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PAETII , , PAGES 9-16.
_ _ , . ; -
We call special attention to * a large purchase of Black Silks , Ribbons , Blankets and Comforts. They will be placed on sale Tomorrow. These
prices are for the last four days of this sale. Buy now and save at least one-third. '
Every now anil again wo strike It ,
nnd this tirao well. Mr. Falconer , who
is at present in Now York , has secured
a part of n largo consignment of a rare
lot of Black Gios Grain Silk , which ho
wants us to nut on snlo Monday morn
ing as special. Now , as this is the last
Bpocial sale of these goods this season
before starting the Fall trndo. wo only
have to say to our customers that this
is th best opportunity to got a good
black silk dress in every respect at a
price that will bo satisfactory to all.
The following partial list will show the
value of tho'so goods.
Usual Price , 75o Sale Prlco , 05c
85e 75o
l 11 05e
" 1.35 it $1.00
" 1.50 " 1.25
" 1.75 " 1.80
" 1.85 ll 3.35
11 2.00 " 1.50
And finer grades in proportion
4 0-inch Henriettas , beautiful shades ,
at 65c ; reduced from 76c.
46-inch All Wool Serge at 67c ; form
er price 75c.
42-inch French Do Beige at 67ic ; al
ways sold at 75c.
Odd lot of Camel's Hair Foulo and
Serges which wo have been soiling ut
66c , 76o and 860 , on Monday nt 47ic.
All the Remnants accumulated dur
ing this great sale will go next four
days at any price. They must bo sold.
40 inch wide pure silk warp Henriet
ta at COo , regular price 81.
40 inch wide pure silk warp Henri
etta , at $1.25 , reduced from $1.15-5.
40 inch wide pure silk warp Henri
etta , at $1.50 , reduced from $2.
42 inches wide silk warn camel's hair
Twills , nt 75c , worth 1.nO.
42 Inch wide all wool cnmol'a hair
Grenadine , nt COo , former price 31.
40 inch wide all wool Albatros Cloth ,
at 67je , former price 85e.
The season for white goods is fast
drawing to a close , and wo mean to
close out the balance of our stock nt
greatly reduced prices. On Monday
morning wo will oiler the following bar
gains :
AT lOo.
All our 12jo , ICe and 18c chocked and
striped Lawns , will bo sold for lOc a
yard. This is the greatest bargain that
has boon ottered in Omaha this season.
AT lOo
Wo offer the balance of our hand
some lace striped Lawns nnd Mulls ,
which sold all the season forliOc andSoo
at lOo a yard.
Wo have a few pieces of printed Linen
Lawns loft. This goods sold very read
ily svith us at 20o and 2oo ; wo will close
out the balance at 15c a yard.
Our sale of Remnants still continues
Have marked them all at two prices , viz.
8e and 16c a yard.
The above are all genuine bargains ,
nnd wo advise customers to call early
in order to secure the cream of the bar
Don't forgot that wo are still offering
great inducements in this department
and our prices on Towels , Table Dam
asks and Napkins cannot be boat. Road
the prices.
All linen Huck 7cworth lOc
All linen Huck Towels , at lOo , worth
10 2-3o.
All linen Huck Towels , at 12jc , worth
Bargains in linen Huck Towels at Iflc
worth 25c to 80c.
Special , linen Huck Towels at 25c ,
worth 40c.
Ono case host Turkey Rod Damask at
47c , worth Ooc.
Ono case 02 inch Cream Damask , at
40c , worth 7oc.
Ono case 02 inch Bleached Damaskat ,
G2o | , worth 85o.NAPKINS.
Special About thirty dozen three
quarter Napkins at $2.03 per dozon.
Thov are slightly soi.od ; former prices
$8.75 to U .60.
Ono case Crochet Quilts nt 07jc , worth
85c.One case crochet Quilts , nt 02o , worth
a cases crochet Quilts at $1.22 , worth
Two cases crochet Quilts at $1.40
worth $2.
Ono case crochet Quilts at $1.071
worth $2.76.
Bargains in Marseilles Quilts in the
same proportion.CRASHES.
Ono bale Russian Crash at 10cworth
Ono bale Linen Crash at 8c , worth
at 25c a piece.
3 dozen Mexican Hummocks at OSc ,
reduced from $1,35.
Hammock Stretchers at Iflo a pair , re
duced from 2oc.
Special Just arrived , 100 dozen 6-8
Napkins at 9o ( ) , worth $1.35.
Just arrived , 200 dozen 6-8 Napkins
at $1.08 , worth 2.60.
About 100 dozen Colored Lisle Gloves
and Silk Mitts at lOo a pair ; reduced
from 85e.
Wo will also offer to-morrow about 25
do/on of the best quality 4-button Col
ored Undressed Courvobicr Kid Gloves ,
worth $2. To close the lot wo will offer
them at S"ic.
baseman with St. Paul last season ! -How IB
ho doing with the Cowboys J Short Stop ,
Ans. Ho did not play third base la a suf
ficient number of games to got an average.
Fairly well.
How old is Edwin Booth and where was
ho born 1 On the lload , Paxlou.
Ans. This column is intended for sporting
queries only. Booth , however , was born in
Bolnlr , Md. , in 1833.
Please state in Sunday's BEE the rank of
Sprnpuo in the Western association last year ?
Who leads the batters in this association up
to August li Resolute , Omaha. ,
Ans. Spracuo ranked " 2nd among 20
pitchers. Ho played In 87 games ; had 20 put
outs ; 293 assists ; 59 errors ; 84 wild pitches
and and an average of .844. Crooks.
To decide a bet please state in Sunday's
sportingjcolumns with what clubs Strauss und
Walsh played before Joining the Omabas and
their positions. John A. McClusky , Glen-
wood , la
Ans. Milwaukee. Right and short.
A Patron TUB BED'S table is right , of
T. W. S. A flush boats three of n kind. A
straight flush beats fours.
If a batted ball strikes fair and rolls out
between third base and the foul linois it fairer
or foul ! Ed. P. McCollom , David City , Nob.
Ans , Foul.
Will you please Inform me what cities
have Ugurod as members of the National
league since its orgnnlzationl Sydney It.
Thompson , Dos Moinos.
Ans. In addition to the cities now in the
league , the following have boon repre
sented in the past : Cincinnati , Louisville ,
St. Louis , Kansas City , Milwaukee , Syra
cuse , Troy , Worcester , Providence , Hart
ford , Buffalo and Detroit ,
Will you bo kind enough to answer in
Sunday's Ur.n what was the amount of the
slunes of the Chicago Derby , and also the
amount of the Sheridan stakes In which
Proctor Knott and Spokane rani J. S. Mc-
Alccn , Unadllla , Neb.
Ans. The Derby stakes wore $15,440 net
to the winner ; the Sheridan stakes $5,340. ,
Please state In the sporting columns of
Sunday's ' Bcc whether Naglo has been solder
or released uy tbo Omaha management.
W. nnd L. , Nebraska City.
Ans , No.
Will you kindly inform mo through your
query column what is Will Plxloy's ono and
three mile records. H. B. , Omaha.
Ans. 2:40 : and 9:03. :
Flashes from tlio Diamond.
Burdick Is pitching for Minneapolis.
Bug Holllday has inado 111 hits this sea
son.Tredwny leads "to Denver team with the
The Cincinnati club Is still after "Kid"
The White Sox will play In Kearney ,
August 31.
The Mllwaukeos and Oinahas will try It
again this afternoon.
St. Joe will play two games on the grounds
AVcdnesday , August US.
Andrews' first base play Is as good asthat
of any man in the country ,
Peoria , 111 , , wants a franchise In the West
ern association next season ,
Macullar , the back number , is the weakest
hitter lu the Dos Momes team.
Billy Holbcrt , of the old Mots , is the man
Manager Soleo ought to nail before it Is too
The Donvers trill piny two games on the
local grounds Sunday afternoon , Septem
ber 14 ,
Jack Carroll , Red Hanralian , Etnlcr Fos
ter and Mlnnehan will run in the races ut
Solco's benellt.
Dave Rowe is after backstop Rogers and
fielder Joyce , of the southern league , They
Faro both line men ,
Qulnoy , 111. , is after Willis. They want
him to play middle Held. Ana bo's a good
ono for the poaltlon.
Cincinnati wants to buy Kid Nichols , but
the Porkopolltans think the price , f 1,000 , , a
llttlo steep , and they are holding off.
Johnny Sawders is pitching good ball for
the Cowboys , but when ho 1 * in the box the
Days More !
20 Per Cent Dis
count Sale ,
On all Lace Curtains ,
Draperies , .Etc. , on
Third Floor.
Send for Samples. N. FALCONER.
Extensive Preparations Being Made
For the Polo Tournament.
A Bloux City Paper's Uncalled For At
tack on Umpire MoDormott
Queries and Answers Mis-
Colin neous Sports.
Righting a Wrong.
One of the most colossal exhibitions of gall
nnd malice of the day Is the attack of the
"Sandy" Mc-
Sioux City Times upoa umpire
Dermott.ono of the most efficientfearlcss-and
conscientious umpires In all the country. It
not qnly berates ana vilifies him in the most
unwarranted way as an incompetent nnd nn
Imbecile , but calls him a robber and a thief ,
simply because ho did Just what the rules
governing the game oblige him to do , and
what ho know to bo strictly right.
The Times' wrath all grow out of a deci
sion Mr. MoDormott was called upon to
make in St. Paul recently , whore the Sioux
City team was ploying. Before the game
MoDormott showed both score cards to th
captains of the two teams and they wore ape
proved.In the third Inning Sioux O It-
wanted to substltuto Flannngan for Bingy
ham , their only oxeuso being that the Apostles
tles were "killing" the ball. Solblo was-
down on the score card as Sioux City's sub-
ntltoto , or tenth man , and Flannagon , accor
ding to tbo rules inado and provided ,
bad no earthly right to bo
substituted for Blngham. The umpire
and both captains approved of the list wlta
Belbol upon it , and no was the only legal
substitute. Sioux City. howeVer , < knuw bet
tor , and endeavored to bulldoze McDermott -
mott Into submitting to their demands. Of
course , like the first-class umpire that ho is ,
ho refused , and in consequence the Corn
Iluskors refused to go on with the game.
McDermott waited the legally prescribed
time live minutes and then gave the gamete
to St. Paul.O to 0which was exactly lust ana
proper , and Sioux City has no cause for com
plaint , no kick coming egalnat any ono save
their block-headed captain.
If there was a posiiiblo chance for a squeal
ncre. ono would certainly emanate from
Omaha , as St. Paul , who Is Omaha's only
rival for the pennant , as It looks now , gets a
victory by MoDermott's decision. But she
only wants what's right , and that victory belonged -
longed as thoroughly to St. Paul as If she bad
'knocked it out of Mr. Blnghaiu by a score of
SO to 0. nnd Jim Powell is well aware of the
fact , but ho had to make some excuse to the
olub managers at homo , anil bo did ll by
blackguarding Umpire McDcnuott. The
limes took up this irresponsible player's
story , and now finds Itself involved In a
$10,000 libel suit , which was Instituted by
McDormoH'8 lawyers on Wednesday lost.
Tlio Polo J/onjuo.
Immediately on tbo close of the baseball
season the organization of the proposed
western polo league will bo completed , and
early in October the Coliseum will bo put In
first-class shape for tbo game. Munaecr
Prince has iimuo fine headway with the pre
liminary work , and has no doubt now what
ever of bringing the enterprise to a success
ful Usuo , ' . ' 'ho probable cities that will be
embraced ia this body are Omaha , St. Paul ,
Minneapolis , Sioux City , DOB Moines and
St. Joe. Spauldliig , tto Chicago baseball
mogul , offers to organize a team in that city ,
if membership in the western league is as
sured him , but It is hardly probable that the
Windy city will bo taueu in , lor many co
gent reasons. Kansas City , too , Is ambitious
lu this line , and Jimmy Manning Is already
culing hU lines for players. Omaha will
experience but llttlo difficulty In securing a
good team , ns the material for the nucleus ii
right here now. in Canavan , Nichols , Willis
and Crook * , of the Omaha ball team , ana
all these men will be willing to winter here.
U begin * to loon M if the league vvus a sure
f-fcSb.- * . . _ , _
go , and the Coliseum will bo the scene of
many a stirring battle during the long even
ings of tbo coming-winter , c
What ia an Amateur ?
There is a vast number of alleged ( porting
authorities who have a very indefinite idea
of the meaning of the word amateur. The
word , as defined by the athletic organiza
tions of this country , hews very close to the
lino.An amateur becomes a professional
the moment ho contests for a money prize or
gate receipts , or when ho teaches athletics
or In any way derives a revenue from his
athletic qualifications , Any game of ball
oven In which one or more players , who have
played professionally In the past , take part ,
cannot be called an amateur contest.
A Seloo's Tcstlinonlnl.
The benefit to be tendered P. G. Seleo ,
manager of the Omaha base ball team , next
Thursday , promises to bo not only nn inter
esting affair , but a big success , The ball
game in Itself would bo sufficient to satisfy
the lovers of the great national sport , but in
addition to this there are to be u series of
sprint races by amateurs and profes
sionals , match base running , lng dis
tance throwing , niwrcstln ; match , nnd
other athletic performances of a marvel and
entertaining character. The grand stand and.
and the bleachers should bo packcd.and there-
Is every likelihood that they will bo. The
Omahas arc rapidly clinching their
hold on the pennant , and If they win it , It
can bo truttiful said that it has boon won by
a club carrying fewer men than ever won a
championship before. This has all been ac
complished by Solec's excellent manage
ment. Ho has given to Omaha the finest
ball team ever organized In the west , and the
patrons of the sport should not fall to turn
out and give him a rousing testimonial
next Thursday.
Tlio Apnllos' Doings.
The Apollo Wheel club Is In a flourishing
condition and is growing every day. It has
been organUcd but two months , and yet has
a membership of thirty all energetic young
riders. Dell Wertz , who has quite a reputa
tion as a rider , is making a good president ,
and the balance of the officers are active
and efficient.
A run will bo made to Honeycreak Luke ,
Iowa , Sunday morning , leaving the club
rooms at 0:15. : Captain Pixloy says this IB
ono of the finest runs within a radius of
fifty miles , and urges tbo members to turn
out. The distance to the lake , which is a
lovely little sheet of water nestling midst u
very bower of vegetation , is in the neigh
borhood of sixteen miles , through one of
the most picturesque agricultural regions lu
the whole state.
The lost weekly run was to Crescent , Ia , ,
and was a very enjoyable uno. Fifteen of
the boys made the pilgrimage nnd they were
all carried away wltti the delightful trip. The
roads were n trifle dusty , but caused no noil-
ous discomfort.
Tno two ambitious youngsters who tried
to run away from the club are cautioned that
this Is not very becoming deportment on a
regular run.
Questions and Answers.
Charles W. Worrell , Beatrice. TUB BEK
has no space to answer your long list of
queries In detail. The answer to the first
seven questions Is yes , to the eighth , ninth
tenth ana eleventh "no , " the balance "yea. '
Was tliore a professional ball team In Mil
waukee in 1878. Whore does Mickey Welch ,
Clarkson and liadbourn reside I T. H , L. ,
Ans. Yes. Welch , Hol.voko , Mass. ; Clatk-
son , Cambridge , Mass. , and Kadbouru ,
Bloomlngton , 111.
Will you please Inform mo , to decide a dis
pute , what was the greatest distance Alfred
Klsnu ever imulo in a six day race ! Howard
Ender , Lincoln.
Ans. Ho covered COO in the race which
took place | n Philadelphia in the fall of ' 87 ,
Please Inform mo of the name of the
United States senator elected last spring in
Dcluware and Is he a democrat or a republi
can } Subscriber , Hod Oak. Ia.
Ann.--Anthony HIgglns , republican ,
Jno , H , T. All wagers go with the
referee's decision ,
What wai Plukett's average as a third
1505 and 1507 Douglas Street.
team fields miserably and docs little erne
no batting. fy > ,
Charlie Sprague , tho'old Tvcstorn associa
tion south-paw Uvirior , recently with the
Clovelands , will finish tlio season with To
Everybody is happy to see Tom Naglo
back in his old position. iWithouf , Naglo the
team loses confidence , and fail to out up their
customary game.
A. G. Flournoy , of St. Paul , is stuck.on
Kid , Nichols pitching. Ho says that Omaha
has no twirler that can begin to pitch , with
the boy , and ho Is qulto rmlifc.
Despite sore-head Quln , prize-flghtor
Barnes , blustering Dave Kowe , and puny
llttlo Macullar , Sam Morton still holds the
fort. And what is more ho is worth an army
of these "knockers. "
The Prohibitionists have made two lucky
pickups this season In signing the cast-off
players , Whitely and Kinsman. Both these
men are playing superb ball *
It Is said that Mllwaukeo'madc an offer to
buy the entire Columbus , O. , American as
sociation team , but the offer was declined.
Milwaukee has the American association boo
In her bonnet bad.
Dos Moines , to curtail expenses , has re
leased Its best men , In Smith , Whitoloy and
Klusman. Des Moines should be cut out of
the Western association another season. As
a ball town she's no good.
Cyclone Jim Dur.yea , who pitched last sea
son for the St. Pauls , IB very sensitive re
garding newspaper criticism. Ho grows
particularly wrutby at the Cincinnati sciibcs
when they dure intimata'that ho has u semi-
dead arm. s
The warm weather wonder , McNabb , for
whom Denver planked down ono thousand
sesterces , is panning out badly in this asso
ciation. Ho has been a berry for the Oma
has , and in fact all the other teams exper
ience llttlo dlfllculty In Hading him.
Sam Morton has'struok amino with the
Minneapolis team. That town up there is a
great ono on base ball. The attendance at
tfilrty-thrco games played on the homo
grounds numbered 80.150 souls. This moans
a plethoric purse for the long-headed Samuel
when the melancholy days have coiuo.
JacU Gorman , who played in Omaha a
short while toward Vha close of last seasonIs
reported to bo dying in St. Louis from a
tumor in his side , ttio result of an Injury re
ceived in this city while stealing second base
In the last game ho played hero.
A ball player has allinrd time securing a
bat that in shape and weight suits his fancy ,
and once secured they have as hard a timeto
Iteep it , as the members of good teams are
on the constant lookout for "good sticks , "
anil are not particular how they get them ,
Andy Cuslck , the old National Icaguo
player and Western association umpire , bus
been playing ball for the past two months
with the West Point ; Not ) . , team. Ho is
now nt Hot Sprintrs , Dale. , whore ho expects
to restore his rlgtit arm , which has boon
"dead" for a year or more.
The board of director ) ; are already talking
over the question of Btrcngthening the team
for next seasonas , thora cems to bo evidence
of an intention to put iniretnvigcr teams in
all the Western association cities for 1800.
Lines are ahoady belnglluld to secure two or
thrco promising young players for the homo
A good ball player never has to spend u
cant for hU liquor , as-there ate so many
empty-headed fools who who would give
their all Just for the 'sake of haying the
players accept their Invitation to drink. U
Is in this way that so many players , pitchers
especially , make wrocktt'of themselves.
And still this mouljy.old chestnut keeps
going the rounds : f'Jbh'n S. Barnes , the
manager of the St. Paul club , who recently
fell heir to an estate In Jroluntt worth f.'tOO-
000 , has promised his nu-n that ha will tuke
them to England If they.wli | the champion
ship. " HurncH liasn't ' fallen heir to
00,000 mills , und ho'ilaud * us much chaiico
of taking a ball team to thu moon as he docs
to England.
The fallowing team of ox-Western associ
ation player ? , whoaroiowln the association ,
would bo able to TuihJ- their own with any of
them : Conwav , DurVeu , STT Uel and Lov.
ett , pitchers ; Reynolds , Gunson and J-urlo.
catchers ; Stearns , first base ; Long , second
base ; Pickott , shortstop ; AlvarU , third base ;
Burns , left field ; HoUiday. cuntor field , and
Manning , right field.
The Columbus , O , , American aseoclatlon
club is making a big cjTort to secure another
first class twlrler , A well seasoned man is
Wo will mnko thofollowlng low prices
for this weak to further reduce stock
1 capo 30 inch Challis , worth 2Uc at
Sic. All 8jc Challis at Sic.
40 pieces Pncillo Lawn , HO inches
wide , worth 12jo. at 5c.
Josephine Seersuckers worth 125c at
8c.A }
A few pieces of Crinkled Seersuckers ,
nt 8Jc , always sold at 12c. }
Garner's 'M inch Batiste , only lOc
During the past few weeks of the
grent sale , wo have accumulated a largo
lot of remnants of the different goods ,
und to close thorn out wo will offer
the in nt less than ono half their actual
Of over 1,000 pieces of Fancy Ribbons
nt loss than 25 cents on the dollar. They
are the very finest quality manufac
tured , and the styles are elegant. They
will bo placed on sale Monday morning
at the following prices :
LOT 1 , AT Oc.
100 pieces All Pure Silk Ribbon , very
wide , worth JtSc , sale price Monday
only 9c.
LOT 2 , AT 2oc.
400 pieces All Pure Silk Ribbon , beau
tiful quality , worth 05c a yard , sale
price Monday only 23c.
L'OT 3 , AT 37jc.
600 pieces Pure Silk Ribbons , extra
wide , suitable for snshns , sold nlwavs at
$1.25. To close the lot. to-morrow we
offer them at S73e.
Wo ask our friends to coinu early , as
the rush will bo very great.
None sold to the trade.
We have just received 8 cases of All
Wool Scarlet Blankets and 10 bales of
Sateen Comforts recently purchased by
Mr. Falconer , in Now York , at a great
eacrillce. Wo guarantee to save you at
what they want and no phonoms arc to bo
secured. The names of Krock. of Chicago ;
Burdick , lately with Indianapolis ; Kennedy ,
of Wheeling ; Duke , of Minneapolis ; Nich
ols , of-Omaha , ana Knell , of St. Joe have
beea'bid.for- as yet they have secured
none of them.
There is some doubt whether Dick Pholan ,
Des Moincs' .second baseman , will bo able to
nlav ball again this season. The injury ho
received several weeks ago by his collision
with Tom Nagle at the homo plate , was a
bad ono. and stubborn about getting well.
Phelan feels his inforced lay-off keenly , as
he was playing the game of his life this sea
son , and was bound to make a record.
No team in the country is more prolific in
nicknames than'.tho Omahas. Nearly every
member of the team is known to the
"bleachers" by some endearing cognomen.
There is "Grover" Cleveland , "Big Fat
Jnkoy" Struss , "Snapper Nava" Coonoy ,
"Tit" Willis , "Well Well" Crooks , "White
Wings" Walsh , "Dad" Clarke , "Kid"
Nichols , "Scrappy Jack" Messltt , "Old
Horse" Andrews and "Jainosey" Canavan ,
Kid Nicholas , says the Kansas City Times ,
Is the star pitcher of the Western associa
tion , and is not only doing fine work but lots
of it. Last Saturday ho pitched two games
against Minneapolis , winning both. Minne
apolis made only ten hits off of him in two
games. Although Nichols is young enough
to still bo called "Kill" he is big boned and
strong , und eighteen consecutive innings do
not wear on him as much us on some of the
old-timers. Ho has n contract with Omaha
that provides that ho'shall not bo reserved ,
and in all probability bo will bo pitching for
Kansas City next season. Nichols
has no such contract with Omaha ,
nnd if ho pitches for Kansas City next year ,
Kansas City will pay the Omaha manage
ment a great big gob of money for him this
It seems preposterous to attribute unsuc
cessful ball playing to poor , Innocent , in
offensive uniforms , but it Is rather singular
that no club that has adopted the black uni
form has had any luck until the somber gar
ments wore discarded. The Clnclnnatls wore
pigmies In black , and lost gaino after game
with such horrifying regularity that it drove
half the ians down in Porkopolls crazy.
They threw their black Nadjys aside , and
have been trotting along with a full measure
of success ever since. Cleveland adopted
the undertaker's colors Immediately after
their first successful eastern trip and climbed
right up on the toboggan. They have dis
carded them within the past week and are
again being Rinllcd upon by queer old Daino
Fortune. Will Oinutia bo compolbd to shoot
her raven togp ? It loolcs that way.
Eastern base ball writers are continually
harping upon the desirability of Jersey City
and Nowrrk as American association cities ,
in case of any vacancies In this body next
season. But the fact Is , that neither ODD of
these cities has a ghoat of a show of ever being
tu It on In tbo American association , nt leant
while there are such thriving , wide-awake ,
go-ntioad towns as Minneapolis , Milwaukee ,
Detroit and Buffalo to draw from. There
will bo a vacancy or two in this organization
there seems to bo but liUlo doubt just now ,
nnd in case there is. the prediction Is made
hero that either Minneapolis or Milwaukee
will bo the city which will hnvo the first call.
Minneapolis has demonstrated this season
her capability of holding up her oud In any
base ball organization , nnd this is probably
her last year as a member of a minor league.
As a base ball town , Omaha isn't to bo men
tioned In the same day.
Miscellaneous Sports.
The Omaha Turn-Vereln wll | send a class
to the Fremont tournament next Friday ,
Mr. ' 'Skip" Duiidy will leave this week
for n tun days piscatorial excursion to Spirit
Ulchsrd K. Fox may offer n purse for
Seurlo , O'Connor , Teenier , Oaudaur and
Hanlon to row tor In America ,
Frank P. Slavln has arrived In London
and Intendi to challenge any man In the
world for 1.000 ana the Police Gazette belt.
Jem Smith nnd Jnulc Wuunop are matched
to tight with small 12 loves September SO ,
the former wagering 350 to Wunnou's 300.
Fishing parties to Luke Manawa are re
porting excellent sport. Ulauk bass ore tak-
Inic'ih ? fly varaciously and big baskets are
ui an a dally. -
J , J. Burns and" John N , Burke , of South
Omuhu , will play a serioa of three games of
hand ball with M. Kilcallun und P. J. Klrby ,
this afternoon , at Kllgahoas1 court , corner
Thursday Night ,
lenst one-third by purchasing1 now. On
sale to-morrow :
8 cases All Pnro Wool Scnrlot Medi
cated lilnnkols , worth JO , sulo prlco
10 bales full-st/.cd Sntoon Comforts ,
elegant styles , nt $1.00. worth fti.Sfi.
5 bales extra line Saloon Comforts ,
choice styles , nt $2.20 , worth $3.
75 pieces All Wool Striped nnd Plaid
FliuniolB , snitnble for wrappers nnd ton
pownsurth fiOc , enlo price S7io.
Don't fail to sco those.
10 gross Cnpo May Boquot Soapnt Ific
n cnlto. This soap Is equally as good as
Cashmere Boquot , a nil wo make this
low price to introduce it.
5 gross Scented Glycerine Soap nt 25c
box , S cakus in box.
2 gross Holly Soap nt 25o n box , 8
caitcs in box.
2 gross Water Cress Soap at 25c a box ,
S cakes in box.
25 dozen Flannel and Mohair Blouses ,
all sizes , worth $3 , sale price Monday
All cur lOc , 8c and Olc Embroidery
in one lot Monday at Ic.
All our 15c and 12jo Embroidery in
one lot Monday nt 5c.
All our 25c and 20cEmbroidery va one
lot nt 81o Monday.
All our 30c Embroidery at 12o } Mon
Piouncings at half price Monday.
See our prices on Children's' Caps
Monday. t >
Remnants of 42-inch Black Chnntillv
and Spanish Guipure Flouncing. 48-inch ,
Fish Nets , "La Tosca" Nets , Brussels
Twelfth an3 Chicago streets. Mr.-Burns'is ' *
said to be ono of the finest band ball players
in the country.
"Senator" W. J. Morgan and Miss Jessie
Oakes , the champion English bic.ycllonno ,
were married at Leadville , Col. , on Satur-
day.August , the 3d. And this poos.
President Dick ftlcConnick , of the
Western association of base ball clubs ,
will return from his six weeks sojourn in
the north woods , about August 15.
Tobo Broderlck , Nat Brown's handler and
trainer , will take the great pacer , U Bet , to
Creston , la. , on the 23th. Ho will then re
turn to Omaha for the races during the fair ,
and wiud up the season at Kansas City and
St. Joo.
Leon Lozier , the Council Bluffs sprinter ,
is entered in no loss than five events at the
second annual sprinting championship meet
ing of the professional athletic association
of America , which will DO hold at Denver
August 18.
J. Purvis Bruce , the well-known bicyclist ,
who was drowned last Sunday afternoon
while bathing in Chauncey pond , at Wost-
bore , Muss. , was an old and intimate friend
of Jack Prince , and the two have often
raced together in the eastern cities.
Evan Lewis is In Denver , whore ho has a
series of wrestling matches during the com
ing athletic tournament. Ho was greatly
pleased with Omaha , and will probably re
turn hero in the fall and challenge Tom Can
non fora match 'to ' come off in the Coliseum *
John Dunmicr , of Gwin & Duntnlcr'a sport
ing goods house , scored a very creditable
victory over Hello O. Hlekes , the crack shot
of Dayton , O. , last Wednesday , beating him
in a 100 blue rock race by a score of 00 to 89.
Hlekos is ono of the surest crack shots in the
Jimmy Lindsay is In active training for bis
battle with Charlie Dally , of St. Louis , and
declares that in this light ho will convince
his friends that bo Is no "fiuko" fighter , but
an up-'an'-up flrstrater. Ho is getting him
self In fine condition , smashing the bag ,
pedcstrianizlng nnd skipping the rope , and
on the day of the fight will bo able to step
into the ring as hard as the proverbial nails.
Dally Is also hard at work , under the mon-
torshlp of no less a personage than old Tom
Allenat Allen's place in the Mound Cityand
intends to take no chances. Ho suspects
that ho Is to meet considerable of a man in
Lindsay , and will leave nothing undone to
put himself In the best possible condition.
The date and place of the light are details
yet to bo determined upon.
Sub Kosn.
Emma S. ZYtnmai.
Under the rose Is a thorn wo know ,
And ever In life wo find it so.
Under the sweetest flowers that blow ,
Hides the thorn that hurts us so.
Under the rose , but the rose Is sweet ;
Fairest of all the flowers wo moot ,
And never in life will it seem loss sweet ,
For the thorn that pierces unwary feet.
Under the rose that wo pluck In joy ,
Is tlu\ sharpest thorn Its ono alloy ;
So pain and pletisuie , grief and joy ,
If It wore not so would sweetness cloy I
Under the rose that wo pick to day ,
The roio that the months are speeding
nwny ,
The thorn lies hidden unfely away.
Will we flud that thorn some other day I
U'liero Aty llonrf IJCH. |
V. J , Jl. in New Ymh 11'orW.
Under the sod where the wild crass grows ,
Under the leafy trees ,
Where the moaning sons : of tbo sad wind
Llko the murmur of the seas
There , whore ray thought * all end In sighs ,
There's where uiy heart lloi.
Where the llfelusn leaves rustle ana fall ,
Wedded to the ground ,
Where the night bird's coo Is the onlycall
That breaks the stillness round ,
There , whore my spirit of darkness flloi ,
There's where my heart lies.
The wind blows low , for death hoins here
Its silent ruign supreme ,
And never the force of u driflng tear
Can wash away its dream ;
And there , In the grave where love ne'er
There1 * where toy lieart lies.
Nets , Cream Drapery Nets nnd Flounc
ing. Wo huvo a lot of thorn , and must
sell. The lengths are good , running
from 1) to 6 yards. The prices will bo
31.08 and $2.05. These goods are all
silk and the vary best in the mnrkot.
Wo Imvo 6 pieces of Blaclc Silk Drapery
pory nets , regular price $1.76 , Monday
5 pieces at $3 , Monday $1.05.
All our line "La Toscns" at S4.0C.
125 Parasols nnd Umbrellas , black
and colored , at $1.50.
All choice goods and hnvo boon soil
ing as high as $7.60. This is the last
clmnco on these goods.
05 dozen ladles' extra line stainless black
cotton Hose , with 3 Inch ribbed tops , wear
and colors cruarantcod , sale price 33c , U pair
$1.00 ; they are COo goods.
Ifi dozen ladles' extra line quality silk and
lisle Hose , In Tan * . Browna , Nnvys nnd as
sorted Greys , all sizes , at.We : good value(1.10. .
An odd lot of ladli-s' real French lisle thread
Jersey fitting ribbed Vests , In cream , white
and pink , prlco to close 800 ; would bo cheap
nt 7Gc.
25 dozen ladles , all pure Silk Jersey Vests ,
assorted colors , wo close them out at Too , for
mer pricn $1.35.
50 do/en Gents' tltie full regular made half
Hose , in plain balbriggan , llslo threads and
assorted stripes at lOc , or 0 pair for $1.00
25 dozen Gents' "Onyx" stainless Blaclc
lisle half Hose , ntr : e a pair , regular 50o goods.
Wo place on sulo 5,000 Gent's ' nil pure linen
Handkerchiefs , in pluln white ; and also an
elegant assortment of fancy h cmstltchcd bor
ders , at is ; c , lOc and 22 > < c. Just half what
they are actually woith.
An Odd lot of Gout's real China Silk Hand
kerchief with deep hemstitched borders , at
4be ; chcun at 05c.
Gent's real French Undorwo ar
in odd lots and sires , at half price ; 02 ; o ; re
gular price § 1.25.
Doci a man cast his broad upon the
waters when ho has taken u roll in the surf f
"Ho describes hell beautifully , " was the
testimonial ol an admlringt Mains sister to
her pastor.
"What makes you so cold , Eva ] " inquired
Adam solicitously. "I rather think , " she re
plied , "that it's duo to the late fall. "
Usher ( in Hades , announcing ) An asso
ciation umpire. His Satanic Majesty O ,
well , let him go ; ho got his on earth.
An English clergyman lately said to a
daughter of Bishop Huntlngton , of Central
Now York : "Has 5'our father many Mor
mons In his diocese ) Utah , I think , is in
Now York ! "
A preacher in a llttlo western town wound
up his prayer meeting in the basement of his
church by singing "Almost Persuaded , Now
to Believe , " after whicn ho wont to the body
of the church , and mounting a very high
pulpit , started his congregation in singing ,
"Nearer , my God to Thee. "
At the conclusion of a church service In
Cameron , Mo. , on Sunday night , a member
of the congregation arose and announced
that ho was agent for a very fine brand of
hair oil. Ho then delivered qulto a discourse
on its good qualities , ami after ho had finish
ed the congregation was dismissed with the
A Sabbatarian Soutimont. The Postmas
ter General "Did you enjoy the Sabbath ,
your oxcellencyj" Tbo President "Oh , yes ;
the fish nlto like ah " The Postmaster
General ( coming lo the rescue ) "I hope you
caught a great many of them , your excel
lency ? Fishns that are so wicked us to blto
on Sunday dcsorvo to bo eaten , I am sure. "
Not nn Appetizing Dish.
A correspondent who dined in Japan
describes vividly the sensations pro
duced by eating raw fish : "Tho whole
fish was there , his head and shining
blue eyes , his tail and llns , but at a
touch the shape came apart nnd lay in
thin slices upon the bones , a miracle of
the carver's art. I took n chopstick
full. The first taste of caviare and
onions is nn event in a lifetime : the un
known ollvo and pungent garlic Imvo
made episodes in every career , but to
close the jaws on a slice of cold , raw
jiah , and have the clammy , rubber-like
tlesh ciulvor and slip under the tooth
has a horror peculiarly its own. The
sense of its being something lately
dead , something corpsoy , is sickening.
Ono slice filled mo almost to ovorllow-
ing , nnd I confined myself to the gar
nish. "
- .
Chousing ,
riilhiilclp'ita , Timer.
She sat by his sldo in the corner , nook , '
In the bloom und bhiuh of youth ,
And the maiden frankness of her open brow
Was lit by the light of truth ,
Can the world condemn If nor heart boat
fast ,
As the words she longed to hoar ,
With a sound like the sweep of LOVO'H silken
wing ,
Broke softly on her ear !
But why in her eyes Is that far-away glance 1
And why Is that catch In her voice !
Ah , who can toll all that : : ! 'iy ' bo bid-
All that lies In a woman's choice J
Then her face Is raised , with a look , to bis ,
And a smily like the L ! moo's wore :
"Why , of course 1 will. Vanillnl" she said ;
So bo ordered two plates more.
Tim Work or tlio Doctor * .
Judge : Old Mrs. Bentley What a
lot of now diseases they have now that
they didn't have twenty years ago.
Old Mr. Bentley Yes ; but you should
remember , Eliza , wo have a turribl *
sight more doctors now than wo bad
twenty years n < jo. *
Ills u Full are ,
Times : Charley What's the matter ,
Algy ? You look like a thundercloud !
HUB anybody been chanting you lately ?
Agy--I ) should fi y they had , You
know I married my tailor'n daughter
last WOOK and all the beunly fellow
UHviia my bill receipted iu lull ,