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.Delivered by carrier In Any I'nrt o ho City a
'rwcntyConU FcrWeok. _ „ . .
N. Y. P. Co.
Glcnson coal.
C. U. Music Co. , R33 IJ'way.
D.V. . Otis , city and farm loans.
Uoston atoro leading dry oodn houso.
Nebraska brlgndc , U. U. 1C. of P. , will
attend dlvlno scrvlco nt St. Paul's churcli to
morrow evening.
The stockholders of the Chnutaunua hero
Acid on Important meeting Monday night nt
the board ot trade rooms.
Unity Guild will moot In regular session
this afternoon at 3 o'clock , with Mrs. M.
Wcnthcrbne , fourth street.
A ten-pound boy took up his residence
with Mr. nnd Mrs. H. Friedman last Thurs
day nlRhl. If you want to see "Fried" suitlo
Just Inquire about the family.
A special meeting of the board of trade
Will bo hold this evening at 8 o'clock. Busi
ness of much Importance. By orjor of the
president. 13. Xevoly , secretary.
Belle UmiKB , ono of thn quartette nrrcsted
on Plcrco street Tuesday night , nnd who
was to appear yustorduy for trial , was unable -
able to do so , ueiiiK In Jail on the other side
of tlio rlvor.
The Woman's Holiof corps of this city will
plvo tbelr pink sociable at , G. A. H. hull tills
evening. A good supper and iuo cream will
bo served. An Interesting programme is in
course of preparation.
Tlio German Cutholio ladies Rave a very
successful ( luadrillo parly at Armory hall
lust evening. A largo number were present ,
and tlio evening was passed very cnjoyubly.
'JL'bo ladies netted about $00.
The city engineer Is putting In sewer flushing -
ing tanks ut tlio corner of First and Willow
avenues nnd Pcurl struct. Tlioy are being
placed along all of the sewers which are
not surtlcleutly used to keep them in proper
Dr. Montgomery left last evening for
Osugo , la. , to bring homo bis wife and
daughter , who have been taken sick while
'Visiting friends. The doctor expects to re
turn Monday or Tuesday , as soou as the
health of Mrs. Montgomery permits.
W. II. Ware received a tine red fox yes
terday morning from Mr. Thomas MclJor-
mott , of Ottawa , III. The animal was taken
to the farm of J , J. Johnson , cast of the city ,
\vhoro it Is the Intention of tbo Coursing
club to breed the animals for sport In future
Yesterday afternoon the wutehinan in the
Rock Island yards notified the police that a
young nmn was in that locality endeavoring
to soil thrca pairs of now punts for a dollar ,
and when asked whcro ho obtained them ,
could give no satisfactory answer. At the
station bo guvo the name of Charles West ,
but refused to answer any other questions.
Ha was slated with suspicion and vagrancy.
Constable Covalt raided the saloon at No.
( X ) West Broadway yesterday iiftfcrnoon.
His warrant stated the place us the west ten
feet of the lot , but ho extended jurisdiction
BUlllelcntly to take in the entire lot , and
peized u keg of beer found thoreon. Charles
Lie bold claimed the ownership , stating that
he bought it preparatory to going on u llsli-
ing trip , but the olllcer was not satisfied , and
took the liquor along with him.
James tiaguln has petitioned the court for
adccrco of divorce from his wife , Felicito
Sugum. Tlio cause for this action Is bused
on tlio fact Hint she has bccomo an inmate of
the iusnno nsylun at Mount Pleasant , which
Insanity was brought on by the constant use
of morphine. Ho charges her also of need
lessly squandering his property during her
mental decline , and , in addition to u decree
of olvorco. ho usks that the court set aside
nil her rights to interest in bis property and
to give him full control of It , not sublect to
her rights of alimony.
George A. Holmes , secretary of the demo
cratic central committee , has sent out a cir
cular culling on the committee to meet , at his
olllco next Wednesday at 11 o'clock. The
primal object Is to determine thn date for
holding the county counvcntiun. As the
date of the stuto convention is set down for
September 18 , it is thought that onn county
convention ought to bo sufllciont , and that
delegates to the stnto convention nnd candi
dates for county olllccs can all be chosen atone
ono session , The central committee will bo
consulted in the mutter , however.
The death of the two-year-old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. U. C. Menarlo , at Crescent ,
Was a sad blow to the parents , being caused
in an accidental manner. The child had
been suffering for several days , and the
modlcino being used contained laudanum.
The bottle was leH near the bcdslao , and
the little ono managed to get it and drained
it. Au a result , the child foil into a deep
slumber , and some thno elapsed before the
parents noticed what had happened , when
medical attendance could not urouso her.
The funeral occurred yesterday morning.
Dexter , employment.
S. B. Wadswortb & Co. loan money.
J. II. Smith , drugs , medicines , paints , oils ,
glass. WJ Main , near John Mergen's.
Kerr & Gray , real estate , 503 First avenue.
F. A. Larkln and wife are visiting at
Mnrcngo. la.
Dick HIckctts is able to bo out again after
UFOvero Illness.
L. Kirsch and wife and Peter Tholl are rec
reating atColfax.
Miss Clara Flammant , of Minncola , is
visiting friends in the Bluifs.
Mrs. J. M. Lamb is visiting her daughter ,
t'era. VV. W. Pollard , In Otturawu.
Ifr Mrs. 8. A. Brooks loaves to-morrow for a
protracted visit at Logan sport , Ind.
Miss Grace Graham nnd Miss Anna Mor-
gen have returned from a southern trip.
W. J. Gratlan has returned from a two
months' visit to his old homo at Alton , 111.
U. I. Williams returned yesterday from
Pluttsmouth , where ho has been for several
days ,
U C. E. Davis has returned to Ithaca , N. Y. ,
where ho will continue his studies ut Cornell
Dr. M. II. Chnmborlaln has bcoe called to
the northern part of the stuto on a profes
sional trip.
Colonel D. B. Duiloy has returned homo
from Charter Oak , where ho delivered the
address ut nn old soldiers' reunion.
Frank S. Pusoy arrived in the city yester
day morning from Now York , and loft on tbo
"Overland" last evening for Denver.
J. F. Evans and family and Mrs. F. II.
Evans returned yesterday from an extended
pleasure trip through Colorado and Wyoming.
E. B. Leonard , formerly night clerk nt the
Creston house , has entered the employ of T.
J. Clark , the Upper Broadway commission
Mrs. A. J , Stophcnson has returned from
Goslien , Ind. She was accompanied by her
daughter , Mrs. M. 12. Mcador , who will re
main sovorul weeks.
A. J , Dyer , ex-captain of police , leaves
Monday morning. Ho will maku tbo trip
across the stale In regular "prulrlo schooner"
style , In the uopo of benellttlng the health of
Mrs. Dyer , who has been ill for seine time.
Stops will bo umdo ut Spirit Luke and
numerous points of Interest along the routo.
Charles Nicholson , assistant chief of the
flro department , Is to vpend his ton days
Icuvo of absence at Denver , for which place
ho leaves this morning , Tlio attractions of
the tournament there uro furthered by old
associations , he having spent souio time In
Colorado ten years ago.
S. T. French will next week go to Bait
Lake to look over the advantages and pros
pects of that city , with a view of settling
there. Mr , Olmstoad , also ot Sixth avenue ,
has already made some Investments there ,
mid other Couucil BlutTs citizens are looking
with tuvor on tbo coming Salt Lake boom ,
M. U. Brown , formerly manager of the
Western Union Telegraph company's oClco
bore , Is in charge of the Salt Lake oftluo.
Ho is quto | onthuslastlo. Mr , Graham , live
ctoolc agent of the Hock Island , lately re
turned from a trip there , and also fives sau-
guino .
reports. _ _
If the party who took harness from J , Y.
Fuller's barn will return the same and will
OKI-CO not to borrow it again , they can got 15
at the ofUco,8'J ' Pourl street , aud no questions
An OfQoIal Status Thnt tlio City
Water la All Right.
Everybody nnil Ills Relations ns
I'ountl in tlio New Directory
Biirnlni-8 nt Work Again
Sewer Ons and City Water.
The water question continues to agitate the
public mind , and several communications ro
gardinp it have been received at this ofllco.
The majority of thorn are ot nn Inquiring
tone , ono inquirer voicing the sentiments of
many In his anxiety to know "If tnoro Is
really anything in it. " Another of the com
munications Is herewith given !
To the Editor of TUB Bust An editor Is
supposed to know a llttlo mo roth an anybody
clso who don't know anything about it. So ,
Mr. Editor , will you please tell mo about
sewer gas i What is there moro fatal about
It than the tins that escapes from an ordinary
water closet m your garden I Will a trap
prevent the gas Invading your dwelling ! Is
there any danger from gas where water
only from your kitchen sink is carried
through a trapped pit to a deep vault ) Is
thcro uptofesRional sanitary engineer in this
city or in Omnbn who knows onu kind of gns
from another ! Who can prevent unhealthy
smells from Invading our dwellings 1
Is tlicro a chemist hero who can analyze
water , and ascertain its Impurities , and lot
the pconlo of Council Bluffs know whai kind
of water they are drinking , and bow It dif
fers from what was furnished by the water
company six mouths ugol
If the water company do not afford us
pure water , and c.xnnot adore1 to do it , and
aeny that its water Is impure , let the city
council ut once apuolut a committee of scion-
till c men to examine the methods now In use
to supply us with water , as well as tbo char-
uctor of the water so supplied. No time is
to bo lost in the matter. Six mouths ago'wo
hud the best water of any city in the world ,
and thcro is no good reason why wo should
not have it now. In conclusion lot mo say ,
wo should either have pure whisky or pure
w.xier. TKMi'ciuKCE.
Tbo writer of the above is evidently ono
of the many citizens who have been consid
erably agitated during tbo past few weeks
by the report that the waterworks company
was not furnishing ns pure water as might
he expected , and that tlio company was
rather Indifferent as to the condition of the
settling Imsin nt the foot of Broadway.
Nnumorous inquiries similar to the above
have been made of late , nnd the result
of careful investigation Is herewith given.
The subject of sewer gas Is one concerning
which much has been written , still its insidi
ous properties are seemingly but little under
stood. The general public understands that
it smells disagreeable and is unhealthy , tend
ing to disease and epidemics. Thcro is also
a prevailing idea among property owners
that traps should bo provided in all snwor
plues to prevent the gas backing up from the
sewers to tlio houses with which tney uro
connected. However , this matter is very
generally left to the plumbers , nnd with
them rests a largo degree of responsibility.
With this very scant kaowlodgs on the sub
ject , tlio public evinces n disposition to bo
perfectly satisfied , and in the majority of
cases no further investigation is made until
nn outbreak of typhoid fever or kindred dis
eases calls attention to the fact
that something is wrong , when the
'malarial atmosphere1' ' Is llnully decided
upon us the source of the trouble , and again
the mutter Is dropped. Sowar KIIS Is con
stantly given off from the thousand and ono
foul matters' and impurities that find their
way into that , public drain , the city sower.
As a as it is explosive , clearly showing this
property when allowed no.chunce of escape ,
and compelled to back up to the higher portions
tions of the sewer. Under these circum
stances It is forced back through the water
in thosower traps , which , nt such times , nro
obviously Inadequate to the tusk allotted
thorn. In view of this , thcro are hundreds of
sanitary engineers who maintain that a sewer
er trap alone is not sufficient protection
agninst the encroachments of sewer gns.
They advise the placing of a vertical plpo ,
running abova the roof ot the building , which
will convey thu cos from the sewer beyond
tlio reach of the resident , the sewer trap pre
venting tbo escupo into the rooms.
By weans of this escape plpo the danger of
explosion Is obviated , and all possibility of
the gas backing into the bouse is done away
A physician was asked concerning the pe
culiarly fatul properties of this gas , and his
opinion was expressed as follows : "Tho
disease most commonly produced by sewer
gas is typhoid fever , and this disease is
spread moro widely by this means than by
any other. For this reason the sewers should
be especially guarded against during an epi
demic. The typhoid germ Is very minute ,
and is carried into the sewer by the water.
It is so small that , our best authorities assert
tliat it rises with the sewer gas , und thus
spreads the discaso most alarmingly. Aside
from this , I don't know us sewer gas is par
ticularly fatal , that Is , anv more so than any
other. Cases of asphyxiation by it are re
ported occasionally , but they uro not com
mon. "
Tnere are several professional sanitary en
gineers In this city nnd Omaha , who give
these matters particular attention. First
class analytical chemists are not numerous
in this part of tho/iountry. A. Martin Muller -
ler A. A. , professor of chemistry at the
Omaha medical college , Is recommended by
thu medical profosslon ns a skilled analyst.
In discussing tbo question of impure water ,
the physician above quoted remarked : "I
don't bee how It can bo that our city water is
BO very impure or unlit for use. There is
very llttlo sickness in the city , in fact , I have
newer found It so ecncrally healthy during
mv residence of seven years In the Bluffs.
It can not tie that there Is anything so very
serious Just at present , though there may bo
some few Impurities in the water. You must
know that it does not take very long for
anything of this kind to show itself in tno
city. There may bo a llttlo truth In the re
port , but I think thut good , lively imagina
tion has helped it along considerably. If
quite a number unlto in telling a man thut ho
is sick , ho begins to believe It , and my belie
is that the same Is true m this case , "
Notice In Fox Club.
Notlco Is hereby given to Fox club not to
trosspass on premises of L. P. Judson. 1,800
acres of best upland pasture ; pure water
aud salt ; no wolves running ut large ; loom
for 100 head moro stock , but not fox hunters.
Money leaned at L. B. Craft's & Co.'s
loan olllco on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
and all other articles of value , without
removal. . All business strictly confi
Found In Hie Directory.
The new directory develops some Interest
ing facts as to the numbers of representa
tives of various families. The most numer
ous people in the now book are the Johnsons ,
who have 110 representatives m the city ,
Tbo Smiths are close on tbcir heels with 100.
Other names come In tbo following order ;
Peterson 87 , Miller 05 , Anderson 03 , Hanson
CO , Nelson 55 , Jensen 51 , Clark 50 , Christensen -
son 49 , Williams 39 , Wilson 37 , Allan 30 ,
Jones 30 , Larson 34 , Olson 80 , Walker 27 ,
Cook 37 , White 20 , Martin M , ICelloy 24 , Wul-
lace 24 , James 23 , Scott 23 , Thompson 23 ,
Phillips 21 , Wright 20 , Sorcuson 11) ) . Evans
17 , Adams 10 , Hill 10. Thcro are 01 Browns ,
83 Greens , 8 Grays , 5 Blacks , 2 Blues , be
sides all the Whites In the above list. Throe
Abels are on baud , but only ono Cain , Seven
Council Bluffs people are Lout' , wtillo but
four are Short , and ono is not quite so High.
The book snows n number of odd names ,
but there nro very few that may bo dusted
ns decidedly unusual.
Desirable dwellings for rent at mouorato
prices. E. H. Shea to & Co. . rental agents ,
Broadway and Main streets , up stairs.
For solo Ono Gar-Scott ten 'horse portable
engine ; In good repair , Apply to Woir-Shu-
gart Co. _
IS'lirlit Prowler * Abroad.
The burglars have again commenced oper
ations after a vacation of u few weeks , and
start out this time with two Jobs to their
credit within twenty-four hours. Thursday
afternoon they visited the residence ot A. J.
Stoddard , 015 Seventh nvcnuo , nnd secured
considerable booty. There was no ono at
homo except a servant named Lllllo Part-
rldgo. She was upstairs , arranging her
toilet. She heard a noise , nod on looking
down the stairway saw a stranger climbing
Into tbo window. She was so frightened she
did not utter a sound. The stranger carried
awavsomo jewelry and the contents of a
child's bank , bosldcs several valuable orna
ments. Immediately after his departure the
girl raised tbo alarm , A search was made
for the party but ho had made his esoapo.
Thn preceding night they visited the house
of F. Ogden , on Fairvlow avonuo. It Is sun-
posed that entrance was affected through
ono ot thubasotnont windows. All the family
were at homo , but strange to say the
marauders fulled to awaken them , and the
first Intimation the pcoplo had that the liouso
wan burglarized was yesterday morning ,
when they awoke and found that everything
had boon turned upside down in nil of the
rooms but ono. A watch , rovolvoi and dirk
nro among the missing articles. The thieves
also took a lot of men's clothing out Into the
hall whcro the clcctrio light would bhlno on
thorn , and picked out what suited tholr fas
tidious tastes , leaving the rest. Whether
this is all the booty that was secured can not
bo told positively yet , as the whole house
was moro or less ransacked.
Several other citizens in that vicinity say
they hoard nolsos around their dwelling , ns
If some parson or persons were rccoiinoitor-
tng , but so far ai known , no other bouses
were entered.
Swanson Music Co. , 8T3 Broadway.
Kelley & , Younkorman soil grocorlo
Chase and Sanboru coffees a specialy.
If yon want clean , fresh Groceries nnd
fruits , call on Johnson & Olson,712 Broadway.
Fine Jowclr.y , watches nnd diamonds ;
cleaning and repairing at E. Burhorn.
J.10,000 to loan on city property , at 0 per
cent. A. A. Clark & Co.
The Water .Supply.
"I notice that the papers nro getting the
pcoplo stirred up about water , " remarked
ono of the representatives of the waterworks
company. "I don't see ns the water is any
more roily than it has boon in times past.
Every now and again there is apt to bo a
llttlo trouble. Just now the river is ex
tremely low , and. ns you know , there Is a big
amount of water used at this time of year.
Of course there isn't tbo chance to get clear
water that there I * in tbo winter. A good
deal of this grumbling , though , comes from
personal spite , Noxv , all this talk about the
pond is wrong. The water comes from the
river , and is as good as any Missouri water
can bo. It's all bosh about its being un
healthy water. There Is epidemic hero , is
there ) St. Louis pcoplo are pretty healthy.
In fact all who drink Missouri river water
live about as * long us other people. There
can not any surface water run Into the con
duit or the pond nt the river , unless it runs
up hill. Then there's a hank 'around the
sides to keep It from running In. The talk
about cattle Is equally nonsensical. There's a
burbod wire fcnco runtime all around it , so
that cattle can't get to It. Anybody can sco
for themselves that tbo water supply of
Council Bluffis all right , if they will only
look for themselves. Instead of listening to
every complaint nnd believing all sorts of
stories. It's too Important a matter to bo
treated carelessly , nnd It is bad to got folks
alarmed when thcro is no occasion for it.
Let folks investigate for themselves , and
they will bo satisfied. "
For sale , now seven-room house , on two
lots , located on Fifth avenue ; ? JUOO. A. A.
Clark & Co.
J. G. Tipton , real estate. 627 B'dway.
Scidcnberg's 5c Figaro at the Fountain.
Frnlncy's Oriel' Accumulates.
Walter I. Smith has filed a petition with
the clerk of the district court against J. J.
Frainoy. Ho claims that Mr. Fralnoy
deeded lot 9 , Turloy's subdivision of outlet
2 , Jackson's dlvlrion , to his wife to defraud
the heirs of tbo estate of B. B. Frainoy. Ho
also claims that Frainoy made a false afli-
uavit to the effect that the estate was worth
only $500 , and was accordingly appointed ad
ministrator on a bond of $1.000. Ho now
claims that Frainoy is $2,4S5 in debt , to the
estate , and as his successor asks that
Fraluoy's deed to his wife bo set aside und
that the title bo vested ia the plaintiff.
Fruinoy still devotes himself assiduously
to keeping on the other side of the river ,
vainly waiting for the matter to settle itself
and the odium attached to it to blow over.
Smith is determined to push the matter , and
there will bo a hot light to get possession of
the property.
E. H. Shcafo & Co. give special attention
to the collection of rents and euro of prop
erty in the city nnd vicinity. Charges mod
erate. Ofllco Broadway and Main streets ,
up stairs.
Go to M. Keating for drugs , 505 Broadway.
Odoll Bros. & Co. loan money. The most
liberal terms offered. 103 Pearl street.
Venpor Services.
It is specially desirable to have a full at
tendance at tbo 5 o'clock service on uoxt
Sunday'at the First Prosbytcrian church.
The Rev. . F. Thickstun , will deliver the
address. Subject : "Outline ot Theology asSet
Sot Forth by St. John. " A collection will be
taken for printing purposes und postage.
The executive committee , C. L. S. C. , are
busily engaged In preparing for complete or
ganization of the district tributary to tbo O.
& C. B. assembly.
Winter & Monroe , slga painters , 410 B1 way.
City steam laundry , 31 Main , tol. 141
Crazed By JlollglouR idxoltomsnt.
In the county jail yesterday afternoon was
a mlddle-agod man named Ed Gannon , who
appears to have lost bis wind through re
ligious excitement. All the afternoon ho
paced the corridor of the jail with bis right
hand raised above his head , and in a loud
tone repeating over and over again these
words ; "With the help of God , I am the
son of God , I am not of this earth. I came
down from above and. shed my blood to save
sinners , In tbo name of the Father , Son and
Holy Ghost. Amen 1" A number of persons
tried to ascertain from bun some knowledge
concerning himself or tbo whereabouts of bis
friends , but to all queries ho responded , "With
thn help of God , I am thn son of G'.d , " etc. Tbo
unfortunate fellow attended the meetings of
tbo Salvation army during the early part of
tbo summer , until ho was taken sick and was
removed to the Sisters' hospital. Ho was
discharged from the hospital a short time
ago und went to work in ono of the livery
stables of the city. Ho acted u llttlo "flighty"
at times , but it was not until yesterday that
ho became thoroughly daft. Ho will be
taken before the Insane commissioners to
day , and unless there is a change in his con
dition In a short time ho will likely bo sent
to the insane asylum at Clarinda.
Ho worked for some time for Dr. C , H.
Plnnoy , who treated him on several occasions
for his insanity , but the relief experienced
was only temporary. Tlio insane commis
sioners have thus fur refused to adjudge
him insane , but his condition is now so much
worse that ho can hardly bo kept out of tbo
asylum any longer.
Dwelling for sale on easy payments. Also
building lots at lowest market prices. Cull
and examine our list. E. H. Sheafo & Co.
Steam and hot water boating , first-class
plumbing. Work done In both cities. John
Gilbert , 518 Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
The Guards Iteturn ,
The Dodge Light Guards , otherwise com
pany A , Fifth regiment , I , N , G. , returned
last evening from the regimental camp ut
lied Oak , after five days of hard work , but
they were well compensated for it , for the
Inspector pronounced them by all odds the
best company In tbo regiment best in every
particular , on dress parade , drill , accoutre
ments , deportment and soldierly bearing.
The regular * from Fort Omaha also compli
mented them very highly ,
No cash prizes were offered tbls year , but
the company gets all the glory , and right
* AJ
proud they nro of ft. Aside from tbo praise
of the ofllcors , Ihff.lirtfa found favor In the
eyes of the Hcd Oificftcllcs , and wore tlio
recipients of miuij nvora nt their hands. Al
together , it was u satisfied company which
marched up Pcarl strpot last evening , and
fired a salute of three guns before disband
ing at the armory. All dissensions nro for
gotten for the tlmfs'bf.fnp ' , nnd Council Bluffs
ha every reason to , bo proud of the company
Which has so crodtlnbly represented it.
William Malowtiojn , n aged resident of
Mnnawn , was found dead In his room yester
day afternoon , whinjils son wont to call him
to dinner. Ho ate a : hearty breakfast in the
morning and WAS au'pVoscd to bo m his usual
health , which was very good for a man 70
years of ago. Ho was living with
his son , Chnrlos O. Malowncy , pro
prietor of thu restaurant at the lake.
Ho loaves four other sons , ono In Duluth ,
ono In Washington Territory , ono nt Chester.
Nob. , and another , John J. , who is at pres
ent a resident at Manawa. The funeral will
take place at 1 o'clock to-morrow afternoon.
An ICxprcss Clerk's Shortnuce.
J. M. Clark , a clerk In the employ of the
Wolls-Fargo and American Express com
panies in this city , was arrested yesterday
afternoon bj Constable Wesley on a charge
of embezzlement. Clark was taken before
Squire Shurz , who llxod his appearance bond
nt $1,500 , and in default ho was locked up
in the county lull. The exact amount of
Clark's peculations is not known , but can
not bo very heavy , as ho has boon In this of
fice but a short time. Ho will have a hear
ing the first of the week.
Tlio Slzo oT Honvcn.
The twonty-flrst chapter of Revo
lutions pivos the measurement. The
moat interesting calculation on tlio
subject ia that of Captain J. B. Shnrk-
loy , tv measurer of vessels in the Boston
custom house , says the Atlanta Consti
tution. Ho tnlcofl the sUvtemont in
Revelation xxl und figures it out thus :
"And ho measured the city with the
rood 12,000 furlongs. The longtn and
the breadth and tno height are equal. "
Twelve thousand furlongs 7,920,000 foot
cubed 407,70t,08S,000HK,000UOO : ( ) feet.
Reserving1 one-half of this space for the
the throne and court of heaven , and
one-half of the remainder for streets ,
wo have 11M,108.27J,000,000,000,0 ; < K )
rooms. We will suppose the world did ,
and always will , contain 000,000,000 , in
habitants , and that a generation lasts
thirty-ono nnd one-oightti years , mak
ing in all 2,070.000,000 every century.
and that the world will stand 1,000,000
years , or 10,000 centuries , 20,700,000,000
inhabitants. Now suppose there are
100 worlds like this , canal in the num
ber of inhabitants and duration of
years , a total of 2.070,000,000,000,000 per
sons , there would bo more than ono
hundred rooms , 10 foot square for each
and every person.
Cushman's Menthol inhaler cures catarrh ,
headache , neuralgia , asthma , hay lover.
Trial free nt your druggist. Price 50 cents.
A boy in Mor.iQcn , Conn. , broke the
handle off a teacup belonging to a
neighbor , nnd the trifle has not only
made enemies of ] a dozen people , but
led to several assault and battery oahes
nnd three lawsuits.
Is now the rate via- the Northern Pa
cific railroad froni Omaha , and Council
BlulTs to nil north 'Pacific coast points ,
including Portland , Tacoma and Seat
tle. Through tickets are on sale via
this route daily. , This is the only line
running through the eastern and cen
tral portions of Cashing ton territory.
Stop-overs are given on Northern Pa
cific second-class tickets at all points in
Washington. , , _
Runs a. l crret Farm.
David Campbell , a puddler of Lan
caster , Pa. , has a ferret farm , and ho
sells a good many of the animals to per
sons who want them to kill rats.
Sccond-ChiHH Tickctn
Via the Northern Pacific R. R. , allow
the holders the privilege of stopping
over at Spokane Falls , Wash. , and all
points west of thoro. The Northern
Pacific is the only line traversing
Washington Territory from east to west
and north to eotith. Rates from Omaha
and Council BlulTs to all points on the
North Pacific coast areas low via the
Northern Pacific as any other line.
Ho Follow.- , i-iun.o
A Jefferson City , Mo. , man manages
to make a living by following up picnic
parties and gathering up the empty bottles
tles which they leave.
A Pointer Mr. W. H. Collins is a
Kansas City druggist who has made the
business a success and is now solo owner
of ono of the finest drug stores in the
west and enjoys a large patronage. Ho
SA.VS : "Notfrpm a financial standpoint ,
but on its merits , I candidly and cheer
fully recommend Chamberlain's Colic ,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It is
ono of the few preparations I have
found an extensive sale for solely on
their merits. "
Sale orTcriu/son'B Manuscrlptd.
At the sale of the Tennyson manu
scripts in London , recently , the manu
script of "Tho Brook" brought 8255 , a
part of the manuscript of "Maud" was
sold for $555 , nnd the original of Tenny
son's dedication of his poems to the
queen was purchased for $150 by Colon -
n ol John Hay.
During twenty-live years trial , mor
tality , whcro Dr. Jofl'orls' preventive
and cure for diphtheria and putrid sore
throat ( as in malignant scarlet fever )
is UBodis , 1-10 of ono per cent , or , ono in
a thousand. Under other treatments
in Europe and America , CO to 60 per
cent. Address Dr. Thos. Jelioris , box
057 , Omaha ; or Dohavon , druggist ,
Council Blulls. Ia. No physician re
quired. Sent by express on receipt of
price , 23. _ _
Ho llnnsd Himself.
John Williams , ) , a bachelor in Au
gusta , Mo. , was 'told that a certain
widow hud sotT'lipr cap for him. nnd
John was BO afraid that ho might bo
roped into marriage that ho wont to
the barn and hanged himself.
G. A. Ii..Kxourslon.
From August 21to ' [ August 28 inclu
sive , the "Hock Island Routo" will sell
round trip tickets to Milwaukee via.
Chicago for tlio ' .G , . A. R. oncanpmont
at$14'SO , tickets' . good for retnrn until
September 5. ( JJpico ) of rail or luke
route from Chlciigp.
Ticket oflico inOjj.Fnrnara street.
S' . g STKVKNB , W. A.
A. Ijiiouy Itariier.
A young barber at Nowhurg , N. Y. ,
has been notified by the Gorman con
sul that ho has fallen heir to $000,000.
I R yiirjjgTrxspri
Caret | f The Ilett
Ache. , Paln . $ /JATHLETES /
Crampa , . - AT
Soreness , (7i2A HOME ,
Stiffness , f The Moat Re-
fiwolllnaa , lnowncd ; Abroad
Strains , J/\l Will ueo no
Brulaes , r/A | ; y olher
C u 181 IT orajftiu u R o m e d y ;
THE CHARLES A. VOCELEH CO. , Bllllmoil , Ml"
/lOUNCIIj IILUl Fti lots to exchanco for Ne-
\J urnsKa land. Johnston & Van ratten , Ev-
crett block.
TmOH KENT Nlco 6-room cnttapo , No. < S1
J-1 lllultst ; city water , cistern and ( rood coal
House on premises. Inqulro 31. U. Fczlor , at
Stewart llros.
rpAHLU hoarders wanted at 123 llonton stroot.
X Qood board at reasonable ratus. Mrs. I. W.
V\ " ANTED At once , experienced dining
V room girl nt Homo restaurant , 'Ml llr'dwny.
VX7"ANTED A flist class plumber at the Iowa
> institution tor the ilouC tind dumb. One
who understands steam flttluc iirafi-rrod. Ap
ply by mall or in person to Henry W. Hothert ,
AOOOD business chance. A M.O.YI stock of
Konth' furnishing ( -.ooils. hats , caps noots
and snoes , is ollorcd for sale by Vex & Huglios ,
of this city. The business reaches 52J.OOJ yearly
and well established.
R13AL KSTATB llought and .soil and ox-
changed. Special Attention Riven to exam
ination of titles. W. 0. Jamas , No. 10 1'oarl St. ,
Council Bluffs.
Tlio best is Generally the cheapest. If you I
would be a first cluss Book-keeper , teacher ,
penmnn , or reporter und typewriter In a reason
ably short time attend the
Send for catalogue Klvini ? full imrtlulncrs
freo. W. 8. 1'Atn.soN , Council llluff la.s
Centrally loccted. First-class turnouts.
f refill horses and now carriages. No t an old
rig In tlio stable. Special attention given to
funerals , and reduced rates lor carriages for
this purpose.
purpose.W. . A. HAYES , Proprietor.
Telephone 77. ZKt IJroadway ,
Adapted to thu public schools. Th only
complete thing of Its kind In existence and In-
dispenslble In the school room. School boards
desiring the most perfect help for the teachers
are invited to examine this. Address
H. A. OALiIilNGKir ,
General Agent ,
r in Willow Avo. . Council Hlu ITs. Iowa ,
Council Bluffs , Ia > .
Conducted by the Sisters of Charity ,
An excellent educational Institution , fur
nished with nil modern Improvements for
boarding and day school. The nceclcrnlo year
consists of two sessions , beginning on the first
Monday in September and February , respect
TB KM 8 Board and tuition , per session. K5.
For further particulars address
Sis tor Superior , bt. Franula Academy ,
Council UluflV ) , In.
In the city. Qllt edged opportunities to 1mm
dlite InrojtoM anl hi nau oxers.
1'rcs. Vice I'ros.
CHAS. H. HANNON , Cashier.
or COUNCIL nmrrs.
Paid Up Capital . 1WXX.00. ) (
Surplus . i , ( X . ( W.
Liability to Depositors , . . a , OJO.oo.
DiiiKcroii" I. A. Sillier , K. O. Qleason , K. ti
Shngart , K. K. Hart , J. D. Kdmiindson. Chas. 1C
Hiinnun. Transact general banking business.
I.argeHt capital ana surplus of any bank in
southwestern Iowa Interest on tlma denoalts.
Tuos. OrncEiu W. H. M. rusisy
OFFICES & mil.
Comer Main and Broadway ,
Dealers in foreign and domestic exchancjs.
Collections made and Interest paid on Urns de
Incorporated Nov. 1 , 1B"0.
Boathwest Corner Ilroadway and Main Street.
Docs a Itegular Hanking and Exchange Business
N. 1' . DODC1E. I'lesldout : JOHN HKHESHBIM ,
Vice I'rest. ; A.V. . 1UKKMAN. Cashier.
Directors K. I' . Dodco , J. Ilereshelin , tioo ,
Keellne , J , L. Btewurt , W. W. Wallace , Q. M.
Dodge. _
Glasses Accurately Prescribed ,
Special attention given to chronto neuralgias ,
headaches ) , epilepsy and other nervous atlcc-
tions , a largu majority of which ufe caused by
oculer defects , und are entirely curnule by
prouer treatment of the eyes. Hend stamp for
pamphlet. Ilest of references given on appli
cation. Catarrh treated with nuccess by mall
after tlrst consultation. Ofilce cor. Droadwuy
nnd Wain street , over Council Ululfe Savings
Banlc. Hours-0 to U and a to 6. Council
UluilD , Iowa.
Newly Furnished
Connected by Motor
Located on Lake Manawa , the finest Watering Place and Sum me
Resort in the west , Beautiful Boating and Fishing.
Unparalelled Bathing Beacn.
I Special Bates to Parties and Families. Cor
I rospoudonco Solicited.
It is a BEAT-ALL , because it never breaks , splits , cracks or curls.
Because it is indestructible in the weatbor , and will undergo no cliango in
n any climate.
Because it is more durable tbnn any otbor roof made , iron , tin , slate or wood.
Because it can bo quickly put on without skilled labor and is cheaper than
Because it has boon proven by the severest trials and lias never fullou.
For further information apply to
Boom 609 First National Bank Bulldlnff , Omaha.
Council Bluffs office , 116 Pearl Stroot.
Hero Mill and Power , Badger Sheller , Appleton -
ton Feed Gutter and Wood Saw.
The licit Equipped Establishment In the West. Does Uyeluu nnd Cleaning of Garments and
( leeds of every description and material. Dry Cleaning of Fine ( Jurmouu a Specialty.
Out of town orders Dy wall or express , will recelyo prompt attention.
Works on Motor Line , Corner 26tfi St , & Ave , A , Council Bluffs