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Live In
It lessens living expenses materially by not haying to move every little while , which is always the case where
some one else owns the house you live in.
It gives every family a feeling ol much satisfaction to know they can fix tip their place and have the benefit
themselves , which they can do if the property is their own.
It is one o ± the .pleasures of life to live in your own castle in a- first class neighborhood with the best surround
ings , and know that no nuisances will eyer annoy you.
It is economy and economy is the source of wealth , to be your own landlord , and thus avoid rent bills every
month , which are a cause of great worry at times. .
It gives many men a good standing in the community when it is known they own the property they live in , and
helps them in business and.many other ways.
To select a home you should go where a guarantee is given as to the uses of all adjacent property , and thus in
sure yourself from having shanties or saloons on adjoining , lots. .
These are the conditions on which all property is sold in DUNDEE PLACE , ( except on one business street )
which will be for a few fine stores :
First The said premises shall be occupied and used for residence purposes exclusively for a period of at least fifteen years from the date hereof , and for
no other purpose whatever.
Second No residence or dwelling house or other building shall at any time within said period of fifteen years be erected , or kept wholly or partly , on any
lot hereby conveyed , within twenty-five feet of any street line bordering on such lot or lots.
Third No residence or dwelling house shall be erected or kept on said lot or lots hereby conveyed , at any time within said period of fifteen years , costing
less than twenty-five hundred ( $2,500) ) dollars , exclusive of other buildings and improvements on said lot or lots.
Fourth The premises hereby conveyed shall never during said period of fifteen years be used for any immoral or illegal business or occupation ; nor shall
any spirituous or malt liquors be sold or bartered away on said premises during the said period of fifteen years. ( This clause in all deeds. )
We furnish liberal building loans on the most reasonable terms to parties wanting to build and cannot conve
niently spare sufficient money to do so at the start. . , . . . . . .
A more pleasant and profitable morning , afternoon or evening could not oe spent by homeseekers , than to drive
all through DUNDEE PLAGE and see what has been done by way of improvements , and watch the progress of
the wonctertul development going on in that coming city of fine homes.
Call on us for any information desired , WQ will cheerfully show the property at any time.
Office In Chamber of Commerce Bld'Q.
WVH. CRAIG , President. N. D. ALLEN , Vice-President. "W. K. KURTZ , General Manager
The Gommisslonora Will Investi
gate the Hospital Excavation.
Another Attnot on Collar Block
by the Board of Public Works
Commissioner Auilor-
son'a Club.
Hospltnl Kxoavntion.
The hospital grading steal will be Investi
gated. Certain parties claim to know all
about It , and will undoubtedly bo called upon
to toll their story to an investigation com
mit too at the county board. Some members
of tbo luttcr , it IB understood , very recently
Intimated that they bolleva George Tiuiino
to bo responsible ( or the 'blunder , " as
O'Kcoffa calls It. Ho was a member of tbo
appropriation committee , and , It Is alleged ,
that among bis last ofllclul acts-was the allow
ance , of the bills for that work.
Another explanation of the transaction 1&
bulii ) ; made. When this matter was brought
out by TUB Unit , ono day last week , very
Httlo satisfactory Information could bo
obtained regarding it from any
of tue commissioners. Mr , Mount
expressed his inability to understand
why Kynn & Walsh had been pild 33 cents a
yard for removing over (50,001) ( yards in oxcn-
vatlnp for the hospital site , aud Mr. O'Koafle
Intimated crooltca dealings on the part of
Mr. Mount took bis pencil ana drew a
square like this :
"That " ho said "tho
represents , , spot on
which this building stands. It is 4(10 ( feotlonp ;
on every side. We discovered , after letting
the contract , that moro grading than had
been anticipated was necessary. The north
east corner , you too , wiis zoro. From that
point arose quito a hill , so much of a hill , iu
fact , that the out made in the southwest cor
ner \VUB Bomotblng llko sixteen feat deep , "
Then hu stopped.
"In and below thin grade , then you dug
the collar and wall trenches ) "
" 1 Hupposu BO. "
"Then the supposition Is that Instead of
letting u separata contract for removing this
mound and bringing the site down to a level ,
you simply Included it in the excavation
txmtrnct which was lot at M cents u yard i"
Hut the query was not answered , and
Mr. Mount turned his attention to other
It Is claimed that In this way the board
has been gulled out of nearly * U,000. How
ever , otio or two mysteries exist that have
not been explained , Una of these is found
iu County Surveyor House's figures ,
Kivlng tbo final estimate of so many
yuras at 23 cents , and the other Is
nn entry In Ryuti & Walsh's Itemized bill of
over 2,000 yards at 23 cents , and nearly 63-
000 at U5 cents. Howo'i tlnal estimate In
cludes both the grading and excavation ex
cept for trencuos.
This loaves the Impression that whoever
manipulated the "Job , " woruod it both on
the surveyor and board.
Messrs. Mount and O'Kooffo Indulged In a
very lively and boated controversy over the
matter. O'ICooilo said that ho know just as
much about the trlanglo as though ho had
always boon u member of it , nnd from this
time on proposed to lU-ht these who compose
the combination every time an occasion U
"They will have a hard time , " declared an
oOIolal who claimed to possess moro knowl
edge than ho cared to divulge , "fastening
uny blauio for this robbery on George
Tiuiuie. I inado souio memoranda , and I
know of ono on the llrat voucher
allowed , xvhicn will nhoiv that ho
anticipated nn exposure some time. "
That .voucher , dated Ootobor 31,18S7 , was
examined. It certifies that 47,783 cubic yards
of earth had been removed. The memoran
dum flcurcs this , llrst at 35 cents a yard ,
amounting to § 10,711.05. From that sum is
deducted § 0,000 , , which , it is presumed , wa
intended to indicate the amount paid in
excess of what tbo work was worth.
During twonty-fivo years trial , mor
tality , where De Jofforis' preventive
and euro for diphtheria and putrid sore
throat ( as in malignant scarlet favor )
is used , IB 1-10 of 1 pur cant , or , one in
a thousand. Tlndor other treatments
in Europe.and America , 60 to 80 per
cent. Addresa Dr , Thoa. Jefforis , box
C57 , Omaha ; or Dohiwon , druggist ,
Council Blulla , la. No physician re
quired. Sent by express on receipt of.
price , $3.
Hesult In n Meeting of the Board OH
Ilnrnoy Street.
There Is something delightfully indefinite
about the time and place of holding mootlcgs
of the board of public works.Vhonovor
anil wherever two or three members of the
board and a contractor or two are gathered
In the inline of paving business there is a
meeting. The lust meeting of tbo
board , en far as heard from , was hold at tha
corner of Twenty sixth and Hnrnoy streets
yesterday morning. It grow out of a
visit of the memboi-H of the board to the pav-
Inr now being laid on Harnoy street , over
which there was n lively row at the moating
of the board oa Friday.
Fred Gray was present and took a hand in
the mutter. An hour was snoot in inspect
ing tbo material and discussing its inorlts.
After a lengthy discussion , Mr. ICiorstcad ,
who opposed Chairman Uulcombe at the last
meeting of the board , introduced
the following resolution , which was adopted.
Rosolvou , That the contractor bo Instruct
ed to thoroughly sort the material that has
boon delivered on Harnoy street before pro
ceeding'with tbo work , and-that hereafter
this class of blocks will not ba allowed In
the work on any street in the olty.
PMe t I'lies ! I'Uest
Dr. Williams' luulan Pile Ointment will
euro blind , blooding and itching piles when
other ointments have failed. It absorbs tbu
tumoia , allays the Itohlng at once , acts ns a
noultlco , gives Instant rollof. Dr. Williams'
Indian I'ilu Ointment is prepared only for
piles and Itclilnu of the private parts , nnd
nothing olso. Every box 18 warranted. Sold
by druggists , or sent by mall on receipt of
price , Ode and $1 per box ,
WILLIAMS' M'FG ' CO. , Prop's.
Cleveland , O.
Kttaot of ttio Arbitrary lliilo of For
est Lawn Cowotory.
If reports bo true , the management of For-
out Lawn cemetery are not treating the
friends of tbo dead Interred within the limits
of the burying ground with the consideration
duo them.
Sunday a party of friend : of the Into A.
II. Forbes and Thomas Foster drove out to
tbo ground to decorate the graves of the two
with ( lowers and * omo sea shells. When the
work of ornumentlug ouo of the graves was
completed the sexton In cbargn of the
groinids came around and , after noticing
what had boon douo , remarked that It would
tto well for these present to romova the
shells , supplementing his remark with too
statement that ho would rumovo them if they
refused. Of course tbo party demurred but
their protest were in vain , They fool some
what aggrieved at this action ana claim that
it is unjust.
Tha rules cf the cemetery permit of no
raised mounds above the craves and the suina
people claim that over tha remains of two
people recently burled wagons pas * fro-
Inquiry as to why this was permitted elic
ited the reply that the arrangement was only
"temporary , "
At tbo next mooting of tim Forest Lawn
association which takes pluoo oa the llrst
Tuesday in September , at the Paxton , tbo
matter will bo brought up.
are Crowding the Docket
for Next T rm.
Charles MoMonamy's ' suit against August
Muskntotnl. to foreclose on then. w. % of
section 24 , township 10 , n. of raugo 13 east ,
has some interesting features. The now was
given at Blair in August , 1837 , for $1,100.
The land has increased greatly In value , and
a lively flght made for Its possession.
This mortgage- antedated by ono bold by
Charles Green and J. D. Brainerd , trustees ,
given to secure a note for $700. Among those
who claim an Interest iu tbo promises , and
who will defend la this action , ixro S. F.
Davis & Co. , Councilman Isaac HascalL and
Frank B. Johnson.
J. C. Wilcox sets forth that ho owns nearly
all tbo land fronting on Boulevard street , In
Sherman addition , and that in order to got
dirt to make n (111 ( at Twenty-fourth and VIn-
ton , the city engineer , wholly without
authority from the council , has permitted
graders to bopiu to make nn cloven foot cut
through Boulevard Direct , and ho asks for nu
Now petitions worolilod as follows :
15r > S Tno E. L. Squlro Company vs
Kooort S. Uocslcy ct al. ; suit on promissoiy
note , for $ liiO and to foreclose on lots 21 und
32 , block 4 , Monmouth Park addition.
15 59 The E. L. biulro Company va
William II. Latov ot al. ; suit on promissory
note for $150 nnd to foreclose on lots 'J and 10 ,
block I , Lowe's addition.
15 00 C. II. Crosses the E. L. Squire
Company ot al. : suit on promissory note for
$750 and to foreclose on lot 2J , block 1 , ' Mon
mouth Park addition.
15 01 John J. Mahoney ot nl vs G. Uau-
ther , appellant from court of Justice Morri
son ; truuscrlpt on unpoal.
15 03 SUtq va Hugh Burns , transcript
from police case ; doluudant accused of burg-
1503 State vs Douglas Hums , alias Al
bert Burke , same ; chargu of assault.
15 01 Stuto va Ed Babblueton , same ;
cbargo of assault with intent to wound.
15 (55 ( State vs William Blltnor , samoj
cbargo of obtaining $150 under false pro-
15 00 State va William Carter , aame ;
charge of burglary.
15-07 State VB Uennlo Iay ; charRO of as
sault with Intent to commit rape.
16 OS Kimuall Champ Investment com
pany va John F. O'Hunion ; suit on promls- ,
sory notes , { 400 , and to foreclose on lot 0 ,
block ! ! , Central park addition ,
15 C'J Same company VH David Gowdy ot
al. ; suit on promissory notes , $500 , and to
foreclose on lot 3 , block it , Central Park ad
15 70 J. O. Wllcoic va olty of Omaha ot
al. ; prayer for writ of injunction to prevent
city employes from grading Uoulovard utreat
In Sherman addition.
15 71 Churlos Mo.Monamy v * August
Muskat ot al. ; suit on promissory note of
$1,100 and to foreclose on northwest quarter
of section 24 , township IU north , of range 13
east , Douglas county.
1572Stato vs William W. Ilennols ;
transcript from policy court ; charge of
15-7S-Stato vs Mary Larson ; same : lar
ceny of Jewelry of ttio value of SOO from
David W. Dodson.
The following now papars were Hied !
X 1I3 ! W. J. Conncll vs Ulchnrd Col on ;
stipulation to lllo petition In error. In su
preme court , on or before Sontcmbar 10.
H-lGJ-Cora Sloinan vs J. Woods Smith
otal : demurrer.
14-323-Bro\Tnoll & Co , v Elijah Stpd-
dord ot al ; demurrer.
U 253 Jonn F. Flack v Jomos A. Mur
phy otal ; demurrer ,
14-3-Mlnol ! Tirroll vs Alfred P. Hop
kins ; answer by defendant , asking to bo dis
missed with costs.
15-8 Tate vs McGrecr ; stlpulatlqn to con
tinue hearing.
Trial notice * were filed In the following ;
11 32J Bradford v Woodbrldga.
H 37S Hulbert et al vs Dillon.
13 1SJ Helm Manufacturing Co. vs Hugh
Clark ot nl.
13 17 Bnyder vs Morrow.
12 125 Oloson vs Hodufor.
13 313 Houiton V Cruuccr.
18 143 Irish vs Anderson.
14-S3-C , F. Hood & Co. vs. Edbplin &
14 203 Johnson vs. Spots wood.
14 313 Klmball Champ Investment Co.
vs. Warner et al.
14 213 Towlo vs. Molo.
14 314 Klmball Champ Investment Co.
vs. Hannah Fox ot al.
14 204 Egbert E. Finch va. Temple W.
Atkinson et al.
14-205 Same.
14 260 Same.
14 237 Asa P. French vs. Larmon P.
15 03 Kimball Champ Investment Co. vs.
15 09 Same va. Gowdy.
The Federal Courf.
The National Cash Uojlster company , of
Dayton , O. , bos filed suit in the United
States circuit court against William Noroof
Omaha , for infrlnRomout of the patents held
by said company. They ask for an injunction
and claim damages to the extent of 1,000.
The Kirk Soap company , of Chicago , baa
begun suit against Reginald Aabel , at al. , of
Mlndon , and Kobort Walston , ot nl , , of
Rook Island , III. , for infringement on the
trade mark , "Whits UusslnnI" used on soap ,
They pray for an injunction nnd claim $5,000 ,
County Court.
Sardlus H. Browstor notified the court
that ho would sue for a larger portion of his
deceased mother's eatnto than allowed him
la the will S1.0V3.9U and at the Ramo time
filed nn appeal bond , ,
Judge Shield's docket shows the follow
ing :
L 504 Patterson vs MoLeod ; motion to
dismiss attichmcnt overruled : exception by
defendant ,
L 140 Kruso vs Worloy ; suit to recover
on rent account ; Judgment far the plaintiff
In the sum of ? 14 > .43.
2 31 ( Jlmdion banking Co. vs Clark otal.
continued to-day , 1 p. m.
An AVHuluto Cure.
Is onlv put up in largo two ounce tin boxes ,
and is an absolute euro for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped hands , and all skin erup.
tlons. Will positively euro all kinds of piles-
MENT. Sold by Goodman Drug company at
25 cents per box by mail 'M cants.
Buiillay Snorts at The Choice ,
In the dog light Sunday evening at Mho
Choice , Sarpy county , the whlto doi ; from
Bellevue Inland defeated the brlndlo dog
from Council Bluffs , . - .
Mullen and Coolcifor a $15 purse , tied on
fifteen blue route straight , unu on the shoot
off Mullen won , i
In a $10 match at HvoMuo reeked Cook de
feated Joaso McCarthy .first shoot , and Mc
Carthy won second nnd , , third shoot ,
For a $5 pot Frank Mullen , agoa Hficon ,
broke sixteen blue routes btralpht ,
The Arinour-Ciudiiliy Picnic.
Complete arraitgom uts were mode yester
day for the Arinour-Qudnhy picnic at Waterloo
lee next Sunday. The following ofllcors
have been elected nndcgmmlttoesappointed :
President , PatrlckiT..MoGrath ; treasurer ,
John U. Irwm ; secretary , Maurice J , Bar.
Committee on arranitoments Mossn. John
J. Irwln , Robert J. Russell and William R.
Music Messrs. Richard Molior , James
O'Neill , James White , Hurry Cllngon ,
Patrick MoMaban , Albert A. Harder , Wil
liam R. Orr and Frank H. Cantllo.
Floor Messrx. Walter A. Koenau , Robert
J , Russell , Frank II. Cantlie , John Bachman -
man , It E. Walker. C. Wllmor , F. A. Huntley -
ley , James Pnilllps , John O'ICeefe , Maurice
J. Barren ,
Amusements Messrs. Patrick T. Mo-
Grnth , Robert J. Russell , Ber
nard Conway , Charles S. Forsyth , J.
Sheridan , Mlchaol Daley , Larry Noonan , R.
Ralnos , Albert A. Harden , Harry Cllnger ,
Robert K. Kchlin. William Burnoss , Richard
Manor , J. O'Neill , Captain William X Bell ,
John Murphy and William Wataon.
Maurlco J. Barren , J. Dwyor. Charles H.
Forsyth , Edward C. Ryan , J. Bhoridun ,
Michael Daley , F , Smith , Bernard Conway ,
Richard Smith , Patrick MoMohon , Johu
O'Kcofe , Richard Manor , R. Raines , J.
White , Richnid E. Echlin , William Burnoss ,
Captain William A. Bell , Michael
Murptiy , Captain John Murphy , John
Bachtnnn , Richard A. Walker , C. Wehrer ,
F. A. Huntlov and Jamoi Phillips.
Grounds Messrs. James H. Howe , Ed-
\vard Conley , Harry Cringen , Albert A.
Harder , J. Dwyer , Larry Noonan , F. Smith ,
Michael Daley , Richard Swift , John G. Irwin -
win , Bernard Conway , William. It Orr and
James Phillips.
Finance Messrs. John G. Irvvin , Mnurico
J. Burron , R. J. Russell , James O'Neill. Pat
rick T. McGratn , James Halo , Rnchard
Swift , .Tamos O'Koofe , Patrick Sbeahey and
Michael Murphy.
' .transportation nnd train Mapsrn. James
O'NollI , John G. Irwin , Patrick Shoahoy
and Edward Conloy.
The A. O. H , cornet band of Omaha , will
furnish the music. Tbo public is cordially
invited to attend.
Churoh Dedication.
The Methodist Episcopal church at Al
bright will bo dedicated Sunday , September
1. Regular services will bo bold at 10 o'clock ,
at which time the Rev. Mr. William Worloy ,
of Omaha , will proach. Strangers uro in
vited , and the mcmbois of the congregation
will serve a free dinner on tha grounds for
strangers ,
At l't ! ) o'clock there will bo a preaching ,
followed by a presentation of the edifice bv
the trustees. Tbo pubho is cordially invited
to attend.
People ID General.
Fcoplo in general should know what's
best to do in case of u sudden attack of
bowel complaint. It is a well estab
lished fact that prompt relief may ho
Imtl in any case of colic , cholera mor-
bus , dysentery or diarrhoea by giving a
few dosus of Clmmborluin's Colic , Chol
era and Diuri'luwi Remedy. It acts
quicklv , can always ho depended upon
und is pleasant to take.
The Council to Rn Aulced to Give Thorn
Some Attention.
Gravious complaints have bean ( lied with
tbo board of nubllo works concerning tbo
manner in which F. Ruysschaort , u sub-con-
tr actor under Ed Pholiin , the grader , has
boon defrauding the laborerIn bis employ.
On Saturday , Jean Baptist Lambert filed
n claim with the board for $10 duo from
Huysschaert for wages. A number of other
claims similar to that ot Lumber were pi o-
scntod and tha latter was advised to got
thorn all In shape and present a petition to
tbo council asking that the amounts duo ba
withhold from Pfioluu's estimate.
Ruyasuhacrt got word of the contemplated
piouecdln and at onuo took steps to
lorcatull Lambert's actions. Lambert
boarded with Ruygsclniort on Twenty-sec
end , near Cuuiing , and Saturday ovoulng
tbo latter hud Lambert urrcntud ou tbo
cnargo of having attempted to take liberties
with tils daughter.
Lambert laid in Jnil until yesterday morn
ing. Ruyaschnorl failed to appear against him
and the charge was dUuilajed und thai of
carrying concealed weapons substituted , On
Una count Lambert was lined $3 und costs.
Lambeit claims that Ruysschuort is In
debted to bis men In the sum of 300 ,
most of which is duo to some
who need every dollar duo them. Ono of the
claimants agamst Ruysschacrt Is u widow
Who haa a bill of $30 for boarding the con
tractor's teams. The claims will bo presented
to the council to-night.
EHEUMATISM , Toothache , Sprains ,
HKUIt.lI.aiA , JJItUIBliH ,
Solallca , Lumbago. Burns and Scalds *
At DrucRUtiilia Doateri.
A Typewriter raado to meet the modem
want for a niarhlno which prints directly from
typo , uses no ribbon , aligns porir au utly at
point of printing. Is Ught , Compact. Duiable.
mid In it word , is built on hPlentlUo principles ,
the Invention ot O.v. . N. Yobt. the builder or
Doth the Uimilnirton and Caligraph.
UachlntH with Uomlngtou or Oallgraph key
board us desired.
A larcro stock of second hand Typewriters , of
all makoi , for bnlo , rent or exclmimo. Wo are
ulHOHHlen agents for the "MUUKITT" Type
writer , tno finest lovr piiced machine outlia
market , I'ricel5.
We would bo pleased to receive a call from
yon , uhethoryou want to purchasa or not , and
we will gladly show you the ' YOit" and tint
llnost and Iur o3t stock of Typewriter fcHirn-
turo. Supplies , etc. , ever brought to this city.
GEO.H. SMITH & CO. , 1605 Farnam St. , Omaha
Park Place , Corner 36th and Burt Streets ,
Under the direction of tbo Ladles of the Sacred Heart. Board nnd tuition in English
and French , Instrumental Music , use of books , per session of Uvo months : flDO.OO. Paint
ing , Drawing , German , Italian , Vooal Music , Harp , Violin , &c , , nro extra charges. For fur-
thur Information , apply to the
Studies will bo resumed on Wednesday , Sopt. 4 , 1839.
1018 Farnam Street , Omaha ,
Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilating
Apparatus and Supplies.
Engines , Boilers , Steam Pumps , Etc.
1B13 Doualoa Street , Omaha , Nebraska.
DitlllUI 4 tiro1
r urrLJU oh , ii.l. for
Ihli i | > iclD < puriiou CUSS of
Hoe. 303-4O4-I7OHJO4.
121 J ) artx > ru St. . Chlcato ; nlvico
froei si years' experlencoi busluva * ( juiotly ana
legulltrauBKCtea ,
Steck Piano
Romnrlcnblo for powerful sympathotlo
tone , pliiiblo action anil iibsoluto dura
bility ; ! ! ( ) years' record the boat gunran *
too of the oxoollonco of these intrna *
mo n Is.
Kearney Neb.