Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 25, 1889, Part II, Image 9

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PAST n. . 9-1
502 , 504 , 506 , 508 and 510 South 13th Street
We will To-morrow offer over $10O,000 worth of Hew , Staple Domestic Dry Goods.
If you want any tiling in this line come To-niorrow.
Rtandnrrt Cnllcos , Mluhlly wit l4'o yard
Vi-ry bestmtnllty CnUro lit. . . . . fcyaul
lira I American indigo lilnu Calico nt.Co yard
Gorman Inillf ; < > ] lluu Calico lOeyard
Finn Hlrndiod Muslin at fie yard
Hue soft llnlslied Illcaeliod Mu-llti at fi'.ic ) ard
Hist ( ( Utility Illiachcd Muslin nt Tttcyarrt
YnnlMldo UnblonchPd Muslin nt rcyaid
Kxtra hcnvy Unlileachml MiiNlfn at. . .C'Jc yard
Very iliust Unbleached Muslin at 7Jcyara }
Lorgont & c , en post stock In - maha
At 16 ? 8- * heavy imlilcachul Sheeting
/-regular prlcu 1.53 ntlCeynrd
f'At 2C ! M heavy unbleathsdShisotlug
regular prlco 2To .at-cyard
At 25c KM heavy unbleached Shotting
regular price fUe at cynrd
At 2Oc FIDO bUachcd Shootinif , rep-
u lar price 1c ; nt-'Ocyurd
At 25o M fine blcadied Sheeting , reg
ular prlcutfic at ocjard
At 28c 10-4 heavy bleached Sheeting ,
worth : toe ut "Sc yard
Pillow Cottons ,
Largest & ChcapostStock In Omaha
45 Inch unblecc'iod 1'lllow Cottons at IJJ'/jc ' ynrd
45 Inch bltached 1'lllow Cottons at . . .He jurcl
Cheap Tickings ,
Fplemllrt Mattress Ticking at. . . Oc nnd 7c jard
Heavy Fenthur'.licking at Ifcard
Double Fold Striped rtathrr Ticking '
ut lOcynrd
Ginghams , -
Nice Apron Check Qlnghams at 4cyard
Hue llressGinghnnis at < . ( lcynrd
IJcst Checked UingUauib at Tc yard
player In the Western association , bolus
eighteen years of ago. Ezra Button is the
Phelnn has been laid off permanently by
DCS Moincs. Ho is in no condition to play ,
and probably will not ba atrain this season ,
at acy rato.
Players have learned pretty thorougly
that there is no bulldozing Umpire Tim
Hurst. What Tim says , goes , every time ,
without any back talk.
St. Joe has been playlcg rotten ball. The
papers explain this fact in ono word "beer. "
The papers are right they've a great old
lushing team down there.
Chicago has not used Hutchinson la the
box lutely. The cause , it in rumored , that
the swarthy Cedar Rapids twirler hud a
falling out with Anson.
Mains , St. Paul's elongated twirler , made
a great recoi d for himself the other day.
He gave thirteen men bases on balls , hud
five wild Ditches , and hit two men.
Pitcher Krock. formerly with the Chicago
cage and Indianapolis National league clubs ,
has signed with Milwaukee , and will pitch
in their game to-day with Dos Moinos.
Grand Rapids , Mich. , would llko to take
Sioux City's place in the Western associa
tion , but the Western association has too
many burgs of Grand Rapids' strlpoalready.
They are still talltlnp down in Kearney
about the homo team's victory over Mil
waukee. The Ouiahas play there next
Friday , and they expect to take their scalps ,
too. ,
The sale of John Barnes' Interest In the
St. Paul club to Mike Roche Is all a bluff.
Barnes still holds his stock , and instead of
receiving $15,000 for It , ho couldn't got
? 2GOO.
Bobby Blao' : , late of Wilkesbarro , has
surocd u bioux City contract. The Indians'
outlleld , which is composed of Glenn , Black
and Cllno , is second to no no in the Western
PIckott's arm gets worse instead of better ,
and ho is not likely to play much this season.
Ho got wet and caught cold in his arm dur
ing an exhibition fame in Indiana on the
c'.ub's lust eastern trip.
There is considerable Ill-fooling between
the Omaha and bt. Joe players , owing to
their freely expressed opinions of ouch other.
Chippoy MeG'irr , who was always treated
nicely here , seems to bo the premier ugi-
Manager Watklns has asked Catcher Gun-
son to go to the St. Joseph club , to bo hold In
reserve for the Kansas City club. Gunny
rsfusod to go , saying that ho would prefer to
bo released outright , und Gunny's head is
Very few newspapers are publishing the
sacrifice-hit column in their base bull scores ,
notwithstanding that the rules demand it ,
und the fact that sacrifice hits uro' us potent
a factor in averages us bona lido hits , A
base ball score Is .incomplete and unsatis
factory with this column omitted.
Tbo Corn Huskers and the Ornabas at the
local pant again this afternoon. It will bo a
great game , as both teams are nn their mot
tle , and anxious to take the ball , The usual
tremendous Sunday crowd will bo present
und It wouldn't bo a bad idea to go out ourly
and got u good seat.
Ted Sullivan is making a handsome Income
dealing In the purchase and sale of ball play
ers. Ho was la this city all last week en *
deavoring to secure ut least an option on
Crooks , Clarke , Nagle and Nichols. The
Washington league club wants Crooks ,
Brooklyn wants Naglo und Clarke , and Col
umbus and Cincinnati , Nichols.
Thora will have to bo a stop put to the per
nicious practice of loaning plavora sooner or
later , or disastrous results in more ways
than ono will be the consonuonco. Players
have the power to remedy this matter them
selves. They should refute to bo farmed
out , but demand their unconditional relcuso
whenever such u proposition is made ,
Centlo Francisco Solco's usual placid
countenance- wears u smile us broad and
deep us that of u colored camp meeting con
vert tackling a watermelon. The grand
strides of the White Sox ponnnnUvurd are
liable to muko the genial manager crack his
face beyond repair , and a defeat to-day is
all that cun avert such a d has tor.
Danny Shannon lias been made manager of
the Loulsvllk's , Danny was uu old tuvoritu
Mr. A. D. Brandois , while In Now
York , closed out from ono of the
largest manufacturers all the Eotn-
nants that had accumulated in the
mills during the entire season. Ho
bought them cheap and ho will sell
them cheap.
All ( ho Itest ( Jiiullly Flg.ircd
American Lawns ,
All tlio Host Hlnck m\d \
Plain Colored Lawns
All l the Illnck , )
Plaid and'Stripe Lawns , bC
riaiii nnd Colored A I
Lace Cu tain S iin , 028
Ynr.l Wide Silk Finished'
Ganze Draperies ,
Finest Quality Check , Tlaid and
Strlno j
Very Ucst ( Jtmllty '
American Stas ,
As there is sure to be such a Trig rush to this sale , we cannot possibly fill mail orders , so come personally.
J. L. BRANDEIS & SONS , - - 502 , 504 ; 506,508 , 510 South 13th
The Ran go of the Omaha Sohoutz-
St. Joe Says Cnsh or Collapse Ques
tions nnd Answers Cycling , the
Itml anil Gun nnd
liincous Spurts.
Tlio Sehiietzcnvcroln.
Thla organization is in a healthier , moro
flourishing condition than any of the shoot
ing clubs iu the city , und in a short time will
take a premier position over all of thorn. The
Schuotzunvercln is now rapidly perfecting
arrtingomcnta for a grand tournament to beheld
hold at their range out at Uuaer's park. The
tourney will open up on Wednesday next ,
the 8lh , and continue to the iiOth inclusive.
There will bo both short nnd lougraupu com
petitions , und the prizes will aggregate nearly
f 1,000 in value. Invitations have been sent
to all the well known rillo shots of Iowa ,
Missouri , Dakota und Kansas , and the
management is expecting u large attendance
from abroad.
The Omaha Schuotzcnvorein can bonst of
the finest , most complete and attractive
ran go In the west. It IB situated ut Husor's
park , on the Holt line , within half un hour's
irivo of the city. The club membership ban
i run up to sixty nnd the nvorugo uttonunnco
at their weekly shoots la somewhere in the
neighborhood of twenty. All their shooting
is done undr the rules of the American Hillo
association , and they nro developing some
flno shuts. The club IIUH recently expended
about $ SOO unon the range , und It Is ns near
perfection as they can make it. They luivo
a big pavilllon , ten regulation targets , elec
trical markers and annunciators , shooting
stalls , racks , rests , and In fact , uu Of the
accoutrements and appointments of a verita
ble Long Point or Crcodmoro. The club
was organized by Mr. Will Krug , who takes
much pride lu the improvements and pro
gress of the organization , und continues ono
of its most uctlvo nnd influential members.
Mr. Krug himself is a good shot with either
Bliotgun or rifle , is ardently fond of Hold
sports , and just tbo mun to have ut the head
of an organization llko the Schuotzonvcrcln ,
Ale tlnjj of llio City
Thcro will bo a meeting of the City Base
null league at the gun store of Uwln &
Uumniro next Tuesday evening ntS o'clock.
It will bo an Important business meeting ,
and nil the clubs belonging to the league uro
urgently requested to have a representative
present , _
A Dead Gumo Sporr.
H. A , Lyou , proprietor of un athletic
goods house iu Sioux City , is hero with a
boodle which ho desires to place on the Corn
Huskers In this afternoon's game.
The Apollo Ilylcor.
The regular weekly run takes place to-day
to Florence lake , the start to bouiudu at 33 : ; !
The club's mileage so far is rather attenu
ated , only liil have boon reeled oft , J'ho boys
will have to wako up if they expect to make
any showing in this lino.
The affairs of the oiganizntion are In splen
did Btuipo , and the membership Is rapidly lu-
creasing. Uy the first of September the
Apollo's roster will uiow ) ut least forty
Treasurer Harnum has gone over into
Iowa to visit old ft lends. Or course ho took
Ids \vlieel.
For a lot of youngsters , the Apoltos are
n promising organization. They have within
their rauks many skilled riders , und ono or
two , though kids , who cun nolil their own
with the majority of tbo Ouiahas , They ard
little , but , oUmyl
QucHtloiia and Anmvcra.
\Vhca a batsman gets bis. base on bulls or
Great Auction Sale
\Vc nro tlio only liotiso represented nt these
gi eat talcs from Oinnlin. Our purchases were
large.Vo will oiler Inducements thla vcek
\\lilcli wo ciinnot do later.
Extra Heavy Twilled Dunnol At lOc yard
All Wool Medicated Klantiol At 25o yard
Fine ana Heavy All Wool V annul. .At 33c yard
Ilest Shaker Flannels At7'cyard
rine All Wool Flannels At Sue yard
Finer All Wool Flannels Ataoyard :
Ntco Unbleached Canton Fiiuuiol. . .Atjl JJc yard
Veiy Heavy Un Llenched Cotton riannel
Bxtra Quality Canton Flannel. . . . At lOc a yard
Debt Quality Canton Flannel. , At l-c | jard
Biff Job B.ols.
1000 doz--n f.atllcs' Flno Co'.ored Bordered
Worth lOc.
"DOO Samples LndliMVhlta nrul Colored Harder
UuinstltcUed Ilaiidkcrctilofa ,
Worth up to Sue.
by being hit by the pitcher , does it
count in the score a time at bati Slujfgfr ,
Ans. It does not.
Will you please confer a favor bv inform
ing mo through Sunday's Bcc iu what years
was Tom Hyor the champion of Auutric-i ,
also what was his nationality ? A. P. Duff ,
Blue Springs , Neb.
Ans. From 1841 to 1S50 , when he retired.
Will you please answer the following in
TUB SUNDAV linn's sporting column : Is n
fly ball , if muffed by ono player , then caught
by another before It touches the ground , an
out ) Is a ball hit into the diamond , but roll
ing out. n foul b.ilU A. B. Board , publisher
Nebraska Observer , Kimball , Neb.
Ans. Yes , to botti questions.
A bete B that St. Joe never had a club in
the Western league , nor never had a club in
the sumo association with Oma'.ia before this
year. Will you please answer In Sunday
morning's BEE and decide the bet ? Henry
P. Camp. Holdrego , Nob.
Ans. Omaha nnd St. Joe were both mem
bers of the Western loanuo in 1837.
Will you please answer the following In
Sunday's HUB ? Who has the right to the
umpire , the visitors or the homo team I
Frank D. Miller , Surprise , Nob.
Atis. Among amateurs , the visitors are
courteously allowed to name the umpire , nu-
loss ono is agreed upon when the gauio is ar- Among the professional assDcia-
tlons the umpires are scheduled like tbo
teams , or assigned by the secretary.
Will you please Inform ino how to obtain
Holding and batting percentages. Base Uall
Enthusiast , Council Bluffs.
Ans. Add the put-outs , assists nnd errors
together and divide this total into the total
number of put-outs , and you will got the
Holding pcivcntago. Divlao the number of
times at bat Into the number of hits made ,
nnd you will got the batting percentage.
We have a number of surlntors hero , nnd
emu of them bets that tno fastest 100 yards
over made was by H. M. Johnson , in 0'f '
seconds. Is ho correct ? Hunner , Sowurd ,
Ans As to time yes , but It was maJo by
George Seward , In England , in 1844.
Will yoU kindly Inform mo through TUP
BBI : who holds the world'8 record for twen
ty-four hours blbycio riding ) AlberMunn ,
Ans "Senator" W. J. Morgan.
From tlio Diamond.
Dos Moincs Is in the last hole for keeps.
Sioux City's outllnld Is a very strong ono
Elmer Foster is playing lu his old form
Minneapolis is said to have signed Pitcher
Nat Hudson.
St. Paul knocked throe straight out of
Dave KOWO'M alleged sluggers last week ,
Chlpney McGarr says that "Omaha shan't
win do pennant 1" The giddy little bird.
Pitcher Honnossy. released by DCS Molnes ,
has returned to his homo iu Covington ,
Tom Lovett , Omaha's star twirler of last
season , Is proving a regular pudding in the
American association.
Danny Shannon , formerly second base
man for thbOmahus , bas been made man
ager of the Loulavillos.
If you have over noticed when Dad Clarke
hits the lull it is. a clean , ringing smack , aud
a liner to the far outtield ,
Kuouff is holding up his end in Milwau
kee. Kddy hus developed into a lyird hitter ,
and occasionally makes homo runs.
There uro no loss than forty-eight ex-
Louguu and Association players ut present
playing In thu Wuntoru association ,
Pitcher Morrison , of the Minneapolis
team , has mudo eleven homo runs this
teusou. Quito u record for a pitcher , oh )
There will b two games for ono prica on
the local grounds next Wednesday after
noon with Chippoy McGarr's aggregation.
Moro home runs nro being made by the
plu.vers of the Western association than by
any of any otlior association m the country.
DurubroUKU , of Denver , u the youugusi
Turkey Itcd Tnhlo EltiinasK.
Imported Turkey lied Damask Ati : > c yard
German Cardinal Damask . . .AHOcyard
bo-inch QcimunTurkey Hod Dnmnsk.At 60c yard
Cream Damask Table Linens
Loom Dice Table Linens At loyard ! ! !
Table tlamask , rod border At Zc ! ) ynril
Kxtra Hcnvy Table Damask AtlWcynrd
1'mo Irish Uauiask At 75c jard
Nice Hrown Cotton Crash AtOJlcyard
I'lno Hleachd Cotton Crush AUoytird
10-Inch All Unon Crush AtU cyard
18-inch All Linen Crash At 8 Me yard
Vuro Linen Gorman Crash At JJiicyard
All Linen Checked Towels At Co each
Extra line large size Linen Towels. . . . At 8c each
Extra largo Funcy Linen Towels. . . , At 15c each
46-inch All Linen Towels AtlOceach
Bed Spreads.
Largo-it ami Cheapest § toct ( In
Splendid Marseilles Quilts AtCOc
41-4 Heavy Marseilles Quilts AttiSc
18-4 1 ino Marseilles Quilts At M.SS
Imported Marseilles Qullta AtSAGO
hero , and ho is a man of much base ball ca- well us u cliristiau and a gentleman.
Ho Is liable , however , to get on a second
hand load of peaches 'smelling the gang's '
breath ns they lllo in the hotel In the small
hours of the morning1.
The p.itronugo down at'tho village of St.
Joe has not boon equal to the expenditures ,
and there Is no doubt but what the manage-
moat is quietly casting about to soil the en
tire team and franchise to so mo other city to
secure itsulf against serious loss. Manager
Truckcnmlllor has nil the glory ha wants
this season , and ho has begun to squeal for
help , declaring that if the business men of
the village wish to maintain the team ns an
advertising medium they must come to the
front with , sotno stuff , or let it go by the
"I have n chance to soU.tUo players for an
amount which will cover the doflclt
and Icavo mo in possession of the
improvements , " Manager Truekenmtllor
says , "or lean transfer the franchise com-
p'.oto and gat out that way. It lias boon sug
gested that 1 delay action until an effort can
bo uindo to reach tlio business men , but un
less that effort is made at orico the club will
go as sure as my name | s Truckonmlllor. 1
have done my duty , now lot others who uro
interested in the reputation of the city do
theirs. The club is aot A losing investment ,
figuring the value of the Individual players
and the franchise , but people should not ex
pect one or two mun only to stand the bur
den of the expanses , which nro enormous. I
have u clmrico to get three first-class men at
once , to take the place of some
who have been responsible for
the loss of recent game ? , and
if the merchants show n disposition to help
the club , I'll promise thonVa rattling team
for next year , which wll | start out on a pav
ing basis. Since we have been playing ball ,
St. Joseph has been mentioned more frequently
quontly in one issue of the great newspapers
than formerly in thirty. You can find the
scores of the St. Joseph games dally in the
Qlobp-Domocrat , Chicago Tribune , New
Yorlc Herald and other metropolitan papers ,
and Just now , when people , are beginning to
look for news of the city , it is of inestimable
importance to those who have money in
vested in real estate anil in business to main
tain it. "
IMlNCUllnncouH Sports.
Doves nio now affording great shooting.
They have Hocked and are to , bo found in
great numbers In almost any wheat stubble ,
The result of John L's trial has sounded
the death knoll to Lomloui prlio rlug lighting
rules in this country , if lt < hasn't adminis
tered n damper to pugilism generally for a
long time to come.
Wilbur P. ICnnpp , norIn Frisco , Cul. ,
with the Hardln-Morgan combination , claims
the title of the champion 'professional bicy
clist of the world , und lias on open challenge
to ride any living mun an : ' .distance fromouo
to one hundred milea for 81,000.
The sporting editor of 1 HC HER is in ra-
coipt of n handsome lltu igrnnh from Rich-
nrd 1C. Fox of bol : Ind his incompara-
bio double trotting team , 'Sir Mohawk and
Nellie Sontai ; . " When it-homo Mr. Fox
takes tircut delight In uU tiring behind this
great pair. ,
South Omaha has n juvenile shooter who
Is a wonder , His name I * Cuarlio E. Heinor ,
and lie is but six years of.age , and yet he has
made some marvelous fcorcs with a 23 Win
chester. Ho not only * pinks the bulisoyo ut
looyards with astonlshlil ? regularity , but
does some fancy wing shooting that would
put to shauio the efforts of many of our best
Dannie Nccdham Is out with a challenge
to meet any man of his class from $000 to
$1,000 u slue. A wt-11 known business man
of Minneapolis , who hus never before been
commocted with sports in the northwest , is
Nccdham's backer , Ncodham is especially
anxious to hear from Jimmy Lindsay , of this
There will bo an. excursion of n couple of
hundred down from Sioux City to-day to see
their pots annihilated.
Young wood duck shooting has com
menced at Horseshoe , Houeycreok , und other
adjacent lakes , The birds are rmlto plenti
ful , and in an extremely line condition.
Upland plovur have ubout nil gone , only a
straggling Hoot being mot with now and
then on the bluffs along the river valley.
Charles Cuthcart , tuporiutenJout of the
We are now prepared to show the largest and cheapest stock of
Dress Goods in the city , in fine goods as well as low priced goods. Be
sure and attend this sale , as never again will such bargains Be offered.
Double Fold Wool
Cashmeres ,
Fine 40-Iucli Wifle
Now Tall Stylos.
Billiard Cloth ,
All newest shades , Worth Xc.
Imported All Wool
French Cashmeres ,
Pall Colors.
Comprising Strlpo Foule ,
Serges , Cameletto Cloth , with Yard.
Bide nands nud black and Worth Double ,
white mixtures.
Adams Express , this city , will escort a party
of OJStetn railroad magnates up into
Minnesota next week on a pisca
torial excursion. Cathcart is a famous old
nnglcr , and wall posted in all branches of
sportsman's lore. The soortiiiK editor of
TUB Bui : acknowledges the gentleman's kind
invitation to make one of the expedition.
UoJlo C. Hickes , of Dayton. O. , but a
frequent visitor to Omaha , won the Indl-
du. l target American championship at Corey.
Pa. , yesterday , breaking 147 blue rocks out
of 150. Hickes is the crack trap shot de
feated on the Omaha grounds in u 10J blue
rock race two weeks ago by John Dunmiro.
The Coliseum , as it hus been remodeled
ana improved , will make the linest polo
grounds in the country. An electric light
is being put in the building , and the twenty
big nro lights will malto the commodious
structure light ns day. Immediately after
the exposition Maaauer Prince will devote
all his tlmo to the organization of the western
polo league.
A great deal of interest is being taken by
the Omaha uud Council Uluffs checker plav-
ors in the contest which takes place in
Omaha in October. It is expected that quite
u number will contest for the prize , which
will bo a handsome gold medal , representing
the championship , made by one of the lead
ing jewelers of the city. Those interested
can secure full information by addressing
Fcslio Nicholson , secretary.
Clinton H. Terry , son of Judge Terry ,
says thut his friendly relations with his
lather terminated when the father married
Miss Hill.
A Cleveland man ha * just married again
the woman from whom hu was divorced ten
years ago. Meantime ho had married n second
end wife and became a widower.
Sing Ham , a Chinaman , was married to a
.voting German girl lu the county clerk's of-
lice Monday. She is liltuly to sing ham u
long tlmo for the future before she will
got It.
An elderly tnnldou of Perry , Mo. , com
pelled young Henry King , of that city to
marry her by securing evidence of a bur
glary which h3 had committed there. After
a brief honeymoon ho confessed the crime
and was sentenced to the penitentiary.
A gentleman giving the name of D. U ,
Avery lately paid the Now Uruuswick rail
way fS20 fora special train to take himself
and wifu from St. John , N. 13. , to Portland ,
Mo. The couple arrived from Halifax about
midnight and immediately proceeded on
their journey.
Now hero's meanness for you , George
Miller uud Edward Leolaire , of Browns-
town , Mich. , loved the same girl. Leoluiro
was the village schoolmaster. When the
school house was burned recently It was
proved that Miller hired a fellow to lira It , so
that Leclulro would bo out of a job uud with
It bis chances with the girl ,
Quito a ronmntlu marriage was celebrated
at tbo residence of Colonel J. H. Borne , of
Gainesville , Go. The contracting parties
woroA. J. Holland , of Jackson county , und
Miss Ida Young , of Hall county. Both uro
deuf mutes , und both are graduates of Geor
gia's deaf and dumb institute at Cave Spring.
The magistrate submitted in writing the
necessary question , to which thu contracting
parties aftlrmutlvoly uuswored by an inclina
tion of tha head ,
Throe women In Canada possess certifi
cates showing that they vvoro married to one
Charles M. Hunt , formerly of Cleveland , O , ,
und the authorities are now looking for that
person with a view of punishing him for big-
limy. Hunt loft a wife and six children in
Ohio thirteen years ago and wont to Detroit ,
whore ho met und married Miss Jcnnio
Miller. Ho brought her to Windsor , do-
Bi-rted her , married another woman , and
loft her to RO to Dawn Mills , Out , There ho
passed himself elf as a single mun and won
the affections of Miss Sarah Purdy , to whom
bo was married two years ago.
ID Meudvlllo a couple of days since a young
man called on Court Clerk Gasklll tor a mur-
rlago license. On giving the lady's ago as
twenty ho was told her parents' consent was
necessary. Ho meditated and concluded ;
"Just let it go a few day * . I've got another
girl that I like pretty well , and I think she's
ofugo , I iuuy change my mlad } I'll ice you
Bfuiu , uuyhow. "
mporied Henrisllas
Black and all colors , \Vorth * 1 03.
New Millie Plaid
mpoited Cashmeres Ynrd.
Wtrth Oic.
An Elegant Line of Iinpoitcd
All Wool Hemhttas
innewest coloring- ' , such as
Havana , , Now Urabv ,
Mousse , llorcul lint. Marine , ] Vaid.
etc. I Worth f 1.25.
flme lean Broadcloth
Warranted to give satisfac Yard.
tion. \V01 tli $1.60.
54-Inch Wide Imported
Tlio poods are worth fully
JBIXI. but to introduce tMem to
our trade wu will s-jll them at Yard.
Worth 12.00.
How the Water at Lincoln Came
to bo Brackish.
Treacherously Ho SI w tlia Utuus-
Kolliaina But ttic Tom-
aliawlc ol * the AvcnyliiK
Spirit Laid Him I < mv.
The IVntcrs of IJItteriics'4.
. Nob. , August 10. [ Special
to Tin : Bni : . ] The frequent visits of
the Omaha , Otoo and Pawnee Indiana
to Milford with their sick during the
early settlement of that borough and
their encampment in a plcturosquo
bond of the river just opposite the Lith
ium springs gave rise to many in
quiries. By persistent efforts on the
part of the editor of the Blue Valley
Record , the lirst paper of Milford , the
olio wing legend was elicited , and has
never before boon published , owing to
the absence of ono link that lias but re
cently been supplied :
Many years ago the Otoos and Pawnees -
noes wore united under ono or
ganization , and presided over by a wise
chieftain by the name of Quonchaqua.
Under his leadership happiness and
prosperity reigned. The Omalias be
came their strongallics.iuid they waged
successful war on the murderous Sioux
nd Choyonnes when occasion required ,
nnd that was quite frequently , for the
braves of the last named tribe , who oc
cupied vast tracts to the west and north
west , gave chase to the herds of BulTalo ,
us those animals made their regular
visits to the Salt Basin8.
Quench aqua mid a daughter ,
of the pruirlo flowers , wjiich entitled
her to the name of Shogo. The troph
ies of the chase adorned her wigwam.
None were more attentive to her than
the young chieftains , Kolhnmn , of the
Pawnees and Popotno , of the Otocs ,
The rivalry bred discore. Fair Shogo
decided that Popotno was good , but
Kolhamu was far hotter , and in this
comparative jift&Qinont the aged chief
tain coincided , Then a division of ter
ritory became necessary. The Otoos
wore given the territory east of the
river , whobo waters flowed to the north
ward , and the Pawnees a broad expanse
of territory west of the river flowing to
the southward , while tlio prairie between -
twoon remained neutral. A union of
forces became necessary to repel in-
vasiou und BO continued until the death
of Quonolmqua , which must have boon
prior to the time when Coronado wont
in search of the Seven Cities of Glboln.
After several years cntrangomont ,
Popotno sent a swift messenger to
Kollmma to request him to meet tlio
Otoos in council nt the Salt Licks for
an adjustment of dilllcultios. Tlio
Pawnee ohioftuln. over ready to reunite
with his bravo allies , obeyed the ro-
quobt and together with u few of his
.wise counselors wended their way to
wards the rising sun to the appointed
place. The IfthBomo Shogo rode with
him. Arriving ut the designated spot
whore bubbling up rings quenched the
thirst of the weary travelers , they mot
and exchanged greetings. Tlio prus-
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enco of SliofTO urouEod the green eyed
monster , und despite the { food inten
tions of the O too chief tain , the propone ! {
cninco of native traichory directed , a
stealthy blow that laid Kolhnnia low.
The deed was done , but tlio avenging
from the spring and S\Q\V \ Popotno and
put to llitfht his warriers who wore
about to follow the example of their
leader in waging1 a war of annihilation
on their defenceless gnosts.
The spirit of Quonchaqua soizinr the
tomahawk of tlio dead blayor washed its
blood stiiiiis in the waters which wore
turned to bitterness , and ho decreed
that it should bo unlit for man or beast
for many , many winters. Tlion turning1
with llio weeping1 Shogo and her follow
ers they departed towards the setting *
sun. One-half dny'u journey brought
them to a rapidly Hewing stream whore
waters sparkled over rocky beds shad
owed by gigantic trees and winding1
grape vinos. Proceeding to the west ot
the river the spirit of Quonelmqua
under a huge elm tree and out sprang a
crystal fountain of pure water ever
which the Bad hearted Shogo presided ,
healing the wonndod and curing the
.sick of nor nation until the Big Medi
cine water became a panacea.
Sliogo was now the acknowledged
queen of the Bine valley , nor good deeds
and Bolf-saoriliclug devotion to her people
ple resounded throughout the nation ,
and she was tlio recipient of many favors
and worjhinnod as ono who had direct
communication with the Great Spirit ,
A high promontory situated a few hun
dred yards to the southward of the Big
Medicine water , adorned by sturdy oaks
and overlooking Kogo rapids , whom
the watot's of the river lap the Bopul-
chorod hanKs was the quiet retreat of
Shogo , as faho watched the rising sun
and appeared to
with tlio departed chieftain Kolhnina.
This habit gave prominence- her sup
posed supernatural powers , and the pic
turesque elevation was hold sacred by
her dusky followers.
Yours elapsed and a strange people
clau in helmets nnd armor of brass canio
from tlio bouth and learning the story
of the Indian queen , pummdcd her that
the ono she mourned now inhabited tha
liappy hunting grounds situated many
hundred miles to the southwest , beyond
mountain and stream , nnd that they
were sent UH special mosHungora
to carry her to the realm
of de-light. Their Htrngo tongue and
gorgeous array , unknown hut in mythi
cal traditions of her own people , added ,
plausibility to their representations
und coiiiflding with her dreams of the
future , she was willing to undergo the
hardships of dreary march and camp
to again join the companion of her youth
Thus allured she was pomundod to ac
company the cavaliers , witli a few
trusted companions , and after thoeucri-
Hco of a spotted fawnon the promontory
and dedication of the springs to the
ullliotcd ef her nation ,
nevermore to bo noon , but over wor
shipped as a guardian spirit. "
The legend needs no explanation , as
It requires no great stretch of the im
agination to prove that the Water of
ButornoBS ( H located In the vicinity of
the artesian well ut Lincoln , and thu
Medicine water has its existence in the
Lithium Springe at Milford.
Two Mlddlovlllo young men fought with
knuckles about a young woman , the afore
said young woman standing near und cncour-
ugiug both , At the end ot the tlcht the f < t
inulo turned u cold shoulder upon both be *
ratine thu combatants didn't fight to u ilul h