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    i fc * %
Revenue collections yeslordny. $ ! , -
The wife of Cnptiiln Orconj of the po
lice force , is seriously 111 ngulm
Sndlo Smith , n colored girl dotnhiod
in the county jnll on u chnrgo of flght-
ing , was rolcnsod ycslcrdivy nftornoon
on nccount of sickness.
The druggists ixro complying with the
lust , order of the mayor requiring thnm
to submit a half yearly report of the
liquor sold for medicinal and other pur
John A. Mnlilor , the celebrated danc
ing muster , of St. Louis , is hero want
ing to negotiate with some benevolent
or charity Institution for a kormlss. Ho
lias already arranged to give one in
Council UlulTa.
William Osburn , of North Platte , is
In tlio city waiting for McCormlck , the
confidence man. to servo his time in
jail , when ho Intends to hixvo him ar
rested again for having confldoncecl
him out of $10.
Mrs. Robert Sloln , of this city , has a
singularity in an cpg laid August 6 by u
lion which was hatched April . ' ! , but
three months before. The specimen is
perfectly formed , but somewhat binallor
than the ordinary egg.
The case of John G. Woolwlno vs. E.
C. Gnrvin , a suit for $170 for taking
nway from plaintilT's stable one team of
mules , harness and wagon , was decided
In favor of plaintiff , judgment being
rendered in the sum of1(0. ( .
Mr. Euclid Martin , president of the board
of trudo , U homo from his wostora trip ,
suffering from an attack of dlnhthorln.
Juilpo Kollov. assistant conornl attorney
of tha Union I'nclfla , has gone to Salt Lake ,
accompanied by his family.
Miss LIHIo Matthews loft , yesterday , for
Earllng , la. , whore slio has accepted a posi
tion us slonocrnnher m the First National
bank of that plncc.
Tim ArcliltcatH' llnml.
Uity Attorney Wcbstor has made out the
lend for Fowler & HoindorlT , the architects
of the now city hall. It Is in the sum of
f.r > l,000 ) , anil will require two surotics.
Ono of the latter who hns promised to go
upon the bond Is nbsoat from town , and a
mart delay Is anticipated before the docu
ment may be scat for approval to the council.
Sons i l' Veterans.
All of the catiins of tlio Sons of Veterans
west of the Missouri rlvor will rendezvous
in Omaha on September 4 , and proceed by
special train to Patterson , N. J. , where tlio
national encampment will bo held , beginning
September 11. Nebraska will send 11 fly
delegates to the encampment. A band of
sixteen places will acuomuany tha Omaha
posts. _
Ijow Itntcs
Prom Omaha and Council Bluffs via the
Northern 1'acilic to all points on the
North Pacific coast have bo placed in
olTcct permanently. The stop-over
privilege given on Northern Pacific
second-class tickets enables the intend
ing settler to personally inspect any
portion of Washington Territory. Frco
eocond-class sleepers are run via the
Northern Paoilic from St. Paul through
to Tacoma and Portland.
Marriage licenses were Issued yesterday : o
the following parting :
Name and residence. Atro.
J AitolnU Matson , Omaha .25
( IJotsoy Pearson , Omaha 25
J Peter HooKcnboescm , Omaha 23
( Annie Diamond , Loup City , Neb 20
j Joel Weeks , Hamburp , la 4(1 (
J Mary Trotter , Hamburg , la. ; 4J (
I'ugiJi Sound.
All points on Puget sound are more
easily roach via the Northern Pacific
than any other lino. This is the only
line reaching nil parts of Washington
territory , is the only line running-colo
nist sleepers through the territory di
rect to Tnconm , and is the only line via
which through tickets can be purchased.
The Northern Pacilic allows stopovers
nt all points in Washington territory
to holders of second-class tickets read
ing via their line.
Tried to llantr Him.
Stewart Kecil and the Portaps have had
another round and a warrant is out for the
arrest of Joe Poitn ? on the charge of an as
sault with intent to do great bodily injury.
Heed lives at the corner of Nineteenth and
Vinton streets , and the Portags live one
tolocic west of him , ana their family jars
liuvo been frequently adjusted In police
court. Heed claims that tie was going homo
Monday night when ho was assaulted by Joe
Portng. A light ensued in which Poring got
the worst of it.
Heed ( inserts that the Portags have for a
long time boon ia a scheme to kill him. Ho
claims that last February ho was called into
Portng's barn and was assaulted by them.
They threw a blanket over his head and tried
to hang him.
Ingorsoll is credited with saying that
"Lovo-is the only bow. on life's dark
cloud. " If the colonel was troubled
with crump , colic , or cholera morbus ,
lie would , wo bnllovo , admit that there
wore two and thnt the other one was
Chamberlain's Colic , Cliolera and Ditir-
rhcua Remedy. These who try this
remedy under such difatroEsing circum
stances become its most enthusiastic
advocates. _
"Western Union flJossonijnrs.
J. J. Dickey , district superintendent of the
"Western Union telegraph , says that
the editorial In a morning paper attacking
his corporation for reducing the salaries
of messenger boys from $10 to $0 a
month is not only malicious but without the
least foundation.
"Not asinglevcnt has boon niaito In any
body's WIIL-OS about this institution , " was
the assurance given by him to a Uin ro-
porter. "Furthermore , wo have noi been
paying any of our messengers less than $12 a
month , and from that up to f IS inul . * 20.
This Indicates to me that the alleged boy's
letttir ninking complaint was manufactured
as an excuse to unjustly abuse this olllco ,
"Wo haven't got a boy that has over com
plained of being dissatisfied or of being hard
worked. " _
To Visit Ogdcn and Suit Lmko City ,
Uiali , or llnilry , Idaho.
A grand excursion to tlio above nntnod
points will leave August 20th , via the
Union 1'acillu , "Tho Overland Route , "
nnd for this occasion the exceedingly low
rate of 830 to Ogden and Salt Lulcu'Oity
nnd return , nnd & 15 to Halley , Idaho ,
nnd return hns been made from Mis-
eon ri river terminals.
This excursion affords our patrons n
inagnillcont opportunity to vibit Gar-
llold Huauh on Great Salt Lake , the
finest bathing resort in the world , nnd
also visit Ilailey Hot Swings , famous
for tlioir medicinal properties. Tickets
good thirty days.
For fur-thai" particulars nddrohs
E. L. LoMAX , G. P. A. ,
Omaha , Nob.
A Iliillot ou tl'io TrnoV. "
Yestcidny u largo urnbs cartridge , newly
chmgcu , was found lying on the motor track
on Fourteenth street just north of Douglas.
U'lie leaden plug had been marked by the
wheels , but the charge was untouched. As
the shell wan an unusually largo one ami not
V.nou'ltig whether It was placed on the track
through sport or inaUco , Dr. Mercer turned
it over to his electrician for examination.
Always UBO I'lnt-'n t'hlor < t .
for liousoliold dlulnfuction. You
like U.
fill ) Money Harrowing Proclivities Get
llln Into Trout ) ! ? .
Jerry O'Leary , who hns boon connected
with the lire and police alarm nt the city
building for about two years , Is under sus
Philip Lang , who keeps a shoo store on
Farnain street , filed a complaint against
O'Loary yesterday for obtaining money un
der false pretenses. O'Leary went Into
Lang's store last night and asked him to
cash a check for $ . " > , saying ho had the
money In the Merchants' National bank.
Lang refused to cosh It , sa.vlng ho had been
in business twenty-live years ana had never
cashed n check for anybody. O'Lcar.y ' finally
persuaded Lung to Rive him $20 for the check.
Shortly after this complaint was filed ,
Edholm & Alkon appeared In court with an
other , alleging thnt O'Leary had obtained a
gold watch valued at MO , n chain worth W ,
ami § 23 In money In return for a chock for
110 on the Merchant's national bank , and
signed by O'Lcury. They discovered that
O'Loary had no money In the bank.
These complaints brought out a variety of
Information from all aides. It scums that
O'Lcar.v has boon having a "high old time"
for a long while. He has bcon in the habit
of borrowing money right and loft , giving
his note for the amount or assigning
his pay as security. Ho assigned
his pay for May to Qarbago Inspector
Goldsmith , W F. Wapplch , secretary of the
board of public works , and City Treasurer
Hush , Ho borrowed 870 from Mr. Wnpplch ,
telling him his wife and child wore very sick
and ho needed the money at onco. An order
for his May pay was Riven as security for
the loan. Ho obtained { 05 from Mr. Gold
smith on the sumo plea and the same secur
ity. Mr , Hush was tricked to the sumo
O'Leary was sick the last half of May and
Walter Homier worked In his stead. O'Leary
drew pay for the full month , together with
$35 which the commissioners had allowed
Hendcr , and refused to disgorge.
O'Leary is said to have carried on
a wholesale loan business. Ho would bor
row from JtOO to $200 from different parties
giving his notes as security. When a note
came duo ho would borrow n larger amount
Irnm some ono else to pay It. In this way ho
has borrowed money from Morris Morrison ,
Jer.ry Murphy , Colonel Floyd , of the Diamond
mend saloon ; Alderman Kusuar. Captain
Green , ot the police force , Judge I3orka and
numerous others.
It is said that the money obtained has all
been spent in gambling. O'Leary was a
constant attendant at the pool rooms in this
city and at the gambling nouses In Council
Hlufts. He went to Council IS luffs Monday
night and "blow in" tin ) $ JO he had lleecrU
Philip Lar.g out of and hud not returned at u
late hour last night.
Mfircliunts' Week.
None but hopeful reports were received nt
last night's meeting of the Merchants' Week
committee- .
Mr. Wakeflold , for the finance committee ,
stated that the amount asked forS7,500
would bo raised without dtfllculty.
Mr. Hoes , of the committee on advertising ,
was authorized to start llvo men on the ro.ul
distributing advertising matter nt the ex
pense of the association.
Mr. Gibbon , on ln-door amusements , re
ported all things favorable for a grand social
success at the ball to bo given. Invitations
could not bo sent out intelligently unless
merchants and others who desired to Invite
customers ana friends should fiend the names
of the same te tins secretary , Mr. T. II , Tay
lor , 912 Jones street. lie would make a list
of all tlio names and turn it over to u com
mittee on invitations , who would .send out the
airs. RlcPnrlnnd's Reputation For
VirixcityVns Very
The trial of Colonel Fletcher for miscon
duct as u soldier and u gentleman , was con
tinued yesterday morning. The accused
again took the stand uud was subjected
to a cross-examination by the judge advocate.
'Hirst know , " said the witness in reply to
Captain Porter's intcrroiMtories , "that
my boy was sick , after Dr. Hen
derson was called in. I vis
ited the sick room dally , and
inquired after the boy's health. Dr. Hen
derson was there most of the time day and
night up to the time of his departure to the
range. I cannot swear that the doctor was
there all night , but ho was there moat of the
timo. "
"Why did you wait to be invited to attend
the boy ? "
" 1 didn't wait. "
"You say you wore perfectly willing to
render him assistance , why didn't you ) , '
" 1 don't know but that I did. "
"Diu you over sit up with him ? "
"Not all night. "
"Did you ever ask Dr. Henderson about
the baby's ' condition ? "
"Yc" , i had a long conversation with him
the night before ho left for the range. "
"You say that upon the night when you
came homo and found Captain Dempsey
there that the boy was ulono. Are you sure
of this ! "
"lain not positive. There may have been
some ono there. I swore that I hadn't seen
anyone. "
Continuing , the witness testified that his
wile never informed him that she was going
to abandon his homo until after the arrival of
Mrs. McFarlaud nnd up to that time ho had
no reason to believe she contemplated doing
so."Didn't you testify yesterday that your
wife told you that she was going to abandon
your homo before the arrival of Mrs. Mo-
Farlaml ? "
"If i said thai I wish to qualify It by say
ing that she spread such a rumor about the
garrison. She never told It directly to mo. "
"Then I understand your answer to bo that
Mrs. Fletcher had threatened to leave your
homo before the arrival of Mrs. McFar-
"Sho had implied thnt she would do so at
different times during the past two years. "
The witness became very nervous , and it
was with difllcultv ho could bo followed. Ho
finally made tills statement ;
"Tho impression I wished to convoy is
this' That up to the arrival of Mrs. MoFnr-
laad , my wife had not notified mn that she
intended abandoning my homo. "
"Hadn't she ever said anything of the
kind ! "
"Sho said that she might go away and
novui" return. "
"Why did you invite Mrs. McFarland to
bo present nt the Interview with your wife
of thu 13th ? "
"Because I know she know of the domes
tic trouble existing between my wife and I ,
and I wlbhod to toll of the things that hurt
me. "
"Didn'tyou caliber in as a peacemaker ? "
'No. I called her la because 1 know ( .lie
was the cuuso of my wife packing up to
leave my homo , nnd I wanted her to hoar
what I had to Hay. "
"Hadn't your wife made preparations to
lenvo your homo before the arrival of Mrs.
"Sho had made preparations only to make
u. visit. "
"Aro you euro that Miss MIskoy was not
present at your first interview with Mrs. Mo
"I um not positive. "
"Was she present at the time of the con
versation on the Kith of Junoi"
"My recollection Is that she came In after
thn conversation and stayed but u few mo-
meiUs , possibly lung enough to hear part of
the conversation. "
The witness reiterated his statetnoht of
yesterday thnt ho bought and paid for the
doii-cart , over which there was a dispute oa
the liUh , He bought It In Uuffalo.
"Did you not testify yesterday that you re
turned to Mrs , MuFurland the money she
paid for the cart ! "
"No , I think not. "
"Was not the cart paid for by a check given
by Mrs. Flotrliorf'1
"I think not. "
"Did you say to Mrs , Fletcher on the l < ? th
of Juno that you haU given her your pay ac
count la return for the check she had paid
for the cart ? "
'Tlio word pay account wns not used. "
"Suppose one of your own witnesses eald
It wn i"
"Ho mluht h.ivo thought I utod It. "
' 'On that morning dlua't you talk louder
than the others 1"
"I might have. "
"What boi'unm of the cartl"
"Tho last I saw of It , Mr , Carton was driv
ing U , "
"Was Miss Mlskey present during the ills-
cusslon over the cart ? "
"No , Btr. "
"Tovhom did you address the remark
'U ' d liar , ' on that occasion I"
"To Mrs. McFnrlnnd. "
"Aro you cortuln of thntl"
" 1 nm. "
"How did you roach the city of Omnhn on
the morning of the lIHh ? "
"I walked part way nnd rode part way In
a carriage. "
"Did overtake ! "
your own carnage you
"On how many occasions hns Colonel
Whonton loft the post without notifying
you ! "
"Ho very rarely Informed mo. "
"Did you consider that u gooa rule to fol
low I"
"No , sir , " emphatically.
' Then you know you were following a bad
precedent ! "
"It had been my custom to turn the post
over. "
"What did you call the meeting of the
ofllccrs on the 21st fort"
'To explain to Captain Dempsey the
charges Mrs. McFarland had snld I hud made
against him. "
' " ' 'ho domestic troubles you referred to on
that occasion had no rofcronco to the specifi
cations on which you are now being tried ! "
"No , sir. "
The witness then emphatically reiterated
the statements ho made yesterday re
garding the assault made upon
him by Dr. Henderson , and also in regard to
the letter ho Inul received from Captain
"That letter , you any , did not Influence
you In regard to placing Captain Dempsey
nnd Lieutenant Wright under arrest , and requesting -
questing the annulment ot Dr. Henderson's
contract ! "
"It did not. "
The colonel wns questioned by General
ICuutz as to tils recollections of the battle of
Clinpln's farm , as If ho had doubled some of
the defendants statements.
Thin ended the examination of the nc-
cusea , nnd a recess was taken pending the
arrival of another witness.
Mrs. Emily A. Tllton , of Wllllamsportf ,
Pa. , npotlta lady of most prepossessing up-
poaranco , was. the next witness called.
She testified that she was married nnd
know Colonel Fletcher. She has lived in
Wlllinmsport ton years , but spent , the six
winters prior to her marriage in Philadel
phia. She has known Mrs. McFarland all
life ; always lived near her In Philadelphia.
She spent two seasons nt Atlantic City when
Mrs. AleFarland was there.
"You may state whether or not during this
acquaintance with Mrs. McFarlnndyou have
hoard her reputation for truth and veracity ? "
"Very frequently "
"What is her reputation for truth and vo
racity ? "
"Very bed. "
"What do you moan by very bad ? "
"Well , if she became displeased at anyone
she would not hesitate at anything. "
"Wns her reputation discussed at Atlnntio
Oitv ? "
"Not for truth and voracity. "
"Fcr other characteristics I"
"Yes. "
"You may state whether the people there
avoided her society or not. "
"Tho people interested preferred that their
daughters should avoid her and bathe at n
different hour. "
The judge advocate hero entered a protest
against a further examination In regard to
her conduct further than it referred to truth
and veracity.
Paymaster Torrill snld that if she wns n
married woman and it could bo proven that
she had been untrue to her husband that
that would bo the very best test of the com
petency of the testimony of Mrs. McFarland.
The witness , under cross-oxnminntion ,
named about twenty people whom she 1-nd
heard speak disparagingly of Mrs. McFar
A recess was then taken.
After lunch L. S. Tilton was called to the
stand. Ho is Ihe husband of the preceding
witness. Hu also knows Mrs. McFarland
and has known her for four years. Ho
knows her reputation among the people of
Philadelphia who are acquainted with her
nnd knows it to bo bad. Ho hns heard prom
inent people , railroad magnates , bankers and
the like discuss her reputation for truth nnd
veracity and pronounce it bad. Ho heard
ono gentleman say ho wouldn't believe her
if she was angry , nnd ho had heard another
say that she wouldn't hesitate to tell n false
hood If she could gain her end by it. Ho
sDccilled as to the dates and places where
ho had heard such discussions. Ir. Williams-
port ho had hoard people suy that there was
nothing too bad for her to sny about anyone
with whom she is angry , nnd whom she
wished to injure.
Cross-Examlnntion "How many persons
have you heard uiscuss her reputation in this
manner ? "
"Ten or fifteen. "
"Name them. "
The witness proceeded to name certain
persons. Ho had difllculty in recalling the
names nnd addresses. The judge advocate
insinuated thnt the witness wlthneld the ud-
dresscs of the parties In order that they
might not bo reached ,
"How did it happen that Mrs. McFarland's
reputation for truth and veracity so fre
quently came under discussion ! "
"It sprang up in the course of general con
versation. "
"Did you introduce tha subject ? "
"No , because I didn't know the lady. "
"You said u few minutes ago that you had
known her for four years. "
"I know of her , but was not acquainted
with her personally. "
"Did not these discussions arise from the
fact that the parties knew you to be con
nected with Mrs. McFarland by marrlagoi"
"No , sir , because when I llrst heard her
discussed I wns not married. "
The counsel for the defense informed the
couit that two witnesses from Philadelphia
had telegraphed him that they could not
reach Omaha unlil Friday. These wll-
nesses have known Mrs. McFarland all her
life , aim the testimony would bo of the
greatest Impoitanco , nnd In addition to this.
Colonel Fletcher lind received n letter from
a lady in Chicago with whom Mrs. Fletchur
and Mrs. McFarland had visited when on
their way engt , and to whom Mrs. McFar-
land had said , "I've got Colonel Fletcher
where I want him now , nnd I nm comg to
fix him. " Ho would like to bring this witness -
ness here.
His request wns granted and tha court nil-
journcd until Saturday morning , to give the
defense time to bring his witnesses bora.
Hand Kail Contests
J. J. llurncs and John N. Hurko will play
a series of thiuo games of hnnd ball Sunday
afternoon nt 'J o'clock with M , Kilgnllon and
P. J. ICirboy , nt ICUgullon's court , Twelfth
and Chicago at roots , Omaha. In the event
of a draw the games will bo played the fol
lowing day in Councilman Uurko's court ,
South Omaha.
Councilman liurlto challenges any man In
thu world , excepting Philip Carey , of Now
York , to play u sorlcH of games nt liana ball
with J. J. liurnos for (500 or less n side ,
August Uudlkcr Jtobbcd.
August Hudlker , o * Ncolu , was robbed nt 8
o'clock Tuesday evening at Shooloy's by a
couple of guy detectives , bolcctlng their
victim when the west-bound dummy train ar
rived nt Shooley's , they told Mr. Hud liter to
"change curs for South Omaha. " nnd , get
ting off with him , robbed him of 15 and a
gold watch nud chain. Mr. Hud liter uamo to
this city , nnd between his tears and wailiugfl
told the pollco , who sot to work to look up
the perpetrators.
Proocudliii-H of die City Council.
Mayor and nil members were present nt
thu council meeting Monday night. The com
mittee's report on the grade nt Twenty-
fourth nnd Q street was adopted. The lea
company may nut In scales , to ba removed
on request. An arbitration committee will
appraise the damage to the Ice company's
property. Hucksters' license was reduced
from 150 to ? - ! . ' > a your , ana from $25 lo $15
for six months ,
Ordinance No. 110 , Are dopartiuont , nnd
No , 153 , fixing the grade oa Q between
Twenty-fourth aud Twentieth streets were
Councilman Uurko's line for ubscmco was
remitted , An ordinance will bo drawn fixIng -
Ing the Inspector's salary at f EO , Klectrio
light company's petition to have Railroad
avenue paved with Colorado sandstone , re
ferred buck. Tno petition of banks , in re
gard to taxes , was referred to tbo flnunco
committee ,
Frank lu uHs , C , A. Duilcy , John Hurley ,
J. P. Hnrry. J , EJ McCnnn , J. P. Hourlgnn ,
Con. Hourlgan AV. D. Connors , H , J , Mur-
pli.V. U. P. Uowocy , Jacob Mulcahoy and
William Urndy fob viaduct watchmen , were
loforrod to the mayor.
Ihe latter appointed 0. M. Hunt to arbi
trate the dnmngo bv the Q street viaduct ,
and Colonel Jolm S. Mullen for the Hood
damage to the Icacompany's property.
Clark Howardl.iiskod to have his salary
from March-I , t.$5U. The mayor will ap
point a com mil too of three to confer with
John F. Kitchhark , The board of trade com
munication , regarding the electric light , wns
referred. F. Hi 13oyd was excused for
The following bills were reported favor
ably and ordorcdlnllowcd.
King llrldgo & Iron company , M,770.78 ;
Mlhvnukon llrldgc & Iron company , flU.OOO ;
L. U. Stanley , flOO ; J. A. S. WndtloU , * i.r o ;
J. P. Maloney , $5.25 ; H. T. Murphy , M.89 ;
Star Union Lumber company. $3.-10 ; George
Atthow , fO ; South Omaha Klcctrlo Light
company , $208 ; engineers' corps , S337.7fi !
, Office Supply company , tl ; Pinning Mill
company , $8.00 ; A. Honglnnd , fl.23 : lleo
Publishing company , f 131 Gibson , Milter &
Ulchnrdson , $1.50 ; Midland liloctrio com
pany , $10.20 ; A. W. Saxe , $4.20 ; W. A. Tag-
gart , $5.25 ; John McMillan , 810 ; Patrick
Howloy , $70 ; pollco department , $095.85 ; / .
Bartholomew , $50 ; C. it , Foss , $25.00 ; street
commissioner's department , $ ,10U. 0 ; council
department , $200 ; W. G. Sloano , $11.07 ;
Thomas Hector , $41.07 ; H. P. Hedeos , $ ! 5 ;
John Hnsburg , $ jO ; Ilnnnon & Cash. $10.05 ;
llruon & Carpenter , $3 ; Stockman Publish
ing company , $41,22 ; P. II. Jones. $0.25 ;
Holmes t\t Smith , $57.00. Total , $ ' 5,80' .44.
McCaguo brothers' communication , In re
gard to Stownrt and Prlcholt judgments ,
wns referred.
The charges against Oftlcor Fallen were
not sustained.
The marshal will close nil snloons not
hnvlng the license paid on the 10th , Propri
etors of pool tables must pay the license-
they will be arrested. An ordinance will bo
drawn for a watchman.
The mayor's ' vote of the street rnllwny or
dinance No. 147 was read. Ho objects to the
double-track condition at lire-sent till paving
be done , nnd the clause requiring the use of
the ftamo tracks by different companies he
considers illegal , nnd the ordiunnco "was
conceived , drawn up and printed In the
office of the attorneys of n competing com
pany , with the evident intention of hinder
ing , delaying and preventing competition of
a rival line which has very grave nnd urgent
reasons for dcslrinir its approval "and
enforcement- . LJurko will see about the
Q street lights. Kail road avenue will bo
graded from N to Q streets. The committee
will contract for grading M street from
Twenty-fourth to Twenty-third and the
alley ,
An ordinance will bo drawn for water
mains at Twenty-fourth nnd Q strceta.
Hero Councilman McMillan nroso to n
< iucstion of privilege and scored the corre
spondent of ono of the Omaha papers for his
strictures on the council.
The council then wont into executive ses
sion nnd removed City Attorney Ell II.
'Tlio Gypsy Social.
The young people having charge of the
Gypsy social nt the Methodist Episcopal
church Tuesday evening were not moro grat
ified by the largo attendance and liberal
patronage than were their f ricnds on account
of the elegant arrangements , courteous treat
ment , inviting lunch and excellent pro
gramme. Everytlung was done to please ,
entertain and xatisfy guests , nnd the receipts
were moro than any sanguine member ex
pected. It was a success. Tno zealous work
of the Hov. L. II. Edolebluto did much to
help inako it the success it proved to bo.
JBnrjjlnrs at Tholr Work.
Burglars nttemptod to enter the house ot
A. V. SpauldiiguUbright ! , Monday evening.
Enrly in tlio ovoaing llvo men were seen
prowling round tlio Louse , nnd the police
were notified , but tlio prowlers avoided de
tection. Members of the family remained
up all night , and between 2 aud : t o'clock the
men came bacK and attempted to force a
window , but were driven uway.
StrikoH a Church.
During tne storm Monday night lightning
struck the splro of the Albright Methodist
Episcopal church , damaging the structure to
the amount of about $ . " > 0 or $100.
Notes About the City.
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Moore.
Nels Peterson la suffering with bron
Mrs. Fred M. Smith is listed among the
A son bora to Captain and Mra. Patrick J.
McMnhon ,
Mrs. Herman Trenklo has been sick for
several days.
An infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Durr is dangerously ill.
A. 13. Califf , weigh master at the Omaha
Packing company , is ill with malarial fever.
Donald Gray hns been promoted to boss of
the packing box gang at tha Omaha Packing
Dwight L. Holmes is homo from Colfnx
Springs nnd Is much worse , being now con-
tlncd lo his bed.
Hnrry Lovo. Iho popular proprietor of Iho
City hotel , will give another of his enjoyable
dances Friday evening.
George Slaughter , colored , wl'l ' nnswer
before Judge King for carrying dice and his
inordinate love for playing craps.
Carl Kuppc , of Omaha , has purchased the
tailoring establishment No. 2o03 , II street ,
formerly owned by II. L. Cohen.
A game of base ball between the telegraph
operators nnd the Armour-Cudahy club will
bo onn of next Sunday's attractions ,
Miss Nellie S. Hoot , of Albright , formerly
n teacher in the lientrieo schools , tins boon
elected n teacher In the Omnha schools.
Walter Brandos has taken out a permit to
build a $11,000 block on N and Twenty-
fourth streets. Work will bo commenced at
Frank J. Knvan , ono of the successful
South Omaha merchants , Tuesday bought
Harrison & Cash's grocery store and will
take possession Wednesday morning.
The Y. W. C. T. union and the Tomnor-
nnce lenguo will moot Saturday evening nt
the home of Miss Hlldnh Lambert , I street.
between Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth
Three hundred invitations have bcon Is
sued nnd the arrangements have been com
pleted bv the various committees for the so
cial ball to bo given by Alpha lodge , No. 41 ,
Daughters of Kcbokati , in A. O. H. hall ,
Wednesday evening. It promises lo bo ho
finest fraternal social ever hold In the city.
Messrs. Philip Andreas and Henry Kum-
inorow , of Omaha , were In the city Tuesday
afternoon to establish a South Omaha turn
vcroin. A meeting has been called for Sun
day nftornoon , in Judge G. Uouthor's store ,
Twenty-sixth street , at 2 o'clock. All Inter
ested are invited to attend the meeting bun-
The employes of Iho Omnha packing com
pany have orgnnl/od n base bnll club nnd the
new organization , containing some of the
bent plnyers In the city. Is of opinion thnt it
can beat any club In the city. Sunday fore
noon the Omnha Packing company club and
the Sobotkors will play In the Third ward
park. The game will bo called at thKOo'clock.
Miss Llz/Io , of Fremont , is the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Boyle.
Edward Gilford Is out at Cowles scolng to
his grain elevator interests.
Miss Cora llynearsou loft Tuesdnv for a
Visit with relatives mid friends nt Sewnru.
Mrs. A. G , Clark , with her children , of
Waterloo , Is vUiting her son , Frank C.
The Hov , Gustav Booker , who hns been
down In Missouri intending a cnmp-moetlng ,
returned Tuesday evening.
Mrs. James Wilson , of Loavonworth , ICnn. .
who has been visiting her brother , Dr. J. M.
Glasgow , returned homo Tuesday evening a
John Frey , after it long visit at his fatherland -
land home , Bodon-Bodon , nnU u Jaunt
through continental Europe , returned homo
Tuesduy evenlnu' .
John Gulllghcr , of hnundors county , who
1ms been milking n visit to his old home.
County Armagh , Ireland , lias lutnrned , and
on his way stopped la this city , uud is the
guest of Francis Boylo.
An ADioliitn Otirn.
Isoolv pulup In Inrgo two-ounce tin uoxos ,
nnd Is an absolute euro for old eorus , burns ,
woundH , chapped hands , and nil skin nrup.
tlons. Will positively euro ull kinds of piles
Ask for the OHKJINAL ABIEl'INE OIN 1'-
MEN 1\ Sold uy Goodman Drug company at
25 cents per box by uiuil tW cents.
This powder never varies. A marvel of pur
ty , ntroncth nnd whnlcsamuness. Moro eco
nomical thnn the ordinary kinds , nnd cnntiot
bo sold In competition with tlio muUltudcR of
lor or sliortwolKUt nlum or phosplmta powders.
Bold only In CIUIM. lloynl HnkltiK I'ondor Com
pany , 1VO Wall Stioot. Now Vorlc.
03 FAIINAM Sinner , OMAHA.
lOpposlto 1'uxtou llotcU
Offlco hours , 9 a. m , to 8 p. m. Sundays , 10 a.
m. to 1 p. in.
Specialist ! In Chronic , Nervous Skin and
Blood JHseasos.
prfConsultntlon nt office or by mml free ) .
Mfdlclncs sent by mull or express securely
Backed , free from observntlon. Gunranteua to
cure quickly , safely nnd perlnuueutly.
ilous. Physical Decay , urlslnp from tndlscre
tlon. Cxcesi or Indulgence. iiroducliifrSloeplesa
ness. Tespondoncy. 1'lmples on the face , aver
sion to society , easily rilscouraqea , lacK of cnnfl
deuce , ilull , unlit Mr Btmlv or business , anil nnd a
life a burden. Safely , permansntly and prl-
Tntoly cured , Consult lira. Iletta fc Bolts , H08
Farnam St. , Omnba , Neb.
Blood and Skin Diseases
results , completely eradicated without th uld
of Mercury. Scrofula , Erysipelas , I'over Sores ,
Blotches , [ 'leers , 1'a.insln the Head uml Bones ,
Syphilitic Soroahroat , Mouth nnd Tongue , Ca-
tnrrh , etc. . permanently cured where others
have failed.
ITirtnoff TfpinQmr nntl Bladder Complmuts ,
LllllluV' UJJUdiy Painful. Dllliciilt. too fro'
quent Hurnlncor lllootly Urine , Urine high col-
orcd or with milky sediment on standing. Weak
Back. OonorrliiL-i , ( licet , Cystitis. etc. ,
Promptly nnd Bafely Cured , Charges Ileacona-
folo. _ _
STSJCOTTIERE ! ° "arnnteod per-
t3 JL JtMA v JL U JSMlJut 1 inanent Cure ro-
snovnl complete ) , without cuttlns ; , caustic or
dlllatlon. Cures otrccted at home by patient
without a moments pain or annoyance.
To Yoiiiiff Men and Miduls-Apil Men ,
PITPP The nwrul eirect ? of early
OUfilj UUltt Vice , which brines organic
weakness , destroyinR both mind nnd body , with
nil Its dieaded Ills , permanentlr cured ,
TPJ ) ( RPTTv ! Adross those who have impaired
JJIlOi DDILO thcmsolvns by Improper Indul
gences and solitary habits , which ruin both
body und mind , unfitting them ror business ,
tutly or marriage.
MAIUIIKII MEN. or those entering on that hap
pylife , n are of physical debility , quickly a *
Is based upon fncts , first 1'rnctlcal Kxpe
rlence. Second H very case Is especially studied-
thus htartlng arltjht. Third Meclloines are pre ,
pared In our labntory exactly to suit each cast ,
thus affecting cures without Injury
{ 2r Soud Scents postERo for colehrntod works
on Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Diseases.
Thousands cured. p > A friendly letter or call
may save you future sulIorliiR nnd shame , nnd
adil Roliii-n to life.
years SWNo letters an-
awered unless accompanied by 4 cents in statue * .
Address or call on
1408 Farnam Street. Omaha. Nth.
CUF\E ro \
'For sale by Goodman Drug Co
in Ibffll contracted niood PoUon
of had tjiic , mill \\u I rented ultli
mercury , nnil farmparllla
mlitun f.ijrou lr ( { orw ull tliu time.
1 took 7 vrnall liolllcsh. H S. which
ciirtd ino entirely , nud no nlgu of
tlio dreadful illscato li.ia rttiirnid.
J. O. NAhCK ,
Jan 1069 , JIubby\lllc , luiL
Ily lltllo nlrca ! md white euclllng
loktich an extent that tlio wuncoil *
llnid to lliu hnl for a loni ; time.
Morotliun 80 jplcccs of hanu came
out of lir Jiv , and tliudoclorn talJ
amtiutiilon ujlliy only remedy lo
iiu\uli < rllft' , 1 icdiecd lliooi'iratlou
und jiut her on K.S.H , ami f hu la now
iiiuuduill\oiindlnujLiKKlitnltlia3 | ; ]
any child Mien AMMEiEeuNa ! ,
Tib. 11 , 't'J , Columbun , Cia.
Iook ou lllocxl Dlwnfcs rent freo.
Diane ; S , Athuta , Qo ,
BeiiF clUllr.iAppftrttuianaRetn < dlt > forBnecttifu'
Treatment of nitty form of u'leaio Tcquiiinr
Dear J ft Attendance Btit Aeeoro od tlon ln Welt
CD-WHITE FOR OinOOtARSonDoformllle. nnA
JJiacti , Trunei , Club feet , Ourvnturuiof Splie , riln ,
TumcM. Otticer , OtUrrh , Bronchltli , Inhttlon. )
| l olrlclty , P ralytj , ErH p y , Kldnejr , BUddgr ,
Sr , , Skin and lilood and all SurRlc liDr rnUoni.
Only nell&ll * Medical Initltuts maVlnR a Specialty of
AllllloodUIIMlfl iucrnpfi.ilIr.nlM. . SrpMlllla folltn
rnnoncUromilKijii.mniiheuliiureiirj. Km lu.lot.ll. .
TrMlnrnt for Lo.i .Mmt. run Ml. I'.rll.i viD M to Till
fi ; l > gr tt < lat hon lirrrrei | evacuee. .Allenmmimlea
llomc najoll > l. M llelntierlnilrtiiiiciitiirnltirnillarF >
Frcmctoteljtr ck > lnom.tliHolnJlc tetonunu or under
On reriot rinltrTlewpreferred , c.ll aenniult ti > rtcn >
Witorr or your , > nd mill lend In nt.ln r f | r. our
Rntlrf Tfl MPS1 TREE ! Up < m rrlrmt , np l l er
RUUR iU [ TiCrl | Mer iiIliniea.taiK | > tei > 'r,8rpli
III. ; Uleol Mil > > rltoc lc , vlth quexlon hit. Aatrut
13th nnil Dodge Streets , OHA1IA , HED.
! now oneii. 1'nrtlei ilcslrlnir KOOJ acrninmo I ulo
on llio now lurco uzirc | > ( toitincrs of the Kuiiiom
Which arn noted fnr their reeiifarltjr , equal lo r ll-
nin'1 trnlm , In mnklnir the trip to lliivrc-l'urls In ono
weuk , are lulvlietl to
3Iukc Early AppHrnlton for Ik'rtlts.
This IB alKO neccsairy nil nrcount of tha tieavj
travel ilurluRtho nprliiE niul summer montus.
McCAGUE BROS. . 105 South ISth St. ,
HARRY E. MOORES , 1602 Farnam St. ,
II. L. HALL , 122U Fnrmira St. ,
J. H. GREEN , J501 Farnnm St. ,
Agouti , Ouialta , Neb.
Orcat rcilurtlon of prlro on second hand
Piano * ; nnd Organs. A good chance to gut u
coed Piano Cur a small amount of money.
Tim above prlci-s are 10 per cent less thntkovor
offered before anil as we imi&t have room for our
largo stock of New Pianos wow 111 give an extra
10 pur cent discount from above prices to any
one that l > u > s an Instrument before Aumist 1st.
Kvery Instrument guaranteed to bo Jiut as re
rianos for rent for $2.JSO and upwards
] ier month.
Organs for rent for $1.50 nnd npunrds
per month.
If you buy any of the nbovo Instilments and
you ar not satisfied. HO will allow you h.inm as
you paid for it toivai d any now Plaun j ou may
select. Call early nnd get a bargain.
Cor. 16th and Faruam Sta.
Rome good bargains may yet bo fouml
among our oild Mzes of IIIOU'H Milts , Hour
In mind thcso are not inferior goods nhloh
w o offer , but llratclass in uvory particular
auce &o ,
WlthHiiwMiirulKiierl IAf
OALAUI'K JJOOK , fi l .4
n ° tN , jrr.t : .Sji BaKiia i .
H , P.TH 0 U PSOHfU I.C0..11im'ir. Et..4T.lOIISHO. )
A Toket Pin Cushion Free to Smelters ef
/and all urinary troubles easily , iiulck
iul Iyanas < ifolyciT < S'J. bylJOOTUIlA Cap.
> . Bavural c.iB i cure1 ! inaovenuayi. Hold
utll.W i > r box , all ( IruccUtx , or by null from
Uocttua il't'K Co. H Wlilta u N. V , I'ull dlro >
[ "fi anoluiuornruitfcOi tin uuite.7
- * * tooktre. UU.Miauiun , a.u , ,
Itg W lasUuv. , cuiui/u. ILI.
ESTABLISHED 1851 I 180 So , ' ,
chlcogo , Ilia. 1 ClnrkOfV ,
XhflRogQlar Old-Established
It ttlll TrMtlng with thoGnate < t
L J yvr.f.t > -
Dlirouic , Nervous and Private Diseases , '
fSf-NERVOUS DF.niLlTY , Lo.t Manhood/
Prilling Memory , Exhaustlne Drain ) , Terrible )
Dreams , Head nd Duck Ache and all the effect *
kadinn to * > nrly Uucuy and pethips Consumption ni
Insanity , treated ictcntlncally ty new method * with
never.faninff tuccrit.
air3YPHlLI3 nJ all bad Blood and 3klnDll <
oases permanently cured.
< P9KlDNKYiind URINARYconplaintiQlee t.
Uonorrhoea , Strtctu re , Varlcocele anil all dUeaioJ
ef the QenltD'Urlnary Organi cured promptly without
Injury to Stomach , KUneyi or other Organ * ,
No experiment * . ARC and experience Im
portant. Consultation free and nacred.
Oa-S < nd 4 centa po tae for Celebrated Work * on
Chronic , Nervoua and Delicate Diieatei.
< O"Tho e conttmphtlne Mairiuxe lenn for Dr.
Clarke'B eelelraled guide Male and Female , each
15 ctnu , both } cent * ( tiarm * ) . Coaiult the olJ
Doctor , A friendly Idler or call may lave future iuffer.
Ina and tharae , and add golden ) can lo life. fiTTBook
"Lite's ( Secret ) Errors5ac < nltitarop ( > ) . Medlciut
nnd wtltlngi icnt cverynhcie , iccuie from < xpocur < 4
Hcuri , 8 to 8. Sunday ! 9 to u. AJJieit
P. D. CLARKE , IV1. D. ,
180 So. CNarfe 8 < U OMIOAOO ,
KENT , BgunrantooJ BpoclOo for Hysteria. Ulzzl <
ness. Convulsions , Mts , Norvons NcnrnlRls ,
lleiulnchp , Nerroua Prostration caused by tn
nio of ulcohol or tobacco.Vnkefulaoai , Moutal
Depression , Snftiming nf tlio llrntn. rosultlnfMa
Insunltv and lonillnu to misery , deenynnililoutli.
I'lvmnturoOM ARC. Uurrcnneai , Loss of l'ow e
In either ser , Involuntary Lossoi nnd Spcrmat-
orhd's cauncd bv ovcr-sxertlon of thelirnln.solf.
abusn or ovcrlndnlircncn. Kuch box contain *
one month's tro.ittnant. H.OO n box , or six boxel
forl.0 < ) , sent by mall prt'pnld ' on receipt of pries ,
Tocurenuy CHSO. With pach ordur rcoulveil b
tu for six bo.XHS , accompanied with U.OO , wo win
( end the purchaser our written Kuarnnteo to ro
tund tbe money it ttie tr ittncnt ilooa not oneot
ft cure. Guarantor Issued only by Ooodmoq
DrugCXJ. , Drugcrtats , sole Agent * , UK ) K.iraam
20to60 DAYS.
This is ti disease which bus hcrotofor *
Balllcd all Medical Soicncu.
When .Mercurv , lodldo of Potassium , Sarsaps
rllla or Hot Springs fall , wo guarantee a euro.
Wo have a Kumoily , unknown to nnyono In til *
VTorlcloutaicloof ourCompKuy , and ono tun thai
to euro the most obatlnato casoj. Ton dayn In
recent caioa does the work. It la the old clironlu
deep seated caucn that wo solicit. Wu liavo
cured hundreds who hav been abandoned by
I'hyKlclaus. nnd pronounced Incurable , and w
challenge the world to bring us a case that Wo
will not euro In lmn than BlxtjdayH. .
Since tlio history of mealcino e. true npocltls
for Sjpliills hai boon sought for but uovur
found until our ,
wasdlscoveicd , and wu arc justified la saylne
It Is the only Homeuy m the World tuat will pos
itively cure , bncauso the littidt Medical \Vorlcs ,
published by the bent Known authorities , say
tnuro WRsnovorntruospeolllcliofore. Ourrom-
edy will euro wlieu everythlnu elxa has fulltu.
Why vrnita you time uml money with patent
modlcliies thatnovcr hail virtue , or doctor with
phynlclans that canuot euro you. you that Imra
tried everything lau should come to us uowund
K < t permanent icllef , you never can yet It elaa-
where. Mark what wo any. In tlio oml you
must take our lemody or NCVUK recover and
you that have been allllctoil but a short time
should by all moans coma to us now , not one la
tenor now cases over K t permanently cured.
Many set help and think they are free from the
dlbcnsc. but in one , two or thro years utter It
appears ugaln In n more horrlblo farm.
Thia ia a blood Puriflur nnd will Cure
any Sltin or Blood Disease when
Everything Klso Fails.
NOTICK Wodcslro to caution patients In ro-
purd to parties dutmlng to USD the Cook Item-
tdy. Our formula Is not nnd OANNO1' b
Known to anyone but omnolves.
Rooms 418 ani 419 , Paxton Bloci ,
ALWAYS IfoR * SflJilTF'n
It will enrrcct Iliatliiinttfftug In-
fliintcetiflce on the htonuch ,
TIT M n Health Freiirvlnir , for
i\\\PV\.cll"llra InvltormllBf , and R
! .
/V/4rfnrnr\j \ \ \
( ( &MKBtHK { JuwtAfr.iblng for Alt. 7U. Beit Bum'
ra rD v roj ; InExlittne * VTar.
raattd Strictly Purt tat Vnf r.
m nt a An EtKclent Bernidy
for Dtarrhna , Choltrik MortJoi.
Drunt.rjr , end all Oliordin el
the Bowili.
NA8iivn.i.KTjNX.Juno97. :
Jll.-llH. I.IIVKNTIIAI , IlllOS.
DrarRIrm I Imvo tried tlie )
IIuncHrliin IIIncLhiTry Julcn
you M > Iclnilly tent inc. UM
thu in * iiliit ultra ot mmimer
ilrlnUH II Is ( roe from alco.
liul , iilln > K thlr t , toncB tlio
( IlKcntlM ) orRiuiH , Iina a llud
nroiiiattc llavor. anil IH June
tlioililiiK foritlnrrlici'iil truub.
li'i lu tlio limit d turrn , A
cU.AsVbOK It'i : WATIUl
| v-- _ --i T. A. AWlllbt ) ' . 5f. I > .
SL J iror nnloliy DriiKRIntn , I.IUOO ( |
jiciili-rauimr .
tie I.Iriunr Habit , PonllUrlr Curi'U
by AUiiilnlMierlriK Dr. llniiieu'
( iiilden Hpei'lllc.
It ciin b r vivfn in n cup of cntfro r r tcu vvllho it thA
knuwleiUu nl Um iMirMiu liiklnuIt l < iilmoluti'ly liiirni-
li'M , mill nlll I'lli'itii HjiLi'ily unit | ii'nuiiiiiuit euri' ,
wliillu-r Um luiili'iit In u iiiiiiliiniluilrlnkurorHriiiM
iiihnl urui'k 'lli.MiMiinU of ilriiiilciuils Inivn Lnuu
inuilit luiup ratu 111111 v liu liuvu tuki'ii ( lolili u ? i > t.clnu
u Ilii-h I'lillun tvilliiiittlivlr kiii vluilui > uml loiuy lin-
li'Vi ) tliu > iiill | ililnkhm of Ilinlrnnii frtiiHlll IL'
uvl' l' ' il 'I'lmnjnli'iu IIIUH liiiiui'KiiKluil llli tha
Hn-illli' il hai Miri mi iitun liiiiKMHlbllUr fur tlio
liiucr UPM | tit'in ut | l li > r ml" \ > r KulinXCo , ,
Diiutil'l * . I'lli uml UimjImMi' unit Istli inul Cuui-
ii l . IJiuiilia A I ) I uiti'r A. llru. , Couhill l.lutli.
! " ! tliruue errori or
l < i iiricllcci , mty lia
perfectly rMralncil by the niw
DE3UON-DUPnt Method
hnnlti r our lif wTll'iUmtcu * Otinlc M
IlmUti , " AtiNiliiteucncr VarlcO
le CHIT. ! witht'Ut ' iioln oroinruiUm. Atlitrot-t
B cslcn-Dupro Cl'nUiUOi ' iw rrunuutfct ,
Roinnrlviiblo for powerful B inpittliotlo
.ono , pliiiblo action nnd absolute fluni-
) ilitj' ; . " , ( ) yonra' record tlio bunt ( 'unrun-
.tio of the oxeollonco of tliobo intrns-
I'o ( Jlas ou , Ilelfast , DublinaiulL
From Hew York Every Tuesday ,
Cabin | ia inecri.'ito I'O , according lolotutluu of ll
rkuiu. lrjur.lun ) | iu Ui f.O.
Hi'r tu uiiU fruiii iuro : | , at lxmt i IWtoJ.
At HI.N llAI.DHi.S A , t'o.jfii ( I Ai'onli ,
M llroailwur , 'i'urt Votk.
oil- . Ill lues , t.unlUtt ra Acvnt.
1W ItaululpU til. , Chlcajo.
UlliiK. . .Mum f , At' OiuuUn.
Kvductd CubuirtiVM IQ Ul.i 'j.y ExUlUlUJ