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    c THE OMAHA DAILY BJjjfl : MONDAY , AUGUST 5 , 1889.
Telivtredby carrier In Any 1'Art of heWtr A
'Jventy Cents lverVeek. .
II. W. T1L10N. . . MANAUKli.
Hrnnrpn Orricn No. W.
N. Y. P. Co.
Glcnson coal.
C. H. Music Co. , 539 H'wny.
Keller , tailor , 010 Hrondwny.
Evans' ' laundry , 724 Urondway.
D. W. Otis , city and farm loans.
Additional Council Hluffs on the eighth
The regular meeting of the city council
occurs this evening.
During the dog days of July 101 arrests
were made In the city by the police.
Hlds for the erection of the new hose hpuso
on lower Hrondwny will be opened at the
meeting of the city council this evening.
Some of the citizens who imagine the at
tempts being mndo to control Indian creek
between First street arc liable to cause them
loino inconvenience , will go before the coun
cil this evening and nskfortho abatement
of what they esteem a nuisance.
P. Pntton , nn itinerant street fakir , attempted -
tempted to open n brisk business with the
crowds on the street yesto day , but was
quickly pulled by the nollco. At the Central
station u charge of iHiddllng without a li
cense and intoxication was lodged against
This will ho doir day ngaln In the city
pound , and n dozen vagrant curs will pass
through the water hogshead into canlno
eternity If.thoy uro not redeemed. Fifty-
three dogs'havo been executed up to date ,
mid to-day's slaughter must be udded to the
An amateur bicycle race will bo run to-
moriow at fioiiu ) point to bo determined upon
between two boys au'ed eight and ton years.
The prize will bo a handsome gold medal.
The boys are backed by the firemen of Nos.
8 and 4 hose houses , and it Is probable the
race will occur on ono of the wooden paved
streets near the former station ,
Travel on the motor line yesterday was
ncaily as great ns any day of the season.
The electric trains were taxed to their full
capacity during the entire day and until mid
night. The Mannwn trains were taxed to
their uttermost to provide accommodations
for the luimnnso throngs of people who vis
ited the lake , and continued to run after mid
night. to accommodate llio crowd.
Miss Grace Swearcngon. ono nf tno re
cently elected teachers in the public schools ,
has tendered her resignation , giving as a roa-
don therefor the desire to attend school in
Philadelphia during the coming year. The
board will experience no dlfllculty In filling
the vacancy before the opening of the fall
term of the schools , as there uro many ap
plicants for the place.
The plan to raise by subscription a sum
sufficient to educate the boy hero , Jimmy
Davis , Is u laudable one , und should receive
earnest encouragement. The legless boy
performed an act that entitles him to public
consideration , and public policy favors the
development of the hero instinct displayed
by the bravo hoy. In many of the churches
yesterday special collections were taken up
for him.
Arrangements are being perfected for nn
excursion over the Chicago At Northwestern
road to Lake Mumuvn Home time during the
present week. The excursion will be made
up a' all stations between Carroll and this
city , and it is expected tnat a very low rate
of faro will ho givmi for the round trip. Tlio
train will arrive early in the morning and
remain until evening , giving the pleasure
seekers a full day at Manawa.
A good deal of interest attaches to the ex
periments being conducted by John Hummer
in the attempt to manufacture hard-burned
brick In Council Hluffs. The experimental
Kiln was sealed up yesteiday after having
been fired the required length of time , and
when the cooling process is > completed the
results will bo known. It is expected the
necessary time will have elapsed by Wednes
day , when the brick will bo taken out.
Tbo question of finding a solution of the
waterway problem in the alloy in the rear of
the Kmpklo nnd Straub blocks between Main
nnaI3ancroft streets will bo considered nt
the regular monthly meeting of the city
council this evening. Notices of propel ty
owners that they will hold the city responsi
ble for all damages caused by an overflow
have been filed by nearly all who own prop
erty abutting the alley , and the estimates of
damages made by the gentlemen reach a
sum between ? JO,000 and 35,1)00. , )
The Omaha Bic.vclo club came over the
Broadway bridge early yesterday morning
en route on n cycling tour to Glen wood. They
were closely followed' by the Polo club
bound for Crescent Cityt A number of the
members of each club remained in the city
awaiting the return of their comrades. The
rldo from Omaha to the Hluffs satisfied
them that Glenwood ami Crescent City were
too far away , und that it would be fiuno
enough if they rode bacK to Omaha with the
boys when they returned from the trip.
The old Planter hall on upper Hroadway
has been purchased by J. P. Peterson , who
will rebuild and remodel the place , expend
ing several thousand dollars for the purpose
Tlio building is ono of the eldest In the city ,
and to the old citizens around it cluster many
pleasant memories of the early days of
Council Hluffs , when the old hull , which in
recent years has been used for low variety
shows nnd "coon" dunces , was the gathering
place for the cllta of the town , nnd where all
ttio fashionable bills and parties were held.
The historic old pllo will bo completely ro-
The republican primaries on Saturday
evening developed the fact that the three
leading candidates for governor have about
an equal number of friends in the city. In
two of the wards the delegates were instruct
ed by resolution to oppose in the county
convention any attempt to instruct the dele
gates to the state convention. Unless tha
country delegates change the aspect of
things it Is certain the Pottawattamie delo-
gntos In the state convention will bo permit
ted to distribute their votes among all the
aspirants for the chief honors of th'j approaching
preaching state election.
The Council Hluffs Fishing and Hunting
club will hold a mooting this evening In thu
directors' room of the savings bank. The
club will transact some other business be
sides the election of officers , and a portion of
it Is understood to bo the application to the
stnta fish commission for a supply of game
fish for Lake Manawn and the adoption of
BOino ironclad regulations that will compel
each member to prosecute every violator of
the fish laws of the stuto that comes to his
knowledge. A penalty will bo provided for
failure that will bo very severe. It is thought
this will out a stop to Heining in Manawa and
ether lakes around Iowa ,
Dexter , employment.
Dwelling for sale on easy payments. Also
building lots at lowest market prices. Call
nud examine our list. E. H. Sheafo & Co.
J. G. Tipton , real osttito , 6U7 B'dway.
Steam nnd hot water boating , first-class
plumbing. Work donn In both cities. John
Gilbert , 518 Pearl atrout , Council Bluffs.
For solo Ono Gar-Scott ton-horse portable
engine ; In good repair. Apply to Wolr-Shu-
g art Co.
S. B. Wndg\vorth & Co. loan money.
Finest bathing in the world nt Manhattan
bnucli , Lake Mannwn. Motor runs every
half hour until midnight every evening.
Scidenbcrtf'n 5a Figaro at the Fouttaln.
I Sons nf Veterans. '
There will bo n regular meeting of General
G , M. O'Brien camp , No. 75 , S , of V. , tuli
( Monday ) evening at G , A. H. hull. All
members earnestly requested to bo present.
13y order of the captain.
Hogulnr convocation , Star Chapter No. 47 ,
R. A. M. , this evening , 8 p. m. sharp. AH
comp In good standing are cordially Invited ,
Hy order of the M. E. II. P.
IIU Condition Improved.
Grip : Father You children turn up your
noses nt everything on the table. Whou 1
was a boy I was glad to got enough dry
bread to cat.
Tommy Say , pa , you tire having a much
totter time of it now you uro living with us ,
The Mnyor'a Proolamatton Falls to
Look the Saloon Doors *
A Milk Inspector Needed I'mlney's
lloiul Tlio I'lcnsuro
Boekera" General nnd
A Quiet Sulbntli.
In consequonea of the vigorous enforce
ment of the mayor's orders concerning Sun
day closing of the saloons , yesterday was n
phenomenally quiet day In police circles. So
far as could bo ascertained by the day ra-
ports of the police there was no violation of
the order In any part of the city. Thcso
were the facts npparant from the police
records and ns reported by the oQlcors , but
nn Investigation among the saloons showed
that the mayor's now order had but llttlo ef
fect , Tno front doors n n general thing
wcro closed , but n gcntlo push win the open
sesame to HJdo and rear doors. The clinking
of glasses and tuo llzz of the foaming bear
was porhups not qutto so loud , but
It was loud enough to attract at
tention from the street. The only arrest
inndo up to ( ' < o'clock for violation of the
mayor's 01 dor was that of John Olson , a
Slvv'do , who kept open until after H o'clock
Saturday night. Ho gave a bond for his ap-
[ icuranco at'.I o'clock thU morning ,
The previous orders of the mayor on the
tame subject nnd of the same tenor have
lcen obeyed for a while by the chlof imrt of
the saloon keepers , but boldly disregarded by
a few , who appear to consider themselves as
not accountable to the laws of the land rir of
common decency. Hut It was hoped that
umler prcssmo of the mayor's explicit in
structions all of these places would ho closed
.yesterday , front and back. That they were
not is the fact , and the fact is n proclamation
from the saloon mun to the mayor , equally ex
plicit as his own , to mind his own business
and they will contlnuo to conduct theirs l'i a
maanor suttablo to thuir own conscience ana
the trade.
The pleasant temperature and the half hid
den sun made the day very pleasant for riding
nnd walking , and the principal streets were
tilled during the day with well dressed
crowds and ilnu turnouts. The parlts nnd
ether places of amusement were crowded all
day , the ucoplo enjoying the unlimited shade
and green grass to the utmost. The numbei
of visitors at Lnko Manawa was greater
than the Sunday previous , and a day of un-
ullovcd enjoyment was passed , dovold of no-
cidout cr notewoithy incident. There were
many xtrango taces in the throng , strange
iilllto In Council HlulT * nnd Omaha , where reside -
side the bulk of the visitors to the lit It c , af
fording a striking proof of the fact that the
Tame of the lake and Us aUractionsare drawIng -
Ing pleasure seekers from a wide scope of
Kelley & Younkormnn sell groceries
Chase and Sanborn colTues a spccialy.
Wanted , one or two good teams as first
payment on housa and lot. ijufllrient time
wen on deferred payments. A. A. Clark &
Ttmt MI-HiitK Jioml.
The mysterious disappearance of the bond
filed in the district court of John .1 , Fraitioy
is ailministr.itor'of the estate of H. U. Frai-
ncy , deceased , has created u little ripple of
excitement , and called attention again to a
great many ether strange disappearances of
valuable documents from the court house.
Frainoy WHS appointed executor of the
estate , and required to give a bond of $ ) ( K )
Toi the faithful performance of his duty.
Relatives of the dead man came into court
and charged Frainey with having violated
Ills trust nnd squandering the property.
Upon this showing of the facts the court dis
missed him and appointed Walter I. Smith
n his stead , and ordered Frainoy to turn
over all the property to the * new executor.
Instead of doing this Frainoy loft the state ,
and left his bondsman to settle with the
court to the extent of the bond. Suit was
commenced by County Attorney Organ to
recover the value of the bond from the
bondsman , Dan Carrigg. When the case
was called Saturday the most diligent
search failed to reveal the bond , and con
tinued in the most thorough and systematic
manner yesterday it was equally fruitless.
"J his frequent disappearance of valuable
papers from the county ofllecs deserves moro
attention than it is receiving , " said a member
of the bar yesterday. "There has scarcely
been u term of court for years that some
valuable paper has not been spirited away at
a time when important results depended upon
Its production in court. It caunot be charged
to any carelessness on the part of county
olllcers , but r.ithor to the custom that pro-
vnils , nnd has prevnile.i for years , of per
mitting interested parties to go to the original
iccords and examine them at will. It may
seem a harsh rcine'ily , one that will put a
great many honest people to n great deal of
expense , but I believe that the time has
coma when the only means of protecting the
public records to ho safely rolled upon is to
furnish only n copy of documents to people
who desire to took at them nnd require them
to pay the cost of making the copy. The
original documents would then never got
into unsafe hands , and when wallled n paper
it would bo with reasonable assurance that
it would remain there to bo found when
wanted. "
No Kxplosiom
When persons keep cool and use our
' 'Sun Dial" gas stoves. Four holes ,
roaster und bakcovon. Costs 7 cents
per hour when running full blast. Now
York Plumbing Co.
Baths at Manawa Ucach , near hotel. Pri
vuto Lmthliif rooms for ladies and children
City steam laundry , 81 Main , tol. 141.
J. II. Smith , drugs , medicines , paints , oils ,
glass. CO * . ) Main , near John Morgcn's.
Those having houses to rent see us imme
diately. A. A. Clark & Co.
Tlin Cliiifcli .Note Hoolc.
Too First Presbyterian church was really
crowded yesterday morning. Pleasant
weather , the omission of services at Bomo
ether churches uud the popularity of
Hev. Dr. I'hclps combined to bring about
this resul Dr. Phelps gave a strong ser
mon on the text , "For Christ Is the end of
the law. " In developing his tliouio there
was necessarily too much close reasoning to
make the discourse one of the most popular
uind , but the statements were uiudo clearly
and were closely logical. The prominence
given In the scriptures to "law" was notice
able from the fact that this word was used
100 times by the inspired writers. The man
ner in whlcli "law" was spoken of was also
such as to show that it was important. Law
was stumped on everything about us , There
was physical law. No one yet had discov
ered what matter Is , Man could only observe -
servo the attributes of matter , but of matter
itself ho know nothing. The manifestations
of matter showed that law governed It. It
had continuous existence. The form of mat
ter could bo changed , but matter itself could
not bo destroyed. It had force also. Law
always came from a source higher than what
it governed , Tlio laws governing matter
were from u higher source than matter itself.
The perfectucss of the law and its applica
bility indicated n divine origin. The law of
gravity , for instance , was a , work every
where and affected atom as well as planet.
The study of any and all of the physical laws
indicated that they were of divine origin.
They pointed to Christ as "tho end of the
law. "
The speaker followed a similar line of rea
soning in regard to the laws of mental sci
ence. The ceremonial law and the moral law
wuro considered ulna as pointing to Christ.
At the Second Presbyterian church yottor-
day afternoon Hev. Mr. Williams preached
his taut sermon , Ha has boon huro for sev
eral month * working uuder the direction of
the mission board , establishing this church
in the northeastern part of the city. Ho hu
done wont excellent work and now tjoe else
where to contlnuo Ilka work. In connection
with the furowoU sermon yesterday the com *
munlon of the Lord'e utipper was observed ,
The eervlcen throughout were very
Inp , but tinged with a feeling of regret that
good-byes had to bo said. Kov. J. w. Cnth-
cart , of Emerson , In. , nnd formerly of Lon
don , Canada , has been called to the pastor-
nto. Ho will preach his first snrinon next
Sundny. Ho is snld to be u very strong pul
pit orator nnd a thoroughly devoted man.
At St. Paul Episcopal church yesterday
morning Hov. Cunon Doherty , S. T. I ) . , of
Omaha , ofllclatcd. Arrangements have been
mmlo for different well known clorirymen
from elsewhere to supply this church during
this month , The rector. Hov. Mr. Mnokny ,
is expected home by the 1st of September.
Hov. Mr. Crafts , of the Congregational
church , Is enjoying a well earned vacation ,
nnd tnero wcro no services In his church
.vcstofdny. Ho Is visiting his old homo and
friends In Illinois. The Savanna , III. . Times
fives the following romlnlsconco of the tlinu
when the rovorcnd gontlomsin was n lad at
tbo case !
"Hev. G.V. . Crofts , pastor of the First
Congregational church of Council HI lifts ,
In. , has been in Savanna for n few days. In
1853 Mr. Crofts , then n lad of cloven years ,
came to Savanna with a Mr. Allen und Gen
eral Atkins , now of Frecport , who estab
lished the Savanna Register. When that
paper , which lived less than a year , was dis
continued Mr. Crofts loft hero and after n
lapse of thlrty-tlvo years has boon looking
up old landmarks uud returning acquaint
ances. He has been n minister of the gos
pel for twenty-live years , nnd for about ten
ycnr has been a regular poetical contrib
utor to the Chicago Inter-Ocean , He leaves
to-dny for Oregon , 111 , , where ho resided for
number of years. "
A union service was held last evening nt
the First Haptlst church , at which Hov. Dr.
Phelps preached.
Money lontiod at L. U. Craft's & Co.'s
loan nllice on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
and all ether articles of value , without
removal. All business strictly conll-
Resiliences and vacant lots for sale in all
parts of tho-lty , in monthly payments. A , A.
& Co.
The Swanson music company has moved
Into the elegant now quarters In the Keating
block , ! M5 Broadway. Special bargains will
be clven the llrst fn\v purchases of musical
instruments In the now quarters.
Deslrablo dwellings for rent nt mouorato
prices. E. H. Shoafo & Co. . rental agents ,
Hroadwuy and Main streets , up stairs.
Fine jewelry , watches nnd diamonds ;
cleaning and repairing nt 10. Uurhorn.
510,000 to loan on city nnd farm property at
0 per cent interest. A. A. Clarke Co.
E. H. Shcafo & Co. give special attention
to the collection of rents nnd care of prop
erty in the city and vicinity. Charges mod-
crate. Onico liroadway and Main streets ,
up stairs.
rflO Charcoal Hurncrs 1,000 coids hard dry
JL wood for sale In 1'romont county , Iowa ; 4
miles to railway station. Horace uvurott.
Foil r.XCUANGi : An equity In a farmnear
tlin city for city lots. Johnston & Van Pat
ten , Kverett block ,
A ( HINTS wanted to soil Cftvanauuh's South
jti-Amurlcan cnra. Gro.iti-st medical wonder
of Uio ute. Sure euro for cutiirrli , asthma , etc.
Call on A. J. Cnvmiaugh bet et-n U and i" a. m.
Itovcre House , Council Illtiirs.
"fTIOll SAUI-Tho residence of Mr. HoracoEv-
JJ erott. cor. Second nvo and Mh st , 4 lots. Mix
ICO. Apply only to Leonard Kverett , I'ourl st.
F INH family team for sale , or trade for lot.
Inquire UV. ; We st lltoudway. _
niAllLH boarders wanted at 1J2 Uonton street.
J-CiOod lioaid at leasouable rates. Mrs. I. W.
PASTtJHAOn First-class upland pastu rage
for iilmnt 1UU head moro of stock ; 5 tnllug
north ot clt y , on Ilmo kiln road ; mcnty puio
\\ntur , shade and Halt ; Rood man in charge of
stock. L. P. .ludson , wa Sixth ave. , Council
Hlulfs. telephone 19J ; orV. . \V. JIcMuhon , at
Rl'.AFj KSTATH llonght and sola ana ex-
changed. Special attention Rlvtm to exam
ination or tltlos. W. C. James , No. 10 1'earl St. .
Council Bluffs.
The host is Generally the cheapest. If you
would be u tln > t class nook-keeper , toacliei ,
penman , or rppoiter and typewilterlnaicabou-
ably shoit time attend thu
Send for catalofjuo Riving full particulars
reo. W. 8. PAULSON , Council UluUs la.
Council Eluifs , la.
Conducted by the Sisters of Charity.
An excellent educational Institution , fur
nished with nil modern improvements for
boarding and day school. The academic your
consists of two sessions , beginning on the flrbt
.Monday In September nud 1'obruurv , leapect-
TEHMB Hoard and tuition , per session. 175.
1'or further paitlculars address
Hlstur Suporlnr. St. Francis Academy ,
Council UlufTri , In ,
1'res. Vice Pros.
CIIAB. 11. HAN.NON , Cashier.
Paid Up Capital . SIW.OOO.OO.
Surplus . H.VWO.OO.
U.iblllty to Depositors. . . : taOJO.OO.
IlitKCTOn . A. Miller , K.O. Oleason , a I , .
Bhngart , i : . K. Hart , J , O. Kdmundson , Chas. I
Ilannou. Transact general banking
Largest capital ana surplus of any bun In
southwestern Iowa. Interest on time do posits.
Sporting Headquarters.
Centrally loccted. First-class turnouts ,
fresh horses and new carriages. Not an old
rlcln the stnblu. Hpeclul attention nlven to
funerals , and reduced rates lor carriages for
this iU rpoao.
rpoao.W. . A. IIAVKS. 1'roprletor.
Telephone 77. W Uroiulwny ,
No. 27 Main St. , Over Jaoquomln's
Jawolry Storo.
Adapted to tint public schools , TIH ) only
compluto thine of ita kind In existence and In *
dlspensll-le In the tc heel room. School boards
dcslrliiR the most perfect help for the teachers
.ru turned to oxiunliiu this Address
General Agent ,
T-'l Willow Avo. , Council llluira , Iowa ,
r have the largest nnd
finest stock Of linlr goods
west of Chicago , nnd I
hAve determined to close It
nil out with the Intention
< jt going out of the binl-
IIQSH. Ladles who dctlro
anything In my line will bo
Ivon nn opportunity to
y It nt less tlmn Imlf the
_ jtml prices. The poods
nro first class , nnd nil ornii-
nynts , etc. , made up In the
latest styles.
. . . . „ Orders by mnil receive
prompt attention.
No. 2t > Mnln St. , Council IllufTX
rf0unsli BMfl
NO. 3Q MAIN ST. , -
In the city. Gilt e < lii > d opportunities to lintno
Oilnto IintMortiand hoiuo.scoKer a.
Agent American lUitldtn ; ; nnd Loan Assocla-
on . No. 30 Pearl St. , Ul'-bTAIltd.
Tuos. Omcp.n. TV. It. M. PUSKY
Corner Main and Broadway.
Dealers In foreign r.nd domestic exchange.
Collodions mads nuil iutareit pitid on tlnio do-
Money loaned op. furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses ; 'buggies ' or anything
of value at low r.ios of interest. No.
publicity : fair and honorable dealing
A. A. Clark & Go. > oiiico cor. Broadway
and Main , over Arnerican express.
Connect with Electric Motor and Union Pacific Dummy Trains at Ninth and 13roadwa
Council Bluffs Iowa , C. F. REED , President.
jiOij'O ' iiQ | llO | ill O ill O llQ | I * ] Q i | > Q li Q l | > Q ll Q I
Z16 main
It is a BEAT-ALL , because it never breaks , splits , cracks or curia.
Because it is indestructible in the weather , and will undergo no change in
in , any climate.
Because it istnorc durable than any other roof mndo , iron , tin , slate or wood.
Because it can bo quickly put on without skilled labor and is cheaper than
Because it has boon proven by the severest trials and has never failed.
For further information apply to
Boom 5O9 First National Bank Building , Omaha.
Council Bluffs offlco , 116 Pearl Street.
Especially Adapted for
HORSE POWER Mills and Elevators
Specifications nnd estimates furnished for complete steam plants. Hccnlatlon. durability
guaranteed. Can show letters from users \Uiero fuel economy IH etiual
with Coi lisa Non-Condonslnf. Bend for eataloKiiu.
E. C. HARRIS , Agent.
No. BIO Pearl Street , Council Bluffs.
Superintendent ,
OVT1CK 24 ! ' . l'0
JiiUUAM ! : Ilf.OC'K ,
Council UluffH , : : Town.
foircct estimates of cost
cuninnteed. bpeclal attention
lllvfii to all classes of build.
iiiKH , public und nrlvate.
f inn u uhviiyti on linnd , for
the comvnlcnruof ravpatrons
a lorgo number of plans , Miclt
11 B iciionls , bUBlnnss and olDco
l.ulldliiKS , county court
IiotiEic.MiiclioiiBea , hotel !
and private rehldcnceH.
Oidrrh bynull promptly at
tended to.
Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineer. Finns , Estimates
H , SpoclllcatloiiB. Supervision of Public Work. Brown
] 5ulldliif , Council UlulTH , Iowa.
Jubtlco of the Poaco. Ofllco over American Express , No. 11
. Uroaduay , Council Hluffs , Iowa.
QTHMIT Si QIMQ Attornoya-at-Law. Practice in the State and Fed
O I UllL. 06 OIIVIO oral Courts. Rooms 7 and 8 Shuffart-Bono Block ,
Counull HlufTs. lowu.
PITH U QTII I M AW Attonioyat-Luw , Room-J , Second Floor , Brown
ULU , li , O I ILLIVIAn nioolf , HSPoarl St. , Council UlulTB , la. Will
practice in State and Federal Courts.
Olllco Mo. 10 1'earl
DitalfcrLameg Si'c
aferiromfirCouncil Bluffs
podco Department.
Hero MiBI and Power , Badger Shelter ,
ton Feed Gutter and Wood Saw.
Kewly Fwrmshad
Cciincctcd by Motor
Located on Lnko Mnnawa , the finest Watering Plncenncl Suinmo
Resort in the west , Beautiful Bonting und Flailing.
Unparulelled Bathing Boucn.
I SpoaliU Uutoa to Partloa and Fumillod. Oor-
I raupontlanco SolloltocL