus crowd will assuredly turn out In return
for this stroke of liberality on tbo part of the
I management. The St. Joes are piittlnir up
some fine ball , nnd it will tax tlio White Sox
to their utmost to ueep them down. They
Will do well if they break even.
The following are the positions of the two
teams for both games ;
Omaha. Position. St. Joo.
Clarke . Pitcher . Knell
Cnonoy . Catcnor . Schollhasvo
'Andrews. . , . First . Cartrlght
Crooks . Second . Ardner
Cleveland . . . .Third . MoGarr
Walsh . Shore . . . . .Burks
Strauss . , . Kight . Mahonuy
Mossltt . Middle . Curtis
Canavan , . . . , . Loft . Krulg
Omaha. Positions. Be. Joo.
Coonoy . Cittcli , . . .Mahouoy
Nichols . Pitch. . . . Flood
Andrews . . . . . .First . Cartwrleht
Crooks . Second . . . . .Ardner
Cleveland . Thlra . . . . McCiarr
Walsh . Short . Buries
Strausi . Hlght . Knell
Messott . Middle . Cartes
Canavan , . . . . .Loft . Kriog
OTllfMl G.VMI53.
The National f
Vun.uiKi.riiu , August 87. Result of to.
day's Kama ;
l > l > Uuaclphla..3 0210001-0 0
I Uoston . 0 0043141 * 13
llaso hits Philadelphia 11 , Boston 14. Er
rors Philadelphia G , Uoston B. liattorics
Fhiladolphlu , UuUuton and Gleason tinr
Cleinants ; Boston , Hadhourno and Gunzel.
Umpires Curry and McQuuid.
D , August 37. liosult of to-day's
rauio :
Cleveland . 0 3100310 4 11
Chicago . 0 0014034 13
Bubo hits Cleveland 11 , Chicago 10. Ur.
row Cleveland 0 , ChtcuKO U. UattcrJos
Cleveland , O'Urlen ' aul linuior ; Chicago ,
Dwyer and Darling. Umpire Knight.
PITOTUUIIG , August 27. Result of first
ijuuio :
Plttshurff . 0 00000010 1
Indiauupolia..a ROUOOOO * 5
Uaso hlts-Plttsburcr , IndlapauolU 10. Kr-
rors I'lttsburfr'J , ItidlanaiwlU 3. Batteries
Pittsbnrg , Sowdors , titaloy and Millar : lu-
dlitnapolls. QeUelu and Dally. Uniplro
Result of second tramo :
Plttshurff . 5 03 00001 0 8
Indianapolis. . . .0 10030000 U
Dane hits PltUburK 7 , Iudlauai > olis 3. Kr-
ror § Piltsburc 8 , Indianapolis 0. Butteries
Plttsburg1 , Oalvln and Carroll ; Indianap
olis , Husio and Sommors. Umnlro Lynch ,
NEW YonK , August 37 , Result of to-day's
pramo !
Now York 0 00910000-ft
Washington 0 1350032 13
Base hits Now York , 0 , WnshlnRton 11 ,
Errors Now York 11 , Washington 1. Bat
teries Now York , Kcofo nnd Brown ;
Washington , Kccfe and Mack. Umpire
Powers ,
Tlirs Aincrloan Aflioclntlon.
CINOINHATI , August27.Uosult of to-day's
pnwo :
Cincinnati . 0 0-10
Louisvlllo . 0 00003300-4
lUi.TiMonn , August 27. Result of to-day's '
pnmo :
IJaltlmoro . 0 8
Brooklyn . 0 0 0 3 05000 7
CoMJMnos , AURiist 37. Result of to-day's
pnmo :
Columbus. . . . . . . .0 30001020 5
Athlutlcs . I 0300052 , - 10
ST. Louis , Aittrust 3r.Reriult of to-day's
SU Louis . 8 0 19
Kansas City . . . ,0 00000001 1
ABHI.AMD , Nob. , August 27. [ Special
Telegram to THB BBB. | To-day the Ash
land and Platte Bottom nines crossed bats
In this city. The score was 23 to 23 In favor
of Ashland. _
Tonnls nt Itonnicy.
KBAIIHRT , Neb. , August 27. ' [ Special Tole-
grnmtoTnu Bun. J Six fjontlomon repre
senting tbo Hastings Tennis club arrived In
Lho city to-day to play the return game with
Ibo Bachelors Protoctlvo Union Tonnls club.
They will , remain hero until to-morrow.
Notes orttloa nt Alusulc , Anility and
Johnny Reagan , of Brooklyn , N. Y. , nnd
the doughty middleweight who gave Jack
Dempsey ono of the haraest , fights of his
life , will arrive in Omaha Saturday evening
and remain hero several days , the guest of
the Gate City .Athletic club. Reagan will
be accompanied by.Blll Dacoy and "Spar
row" Aldricb , the trio buliiR on route to
'Frisco ' , where Rcapau Is to tnootyouni ;
Mitchell in the California Athletic olub
rooms early In October. Reagan and Dacoy
will give an exhibition ioe the ctllllcation of
tlio members of the Qato City club at their
rooms Monday night.
A Conpln nfOront niatohes.
Charlie W. Build , nf DCS Moincs , and tbo
champion wing shot of America , and
FranlrS. Parmcleu , of this city , and ono of
the best trap shots in tUo country , have
both boon challenged by Al. Bandlo. The
ciiallonges nro for n ono hundred live bird
match for &VOO n side , both shoots to talco
place nt "Cincinnati tlurinir the big tourna
ment which comes oft In that city during the
lost week in September. Both Budd and
Parmclob will accept , and both stand nn
excellent chance of beatlncr the Queen city
crack. Those matches- will attract wide
spread attention on account of the Wonder
ful shooting Unndlo has boon doinp ; during
the past year , , and the fact that bo has shot
and boat most of the notable shots of the
country. _ ' _
\Vhnt Joe Walsh Says.
"One thing that has helped Omnha to qret
and keep the present position , " said Joe
Walsh to a reporter , "is the fact that per
fect harmony prevails in the team. I have
played ball a Rood while , but I never was
yet in a team composed of such thoroughly
good follows. The boys all like each other ,
nnd work well together , and there is nn en-
tlro absences of those .little itisldo HUBS andrews
rows that liuvo paralyzed the chances of
many a team that were just as good ns ours.
There isn't another team in the association ,
or nnv other association , ns free from disson-
'sion as the OtflAhtis } '
'JInimr fjlntjsny s Condition.
Jimmy Lindsay , the Instructor of the
Gate Citv club , is undoubtedly ono of the
most promising middle weight pugilists of
the day , nnd just no\v would be able to make
a creditable showing with any man in his
class in the country. Ho is in great fettle ,
and intends to keep himself so. He exer
cises dally with the big ball , lighting the
bag and talcing long walks. The reusun
Jimmy is anxious to keep himself in condi
tion is that ho has several Important engage
ments on hand this fall , one of which may
coma off in no less a place than the Southern
California Athletic club rooms ,
filr. Hnley , of London.
J. W. Raloy ; of London , England , Is m the
city. Mr. Raloy is" willing to walk , square
heel and too , from flvo to twenty-five miles
against any nnd all comers. If he cannot
make a match of this Kind ho will walk any
throe men fifteen miles , they to walk live
miles each nnd ho tbo fifteen straightaway.
These matches nro proposed for any reason-
nblo stako. Mr. Raley can bo addressed
through the columns of THE I > EK.
The Knees Next " \Vcclc.
The races at the fair next week will assur
edly bo the flnest and best that have over
boon held here. There is aiargo list of notable -
blo tjoraca entered , both trotting and pacing ,
and the management are making prepara
tions for a week of great sport. There will
bo a number of siao events of an extraordi
narily attractive nature , and a match race or
two that will moko up a splendid Drogrammo.
The Purps Will Fight.
The fight between Prof. Ed Miller's fa
mous fighting dog , Pilot , and Billy Wells' ,
Slophouso , jr. , has been fixed for Sept-ember
14 , within twenty-flvo mlles of Council
Bluffs. Billy Wells resides in Des Molnos ,
nnd his dog , a pure white , has a record fully
up to Pilot's standard.Tho fight will bo for
5000 a aide.
The Wrontluri * Gomiric ; Hack.
Evan Lewis , the Strunglcr , and D. A.
McMillan , the Strong Man , who gava sue Ira
clover wrostliu ? exhibition at the Collsoum
several weeks ago , will rpturn to Omana the
latter part of September , to make good their
challenge to throw any man ( n the state
seven times an hour toe a purse of $230.
Hero's a Bcnke , Loon.
GnnuNWOOD , Neb. , August 20. Sporting
Editor of Tun BBB. Please Insert the jol-
lowing in your sporting columns : 1 will run
Loon Lozier , of Council Bluffs , from 50 to
200 yards for nny part of $300 , the race to
bo run at uiy home , Greenwood , inside of
two weeks. C. IY , WBI/ION.
Ccdnr HupldB Knees.
CEDAH RAPIDS , la. , August 27. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BBB. | At the first day's '
races of tlio lowu , Trotting Horse Brooders
association today , Hazel won easily tbo
yearling stake. $450 , half mile , la 1:8 :
against seven nominations. Brown Cedar
as easily won in thn two-.voar-old trot , stake
$300 , with seven nominations , and * Nox 'won
the special two-year-old pacing , stake 250 ,
in 'J'-H.-a , against two candidates Jor honors.
Axtoli goes to-morrow to beat his record
on u half tnllu track , and there will be , lu
addition to the stake races , two purse races ,
3:85 : pacing nnd 2'JU : trotting , purse $300. TUo
tncutlng in largely attended ,
Itrpku H\o \ llooord.
Rocimsmi , N , Y. , Auguat 27. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Br.B.1 The mare , Belle
Hamlln , was to-day sent to break her record
uf 3:13& : . Th6 great uiaro wont a mile with
out u skip in the .folio wing time ; 84 % 1:07 : ,
Rruncl Circuit Kaoo * .
lUuTroup , Conn. , August S7.Special [
Telegram to TUB IEK.T-TUO ! ) xnxnd circuit
races begun at Charter Oak park thlj after
noon. The uudurd staUu WAS captured by
gpraguo Golddust after six heats. Star-
Lilly should have won , but was pulled. Ed
Annan liad a friendly field In M > < > 2:17 : pare ,
and won easily. After Hie others had got
first turoo heats Geneva trotted 6 fast ruco
in thu 3:23 class ttud UatLcr former record
by six seconds. Tha Charter Oak stake of
$10,000 Is the big event for to-morrow. Sum
maries )
rtmsr. $3,000 ; 2il" PACK.
Ed Annan ( Doblo.n. ) . . - , . . . B B 3 1 1 1
Emma ( Wilson ) . 1 15538
Bnlsorn Wllkca ( Grabon-
nutter ) . . . 4 01003
Doctor M. C. ( Stuart ) . 8 2 0 8 5 ro
Allen Maid ( Trout ) . 3 8 4 4 5 ro
Stanley P. ( Buss ) . 0 4 8 3 4 ro
Joe Jefferson ( Snrdy ) , . . . , . . .dls.
Tlmc-U:17 : , 3:17 ; > / , 3:17Ki : 2:10tf : , 3:17 : ,
STAXDAnn STAKF. , $3,000 ; 2:30 : CLASS.
Sprague Golddust ( Green ) . , ! l
Star Lilly ( Goldsmith ) . 1 13583
FcnrnnuBht ( Golden ) . 7 21238
Kllstn ( Doblo ) . . 3 5 7 " 8 O'ro
Tariff ( Hills ) . 0 4 B 4 4 ro
Mlis Alice ( K. C. Walker ) . , 8 0 0 0 5 ro
Aline ( Elliott ) . 4 7 4 dls. '
King Bird McDonald ) , . 5 8 8 dr.
Tlmo-3SO : # , 2:20. : 2:19tf : , 2:20 : , 2:23 : ,
n runsi : $2,000 5 3 :
Geneva ( i > oblo ) . Ill
Lonford ( Goldsmith ) . . . . i. 8 B 3
W. K.Dodpo ( ) . . > . , . . . „ . 2 8 a
Marksman Maid ( Howcll ) . . . . 0 4 ft
Golden Rood ( McDonald ) . < . 7 5 4 >
Dictator Cnlor ( Woodbury ) . . . 4 , 8. 8
Darkness ( frnzler ) . . - . . . 5 0 10
Mulatto ( Splan ) . , . . 800
Dnlmonto ( Davis ) . , .i . tlO. 10 0
Argentina ( Bownn ) . . , . . , . . . . . . . .9 7 7
Tiino-2U : > J4 , 3i'J : # , B:10 : i , . ,
NonFOi.K , Neb. , August 37. [ Special Tel
egram to Tnc BKB.J The mcos opened today -
day with a fair nttcndancc. There was
some very fair trotting In the Jlrst r'a'ce , es
pecially by Banquet , except in the third
heat , In which ho was unable to keep his
In the second race Prank I * did some yory
pretty work. The pacing was good , Lorono
getting nround handsomely.
In the running race Billy Bluff got a poor
start In the first heat und wentaround rather
lazily to uonio in lust , ' but with speed enough
to snvo being dlstancc'd. In the second und
third ho pot a start .to suit him und ciimo in
in good style. Summaries :
Trotting race , puisus ? 75. WO $25 Banquet
wort first money. Nettle VVilkeS second nnd
Summit third. Time 243U. ; ,
2123 trotting class Frauk P. won m three'
straight boats. Time 3:83. : Elivood came
next and Colonel A. third.
3:80 : pacing race , purse $300 Lbrono first ,
John second , Maggie Blair third. ' imo
2:29. : *
Running rnco , half milo boats , pnrso 1150
Bill v Bluff won llrst mouo.v dud Wahoo Duke
second. Time 51 seconds ? Now Orleans
took third in two heats.
You Bat and mate took a few turns In the
way ot exhibition but old not score.
The purses tor to-morrow's races aggre
gate $010.
, ' - r - > "
G. A. H. Excursion.
Prom Aupust 21 , to August .28 Inclu
sive , the "Hock Island Routo" will soil
round trip- tickets to Milwaukee , via.
Chicago for the G. A. R. eucanpmont
at SU'50 , tickets eood. for rothrn until
September 5. Unoico of rail or Inke
route from Chicago. . ,
Ticket office 1803 Farnatn street.
S. S. STEVENS , \V. A.
_ _ _ _ !
Tlio Kond He t ween Omahn nod
Xankton Politics anil 1'otUiclans.
lion James H. Teller , ex-secretary of Da
kota territory , and a brother of Son.itor Tel
ler , of Colorado , was at the Paxton yester
Since his retirement. from office about four
years ago , Mr. Toiler has bean a resident of
Yankton , the metropolis of southoastorntDa-
kota , and has devoted nearly all of his time
to the improvement of the commercial in
terests of the city near the confluence of tbo
J nines and Missouri rivers. , ,
Mr. Toiler Is the president of the Yankton
& Norfolk railroad and is now on reuto
home from a visit .mado .to , the commercial
centers of the past In the Interest of the pro
jected lino. , ' . ' , '
"I do not tlilnk , ' * said MrrlTeller , ' 'that
the commissioners of Douglas county
and tbo board. Of trade of Omiha are fully
alive to the importance of a fljroct line of
railroad from this city to Yankton , and tbo
James riVer valley. If they had 'bqon , they
would have taken action at least four .Vcars
ago to secure connection with that region.
As It is now the haul Is so long preclude
our sending our produce to this market or
trading with Omana.
"It Is the intention of the company which
I represent , " continued Mr. Teller , "to
build our Hue from Yankton to Norfolk as
socu as possible , nnd that will very materi
ally change the status of affairs. The con
tract , for the grading of , tbo road bed
has already been let and If possible the con
tractors will begin work this season , but if
the work shall not bo commenced this year ,
It certainly will bo next spring. Wo have nn
excellent river crossing at Yankton and for
a tlmo shall cross our trains by liibiins of a
transfer boat , but-this will only bo temper
ary. Wo have a franchise ) to build a bridge
at Yankton and It is only a question of time
when it will bo built. . . ,
"You have , doubtless , read of tbo discov
ery of cement three mlles from Yankton , A
dav or two before I loft homo I was called in
by the owners of the quarries to witness a
test of the article , and taking the
tests made with other cements- found In
the United State and comparing it with that
of Yankton , there Is no doubt but that ours
vastly exceeds all others made in the United ,
States in strength , and the supply is inex
haustible. " _ /
Mr , Teller has boon east for so vqral months
and consequently has rather lost tbo trend
of political nlTalrs in the embryonic states , ,
but from the information ho 'hud gathered"
from tholiowspapars , ho Is nf the opinion
that the coming contest will be ia hot -one.
The farmers' ' alliance , ihe says , Is wuking.
strenuous efforts to carry everything , and it
Is jtn open question wheuior they will or not.
There is no doubt about the election of Mel- .
lotto for governor. | Mr. Mollotto. in his opin
ion , is a very ordinary man , and ho accounts
for the non-opposition to him only by iho
fact thut ho was olucted at a pseudo election
in 1833 , and being a man of some plausibility
| jo had succeeded ia keanlmria
the Bwlua. Unless the tanners' alliance
captures things. Moody and Pcttlgrotv will
bo olcutcd senators and John H. Gmiibjo will
bo sent tn the lower house. JUdge Edgerton
is still in the senatorial race , but Mr. Teller I
is of the opinion that ho desires more to bo1
elected to a judgeshlp and fiat haisonlyi
making the fight for senator to effect sucn n
compromise as to obtain His desired objoct.
As to the selection of u capital city , Mr.
Teller thinks that WutorUnvn is entirely out
of the race and that tbo fight is now but ween
Sioux Fulls , Mitchell. Huron und Plorro.
There bus been tome ill-fcollng manifested
by thp people of too territory ugamat Huron ,
begotten by that city's greediness. Huron
wonts everything. Mr , Teller thinks that
the question us to whether prohibition will
carry in South Dakota is a question to bo
decided only by the election. Ho thinlcs that
there dro but little odds either way.
Cushman's Menthol inhaler cures catarrh ,
headache , neuralgia , ostuuia. fever ,
Trial free ut your druggist. Prieo 50 cents.
Prof. Bluok'H fjooture.
Prof. W.P.Blnck , of Cltlcapro.a well known
theologian and scientific ssholar , fprmoply
president of Butler university , and now
president of ISureka college , entertained a
largo audience ut the First Christian church
last night with an eloquent and able ad
dress. IIo took for his subject : "Tho Bible
In/iYilvunee of Sclenco , " aad showed , in a
mast cntertuiniatr wav , which bowed , n re
markable familiarity with tticiiUlo , tlmt-lbo
sacred book was full of expressions and
statements wbioi had been looked upon as
blgu ilowu metaphor by tbo ancient pbilpso-
phera , but which bavo been shown bv recant
Hoicntlno .Investigations to bo true in every
The speaker closed his remarks by a stir
ring appeal to the unconverted to accept tbo
tibia as their rule and guide and to keep it in
their hearts.
Sticking By
PAIUS , August 27 , At tUo ' Boulanglst
meeting to-night LaUant and 'Laguorro con
demned the verdict of the sonata court. .The
meeting unanimously declared in favor of
Boulanger. The inob outside of the hall
stoned the police. A large number Of per
sons v.'ors arrested.
> i
RemarkatiFoSEfllotorioy- Displayed In
tlio.tBriff.ndo Drill.
Id > .
Colonel T.'Afrd's ' Coinmnntl DIs-
tlnjtilBlictt. Ily tlio Spirit and Skill
at Its MWcmcnts Visits 11/
i Jtlio Indiana.
tfj I "
The Ml m lory ot Wnr.
CAMP Gnourtc CKOOK , ( via Fort Kolilnson ,
Nob. , ) August 27. [ Special to TiiR3r.n. | A
brigade drill , the first which many of the of
ficers nroscnt have witnessed alnco tbo days
of the wartook place .1 cstordny morning.
Tlio sound of ' 'first otll" in flvo camps , a
hurrying of mounted aides and , grouping of
Rcnorul oQlcors on thd brigade Ijnp marked
Its comuioticomont. ' 'A few mtnutos later
2,500 men swung * into line and marched Into
the open field nnd the manmuvrcs began.
Colonels KuutzVhoaton nnd lUunt com
manded the Infantry , Colonel Tilford the
cavalry nnd CaptahY ' Klnziq tlio artillery.
To the bystander' evolutions dtffeiod
little , cxqopt _ in tbo masses of troops engaged
gaged , from'fhoso of battalion drill. There
were the snmo qulclc changes of alignment
nnd front the metamorphosis of small
squares of blue coats , Into larger ones ,
of columns Into skirmish line , of skirmishers
Into flankers , bugle culls shrilly sounding ,
followed by simultaneous or successive
movements of both/ legs , arms nnd rifles ,
positions secured ami rolo'nBo'd guidons ad
vancing and retreating and color lines
kaloidcsooploftlly mingling amid the compo
nent parts of a .machine , all apparently di
rected from a little groUp of man on horse
back. ;
To the educated soldier , however , It
meant much more. It was the Inception ot
grand tactics and the flro commands mn-
nocuvrolng in the little valley were putting
Into execution precisely the movements ,
wnlcti they might bo called upon to execute *
for the ilofoaso of the country and in the
faeo of an enemy.They were performing
exactly the tactics which the veteran
Colonels directing the manoouvres had had
occasion to use twenty-five .years ago , when
tholr heads were pot so gray as they are at
present , and when promotion on the field
took the place of flies gained by the opera
tion of the sixty-four year law.
The Ninth cavalry , forming n separata
command under Colonel Tilford. operated in
the north western nart of the valley. Those
Who doubt the ability of the colored troopers
to drill should havo'witnessed the excellent
work done by the Colored cavalrymen. It
evidenced a familiarity with tactics on the
part of ofllcora and man and u discipline and
vigor which would surprise any and all
doubters. The dash and ucrvo and good
horsemanship displayed were no ticca bio.
As the present encampment is the llrst op
portunity afforded the regiment lor united
drill since its organization , the fewness of
mistakes made and the general precision of
the movements , speaks volumes for its morale -
ale and reflects grfcat credit upon the fidelity
of its officers nnd the hard work of Its men.
Colonel Ed ward--Hatch , recently deceased ,
was the colonel oftho ; Ninth horse from its
organization until his death last sprint ; , and
took during Ills ( shfiro connection with it ,
crcnt pride in maintaining its hleh standard.
His successor , Cplonel Tilford , lately of the
Seventh cavnlry-has also taken up the work
of sustaining ttibprpof that the colored man
can soldier in garrison nnd camp and on the
field , sldo by sldb' with the other twenty-
eight regiments'of. whlto cavalry "and in
fantry. ; Sr"
The artillery command Is a small one , con
sisting of a Bingjo.battery of guns from Fort
Douglas commanded"by Captain David
Kinzlo , of the J fth 'artillery , but it is ns
automatic in ( ho precision of its movements
as a Jurgen8on'jWj > ch and as rapid in its
evolutions as n 'tr'odp ofcavalry on the
obargo. It adds .life , and color to the mlmio
engagement "tatting plaeo in { .ho valley of
Soldlor crook and'complutestho command of
General Brooke by giving him nil arms of
the service for use in the campaigns.
With brigade manajilvros commences the
instruction in grand tactics , to which last
week's work has led up. Many of iho old
veterans who command companies still ,
instead of regiments as they xvould under
any other government , find little of novelty
in the evolutions. They went through them
years ago on the Tennessee'tho Mississippi ,
the Cumberland and the Potomac. They
took part in such exorcises then with regiments -
monts three times ttio size of the present
commands and with brigades , any ono of
which if nrmdd with the present breech
loading Springfield , could have wiped Camp
Crook out like a chalk mark on a billiard
table. But few of the first and second lieu
tenants have over manoeuvred with such
largo commands or tented on such an ex
tended field. There is to such a feature of
novelty which docs not obtain in the cases
of others , and which increases the interest
in the hard worn in which all arc called upon
to participate.
The now arrival from West Point may
compare unfavorably the drill of some com
panies with that of the corps of cadets. Ho
may laugh in his alcoves at the occasional
mistakes of company or troop commanders ,
or criticise the evolutions of the battalion ,
but he knows , after nil , that Camp George
Crook , like its , namesake , has
little pf the chroma spectacular ana
a poJd deal of business concealed
around its surroundings. Tramping
over dusty hummacks , climbing up butte
slopes , swinging into column of fours wltn
the rigat resting In a ravine and the left on
u knoll , is very different from , marching on
the smooth level of "a parade ground. Ef
ficiency , not grace , is the object to bo at
tained and which is being attained under
General Uruoko's orders in the tamp of mili
tary Instruction which ho is. commanding.
It would he unfair not to say thut he is bping
most cheerfully supported by every brigade ,
regimental , company and troop commanders ,
and that there js every where manifested an
earnest desire to make tbo'Jlrst great sum
mer camp of the army such an unquestioned
success that it may .have many successors In
tbo department of the Platte In the years to
There is not a regiment on tlio field hereto
to day which has not soon long and active
campaigning among the Indians slnca the
war , Several huvo fought over tbo very
ground where , camp is situated. The
visit yesterday of a largo D/ind / of Qgallula
Sioux 'under Youiii-Man-Afrald-oMIls-
Horses , later tbo arrival ot a uuinuor
of lodiros of Chovonncs under Yel
low Hair was noV devoid of interest.
Scarcely n milo //om the whlto tents of
Camp Crook the coffee-colored teepees of the
Indians arc strung alppg the Whlto river , on
soil where twenty years ago the
Sioux and Clibyonnos held undispu
ted possession. d j.Groups pf miser
able looking squaws are gathering
firewood on the knoll * where a Sioux chief ,
American Horse , boldly cut down the flag
staff of an Indian ngetfey. Old nnd wrinkled
bucks nrp DcggmfniivitliiQ pistol shot of the
camp where the Fgurtlt cavalry pickets ex
changed daily snots with skulking rcdaklns
and in sight of the 'Valley of Sorrow , where
more than a hundred 'desperate Choyennes
escaped from thofruarjl tiouso and fought to
the death in the snow of the winter of 1870.
Oaocan almost Imaplng himself back among
tbo stlrrluir well remembered
by many an Infantfy' tllcor present , when a
larger gathering OL.uiuf-'cd troops assem
bled among-thoso yer.V'buttes : , spread along
this lovely yoUey , jam ) Iho Hosobud and Cus- campaign * toolw / : > i place of the summer
manoeuvres of tnii''year of grace 18S9.
Young.Man-Afrald remembers 'it well , so
does Old Tom and tlia score of bucks now
squatting and begging on the ground where
lied Cloud's ponies wore seized by General
Crook , preventing the OgalltUu bloux from
joining their warrior brethren in the north.
If the silent buttes und flowing rivers ,
alike silent , could speak to-day to the en
campment which n on ties at their base and
spreads along Its banks , they could toll
stories of wild adventure , of martial warfare -
faro and of valorous deeds performed by the
whlto occupants of and tlio rod visitors to
Camp Crook which would rival in interest
tbo most exciting pages of yellow-covered
Hctlon and put to ridicule the pigmy plsys of
Carver una Cody , which are now amusing
A. Trloky I'rciioher ,
GIUND ISLAND , Nob. , August 27. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : Hee.j An EnnUslitnan
giving his utttno as W. H. Phare , chiming to
bo ( V preacher but not belonging to nny
chi'i-ch , played It sharp on n drayman and a
colored nian hero this evening , It seems ho
tnndo nn appointment with a drayman to
meet him nt the depot nt 7:30 : , but through
some misunderstanding wont to the wrong
"depot. Hothon employed a colored man
and n white man to carry his tent and
fixtures about six blocks and put thorn aboard
n car tor Kearney , where ho Is going to try
nntl tench the people some now kind of relig
ion. After nil was loaded ho thanked them
very politely for tholr trounlo , nnd , handing
them u couple of trauts , bid thorn good live.
The coon said : "boss , wo nro not civilized
enough to live on this kind of stuff nnd
would like something more substantial , " but
the would-bo preacher kept on moving.
A Dnd Man Whan Drunk.
PiATTSMotJTii , Nob. , August 27. [ Special
to Tun HBB. ] Jotin Leach , a carriage and
sign painter of this city , became Inebriated
yesterday , nnd In the ovontuir grew
desperate nnd threatened to kill his family.
The screams from the mother and children
ould bo plainly heard several blocks away ,
nnd n Dolicomnn soon arrived nt the scone of
notion nnd escorted Loach to jail. This
morning Mrs. Leach npponrod In pollco
court nnd filed a complaint against him for
having threatened her llfo. His bond was
fixed nt 1400 to keep the poaca mm Insure his
nppoarnnco nt the next term nf court. Being
untiblo to furnish the required bond , ho was
committed to JniU Whan under the influence
of liquor Loach Is a aosporato man and is
feared by everybody ,
. Pcrklnn Conntv Polltloi.
VBKANQO , Neb , August 27. [ Special to
, Tnn BKE.J The political oxcitomunt caused
by the premature mooting of the republican
central commtttoo , Ignoring Chairman Hill ,
has nproad to all parts of the county. The
factions have on their "war paint" and every
part of the county is now bolng canvassed
by those opposed to the movo. Some of the
precinct oommlttcomon are preparing to
"crawfish" and the move Intended to benefit
co'rtuin officials is likely to bo & boomerang. 4
Tbo thunders of Mount Sinai are but feeble
In comparison with the rumblings of the
political dictators of Porklns county nt the
.present time , that mav likely end In a split
in the party. The democrats are laughing
Intheir-sleeves and "independent candidates ,
nro-being talked of.
Arrested For the Jiilcslmrc : Murder.
Nonxn PLATTB , Nob. , August 27. [ Spo-
cialtoTnEBEB.1 Two men were arrested
hero this morning supposed to bn the mur
derers of the two section foremen at Jules-
burg yesterday.
GRANT , Neb , , August 27. [ Special Tele
gram to Tnc BEE.A ] man answering
the description of the man wanted
in JuIosburR for the murder of
the two section hands , reported in
THE BBE'S Sunday dispatches , was captured
In Grant this morning by Marshal Harnoy.
The follow can not give an account of him
self. The sherilt at Julcsburg arrived this
evening and will hold the prisoner until a
requisition can bo had from the governor of
Ijlkcs O r Industrial Hotiool.
KEAHNEY. Neb. , August 27. | Special Tol-
ecram'to TUB Unu.j Robert Devlin , presi
dent of the prison directors of California ,
visited the industrial school last night and
to day to study to study the system of man
agement. Ho was considerably surprised at
the freedom allowed the inmates at the in
dustrial school , and expressed himself as
bolng htgbly pleased with the entire system
of management. Mr. Mallaliou's methods
of conducting this institution has won favor
from all who have visited the school with a
view to learning something to their advan
tage. Mr. Dovjin will visit institutions of
the kind in other states nnd make bis report
upon returning this fall to Sacramento.
Four Burctlnrics at Oakland.
OAKLAND , Nob. , August 27. [ Special to
THIS USE. ] Last night the residences of C.
L. Stockman , W , J. Huchlnson , J. A. Lin-
doll and'V. Schafefor were burglarized. The
burglars secured two silver watches nnd a
small sum of money. TLoy entered all the
houses the same way , by taking out the
wiudovv screen where the window was up ,
and a singular thing about it was that all
the houses had a lamp burning at the time ,
maKing It the more easy for them to got in.
Horse Thieves at North Pintle.
NOIITH PLATTE , Nob. , Augusts ? . [ Special
to TUB BEE.J Last nighf nt 11 o'clock Mr.
Slack , of this city , thought he heard a noise
around his barn , and upon going out found
his line horse all harnessed. The nlcht was
very dark and ho could not see the mlscro-
ents , but ho fired four shots at them as ho
heard them malting off. This city is over
run with tramps and thieves who are so bold
as to bo a terror to people who live In the
quieter parts
A Blnzo at Sterling. ,
STBIIUNO , Nob. , August 27. | Special to
THE DEE. ] About 7:30 : o'clock yesterday
morning the barn belonging to Dr. McGee
was burned. There were two lioisos , a sad
dle and bridle And a small quantity of hay
and cram in the barn at the time The
horsob were rescued , but the other property
was consumed. Dr. MoGeo's loss will prob
ably reach $250 , but wns partially covered by
insurance. Cause of Uro not known.
aim Fairmont District Fair.
FAIIIMONT , Neo. . August 27. [ Special Tel
egram to THE BEE. | The Fairmont district
fair opened to-dny. The principal attractions
wore the lad las' race and pony race and two
games of base ball. The first between Fair
mont and Drunmg resulted in a score of 33
to 8 in favor of Fairmont , and the other be
tween Exeter and Uoavcr Crossing was won
by the latter by a score of 20 to 5.
Kcar/ioy Typoi Will Parade.
KiiAKNEr , Nob. , Augusta/ . [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB Bee. ] Preparations were
made hero to-day by the Kearney Typo
graphical union to parade on Labor day. It
was decided that members of tlib union will
wear badgps and uniforms consisting of a
linen duster , straw hat and cuno. All of the
various labor unions in tbo city will tatto
part-in the day's exorcises.
A Kami Laborer Poisoned.
STANTOK , Neb. , August 27. [ Special Telegram -
gram to THE J3).a.--A ) ) farm laborer on the
farm of G , N > Carpenter , of Pllger , was
found lying in the barn Monday nidrning in
convulsions. He had } cen out supposedly
amopg fncnds on Sunday and it is supposed
that poison was administered to him , It Is
thought that bo will recover.
Nebraska City Dnrbara Auciultted ,
NKDKASKA CITV , Nob. , August27. [ Speolal
to TiiEj3EBl E. IteU , Tim Thomas and M.
Easthain , the b.irbers who wore arrested
yesterday for working on Sunday , had a
trial before Judiro Foster and 'a jury and
were found not guilty. Harbor shops can
hereafter run ut full blast on Sundays.
" i
Will you eutTor with dyspepsia and
liver coinplninti1 Bhiloh's Vitaljzop is
guaranteed to euro you.
3 IS CAimUS W13RK1CK ?
Mysterious Disappearance From fl\o
Oily ofnn Omaha Girl ,
Carrie M. Merrlclt , ogou sixteen , lias mys
teriously disappeared from her homo on
Jackson between Eleventh und Twelfth.
She is u blonde of pretty face and good form ,
und .when she loft ho [ no ono week ago last
Friday bed on a black sateen dross.
About 2 o'clock on ( hat Friday afternoon
the missing girl left her mother to purchase
some groceries at a store near by , and never
returned. The mother , who is almost
crazed with grief and worry , believes
that her daughter loft the city in company
with Mrs. J , W. Wright and her Husband , a
painter , who alrp disappeared on that day.
The Wrights are supposed to bnva gene to
Kansas City , though a neighbor lady states
positively that only the husband went to
Kansas City ; that Mrs. Wright and the
missing girl went to New York.
Oau chapter In the girl's history , related
by the mother wlt& great show of roluat-
follow * . Her personal onurin * won
for her many ndmjrors. Among them the
favorlU ) wns n dashing , dissolute young
follow named Hoed. Ho pressed his
suit ardently , nnd only a couple of
months ngo they wore ongngcd , The
girl lonrncd of her lover's habit of gambling
nnd promised her mother to forsake him.
And she looms to luWo done so. Itood
dropped out of sight nbout n month nen and
It wni gtvon out that ho had gdno to Denver.
For two weeks before his departure ho
hounded the girl with threats to kill her It
shn gave him up or accepted the attentions
of any other man. Iho girl was frightened
nnd ild all in her power , the mother inys , to
avoid him. Ono night ho came up to her nn
the street nnd , catching her by the throat ,
Would have plunpod the long blade of nn
open dirk knlfo Into her bosom but
for the Interference of two ladles whn
chnncod to bo passing. They suronmod
for hcln and ho fled. Slnco that ho has not
boon soon hero , nnd Is supposed to bo In Den
ver.After this encounter the girl told her
mother that If it bccnmo noco inrv she
would go away and hide somowhcro any.
whern to escape Itocd. And on thin ground
certain of those who nro acquainted with the
facts in the cuso think that the girl has gene
away of her own accord.
I like my wife to usoPozzoul's Complexion
Powder bccnuto It Improves her looks and Is
as fragrant as violets.
Figuring Out Democratic Ousttub or
the Praoo DimrlotH.
Commissioner O'lCeoffo Is puloa. Ho was
puzzled yesterday ut tcrnoon. Under the now
law Abolishing the present system of .1. P.'s
the city will bo divided into tlirco districts.
Mr. O'ICoofo wondered how ho might fix It
so that at least two of those districts would
bo safely democratic. And It puzzled him.
Hut not for long. Ho llgurod It out that If
the First , Third nnd Fifth wards were made
the First district , wards Second , Seventh
nnd Fourth apportioned for the Second , and
Sixth , Eighth and Ninth for the Third dis
trict , ho would gain his point.
"I want to put in two democratic districts ,
and the democrats can Uo it if they want to , "
said Mr. O'KeciTc. ' "This is a democratic
board ; isn't Ut" rather defiantly.
Only u few momenta later , however , Mr.
O'Keoffo as heartily as any of his colleagues
donounced-tho danger and duplicity Involved
In gerrymandering. Ho wanted to
give each party ono district ,
and so apportion the third ono that
it would be fair , fluhling ground. Ho only
wanted what was fair. So , to begin with ,
ho would have district No. 1 composed as
given above. This should bo ttio dnuotful
ground , In which the average democratic
majority has boon thirty-six votes.
"Six hundred majority if it's one , dead
sure , " whispered CorriRan , and added ad
miringly : "That p'Kooffo is a schemer. "
"No. ! 3 , " the schemer continued , "is demo
cratic by a safe majority of 300 to100 , nnd
the third ono , wards six , eight and nine , is
republican by about the samb majority. "
O'Keoflo , as might nave been expected ,
hinted that Anderson was playing into the
hands of the republicans by voting to con
struct district No , I out of wards ono , two
and throe , which would give democratic
majority of over a thousand , nnd
leave the other two districts at tlio murcy of
the republicans. The remaining districts , as
Anderson proposed to have them , would In-
elude tlio fourth , fifth and sixth wards in
No. 2 , with u republican majority of from
300 to 700 , as variously computed by O'ICoeflo
and Corrignn. No. U , composed of wards
soven. nine and six , the outlying wards ,
would pivo u rousing republican majority ,
about 800 or 900 , Corrisan thought.
Corriiran voted for an apportionment sim
ilar in all respects to O'KeelTo's. ' Mount nnd
Turner agreed that ono , two and three would
have to b < ! the first district because they llo
right together. For No. 2 they proposed
four , seven nnd nine , which they claimed
were by nny means a certainty for the re
publicans ; und five , eight and six , which
\voro for No. 3.
Two ballots were cast , but as no ono
changed , nnd the hour wns late , it was decided -
cided to conclude the work at the next , Sat
urday meeting.
Louis Helmrod asked the board , for tbo
Merchants' week committee , to agree to
licrht and decorate the court house- during tbo
Merchants' week. O'Kcoilo crumbled about
the expense and the matter was referred to
the committee of the whole , which will not
act until next Saturday ,
Catarrh cured. * health and sweat
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh
Remedy. Price 60 cents. Nasal Injector
free. For sale by Goodman Drug Co .
- .
Shot at a Masher.
Charlie Fry , a young tough , tried to force
his attentions on a young lady in the neigh
borhood of California and Thirty-fourth
streets last night. His company was not
desired by the younti lady or her friends.
and they fired Mr. Fry out , sending a piece
of lead from u revolver nf tor htnyis a gentle
reminder not to call again. The bullet gnued
his arm but did no Injury.
1 hey Did Up the Ilarkonpcr.
Three or four toughs entered the saloon at
Thirteenth and Chicago last night and asked
the bartender for a pail of beer. Their re
quest was refused and they proceeded to do
the barkeeper up in the most approved style.
When they wore satisfied they withdrew.
Bier Fire at Columbus , Ohio.
COLUMIIUS , O. . August 37 , Ihe factorv
building occupied by the Columbus Chair
company , the building occupied by the Col
umbus Bolt works and a largo warehouse in
the Ohio penitentiary burned this evening :
loss. 100,000. On account of the lack of' '
water and the high wind , it seemed for n
time thut the iUmes would devastate the
space Inside the prison walls which is
crowded with factory buildings.
Train Hobber * J3 cnpr.
SALT LAKE , Utah , August 27. Thron robbers -
bers who hold up a llio Grande Western
train three weeks ago near Thompson's
Springs were taken by the sheriff on the
Nuvujo reservation a few day * ago , but es
caped soon after. The sheriff is in pursuit. ,
Knur Killed Uy Lightning.
MVTAMOIUS , Mox. , August 27. During the
shower , yesterday , Carlos Koisendez and
three othur boys took refuge from the rain
in a stack of porn ptnlks. The stack was
struck by lightning and all the four instantly
killed. .
A Sharp JSartiiqualca Rhoqk.
Los. ANOKbKS , Cal. , August ; 27.A sharp
shook of earthquake was felt heio at 0:18 :
this evening , Tlio clocks stopped and the
coillncs cracked. No _ other damage was
done , but the shock was "tho most severe ex
perienced hero in many years.
AtlTlred Out from the depressing effect oto
the changing season , or by liard work mil
worry-ygu need the tonln& building up , nerve-
etreugthunlng effect of llool'tf ear aparllU
give you ft feeling of heallli and strengtli oRulu
It purifies the blood , cutcs bUllousnea * , dyapep.
uia ,
Bl ts. J'rODArea by C. 1. llood & Co ,
The Proprietor of the Diamond
Nearly Passes In His Ohooks.
SIio Mnkoi Bovarnl Vlclimi Jnt)4 )
With n Die Uiuciicr Kttlfto ami
Draws Bio oil Hvofy
Mrs. Flov < l's Murki of AffMotlnn.
Colonel E. O. Floyd , of the Diamond pool
room , camq noir passing In hn ohoulta last
night. IIo went homo about half-past 7
o'clook. Shortly afterwards ho started down
town again , when Mr * . Floyd asked him
where hovas going. Ho rcpltod that lie wns
uolng down town. Mrn. Floyd exclaimed ,
"If you pj you will go dead , " and nude , ft
lunge at him with n hugo butcher knlfo , out-
tlnp him on the right arm , severing nn
artery Just below the olbow. She mndo
ixjiothor vicious Jab nt him , cutting hlnuon
the right log abova the Itnoo. Floyd stmok
nt her with hlscano , hitting her In the fuca
nntl raising n Uirgo welt along the cheek and
forohoad. Ho grnbbiO for the Itnlfo aad
caught hold of the blndo , but Mrs. Floyd
pulled It from his hand , nearly savoring hlji
The polloo were attracted to the sconn and
nrrostcd Colonel Floyd on the charge of
lighting. Uolh parties wore talcon
to the station , where the colonel's
wounds wore dressed. Immediately nftdr
ho was cut ho hud the presence of mind to
tie handkerchiefs about hU arm above and
below ttio cut , and this probably saved his
The colonel wai rolonscd on $ T bond * and
Mrs. Floyd WOT taken oack to their homo ut
610North Sixteenth stroot. A Ban reporter
called at the above number mill asltod to sea
Mrs , Floyd to obtain her statement and con
dition. Dr. Carter was In attend anco und
very officiously volunteered the Information
that Mrs. Floyd could not bo BOOH , as 'sho
was ndt able to tnlk to any onn. At the sanio
tlmo Mrs. Floyd heard the conversation and
kept calling out and asking wluxt was
wanted , but the doctor persisted in his state
ment thAt aha was not able to BOO any one.
Ho refused , flut-footod , to state whether tha
lady was injured or in a dangerous condition ,
ana said it was not necessary to glvo out any
information. Ho finally condescended testate
state that neither the colonel nor Mrs. Floyd
wore In a dantrorous condition. When asked
as to the truth of the report that Mrs. Floyd
was intoxicated when olio attacked the
colonel , ho laughed and said shu was sober
now , with a peculiar accent on the "now1 '
wnioh led the reporter to bollovo that the
rumor was not unfounded.
About 12 o'elocK last night Mra , Floyd ,
sent a messenger boy to the police station ,
requesting the captain to send an ofllccr up
to the house. She said she was nfraid her
husband would como back and kill her , and
announced her determination of shooting
him if ho attempted to interfere with her
nnv more , 'iho request wns not jrrnntod ,
however , as Floyd said hovould stay dffwn
town until his wife was in u inoro uuilablo
mood ,
Thrown Three Hundred AIcii Our.
HOFKINTO , Mass. , August 27. The shoo
factory of A. Coburn , Son & Co , , burned
this morning msa about $110.000 ; fully la-
surcn. Over three hundred men nro thrown
out of employment.
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
Inrnrponitnd Ijy tile lci.lsliitnro , for Kducatlonh
anu Clinrltnble nurptKos , nmrin frftno/ildo iniiloa
imrtolJtliupr 3oiit&tHtocou9tltutloulu U7V , liy tut
ovonrliclmlim [ op ilnroto. .
Its MAMMOTH DHA WINGS takaulaco SemiAnnually -
Annually , ( June nnd Deceiubor ) . nnd Its
place In carh of tha other ten months ot tlio
3ear , and aru nil tlriuvn in public , at the Academy -
omy of Music , New Orlo.-ius , La.
For Integrity of its Drnwlnvs , nnd.
Prompt Payment of Prizes ,
Attested ns follows :
"Wo do hereby tliat wu Bui > e-rvUu the arrniiRO-
m nts for nil tlio Munlh y anil eetil Annuul Draw-
IriBanfJlo Loiiltlaim t ito lo-.tory Comptiiy. and
In person ina 111,0 und e-onirol the irawlng8 iliom-
Bolres.'und tlnit the siiinu nro tonJiicli'cl wllli lion-
iBtlalrncs , ! indiii peed Inlth tjwnidall parllcn ,
nnd wuautno.Uo Hie tompiny to i ajfill cortliioato ,
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CAUL KOIIN , I'res. Univn National Ilanlt.
Graeid Konffily Drawing
At the Academy of Music , Now Or
leans , Tueada\ > , September IO ,
1889 ,
CAPITAL PRIZE , $300,000' .
10OOOO 'Iloucta at Twenty Uollara
ri'icli. JlnlvcB , $1O ; Qnnrtors , $0) )
lontlH , $ ' * , Iwcntlotlis , jjii.
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AddltssM. A. DAUPHIN ,
Now Orleans , Ui ,
Washington , I ) . 0.
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