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tTho Paramour of Mra. Maybrlok
Ooueonta to nn IntorvloWt
A. Fnlso Fomnlo Frlcml , Wlio Wns
Herself In Love AVUli Ilrlcrly , Now
Darkly Hinted At August
SO tlio Fntnl Dny.
A Much MnllRticd Mitn.
tCopjrlaMJames / ) Oonlon fl > mett.1
LivitnPooLAugu tl2. | Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tun HUB. ] For the first
time slnco ho became nubllclv identified na
Mrs. Maybrlck's ' paramour , Albert Briorlji
talked to-day , knowing that his statement
would appear In print. Brlcrly Is tall nnJ
Blonder , about thirty-eight years old. His
face Is sallow and clearly cut. Ho wears a
light moustache nnd pointed chin board ,
Upon meeting tlio Herald correspondent
Briorly promptly refused to make a state
mcnt for the nubile. It was suggested tlm' '
thcro wns not much time to waste , n , If hi
coultt do anything In Mrs. Mnvbrlck's behalf
ho must do It before the Uoih , ttio date ol
her execution. Ho said ho had beet
silent for fear of Injuring Mrs. Mnybrlclt
nnd would not talk now unless ho though
It would benefit her. Ho talked with uiuc !
earnestness. At times h sat at a desk am
strode up and down. Ho said :
'I have boon maligned , persecuted am
misjudged In every way. It has broken uj
my business and will cause mo to leave thl
city , but lama man , and I have made n
complaint. I only dcslro that the torribl
misfortunes of the woman , whoso treatment
mont 1ms been scarcely fair , ma ;
not bo further increased througl
inu. Before the llrst proceeding
ngalnst Mrs , Maybrick were Instituted o
talked of I had arranged for u vacation In th
shape of n tour about the Mediterranean ,
bad made my preparations without a though
that any trouble was coming to her , for
had no expectations or suspicions of any
This is evident by Itself in n letter from in
to her which was quoted In court , In whlo !
letter 1 said that I was going away. Th
last Interview I had with Mrs. Maybrick wa
on April 0. Between our meeting in Londoi
on March SI nnd this interview I tmtl sec
her only once , and that was at the Gram
National mooting. I wish you would mak
n note of that and let people Judu
how far those thrco meeting !
n long time previous to Mr. Maybrick
death , Justify the . .perpetual assumpllonta
through the trial and particularly by th
Judge that she mil 1 wore on the close :
terms of Intimacy and hand In hand , so t
speak , In the whole mutter. However , tli
moment that I hoard that she was thrcatcnc
with trouble I abandoned my trip. I notlflc
Messrs. Ceaver nnd Sir Charles Kusscll tin
I was entirely in their hands , though I wi
of the opinion nnd , I presume , that the
were that , being an interested party , m
statements would not have the value the
wcro entitled to. I also prepared a stati
inent mid certified to it for use should it b
needed in the trial. I remained all throup
the case and" was not called. I was ready o
any time. "
"When did you llrst meet Mrs. Maybrick }
"I met her once or twice during last yec
in this city. It was merely u distant ai
quniiitunccship , however , up to last Noven
ber. "
"Did you hnvomany interviews with her ?
"Very few. "
"Did you over go on any Journeys t
gctuor excepting a trip to London ) "
"No , that was the only tiino wo were ev <
nway together. "
"Who Buefiosted that trip ! "
"I dccllno to state. I must refer you t
the evidence adduced in court. "
"Had you any uhdorstuuding when yo
parted from each other in London 1"
"Yes , wo had a distinct understanding. I
the first place , that nothing of the sort at :
by that I mean mooting in London or othi
places away from home was over to occu
again. " .
"Did you have any understanding that an
meetings wore to take ploco at horaol"
"Nono whatever. On the contrary v
parted in London as if wo wore never
meet again. You can readily undorstat
that I cannot speak as freely as I could wisl
I am not thinking of myself in the tnutto
but of her. "
"Did you have nny understanding abet
"Yes , it was distinctly understood that vi
were not to correspond. It was agreed tlm
she would not write unless she got into at
complications in consequence of our Journey
If she aid she was to lot mo know. I to
you this because I wish you to undcrstnn
that ( ho extent of our acquaintance and tli
depth of our Intlmuoy has been most ui
warrautodly overestimated , both to Her ii
Jury and mlno. "
"When did you next see her after the tr
"i the Grand National , nnd when nfti
tlmfyfiha caino to sou me , a few days uftu
wards , she came to tell mo about her husbai
boating her and dragging her about the root
.It was brought out in the ovldonuo. That
the last interview I ever had with hor. Tin
was April 0. "
' Have you any opinion to express , fro
your knowledge of affairs , concerning h
"I iio not know as it would bo wise to o :
press them r.t the present time. "
"Io you think tlioro will bo any botti
time than Urn present ! "
"Perhaps not. Well , then , there nro Iv
tilings which I feel inclined to suy , and thi
are these ; In the first plnca I am of tl
opinion that a great deal of unnecessary an
uncalled for Injury has boon done her. As
defendant in court , on trial for her life , an
entitled to the utmost degree to u fa
hearing , I think the Judge laid umicceasni
and unfair stress on the motive , Tl
"John" business was an error from begi
plug to end. It told terribly ngalnst he
The letters frc"i ' 'John" were perfectly I
nocenl loiters. It was tSs view the ] ud |
took of It that made it toll so heavily 6T. t1
Jury. This Is simply my belief , of cours
but If the truth over comes out from the goi
tlciuan himself it will bo fully ban
out by him. And furthermore , I ot
not keep from blaming the Jud |
for big unauthorized nud stated assumptlc
that the intimacy between Mrs. Maybrlc
nnd myself , which ended on March 31 las
was In progress during ull Iho period whic
the trial covered. "
"Hiw your statement , made this uiornln ;
covered tlio ground i"
' 'Yoj , this ground and more , I have place
It In the hands of her solicitors tot present
lion to the Uomo secretary , "
The most important part of M
Briorly's statement 1s thus made i
lomothlng which appears not i
but between the lines. The curious fac
imd strungo motives which underlie this ca
from beginning to end are something urnu
tag , and the half has not been told. Oi
thing is certain , however , nnd that is thnt it
Mrs. Mnybnek is executed she will hnvo
been done to death by n woman. I atn la
possession of certain facts which throw a
very peculiar side llcht on Briorly's state
ment regarding the domestic qunrrol which
followed the Grand National. It was caused
by a woman , and that woman wns
herself In love with Brlorly ,
nnd it was she who , through
Maybrick , made the trouble. She was o
near rotative of a woman who constituted
herself n public proscculior before May-
brick's death , nnd to that end was a most
skilled traitress to Mrs. Maybrick during all
he tlmo of the proceedings , in which the
alter gave her full confidence.
Baroness Von Koguo gave the Herald cor
respondent n letter , in which she thanks the
press for Us efforts la behalf of her "unhappy
child. "
Tlio Famous Inventor Ilccclvo * n Very
Warm Welcome.
[ Cnpi/rWit issa liy Jiimw Gnnion lltnncU.i
PAUIS , August 12. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tun BHK. | The Figarc
Ivcs the following glowing account of Edl-
son's first arrival oti European soil :
HAVUI : , August U , 0 n. m. La Bour
goyno , with Edison on board , was signalled
and u tender starts to meet hor. On board
thd tender were Charles Porges , president
of tlio Edison company ; A. Medea Vernes ,
oil let engineer of the company and man
ager of the Edison exhibit at the
Paris exhibition ; Alfred O. Late , Edlson'i
private secretary ; J. W. Hauler , A. B
Dickorson. his Chicago representative ; D.vo ,
his representative at Antwerp ; Major Flood
Page , Emll Duror , Ferdinand Dreyfus , ox-
Deputy Porges and several Journalists. Edi
son is seen waving his handkerchief as tin
tender approaches La Hourgayno. On board
Ing nnd after introductions the Figaro's cor
respondent invites Edison , in the namu o
the heads of the Figaro staff , to a solrco
to which the elite of the Paris sci
entitle world will bo bidden ii
his honor. Edison accepted the invltatloi
with pleasure , and to the question , "Hov
long will you stay in Paris ! " replied :
"About two weeks. After that I shal
visit London , Liverpool , und perhaps Rome
Milan and Vienna. I huvo come to Europe
not for business , but for rest. I want to so
the Eiffel tower. "
Several friends wcro Edison's passengers
Eugene H. Leris , Ills lawyer , and Mr. am
Mrs. Upton. The passengers cheeredhlino
leaving the bteatner. At Houcn Peter Wil
Hams , United States consul general , we !
coined Edison. At the St. Lazaro station
In Pari.- ( , the engineers of his company and
group of admirers were waiting to rccoiv
The Figaro concludes Us two and a hal
column article thus : "Never can a sufllcien
tribute of honor bo paid to him who , by th
telephone , transports speech from polo t
polo ; who , by a phonograph , repeats to ou
ears and hearts the blessed words of dea
dead ones , giving them to us with the charr
of their Intonation. Ho bos merited well o
ull countries. " !
Cycler Stevens' Wild Onoso Clmon.
ICnplrtoitSS9 / b\i \ James Gtinhin Heiui M
ZANZIHAII , August 13. fNow York Heral
Cable Special Jo Tun Biys.l Stevens , th
long distance cycler , wlio was sent list
Africa by a New York paper , has boo
heard from. Ho left hero some raontl
ago for the interior to discover the where
abouts of Stanley , and Is now returning
having utterly failed in his mission. H
managed to hook onto the largo caravan of Di
Abbott , wlio was sent into Africa by th
Smithsonian institute , of Washington , t
collect plants and Insects , and has been fo
lowing him about. These two lately rcachc
the borders of the Msal country , nnd Steven
in his last letter writes that ho considers th
Msal men "lino fellows. " The two explorci
did not , however , venture far into the Mss
land. The doctor prefers the hospitality c
King Mondarn at Kilimanjara , and is return
ing there to enjoy it while ho continue
his studios nnd completes his collection c
plants and insects. The cyclist , being uni
bio to venture further up the country will
out the doctor's Is coming back hero ,
regret to have to add that Stevens has dli
covered absolutely nothing of Stanley and i
returning to his point of departure ver ,
much crestfallen. Ho is expected to reac
the coast within a fortmlght if walking I
good und his strength holds out.
Wisseman , under pretense oflcscortlng 1 !
Wanlamlvazi , who have been working fc
him as porters , home to their country , is 01
ganizing an expedition to march o
Mpwapwa with a view to capturing Bushlr
Goiso , the man who recently a
caped from Mpwapwa when Bushii
attacked that station. Accompanyln
it , _ news has boon received tin
Stanley , In making for Kavirondo , on tt
cast of Nyanza lake , had met n white mat
probably a missionary , who wanted porton
and had given him some. Ho will make fo
Mombasla , but is not expected to reach tli
coast for some months.
General Uoulnnger's
PAIIIS , August 12. The Bonato court t (
day resolved itself Into a legislative chanibe
and on the advice of M. Devullo raised th
question of the court's competency to tr
General Boulanger. The president of th
senate { request the members to plodg
themselves to secrecy regarding the pr <
The members of the right refused to glv
the pledge of secrecy on the ground that u
the Indictment Imd been widely publlshc
they had right to publicly proclaim tlio :
orlnlon In the case. The right moved tha
thu court was Incompetent to try Gonen
Boulungor because Mm allegation's in tlio Ii
dlctmunt did not amount to treason Tli
motion was rejected bv u vote of 31" to &
The right afterwards mot and decided t
take no further part In tlie proceedings ,
Cuss County Old Settlors.
PI.ATTSMOUTII. Nob. , August 13. ( Spocli
to THE HUE. ] At a meeting hold at th
court house Saturday afternoon It was di
elded that old Bottlers of Cuss county wl
hold a reunion and barbecue ut the old fui
grounds west of town August 17 , The pn
gramme will consist of music , reminiscence
by old settlers and orations by Judge Sainui
Chapman , Hou , A. N , Sullivan and Hon. 1J
S Unuisoy. An ox will bo roasted on tli
grounds " ' 1 uu old-fashioned good time I
expected by everybody" .
Joseph and William Moor.
BKHLIN , August 12. Among the distil
gulshcd persons who met Emperor Francl
Joseph at the railway station were Coun
Herbert Blsuiurck , General Von Moltko mi
General Von Bluuiouthul , The meeting b (
twcon thu two emperors was of the uios
cordial character.
The Weather Forecast.
For Otnaha and vicinity Showers , fo !
lowed by fuir Weather.
Nebraska Showers , warmer in castor
and cooler in western portion , variable wind !
Iowa Showers , slightly wanner in wesi
era portion , stationary temperature in oas
crn , southerly wind * .
Dakota Light showcri , cooler In wester :
slightly warmer la eastern portion , variubl
General Brooke Arrlvoa There With
His Personal Stall.
The Present Gathering of Depirtmont
or the Platte Troopi Expected
to Kcmilt In. Much Benefit
State Now * .
The Knannipmcnt or Hairnlan.
FonT ROIHNSON , Neb , , Augunt 13. ' [ Spe
cial Telegram to TUB BER. ] The arrival of
General Brooke , commanding tha depart
ment of the Platte , his personal staff nnd the
BtufT of the department , who reached hero
this morning , may bo said to mark the begin
ning of the great encampment of the regular
army , which is to continue for a month In
Lhls vicinity. Active preparations have noon
In progress for weeks past at all the posts In
the department of the Platte , looking to the
concentration of troops at Camp George
Crook. As originally'planned , every com
pany of infantry nnd troop ot cavalry in the
department wns ordered to concentrate on
the military reservation of Fort Hoblnson
by August 20. Later orders detailed four
companies of the Second Infantry to attend
the militia encampment in Iowa , und still
later orders detailed the headquarters band
and six companies of the same regiment fern
n week's ' duty at the G. A. H. encampment
at Kearney. The latter will ultimately Join
the company hero , but will save some
soventy-ilvo miles of marching winch was >
laid out for them on the original plan. Even
with the deductions of necessary squads ,
ofllcers and surgeons loft at the various
posts to protect property during tno absence
of tha main commands , thcro will still
gather at Camp George Crook the
largest collection of ofllcora and
men for catnp duty which has boon
brought together slnco the days of the recon-
structton period. Counting in the troops
which will reach hero from Forts Douglas ,
Hobinson , Bridgcr , D. A. Russell , Sidney ,
Omaha , Nlobrara , McKinney nnd Wiishakio
twenty-flvo hundred ofllcers and men will
before the end of the present month , bo engaged
gaged in Held exorcises on the sixteen square
miles of ground which comprise the Forl
Uoblnson military reservation.
The first command to assemble at Cainf
Geortro Crook , by which name the military
encampment will bo known , will bo the garrison
risen nt Fort Robinson , comprising flvo troop ;
of the Ninth cavalry nnd three ol
the Eighth infantry. The remaining
commands already on the march , us they ar
rive one by one Yvlll bo given stations on thi
beautiful plateau which has been aolcctoi"
for the gathering. Most of these have al
ready started , and all may bo expected to nr
rive by the aotti of the current month. The
garrison from Sidney will have 140 miles tc
march overland from the Union Pacific rail
road northwards to this point. The garn
sons from the west will concentrate nem
Fort Laramlo and march In a northoastorlj
direction from that location. The troops
from Fort Niobrara will have almost
us long a inarch as these from Sidney
almost directly westward , ninety miles o
which will bo through the sand hills. Nine
surgeons accompanying the various com
mands will guard the health of the camp
while a complete field hospital sorvlco wil
bo maintained with all the appliances used it
time of actual warfare.
General Brooke , who has had as much mil
itary experience , to say the least , as any de
partment commander in the service , selectee
the site for the camp on the military rescr
ration or Fort Robinson as the oiu
most available of all these suggested ,
In the first place , It lies ncuro :
to the center of the department , all thing !
being considered , nnd in the second place
the topographic surroundings are such as tc
afford an almost perfect field for tlu
manoeuvres in which the troops will engage ,
The ground lies in the beautiful valley o
the White river , in the most picturesque
perhaps the only picturesque section of No
braska. The valley at this point is nonrli
two miles wido. and between the river basic
and the encircling buttes or bluffs there it
ample ground for sham battles , sulUclcnt ac
conimodations for u camp double the size o
that proposed , perfect dratnacc , and a goot
supply of clear , soft and cool water. Thi
military post of Fort Robinson lies witlilr
gunshot of the camp , and the Fremont , Elk
horn & Missouri Valley trains run withit
pistolshot of the tents. The question of sup
plying the quartermaster's and commissary
departments Is thus easily solved. So far a :
the natural surroundings nro concerned , IK
more beautiful alto could have been chosen
To right and loft rise the pine-crested buttea
which are the characteristic feature of thu
portion o * Nebraska. Throuch the platoat
runs the White river , hurrying northward U
its Junction with the Missouri. Midway am
dividing glides Soldier creek , fed by springi
from the divide which seoarates the vallo.i
of the White river from that of Hat creek.
Cool nights and an altitude which makes the
heat of mid-day not unpleasant , combine tc
render the climate particularly favorable.
Five miles off lies the flourishing town ol
Crawford , with churches , schools und more :
well stocked with merchandise , which car
supplement any of tlio deficiencies whicli
may bo found in camp.
QEvory indication points to a most suc
cessful Inauguration of summer mautuuvrc' '
in the regular army. The importance of tin
encampment is much greater ttiiin the avorugi
civilian would supposo. As said before , It h
the largest gathering of regular troops foi
field .service , barring the Indian camtmignt
of IbTil , which has collected since the close o
the war. Sixteen thousand dollars hnv :
been appropriated by the war department t <
pay the expenses of the concentration o
troops nnd the maintenance of the cnoarnp
mcnt at Camp Gcorgo Crook. The genera
commanding , with his personal stult and hi :
entire departmental staff , will bo on tin
ground to supervise the movements
All the Incidents of actual warfart
will bo i eallstically reproduced ii
the vicinity of the camp. Tin
instructions given to recruits and even olc
soldiers must bo of inestimable value in im
proving the discipline , knowledge and inorah
of the army. In addition , the collection o ,
so many onicars , u number of whom wil
bring their families , will add to the roughei
features of camp Ufa the moro delightful
ono of social Intercourse. There will hi
many reunions of olllc.ors who have not me
since the war , und of Juniors whoao lasi
greeting was a farewell nt the mllltarj
academy. Tim BEE will keep its rcuderi
thoroughly posted ns to the various fuaturei
of Interest which will transpire during th <
The Konrnoy Kuiinlon.
IfBAKMSY , Nob. , August 12. [ Special Tel
egram to Tim BKU.J The weather concludet
not to smile ou the opening scones of the Nebraska
braska G. A. R. reunion , therefore i
frowned. A heavy shower fell during tin
niglit and tha morning broke gray and misty
The work of putting up tha great pavillloi
was CMuianccd m tha morning , nearly al
the other tenta uuVi22 been arranged am
ready for occupancy. The heauriU rt rs Jon
stands near the head of tlio canon , dlrcctij
north of the luko. A few feet distant to tin
east Is the telephone tent , and to the wcsi
are found thu tents of the reunion committee
too , Provost Marshal Steal und other encamp
inent officials. Across the. street from thi
headquarters is n well-constructed baggagi
ooni. TbU building will be occupied Jolutl ;
by the Union Pacific and B. & M. companle :
and will ulio bo a telegraph office. Baggagi
will bo chocked to the camp and on leavlni
will bo checked to any point on either of th
roads. Everybody about the camp was hope
ful , however , and the work of transports
tiou went bravely forward uotnlthstandlDi
.ha discouraging outlook. The Veterans bo
fan to arrive early this morning by wagon
uul rail. Heavy special * came from Grand
Island nnd Hastings nt noon mid tha crowds
itopt pouring In from nil points this after
noon. There are 2 , 100 tents pitched nt Cam )
Brooke and the accdcmodatlons arc
tbo most elaborate over given nt t
reunion in the stato. Representatives ol
nearly every post in the atato are hero nnd
have arranged for room for tholr respective
posts. Tha Second United States Infantry
Is hero with its battery. Lieutenant Craw
ford and n squad of eight , with the guns ol
Battery A , Nebraska National guards , from
Wymoro , arrived this afternoon. Captain
Murdock and the balan'cc of the company ar
rived this evening , n total of thirty-six ,
General Fisher , department commander ol
Colorado , with his wife nud two children , Is
camping on the croutuH A number of band !
came to-day , and nearly every band of 1m
portnnco In the Htuto will arrive to-morrow
It Is reported that caravan ) of Kansas veterans
orans will nrrlvo to-morrow. Foi
the time being Camp Brooke li
in command of Vice Commander Calkins , o
this city. Thu formal turning over of thi
command of the encampment will tuko placi
to-morrow , when , It is cxucctod , nil th
members of the council of ndmlnistrntloi
will bo present. A committee meeting is bo
lug hold to-night to settle matters relative ti
the programme of the week.
To-morrow's programmeis ns fol
lows : Sunrise Morning gun , 0 n. in.
guard mount , 10 a.m. ; meeting of state or
ganizations , 3 p. m. ; review of Sons of Vet
crans by camp commander nnd Govorno
Tlmyer , 0 pm.t dross parade by Soconi
United States iarantrysunset ; evening gun
Op. m. ; naval display on Luke Kearney.
Flood In
CiiAimox , Nob. , August 12. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. A cloud burs
on Chadron crock Saturday evening , completely
plotely submerged the valley , the wate
rolling down about twenty foot high. Oul
ono life wns lost , a son of Gcorgo Gooi
notigh , about seven yours old. H
and a man named Bcnl im were going houi
when the water struck , them , ana they In
mediately loft the tcaif and attempted t
cltnib trees. Bcnham saved himself but th
boy wns washed nway. Three other mei
were encamped in the valley but saved then
solves by swimming. Coioner Waller is no1
at the scene of the disaster , together wit
about ono hundred men. All the bridges o
CKadron creek in the vicinity of the clou
burst uro u total wreck. A number of cattl
and horses were lost. Muoh damage hn
been done to crops and it will bo a liar
blow to the farmers.
The dam on Children creek nt the ongin
house of the water works is washed mil
Tlio enu'lno house- was submerged but n
serious dauingo was done to the machinery
Men are now nt wotk replacing the dam.
Reports from the table land uro to the of
feet that the hail was six to eight mchc
deep nnd very largo. Thcro wns nnothc
cloud burst nt Oelnchs , which washed tn
railroad track out for many hundred yard :
delaying all trains several hours.
Goodnough , the father of the unfortunat
lad who lost his life , dreamed his boy wn
drowned nnd lust whera his body could I
found. Ho started out towards the plac
and met Benham coming after him. H
wont and found the body Just where h
dreamed It was. Tlio remains were burie
with hail and wcro frozon.stifl when foum
Fatality nt Cortluml.
CouTiAjtn , Neb. , August 1 ! ? , [ Specii
Telegram to THE BEE. ! This mornin
ut about 10 o'clock , during tli
heavy thunder slorm , the ulue-ycai
old son of Hon. H. H. Silver , ono c
Corthfnd's leading implement dealers , we
instantlykilled. . Uo-.wns Kitting in a to
buggy a few yards f rontthe house. The bo
struck the top of the buugy nnd passed ( low
through the seat where the boy wus playiiif
North NohniBJcii Ciiiiiiimootini ; .
FIICMONT , Neb. , AugURS 12. [ Special t
THU BEE. ] It has been rather damp for th
four hundred or moro pampers nttondin
the campnioetii'g of the North Nobraski
conference , but the enthusiasm has not beei
washed away by the rnm. About ono huti
dred touts are pitched on the ground , nn
yesterday more than twelve hundred poopl
packed the auditorium to listen to the cxct
cises , which were conducted by Potter an
Miller , the evangelists , i-moug the Oinah
pastors who were present nnd tooic part i
the meetings were Uov. G. AI. Brown , Ro\
J. W. Robinson , Rev. C. M. Dawson un
Rev. J. E. Ensign.
A Ijunntlc at
OSCKOLA , Nob. . August 1' ' . [ Special to TH
BEE. | G. H. Mntson , a young man who WH
sent to the insane nsyluin at Lincoln a yea
ntro lust Friday from this county , surprisei
his friends by coining in on them last Satui
day morning ut daylight. Ho told them h
was working about tlio asylum yard nnd li
saw the gate open und Just walked out , nu
walked all the wuy home. His case wil
brought to the notice of the insanity bean
on Saturday and ho will bo kept hero union ;
friends until his father , who is m California
can bo heard from.
STUJLHT , Nob. , August 12. [ Special Telegram
gram to THE BBB.I Baucrs , Who wa
arrested yesterday charged with nn assaul
upon Mrs. O. H. ICorkcndall , with intent t
commit rape , bad bis orellminary hcarln
before Justice Bogcs , w.ho , upon hearing th
evidence , dismissed the prisoner , his dofcns
baing nn ullbi. The sentiment of the con
munity as to the Justice's decision 1
Under County Touchers.
DAVID CITY , Nob. , August 12. [ Special t
THE Br.i : . | The Butler county teachers' institute
stituto has been in so sion now for tw
weeks and will last ono week longer. SOUK
thing over ono hundred teachers nro inn
tonduuco. Friday- afternoon a gatno of ba
was played between tin teachers of th
county aud tbo lawyers of the city , rosuli
ing In favor of the lawyers by a score of 1
to U.
firuveil One ofnil. .
Cr.NTitAh CITV , Nob. , August 12. [ Speck
Telegram to Tun BKE.J diaries Easterly
who hod served out half of u thirty daye
sontcnco for illegally soiling liquor , brok
Jail last night by sawing off the bars , on tin
Jail windows. Ho hud , presumably , hoi
from the outside , Houocdhavono fear o
an attempt to capture .him , ut his ubsonco I
generally regarded us a bettor snap tlm
boarding him ,
Fatnlly Injured W.hilo Plowing.
liuowxviLbii , Nob. , August 12. fSpcch
Telegram to THE BcU.l Alex. Starry ,
woll-to-do farrnoc , living ono mile southwoi
of town , was plowing 111 his Hold this fore
noon when his plo\v oollldod with a bllni
stump. Starry recclvoQ-ono of the handle
in the stomuch , causing aTsorious injury. ,
physiolau wus summoho'd , but tlio probabili
ties uro that ho will dlo.
I'latto County Toaohors.
COI.UMHUB , Nob. , August 12 , [ Specif
Telegram to Tun BEE.J The Platte count
teachers' Institute convened In this clt
to-day with nn enrollment of fifty. Ono hut
dred and llfty teachers nro expected to bo 1
uttmidanco before the term cloies. Expei
iunced Instructors from abroad will liav
charge si tUc exercises.
Klnod for j o ! t Larceny.
NEIIUABKA Cur , Nob. , August II , fSpocln
Telegram to TUB BIE. : " | Dr. Dnyenpor
of Peru , was In police court to-day on th
charge of robbing John ShurtlofT , n guest i
the Thorpe IIOUBO. ho refunded the mono
and paid u line and costs for petit lurccny.
Oolnc < o tlio Kearney He-union.
DoiiciiESTEit , Neb , , August 12. [ Special t
TUB BuE.J Cotes post , No. 107 , G. A. R
numbering about seventy-five men , con
mauded by R. P. Keep , will depart for tt
rouoloc at Kuurnoy to-morrow uf ternoou.
The Oarlaona Booognlzo Him With
out Hesitation.
Ho Pretended Isot to Know Them )
However A Futllo Attempt Ily.
The London Times tej AVorlc
Coroner Hertz.
The First Link.
CHICAGO , August 12. | Special Telegram to
Tin : BKB.J Martin Burke had several visitors -
itors this morning. Attorney W. S. Forest
was the llrst , and the prisoner was very glad
to see him. The others were not so welcome.
They wcro old Mr. nnd Mrs. Carlson , In
chnraa of Dotectlvo Hodrlck. They were
taken to Iho iron door that guards the en
trance to the boys' department and Burke
was brought from his cell and placed in
front of them.
"That is Frank Williams , the man who
routed the coltago of us , " each ol
them said , nftcr peering through the :
grating of the door nt him foi
a moment. Burke turned several shades
paler ns ho saw them nud his lips twitched ,
but ho pretended not to know them nnd gave
no signs of recognition ,
The world , which the London Times holds
In awe , does not include among Its inhab
itants Cook county's coroner , Henry L ,
Hertz. Some tlmo after the coronor's In.
quest on the murder of Dr. Cronln hnel
begun the London Times came to the con
elusion that the proceedings might bo 01
value in the furthering of Its own interests ,
About n week later an American ronresout.v
tlve of the paper appeared nt the Inquest foi
the purpose of gathering such facts as
would , ho thought , assist that publication , bul
ho found ho had arrived at the lull end ol
the inquest and that to obtain nn intelligent
idea of what had tultun place it would be
necessary to secure a copy of the report ol
the entire proceedings. How would ho got
It ) In his quandary ho bethought , himself
of a lawyer who had once demonstrated his
sympathy with British interests by dropping
n chaste salute on the royal right hand of hci
majesty the queen. Inspired by the thought ,
ho sought the lawyer. Would the latter as
sist him I Would ho , well ho would , and ut
once , and putting on ono of his fl3 election
hats , and with his breast swelling with the
pride of an ambitious reporter on his flrsl
assignment , the lawyer hied himself to the
coroner , to whom ho said :
"I would like to got u copy of the testi
mony tulten by the coroner's Inquest. "
"You can't have it , " said the coroner.
That evening the story got wind and also
an explanation of the coronor's conduct.
According to it the refusal was duo to the
fact that the coroner owed his election tc
some influential atm-Cronin men , nnd fear
ing to offend thorn ho declined to assist the
London Times. A reporter called on Coronet
Hertz and asked him if the story and ex
planation were true.
"Tho story Is , " ho replied , "but the explan
ation Is buncombe , pure and unadulterated ,
I refused because I did not see why I should
put myself out for nn English paper , al
though had any American newspaper desired
sired it I should have been glad tc
oblige It. The attorney who asked mo in
sisted upon having a copy aud I sent him u
the judge. The Judgn heard him , and ther
mo , and decided I was not obliged to furnish
uny copy. I should add perhaps that I wat
offered p.iy for my trouble. Now about the
explanation regarding my not wishing to of
fend the anti-Croninitos. BOKCS was calleel
an anti-Cronlnlto , nnd moreover , ho worked
hard for my election. Did I spare him 1 It
would have boon very easy for mo to do sc
without anyone being the wisor. The re
suits show that I did not. Now , sir , I an
perfectly capable to run uiy office without
fear or favor. I have done so , und I shal
continue to do so. The English press I don't
consider has uny claim on me. "
A Slnu.v FnllH Girl Suicides Because
the Wedding Wsm Po-uponed.
Sioux FALLS , Dak. , August 12. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Bnn. | Helen Silverson
nued twenty , committed suicide to-day bj
taking strychnine. She had been keeping
company with a young man named Louis
Bou I : and wanted to get married , but Boul
wanted to wait. The ulii grow despondonl
and took poison in front of Bouk's meal
market und died in fifteen minutes. The
coroner's Jury found a verdict iu accordance
with the tacts.
to the ICncainpmont.
PORTLAND , Ore. , August 12. Next Mon
day evening forty members of the G , A. R
and Woman's Relief corps of the Oregon department
partment will go by the Northern Pacifli
train to the encampment at Milwaukee. Tin
excursion is in cbunro of W. A. Bautz , Port
land , and Colonel W. A. Lodue , Salem. Thi
Grand Army of this stnto will carry with the
expedition ono car loaded sulid with UK
various grains , fruits und mineral product :
of Oregon.
_ _
The StHilcuiio Knll Fire.
POIITLAND , Ore. , August 12 The assistant
general freight agent of the Northern Pa
clflc , who returned to-day from SpoKam
Fallo , says the total value of property do ,
stroycd by the recent lire will not exccce
55,000.000 , instead of SM.OOO.OOO . as reported
Tlm Northern Pacific's loss will bo undci
? 100,000. , _ _
A Southern Hott-l Burns.
L.OUISVILI.H , Ky. , August 13. The Arling
ton hotel , at llluo Lick Springs , burned tlu
morning ; loss StW.OOO , insurance ? 10,000 ,
Tno guests escaped wltnout any injury , bu :
lost their clothing. Senator Blackburn anc
ex-Chief Justice Sturgis and family were ]
among the guests.
CHICAGO , August 12. Banl & Turner ,
manufacturers of sausage casings , were at
tachcd to-day for SIU.OOO. Tlio linn was om
of the largest of its kind in the country , bui
its credit , for a variety of causes , has not o :
Into been good. The liabilities and nssot :
will amount well up into the thousands.
Arrnslnd For Grand Imi-oeny.
Sioux FALLS , Dak. , August 13. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Bun. ] The sheriff to-elaj
arrested Thomas Fisher on a rorjuhltior
warrant , who is wanted ut Fort Dodge , lu.
for urn ml lurcnny. Fisher Is In Jail pondltu
the arrival of the sheriff of Webster county
A Doctor Kliloul .
WINCIICSTKII , August 12. Dr. J , B
Wortlmm , a prominent citizen , committee
suicide to-day by shooting himself througl
the head. Ho was a naiiva of Huntsvllle
Ala , , und served us u burgeon in the confud
crate army. He leaves u daughter eighteci
icur old.
Dining the ) Viators.
BOSTON , August 12. Tlio members of tin
Massachusetts rifle team , who returned
homo from England Saturday , were enter
tallied tills morning ut u special breakfast
tendered them by Mayor Harrison In buliull
of the city.
The HnuhoHuarK Fire.
BfiiaiN , August 12. Later advices eon >
" tlio lire ut Sachosborg is thr.t ono
half tha town 'v * tiavod , The losses urn
very heavy. The poor are tha chirl suffer
ers. The greatest distress pravniu ,
Huns Fighting Among Themselves ,
GitUEXsni'iiaii , Pa , , August 12. Nodouion
stratlon was attempted by the Huns a
Hccla to-day , A light occurred between tin
Huns at M ammo tli this afternoon aud ouo o :
them received fatal injuries ,
Chicago's Health Commissioner In
jecting the Kluld.
CIIIOAOO , August 13. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Ben.--Dr. ) Do Wolf , in the last days
of his administration as commissioner of
health , made his ofllco a Bothoida. The
rumor that ho was rejuvenating the aged
with Dr. Brown-Soquiml's ' elixir of Hfo
without charge was rauldiy building up for
h'.tit ' n largo practise In this specialty. To-day ,
otthousdal hour , six intlrm people , who
wcro by no moans mendicants , p'oapnted
themselves for treatment. Ono after an
other they rolled up their sleeve * to the
shoulder , then the nocdlo-llko mouth of the
hypodermic nyringo wns stuck n good Inch
straight down Into tlio muscle and a good
tcaspoonful of the elixir was forced into the
arm. The-effect of this operation cannot
bo fully described , as the patients wont about
their business , refusing to give their names.
Singular to relate , ono ut the gentlemen who
took the treatment claimed to have experi
enced disastrous effects from a former Injec
tion. The sufferer was Mr. .loseiih Wcstoa-
berger , u traveling man. For tno last two
months lie has sufTcrod greatly from sciatica
in the loft hip nnd leg , but lie has never been
compelled to go to bed nor to leave the road.
Last Friday morning Dr. Do Wolf gave him
nn Injection of the elixir In the right arm.
Ho experienced no effect until Immediately
after eatini ; supper that evening. Then
ho was suddenly solzcd with pains ,
and had to tnko to his bed.
No physician was summoned , but
his family were up nil night kceplnc hot bottles
tles to different parts of his body , to urovcnt ,
as they supposed , his dying. When morn
ing came ho was much reduced in strength ,
but to his surprlso nnd delight found thnt tha
painful sciatica was nearly cured. Ho Is so
much bettor that ho was on Hand tins morn
ing , the most nnxious of any of the group to
take his medicine. Ho was also suffering
from severe lameness in the arm into which
tlio elixir was injected.
Dr. tiathaway , of 1010 west Monroe street ,
was also present. The doctor in addition to
belliu advanced In years suiters from heart
disease and dropsy , and goes on crutches.
Dr. DoWolf said of his case , last Saturday ,
that the elixir had no effect , but Dr. Hatha
way himself said thismoriiiug that the elixir
had had an effect on him , but not the de
sired effect. When ashed what the effect
produced was , he said ho would rather not
tell. He ulso took another dosa to-day.
A well-dreased lady was present to nego
tiate lor the treatment of her son who could
not leave his bed.
Commissioner Wickovsham , who succeeds
Dr. Do Wolf to-morrow , is not nt all friendly
to the elixir. Ho wants it distinctly under
stood though that it Is only by his courtesy
that Dr. Do Wolf administers it In the com
missioner's ofllco for the present ; that the
commissioner takes no hand in it whatever ,
and that thu health department is not respon
sible in any way m the matter.
A Jury ol'Thirty-Two.
Ci.nVKHNii , August 12. The question 01
the efficacy of the Brown-Scquard olixii
was submitted to-day to a tribunal of thirty-
two ladies and gentlemen. That their ver
dict might have weight In the scientific
world especial care was taken In the selec
tion ot subjects. The first requisite was
that they should have some positive ailment
The next consideration was that they be
persons of sound mlr.d and of good standing
in the community. Dr. H. C. Brainord vis
ited Brighton and wns given the privilege ol
selecting victims for slaughter from n large
Hock of shoep. They were killed In hi :
presence , und after having scoured the part.1
desired for the experiments , ha aturtcd.back
to the city. The Jurors comprised twenty
four men aud eight women. They were at
torneys , doctors , ministers nnd business
men. One was a lightning manipulator ,
who was suffering from telegraphers' paral
ysis. It was arranged tnat they make n
written statement of the effects of the experiment
iment , nud to-morrow afternoon they will
submit reports. Upon receiving the state
ments IJr. Bralnerd will compile n perfectly
candid report of the result of the exporl
munt. Ho feels tmt | his scientific reputation
is in a measure at stake , and will present
the matter in its proper light.
The American Body To Become an
Independent Organization.
MINNEAPOLIS , August li The nationa
convention of the Ancient Ordcrof Foresters
opens in this city to-uiorrow. Between six
and seven hundred delegates will bo present.
The California delegation was the llrst tc
arrive. The party was unfortunate in losing
ono of its members en route Just before
reaching Denver. To-day was devoted to f
plciuo at Spring Park. Judging from prescnl
indications there seems not the slightest
doubt that the Ancient Order of Forcstcn
in this country will boa distinct organization
after to-morrow. Exactly how the matter
will come up in the convention is not settled
It Is expected It will tuko the form of n rose
lutlon. Rather new light is thrown upon
the situation by Chief Raiigcr-olcct J. Wil
son Murray. Speaking of the subject this
morning thu gentleman said :
"It is not so much the color line that will
split the American organization away from
the English order as the fact that tlio'Eng-
llsh high court 1ms tried to coerce , and has
broken faith with us. "
There seems to bo a difference of opinion
ns to what name the now organization wil
tnko. Some favor the name of Tha America ! :
Ancient Order of Foresters , while others
favor tltlo "Tho Ancient Order of Foresters
of America. "
An Klootrlo and Hull Htoi-m.
HIA.WATHA , Kan. , August 12. [ Specln
Telegram to Tin : Bui : . ] A disastrous elec
tric nnd hall storm passed Just north of hen
ut " o'clock this afternoon , The track of the
storm Is ubout ten miles wide , within whlcl
tha ground is laid Imro and windows dovole
of gittss. Trainmen und passengers of th (
southbound Missouri Puclflo pusHoncor trnir
report stones actually thrco and four Inches
in diameter. Tbo damage cannot ut tli is
tlmo ba estimated , J. S. Hunter , a youup
man plowing In a field near Hamlin. wu :
killed by lightning. All the wires on the St ,
Joseph & Grand Island road are down ami
trains delayed. At this place some hull fol
as largo as hens' eggs nnd ruin foil in tor
rents , accompanied by a continuous Hash of
lightning und peals of thunder.
I'rnotlcnlly n. Trust.
YOUNOBTOWN , O , , August 12. The Iror
RIver , Voungstown nnd Florence ere mine :
on the Monominco range in the Luke Supc
rior district , owned by capitalists and iror
manufacturers hero , wore Hold to-day foi
gl(0),000to ( ) Frederick Sctilcslugor , of Mil
wuukce , representing a syndicate of Now
York capitalists already Interested In thu1
region , By the acquisition of thcso mines
the Schlesinpor parly will bo ublo to pu1
1,500,000 tons of ere on the market each year
and to practically control the market for
non 'Bessemer seinutito.
The VIsllMo .Supply.
CHICAGO , August 18 , The visible supply
for tha week ending August 10 , us com
tilled by the secretary of the Chicago board
of trade , is us follows :
Wheat . 1 , M)3.XK ) (
Corn . oyiixn ; ; (
Outs . UV84.7i ;
ityo . sor.ooi
Barley . . . . 853,001
Itaw nnd Order Haloonkoopers ,
KANSAS CITV , August 12. About lifty ol
the most prominent saloonkeepers hero huvi
formed an association for united action upoi
the Sunday closing question. They have
inedL'ed themselves to close their saloons 01 :
Sunday oad will urge others to do so , und at
the name lime wil ) assist the authorities it
enforcing the Jaw. The members of tlu
association guy they win t < tku uo part ic
Ho IB Likely to Bo Elected Grnucl
Ooinmnndor of the G. A. R.
The CommlsHloncr Given Itonnoiin Fo
lU-fuatiiK to Ho n Cnndldnto
Another Allen Imbor Imw
WASIIINUTO.V , I ) , C. , Auirust 13. J
Vice Grand Commander Hndflold , of Now
York , who Is in this city In consultation with
G. A. H. men concerning the Milwaukca
encampment , said that ho thought General
Algor , of Michigan , who was a candidate for
the republican nomination for president ,
stood a good chaiico of being elected grand
commander of the G. , V. R. There are , ha
says , several other men who are desirous
of the honor. Among thorn are Lieutenant
GovornorClmso , of Indiana , General Grubbs ,
of Mow Jersey , .ludgo Veazoy , of Vermont ,
and General Bariuim , of Now York. Com
mander O'Doll , of the doourtment of the
Potomac , said that the Grand Army delega
tion from this city would go to Mllwuukoo
unpledged to any candidate. Tlio'y would
wait until they had reached the oncainpuuti
nnu talked with other delegates before de
ciding upon the man to vote for.
The delegation from this city escorted
by Iho Grand Army will lo.wo hero on the
3-lth hist. Secretary Rusk , Commissioner
Tanner und Colonel Dudley will bo tnoic
guests on that occasion. Commissioner Tun *
nor said this morning thnt ho was not a c.ui-
d kin to for the position and oven If ho was
unanimously elected ho would not accept.
"Tho fact Is 1 can't , " ho addod. "I could
not bo commlsiionor of pensions and grand
coinniandor at tha sumo tlmo. The latter
position requires n man to travel about a
great deal. I am a poor man nnd there is no
salary attached to the place , no you see I
could not accept under any circumstances. "
Mr. Tanner thought that either Mr. Alger
or Judge Voazoy would bo elected , and as It
was probable that the latter would bo of
fered a place on the intor-Btuto comtnorca
commission ho concluded that Mr. Alger ,
"merely ns a cola guesn , " as Mr. Tanner
termed it , would be thu coming man.
The treasury department ofllcials expected
an additional report from United States DIstrict - '
trict Attorney L.yoti. of Pittsburg , to-day , In
reference to the alleged violation of the con
tract labor law by n number of English glass
blowers. This case promises to develop Into
a very intorcs.tlng nlTalr. A member of the
1C. of L. from Pittsburg , wlio is now lu the
city , savs that the government will have
great dilllculty in showing that there wa *
any contract between tlio men nnd their pres
ent employers , although tlioro is no doubt
that there was a constructive violation of the
act."The '
"The situation is J'ust this , " said this gon-
tlcmun. "Tlio locul assembly of the K. of
L. , which contains the great , body of Pitts
burg glass blowers , discoveroj t lint-thero
would bo work for moro of their craft than
wuro to bo found in Pittsburg , and the mas
ter workman was In consequence directed to
communicate with H labor organisation la
England mid tell the glass blowers there
that If any of them wanted work there would
probably bo a elmnco for thoui in Pittsburgh
Tbo men cumo over and work was found for
them. I do not think It is possible to provo
that the employers who secured tno services
of thcso mechanics know auythlnpc about their
intended immigration until they hud landed.
There certainly was no contract. The law
was unacted for the purpose of keeping out
mechanics nnd laborers who might come to
take the placu of strikers or otherwise in
jure the labor market. It seems ihat the aot
was loaded utboth ends. "
Nora , Nuckols county. John Murfln ; Ta-
mora , Seward county , Charles Emerson.
The postmaster of Kearney applied to tbo
postoflicc department some tlmo ago for the
establishment of the frco delivery service In
that town. Tlio application wai followed by
u visit by ono of the special agents of the de
partment , and his report is siilil to bo favor
able to the establishment of the service
thero. It is likely that the service will bo
ordered established about the 1st of October.
The following postmasters wore appointed
in Nebraska durlntr the week ended Auctusb
10. 18SU : Alexandria , Thayer county , W , 8.
Whitney ; Davoy , Lancaster county , Henry
Harkson ; Louisville , Cnss county. J. L.
Hartshorn ; Ohlowa , Fillmore county , Hugh
McLaughlln ; Valentino , Cherry county ,
John W. Yeast.
The comptroller of the currency has au
thorized the following named banks to bcglq
business : The American National bank , of
Omaha , capital $200,000 ; the First National
bank , of Ainsworth , Nob. , capital $50,000.
Two IlrothcrM Hanged By the Hcola
nnd Shot to Death.
CATLETTSIIUIIO , Ky. , August 13. A widow
named Glllls and her two daughters , nearly
grown , living lu McDowell county , W. Vn. .
were found dead by the neighbors last Fri
day. They had been criminally assaulted
and murdered. Two Uollis brothers were
suspected und a vigilance committee was
organized to punish them. The captain of a
boat that arrived down the Big Sandy from
Plnesvillo tills morning reports that the
Hollis brothers were captured by the com
mittee , hanged by the heels to the lluih of u
trco und shot to death.
Appointing Thnlr Delegate ) ) .
WASHINGTON , August 12. The ntuto de
partment Is advised that the delegates to tlio
conference of the United States and the ro-
publlcs of Mexico , Central und South Amor-
lea , Iln.ytl , Sun Domingo and the omplro of
Brazil huvo been appointed by the Argentina
Republic , Brazil , Columbia , Guatemala.
Chill , Costa Rlcu , Ecuador , Hayll , Hondu >
ras , Mexico , Nlcatagun , Salvador and San
Domingo. Uruguay nnd Venezuela have ac
cepted an Invitation to talco part , but have
not yet sent thu names of the delegates.
The conference meets In Washington 110x6
Fatal Work of
HI.OOMINQTON , III. , August 13. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BEE. ] At Plpor City ,
Ford county , to-day , a woman und her
daughter were struck und Instantly killed by
lightning. Not noticing the iipproachlng
storm Mrs , Promen , her oldest duughtcriind
baby went out riding. The storm overtook
them whtli ) ttiey ware returning homo und a
bolt of lightning descended unU killed Mrs.
Premcn und her daughter. Thu uaby. which
was lying In the mother's lap , escaped with
out injury.
Itohhcd ily Tminpi.
BKLVinniiE , N. Y. , August 12. This morn
ing William ShurU , a wealthy farmer ,
walked to Washington und drew f.'I.WK ) from ,
the bank. On his wuy homo ho was asked
to rldo by a strungor and accepted. Soon
utter they were inut In a secluded spot be
tween Washington und Hampton Junction
by another stranger. Both strangers ovor-i
powered Shurtz , robbed him of tils money
aud escaped , leaving him iu u dazed con
dition ,
Killed \\roinrllriilo. .
DUIII.IN , August 12. Mr. Tenor , agent of
Lord Claurlcarde , while riding to Woodford ,
at which nluco a number of tenants wcro to
ba evicted , was tired upon by an unknown
person. Toner escaped unlnJuroJ , but tiU
homo was killed. <