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rtlivcred by carrier In Anv Purl of he City n ,
Twenty Cent * Per Week.
II , W , T11.TON , . . MANAOK1L
HrFjNicFfl Orrici ! No. 43.
Nionr r.niTon , No.zi.
> ilNJil M UN i ION. '
N. Y. l . Co.
Glcnson coal.
C. U. Music Co. , 533 13' way.
D.V. . Otis , city nntl form loans.
Uoston store lending hosiery house.
M. O. O'Connor ' Is to build n 11,000 house
In WllllamV addition.
W. II. Hlchnrdson has begun the erection
of n flno rcsldcnco on WnsinnKton nvenun ,
Unity Guild will hixvo n social nt the resi
dence of Mrs. George Iludio to-morrow
The now management of the Ogdoa has
substituted girls for colored wnlturs in the
dining room.
The now Pilprlm SunJny school , corner of
Ninth mid Avcuuo B , already tins seventy-
live members.
The Chicago limited on the Northwestern
road was four hours Into yesterday morning.
The delay was caused at the eastern eiui of
the lino. lots will bo sold on contract
until September 5 , nt 11 o'clock , a. m. Then
nil purchasers will be given a chance to
nclcct their locations.
There will bo a meeting of the Dodge
Light Guards this evening at the armory.
Every member , Including the now ones , Is
requested to DO present.
About two hundred tickets were sold yes
terday to the Crest on blue grass palace. The
prospects mo that the special train this
morning will bo crowded to its fullest capac
Captain D. 13. Clr.rU , as president of the
Old Settlers' association , Is busily preparing
for the reunion at Mulvern , on the 20th.
The aUmidntieo from this county will doubt
less bo large.
The Light Guards will glvo n. drill ono
nlcht of the "Klrmess. " The lot will bo
disposed of another night. Change of tab
leau and march each night. Uigcrvo your
scat at Camp & Kills' .
Tlie special train for Crcston start * from
the local depot at 7:10 : this moniinir. Yester
day afternoon there had been 1I5 ! tickets
sold , and this was but. a beginning. Thuro
will bo a big crowd go from hero anxious to
BCO the Uluo Grass palace.
The Innlsfall plillnarmonlo and dramatic
Bocioty has oPgnnl/cd by electing K < \ Cugloy ,
president ; T. H. Hughes , secretary and
treasurer ; Charles Paschel , business man
ager. They have decided to prepare a play
lor the German Catholic fair in September.
There are about a dozen members.
Charles West had u hearing before 'Squiro
Hcmlricks yesterday , on the charge of steal
ing three pairs of pants from U. Eshelman
about a week airo. The court held that the
evidence was siifllclent to warrant holding
him , and accordingly bound him over to the
grand Jury in tno sum of fliOO. Ho failed to
accuro that amount and was taken back to
3 ( ill.
A young girl in the employment of Mrs.
Friedman left for her homo the oilier day.
and at the same time Mrs. Friedman's pursc ,
containing $11 , also disappeared. The cir-
cumstancCH led to a visit to the girl's ' home ,
in the western part of the city , and inquiry
of her mother. The girl was not at home ,
but the mother paid the larger portion of the
missing amount.
Dexter , employment.
Kcrr & Gray , real estate. G05 First avenue.
Miss C. C. Nichols , modiste , has cone east
and will return about September 10 with
latent fall styles.
For sale Ono Gar-Scott
- ten-horse portable
engine ; In good repair. Apuly to Weir-Shu-
gart Co.
Always oii Tlnip.
If you wish to purchasn a good and reliable
watch 25 pur cent less than club rates , and
on easy terms , then call at once and make
your own selection at C. 11. Jacquemint , &
Co. , 27 Main street.
IVrsoirnl I'ari
S. T. French left yesterday for Salt Lake
Mrs. W. C. James has gone to Chicago for
a brief trip.
A little daughter has been born to Mr. and
Mrs. S. E. Spoor.
Miss Luuru Fllcklnger has gone to Winter-
sot , la. , for a month.
Judge H. C. Hluburd and wife left last
evening for Buffalo , N. Y. , to visit relatives
and friends.
Dr. C. C. Harcn left last evening for his
old homo at Woodstock , Vt. , and will bo ab
sent about thrco wcoks.
It is announced that Hov. Canon Scott , of
JJeatrico , will bo able to supply St. Paul's
church here next Sunday us expected.
Kluior E. Stuoy has started on a pleasant
trip to Ogden. Ho is accompanied by Gil
bert lirooks , of Tabor , formerly connected
with the Citl/en's bank of this city.
William P. Kimball , president of the West'
cm Investment bank , Chicago , was in the
city yesterday , stopping oyor for a few
hours to BOO his old friend. J. K Ilarkucss ,
.and then proceeding to Denver.
H. A. Green , of the Council Bluffs Paint ,
Oil and Glass company , and sister , Mrs.
FrankJIollis , loft last evening for a two
waoks' visit with relatives and friends at
their old homo at Fnyettoville , Wis.
MIIf you want clean , fresh aroceries and
fruits , call on John nan Ac Olson , 713 Broadway.
Money loaned nt L. U. Craft's & Co.'a
loan olllco on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wucona , personal property of all kinds ,
unu all other articles of value , without
runoval. ; All business strictly confi
Dwelling for sale on easy payments. Also
building lots at lowest market prices. Call
and examine our list. K. II. Sheafu & Co.
E. H , Shcafo ft , Co. give special attention
to ttjo collection of rents and care of prop
erty In the city and vicinity. Charges mod
erate. Ofllco Broadway and Main streets ,
up staira.
She Dcfunduil Ilor Homo.
At 7 o'clock last evening u half drunken
follow , who gave the mi mo of J. M. Iliddlo-
inau' , forced himself into the domicile of Mrs.
Fletcher , a respectable colored woman who
resides at 119 East Uroadwny. Ho announced
his determination of remaining there all
night xvhon ordered to leave , and nindo an
insulting proposition. The colored woman
picked up a chair and defended her honor
and her homo with remarkable vigor. In a
second Hiddlcman was lying on the pavo-
incut with a gash in ills head about live
Inches long. The patrol wagon was oallcd
and Illddleniau was taken to the central sta
tion for repairs. A charge of intoxication
was lodged against him. The fellow was
seriously hurt , but not as badly as ho do-
deserved. The colored woman was the re
cipient of Bomo warm congratulations for
the earnest and cflldunt manner in which
she defended herself and her liquid ,
The Now Ogdcn , Council Bluffs , llnestan.l
largest lintel In western Iowa , bpeclal at
tention to rommLrclul men ,
C. 13. steam dyu works , 10K1 Broadway.
Tlio Woodmen's I'lonlc.
Hazel camp , JTo. 171 , and OIUIQU camp ,
No. 120 , Modern Woodmen of .America , and
thur ( invited friends enjoyed a very plouount
picnic yestei day In Falrtnount park , About
thrco hundred of the noble Woodmen from
Omaha were present and an equal number
from this city , The day was spent in boclai
games , foot ball , croquet and base ball. The
ball g < imo between members of the two
camps was n leading feature of the day's
entertainments ,
Attention , Woodmen.
All Woodmen of Ilnzol camp , No. 171 , are
earnestly requested to bo present at their
hall to-uluht on business of Importance , liy
prder of V. O. J. O. Jonci.
The Ronaona Why the Mayor Op-
poaoa the Grading Resolutions.
Troubled By n Blotlicr-lii-Ijfttr Burg
lars Who Will Smoke Th3 Ctmu-
Ljum The ICIrninaa
KornliiRl Grmlinir.
The action of Mayor Kohror In vetoing
the grading resolution recently passed by
the council , has awakened much discussion.
When It was llrst proposed to order this
tilling of streets in Doors' ' addition , the
mayor opposed the Idea. The council pro
ceeded to order nil the nventies and streets
brought up to grade. Now the f punky lltllo
mayor , who Is lu Missouri at the bedsldo of
n very sick brother , sends by mail a formal
veto of the resolution.
The reasons assigned by Mayor Kohrcr for
thus swinging his veto club are largely
bused on his Interest in thu working clnsae ? .
The streets which the council orders lllled
are In front ot property which is owned
mainly by pour men. The costof filling will
.ho great , and as It is to bo taxed to the
abutting property , it will prove a irroat hard
ship to many. It will also tend to hoot )
those lots from being Improved or occupied
for sovo ral years to come. In behalf of the
unfortunate laboring men and the struggling
property owners , ho therefore exercises his
veto power.
What will bo done with the votol Some
are unkind enough to suggest that Mavor
Kohror owns a large number of lots In Moors'
addition , and that ho has a personal preju
dice against the proposed urading , as well as
a-sympathetic gusli for the unfortunate
working classes. When the matter was llrst ,
brought up there was quite a gathering of
city statesmen about the map on the wall.
Thu mayor's .supposed lots we're checked ofE
and his opposition thus accounted for. Mayor
Kohror has not shown himself to bo thus scl-
llshly actuated in previous manauomont of
cltv concerns , so the insinuation now may bo
iloiW htm it crout injustice. Still it is being
used with such effect that It is more than
possible that the veto may bo overridden by
the council.
J. G. Tipton , real estate.5U7 13'dwuy.
Seidenbcrg's 5c Figaro nt the Fountain.
S. 13. Wadsworth & Co. loan money.
Swunson Music Co. , S133 IJroadway.
An llarn.
Mrs. Marshal Key has ordered the demoli
tion of the old herdick barn on Broadway ,
and will erect in its stead a two-story TiO-
foot brick , which will bo used for living
purposes , with the exception of the western
portion , whore Mr. Calif ! will locatu another
grocery. The old barn is one of the ancient
land marks of the city , and was associated
wl'h some very gigantic and very breezy
business schemes in the early days of Coun
cil Bluffs. It was the headquarters for W.
K. Vnughan's old herdicic line , that was the
prototype of our present electric street ear
system. It was the political headquarters
for Council Ulults and a good sized slice of
Nebraska. It is said its walls inclosed the
first little knot of plotters who subsequently
got power enough to remove ttio Nebraska
capital to Lincoln. And it was hero the llrst
scheme was hatched to bridge the Missouri
river. It is asserted that the gatherings in
the old b.irn had more to do witli the politi
cal destiny of Nebraska than any of the
legislators in the old tervitorlal capital at
The barn has been rebuilt aud repaired
many times , and has ucen the cause of pri
vate suits and suits against the city. Every
stick of timber in it is of historical interest ,
but nobody will regret to see it pulled down
to give place to a fine brick Olock ,
Steam and hot water heating , first-class
plumbing. Work done in both cities. John
Gilbert , 518 Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
ICelley & Younkerman sell grocerio
Chase and Sanborn colTces a specialy.
Fine jewelry , watches and diamonds ;
cleaning and repairing at E. Burhorn.
the IChxir.
A local physician has been Investigating
the Brown-Sequard elixir treatment. Ho
has already experimented on two patients.
Ono is forty-seven .years of ago and has been
suffering with paralysis. The patient has
been taking other treatment from tlio doctor ,
but little Improvement noticeable until
the elixir was added. TWO or three injec
tions have been given , and the patient IB able
to use the limb considerably.
The other patient was somewhat older ,
and has boon suffering with general debility.
This patient also shows improvement.
The physician is not prepared yet to either
fully accept or reject the theory. Ho is
rather inclined , however , to believe there is
some merit in it , hut does not believe that
the extravagant claims for it can bo sus
City steam laundry , ! )4 ) Main , tol. 141.
Go to M. Keating for druirs,505 Broadway.
Tlin KirmrsH AM Ki''lit.
Those In charge of the Kirmoss deny em
phatically that there is any foundation for
the complaints reported. They deny that
they agreed to pay any part of thu expense
of costumes out of the general fund. All
participants wcro given to understand that
the cost of the full costume would be i > . Jt
is true that somo'havo dropped out , but it
was because they learned all they cared to
Know , and then din not have honor enough
to stand by till the finish. In other cities it
is customary to charge for the teaching as
well as the costumes , but here the teaching
was made froo. Such in brief is the condi
tion of the Kir moss as viewed by the man
It is not surprising that all who started did
not remain through. It would bo almost Im
possible to got 200 persons to thus stay by an
enterprise. The requisite number is secured ,
however , and the entertainment promises to
bo a great success.
Odell Bros. & Co. loan money. The most
ibcral terms offered , .103 I'earl street.
A I'romlsluir I'inn.
The plan adopted in the interest of tbo
Chautauqua enterprise isopaning very prom
isingly. There are seventy persons who have
declared their readiness to buy lots at the
prices scheduled on the plat , ranging from
(75 tu RJ5Q , The preliminary arrangements
are being mada for fitting the plan in active
operation , closing up'tlio contracts , etc. it
is expected that upwards of 100 lots will bo
sold right away. If so , thera will be no
trouble in securing the needed financial
foundation on which to build up ono of the
greatest Chautuuquua In the land.
Winter & Monroe , sign painters , 410 B'way
Desirable dwellings for rent at mouorato
prices. K. H. Shcafo & Co. , rental agents ,
Broadway aim Mala streets , up stairs.
Too Aluoli .Motnor-ln-ljnw.
T. J. Walker was arrcgtcd yesterday
morning for disturbing the peace , Mrs ,
Walker has been in 111 health for somj tlmo
and it is said to bo duo largely to Ins Ill-
treatment of her. Her mother yesterday
sought to look after Mrs. Walker , but the
visit of the mottior-In-luw WJH not appreci
ated by Walker , who proceeded to throw
her out of the door , The family trouble will
be aired in court.
1'oiijr liurulart ) .
It was discovered yesterday morning that
some tlmo during the previous night the
candy stand of I. Blank , No. 002 Broadway ,
hud been burglarized , Entrance was appar
ently gained by u skeleton key. A fuw
pennies were taken , aud about f 10 worth of
tobucco and cigar * .
It IB Believed the Indian Hltflitn Asto-
olntlon Is Mcctittlnsr.
Niomuui , Nob. , August 21 , [ Special to
Tun BBB. ] It is bollovod here that the re *
port sent out by the Interior douarttncnt-
that the Sioux bill must llrst go to congress
before thu president shall have the right to
proclaim It open to settlement , is the inside
work of the Indian Defense association.
This association is the ono which attempted
to defeat tlio bill , and It Is thought the at
tempt will bo made to drag It Into congress
and prolong Us opening ns much as possible.
Section a > of the Sioux bill says , "i'hnt
there is hereby apnroprlated out
of the money In the treasury
not otherwise appropriated , the sum of
$ 'J.'i,000 , which sum shall be expended under
the direction of the secretary of the Interior
for procuring the assent of the Sioux In
dians to this act , as provided in section 'JT ,
which Is for the payment of the Ked Cloud
band fcS,000 ! additional. Section 30 repeals
all nets Inconsistent with this.
It will also bo remembered that President
Cleveland signed this bill among the very
last : and while It might bo possible that n
"rider" slipped through , It Is very strange
that such men as Delegate GlfTord , of Da
kota , ami Colonel King , who were ns much
tlio fathers of the bill as Senator Dawes ,
have not discovered It ; and It is still stranger
that If any subsequent bill is In existence
thui some of the enterprising newspapers
which have hold that it must first LU to con
gress , have not published the bill. There Is
a "mix-up" In the Interior department dur
ing these dog days , and It needs some Sep
tember weather to unmuzzlo the crank who
presides over the Indian Defcnto association ,
I'cnpk lit
People hi poneral should know what's
best to do in case of a sudden attack of
bowel complaint. It is a well established -
lishod fact that prompt relief may be
had in any case of colic , oholoru jnor-
bua , dysentery or diarrhu-a by giving a
few doses of Chamberlain's Uolie , Chol
era and Diarrluwi Remedy. It acts
quickly , can always be depended upon
and is pleasant to take.
xiui'iii : COLLISION.
Two Krcltihts anil a I'asseuiier Collide
With DisastroiiM UcMiiltw.
EI.MIIU , N. Y. , August 21. On the Erie
road at Big Flats last night a Lohigh Valley
freight was backing down on a switch across
the west bound track when an Erie freight
train plunged into it , domolishlug
the engine and cars. Tlio
east-bound freight was immediately
flagged , and the lineman of that train sent
buck to stop the Krio passenger train No. 2.
The llagman failed to obey orders , aim the
passenger train ran into the rear of the
freight. The engine , bacgago and exorcss
cursof the nussctirer ( , nnd the caboose and
two cars of the freight train , wcro burned.
Enclneer Andrew Wallace and Fire
man Kimball , of tram No. S , were badly
scalded. A drover named Stilton and several
passengers were slightly injured. The track
was blocked for several hours.
The Eric authorities hero assert that hut
three persons wore injured. Engineer Wal
lace will die. Fireman Kimball is terribly
scalded in addition to having u broken arm.
Soda water and lemonade * are deli- . ,
ctous with Mihalovitch'a Hungarian
blackberry juice.
A Female Swindlitr Takes In Wet-
erner * Who Wanted to Mnrry.
MIDDLKTOWN' , N. Y. , August 31. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Bne.J The matrimonial
swindles of Sarah Huggell Hitchcock , now
in Jail with her husband nt Meadville , Pa. ,
have features of uncommon interest. She is
the daughter of respectable parents living
near Smotbport , Pa. When she was sixteen
years old she made a runaway match with a
gay young man , who first ill-treated and
then deserted her. She did not return to
the hum-drum home of lior parents , but cut
n dashing figure at the cost of a rich oil
operator. After a few years of this hfo , she
sought n husband by advertising for ono in a
so-called matrimonial newspaper. An idle ,
weak young man named Seymour Hitchcock ,
son of Matthew Hitchcock , a well-to-do
farmer of Franklin , N. Y. , saw the adver
tisement and opened correspondence with
the advertiser. The result was that ho mar
ried Miss Sarah Huggell , as she styled her-
selfand they lived upon thcbountyof the old
farmer. But Papa Hitchcock eventually cot
tired of the guy and extravagant daughter-
in-law and ho cut off the supplies. Then the
clever and unscrupulous woman took her
husband to Oncontn , and from that point
worked her neat swindle. She sent out ad-
veitisements to certain newspapers in Chicago
cage , Omaha , Kansas City and San Fran
cisco as follows ;
WANTKD A respectable young widow de
sires to correspond with a western gentle
man of means anil good social HtundliiK ulth n
vlawto matrimony. AdUro s Mrs. Samli llltoh-
cock , Oncontn , N. V.
The advertisement brought letters by the
score from all points in the west. To these
replies wern sent , ardent In phrase ami en
closing the likeness of a beautiful young
woman. Each deluded westerner was prevailed -
vailed upon to pay the fnro of his betrothed
to some point where they wore to meet and
marry. When Mr. and Mrs. Hitchcock
had secured from their victim the utmost
dollar they could hope to get , they would
"paralyze" hir.i bv mailing him a receipt for
hm lust remittance , signed ' 'Sarah Hitchcock ,
per tioymour Hitchcock. "
The scheme met with astonishing success.
The records of the Oacontu postoflicu t > how
that during the two months that the swindle
was operated there , Mrs. Hitchcock received
$400 In postal money orders , besides nineteen
registered letters containing unknown sums ,
together with packages of jewelry , etc.
When the United States postofllco oftluiuls at
Washington got after them for uslm ; the
mail for purposes of fraud , they fled from
Onconrn and repeated the swindle success
fully at Olean , N. Y. , Ashtnbula , O. , Erie ,
Pa. , and other points. At last they were ar
rested by a United States ofllclal at Mead-
ville. Pa. , and were lodged in jail ready for
The artful Mrs. Huggoll-Hitchcock is still
fruitful in resources. First she tried to get
her fathcr-ln-law to give ball for herself and
husband , but ho rofuscj to do so. Next she
persuaded her weak and Infatuated husband
to make u confession declaring that
ho himself was the criminal Jn tlio case
ami that his wife was an unwilling accom
plice , doing what she did under compulsion.
Ask your grocer for Cook's ' Imperial
Champagne. Once used no other will
suit. Its bouquet is delicious.
Don't Think She Will llan .
Ni'.w YOHK , August 21. ( Special Telegram -
gram to Tin : Bm : . ] Lord William Cecil , son
of Lord Salisbury , prime minister of
England , arrived In town yesUiraay , When
ntorviovved regarding the Muybnck case ,
ho said ; "If , as to-day's dispatches indicate ,
Mrs Mnybrlck Is u subject for examination
by a jury of matrons , that settles the ques
tion us regards her Immediate execution.
Members of parliament of all parties , by the
way , have signed a petition to the queen to
pardon Mrs. Mnybrlck. On the , whole , I
would say that there will at least ho no exe
cution , though I am not sppuklng ofllclally
or from any Insldo Information I may pos
sess. "
I have used S. S. S. for debility resulting
from chills and fever , and have lound it to
bo the best tonic nnd appetizer that I ever
took. It also prevented u return Of the
A. J. ANLI.V , Eureka Springs , Artt.
I'nrrsls Attacks a Politician.
UTIOA , N. Y , , August 21 , [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bcu.J Clinrlos J , Everett , for
merly deputy attorney ccnorul , ono of the
most prominent hW shrewdest politicians
that over Minpcd tho-jicstlnlM of the republi
can party In thhl | k of the stuto and a
noted lawyer , whotlms been In fulling health
for some tune past , had to bo taken to the
asylum this afternoon for treatment. Dr.
Olcott , of the Mlddldtown asylum , and Dr.
Palmer pronounced Mr. Evorott'n rase ono
of paresis and suv-Mils mind is pretty much
gono. Everett \vttf bho of Koscoo Conkllng's
ablest lieutenants : ' * ' A
Dick HornbookcMs n respected ami well-
to-ilo colored citizen of Sprlnpileld , Mo. Ho
Hays that ono boMlo'of Swift's ' Spccillccured
both himself ami Xrlfo of a troublesome
eruption of IhoBkin. "
The Story That MM. WIlHon , of Mnn-
vlllr > , Wyo. T.Vit Poison oil.
MANViu.n , Wyo. T. August 10. Editor
OMUU IUn : : Dour Sir 1 noticed In an
Issue of thu Till of Tun DAII/Y Hni : an article
concerning myself nnd my deceased wife ,
purporting to 00:110 : from n private corre
spondent in Mnnvlllo. The statements
therln are fnlso. The facts are those : My
wife , or MM , Wilson , ha boon troubled
with heart disease , or sinking spoils , for
some ye. M , and a nutnbor of times wo
thought she xvould die and had to send for
the nclghoors , as she would say she
thought she would smothor. The day be
fore her de.ith wo were out to visit a neigh
bor , Mr. B. F. Shipley , late of North Bend ,
Neb. , and in coming through Munville
stopped at , T < T. Brown's store and got soma
soap , and from there wont directly homo.
That night she died in ono ot tluno spells
which she so often had , ami my father nnd
brothers , having the matter in charge , said
she must be burled If possible the following
day , as the blood had settled around her
heart an J she had begun to mortify. This
statement can bo proved by nearly all the
citizens that live here , who have known us
for years. It was never thoutrht of by my
folks that my wife was poisoned , neither
was sho. The Idea oriulnntcd In the brain of
him who did the writing to Tin : But : , to in
jure myscif and others. It Is true that wo
were Intimate in the family of Mr. Shorter
nnd u dozen other families In Mnnvillo. I
thought that we had but ono enemy in the
country , and that is W. A. Brown , a son-in-
law of the deceased O. B. Selden. The rea
son this man , \V. A. Brown , is an enemy of
tniuo'I will state here. Before the trial of
Mr. Sheffer for the murder of Mr. Selden
was had , Mrs. Selden sent for mvsolf and
wife to como to the Valley House , as wo
were all In Douglas nt that time. Mrs. Sol-
den then and there tried to bribe uiy wife to
tell what was not true , She said to my w f s :
'If you will toll a atory to suit me in c > urt
you shall never want for anything , and when
we get home to Manville I have a nlco nres-
cnt for you' . " Mv wife told her she would
not toll a lie under oath for any person on
earth , consequently wo never heard the
story she wanted told and my wife never re
ceived the present Mrs. Soldon promised.
W. A. Brown and Mrs. Selden hold n mort-
cage against mo. Ho sent mo word that If I
did not tell the story they wanted told in
court he would foreclose the mortgnue and
tuko the property from me , and in this way
thought to compel mo to tell n falsehood , and
because I would apt lie for him ho has not
spoksn to me sinceUio trial , which was in
May , although I BOO him nearly every day.
Now , neither myself nor wife ever had the
promise of securing 1 cent , nor did wo ever
receive anything from Mr. J. A. bhefTcr to
testify in his behalf. All ho ever said to us
was that ho wanted us to tell the truth.
That was all ho wanted. It was remarked
by the jury and nearly everybody who heard
the trial that my ( wife's evidence was
stiaightforward and nearly exactly as Mrs.
Selden had given at the coroner's inpuest
some time over a year ago. Mrs. Selden did
not tell the facts before the jury as she did
before the coroner , ' nnd wanted Mrs. Wilson
also to tell something else. This Is the only
reason that I can see < thut such a slanderous
report is published. Nearly every word m
the article is a lie''from beginning to end.
ALOSXO E. Wn.sos ,
Manville , .Wyo.
During twenty-five years trial , mor
tality , whore Dr JolTcris' preventive
and cure for diphtheria and putrid sore
throat ( as in malignant scarlet fever )
is used , iH 1-10 of 1 per cent , or , ono in
a thousand. Under other treatments
in Europe and America , 50 to 80 per
cent. Address Dr. Thos. .Tofl'cris , box
037 , Omaha ; or Dohaven. drupgist ,
Council BlulTs , la. No physician re
quired. Sent by express oil receipt of
price , $3.
Kxpcct Ninety CCIHH on tlic ilollnr.
BOSTON , August 21. The creditors ofV. .
F. Johnson & Co. , leather dealers , met to
day. The report of the assigueo shows the
liabilities to bo f39G,000 , of which 5155,000 are
contingent. The actual assets are $147,000 ,
nominal assets $07,000. It is thought the
linn will pay 00 cents on the dollar.
For a disodered liver try Beecham's Pills ,
A Voluntary Petition.
DEDHAM , Mass. , August 21. To-day a
voluntary petition in bankruptcy was filed
in behalf of Edward Stoeso and Amasa
Clark , of the firm of Brown , Steeso & Clark ,
wool dealers , in the insolvency court here.
Advice to Motlicri.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothinp Syrup
should always ho used for children
teething. It soothes the childsoltons
the gums , allays nil pains , cures wind
colic , nnd is the host remedy for diar-
rhuea. 2 Q a bottle.
Thn Sultnn and the Emperor.
CoNbTASTiNoi'i.15 , August 21. The sultan's
yacht will convoy u speclul commissionac
companied by a large suite , to meet the em
peror and empress of Germany , Thov ' are
charced with a complimentary mcssage'lrom
thu sultan to the Gorman rulsr. It is re
ported that a deputation of Cretans are going
to solicit Emperor William's protection.
Cushman's Menthol inhaler cures catarrh ,
headache , neur4lgia , asthma , hay lover.
Trial free at your druggist. Price 50 cents.
murdered By u D.-unknrd.
PITTSIIUUO , August 31. John T. Nutchcr ,
ono of the largest painting contractors in the
city , was fatally shot this afternoon by Ben
jamin Lee , u journeyman painter. Leo was
mtoxicatej ami asked Natchor for work.
The latter told him to como around when ho
was sober and he would talk business with
him. Lee then pUlJed a revolver and shot
him three times , oiioball ; severing the spinal
cord. i >
An Aosolutit Uurn.
Is only put up inlargo two-ounce tin boxes ,
and is nn absolute euro for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped Hands , and all skin orup.
tions. Will positively euro all kinds of piles-
MENI' . Sold by Goodman Drug company at
2S cents per box by mail 30 cents.
Swimmer ,
> wiiUs : ' / don't ' tee hou
i / could get atony
" V * without Bl.
ontnon , . . -
x.- ) Jaeobl
Ynohtmon , Zl 0 .n
Doatmcn , &o.
tE CJIAS. A. YOGELES CO. , BllllDOre ,
P , J , MONTGOMERY mi .115 Pourl St. Olllco hours VBro-v" , 0 to 12.
a. in. , 2 to 0 nnd 7 to S , p , in.
QTFWCNQ M H Olllco , No. 711 nroadwuy. Hours : 8 to
HM . OlLVLINO , lYI , U. 10 n. m. , iitul 2 to 4 awl 7 to 8 p. m. Tel-
phone , 287. '
Infant's Kid Button Sho& 20c , formerly 60c. Gents' Seomlcss Congress. $1.00 , worth $2.00.
Misses Kid and CJont Button , lKe ) , worth $1.75. Gouts' flno Dross in Button , Lace and Congress , nil
Ladies' Kid aud Goat Button , $1.00 , worth $2.00. shapes and weights , Si.1)5 ) , worth $11.00.
Ladies' Grain Button , 7oo , worth $1.50. Gents' Hand Sowed French Calf Shoos in all styles ,
Ladles' Dongola Kid , Button , $1.76. worth $3.50. widths and sizes , $ X50 , worth $7.50.
Ladies' Kid , Oxford Tics , ( We , worth $1.50. Men's Kip Boots , $1.50 , worth $ , ' . ( ) ( ) .
Ladles' Serge Congress , 2 to 8 , 60o worth $1.25. Men's Calf Boots. $2.00 , wo th $5.50.
Ladies * Slippers , ilOc , worth 05c. Boat Calf Boots , Hand Sowed. $5.00 , worth $7.50.
Remember the prices quoted above are for two weeks only. You arc requested to call early
so as to avoid the rush. Do not miss the above bargains , you cannot altorcl it. Follow the
crowd to the bargain seekers headquarters at the great
Corner of Broadway and Fourth Street ,
The Great Removal Sale ! The Reliable Removal Sale !
The only genuine clearance sale is now going on in full force.
No abatement of interest , no lessening in the quality and
quantity of bargains offered. We have the goods and are
bound to sell them before we move into our new store.
On all purchases before we move. Come and do like everybo
else does , get your share of the bargains in every line , at the grate
removal sale of
Nos. 314 , 316 , 318 and 320 Broadway.
"T OK BALK Hive of Tce , W5 Mnln at.
A fist class plumber nt tlio low.i
WANTED tor the ileuf mid dumb. Quo
who uml-rstuncls steam llulnR preferred. Ap-
j > lj-l > r mall or in person to Henry W. Hothcrt ,
Mipt. _ _ _ _
XT OTlCft A seven-room house for sale atiiO.
1 > Investigate tnls. Johnston & Van 1'ntten.
Kverett block. _
Position by nn axpurleuceil
WANTED . Address K. Clay , lleeollloe ,
Council Illullii. _ _ _ _ _ _
UAIj KSTAT1S lloUKht and sold una ox-
chanced. Special attention elven to exam
ination < if titles. W. C. James , No. 1U I'earl St. .
Council UlulTs.
mAllMJ boarders wanted at 1U : llonton street.
JL Good board at reasonable rates. Mrs. 1. Vt.
Centrumlocated. . First-class turnoutx. frrsh
horses anil new carriages. Not an old rig in
the stable. Special attention glvuu to funerals ,
unil reduced rates for canlages for this pur
pose. W. A. IIAYK8. 1'roprletor.
Telephone 77. SW Ilrouilwny
Council Bluffs , la.
Conducted by the Sisters of Charity.
An excellent educational Institution , fur
nished with nil modern Improvements for
boarding and day school. The acedemlc year
consists of two sessions , beginning on thu first
Monday In September and February , leapoct-
TBKMH Hoard nnd tuition , per aosslon 8',5.
For further particulars address
Sinter Superior , Si. Franula Academy ,
Council Hlulfd , In.
Incorporated Nov. 1 ,
Southwest Corner Uroadway and Mnln Stie t.
A1 ITAI , , HI 50,000.
Does a Hegulur Hanking and Kxchango lluslness
N.I' . 1)00(1 ) ( U President : JOHN IIKHKSHKIM ,
Vice I'-est. ; A.V. . IIIKICMAN. Cashier.
Director * N. I' . IoUn ( , .1 lleru.sholm. fieo.
Keollne , J.I , . Stewart , W. W. Wallace , 0. M.
Dodge ,
In the city , Qllt edged opport'.inltlai to 1mm
dUto In vet tor. ) an 1 homeiueger * .
JIIAM > M < : V & 0'iminy.
Corner MMn and Broadway ,
Dealers In forelun end domestic exchanze.
Collections mad * aud launut paid on tlm do-
Especially Adapted for
HORSE POWER Mills and Elevators
Specifications nnd ontlmnten furnished for complotCHtpam plants. Humiliation , durability
I'.unrnuU'eil , Can chow letters fiom iiftere where fuel ucnnomj' Is eijuiil
with ( 'orllas Won-Condutislnu. Hend for eatalo ue.
E. C. HARRIS , Agent.
No. O1O Pearl Street , Council Bluffs.
Th(8 ( > f'urniciil8 et'o i jieclally constructed with two wlclu llnely
tempered dock fcprmuH. with nuiiow hpriimi tliu full length of
Hm ImcJc , this Hivini ; iMinpk'tu mipiiort to uhoiilderR uml Hjilna ,
'lliey will prevent and ( tire bnckudiu. round shoulder * , etc. , io
llovliiK the miiM'les of the liacic , hruclnu tlio shoulders and lm
IfliitliiKHKrucrful form to Ilia umirer wluioui uny dlbtomfort ,
UK > leaves thu chebt free to expand , tliiin wivlug full action to
the liniL8vllh health imil comfort to the body.
For Sale lly
niiiln , ! 05 I'eiirl HI. , jllarrlam IIIouK ,
Council IIIuDM , Jowu *