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But Jalcoy Strauss Made a Stupid
Blunder In the Ninth.
Denver Bnrtly Sooonotl By the Brew
ers Stn.ii.llnK of the Clnfos
The Urantl Circuit Ilnocs
Otlicr Sporting.
Rtnmllnc of the
Folloxvlnff is the standing of the Western
association clubs up to aud including
yesterday's games :
.KK )
nilnncnpolm 1 , Oinnlm O.
Tboio who were not m attendance at the
ballpark yesterday afternoon missed not
only the prettiest , but the finest game of the
In fact , It was groat.
The only disagreeable leaturo about the
entire contest was that , Omaha got loft. <
Still , It was a defeat the White Sox have
no need to bo ashamed of , and yet. too , they
should have won it ,
Strauss1 stupid base running in the ninth
Inning was ni much accountable for the loss
I * of the game as any ono ether thing. In this
inning ho mode a hit , after Cleveland had
ft stmcic out. Ho stele second nicely. Crooks
then drove a long fly to center , which the
flcol-footod Foster barely got his finger-tips
ftt on. Crooks made second on the strike , but
Strauss got no further than third. Ho could
have made homo easily , Walsh followed
\t \ > . \vlth a fly to Foster , who throw to second ,
catching Crooks oil his base , thereby accom
I plishing a brilliant double play and closing
IS' the inning.
I It is patent from this that Jakoy should
have made a tally.
Still tboro Is no use in crying ever spilled
It was a great brittle , and no mistake , a
battle of the pitchers in which Morton's mon
got the best of It.
Duke was in the box for the visitors until
tno fourth Inning , whoa ho met with a dis
tressing accident and was compelled to ro-
Ho was badly hurt and it will bo many n
big day before ho goes on the diamond
But the gamo.
To begin with , Cleveland got his base on
balls , after Coonoy had been thrown out at
first by Miller. A wild pitch sent Grover to
second. Here ho stuck , Strauss and Crooks
going out , Strauss on a grounder to first nnd
Crooks on a ily to loft.
For the visitors Driscoll was thrown out
at first by Crooks ; Miller How out to Messitt
nnd Foster died nt tlrst on Clarke's throw.
In the second Walsh flow out to Jevuo , but
Andrews got his base on balls , only to bo
caught stealing second , however. Messitt
popped up a littio ono to Hongle.
For tbo Minnies , Honglo got his base on a
missed grounder by Walsh , but ho was
doubled up with Minnehan on tbo lattor's '
hit to Crooks. Morrison then made a single ,
nndJovhowas hit by the ball , but Duke
struolc out , and they were loft.
It was ono , two , three for both teams in
the third , but in the fourth Cleveland got
his base on oalis. Strauss struck out.
Crooks then made n hit , and a passed ball
lot him to second and Cleveland to third.
Cleveland undertook to score a moment
later on another passed ball , but'Jantzon re
covered the ball and throw him out to Duko.
hero is where the accident occurred. In
F his eagerness to cover the base , Duke fell
V upon" it to bis knees , and , In running in ,
Cleveland's spikes caught him In the right
1 knee , tearing a , ragged rent halt' way round
the , knee cap. '
1I The poor follow cried aloud In pain , and
I was carried off the field by the Omaha
* * , Cleveland was out , however , and after ten
minutes' wait the game proceeded.
, Henglo made a hit for his side , but was
caught stealing second.
Minnehan flew out to Cleveland , and Mor
risen wafted , i
After Andrews had struck out in the fifth ,
Messitt got his base on balls. Ho stole second
IV end and wont to third ona possod ball ,
h where he was left by the quick retirement
I of Canavan and Clarke.
It was one , two , thrco for the Minnies , as
was the sixth for Omaha , but in their half of
the latter the visitors succeeded In getting a
man round to third , whcro he was retired
on a double play , beautifully executed by
Joe Walsh.
In the ninth is whcro Omaha had a chance
to win the game , as was described in the
outset of this article , but they let it pass ,
and so lost the gamo.
In the visitors' last , Foster led off with a
corking'slnglo. Ho stele uccond , and then
after Henglo had wafted , came homo on
Minnohan's timely sacrifice.
Although a defeat , it was u brilliant
The score :
Two-base hits Crooks.
Double plays Crooks to Andrews , Walsh
to Cooney , Foster to Hondo.
Bases on balls-Oft Clarke 3 , Duke 3 ,
Mitchell 1 ,
Buses from being hit by pitched balls
Struclt out ByClarko 3. by Duke 4 , by
A. Passed balls Jantzon 1.
Wild Ditches Duke 1.
Tlmo of game 1 hour and 80 minutes.
Umpire Dooscher.
Ht. Piuil U , Sioux City 2.
Sioux Car , la. , August 13. St. Paul won
the game trom Sioux City by a bad decision
of thu umpire in deciding Miller out nt tbo
plute % Broughton did not oomo within two
foot of touching the runuor , Score :
, , . . , . ,0 UlOOOOOl-J
tlouzCltr ! , . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IP 00 031 3 , U 5 -5
Hurried rum-fit. r ul 1. Two-bate htWerr1cV. ! .
Btolen buoi-81oux Cllr I. Double uUjMlllot to
wetrtok to l ( wu , ( ; arrol [ la M rough ton , JJraiiler to
row nil. Mm baio on tn.llSloui Cltr a. St. IVul I.
StruckOul-lly KlnnnKim & , br Tuckernun X. Wild
pllchn-'Juckeraau. Time-l hour a4 W tulnuUa.
Milwaukee 20 , Ueiivor O.
Colo. , August 18. The Denver
wns beaten by the Milwaukee olub
owing to the Ineffectiveness of Fagan , who
pave six mon bases on balls In the fifth In *
fling. McNabb , who pitched the first five
innings , was hit pretty hard nnd eave way to
Fatrnn. Score i
r h p n T. h , o. a. o
If , 3 4 01 ( n > ormanrf , . > .8 1 0 0
McClelliin , 2b. 1 3 1 J 1 Stilton , Zb 1 1 3 & 1
TrniulwuT , rf 23300 Momsnor , ib..i a n o i
KlrbT.Sb. . , . . 1 1 1 0 ( I ; iiock , 4 a i a i
Wlillo , II. . . . 03440 . .owe. If 1 3000
Tnmor. cf.i. 3 0 0 Sl.lch , „ . :
ltm , lb. , . . . . 8Albert * , 3b J ) 4 n t 0
TiTlnoliam , c , , 8o 8n llurlor.C 1 1000
McNnbb.p. o . i DATIO'II 1 0020
TOM . „ „ „
Totnli . 91321 9
Donrcr 0 04101000-0
Mllitaukoe . .1 * -20
Knrnod runs Denrcr 5 , llllwiiukon 7. Two biwa
lilU-I > Mrrlmplo3 , Poor-man. Three banohlH Diilr-
rlmiile.Trcnilwnr. Shoot. Whllo. Albert , llomoniiu
Morris'ojr. nnios to1onIonTor 5 , Milwaukee T.
Poublo plftf Albert to Suttnn to Morrl or , Hhock to
Hutton to Morriincr , McClollxn to Wliltn to Itown.
liases onbMI'-oirMcNnbb-a , off Kftgnn B.oll Duties S.
Hit by tmll-Hntton twice. Htrnck nut-liy McNobbS ,
l > r Knenn 1. br Darin * . I'iMc-rt bulls Twlnchnm 1 ,
llurlor I. Wlia pltclim-McNRhb 1 , Kngnnl. lief I on
bases Denver 8 , Milwaukee 10. Tlmo of Ram0 3
hoursHi ) minutes. Umpire Brlody.
Nn Onliio nt Ht.
ST. Josnrn , Mo. , August 13. The St. Joo-
Dos Molnos Ramo could not bo played
because ot tha non-arrival of the latter club ,
which was delayed twenty-four hours by a
washout on the B , & M. Railroad.
The Game To-Day.
The Omaha and Minneapolis teams will
moot again this afternoon. Following are
the positions :
Omaha. Positions. Minneapolis.
Naclo Catch Dugdnlo
Nichols Pitch Morrison
Andrews . . . .First Minnehan
Crooks .Second Hcnulo
Cleveland i Tnlrd Miller
Walsh Short Hnnrahan
Canavan Loft Dnscoll
Strauss Right Mitchell
Coonoy Middle 4 . . . . . . .Foster
Tbo National 1m a can.
PiTTsnuuo , August 13. Result of to-day's
first game :
Pitlsburtr 1 0153000 0
Boston 0 0000000 0
Base hits Plttsburg 0. Boston 5. Errors
Pittsburu 0 , Boston 4. Batteries PittsburR ,
Galvia and Millar ; Boston , Dally and Ku'i-
bourne , IColly and Ganzol. " Umnire Curry.
Called at the eud of the eighth Inning on ac
count of darkness.
INDIANAPOLIS , August 13. Result of to
day's gnuio :
Indianapolis . . . .3 00311000 7
Washincton 0 40000004 8
Boso hits Indianapolis 13 , Washington 18.
Errors IndlanuuolU 4 , Washington 0. Bat
teries Indianapolis , Boyle and Buckley ;
Washington , Haddock and Daley. Uraplro
McQuaid. -
CLEVELAND , August 13. Result of to-day's
pranio :
Cleveland 1 01000030 4
New York 4 0180303 0-13
Base hits Cleveland 9. Now York 17. Er
rors Cleveland 3 , Now York 2. Batteries
Cleveland , Bcalln nnd Sutuliifc ; New York ,
Crane and Ewing. Umpire Powers.
CHICAGO , August 13. Result of to-day's
game :
Chicago 0 3
Philadelphia. . . 0
Base hits Philadelphia 7 , Chicago 11.
Errors Philadelphia 8 , Chicago 3. Batteries
Chicago , Dyer and Farrell ; Philadelphia ,
Sanders and Schrlver. Umpire Lynch.
The American A99r > olntlrm.
CINCINNATI , August 13. Result of to-day's
game :
Athletics 4 0003003 10
Cincinnati 1 4
KANSAS CITT , August 13. Result of to
day's pamo :
Kansas City . 3
Brooklyn. . . .3 000000001 3
LOUISVILLE , August 13. Result of first
game :
Baltimore . 0 0330100 * 0
Louisville . 0 01000000 1
ST. Louis , August 13. Result of to-day's
game :
St. Louis . 0 2303400 1 13
Columbus . 0 00003001 3
Amateur Games.
KEARNEYNob. . , August 13. | Special Tel
egram to TUB BEE , ] Grand Island de
feated the Kearney champions to-day by a
score of 14 to 5.
SIIEXANDOAH , lit. , August 13. [ Special
Telegram to THE BnE.l The Shonauiloah
base ball tournament opened to-day with a
fair attendance. Tbo following clubs are
entered : Humeston , Blanchard , Cieariiold ,
Essex and Shonandoah. The tlrst game was
between the Humeston and Blanchurd clubs ,
resulting in a score of 19 to 0 in favor of the
latter. The next game was between Shcn-
nndoah and Essex clubs. Score , Shenandoah
20 , Essex 1.
Grand Circuit Raons.
ROCHESTER N , Y. , August 13. [ Special
Telegram to THE BEE. ] The Grand Trotting
circuit- commenced hero to-day with three
rices , only ono of which was finished the
3:37 : pace , in which the favorite , Hal Pointer ,
did not got a boat. The Flour City stake
had accidents in the third and fourth beats
RHferonco running away alter a collision la
the third , while Verltas and Star Lillvgot
tangled In the fourth , tbo former putting his
foot through Lilly's wheel , Both were
stopped but not hurt. Star Lilly won tbo
next two heats , whoa the race had to bo
postponed account of darkness. Globe
won the only heat trotted in the 3 :22 : class ,
potting a record of 3:10) : . Summaries :
i-unsE $2,000 , 3:37 : PACE.
Chapman ( Stanley ) . 10 10 1 A 1
Elva Medium ( Wright ) . . . 1
Red Boll ( Warner ) . 3 3 10 10 8
American Girl ( Walker ) . . . 3 4 3 8 10
Hal Pointer ( Gorse ) . 0
Henry II ( Mahoney ) . 3 U 8 8 3
Blanche ( Smith ) . . .5
Dlllas ( HlggniB ) . 7
Uipsoy Golddust ( Davis ) , . 4
Minnie H ( Goldsmith ) . 0
TImo-3:30 : > f , 318tf ; , 3:20 : , 8U : > X , 3:1D : } .
FI.OUH CITT STAKE $1,000 , 3:30 OLAS3JUN- (
Star Lilly ( Goldsmith ) . 0 00011
Sprague Golddust ( Green ) , 411383
Voritns ( Doblo ) . 1 7 3 8 3 S
Tariff ( Hllos ) . 5 34144
Ketch ( Thorn as ? . BIO 3337
Tlppio ( Hover ) . < j 8 5 4 C 3
Cauillo ( Hoaloy ) . 7 48770
Maud Muller ( Ir win ) . 3 8 0 5 0 d
Gold Ring ( O'Doll ) . 8 570 dls
Reference ( Stanley ) . 10 010 dr dr
Time-3:30tf : , 3iO : , 3:3Jr , 3:1W : # , SiMtf ,
U ins tlio Omul bun Stakes.
MONMOUTII PAIIK , August 13. The omni
bus stakes , run hero till ? afternoon , was won
by Longstroot In3:30 by two lengths , Proo-
tor Ivnolt sticond , Salvator third. The value
of the stakes to the winner is In the neigh
borhood of $34,000. The weather were threat
ening and the track as fast as it is possible
over to ( ret it. The attendance was fully
The great event of the day was fourth on
the cam , Buddhist was the first to show.
Ho was followed by Salvator , Cahento ,
Proctor Knott , Erie and Lioness , Long-
street didn't parade , but remained on tno
back stretch till they started. After a falsa
start the Hag fell to an elegant sond-ofT , in
which Salvator was first nwny , Lioness.
Longstroct , Culiento , Buddhist next , and
Proctor Knott last. Lioness ut ouco
sot Ball , and at the upper turn was
a length before Eric , who was
a head in front of Callente , followed by
BuddhUt. Salvator and Proctor Knott.
Passing the stand , Lioness was u length and
a half before Buddhist , who was the same
distance in front of Longstroot , who led Erie
a length. Salvator ; and Proctor Knott
brought up the roar , On the lower turn
Buddhist was at Lioness1 shoulder and a
length and a halt before LooestrooU Ho was
a length In front of Eric. Balvator and
Kuott were still behind. A they rounded
into the back stretch Buddhist took a lead of
two lengths before Loagstreot , Lioness
third. SMvator moved np to third plnco
Hearing the stables nnd Proctor Knott kept
him company , They ran in thin way half a
length apart until they swung Into the
homo stretch. Then began the ttifc
of war. Neither whip , spur nor volco
was spared the effort to gam the lead. At
the last furlong Longatroot was n length
before Snlvotor , who was two lengths In
front of Buddhist , who had Proctor Knott at
his collar. Now the light was fast nnd
furious. Proctor Knott began moving up ,
but , to the dismay of his backers , Longstrcet
began drawing away In front. "Why , Long-
street wins , nobody but Longstrcot wins , "
was the cry. It was truo. A moment later
ho had cleared daylight between himself and
thft next pursuer. Half a second later ho
was by the Judges' line , a winner by two
lengths ; Proctor Knott second , was a head
before Salvator , third. Buddhist , Lioness ,
Erlo nnd Callonto finished In thp order
named. Tlmo by fractions 20 ' . Gl # ,
l:18 : f , 1:44 : , 2BOW. :
Thrco-fqurths of n mile Bradford won in
1 :14J4 : , Britanlo second. Volunteer thud.
Three-fourths of amllo Burlington won in
l:16Ki Lord Dalmony second , Devotee third.
Mile nnd ono-olghth Blush won In 1:59 : ,
Nlgara second , Conuomnra third.
Seven-eighths of a mlle W. Rnwland won
In 1:29J/ : , Banner Bearer second , Grenadier
Ttiroo-fourths of amllc Heathen won ( n
1:17 : , Favorite second , Druldness third.
Judge Terrell MnlcuM Some Vigorous
Kcnmrkf ? .
Ptmvis , Mlis. . August 13. [ Spaciat Telegram -
ogram to Tim BIE. ] To-day was u sen
sational day. The grand Jury had about
inndn up Its mind to Indict Sullivan and Kll-
rain and refer the others to a justice of the
pcaco for trial , a special act of the leglsla- .
lure giving the grand Jury" such right.
Judge Terrell called the Jury into court and
told what ho heard , saying that the grand
Jury had violated its secrecy by letting out
the proceedings and also that tbo Jury had
no right to refer cases to n Justice without
the court's permission , whloh it would never
give. The Judge said if the grand jury did
not obey instructions ho would discharge
them aud fine the sheriff $1,090 for summon
ing It. Tbo defense's plans scorn all disar
ranged by tbo action of the Judge.
Fornker Won't Issue the Warrant.
COLUMBUS , O. . August 13. Governor For-
akcr to-day declined to issue u warrant for
the extradition of Richard Carroll , general
superintendent of thu Queen and Crescent ,
wonted by Governor Lowry , of Mississippi ,
as an alder in the Sulllvan-Kilrain prize
The Elective Illcht Bill Defeated at
OLTMI-IA , Wash. , August 13. The elective
right bill came up for its final passage this
morning , but only thirty-throo delegates
voted ape , and although tills was a majority
of these voting it was defeated , as it takes u
majority of all the delegates , or a vote of
thirty-eight to pass the article. It was sent
back to the committee , who will report a now
article. Elective rights will , however , prob
ably bo loft to the leg.slaturo to settle. The
article on mining was defeated , and nothing
on that subject goes to the legislature. The
report of the committee on harbors and lands
was then taken up without getting to a voto.
The report recommends the establishment of
a harbor line from the point where the water *
is twenty-Uvo feet deep to the shore , which
is to bo owned by the state and leased only
for wharves , etc. , under such regulations as
the state may enact.
UiHinarok Matters. ,
BISMAHCK , August 13. It is now pretty
safe to predict that the convention will stand
firm and that the public institutions will bo
located as agreed , leaving tbo capital ut Bis-
marclc and locating the ether institutions in
accordance with the report of the committee.
It is now scon that the &JO.OOO appropriated
by congress will fall far short of defraying
the expenses of the convention. The deficit ,
to be paid by the territory will Teach a least
Helena' * ) Day.
HELENA , Mont. , August 13. The conven
tion adopted the article on state institutions.
In the afternoon session it passed the propo
sition by which all county officers will have
to bo re-elected. The vote was strictly par
tisan , as the democrats hope to strengthen
their state ticket with county nominations.
The Senate Conrc Finds Him Guilty
of Conspiracy.
PAIIIS , August 13. Upon the opening of
the senate court to-day the members of the
right declined to take further part in the
proceedings in the case of General Bou-
langor. The court discussed at length its
course of proceeding , and its competency to
try General Boulungor was finally decided
by a vote of 301 to 7 that the court was com
petent to try the general on all the counts of
the indictment. Two senators refrained
from voting. The court then by 300 votes
found Boulnngor guilty of conspiracy. Six
senators did not voto. The court found
Count Dillon and M. Rochofort guilty of
complicity in tbo plot. It also decided by a
vote of 108 to 10 that Boulanger was guilty
of a treasonable attempt against the state In
connection with the Lyons depot incident.
Emperor Joseph Banqueted.
BERLIN , August 13. A banquet was given
at Schloss this evening to the emperor of
Austria. Emperor William , of Germany , In
a toast , warmly welcomed the Austrian em
peror and said , "My people , Hko the army ,
will hold llrmly and faithfully to the alliance
which wo have concluded. Tno army unoxvs
that for the maintenance of pcaco it will
have to Join the gallant army of Austria , nnd
if providence so decrees , they will fight to-
gothcr shoulder to shoulder. " Emperor
Francis Joseph returned thanks for the
brilliant reception given him.
Forsor Collom Waives Examination ,
MINNEAPOLIS , August 13 , The case of J.
Frank Collom , the young attorney who is
charged with the forgery of a largo amount
of paper , was called for preliminary hearing
ing la the municipal court to-day. Examina
tion was waived and the case now gees to
the grand Jury. The bail was this morning
reduced from $110,000 to Wl.OOO , which it is
expected will bo furnished by Collom's
At n Into hour to-night Collom sucooodod
in securing the necessary $50,000 and is now
at liberty.
Bold Work ol * Robbers.
NEW YOHK , August 1& At 1130 ; this
morning two men entered a broker's oulco
In the Arcade building , on Broadway. Ono
of the men drew a pistol and aimed it at the
Broker's head. Considerable money was
lying on the floor , some of which they took ,
and then left. The broker immediately gave
the alarm and summoned aid , Ono of the
men was soon after arrested and taken to the
station , but the other escaped.
The Ulnok Diamond BuslncH * .
OTTAWA , Ont. , August 13 , The depart
ment of the fisheries has received a copy of
the written Instructions given by tno com
mander of the United States revenue cutter
Rush to the prize officer who was placed on
board the schooner Black Diamond when
she was seized iu Hearing sea.
The Russian Minister' * Wife Dead.
WASHINGTON , August 13. A telegram has
been received at the Russian legation an
nouncing the death of Mine. Do St. Stuvo ,
wlfo of the Russian minister to the United
States , at their country resldedoo , Kiol-
tuarky , near St. Petersburg.
The Cherokee Commission ,
TAHLKQUAII , I. T. , August 13. The
Cherokee commission hold a session to-day
and decided to visit the Choyonnes aad Ara-
polices and ascertain what term * can bo
made with thorn for their Interest in tbo
Cherokee lands.
Another I'ontmnster in Trouble.
WASUINQTON , August 13. Complaint has
been filed with the civil service commission
against Postmaster Aukimy , of Minneapolis ,
Minn , , charging him with making illegal ap
pointment * .
3 HO
Iowa Grand Enthusl-
; j nny Mon -
aflttd for Hull.
via a
. , > a -
JIij _
The HciMiblloan Convention IV 111
ProlmbljHo the tinniest mill
Most Interesting ' the
The Iowa Convention.
DBS MOINES , la. , August 13. - | Special
Telegram to Tun BEE. I The city is full
of strangers to-night , who hare coma to at ]
tend the republican state convention to-mor
row. The attendance Is the largest over
known , owing to the three-cornered light for
governor. The hotel lobbies nro paclcud with
o surging crowd , while the claims and mer
its of the several candidates are bolnif dis
cussed. ifis apparent that the Hull men
uavo the most enthusiasm , and they nro evi
dently carrying the crowil with them. The
Grand Army men are largely for him , and
they nro A shouting kind. Mr. Wheeler , the
candidate of the farmers , just about holds
his oiyn , though some think ha has been
lobiiiR ground to-day. The great obstacle
in hii wny is the fact that he was uot a union
soldier , xvhilo the other candidates wero.
For eighteen years past every other gover
nor tins boon a soldier. Governor Larrabeo
is a civilian , and the soldiers claim that it Is
their turn now , as they don't want four nioro
years of civilian rule. If Mr. Wheeler had
been a soldier ho would bo nominated with
out question , for ho has the farmers at his
back pretty generally , slnco ho Is a bonanza
farmer himself.
Senator Alli on Is hero getting acquainted
with the new mou in Iowa politics , for the
senator oxpccvs to bo re-olcutod next winter
for his fourth term. His roommate is Con
gressman Hondorson , of his own town
( Dubuque ) , who thinks ho has a peed chanca
to bo Speaker Henderson next whiter.
Nearly till the Iowa congressmen are nero ,
taking a hand in the fray. There are u good
many now men , but not BO many as last
year , when the grangers captured the con
vention bodily. The situation late to-nlcht
Is this : Hull and Wheeler will start with
about the same number of votes , somewhere
from 450 to 4TO. Hutchison will have about
225 to start with , and -tho rest will bo scat
tering. If Hutchison can hold his strength
ho has a good chance of winning. If bis dol-
egutcs break away from him they will bo
more liable to go to Hull : so that the chances
favor the nomination of ono or the other of
the soldiers , Hull or Hutchison. Little at
tention Is paid to the lieutenant governor
ship. It may bu given as consolation stakes
to one of the losers of the first race.
A l.nst.xril at
MASON CITV , la. , August 13. [ Special Tel
egram to Tun U..1..J A dastardly crltncjwas
committed near Nora Springs yesterday.
Charles I. Galnes had been working for Mr.
Plorco on his farm. About a month ago ho
forced Miss Ani.u Biorce , aged twelve years ,
to yield to hlsj lustful desires , and under
threats to take her Ufa if she told her pa
rents , ho has succeeded several times since
in accomplishing his purpose. The fact became -
came known yesterday , and hna it not been
for the vigilance o ( tha ofllcers the fiend
would have suffe'rcd from the hands of an in
furiated people. About 10 o'clock last night
Gaines escapedfrOni ( the ofllcnrs ana is now
at largo. Officers nro searching for him. Ho
is short in stature , ! of sandy complexion , one
finger on his right..Band is missing , and the
the initials "C.ifl. G. " are tattooed on his
right arm.
v ; " i'li
The Tenth Annual Munlcol Festival.
CLKAI. LAKE : la. , August 13. [ Special
Telegram to Tut'BEE. ! I The Tenth annual
musical festival , jjwiji hold hero to-night. The
attendance was.lap e. It is under the man
agement of C.-S. Leslie , of Chicago. On the
appearance of Miss Geanio Baldwin , the
leading soloist of the state , she was greeted
with storms of applauso. The other soloists
present are : Mary D. Hall , Ada Hamos , Mr.
Kedstono , Mrs. W. D. Allen , Agnes Bald
win , Nellie Watson , Mrs. E. S. Burwoll ,
Grace Drokoly , Allco Merrill , Mr. Raymond ,
Eolia Carpenter , Earl S. Burroll , J. W. Wat
son and W. G. Bissoll. The Schumann lady
quartette , of Chicago , and the Fullerton
Brothers quartette , of Rockford , are present.
More Evictions ,
Fonr DODOB , la. , August 13. [ Special
Telegram to THE BBB. ] J. H. Pearsons ,
a-font for Rogers' Locomotive works' landed
interests in Iowa , left to-day for Earlville to
servo thirty days' notice to leave upon forty
settlers who have squatted on lands there.
All settlers remaining on lands after that
will bo summarily ejected. No trouble is an
Murder of an Innocent.
DAVUNPOUT , la. , August 18. [ Special Tel
egram to Tun BEE.J The body of a femnlo
child was taken from the river hero to-day.
The infant's head had boon enveloped in a
sack , and it hands tied to its side before it
was drowned. There is no clue to the par
ents or murderer.
A Track Walker Injured.
AVOCA , la , , August 13. | Special to THE
Bun. ] This morning a young man aged
about twenty-two years , was found under
the cast railroad bndgo on tbo edge of town.
He was unconcious from a cut on the head ,
received In fulling. SIuco ills recovery to
coiiclousiioss he states that ho was walking
along the track when a train struck him ,
knocking him off or through the bridge. Ho
Is an Englishman , and has bcnn in this
country but a little over three months. Ho
was tramping it to Chicago.
Minnesota's Blent Inspection Law
Knocked Out.
DULUTII , Minn.August 13. At the ses
sion of the Minnesota lOBlslaturo last winter
ono of the most Important measures was the
celebrated meat inspection law providing for
tbo inspection of cattle on the boot before
slaughter , which was thought to bo a good
way to help tboso farmers in this state who
were in the cattle raising business , and to
encourage the slaughtering of cattle within
the borders of the stato. It was also u blow
at Armour's business iu Chicago. Yesterday
Alf. F. Christian ! , the local manager of
Aimour , uctlnK'urider ' orders from the head
oftico at Chicago began selling Chicago
dressed meatssnore. Ho WAS at once ar
rested and llnod'CW ' ) . Ha refused to pay the
fine , and when the case came up in the dis
trict court to-day o.n a habeas corpus , both
Judges Steam and ; ' Ensltm hold that the law
was plainly uudmii-tltutloaal , Infringing both
on the rights of Intor-stato commerce and of
trade , and ordoredithoreloaso of Christian.
mitt -fl O '
Dlsaitroui.v'lro at Trualcce.
TUUCICEE , Caj''j ' A'ugust 13.-rA disastrous
flro occurred jjfstjirday } ; afternoon , burning
the American hotftl , livery stable , Methodist
and Catholic churches , two schoolhouscs ,
lumberyard , Goad Templars' hall aud thirty
dwellings. Many , families are rendered
homeless. The JOsa Is about $70,000. if.i
Will you suffer with dyspepsia and
liver complaint1 ! Shlloh'a Vittvlizor Is
guaranteed to euro you.
Gorerrion Thoypp > WITo Inrprovlne ,
FUAXKUK , Mass. , August 18. The wlfo
of Governor Tbayer , of Nebraska , who is
stopping at Bcllagham with friends , has
been seriously ill. During the past fovv
days sbo has gained strength , and the gov
ernor will not corao east at present If her
condition continues favorable.
13. O. Glllott , of Purdy , Mo. , says Swift's
Specific cured him of eczema on his limb *
and body. Ho took only two small bottlat.
Candidates For the Law's Vengeance.
NB\V YOHK , August 13. Mrs. Hannah
Poarstoln , charged with abducting fourteen
year-old Ida Harris , and flvo young men who
were charged with assaulting her , wore ar
raigned iu court to-day and held without
ball for examination
A Kavr I'lmso of the Grntn Slinrtngo
Cnso nt llnfTnlo.
Bumi.o , 'Ni Y. , August 13. The grain
shortage case of Sherman Bros , is Co. has
now assumed n now and interesting phase ,
criminal proceedings having boon instituted.
Edward C. Hawks , vice president of the In
ternational Elevating company nna ono ol
the losers by the operations of Shornmn
Bros. & Co. , yesterday sworn out criminal
warrants ugalnst Stephen F. Sherman , man
ager of the associated elevators , and Edward
0. Lovrldgo , liis assistant. The warrants
were four in number , ono charging Sherman
and Lovrldgo Jointly with grand larceny hi
thp drat degree , and the three others charg
ing Stephen F. buorman individually with
violation of sections 02:3 : and 023 of the Donal
rode. Both man were arrested last evening.
It was nearly noon when the case of
Stephen F. Sherman reached the pollco
court. Sherman was arraigned on the
clmrgo of grand Inrcony la. the first degree ,
in having stolen and converted to his own
use 2,270 bushels of wheat , of the value of
§ 1,01)0 ) , from the Luke Shore Elevating com
pany. Ho pleaded not euilty and waived
examination. Ho was arraigned on the
ohargo of having sold and delivered to un
known parties 3,230 bushels of wheat
for which warehouse receipts had
been issued as depository , without canceling
such receipts. A third and fourth clmrgo of
n similar nature were also preferred. To all
the charges the defendant pleaded not guilty
and waived examination. Ho was then hold
to answer , and committed to jail In default
of ball. It should Do explained that this
notion was taken owing to the fact that pollco
Justices cannot take bail In oases where the
penalty Is over five years , except to hear at
his own court for further examination. From
an ofllclal source it was learned that the total
shortage nt the different elevators amounts
to ? ; J7SOQO. The value of the elevator stock
recovered is $200,000 , so that the loss to bo
mot by the elevator owners Is $175,000.
Lovorldgo was not arraigned , but simply
committed ; to Jail for further examination ,
as in his case Justice King can tauo ball
when he is ready to furnish it.
The Bleu Who Wn.nt Olllccs and Tholr
HunoN , S. D. , August 13.-r- | Special to Tnn
BrK. ] There was a political upheaval in
UrooIcings this week. It has boon the homo
of Delegate Mnthews for ton years , and up
to this year ho has always carried his town
when ho sought preferment , but at the city
primary on the 8th his ticket received Oil
votes , whllo that of the opposition got 219.
Those who won then aver that they will
have no difficulty In carrying the county
against him. If they do so , and tholr word
is credible , Mr. Mnthows will go no further.
Ho will bo out of too race. The causa of his
downfall Is attributed to the hostility of the
Farmers' alliance.
Of the 134 delegates elected to the repub
lican state convention , 118 favor the nomi
nation of Governor Mollotto for governor.
Tlio alliance selected Hon. J. H. Fletcher as
their candidate for the nomination , but ho
declined to in alto the race against Mollctto ;
hence the latter has no opponent , nnU his
nomination Is generally conceded.
Hon. J. A. I'atton , of Miner county , is a
favorite with the alliance , and ono ot tholr
strongest leaders. Ho was called "Prime
Minister Patten" in the last legislature be
cause of his powerful influence in organizing
the legislature and shaping legislation. The
alliance now puts him forward as their man
for the nomination of lieutenant governor.
It is believed ho will be nominated by ac
clamation , for there is no other name men
tioned in connection with this olllco.
D. W. Diggs , ot Grant county , is the lead
ing candidate of the alliance for treasurer.
Ho is ono of the most honorable gentlemen
in the entire state , has always stood for di
vision in an anti-division section of the state :
and although ho is a banker he has never
been a usurer. His political stock is above
par.It is difficult to predict who will bo the
nominees for congress. There are four
active candidates , Gilford , McCoy , Gamble
and PicKler. To thcso the alliance adds C.
H. Myers , of Suink county , and C. V. Gard
ner , of the Black Hills. Myors is a very
capable and worthy gentleman , but is dolne
nothing for the nomination : Gardner cannot
carry his own county. Pickler is favored by
the Alliance. The other three gentlemen are
better known than these , and there are some
circumstances In tholr favor which the others
have not.
Judge Moody and Mr. Pottigrow arc vir
tually the only names mentioned for United
States senators.
How Mitchell County Goos.
MITCHELL , S. D. , August IS. [ Special to
TUB BEB.J Delegates to the republican
county convention , whloh Is to bo held Au
gust 17. were chosen in Davison county last
Saturday , The caucuses were largely at
tended and were enthusiastic , developing a
unanimity of sentiment in favor of Judge A.
J. Edcrorton as a candidate for United States
senator ; and so far as the forthcoming legis
lative nominations were concerned the chief
issue was the choslng of delegates who were
loyal to Edgerton. The entire county dele
gation without exception are staunch sup
porters of the ox-chlof justice. Strong reso
iutlons were passed nt the city caucus in
structing delegates to support men for legis
lative honors whoso fidelity to Edgorton are
Denied the Application.
CHICAGO , August 10. At a meeting of the
Western Freight association to-day , the ap
plication of the Chicago , St. Paul & Kansas
City for authority to establish the same rates
between St.Paul and southern Missouri river
points that are in effect between Chicago and
tlioso points , was the principal subject of dis
cussion , General Manager Egan making a
strong argument in support of his company's
position , Thu application , however , was defeated -
featod by a decided majority. Eairan an
nounced that hu would avail himself of the
privileges afforded and cave formal notice
of his intention to put the rates into effect
at the expiration of ton days ; thereupon
some other managers appealed the case to
Chairman Walker , which will prevent the
road from taking any action until the case
has been hoard and decided by the chairman ,
A Negro Rruro Lynolind.
AIICIIDBEN , Mass. , August IS. Monday
night a negro named Bowoii , employed on
Charles Moore's farm , ulno miles from this
ulaco , entered tbo room occupied by Mrs ,
Moore , her daughter and a nieeo. Bowen
attempted to assault the niece , but her
screams awoke the other occupants of the
room and ho lied. Before noon ho was ar
rested and handed over to a justice of the
peaco. The entire neighborhood congre
gated , took Uowcn from the custody ot the
ofilcors uud strung him up by tbo neck on
the public road no r where the assault was
A Pointer Mr. W. HI Collins Is a
Kansas City druggist who lins in ado the
buB.nosB a BuccoBsund IB now solo owner
of ono of the llnost drug stoics in the
west nnd enjoys a largo pntronuffo. IIo
says : "Notfrom a llnuncinl standpoint ,
but on Its merits , I candidly iirnl cheer
fully recommend Gluuiiborluiii'a Colic ,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It IB
ono of the few preparations I huvo
found an extensive sale for Bololy on
their merits. "
HIlO Btolo IliH Honrt Too.
JEUSEV Cirr , August 13. Marie Uo.o
Babiich was sentenced to two years' impris
onment for burglary , and will soon bo taken
to states prison. She , on the ova of her
wedding , entered her employer's residence
and stele three dresses for u trousseau. She
was to have married William Kaufman.
Last night Kaufman secured tbo services of
Justice AWridgo and they wont to the county
jail , where Miss Hablloh was made Mrs.
Tramnu Capture a Train.
RKADINO , Pa. , August 13. Late last night
fifteen tramps jumped on the Hooding rail
road coal train below this city , near a point
> vhoro two of the railway officials where recently -
contly dangerously ( hot. The tramp * cut
the train iu three parts , which act was only
discovered iu tlmo to provout another train
train runalntf luio the first train , The rail
road jxillco officers anil a squad of the city
pollco were called out , but when they ar
rived on the hcono the tramps had flod. Then
it was discovered that they had rifled the
rear caboose , the brakomnn being seized ami
rendered powerless to prevent the robbery.
Similar outrages recently l.nvo boon fro-
Texas rover I'rc.onutlotis.
WASHINGTON , August 13. Secretary Husk
lias found It necessary to supplement his cir
cular letter of lost July , prescribing regula
tions and rules for disinfection In the trans
portation of cattle from the Texas fever dis
trict , with an additional .order referring par
ticularly to the special precautions neces
sary to prevent any possibility of the Infec
tion of cattle selected for export. To-day an
additional order was issued to the manage
ments and agents of the railroad transporta
tion companion of the United States supple
mental to that of July , in regard to cleaning
and disinfecting cars and pens whloh have
been occupied by cattle liable to splenic
FAinnnu > , Neb , August in. Special Tel
egram to Tun BHR. ] A notable wedding oc
curred nt the First Baptist church of this
place this evening at 0 o'clock. Dr. S.Terry ,
of Chicago , was married to Miss Mamie Har
rington , daughter of A. T. Harrington , of
this nity , Rev. L. W. Terry , brother ot the
groom , assisted by Rov. Clnpp , a local pas
tor , officiating. The church was beautifully
decorated with flowers for the occasion.
The. hnppy couple loft Immediately after the
ceremony for Grand Island , where they will
bo tendered n reception by Rov. Terry to
morrow. They will tlion go directly to their
futuio homo in Chicago.
Two Morn Johnstown Victims.
JOHNSTOWN , Pa. , August in. On the average -
ago there have boon two bodies found every
day during the past week. There nro un
doubtedly great numbers in the collars all
over the town , and at the present rate of
clearing up they will not bo oxhiunod this
year. The two bodies recovered to-day have
been Identified as Mr. Evan Hughes and Miss
Borth.1 Styar. The trunk of Florence Mas-
soy. of Sun Francisco , was taken clmrgo of
to-day by the Pennsylvania railroad author
Resigned In
WiS'Nii'Ea , Man. , August 13. Hon. J. E.
Prondorgast. provincial secretary and the
solo representative In the Qroonway govern
ment of the French speaking poonlo of Man
itoba , has resigned , owing to the expressed
doterminatlou of hlscolloagos to introauco
legislation ut the next term of the legislature
abolishing the use of the French language
iu public printing and doing away with sop
aruto Catholic schools.
If you suiTcr pricking pains on mov
ing tlio eyes , or cannot boar bright
light.iind Him your sight weak nnd fall
ing , you should promptly use Dr. J. H.
McLean's Strengthening Eye Salve. 2o
cents a box.
HASTINGS , Nob. , Aug. 13. | Special to THB
BEE. ] Congressman Laird's condition is
improving. Ho receives "visiting states
men" from various parts of the district from
morning till late every night and Is said to
bo doing a great deal of work. Mr. Laird
says that in case President Harrison calls un
extra session of congress for October , ho will
bo in his seat.
The Wontner Forecast.
For Omaha and vicinity : Fair weather.
For Nebraska : Fair , except showers In the
western portion ; cooler in western portion ;
stationary temperature in nastorn portion ;
variable winds.
For Iowa : Generally fair ; slight changes
in temperature ; northerly winds.
For Dakota : Fair ; warmer in northern
and southern portions ; stationary temperature
turo in southwestern portion ; variable
Steamship Arrivals.
At Now York The Nevada , from Liver
pool , and the State of Nebraska , from Glas-
At Copenhagen The Poland , from Now
At London Sighted : The City of Paris ,
From Now York for Liverpool ; the Gallcrt ,
from New York for Hamburg.
At Antwerp The i-'eiinsylvanla , from Now
Anothrr Ocean Kcoord Broken.
NEW Yomc , August 13. A cublo dispatch
announces the arrival at Quccnstown of the
steamship City of Pans , which passed Sandy
Hook at 4:05 p. m. on Wednesday. Her
Lime , 5 days , 83 hours and 40 minutes , boats
lior previous record , and is the Dost eastern
record by forty-nmo minutes.
llnrrlsou Invited to Cincinnati.
CINCINNATI , August 18. The chamber of
commerce to-day appointed n committee of
llfteon tci invite President Harrison to visit
Cincinnati on the occasion of his trip to In
dianapolis during this month.
The Sacred Heart ucadomy , for day
pupils , situated on St. Mary's avenue
and Twenty-seventh streets , is an insti
tution devoted to the moral and intel
lectual education of young girls. The
course includes everything from a pre
paratory department to a finished
classical education. Besides the ordi
nary academical course , music , paint
ing , drawing and the languages are
taught. French is included in the or
dinary courso.
DilVorenco of religion is no obstacle
to the receiving of pupils , provided
they conform to the general regulation
of the school. The scholastic term be
gins the first Tuobday of September.
JInsscs conimonco at 0 n. in. , and are
dismissed at ' ! :30 : p. m. , an hour for
recreation being allowed 'at noon.
I'otcotivo Koilly Baak'F'rom Chill.
NEW Youir , August 1 ! ) . Detective Rollly ,
; ho member of Inspector Byrnes' force who
went to Chili a year ago to bring back Clerk
Busbucll , who embezzled $30,000 , worth of
stock from the Wall street lawyers , Butler ,
itallman & Hubbard , ton years ago , re
turned to this city on the.stoamshlp Colon at
iioon to-day without his prisoner. Bushnull
escaped in Peru In transit. Rollly refused
absolutely to speak about the case before ho
had soon his chief.
fipoonct-ClnsH Tlokotn
Via the Northern Pacific H. R. , allow
tbo holders tbo privilege of stopping
over at Spokane Falls , Wash. , and ail
points west of tlim-o. Tbo Northern
Pacific is the only line traversing
Washington Territory from cast to went
nnd north to south. Rates from Omaha
jind Council Bluffs to all points on the
North Pacific coast arq as low via tbo
Northern Pacific tw any otbor line.
Sovcrn Storm ut llolyoko.
HOI.VOKB , Colo. , August 13. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BL'II , | During on electrical
storm hero this morning the lightning struck
the city city hall , doinollshig a largo portion
of the roar eud of the building , In the evening -
ing a heavy rain and wind storm passed ever
the city , blowing down the Gordon stables
and doing much damage to smaller buildings.
A Town Founder Dnadt
Sui'Eiiiou , Wis. , August 1 ! ) . { Ion. W , II.
Newton died this morning frnm injuries re
ceived by a fall from u buggy three days
a/o. IIo has boon n resident of this uity
since Ib53 , nnd was the man who laid out the
original town slto of Superior.
Hundred > ! on BtrlKo.
PlTtsnuno ( August 18 , Seven nundrod
men wont out on u strike at Phillip Minnlok
& Co. * s stag mill this afternoon , bouausa they
were requested to work with non-union men.
Carpets , Ftlrnltiirn and Drupcrlc4
all mudo to harmonize.
Tbo boat stock in Omuluv , and make
, bo lowest prices.
Every department full ana complete.
CIIAB , SWYUmcK & Co ,
Whab a Olilongo Physician Thlulco
of the Elixir of Llfo.
A 1'oworfnl Imagination liroitirht to
Ilonr on A Dose or Milk and
Wntor 1'rmlucRfl Aston
ishing llcsulto.
Alt Imagination.
CniOAoo , August 13. [ Special Telegram
to Tun BUR. ] The physicians of Chicago
do not scorn to bo of ono mind In regard to
the merits of lr. ) Brown-Soqnard's now
elixir of ; life. " 1 can't ' say that I linvo very
much faith In the chxlr , " said Dr. John A ,
Benson. "I hnvo boon using It for some
time , and , to toll the truth , it does not seem
to me that there is much to it. But I don't
say there Is nothing In It , for 1 bollovo in
giving everything a fair show , nnd I niu not
disposed to condemn a theory before it has
been fairly put in practice. But in npcaltini *
as I do , I have reference merely to my own
experiments. "
"Then you have used the elixir In your
practice 1" the doctor was asued.
"Oh , yes , I have already made a good
many experiments with It , mid it is from the
result of thorn that I dcrlvo the opinions I
give you. "
"And did none of the persons you treated
fool the rejuvenating effect of the fluid In
jected1 ? '
"Well , when the patient know what I had
been doing ho fell better or thought ho did.
So far , however , It has boon my observation
that the person treated noticed the good
effect only when ho or she know what had
bean done. This being true , It gees n
long way toward proving that the
Imagination has n good deal to do with ; this
olixir. However , I think It may bo that In
the case of most persons the iluld has the ef
fect of a stimulant , nnd for the tlmo being it
may strengthen thorn , but it doesn't nppoar
that Its effect will bo lasting. Ono or two
things have struck mo as being vary extra
ordinary , supposing that the elixir has the
properties claimed for It. Ono of my cases
was that of nn old gentleman who was very
Infirm. I told him I would experiment on
him. Accordingly I wont to his house. In
stead of nillng the syrlngo with the fluid I nut
milk and water Into it aud Injected
that into the old man's system. Now
believe mo when I sny the old gentleman
told mo an hour later ho felt much bettor ,
and for n day or two ho insisted ho never
foil so well in tils lifo. I told him what I
had done , and since that tlmo ho has thought
himself a great deal stronger than ho had
been for years. I have not the least doubt
that ho felt bettor , but It. was imagination
that accomplished it all , and not the milk
and water injected into his system. "
Dr. Charles Gilan Smith said that ho
thought it very possible that there was some
thing in the discovery , "and , " said ho , "it is
very possible that there is nothing m it. I
myself have not made any experiments with
the elixir , but 1 have road much and thought
much about the matter. It Is
absurd for us to think wo
have already made the valuable discoveries
that can bo made , and that this theory is no
good simply because it is now. In talking
with those who have made experiments and
in my reading I have found many different
opinions. Some doctors are favorable to the
elixir , and others are against it. I think ,
however , that the majority of doctors nro
inclined to condemn the elixir. As to the
real value of Dr. Brown-Seciuard's discov
ery , I can not apoaU positively. "
The Kllxir Failed to Work.
PuiLAUKLrnu , August 13. Two reporters
who subjected themselves out of curiosity to
the Brown-Soquard elixir nt the Mcdl.o-
Chlrurgical hospital yesterday , are both laid
up to-day , and ono of them is considerably
alarmed about his condition. Ho was com
pelled to keep his bed to-day with high fovor.
pains in bis head , a painful confusion of
ideas and severe pains m tha groin and' ' its
Bcechnm's Pillscuro bilious and nervous ill
The Ancient Oriler of Foresters.
MINNEAPOLIS , August 18. The subsidiary
high court of the Ancient Order of Foresters
of the United States was called to order in
Harmonia hall this morning by the high sub
sidiary chief ranger , M. Colbert , of Chicago.
The morning's session was devoted to the'
presentation of the credentials of the COO
delegates present.
The companion Foresters , or the fourth
degree of Forestry , mot In supreme conclave
this morniirg. One hundred and llftccu dele
gates were present. This order is composed
of the wives and lady friends of the Foroat-
Is now the rate via the Northern Pa
cific railroad from Omaha and Council
Bluffs to all north Pacific coast points ,
including Portland , Tacoma and Seat
tle. Through tickets are on sale via
this route daily. This is tbo only line
running through the eastern and cen
tral portions of Washington Territory.
Stop-overs are given on Northern Pa
cific second-class tickets at nil points in
Hood's SarsapnrlllQ is sold by all drug
gists. 81 ; six for W , Prepared by 0. I. Hood
Co. , Ixjwull Musi. IIo Bum tQKOt llno.U. ,
Vitality and Vlpor are qnlclcly t'lvon tra
every part of the body by HuoJ's HarsapnrlHa
Tliiu tlruil feeling Is entirely orcrcoinu , thu
blood Is purlllui ) , vnrlcnud and vitalized , thu
stomach In t n d and struimthenod. the umietlto
rustored thu kidneys and liver Invigorated , thu
brain refreshed , the \vholo system built up. Try
Hood's Harsapurilla now.
Hood's Snrsanarlllfiusold by druggists
Prepared byU , I , Hood & Co. , Lowell , Maim.
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