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It Offaota tbo Domlso of Gay , o :
V _ ' . _ _ . ;
Gaj's District \VnH Naturally Ropul-
llcnn The Trennnry Ocpnrtmont
Alnkcn ix Curloim HI null or
Ibb Tliroo Anicrlcnn.
. nuiiEAU , Tnn OVATIA DEB , )
618 FouHTRiiNTii STIIBBT. >
WASHINGTON , I ) . C. , August 10. |
Tho.Star tonight soya : The death of Con
gressman Lnlrd leaven iho relutlvo positions
of thd Uvd parties in thohouso Just what ll
waft after the eleictjon. Tlio democrats wore
the llrst to lese a man by the death ot Gay ,
of Louisiana. * The death of Lnlnl takes ofl
n republican , Out of thfs situation the
'cmhnces seem bettor for the republicans tc
- Rain a veto. It Is conceded thnt there Is ne
hope for the democrats to elect n man to BUO
coed Lnlrd , whereas , on the other hand , the
district Mr. Gay's death loft racant ia probably -
ably naturally republican. It Is generally
understood thnt Mr. Gay was cnableel te
carry It because of his being n protcc
tlonlst , nnd having plenty of uionej
which ho was free to spend. To hold thld
same Influence In onoratlon Mr. Gray's son *
iti-Iaw 1ms boon nominated by the democrats ,
but whether they can elect him U n quest Ion
Miner , the republican nominee , is said to be
atrong , nnd all efforts pcmUilo will bo made
to elect him. 1 ho republicans claim that all
that Is necessary for them to carry iho dis
trict Is to have n fair count of the votes.
A ctmious m.UNiimt.
A curious blunoer was made bv the treas
ury dcpnrttnenton Saturday. The wisotnoii
of finance who , at least , ought to know the
laws of their own country , issued an order
which jiracticully prohibited the transmis
sion of goods in bond from any point in Mexico
ice to nny point In the United States without
* examination and appraisal at the borelnr. A
gentleman called their attention to section
aTOCof the revised statutes of the United
States , which provides for this very thing
nnd also classes Canada anil British Colum
bia In the same category The treasury ofll-
cials wilt now have the glorious opportunity
of cither bucking down gracefully or enforc
ing tbo most stupid blander that has boon
made for lo tbcso many years.
The coming conference of the representa
tives of the various countries on this conti
nent for the purpose of establishing closer
commercial relations \vill begin operations in
October. Some of the elclcgates have ulrcadv
arrived and are mailing arrangements for
the gathering of information. The hist con
gress appropriated $ . * ! 0a,000 to pay the ex-
peiiEOS of this conference. After visltlnfi
Washington and paylhg their respects
to President Harrison the delegates
will take a trip cast us far us
Uoston. stopping at all the principal cities ,
From there they will co west through Chica
go , Milwaukee. Minneapolis , St. Paul , Oma
ha to tlio Paclllo. coast and will visit Mnxico
nnet the southern cities before coming to
Washington to finish their business In this
country. Among the most Important matters
which will bo consldereel is the establishment
of a silver unit which shall bo current for
circulation and receivable for customs autles
in all countries on this continent. Complete
plans hnvo already been formulated by n syn
dicate headed by ox-United States Treasurer
Jordan , of Nuw Yorlt , for carrying this
scheme into execution ncel which will bo pre
sented to the conference for its early action ,
Secretary Windotn , before leaving for bis
vacation to-day , had up for consideration the
papers In relation to the employers of the im
ported glass blowers who are alleged to have
been brought over hero under'contract in
Violation of the contract labor law. Accord
ing to the report of the district attorney at
'Pittsburg it.Is clearly proved that there was
an implied contract between the men and
their employers , but the secretary finds the
problem a very knotty one , and up to the
present time has not boon able to find u proper
solution. Tbo law requires that such alien
laborers shall bo sent back at the expense
ot the steamship company which brought
them over , . .within a year from the time of
'landing , wit it scorns that thcro Is some diffi
culty involved In the question as to on whom
shall the responsibility of raising the funds
to return them to iho steamship company bo
laid. 'Some of the law officers of the depart
ment bellova that hebcas coipus proceedings
would be Instituted immediately should any
effort bo made to return the glass blowers
and that such proceedings would result in
interminable delay , and very likely the ul
timata release of the uion. The secretary
before proceeding further will try to secure
further evidence fixing beyond question the
violation of the law upon the llrin employing
the aliens , ana this is where ono of the great
est difficulties will como in.
Secretary Rusk will leave hero to-morrow
for Deer Park via Cincinnati and Indianapo
lis. From IndiananolU ho will go to Mil
waukee , whore ho will attend the forthcom
ing encampment.
A Dishonorable DUclmrjjo No Bar tea
a Pension.
WASHINGTON , August 19. Assistant Secretary -
rotary Busscy has rondorca an Important
decision in the Derision claim , of Daniel U ,
Kaufman , late of Company A , Fourth regi
ment Pennsylvania voluntaors. In his tie
cisfon the assistant sccrot.try overrules the
opinion of ex-Assistant Secretary Hawkins
in the same case ; that n "dishonorable dis
charge" from ttio sorvlcn operates as a "bat
to a pension. " Ho declares that the charac
ter of a soldier's discharge" * can noi
affect Ills claim for a pension or
account of such disabilities. llo holds
that a dishonorable dlscbarpo is t
penalty for a specific offense apainsi
Borvlco for which a soldier may be punlbhed ,
but that the penalty can not include * nor re
lute to u claim for a pension based upon dis
ability. Uussoy hauls that for the depart
inent to impose on a soldier the forfeiture ol
his right to ever claim a pension because of t
dishonorable discharge , which may have
been Indicted by a court martini for nn of
teimo of which the court haet jurisdiction
would bo equivalent to punishing a soldle'i
twice for tha same oftonso. In this viuw he
ia sustained by n deeision of tbo lute Judge
Advocate General Joseph Holt. The opm
ion re-establishes the ruling of the depart
numt which prevailed throvgh all udnvnis
trations , antedating the issuance of rule 135
liy General Uluck.
and town Pensions.
WASHINGTON , _ August 10. [ Special
gram toJ TUB HEE. ] Pensions allowed
ftobraskans : Original invalid Kdwari
Bates , Increase Henry Van Clove , Williau
1. Uovcrs , Robert Marvel , John Lump.
Pensions granted lowaus : Ilestoratloi
and re-Issues James Urlcu ( deceased ) . In
crease John 13. Cook , Joseph Mitchell. Wil-
. .linn II. Itovvo , James It. Livingston , Georgi
TIrlpga , OrlaudoM. Smith , George W. Jumua
William H. Needles , Henry P. Salmon , no-
issUtf John McMillan. Ha-lssuu and in
creaso-Sllos Longford. Original widows
etc. Mary 1C. , widow of George Meleer
Kanoy , widow pf John \V. Given.
' ' * * 'JTIio Olilest OoiiHiil Demi.
WASHINGTON , August 10. The state do
portmcnt to-day received u cablegram f rou
Porto HIco announcing the death last nigh
of Consul' Edward Conroy. Ha was th <
oldest oTtlio United States consuls , and ii
lo'ugth of servfcu was the junior of but om
inuii. Ho was appointed consul nt San Juan
Porto Hico , iu Ibft ) , and was. fully . eight )
yours old.
Plect from Itright'M DlaeiiHf.
WASiiiNqTpsr , August 10. The oornner'i
Jury in the casq pf General Theodore West
who died u few days ago at Asbury Par'n
to-day rendered a verdict that the dead mai
came to lila death from Hright's disease urn
that hU death was not in any wise duo to th
assault uiaele by a treasury clerk named Stci
line Hunlu.
Dinoliinutlana Call on thn Pr.-sUlcnt
DEU PAUK. Md. , August 10. The su
committee ot the Cincinnati chamber c
fijuiuicrco waited on President Harrison U
day and promised to'attend the reception t
bo given Wednesday at the now chamber ol
commerce building nnd to pay o
short call at tha builders' exchange ,
The president will leave hero Tuotuaj
night and arrive In Cincinnati at 7 Wednes
day morning , and will take n special train
about-1 p. m. on the Big-Four for Indlanno
oils. Accompanying the- president will tx
Secretary Husk , the United States marshal ol
the District of Columbia. Mr. Kausiloll ami
Private Secretary Halford.
IT IS I1 AX 13
A Colored Kdi'tor Bays n Unco Wnr
Cannot lie Averted.
UinMiNGitAM , Ala , , August 10. An article
in an Independent paper at Salem , Ala. , edit
eel by a colored preacher named Urynn , has
created quite a stir m Alabama. An cdltorl
al In tha lost issue abuses the whites for va
rious Injustices against tlio colored race , aud
concluded as follows :
"Wero you ( the whites ) to leave this southland -
land , In twenty years it would bo one
of the grandest sections ot the globo. W (
would show you inossback croaker !
how to run a country. You would never set
convicts depriving honest workmen of at
honest living. It Is only a matter of ttmi
when throughout this whole state affair :
wilt bo changed , ami 1 hope to your sorrow
Wo were never destined to always bo ser
vants , out like all other races will ami mus' '
havu our day. You now have yours. Yoi
have predicted that nt no very distant da ]
wo will have a race xvnr and wo hope tha' '
wo will bo stronr enough to wipe yoi
out of existence and harelly Icavo enough ol
you to tell thei story. It Is bound to come
and Just such hot-headed cranks us the cell
tors of some of our democratic Journals arc
Just the right sot to hasten it. It Is frtto. "
The whites in Salem are taklnu steps to
prevent the Ilov. Dr. Urynn , who is now
absent from the city , from over coming back
any more.
The executive committee of the White Re
publicans' Protective Tariff loagun met hero
to-day nnd passed iv resolution denouncing
the editorial ns incendiary aud dangerous ,
and tendering their moral , nnd If necessary
their physical aid to stop such utterances.
A Wbmait Fatally Injured Wlillo in a
SomniunlmlUtic Stulo.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , August 19. [ Special Tel
egram to TUB UEB.J Mrs. Tillio Parks ,
forty-six years of ago , arqso from linr seat in
the Burlington train from'D nvcrwhoa near
Elborry , Mo. , and stepped off the train while
running nt full speed. She was in a som
nambulistic condition at the time. She was
not mlssei ] until the conductor received a
telegram stating a woman had been found
beside the trade and thnt sno was supposed
to have fallen from his train. Mr. Parks
and live children returned to Elberry on the
next train and found his wife nt a hotel suf
fering Intensely. Sha laifi there but uiiht
without medical attendance nnd was
brought to this city this morning. Parus
had her placed In the bl-rgagi ) car and was
about to iiroceodbn his Journey when the by
standers , learning of the facts , insisted that
she bo taken ; it once to the city hospital.
She died about noon. Her princiDal injuri a
were internal. At the inquest her husband
testified that she told him that two men had
taken her off the train and tried to
rob her , but she pleaded so hard
that they went away. Her fourtcon-year-
old daughter testified that her mother fre
quently hud spells iu which she did not know
what she was doing. The Jury hum ? fora
time , one Juror insisting that owing to the
conflicting statements of the husband ho
should bo helet forhermurder , but the others
refused because the testimony was not suf
ficient to warrant it. They finally agreed to
bring In a verdict that the dcceasc-d came tv
her death by falling or beinc Uirown from a
train. The body went out on the evening
train with the family , for Madison , Neb.
Express Etcprcscniativea In liontlon.
ISSy bu Jani3 ( JnnJan tttnn'.t' . ]
ON , August' 19. [ Now iTork Herald
Cable Special to Tun BEE. ! John Hoey , oi
the Adams express , and Colonel O'Brien , ol
the Southern express , are in London ,
ostensibly fcr'pleasure. They go to Paris in
n few das's , and will do the continent before
they return to London. If they don't
organize u baggage express in London before
they again sea America it will bo because
such a scheme is impossible of accomplish
ment. There is aa Immensely profitable fleld
hero for such an enterprise if it once gets a
foothold and is conducted ou the American
plan. _ The idea of * establishing an express
on English" railroads does not seem feasible
unless a family of Americans should estab-
tabllsh It pnd stick at.itthough several gou
orations of time is not enough of an object
here to convince the railroads taut an express
on the American model would pay hand
somely. The paicpl that arrives in two ilnys
gives Just as much satisfaction as if il
came to hand in twenty-four hours. |
. An American Hotel.
[ Cop/rl/ht 1&13 liu . 'amtii Gordnn
PAHIS , August 13. [ New York HcraU
Cable Special to THE BEE * ] A number ol
Brooklyn capitalists have decided to open a
hotel on the Now Yprk plan. They believe
it will attract American customers us well
as the trade ) of English who have visited
the states. If it docs , there Is money in it
Newfoundland Won't Come In.
OTTAWA , Out. , August 19. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Bnn. | Sir Hobort Thornburn ,
premicrof Newfoundland , has informed Sir
John A. McDonald that ho cannot accept hia
proposition to submit the question of that
Lolouy entcrinc the Dominion at the polls at
the approaching Newfoundland cluction.
Sir John for years has been endeavoring tc
rope Newfoundland Into the confederation oi
British North American provinces , but has
failed in every attempt. Sir Uobert says the
movement is not popular and that the people
of the island arc afraid of. Canada's deb !
which , in proportion to population , or pei
capita , is six times us largo us their own.
KttlRhts of Sherwood Forest.
MINNEAPOLIS , August 10. Ttie supreme
conehiAO of the Knights of Sherwood Fores
was in session at Kilts Hall to-day. Then
are ubout _ fifty delegates present. The
principal business was the changing of tin
rules to conform to tbo ncxv cotistitutim
adopted by the Ancient Order of Foresters ,
of which the knights are a urunch.
Two Girls Drowned.
KASTON , Pu. , August 19. Charles Keller
of Philadelphia , accompanied by Mamie nnc
Winnlo Coltlgan , aged ( seventeen and twenty
respectively , went out boat riding lust nigh1
and the boat one ! its occupants were carrice
over the falls. The girls were drowned
Keller was found a mile below the fall :
clinging to the boat , and wasrescued. .
I'oreclost'el on Two TnniiRitit t ICn
ST. PRTKJiaiiciio , August 10 , The Credi' '
bank , which thet government established ir
1SSU to advance loans to the nobility on mart
gages , mm foreclosed on 2,000 estates , whicl
must bo sold at auction at the end of tin
A Terrible ) Itomb Kxploston.
IJoMic , August 10 , During a public con
cert to-day a bomb was exploded near the
liusslan embassy. Eight , persons were in
_ _
A Ctilnost ! Stonmor Blown tin.
SIIANGIUI , August 10 , White a steamer
was making a trial trip hero to-day the bollci
exploded , killing thirty of her craw.
For I'romotint ; Socialism ,
LBMUUUO , August 10 A son of the ropub
llcan general , DcGcn , and the editor of a lo
cul newspaper have ooen arrested hero foi
promoting socialism in Austria.
Dim I tip
Cmctaa , August 19. 'lliornai filoFarlftnd
dealer in hardwood lumber , mada an assign
ment to day. His liabilities are placed a
t50X'0 , ana his assets at half that amount.
\ \ hat Is more attractive than a pretty faci
with u frtiiih , bright complexion t For it usi
Pozzoni'a Powder.
Standing of the Clubs.
Following w the standing ot the Western
association clubs up to nnO including
yesterday's ' games :
Ployed. Won. Lost. PorCt
Omaha 8(1 ( G3 23 . .07.m -
St. Paul 80 r > 5 34 .m :
Minneapolis,83 45 43 .61
Sioux City 87 45 .48 :
Denver 87 41 49 .47
St. Joseph 83 87 40 .441
Milwaukee ) 80 37 49 .431
Dc9Moincs.5 31 .86 :
Sioux City , lien .Maine * 2.
.Stoux CITY , la. , August 10. Tlio Cori
nuskorshammercd Dos Molncs' crack pltcho
out of reputation. The fielding' of Maculla
nnd Black was the beat feature ot the game
Score !
Biouxcirr. i DBS Mo.Nrs.
r. h. o.n. o | r. h. o. . c
Cllnc , M . 2a,1 3 * 1 t'ntton , rf. . 0 220
( , _ . . . . ! ) 1 a ol.MMkniy , ir..O 2 3 U
IMnpll , 1 ! ) . u 1 IV 1 UCimnull.Jt > . .i..O 0 0 U
Totala sngT'O 2 | Total * . . . . 2 7 JOL
SlcmxCUy , . . . .U 00100304
DcaMolnca . . . . . . . . .U 1 0 U 0 0 1 0 P- *
Knrncd nms-Slour Cltr 5. Two bmo lilts-fllonn
Hrailloy. Uomo runs IJInok. Doiibln plnyn Tnillle
to Sliiscnllnr to Smith. Klrst t > nio on bulls Slou
City - ' , \m \ Molncs 4. lilt hjpltclipd bnll-l'oirnll
Stolonbuoi-aioux Cltj-B , Dos MolncsU. Struck out-
IIj UntmKnii V , \ > j llnrt i. I'liffoa bulls ( JoJy i
Time 'Iwo liourj. Uiiuilro toc clior.
Milwaukee 7 , St. .Insopli n.
ST. JOSBWI , Mo. , August 19. St. Joe coulel
nothitUavies nt the right time and throe
times was retired with the bases full. ICncl
was unsteady and poorly supported. Krlog
Ardncr and Hotallng batted all the feature !
into the Score :
Total 6 12 2t 18 II Totnla 110 U
SU.Iosoph SI 04000 100-
0 1 3 0 3 U 1 0 -
F.anioJ runs St. Joe I , Itlhinnkoo 4. Tiro-baio lilt
Krlee. llompmn Shock. Mrstbasa on bulls Ol
Knell , I , omuvles4. Hit liy pltchor-'McCiarr. Stnlei
buses MtCurr.1. Lowe , Alluirti. btruck out 1'oor
man 2 , Siitu > nMori-l'cya , Hurley. Davlc * . Doubl
nliiyi Mc'nrr ti > AnlncrU ) CnmrrlRht , DixTlna I
Morrlnoy , Davtps to Suttmito Morrl ey , Duvlej ti
Hurluy to Mnrrliiey. 1'uiseil ini-rScoiuic
Wllil pitches Knell I , Iavlc < 1. Time ot Kama-
hour , SU uilnates. Umplru ilollonuott ,
The National
CLKVELAXP , August 10. Result of to-day'i
game :
Cleveland 0 00010002 :
Pittsburc 3 03000000
Hase hits Cleveland 3 , Pittsburg 0. Er
rors Cleveland 1 , Pittsburg 1. Uatterles-
Cleveland , Unkely nnd Ximmer ; Pittsburg
Morris and Carroll. Umuire Lynch.
Itosiox , August 10. llesult of to-day's
game :
IJoston 0 01002001 <
Now York 0 00003300 - ;
Jjaso hits Boston 5 , Now York 0. Errors
IJoston 3 , New York 5. Batteries Boston ,
CUrkson and Bennett ; New York , Crane
and liwing. Umpire McQuaid.
RlNDIA.XAFOI.I3 , AugUSt 10. Result of tO-
day's amo :
Indianapolis . . . .0 00012000 1
Chicago 1 4010810 1 (
Uaso hits Indianapolis 13 , Chicago 14. r
rors Indianauolid 3 , Chicago 1. Batteries
Indianapolis , lioile and Buckley ; Chicago
Gumbert uud Darling. Umpire Powers.
PHILADELPHIA , August 10. Result of to
day's game :
Philadelphia..0 1041530 0-1-
Washington 1 000000 00 :
Base hits Philadelphia 10 , Washington 3
Errors Philadelphia 3 , Washington 5. Bat
teries Pmladolphta , Casey and Schrivor
Washington , Ferson and Daly. Uinuira-
The American Association.
CIXCIXXA.TI , August 10. Result of to-day'a
game :
Cincinnati 0 10001001 c
Columbus 0 00300030 4
LOUISVILLE , August 10. Result of to-day's
game :
Louisville 1 06010000 1
Brooklyn 2 0003301 * 1
Aumtenr G nines.
BtAiu , Neb. , August 10. | Special to Tni
BEE. ] A game of ball was played hen
Sunday between the Herman nine and thi
Blairs , resulting in favor of the Herman !
bv a score of 23 to 17. They played for i
pursa of $10.
Such Is tlio Story of an American Just
From Ilaytl.
BOSTOX , August 10. [ Special Telegram to
THE Btu.J Chief Engineer George B. Plu
mer of the corvette Desaallnos , who ha :
just returned to Boston on the steamei
Andes from Port-au-Prince , gives Legitimo'i
side of the story. He says Lexitlmo is now
virtually in charge of the catira island ,
Hippolyto's forces , slnco their uffectlva re
pulse , have been in the "bushes" ami an
scattered toward the north of the Island. Lo
' men-of-war out
pitimo's - - arothoroughlyllttcd
and ho is undoubtedly receiving financial assistance
sistanco from tha French government ,
When Engineer Plumor received his lasl
salary at Hayti , ho says General Contro ;
went aboard a French ram and returned
with a bag of gold , and then piid off the am
eers. The nriny under General Gourdorro i !
in Port-nu-Prince , well fed and wel
clothed. Lcgltimo is livim ? in th <
palace with bis family and In :
special nrmod body guard , whlcl
attends him everywhere. All the Americans
hnvu loft the city. Captain Fiscnor , of the
Bulize , now called Li Defense , was the last
white man to loavo. The day on whlcl ]
Engineer Plumber loft Por.t-au-Princo there
were two English gunboats about the sizt
of the United States steamer Ossipeo , whiol
was also there , and two French vessels , t
nun and n bark-rigged man-of-war.
The present condition of affairs is an entire -
tire reversion of what was expected three
weeks ago. The only resources which Hip-
polyte has are those which ho has secured
while occupying St. Marc , When thesi ;
shall bo exhausted th < only course loft will
bo to surrender. This event , if happening
within two or three days , would not surprise
Engineer Plumber. His forces are in a de
moralized condition , while Legitlme's are the
reverse. Impressing men into the lutter'a
service is dally kept up , and Lcgitlmo if
strengthening his position ,
Sti-nniHliip Arrivals.
At Glasgow The State of Nevada , fron
New York ,
CAt Now York The Eras , from Bremen
La Normandle , from Havre ; the Clrcasla
from Glasgow.
At London Slphtea : The Nodorland , from
Philadelphia , for Antwerp.
At Southampton The Elbe , from Now
York , from Bremen.
Jack liftn Shot.
EAST LIVKWOOL , O. , August 10. Durini
a quarrel tnls morning John Lesley , th' '
proprietor of the floating saloon on tbo Ohli
river , fatally shot Jock Leo , a pugilist
Tlinre is great indignation and throats o
lynching are free freely made.
A HiiUaua Spoke Factory Hurna.
DRKBUEX , Out. , August 10 , MeVean'i
hub and spoke factory burned to-aight ; loss
$100,000 ; no Insurance. Four persons wor
seriously injured.
Aelvioe to Mother * .
Mrs , Wlnslovv's Soothing Syrai
should always bo useel for ohilelror
toothing. It soothes the child , sottutu
the guina. alhiys all pains , ouroa wiiu
colic , and ia tlio boat romotly for diar
rhtua. 25c a bottlo.
jef j
n i ( _ .
A ProbabtyOFatal Shootlutf Affolt
,0 j .t Noola , In.
j ,
JJ. _
lid PilmefTttnlccs a Dantnrelly Aa <
sanlt nn % y tlio Itor. llolinlck
Shot by n Trencher.
NHOLA , la. . August 19. [ Special Tologrnn
to TUB BEE.J At about 10:40 : o'clock thi ;
evening Eel Palmer , a young man who hat
recently married Miss Ella Porter , of this
place , was shot In the Vowels by Rev , D
M. Helintck , and will probablj
die from Iho effects ot thi
wound. Tlioro' has been some
tronblo between tlieso two gentlemen foi
Homo time , orlginatlng-from the opposition o :
Rev. Holmlclc to the marriage of younf
Palmer. Last Saturday nfghi Rev. Holraiol
claimed that ho was attacked In his owi
yard by some persons unknown t <
him with eggs nnd bricks. Hi
also clalrai that the day before yesterday
torday a frlond came to h < m , and
giving him n revolver , told him that howoult
bavo to defend himself.
This evening ho waa called to the country
to marry a young couplo. On Ills rctun
homo ho found a man standing In the ban
door , of whom ha inquired what no was doliif
there , nnd ordered him to leave
Without receiving any answer ho felt some
thing strike his breast , whirh afterwards
proved to bo an egg , when ho iinmediatelj
( lulled out his revolver , nnd , utmmg to scare
and not to kill , shot down at what ho supposce
was the man's foot. Ills horse took fright
nnd wheeled up the alloy. Ho got off nne ;
with some of his neighbors , who had been
attracted bv the shot , went to the barn bul
could iiml no trace of any ocrson.
This Is Rev. Holraiok'a aide of the story ,
Mr. Palmer claims that ho was not eloinn
anything , but that Mr. Helmick rodo'rlghi
up and shot him , and .that ho dlt
not throw the , , egg. Ho nad some
friends , ho says , who were neat
who immediately look him homo , where he
ia now. Rev. Holmlck Is under arrest , anc
further developments will follow the prelim
inary hearing.
John G. Hutchison.
MASON Ci-rr , la. , August 19 , Although
this was a Hull stronghold , much satisfac
tion is expressed on all sides at the result ol
the state convention in the nomination ol
Hon. J. Q. Hutchison , of Ottuimvn , for gov >
ornor. It Is generally conceded that ho has
elements of strength not possessed oy either
Hull or Wheeler , and is sure to solidify the
different faction [ n the party.
Mr. Hutchison Is a Pennsylvania farmer's
boy , born in Northumberland county. Ho
graduated at Dickinson's seminary , Will-
iamsport , iu IS .and a few months later
enlisted in defense of his country as n
private in the ! One Hundred and Thirty-
first Pennsylvania1 volunteers , participated
in the hard service and fierce battles
of the Army , of the Potomac , served
the full term of his enlistment and was hon-
orablv discharged , 'bearing the rank of cap
tain. After thdArar he entared the union
law school at Cleveland , O. , and upon his
graduation removed to Iowa , in 18G5 , locating
Ing nt Ottumwa. For several years he was
apartncrot Hdn. B. H. Stiles , and after re
linquishing the Ornctice of his profession , ho
engaged in other business pursuits , which
have placed himfih moderate but comfortable
circumstances As staunch republican , ho
early gained 'pVonliri'enco ' in politics in his
homo while- his and
country , prudent saga
cious policies won him many friends among
his political opuonents , which afUrwards
counted largely in his favor when ho was a
candidate for political preferment , in so close
a county as Wapello. His legislative experi
ence had its beginning in the Fourteenth
general assembly , to which ho was elected in a
most triumphant manner. Twice after that he
served his county and his state in tbo higher
capacity of senator , and was one of the prom
inent men of the Nineteenth , Twentieth ,
Twenty-Hrst and Twenty-second general as
semblies. Upon the election of Mr. Larro-
bee to the governorship , Mr. Hutchison was
the almost unanimous choice of his fellow
senators for the chairmanship of the commit
tee on ways and moans , tnat most impo unit
committee of our state legislature. All the
better measures which were placed upon the
statute books of Iowa during this long term
of service were supported by Senator Hutch
ison , while to his knowledge of the needs of
the state , Hia skill and energy are
directly duo some of our wisest laws
and politics , Ho was the author of
that most excellent measure , the registry
law , not only as originally adopted , but as It
stands on the statute books to-day. His
skill in finances is admittedly great , and the
policy which finds Iowa out of debt to-day ,
in spite of largo expenditure of funds for
needed * tate institutions , can bo credited to
Senator Hutchison more thaa to any other
man ; thoroughly conversant with our reve
nue laws , he has boon quick to scu their in
justices , and has Introduced and succeeded
in getting through ono or both houses some
important legislation on this question ; a
friend of temperance nnd early representing
an anti-prohibition comity , his votes on all
phases of this issue have boon in line with
the most advanced thought of the state , nnd
the redemption of his own city and county
from UIQ rule of the saloon is largely due
to the firm and manly stand ho has al
ways taken. In public and iu private. In
favor of the strictest economy in expen
ditures of state , Senator Hutchison
has also favored almost every measure
which would rcduco the expenses and finan
cial burdens of the private citizen , and the
text book question and equitable taxation
have found la ultn a warm friend and active
supporter. Indeed , in the general assem
blies In which ho has served It would bo diffi
cult to find attv member whoso record has
been cleaner and brighter and oftener on the
side of right and justice than Senator Hutch
ison. Ho is also fortunate in having a
record on the transportation question , ft , Is
to his credit and highly characteristic
of the man that he should hava made a rec
ord hero and thnt it is one which will boar
the closest scrutiny. Primarily ho be
lieved In the state control of corporations ,
and ho bos lost no opportunity to express
this belief and'glye it endorsement by
his votes. Ho fqvoretl an elective rail
way commission/und ; an enlargement of ita
powers , and supported the measures looking
toward that entlf wpich were enacted into
law. Prom the ntas-j of bills on the transportation -
portation question lyhlch came before tlio
last general assembly ho selected house flio
No. UT3 , gave it hw earnest support and had
the pleasure of sjjplnl * Its best features en
grafted on the statutes of the stato.
Personally Soriitt0r. Hutchison is pure and
clean , with n character known to all men as
above reproach , His canvass has been con
ducted in that mild and manly manner so
peculiar to the m'4/i IP all his works. Gen
tlemanly and courteous hi hia treatment of
other candidates , ha Appears Co have steadily
maintained the goi'jd ' will of all , Uud has boon
subjected to the attacks of friends of none.
His methods have boon honest and fair , oven
and good tomporqif..a'ad ' ho appears to neither
hold nor arouse personal antagonisms , suuh
fruitful sources of weakness. His is a can-
diducy to which all republicans of Iowa can
turn , and as its foundation find a man highly
worthy their support ,
An interview Witli General Uugsey ,
DBS MOINCS , la. , August 10. General
Cyrus Bussoy , assistant secretary of the In
terior , Is in the city visiting relatives for a
few days. When asked to-elay about the rela
tions between Tanner and Secretary Noble ,
as ho was reported to have expressed hlra-
'self In a Cbicttsro interview last week , ho
said that the statements attributed to him
were made out of whole cloth aud entirely
utitruo. Continuing , ho sold : "In the pen
sion office there are more than three hun
dred thousand applications pending. Many
of these are for increase ) , thu original pen
sion granted having been less than the pen
sioner Is entitled to nndor ths law , II is my
desire and that of tha secretary that tbo
ponuion laws t > e enforced with such fidelity
thnt eVery pensioner shall rOcolvo all thnt In
Is entitled to , and at the same time wo will
receive the approval of congress , to whoir
wo must look to to preserve the pension
system. "
Tlio Northern Iowa Cnllootornlilti.
LnMAiis , la. , August 1ft. [ Special Telegram
gram tot THB BKR. " ! Congressman StrubU
to-day decided to ask the town congrosslona
district to unite with him in rccommendlnc
J. S. Lathrop , of Sioux City , for collcctoi
of Internal revenue for the northern district
of Iowa. Colonel J. M. Emery , of this city ,
who was first endorsed for the office , retiree
from the race two month's Ago , and bus gone
lo Sioux Falls , Dak. , to take tha agency foi
the Now York Life Insurance company ,
Colonel Lnthrop wan appointed because he
Was n soldier , nnd the Sioux ; City postofllco
the other best office In the Eleventh district ,
went to E. It Kirk , a civilian.
Injured by n Violoii.s Dull ,
HuMtiOLDT , la. , August 10. [ Special Tele
gram to THE HBR. ] Mr. J. II. Chamberlain
a farmer living two miles west of this place
was attacked byn vicious bull which hn was
ttying to drive. The bull knocked him
down7 bunted and tramped on h'lm , breaking
his hip and several i-ibs. Mr. Chamber
Inlu's little boy , who just escaped n slmllni
fate , called the dog , which kept the bull at
bay till neighbors could como and rescue the
unconscious man. lie was very 'badly in
A Ilonrtlcss
DBS MOIJJES , la , , August 10. [ Special Tel
cgram to TUB BKR.J A German natncel
Bllo loft a little girl of two and n half yean
old iu the county auditor's oftlco this fore
noon mid skipped out. Some of the cotintj
officials were instructed by Judge Knv
nnaugh to hunt him up , nnd after an liour'i
search they returned with Bilzo nnd th <
judge administered a lecture to him. Thi
child is a daughter of Fred Springer , 01
Omaha , aud has been with Bilzo for seven
months , but ho grew tired of keeping liei
nnd thought to get rid of her In thnt way ,
Mayor Carpenter took the matter in hand
nnd found a homo for the 11 ttio ono with Mr
Charles Mengus , on Second street.
'JChn Bin ? Gr IKS Palace.
CUESTOX , la , August 10. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Buu.l The blue grass palace
is entirely completed nnd rapidly receiving
consignments of exhibits from the diffcreu
counties of southwestern Towa. The yards
and the depot are choked with frolcht , am
great activity prevails m getting out goods
The illuminations in the city are elaborate
and will present a gorgeous appearance , and
the city is prepared to entertain unlimited
crowds. Tlio exposition will bo formally
opened August 33 by Governor Larrabco.
Two Roya Smothered to Dentil.
Dns Moixns , la. , August 10. [ Special Tel
egram to THE Btu.l Bcrtio Miller am ]
John Olcott , ten-year-old sons of prominent
men atPomoroy , were smothered to deatli
this evening in a bin of flax in nn clovatoi
at that place. Workmen were engaged in
loading u car from the bin where the boys
were playing , and they were drawn under
the flax and were not discovered till thov
were drawn into the spout , stopping the
grain. When pulled out both were dead.
In tlic Hands of a Receiver.
DBS MOINCS , la. , August 10. [ Special Tel
egram to Tim BEE.I Owing to differences
between Dr. Aborn , the proprietor , and
Charles Holmdaio , the lessco of the Aborn
house , of this city , an application was urada
to the district court for the appointment of a
receiver , and the application was granted to
day. This is , ho house that was advertised
to bo put up at rafllo m Montana and Idaho ,
but the buyers of tickets all turned out to bo
victims , for none of them drew the houso.
Off For tlio Garni ) .
DBS MOIXES , la. , August 10. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BEB. ] This afternoon a
battalion of the National guard , composed of
Companies A and H , Third regiment , of this
city , started for Newton for n week's camp.
Phinnoy's Third { regiment band , of this city ,
accompanied them. The battalion was un
der command of Major Parker.
An Knjcinecr Killed.
DBS Morar.s , la , , August 10. [ Special Tel
egram to TUB BEE. ! Mr. James Holloran ,
an engineer on the Diagonal railroad , was
killed while switching cars southwest of this
city yesterday. Ho cuimo to this city but a
short time ago from St. Joseph , Mo.
Hon. Randolph Tucker is reported to bd
very sick.
It is understood the Petrol has proved sat
Dr. Lo Baron Russell , of Boston , died at
Plymouth yesterday.
Department Commander Martin still in
sists on the 1 cent rate.
Jim Smith , a Detroit tough , was fatally
shot by an officer yesterday.
A Grecnsburg , Pa. , dispatch says Texas
fever has orokon out in that vicinity.
The two mon under arrest nt Lexington ,
Mo. , for the Wabash train robbery have
practically proved nn alibi.
In Two Wonks.
The Omaha fair commences n week
from next Monday , September 2 , and aa
no entries will bo received after noon
of that day _ it behooves all who desire to
nmko entries to elo so at once. Entries
may bo m'udo , it any time before that
nt the oillco of the secretary , .T. II. Mc-
Slmno , 213 South Fourteenth street ,
Omaha. Every ' .vorthy article not on u-
meratod in the premium list may bo
entered and placed in its appropriate
class and may receive a premium. Muko.
your entries at as early a day ag possi
ble , as it will materially assist the olll-
ccra of the association.
Union Paclllc
Notice was received nt Union Paclllc
headquarters yesterday morning that the
branch from Rockford , \Vushingtonterntory ,
to Spokane , will bo completed within the next
thirty days.
It has boon decided by the Union Paclllo
management to build a Hue into Yellou'stono
park. Wliilo rumors to this effect have boon
in circulation for some time no definite
understanding has been reached until
within the last few days. The road
will leave the Oregon short line at the
Market Lake , nnd will run by way of the
Snake crcok vulluy up to Jackson's lake , nnd
thence to the upper geyser basin. At this
point an eastern syndicate will , by permis
sion of the government , erect u largo hotel ,
which will make this portion of the park ono
of the most famous resorts of the country.
Work on the now line will begin as soon ns
the preliminary survey is finished , which
will bo in iv few days. It Is expected tbat
the road will bo completed before Decem
ber 1.
Kallrunii Notcn.
Assistant General Freight Agent Cassldy ,
of the Elkhorn , is In Denver.
Train Dispatcher MeCiino , of the Elkhorn
at Missouri Valley Is in the city.
General Superintendent A. W. Dickinson ,
of the Missouri Pacific , with headquarters at
St. t.oul8 , and Division Superintendent A.
W. Hathbouo , of Atchisnn , are In the city.
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' ' these Lfttlc PiMx.
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Ton juo , Fain In the Side.
TOKF11) UVKft. They
regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
llo Leaven To-ilny Tor Washington
Ills Army lloonrd.
The genial General Brcok , adjutant gen
eral ot this department of the army slnco
18S5 , will leave Oinnhn to-day for Wash
ington , where ho wilt go on duty as assistant
adjutant general.
During his four year's residence In Omaha
General Brcck , by his uniform courtesy has
won for himself many friend * not only
among gontlotnon connected with the nrmy ,
but with civilians also. General Hrcck Is
essentially n soldier nnd a Rontleman and
ranks very highly In the estimation of his
superiors mid Inferiors In the army , llo bus
senrcd Ills country faithfully for thirty-four
years , rendering valuable service during the
war of the rebellion. Ho was born at
Midnlcboroiigh , Massachusetts , in 1&1I.
General Brcck was appointed to the mili
tary academy Upon thoflrst of July , IMl.nnd
after four years diligent study there , gradu
ated In Juno , ISM , and was nrndn n brevet
second lieutenant of artillery. Soon after
Joining nls command , the young officer had
n taste of active service , beiag engaged in
the expeditions ngnlnst the Somlnolo Indians
In Florida , during 18. ' > 5 and ISM. During
18.V ) ho wnt made full , second lieutenant of
the first infantry. He was stationed at
Fort Moultrlo , South Carolina , during the
lost months of ISol ) and the first of 1857 ; at
Fort McIIenry , Maryland , from 1857 to 18,7.1.
In IWi' ) ho accompanied his command upon n
wearisome march from Helena , Ark. , to
Fort Clark , Tnxtis. During the last ot 18.10
ho returned to his old station nt Fort Moul-
trio , and there remained until the following
year , when ho was sent to West Point ns
assistant professor of geography , history nnd
Upon the Itth of April , 1801 , ho was promoted
meted to a first lieutenant in the First artil
lery , nnd nt the same time was made princi
pal assistant professor of geography , history
and ethics at the academy.
Upon the 29th of November , 1801 , ho was
made a captain of staff , nnd upou tlio 3d of
December of the same year left the academy
and served throughout the war. Ho was
made assistant adjutant-general of General
McDowell's division ot the Army of the
Potomac and waa actively engaged in the
defense of Washington from December , 18(11 ( ,
to the JiJth of March , ISO'J , when ho was
made assistant ndjutnnt-gcncral of the First
array corps , but ho only remained with this
division about a month , being transferred to
servo in the same oflica with tha Army of
the Riippalmnnock in April. Ho was en
gaged in the occupation of Fredericksburg ,
Va. , upon the 18th of April , ISO ! . ' , and took
part in tha expedition to thu Sbcnandoah
valley to Intercept the retreat of tbo rebel
forces uuilor Stonewall Jackson.
Upon May 33d , J803 , ho was promoted to
bo major of sUfTuml additional aide-de-camp.
Upon the 17th of July , of tlio same year , he
was ordered to report to the adjuunt-genural
at Washington , nud was made assistant in
charge of rolls , returns , books , blanks and
business pertaining to the enlisted mun of
the regular and volunteer forced and of the
records of his commands aud the preparation
and publication of the Voluutoor Army reg
He was made brevet lieutenant colonel ,
September 21th , 1804 , for "tneritoiious nud
faithful services during the war of the re
bellion. " On March 13th , 1SU3 , ho was
promoted to bo brevet colonel , the promo
tion being made for "diligent , faithful and
meritorious services in the adjutant gener
al's department during the rebellion. " Near
ly Immediately after this he was again promoted
meted , being made brevet brigadier general
of the army. Ho remained in the adjutant
general's office at Washington until Juno
1870 , when ho was transfer red to the depart
ment of the Pacific , with headquarters at
San Francisco ; also serving as mustering
and disbursing olllcer in addition to his du
ties as assistant adjutant general. Ho
with the recruiting service in the division of
the Pacific from September 19 , 1870 to May
10 , 1S77 , mid u member of the retiring board
during the sumo period. He was adjutant
general of the department of the east , with
headquarters at New Yorif , during Novem
ber and December 187 , and tlu'n ho was
again sent to Washington and served as as
sistant adjutant until 18SO , when ho was
transferred to the department of Dakota ,
with headquarters at Fort Snelllng. In l-iS5
he was transferred to the department of the
Platto. witn headquarters at Omana , and
hero he has oincu remained.
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Over Ono Hiintlrcel Picnickers Pois
oned by lee Cream.
ST. PAUI , , MIJTX. , August 19. The mem
bers of the Cleveland Grove , U. A. O. D. ,
went on a picnic to Stolfel's grove in west
St. Paul yesterday and while theru partook
generously of Ice cream , purchased from
iho proprietor of the park. As a result over
100 people were poisoned and some of them
are dangerously ill this afternoon. It is not
thought , however , that any cases will prove
tention to commercial mon. Finest and
largest hotel ill the west. Kittrcdgo &
Brainard , proprietors.
Tha Visible Supply.
CHICAGO , August 10. The visible supply
for the wcok ending August 17 , as com
piled Dy the secretary of the Chicago ooard
of trade , is as follows :
, Bushels
Wheat . , . . . . . . . . H.331.000' .
Corn. . . . . 8,0WIX)0 : )
Oats . . . . 4.000.000
Uyo . , . ST.1,000
Barley . 350,000
Williclin at Cu-l8ruir : ! "
Biitll ; > r , August 10. Emperor William and
Empress Augusta Victoria arrived at
Carlsruho to-day from Bayre'uth. They
wore received nt the railway station by tlio
Grand Duke nnd Grand Duchess of Baden
nnd the chief state officials. Entering car
riages , the Imperial party proceeded to the
castlo. The streets were thronged with
people and the Imperial visitors received en
thusiastic welcome. 'J ho town was gayly
decorated. In the avcumg it state banquet
was given.
The Antl-TrlaiiHlo Irish Orgcini&o a
Chicago Branch ;
The Olicat ) or tlio Society ! to Btintnln
Pnrnoll In Whatever i'ollcy Ho
Blny Tnltik In IJcst for-
Ireland. *
Tlio Plnn'of Crtiiiprtlcm , '
CHICAGO , August 10. [ Special Telegram
to TUB Uitn.1 According to the Kvoulug
PTows. "Iho younfe and pushing Irish-Ameri
cans of Chicago have begun ncUve work to
help the cause ot Ireland on the Hues laid
down bv Parnolf , and have formed a Ton-
ants''bofonso longuo. Profiling by past ex
perience , it has been determined that , there
shall bo no 'leaders' In the movement , Mr.
K. M. LahlfT , a young Irishman , Is one of the
promoters of the defense league. Mr. L -
bin * this morning explained the objects of
the league nnd the events that ( ed to ita
formation1. Ho said :
"The Irish-Americans of Chicago are * Just
beginning to see that the Triangle and its '
adherent * are enemies of Ireland nnd Par-
ncll , nnd the desertions from the revolution
ary party have already commenced. It U
rather Ktrauge that for the first time In
thirteen years the Triuugle\ the Flucrty
crowd , have invon the proceeds of their an
nual demonstrations to help thu Irish cause.
This year they did It , nnd the proceeds of
the Ogdcn's Grove demonstration will go to
the burial fund , whatever that may bo. Now ,
It Is Just because a great miiuy Irish-Ameri
cans believe that those of the Triangle uud
Finurty stamp are not true friends of Ire
land that the Idea of a 'tenants' Defense
league has boon broached In Chicago
cage , or in other words , n Icairuo to help
Parnoll In any way he may see lit
to net In acquiring freedom for Ireland. If
Flnerty and the rest of his people are slncora
in what they say , why have not leagues to
help Purncll been formed by them I At nil
places where the Triangle power was domi
nant Is the spectacle of u lot ot shouters and
no real activity. In Philadelphia the anti-
Triangle forces uro on top and there are flfty-
three branches ot the Icaguu there , while wo
haven't one here. Therefore , recognizing
that there is need of Just such a league hero ,
a numbur of young Irish-Americans have
como together and discussed the project. Wo
have talked it up considerably ilnd
it is very gratifying to note
the feivor with which our project has been
received , even among the Triangle puoplo ,
who are fast beginning to tire of bhittior-
sklto domination and mere talk Hundreds
and hundiods of Irishmen Identified with
tlmTrmn le , wo have found , favor our idea
of u league , and have proved theiir interest
by promising us tlictr support. Wo will
have no leaders , no factions and no discus
sion of those topics whlcn have caused such
ruptures in our ranks heretofore. Most of
thu Triangle leaders are olllco holders. W
will have none of them. Our aolei object
will bo to nsiist Purnell , ami mon with axes
to grind needn't apply for membership. Wo
will have no leaders , ns I said , and
will not elect oOlcers for our organl/ation
until wo discover who nre thu sincere and
real workers , mid then the olllcurs will bo
but temporary. Tims zealously guarding
tlio interests of Pnrnell , wo hope ) to keep the
league pure from all thu contaminating iullu-
ences of ward rustlers nud political workers.
A pieliinmary meeting will bu held this
week and we hope to soon have an organiza
tion where young luslimon , coming to this
country , instead of throwing their nioiuiy
into camp No. 0 , can join with us ia real
work for Pnrnoll , and nut line the pockets of
a foxv demagogues.
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Use Ilorsford's Acid Phosphate.
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which so of ton occurs in active provisional
and business men.
Tlio Cronlii Djl'iiim ; Kxnoctcil to
Maneuver for Dulny.
CHICAGO , August 10. [ Special Telegram
to THE UBI : . | It is very probable that
there will bu another attempt lo procure a
continuance nf tlio Cronin murder trial when
tlio case Is called in Judge McConncll's cour t
next Monday. Iho dofunsu , it h believed ,
is not yet i eaily to go on w ith the case , and
the probabilities are thai when it Is called
up next Monday thu lawyers , fnr the prison
ers will begin anew the work for delay. The
cause of all this anxiety on the p irt , of the
dofe'iiso to have the trial postponed lies in
the fact that up to the present , time the pros
ecution has refused to show its hand , notwith
standing the many e'luve-r but ineffectual
attempts made to induce it to do so. There
is great unueituiuty among tliu lugal llguts
employed to llaht tlio prosecution as to how
far , if nt nil , Martin Burlce has committed
Himself or implicated his co-dnfciidants.
Uut , perhaps , tlio mall whom tliey fear most
is Veterinary Surgeon Cass , whoso test- !
mony looks so bad for Dauiul Coughlln , and
whoso record and reliability Attorney For
rest has been so carefully investigating for
several days past , Mr. Cass has proved art
cnigm.ito Mr. Forrc.stthUR fur ari'i the lat
ter ia very desirous of pushing IIIB inquiries
in this direction a little further.
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draw's Hon-in-lvaw Arrives.
NEW YOIIK , August 10. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tim Bin,1 : Among the passengers
on board the Btcnmor l.aNormamlio , which
arrived ycsteniiiyvero Daniel \Vllnon , son-
in-law of ex-President Grevy of Fruiice , anil
Madam Wilson.
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