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Commission Promises to Look
Into Hio Onoo.
Further i'rocccillims In tlio Case or
Congressman Connell nnil ttio Ons
Campnny Tlio District
Court Docket.
Who Will Ho Captain ?
The police nro Indulging in considerable
Speculation over tlio probable appointment
of a successor to Captain Duff Grcoit of the
police force , None of lha inon In authority
Will glvo an In-line of the probable action of
thoctnof and the pollco commission In the
matter. There are several available mon
among the ofllcors of the force whoso names
are mentioned in connection with the posi
tion , the most prominent bo hit ; Detective
Mostyn. Sergeant Al Slgwart , and Sergeant
Mike Yvhalon. All of these nro olil-tlmo
members of the force and competent to fill
the place. Ttio appointment will probably
tnko place next week. In the meantime
Dotcctlvo Mostyn Is acting captain.
Grcnn nnI the I'ollco Commission.
'Mayor Hroatch says that the police' and
fire commission will investigate the charges
against Captain Ureon despite the fact that
ho has resigned. As Mr. Gilbert has re
turned there is now a sufficient number of
the commission in the city to constltuto a
quorora. A meeting , however , will uroba-
nbly not bo hold before the regular time on
Monday evening. The * mayor says that
Captain Green's ' successor must bo named by
the lire and police commission alono.
liltlgntlon. Piling Up for the Septem
ber Term.
The outlook now indicates a very largo
docket for the September term of the dis
trict court. Notwithstanding the fact that
over six htindrod cases had been disposed of
when a final adjournment had boon reached ,
the Judges will have as much litigation before -
fore them as they had at the opening of the
February or May terms.
Mr. Moores is anxious for attorneys to
understand that they must have all cases
for the now doukot in by the 24th inst. , as
that will be the limit in order to giro sulll-
olont time for tiling answers before the court
convenes ?
Prtuly Hanson , who says ho lives in Utah ,
Jias commenced suit against J. 13. Noff &
Co. , alleging that they have in their poses-
slon 550 head of fat sheep , valued at $1CT > U ,
"which belong to him , and wants uu order
compelling ft surrender , of the same or their
equivalent in cash. J. H : Nod & Co. nro
rcsidnnts of York county. The suit was
brought here bocausu they arrived at South
Omaha last night with tbc sheep to market
Jack Suttlcs , has been made defendant in
a suit brought against him by the wife , son
and three daughters of Harrison Brownwho
charge him with having tnkou advantage of
the old ocntleninn's mental infirmities and
securing from him a deed to eighty acres of
well improved land in Douglas county , and
ninety bead of stock. The plaintiffs' allege
that Mr. Brown is wholly noii'COinpos men
tis , therefore they ask that Suttles bo com
pelled by order of court to reconvoy the
property to them.
New papers wcro filed la the following
cases :
14 312 IClmball-Champ Investment Com
pany vs Charles E. Warren , et al ; motion
for security for costs.
14 133 AIcCormick. et al , vs Nancy C.
Noon , ot al ; nroof of publication.
14 301 Henry Livescy vs Nels O. nrown ,
otal ; answer of Unicn Pacific railway com
18 235 Experience Estorbrook vs Mary
E. Stevenson , ot al ; stipulation for repairs.
18-337 Schneckonburger vs Schnccken
burger ; affidavit. ,
13 146 Kuhn vs Slaughter ot al ; third
County Court.
Judge Shields engaged In the trial of a
lively suit brought by A. O. Mudgo. of DCS
Molues , la. , against Bates & Co. , commission
merchants in this city , for $500. The dis
pute , it sooras , originated over a car-load of
apples sent by plaintiff last fall to the defendants -
fondants to sell for him.
Now papers Hied were as follows :
Ritchie et al , vs Roth et cl ; aflldavitby
IsaacAdams. .
L 8T3 Same ; notice.
L 872 Same ; affidavit by 'defendant ,
William H. Uoth.
Li 372 Same ; answer of Isaac Adams.
L 501 George L. Green vs Henry St.
Felix ; notice of appeal.
Omaha and Council Bluffs are prepar
ing to furnish accommodations for 40,000
people during' the Omaha fair , Septem
ber 2 to 0 , inclusive.
Congressman Council nnif the Gas
Company Kncli Fllo Afllilnvlts.
Affidavits are inexpensive at this season ,
so the conglomerated ga interests made ono
in answer to Congressman Connoll'o , and
placed it on file with the district court clerk
at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
James T. Keyword , being sworn , says ho
Is ono of the defendants in the Injunction
eult brought Dy Congressman Council , and
ia also a sortof chlof clark for the gas com
pany. Ttin first paragraph significantly
hints that as such clerk ho has charge of
cbllccUona and authority to cut off the gas
from customers who refuse to comply with
the company's rules.
After reciting a single-handed dlaloguuo
about the company , Mr. Hoywurd proceeds
to swear , in substance , that the gas iu Mr.
Council's house was shut off Tuesday evening
solol/bccauso ho had permitted his July bill
to go unpaid over the time specified iu the
company's rules , the 10th of every month.
They also declare that no sooner bad his
chock for the amount duo been received oa
Thursday morning than the gas was agaia
turned on.
Deponent denies that la turning oft the gas
ho was actuated by splto or any motive ex
cept the non-payment of the bill , as required
of everyone alike.
Mr. Council was on hand with material
enough to make a second affidavit , and 5:80 :
o'clock found him ia the clerk's ofllco alter
nately reading from a copy of the gas com
pany's affidavit aad answering its statements
in his own.
The Juno trouble occurred , ho said , whllo
ho was trying tbo Hoagland case , Involving
over $175,000 , and was very busy. On the
evening ot the Ifith of Juno ho came homo
about ? o'clock ' und found a party of mon
tear'ug ' up his sidewalks , "What's all this
about I" haasuod.
"We're hero to take up the gas pipes. " ono
of them replied.
"Well can't do it '
, you to-night ; you're a
little too Irte sn the day , " and suiting the
action to tlie word the congressman tossed
the planks buck Into place.
The men hung about the yard for a time ,
then walked away. Mr. Council was busy
thut evening preparing his argument for the
next morning. Ho wan down for the opening
speech , and said ho wouldn't have had the
interruption thrust upon him at that time for
H'5. But ho arose early next morning , and
going to his office wrote out a blank check
and carried it down-to the gas company's of
fice. He settled the bill , paying , as ho slates ,
"too Qxtortlonato rate of | 3 per 1,000 foot ,
aa charged , which , as a matter of fact , as
compared with correct incter rates of coal
gas , would bo in excess of (3 per 1,000. , "
Iteiurniag to his office his wlfo Informed
him by telephone that mon were tlioro again ,
tearing up the gas pipe * . Ho replied that ho
didn't tea how that could bo , as hu had lust
paid the bill. "Tell them to stop , " ho added ,
and hurried up to the court house. At noon
ho went home ana found that the uipos had
been cut , and the earth packed over them
again. His wife told him that she had asked
the mon to atop , tolling them the bill had
been paid , but ( boy had paid no attention toner
nor further than to ay that It didn't make
uuy dllteroune. they were going to cut of ! the
jra , und they did. .
At till * the congressman admits his choler
rose and bo went down to the gas company's
ofllco. Chief Clerk Haywara received him ,
and , on being questioned , admitted that ho
was the follow who replied to Mrs , Council's '
queries. "At which stage of the play , " said
Mr. Connell , "I called him n cowardly cur , n
paltroon and n few things like that. "
Alluding to the claim that his bills were
allowed to run past duo ono onllro month ,
ho stated that it was duo to nn error of the
gas company's accountant. Before going to
Washington hn had Intrusted to Judge Ires
the payment of a number of small accounts ,
among them the gas bills. The account ren
dered included only ono month's bill ,
whereas , it should have Included two. It
was paid as presented , and the gas people
had no right to object , especially as ho rec
tified their error at once when his attention
was called to it. .
These facts ho incorporated in an affidavit ,
Which was Died shortly after 0 o'clock.
IMIcst Piles ! riles !
Dr. Williams' Indian Pllo Ointment will
euro blind , bleeding and itching piles when
other ointments have failed , It absorbs the
tumors , allays the itching at once , acts as a
poultice , gives instant relief. Dr. Williams'
Indian Pllo Ointment is prepared only for
plies and itching of the private parts , and
nothing else. Every box Is warranted. .Sold
by druggists , or sent by mall on receipt of
price , 500 and $1 per box.
WILLIAMS' M'FG CO. , Prop's.
_ Cleveland , O.
Omaha and Council Bluffs nro prepar
ing to furnish accommodations for 40,000
people during the Omaha fair , Septem
ber 2 to 0 , inclusive.
Alex II. Robertson as Trustee Urines
Suit to Itocovcr Certain Property.
The ofllco of Conedon , Clarkson & Hunt ,
has been converted for two days into a court
room ,
Some years ago Alex H. Robertson , who
resides In Haiti.noro was made trustee for
the estate of Eltt V. Davis ut Plattsmoulh.
Subsequently ho made a sale of several lots
through Chapman & Polk , ns his agents to
Michael O'Donahoo. Later developments ,
disclosed a transaction which Mr. Robertson
thought bore strong evidences of being
tainted with fraud , and ho Instituted
suit In the United States court to
bavo the O'Donahoo sale sot aside. Ho al
leges that while Chapman & Polk were his
authorized used O'Uon-
agents , they simply -
ahoo as a figurehead , aud Polk was the real
purchaser. Ho agreed to pav O'Donahoo '
$200 for his services In the capacity of a
blind. The deed was made llrst to O'Dona
hoe , but before any record was mode ho
transferred it to Polk. The latter , it op-
nears , hud put up a littio schema to make
bout 1,000 out of his client , by getting hold
f thp property , valued by him nt § 3,000 , but
.vhici ) , says the plaintiff , is now worth $30-
301) ) . The work of taking the depositions of
Robertson and others is now going on.
Ilorsford'n Add IMiospliato
Makes Delicious Lemonade.
A teasuoonful added to a class of hot or
cold water , and sweetened to the tosto , will
bo found refreshing and invigorating.
Wliore the Omaha Tumor. * Hope to
Win Fresh Ijaurels.
At 5:10 last evening a largo delegation of
athletic looking Turners from Omaha and
Plnttsmouth left for Fremont , to take part
in the Turners' tournament in that city to
day and to-morrow. The Plnttsmouth and
local prize Turners met at Germania hall ,
and headed by the Plaltsmouth 13. & M.
band , marched to the Webster street depot.
The following were the Omaha Turners in
the party Philip Andres , president of the
atato organization ; CasparBuechner.Ernest
Grubo , Otto Nlederwicser , Carl Stanger ,
Charles Kchchuh. Gottlieb Blaettort , Fritz
Fruehauf , Gus DaySo , Henry Ulx , Fred
Kuhn , Max Hcmpel and Gus Gold. George
Anthes and Kohert Kosenzweig go as Judges.
The Plattsinouth turners wore : Charles
Hanne , J. Kopp , Henry Kirkwoilor. Paul
Woorl , Emll Woorl , John Lutz , John Saltier ,
Hans Frohm , Philip Caruff. Accompanying
the party were Mrs. Lutz , Mrs. Saltier , Mrs.
Grauso und Miss Ulatn , all of Plattsmouth.
Last evening at Fremont a grand "com-
mors" was clvon in honor of the visitors ,
and the now banner of the Fremont turn-
veroln was dedicated. To-day occurs the
couipction for prizes in turning , and tomorrow
row is the day set apart fur athletic sports.
A grand excursion party leaves to-morrow
for Fremont , and all the local German so
cieties will bo roprescntod. The tram leaves
the Webster street depot at 9 a. in.
Mr. D. M. Grayson , of Cornville , Frank
lin parish , La. , says : I think Swift's Sno-
cillc is the best blood remedy in the world.
I have known it to make wonderful cures of
persons with blood diseases , some cases
which had been regarded as incurable.
Half rates on the railroads to the
Omaha fair , September 2 to 0 , inclusive.
The Scores Made by the Cavalry
Mnrkmnen Yesterday.
In the annual marksmanshlD competition for
the cavnlrv nt Bellevue range yesterday , the
competition was with revolvers , at known
distances , dismounted , The first two hours
this morning will bo devoted to revolver
practice , mounted.
The score of the loading twenty men was
as follows :
Jus. 1' . Hughes , scrgt. , 1C , 1st cav
W. A. Holbrook.Udlleut. : , 1st cav
Chas. F. Lines , prlv. . H.lstcixv
John M. O'Connor , Corp. , A , 8th cav. . . .
Ji V. Lurtu. 2 < 1 llaut. , Utlicnr
Charles K. Orltllth. farrier , 11 , kthcar .
Charles Hunt ley , prlv. , II. 1st cav
1) ) . It. Douglas , curp. . 0 , 8th cav
13. II. Stlner. Corp. , 11. M cav
J. F. Jucksou , . U Uth
ft * ' < JU OUUt OUt bk , l * ' ! < * ' cav < * * * * *
W. U. lialdwin. fnrrlor. D , ath cav
Stephen Klntg , scrgt. . li , 1st cav
P. ft. IJorboy , prlv. , J , nth cav
William Itellly , corn , , M , fan cav
John Albert , prlv. . Cltti ) cav
A. M.MoMunn , Corp. , I.tith ruv
Kobert Charlnton , serg. , a , Eth cav.
P. M. Ilutler , sorpt , , U , 1st cav , .
Cienrgn Leonard , prlv. . F. 1st cav
Army IVotoH.
Lloutonnnt John E1. McMillan , Ninth cav
alry , who luis bean on duty at Bellevue
range , has been ordered to Camp Crook , al
Fort Kobluson.
Lieutenant Fuller , Second cavalry : Lieu
tenant Hivors , First cavalry , and Lieuten
ants Slocumb and Duff , Eighth cavalry , who
have been on duty atHollovuo , have been or
dered to their respective stations.
Lieutenant Rivers , First cavalry , has
been granted twenty-one days leave of ab
Lieutenant Robert E. L. Mlchie , Second
cavalry , has boon granted leave of nbsonco
for twenty days.
All olllcors engaged in the cavalry com-
pntition at Belluvuo have been relieved by
ojtlor of General Hroolto , and will report to
their cominnnus.
Dr. Talrnago lectures on the "Sunny
Side of Llfo" nt tlio Omaha fnir.
PAXTON IIOTin , OJIAUA Snoclnl tit-
tontlou to commercial mon. Finest and
largest hotel in the woat. Klttrodgo &
Brainurd , proprietors.
The 1'cst ilouse.
The board of health wcro out on a tour o
Investigation yesterday inornlne , looking for
a location for a post houso. It is probable
they will locate it on Cut-off island. They
have about decided on a spot three mile :
northeast from tbo center of tbo city , am
nearly ouo rallo duo east from the Locus
street bridge. _
The best wine gropes in the country
como from northern Ohio ; Cook's Im
perial Champagna is mudo of thorn.
Abstracts of tltlo to Wyoming oil
lands furnished. Assessment work Uono
and verified to by aflldaylt and certi
ficate of recorder , Claims located. J.
J. Corhott , Casper , Wyoming ,
Merchants' woolc is the same days as
the fair , September 2 to G , inclusive.
The SrrlcMoC Onincs "Will Entl Tills
As tlio tonnls tournnmcnt begins to dr.w
near to an end , and the players to enter tha
Inal contests nro singled out , increased in-
crest is tnkcu in the games , nnd tlio spccta-
ors gathered nt the athletic parlt last ovon-
ng were the most enthusiastic crowd
vet In attendance. The jilaylnp was wlUiout
doubt the iinest ever Witnessed In Omaha ,
nnd it was a pleasure to see with what swift-
tcss and dexterity nn accomplished player
can knock the ball into his opponents' court
nnd Just out of the Inttor's ronch. The
Ipublo sots were played by Pnrdon nnd
-.nthrop vs Euatmnn und Coombs. The
Irst game was a brilliant ono , lasting nearly
an hour , und resulted in n score of 0-7 in
favor of Purdon and fjttthrop. A second sot
vns commenced , but was postponed until to-
dav , with the qcoro standing 3-2.
The singles nro attrnctinR considerable In
terest also. Last evening Stranp , Doano
and Purdon appeared on the scone , each
anxious for the championship , and each
laving downed two opponents , Doano hud
defeated Coombs and Luthrop , Purdon had
aid out Ball and Eastman , whllo Stranp
dangled the scalps of Dioltoy nnd Heed.
Strnng nnd Doano wcro the first two to
measure skill with each nnd the
result was .that Straus had to re-
, lro from the contest with scores of
0-3 aud 0-1 against him. The championship
of singles is therefore narrowed down bo-
.wccii Doano nnd Purdon , and the frlcuds of
each bollovo that their favorite will win.
The tonnls tournament ends to-day , und to
make sura of this the playing will commence
at 8:30 : p. in.
Among the ladles who witnessed last oven-
ng's games wcro the following : Misses
Harrison , Duryea , Mary Duryeit , Staley ,
Helen Smith , May Burns. Jcnnio Moore ,
lizzie Urecltcnridgo , Stella Mount. Sago ,
Jm-narJ , from Lincoln , and Mrs. Collins.
Hnvo You CAtarrli ? Tlioro Is one
remedy you can try without danger of hum
bug. Send to A. G. Coleman , chemist , Kala-
nnzoo , Michfor trial package of his catarrh
euro. His only mode of advertising is by giv-
ng it away. Postage 2c. Judge for your
self. Mention this paper.
Morchnnt8' week is the same days ns
the fair , September 2 to U , inclusive.
"Sweet Lavender" was presented by
FYohman's Lyceum Theater company at
3oyd's ' opera house last night for the
first time In this city. It drew an
audiecce almost as largo as the ono
that witnessed "Tho Wife. " While
everything favorable that could bo
said of "Sweet Lavender" as a
stage attraction is fully deserved , it is
lotTai interesting a play as the other. That ,
nowevor , is probably duo to the fact that its
characters are not so familiar to American
[ icoplo , and the story develops occurrences so
tainted with human weaknesses and social
immoralities that tend to chill rather than
outhuso tbo more delicate , more refined and
moro sensitive feelings of such audiences as
patronize this superb company. But it
served , nevertheless , to show the members
of it in a different light from that in which
they have been seen here ; therefore ,
the appreciation was all that could
be desired. Miss Cayvan never appeared
so charming as in the character of Minnie
Gillllllan , and she completely won the ad
miration of every person in the house. W.
J. Lo Moyno has the principal part , though ,
that of Dick Pheuyl , a barrister , nnd ho
played it to perfection. A moro
artistic , delightful bit of character
work has never boon seen in this city.
All the others deserve mention , especially
Miss Dillon , Mrs. Whlffen , Henry Miller
and Charles DieUson , who was substituted
for Herbert Kelcey in the role of Horace
Bream , a young American. The latter did
not appear. Charles Wolcott , as Nelson
Wueatcro ft , nnd Mrs. VValcot also sustained
the parts allotted to them magnificently.
All in all the performance was in every re
spect entirely satisfactory , and all will agree
that in several instances it showed better
acting than anything done in "Tho Wife. "
The audlcnco that greeted Lilly Clay's
company at the Grand opera house last night
was large , enthusiastic and masculine. The
evening's programme was varied , and
was a presentation of songs , dances ,
shapely limbs and other brie-a-brac.
The entertainment was amusing , of
course , to . those who appreciate
that variety of shows , but the moral effect
on a Sunnay school class would bo anything
but salutary. As a matter of fact , the show
was almost Indecent , the actors , if such
they may bo called , approaching as near the
line as possible without violating the
Do not fail to see the now CARPETS ,
IES shown lit Chas. Shivcrick & Go's.
Dr. Talmngo lectures on the "Sunny
Side of Life" at the Omaha fair.
Siianncin's Lislit Fine.
Jack Shannon had his hearing la.polico
court yesterday afternoon on the charge of
assaulting Ofllcor Monell with a chair.
Monoll was called into the saloon at the cor
ner of Cuming and Twentieth street last
Tuesday night to stop a fight which was go
ing on there. As he entered the door ho
was struck full In the mouth by Tom Carroll ,
who also snatched his club from him.
Monoll knocked Carroll down and was
taking his club from htm when
Shannon picked up a chair nndjjrpjicat-ovor
Monell'a head , bruislrjg-hinrSo that he was
unlit for duty noxtTda.V.Carroll und Shan
non were both arrested. After hearing the
testimony Judge 13crka imposed a fine of 5
and costs on Shannon , Carroll's ' case has
been continued.
Ilo AVns a High Roller.
Hurry Hubuoll , a solicitor for the Michi
gan Life Insurance company , who hat bean
residing lately at 1115 South Twenty-second
street , lias disappeared. Ho came to the
city about a year ago from Peoria , 111. , and
was employed by a coal 11 rm in South Oma
ha. His salary not being lareo enough to
suit tno gentleman's extravagant taste , he
mortgaged his leased furniture to Uvo dif
ferent parties , and also paid bills with checks
on banks in which ho had no deposits. Hn
moved about from place to place. At first
ho and his wife roomed on Capital avenue
between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets.
From there they moved to Nineteenth street ,
afterwards going to Davenport between Sev
enteenth nnd Eighteenth streets. Ho finally
moved to South Twenty-second street , where
ho lived until ho loft the city about a week
ago. Hubbell was a prominent member o !
the Omaha Guargs , nnd a hlght roller goner-
ally. Ho contracted debts on all sides nnd
resorted to all sorts of schemes to defer pay
ment. About n weelc ago tils wlfo loft for
her old homo in Pcorm , nnd Hubbcll took
his departure soon afterward. The leased
and doubly mortgaged furniture was given
to the landlord to pay rent.
Dr. 13. T. Coppodgo. of Verona , Mo , , says
ho has sold a largo quantity of Swifts Spe
cific , and to n great many customers , nnd
knows it to bo most successfully used for
maladies of the blood.
Omaha and Council BlulTs are prepar
ing to furnish accommodations for 40,000
people duting the Omaha fair , Septem
ber 2 to G , inclusive ,
Tliu Sixth Ward ilcpubllcans.
A meeting of the Sixth ward republican
club was held last night. An executive
committee was chosen for the ensuing year ,
and a com mil too was appointed to sue obou1
getting a now voting precinct for tbovcsi
end of the ward.
It was decided to make up a mounted or
ganization , with floats , etc. , aud go iu to win
tbe prize banner in the ward club'a contest
A Serious O ( Ten so.
"Even a king has no right to Invade the
sanctity of tils most humble subject's home , "
said Judge Uerka yesterday in deliver
ing an opinion upon tbe rights of an agent of
an installment plan furniture house , to eater
a customer's house and take forcible posses
elan of goods that have not been paid for.
The case grow out of a complaint for us lodged against Frank Vail , an agent
for Slmpsan's furniture house , by Mrs.
Emma Andrcun , ofjSojith Seventeenth nvo
nuo. Vail went ldtMr ? , Androcn's nnd took
losscsslrm of n gasoline stove upon which
[ hero wcro several pWltients duo. Mrs , An-
tlrccn objected U > iVAll's action when ho
pushed her to ono aUjfMUid took possession
} f the property. Slip then had him arrested
for assault , Judge' ' ilorkn declared Vail
eullty nnd assessed U Una of (3 and costs.
Dr.Tnlmnpo lectures on the "Sunny
Side of Lifoi at tko.Omalm . fair.
Why Don't Tlicfetf JYounsr Mon Got
Their MtMiiornm ?
There Is trouble In th'js ranks of the Omaha
3uards deep seated dissension nnd discord
which , If it continues , is liable to break up
the organization ,
Hero is the history of the case ,
As nearly every one is aware the organiza
tion is not n part or portion of the state mil-
tin. It Is a company composed of young
mon of a military turn of mind who uniform
nnd arm themselves , and receive the satis-
'action of a press notice whenever they go
on parade. The members of the company
are , In the main , the bast young mon of
Omaha and constltuto a military organiza
tion of which any city might well bo proud.
Out ns assorted , there is trouble brewing ,
The Omaha Guards are in debt. They
mvo been in this condition for a long time.
They were in debt a your ago and in order to
make some money hold n "bazaar , " the re
ceipts ot which were to bo applied for the
purchase of uniforms. The affair was a par
tial success and the new bra s-buttoncd dross
suits were ordered , the measurements sent
on nnd In duo tlmo a portion ot the garments
Four younc mon , Ned Hall , Ed Smith ,
Private Hoglo and n young man employed in
the ofllco of Auditor Wing of the Union Pa
cific , were loft out. They protested to Cap
tain Scharf , the tall bewhiskered chief ofll-
cor , that they were not being fairly treated ,
and assorted that when the command "right
dross" was given that to look at the buttons
on the now uniform of the second
man to the right whllo they stood In
their old clothes would bo sufflclont
to arouse the green-eyed monster , and they
didn't ' want him awakened just at that timo.
This was six months ago.
Hut Captain Scharf was dumb. Ho ap
parently clid not care whether his soldiers
Had uniforms or not. And nothing was done
In the matter.
In consequence , the four young men
lianded in their resignations.
Hut despite this action , the monthly assess
ments of W each came around with start
ling regularity. As a m.ittor of course they
refused to pny. and u night or two ago were
dishonorably discharged. The company not
being In the militia there is no appeal , and
they must be content to abide by what they
consider an injustice.
After citing the above facts , one of tbo
quartette yesterday said : "It's too bud.
Wo all went m the guards anxious for the
company's success. Wo wore willing to
stand us much expense nnd inconvenience as
any one.but Captain Scharf bos his favorites
and , as wo did not 'stand In , ' of course wo
got ttio worst of it. Why there are mon in
Company who haven't paid one-half what wo
imvo who received uniforms , and wo wore
shut out. It will result in breaking up the
company if Scharf cohtinues his policy. Ho
is , to my mind , a goodi drill master , but a
very poor captain.As Jong as his favorites
llattnr him they are , all right. Hut a man
who insists on his rights had better got out
it ho can. That Is the % tory in a nutshell. "
ConstlriitloiV , , Atnomlcil.
The constituting of the guards has re
cently been amendo'd/touching the mialillca-
tions for membership ; . Section three pro
vides that the applicant must bo of good
character , sound pbyjsl al condition and not
less than eighteen years ot ago. They must
be at least flvo feqt'six inches in height.
Formerly the applicant had to bo flvo feet
eight inches and not .less than twenty-one
years of age. i _ i
On Monday next Lnnco Sergeant G. C.
Fabyan will bo examined for promotion to
sergeant. u-
' . , T1
Are you goiiifjijLo.seo the tjrcat races
at the Omaha fairSe.ptombor 2 to 0 , in
clusive1 }
Sheen Shippers'
Marshal James P. Maloney yesterday morn
ing arrested J. D. Noft on a telegram from P.
Hanson , Grncn River , Wyo. , charging Mr.
Neft with having three cars of stolen sheep.
Mr. NefE promptly turned over the sheep to
Deputy Sheriff Houck , and explained that ho
had bought the sheep and had given a draft
attached to the bill of lading , the common
way of doing business , and had shipped the
sheep to Jackson & Co. , commission mer
Chilli Found Dond in Bod.
At 8 o'clock yesterday morning Mr. nnd
Mrs. W. A-Bills awoke and found their little
daughter Minnie L. , aged four months , dead.
Death was caused by dropsy of the head. The
funornl will take place Saturday afternoon
at 2 o'clock from the parents' residence , K
street , between thirty-fourth nnd Thirty-
fifth. Interment in Laurel Hill cemetery.
A BaptlHt Surprise.
A largo company of the members and so
ciety of the Baptist church of South Omaha
made the Kov. Mr. Daniel Rogers and family
a pleasant surprise on Thursday evening.
After a pleasant social interview on the part
of all , Mrs. Claud L. Talbot , in behalf of the
ladies of the church and society , with appro
priate words expressive of esteem and inter
est , nnd with wishes for future work and
welfare in their new Held of labor , presented
some valuable articles for service and as
souvenirs of pleasant associations , which
were heartily acknowlodcod in a response by
Mrs. Rogers. Mr. Rogers has resigned the
pastorate of the Baptist church at , South
Omaha and accepted a call to the p.tstorato
of the Baptist church at Morrison , 11L
Jnmoij Uonloy's Slnsulur Career.
James'Donley , the unfortunate young man
killed by the cars , had a singular career.
Three years ago Mr. Donloy married Miss
Anna Motz , the daughter of a woll-to-do cit
izen of a suburb of Chicago. Ono week
after the marriage Mr. Donloy wont to Chicago
cage to got work , and left his wlfo , who did
not liear from him till she got word from
Mrs. Wallace , a friend la this city. Mrs.
Wallace speaks in the warmest words of
praise of Mrs. Donley.
A brother of tbo deceased arrived yester
day forenoon , nnd tha body was Interred in
St. Mary's cemetery at noon.
Note * Alioitt the City ,
A car ran oft the Hammond spur Thursday
evening slightly darhteing the cur.
Borns a daughtoK''to'Mr , ana Mrs. Joseph
W , Slpo. ni
"Pleuso deny through THK BEE , " said
Councilman Molcuer , 1'tho ' publiscd state
ment that I have accused any member of the
city council of dolngliad things or oven con
templating such. 1 dni pot uartof any clique
but am trying to do ihy'onlclal duty. "
Building permits have boon issued to G ,
H. Mack for a ? 10,000 briclc block , Twenty-
fourth und M streets , oijd to Wnugh & Wos-
tcrflold for an (300 cottaco on Seventeenth
street near Mlssourilavonuo.
William Purnell It building a residence on
Seventeenth street mid Missouri avenue.
A dance will bo giyon. Saturday evening at
the St. Charles hotej , . ,
Patsy Murray and.Gjeprgc Thompson have
become partners In thj barber business
The Armour-Cudahy club will play bull
Sunday afternoon with the telegraphic
Are you going to see the great races
at the Omaha fair , September 2 to 0 , in
clusive ?
A Trill Li till ( U I C.
Robert Buchanan , who was taken to the
state insane asylum at Lincoln by Deputy
Sheriff Lou Grebe yesterday , is tbo tallest
man over admitted to that Institution. He
stands six foot four inches lilijU but weighs
only 133 pounds. Buchanan was originally a
contractor in Iowa though for the past year
and since becoming demented has been liv
ing with his brother , at 830 South Thirty-
third street , this city.
Grebe says that the wife of Dr. Jerome
Hertzmuu has been transferred from Lin
coln to the now asylum for incurables at
[ Continual IVoNi .First j'rt/o ( ( , |
have been hitherto deterred from going an
opportunity to attend the meeting and enjoy
Its privileges. In other words It was deter
mined to make salvation literally free for
ono day at least , and that without so much
as introducing the contribution box Just before -
fore the sermon. The attendance of the
meetings of the day have boon very largo ,
nnd excellent sermons were preached by
Evangelist Potter nnd others. Prominent
among the now arrivals are Uor. .T. E. En
sign , of Omaha ; Kov. Dr. T. B , Lemon , of
Lincoln ; Kor. Swnnson , of Stromsburg , the
Swedish Methodist presiding older for Ne
braska and Kansas.
Aurnina Round Over.
II , Nob. , August 16. Special Tola-
jram to Tim UKB.J Sheriff Myers arrived
to-day with Charles Abrnms , charged with
sell Ing 173 ncad ot cattle upon which D. N.
Wheeler held a mortgage nnd which mort
gage had boon assigned to the Iowa Savings
aank. Abrnms waived examination and was
Hold to the district court , his bonds being
fixed at tfl,000 , In default ot which ho was
lodged In Jail. Officers are after Jackson.
This is not Abrams' llrst caper In crlmo , ns
Mr. Wheeler had him In the United States
court at Omaha last spring.
Scientific Tompcrnnon Instruction.
VfAitoo , Neb. , August 10. ( Special Telegram -
gram to THE BEE. ] The department of
soloutlflo temperance instruction of the
\V. O. T. U. of Nebraska was represented
to-day before the teachers' institute of Saunders -
dors county , now in session hero , by Mrs. C.
M. Woodward , of Soward. This ovonlne n
mooting was hold nt the opera house under
the auspices of the W. C. T. U of Wahoo ,
also addressed by Mrs. Woodward. A largo
audience , crowding the house , gave flno at-
A Iirakcnmn BlntrKod at Tokamnh.
TCKXMAH , Nob. , August 10. [ Special to
THE IJnn.l Last night whllo the south-
sound freight train was stopping nt To-
camah , several tramps surrounded ono of
the brakoincn nnd struck him ever the head
with a coupling pin , leaving him almost
senseless on the platform. The brakomnn
managed to drair himself into the caboose
and was taken to Omaha. Sheriff Parker
has two parties under arrest who are sus
pected of being part of the gang.
Governor Thnycr at Dakota City.
DAKOTA CITT , Neb , , August 10. [ Special
Telegram to Tnc BEE. ] Governor Thayer
and party arrived this afternoon on the
Union Pacific flyar , nnd will remain hero
until Sunday morning. Ho will deliver the
address nttho annual reunion of the old Bottlers
tlers of Dakota county , to vbo hold near
Homer to-morrow. A creat turnout nnd a
general good tlmo is expected.
A New Presbyterian Church.
PIATTSMOUTH , Nob. , August 10. [ Special
to THE Bun. 1 At a meeting of the building
committee of the First Presbyterian church
last night the bids wcro opened and the con
tract for the erection of the now church was
awarded to L. G. Larson , of this city. The
church will be ready for occupancy by Jan
uary 1 , and will cost $10,000 when completed.
Died nn Ills Way Home.
KEARNEY , Nob. , August 10. [ Snecial
Telegram to THE BEB. | John Cervony , a
young man from Leopolls , Wis. , died on the
train this morning a few miles west of this
city. Ho was on his way homo from a Col
orado health resort. The remains were at
tended by an undertaker hero and sent east
at noon ,
A Jail Bird Re-nrrostcil.
"VALENTINE , Nob. , August 10. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Ben. ] Walter Cruzon-
berry , who , escaped from Jail in Lexington ,
Dawson county August 8 , in company with
twojother prisoners , was arrested hero to-day
by Deputy Sheriff Cline. The sheriff of
Dawson county was notified , and asked that
the prisoner bo held until sent for.
Bit liis Ear Off.
NEHIUSKA CITV , Neb. , August 10. [ Special
Telegram to THE BrjE.1 Ono of the mates
on the government steamer Alert hero to-day
beat an employe named Dobson in a fright
ful manner , over a trivial matter' , and then
Jumped on him and bit ono car off. No ar
rests hayo yet been made.
New School House at Clarks.
CI.AHKS. Nob. , August 10. [ Special to THE
BEE. ] The new $3,000 brick school building
that has been under process "of erection for
the pust five or six months is completed and
was accepted by the board at their last meet
ing. Seats will bo put in next week and
everything arranged to begin school for the
full term in the now building.
Prennrlne For a Camp Moctlnir.
GitEsriAM , Nob. , August 10. [ Special to
THE BEE. ] Extensive preparations are
being made oy the M. E. church people to
hold a big camp meeting in the grove at this
place , commencing on Saturday , August 24.
Fined Tor "Snttinc Thorn Up. "
NnmiASKA CITY , Nob. , August 10. [ Special
to THE BEE. ! A young follow named Diter-
brandt was fined $100 and costs in the police
court to-day for treating another to whisky.
Merchants' week is the same days ns
the fair , September 2 to G , inclusive.
Bids For Coal nnd Wood Received by
the School Hoard.
The school board has received bids for the
fuel supply for the various schools for the
ensuing year. The amount of coal used an
nually Is about 2,600 tons , of which 800 tons
is hard coal ,
Tbo bids this year are lower than for a
number of years past. The bids on hard nut
coal range from $3.00 to $9.50 a ton , and on
soft coal from $3.43 to $0.25 a ton , according
to the variety of coal offered. There nro
eight bidders on coal and five on wood. Soft
wood , is offered at $3.00 to 85.83 , und hard
seasoned wood from $ o. o to $5.05 a cord.
The board will award the contract at the
meeting on Monday night.
Dr. Talmaffo lectures on the "Sunny
Side of Lifa" at the Omaha fair.
Morn Hiirulnry.
Tbo burglars whose operations on Georgia
avenue wcro reported in Thursday's BEE
visited a third house in the same neighbor
hood , that of C. F. Shaw , 1330 South Twen
ty-eighth. Hero they effected nn entrance
by turning the key from the outside , and
captured a valuable gold watch , an heirloom ,
auout $25 In.monoy and some silverware , the
whole amounting to about 9185. The thief or
thieves wore thoroughly artistic and left ab
solutely no trace of any sort.
There ia nothing its equal for relieving
ing tha Soreness. Itching and Burning
reducing the Inflammation , taking out
Rcdnoss , and quickly bringing the akin
to its natural color.
Bawuro ot Immltatlons.Tako POND'S
EXTRACT only. See landscape trade
mark on bull wrapper. Sold only in
our own bottles. Ali Druggists ,
76 5th Avo. , N , r.
Street Knll Notes.
Dr. Mercer has returned from Chicago
where ho bought sixteen moro cars for his
motor system. These will increase the num
ber In use to sixty-six ,
Dr. Mercer Is still greatly concerned ever
the grading of Shoriniin avenue , which Is
creeping along at a snail's poco. Ho says It
will recjulro n week to reset the motor poles
after the grading is done , ami the contraotor
Who U doing the grading should hnvo tno
work completed by the 81th Inst , , so that the
motor line can bo In readiness to convoy
passengers to rind from the fairgrounds
during fair week.
The Omaha Street Hallway company wants
n permit from the bonrd of public works to
lay an additional track parallel to the ono al
ready on Sixteenth street from Webster to
Dodge ,
Are you poing to BOO the great races
nt the Omaha fair , September 12 to G , in
clusive ?
1'resto Clmiico.
K. B. nankin spent n night In the city jail
recently on n charge of adultery. When ho
went in ho had 00 cents and n plucr of to
bacco. The next morning nnothor prisoner ,
Richard Hico. had tha money in bis pooitet
aud n remnant of the tobacco. Ho has been
arrested on the charge of potty larceny.
The Minnesota Press Kxcur-iloii.
CHICAGO , August 10. A party of excur
sionists made up of the members of the
Minnesota Stnto Press association reached
this city this morning. They will spend a
couple ot days in sight-seeing horo.
Pleased With tlio Appointment.
ST. PnTKitanuno , August 10. The Journal
do St. Petersburg expresses gratification ut
the appointment of Cluiklr Pasha as gov
ernor of Crete , and is sanguine that his ad
ministration will bo successful.
IS not only a distressing complaint , ot
itself , but , by causing the blood to
become depraved nnd the system en
feebled , is tbo parent of Innumerable
maladies. That Ayer's Snrsnparllla
is the best cure for Indigestion , even
vrben complicated with Liver Complaint ,
Is proved by the following testimony
from Mrs. Joseph Lake , of Brockway
Centre , Mich. :
"Liver complaint and indigestion
made my llfo n burden nnd came near
ending ray existence. For moro than
four years I suffered untold agony , was
reduced almost to a skeleton , and hardly
had strength to drag myself about. All
kinds of food distressed mo. nnd only
the most delicate could bo digested at
all. Within the tlmo mentioned suvoral
physicians treated mu without giving re
lief. Nothing that I took Keemod to do
any permanent good until I commenced ,
the use of Ayor's Sarsaparllla , which
has produced wonderful results. Soon '
after commencing to take the Stusapa- |
rilla I could see an Improvement in my
condition. My appetite beqan to return
nnd with it came tlio ability to digest
all the food taken , my strength im
proved each day , and after a few
month.i of faithful attention to your
directions , I found myself a well
woman , able to attend to all household
duties. The medicine has given ino anew
now lease of life. "
arsaparilla ,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co. , Lowell , Mass.
Price $1 ; li bottles , $5.Worth $5 n bottle.
( Opposite 1'axton UotoL )
Office hours , 9 a. , rn , to 8 p. m. Bunday * , 10 & .
m. to 1 p. m.
Specialists In chronic , Nervous Skin and
Blood Diseases.
53Consultatlon at office or by rnatl fre .
Wrdlclneg sent by mull or express , securely
Backed , free from observation , Uuarnntees to
euro quickly , safely and permanently.
ITDDuflTH ! TTDDIITPV Spermatorrhoea , semi-
ItDltYUUu UiDlllllI nall.o o-Night Kmls
Ions. Physical Decay , nrlslup from IndlRcro
tlon. Kxcess or Indulttence. producliiK Sleepless
ness. Despondency. 1'hnple * on the face , aver-
Blon to society , easily illM-ouraROct , Jaca of conll
dence , dull.unlHforstuilyorlniHlness , and finds
life a burden. Bafely , pcrmnnontly nnd pri
vately cured. Consult lira. Iletto & Betts , hot )
Farnum St. , Omnhn , Nob.
Bloofl ani Skin Diseases
results , completolv eradicated without the aid
of Mercury. Bcrofuln , Kryslpelaa. Kover Sores ,
Blotches , Ulcers , I'funs In the II end and Bones ,
Byphllltlc Sere Throat , Mouth und Tongua , Ca
tarrh , etc. . permanently cured where ether *
bava failed.
V'irlnnir TfninGrn aml niadder Complainta ,
UlanByi UrindljMI'nlnful. JMincmt. too frequent -
quent liurntnff or Dloody Urine , Urine high col
ored or with milky sediment on standing , Wet.K
Bade. Oonorrhica , ( Jleet , Cystitis. etc. ,
Promptly and Safely Cured , Charges Reasona
moral complot * . without cutting , caustic or
filiation. Cures effected at home by patient
without a momenta pain or annoyance.
To Yonnff Men anil Miflflle-AffGu Men ,
nriDP 'n' ° awful elfects of early
UUtlti lilmt Vice , which buncs orKanIo
vreaknes , destrojinu ; both mind and body , with
all Us dreaded Ills , permanentlvctirad ,
TIBQ BPTTC Adressthoie who have impaired
UllOi D Li 110 thomsolvei by Improper indul *
ceticea and solitary habits , whloh ruin both
body ami mind , unfitting them lor buslneos ,
study or marrjagR.
M AiiitiKi ) MEN. or these entering on that Imp
py life , aware of physical debility , quickly ua
Is lyxsod upon facts , Plriit 1'rnctlcal ' Bxpa
rienco. Second Uvory case Is eflpeclally studied-
thus starting aright. Third Medicines art ) pre ,
pared In our labatory exactly to suit each caae ,
thus alTectlng cures without injury
fS Bend Octmti poattge for celebrated works
on Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Diseases.
Thousands cured. fXT\ friendly letter or cell
may save you future sulTorlntt and shame , and
odd golden years to life. tVTNo letters an
swered unless accompanied by i cants In a tumpi.
Address cr call on
itETTn & UUTTS ,
UOdlnrnam litreoL Omaha. Nth.
ctl0nso | , ms , Jciarkst
The Regular Old-Established
li Kill Treating with the Qreatat
L M xvir .Tr.t - .
tonic , Kerrons M Private Diseases/
Falling Memory , Exhausting Drain * , Terrlbla
Drtama , Head and Back Ache and all the ffecu
ktdmif to early dccuy and peih < p < Cocaumptlon ot
Iniaeity , treated scientifically by nor nelhodi wiU
Dever-failinR tuccrts. ,
f SYPHILIS ami all bed Blood and Skin Oil *
saitn ntrmnnpntly cured.
a-KIDNEY unit URlNARYcompblMs.OIett ,
Oonorrhoea , Stricture , Varlcoctle and all dlse.\ic
of the Uenlto-Urlnary Urftaui cured promptly without
Injury to Scmach ! , K fdneyi or oOicr Organs.
W No cxperlmantn. Age ami experience tm
portant. Consultation free and incred.
fliTStnd 4 conn postit ; * for Celebrated Works on
Chronic , Nervoua nd Delicate Diieuei.
ffi These contemplating Mimiaie end for Dr.
Clarke's ctltbratcd guide Male and Female , each
15 cenu , both 33 ccnti ( itamm ) . Consult the old
Doctor. A friendly Idler or cell may averuuire ufler
Ing and thtme. and add colden year * to life. O9Uoou
"Llle'a ( Secret ) Errors , " 50Mnuitampi ) . Mtdlclna
nncl writing * teot everywhere , secure from exposure.
Hour ,8to3. SuruUysgtn u. Addreis
F. D. CLARICE , SV1. P. .
Chicago , Milwaukee & St , Paul R'y ' ,
The Itcst Kouto front Omaha and Council
Bluffs to
Cblcngo , AND Milirnultcc.
St. Paul , Minneapolis , Cedar Rnpids ,
Hock IslamFieport ! , Rockford ,
Clinton , Diibiuiuo , Davenport ,
Elgin , Miullson , JnncsTllIe ,
Jiclclt , M'lnonn , La Crosse ,
Anil all other Important point * Kajt , Northoait nnd
For tbrniiKli ticket * call on tlio ticket ascat at 1MI
Farnum street , in barker lllooi , or nt Uali > B L'aciflo
Pullman Bloopers nirl tlio Ilnast Dining Cars In tbe
world nra runun the main line ot thaihlcuiio. Mil.
waukea A St. Paul Kallnuy , and oviiry attention Is
paid to passengers uy courteous employed ot the
It. A11U/BU. General Mutineer.
J. K. TUCKKH , Asilttmt lioneral Mnnneer.
A. V. it. UAliriiNTKU , Uimcrai I'nsjonsor and
Ticket Agent.
UEO. i : . HI ! AKFOBll. Assistant General 1'assengor
T.J.ULAUR.General Snperlntsndcnt.
Koarnev Nob.
Over U > jintfrifxin end BOO Rtudcntu Inst year.
1. AdclUcrt CollcL-o. Classics. Uturnturo , Science.
Well equipped , ilncljr located , nr.-ido ot Novr xiurlund
Collcttus tit Imlflno coil.
2. Departmental Medicine , tliroe yctirs course.
a. Cotiserraturyot Music. None bolter imywhero.
4. Bcltuol of Art. I'lemuntiiry and advanced.
6. ColluKo lor Women. Collcco Homo , Urado and
cost of Ailolliort. Son' ] for Cntulosucn.
HlllAM C. HAYDN , Dl ) . , L. I ) . . 1'UKS'T.
- _ _ _ _ _ _ ACADEMY
Preparatory and collegiate caursen , Jlteraturo , languafM
tousle , art. K. F. JtuLLiRb. IMncipftl.Jacksonville. . Jil/
Superior location ; excellent facilities. Thor
ough iircpnr.itlim fur ri > lloir < \ iqlrntlUo noliool nr
liu lnp s. Knll frm lirelna Bant. I8ih. llBNBYJ.
bTBVK"'I ' ! , . Jlorcaii I'- " " ' 'o.lll.
wall-on-Hudsou. Col. C. J. Wright , II. B , ,
A. M. . Htipt. : ( J. K Hyatt , Conicl.tor : Callow.
llrooka Hall , for Girls und Young
ShortMd o lludla AeiKloiny , fur Hoys und Yuung llott
SwitMB G , ShorlliilEe , A , M , .JS55K2.
Mcdln , I'cnnsylvnuli , near Philailolphla.
Conservatory of Music
Mlnnnapolls , Minn.
PIANO Host tuachers only In ovary depart
muut. Unequalled opportunity for study.
OllGANJ IOHHOUS for II. " , . I'rae odvuntagei
worth prlcoot tuition. All Instruments. .Ua-
.Buugen. . History. LUeraturo.
VulLfE Bond for calendar.
CHAHIjlia II. SIOltSB. Olreotor.
Conducted Dy the Sisters of St. KrancN.
its eighth scholastic year riuiit 4 , ln-'J. Tnis in *
HtltuUon olfer.1 every aUvantage for acquiring a
thorough. Christian eJucatlnn. I'or tsrnis and
particulars uddresu , Hl.stur M Jonopha , Huner-
I HI oritii n I'arkUictuOhlcntrtl'/ I nc Sp5
IHchom for Girls and Vouiif J.mio3. : ForEta
cataloeua addrosa O. 'I'HAYIClt. U , . I ) . . " *
Uoraan i'ark , 111. , or 71 Jladlion Street , Chlcuuo , 111.
Jtotl Cri ) s IMitiuiiiul Hi anil ,
Tl onlri ll Ht pill ( orulr.
iurt , l.uillci. unV l > ruKoUtrurlli Illu.
luund llrMiiilfl" rril lnviilUitwie , 0 lc4
MlUiklu < irlt > U > u. Thkeliuvtliri. Kec44v.
f.tttitipi ) fur i > rilciiiar AU < I * * Kelj6r ti > r
Ijndlrm" lalilltr , l.y mull. Kunr t'lrcf ,
. . . ' . . . ' '
i- l Co. .luJl.on ! q.I'Jilldaii'a.
1018 Farnam Street , Omaha *
1B10 Doualna Street , Omaha , Nebraska.