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OF BUHscnirnoJi.
D lly OIornlnK Kdlt'on ) IncludtnB Sunday
lice , uno Year , . 11000
Forfllx MonthR . , . . .COO
TorTlir PO Jlontlig . . . . 2 M
Iho Oinaha Sunday Upo , mailed to anr
Address , One To r. . , . , . . . . . . . . . 300
TTeeMr Hen. One Y r . . . . . . Z W
Otnnna Omen , Ueo lirtllillnR. N , W. Corner
Korentconth and IXrnnni Btrent * .
Cnlciyro OITlco , MiT llootory Ilulldlny.
New York Offlco , Ilooms 14 und 13 Trlbnne
Waimngton Omco. No. 613 Fourteenth Street.
All commnnlc tlon5 rotating to news nnrt dl.
torlnl mnttor should be nddrossed to the Editor
cf the llee
All htixlne * * letters and rcmlttixncfts should
be ixddremed to 7ho HMI 1'ubllstilncc Companr.
Omaha irrnfln , checks nnd poilolllce orders to
lemadepnjablo to the order ot tno tompdnj.
Tie Bcc PfllillsliinSipany , Proprietors ,
Hulldlng FarnBm nnd Seventeenth Sts.
Evrnrn Ktntrment of Clrotilntlon.
BtBto of Nebraska , 1 . .
County of Douglns. fB5 <
G forgo 11. Tzschuclc , secretary ot The Ueo
Publishing Compnny , docs solemnly swear th'it
the actual circulation of Tnr DAILY ) ir.K for
the vrcck ending August 10.ISSO.wns ns follows :
Sunday. August 4 18NW
Monday , August 6 18,553
Tuesday , August n IH.578
Wednesday , August 7. . 10,078
Thursday , AtwistH lHiSO !
J'rldny , Auffustn , l..ros
tnturdiiy. August 10 . . .18,601
Average . . .l.S.ODU
Btvorn to before me and Kiibscrlbod to In my
prescnro this loth clny or Aticiiftt , A. I ) . Ih80.
lEcal. ] N. P. FBI U Notary Public
Btate of Nebraska. I
County of DoiiRlas. fSSl
Ucorso II. Tz-schuclc , bolng duly sworn , < lo-
poios nnd says tbnt ho is Hncrctar.v of Tlie Ilea
I'ubllshlnK company , that the actual nvorngo
dally circulation of THE DAIL.Y BRB for the
month of August , K8IC.1SJ copies ; for Sep-
tomlior. 18S8 , lf,16l copies ; for Octobar 1SSM.
18,054 copies ; for Novoniber. 1B38.18ysn copies :
for Decoinbor. 1888 , 1SI1 copies ; foi .Innuary ,
] PHi. lt > , , , . . ' . -
* t - ' ' r,74. copies ; for 1'ebnmry. 1E59. ,
copies ; f or M arch. ifiSO.l 8,85 i copies ; for April ,
Idtfl , ieW9 copies ; for May , 18ML IS.OliO copies ;
or June. Its ? , 18,858 , copies ; for July. li * > ,
1H.73S copies. OEO. 11. T/SOIIUCK.
Rwotn to before mo and subscribed lu my
presencu tbis 3d day of August. I8'9.
t [ BEAU ] _ N. P. VKIU Notary Public.
JOHN L. SULLIVAN is now fueing u
Mississippi jury , but ns the mooting is
not In a twenty-four foot ring the jury
is considered safo.
TIIK strong minded woman will ho
hoard from in North Dakota , now
that the question of woman sulTrapo is
lilcoly to ho submitted to a vote of the
IT is a little too early to talk about
anybody for Governor Thnyor'a scat in
the executive mansion at Lincoln.
Leastwise anybody who hulls from
C IT docs not talto much effort to recog
nize the llngor of the Union Pacific in
the proposed new Oregon road to bo
built from Portland to Seattle and
Puget sound.
LET us hope that the council has set
tled , once and for all time , the vexed
question respecting the proportion to
bo paid by street railway companies for
tonring up pavcmonls.
THE friends of Captatn Humphrey
Moynahan are slightly too previous" .
'They ought to keep the captain in the
background a while longer if they want
to make him chief of police.
P EX-CAPTAIN GHKEN , of the Omaha
\ ! police force , says ho is worth $2o.OOO.
From this it appears that oven a police
man cannot escape the general wave
of prosperity lloating over this favored
l "UNCLE" JJSUKY RUSK is the only
li i- cabinet olllcer now in'Wushington. As
secretary of agriculture ho must
keep his ofllcial bye open to see to it
that all the crops are in during the
harye'st timo.
SOUTH OstAUA regrets that the money
expounded for building the L street via-
1 duct was not used in paving N and
Twenty-fourth streets. South Omaha
will presently learn that valuable mu
nicipal lessons are obtained only at
great expense.
Invited and has accepted an invitation
'to address the 10,000 and more laboring
men of this city , at a picnic to bo hold
September 2nd. The senator retains
his great popularity with the people tea
a greater degree than any public man
in the etuto.
Two gentlemen are devising ways
and moans to build a popular priced
K theater i'n this city. If they will agrco
to run such a plnco of amusement with
out swelling the prices whenever a
fjrst-oluss attraction comes to town they
will bo regarded as public benefactors ,
and rcciovo homugo as such ,
IT is stated , authoritatively , that
Queen Victoria has at last yielded to
her phyalolan's advice , and will talto a
long trip cither to the United States or
Canada. If she comes to Omaha the
proper authorities will see that she has
every benefit to bo derived from this
bnlubrious and oxhilorating clinmto.
Tins Unibn Pacific has at last ex
pressed a willingness to open Four
teenth street under ita tracks. The
Street , therefore , will bo opened as soon
as the necessary work can * bo done.
Residents of the south end of the street
Imvo long boon anxious for its opening
and are by all uietinu entitled to it.
OMAHA should have the best teaohors
in the Jand for the amount she pays an
nually for instructors. It is a false idea
that any tyro who can pass the examina
tions sot before him is capable of im
parting instructions to others. There
utiould bo other tests und one of them
should bo experience in school teaching ,
ST. Louis capitalists have just pur
chased a franchise for furnishing Denver
vor with water. The company owns a
laUo llfty mlles from Denver which has
an altitude fourteen thousand , four
hundred and thirty-four foot , while
that of the city is live thousand , two
hundred and three foot. The water
will bo brought to the city by aqueduct ,
and will will require but little , if any ,
pumping on account ot the immense
pressure given by the difference iu ele
The lion , S. S. Oox , ot Now York , ia
ono of the few eastern politicians who
fool a hearty hlnilnoss for the west ,
That is duo to the faot that ho ha * min
gled much with the western people , has
given intelligent attontlon to the spirit
and enterprise which characterize those
people , and Is largely familiar with the
resources and possibilities of the west.
Recently returned from an extended
western trip , Mr. Cox has boon saying
some very pleasant things about the
people and the future of the trans-
Mississippi section. Ho has told the
people of the east that ho found in the
west an onorgotlo , earnest , patriotic ,
intelligent and thrifty people , who are
doing a magnificent work for the pros
perity and progress of the country.
The popular impression of most eastern
people that after the Mississippi is
crossed westward ono moots with llttlo
else than eomi-savngo existence , until
the Pacific coast ia reached , such
intelligent observers ns Mr. Cox
are enabled to correct. Ho hag
seen that all the conditions
of the highest civilization are as fully
appreciated and as generally fostered
by the people of the west as by these of
any other section of the country. There
is notn western state or territory whoso
record of popular intelligence will not
compare favorably with the highest
that any eastern state can present. In
the matters of energy and enterprise
the wo.storn people are confessedly in
advance of all others , and in
their devotion to the princi
ples of free government they are
nowhere surpassed. No ono can
forma jusridov : of the security of Amer
ican institutions who has not made
himself thoroughly acquainted with
the people of the west. 'And this im
perial region is yet but in the infancy
of its development. A hundred years
hence , when , according to the esti
mates pf statisticians , the United States
will have a population of six hundred
millions , a largo majority will bo in the
west , and that section will dominiito
the nation , if it shall not do so long be
fore the nation has lived anothei cen
Not less interesting than Mr. Cox's
compliments to the west were his
political suggestions as to what may
happen three years hence. Bolng asked
regarding the political outlook for 1892 ,
ho confessed his inability to make a
horoscope , but said that if the contest
in Now York between Cleveland and
Hill is kept up ho thought the next
democratic candidate for the presidency
would bo a western man. Evidently ,
ho remarked , the west will show
by the next census that the power
of the union is no longer in
the east , but in the west , and when the
new apportionment is made upon the
basis of the census the west's increase
in congress and in the electoral college
will bo enormous. This idea of coming
to the _ west for the next democratic can
didate for the presidency is steadily
gaining ground , and as there is hardly
anything in politics more certain than
that the contest botweou Cleveland and
Hill will bo kept up , the probability is
strong that the west will furnish the
democracy with its candidate in 1892.
A convention to discuss present trans
portation facilities between the west
and east , and to memorialize congress
against legislation for restricting the
competition of Canadian railroads , is to
bo hold nt Sault St. Marie August 23.
A committee of the United States sen
ate which lias been investigating this
questio'n will report its conclusions to
congress. A formal expression of the
views of" representative commercial
bodies wast and. east , such as it is in
tended stialL be done by the proposed
convention , will enlighten congress as to
the views of' ' the business men of the
countrywho are most vitally concerned.
The information gathered by the sen
ate committee both east and west is un
favorable to a"hy serious inter
ference with Canadian railway
competition , and the committee
is not expected to recommend any re
strictive legislation , but it will bo well
for the business communities interested
to present to congress such full and for
mal expression of their views as shall
remove any question as to the senti
ment being general against any legis
lation that would impair existing
transportation facilities between the
west and east , or give opportu
nity to the trunk lines to compel
undue exactions from the producers
nnd consumers of those sections. Un
doubtedly there will bo a strong ef
fort made to secure such legisla
tion , but it Is hardly possible that the
influence of the trunk lines can accom
plish their doslro. The most intelli
gent opinion .appears to have settled
upon the proposition that the only *
thing which the government can wisely
do in tha matter is to effect an ar
rangement with Canada under which
Canadian , roads doing business in the
United States shall bo required to con
form to the tiauiQ regulations as UTthat
business , which are applied to Ameri
can roads ,
The most important matter , uftor or
ganization , to vrhlch the next congress
will give attention , are the contested
election cases. Seventeen democrats
have been given certificates of election
whoso seats are claimed by republican
candidates. The testimony in some of
these cases is already printed , and in
nil the dharges on which the contests
are based have boon formulated. It
is stated that the commlttoo on
contested elections , tbo first to
be appointed attar that on rules ,
will have about twenty thousand
pages of printed testimony to ex
amine , some of the cases requiring for
presentation from sixteen hundred to
two thousand pages. Intimidation of
voters , bribery and tampering with re
turns are the principal'charges in all
those eases ,
With the exception of ono in Indiana ,
all these contests are from districts
south of Iho old boundary separating
the free and the slave states. There
are throe from each of tha states of Vir
ginia , West Virginia and Mississippi ,
two from Alabama , and ono each
from South Carolina , Maryland ,
Florida , Arkansas und Tennessee. The
roturna show that there were moro
democrats olactod from the north thnn
from the south by small pluralities , and
the fact that there is but ono contest from
a northern state illustrates the radical
difference between the political meth
ods of the two sections. It must bo ob
vious even to candid democrats that so
many republican candidates in southern
districts would not have brought con
tests without having very substantial
grounds for doing so.
The disclosures which these
contests will make of orlmos ot
various kinds against the rlgl.t of suf
frage can not fall to bo oxcoodingty in
teresting. They promise to show a
state of affairs of which the country will
have reason to bo ashamed , The pro
ceedings regarding thcsa contests are
also likely to bo very interesting , par
ticularly If the policy of filibustering
which the democrats nro understood to
bo committed to shall bo pursued. A
desperate effort will undoubtedly bo
made to prevent the unseating of the
democrats who hold certificates , and a
prolonged fight appears to bo assured.
OsiAHA has nothing to fd < w from a
hog nnd cattle market at Sioux City ,
Cedar Rapids , DCS Moines , Nebraska
City , Fremont or any other present or
prospective packing contort In fact , a
number of such centers is rather to her
advantage , inasmuch as it insures to
tuo farmers of Nebraska a market and
encourages the growth ot the hog and
cattle industry. With an unfailing sup
ply to draw from the Omaha packing
houses need not fear a shortage. The
laws of demand und supply govern the
cattle business just the same as other
branches of trade. Stock buyers
and stock raisers are familiar
with this ebb and flow which acts as a
safety valve on the business. Ono need
not go into spasms , therefore , because a
fowaar- loads of stock are shipped to
Sioux City or to Nebraska City. That
has not been the complaint of Omaha.
Her grievances are against railroads
when they deliberately discriminate
against her interests by diverting stock
to Chicago and Kansas City through
favoritism or because they prefer the
long haul.
ONU day this week Henry Villard , of
the Northern Pacific , submitted a
proposition to the directors of that com
pany to consolidate its debt by issuing a
blanket mortgage of $160,000,000. This
proposal almost took the directors'
breath away. The present fixed in
debtedness of the road is about $93,000-
000 for the main line and some i$2(5,000- (
000 for the branch roads and properties ,
making in all about $120,000,000. Vil-
lard's proposition provides for a lower
rate of interest for the now loan of
$160,000,000 , but it makes no definite
provision for the excess of $10,000,000
over the original dobt. . It is more than
likely that Villard himself could absorb
serb a portion of the amount , nnd possi
bly had that idea in mind when ho sub
mitted his plan.
THE scheme of establishing a colony
of n'egroos at San Luis Patosi , in Mexico
ice , so strongly advocated by southern
politicians , has boon abandoned. The
Mexican authorities refused to give
their sanction to the idea , or assist in
its execution. There was very little in
the plan to recommend it. Negroes in
Mexico would bo no bolter off than they
are in the south. Their citizenship at
present is certainly not much hotter
than that of thoMexican , peon , but such
a state of affairs cannot exist forovor.
THERE is a gratifying showing in the
report of the chief of the bureau of
statistics covering the valun-of the ex
ports of domestic beef and hog produsts
for-the month of July. They exceed by
three million dollars the valao of sim
ilar exports sent abroad in July , 1888.
Despite the prejudices against Amer
ican moats in Europe , it is quite clear
that the export trade in these products
has assumed gigantic' proportions.
KANSAS is to receive a grand banner
and an American flag from the repub
licans of Ohio , in honor of the oighty-
two thousand majority for Harrison last
year. This is all very well , but a few
good offices judiciously dispensed would
bo moro in accordance with the aver
age Kansau's idea of the fitness of
BOSTON spiritualists are wrought up
over a recent decision of the postofilco
department excluding from the mails
all alleged messages from the other
world. The Bostonians ought to bo sure
their mediums are the genuine article
und perfectly able to receive such long
distance telegrams , before they criticise
the action of the authorities.
Tin : republican state convention of
Iowa enthusiastically favors Chicago as
pre-eminently the place for celebrating
the world's exposition of 1892. The
constitutional convention of North Da
kota likewise endorses the Garden City
for the honor. Now lot Now York city
scurry about the country for conven
tions that will endorse her claims ,
TIIK Iowa hotel keepers are holding
a convention ut Des Moines , and the
chief topic under discussion is proper
protection Iroin dead boats. It is a dif
ficult question , und will no vor bo fully
solved until the landlords have larger
heads than the boats.
ST. Jon call Itself the "electric city. "
If galvanism will have a tendency to ro-
vlvo that sleepy town , a proscription of
the newest style of tilcctrio bolts , to bo
worn by prominent citizens , will bo an
excellent thing to promote business and
It Is not questionable tbnt tbo visit of the
Gorman ouiporor to England was arranged
for a political purpose , and there are Indica
tions that tbo purpose lias boon at least par
tially attained , Some preceding and contem
poraneous incldonts help to bring out tbo po
litical significance of'tbo Uorman emperor's
reception In Euirland. Not long beloro tbo
vlsltof William II. to ills mother's kinsfolk
which bad for many montbs been talked of
but constantly deferred was suddenly de
cided on , tbo Uutslan minister of warqulotly
left tit. Petersburg , and traveling , as ho
supposed luoognito , cbosu for a place of so-
Jouru a French town famous for Its waters ,
where , complaining of poor health , ho pill
himself undor'fho ' ohargo of tha local physl
cmn . . About ) Tjq amotimo it happened ttml
the Fronob wnp/mnlstor ( found hlmnolf Buf
fering from a dUdrtlor for which the same
medicinal waters' ' Svoro proscribed. Natur
ally the two futtbtlonnrlos , condemned to
pas ? some wcoKp } n tbo sumo village , saw r
good deal of OHO another , a fact which did
not osonpo tha ' attention of sotno of UU-
marok's ' stipendiary students of life nnd
manners , 'i'liatr report Icoonly Interested
the Gorman chfincollor , who , recognizing
the byglono advantages of travel , recotu
mended to -sovereign a trip across the
Urltlsb channal. ContrarlwUo , the czai
has within tlib 'last few days evinced
dlsrahsh for sea voyages. The dotalla
ot his return visit to Kaiser William
11. has boon settled , and the data of hts or
rival nt Potsdam had boon fixed for August
12. Now , however , wo hoar from Uorllt
that the visit ot Alexander III. has been In
definitely postponed. In the mnttor of Eng
land's adhesion to the trlolo alllanco , the
politicians of the continent nro In danger of
counting chickens before they are hatched ,
There Is llttlo doubt that Lord Salisbury is
in favor of such n programme. But bo will
presently bo called upon In parliament to
avow exactly how far ho has gene , nnd tc
doflno the conditions on which ho would
buvo England co-npcrnto with the three con
trol powers. The value of the British Doot
to the latter M obvious enough , but what
compensation would they oITor to Qroat
Brltalnl Would they agree to attack Uus-
sla In case the czar should undertake aggres
sive operation * against Afghaulstan and
India ! If they would make uo such agree
ment , the bargain recommended by Lord
Salisbury would bo ono-sldod , and xvould
certainly bo rejected. Not even the torlos
themselves could bo rolled upon to vote for a
coalition In which England .would have
Homothlng to lese and nothing to gain. On
the other band , If the central powers would
guaratitoo Great Britain's undisturbed
possession of India , oven some ol the
Gladstonlans might favor the accession ol
their country to the trlplo alliance , lint it
is hard to bollovo that any such guarantee
will bo proposed.
When Peter the Grout came to the throne
of Russia , less than two hundred years ago ,
Hussta was without a navy and possessed
only ono seaport , the frozen Archangel on
the Arctic ocean. The famous ouiporor laid
the foundation of a navy , employing Ven
etian nnd Dutch shipwrights to build atnall
vessels on an Inland lake. He also learned
practical seamanship himself bv cruising on
Dutcn and English ships at Archangel , utid
by living the lifo of a common shipwright at
Saardom. Ho warred with Turkey , and
taking tbo city of Azof , secured a southern
seaport. In his subsequent wars with
Sweden ho secured possession of the mouth
of the Nova , and thus gained an outlet to
tno Gulf of Finland. And hero in the
marshes , looklntfwastward , ho laid the foun
dations of the present capital. Before ho
died ho warred with Persia und extended
his empire along the Caspian. Durinc all
the years that have elapsed since Peter's
death , the droahV'of the Russian monarchs
has been to sccuro j seaport on the Mediter
ranean , so that tno Ulucl : sea might no
longer bo an mlarijl body of water from
which her war gs'sels might not pass with
out the consent pf'other ' powers. Her many
wars with TurlcoYf'fiavo all boon directed to
the achievement ufjthls purpose. But so far
she has only succeeded in creeping along
the shores of the Bluck soa. Turkey , and
her ally England , hpld the Dardanelles nnd
the Hellespont and Russia's navy tias been
penned up In the ancient Euxino. But a
most Iraportantiesslon has lately been , made
to Russia , which'gives'her thodeslro of her
heart. The Prlnco of Montonosro has
ceded the Port of Antivarl to Russia , which
thus secures a foothold on the Mediter
ranean , a harbor for her navy , a coaling and
supply station , and a position of strategic
importance. Russia now becomes a power
in the great'Medltcrranoan.
* *
The critical question of the hour la Europe
Is whether the czar will not regard as ofr
fonslvo the ostentatious appearance of his
old enemy , England , la association with
Germany , and Austria and Italy , and come
to the conclusion that tbo time has arrived
to smash tno treaty of 187S , as well as the
ono with Franco and England after tha Cri
mean war , which , so far as it fettered his en
terprise In the Black sea , bias long been ob
solete. The very fact of the cordiality be
tween Germany and England Instead of con
ducing to the pcacofulness of Europe , maybe
bo the provocation that will cause war , and
wo must not attach too great an importance
to the forthcoming visit of the czar to Ber
lin. His last visit to the German capital
was not a happy ono. It will bo remembered
that the young emperor of Germany , under
almost commands from his grandfather's
death-bod , made a visit to St. Petersburg
soon after his accession to the throne , and
the czar can hardly avoid returning that call
without substantially making a declaration
of hostilities. That ho has manifested a
surly spirit , and Is going to Berlin In a very
formal way , Is the opinion generally held In
Germany ; and it will bo confirmed by tbo
failure to secure the ineotingof the czar with
the Austrian emperor. "It U between Russia
and Austria that tbo friction maucs heat , and
may strike flro. If the three emperors could
have been brought together the effect would
have been excellent , but tbe Russian waits
until his Austrian brother has departed from
Berlin , nnd then goo ? with a growl to Pots
dam. The details of tbo czar's Berlin recep
tion will bo regarded with anxious attention ,
for the question whether the armed nations
of Europe will seek each other's destruction
and use the monstrous military machines
they have been so long preparing iu a gen
eral massacre , rests with the two young men
who occupy tbo thrones of Russia and Ger
many ,
The drift of Eurppo Is slowly , but It would
seem surely , towa'rt war. The two emper
ors may hasten tli'o purront , and "shoot Nla-
agura" with all tTjplr fortunes , or they can
clioulr the stream , and , , as It were , on the
edge of the uutarachturn back the torrent ,
making peace by commanding , with their
millions of solilip'H,1 the common disarma
ment of the irpa { , powers. The present
prominence of England is not a premise of
peace. , - , 'j
; " > , %
All tbo indication ) * point to the disestablish ,
mont of the Episcopal church us tha next
great political Istwd In England. It Is closely
and Impatiently browdlng on the wnko of
homo rule now/- 'J'Even tory farmers and
land owners are resisting the collection of
tlthns In the south tmd east of England , tbo
stronghold of EpUcopallauIsm. A tory mem
ber of parliament from ono. o ( tbo strongly
Saxon southeastern districts presented a mo
tion in tbo commons to tbo effect that tithes
should be recoverable In the future from tbo
landlords and not from the tenants , lease
contracts and bargains to the contrary not
withstanding. The motion was supported ,
of course , by tbo radicals and by many of the
liberal unionists , and received 141 votes to
145 against. The Salisbury government thus
came witbla a beggaily four votes of defeat.
Tbo cablegrams fail to state how the Cham
berlain following voted. They probably
stood by the government. That will cost
them their seats at the next election , an their
constituents arc , generally speaking , radi
cals nnd non-Episcopalians. Gray , the
mover of tbe revolution , It may bo remarked.
is himself an extensive farmer on whom the
landlord contract * ) In reference to tlthci
pressed ho.ivlly. The partial success which
attended the motion will probably bring dis
establishment to tlio front as an Issue moro
potent than homo rule ,
* .
The Hawaiian * , HKO all people of their
class , are exceedingly floWo. Revolutions
ecotn to thorn matters of course. Their
readiness to follow any lender , and to aban
don any existing institution , has boon tbo
most potent factor In tholr history. Tlio con
version of the Sandwich IMandors to Chris
tianity was the most sudden nnd swooping
triumph known to the annaH of modern
missions. Bigoted or benighted Indeed must
be the man who denies that u vast Improve
ment was wrought , even in respect to secular
lar concerns , by that conversion , At the
same time no fair-minded frtcud of mission *
refuses to admit that natural prononosi for
things now and straugo greatly predisposed
the native mind to listen to foreign evangel
ists. For a long time past It has been evi
dent that many Influences wora at work m
Hawaii tending Btrougly toward a rolnpso
in the direction of paganism and barbarism.
Perhaps Unit tendency has boon overesti
mated. Thcro Is no suflloiont reason to think
that It Includes anything like n majority of
the native inhabitants. Nor does It appear
that tbo recent outbreak was especially re
actionary , excepting so far as it Indicated
Impatience and settled government. Friends
of Christian civilization In Hawaii have rea
son for anxiety , but nut for alarm ,
* *
The massing of Russian troops throughout
the Caucasus , coming us it does Just us the
shah of Persia Is noarlng the onil ot his
European tour , and England nnd Germany
nro displaying tholr friendship by royal visits ,
has rather nn ugly look. At any rate the
sick man at Constantinople l-i strengthening
Krzcrum against nn anticipated attack In
that quarter. Erzoruiu commands the head
waters of the Euphrates and Tigris , anil
these valleys may yet furnish the gateway
of Russia to the Pcwlau gulf and the sea.
Russia , by the law of expansion of great
powers , is entitled to a seaboard outlet.
This Is perilous business , ns every slice taken
from the Turkish empire means the hasten
ing of Its final dismemberment. The sultan
Is simultaneously threatened with n demon
stration in two directions. The Grecian
prime minister suddenly sees In the Cretan
revolt and the uneasiness along the Turkish
border a chance to make n point , and has be
come very warlike in tono. Greece has boon
warned by Turkey that an attempt to laud
trooos at Crete will bo considered a cause of
I * A .
The king of famous Dahomey Is dead , and
as h Is successor must pro vo before ho ascends
tbo ihrono that ho Is u bravo and great man ,
the young asnirant is looking around for ad
ventures. At last accounts ha had gone
hunting for King Tofu of Porto Nova , declar
ing that nothing Ic3i than tlio head of that
potentate would satisfy his ambition. King
Tofa was at psica with all the world , but his
country U suddenly plunged into terrible
commotion sltuply because his head is want-
ad across the border la Dahomey. The
French aro'now busily engaged in Porto Novo -
vo helping the king keep his head on his
shoulders. It is such puerile quarrels as
these that are playing the mischief with the
West African trado. and keeping a long
stretch of the coast in an uproar.
St. John nntl tlio Prohlbs.
Mtnntnpold Tribune.
If St. John's efforts in behalf of the third
party prohibitionists are as fruitless In Iowa
as they were in Kansas , Colonel Brlco will
strike bis name from the pay-roll.
i *
Just tlio Plnco For It.
St. Haul Ololit.
There could hardly be a more appropriate
place than Chicago for the establishment of
a hospital for the practice of the Paatour
system of inoculation against rabies. It is
easy for people to got mud thoro.
In Sober I'hllnilflpliin , Too.
Young America Is getting very fast. A
boy of lifteon was hold yesterday to answer
a charge of forgery , another of fourteen ,
who had been drunk so many times that he
could not remember how many , was sent to
the bouse of refuge. _ _
The Supreme Test.
irasJtinglon Post.
It was entirely -proper that tha first test of
the Brown-Scquard elixir should be made in
St. Louis. If , after giving that old burp ; an
injection through a flrc-engino hose , she
shows signs of life , the elixir can safely bo
put on the market. _
Special RatOE Vor Barnstormers.
Kew York Jleralti.
The theatrical managers 'hopo to got a
special rate for traveling professionals of 2
cents a milo if the the intor-stato commerce
commission sanctions it. But are the inter
ests of the down-trodden boot and shoo man
ufacturers to bo ignored ?
Equally M'ruj in Nebraska.
Denver ItemWean.
The best way to soeuro good government
Is to elect good men to ofllco. This cannot
bo done by permitting salf-socking politicians
of tbo worst class to dictate the nominations
of the dominant party , These men must be
sentto tbo roar in the republican partv of
Colorado , and sotno of them should bo sent
to the penitentiary. The gang must bo
smashed or the robbery of the state will bo
worse in the future than it over has been in
the past.
Terre Haute Express : u'ailroad men re
port collections dull. Nearly all trams are
compelled to run on time ,
Terra Haute Express : There is consider
able activity among the medical profession.
The surgeons lu particular are cutting up at
a hleh rato.
The bapgaco smasher merrily
Now tosses travelers' trunks ;
Ho cachinnates with ghoulish glee ,
And breaks them into chunks.
But some flno morn this soulless fiend
Will skyward take his flght ,
For ho will monkey with u trunk
That's filled wit'.i dynuuiito.
Philadelphia Ledger ; Two moro comets
have been discovered , and the outlook for
moro Is encouraging , There is a regular
posse comet at us employed In this Industry.
Kearney Enterprise : This Is aDouttho time
of year when the farmer feels his oats.
Kearney Enterprise : The bicycle wheel is
alway tired , yet never tires.
Lawrence Americans Reporter What
ah nil I put over this baseball Item foru bead
ing ! Tbo homo club lost , you know , through
rooky umpiring. Editor Head it "A Diamond
mend Robbery. "
Jewelers' Weekly : Llttlo Slim ( to Jeweler )
Miss Lawntennls has Jilted six fellahs this
summer , but a lie has pwomlbod to inawy mo ,
and I want to give her a bwooch that will
constantly womliid her that she Is engaged
to mo. Jeweler I seo. What do you think
of a goose admiring a cabbagni
Kearney Enterprise ; "Yes , I am the vic
tim of a maiden's sighs , " said the young man
who married a 180 pound beauty.
Somorvllle Journal ; It doesn't pay to
worry. Go ahead and have a good time ,
wnatovor happen * , and somebody else is
sure to do the worrying foi you ,
Puck : Visitor ( at Squashburg ) Have you
over hod the cholera or yellow fever hero !
Native No ; but a militia regimeut camped
hero a couple of summers ago.
The Governor of Virglnltx Wlros
For the Detention of a Murdoror.
air. Frank llnll Severely Soorclioil-
IllKninlBt MaClclInu on Trial This
Year's Tnx Levy Articles
of Incorporntlon.
1020 1' STIIEET. V
LINCOLN , August Ifl. )
Oovornop Tbnycr was wlrca to day bj
Fltzhugh Lee , governor of Virginia , to ordoi
J. II. Mancss to bo held at Nebraska Ctt.v
for the murder of Hud Sloixn In that state.
Deputy Secretary ot Sttito Cowdr.v ntul
wlfo arc enjoying n visit from Mr. Cowdry't '
ulster , Mrs. S. II. Powers , of Clrand Inland
The following cases were filed for trial to
day In the supreme court :
Simon Obornnth vs Jonathan Edgar ( on
error from Cnss county.
AUlon 13 , Atkins vs Helen O. Gladwlck ;
error from Johnson county.
Juduo Thomns , of Foils City , and Captain
Humphrey , of Pnwnco City , counsel for Dr.
dandy , the Ulcharilson county forcer , put , In
thoduyin the stuto llhrnry looking up law
to Miring in Qandy's third hearingbefore lh
supreme court.
Governor Tlinycr , Treasurer Hill and Aud
itor Bonion wore ut their desks to-duy.
Snvisi-oly Uiirncil.
Prank Hall , of Marquetto. Dewooso &
llnll , was severely burned this morning by
un explosion ot pas. A gas llxturo lu hla
block at Fourteenth and Q utroots wai
broken and allowed the gas to escape. Ho
started to Investigate whore It come from
with u lighted mulch , and un explosion fol
lowed. His face , eyes anil hiinds were
severely scorched , the skin pooling from the
latter. Ufa condition is considered serious.
Miss Rota Mr.Claln , a young lady who has
rooms adjoining the npartuumt where the explosion -
plosion took pluoo , and who was standing In
the doorway ut the time , received slight
burn * about the face and hands. The build
ing did not tuko lire.
The Levy I-'or 188O.
The dfctails for the city's levy for the taxes
of 1SS9 have not yet been made public , but
the levy will doubtless bo 33 mills. The
levy for 1SS3 was 37J < mills. The Improve
ments In the flro department and the now
wells and pumping machinery nt the Ulco
pumplnc station on the Antelope accounts
for this increase. Aside from these expenses
the. levy would have been but < U mills ,
The work of figuring this levy has been done
by Councilman Meyer , asiisted by Mayor
Graham , and the public can bo assured that
it has been done faithfully and well , Wnllo
the levy looks high , it is not so' bad when
one considers that real estate is assessed at
but about oun-flfth to one-sixth of Its real
value uad personal property at from ono-
eighth to ouo-tenth of its value.
Artlclon or Incorporation.
The Morrieic County bank , at Claries , and
the State bank , of Elmwood , Hied article * of
incorporation to-day , the former with 530,000
authorized capital slock and the latter with
$25,000. August 15 and 10 respectively dates
the business commencement of the compa
nies. Incorporators of the Clarks bank : W.
ChamberlainO. N. Eaton , II. D. Gilford and
H. Chamberlain. Of the Elmwooa bank : C.
D. Ulupp , Joseph Milieu and N. P. Hobbs.
Tha Crete Improvement and Investment
company also filed articles. This ontcrurisu
dates existence from April 27 , 18S9 , and con
tinues to April 27 , 10S8. Its purpose is to
buy , soil and lenso real estate and deal In
bonds and other securities. Capital stock
$100.003. Incorporates : Gcorgo Stevens ,
W. H , Barstow.and John H. Johnson , of
Crotb ; Amos Sherman , Woonsockot , U. I. ,
and Frederick A. Hubbs , Amherst , Mass.
AlcClcllon On Trial.
C. W. McClollan entered the plea of not
guilty to the charge of bastardy preferred by
Tilly Triechel. T-ho girl denied the story
she told at the VYillard home , on the witness
stand , and tne complaint was amended to
that of adultery ami continued until tomorrow
row morning at 0 o'qlock. It is intruded
that the more serious charge of bigamy will
stnro him in the face at that hour. A dep
uty aheriff started for Ashton , Kan. , this
evening to bring upon the scene his first
City Nnws and Notes.
Miss M. E. Northwood , of Lcavonworth ,
Kan. , is visiting friends in the city.
Colonel E. P. Rogrgon returned this mornIng -
Ing from the reunion at Kearney ,
James Mullane , of the Ogallalla News , is
In the city. He says that Keith county has
a lively lot of democrats , but that politics
will not interest him until ho gets his libel
suit off his hands.
The Union Depot company , cited In yester
day's ' BEE , filed articles organizing and in
corporating for the purpose of building ,
operating and maintaining union depots In
the suburbs of the metropolis same iucor-
porators and same capital stock , § 1,500,000.
The Omaha and St. Joseph teams will play
ball in this city August 27.
Five destitute Bohemian families were
found in their shanties near Second and D
streets yesterday. They were almost
starved. The water on the floor was about
three feet deep and It was Impossible for
them to got out. They had put chairs on
the beds and were sitting on thorn , where
they had been without a bite to eat since
Tuesday. They were taken to dry quarters
and supplied with provisions.
Suit tms been begun against the city in
the county court by Louise P. Dayton for
the sum of $333.20. The plaintiff is the
owner of lots on the corner of Ninth and G ,
where she has n number of dwelling houses.
By the cbango in the grade tbo property was
llnblo to damage by the accumulation of
water. To prevent this she raised the
foundations at the cost above stated.
Alex Hoagland will lecture Sundoy night
at the First Presbyterian church , at wnioh
time ho will review his work for the bonclit
of the orphan boys for the last ton years.
The Lincoln and Asland to Am a will play
ball in this city for a purse of 8100. it will
go 576 to the \vlnner and $25 to the loser.
William Jans nnd Miss Mary Orthmun. of
Crete , wore licensed to marry this morning.
The Ohio people llvmgln Lancaster county
will hold u basket picnlo ana reunion nt
Cushmnn park on Wednesday , August 21.
All are invited.
The examination ot Miss Frankie Curry
tooic pluoo beforu Police Judge Houston this
forenoon , Miss Curry is charged by the
linn of Ashby & Millspaugh with having ob
tained goods from them on it forged order
and on falsa pretenses , to the amount of
about $375. Tno state was represented by
County Attorney Steams , and Urn defendant
by Lawyer Butrd. The defense contented
lUclf with the cross examination of the
state's witnesses and rested. The defendant
was bound over to the district court m the
sum of $500 , In default of which slio went to
Jail. The defense In the district court will
uo that of insanity. The defendant Is u
pleasant looking woman , but without much
intolllKonco or expression to her face , und
she smiled sweetly when olio was informed
that she had to go back to jail.
Mrs. Sims was arraigned this morning In
the police court on the charge of receiving
and concealing stolen goods. She pleaded
not guilty , but the proof was too strong , and
she was lined $15 and coats and commiltnd
to the county Jail. She is tbe mother of the
harness thieves.
Harry Llppincott and wlfo returned to-day
from a three weoU ' bridal lour through Col
orado and other western states.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
( Then Babjr vu elci , wo geiu her CootorU.
When &he was a Clilld , he ciifil for Cariorir ,
\Vbeu gho became Mln , elia clone to OaatarU ,
\V lin lu > hatf Children , she care them Cutorifc
l > AftAongr-r Agontn Protoflt Itoma
The passenger agents of the various Hnoi
lending Into Omaha nro somewhat Indignant
over the ndvortlseraent.1 of the fair nnd Mer
chants1 week rates ns published In the press
nnd claim that they nro very misleading.
The mlvortlsomonts road that a faro and
one-third wilfbo charged for the round trip
to Omaha from points within 050 miles ,
when they should road ono faro for the round
trip with admission to the fair grounds at
tached. Jt Is claimed that this error should
nt once uo corroded , as If allowed to stand it
will keep a great many people nwny who
otherwise would visit the city.
In addition to this there 1 * n special excur
sion over the Northwestern lines from all
uolnts In the territory governed by tha
Western States Passenger association , which
includes nil territory within a radius ot IKX )
iniloi from Oniahn , which has boon ontirolv
neglected. On this excursion the rate will
llliowlsobo one faro for the round trip. It
was only by a diligent effort that the west
ern passenger assoeUtlon conoedod this ex
cursion , and the passenger men claim that
it Is duo to them that it bo advertised exten
sively. _
Now Krolght Knfg.
At the lust meeting of the Trans-Missouri
Freight association hold in Kansas City , tuo
following rutoj were adopted : tflour , lu car
lots , between Omaha und Lincoln , 10 cents
per 100 pounds. Loaf Inrd , In car lots , from
Lincoln to Omaha , 10 cents per 100 pounds.
Meats and packing homo products , from
Omaha to Lincoln , 1 ! ) cents per 100 pounds.
Lead pipe. In car lots , from Kansas City to
Oinnlm , 12J4 cents.
A KrultliiAH St > s lon.
General manager Holdrojo , of the 13. &
M. , returned yesterday from Chicago , where
ho attended the monthly mooting of the In
terstate Commerce Railway association ,
otherwise known as the "slltc hat" organiza
tion. A great dc.\l of talk was Indulged m
and many now reforms propoiod , but llnal
action was not taken on auv subject brought
up. The meeting will convene again next
Nowmnn Erb , vice-president nnd manager ,
and E. Sunim , superintendent of the Kansas
City & Beatrice , are In the latter city
In the Interest of their new line , which will
bo completed within forty days. They will
endeavor to induce the other lines to build a
union depot , but in case of failure wilt oroet
ono of their own.
llutlroutl Notes.
General Manager Hayes of the Wabnsh
issued u circular to nil agents of the road ro-
irardintr the use of tliu telegraph wires In
the transaction of company business which
cauld bo carried on by mall , and urges that
all refrain from overburdening the wires
with useless messages.
U. S. Grant Post No. 10 , G. A. U , , of Denver -
vor , recently passed a resolution compli
mentary to the B. & M. passenger depart
ment lor its action in reducing rato.-i to the
G. A. U. encampment at Milwaukee.
Assistant General Manager Dickinson , of
the Union Pacific , returned from the scene
of the recent floods on the Omaha & Repub
lican Valley yesterday morning.
All trains on the U. & M. and Union Pa-
clilc are again running on time , the damage
to thff tracks having been repaired. The
Union Pacific's loss can not bo correctly o'sti-
mated , but It something over $ oO,000. Sev
eral new bridges have been required and
oxtonslvo repairs will have to bo made.
Car Accountant Liuokinghaiu , of the Union
Pacillc , returned yesterday morning from
Captain W. F. Tobbotts , general passen-
cor agent of the Denver & Ulo Grande , is In
Omaha on his semi-annual cxcuraion. Tim
captain is as Jolly as ever and reports an un
usually heavy tralllo on tha D. & R. G. ,
which is a result of his efforts.
Omaha nnd Council Bluffs are propar'
ing to furnish accommodation8 for 40,001)
Eooulo uuring tlio Omaha failSoptom -
cr 2 to 6 , inclusive.
U It'll School IMiunblnir.
"That man must have been asleep n long
time , " said Secretary Piper of the board of
education , referring to an article In a morn
ing paper , alleging irregularity in the plumb
ing Job at the high school.
"I'lio fact Is , " continued the secretary ,
"ttioro nas been no plumbing done In tbo
high school for nearly thrro years. The last
was in connection with the now defunct
cooking school.Vo nro now advertising for
bids for some plumbing work. The board
Intends to remove the present closet system
at the blgti school , as it is very defeciivc. It
nas been in use for ton years or more and
was a poor system to start with , The im
proved flush tank system will bo used In the
building hereafter. I can't see what that
paper means unless the author of the artlclo
nas Just awakened after n Rip Vuu Witiklo
experience. "
Half rates on the railroads to the
Omaha fair , Soptombar 2 to 6 , incluelvo-
Property Owners I'rotast.
OMAHA , Neb. , July 1(5. ( To the Editor of
TUB REB ; We , the undersigned jiroporty-
owners on Twenty-eighth avenue , between
Fnrnnm and Dodge , have been waiting ttt
uuva that part of the street put Into a coudi-
tion to enable people to walk on it'aftcrdnrk
wltbout danger of tlioir lives. Wo thought
that two or three years would bo sufflolent ,
imt seem to have been mistaken. Thu grad
ing has gene on at a snail's puce , and the recent -
cent rains have made great fiaauros in the
ground. Lot us at least have souio dangofr
signal put up to warn pedestrians.
Merchnnts' week is the sumo days as
.ho ( air , September 12 to 0 , inclusive.
Diseases Cured by Ciilfciirn ItcmodicB
when Hot Springs , Doctor * and
all oilier Medicines full.
Having been a sufferer for two yearn nnd a
null from a dlsoaso caused by a brulsaon tliu
OK , and having boon cnrad by the Uimuuu *
tKMKiiim when all other rootlibds and rcms
llns tallud , I doom It my duty tn reeommona
tiom. 1 vlsltid Hot Bprlnita to no nvuil , unit
tried Hovernl doctor * without SUCCOBH , and ut
ast our principal drugirUt , Mr , John 1' . > 'lnluy
to whom 1 shall ever led grateful ) , npoko tone
no about CiJTitiuu.v. and I consumed to nlvo
liuin u trlul , with the ri'snlt that I nra pnr-
cctly cnroci , 1'h'jro In now no ere about me ,
think I can uliuvf the largest surtaoH wliara
nymiirorliiBS sprang of any ono InthuHtuto.
riio Cimcrnu HuMKiUK.i nro thn brgt blond
and Bkln euro * m inufucturinl. 1 refer to drug *
ylst John 1 * . I'iuluy and lr. It. O , Montgomery , ,
Hitlior tills place , nnd Dr. Kmltli of Jjiico IMS
Orowvllle. Mian.
Mr. Iteach used tliu CUTIGIIUA HKMKDIKH , i
our request , with rosulu at above Hinted.
A. 11. 1'lNIjAi'A : COUriSKistJ.
Scrofula 7 ynnrH cm-oil.
I have been troubled with Hcrofuta seven
years , which Una BtHrtml on the top of my
load , KivlnKrao inllclto trouble , with runsinnt
tthlntt , caitlni ? ott of dry sculon , iiucl a wutory
uiuliloxudud from uudur tliu fccaloJ. I tuulod
t for seven yearn unsuccessfully , and \VM un-
ablu to ctiock It uutll ( found your CUTICUIIA
( KMEDIK.S OllU 1)OX UL'Tll'UHA , ( mil Cuke ClITI-
uiiHA i < OAi' . and ono liottlu CUTIUUKA
completely cnrod mo ,
lurfectlT clear und amoulli.
8. J , IA I VJB. Artuula , L-S Alifoles Co. , to ! .
Hkln DHcnsrx R yrniB ( Mil ed.
Your CUTICUIIA ItKMBnncH did wor/lcrJal
lilnt-'H fur me. Tboy ciireKl my UKln dinpnip ,
which has been of llvw years' standing , after
buodrcuu ot dollaro had baeu epent iu trying to
uru It. Nothing ill it inu any gond until ] coin *
nuncod the IIRO of the I'IITJCUIIA ltKUKbi2a.
Uur house wlllnover b wlthont them.
KoikMell City , C lncut.Co. , Jt.
Are sold ovorrwhera. Pries , CuTlcuiti , fiOci
BoAP.aicjltiifiOLVENr. II. Vircmi Dituu A l
OHrtiinAbCniii-on.tTinN , lto ton.
CfTSunA for " 1 low to L'urc l-kln Dlseanor " M
g , 60 llhmlratlnnn and 10Mvntlir.onlali.
} THl JK8. black.hoad8r"ie'l"r Aici ) chappedT
101 and ollyskiii prevented by Cut leu ra Soap.
. Krliilk- , hip , Mils/ .
and chest pnlns , TJi a 8 c aurt oiur