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A Good Comand Fet Money Ko-
portbd by Bnnkors.
Gcn'&rnl Trnilo Undcrcoine n Gcnulno
Boom nnd AVns Never Better at
Tills Tlmo of'onr
OolTeo Finn.
In Ijncnl Commoroinl Clrolos. >
Bankers report n very good demand for
money and rates are slightly higher , but
there oooms to bo no doubt but what there
\vlll bo a supply fully equal to the demand
for tho-bnlanco of the year. The clearing
bouse returns , as reported by Mr. Hughes ,
the manager , show a satisfactory increase ,
Viz ; Clearings , $ 1,031,013.G3 ; increase , 20 U-10
per cont.
General trndo may bo said to bo fairly
booming and was never bettor nt this season.
There is hardly a jo bhlng house In the city
Dbjo to keep up with its orders , and the Indi
cations are that Omaha will do tho. largest
trade In its history during the fall of'lSSO.
Tha sugar market shows more firmness
this week , and an advance of l-0@ } o is
noted , with a good demand. Ulo coffees nro
also Btrngor , and higher prlcoi nro looked
for. Drlca fruits are active , and California
goods are strong and vnry firm at quotations.
Choaso Is advancing and is fully J c higher
within the last forty-eight hours , with a
brisk demand. The cranberry crop in Wis
consin is said to bo a partial failure , owing
' to spring frosts nnd worms. The produce
market Is steady , with a scarcity of choice
and fancy table butter and a surfeit of low
grades. >
The Now York Prlco Current thus charac
terizes the codec market :
Values In Brazil coffee have shown a
flrmor tendency since the close of last week ,
chloliy in sympathy with the higher prices
cabled from Europe , but although the optidu
market ut tlio close yesterday showed a not
gain of " 0@0 ; ! points since last Friday , fluc
tuations have been irregular nnd the market
appears to have lacked staying qualities , for
underneath tbo * surface indications of
strength there has been more or less 'uncer
tainty and hesitation. So far as in voices are
concerned there tms-beou a good demand for
desirable parcels , which now comprise the
bettor grades , say from No. 0 upward , but
the lower grades , from No , 7 downward , nro
raiiro dllllcult of'salo , oven nt the rolntlvo
difference in price that oxlstt. Thn temper
of , buyers appears to be governed to a
great extent by the fluctuations of
option values , an ndvanco stimulating
the ucslro to buy mid facilitating
negotiations , wttilo this courage rapidly dis
appears as soon as an easier feeling is devel
oped. The dlfllculty of maintaining' an nd
vance in the European market has an un
favorable Influence and partly accounts tor
the unsettled feeling hero , whllo the unwill
ingness of country buyers to pay higher
prices likewise tends'to restrict operations.
The only firm offers from Klo nnd Santos
that have met with any response have been
those rotating to low grades , which uro ob
tainable about on n parity of current values
here , while the higher grades are hold too
high to make business possible in the present
.condition of affairs.
"Cable advices from Rio have not reflected
. .nny now feature of importance. Efforts to
" .foreshadow the condition of the growing crop
Kare still being made , tbo most of which are ol
a bullish character and report unfavorable
"Tweathor , but for reasons already explained
Athens is very little reliance to bo placed upon
these forecasts , and hence they attract only
passing attention. A new batch of crop osti'
mates has been sent forward , but they do
not dUcloso any now features so far
as tbo actual situation Is concerned , and
only reveal the desire of some Rio firms
either to reduce or roafllrm their former fig
ures. The'tone of the Rio market continues
firm , but this only applies to the bettor
grades , for there 'has boon a willingness-to
get rid of the lower grades , and for that pur
pose to meet the views of the buyers. The
direct sales reported have nil been of that
character. With respect to the statistical
position'of supplies , the receipts nt Rio have
been moderutev but at Banjos largo but recent -
cent purchases ana clearances have checkoil
a further accumulation of ntock. .Tho nb <
Bcnco of purchases for Europe is still a pronv
inont feature of the situation. The local
Jobbing demand has not beau very active
during the past three days , and
whllo the deliveries indicate a fair nb
Borptlon of supplies from the prln
rCipal seaports , buyers have displayed
a good deal of caution and appear to hesitate
, -in going beyond their current requirements ,
t'Thowarehouse deliveries from tbreo ports
' 'lost week aggregated -10.410 bags , of whicli
,40,515 do. are from this uort , 4.012 do. froir
' . ( Baltimore and 1.880 do. from Now Orleans ,
against a total the week previous of 50,47 (
-bags , The arrivals hnvn consisted of 4,18t
bags Rio , par Ptolemy ; a5G75 do. Santos , poi
. .Savour. , and 3,500 do. Santos from Hamburg.
"Options have been moderately active nnc
values have shown an upward tendency ,
closing quotations yesterday being 20 points
higher than on Friday for the spot and near
near months , and 80 points for tbo distant
months , with the markets firmer ut the ad
vance , although Hamburg nnd Havre botl
declined from the highest point. "
Tbo expenditures of the Uultcd States gov
eminent for the fiscal yuars of 18SS and 18S !
were as follows :
18S9 1883.
Customs 520,154,143 $20,359,45 !
Internal revenue 8,911,44(1 3,809,5.7
Diplomatic service. . . 1,897,025 1,814.47 :
Treasury department. 41,817,717 85,220.831
Judiciary 4.403.3031 4,109.93'
Interior department ,
civil 7,359,700 7,859.401
Total , civil ana mis
cellaneous S 80,004,001 , J72,703,28 :
War department 44.485,271 88,523,481
Navy department , . . . 21,378,809 10,020,48
Interior department ,
pensions 87,034,779 , 80,233,50 , !
Interior department ,
Indians 0,692,203 0,249,30
Premium on bonds. . . 17,293.303 8270.81 :
Interest 31,001,454 44,715,00' , '
Total 5299,233,078 5207,075,80 ,
rour.iciN iMvoiiTa AT NKW YOKIC.
JTor Week Aug. 10. 1833 1839.
Pry goods $2,850,810 ? 2,8S1,9. ! )
General merchandise. . 5,318,753 0,897,42
Total 58,104,003 , 59,779,37 ,
Since Jan. 1.
Dry goods $78,030,149 $31,723,14
General merchandise.200,039,310 219,473,09
Total 31 weeks . . . . 5234,078,459 $301,201,84
Saturday , August 17.
Among to-day's arrivals there were som
Very desirable and choice beeves , both beav ,
and medium weights. The market on * al
euch was practically steady , but when I
cainu to the commoner grades , coarse orhal
tat stuff , It was lower. The best cattle her
received bids of 54.50 , which was1 refused
but one pretty fair bunch sold at 51.30 am
Oino lighter cattle nt$4.25. Hucchurs' stoc
was seurco and steady prices were malt
talued , Native cows brought 5l.lW ( < j)2.CH )
The fresh receipts of stocic cattle were -als
light. The demand was very good for th
last of the week , uud ttiura was oousidorabl
trading In this branch of the cuttlo market
In fact , about all the cattle available change
bands , Quito a string of westerns breugt
The hog market took an upward turn c
fully Co tovor ydsterday's market. Th
traao wai actlvo at the advance and the foi
hogs onsalo were soon cleaned up.
CatUs . 1,80 ,
Prevailing 1'rluos ,
The following I j aUblo of prloai paid to
tula market fjr tuo graioa of stock meu
tiouod :
Prime steers , 1300 to 1000 Ibs.$4.15 Ml.60
Goodsteers. 1250 to 1450Ibs. . . 3.90 M4.40
Good steers. 1030 to 1300 Ibs. , . 8.50
Common cuunors. , , \M \
Ordinary to fair cowd. . . . . . . . 1.00 i.vo
JTnlr V ) coed cowa , , . , l. J9
Good to cholco cows 2.23
Choice to fnncv cowsheifers. . 2.BO nt.l.Ot )
Palrto coed bulls. . . . . . . . l.BO ( < * 2.00
Good to cholco bulls. , 2.00 Q12.50
Light stockorj and feeders. . , . 2.35 ( < $3.75
Good feeders , 030 to 1100 Ibs. . 2.75 fffcU.oa
fair to cholco lleht hos . ,1. . . . 8.95 ( (44.0.1
fair to choice heavy IIORS 8.83 ( (43.05
Common to fair heavy hogs. . . 3.80 @ 3.fK )
Fair to choice mixed hoes. , , . . , 3.90 (34.00 (
Kopresantfitlvo Halo ? .
No. Av. 1'r. No. Av. Pr.
I. . .1110 53 05 3'j HSt 53 90
18. . , .1047 3 40 47..1100 4 05
40. . , .1023 40 05 nor 4 25
40. . , .1121 3 50 18 1423 4 25
21. . , . 973 3 05 21 1300 4 25
01. . , .1343 8 75 80. .1201 4 80
30. . , .1507 3 83
13. . 053 1 00 ! " ' . . . . .030 2 00
1. .1070 1 00 2 ' 050 2 00
8 723 2 55 45 G-21 RO
a 2010 2f,3 2. . , 900 Co
1 400 2 03
. 930 150 0. . p. 775 1 75
STA03 ,
.1250 3 00
I4vc Stuck tsotos.
J. J. Miller , of Valley , had two cars of cattle
tlo horo.
Alf Moycra had cattle hero from Benedict.
Wells Bros. , had 11 vo cars of catClo here
from Benedict.
J. Bouton , of Onaga , Kan. , was a visitor at
the yards ,
J. L. Colomnn had hogs here from Fuller-
H. C. Lollor came in with bogs from
The week closed with the hog market 15o
lower thmrthe close of last week , when the
hogs sold largely at 84.05(34.15 ( , with the top
at $4.20. The bogs sold on Monday of the
present week at S3.95@4.17J , and Tuesday's
range was $3.95@4.12) , with a few pieces at
J285. On Wednesday $3.75@t.OM nought
the full loads nnd on Thursday S3.70@3.9o.
Friday's prices ranged from $3.05 to $ J.U0.
For a Ipng time the range between strictly
prime and common to fair loads of hogs was
extremely small. The best loads would sell
ut a price and the common loads would bring
as much , or within 5c as much.It was an
extremely poor load that had to sell lOc below -
low the best. The present week's break has
given the buyers an opportunity to boar the
common hogs more than the others until the
range in wider and more as it ought to bo.
With a reasonable range all grades of bogs
will sell more on their merits.
The cattle barons of Wyoming have given
way to the llockmasters. Sheep will nip the
grass in the future where cattle roamed in
the past. The country Is better suited to
sheep than it was to cattlo. Field und
Tlio exporters of live cattle who have con'
traded nil the vessel room for the next
month or two. have thereby undertaken the
Job of exporting live cattle to the full capac
ity of tbo ocean carriers. This ought to DC
good for producers. Chicago Murket Re
A broken window hath no pane.
When you got a horse at a bargain , drive
your bargain.
Heat will expand anything but a pocketbook -
book or a flanntd shirt.
The shoo which is In the hands of the boot
black has a bright futuro.
Cholera morbus aud gastric cello ore epi
demic in prohibition states.
Old Sol "So you have boon saying there
are spots on mo , have you ) "
A bootless attempt To get up-stairs with
out being heard by your wlfo.
What Is the matter with giving tha sur
plus a dose of the elixir of Ufa }
How much sooner it gets too dark to saw
wood than it docs to play lawn tennis.
Emperor evinces ono trait of the trulj
great. Ho prefers a pipe to a cigarette.
You don't look for motes in the eye of youi
summer girl ; you look for the berimes ,
Llttlo boys are discovering that their sis
tor's bustles make excellent baseball masks
Wo don't like to tallc about the weather ,
but it's really getting to bo a Sirlus matter
Wisdom does not always coma in tlio yel
low loaf , but you'll ' generally llnd it in tb <
seer.Whon a vessel hugs the shore what fol
lows } Why , a little smack on the beach , ti
bo sure.
U is perfectly safe to kiss a maiden wher
she drops her oyos. Thenceforth she is o
necessity blind.
There seems to bo a strange relations ! ! ! )
between courting at the summer resort am
the divorca court.
Said the Blimglo to the oyclono ; You'r
windy. Said the cyclone to the shingle : Aw
couiooff the roof !
ThoPrlncoof Wales has gout ia such i
violent form that nearly all the America i
dudes are rather lame.
Many people are now braving tbo terror *
of lockjaw by going to Oconomowoc and
Knnkakeu for pleasure.
If we need n national flower why not talc
the pansy ( It Indicate * the origin of th
species the chimpanzee.
A man may bo very great mid very good
and than not attract half the attention thai
a captured horsothiof docs.
A baseball crank says the heaviest batte
In the country is Buck Wheat. In the liu
of discovery this takes the cako.
When old Niagara gets harnessed , olde-
trlalty iu western Now York will go voltint
along as it has never done before.
Ohio's "Calico Charley" Foster declare :
that Sitting Bull is an old fraud. Slttini
Bull's opinion of "Calico Charley" would b
When tbo young woman with the go rot
dress falls in love with the young man wltl
the gourd head it Is another nxutnplo of tin
eternal Illness of things.
A young man in Adamsvillo , Pa. , has :
strnugu hallucination. Ho thinks Satan I
after him. Ton to ono ho would get well i
his mother-in-law would move out.
The president aocms to have taken his ap
poiutmont mill with him to Bar Harboi
Perhaps bo IK tired running it and Ml
Blalno has volunteered to "spoil" bin
Philadelphia's drinking supply is said ti
contain about 25 per cent wartor ; the rout o
it is sewage. With such a good showing a
this , Chicago it wondering what Pulludel
phians are < tlcklng about.
"Many vacationists , " says the Troy Times
"aro seeking the cities this summer Instoai
of the country. They are looking for dr ;
places. " If that U the object they shouli
Ultj in so mu ICanao * town * .
Wheat Opens Up Finn , but Later
Shows an Easier Pooling.
Oats Modorntoly Active , Chlcllf In
May Properly Wenknoss A nlii
In Control In Provisions-
Cnttlo Very Dull.
CHICAGO , August 17 , [ Special Telegram to
Tun Ur.E.l The wheat market , was firm
at yesterday's improvement early la the day
m the shipment of 805,000 bushels from Now
York , but later it eased off , chiefly on au-
count of advices from the northwest , whore
iriccs have boon lot down oy millers and ele
vator people. The most Influential news of
the day came from the northwest. H nr-
rivcd first In the farm of a report that
cash wheat had slumped r > @ ( So per
bushel. Later dispatches , in reply to in
quiries , Drought the intelligence that country
lirlccs were reduced 2o per bushel on now
wheat to-day , but that Minneapolis prices
, voro only lu lower on No. 1 hard ; old No. 2
inrd Is off 2c , however. Additional Informa
tion was vouchsafed that frco receipts were
expected next week , and that a determined
effort will be made by millers and elevator
companies , acting in unison , to lower coun
try prices to a basis of 75o. The big buyers
nnd consumers feel that they would like to
see the now crop year begin with low prices
ruling , nnd it is safe to say that their Influ
ence will bo exerted In that direction until n
[ lotnt is reached where they have to bid
against foreigners for grain. When that
point is arrived at values up In that section
may reasonably bo expected to Improve. At
this Juncture millers and elevators are in
control , nnd their bearish position is strongth-
eneu by the fact that there is a stock of
undesirable old wheat knocking about in the
northwest , for which customers are wanted
very badly. This stuff will bo a drug until
It is worked out of sight. It amounts to 2-
000,000 or 3.000,000 bushels , possibly. The
great northwest Is attracting its full share
of attention for the , moment , more- possibly
than it deserves. That part of the country
is in about the satno port of tremor that was
on Joyed by the winter wheat trade before
the crop began to movo. Values were de
pressed in anticipation , out no
sooner did the wheat start than
the discovery was made that it
was .wanted , and the tone of the market at
once improved. It is Just barely possible
that the same experience may bo repeated
with regard to spring wheat , which b.v all
accounts is of excellent quality , with the
harvest progressing favorably. A dispatch
was sent out from Washington that the
printing of the agricultural bulletin for
August had been delayed by late oQlcial
news of importance from Russia , emphasiz
ing thn damage reports from that quarter.
December opened at 78 0 , made a gum of
1-lOc , reacted to 78).fc , advanced sharply to
73c and brolco to 78o on the Minneapolis
advices mentioned above , with active trad
ing on the decline. The market rallied frac
tionally , but It subsequently settled to 77c ,
recovering , however , to 78o and sticking
close to that quotation to the and. The last
price was 73c. September opened at 7 < > fc ,
ranged from 77J o high' to 70J o low , and
closed at 70c. August started m nt 77c ,
sold down to 77 > c , 'iip to 78o and down to
77) < c , closing at 77 ° ' Operations in fu
tures were on a moderate scale. Great
activity was not general , noi * Iqug con
There was a rather quiet business in the
corn pit and but llttlo variation in prices.
The publication in a morning paper of the
weather being unfavorable and the crop
backward in all the region east of the Mis
sissippi helped to hold the market In the
face of au assured good crop in the more
western states und the poomlso of Increas
ing receipts and the not unlikely possibility
or the weather being such as to change pres
ent appearances in Illinois , Indiana and
Ohio. The possibility of frost catching some
of the late corn prevents free selling. The
range for September was 85t @ 'J5 c , open
ing firm nt 35) ) c , advancing to 33 c , selling
oft to 8ofc } nnd closing ut 35X0
Oats were moderately active , chiefly in
May. Receipts continued largo and with 323
cars estimated for Monday , the speculative
offerings were fairly liberal and easiness en
sued. At 24c there was a good aoinand for
May , whllo next month sold off a to
20M@20 ; c. The grading was fair , with 113
cars of contract in u total of 314 cars In
spected in , while withdrawals for dhlpmont
were also liberal , aggregating 194,881 bush
ols. Car lots to go to store were in largo
supply , with No. a soiling chiefly at 2f ) c. '
In provisions the old wcokness resumo'd
control. The opening was quite strong and
initiatory transactions were even made at a
small advance. The Improvement witnessed ,
however , was short-lived. In trade the un
derlying feeling was bearish and when be
lievers in lower prices commenced to put out
now lines of shorts concessions had to be
mado. Offerings of all classes of property
exceeded thy demand , and the entire inarkat
suffered a severe tumble. Uascd on yester
day's ilnal quotations the declines shown at
the close of business reached 20e on Septem
ber pork , 15o on October pork , lOc on Octa
bor short ribs , 7Ko on September short ribs
and different douveries.of lard. lOoon Janu
ary pork and Co on January short ribs.
CHICAGO ijivK srooa.
CHICAGO , August 17. [ Special Telegram to
THE Hsu. j CATTLE. Business was exceed
ingly dull , oven for Saturday. The great
number that arrived daring the week gave
all the buyers u chance to fill their orders ,
The few good cattle on sale to-day , as well as
the Texans , found an outlet at about steady
prices , but common to medium could not gel
a bid. Five thousand bead of grassy , tlosby
grades that had accumulated from day tc
day this week were still in the pens unsold
at the finish of to-day's trade. Sov
crul buyers offered to take cattle
at reductions of 40 to 05 cents from price ;
current about ten days ago , but salesmen
generally refused. During the past wool
good to cholco cattle have been unusually
plentiful and dresand beef and shlppinc
buyers filled most of their orders from thl ;
class , neglecting common to medium grades.
Cholco to extra beeves , nominal ut $4.00(0 (
4.90 ; medium to good steers , 1351
to 1500 Ibs. , 54.50 ; 1200 to l.15 (
Ibs. , * 8.GO@4.20 ; 950 to 1200 Ibs.
$3.30@J.GO ; slackers and feeders , $3.00@3.15
cows , bulls and mixed , $1.20@3.00j bulk. * l.8 (
© 2.25 ; slop-tod steers , 53.ltOffl4.50j Texas
steers , 52.40(83.00 ( ; cows , 51.75QS2.80 ; native !
and half-breeds$3.00 3.80.
HOOK. The .market opened strong am
actlvo , with prices for heavy 5ulOo ( ) hlghoi
than yesterday , light selling firm. Sales o
packing grades were largely around $3.90Vi (
M.10 , shipping shapes of heavy S4.15@4.20
selected butcnors' S1.20@l,80 , und ussortei
light mostly around $1.00.
NKW VOIIK , August 17. [ Special Tolograu
to TUB HKE.J STOCKS There was a spurl
of activity in stocks , at the opening to-day
The opinion was freely circulated last nigh
that the upward movement started ycstcrdu ]
had co mo to stay. The unfavorable Atchison
reports , which bad served tbo purpose ol
helping Interested parties to cover short
stock , were la part exploded nnd cleared the
way for freer buying of other shares. Tin
trade sees evidences of Gould support in
Wabash , and foreign buying of Erie aiu
others icdlcato an Improved fooling abroad
regarding American securities. TboChicagi
buying of Burlington , Northwestern , Kocl
Island and other standard shares gives cou
fldonco among professionals. London flg
urea came higher this morning and sent buy-
lug orders in Union Paaltlc. First price :
were generally a fraction bettor than la *
night and tbo tendency of prices to advanc
was opposed by professionals , who prodlctei
a poor bauk statement. Tlio action wa :
Justified , for the bank itntomcnt announced
before the close slMvU ? < l a decrease In re
serves of nearly { $ $ ( $030. On the early
animation Cleveland yolumbus , Cincinnati
A : St Loul * advancedJKper ! cent over last
night to 77.f , Chicago &iKnstorn Illinois pre
ferred to 1U5 , and Lattrf'Shoro gained ? tf per
cent to 104Jf. Amonfc the western stocks
Burlington und Qulncy was a loader , going
to 105J ( ( and closing nt via host point of the
week , a distinction shared by no other stock
on the list. Atchison mid St , Paul made
Blight not gains. Northwestern touched llU-f ,
closing } 4 per cent 'VQUfcr at 111 } . Union
Pacific touched 03 , ckwjpk 'M per cent higher
atC2Jf. ChlcapoGas.wasjorratic , going to 01 ,
off to ( SOU , up to closing but } { per cent
better at 01. The total number of shares for
the half day were 73,2(511 (
The following worn the elating quotation * :
t ) . S.43 rcRular. 12i , iNoi'thorn 1'aclflc. . ! M4 !
U.8.4icoupons..123 .Idqpreferred 07
U.8.4HsrogulRr..iaV .U ir.i : N. W lit
U.R.4H8 coupons..lon.'i . J j > rolorrcd 14U
I'aclllMlsof W 118 N. .V.t'ontral 10 U
Central Pacific 35 1MX.VK Si
ChlcuRoA : Alton Itocklslnnd TO4 !
O..M. % oui' . * . , . . .
doproferred 113'i '
n..L.&W. . . . . . II5N 8t.'nul&OmRhB. . n
Illinois Cnntral tinti doproferred 1" *
I. , 1J. & \V..i OW Union Pacllio K1V ,
Kansas &Taxas. . . . 1-H \V..8t. Ij. * I' m {
I.nko Shore. . I04 > doproforred F" "
Michigan Coutral. . S'.i Western Union , , . . E
MlssourU'ncltlo. „ . . .
Moxur On call , easy ; 2Xporcont.
PJIIME MsiidvNTiLis PAt-an W@7 per
STKitLtKO ExcnvNOB Dull but steady ;
sixty-day bills , ? 4.8 < K ; demand , ? 4.S7tf.
Niw Yonic , August 17. [ Special Telegram
to Tun BKn.l The following nro the min
ing stock quotations :
Ainador 100 Mexican 315
Aspon. . . . MX ) Mutual HO
Caledonia II , H..UIU Ontario 3100
Con. Cat , ft Va..7U5 Ophlr . .485
Commonwealth. , .air. Occidental 1ST.
Desidwood T. HO Plymouth 40J
Kurokn Con lr : > Savngo " 10
KICrlsto KKJ Sierra Nevada 2tM
Gould ac Curry."M Standard 110
Halo & Norcross.- ! ! ) Sullivan 110
Homoitnko IKK ) Union Consollda'd.IHO
Horn Silver. . . . > . . .110 Ward CousoHdiiU.140
Iron Sliver 1W ) .Yellow Jacket 30. )
CHICAGO , August 17. 1:15 : p. m. close-
Wheat Lower ; cash , 77 o ; December , 78o ;
May , 821/c.
Corn Lower ; cash and Sojitoinber,33 5-lCo ;
December , 34 13-lGo.
Oats Easy ; cash , 20J o ; September ,
20 5-10c ; December , 20 0. i
Hyo Not quoted. '
Barley September , Ol o.
Prime Timothy $1.40.
Flax Seed Cash , $1.22 ; September ,
Whisky ? 1.02.
Pork Steady ; cash nnd September ,
? 9.52 > ; January , $3.50.
Lard Steady ; cash , ? 0.17 ; September ,
? 0.17K@I5.20 ; October , 80.00 .
Flour Steady ; winter wheat , ? 2.00@4.50 ;
spring wheat , § 1.3005.50 ; Hyo , $2.00@2.85.
Dry Salt Meats In light request and prices
easier ; short ribs , $5.05@5.15.
Butter Steady ; creamery , ll@17c ; dairy ,
Cheese Steady ; full croain Cheddars nnd
flats , 7 % ( < J > Sc ; Young Americas , SQS c.
Eggs Steady ; fresh , 14@15c.
Hides Unchanged.
Tallow Unchanged ; No. I solid packed ,
4@4 } c ; cake , 4 > c.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour . - . HOJO 14,000
Wheat . f.8S,000 194,000
Corn . 300,000 413.000
Oats . i..il93,000 319,000
Now York , August 17. Wheat Receipts ,
84,000 ; exports , 205,200 ; spot weaker , quiet
No. 2 rod , S0@87c in elevator , 878So afloat ,
88 @SSXo f. o. b. ; No. " ' red , 83o ; steamer
No. 3 red , 77c ; options dull , easy ; No. 2 rod ,
August , closing at 8t5Vo ,
Corn Receipts , 77,500 bushels ; exports ,
121,800 bushels ; spot steady , moderately
active : No. 2.44 > c in elevator , 44o afloat ;
ungraded mixed , 43 > < @ 44o ; options dull
and steady ; October closing at 44 o.
Oats Receipts , 80,20-exports ( | ; , none ; spot ,
dull and unchangcd'options ' , dull and lower ;
September closing at ; 20 > < 0i spot , No. 2 white ,
29&32 > o ; mixed western , 25@29o ; white
western , 23@3'Jc ; No. 2 Chicago , V29e.
Coffee Optionb opeaod barely steady , B
@ 10 points down and closed dull ; sales , 10,250
bags ; September , $10.23 ; November , 815.23 ;
December , $15.30 ; spot Rio , barely steady ,
quiet ; fair- cargoes , $18,50.
Petroleum Firmer ; United closed at99Jo
for September.
Eggs Firm ; western , 10H < J17o.
Pork Steady ; Inspected mess , S11.75@
12.00 ; uninspected , $1150.
Lard Opened dull , about noninal ; west
ern steam $0.00 ; September closing , S0.55.
Butter Fine grades" firm ; others easy ;
western , dairy , 9@12 } c ; creamery , ll@17 } c.
Choose Firm ; western , 0@7o.
Ijlvcrpool , August 17. Wheat Holders
offer moderately.
Corn Firm demand ; poor , now mixed , 4s
2d per cental.
St. Louis. August 17. Wheat Lower ;
cash , 74d'c ; September , 74X@74c.
Corn Lower ; cash , ! * o ; September ,
Oats Lower ; cash , 18 } < o ; September , 19o.
Pork Dull and lower at ? 10.23.
Lard Lower at $5.90.
Whisky Steady , $1.0.3.
Butter Steady ; creamery , 10@l8o ; dairy ,
Kansas City. August 17. Wheat-
Steady ; cashOSc ; August , 04 > c ; September ,
Corn Quiet ; No. 2 , cash , 25J c bid ; Au
gust , 25c bid ; year , 23) ) c bid.
Oats No. 2 cash , 1'Jc.
Cincinnati. August 17. Wheat Dull ;
No. 2 rod , 70@77c.
Corn Easier ; No. 2 mixed , 880.
Oats Dull ; No. 2 mixed , 20c.
Whisky Actlvo'and firm at $1.02.
Atlnnoapolii , August 17 , Sample wheat
dull : receipts 102 cars ; shipments 31 cars.
Closing : No. 1 hard , on track , 85@92c ; No , 1
northern , cash. 80c ; August , 77.fc } ; Sep
tember , 94) o ; December , 77o ; on track 78u ( ]
92c ; No 2 northern , on tarck , 75@79o.
Milwaukee , August 17. Wheat Easy ;
cash 755 o ; September. 75c.
Corn Dull ; No. 3 , 30 > fc.
Oats Dull ; No. 2 white , 2
Rye Easier ; No. 1 , 43c.
Barley Quiet ; No , 2 , September , 59o.
Provisions Easy ; pork.$9.00.
lilVtS STOCK. .
Ohloauo , August * 17. The Drovers'
Journal reports as follows :
Cattle Receipts , 3,000 ; market steady ;
beeves , $1 W4.90 ) ; steers , $3.39 ( 1.50 ; fltooit-
ers and feeders , S2.00@3.15 ; cows , bulls nnd
mixed , $1.20@3.00 ; Texas cattle , $1.75@3.00 ;
natives and half-orocas , $3.00@3.80.
Hogs Receipts , 0.000 ; market strong
and Co higher ; mixed , $4.00@4.10 ; heavy ,
$3.85@4.20 ; skips , $5.50@4,40.
Sheep Receipts , 3,000 ; market steady ;
natives , $ 'J.50C'4.80 ; westerns , $3.00@4.00 ;
Texans , $3.75J 1.10 ; laihOs , $1.90@0.00V
Sioux Olty , August 17. Cattle Roc3ipts ,
150 ; shipments , none ; jnarkct stead v : fat
steers , $3.00@3,5Q ; i stackers , $2,30@2.00 ;
feeders , $2.40@2.80 ; Dinners aud bulls.
73c@1.25 ; veal calves , f 3.50@3.00.
Hogs Receipts , 10P ; market 2V@3o high
er ; light and mixed ,
Kiin < ianGltvAuKUstl7.--CaUlo-.Rocalts ; | ,
220 ; shipments , 20pj' ] market generally
about steady commpn to choice corn-fed
steers , $3.0u@4.20 ; stookers and feeders ,
$1.UO@3.00 ; cows , $1.50@i.05 ; grass range
steers , $1.70@2.75. ?
Hogs Receipts , 2,45.9 ; shipments. 520 ;
market strong to lOc higher ; light , SUSQ
4.25 ; heavy and mixed , J'J.75@ 1.10.
National rit" > jic XariiJOiut St.
IjoiilM , August 17 Cnttlo Receipts , 1,000 ;
shipments , . 1,400 ; market steady ; cholco
heavy native steers , ' $4.10@4.CO ; fair to
good , $3.90@1,15 ; atockors und feeders , $2.20
@ 3.15 ; rangers , $ ? .30@3,3p ,
Hogs Receipts , 5JJ ; shipments , 1,330 ;
market higher ; hcavv , fl.l@t.30 ; packing ,
SI. 1001.23 ; light grades , 1.35@1.55.
1-Mro anil Pol I oo ,
The police and lire commissioners decided
at tha meeting yesterday afternoon to ineel
on Monday at ternooa to listen to any chargei
that may be mada against members of the
police force.
Sergeant Johnson was given a fifteen days
leave of ubsonco on account of his wounded
arm , which hug boon causing him trouble
W. F , Sldeli and James Vanderford , fire
men , were given each a ton days' leave ol
Mr * , Seavoy was given a month's leave 01
absence from August 5 without pay ,
The Money , Market Is Temporarily
Erujlor at Present
_ t
Hankers Kxpitct n Firmer I'YolliiR ' In
tlio Near Futttro ami * Show
Koinn ItullaitnBltlon to Muko
Triulo Ovnr tlio Country.
CntoAao , August 17. | Special Telegram
to Tun Unit.The ] demand for monetary
assistance Increases rather slowly , nnd the
market Is In about the same condition as for
.several weeks past. The grain trade is not
absorbing u great deal of money , and the
provision business Is in ubout the same con
dition. This Is duo to the fact that although
.hero is a great deal of gr.un
movement , the accumulation nt any
western point Is BO slight that but
Jttlo financial assistance is required to carry
, t. The demand from the mercantile trade
is good , but the supply of loanable funas has
increased slnco the 1st of the month , and the
market is temporarily easier. Calls for cur
rency from the interior were slightly larger ,
tUt not of suftlclcnt volume to crcato special
comment. The regular bank rate on call
loans was C per cent , but this was frequently
shaded } { per cent. In some instances
there was an indisposition to make long
time loans , as bankers think tuut the market
will bo firmer m the near future and bettor
rates can b secured. On the * street loans
were in.ido at 4 per cent nnd there were
more funds socking investment than for
some time past. Time loans were made at
Q@S per cont. The markets in the east nro
quiet and stoudy , though the advance In the
13ank of England rate has a tendency to
strengthen the feeling , both on this and the
other sldo of the Atlantic.
Now York exchange was a drug on the
market most of the week. Sales ranged nt
2575o discount per Sl.OUO and closed at COc.
Foreign exchange was weaker and a shndo
lower , due to the Increased offerings of bills
drawn against shipments of wheat , corn and
provisions. Documentary sterling bills on
London sold nt $4.824.83 > and closed at
the Inside. The animation wliloh character
ized the Now York stock market during the
preceding week nearly all disappeared dur
ing the ono Just closed , and the transactions
were on a greatly reduced scale. London was
strong most of the time , and higher
prices were recorded on Erie , Louisville &
Nashville and a few other specialities which
foreigners trade in quite freely. The ad
vances , however , had llttlo or no cffact on
the market in Wall street. The fooling on
the whole was nervous , and although prlco
fluctuations followed each other in rapid
succession they were confined to a narrow
range. " 13ig Four" and Chesapeake & Ohio
wore heavy most of the time under free
realizing. But tbo losses were not severe
compared with the amount of business
transacted in them.Vnbash pre
ferred , Wheeling & Lake Eriu , Lake
Erie & Western and Chicago &
Eastern Illinois were purchased quite freely
on the report that there was a consolidation
schema going on that would absorb thorn in
the Big Four system. However , after the
advance they reacted. Grangers were com
paratively steady on reports of good earn
ings. Atchison , however , was weakened by
tbo report that aissentions had arisen among
its officers and that President Strong would
resign. This caused free selling and a mod
erate decline. Sugar trusts declined over 2
points on soiling , caused by the application
of the receiver of the North River Sugar
Refining company for an Injunction to re
strain the payment of dwidondsbut a reaction
followed the decline. Coal stocks were quiet
and easy and without .now features. The
largest traders , as a rule , were not in the
market to any extent and it was chiefly a
small traders' market. The closing prices
on a majority of the properties show little
change from these of the preceding week.
Bonds were slow and without special fea
tures. The aggregate sales on the Now York
stock exchange for the week were 951,201
la speculative circles during the past week
there was rather less business transacted.
Trading was curtailed materially in grain
and somewhat enlarged in provisions , In
grain considerable steadiness was mani
fested , but in provisions there was a decid
edly weak and unsettled feeling , accompa
nied with a substantial reduction in prices.
The arrivals of grain at the loading markets
have boon quite largo , and the shipping move
ment was liberal , especially by the lake
route. Advices from abroad have shown
little change and were not particularly en
couraging to holders , though orders from that
quarter for gram wore larger than for some
months past. Crop advices from nbr td
were less favorable , and indicated a smaller
yield in most cases than heretofore reported
of all kinds of grain. The supplies of grain
in European markets are gradually decreas
ing , but the prospects of good supplies of
now grain tend to chcclc any very substan
tial strength in tno markets. Evidently
merchants abroad are willing to pay about
current prices lor the supplies they require.
but are not inclined to follow any material
advance m prices. The crops of small grain
in this countrv are being secured
in good condition generally , and corn
is slowly improving. The visible
supply of grain is gradually increasing , ex
cepting of corn , and the export movement Is
quite largo somewhat in excess of the cor
responding time of last year. The shipping
demand for grain was quite brisk , and liberal
sales were made of all Kinds. Receivers have
experienced little dlQIoulty in disposing ol
their consignments and at figures generally
deemed satisfactory by interior shippers.
Seeds were more active , with prices favor
ing buyers. Provisions were quite
weak , with frca offerings , and lowoi
prices were accepted on all the leading artl
cles. The receipts of hogs , cattle and sheet :
were quito liberal at the western markott
aud sellers , as a rule , were compelled to ao
ccpt lower nriccs. The packing of the west
shows a further material increase and now
shows an aggregate of 933,000 bogs over th (
returns of last season to date.
Weekly Dank Statement.
NEW YOUK , Augu&t 17. | Special Telegram
to TUB UEE.I The wooitly statement of the
associated banks shows the following
changes :
Reserve , decrease . S3,410COi
Loans , Increase . , . 1,434,20 <
Specie , decrease . 2,505iO , ( (
Lepal tenders , dccrcas . 1,4 ID , ( MM
Deposits , decrease . 2,179,001
Circulation , decrease . 41.5W
Banks now hold . 3,852,52 !
lu excess o25 per cent rule.
The Usual Uie Weekly Deal Tin
llullcllii Ueonrtl.
There are usually about two big real ostati
deals each week , oven during these dul
summer months. They oamo yesterday lat <
in the afternoon , and helped to swell an al
ready big showing In the realty market , inosi
of tliu deals in which have boon confined U
outside property. By the terms of the first
deal Mr. W. R. Vaughan sells to Nolllo Mc-
Urido for J 12,600 lots 'iT , blook 9 , and lots 15
10 and 17 in block 3 , und lot 1 in block 0 , al
in Qrlggs 1'laco.
The other proscribes that Mr. Vaughat
shall give f85,000 and shoulder u largo bun
die of mortgages amounting in the nggrcguU
to $55,902.31 , , for the privilege of possessing
the north one-half of lot D , and the north ono.
half of the west ono-tlilrd of lot 0 , blook 13d ,
satno being the Thirteenth street proponj
recently transferred by Nellie Molirldo to J ,
Woods Smith , who aa attorney , made .venter
day's sale for the real ownor.Nolllo McUridu
The lota lie back of the First National bank
and are ut present occupied by the St. Loui ;
restaurant ,
The transfers for the week are as follows
Monday , . , . , , . . , . . , . I 60,85-
Tuesday . , . . , , . 20,47 (
Wednesday . 10,891
Thursday , . . . , . , . JW.&u :
Friday . , . 83,11'
Saturday . , , , . , . 193,501
Total . t'lWW
The Untlitlng Kcoorit.
The WOOK closing yesterday was the
joomcr ono for the year In the matter of
julldlnp permits for residences. Among
.ho permits the following are prominent :
Latoy & Benson , brick flats. Tvvonty-llrst
and llurdotto , W.OOOj . W. a. Wlllard , resi
dence. Twenty-fourth nnd Howard , $5,000 ;
Andrew Riggs. roMdonco , Hurnoy , near
forty-third street , $5,01)0 ; John A. Smiley ,
jrlck warehouses , Sherman avenue and Men-
derson , $3OUO ; John Patterson , residence ,
Thirty-second nnd Dodge , f3OJO ; O. A. Olsen -
sen , residence , Newton , near Twenty-fifth ,
f3,000 ; C. T , Taylor , two-story brick stores
and Hats , Twenty-fourth and Grace , $13,000 ;
Mrs. Mary IJocko , two-story basement brick
store and Hats , northwest corner Twentieth
nnd Caslollar streets , $18,000 ; Samuel Tin-
ilo , six two-story frauiu residences , Nine
teenth. avenue , between Corbv and Nine
teenth streets , $18,000 ; Charles Bohno , seven
two-story frame residences , Twentieth , near
Corby streets , 821,000 : Albert Miller , seven
two-story frame residences , Nineteenth nnd
Ohio streets , $21,0011 ; H. W. Howott , novon
two-story frame residences. Nineteenth nn.l
Locust streets , $21,000 ; Thomas Whyto ,
seven two-story frame residences , Nine
teenth nnd Ohio streets , & ! l,00i ) .
The permits for the wooic show the follow
ing totals :
Monday . . . 5 4,150
Tuesday . 2,5W
Wednesday . 134,000
Thursday . 17,800
Friday . 4,41X1
Saturday . * . . . 181.23J
Total . $181,235
The clearings for the wo ok amounted to
$1,031,0-13.63 , nn Increase of 20.3 per cent
over the corresponding week of last year.
Mrs , Lnngtry Is , lookl ng for a theater in
London , mid will play there next season.
Emma Abbott aud her recently purchased
$1,000 Parisian costuuio nro to be hero In a
few days.
Fanny Rico hones to regain her voice b.v a
four weeks' holiday up among the high hills
of Now Hampshire.
Margaret Mather will urobnuly appear In
W. S. Gilbert's ' "Gretchen" while she Is at
the Baldwin theater in San Francisco.
Friends of Fay Tomploton announce that
she is to return hero lu the holiday season
and go to starring in a musical comedy.
Miss Eastlake , who will again accompany
Wilson Barrett In his coming American
tour , is achieving quite n reputation in Lon
don as a billiardist.
The loading tenor of the world to-day , Tn-
ningno , is about forty years of age , and orig
inally assisted his father in the manufacture
of mineral waters in Turin.
Carl Hertz , tha magician , who was to bo
toured around the world as u rival to Herr
mann , b.v "Nick" Roberts , who abandoned
the venture before It was really begun , Is
now playing lu Spain , Ho is to icturn hero
In a year.
J. AV. Plgcott will come over from London
lu about three weeks to supervise the re
hearsal nnd production of his comedy , "Tho
Bookmaker , " which Nat Goodwin has agreed
positively to produce in tha fall.
The tour which the London Gaiety Uur-
lesquo company in "Faust uu to Data" will
make under the direction of Henry E.
Abbey , to fill the dates loft vacant by the
Illness of Mary Anderson , will lust twouty-
ilvo weeks.
Fanny Davenport will remain in California
until late in September , recuperating for the
fatigue of her next tour , which is to begin ut
Rochester , N. Y. , on November ? , and to end
thirty weeks later. Marco Kcun and A L.
Erlangor remain in chago of bor business in
Mrs. Blalnc , Jr. , is of the opinion that she
will appear to the best possibio advantage in
comedy , and for that reason she is endeavor
ing to And a suitable comedy in which to
make her debut us a star. As her tour is to
begin on the 23d prox. she must make bor
selection very soon.
Mark Twain's "Princo nnd Pauper , "
which is to bring out little Elsie Leslie m a
dual role this winter , will require ubout
sixty people in its presentation. It is more
pretentious as a stage drama than "Llttlo
Lord Fauntleroy , " and it takes place during
the reign of Henry the VII.
Director Edmund C. Stnnton has mapped
out an unusually orillmnt programme for the
season at the Metropolitan opera house in
New York , which begins November 27 and
continues until the following March. It will
bo a season of opera in Gorman , but not ,
strictly speaking , German opera , as out of
the thirty-one weeks that are in contempla
tion , liftcen only can be said to belong to the
German school and of these llfteen , ton are
Wagnerlan tu& remainder being represen
tative of either French or Italian. The com
pany engaged is particularly strong , among
the now members being several singers of
world-wide fame.
Kate Claxton is becoming an extensive
speculator in plays. Shu has disposed of the
' -The Two " and
rights to playThe Orphans"
"Woman Against Woman" on royalty and is
to supply tlio capital for the road tour of
"Captain Swift. " If "Booties' Buby" makes
a run at the Madison Square she will dispose
of the road rights to it.
The syndicate of Her Majesty's theater
has decided to open that house next season
for grand Italian opera , Mr. Mayer having
consented to act as imprcssario. The fact
that Signor Bovignani and Signer Facclo
( of La Scala. Milan ) have signed contracts
to bo the conductors , gives confident hopes
of the success of the undertaking.
Janauschok will not uivo up the stage for
at least another season. Her manager an
nounces that she will start again on the 10th
prox. , and keep ut it for thirty-live weeks.
Charles Wyndam made his farewell appear
ance in London before his American tour in
n revival of "Wild Oats. " Ho will play
"Tho Headless Man , " "Wild Outs , " and
"Betsy" in America.
Emma ifueli designs many of her concert
nnd opera costumes. Her Ideas uro exe
cuted through the medium of n local dress
maker , of whom Miss Juch is very proud.
Instead of spending a number of weeks In
crowded Parisian stores Miss Juch has sent
her dressmaker abroad to bring back about
forty costumes for homo wear , street and
stage USD , Miss Juch regards this as u very
easy way of doing her shopping.
Tdo latest report from Paris Is that a now
theater lyritiuo is being projected there for
the production of operas nnd ballots not in
cluded iu the present repertory of the grand
opera. Some of the works mentioned ore
"Kassio , " byDelibes ; "Lo Feu , " by Gui-
raud ; "Namouna , " by Lalo ; "Lo Rol do
Lahore , " by Massenet ; "Mophistooholcs , "
by Boito , and "Lohengrin , " by Wagner.
Anton Rubinstein , the composer , will bo
tendered n great colouration In St. Peters
burg on the 30th of November m honor of
the completion of fifty yours dcivoted to art ,
A subscription has boon started to raise for
him a testimonial fund. The czar Is inter
ested iu the project. The president of the
committee having the affair in clmrgo is
Uuko Gcorgo of Meuklonburg-Strolltz.
Americans who wish to contribute should
address the president at Michael palace , St ,
Salvlnl will boisin his next American tout
at Palmer's , on October 7 , with u perform. '
unco of ' 'Othello , " which will bo presontcil
twice in each of the four weeks that ho re
mains there. "Tho Gladiator" will also be
played twice during the opening week ol
the engagement , und on October 14 "Sam
son" will be given. Those three plays con-
Btitutu the repertoire which the Itallai ;
tragedian will use on his tour , which IH tc
lust twenty weeks , in which ho will appeal
eighty times.
Jlnnricom J'nrlc Klro
The Hanscom pane fire brigade held t
meeting nt the residence of Mr. G , W. Hold
rcgo lust Saturday night and oloatod the fol
lowing oDIeora : W. J. Kennedy , president ;
A. D. Jones , vlco-prcsldont ; G. W. Holdroiro ,
foreman ; W. R. Vuughun , first assistant
foreman ; Fred. Montmoroncy , second assist
ant foreman ; Frank Montmoronoy , secreta
ry and treasurer ; C. W. Holdroge , W.
Holmes aud Alex. Campbell , trustees. Tlia
company is composed of thirty members and
will bo furnished with a hose carriage und
4iX ) feet of hose by the city. For the present
they will inaico use of Mr. Montmoronoy'a
burn for a hose house. It is expected tuut ul
some remote period a hose house will be
erected by tue city at Thirty-Third aud Reeo
Georgia Hlou Crop.
The rloo crop in Georgia itfloolclnj ;
well , and u largo yield is anticipated ,
The Missouri Pnolflo and the Union
Shook Yards Company.
Mr. Hnticook Snys No ami Character *
IZCH Its Complaint ntt n High-
Hniulcil Attempt tn Dlo-
tuto to tlio Yni'Us ,
A Disturbance at South Oinnhn.
All Interesting ntul complicated as Veil ai >
far-reaching freight rnto question has boon
brewing for some days among railroad com
panies centering nt South Ouinlm. The
luustlon bids fair to go to the Interstnto commerce -
morco commission for final lottlcmont.
\Vliilo the sum a condition of fuels occur
dally the case Unit brought the mutter to aa
l sue occurred on Thursday.
"Thoro 1ms boon n systematic and contln-
tied cutting of freight rates , " siitd a pro mi-
iiunt railroad oflleial , "In tin Ingenious \vny
by the Union Paoille , the H. & M. . and , In
fact , by Hourly nil ttio other nulroia : com *
pantos , to evade tlio spirit If not the lottur-of '
tlio intor-slntu commerce law. Tlio.fncls In
the case In iiuostlon tire :
"Seven carloads of cattle were shipped from
Auburn uvor the Missouri Pnclllc , via , the
Chicago , Rock Inland & Paclllo road. At
South Omaha this stock was sold , and the
buyers Swift & Co. among thorn wanted to
shit ) them to Chicago over the 13. & . \l. road.
The Hock Island considered it still , hud
control of tlio stock mid refused to relinquish
it claim. Our road so tiotlllcd ttio stock
yards company mid n claim \vlll bo Hied for
our freight charges. You will BCO the Im
portance of this when you understand that
all of our local rates nro less than our , pro
portion of the through Chicago rnto. The
figures explain this matter better thnii anything -
thing also. The through rate from Auburn
to Chicago Is $ G..25 ) and tliu local rate to
South Omaha Is S'M.20 , leaving only $39.05
for the haul to Chicago , while the local ratu
to Chicago is $37.50. Our -ID per cent of the
through rnto is $25.30 , while the local rates
wo get is only § 24.20. As the two local rates
arc ? -S1.7u the practice complained of is not
only u violation of the iutor-stato law in cut-
tine the rates to $18.45 but actually takes our
business out of our hands mid then gives us
less compensation than the contract with our
shippers and connecting lines allow us. "
Acting President \V. N , Babcoeh , of tlio
Union Stock Yards company , on having his
attention culled to the mutter Bald : "This
case Is n now emu and tlio claims of the Mis
souri Pacific company can not bo ucceacd to
orovcn entertained fora moment. Tlio facts la
the case speak for themselves , and nro sim
ply these : Seven curs of cattle wore shipped
from Auburn over the Missouri Pacific rail
road to Chicago via the Chicago , Uock Island
& Pacllic , with notation on the billing 'with
privilege of trying South Omnlm market.1
Thn stock in question was sold hero to Swift
& Co. and J. K. Conklln & Co. Tbo local
freight ruto of the Missouri Pacific , us given
us by the locil agent from Auburn to this
point , was collected and Is uo\v ready to bo
turned over to that company.
"Both Swift & Co. and J. It. Conklln &
Co. had had shipments of cattle originating
on the B. & M. , and to save the
expense of mi extra shipment this
stock tvas nllowod to follow their
Chicago , Burlington & Qulncy shipments.
The latter roau , not having any through billIng -
Ing arrangements with lines east of the Mis
souri river , shipments , from west of the
river , must necessarily follow that Hue east
of the river.
"Messrs. Swift & Co. and J. U. Conklln &
Co , , showing ownership of this stock.ordorod
the Union Stock Yards company to put it in
Chicago , Burlington & Qulncy cars , which
was done , and the stock xvas loaded nnd
shipped. The Stock Yards company has no
authority to dictate what route shippers
shall patronize in. forwarding their Block
from these yards. It is little less than a
high-handed plcco of dictation on the part of
the Missouri Pacitic otlldivls.
"Wo collect nil the freight charges for the
railroad companies centering hero , acting us
s\ sort of u freight charges clearing h'ouso ,
paying all the various railroad companies nil
freight charges weekly for rocoluts at the
yards and Bottling with * the commission men
once each week. This Is done as a mutter of
convenience for our patrons , and not of proilt
for ourselves , lor the company does not got
u cent for it.
"After the Chicago , Burlington t Qulncy
cars wore ordered lii by the stock purchasers
Mr. J. O. Phillipm telephoned our oQlco not
to let the stock co out on that road , but that
it must go over the Chicago , Hock Island Si
Pacllic road. This I coulu not comply with.
We must lot the shippers select their routes.
"Ab to laying in a clnlm for its pro-rato
shuro of the through freight charges , the
Missouri Pacific , which brings' in the least
and takes out the most freight , is the last
one to complain. Tha additional sum would
only bo about dollar. Any way that com
pany has through billing rates with all lines
cast of the Missouri river. The unbroken
practice of till the centering lines , and
oven the Missouri Paciliu Itself , Is to accept
local freight rates to this point ana allow tno
shippers to select the route on east dosircd.
The matter has been adjusted , and the Mis
souri Pnclfle people have requested us to
handle their stock as heretofore , and \va
have consented to do no. "
Tlio I'nric CominUHioncrs.
The park commissioners held an informal
scbslon yesterday afternoon to consider tbo
suggestion of Mr. Cleveland concoriiing the
hill at the south end of Hanscom nark. The
grading of Creighton avenue loft uu ouibunk-
mont thirty feet high on the south side of
this hill , and the commissioners nro tn doubt
us to the best plan for beautifying this par
ticular spot. Mr. Cleveland supirostod that
tua 1.111 bo cut away entirely , leaving u level
plat about six acres in extent. This is ob
jected to on the ground that U will destroy
a great many valuable trees , and will also
do away with n beautiful feature of the
park. Mr. Andrew Hosuwator has been em
ployed to survey the spot nnd render an esti
mate of the cost of cutting away the hill , and
also the practicability of cutting u series of
terraces on the south side ,
The commissioner * also discussed the mat
ter of material for permanent roadways. It
was thought that gravel would not provo
satisfactory in the long run , and the stuto-
mont was made that cinders could not bo ob
tained in sufilciont quantities for this pur
pose. The advisability of using stone was
discussed at some length.
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