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fcllvered by carrier In Any furl ot ho City a
Owe nty Cents I'er Week. . . . , . .
U.W. T1LTON. . . . . . . . . MANAQKK.
Hr IKEPB Orrur No. 43.
N. Y. P. Co.
Glcnson coal.
C. li. Music Co. , C33 13'wny.
D. W. Oils , city and farm lonns.
IJoslon Btoro lending hoolcry house.
M..T. Smith will have a hearing to-day for
Insulting a lady on tlio street.
The ConRrcgntlonnlSundny school will plo-
nlo In Fnlnnount park to-uiorrow.
Prof. Josef llclno will iurnlsh the muslo
for the Ocrman Catholic Indies' fnlr.
A beautiful oil painting , the work of Mrs.
J , M. Do Emery , la on exhibition ut the Man-
hattnn. It will bo disposed of by radio.
A now choir for the ConijrcgiUlonnl church
Is to bo composed of Mlssns Mcrkol nnd
Portorflcld nnd Messrs. Woscott nnd Mo
NotwlthstixndlnK the fulling oft In build
ing permits lust wcoU , the real estate trans
fers showed a decided Increase , fooling up
For tlio now Iluehes MOCK J. A. Murphy
will do the cnrpentor work , B. Urnhl the
galvanized Iron work and U. P. Nllos the
painting nnd glnzlutr.
General O. M. O'Urlen camp No. 7 , " > , S. of
V. U. S. A. , xvlli irlvo the opening ball of the
8cuon at Mnsiilc Temple on Thursday
evening1 , September 5.
IBulldlng ncrmiti were Issued yeslorday to
J. A. MuBsallwhlto fora $1,400 cottngo in
f Street's iidillllo n , and M. DaQroat for a $17.1
frame In Howard's addition.
Justice HnndrickB has written to the
" authorities at Cameron , Mo. , In the hopes of
H securing Information In rofcrouuo to Hurry
Martin , ngcd fourtoou , who will have u
hearing to-day on the oharxo of vagrancy.
The press tickets for the Iowa State fair
to bo held In DCS Moines , August SO to Sep
tember 0 , nro very unique. Thny arc In the
form of an car of corn , the kernels embossed
in gold und the car surrounded by green
Atrtiil of speed nt Munnwa Sunday of tor-
noon between the yachts Psycho and Coco
resulted In u victory for ths fornnr. The
owner of the Coco U not dUiiosoJ to give It
up , however , and a race for "stuff" will soon
bo urrunKRd.
The locial employes of the "Q" testified to
the esteem In which they Held their compan
ion. Mr. William Uudil , by presenting u com-
plcto set of household furniture on tlio occa
sion of his marrtago with Miss Magelo John
son. The newly wedded couple ire to house
keeping immediately.
Thirteen drunks were ranpcd in line before
the police jugo yesterday morning and culled
upon to explain unclor what provocation they
filled up oifSunday budge. There were but
fowwho hud the necessary with which to
make peace with his honor , and the others
were tired Into the struct gang.
"Work on the Sapp block was resumed yes
terday. It was stopped onaccount of tbo
non-arrival of the terra cottn. but the con
tractor conciudnd Unit he could not ulford to
lese nny further tituo In wuiling for It. It Is
the intention to huvo the building completed
and ready for occupancy by the tnlddlo of
The fourth annual reunion of the Old Sot-
tiers' association of Pottawitttninlo nnd Mills
cou'itlcs will bo held at Malvorn , Thursday
next. The railways will clvo reduced r.itos.
Tbo Wabash train will leave the Union
depot ut 7:45 : n. m. nnd local freight depot at
B:15 : u. m , Tno C. U. & Q. train will leave at
O.T.O a. in.
The Y. W. C. T. U. mot at the Broadway
M. E. church yesterday and finished organ
ization. They are arranging' for an enter
tainment to bo given next month , ot the na
ture of which furtnor notice will bo given.
A special moating will be hold at the First
Presbyterian church next Saturday at li)0
p. ra. All are cordially Invited.
All Saints'Sunduy-school und friends will
meet at the chapel Saturday morning ut 10
o'clock to go to Fulrmount park to enjoy a
bosket picnic. The friends of this mission
will assist in making this an enjoyable holi
day. Everybody mudo welcome , whether
connected with the school or not. The party
will go by tbo motor line to the park.
C. G. Snundors returned lust evening from
Voldusta , Gi. , in churgo of F. S. Ellis , who
is wanted hero for cheating by falsa pro-
tenses. Ho is wanted by tlireo dllToront
parties. He mortgaged a team that was al
ready heavily mortgaged , representing it as
frco from all inoumbrances. Ho pat many
miles between him nnd his creditors , but was
found and brought back.
J. Carlcton , hailing from Crcs'on , Is In
trouble. Ho Is accused of attempting to rob
W. J. Harness , an old man from Glonwood.
Harness was considerably under the influ
ence ol liquor , und hud a good sized roll of
greenbacks , when Carleton enticed him Into
an 1 ley. An olllccr was watching , nnd when
Carleton attempted to go through his victims
pockets tbo copper nulled him. Tno oasu
was continued.
William Crlssmnn , the shell man arrested
by Captnln Anderson ut Lake Mtinawu for
running a gambling at the resort July
14 , had a hearing before Justice llcndricks
yesterday afternoon. The prosecution was
conducted by County Attorney Ergun and
the dcfenso by John Lindu , esq. The ilu-
fondunt wus bound over to the grand Jury in
the sum of KX ) , which amount ho furnished
and was released.
The cnso of State vs Virginia Lo Vullo-was
tried yostoriluy in Squire Schurz's court.
Tno defendant wus accused of assault and
battery on the person of Hobocca A. Pontius
tius , of Silver Creek township. The case
was brought before Justice McElratto , but
brought hero on a change of venue. Myn-
Bter , Limit & Scaorook prosecuted the case ,
and Low T. Gcnung looked after the Inter
ests of tbe defendant. A jury Is handling
tbe case.
The Council Liluffs traveling men hnvo do-
cldod to join in the drummer's parade In
Omuhu during Merchants' week , and are
making preparations to have a proper repre
sentation therein. Messrs. StorK , Obor-
holtzer and Hoffmayr have boon appointed
a committee to wait upon those who employ
traveling men , to request their co-operation
in securing n full representation of the
Council BluttH Knights of the grip In the
purudo of September 4. Another meeting
will bo hold next Saturday evening.
At a late hour Saturday night Ofllce.s
Kemp , Josolyn und Thomas swoopwl down
on the John SanUco building on North Muln
atroct und arrested five neii for croiitlnf a
row. They had a largo bucket of beer ,
which had been tilled frequently during the
evening , and they became hilarious to an extent -
tent which caused complaint to be tiled by a
neighbor. In tbe room wus found a fakir's
outllt for a fair , Including a swing ball ap
paratus , pocket knives , pocket books , etc.
Ono of them , munod C. 10. Houry , a ono
armed man , claimed to bo the owner of the
outtlt. The entire party were locked up uud
yesterday uiorniug four of them wore 11 n cd ,
nnd Henry was discharged on promise to
leave the city ,
Dexter , employment.
Fountain 5o cigar , best in the worjd.
Kerr & Gray , real estate. 505 First avonu * .
For sale Ono Gar-Scott
- ton-horso portable
englno ; In good repair. Apply to Wolr-Sbu-
gurt Co. _
J. G. TJpton , real ostoto , 527 B'dway.
The classes In the V. M. O , A. gymnasium
Will bo organized this week in the present
locution , as the now rooms in the Merriam
block will not bo ready for occupancy for two
or three weeks. Beginning next Friday
nk'ht tbe classes will moot ns follows :
Hoys class Tuesday and Thursday , 7:30 : to
p BiSO p. ui ,
b Juniors Tuesday and Thursday , 8:30 : to
0:80 : p. m.
Seniors Monday and Saturday , 8:80 : to
OiilO n. in.
Oilier classes will bo organized an occasion
demands utter ontcnui ; tuo now rooms.
SoMenberg's 60 Figaro at the Four-lain.
Odoll Bros. & Co. loan money. The most
Ibcral Icruis olTori'd. 103 Pearl ( trecU
Kelley & Younkormau soil grocerlo
CliMe and Bauboru coffees a spoclaly.
Opinions On a Free Brldgo and Bets
On the PoatofQoo.
A Had Gltmpso At Life The Coun
cil Appointments of Teachers
Xlio County Court Orn *
. ntul 1'orsonnl.
13 on the PontoOloc.
" \ \ bore's the fellow that want * to bet on
the postoQlcot 1 wnntto-RCC him. "
Ono after another dropped Into TUB BEB
office yesterday with this sort ot a query.
None of them came together , and as a result
there was lots ot talk and no clink of stiver
"If you see any fellow that wants to bet
you can just toll him that I will bet $10 to
' $20 that ho cannot nutno the next postmaster.
Or , I'll turn about nnd bet $20 to (10 that I
can nnmo the next postmaster. "
"Who Is It , If you're so sure1 ! *
"Never tnmil. When the money Is up , I'll '
nnmo him nil right. "
Another came in later and offered to leave
the money at TnK lHt : oftlco and offered to
give a percentage on the winnings it Tin :
HER would ploco the money.
Tin : HBP. not being In tbo pool room busi
ness , declined.
The lightning rods are still up , but none of
them seem silver tipped , despite the talk of
The Fountain cigar store for flno cigars.
Winter & Monroe , sign painters , 410 B'wuy' '
Got Fountain 5u ci gar , next Elscman blk.
Not n. Dry Sunday.
Captain Overtoil I don't want to have TUB
13in : , or any other papur , mislead the pooplo.
Once In a while I notice some reporter siys :
'The saloons were nil closed list Sunday. "
Mow , I know that tlio saloons In Council
Bluffs haven't been closed on Sunday for a
eng time. Saturday night I mot Mayor
llohror mm told him that there were lots of
saloons running the Sunday before , and the
Sunday before that , and that they would bo
running the next Sunday. I told him If ho
would go around with mo I'd show him. Ho
can got Iho proof if ho w.xnts It. He didn't
go with mo yesterday , but I itnow there were
several places running. Why , some of thorn
don't muko uny bones about it. Tnoy own it
right up. Brother Uolong sat lu ono place
until 11 o'clock Sunday forenoon , and saw
thorn selling right along. There's a grocery
itoro I Itnow of which was selling all day
Sunday "In the buck end of the storo. There's
proof enough of whisky being cold on Sun-
luy , if the umyor Wants to have it. He can
lind the places as easy ua I cun.
Go to M. Keating for drugs , 503 Broadway.
Notice to trio Public.
The following blacksmiths have entered
into an agreement , nnd will , on nnd after
September 1 , churgo not less than $4 for now
shoos und $3 for resetting old shoes on each
span of hnrscs : A , N. Serlbner , G. Miller ,
James Hebrew , C. Henrieksou , J. Peterson ,
Sum Noble , A. Irrasion , C. Jensen , Lorh-
inun & Smothers , A. Kruuse. C. Gregory , P.
D. Burke.
The Bail Stdo of Life.
A sad case of destitution has boon revealed
iy the death of George Keating. The de
ceased had been ill for several months , and
consequently was ublo to work only nt
.ntervals. . Ho was an employe on the Union
fauitiu platform at the transfer. Ho owned
u box of tools , and being forced to part with
thorn to provide the necessaries of lite ,
asked his companions to rutllo them , which
was dor.e by Thomas Cdllaann. A grocer ,
to whom Keating owed a small bill , heard of
this , and promptly garnishced Calluhun , thus
depriving the' stricken family of any assist
ance from that source. Keating is spoken of
as a good workman and very industrious , but
liis illness reduced him to want. The
bereaved family isactually In need of assist
ance. It Is stated that Keating belonged to
the Knights Of Labor , in which case that
organization will undoubtedly look after the
The Now Ogdon. Council Bluffs , finest and
largest hotel m western lowu. Special at
tentions to commercial men.
Fine jewelry , watches and diamonds ;
cleaning and repairing at E. Burhora.
City Council Pi1oeiel : ( < ne .
President of the Council Lucy presided at
the mooting of the city council last evening
in thu absence of the mayor. All tlio alder
men but Weaver and Everett were present.
Ex-Chancellor Hess appeared before the
council In support of a petition from Mrs ,
Eliza Crawford for the reduction of north
Eighth street in front of block 7 , Crawford's
addition , from eighty to sixty-six foot in
width , lief erred to committee on streets
and alloys.
The plat of John W. Paul's ' addition to the
city was presented for approval.
Lot eight , block nine , Hull's addition
owned by Colonel Cochurau. was ordered
filled by the street supervisor , to abate a
stagnant water nuisauco. und charged to
G. L Jacobs and eighteen 'others com
plained about the North waatoru rallroaj
making up trains near the Broadway depot ,
the smoke and noise being detrimantal to
health. Uoforred to a committee of the
board of health to examine to-day and re
C. Rookwltz offered $101 for the exclusive
scavenger license during the ensuing year.
Trustees of the free public library peti
tioned for a continuance of the ono milt tax
for its support. Received and placed on
lb.3 city clerk was instructed to advertise
for bids fqr consttuctlon of signs on street
corners for all streets whore the names were
not now posted.
The city clerk was Instructed to advertise
for bids for a largo amount of curbing.
The clerk was instructed to advertise for
bids for paving the following streets and av
enues : Fletcher , from Oakland to Market ;
StuUinun , from Pierce to Plainer ; Grace ,
froit ) Broadway to Plainer ; Pierce , from
Stutsuian to Oak ; Franklin , from Ploroo to
Beach : Plainer , from Grace to Franklin ;
the bids to iacludo cypress , cedar und hard
The common carriers' ordinance was read
ns amended and referred.
The matter of that disputed grading to
Beer's addition did nut'como up , as It re
quires n three-fourth * vote , nr five alder
men , to pass over the mayor's veto , and
thuro were but four aldermen present. Those
who were prcsunt wore anxious to pass the
resolution , and had Alderman Weaver boon
on hand ttiera is llttlu doubt that the vote
would have been sent lo that Ion ? and lone
some bourne from which no veto over returns.
The council will try it aialn later on ,
E. H , Slicafo fc Co. give special attention
to the collection of rents and care uf prop
erty In the city and vicinity. Clmrgoa mod
erate. Ofllco Broadway and Main streets ,
up stairs.
Got Fountain 5a cigar , next Eisoman blk.
Dwelling for sale on easy payments. Also
building lotn at lowest market prices. Cal !
uud examine our list. E , H. BUeafe & Co.
lon l ol' 1'J.Incut Ion.
The school board mot in special session
last evening , nil the inmnbcru , with tno
exception of Mr. Knln , being praspnt.
On motion John Schoentgen was allowed
fSIO for money advanced to John Hammer
on the estimate of the architect , Mr. Maxon ,
lor the work done on the Elgiith avenue
school. Mr. Sohoonlgeii to tlio the estimate
with the secretary.
The billet S. W. Sunford for repairing
bluuk board * , amounting lo 813'J.W ' ) , was ro
furred to Prof. McNuughlou.
Several small bills were allowed.
On motion the matter in reference to Mrs.
KalUbuck and Mr * . Kerr , requesting a room
n ono of the building * ono evening In ( inch
weeK for the teaching of mathematical and
fro J hand drawing , was referred to Messrs.
Schoonlgon and Lawjon with lower to nut.
On motion the resignation of Miss Maria
Boll was accoptod.
On motion Prof. Steven * , Prof. MoNatmh-
an and Mr , Schoontgon were Appointed a
committee lo purchase a chouiicil laboratory
for the high school , at a cost not to cxcejJ
53 JO.
The committee on grounds and buildings
wore Instructed .to Imvo the sidewalk In
[ rout of the Washington avonua school loiv-
orod to n lovcl with thooutsldo curbing , and
have tno Insmlo curbing removed ,
After n lengthy dobnto the salaries of
tcacncrs word established as follows ; first
year. (40 a month ; second year , $15 a month ;
third year , t&U a month ; fourth yonr $55 n
month ; llflh year , $ (50 ( u month. Mr. Schoent
gen Insisted that the llfth year bo the
same as the fourth , the tcactici not
lo receive $ < W until the sixth year.
Ills idea did not prevail , which fuel ho attri
buted to the absence of Mr. Knln ,
It was also decided that the principals
should recelvo (5 per month more than the
owcr teachers , and SI In addition for each
room under him.
The salary question brought out , a great
donl of cotnmoat , The principal trouble
which the bard desired to obviate ivm that
oxDorlcnced for some time , caused by teach
ers resigning and accepting positions in
Omaha. Especially is this true of the
older and moro experienced teachers.
Better salaries are paid on the other side of
the river , and for this reason teachers ac
cept positions thcro whenever possible. To
prevent this , the board decide. ! to adopt a
graduated schedule of salaries , which would
Increase from year to year , offering the
teacher an inducement to remain here. Mr.
Schoontgcn's Idea was that an increase for
six years would bo better than five , mid then
have the maximum $00 for regular teachers ,
IIo uruuud that the other plan would bo
too heavy a drain on the treasury.
Said he , In discussing the salaries paid on the
other sldo of the rlvorj ; "Wo can't expect to
pay our teachers as well us they do In Omaha.
Over there they have a high liccnso law , and
through it they got $230,000 a year in their
school fund to start on , where wo haven't a
cont. Put a $1,009 , liccnso on our saloons and
wo will pay as big salaries as any other
city. "
Ho was howled down , and his motion was
The committee on teachers was instructed
to act In conjunction with the county super
intendent , and select parties to examine the
high school teachers.
It was expected that the work of assign
ing teachers to their respective schools would
bo disposed of , but the matter had boon ro-
fen-v-d to the teacher's committed. The list
was prepared , and had been inadvertently
loft in Mr. Schoontgen's safe , so the matter
was postponed. It transpired that several
changes were to be made in it , which will bo
attended to this morning.
The board then adjourned until this even
ing , when the assignment of teachers will bo
formally made , the salary of the superin
tendent llxed , n Janitor appointed for the
Hill school , and such other business trans
acted as may conio before the meeting.
Desirable dwellings for rent at mouerate
prices. E. H. Shoafo & Co. . rental agents ,
Broadway and Main streets , up stairs.
C. B. steam dye works , 1013 Broadway.
Always on Time.
If you wish to purchase a good and reliable
watch 25 per cent less than club rates , and
on easy terms , then call at once and nmlto
your own selection nt C. B. Jacqucmlut &
Co. , 27 Main street.
Two Sllitlit Kitihvny Accidents.
Two minor accidents on the Northwestern
delayed incoming trains several hours yes
terday. The first occurred about 8 o'clock
yesterday morning , when the engine of the
west-bound limited , Eneinonr Phil Picker
ing , blow out a cylinder head , while running
nearly fifty miles an hour , about a mile west
of Grand Junction , causing a delay of nearly
three hours. The second was No. 7 , regular
accommodation , which was 'derailed at a
switch at Carroll. The switrlimaa had his
buck to the train and throw thu switch when
the middle of the roar car was directly over
it , thinking that the train had passed. The
track xvas badly torn up and about an hour
and a half required to roplaca the sleeper on
the rails. No one was injured , but travel was
considerably impeded.
If you want clean , fresh precedes and
fruits , call on Johnson & Olson,712 Broad way.
Money loaned at L. B. Craft's to Co.'a
loan ollico on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property ot till kinds ,
and all other articles of value , without
removal. All business strictly confi
Resolutions of Respect.
At a regular meeting of Omaha Division ,
No. 1S3 , the following preamble and resolu
tion was adopted :
"Whereas , It bus pleased Almighty God to
remove from our midst our worthy and
much esteemed Brother , J , N. Mitchell , who
died nt 0 p. m. , August 0,1839 , , from injuries
received in the wreck of train No. S3 , on the
O. & It. V. railroad , which was caused by
the train , * 'a double header , " going into a
washout on the morning of August 0. Bro
ther Mitchell wont down with his engine ,
and for over four hours was being slowly
burned to death.
Resolved , Tnat in the death of Brother
Mitchell the urothorhood has lost a true and
faithful member , the company a capable and
trustworthyengmeeraud bis family a devoted
husband and father.
Resolved , That while wo regret the loss to
ourselves , our hearts go out in sympathy to
his sorrow-la'lon family , who alone can fool
that hopeless , crushing grief of the hundred
tics of the near dear.
Resolved , That in respect to the memory
of our departed brother our charter bo
draped in mourning for the Hpacc of
thirty days , and u copy of these resolutions
bo sent to his family , spread upon thu min
utes of this division and published in the
Engineers' Journal and daily papers.
v Committee.
City steam laundry , 34 Main , tel. 141.
Steam and hot water heating , first-class
plumbing. Work done In both cities. John
Gilbert , CIS Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
S. B. Wads worth & Co. loan money.
Swan son Music Co , , 335 Broadway.
A Hushed Souniliil.
A threatened sensation In the southern part
of the -ity : has boon quietly hushed up. A
fully developed Infant was found in a privy
vault and the coroner summoned. Investiga
tion revealed the fuel that the mother is a
young Gorman girl who has boon in the
country about four weeks. She claims that
the child was still born , and that the father
is in Germany. As the father could not bo
reached , and the mother is in a critical con
dition , it was decided to refrain from any
further investigation , and no post-mortem
was hold to establish tno fact as to whether
the child over breatbod or not. Tim remains
were lakon In charge by Jndortakur Eatep ,
and Interred in Fuirvlow cetnotery , The
mother is now at Hie W , C. A hospital ,
THOU SAUI Uasollno stove ; tnrea-burner ;
L "Jewell" make : inmost new. GUI Mynstor
fell COt.
" | JWl BALK Two line iie\v Mix-room houses on
-I-1 I'uvltlc avo. will bo gold cheep for a small
payment down und ualancii to unit rmrclmuor.
Una bU-roum house In 1'lerre'n add. on HIjlith
avui one ot tlio best and moat uluboratp lln-
ished houses lu mat partof tliaclty will be void
right U taken boon. Kerr .V Gray ,
FOll BALK Improved and vacant property
In all parts ot the city. Call and sev mu. C.
K. tlnyuv.
TRMMl KXUUANUK-iH acres adjalalnfttha'ritr ,
-L1 for city propel ty. Johnston & Vuu ratten
Kverett block , Council lllulla.
SliVBHAIj lota lu Umnua to exchange for
land and other Property. Johusum i Van
T71OU HUNT Houses in Hll parts ot the city.
.13 Kerr A Urny , W4 Hrsi ave.
rniiR pquuy In HrfkVm near the city to exchange -
* . change for"clly lois. Johnston tt , Vnn ,
I'ntten. i *
VTOTIOB ! Notice ! Notice Wo have sovorM
AIChoice rosirtcr.W lots that wo will build
either small or lar e. houses to ult ntirchmer.
and will , If drMrpO , aril on easy pnymentt.
Ilraw your own plans , then call nn.l let us build
yon u Fioino. Kcrr , * ,0rny , 03 First av < > . Coun
cil UltilTs.
"Tl Olt ItENT lllclitinow fi-room cottages on.
-L1 Avenue 11. SnT'keU'B add. to city , Jtonts
very reasonable. Cull and let us show you them.
Kcrr A Gray. , "
FOU UKNT-7 of Um mo t beautiful collages
In Council lllutls : ono block from motor
line ; now houses'city : wnler in tlio house * aud
nit modern conveniences. Bee Kerr & Gray.
I71OII 8AU5 lai aero fnrm In Jasper county ,
Jlown , located nenr conl mine * that are in
operation. There li n the foot vein of coal
mulcr the farm , Gee , Metculf , No. 10 IVarl U
TTIOllSAt.E Improved and unimproved prop-
J-1 erty in every part of the cltv. Kara oppor
tunities for Investors who seek ( ( peculations ;
Bplemlld opportunities for thosu who doslro
homes. Oeo. Mctc.ilf. No. 101'earl St.
BUSINRSS locutions on Main nnd llroartway
nt ere lit bargains. Uco. Metcalf. No. 10
1'onrt st.
FOH BALE to feet lake IrontaRo located be
tween C I ) , boat bouse ahd Mannwa beach.
Also n number ot choice lots In Regatta place.
Oeo. Motcnlf , No. 10 Pearl st.
FOIl SAM : Aero lots In Orchard place. This
property Is located In the lllco nursery ,
Bontnof the main part of thn city , IK milea
from courthouse *
IF you want some genuine itnaps In choice lots
on bottoms call and ICQ ICorr & Or ay. They
hnvo some lots that must bo sold regardless of
cost before Nov. 1.
TK you hnvo nnyt.llntr In the line of real estate
-Lor chattels you vrant to exchange or dispose
of , you Hhoula call on Kerr & dray. You can
nml them nt their olllco , (03 First ave. , Council
TpOll flATiK 127 ncres 40 miles north of Chi-
JL' cage adjoining Lake Villa ( a beautiful sum
mer resort' , surrounded by many ueautltul
lakes. 1'ar further particulars call or address
Kcrr k Or ay. Council UlutTs.
THOU SALE On monthly payment * , very neat
JL1 now hnuso near Harmony mission. Cull or
address Kerr & Utar , GOj First ave. , Council
TT1OK BAM ? Some nice dwellings on Harrison
X1 and Ueutou sts. Call and Investigate. Kerr
T7IOH EXCHANGE 3 Improved farms In ccn-
JL' tral Kansas for other property. Johnston
FOH SALK Or exchange for city property ,
bO ncres of improved land near city. Call or
addiess Kerr & Gray.
T OT3 for sale on very easy terms. Bee us beT -
JLJ fore you buy. Johnston & Vnn I'ntteu ,
' \T INK rpom house In Omnha for trade. What
Li have you to offer ? Johnston & Vnn Patten
O5 feet on Main street for sale cneap. Johnston
is Van I'ntten.
FINK homo on First avo. forsnlo. Johnston
& Van Patten ,
NEW houses for sale , $100 casn. balance$12.60
per month. Johnston & Van Patten.
rilHUEEfnnnsncnr the city for sale. John-
-L cton S : Van Patten.
FOR quick said list your property with K. E.
Mayne , lil'J Hrou'dway.
moiNVESTOHS-Don't buy real estate until
-Lyou see me. lhaVe , soranthlmr nlways on
nand that will make you money. E. E. Mayua ,
018 JJrondwny. ' f *
I HAVE for sale a number of good lots on
payments of tlU dawn and f "i per montb ; lots
full size und title perfect. E. E. Ma/no.
IP you want to buy. sell or exchange real es
tate .call on E. E , Mayne , (119 ( Broadway.
WANTED Iluycra or real ostnto to know I
have n chotconllst of bargains ; Call and
see mo. E. E. Mayne , 010 llroadway.
TX7E hnvoKO acres ot extra tlno farming laud
Win South Dakota near railroad to exchange
for city property , Kerr i Gray , Council UlntTs.
" \XTANTED Seokcri after real cstato snaps to
T > call on E. E. Mayne , Ol'J llroadway.
WANTED A good horsa auil buggy. Kerr
&Grny. '
XI OTlCK A severi-room" house for sale at$225.
r > Investigate tnls. .Johnston & Van Patten
Everett block.
"REAL KSTATK Nought ad sola nna ex-
XL change ; ! . Bpnclal attention given to exam
ination of titles. W. 0. James , No. 10 I'earl st. .
Council Dluffa.
TIAI1M' boarders wanted at Vti Oenton street.
Good board at reasonable rates. Mrs. I. W.
Cooper. |
6PEK CENT loans made on real estate , cash
on hand , K. J. Day.
HE A UTIFUi. homo on Oakland ave. at a
bargain. F. J. Day.
rJOxlbO on Oakland ave. , 83,000. F. J. Day.
9 i9x300 on Park ave. , 13,000. F. J.
A COUNEll on 4th ave. , 11.340. P , J. Day.
A CUB property for homes and gardening. F.
HUMES forsalo on monthly payments. F. J.
WANT to trade a farm for n lot on Broadway
way near llth st , F. J. Day ,
GHAHAM avenue property that will double
right away. F. J. Day.
LOTS on Broadway , First avenue and Ave
nues A and 1J. cheap. P. J.Day.
a snap for an investor for to-day
only. F. J. Day.
Centrally located , First-class turnouts , fresh
horses and new carriages. Not an old rl in
the stible. : Special attention Rlvim to funerals ,
and reduced rates for curi-laces for this pur
pose. W. A. JIAYK8. Proprietor.
Telephone 77. gM llroadwoy.
J. O. lillllUNUSON. .L.
I'res. Vice Pros ,
CIIAS. 1L H ANNAN , Cashier.
Paid up Capital . S5OOOO.OO |
Surplus . 35OOO.OO
Liability to Ooposltora. . . . 335.OOO.Oo
IlilKCroil I. A. Miller , F.O. Gleason , K. It
Bhugart , K. K. Hart , J. D. Kdmnudsoii. Chas , It ,
Hunimn. Transact Kuneral banking buslnesa.
Larnvbt capital and surplus of any bunk in
misthwcbtern Iowa Interest on time deposits.
Infant's Kid Button Shoes 20c , formerly 60c. Gonts' Soomless Congress. $1.00 , worth $2.00.
Missed Kid 'and Goat Button , OOo , worth 81.75. Gents' Pine Dross in Button , Lnco und Congress , all
ladles' Kid and Goat Button , $1.00 , worth $2.00. shapes and weights , $1.05 , worth $3.00.
Ladlos'-Gruln Button , 76c , world $1,60. , Gouts' Hand Sowed Fi-onch Calf Shoos lu all styles ,
Ladlos''Dongola Kid , Button , $1.75 , worth $3.50. widths and sizes , $ H.f > 0 , worth $7.60.
Ladies' Kid , Oxford Ties , Goc , worth 81.60. Men's Kin Boots , 61.60 , worth $3.00.
Ladles' Serge Congrctts , " to 8 , 50o worth $1.25. Men's Calf Boots. $11.00 , wo tli $5.60.
Ladles' Slippers , 20c , worth 05c. Best Calf Boots , Hand Sowed. $5.00 , worth $7.60.
' Remember the prices quoted above are for two weeks only. You are requested to call early
so as to avoid the rush. Do not miss the above bargains , you cannot altord it. Follow the
crowd to the bargain seekers headquarters at the great
Boots and
Corner of Broadway and Fourth Street
I have the larpcst nnd
finest stock of bnlr goods
west of Chlcaco , and I
have determined to close It
all out with the Intention
of K0in out of the busi
ness. Ladles who desire
anything In iny line will bo
given an opportunity to
buy it at less than half the
usual prices. The Roods
arc first class , and all orna
ments , etc. , made up in tbe
latest styles.
Orders by mail recelvo
prompt attention.
Nit. 29 Main St. , Council Iliad's.
No. 27 Main St.J Over Jacquemln's
Jewelry Stor
Incorporated Nov. 1,1870.
Eoatmvcst Corner llroadway and Main Strcat.
CAPITAL , I.50,000.
Does a Regular Bonking and Exchange Business
N. P. BODQB , President : JOHN nERESHEIM ,
Vice 1'rest.i A. W. 11IEKMAN. Cashier.
Directors N. P. Dodse , J lierosliolm , Geo.
Keellne , J.L. Stewart. W. W. Wallace , G. M.
In the city. Gilt edged opporttinltlai to 1mm
dlua investor. ] anJ
OFFICEft & PliSElf.
Corner Main and Uroadway.
Dealers in foreign c.nd doiuostlo exchange.
Collectloni made aud interest paid on tlma do-
Council Bluffs , la.
Conducted by the Sisters of Giiarit y
An excellent educational Institution , fur
nished with all modern Improvements for
boarding and day school. The acedemlc year
consists o ( two sessions , beginning on the first
Monday in September and February , respect
TBltMfi Hoard and tuition , per session. $75.
For further particulars address
Sister Superior , Hr. Francis Academy ,
Council Blutfg , In ,
Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineer. Plans , Estimates
H. Spociiicationa. Supervision of Public Work. Brown
H.N Building , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
? ' Justice of the Poaco. Olllco over American Express , No. 41
N Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa. „
CTHMIT Ji Q\/Q | | \ / | Attornoys-at-Law. Practice in the State and Fed-
O I UllL. ( X OilVIO oral Courts' . Rooms 7 and 8 Shupart-Bono Block ,
Council BlulTa. Iowa.
PITH U CTII I I\/1AM \ / Attornoy-at-Law , Room 4 , Second Floor , Brown
UC.U , li , O riLLIVIAIN Block , liePoarlSt. , Council Blurts , la. Will
practice in Stale rind Fodonil Courts. _
1 B n BEAT-ALL , because it never breaks , splits , cracks or curls.
Because it is indestructible in the weather , und will' ' undergo no change in
n any climato.
Because it is inoro durable than nny other roof mudo , iron , tin , slate or wood.
Bccuubo it can bo quickly put on without skilled labor nnd is ulioapor than
shingles ,
Uocuuso U has boon proven by the severest trials nnd tins never fulled.
For further information apply to
Ropm SOD First National Bauk Building , Omaha.
Council Bluffs offloo , 115 Pearl Btroot.
Connected by Motor
Located on Lakes Manawa , the finest Watering Placeand Sum mo
Resort in the west , Beautiful Boating and Fishing.
Unparalelled Bathing Beacu.
I Special Bates to Parties and Families. Cop *
I lospondonco Solicited.
Wliat is to Hinder Yon Btwag a Piano ol
Ogad Now ?
Wo I ave a very large stock ot the celebrated
Haidman , Fishei and Everett Pianos
Royal and Century Organs ,
And to reduce it nlll make special discount !
for the next ! 10 da ) s.
We have also Ihe aeency for the CELEB HATS
MUSIC AND ilUSlO IJOJKS. Send for cat *
10juc. Address
103 Main Street , Council Bluffs , la
25 T0300
HORSE POWER Mills and Elevators
Epecincatlons nnd rstlmatcs turnlshtd for completeuteara jilints , lleeiilallon , durability
uuarauleed. Cull show IvtteiH from uti-ra whcro fui-l economy la 0'iual
wllU'Corlisa Neil Condeinilmr. fend for cat'ilojnu ' ,
E. C. HARRIS , Agent.
No. 81O Pearl Street , Council Bluffs.
ami lloimopath. Hooin U ,
PI . huildiiif , ' , 115 Ponrl St. Olllco lioura , U to 12 ,
a , in. , U to 0 and 7 to 8 , p , in.
QTCWCWQ M H Olllco , No 741 Broadway. Hours : 8t
HM . Olt.Vt.INO , IVIt U 10 a. in. , mid U to 4 und 7 to 8 p. m. Tol-
phone , 287.