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    8 THE OMAHA DAILY KffiE : 3TEIDAY , AUGUST 9 , 1889.
Ilovonuo collections yesterday were
0,200.03 ,
The cornor-Btono of Zlon Baptist
church ( colored ) , Rev. T. II. Ewinp ,
pastor , will bo mid at 8 p , tn , Monday
Mr. William O. Judpo. general secre
tary American Section Thoosophlcal
Bocictv. will speak at 8 p , in. in Room
205 , Sliecloy blook. All invited.
A car loud of tin plato from Swansea ,
England , was received at the custom
house yesterday for Rector , Wllholmy
& Co. nnd the Lee Clark , Androoson
' 'Tho Omaha Motor Railway company
filed nn application with the board of
imblio works yesterday for a permit to
Jay double track on Thirty-third from
Burt to Lake street.
R. E. Iluhraan was fined $100 and
costs in pollco court yesterday after
noon for soiling liquor on Sunday , Ills
place of business is at 1510 Webster
Now fire alarm boxes have been
placed at Thirty-sixth and Howard and
Thirty-eighth nnd Soward. They nro
of the Inter-State pattern and hnvo
been thoroughly tested and found satis
Mrs. Jennie Farnam , the wife of a
Cheyenne stenographer , loft homo a
low dayB ngo and cnmo to Omaha ,
bringing with her their child and about
$400 in monoy. Some of Far mini's
friends in this city have boon notified
nnd are on the lookout for the woman.
Superintendent of Plumbing Uuncnn
filed a complaint against Symonds &
Blake for making plumbing connec
tions with a water main in the alloy be
tween Dodge and Capitol avenue and
Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth streets ,
.without getting u permit from the in
William W. Bltttier , the theatrical
man who was willing to exchange his
experience for Mrs. Tinjopn'a shekels ,
loft town last nltrht to avoid arrest. lie
was arrested at River Sioux , la. , and
will bo brought back here and tried on
the charge of obtaining money by false
Mr. Southwick , the DCS Moincs do-
sicnor , has written to Mr. Liningpr
that owing to the loss ho sustained in
the burning of his gallery eomo time
ago , ho will not establish a school of de
sign in Omaha. Mr. Llnlnger , however -
ever , has not relinquished his idea of
having such nn institution started in
this city.
Personal Paragraphs.
Q. W. Cornell , Auburn. Neb. , Isat the Mil-
Frank E. Hartlgun , of Cietc , is at the
D.V. . Smith , of Wlntersct , In. , Is tit the
E. M. Loftan , of Crclghton , Neb , is at the
C. C. Pardco , of Douglas , Wyo. , Is a Paxton -
ton guest.
Rov. J. P. D. Lloyd , of Chicago , arrived at
the Pnxton.
Mrs. Muck , of Grand Island , visited iu the
city yesterday.
EURCIIO Moore was In tha city yesterday
from West Point.
H. M. Moon is registered at the Paxton
from Rod Oak , la.
F. G. Hnrncr was at the Paxton last even-
ng from Kearney.
F William M. Knight is stopping at the Ar-
caclo from St Louis.
b'1 J. W. Kerns , Auburn , Nob. , is In the city ,
* a guest of the Darker.
O. F. Driscoll has returned from an extended -
tended European tour.
L. D. Pollard , a well known Chicago trav
eling man , la in the city.
\V. J. McCormick registered at the P axton
yesterday from Dunlap , la.
G. Marshall nnd wife , of Nashville , Tcnn. ,
are registered at the Millard.
T. O. Allen , a McCoolc , Neb. , business
nan , Is stppping at the Murray.
William Simpson and daughters , Ida and
Allio , were in the city yesterday from Nor
ton , Kan.
R. J. Mantz , for nine years a conductor on
the Union Pacific , but now of OtUwu , Knn. ,
is in the city.
Captain McCoy , of the local rovonueofflco ,
left last night for a short visit to St. , Paul
and Minneapolis ,
OffU er Peter Matza has returned from a
month's visit m Wisconsin. Ho is much Im
proved in health.
Miss Jessie Hagan loft for Red Oalr , In. ,
her home , last evening , utter a pleasant
visit with her friends In Omaha.
John Berg , ono of the most successful
commeicial men traveling out from Chicago ,
arrived at the Millard lust evening.
Mr. W. A. Pholnn , editor of the League of
the Cross , a Cuthollo publication at Sioux
City , la. , called at Tun Bun oftlco yesterday.
Mrs. J. Bauraau and daughter , Uusslo , ac
companied by Miss Louie Johnson , have gone
to Helena , Mont , and other western points.
Lieutenants Holbrook and Rivers , First
United States cavalry , and a party of com
petitors passed through Omauu yesterday
morning for Bollovuo.
O. D. Covoll , general , manager of the Ne
braska Eloetrlo Light ana Motor company , is
in Grand Island on business connected with
bis firm.
E. C. Keys and Dr. M. Laney , of Tiffany ,
Ohio , nro In the city on their way through
the state on a tour of inspection. Mr. Keys
is a capitalist and owns considerable prop
erty in Omnba. Ho is highly pleased with
the growth of the city and believes Omaha
has a great future.
Torrance Boyle , check clerk nt the Union
Pacific freight house for the last fifteen
years , loft for the west yesterday , accom
panied by Frank McGinn , bill clerk. Ihoy
will take In Salt Lake City , Denver and
other cities of the west , being absent thirty
Fourth Ward Kcpubllcnns.
There will bo a meeting of the Fourth
Ward Republican club this evening at Judge
Anderson's ofllco at 7:80 : p. m.
Bccchain's Pills euro bilious and nervous 111
Will Lower tlia Grade.
Preparations are bolus made for another
cut In the gradual thoiutersooilou of Thirty-
Ixth and Uurt streets.
Retaliated tlio Wrong Way ;
A dining room girl at 1331 Saunders street
throw a glass of water out of the window
and accldently deluged Thomas Ghent , who
proceeded to ubuso the girl und culled her
vile names , bo was lined (5 und costs in
police court.
Stopped Up the Sowers.
The men grading near Twenty-second
and Pierce streets have filled in the sewer
and as a consequence property in that vicin
ity is overflowed with water. A complaint
was made to the board of public works this
morning and measures are being taken to
remedy the evil.
Couldn't Stop the Grin.
A cable car knocked a man down at the
corner of RUtcontli and Dodge streets yester
day morning , and for a few moments U was
thought that ho had boon badly Injured , but
in a short time bo picked himself up and
bobbled awuy. Ills uumo was not uscor-
A Cnso of tmiull Pox.
A case of ttnall pox was discovered by City
Physician Ralph , on Twenty-seventh street ,
throe block * south of Lenvonworth. The
disease attacked a four-year-old child , The
parents had been sick with a disease which
physicians pronounced chicken pox , but'
\vhlcu Dr. RiiluU thinks was vurilold , from
which the child took the disease. Tbo house
has been quarantined uiul every effort rnnUo
to stop the spread of the disease.
In the sick room Pitt's Chlorides ,
tlio odorless disinfectant , is iuvuluublo ,
They Ilnvo BttccpGti(1 ( In Gobbling Up
Harvest Ticket * .
Wednesday morning the flrst harvest oxcur
slon over the 13. & M. pawed through
Omaha. Whether or not it will bo the Inst
depends chiefly upon the action of the roads
In the Western and Trims-Missouri Pas
senger associations. Ticket scalpers In
Chicago and other eastern points In the
jurisdiction of the former association
hnvo been obtaining control of the harvest
excursion tickets and It is feared that a gen
eral demoralization of rates may result.
They are bclnt ; used to cut ratoi to Denver
nnd also to Missouri river nolnts , To add to
the Rcnornl difficulty one Chicago-Omaha
line demanded that the harvest excursion
rates must apply to Missouri river points ,
thus giving the ticket brokers nn oppor-
tunlty that they otherwise would not have
hud. A meeting Is being held in Chicago
to-day to dovlso a plan whereby the tickets
uitn bo kept out of the brokers' hands.
Going to Yollowittono.
The Union Pacific excursion to Yellow
stone Dark nnd other western points of inter
est loft the Union Pacific depot yesterday
nt8.i5. : The party was not os largo as was
expected und numbered only llftcon persons.
It is expected , however , that enough pnssun-
gcrs to make the number twcnty-tlvo will betaken
taken between this city nnd Grand Island ,
several along the line having signified their
intention of Joining the party.
The excursion cars were attached to the
regular train , but after reaching North
Plutto will bo run to Cheyenne as a special.
The excursionists In the Pullman ear "Yel
lowstone" occupied the position of. honor ,
next caino Jim Stophonson's stable car con
taining sixteen horses , followed by a gondola
carrying the two Tally-ho coaches which will
bo used In the outing in the park. Among
the passengers leaving Omaha were S. A.
Orchard , Colonel J. A. L. Hood , Clarcnco
J3rown , advertising manager of the Union
Puclllc , James Stephenson and two daugh
ters , Dr. Davis nnd wife nnd R. J. CI mi coy ,
of Tint BKR. The party will roach the Yd-
lowstono August 12 and will spend several
days In looking nt the various points of inter
est. They will return August 29.
Rnllronil Notes.
Superintendent Hughes of the Frornont , '
Elkhorn & Missouri Vulley , ncnompanlod by
Assistant General Freight Agent Cnssldy ,
lelt for the west last evening.
The last Issue of the General Manager , a
railroad Journal Issued on tbo Puck and
.ludgo plan , contains a very handsome portrait
trait of Conductor J. S. Coughlln , of tlio
Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis & Omaha ,
who Is well known iu this city.
The Httpcrintonilciits of the Depart
ments and Various Displays.
The now catalogue of the fair which Is
now being distributed shows thn following
list of oQlccru , directors , superintendents ,
etc. :
President , D. T. Mount ; .vicb-prosldBnt.
Churchill Parker ; treasurer , Hugh G.Clark ;
secretary. J. II. McShnno.
Directors D. T. Mount , Churchill Par
ker , Hugh G. Clark , .1. H. McShnno , M. T.
Patrick , J. A. Huiigato , J. .T , Brown.
Executive Committee J. H. Hungato , I.
J. Brown and M. 1Patrick. .
Suneriutendeut. S. G. Couch ; superin
tendent of speed , Joseph Gnrnouu , jr. : su
perintendent of gates nnd tickets , \V. H.
Green ; superintendent of transportation. P.
H. KInno > .
The following tire the superintendents of
the other various departments :
Horses and inulus , Hon. Jehu P. Boyd ,
Omaha ; cattle , Oliver Millard , Council
Bluffs ; sheep , C. W. Bnbcock , Manning , la. ;
swine , Joseph C. Gilinore , Plattsmouth ;
poultry , Graham P. Broxvn , Omaha ; farm
products , K S. Gaylord , Blair ; bees , honey
und apiary goods , Charles Howse , Omaha ;
mechanical art , W. J , Kennedy , Omaha ;
machinery , W. J. Kennedy ; superintendent
fine arts , Mrs. P. T. Emerson , Omaha ;
manager and clerk flno art hall. Mra. J" . S.
Briggs , Omaha ; superintendent textile fab
rics , Mrs. John \Vnkoflold , Omaha ; man-
uger and clerk , Mrs. J. S. Briggs. Omaha ;
ngricultural societies , S. P. Great , Sehuyler ;
preen fruits , John Lutz , Ellt City ; grapes ,
canned goods , Jellies , etc. , George Gilson ,
Elk. City ; floral , E. C. Erfling , Omaha.
Commissioner Turner Tells All About
tils Little Trip to New Vork.
"Yesslr ; you bctchorllfo I had a blamed
nice time only fur thet woman. Tell you ,
I've got all the crazyin' I want in mine. Ef
the board wants to send any more crazy people
ple down east they'll have to send somebody
else besides me along- "
It was Commissioner Turner , who reported
at headquarters Wednesday aftetnoon for the
first time since his return homo on Sunday
morn Ing last.
"Now that woman Glldersleevo wuz a holy
terror. She nt and cussed 'round afora
everybody In the car. Fust I'd have to sit
by her an' she'd rake Joe Miller. Gad , how
she'd scorch hlml Then I skin out an'Joo
he'd sot down next her ; and then she'd cuss
mo. O , but she's a smart 'un. she is. "
"Where did you leave her ! " was asked.
"O , we left 'or ' in 'Lizaboth , Now Jersey , "
and the old man tried to change the subject
by , tolling how ho dodged the boys and
skipped homo on the lirst train Sunday
"Elizabeth ! Had she relatives there ! "
"Yes , 'or. I gave 'or f3 to git homo with. "
"What I to go home alouol"
"Oyes ; she wuz smart enough to git homo
from there. Her folks only lived 'Dout
twenty miles away. "
"Had a pretty nice time after you loft her'
did you I"
"Yes , purty fair sort of time. Joe told mo
ho saw her after'ards ' in Now York. She
was dead sot on going to Now York , but I
Just told 'cr she could'nt do it an1 she give it
up. "
"But what about your time in Now York ! "
"Well , 'oz I said , I Just showed Joe 'round
a little , took him to a few places like , aud
But then 'twant nothln' much for mo to see ,
because I'd ECO it all afore. "
"Didn't go down to Allon'n or the bowery '
did you ! "
"O , I don' know ez wo did. I wuz Just
ahowia' Joe 'round a little llko , you know.
'Course wo tripped through them streetsbut ,
ViO didn't go Into any of the places , Joe
didn't care to , and there wuzn't much now
fur mo to see. I tuck him up onto the over
head trains , an' wo went out to Central
park , and drove 'round In a carriage. Yes ,
we had a fairish sort of time all through. "
"Folks hero said you had gone oft on a
pleasure trip , " put in Anderson , who stopped
in about that time.
"Pleasure be 1 That 'ero woman was
a heap of pleasure , wuzn't she ! "
"What became of Joo's man ! "
"Ho put him off at some relations In Now
York. Funny 'bout that feller ; but ho
wouldn't eat a blto on the trip. I bought
grub for him a couple times , but ho wouldn't
touch It. " Then I stopped off at Hork'raor
two days , where my wife's relations lives. "
After that I went back to Now York for ono
day , loavln' there at U o'clock for homo. I
ruther enjoyed glttm * Inter the city ngtn ,
but I didn't enjoy as much us you'd ' thluK
fer , 'cause ' there wa'nt much , or nuthm' , In
fact , but I'd see it afore. "
Thou the genial old Now Yorker turned
to glare at Anderson , ho of the white whlsk-
orx , who had Just ejaculated with a preliminary
ary "wheey" a remark to the effect that
"We stand iu with 'em on that deal , you
bet "
An Important Element
Of the success of Hood's Sarsnpnrillii Is
the fact thut every purchaser receives a
fair equivalent for his money. The
familiar headline , " 100 Doses Ono
Dollar , " etolon by imitators , is original
with nnd true only of Hood's Sarsupar-
lllu , This can easily bo proven by uny
ono who desires to test the matter. For
real economy , buy only Hood's Sarsa-
parillu. Sold by all druggists ,
Illuminated Arohns.
Louis Hoiairod , one of the committed on
decorations for the Merchants' \\eck celebra
tion , says ttiat the cost of illu
minating the proposed arches across tbo
streets at. Sixteenth and Farnam and Thir-
tc ntuftud Horuey with five hundred Incan
descent electric lights would bo $700 , which
ia considerably tnoro tUtta bad begu
lated. This only Includes the lamps nnd
wires , the power being furnished.
Regarding the nrcnos Mr , llolmrod re
marked that ho favoro.l Bonding to St. Louis
for four or flvo urchos , which could bo shipped
hero nnd returned at n less expense than to
construct them In this city.
Ho Still Maintains That the G. A. H.
la Entitled to a Ono Cent Itate.
A telegram from Milwaukee contained the
statement of two Nebraska department ofll-
cors that their commander , J. B. Djtvls , who
is now In Chicago recovering from a long
illness , was not disposed to bo very strong
In discouraging attendance nt the encamp
ment , and that ho had directed that his or
der bo ns mild as possible. A Chicago re
porter called nt No. 21 Lincoln nvonuo ,
where Commander Davis is slopping , and
naked him If It was n filet that ho was dis
posed to compromise with the railroads.
"No , " said ho , "I want it understood
that I stand by this agreement of the de
partment commanders , nnd I want to
Bay , ns the commander of the Department of
Nebraska , that I have no controversy with
thi ) people of Milwaukee , but If they had had
mou with any sand they would have been
plvon the 1-cont rate by the railroads. Klght
hero in this room ono of the high ofllcluls ot
( i Milwaukee road said the other day that It
was their object to brealc the oreccdont of
the 1-cent rate , so that when Mr. Cm-pooler
gets up In Milwaukee and says ho cannot do
anything toward rescinding the action of the
roads ho says that which Is no' true , for thu
power that cjn help make n rate can help
unmake it. Adjutant General Gateholl unrt
Captain Cook , who ara said to have attrib
uted to mo this spirit of compromise , wcro
hero Friday in conference with mo , and went
to a meeting at Milwaukee Friday night ,
nud It is probable that they wore cajoled by
the railroad men Into making this statement
concerning mo. I stand by the commanders
for the 1-cent rate , and Nebraska does not
pledge a general' attendance ut the oncamo-
mcnt , but the delegation will go.
G. A. It.
Grailil Reunion of the soldiers nnd
sailors of Nobrosk'u at Kearney , Autrust
12 to 17,1830. The committee have BO-
tjurcd for location , the spacious grounds
overlooking Luke Kearney , and the
programme , consirftlnp : of ahum bittlos ,
dross parades , artillery drills und duels ,
and miiirnilluont display of fireworks ,
will bp the most attractive over offered.
For this occasion the Union Pacific ,
"Tho.Ovorhuid Routq , " will sell tickets
from all points on its lines in Nebraska
ut u rate of ono faro for the round trip.
Don't fail to attend. For other information
mation apply to your uoa'ost ticket
ngont , or E. L. LOMAX ,
Gon'l Pass. Agt. , Omaha , Nob.
The Value llclng Koualit for hy the
Omaha Rindting Works.
The Omaha and Grant Smelting company
has commenced suit in the district court at
Wyandotte , Kansas , acainst Chester Bullock
and others to recover the value of 803,743
pounds of silver and lead ore sold to them in
1SS3 , but claimed by a mining company in
which James G. Blnlno was a stockholder
and given by the courts of Colorado to them.
This man Bullock is u capitalist of Kansas
City , Kansas , and associated with him in
the deal were Stanley P. Wik'ht , A. W.
Ituckcr , C. F. Uuckor , John McComb ,
Nels Larson nnd Thomas Quran.
In August , 1SS3 , the plaintiffs' petition says ,
the defendants , then operating a mine in
Colorado , sold to the plaintiffs UU5,7 , > iO pounds
of load ana silver ore for the sum of $14,207.-
07. The mlnlnc company warranted its title
to the ores , which they claimed bad been
taken from the Big Chief mine , and received
payment therefor. The smelting company
went to work on the ores which "panned
out" very well , but after a short thno a com
pany hcudcd by James G. Ululno appeared
upon the sceue and claimed that ttio ores
came from their own mine , the Maid of Erin.
The smelting company disputed the Blalno
company's title to tbo ores , and later in 18SO ,
the Blumo company instituted pro
ceedings in the district court of Anip-
ahoo county , Colorado , to recover the
precious metal. In December , 1877 , however ,
a change of venue was taken to the district
court of Lake county und thereat the conclu
sion of the trial In April , 1888 , n Judgment
was obtained for the full value of the ores.
The smelting company took an appeal to the
supreme court of Colorado and in duo thno
secured a reversal of Judgment. 1 ho case
again came up in the lower court , but this
time in Summit county , where in June , 1839 ,
a Judgment was obtained by the Blaine com
pany. Tnis time , however , the Judgment
against the smelting company was 75 per
cent heavier than thatflrstobtamcd , amount
ing to $24,109.40 , including all the costs of the
litigation und 10 per cent interest on the
value of the ores from the time of the orig
inal sale. This judgment has at last been
satisfied by tbo smelting company and now
suit has been instituted to recover from the
parties named above the money paid out in
1883 for the ores , together with interest aud
costs in the long chain of suits.
The celebrated demurrage suit instituted
by the B. & M. railroad against Barber & ,
Co. , of this city , was dismissed from the dis
trict court at the plaintiff's cost by stipula
Ono of the petitions was ( lied by the Ne
braska and Iowa Insurance company , and
was an action to recover judgment on two
promissory notes given by James Stearns to
the John Dicrlca manufacturing company ,
and by the second parties transferred to tbo
plaintiff. The amount involved Is $500 , and
the defendants are Stevens and the corpora
tions named.
An ordinance requesting the mayor of
South Omaha to submit to the electors of
that city the questlo'h of the construction nnd
operation of n street railroad ( the Mercer
mttor ) , through the streets of that city by
the Omaha Motor railway company was filed
for the plaintiff in the case now pending be
tween the Omaha Motor railway company
and the Omaha Street railway company.
Amendments to the amended articles of in
corporation of the Omaha Motor railway
company were also filed ,
United States Court.
The following bills in chancery were filed
with Clerk Frank yesterday morning :
PamelaBadtlot , of Possulo.N. J. . vs Lewis
and Fannie E. Logan , of Buffalo county ,
Nob. , suit for $2,008.81 , und to foreclose mort
gage on southeast # section 'JO , township 10 ,
range 10 west.
Salllo E. and Emma A. Altkon and Ed
ward C. Flcmming , of Buffalo county , for
f2,000.12 and to foieclosoou southeast } { sec
tion IS , township 10 , range 14.
William Nicholson vs Joseph B. and Eliza
beth Lynch , of Buffalo county , for $2,105,3Ii
and to foreclose on west > tf aad northwest > .
and west M of south west # section 25 , town
ship U , rungo 7.
County Court.
Another and supposedly final act was per
formed in the Roth-McFarland sensation yes
terday , Koth's ' attorneys wore compelled
to sue him for their foes and got Judgment
by default against him for $300 ,
It will bo remembered that William H.
Roth's wife got hold pf a Jotter written by
111 in to Jennie McFarland , a typewriter In
the ofllco of the Star-Union Lumbar company ,
of which ho was manager , und wont down to
his o 111 co immediately to shoot him. The af
fair resulted in divorce proceedings , disap
pearance from Omaha of Miss MoFarland
and her sister and a general breaking up of
domestic happiness all around.
Only ouo now suit was filed in the county
court yesterday afternoon. It was by Charles
H. Wcntr , against the tirin of Sloinan Bros , ,
to recover 2120.85 duo on account.
Burial of the Victims of the Itooent
Union I'nolflo Acoldmit.
Assistant General Manager Dickinson , Car
Accountant Buckingham and Trainmaster
Baxter yesterday morning returned from the
scene of Weston wreck. Fireman Uruche'r ,
who \vus badly scalded , was brought to this
city and placed In St. Joseph's hospital. Ho
1s in a fair way to recover. O'Hearue , an
other fireman , was brought In at 1 o'clock
yesterday. His condition is very serious.
The funeral of Mitchell , the engineer , took
place at Beatrice yesterday , whllo that of
Conklln was hold at Valparaiso. Drs. Galbraith -
braith and Bryant accompanied Mitchell's
mother to Beatrice. The deceased carried
party f 11,000 on tua life ,
Notes of tlio-Sjstotn llrqttlred by the
Now Law.
County CoratrrUsloncr Mount was vigor-
oiiery pulling ill Is whiskers yesterday nnd
worrying over tbo subject of selecting a list
of names fromftlto voters in his territory to
go In the .vhaal.oMorttino Jury-box. His
ngony was increased through his failure to
find the poll'boxffor wards Thrco Four nnd
Nine , which constitute his district.
"I am annoyed , " said ho , "and don't un
derstand this thing. "
"How many names must you solcctl" in
quired n reporter.
"About live hundroa. "
"Altogether , then , you will have n bushel
of names to draw from ! "
"Tho number roaches ono or two hundred
over 2,100.
The list must contain one-tenth of the
number of legal voters In the county as es
timated on last fall's election. Mount's ter
ritory covers the Third , Fourth nnd Ninth
wards ; O'Kccffo's comprises the First. Second
end and Seventh ; Andersons , the Fifth ,
Sixth and Eighth ; Corrigan's , South Omaha ,
Mlllnrd. McArdlo and Douglas precincts ,
whllo Turner tnites in Valley , Waterloo ,
Chicago , Jefferson , Elkhorn , Union , Flor
ence mm West Omaha. The Jury must bo
drawn on or before the 2d of September.
To Visit Ofcdoii nnd Bnlt Lmko City ,
Utah , or Holler , Idaho.
A grand excursion to the above named
points will leave August 20th , via the
Union 1'aclllc , "Tho Overland Route , "
and for this occasion the exceedingly low
rate of MO to Ogden and Salt Luke City
nnd return , and $35 to Hailoy , Idaho ,
nnd return has boon miido from Mis
souri river terminals.
This excursion affords our patrons a
magnificent opportunity to visit Gur-
11 old Bench on Great Salt Lake , the
finest bathing resort in the world , and
also visit Ilailcy Hot Springs , famous
for their medicinal properties. Tickets
good thirty dnys.
For iurthor particulars address
E. L. L.OMAX , G. P. A. ,
Omaha , Neb.
The Ultirnp.
On Monday next the employes of the gov
ernment commence the work of repairing
the eastern banks of the Missouri river , and
thereby stopping the constant erosion which
has been going en for a number of years.
The Improvements extend for three miles
along the river front nud will commence at B
point about two miles ubovo the wagon
bridge , and extend to a point five miles
further north. The work will bo commenced
at the latter point nnd progress south
ward. The banks along that strip
are almost uniformly perpendicular mid
the first work done will bo to slope them
bacic from the river. This done , piles will
bo driven along the water's oduo to which
will be fastened the willow mats , The lat
ter consist of strong willow brush woven to
gether something after the manner of a car
pet. They are about a foot thiclr. These
extend from their fastenings at the water's
edge into the river about sixty feet und on
them is placed a layer of stones about a foot
thick. They weight of the stones holds the
mat against the bottom of the river and the
two form n perpetual provcntativo against
erosion during low water. From the water's
edge up the sloping bank ia covered n luvor
of rook as a burner to high water erosion
and the work is then complete. The pro
posed improvement will furnish employment
to over a hundred men until thu close of the
A Strange
"General" William Butler , the colored
janitor of the police court , is rejoicing over
the arrival in this city of his brother John ,
whom ho had never seen until his arrival a
few days ago. The "ironeral" says ho was
born in Virginia several years before the
war. His fatherland mother were sold to a
lawyer named Shelton , who moved at once
to some plnco in Missouri , leaving William ,
then about two years old , with his parents'
former owner , a planter named Foster. The
ooy John was born after the mother nnd
father had been in Missouri some yeais. Ho
worked along the Missouri river a number of
years , part of the time in the immediate
neighborhood of Om.ilm , and afterwards
went to California. Some thno ago a young
man who was acquainted with the Brother
in California met the "general" here , nnd
being struck with the close resemblance be-
twccu the two men questioned the "general"
closely an to his parents , etc. These details
being communicated to the brother in Cali
fornia resulted in the meeting ncro a low
days ago.
An Absolute Curo.
is only put up iu largo two-ounce tin boxes ,
and is un absolute cure for old soroi , burns ,
wounds , chapped hands , and all skin erup.
tions. Will positively cure all kinds of piles-
MENT. Sold by Goodman Drug company ut
25 cents per box by null 30 cents.
Incensed to Wed.
Marriage licenses were issued by Judge
Shields yesterday to the following' parties :
Name and residence. Age.
I Al Stone , Omaha 23
\ Nellie Ford , Omaha 24
j Fred Schenck , Omaha 23
I Mary Franko , Omaha 20
That hacking cough can bo so quickly
cured by Shiioh's Cure. Wo guarantee
it. For sale by Goodman Drug Co.
Cut In the Face "IVIth a Crowhar.
At 11 o'clock yesterday forenoon a crowbar
was accidentally let fall from the Q street via
duct , fulling about ton feet , the pointed end
striking William O. Easter on the left chcoic ,
ploughing out an ugly gash nnd inflicting u
painful but not dangerous wound. Mr.
Easter was removed to W. S. Kenworthy's
homo on P street und n surgeon called who
dressed the wound. A closer call Mr. Easter
never hud for bis life ,
Miss Agnes Downs , of Glonwood , la. , is
visiting friends in the city.
Ralph Wilson , of Greenwood , la. , is the
guest of friends In tliacity.
Miss Cora Barnaby , who has won so many
friends in this city by her graces , left yester
day fur her home , Groencastlu , Ind.
Isaac S. .Hnscull is in the city consulting
with friends.
The Rev. Mr. nnd Mrs. II. L. Eddlebluto
loft yesterday for Fremont to attend u camp-
meeting at tliat place.
Superintendent Edward A. Cudaby , of the
Armour-Cudahy < packlng company. Is off on
a summer vacation. . Mr. Cuduhy before re
turning will go as fur east as Thousand
Island. Michael Cuduhy. of Chicago , baa
arrived and will manage the business during
his brother's absence.
Hy H. Meday , superintendent ot the
Gcorgo H. Hutnmond & Co. packing com
pany , is off ouia.three weeks' summer vaca
< 5sfi:2S' : I
Absolutely Pure *
This powder never varies. A man el of pure ,
ty , strength \\rliolesomoneo3. . Mora eco
nomical than the ordinary kinds , and cannot
bo Bold In competition the multitudes ot
lor or short\\ eight alum or phosphate powders.
Bold only In cant. KovM Halting 1'owdor Com-
pnur. l u Wall Street. New York.
( Uppoaite 1'axtou Uotolj
Office hours , 8 a. m , to 8 p. tn. Bundayi , 10 a.
m. to 1 p. m.
Spcclillsts In chronic , Nervous Skin and
Dlood Diseases.
CWConsultatlon at office or by mall fre .
Mpdlclnes sent by mull or express , securely
packed , free from observation. Guarantees to
euro nulrkly , safely and pormanentiy.
Spermatorrhoea , s ml-
nal Ixmes.NlHht Kmls
lions. 1'hyslcixl Decay , arlslnp from Indl-scre
tlon , Kxccssor Indulgence , producing Sleepless
ness. Despondency. I'hnples on the face , aver
sion to society , easily discouraged , lacK of confl
dence , dull , unlit rorstudy or business , andllnds
life n burden , bnfcly , permanently and pri
vately cured. Consult ln. Hetts & Belts. UU8
Farnam St. , Omaha , Nob.
Blood and Skin Diseases
results , completely eradicated without the aid
of Mercury. Pororuln , erysipelas , Fever Sores ,
Blotches , Ulcers , L'amaln the Mead and Bones ,
Syphilitic Sore Throat , .Mouth und Tongue , Ca
tarrh , ate. , permanently cured where other *
have failed.
Fiflnou Tfninarw nn Bladder Complaints ,
filulltjy' Ulllldiy Pulnrul , Uimcult. too frequent -
quont Hurtling or nioody Urine , Urine high col
ored or with milky sediment on standing , Wei.k
Back. Gonorriicea , Gleet , Cyutltls. etix ,
Promptly and Safely Cured , Charges lleusona-
blo. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ * _ _
STSiTfiTTTHfT ! ! Guaranteed por-
S * * * M-V J. U XUfM I nianent cure. ie-
moval complete , without cutting , causHc or
dlllatlou. Cmes eflecled at homo by patient
without a moments pain or annoyance.
To Youn ? Men and Middle-Ased Men ,
ASJTTPP pntP ) The awrul effects of early
QUilli ullilrj vice , whlct bungs organic
weakness , rteitioy.ns both mlnu and body , with
all Its dieac'ftl lllc. permiinently cured.
Tip ? PPTT ? Adrcssthoie who have Impaired
JJflDi DD110 themselves by Improper Indul
gences nnd Holltary hablta , which rnln both
body , aud mind , unfitting them tor basinets ,
itudjwor ninri logo.
M Aiutiei ) MEN. or those entering on that hap
py life , aware of physical debility , quickly at
la based upon facts. First Practical Bipe
rlenco. Second Eory Ciiso Is especially studied-
thus starting aright. Thlid Mobile lies are prc ,
pared In our labntory exactly to suit each case ,
thus atTecttns cures w Ithout injury
fXr"6end o cents costtge for celebrated works
on Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Diseases.
Tnousands curotl. ( XT' A friendly letter or call
may save you future siHTerlnii nnd shame , and
add golden years to life. ( STNo letters an
swered unless accompanied by i cents In stamp * .
Address or call on
lillS. KETTS & BETTS ,
U03 Farnam Street Omaha. Neb.
F or sale by Goodman Drug Co
Steck Piano
Rcraiirktiblo for powerful sympatbotio
tone , pliublo action and ubsoluto dura
bility ; 80 yeiirfl' record the bout puarun-
too of the excellence of tbeso intrns-
montB ,
Nos. 303-4O4-I7O-C04.
Max Meyer & Bro ,
Orcnt reduction of price on second hand
Flixnofl and Organs. A good ohanco to get a
good Flano for a atnnll amount ot monor.
The aboyo prices nro 10 per cent less thnn over
pITorod before nnd a. * we must Imveroom for our
large stock or Now 1'Ianoa wo will j-lvo an extra
10percent dlecuunt from rvliovo prlcoi to any
ono tlint buys nn Instrument liotoro August 1st.
Hvory Instrument guaranteed to bo Juot as represented -
presented ,
riuuos for rent for $2.SO and upwards
per month.
Organs for rent for $1.50 nntl npvards
per month.
If you buy n y of the above Innumenta and
you mo not satisfied , \\o will nllowyou same ns
you paid for it toward uny now 1'lnno s ou may
select. Cull early mid got n bargain.
Cor. 16th and Farnam Sts.
llils Is the tlmo to replenish summer
Wo shall continue through the month of
Auguntto oll'er bpoclat bargains in various
lines of llrst-class goods. Our Fait stock
Is already being selected in the Eastern
market , and we inuhtsoou have room for
fresh Invoices. Hut tbo warm ucntliorls
not orer yet , and our supply la still equal
to the demand of a hot day.
Best Boston Twine
-J- and Also have
HalfandhalfJ nudJ , and
SOS to SOS a. Water St. , Chicago.
State Line.
To Glasgow , Belfast , Dublin and Lit crpaol
From New York Every Tuesday ,
Cabin pastngo K15 to fa ) , according to locution ofeta
room. Kxcunlon MS to KM.
Steerage to nnd from Europe at Lowest llntoj.
AUsriN JIAUnvi.S & Co. , Gcn'l Agents ,
3 Broadway. New Tort
] im Dr.EOEK * , Gen'l Western Agent.
1CI llandulpti BU , Cnlcaco.
IlAnitv R. MORES , Agent. Omaba.
Reduced Cubinratea to Qlsagavr Kxhlbltlaa.
Civil Engineering. Classics. Duslnoss.
HT. UKV. P. It. HUNT1NOTON. 1'reildcnt ,
LT. Cou W.VlUtllEUK. Superintendent.
II I liltfllQ CONSERVATORY . . % ,
ConductedoythcSlstorsofStrranclg. Opens
Its elKhth scholastic year Sent t. It by. TIHH in
stitution oir rn every ailvantnue for ucauulni ; a
thorough , Clirlstluii education. For terms nnd
particulars address , Slater Al Josupha , Super-
Bcboul for Qlrls and Youiiu Ladles. 1 ( or
cataloBue addros O. THAYKll , 1,1 , . J ) . .
Morgan i'urk. III. , ur n Aladlion Btreet , Clilcago. III.
Conservatory of Music
Minneapolis , Minn.
I'lANO Host ttncliorH only In every ilniurt
ment. Unequalled opportnnliy for Htudy.-
OUUAN 2U lemons for t5. ! Flee iidvuntages
worth price of tuition. All Instruments , J.uu-
guaces. HlHtory. Mtt-ntturc.
YOlt'K Bfiid for calendar.
CHAHhUS II. JlOlteit. Director.
wull on-Hudson. Col. C. J. Wright. 11. „
A. M. . tiupt. ; U. i' . Hyatt , Uouid.t or C'udcu.
Ilrooke Hall , for Qlrls nnd TOUDK ladles
3hortldue ! Media Acadeinr , for lion und Men
Qwilliin P hnrtlinirp A M Harvard
SWlllM Li Ullllllllupli At IIli Oradtmtu ,
Media , Pennsylvania , near Philadelphia.
and BUoes manufactured by C. M. HKNIIEUSOX
* Co. , O * CllirAOo-Kaclorles ut Chiraco !
Iixon. 111. , nnd Fen nu Lao , Wls.-should vrrlte ,
HAM. N. WAT80N. Ueildenco.KHKMONT.NKU.1
Traveling Agent. Headquarters for MuUbou.
V inUC V n < J AH unnnry trouliles eaally. quick
MU n LI ly and safely cured byUOCn'UUA CAD.
sul s. Beyernl cases cured iu seven cUyt. Bold
utll O per bor , nil drucirUtK , or by jiuil from
Uoctuju U' t'tf Co , UWU1U ) N , if. full UlreJ-
H.W.C08,13TH& Dooot Sit , OMAHA. NED.
. . .
eatment of T rr form of Diiiin ronnlrlnr
Board A Atten < Unc . Btit AecomBocUUoni ta Writ.
CCTWR1TB Ton CIRCULARS on Dif&mltlei un *
rtcti , Trutin , Club Ft < t. Cunraturei efSplte , Fllei.
C.Urr h , BronehllX fnh l llo5
' I
Alt Iileol Dlirtiti KtmifiAf trnttd. BjrMlltla rotten
rtnoT < 4 rrotnlh.ijmm.ltho.l nerorr. K Ktturailii
Tr. > l . .l r.rL M if TIT1L ronXK. Ftrllu MMitV'lill
d.ntut. Mdleln iorltmr tnfnuinlbvtutlortx. ] |
rrtMic < iriljr > Mi > 4 , nirkil < > ln4eitiMnuiti { ! ritn4tr !
tint pirion.1 IDI.MI.W fr.r.rr.d. oil tad naiVii .
r , ?
K""MI led IF" * " " " . " { enf ijr' 15
llth and Dodfo Streets , OMAHA , KEB.
ChCBgo | , | , ,8. ,
ThoKegular Old-Established
It tllll Treating with the Greatest
Chronic , Neryous anil Private Diseases , '
3-NERVOUS DEBILITY , Lott Manhood. '
Felling Memory , Exhnuitlnp Dralni , Terrlbla
Dreams , Head and Back Ache nd all the effects
leading to early dvcuy and pcih pi Consumption ot
loianlty. treated icicntlfically by new method * with
naver-falUna iiiccesi.
SYPHILIS and all bad Dlood and Skin Oil.
= aua permanently cured.
9-KIDNEY and URINARY complalnti , Gleet ,
Oonorrboea , Strlctu re , Vnrlcocele and all disease *
of the QcnltO'Urinxry Organt cured promptly without
injury to Stomach , Kidney * or other Organs.
faNe experiments. Age and experience Im *
portant. Consultation free and sacred.
nr Send 4 cents postage for Celebrated Works oo
Chronic , Nervoua and Delicate Diieucs.
OsVThote contemplating Mairltce lend for Dr.
Clarke'a celebrated guide Male and Female , each
IS cents , both 15 cents ( itsmpi ) . Consult the old
Doctor. A friendly Utter or call may save future luffcr-
InE and ihamt , and add golden ) -ean to life. 9-Book
"Llfe'a ( Secret ) Errors , " joc nt ( stamps ) . Medlclnt
and writings tent ererywhere , secure from exposure.
noun , B to 8. Sundays 9 to ia. Address
F. D. CLARKE , M. D . - ,
16880 * OartiiU CHICAGO. , HJM
Health is Wealth !
MUM , a guaranteed ipoclflo for Hyiterto , DIzzU
dens. Convulsion * . HU , Nervous Neuralgia ,
Ileadaobe , Narroua Prostration caused by too
Piemature Old Ago. liarrenness , LOBS.of Powtf
In either sex. Involuntary Losses and 8perm&t *
orruEn. caused by orer-exertlonot the braln.saltV
abuse or overindulgence. Each box contaloj )
one month's treatment. 81.00 a box. 01 sir baxei
for M.oo.sent by mall prepaid on receipt of price.
To cure any case. With each order received b *
u for six boxes , accompanied with 15.00 , we vrlu
Band the purchaser our written guarantee to r j
fund the money If the treatment does not effect
cure. Guarantees Issued only by OooamajB
Drug Co. , UrusaUU , Boll Agom * , UK ) Farnaoi
treat. Oman * Ran .
A Sure Cure
2Oto6O DAYS.
is u dieoaso wbiob bos hereto/or *
Baffled all Medical Science. ,
( Then Mercury , Iodide of Potassium , BarsnpA
rlllft or Hot Springs fall , we guarantoo.a cure/7
Wo haven Remedy .unknown to emyona lntn
World outside of our Company , andonu that ha *
lo cur * tbe moat obstinate casts. Ten days la
recent cases does the vrortc. It Is the old cbronla
deep seated cases that we solicit. Wo har
cured hundreds who bar * been abandoned by
I'hyMclani , nnd pronounced incurable , aad vro
challenge the world to bring us n ease that w
arlll not cure In less than sixty d yn. .
Since tbe history of medicine true ipeclua
tor Syphilis baa boon sought for but nort *
touad until our ,
was dlieovcrod , and we are Justified In s'lylaj
It is the only Kemeuy in the World tnat will pol
Itlvely cure , because the latest Medical WorktV
published by the belt known authorities , say
there wnsnevera true specific before. Ourr im
oJy will cure when everything else has failed.
Why waste you 'time uud money with patent
medicines that never had virtue , or doctor wlta
physicians that cannot cure you , you that liar ;
tried everything oUe tihould come to us now and
1C permanent relief , you never can set It else-
where. Mark what we siyr. In the eud yo4
must take our remedy or NBVBK recover and
rou that have been afulcted but a short lira *
ihould by oil means come to us now. not one la
teuof now cases ever get permanently cured.
Many get help and think they are free from tne
disease , but in oar , two or three years after U
appears again In a more horrible form. ,
Ibis is n blood Purifier and will Curt )
any Skin or Blood DIsouso wbon '
Everything Klso Faili.
No-iiCK Wedeslro to caution patients in re >
sard to pintles claiming to use the Cook Kern.
cly. Our formula 1 uot and CANNOT U *
mown to tnyone but otirxolvcs.
Booms 418 aiil 419. MM Clfe
Itio Mauor llnljll , I'oaUlvclr Cared
It ? A JmlnUterliiK l > r. Ilitluca'
tloldeu Miicclflo.
It can bo mren In n cup of coffee or tea wltliout tbe )
: nuwIu1kT nt tlio pvrsuntnkliiKlti IsutiiuliiU'lrbaroi'
uis , unit will vtlitit n p o < lr ) unil penuiiiiunt cure ,
rliftlier tlia putlnnl Is u iiio-lorHlu drlnk''roriinal'
nluiluretk. 'llJiiuiaiiui ot ( Irunknnts Intro been
uudo tuiuporiilo inuii who linvu Uki-ti Unlura hpcculo
n tin lrtutr > "j wlllioattbiilr knowluilKO and lodar 'if '
InrHllmy quit ilrlnklni ; of Hair own five will. 11'
< a\'tir I nils. Tlio njrtlmu ( IHLII Impreitimtwl wltU tu *
jirrltlo , It IIOCIIHIVS mi utler liiiuoiilblllljr for ttiu
muoraupelltu lu exlit. 1-nr > au ! liy Kiilin A Co. ,
truKKUU , liltiaud Douijlm il , mid IMIi und Cuia-
nvst > . , Oaiuliu. A , I ) , tutti.'r i. U(0. , Council
A Pocket Pin Cushion Free to Smckora of
CANCER tuckfroo.