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Bo Propounds Flfty-Throo of Thorn
Regarding the Maybrlok Oaso.
Uyprtthcaes Which Go to Show Thnt
the Accused fllny Do Innocent
In Splto of Her Immoral
Domestic Ijlfc.
Queries For Kvorjrho'lr.
[ Cnpirfiht883fiy Jamvt Oorrl/m ttsni'.U. ]
LONDO.V , August 19. [ Now York- Herald
Dablo Special to Tun Bur..1 To the Illght
Hon. Matthews , homo secretary , to nil the
members of the liouso of lords , to alt the
members of the house ot commons , to the
editors of the dally newspapers of this coun
try , to the editors of all thu periodical pub
lications In this country , und to all men
whoso public Influence , published letters or
public statements have had an inlluoaco
great or am all In ono way or tha ether
upon the fate of Mrs. May-
brick Gentlemen i It Is the purpose
of this article to ask you certain questions
you ought to answer , and which you must
answer to yourselves as men should
they fall under your eye. They nro
based entirely upon the evidence given at
the trial of Mrs. Muytirick. If you have not
a sufficient knowledge of the ovldcnco in the
case to answer these questions , it will bo
well for you to hereby learn thnt fact before
you tnko any further action of any Kind In
the matter. Tlio questions are as follows :
1. Are you aware that thorn are t.vo diffor-
cnt forms o ( poison in this case , both of them
clearly established , nml beyond question the
first Is arsenic In the form of lly papers , and
the second is nrsouiu In the form of white
powders )
2. Mrs. Mayhrlck has been convicted of
poisoning her husband with arsenic obtained
from fly paper. She made a statement at
the llrst opportunity at the trial and Sir
Charles Knssell offered two witnesses to
prove that she had made the statement
Just after Mr. M ylrlck's death. This state
ment was to the effect that she had put n
white powder Into the moat Juice. The ques
tion Is , which kind of poison , in your belief ,
caused Mr. Maybrick's duatn 1
3. Do you believe that'she was using both
kinds of tlio white powder belonging to him
and arsenic in the solution ohlaiaed by her
self !
4. Can you believe In the occurrence of a
coincidence so extraordinary and so unheard
of as this , thata wlfo should be uaconsclous-
ly giving her husband arsenic in ono form
and nt the same tiuio bo willfully giving it to
him in another )
C. Are you aware that the theory upon
which Mrs. Maybrick has been found guilty
Is u correct one I
0. Have you over looked ut the question
in this light )
7. Are you-nwuro that her statement con
cerning the ( Hjw.ler Is supported by the pre
ceding evidence in the case in the fullest de-
prees on all points , and , instead of being the
most Important evidence against her , very
strong evidence of her innocence ?
8. Are you aware that her statement as to
why she bought thu lly papers is simple ,
reasonable and clear and fully supported by
facts ?
9. Are you aware that after such a close
review of the evidence as your intelligence
makes you capable of you will discover that
the fly papers cut no real figure in this case
at all !
10. Are you aware that it will bn Impossi
ble for you to logically deny this )
11. Do you believe that u .woman who
made up her mind to poison her husband and
who was not n lunatic would go to the
chemist she usually purchased from to buy
the materials of lly pipers and have them
sent homo by the shop boy , so loosely
wrapped thnt people could und did examine
them as they lay on tha table in the h'Ul and I
see what they woroi
12. Do you bollcvu that she would put them
to soak In an unlock ) d washstaud , where two
servants could sno thorn soaking !
111. Are you aw'iro that Mr. Mavbrlck had
been talcing arsonio for twelve yo irsj
14. Are you aware that It is an absolute
fact of medical experience that when men
are habitually taking uraonlo they must
steadily Increase the dose to obtain tbo olfect
sought )
15. Are you aware that whether Mr. May-
brick died from gastro enteritis resulting
from a chill and his debilitated physio il con
dition , or from the direct olfoct of arsenic ,
there is every mason to believe that ho took
this arsenic himself )
1(1. ( Have you ever looked at this case In
this light : 1 , An ursoaio taker of twelve
yours standing dies from the effects of ar
senic. U. Four pcoplo who do not know that
ho was an arsenic eater came to the conclu
a Ion that his wife poisoned him because she
Is soaking lly papers , u. The lly papers and
her iulldollty to her husband , In an expres
sion used ID u letter to her lover , imiko n cir
cumstantial case against nor so very strong
BH to completely overshadow the more impor
tant Issue , which is Iho habits , actions ant
physical atato of Maybrick himself.
17. Are you aware that Maybrick's physi
cal state for several wcoks before his death :
hewed un Increasing debility leading
straight toward his death ; that sumo dnyi
before he took to his bed ho had u slight sou
uro In all respects resembling the Illness
from which ho died , and tnut ho himself ex
plained this seizure to one of the witnesses ir
the case us caused by an overdose of medi
cine which ho himself hud taken i
18. Have you observed that the actions ol
ono of the fuiuule witnesses huvo been some
what remarkable I
19. Have you obaorvod that it wus she whc
made the first accusation a.-amat Mrs. May-
brick ; thnt it was she who found all or
nearly all the arsenic ; tliat it , was she win
B tin ted the lly paper theory , und that It wu
shu who sot in motion another person , win
In her turn not in motion the Muybncl
brothers , who In their turn deposed Mra
Muybrlck and uiude her un object of susplc
Ion I
30. Do you know anything about thl
' 'I. Da you know whether her devotion t <
' Mrs. Muybricic was greater or Insx than tin
average devotion of a servant to u muster 1
13. Do you know whether her devotion t
tier mlatresi was greater or loss than th
average devotion of u servant to her mis
tress I
3. Do you know how all that arsenic go
Into that house I
SM. Aroyounwaro that It U not easy U
buy nrsonlo In Kngland without makmt
yourself known I
25 , Has It attracted yoor attention that li
pito of the tremendous publicity given U
this case thcro is no evidence of Mrs , May-
brick's buying or obtaining any arsonio except
copt la the form of lly papers I
SO. Hun it ever occurred to you that if nn ,
pernon who know nil the lutiuiute clrcuui
stances of Maybrick's way of living doslrcd
to cast suspicion on Mrs. Maybrick It was nn
easy thing to do )
> 27. Do you ucllove that n woman who
desired to poison nor husband with arsonio
would scatter It In us many directions ns the
ovldcnco dhows It to huvo been scattered !
26. Have you over considered the enor
mous prejudice against Mrs. Mnybrlck with
which this case started , how that prejudice
naturally grow and how the only thing that
could combat It the knowledge thnt May-
brisk was un arsenic cater became public
at the lust moment ?
29. Do you know why men tnko nreonlcl
! iO. Do ( you know why Maybrick took Ul
31. Do you think It likely ho would tell
Ills wife what ho was taking and why he
was taking ill
B2 , Do .you think that a man using arsenic
In a steadily increasing amount , ns shown
by the ovldenco , would bo without It In his
U3. How do you think ho would obtain It
In the house If he was too lit to rlso from his
bed !
3-1 , Mrii. Mavbrick .said she out the pow
der , ut his request , Into the moat juice. Do
you know that It was in the evidence thnt
Mr. Maybrick preferred and In n private
way of taking arsenic In a powdered form In
beef teal
.15. Mrs. Mnybrlck said she did not know
that the powder was arsenic. It Is reasona
ble to suppose that sbo did , nnd If you think
she did , why do you think sol
30. Are you nwaro that she wrote Michael
Maybrick curly In March that her husband
was taking white powders which did him
harm I
8" . Are you nwaro that in 1833 , either In
Juno or September , she tried to got Dr.
Hopper to stop her husband from taking
some secret medicine , which , she said , was
Injuring him , and which , she said , ho was
very reticent about )
31. Are you a ware that Michael Mnybrick
spoke to Maybrick nbout the white powder ,
concerning which , Mrs. Maybriuk had writ
ten him , and that Muybrlck angrily told him
it was u d d lie )
39. Did any arsenic eater over tell you of
his hublti
40. Would you toll anybody If you were
taking arsenicl
41. Would you bo ashamed of it , or other
wise )
4J. Do you know that Maybrick was very
secretive about his habit and angry whenever
It was referred to )
4' ! . Do you think that the Investigation of
this case has developed the most important
sot of facts or the least important ?
44. Do you know where Mr. Maybrick's
clothes are )
43. Do you appreciate the tremendous Im
portance of these clothes In this case )
40. Do you know that ono white powder in
the pocket of Mayorick's > waistcoat would
have saved Mrs. Maybrick's llfo und reputa
tion )
47. Do you think It strange that they
should disappear immediately after his
43. Does the strangeness of this fact nat-
urully associate itaoU-with any ether strange
facts in this case'- )
49. Do you knoiv-that Edwin Maybrick
found a pill box which liad contained arsenic
ami that the chemist Irad'written Mr. May-
briclc's ' name on the box ?
50. Do you know that this exceedingly im
portant piece of ovldenco only reached the
counsel for the defense at a very late stage
and by n very indirect route )
51. Do you know tnat there must have
been other equally important bits of evi
dence in Mrs. Maybrick's favor which never
reached them at all )
f > 2. What do you think nbout this case )
53. What are you going to do about it )
A \valtint ; Further lilotlionl llenorts.
LONDON , August 19 , Home Secretary
Mathews is awaiting further medical reports
before coming to a decision in tlio Maybrick
. The xvill bo submitted
case. reports to-mor
row. The parliamenta rypotltion in behalf
of Mrs. Mavbrlck hits been signed by all the
members of the house of commons.
AVill Sign thn Petition.
LONDON , August 19. Ilev. Dr. Spurgeon
writes to the newspapers to say that no will
sign the petition for the release of Mrs.
Maybrick , and will commend to his congre
gation tbo advisability of following bis ex
Settling Mrs. Mnyhricli'H Affairs.
LOUISVIU.B , Ky. , August 19. [ Special
Telegram to Tim BBE , ] The attorneys of
Florence Maybrick to-duy filed n suit in the
federal court hero for the appointment of
trustees for tier largo estate of mountain
lands In Broathltt , Pike und neighboring
counties in this state. The property was
left her by her grnndfullier , Darius
Blake Holbrook , of Now York. She
Is Joined in the suit by her stepfather , Baron
Von Hoquc , who nets for her mother. The
rights of Mrs. Muybnck's children , both
u.idcr ten years , are also reviewed and pro
< tection Is sought for them. The suit Is
friendly and its object Is to secure relief
froth the necessity of giving security ns
trustees by W , H. Gardiner and Hamilton
Brudshaw , of Now Yore , und Itov , John
Ingruhnm. of Missouri , who nro trustees for
Mrs. Maybrik's property elsewhere In Amor-
lea. They decline to servo for the Kentucky
property If required to give security.
i Tlio Famous Inventor Honored by
K the Klnicol * Itnly.
a /SS3 ; < ) / Jninet dunlin ncntittt. ]
- LOVDOX , August 19. [ Spo--lal Cablegram
to Tnu BEK.J It Is plum Edison no loncor ,
but Count Edison. The trroat electrician
says : "Thoy must never hear of It in Now
York. They would never stop laughing at
mo. " The King of Italy has conferred on
Edison tbo Insignia of Grand O.llcer of the
Crown of Italy , and accompanied It with the
following letter , signed Hatazzl :
"Tho presentation by Cavalier Copel-
o to the King , my august sovereign
eign , of a phonograph invented by
your illustrious self has produced
the deepest Impression upon the mind of his
majesty , who has recorded upon the machine
Itself tils greatest admiration. The king , In
consequence , wishing to give you a deserved
testimonial of honor for the great scloatlllc
discoveries associated with your numo , so
universally known , has boon pleased , of his
own accord , to confer upon you the rank
of Grand Officer ot the Crown of
10 Italy. I am happy to present
you herewith , on behalf of his majesty , the
_ Inslgiau of this high honor , uud reserve to
myself to send you as soon u * possible the
royal diploma. "
The distinction confers on Bdlson the title
of count und on MM. Edison the title of
A Dinner to KiiHuell Harrison.
( CopurluMSS9 liy Ja n G'irliit flwm'.l
LONDON , August 19. [ Now York Herald
Cubic Special to TUB BGI.J Frank Mc-
Luughlfn , Publisher of the Philadelphia
Times , gave a dinner at the Savoy hotel this
evening to Uussell Harrison. Consul Gen
eral New was present. Mr , Hanisnn will
sail for Kevv York in the City of Paris WeJ <
Improoalvo Ooromonloa nt HIa Funeral -
noral In Hastings.
Governor Tlinyor nml Othnr Stnto
Officials Attend the Obsequies
Klvo Prisoner * I3acnno from
Jail at Fremont.
At Heat ntllls Old Homo.
HASTIXOB , Neb , , August 19. ( Special Tel
egram to THU Btirc.l The remain * of Con
gressman James Laird were laid In their
final resting place in Park Vlow cemetery
this uftonionn with the most imposing ceremonies -
monies ever witnessed in Hastings. Thou
sands of pcoplo p.iid a tribute of respect to
the memory of the dead congressman , nnd
special trains were run on most of the rail
roads loading Into Hastings nnd nearly
OTer.y town In the district was represented.
Among the well known Ncbrnskans present
wcro Governor Tlinyor , Secretary
State Treasurer Hill , Auultor Ucnton , At
torney General Lceso , Congressmen Connell
and Dorsey , Judge Post , of York ; Judge
Chancy of Ked Cloud ; Adjutant Colo. Mr. Laird's only surviving
relatives , Mrs. Isaac Boycu , an itunt , and
William Uoyeti , n cousin from GllUnan , 111. , '
were present. The services were held at the
First Presbyterian church. Kov. .T. G. Tutu ,
of Shclton , preached the sermon. The music
was impressive and the Ilornl decorations pro
fuse. The procession marched to the oomo-
tery by three routes. It was very long , and
in n single line would have extended over
two miles.
lull Delivery nt J > 'rnmoiir.
Fur.MoxT , Nob. , August 19. [ Special to
THE Uiu. | Another jail delivery took plneo
In Fremont last night between the hours of
eight and nine o'clock , five prisoners escap
ing. Accomplices from the outside passed
through the north windows with chisels and
hammers used by the masons on the now
court house adjoining the jail , and with thcso
the pnsoners cut a hole through the brick
wall in the water closet and crawled through.
Their absence was discovered by the Jailor
in a few minutes after the delivery. Two of
them were uw-.itlng trial before the district
court for stealing each u watch worth aoout
$20. Tno others were sentenced for
only a short time each. It is considered good
riddance , tut at the rate prisoners are bro.iK-
ing out of jail it will soon bankrupt Dodge
county to plug up the holes.
A Suicide nt Suotln.
SCOTIA. Neb. , August 10. [ Special to TUB
BKK.J On Friday morning , the 10th last. ,
Gcorgo W. Turner found lying dcai in
acorn Held about .threo miles souihoast of
this village , and on Saturday morning a
coroner's Jury empanelled , who , after
hearing the evidence and examining the
boay , returned u verdict of sflf-ilnstruction.
The evidence before the coroner's Jury dis
closed the facts that Mr. Turner formerly
resided In Fairllold county , Ohio , but had
been spending the winter and summer at
Mr. Gardner's , In this county ; on Sat
urday , the 10th , Mr. Gardner and wife , In
the evening , came to Scotia to spend the
night nnd next day with relatives here ,
leaning Mr. Turner nt homo to tafco care
of the stock. On their return the
discovered that ho absent , but wcro not
alarmed , ns he was somewhat of an eccen
tric character und had spoken of going to
visit a friend in another neighborhood. On
inquiry they found that ho hail not been to
that friend's house. Search was instituted
and his body wan found about half a mile
from M. Gardner's house in the corn field.
When found his revolver was two feet from
him with one chamber empty , the bullet hav
ing entered his mouth and passed out b.ick
of Ins ear. In tils clothes were found $115 :
tic was said to have been a man of a good
deal of moans. The people where ho was
residing now notice that ho has been acting
in a peculiar manner for somu months , but It
was thought by them to bo nceentncities of
his , No reason is given for his suicide ex
cept insanity.
Tli * Fro nitiit O'linp Uorjtltiz.
FUBMOVT , Neb , , August 19. [ Special to
THE Bcn.J The Methodist camp mooting ,
which has boon in session Here during the
past ten days , came to a close this morning ,
though yesterday was practically the last
day of public worship. Tnc tents on the i
ground were to-day taken up and the devout
Motnodists and their friends who have been
enjoying a festival of worship , have for the
most part returned to their homes through
out the conference. Yesterday was the big
gest day of the session , there being more
than thrcq thousand persons on the ground
during the day , Tlio principal services of
the day were conducted as usual by Hovival-
ists Potter and Miller , whoso efforts have
boon so fruitful of good during
the meetings. Two hundred nml ton con
versions have been made duriug the ten davs
of the meetings. Elder Pottar said ho re
garded it as the best camp meeting ho had
ever attended , and "Hallelujah" Bowcn , of
Chicago , a gray-haired veteran of eighty , .
throe , who has attended nearly ono hundred
camp meetings , confirmed the testimony of
Elder Potter. Those having it in charge are
also highly pleased with the results. The
cxpcriuicntof charging u small admission fee
Is n conceded success. In this way the ex
penses arc easily met and none are kupt out
who really desire to go. Harry Dale , of Illi
nois , and Singer Miller will carry on the
good work a few days longer at the Meth
odist church in this city ,
liivcHtfcntint ; tin llliur I'ostollloo.
Hi , UK , Nob. , August 19. [ Special to Tim
DKI : . | A special agent or postofllco inspector
was hero Saturday looking up tno matter of
the Hlalr postofllca. Some time ago serious
charges weru made against the present post
mistress for destroying mull matter. Up to
the present time nothing has been done to
ferret out the matter. An eastern man by
the name of Hraneh eaiuo hero Saturday , In
terviewed a few prominent men and loft in
the evening. Ho Is expected hero again to H
morrow and a thorough overhauling Is ex
pectcd. Ho keeps his own counsel , however ,
und no ono will probably know what his de
cision Is until the department notifies the
parties nt fault. Everybody is anxious ! }
waiting fordovolopmmitinnU several parties
intorusto.l seem to be a little bit uneasy. II
In hoped the straight of this mutter will be
uiadu public soon.
JHorrlH Declines.
Ciir.TK , Nob. , August 19. [ Special to THE
UKK.J In your Issue of Sunday morning if
is stated In an Interview with John M.
'Iburaton that Judge W. H. Morris wouk
bo a candidate for member of'congress fron
the Second district. Your correspondent li
In a ix itlon to say uuthortutlvoiy thu1
Judge Morris will not allow hut numo to tx
usud In that connection under any circuit
stances whatever ,
A Tekamitli Citizen Pound ltuil.
TEKAMUI , Neb. , August 10. [ Special tc
TIIU HKK. ) Tlio citizens of Tokanuh wore
startled this morning by tlio announcement
that Clark Cbllcott , ono of our prouilncnl
citizens , had been found dead In hi * barn
whore bn baa repaired early In the mornint
to atteud to his stock. Having remained
longer than usual , tils wife sent their littli
girl to see why h < 3 had remained no long
when the truth became known. Medical uii
was summoned , and heartbroken frleuUt In
bored with the energy of despnlr In a vain
endeavor to rcstoro him to consolousncsii.
Heart disease was the cause. ' During the
past flvo years Mr. Chllcott'lias been con
nected with the Hurt County bank , nnd his
loss will bo deeply regretted by' the business
mnn and all cluoses'of people. Ho leaves u
wife and two children. .
Fell Dcaifftn the Maroh.
FOUT HOIIISSOX , , Kob. , August 10 ,
[ Special Telegram U { Titn HER. ] To-night
at 11:15 tin ambnlanco containing the remains -
mains of Privnto ClJx.V on , of company E ,
Second Infantry , of Fort Omaha , reached
this post ; It seems thnt the deceassd had fern
n long tlmo bean subject to heart disease , and
unexpectedly fell dead on the way to the de
partment encampment In the vicinity of
Honilngford , about sixteen miles from Fort
Kobinson. Under General Whcnton's ' orders
the remains wcro forwarded by means of an
ambulance to this place , where the burla
will tuko plaeo unless other information ro
gurdlng the wishes of the friends of the de
ceased shall bo received ,
Dod-ro County i'rnhlliltlnnlflts.
FIIKMOXT , Neb. , August 19. [ Special to
TUB HUB. ] Thu third party prohibitionists
of Dodge county mot nt North Bend Satur
day nml placed hi the Hold the first political
ticket of the year in this county. Beside
nominating a full county ticket they selected
thirty-one delegates to attend the state con
vention , to bo held at Lincoln thla week.
This number of delegates Includes nearly the
entire number of third party prohibitionists
of Dodge county.
Kiuklntr AnnliiHt th'n school Dnnrd.
DKATHICR , Nob. , August 19. [ Special Tol-
cjrrnm to Tin : Uiu. : ] TUo recent action of
the city school board In twanging the text
books of the public schools is creating a big
kick. The change Is regirdod by the city
generally as arbitrary nnd unnecessary and
Is attributed to the inexperience of the now
board , of which two rnombors are India * .
A strong effort will bo mddo to hivu the
board rescind its action in the matter und
permit the old books to b6 usoJ.
Tlio Jtounlou nt O'No'.ll.
O'Nnit.r , . Nob. , August 19. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BIE. ] The opening day of the
O'Neill reunion was rather quiet , but the
clans are beginning to gather and to-night
the grounds present an army-like appear-
mice , Camp Slocum is the llrst of the kind
in Nebraska. Captain Lozler , of Iowa , the
lighting chaplain came In to-night nnd will
remain several days. The Oakdalo band
also came up and n largo number of the boys
in blue.
Quito ISnutlHli , YJIII Know.
BiTUICI : , Nob. , Augyst 19. [ Special
Telegram to THE Bii : : . | 'A young English
man undertook to size up the city Saturday
night and visited a house or bad repute in
the east part of town. While there u sneak
thief crawled through the Window and , made
off with his vest , contumiug ftJO in money
and a line gold wutcli. A search of the
house was made by the police and It was
finally concluded that the burglary had been
committed by outside parties.
Troops Arrivlns.
FOUT ROIIINSON , Neb.t August , 19 [ Spe
cial Telegram to Tun BCB. | This afternoon
Companies D and II. o tbo Ninth cavalry ,
commanded by Captains Loud and Dlmmick ,
and Company K , Twenty-first infantry , com
manded by Captain Hearne , arrived from
Douglass. They unmadint'jly went into
camp. General Wheutqn , with thp Second
inluntry , is about ten miles from the post
and will urrivo curly to-nJorrow.
-He Plnyecl With ] a Pistol.
BEATHICH , Neb. , August 19. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bii.J Charles und Albert
Heedy , young sons of O. 1C. Reedy , got hold
of a couple of pistols this evening nnd
Charley accidentally shot Albert through
the shoulder , milicting a severe though not
dangerous wound. The boll was a 22-calibro
and has not yet been extracted , it having
taken a downward course into the boy's
Graders nt Work.
Bnvriuci : , Neb. , Ausustl9. ( Special Tele
gram to TUB USE. ] A largo grading outfit
went down to the Kansas line this morning
to begin work on the Kansas City and
Beatrice railroad at Summerlleld. under the
Kilpatrick Bros , contracts. The outfit
belonged to Morton & Norton. The work
will bu pushed with ajl possible vigor in
order to complete it under the foity days'
promise made by Vice President Erb.
Not Whnt llu Claimed to rtc.
KF.AIINKY , Nob. , August 19. [ Special Tel
egram to THIS BEE. ] A middle-aged man ,
wearing dark clothing and claiming to bu
editor of n Fairliold paper , hired n convoy-
unco on Saturday of Cocko Bros. , of this
city , to visit u cousin. Ho failed to return
the horse and buggy , nnd investigations
showed Hint the stranger hail worked a'
confidence game and stole the property.
Accidental- Ilia Sinter.
STANTON , Neb. , Augusll9. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bms.l This morning while Os
car Stuckcr was cleaninga supposed unload
ed gun tha weapon was. discharged , com
pletely decapitating his tivo-year-old sister ,
spattering fragments uf the head ull about
tlio room. The parents are nearly overcome
with grief. The gun had boon loaded the
night before for the purpose of shooting a
Thorn Slav ho i
AI.IIIN , Nob. , August J9. | Special Tel
egram to TUB BIE , ] Harvey Smith , who
has been in Jail hero for several months , was
taken to Burtlott , Wheeler county , this
morning to bo tried fortho murder of Logan ,
W. H , Imics , the sheriff 6f Wheeler county ,
started with the prisoner , iilono to make the
drive of forty miles. Foirs arc ontei tallied
that Iho prisoner will bo lynched.
Tried to Kill , lliir.sclf.
NnmiASKA CiTV.Neb. , Augustl9 , ( Special
Telegram to TUB Bun < ] Julia Gibbs , a
young woman of easy virtue , miulo n desper.
oto attempt last nlghtiolcpmuilt nulcldo by
shooting herself through ljo ! lelt brnust with
a thirty-two-cullbor revolver , missing the
heart about an inch. , Iho bullet passed
clear th'ough the body , but she will possi
bly recover. The sbootiifcj wus the result of
u quarrel with her ' 'lovjer , "
Arrostcd lor J rihhory.
NuiuiASKA Cm , Neb.lJ 'August 10. [ Spe
cial Telegram to TUB lieu. ] A young fel
low named Fitzgerald , sjjpmgor hero , was
arrested to-day on the it argo of being Im
plicated in the Into njunerous robberies ,
und was oound ever Uyljo dlstrict court.
Howard Water Bifmli Curry ,
SinvAiip , Nob. , August 19. ( Special Telegram -
gram to Tim HUB. ] Aft the special election
to-day the proposition uuthorUIni : the city
to isbuo fciO.OOl ) worth nf water bonds wus
carried almost unanimously. This is the
third time the proposition bus been sub
Cntholio Church Dedicated.
FIIHVOUT , Neb. , August 10 , fSpccIal to
Tim Jihii.l The new Catholic church nt
Ustina , In Saunders county , about seven
miles south of Fremont , waa dedicated this
moinlug at 9 o'clock. Bishop Bonacum , of
Lincoln , otllclutod sslstcd by seven or eight
priests of surrounding churches. The churcl
U u very nuut little edifice.
Money to 1'rovetit A 1'anlo.
TUIIIN , August 19. Tno National bank
the Milan Savings bank and the Bank o
Naples liuve advanced 24,000.000 llro to
the two Turin bunks to unvut the panlo
caused by the suicide ot Signer Capollo , one
of the ieuJlufc bai-hcrs ot Uiis city ,
The Burlington & Northern Not
Alone In Its Reduction.
The Proposition Prepared For the
Consideration of the Western
Freight Association Now
of No Consequence.
Not Alone In tlio Ilrduotlon.
CIIICAOO , August 19. [ Special Telegram
to TIIK HER. ] The Wisconsin Central nnd
Chicago , St. Paul & Kansas City to-day mot
the Burlington & Northern cut from 00 to 1C
cents on the Chlcago-St. Paul proposition of
the through rate. The action of these two
roads nullifies In advance n proportion which
the Northwestern and St. Paul were Intend -
Ing to present , nod perhaps still will at to
morrow morning's mooting of the Western
Freight association. The proposition is that
the other St. Paul roads should Ignore the
Ificcnt rate , nbollsh the low commodity tariff
now In effect between Chicago and St. Paul ,
nnd lower the present 00-ccnt local basis to
n 50 or 45 cent basis. The proposition was
formulated by Trafllo Manager "Wicker , of
the Northwestern , and stood an excellent
chance of being adopted had the Wisconsin
Central und Chicago , St. Paul & Kansas
City not complicated matters by giving no
tice that they would meet tlio Burlington &
Northern rate. As matters stand , . no Chicago
cage shipper or r nil road is satisfied except
ttie Burlington & Northern. Cold chills of
apprehension are running up and down the
backs of railroad ollicials of Missouri river
lines , us they sec the imminent danger of the
wholesale reduction being carried to Mis
souri river points. All the three roads
which have made tbo rate say explicitly in
their tariffs that the long nnd
short haul cliLUse of the tntor-stato
commerce act Is Ignored. The Burlington
& Northern has , however , recognized the
impossibility of carrying out this idea at
junction points and has applied the 15-ccnt
rate at LuCrosso und Winoua. In like man
ner the Chicago , St. Paul & Kansas City
will apply the 15 cent rate to Marshnlltown
and threatens to apply It at St. Joseph and
Kansas City. In any event , thcro being no
foreign or water competition nt Marshall.
town , it is manifestly impossible to apply
the 15-ccnt rate there , 314 miles
from Chicago , and ma.ntain the
75-cent local nnd GO-cont proportional
rates to St. Joseph , 533 miles from Chicago
on tlio Chicago , St. Paul & Kansas City.
The Chicago freight bureau , repiesentlng
the board of trade and the vast majority of
Chicago's business , is the most powerful
factor in the west in influencing rates. Com
missioner Iglohart , of the bureau , said to
day to your correspondent : "Wo don't like
the outlook , nnd it must bo changed in some
way , probnnly by a reduction in the local
basis from GJ to ! > or 40 cents. Under the
operation of the 15-cent proportional rate ,
willed wont Into effect this mcrnintr
on the Burlington & Northern , New York ,
Boston and Philadelphia merchants can take
away the whole northwestern trade from us.
The commodity tariff doesn't help us much ,
us it applies only on car lots , and the consequence
quence is that seaboard merchants will have
the call in the northwest until wo can get the
rates rearranged. It is all rot for the roads
to claim that Chicago is fairly treated. Wo
will probably make our fight on the illegality
of the Burlington & Northern 15-ccnt 'rate.
How can it bo a proportional rate whoa
not ouotod in connection with a
through rate ! The Burlington & North
ern now has practically three
ra.cs In effect the 00 cent local rate ,
the commodity rate and the 15-cent rate.
I Can't ' believe for u minute that the Inter
state commerce commission will say the new
rate is legal. It is too bad this demorlalba-
tion has sprung up just when the roads
would beg-in making their biggest earnings.
It looks as though it would spread to the
Missouri river , and , if It docs , there will bo
music In the air. Wo will then have a 15-
ccnt open local rate to St. Paul Instead of
the present GO-ceut rale. "
Chairman Walker , of the Intor-State Hall
way association , Is non-committal on the
subject , except that ho ventured the opinion
that the outlook was not remarkably bright.
Ho drew some consolation from thu fact that
some heroic treatment sometimes cures , und
a settlement of the whole Northwestern
complication might come from the reduction.
Molntivo Coal Hates.
CHICAGO , August 1C. The question of rel
ative rates on coal from Chicago and Toledo
to Missouri river points has just been de
cided by the arbitrators to whom It was sub
mitted. The decision establishes a rate from
Toledo on coal received by lake at 50 cents
per net ton nbovo the rate from Chicago to
Missouri river points. This makes the rate
from J'oledi ) $ ' ! .7 ( ) pur not ton ; from Chicago
nnd Milwaukee , $ J.20 ; from Mlbslppl river
points , $ i.T3. These rates become effective
August 4. _
The Itlu Ko nr
CINCINNATI , August 19. In addition to the
low Grand Army rates to Milwaukee and
return quoted by the Big Four route , that
company now announces round trip tickets
to Chicago good going from August 20 to 21
nnd to return ten days from date , from
Cincinnati , SO ; Dayton und Springfield , S3 50 ;
Columbus and Delaware , ? li.50 ; Belle
Fontnne , ? 0. Other points are graded
accordingly , so that the cut is general.
Why the Gorman Government SIIIIUH
( ho lOmiii KnliorOiini ill Urn ; .
Uuar.t.v , August 19. The North Gorman
Gazette , commenting on the complaint of the
Einin relief committee that thu government
first encouraged und now discourages tno
committee , says the greater Interests of the
empire may have diverted the good will of
the government and that the fact that Dr.
Paters , instead of Captain Wissmann , Is nt
the head of the expedition has also lessened
thu government's confidence in the success
o' the project. Kogardmg the alleged en
croachments of thu British , the paper says
any grievance of German traders In East
Africa will bo duly adjusted und there Is no
necessity for indignation , whlcli , on the con
trary , will do harm. The extent of German
territory In Africa , it suy * . is alroudy out of
proportion to the forces disposable for Its
protection ,
Queen Victoria has sent Bismarck a life size
portrultof uersolf as a special murk of
Dnulcil llio Application.
Niw : YORK , August 19. Judge Ingrain , of
the supreme court , denied ttio application of
Kecolvor Gray of the North Ulvor Sugar Ke-
llnery company , fur an Injunction against
the corporations composing the Sugar Ho-
linery company or sugar trust , restraining
thorn from disposing ot their assets or trans
ferring their property , The judge and ui
the appeal had been taken from the judge
ment In action against the North Hlver Sugar
Hellnlng coinuauy no injunction should bo
grunted until the determination of the ap
A Prominent Politician Dead.
CASBOI-OLIS , Mich. , August 19 , Charles
W. CllsbuQ , aged llfty-alx , ex-Judge of the
Harden and Cuss circuits , died this morning
after a lingering illness. Clidbco was necre-
tary of the republican national conventions
of l&O , IbSl and 1881 Ho also hold the posi
tion of reading clerk of the national bouse of
representatives for six years.
ClOHcd tlio Donuruunnt.
WASHINGTON , August lit. Tlio agricul
tural department wus closed to-day out of
respect to the memory of cx-Congrcssuiun
Wults , who died recently uV Carlisle , Pa ,
IMnkorton S ys fnsoott Did Not ICtll
tlio Mlltlonnlrn.
CIIIOAOO , August 19. [ Special to
Tun BEE. ] A dispatch from a San Fran
cisco corrnspondent of ono of the morning
papers has nn interview with W. A. Pinkerton -
ton , who Is on the slope. It WAS about Wltllo
Tascott , Plnkorlon was quoted ns snylng
that ho thought Tascott was hiding In Now
York or San Francisco , kept in close con
cealment by the men whoso assistant ho had
been In thu series of tmrclarlcs which pre
ceded the murder of Millionaire Snoll , Ho
declared his bcllet that Tasrott never shot
Snoll , and did not plan or execute the bur
glary of the liouso on Ada street. According
to Mr. Plnkorton , Tascott was n sort of pilot.
That there wore two men besides Tascott In
the house Mr. Pmkerton declared the prus-
encoof two bullets at different angles In Snull's '
body proved conclusively. The interview
closed with the statement that Mrs. Snail's '
offer of u reward for the arrest of Tascott
was evidence that she wanted him only as n
means of discovering the real criminal. All
this was read to Mr. Stone this morning ,
"Bosh , all bosh , " said ho. "Mr. Plnkerton
can talk at that rate as long ns he wants to ,
but it won't alter the facts , Why , do you
think Mrs. Snell would offer frxj.OUO toward
for Tascott if she didn't want him I Wo
know what wo want him for and we don't
propose to give It to the public until we got
ready. "
"Have you any detectives working on the
"Well , I'm working on the case In con
junction with other men , I haven't all the
detectives In the United States , that's u fact ,
but the. " cost so much with their S3 a day
and expenses , and a man might spend n for
tune and bo none the wiser. A reward of
$50,000 ought to bu enough to stimulate their
energies. I have all along thought that
there W'jro others besides Tascott present
when ftlr. Snell was murdered. You re
member thnt the bullet in Mr. Snell's ' brain
was of 44-callbro , white that In his heart was
n 3. > . But we want Tascott. If ho were not
guilty of the murder , why does ho keep
away so long ! Ho Imust know that in time
ho will bo caught. Somobodv will betiay
him for the sake of that foO.OCO reward ,
which will bo kept standing as long as Mrs.
Snell Is alive , and possibly for a while after
ward. If he had given himself up ten days
after the murder ho might have stood n
chance of boinir bclievoi1 to bo innocent , but
it is too late now. "
Jlctoctlvn Chillis Thlnkhtho Governor
Will Ito licnlont.
BAWIMOKR , Md. , August 19. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BBE.I Dotectlvo Childs ,
who was sent hero by Governor Lowry to
arrest Ktiraln , docs not think Sullivan will
be required to servo out his full tlmo. Said
ho : "I'm satlsllod Sullivan will uj pardoned
by Lowry , as will also Kilrnln if tried and
sentenced. In fact , Governor Lowry stated
that ho would act leniently with them , und
intimated that ho would pardon them. "
"Why , then , " ho was asked , "was Gov
ernor Lowry so anxious for their arrestP *
The men openly violated the law and the
governor had to stand considerable abuse ,
from certain sources. His honesty in the
matter was questioned nnd ho was therefore
determined to get them. After the law has
been suOlcicntly vindicated ho will , In my
opinion , act leniently and Impose a flnu. "
Kilrain is keeping very shady. Ho spent
Sunday very quietly at his homo. Hofcrrlng
to the severe punishment uaotud-OuL.tu Sulli
van , ho said , to-day :
"I told my friends that the affair would re
sult more seriously than they imagined , but
they still insisted there was too much fool
ing over the trial to end In anything. Twelve
months is u good deal , but I can stand it ns
well as Sullivan , and feel none the worse ,
either , after the year is up. "
What riullivnn Snys.
CivciNNm , August 19. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bui ! . | In an interview at the
hotel before leaving for the east , Sullivan
said : "Ono thing's sure , I will never fight
again , and I think the business is douo for in
this country , at least for years. The Mississippians -
sippians treated mo royally. I think I'll ' got
off , but if I don't I'll ' bo right there nnd do
my titno like a man. I don't want any recep
tion at homo. 1'vo hud enough advertising
for a while. "
John Comes Aliirchlnc Homo.
Niw tonic , August 19. John L. Sullivan
arrived at 8 o'clock to-night In Jersey City.
At the depot to meet him wore Charlie John
son , Jim Wnkelv. John Brcnnan , and .lack
Barnett. A brass bund accompanied Sulli
van to the hotel.
Kilrain Starts For iMiH lsRippl.
BAI/TIMOIIB , August 19. Kilrain has
waived all legal points and will leave for
Mississippi to-morrow morning with Detec
tive Childs.
An Evening Paper Think * There is a
CoiiHpir.ioy to llidiIt. .
ST. Louis , August 19. An evening paper
says that Texas fever has made its nppoar-
anco in St. Louis and there appears to be a
conspiracy to prevent the discovery of the
fact. Some time ago a number of cattle
consigned from Texas became alllictcd in the
pens hero and thirty-five died of fever.
Since then a number of milcn cows In that
vicinity have died fiom fever , and there Is
some fear regarding the city milk supply.
Health Commissioner Dudley denies the ex
istence of fever , nml thu dairy inspector docs
not credit it. Cattlemen , however , claim
that the disease from which the cattle died
wus Texas fever , pure und simple ,
Yarn n n Ilciit4 the YnlKyrlc.
ICnjii/rtii'it ' 1WW liu Jil'H'1 ( Jiirliii fln'iU.l
PORTSMOUTH , August 19. [ Now York
Herald Cable Special to Tun HiH , ] The
Vulkyrio nearly conquered to-day. She led
In the Albert yacht club regatta and would
nave won the club's magnillcent cup , In the
shape of an artistically chased salad bowl ,
hud she finished the thirty-throe mile course
ten seconds sooner. However , slio had to
bo contented with the second prize of 40 ,
Mr. Hallls' cutter , the Yarauu , though com
ing in third , taking thu cup. Tha Vulkyrio
ul lowed the Yaruna Jlvo minutes.
The Wcntlier ForoenBt.
For Omaha and vicinity ! Fair weather.
For Nebraska ! Showers preceded In east
ern portion by fair , cooler winds , shifting to
For Iowa : Fair , followed by local shower
or Tuesday ; showers Wodncbday ; cooler
Wednesday ; southerly , shifting to westerly
For Dakota : Showers , cooler , except In
extreme northwest portion ; warmer , south
erly winds.
Ho Won't Do It Any More.
BUFFALO , August 19. This morning Nicholas
las Mofichhr offered to bet 81UO that ho
would kill some one before 0 p. in. Ho inudo
an attempt in the afternoon upon Mr , Lung ,
n contractor , with whom ho had a feud.
Lant' crushed Mosuhlcr's skull with an axe
ns the latter drew u knife on him ,
KG mil or < Cut Thro null a Conn-tor.O
ST , JOSKI-II , Mo. , August 19. | Special
Telegram to TUB Bun , | Street graders in
grading on Main street , between Cherry and
Linn , cut through un old cemetery , and the
bones were thrown Into u prnmiHimouu heap
und left lyinu there , The people In the vi
cinity uro indignant and trouble may unnuo.
Tripl Crlmo of nn ICdltor.
LONDON , August 19. Herr Lochmun , edi
tor of the Londoner Journal , a weekly news
paper printed In German , shot Inn wife and
child to-day and lUen committed suicide.
Nine Llvos Sacrificed By Flro
York Olty.
Ho ItlskH Ilia Ijlfo to Crrr Young
Nclllo JMcGcoghnn From the
J < 'Iixmes ntitShorcrlfdicd
In His Arms ,
A Coolc nnd Kerosenes
Nnw YOIIK , August 19. Karly this morn *
Ing llro broke out In the kitchen of n rcntau <
rant on the store Iloor ot a big live-story ton *
cinciit nt ! t05 Seventh avenue. Nine of tha
sixty odd occupants of the liouso lost their
lives , mid it is n great wonder that uioro did
not porlsh. The dead are :
WILLIAM GLUNNUX , aged CO , burned to
NKLLIIC McGnooiu.v , agol 20 , smothered
to death.
M tur WHI.LS , aged 31 , smothered.
JANK WKI.I.S , aged 4 , smothered.
THOMAS WKI.I.S ngod 2 , smothered.
UIIITIIA : LASMO , aged 40 , burned to death.
WILLIAM MuKie : , aged 40 , burned to death.
JANK . | IITIII'.Y , aged tVS , smothered.
An unknown woman , aged 45 , smothered.
William and John Glonnon are badly
burned and Injured.
The building was occupied by thirty fami
lies , who are made temporarily homeless by
the tiro. The pecuniary loss will not amount
to more than $10,000.
The llro originated In the rear of John
Snydor's restaurant at au hour when all the
pcoplo In the house wore sleeping soundly.
Just the hour the tire started Is a mystery ,
but ns the restaurant cook Is missing It Is
fair to presume that the accident oc
curred while making the lire in the big-
range. The awful speed with which the
flames swept up through Iho building sug
gest the use of kerosene by a careless coolc.
Two police olllcers wcro a block away
when the fire started. They hurried to the
scene ana broke In the front door of the
building. There was no sign of llfo In the
building , and the o Ulcers hurried from ono
door to unother to'nrouse the Inmates. Mur-
mu.'ings wcro llrst heard , then the buzz of
ninny voices , which finally changed Into a
wail of teiror nnd acrony from men , women
und children struggling for their lives. The
flro escapes leading from the burning build
ing to the tenement house next door were
soon tilled with half-nuked people , frantic to
reach the street.
In the meantime the fire department had
arrived ana had begun work on the ( lames
and were assisting in rescuing the fright
ened inmates. The llamcs wcro extinguished
easily and Iho pcoplo on the flro escapes
were all landed Mifely. Not ono person
escaped don n the stairway and the names
of thu few who tried it are found in the list
of the dead.
The search for the dead was bccun as soon
as possible. The remains of old William
Gannon were discovered by the side of the
bed In his room on the second Iloor. In the
rooms of the Wells family In the middle of
the Iloor knelt the mother , Mary Wells , and
in her dead embrace were her children , Jnno
and Thomas. They hud been smothered , nnd
not a burn or blister defaced their counte
nances. The nluo dead bodies were taken to
the Thirtieth street station and later friends
claimed the remains.
Snyder , keeper of the restaurant In which
the llro broke out , has been arrested on sus
picion nf being responsible for Its origin. An
Insurance policy for $1,000 on ills stock was.
found In his possession , und ono of his em
ployes states that he found fat scattered
over the Iloor of the restaurant.
Snytlor and William Btooks , his colored
cook , were arraigned before the coroner thia
evening. Snvder was committed to Iho
tombs without hail and Brooks was sent to
the house of detention as a witness. The
police say they have u good case.
Ono of the most notable Incidents of the
fire was 'ho gallant efforts of Ambulance
Surgeon Si'hnofcr , of the Now York hospital.
When he arrived on the scene all chance of
any ono escaping by the stairway was cut
off , as it was burning fiercely nnd
thu halls wcro tilled with smoke.
On hearing that Nellie McGcoghun
nged twenty , had been cut oil from escaping
to the top story , ho boldlv mounted u scaling
ladder and got into the llfth story by smash
ing n window. At last tlio doctor was seen
again at u window carrying Nellie Mc-
Geoghan's Inanimate form. He bore the
rirl to a store on tlio corner , but when ho at
tempted to revive her ho found she had per ; }
islied In his arms.
' There was some terrible work done by the
police at that liro"said Dr.Schuofer when seen
subsequently at the hospital. "Why , I was
the only doctor on the scene and mine was
the only nmbulanco on bund and It was only
by luck that I got there at all. Wo only re
ceived the common 'hurry call" to the Thir
tieth street police station , and when I got
thcro I found the body of the old man , Wil
liam Glennon. Ho hud been suffocated , and
nfter getting his numo I Jumped
Into the ambulance to return to
the hospital , Not n ward' had been
said about any others , nnd out of curiosity
alone , I told the driver to drive around to
Seventh nvcnuo. When wo got to the house
1 stopped the ambulance nnd got out and
stood for a moment talking to the policemen
nnd tlrcmon. It was there for the first titno
that I learned about the people up stairs.
Not one of the dead were burned. All had
been suffocated , "
The FlnniRH DcvuHtntlng Timber and
Jtanui' * * In Montana.
HHLI-NA , Mont. , August 19. The forest
ilros which hava boon raging all ever Mon
tana for three weeks und huvo destroyed
hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of
timber , htivo reached moxt , alarming pro
portions. A gentleman just In from north *
ern Alontaua reports that on the ranges in
Choteuu county , which heretofore Imvo
escaped , and on which the cat
tlemen were depending to keep
their Rtoclc this winter , thousands
of head of cattle wore burning. The big
companies huvo over three hundred men
working to extinguish the flro and save
their food , but the small streams are all
dried up and the ( lames lap over them as
quickly as if traveling on the open prairie.
Jn two days the lire traveled over a suc
tion sixty miles wldo and ono hundred
miles In length. In Deer Ledge county
the town of Georgetown Is sur
rounded by llro , Couriers who arrived
at I'hllllpsburg front Georgetown at mid
night reported that the utmost consternation
prevailed in town , and that n large force of
men was organized to go to the rescue. In
the YellowBtono the pineries tire covers an
area of olirht miles , und ls spreading rapidly.
The lunges In that section huvo been almost
ontlruly destroyed , the tire extending Dourly
four miles from the city of Glundivo.
Only ii Acrldont.
CHICAGO , Auguitt 10 , The jostofflco Inspector
specter here nuy regarding the alleged mail
robbery at Terre Hautn Saturday night that
thu | x > uoh fell out of the cur accidentally ,
but wan recovered Intact.
An Ocean
ELi'iiiA , August 19. Fred Funlr ,
u wealthy New York passenger , was missing
when LaNorinundlo arrived from Hoaton ,
Ho Is bvllcvod to huvo nulcldud by drowning.
AoHditiitnl Dynuiiillo Kxplnulnn.
PKSTII , August 10. A dynamite cartridge
accidentally exploded to-duy In u coal lulu *
at Domun. Five person * > efj killed and &
number of others lulurcd.