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Prohibitionists Make a Very Sorry
. Showing1.
JUnnt Year's Vnnnnnt WlnnuM Throat-
curd Wltli Utter Annihilation
Hufore the Benson Clones
Oilier Sporting Notes.
fit n ml In ir of the ClulM.
VoUowlng is the standing of the Woilofn
association clubs up to and Including
yesterday's ' games !
Per Ct.
. (120 (
.r > oo
Oinnha 1H , Dos MolncH 7.
The White Sox were out dallying with the
prohibitionists again yonurday afternoon ,
running away with them by n score of 18
to 7.
They will go out and do It some more this
afternoon ,
It was ladles'day , and as a consequence
the ntlondanco was good.
The game , however , was a boro.
Hurt was In the box for the visitors , nnd
ho received a fearful lambasting. The boys
hit him Just when nnd where they pleased.
Sixteen hits with a total uf twenty-seven
bases , and eight bases on balls , Is Iho size
of his afternoon's achievement.
And Caplatn Mnciilhir said ho would beat
us. But Captain Mucullnr is a prevaricator
of the deepest dyo.
Willis opened up as Omaha's delivery end
of Iho ballory , nnd did fairly well , barring
his wlldnoss. Ho allowed the children from
Iowa's capital but four hits and struck out
Boven , Ho gave seven uf them bases ou
balls , however , und in the fifth Daddy
Clnrko relieved him.
But ono run was scored of Dad n nucs-
tionnbln hotuor over the right field fence by
the descendant of the man who discovered
Virginia ,
It xvas foul by n liulf foot , but Umpire
Hurst didn't think so.
This nmdo Clarke hot , and ho told 'iim
that ho was evincing- the primary symptoms
of decomposition.
Tim smiled blandly nnd cautioned Dad lo
Veep busy or the grand staud might fall on
Then the game went on , Dnd knocking
them out as fast as they toed Iho scratch.
But the acoro will toll the story :
iRuns earned Omaha 13 , DCS Moines 3.
Two-base hits Canavan 1 , Pulton 1.
Threo-haso hits Coonoy 1 , Andrews 3.
Homo runa Canavan 1. Smith 1.
Double nnd triple plays Crooks , Wnlsh to
Andrews , Mossilt to Andrews , Andrews to
Bases on-culled balls Off Willis 0 , off
Clarke 1 , off Hart 8.
Slruckout-By Willis 7 , by Clarke 1 , by
Hart 5.
vVild pitches Willis 1.
Tlmo of game 3 hours.
Umpire Hurst.
Sioux City O , Milwaukee 6.
Sioux CITV , AiigustSl. The Corn Huskcrs
outplayed Iho Crcaincity boys in Holding and
wore more fortunalein bunching nils. Score :
Totals U 11 27 4 1 Touli 2 ft K 11 C
filouiCHT U U 1 1 1 S D 0 I II
MllwaiUce , u OUU1 103 2U
Karnod runs-BlonxClty S , MllnrnukooiS. Two-biiso
Iiitu-Cllnu. lllonn. Illnck. Ktiouif | 2. Threu Imsu
lilts Cllno , Ilriidittjr. llmno Huns Ionu. Dc.nljlii
limyK AlruTtH to .MorrlKscy. Minrli to .Mnrrlssur ,
Ktntttmso cm Imlls-Hlimx City li , Milwaukee 1. flit
by pltclioa I alU-Uluck. hhocli. Btulun Imara1'mir -
niun. htniclcoiit-lly llurcllck W , by Knoiiiri. Wild
PIlcliM-ICnouir. Tlmv-1 liourtt ) mlnutos. Uuiiilro
Or. Joseph O , Minneapolis 1.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , August 21. St. Joseph
played without a ilcldlng error and the only
mlsplays made were the hitting of Jovno
and Miller , who.had Iho Millers at his mercy
from start to finish. The visitors played no
game in the Held and Mitchell was hit hard.
Score :
r. li. o. fi. ol . r. li , n. a. o
i ) : i 1 l 2 u Drlscliof.rf. u I u u u . 1 2 I 10 D u u aiit
Kril'g , If . 2 3 U 0 1 I 'J U 3
" " HP'-- ' *
K , . : : : . : : S ? 8 8 - - "
11V I.VKINflS.
fit. Joseph . 4 : i 0 1 0 0 1 0 0-9
Mlnni'iipollJ . . .0 UUUUUUU1 I
Karncil runa St. Joseph 3 , Minneapolis 1. 'l'ni > -
ba o liHs-CurUn 2. Atihutr , ( nrlnrlKlit. Thruubuio
-Mliiiiohnu. . First un lmllOir Devlin I. oir
Mitchell 6. Jllttijr iillclioi Joviie , I Miller. Htruclcuut
Uy Devlin. . , by Mitchell. 'I. hlolen biuoa-MeUurri ,
Krlra. Knell , Foster 2. Double iilnyt Anlnor to
rartwrlght. llunrHlinn to llonuft ) to Mlniiulinn ,
Itontoil Imlls-Crossloy I , Tlm of immo-1 Uuur ,
forty-live mlnutui. Umplru-McDcrmutt.
St. Pnul ll > . Denver 11.
DKNVIIH. Colo. , August 21. It took the
Apostles ten Innings lo defeat the Denver
team lo-duy , which Ihey did by playing ono
of the prettiest ball guinea of the season.
The errors of Denver's lullold lost thorn the
game. Score :
r. It o. B. ' ° ' '
nalryinplo..Hb.u U & u U Murphy , cf . / 4' l''ueii
Trailwayrl..U 3 U U U I'urroll , rf , , . , .2 U 2 U I
WUItu. u a 1 2 & 2 lluwtii. lb . U 1 11 U U
Turner , lb I . U Weirlek.2b.S 2242
Darnbruuiili , cfO 1 U Itclllr.Jb . 1 2 I i. I
u i u a Duly , ir 3 : < I U U
IKl ) llo. . . . . . .a 3 T 3 Kuriiifr. o U I 1U U a
Fuunn , p . 3 1 0 3 au TiicL riimiip..U 2
Bliurc , Ir. . . .3 300 u Mlllvr , H..1 1 4
ToUili . 1123 It ) C TuUli 12 III UU 12 U
Winning run njtulonltli ono man out.
_ lir ixx i N u H ,
l > nTer . . . t 3 a 031000 0-Tl
bt. I'uiii . . . . . . . .u u u i a u a a ou |
Kamo.t run -I > enTor3t-t. I'nulU. Ttrn-bnia hll
} Kliii , Murpliy. 'Jlirue-btiMe ) m . Wvrrlck. Furiuor.
Homo ruinMiori't 3. lli ea itolinUutmr 6 , ht.
111111 4. Doubtu plnyi-H lilio lo Klrby to Turner ,
TeraHl. I'aulS. Tlmo-3 liour. mul Kiiulnului. Urn
Ht. JO.I'H Cluh In liar I
ST. JoBuni , Ma , Augustr 21. | Special
Tclegrum to Tim Umc.l Thu committee up.
Dolntod to solicit money to help out the base
ball club commcnbad work yosterdiy , and
nfter constidnrnblo hard labor secured f 100.
Another attempt will bo made , when , unless
much nioro encouragement Is mot with. SU
Joseph will probably lese Its club.
Xotcn On the O.-inip.
Nngle took n morltod rostyoslordny.
Billy Hart Is no lonror n lorror to the
Wlto Sox.
Omaha only earned thirteen of her eighteen
runs .Yesterday.
Ten mare games nnd the jig la up on the
home grounds for this season.
Llttto Cony , Do * Moines' plucky bacicstop ,
throws down to second In beautiful fashion.
DCS Moines once more for the clears thU
afternoon , nnd then comes the Corn Husk-
Cleveland , owinR to n laino foot , did not
piny yesterday. Ho will be around all right
this afternoon , however.
Ted Sullivan watched tfio gnmo from the
directors' box yesiordny. Ho has his eye on
several of Omaha's best men.
Cnnavnn had his eye with him yesterday.
Hn made thrco lilU with a total of scvon
boscft. His four-sackcr was n regular stiolll-
goatcrl ,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
The National
BOSTON , August 21. Hesult of lo-day's
game :
Bosiou . 2 2 10
Now Yoric . 1 4
Bnso hits Hoston 11. Now York 10. Errors
Boston 4 , Now York 2. Batteries Bos
ton , Clurkson nnd Bennett ; New York ,
Crane and Ewlng. Umpires McQutud und
Knight. _
INIIIANATOMS , August 21. Result of to
day's t'uino :
Indianapolis. . . .0 a 002100 0 0
Chicago . 0 0 0 2 0 4 1 - 12
Basu hfts Indianapolis 111 , Chicago 1C. Kr-
rors IndlanauolU 1 , Chicago 2. Butteries
Indianapolis , Uuslo , Dally aud Sominors ; Chicago
cage , Dwyur and Farroll. Umpire Powers.
PHILADELPHIA , August 21. Ilesult of to
day's gamu :
Philadelphia. . . .4 1200001 8-11
Washington . 1 8
Bnso hits Philadelphia 13 , Washington 12.
Errors Philadelphia ( ! , Washington 0. Bat-
torles Philadelphia , Sanders and Clements :
Wnahlnglon , Forron and Mack. Umplro -
CuvmANi > , August 21. Result of to-day'a
gnmo :
Cleveland . 2 02100000 5
PlUsburtr . 0 4010001 * C
Base hits Cleveland 7 , Pittsburg 9. Er
rors Cleveland 0 , Pitlsburg8. Batteries
Cleveland , Urnbor and Zimmer ; Pittsburg ,
Gulvin and Carroll. Umnire Lynch.
1'ho Aniorlo.xn .Vi4 tolnttiii.
. , , ICijSAS CITV , August 21. Ilesult of to
day's 'game :
KunsasCity . . . .2 00001000 3
Bnltimoro . 2 310 0 0 0 0 - 0
CINCINNATI , August21. Ilesult of to-dny's
game :
Cincinnati . 5 * 0
Columbus . 0 3
Amateur Oanici.
AUBUKN , Nob. , August 21. ( Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] A gume between the
Johnson nnd Hiawatha teams was played nt
the bull park hero to-day , resulting in a score
of 10 to 5 In favor of lliuW.ithu.
0'Neii.L , Nob. . August 21. [ Special Telegram -
gram lo TUB BUB. ] The game of ball bo-
twncn and O'Neill clubs re
sulted iu a score of 10 to 7 in favor of
TUB SPI3131) niMQ.
Grand Circuit Kaco ? .
PouoiiKEGi'siE , N. Y. , August 21 , [ Special -
cial Telegram to THE BEK. ] Thcro was
some good racing for the second day of the
grand circuit races. Graylight , the favorite
in tho2SO'class : , was defeated by Mocking
Bird in straight heats. The Huppert stake
was won by Alcyron , also in straight heats ,
and the 2:17 pnco was finally captured by
Ed Annan. Johnson paces lo beat his rec
ord to-morrow.
i-uiisn 51,000 , 2:20 : CLASS.
Mocking Bird ( Andrews ) . 1 1 1
Geneva S ( McCarthy ) . 2 2 2
Graylicht ( Goldsmith ) . 3 3 5
Pennant ( Gors ) . , . . .4 5 3
Grauby ( D-wic ) . 5 4 4
Tltno-2:17H : , 2l'J : ) < f , 2:17-tf. :
iiuri'CKT STAICK. $5,000 , 2:24 : CLASS.
Alcyron ( Kobins ) . 1 I 1
Aublae ( Wood bury ) . 222
Yorktown Belle ( Phillips ) . 4 3 4
Geneva ( l-'oblo ' ) . 3 4 5
Justinn ( Andrews ) . 10 1(1 ( U
Hendrix ( Hula ) . 7 S 7
Edith H ( Arnold ) . 5 8 0
Colvh.a Sprague ( Ayers ) . U 0 0
Pcrsica ( Coulton ) . 0 7 8
Elastic Starch ( Smith ) . 8 9 dr
Franks ( McDonald ) . dls
Time 2IOi : , 2:17. : 2:17K- :
I'Oiisu $1,000. 2:17 : l-ACR.
Ed Annan ( Doble ) . 4
William M. Singorly ( Davis ) . 1 02442
Dr. M. ( S.tunrt ) . 3 34313
Joe Jefferson ( Snrdy ) . 3 4 3 3 8ro
Wlckopcu ( Moulton ) . dist
Time-2:16 : > , 2:17 : # , 2:18 : % . 2:1SJ : 2:10tf ,
2:20. :
Washington 1'arlc Knees.
CmCAdO , August 21 , To-day was the
third day of the Northwoslcrn Brooders'
association trotting meeting at Washington
park. The wcalhcr was perfect , the track
fast , and the attondunco 0,000. The ovout
of the day was the attempt of the sousa-
llonnl young Jowa slalllon , Axtell , lo bent
his own record of 2:14 : i. After several
wnrming-up heats between the second and
third heals of .the 2:21) : ) class race , ho was
given his trial , but fulled of the coveted
honor , making the inilo in 2:15' : . The quar
ters were us follows : First quarter , 32 ,
half l:05jf : , three-quarters 1.40.
Between the heats of regular events the
pacing mare , Lady Elgin , was sent to beat
2:21 : , and ut the first attempt paced a mile In
2:2U : } { . Then she paced another milo to
that time , and turned thu track In
Crawford \Vlltei-n Won.
FUAXKLIN , Pa. , August 21. The match
pacing race between the stallions Arctic and
Crawford Wilkes , for it purse of $1,000 , was
won by the latter. The race created intense
interest throughout northwestern Pennsyl
vania , and was witnessed by 10,000 people.
The betting was about even , and from $20 , 000
lo $30,000 changed bunds on tbu result ; best
time , 24 : .
Thn KngllHh Turf.
LONDON , August 21. At the Stockton
mooting the race for the great northern Legcr
was won by Plnzon ,
A Ilayilon aiun-of-Wnr Collide i With
un American Bchnonor ,
Nuw YOIIK , August 21. The British
atoamer Alone , from West Indian ports , re
ports that on August 0 the American schoon
er Llzzlu Muv , while ut anchor ut Jerome ,
was run Into by Iho Huytltm man-of-war
Toubsuini 1'Ouverturo uud hud n large hole
H'XJVO ' In her starboard bow above thu water
lino. The uiau-of-war loft the Ramo night
without ascertaining what damage had been
done to the schooner , Thu schooner's cup-
titln made n protest through the American
consul , .
The Illlnolx Mining Trnnhlns.
STKEATOII , III. , August 21. Many of the
coul minors who have been working at the
smaller shafts have refused to go to work
to-day uud obeyed the order of the executive
board to strike. Some of the Coal Hun com
pany's men also decided to Join thu move
ment uguinat the operators , but tno niujor-
ity uf Iho mluers employed by Hits company
remained ut work to-duy ,
An Old Organist JCH | ,
BOSTON , August 21 , Samuel Dexter Had.
ley , ouo of the few remaining organists of
the old school , and a contemporary of Low
ell Lason , A. N. Johnson , J. H. Woodbury ,
Goat-go Webb und others , died In Somurvlllu
to-day of Brighl'a dumaso in his sovcuiy-
third ycur ,
Politicians Fixing Tholr Fonoaa In
the Sooond Nobraoka District.
Nmctocn Mouthers ( if. ihc Sntvntlon
Army Arrostctl nnd .Inlleitl nt -
Covlnjtton Slnny llurp-
larlcs In thn State.
The Ctocnml District Vncnnov.
llAsriNflsJ Nob. , August 21 , [ Special to
TUB JJKB.1 The remains ot Congressman
James Lnird Imvo been resting Initbelr llnnl
depository but forty-eight hours ; out tbo
contest for his vacant sfent In congress IMS
already commcncod , Nu.uly oyory county
In the Second congressional district 1ms Its
own favoroa son , nnd the wires for the approaching
preaching campaign nro beinghitd thick nnd
fast. The list oT candidates embraces the
names of N. V. llurlnn , John M. Franco and
Judga Post , of York county ; J. W Danes ,
Judge Morris nnd Go.irgo II. Hastings , of
Siillna county ; Judge Norviil , o'f Seward ;
Senator John H , Dlnsmoro , of Clay ; John
Jnnscn , of Flllmoro { Secretary of Stuto Laws ,
of Kcd Willow ; G. K. Chancy , of Webster ;
Smith Caldwull , of Nuckolls ; Judgu Gnslm ,
of Uarlan ; J. W. MeNinny , tf ) Wpbstor.
Tea mimes of some of the men 'above- men
tioned inny bo disposed of In a brief sen
tence. Unless the courao of political events
takes n sudden nnd altogether unexpected
turn , the names of Franco , Post , Duwcs ,
Morris , Juiisun , Caldwell , Dlnsuiore ,
Clinnoy , Gaslin nnd McNinny tnay bo wiped
from the slate nt onco. The real contest
will In nil probability bo a triangular ono ,
between Ilnrlun , of York , Hastings , of S.i-
llno , nnd Laws , of Feed Willow. All thrco
of these gontlotnen Imvo strong claims upon
the consideration of the pconlo of the dis
trict. For six years York" county has had a
c.iuilldnto for the congressional nominntlon.
In 1SS1 Franco was pushed to the front and
kept there until the Laird men demon
strated their strength. In 1SSO' Post
was selected to carry thn banner of
York Into the convention nnd ho , too , sue-
cuuibod to the inevitable. In 1SS8 , nothing
daunted by thn defeats of fernier campaigns ,
York entered the lists with another candi
date In the person of Judge Harlan ; but
Harlan withdrew on the eve of. the con
vention. Now that Laird is out of the way
Yori : county sees an opportunity and will do
her best to seize it. Hnrlan will undoubtedly
bo the first cholci ) . with Post as a conven
ient second.
Llctwccn George il. Hastings , of Saline
county , nnd the late Congressman Laird , the
warmest friendship existed. In the con
vention of ISbil Mr. Hustings was selected by
Mr. Luird as tomuorary chairman , nnd in
1S88 , to Hastings was entrusted the letter of
acceptation prepared by Mr. Laird in lieu
of the customary speech. There has long
been a tacit understanding between the
friends of the two men that when Mr. Laird
was content to decline further congressional
honors , Mr. Hastings was to bo the heir of
lil political estate. Now that death has In
tervened It remains to bo scon how strong
this bond of friendship was. Another point
whicti will bo urged in favor of Hastings is
the fact thill lust fall ho ueromptorily de
clined to bo a candidate for attorney general
and throw his entire strength to Lceso , the
people's favorite. This action of Mr. Hast
ings made him many friends over the dis
The western counties feel that they are
entitled to recognition , nnd they will come
into convention for Laws.
At present writing the situation Is rather
chaotic. H. Hostwiclr , chairman of the con
gressional central committee , has been in
Now York for sevot'al months and has not
yet returned. J. W. Stark , secretary of the
committee , will hardly call that body to
gether until ho hears from Mr. Bostwlck ,
who is expected homo every day. A great
deal depends , too , upon the decision of Pres
ident rosard to a special session
of congress. If congress is called in October
a special election will bo called. If not , the
.successor to Mr. Laird will undoubtedly be
chosen at the general election lu November.
DAKOTA Cur , Nob. , August 21. ( .Special
Telegram to THE BEE. ] Ono of the
greatest outrages which bos been perpe
trated as yet by the Covington authorities
nnd they are noted for the lack of Justice
with which they enforce law oven as they
interpret it was committed nt that place
lost evening by the incarceration in their
calaboose of sixteen men and thrco women ,
members of the Salvation Army , who were
on their way to their hall in South Sioux
City to hold n meeting1. As they were pass
ing through Covington they were arrested
by order of several of the members of the
board of trustees and placed in jail , consixt-
ing'of a steel cage with thrco cells. In ono of
the cells was a thief and : i drunken bum , the
women were placed in another , while the
sixteen men were placed in u cell 12 by 1C
feet and there remained until 10 o'clock
to-day. There was nothing between the cell
occupied by the woman and that occupied by
the men but Oars , which divided the apart
ments of the cuee. When the news of the
arrest was carried to South Sloax City sev
eral of the citizens of that place went to Cov
ington and ottered to glvo bond which was
good for $15.000 If required for their appear
ance , and asked for their release , and were
not only refused but were abused even to
blows and driven from the town. The ofli-
cers who arrested them and put them In the
cnlnbooao used language which men would
not be called upon to listen to. They were
tried this morning upon the churgo of a
breech of the peace In Covington. They
were all acquitted. Even Covinglrin people ,
who uun stand a great dual , condemn this
outrage. A lively time is expected.
She Yi.-nrnod For the Old I ovo.
KEAHNIV , Nob. , August 10. [ Special to
TUB BEE.1 An Enoch Ardcn ciiso has hap
pened here within the east few days , the
facts of which have Just been developed.
Last winter ICinma Nash and Joe Nash , man
nnd wife , were divorced , the woman bring
ing the suit , charging her husband with ill
treatment , and u number of shortcomings.
The day f olio wing the granting of the divorce
Joe Nnsh married u woman In this city , nnd
they have been living together until Inst Sat
urday night. The first Mrs. Nnsh married n
carpenter , Hay Mnthows , of Trinidad , Colo. ,
lust spring , where they went to housokeop-
Ing. Her only child , by formpr marriage ,
remained in this city , where It Is bolng cared
for by relatives. Lnbt week Mrs. Mathews
returned to visit her parents , and while here
she had a meeting with Nush. She told her
parents that Joe wanted her to elope with
him , and that she was afraid ho would kill
her If shu refused to go along with him , nnd
feared lo llnish her visit hero , She started
for her Colorado home on thu early Friday
morning train , slnco which tlmo she hus not
been heard from. .Too Nash disappeared
the evening preceding , uud it is supposed
that ho stopped somewhere west of here
nnd bourdi'd the name train olio took , man
aged to go unnoticed with his 11 rat lovo. It
1ms recently developed that Mrs. Mathews
had been carrying on a tender correspond
ence with her llr t husband , and that the
elopement was nil planned to deceive her
parents , who are heartbrofcon over the af
Nor nlk'n Coiimiir Hncn
NoitniLK , Nob. , August 21. [ Special to
THE HUB. ] Kvory day adds to the Hold of
homes coming In for the races , which open
hero on Tuesday , tho27lh , and It promises to
bo a linn otio , The track Is In us good con
dition ns any to bo found In thu state , and
accommodations are nmplu and excellent ,
The association Is a member of the Aiuoricuri
Trotting nssnomtion , uud the western circuit
bog inn hero. Vou Hot and running mate will
be on thu truck ou thu first and third days ,
and will try to boat their records.
In.Jmiutlon AuuiiiKl llopu.unil ArroHls ,
NKIIIIASKA Crrv.Ncb. , August 20. [ Special
to Tun HUE. I The vlllugo board of Hyra-
cuso , Otoo ejunty , ana ox-Councilman Eiser ,
of this city , have been playing tit for tat for
Bjiiio time , which has boon brought to an
end by Mr. Elser socurlug from Judge Cbuu-
man nn Injunrtlpn ngnlnst the villain re
straining tho'iMteora from arresting him
again , Mr. EfsaFowns i business houto In
.Syracuse which Is located on the street , nnd
has often bofrh nOMHcd to move it , which ho
has stubborn ! * rUfusvd , nnd the result wns
that ho nan hou'i arrested no loss than half n
dozen times , irf } was about in bo pulled
again when thVlftlunction proceedings were
brought mid atgnypd matters for the present.
A Frnwl lfht JUono Collector.
Ai.u.VNcn , NP ! > . August 31. ( Special to
TUB Unit. ] 'AJjsU-flngor calling himself A.
Shoilds , claiming to represent the George F.
HruiiDor Manufacturing company , of St.
Louis , Mo. , hufi.beon trying to work n sharp
game In this wiclnity in the last few days.
Ho offered high prices for bones In car lots
to local shippers'hnd tried to Induce thorn to
ship thorn In his name , clnlmlnfr that by the
use of his uamo oti the mil of lading n cut In
the freight rnto could bo obtained. It Is
thought ho succeeded in entrapping ono Alll
ancn shipper , nnd the bones' ore this have
probably been reblllcd by him to some other
city nnd sold for his exclusive benefit.
Will I'rolmbly Kiioovor.
NcmiASKA Crrv.Nob. , AUgust21. | Special
Telegram to THE BEE. ) Julia Gibbs , the
young girl who nmdo such n desperate ef
fort to commit sulcidoSunday night , has bou
removed to the hospital and is In n fair wuy
towards recovery , although she is not yet
out of danger. She was formerly a highly
respected young lady nnd Is well connected.
Her father bad boon nt ono tlmo United
States marshal of Utah , Under President
Buchanan , nnd is now a practicing lawyer at
Washington , D. C. The younir woman traces
her downfall to a well known but not much
respected citizen of this plnco.
An Ann Ctir Off
FRBMOKT , Nob. , August 21. [ Special to
TUB Bm : . | Nieholl Clausou , u twelve-year-
old boy who was working on the farm of J.
C. Flor , adjoining the city , suffered n torrl-
bio mishap yesterday afternoon. Ho was
driving u mowing machine , nnd In some
manner was thrown from his scat to the
ground In iront of the siekol bar. The kocn-
cdgod slukel clipped his right unii off near
the shoulder. Ho was brought to town Im
mediately , when his wounds were dressed.
Ho Is still nlivo and It Is thought ho will sur
vive the accident.
Heavy Harvest Kxcurslons.
FHBMONT , Neb. , August 21. [ Special to
THE BUB. ] The harvest excursion train
which wont west over thn Elkborn road
to-daj caino into Fremont in two sections ,
being two or thrco hours behind tlmo on ac
count of thu heavy load of passengers. Hun
dreds of people nro taking ndvantago of
these cheap rates to Inspect the country in
north Nebraska , and there is every reason
to bcllcvo a largo influx of settlers will bo
the result , ns the crops in that part of the
state were never so good ns now uud pros
pects so encouraging.
Arrestetl For
R , Nob. , August 21. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun UBB.J Tuto Wilson nnd
Charley Sheldon were arrested last evening
charged with burglarizing un east end
bawdy house last > Saturday night. A gold
watch answering * the description of the ouo
stolen nnd a considerable sum of money wore
found in the possession of the boys , nnd
there seems to bo but llttlo doubt that they
are the guilty parties. As most of the boodle
is recovered , it , iso not likely that the boys
will bo prosecuted on account of their hltli-
orto good character.
An K | > ( | iniu of
NEIWA.SKA CITYV Neb. , August 21. [ Spe
cial to THE BIE. : ] The nightly burglaries in
this city still continue and with not the
slightest clue tOithp thievos. Last night the
residence of Mrs. Kothnun was entered nnd
a lot of old wines curried off , and about the
sumo titiio the hOVP of Mrs. John Steinhnrt
was broken into.andsomo e.uli and valu
ables taken while the lady was a helpless
witness to the logrodutlons. The homos of
Dr. Huskoy , . Ma Kohu and Mrs. J. L.
Mitchell were also visited by burglars.
A Knllerton Stoiv itobh < ! .
Fuu.niiTox , Neb.- August 21. [ Special
Telegram to Tun BEE. ] The store of
Penney & Son , of this place , was entered by
burglars lust night and the safe rilled of
between $300 and 83CO. No trace of the
burglars has bean > discovered , but it is evi
dently thu work of professionals , and Is
thought to bo the same gang that have re
cently operated at St. Edwards , Central City
nnd Newmans Grovo. The ofllcos of Reed
& Morgan nnd John Harwood wore also
entered , but nothing found.
Ilun Over nnil Killed.
BEATUICE , Nob. , August 21. [ Special Tele
gram to Ttrn BEE. ] A telegram was re
ceived here this afternoon stating that A. C.
Staker. n former citizen of this place , nnd
son of Joseph Staker , proprietor of the Hock
Island houdo in this city , was killed by the
cars at Abilene , Kan. , to-day. Staker was n
brnkcnmn on the Kansas Pacific. His re
mains will bo brought here for interment.
CrookH nc Columbus
COI.UMIIUS , Neb. , August 21. [ Special
Telegram to THE BSE. ] This morning Carl
Sherbert , upon opening the door of his
hardware store , \vat surprised to find that
his store had been entered by sneak thieves ,
who had succeeded in getting away with al
most his entire stock of revolvers , pocket
luiUos. razors , etc. , valued at over $40U. No
clue to tbo burglars has yet been found.
A Sin u 11 Strike.
NEMUSKA. CITV , Nob. , August 21. [ Spe
cial to THU Bin.l : The boyrf employed nt
the Nebraska City Canning factory , to the
number of about twenty-five , struck yester
day for higher wages. Their places were
immediately filled with "cheap help" and
now the strikers nro making it interesting
for the "scabs" by waylaying them ns they
go to and from their work.
I'olsotioil With I'ly Paper.
FKEMOXT , Neb. , August 21. ( Special to
THE Bm : . ] Mr. nnd Mrs. Hccdmullcr , of
Fontnnollo , Washington county , burled n
two-year-old child whoso death resulted
from tlv poison , which it got hold of nnd
drank. It lingered several days after swal
lowing the fatal decoction , but died Mon
CrnclCHiiion 1-ono Tholr
STASTON' , Nob. , August 21 [ Special Tele
gram to THE BRB. j Burglars entered Kron-
zino's blacksmlthjshop last night. They were
supplied with ailrio , kit of tools , which were
loft behind , Every.thing indicates that they
were alarmed wlillp nt work , as they had
only commenccdi < jnlHug on the safe.
A Huruliir Caught In thn Act ,
NUIIUASKA 6rEV. ; Nob. , August 21.
| Special Tolegj-amuo Tim HBB. ] William
Straw was arro'st while trying to ourg-
lurizo the rosjiTctmo , of City Attorney War-
rou lust niyht. .JIW , partner escaped. There
have been from oim to four burglaries every
night for a week. ' _
AiiiHWOPilfSyAnts Water AVoi-Us.
AINHWOIITII , JT § l | . , August 21. [ Special
Telegram to TUB tyEB.--Tho ] city council , ut
its session last Might , called n special elec
tion for Scptiim'Uc'r It to vote on a proposi
tion to issue $ SWOwater , ( works bonds. If
they carry tlio-'t'dwn will take a boom this
full. _ _ _
Kimrnny'H I'oiiiiuiHtor HcniinH.
KIIAKXKV , Nob. , August21 , ( Special Tele
gram to THU IJci : , ] P. Fred Wlloy , post
master hero , has sent In his resignation , to
takd effect October U Kleo II. Eaton , an old
soldier nnd newspaper man of this city , will
bo hU successor.
Coiiilnt ; ( I. tIf. . KiMiiilnn.
GUAXT , Nob. , August 21. [ Special Tele
gram to Tut : Bnu.l Thu various Q. A. U.
posts in this county will hold a reunion ut
Madison September U. U Is expected to Imvu
the Btuto department co nun under and other
oniccrs present.
I'cll Kroinn houn'iilcl.
Auni'iix , Neb. , August 21. [ Special Tele
gram to THU HBB. ] W. W. Harmon , n
laborer , fell from a sixteen-foot scaffold to
day uud the Joists below struck him in thu
small of the back. Ho Is In u verjM'rocarioub
Hon. Iiymnn Wlanor Accidentally
Shot by His Son.
Iemoorat.i of Kcoknk Doolnro In
Favor of Lnunl Option The
lip worth Iioniriio Crimea
nnd Casualties.
Shot Uy Hi * Son.
DOT Mot.vcs , la. , August 21. [ Special Tel-
csrnm Iv.Tiia BIE. | Hon. Lyiuan F. WIs-
ncr , the wealthiest nnd ono of the most
prominent ; citizens of Hnrdln county , was
accidentally .shol ami killed by his only son
th js. afternoon. The father nnd son were out
huntlug'n ' few miles northwest of Kdorn ,
where they reside.- The boy was In the
buggy nnd thu father was on the ground tryIng -
Ing to put the dog In the carriage. The son
In tryltiit to assist him moved his gun , when
the hummer caught nud the tull elmrgo of
the CUM wrnck Mr. Wlsncr in the forehead.
Ho- throw up his liiindH anil fell backward ,
dcnd. The boy thotl put the body of his
father In the buggy and drove two miles with
It to the liousu of nn acquaintance.
'I he Hl.xth Iowa's Reunion.
DCS MOINKS , In. , August 21. [ Special Tol-
cgrnm to'l'jin Bcn.l The survivors of the
Sixth Iowa infantry held a reunion here
to-day with a rousing cmup lire this wenlng.
This was the regiment commanded by Colonel
W. T. Shaw , of Anamosu , and it took n very
prominent part In the bnttlo Of Parkcrsburg
Landing and other bullion in the west. Fifty
members from different parts of the county
responded to the roll call. Speeches woru
nmdo this evening by Hon. K. U. Hulchlns ,
Captain W. T. Wilkinson , nnd others , nnd
nnd tliero were many reunions of comrades
long separated.
They Want Ijooal Option.
KKOKUK , In. , August 21. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BUB. ] The Modoo club , u
prominent democratic organization o * this
city , adopted a resolution to-day requesting
the approaching democratic state convention
to declare In its platform In favor of local
option by counties Instead of prohibition , It
also requested Congressman Gear , the mem
ber from this district , to work and vote for
Chicago for the world's ' fair in 1S93.
The Kjiworth IJPIUJUR.
DCS MOINIS : , In. , August 21. [ Special Tel-
cgruni to TUB Bcu.l The ninth general
convention of the Kinvorth league , an auxil
iary of the Methodist Episcopal church , was
hold in this city to-day. Permanent oniccrs
were elected ns follow * : President , L. . M.
Shaw ; vice president , I ) . C. Pianette ; HOC-
end vlco president , J. H. Johnson ; recording
secretary , Miss Gay Dolliver ; corresponding
secretary , H. C. Jennings ; treasurer , John
Mnhln , A board of control or directors was
also chosen. President Shaw delivered a
short address on the objects of tno loacuo
and the duties devolving upon its members ,
and other talus were mndo by delegates on
the plans of organization. The district rep
resented in this meeting included six Metho
dist conferences. The session was devoted
to discussion of plans for carrying on the
htorury and religious work of the league.
Tne next meeting will be held at Minne
. . . . . i i i i . *
A Foul hard v Act.
LESMJIS , In. , August 21. - [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BBB. Frank Hinc , an eighteen-
year-old Gorman boy , was run into by un Il
linois Central land excursion train thrco
miles cast of hero this morning and fatally
injured. Ho was driving a load of oats and
farm implements , nnd had slopped to wait
for the train until it was within ono hundred
feet of him , when ho whipped up to get
across. The engine struck his wagon amid
ships , and PO.V , plows and wagon went into
the air together. Coming down ho was
struck on the head by a plow. His skull was
crushed , nnd ho will not live over night. His
father and mother came on a train two hours
before the accident from Ida county to do
full plowing on n rented farm. The father
has tried twice to commit suicide to-day.
Death of a
WATEIILOO , la. , August 21 ] Special Telegram -
gram to Tun Bnn. ] Mrs. Nathan Poyner ,
widow of the pioneer Baptist minister in this
section , died at her residence in this count } '
lust night , aged nearly ninety years. They
came here in 1852 , and Mr. Poynor held ser
vices in the woods. Poynor township , this
county , was named after him.
Smothered In a-Scwcr.
DAVENTOIIT , la. , August 21. [ Special Telegram -
gram lo THE BEE. ! William Berry , u slrect
laborer , was killed here this afternoon by
being smothered In a sewer trench. A few
hundred pounds of sand caved in on him seas
as to cover his head and held him down until
ho was dead. Ho leaves a wife and three
young children.
"Tlio Newton Knuniiipmcnt.
* la. 21. Telegram
NEWTON , , August [ Special
gram to Tun Bcu.j The Third regiment ,
Iowa National Guards , are now in camp
hero , and Companies A nnd G , from Fort
Omaha , are encamped with them. This was
Governor's day and there was an immense
throng of visitors to see the review In the
presence of Governor Larrabeo and staff.
The troops mudo a line showing and the camp
is pronounced a great success.
to a .Icily.
DUIUIQUB , fa. , August 21. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Bin. : ] Fred Tagnoy , aged slx-
leen , was Jolted off a Burlington gravel train
in East 0ubiiuo ( this morning , smashing his
head to n jelly.
An Important WlinoHH In the Person
fl' ) n Mtlli ) Hoy.
NEW Youit , August 21. The pollco Imvo
found an important witness to thu origin of
Monday's fatal tenement , housu fire in the
person of a thirteen-year-old boy named ,10-
Hcph Popa , who swears that lu the morning
ho saw a man throw a number of sticks of
burning wood upon the floor of the restnurant
kitchen and then cast a pan of fluid of some
Itlnd upon the burnini ; mass , which cuusod it
to blaze up brightly. Snyder , the owner of
the restaurant , and his cook nro under nrrest.
Another llaytiuii Kcporl.
Nuw YOIIK , August 21. A cuulo dispatch
from Santiago do Cuua to Banker II. H.
Kunhardt , Jr. , of ICunhardt & Co. , of this
city , announces that a crisis In Huytiun af
fairs is rapidly approaching , Advices re
ceived uy Kunhardt yesterday by mail from
Huyllcn merchants brought news that thu
responsible Immness men of Havti nro of the
opinion that Logitime's downfall is only u
question of a few weens.
The TinieH-Dumournt Bold ,
Ninv OIIMUNH , La. , August 21. | Special
Telegram to Tun HBB. I Clio Times-
Democrat lias boon sold to Albert Baldwin ,
ot this city , and will under the now manago-
inuntcouio out an a republican sheet. It has
the largest oirculalion in the south , and is
accounted the beat gotten up paper south of
the Ohio"river.
A Colored I'runolmr In Trouhlo.
ST. JosKi'ii , Mo. , August 21. [ Speslal Tel
egram to TUB HKB.J An atlempt was
nmdo this morning to Ht-curo a warrant for
Iho arrest of SV. W Stoivart , colored , on Iho
churce of Improor conduct xvlth Mary
Jones , also colored , but owing to the absence
of the prosecuting attorney it could not be
Thn Dork Hiriko Hprnadlnc.
LONDON , August 21 , The strike of the
dock laborers Is spreading ! Ono thousand
men employed on the Commercial docks
Imvo Joined the strikers. The socialists nro
trying to loid the movement. Thirty
thousand dock men marched through thu city
' They were ijuiot and orderly.
A NI3\V MI3TII01) .
The Manner i > r Appointing Treasury
AKCIIIH Chnnicrd ,
WASIIINOTON , Au'nusl 31. Secrelnry Win
dow has decided to make n olinngo in Iho
present method of appointing special ugur.U
of the treasury , lloroaftor they will ha
designated for appointment ht u stated com-
pcnsnllon and must then appear before Iho
board of oxnnilnors for the purpose of testIng -
Ing their Illness. The examination will bo
non-competitive and not technical. Assist
ant Secretary Tlchonor has boon named ns
president of the "board Itl Washington to
carry out Secretary1 AVlmlom'n views , The
following circular has boon Issued i
"No person shall bo appointed ns n special
agent until his Illness hns'boon ascertained
by suitable tests. A special ngont should
Imvo n good character , good habits , good
health , n courteous bearing mid address , and
should not bo Incapacitated by ngo or other
cause for uctlvo work. Ho should possess
fair nbilltv nnd Intelligence , nnd bo nblo to
wrilo his own reixirln In clear , concise nnd
correct language , litaliuuld have sufficient
knowledge of bookkeeping and accounts-to
comprehend ntid oxumlnu lulolligonllv
Iho system of accounts used In custom
houses. Those who apply for thu positions
\yltl there fora bo subjected to such examina
tion us may bo necessary to nscortaln
whether they are possessed of Vheso requisite
qualifications. Appointments will bo con
sidered probationary for six montns , perma
nency of lunuro lo bo dependent upon the
npiitudc shown by the applicant for the
work assigned to him. "
Crawftml'tt Ten PIT Cent Fee.
WASIIINOTON , D. C. , August 21. Ex-Gov
ernor Samuel J. Crawford , nguinst whom It
was proposed to hisliluto proceedings for
having , ns'tho attorney for the Crook In
dians , received 10 per cent of the proceeds of
the sale of about two million four hundred
thousand acres of their lands in Oklahoma ,
to-day filed with the secretary of the interior
a sworn statement. When the Creeks in
December , 1SSI , learned that n bill was pending
ing in congress to vest In tbo United .Slates
ihu litle to the Oklahoma lands ihoy em
ployed him ellb'-r to defeat the legislation
or to secure compensation , agreeing to
pay him 10 per cent on whatever
amount ho might secure. Ho obtained
Si,2SUfj57 , for their Interest. The secretary
of Iho interior approved Crawford's contract -
tract after amending it to make the compen
sation 0tJ per cent. In December , 1SS8 , Iho
new dclcgalcs of Iho Creeks uslced Unit u
now contract fixing | the compensation nt 1U
per cent bo entered lo bo full payment for all
past nnd future services. This now con-
contract was opposed by the Creek national
council. In September , 18SO , Secre
tary Vllas informed Governor Craw
ford thut ho would defeat the measure
which was then pending in congress ,
to pay the Creeks for their lands unless he
( Crawford ) surrendered thu conlraet and
looked to the Indians for whatever com-
ponsnlion they deemed Just. Governor
Crawford says lie iitfi oed under protest to
this arrangement , nnd sinca then has had no
control over what compensation thu Creoles
should give , nnd they llxed the fee tlioui-
bclves and wllhout his interference.
NehrnHlca anil Iowa 1'oiinloiis.
WAIIIIXOTON , D. C. , August 21. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : BEI : . ] Pensions granted
Nobrasknns : Original invalid Wnlton Cam
oron. Increase Wm. G. Coon. Original
widows , etc. Minor of Joseph Harper.
Pensions allowed lowans : Original inva
lid George T. McAllister , Wm. Hico , Lewis
D. Brnwn , John Ganger , S. Cnbb , Joseph A.
Cumuutms. Increase Frank Forbes , Noah
Nunemukor , Jacob T. Burnett , Uiclmrd B.
Hemstreet , Win. Bixlor , Flnlvy M. Smock ,
Kiclmrd M. Anthony , Jacob Soober , Chus. A.
Turucaure , Win. Pophum , Kuggloswood ,
Henry C. Windsor , George Schumacher ,
Morriman Cox , O. Mooro. licissucd Daniel
Don't Nond to Know Orummnr.
WASIIINOTON , D. C. , August > 2I. The
president , upon recommendation of the civil
service commission has approved the amend
ment to the rules govorning-tliornlhvay mail
service exempting from examination clerks
employed in that service exclusively as porters
ters in handling mail matters in bulk , in
BUCKS or pouches , uud not otherwise , mid
clerks employed exclusively on slcam boats.
The Now CruiHcr Philadelphia.
WASIIINOTON , D. C. , August 21. Informa
tion has reached the navy department to the
effect that thn new cruiser Philadelphia will
probably bo launched ut Cramp's works ,
Philadelphia Saturday.
Hicby'n Appointment
WASHINGTON , August 21. Beecnor Higby
has been appointed ganger for the revenue
department for Nebraska.
Several hail storms nro reported through
out Austria.
A disastrous fire is reported to bo racing
ut Colfax , 111.
Several bloody affrays are said to have
taken place on the Island of Crete.
The ICoystono Furnace company , of Head
ing , Pa. , made an assignment yesterday ,
There is a rumor that a citizens' committee
has settled the minors' troubles in northern
The fourth annual encampment of the
Union Veterans , un organization com
posed exclusively of men who were engaged
in active service in the late war , opened in
Detroit yesterday.
A memorial was introduced In the Okla
homa territorial convention yesterday , to be
presented to congress , representing thai tlmt
territory Is as thickly populated as the
average slale , nnd praying for similar pro-
Two Bionin Y'achtH ( Toll life- .
SVUACU8B , N. Y. , August 21. Two steam
yachts , tlm Wide AwaKe , of Brewerston'
aud the Jessie Lund , of Pbusnlx. colllde'l
this afternoon. The Land sank , and about
twenty-live persons went into the water. All
were rescued by the Wide Awake except
Miss Clara Von Wonnor , of Phoenix , who
was drowned.
An Unprecedented Tnlmooo Halo.
LOUISVIU.B , August 21. The largest sale
of tobacco over made at aurtion in ono duy
In the United States , und probably la the
world , was mndo hero today. . The total
number of hogsheads sold was 1,002. This
amounts to about n million and n half
pounds , worth in the hogsnuad over § 103,001) ) .
A ItritlHh Jiui'k
PiilLAiiBM'HiA , August 21. The British
bark Onaway , which sailed from this port
Juno 5 for Bilbao with a crow of fifteen men
and a cargo of crude petroleum , is believed
to Imvo been lost ns nothing has boon hoard
of her since shu passed out of Dulawuni
bay. The captain's wife nnd child uccom-
panlcd him ,
Foil Uonil In Deflate.
HOME , Ga. , August 21 During the session
of the grand lodge of the Indopemlonl Order
of Odd Follows hero to-day , Colonel Adolph
Brandt , while opposing a resolution , fell
dead in tliotiall from un attack of apoplexy.
Ilnd Iteiinnd on Trial.
Puims , Miss , August 21 Bud Konaud
went to trial to-day. Ho pleaded not guilty ,
and the examination of witnesses was began.
So far thu uvldonco fails lo connect Honuud
with the prize light in Mississippi.
ryolono In Mil I no.
WINTHUOIMo. . , August 21. A cyclone of
thirty minutes' duration passed over this
place yesterday afternoon. Crops and or
chards were seriously injured.
Hold Up In the Burnt District.
While G , F. Kosonbnck was wandering
around through the "burnt district" late last
nltrht ho was knocked down ut the corner of
Ninth and Capllol nvonuo by one of two
men , who held him while his companion ,
John Slratnborg , wfint through Uosenback's
pockets and took his pockotbook. A woman
named Koliy ran out of u hou o near by und
choked Stramborg until ho gave up the
pockctbook. Thu man who had knocked
Uosunback down skipped oul , Officer i'ooiu
came up at this Juncture und arrested bolh
meu ,
The Bx-Dotootlvo Thought to Bo On
the Vorffo of a Confession.
The Doubt nnd Anxiety ot Ills I'ro-
oarloim Position I'rovtiic Too
Much For KVOII Ilia
Allot lirr Con ( Vision fOxpcntrd.
CuiOAdo , August 21. Ibpcclnl Telegram
to Tun Hii.lThere : : Is considerable ground
for the belief that Uati Uouvhlln , who lm
all along been regarded ns the man with thu
most backbone nmotig the rroiilu suspects ,
la ou the verge of confession. In addition
to the fact tlmt , the Uniirlsonmont tins told BO
severely on CouRhln'thnt ho is dully losing
llcsh , the mental strain upon the man has bo *
canio so obvious that those who have dally
Intercourse with him bollovo that ho is bor
dering on Insanity. He Is nightly the victim
of terrible dreams that couso him to start up
from his sleep with oaths and sometimes
With Hhrioks upon his lips. In the daytlmo
ho Is moody and tacllurh , nnd spends most of
the tlmo alone In lilt cell. But oven nioro
Important mid slgulllcuutthan thl ? Is the fact
that on no loss thnn throe occasions did
he suddenly call his warden to his
cell door and toll him lo inform Stntos At
torney Longonechor that ho wanted to BOO
him. On nil these occ.iitious , however ,
Coughlln dimmed his mind and counter
manded hH order before the warder hud
tlmo to convey U to Mr. Lonireneckor.
"There Is no doubt thut Coughlln Is on I ho
point of inulung n clean breast of everything
and throwing himself upon the mercy of the
state , " said n gentleman who has been prom
inently identified with the prosecution.
" 1 lie doubt and juixioty of his precarious
condition Is proving too much lor him , and
the nttitudo of the states attorney , who has
loft him nlonu over smco his Imprisonment ,
and of whoso plans neither ho nor his coun
sel have been able to learn anything , has put
him In a condition of almost unbearable ap
prehension. "
But there is u nioro potent influence than
the sweat-box , or solitude , or mental agony ,
or even limit fear of tim scaffold ut work
upon Ooughlin's iron nerve and stony heart ,
nnd thut is the Influence of his wife. It Is
stated upon excellent authority th.vt Mrs.
Coughlin has for Homo tlmu been pleading
with her husbmd to make u full confession
go upon the stand ns u witness for the stnto
and thus'savo his neck from the noose. It-Is
said that tliu woman has told Couuhlln that
It is necuss.iry in oruer to HIIVO her life , as
well as his. that ho should take this course ,
and this , more than anything else , has con
tributed to break down thu clansman's nerve
nnd bring him within a measurable distance
of confession. Whether the stuto'H
attorney told Mrs. Coughlin to use
her influence with her husband ,
under a promise that If she succeeded ho
would bo given immunity , could not be as
certained to-day , for Mr. Loiiguueckrrofuse/d
to speak m regard to this point.
It is btlll believed that , whnn the case Is
called by the state on Monday next the do-
fmiso will appeal for n postponement until
next term on the ground of msulllciont prepa
ration. It Is also said that efforts are being
made to secure the services of prominent
eastern lawyers in behalf of some of the ac
cused men. Among those mentioned in this
connection are General Ben Butler , Senator
Brady , of New York , \V. Howe , of llowo &
Hummell . Kullurton nnd .
, ex-.ludgo cx-.ludgo
Curtis , nil of New York. Should any of these ,
practitioners bo induced to accept n retainer
in the case nt this late day , the appeal for n
postponement would bo based on valid
grounds , and would probably bo granted.
The authorities nro making every effort to
ascertain to what point Martin Burku
shipped the tin box which ho had sealed two
days after Conin's murder. Herman Ida
here , the tin smith , has positively Identified
Burke as thu man who brought him the box.
SloU-n GondH llccnvrrcd.
The police last night recovered nearly all
of the clothing and other articles stolen from
the house of H. C. Wnylnnd. of SoulhOmalm ,
yesterday morning. The thieves had evi
dently como up town to dlsposo of their
booty , as it , was found in several pawnshops
on South Tenth strict. The articles were
pawned between 11 and 1 o'clock , and were
well scattered.
The CnrrlerH Mimt Walk.
The Consolidated street railway company
has issued an order urohlbiting letter car ;
ricrs from riding frco on horsn and cable
cars after September 1. The letter carriers
feel very sere over the order , claiming that
it will uelny them considerably in making
their deliveries in the outside districts.
A Teachers' Itiiiitiion.
A very pleasant reunion of the Douglas
county teachers atteifding the institute , and
including also city members of the profes
sion pcdngogiu , was held in the Crounee
block last night. A supper , speeches and
other incidents that usually occur on such
occasions , served to make the occasion pleas
autly memorable.
A Tondorfoot'H Outfit Stolen.
A disconsolnblo young man westward
bound reported to the pollco at South Omaha
yesterday that his grips were stolen by u
yonntr man wearing a bland , confiding smile ,
and a partner. The contents of the valises
were : One light pair of pains , ono cow boy
hat , one stiff hat , ono pair of Hhocs , and onu
, ' 12-callbro revolver.
An Omaha Mini Injiirnd.
At 8 o'clock Wednesday evening a
union stock yards locomotive left
the track while switching Just opposite
the Union Pacific depot. Engineer Frank
PerislnH , of Omaha , Jumped from his engine
nnd broke his right anklo. A Burgeon was
summoned , who reduced the fracture. The
unfortunate man was Hunt homo.
Hold IIoiiHo Itohhnry.
Burglars yesterday entered H. O. Way-
land's house , Twenty-eighth and .1 streets ,
and carried awav a largo amount of wearing
apparel and other valuables , consisting of
two grips , ono marked "H. C. W. , " u milt of
black clothes , a pair of light trousers , four
hats , onu a linn $7 white onu , a pair of sowed
shin's , a light overcoat , underwear and a 33-
caliber ruvolvur. No trneo of the perpe
trator Is had by thu police.
I'inlonoil With a Wnuon
Yesterday Martin Sherwood , residing
on Thirtieth street , Third ward , was caught
by u w.igon tongue and jammed up against
the guto , almost caving in his breast. A
suireon was summoned , who found ou ex
amination , no bones broken , Mr. Sherwood
received painful bruises on thu chest , buck
and right sido.
Child Madly Honldoil.
A young BOD , aged four yonrj , of Mr. and
Mrs. J. W , Grumllch , of Albright , Tuesday
evening pulled n largo boiler of HcaldiiiK hot
water over on him , and then HI his frenzy
fell In the puddle. Ho wa scalded all down
the right sldu from thu top of his head to his
feet. A physician was at once summoned
and thu sufferers pain eased ,
Positively cured by
thcso 1'Ulo IMfl * .
They also relieve Dis
tress fro-ft Dyspepsia , In-
ITTLE dlje ; llon nud'foo Hearty
IVEi * Katliij ; . A perfect rem
edy for Dlizlncsn , Nausea ,
PILLS. I > roMHlnc&i , Dad Taste
la thu Woulh , Coated
Tiiigue , I'atn lu the Htdo.
TOUCH ) U\KU , They
rc UluU ) the Dowels. 1'urely Vegetable.