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ttllvtredby carrier In Any Part of ho City tx
Twenty Cents Per Week. . „ . . . .
DcMNrpfl OrncR No. 43.
NIGHT uniTon , No. 21.
Klrmess. *
N. Y. I' . Co.
Glcnson coal. *
C. IS. Music Co. , MS B'wny.
D. VV. Otis , city and farm loans.
Uo ton store leading hosiery bouse.
Unity Guild has a social at Mrs. Ucorpo
Rudlo'a to-night.
Iwo arc lights vroro put Into tlio public II *
brnry yestcrdny.
The Elsoman building will bo ready for oc
cupancy by the 1st of September. *
Iho DodRO Light Guard * nnvo Incited
the Omaha auards to visit them on Septem
ber a
T , G. Gulo took out n building permit .yes-
tordny for a $700 cottngo on lotW ! , block I'J ,
Williams' first , addition.
The city council fnilcd ngaln last night to
get a quorum. Adjournment was taken
until 10 o'clock this mornlnir.
The work of Invoicing the Goldberg stock
will be completed to-day. The store Is in
chnrROof C. D. Heel , son of cx-Shorllt Haul.
The Baptist Sunday school , numborlnjf
nbout two hundred pupils and touchers , enJoyed -
Joyed u pleasant plcnlo In Falrmount park
A cruel rumor has boon started that ono of
the wolf pups captured by the hunting club
was purchased of a ( armor lad. Avauiit ,
base thought.
Ono of Wlekhnm 13ros. ' employes was
partially burled by the caving of n dirt hank
at the lutter's brick yard yesterday. Ho es
caped with slight Injuries.
A bcnoflt entertainment for the Christian
Home , Rotten up by Miss Eva Barnard and
other young ladles , was given at the Meth
odist clutrch last c veiling.
Wllllo Harfiluuiscii. son of Charles Harg-
hauson , celebrated his seventeenth birthday
anniversary Wednesday nlgiit by a surprise
party , composed of his young friends.
The democrats will hold a meeting In the
city building to-morrow ulght for the pur-
pcsaoturruiigjng for a uarty'of 100 young
democrats to attend the Sioux City conven
tion In a body ,
Tlio democratic county cdnvcntlon is to beheld
held Monday , September ID , at 10 a in. , at
the court house. Candidates for the county
ofllccs and delegates to the state con ventlou
Will bo selected.
Hetirv Couph ! , of Manilla , has boon nr-
restcd for bootlegging whisky. Ho hus been
bound over In rlio alien of00 to await tlio
action of the United States grand Jury ,
which meets next month.
A live foot bull snake was killed on Wash
ington avenue yesterday afternoon. It was
a formidable looking reptile , had coiled up
on the paving , and was turning the timid
people from their course until it was killed.
The coining terra of the district court ,
which opens on the 27th , will bo an Import
ant ono. There is an unusually laixo num
ber of civil cases. The criminal calendar Is
also large , und embraces two murder
The interest in the coming Klrmess is
great. The curiosity of the public will ciiuso
the house to bo crowded , and thosa desiring
choice of scats should not delay securing
them. It promises'to bo the greatest homo
entertainment ever given horu.
The date of the old settlors' picnic and re
union Is Thursday , August 23. There have
boon numerous typographical errors errors
in the various announcements bo that some
may bo misled. The reunion takes pluco at
Wnlvern on Thursday of nuxt week.
A laborer engaged in excavating for Mar
tin Hughes' now building unearthed a watch
and chain eighteen inches below the surface.
It is thought that It was planted by some ono
who had stolen it. 'I he watch is in treed
condition except the crystal side which was
The managers of the Klrmcss say that it
is not expected that tlio audience will bo in
full dress. Everybody will bo welcome In
eilk or calico. The mummers Unit plenty to
do In providing the elaborata entertainment
and will leave the audience to look after
their own dressing.
Thcro is much necessity for havinc the
names of streets placed on signs at the
corners. Many of the houses , too , need re
numbering. Some houses have their old
numbers yet upon them. Buildings which
have been moved from one part of tno city to
another , in some cases retain their old num
bers , causing much confusion.
James Clogan was arrested in the Mer-
nain building by Chief of Police Lucas at
noon .yesterday upon a' warrant charging
blm with assault uuon several men working
for Sewer Contractor Miller. Tno warrant
was mudo returnable to Justice Hcndricks'
court , and the prisoner was turned over to
Constable Foieman. Wllllo cti route to the
court ho sprung from the constable's buggy
and escaped.
Frank Trimble stood up at the bar of police
court justice yestorauy morning to answer
to the charge of intoxication. Ho demanded
a trial. Cluof Lucas and three other wit
nesses tcstilied to the olfoct that ho was
drunk , and Trimble called out tlireo follows
from the cells who declared ho was not
drunk when incarcerated. Ho was dis
charged with the admonition of the court
that ha would get thirty days the uoxt time
bo appeared before tno bar.
J. C. Lange , deputy In tcrnal rovcnuo col
lector , Is closing up his ofllcial business
preparatory to turning over his oflico to his
successor. That person has not yet been
appointed , but the oflico , which is worth
$1,000 n year. Is supposed to bo coquetting
with a good deal of uncertainty , with Theo
dore GuiUur , W. M. MeCrury , John Fox , L.
13. Cousins and several other gentlemen.
The appointment will probably be announced
before the lust of the month.
Uoston Ciusiin , the colored fiddler from
Omaha , who played for the Ulg Lake picnic
on Sunday , and was arrested with others ,
paid 912.10 ilno In the police court yesterday
morning. Ho clulms to bo the least intoxi
cated und best behaved man at the dance ,
und loft tlio Jail vowing vengeance because
bo was the only ouo of the crowd who was
pinched. Hu attributes all his Jroublo to the
Pralor outllt ou Lower Uroudw.iy , and pro-
pojcs to prosecute them for violating the
Bunday law by Belling whisky to him on that
Heal cstato transfers aru running no less
than S33.000 n weak , and yet some coluplaiu
that there Is 110 activity. As compared with
other cities Council Uluifs Is doing nobly.
While the boom swept uvor the country ,
Btildtig the Bluffs as well us other cities ,
there was u marked udvanco in prices. In
stead of receding since , us has bcon the ease
in many cities , the advanced nrluos liuvo hold
IIrm iioro. There has boon no going back ,
but a steady advance la prices sinco. Still
properly Is low in proportion to other cities
of this aizo and real estate U by no moans
Dexter , employment.
Fountain So cigar , best in Iho world.
Kerr & Qrtiy , roa estate. 60S First nvenuo.
For salo-Ona Gur-Soottton-horso portable
engine ; In good repair. Apoly to Woir-Shu-
gurt Co.
AhvnjH tin Time.
If you wish to purchase a good and reliable
watch 25 percent leps thnn club rates , and
en easy terms , then cull at ouco and mnkc
your own soloctlon at 0. B. Jacquoinlut &
Co. , 7 Muln street.
If you want clean , fresh erocorlcs and
fruits , call on Johnson & OlsonT13 , Broadway ,
Money loaned at L. L5. Oraft'n ft Co.'a
loan ofllco on furniture , pianos , horsoa ,
wagons , personal property ot till kinds ,
nnil nil other articles ot vuluo , without
removal. All business strictly conII-
Dwelling for ealo ou easy payments. Also
building lots at lowest murkot prices. Call
and oxumluo our list. 10. H. Bheafo & Co.
K. H. Shoafo Si Co. ulvo special attention
to the collection of routs aud euro of property -
erty in the city and vicinity. Charges mod
erate. Onico Broadway and Main streets ,
up stuir * . _
C. B. ttcum dye works , 1019 Broadway ,
They Still Have ThoJr Lightning
Rods Ready To Bo Struok ,
Collmcl Tom Evnns As nT nltlc Tnlkor
Golilborit'N Creditors Muk-
firmly For Itrlok
Anxious for tlio IjIclitnliiK to Strike.
Thcro was a rumor floating around the
streets yesterday which was strong enough
to como singing through the windows of the
postoftlco building , setting the whole forcoof
clerks nnd employes to buzzing , to the effect
that Congressman Head had recommended
Postmaster Bowman's successor. The airy
tongues that bora the rumor along syllabled
the name of Major Lymnn , Iho
trumeroui gentlemen who have boon holdIng -
Ing nloft their lightning rods for n long
tlmo in hope to catch the bolt when It should
Hash , let them drop for u whllo to llml out
who had been hit , The search was long and
fruitless and after it hnd proved vain they
picked up their rods und turned their points
nnd their eyes toward the linpcrterbablo con
gressional cloud whence the coveted bolt
must como. ,
Tlio rumor tingled the cars of a reporter
nnd ho started to hunt it down , Ha put an
his wings und boldly penetrated the sanctum
in the midst of the cloud itself , nnd a very
pleasant colloquy ensued between himself
nnd Congressman Reed. *
" 1 hear you have recommended Major
Lvmnn for the postofllco , " said the scrlbo.
"What havoyou to sny about Itl"
"Well , I'll tell you , " said Judge Heed with
n droll smile , "If you hear any moro about It
nnd anybody asks you just toll thorn for
ino you don't Uuow. "
The gentlemen who are applicants for the
position have notified Congressman Reed
that they still huvo their lightning rods up
nnd will keep them there until next Novem
ber."Tho postofllco light has many elements of
Interest in it , " said u well posted local poli
tician yesterday. "fho question Involves a
good deal for Congressman Heed himself ,
and I think ho feels the responsibility.
Among the prominent candidates are Stcail-
tnun , Nott , Beers and Major Lyniati.
man hus n strong claim upon , the oflico , and
would muka u popular postmaster , but there
Is n strong faction of his own party working
against him. His chances urn gone. Then
there is Ed. Mott ; he'd bo a splendid post
master , und he's an old soldier , but ho hus
too many opposing him. Heed can't uhooso
him and huvo harmony. Then there is
young Ucers u first rate boy , but bo's un
fortunate enough to ho n nephew of Judge
Heed. If ho was appointed it would rulso a
storm , for ho has never done any
thing for the party. When he was in
I'usoy's bank bo worked for Puscy's election -
tion , und folks thought ho was a democrat.
Then ho kept still until Judge Hoed was
nominated , and then worked for his uncle's
election on the republican ticket. It wouldn't
do to ignore the old party workers und put
a nephew In. "
"What do I think of Major Lyman for
postmaster ! " Woll. there's another rub.
The major has fared pretty well alrcadv at
the bauds of the party , tie is a splendid
lawyer , but not much of u business man , and
like many other great lawyers , a poor finan
cier. It will spoil Judge Hood's chances for
anything.morc , if ho gives Lyman this plum.
I understand that some of the other congress
men are anxious to huvo Lyman elvon tlio
postofllco. Why don't they pitch in and help
get him some good government position ? Put
him on the bench , say in Colonel Keatley's
pluco iu Alaska.1'
"No , it don't look ns if any of these promi
nent candidates can bo named without n
row und a split that would spoil
Judge Heed's * chances for another term
in congress , or for the United States senate.
There's a good deal of bud blood , uud it's
getting baddor. "
"Woll , what about a dark horsol"
"I ruthor think this will bo the solution.
Thcro is D. W.'Bushnell. I have heard that
ho could have it , but won't take It. llo'd
make a capital postmaster. J. M. Troynor
is also named as liable to bo called upon.If
ho would accept It no ought to suit , all
around , or J. C. Mitchell , the ticket agent.
in fact , uny stirring business man , n good
accountant , etc. , would do , but there's been
too much talk and too much pulling over the
old candidates. T noy'vo got jealous of each
other , and are bound to feel sere and make
trouble. YeSj there's James Patterson , of
Stewart Bros. J don't like him , but ho
would make n splendid postmaster. The
woods uro full of them , iu fact , and I think
Judge Heed will avoid trouble by naming
some such dark horse. "
J. G. Tipton , real cstoto. 627 B'd-way.
Seidenberg's 5c Figaro at the Fourtain.
Steam aud hot water heating , first-class
plumbing. Work done In both cities. John
Gilbert , 518 Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
jiulioi On tin Streets.
" 1 wish the women of Council Bluffs would
form a rifle club or some sort of an organi
zation that would familiarize them with the
use of .firearms and overcome their timidity
and fear ot such thinirs , " said u prominent
business man yesterday. "Perhaps tuoy
would then carry such things when circum
stances compelled them to go on the streets
unattended ufter nightfall nnd tench a
wholesome lesson to some of the whelps who
make a practice of insulting every woman
who appears ulouo on the streets after dark.
Thcro uro a number of young lady clerks em
ployed In my store , nnd on Saturday und
Monday nights they uro com pellet ! to remain
until after 0 o'clock. Some of them have to
go homo alone , but they always arrange to
go in company with each other , lliu the
presence of ono another does not protect
them and they have been repeatedly in
sulted. Ono young lady who , by the way ,
is BOO u 10 bo married to an cstima-
bio young man , has been particularly
persecuted In this respect. Of late , she has ,
at my suggestion , carried a pistol when slio
loft tlio stare at night. She has Had ono oc
casion to use itslnco , but womau-liico , forgot
HIO had it and gave the scoundrel who iu-
Bultcd her a vigorous punch in the face with
her parasol. I wish moro of the women had
the muscle nnd spirit of old Mrs. GUotcher ,
the colored woman referred to in Tun Uii :
this morning , who used the chair with such
satisfactory results. "
S. B. Wtulsworth & Co , loan money.
Swnnson Music Co. , 835 Hroadway.
Kelley & Younkorman soil grocerla
Chase and Sauboru coffcas a special/ .
\Vlio ( HviiH ilia
T. J , Evans , of this city , has captured the
hearts of the people of Ottawa , 111. , where
ho has Just captured an electric railway. At
the banquet , tendered him by tlio business
men , thora were ma'iy worthy compliments
paid him in the touat making , nnd ot course
ho had to respond. Ho did BO In a very
creditable manner , his speech being very
readable , nnd doubtless even moro hearablo.
In the course of the response ho rolutod the
following anecdote. Ho did not state who
was the owner of the phonograph , but the
HluQitos , who are good gucssers. may locate
him."My friend , and ono of mv partners In this
enterprise , at Council HlulTs , recently pur
chased a phonograph. Ho is very much In
terested in electricity , a stockholder and an
ofllcor In an oloctrio railway , telephone ) and
a very lurgo stockholder in a phonograph
company in Iowa and Nebraska. Ho took
his newly acquired phonograph to his club
meeting that ho might edify and Instruct his
associates with t ho use and bennlits of the
phonograph. They bud musio from 'io
operas , speeches from the politicians , und all
were delighted , o much so that the club became -
came merry und indulged in a good deal of
uiusio of Its own. The day following my
friend carried his phonograph hoino , thereby
to Instruct und entertain lib wife and daugh
ters , prefacing the cnjoymcut ho had had at
tbo club the niuht before , listening to the
operas and the eloquence that tbo Instrument
presented , and ot course they were delighted
to bo the owners of uch an Instrument , and
Unit they could enjoy operas und reuiuin at
homo , also Iho grout conventional oratory , us
well us the forum of the court room , and
with eagerness the wlfo grasped tbo phone ,
nml placing It to her ears , tellx my friend to
como on with his operas , nnd the Instrument
began rendering the music of the club , ' \\o
won't go homo until morning , wo won't fro
homo until mornlii.1 It Is needless to say
that n different opcrn from the club room was
attended tho-noxt ovonmg. "
Kino Jewelry , w.itchcs and diamonds ;
cleaning and repairing nt K. Uurhorn.
City steam laundry , 34 Main , tol. 141 ,
doUtlt TII'S Creditors.
Additional writs of attachments were filed
In the district court .vcstordav morning by
Hlrsch & Itro. , for flTu ; Jacob Hcrkson & ,
Co. , for f 1(10.03 ( ; Aaron Fullonstcln , for 8115 ,
and Jacob Lewis for fl. > . Hurkson & Co , til-
lego in their potitlon that they have pur
chased the accounts of Leopold & Co. , whoso
claims nra included In the above. Iu their
petition the creditors allege that J. Goldberir ,
who Is Mrs , Jana Uolduorg , hat mudo an
assignment witn Intant to defraud her cred
itors , and ask for the amounts named nnd
costs. Attachments have also boon tiled by
W. C. James for rout duo on the Main street
building. A landlord's ' lion was also tiled by
the owner of the building where the store Is
at present located.
Go to M. Koatlni ? for druas , 605 Broadway.
Odoll LJros. & Co. loan money. The most
Ibcral terms offered. 103 Pearl street.
Gcttlnir Hnndv For Urlolc 1'nvlnir.
Paving Contractor G. S. Mlllor rcculvod
eight moro cars of hand-burned paving
brick yesterday from Lincoln. Tlio brlclc
are _ evcn bettor than his first shlpinjut ,
which were the best of the kind over re
ceived In the city. They were bolng do-
hvorcd yesterday on South Fourth street ,
where the excavating is about completed
and the foundation ready for the p.ivlng.
The laying of brick will bo commenced to
morrow or Monday. The rccont rains have
retarded the work of excavating , and espec
ially the sewer work , A stretch of several
blocks of ditch for the latter was filled to the
surface by the last rain , und had to bo ro-
movcd by a centrifugal steam pump at a
The Fountain clgnr store for fine cigars.
Winter & .Monroe , sign painters , 410 B'way
Desirable dwellings for rent nt tnouorato
prices. E. H. Shcafo & Co. . rental agents ,
Uroadwuy and Main streets , up stairs.
Got Fountain 5c cigar , next Elscmnn blk.
The Hlua Gr.tflq I'alnoc.
The special board of trade train , for the
Crcston Blue Grass palace , loft the local
depot of the Chicago , Burlington & Qulnoy
nt 7:10 yesterday morning. The railroad
company had agreed to furnish a special
train if 100 fares at half rates were guaran
toed. When the train pulled out there were
22-J passengers on board , and others weru
taken on at the Junction , swelling the num
ber to nearly i50. ! The train consisted of
threo' beautifully decorated reclining chair
cars , two coaches and a baggage cor.
The decorations consisted of festoons of
bunting , potted plants , grasses , etc. , and In
ono ol the cars the festive sunflower pre
dominated. The engine , No. 2b2 , was very
tastefully decorated with bunches of grain
and blue grabs , under the direction of L. E.
Bridenstom. The train was in charge of the
popular conductor , Michael Fnrroll. En
gineer William ICelloy and Fireman Alf
Morganson presided over the machine at the
head of the train. Altogether it was u
pleasant party that loft the Bluffs on the
special , filled with the anticipation of a very
enjoyublo trip.
There were several "Q" ofllcials on the
train , among them being J. M. Bechtelc , of
Burlington , division freight und passenger
agent , who came in Wednesday evening , und
went as far with llio party n Pacific Junc
tion ; W. J. Davenport , general freight und
passenger agent ; M. M. Marshall , general
agent at this point ; J. T. Pugh , general
uitcnt nt Pacific Junction : L. E. Brldonstcin ,
master mechanic , and Gcorgo Webster ,
traveling engineer. Accompanyiac the
partv , us guests of the board of trade , were
the following members of the Omaha board
of trade : W. N. Nnson , C. F. Goodman , F.
E. Biiiloy , C. O. Lobcck , E. H. Wheeler and
Edwin Davis.
A very fust run was made to the Junction ,
where a stop of nearly half nn hour resulted
on account of a hot box on the engine. Hegu-
lar time was made beyond -that point to Hed
Oak , nnd from there to Creston some fast
running was done , arriving at the city of the
Blue Grass palace a few minutes before 11
o'clock. It was expected that there would
bo a reception committee nt the depot , but ,
urobubly owing to some misunderstanding ,
there was a failure to make connections and
n part of the visitors got lost in the shuffle ,
as it were , but eventually turned up at the
fair grounds.
It was to bo expected that there would bo
many llttlo details wanting attention , which ,
owing to incompleteness of preparations ,
always attendant on the first day's exorcises ,
hud been overlooked.
Soon after arriving at Creston the party
took carriages , und escorted by Dalbey's
Hilitary band , of this city , Company D ,
Fifth regiment , I. N. G. , of Creighton , Crns-
tou Fire department , nnd Crcston Cornet
band , drovooutto the grounds , where , after
n brief inspection of the colcbr.itocl palace ,
the addresses of the day were mado. , .
The following gcntlcmou occupied" the
speakers stand : Governor Larraboa and
staff ; W. L. Alexander , adjutant general ;
G. P. Hnnawalt , surgeon general ; Jonn
Duughorti , colonel and aide ; W. W. Ellis ,
commissary general ; W. C. Wyman , captain
and military secretary ; Colonel O'ICeefo ;
aldo ; Governor Thayer and staff ; General
A. V. Cole , adjutant general ; Colonot E. M.
Gorvcll , quartermaster general ; Colonel M.
W. Stone , surgeon general ; Colonel H. S.
Hotchkiss , inspector general ; President
Harsh , Hon. Lucius Wells und other repre
sentative citizens.
J. B. Harsh , of Creston , prosldont of tlio
Blue Grass league of southwestern Iowa ,
was master of ceremonies. The exorcises
opened with proynr by Kev. W. S. Hooker ,
of Creston , after which Governor Larrabco ,
of Iowa , wes introduced to make the dedi
catory address. His remarks consisted
mainly of statistics and politics , for which
ho was severely criticized oy many of these
In attendance , who thought that at best the
governor showed very boor taste In taking
advantage of such a gathering to make a
political harangue. Ho spoJto but a short
tlmo , however , when Governor Thayer , of
Nebraska , was introduced ,
The Nebraska covornor spoke for about
half an hour , his remarks being in the nature
of a rovlow of the progress made by Iowa
In the past twonty-flvo years , with many u
good word for Nebraska thrown in at in-
tcrvuls. Ho was frequently applauded , and
bis speech seemed to put the crowd iu a very
happy mood. At the conclusion of his re
marks the visitors sought the dining hulls
and lunch counters.
In the afternoon the formal address of
welcome was made by Hon. John
A. Patterson. mayor of Creston.
It was briefly responded to by Hon. Lucius
Wells , vice president of the Blue Grass
league for Pottawattainio county , who , in
conclusion , introduced Colonel W. F.
Sapp , of Council Blulfs. At the hands of
this gentleman , the advantages of I'ottawat-
tumlo were portrayed in glowing colors.
Other short addresses were made by Spencer
Smith nnd D. A. Farrell , after which the as
semblage was dismissed , and the remainder
of the day devoted to sight seeing.
The displays made by the various counties
were in ovor.v way creditable to ttioui. and
were of such size und vurlety'us to raiulro
at least tinco hours for a thorough inspec
tion. There were fifteen counties repre
sented , ouch occupying u section by itself.
Of course , the center of attraction for the
Council Blutfs Jologatlon was the I'ottawat-
tiunio exhibit , and It was of such a nature
that no resident of that county need have
any feeling , except one of pride , concerning
it. It was without exception the finest dis
play of general products made by any county.
The exhibition was varied , Including vege
tables , corn , small grain , fruit and flowers ,
Thcro were 17".l varieties of apples ami sixty-
two of grapes , In this exhibit was the
longest blue grass shown by uny county , u
bunch iiitio foot tall being displayed. Potta-
wattamlo also had the banner corn stalk , it
measuring bixteon foot , ono inch In halghth ,
and ten feet to the center of the first oar.
A twenty pound boot and a twonty-llvo
pound oabbago were among the attractions
of the vegetable display , and a piece of grape
vine fourteen feet long , containing sixty-two
bunches ot grapes , UUH n feature of the frut |
But it muitt not bo inferred that Pottawut-
tauila bad everything her own way ia the
mnttT of fine dl pl .ui. Although she Ir-d In
the wuy of n acnJnil exhibit , there were
others which had'llfttecr special displays.
Appar.ooso cotTpW had a largo exhibit of
coal from the Combrvlllo mines.
Mills county tmulo a heavy grass exhibit
and n largo fruit display.
Taylor county triidb a very fine poncral ex
hibit , showing mnb handsome Individual
specimens of vojrutah'e.i. '
The specialty fnuluro ot tlio Lucas county
exhibit wns a larnoi display of pencil sketches
by pupils of the Chnrhon public schools.
Adnir county showed the finest display of
grasses , the prlntjijSal fcnturcn being a sheet )
nnd horse neatly manufactured from small
grain nnd grass.
In the Clurlto 'tfrtunty exhibit were Homo
hnndsomo specimens nf ctraw drapery nnd a
cabinet of intricate Joiner work. The latter
contained over G.000 pieces of wood. Including
ninety different kinds. It was made by J. L.
Butler , ot Osccola.
Warren county made n fine showing of
various woods , tlio , vegetables nnd fruit.
Tbo MadUon countv exhibit was mostly
wood , Including a cabin from Mncksburp ,
built of twenty-six different kinds of wood all
grown in that county. The other exhibits In
this section were stone and grass.
Montgomery county hnd a very tastily ar
ranged display of grass and fruits.
Adams county had n flno exhibit , of apples ,
corn , snmll grain , potatoes , wood and drain
tlio. A handsome colling made entirely of
small grain , in panels , attracted a great deal
of attention.
The Cass county dlsplav wns late in arriv
ing , nnd wns not unpacked until late In the
day. It consisted almost entirely of manu
factured articloi from Atlantic , Including
starch , soap , condition powders and canned
Decatur county showed grass and corn In
Next to Pottawnttamio county Pngo county
had the finest general exhibit In the palaco.
A handsome modern cottage made of corn
wns among the exhibits. Thcro wuro splendid
specimens of vegetables , ilno fruit , oxcelhint
brick nnd wood.
Notwithstanding the general excellence of
the displays of other counties , the palm for
nttructlvoncss must bo awarded to Union
county , the homo of the blue grass palace.
It was not the variety of articles ,
as * grass mid gram formed the
creator part of the nxhlblt , but
the muny odd designs into which they were
manufactured. Chairs , cradles , stands , spin
ning wheels the wheel ot commerce , god
dess of corn and tillage , iiro place , flro
screen , moss covered buckets , etc. etc. , were
there In endless variety , which caused this
display to bo an object of continual Interest.
An immense pyramid of vegetables was also
shown by Union county. The greater part
of this exhibit was prepared by the city of
Crcston , with the assistance of nfow farmers
l ? the Immodlato vicinity , and is a
splendid nttributo of the skill and
Ingenuity of her enterprising citizens.
Itvns quite natural that tlio Union county
exhibit , or , moro correctly , the Creston ex
Inbit , should surpass all others , us articles of
homo manufacture could bo shown which it
would bo impossible to transport from a .dis
tance , but it must ho said to the croait of the
ladles of Crcston that they labored long and
faithfully , not so much to eclipse all others
as to make their initial Blue Grass palace
exposition a grand and overwhelming suc
cess. The opening was most auspicious , and
promises great things.
The New Ogden , Council Bluffs , finest and
largest hotel in Western Iowa. Special nV
tention to commtr'clal men.
Got Fountain 5c cigar , uoxt Eiscman blk.
Mrs. J. W. Porcgoy is spending a few
days nt Colfax. J
N. P. Dodge is expected to return from
Colfax this mornlnc.
Mr. T. A. Clark [ is" confined to his homo ,
210 Hamson street.Tjy illness.
ANTKD A first class plumber at the Iowa
institution for the deuf und dumb. Ono
who understands stea'U. ilttlng preforiod. Ap
plv by mail or In person to Itenry W. Itothcrt ,
sup _ : ; \r _
"M OTlCn A scvon-Toom house lor sale atSii. ) .
L > Investigate tills. Johnston A : Vnu ratten ,
Kvcrett block.
riAfj ESTATE lloulit an ! sold nna ox-
changed. Special attontloa Rlvun to exam
ination of titles. W. C. Jamas. No. IU i'earl St. .
Council Dlulfs.
U boarders wante.l at 1-- Benton street.
-L Good board at reasonable rates. Mrs. I. W.
In the city. Gilt edged onportnnltlaj to 1mm
dUtu Inventor ) anl
Tnos. OrricEn. w. H. M. I'USEV
Corner Main and Broadway ,
Dealers In foreign tnd domestic esch nas.
Collections made and Interest paid on tlma de
I'ltOF. WIIlTti'S
Adapted to tlio public schools. Tim only
complete thlm : oCitH kind In existence und In-
dlsp U3lble liiTho school room. School boards
desiring the most perfect help for tlio teachers
are Invited to examine tliin. Address
II. A. BAliljlNGI'.n ,
General Agent ,
1W Willow Ave. , Council Illulfs. Iowa ,
CouncilJJluffs , la.
Conducted by tiiFslsters of Charity.
An excellent cdticiUlnnil institution , fur-
lilshcd with nil mndnrn Improvements for
boarding unit day school. The ncodomlo year
consist * of tno seiMon * . beginning on the first
Monday In September and February , respect-
IT1.KMR Hoard nnd tuition , per session. ITS
For farther particulars address
8l lor Superior , Ht. PrAtiols Academy ,
Council lllurTri , In ,
Incorporated Nor. 1 , ivro ,
Boatnwest Corner iiroadway and Main Street.
Does a Ilvgular Hanking nnd Ilxchango Iluslniss
Vlcol'rcst. : A. W. UIKICMAN. Cashier.
Directors N. I * . Dodge , ,1 Ilernshelm , Geo.
heellne , J. L. Stewart , W.V. . Wallace. 0. M.
Electric Trusses , Belts , Chest Pro
tectors , Etc ,
Agents \vantca.
C. B. .YUI > ,
The bo't Ii aenerally the cheapest. If von
would bo it lli'Ht class book-koapor , teacher ,
penman , or reporter und typewriter lunieasou-
ably short tlmo attend the
Send for catalogue Klvmp full partlnlacrs
free. W. 8.1' , Council llluu" Ins
No. 1O Pearl St
Glasses Accurately Prescribed , - <
Special attention given to chronic neuralgias ,
hoadaclius , epllepav nnd other nervous allec-
tlons , a large majority otlilch nro caused by
oculer defects , iind are entirely cnrablo by
proner treatment of the oycs Send stamp for
nnmphlet. Dost of references given on appli
cation. Cajarrh treated with success by mull
after first consultation. Olllce ror. Iiroadway
nnd Jlaln street , over Council liluils , Savlnfr >
llnnlc. Hours U to 12 and " to 5. Council
mulls , Iowa.
J. D. EDMITNDSON. E. I. . Si mo A HT
Pros. Vlco Pros.
CIIAS. It , HANNON , Cashier.
/ > TTif/p Tp ) piiii'nn n 4ir
I'ald Up Capital . Jl.W.ffW.OO.
surplus . : roo.0'j.
Liability to Depositors. . . JKJ.OJO.OO.
B I. A. Miller. P.O. Glojson. K.
Shugart , H. I ! . Hart , J. D. Kdmundson. Chas. II.
Ilannon. Transact general batmm ; business.
Largest capital ana surplus ot any bank In
nnsthwestorn Iowa Interest on time deposits.
I have tbo largest and
finest Block of 1m ir goods
west of Chlcnco , nml I
have determined to close it
nil out with the intention
of polng out of the busi
ness. Ludics who desire
anything in my line will bo
given nn opportunity to
buy it nt less thun half the
usual prices. The goods
nro first class , nnd all orna
ments , etc. , made up iu the
latest styles.
- Orders by mail rccolvo
prompt attention.
No. Ul ) Main St. , Council ninth.
No. 27 Ma'n St. , Over Jncquomln's
Jewelry Store
Especially Adapted for
25 T030 § ; LIMITING
j j
HORSE POWER - - ' Mills and Elevators
Specifications anil estimates furnished for completentflum plants. Itvgnlatlon , durability
guaranteed. Can show letters from users uhero fuel uconomy Is equal
with Corliss Non-Condensing. Hem ) for catalogue.
E. C. HARRIS , Agent.
No. BIO Pearl Street , Council Bluffs.
What is to "Hinder You Buying a Piano or
Ogai Now ?
We 1 nvo a very large stock o' the celebrated
Hafdman , Fisher and Everett Pianos
Royal and Century Organs ,
And ( o reduce It will iniiKo special discounts
for tlio next : t ( ) daK.
Wo have also the agency for the OKM2IJIIATB
MUtIO AND ill'BIO HOOKS. Bend for cata
e , Addresa
103 Main Street , - - Oounoil Bluffs , la
Go to the Merrlara block. I AKO the rlovntor unit at op nt
. room 110 nnd consult
Who la ti graduate nnd a practical nml scientific optlclim. Pa not
wcnr Klasie * Improperly fitted , Do not neglect your eyes w hrn they
show ymntom of abnormal rofrivctlon. IK ) not buy Klhfned from
peddlers. The Hunt itliissf s to be found In the world always In stock.
UlnMcs ground FO ( U the eye In all IU rofmctlvo errors. Artificial
eyes gupplUd atprlcestosult. Consultation tree. Hours to 12 , 8 to I
- EA.T- -
_ W. A. QIBBS , QISBrooriwny. _
For Fountain pishes of Ice Cream that nra 10 desreoi below zero. An el
egant fruit and coiifoct onorjr parlor , wtiero overythlng Is cool. cloAtv
und nice. No. SJ I'earl strojt. i
Look at the Immense stock of Summer nnd Fall goods kept by
JOHN PETER , Merchant Tailor
US Iiroadway , Opera House IHock.
llecollect that in hot weather peoplft should keep temperate
Don't get excited , although the awful slnihlng of prices In summer
footwcnr at tno
BANKRUPT Boot and Shoe Store - T
25 Main Street , IsotoiiKh to excite any body.
II1GHT IN TIIU MIDIHjR ot n red hot summer people should
bur their meats of a hutchor xvt.o knnwa how ami tins the mrann o
propnrly Iceanlmr them. The flnoit market In iho west Is the now
establishment of
J. M. SCANLON. Upper Broadway.
If you want oool , chau , fto h frrooorlos , era to
. A. TAYLOR , 10 Main St.
People never RC * hot when they buy ot
They guarantee fair dealing always. DOT nnd fill Main Street.
Even thougti the ucat'.ior Is hot
Has some red-hot tmrgains in renl estate anil so\oral good houses to
rent , all llttod up with modern Improvements. No. W I'earl St.
W. N. YOUNG , 414 Broadway ,
For ill kinds ot groceries nnd provisions ,
Keumeycr Hotel Duildln ? , Iiroadway.
1O DegfTooa Below Zero , and the Wntor
Still Running1.
J. O. BIXBY , Sanitary Plumbing.
11 price i.
Ilot'om prices 1 OKO. It. SIKS'JHKNnOKF. IE7 Ilinadway. Look at
thest prices : Ulbste.k. flc ; chuck steak , fie ; boll Luif , 4c ; corn beef.
4c ; chuck roast , fc : shoulder roast , ( c to 7c ; prlmorlb standard roast.
lOoj por.erhouse ftMlt. lOc ; v ml steak , 7c to Uo ! : mutton chops , Oc to
ls.'c ; pork cliopb , Ic ; salt rort : , to ; hams , K'c ; shonlderx , Ic ; bncon , H c
, Badge ?
It is a BEAT-ALL , bccnuso it navorbronks , splits , cracks or curls.
Because it is indcatructiblu in tliu wuathor , and will undergo no chiinpo in
n any climate.
Because it ia more durable than any other roof made , iron , tin , slate or wood.
Because it can bo Quickly put on without ski'led ' labor und is cheaper than
Because it has been proven by the severest trials and has uovor failed.
For further information ripply to
Room 6O9 First National Bank Buildincr , Omaha.
Oounoil Bluffs office , 116 Ponrl Stroat.
Newly Furnished
Connected by Motor
Located on LakeMannwa , the finest Watering Plocoand Sum mo
Resort' the west , Beautiful Booting and Fishing.
Unparalelled Bathing Beacri.
D it At CO DAV fl < ku I Special Ratoa to Parties and Famllloa. Oor-
IDCllGa J > fc rCl Udj I roopondonoo Solicited.
/ M PI IM C Hydraulic mid Sanitary Engineer. Plans , Estimates
HDIDl/l . Specifications. Supervision of Public Work , Brown
Building , Council BlulTs , lown.
U I I D " 7 Justice of the Pence. Oillco over American Express , No.11
NQP * H UL. . Broad vmy , Council
OTflMC S , QIR/IQ / Attornoys-at-Law. Practice in the State and Fed
O I UINL QL OilVIO oral Courts. Rooms 7 and 8 Suupirt-Bono Block ,
Council liltilTa. Iowa.
T11 I M A M Attornoy-iit-Luw. Room , Sooond Floor , Brown
HQ I ILLIVIAIN Block , 115 Pearl St. , Council HIulTa , Iu. Will
prautlco in Stnto and Federal ConrtH.
OIUuo M * 10 Pearl
The llcst Kmilppfcd Rttabll hmont In the West. Docs Dyeliw and aoanmK of Garments nl
( looda ot every description and material. Dry Cleanluu of Kino UurmonU a Sptclultj.
Out ot town orders by mall or express , will receive prompt attention.
Works on Motor Line , Corner 26th St , & Ave , A , Council Bluffs