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One of the Paolflo Coast's Moat
Attractive Spots.
Xacnmn In Tcrrncctl Up From tlio
BhorcB of Coiiimoncoinont liny
anil For Doom anil Homily
! UnsurpuHscd.
A Plnco to lie Promt Of.
TACOMA , July 25. [ Special to Tint
Bur , . ] Tacoma Is by fnr the finest city
on the const north of San Francisco.
Bho Is still forging ithcnd with stronger
and moro rapid steps than over.
People nil ttsk will there not bo a * stop
to this wondrous growth , nnd ls not the
time coming when there will bo an end
to golden gain and weary walling for a
small return ? It seems not , and those
who liavo the greatest wealth have the
greatest confidence. Tacoma live years
ngo was not known. Today she is a full-
fledged city of 125,000 people. Then a
wilderness of trees and stumps , to-day
a city of broad streets , fine buildings ,
stores , banks , hotels , theaters and
handsome homes. A port of entry
whore ships from all shores come to
barter and exchange the products of
their lands and1 take away tlio wealth
of ours. A town moving along with
steady trade ; no excitement , no-false
show , no bonstlng , for there scorns no
time for anything but steady
husino&s. Lnst year the sales of real
estate amounted to a little more than
$8,000,000 , up to the end of Juno or in
the first half of this your the sains wore
moro than $7,000.000. Two thousand
night hundred buildings are in course
of construction , ropresentintr an outlay
of moro than $ o.000,000 capital.
There are thirteen saw-mills within
the city limits , ono of which represents
a capital of ifiOO,000 and yolall the mills
are not able to supply the demand , nor
have they ever been able to got a stick
of lumber for shipping or to supply a
retail dealer , hence there are no retail
dealers In the town. Thlrty-llvo retail
grocery stores have been opened this
season , but. they llnd it impossible to ( ill
their orders , for although several
wholesale stores have begun business
this spring , they cannot/keep a sufllcicnt
Block to meet the demands of the trade.
Tacoma has a magnificent situation
at the head of commencement bay.
Coming in on a steamer from the east
ern waters of Puget sound , the houses
of the old town are seen clustering
under a sheltering hill , while back ol
that and climbing the clilT that rises
higher and higher along the shore new
houses are standing and others are
going up. Down by the water's edge
are mills and factories and the new
Following elilT , busy with trafllc
at its babe , and ciowned with ] iandbomo
homes hundreds of foot above the watei
upon the green hill's side , wo como to
where upon the boldest height stand
the business center of the now town.
Hero , In a massive white building , are
the general olllccs of the Northern 1'a-
clfle railway company , and a little fur
ther away , on the very crown of the
cllir , stands "Tho Tacoma , " a magnifi-
rent hotel built by the same company.
It stands "whoro the rolling tide comes
in , " and labt December the grass was
as green upon the lawns nnd the hill
sides , the waters as sparkling ant
bright as they lay in the Hiinshino , the
forests as fresh on the low-lying hills
across the bav , the skies us clear , the
clouds as soft and fleecy , the winds as
warm as now In the middle of July.
The climate is superb. You hear o
the "rainy season , " and you picture
days when tlio wind is eoid and raw ,
But this is incorrect. The rains fal'
gently , like a warm spring shower , am
tlio sun , only half concealed , Hhincd
round the edges of the thin Ugh
clouds. There is no wind and the oceat
breeze is warm , and the torracot
lawns and stoop hillsides , and the tal
ferns , and the shilling holly and othoi
dainty shrubs are of an emerald green
And it is always so , for there is neitho
nnow nor ice.
The people of Tacoma have an in
spirution in the grand lone mountaii
tl at stands oil to the northwest. Thougl
It IB sixty miles away , it seems an in
tegral part of the place , and adds to the
landscape that ono touch of sublimity
which , with grandeur and heft rarity
blended , make the sccno as indescriba
ble as it is ineffaceable from one's mem
ory. Mount Tacoma is known on the
inatis as Mount Uaonicr , as it was called
, In honor of the party of English explor
ers who discovered it. The people of
Tacoma have given it Its original In
dian name , Takoma or Tacoma , which
means ' 'tho breast or fountain of life , "
"us its glaciers and ottfrnal snows feed
the Puyallup , Green , Whlto and other
rivers which flow from it.
Yesterday was the first time that it
had fomplotoly unveiled itself for a
week. Sometimes the summit would
bo visible , with a scarf of clouds drawn
across the middle or lower part. But as
the sun wont down the last fleecy cloud
molted away , and tlio glorious moun
tain stood revealed in all its matchless
dignity and splendor. Our hearts wers
lifted up in thankfulness , nnd in awe as
the sun changed the snow to faintest
rose nnd the mountain looked like some
shining bride bedecked in fleecy robes.
No toniplo imwlo by human hands can
fill the soul with wonder , love nnd ad-
tnirr.tion in * does this majostiolnountaiu
standing there in lonely grandeur.
Got rid of that tired feeling as quick
us possible. Talw Ilood's Sarsaparllla ,
which gives strength , a good a | > petite ,
and health.
How nil Abnormal Gurobrnl Circula
tion M y Bo Corrected.
The primary cause of wakoful-
nOEH is an increase in the quan
tity of blood circulating in the
brain ; hence any condition or cause ca
pable of inducing this utato of the coro-
lirnl circulation may give rleo to itsays
Medical Classics. AH-those causes arc
moro or less under the control of the in
dividual , it is important that they should
bogonorally known. (1) ( ) Excessive and
long-pontinued intellectual action or
powerful mental emotions. (2. ( ) Those
positions of tlfo body which tend to im
pede the How of blood from the brain ,
and at the same time do not obstruct the
pnssngo of the blood to the brain. Many
physicians have noticed the connection
existing between bodily position nnd
vrnkofulness. It is evident that the re
cumbent position is more conducive to a
etatoot congestion of the brain than the
erect or Bom > oroct. Dr. Forbes Winslow -
low , Dr. Hammond and other physicians
have noticed an increase in the number
and in tensity of hallucinations of insiuio
patients , or persons Buffering from do-
llrium tromoDB , as BOOH as they ussuma
the recumbent position. Those patients
uavo boon found tOBloopqulotly for some
time in an arm chair , but to bo annoyed
by hallucinations as soon as they Ho
down , (8) ( ) Certain substances used as
roodlcino or food.
The chief agents of this class are al
cohol , tea especially strong green ten
-cofloo , opium , bolladouna , etrumou-
him and Indian hemp or hashish.
Opium in small doses Is often especially
potent In Inducing wakofulncss. A
single dose of half a grain has been
known to keep n patient awake for
three consecutive nights. All the so-
called narcotics in small doses Induce
wnkofulness rather than sleep. (4. ( )
Functional derangements of certain or
gans of tlio body , whorcby an increase
In the amount of blood in the brain is
produced. As , however , such cases as
thcso nro beyond the control of the suf
ferer , wo need not discuss thorn hero.
In all those cases of wakcfulnoss depend
ent upon severe nnd long continuous
mental oxortlon and these are the
cases to which wo especially wish to
draw the attention of our readers all
means of relief will be uttorlv useless
until the patient consents to give his
brain entire relaxation for a timo.
Whenever It is possible , a course of
travel through a romantic country , or n
visit to the seaside should bo regarded
as imperative. An early dinner , fol
lowed by a hearty supper of plain and
nutritious dishes , is preferable to a Into
hoavv dinner , nnd a glass or two of 1m-
perla'l Crown sherry or eomo equally
choice and good wlno at both meals , or a
glass of good whisky or brandy and
water nftor supper may often bo taken
with ad vantage.
Morctiry and potash mixtures dry uu the
accretions of the body , cause morcurlnl rhou
mutism nnd dyspepsia , nnd finally run the
Bystom down to such a condition tlmt other
diseases nro Induced. Swift's Specific builds
un the pntlonl from the llrat dose , nntl ( fives
llfo anil vigor to the whole liumuu frame.
Ferrncz , a lluncarlan Peasant ,
llui n 1-1 Yonrs Act ) .
The oldest man In the civilized world ,
it may bo said with reasonable safety , is
Nagy Fcronu/ peasant in Bares , Hun
gary. Ho was born in Hcdraholy 121
years ngo next September. He passed
his boyhood on the little farm of his
parents. Ho was not an especially
robust child. IIo could not haul and
snlit wood , pitch hay , and tame colts as
could his throe strapping brothers , who
died half a century ago. His father re
garded him with disfavor because ho
wns too weak to do moro than a peasant
woman's work , and did not earn enough
to pay for Ins food. At the ago of nine
teen , however , Nagy suddenly devel
oped into a phenomenally muscular
man. Ills chest widened , his arms and
logs hardened , and his girth increased.
IIo became a famous local wrestler , and
did moro work In a day than most peas
ants near Hodruholy did in two.
Just 100 years ago last May ho fell in
love with the daughter of an innkeeper.
She promised to marry him July 31 ,
1789. Two days-boforo the marriage
day she jilted him for his best/riond.
Since then Nagy has been a woman-
hater. He never loved another woman.
Four yoara later ho went to the war
of the first coalition. For the succeed
ing twenty years Jio was almost con
stantly under arms , in camp or on the
battlefield. IIo was ono of the victors
under Archduke Carl of Austria at
\VoUlar and ono of the vanquished at
Marongo and Hphenlindcn. He helped
the archduke win the victory at Abporn ,
and lie did Ma bcsttobave the Austrians
from defeat at Wagram. The second
day of the battle at Loip io ho got a
bullet in hit ) log and throe moro in his-
hat. Ho saw the Archduke Carl many
times. He saw Napoleon once and
Bluehor onco.
Nagy's boyhood , says the Now York
Sun , was lived long before the days of
compulsory education , so ho never
learned to keep a diary or write me
moirs. Ho has an immense fund of
anecdote , however , which is at the
service of any one with n half hour to
sjmro at Bares. The children of tlio
town have heard from him every week
for many years the stories of the famous
charges , retreats , sieges and campaigns
in which ho has participated. The
great event of his life , ho thinks , was
his attendance at the funeral of his
dead queen , Maria" Theresa , 109 years
ago. Although but twelve then , ho has
treasured up for more than a century
every detail of the procession and
Nagy Fcroncz is penniless , but ho is
not a beggar nor a public charge. A
score or moro of families in Bares are
ready to give him food , clothing and
shelter. IIo takes all his meals with
seven families , whom ho has known for
fifty voars. Each ono entertains him
one tiny in the wook. Between meals
ho walks from house to house , chatting
with all the men and children whom ho
moots. Ho rarely talkb with women , for
ho has not forgotten that young woman
who jilted him ono century ago this
month. After each meal ho smokes a
pipoful of strong tobacco. Ho has boon
smoking throe pipestul of strong to
bacco every day for 104 years. Ho is
fond of his winp and an occasional beer.
The friends with whom ho dines give
him every day 10 cents with which to
buy tobacco and liquor.
Altogether Nagy Foroncz is a sturdy ,
contented , amiable old man. His health
is good. His mind is fairly clear. Ho
has plenty of friends and ail the money
ho wants for smoking and drinking.
IIo looks as well and hapuy as ho is.
IIo has clear , dark eyes , clean cut , reg
ular features , and u smooth , bronzed
skin. He hay a bubhy head of white
hair and a heaVy white mustache. Ho
is erect and quick in his movements.
Ho is facrupulously neat in his person.
IIo looks to bo about sovontyor faoventy
five years old.
Shaken , Brollctt anil Drenched.
These are three participles of English
grammar. They are also the three succes
sive conditions undergone every day , every
other dny , or every third dny'oy the unhappy
wretch heedless enough to allow fever and
ague to fasten Its clutch upon him. No need
of It none. Hosteller's Stomach Hitlers
will and docs preserve these who use It from
every type of malarial disease , whether in.
tcrmlttont or bilious remittent. For nearly
thlrty-llto years It hits been a professionally
recognized specific for and preventive of
thcso tenacious maladies , not only on our
own soil , but In tropical and equatorial lands
where the scourge Is prevalent at all seasons
and In Its worst forms. Biliousness , dvapcp-
sin. rhoinnntlsm , ttidnoy complaint , nervous
ness and debility are also ailments to tno
complete removal of which the Hlltore long
since demonstrated its adequacy.
The IjurKOst Our Diamond.
The largest cut diamond in the world
is now at the Paris opposition. The
prince of Wales recently < ; hrstoned ! it
the "Imperial. " It was fouud in South
Africa in 16S5 and was taken at once to
Amsterdam , whcro it was being cut and
polished for a year and a half. The
"Regent , " formerly the largest known
diamond , weighs 180 carats , and is
valued at 12,000,000 francs. The "Im-
porial" weighs 160 carats and is valued
nt from 15,000,000 to 17,000,000 , francs.
0. A. K.
(3rand Reunion of the soldiers and
sailors of Nebraska nt Kearney , August
la to 17,18S9. The committee ha\o se
cured for location , the spacious grounds
overlooking Lake Kearney , and the
programme , consisting of ufiam battles ,
dross parades , artillery drills nnd duels ,
nnd magnificent display of fireworks ,
will bo the most attractive over offered.
For this occasioa the Union Pacific ,
"Tho Overland Route"will boll tickets
from all points on its lined in Nebraska
at a rate of ono faro for the round trip.
Don't full to uttand. For other information
mation apply to your nearest ticket
ugont , or E. L. LOMAX ,
Gon'l Pass. Agt. , Omaha , Neb ,
What the Alliance Alma to Do For
the Farmers.
1'roient to tlio Enemy nn Unbroken
li'ront Nnn-1'nrtlRiui But NonPolitical -
Political Mints For the
The Farmer's Alliance.
Farmers and laboring mon all over
this great land of boasted liberty nro
painfully conscious of the existence and
power of the combinations of capital
that have monopolized nearly every in
dustry except that of agriculture ; nnd ,
while they have reduced the price of
raw material , they have at the same
time advanced that of the matured pro
duct to the material detriment of all
classes of consumers. They are con
scious that existing laws are framed in
the interest of these monopoliesnml the
state and national legislatures , and too
frequently the judiciary , are influenced
by selfish interests to maintain this un
natural and unjust supremacy of. capital
says the Farmer's Alliance. These are
facts of common knowledge , and the
masses of the people groaning under
those seemingly legalized oppressions ,
nro anxiously scanning every movement
that scorns to promise any hope of re
The great , fixed and unalterable pur
pose of the Farmers' Alliance and Co
operative Union of America is the ab
solute overthrow of all monopolies and
legalized systems of robbery and op-
ircsslon ; the restoration of industrial
Mirsults to a competitive basis ; the
Mimncipatlon of the producing and
aborlng masses , and their elevation to
-ho legitimate piano to which the dig-
lity of their avocations entitles them.
All other objects nro merely subsidiary
to these. The first essential to the
success of the Farmers' Alliance is the
ibsoluto and irresistible force of nu-
norical strength. Farmers outside of
the order in too many instances are
waiting to see what the alliance shall
accomplish before they unite with It ,
and members of the "order nro many
, itnos too impatient to see something
done to justify their hopes of relief. It
should not be forgotten for a moment
that until the great mnss of the farm
ers and laboringmon are enrolled , and
present an unbroken front to the ono-
iny , wo cannot hope for victory ; and all
measures attempted prior to such en
rollment , though they may yield some
jood results , can only give promise of
partial success.
Let the farmers in all unorganized
counties awaken from their legarthy ,
md bestir themselves in this matter.
Lot our members who know tno objects
and purposes of the order exert thom-
solycs to extend its limits. Let Kansas
take her stand beside those states that
ire now practically solid in this organ
ization , and we will not have long to
wait for results. By the invincible
force of numbers wo must succeed.
The order is most unquestionably nonpartisan -
partisan in its character , in the strictest
sense , but not therefore necessarily non-
political. It would bo well for poli
ticians to discern the significance of
this distinction. It is in its strictly
non-partisan character that its great
political strength consists ; and when
the proper time shall como it will make
itself manifest in no uncertain manner.
Wo must have no weak knees in the
political arena. The officials elevated
to resnonsiblo positions by the 80,000
majority of the dominant party in our
state have many of thorn failed to re
deem the pledges given to their con
stituents before the election. This is
signally true of the legislature , and it
is incumbent upon the people to see
that the next representative body that
assembles at the capital to enact laws
for the general weal shall bo chosen
from the ranks of the masses whoso in
terests they nro to represent. The
writer of this article has always boon a
republican , and voted with that party
at the last election , but in view of the
signal failure of our last legislature to
enact any measure looking to the relief
of the people from their many burdens ,
former party affiliations to sink into in
significance in relation to any future
contest ; and in this declaration I um
confident that I voice the sentiment ol
a majority of the people in this district ,
at least. Our national legislature has
yet to act for the redemption of its
pledges ; and if another adjournment ol
tliat body ensues with no effectual en
actment for the suppression ot the
greedy monopolies that have paralyzed
the industries of the nation , and are
practicing systematic robbery upon tlio
people , it is safe to predict that the
next election will witness such a polit
ical revolution as this country never
witnessed boforo. The farmers' alli
ance and the kindred orders that have
boon consolidated with it under the
general title of the farmers' and labor-
ers' co-operatlvo union now numbers , in
the aggregate over 3.000,000 members.
The various labor organizations of the
country with kindred interests number
undoubtedly as many moro. These all
unite in a common demand of existing
authorities for redress for existing
wrongs ; and the ' 'powers that bo" will
do well to observe the significance o :
this just demand.
Dairying in Kansas.
This year will demonstrate the adapt
ability of Kansas climate , soil , and pro
ductions dairying. A considerable
number of now establishments have
boon started and the roportis favorable
from all of thorn , says the Kansa
Farmer. Probably ono of the principa
difficulties in the way of succcssfu
dairying in Kansas will bo found to b
in the lack of running water in some
portions of the state. This can bo rom
cdiod by the use of wells and wiru
pumps. Thcro is no serious troubli
about getting water in wells anywhon
in the state and nt a reasonable depth
In all of the eastern counties wells o
excellent water have been made at r
depth ranging from twelve to fifty foot
the average will not exceed twenty feet
nnd in nearly all cases where gooi
water Is obtained it is permanent. Th
writer ot tills knows of many wells los
than twenty foot dec\ \ which have fur
nished largo quantities of water contln
uously during all of the dry seasons o
tno lust three years. With such n sup
ply to draw from tlioro need bo no fca
< ju account of wator.
The next important matter with
many farmers who prefer to do their
own dairying would bo to procure cool
stornpo. This can bo arranged by innU-
a building partly underground , or moro
properly speaking , partly below the
surface , go that a draft of air may bo
passed thnvi < jh a lower piano. A heavy
coven-ing which will bo sun proof will
preserve a moderately cool atmosphere
in the low basement. Vessels contain
ing water iray bo placed on the floor so
tl'ut the passing air may bo saturated
with water and thus ai-olst in cooling
tlio promises. With the exorcise of
care , diligence and good business tact ,
there Is notuKg in the way of success
ful dairying in Kansas.
Bee Note * .
With Italian bees it iu auAt ? Qfftv to.
discern nn Italian queen , says the West
ern Apiarian , of Placm'villo , Gal.
They stay on the combs much better
than the common bees , and do not run
llko a drove of sheep ovary time the
hive is opened. j
Lot your aim bo to hnvo every pound
of your honey first-class , tluvo it put
up in neat and attraulito packages ;
honey poorly put up makod a poor mar
ket. Comb honey , as you all know , is
sold largely by its appearance , and n
poor article , well put Un , * < oU8 bolter
than a good article pooi'lyput ' up.
Everyone who has n' ' lilting for the
boo business should bo encouraged to
take a hand in it. An aclivo man can
do well in any business ho is qualified
to push. There are too many drones in
the human hlvo already. If you think
you nro suited to the vocation of boo-
kcoplng , bo sure to select a good loca
tion , as n great deal depends on a good
location. You should especially look
well to the flora of the country.
lllnck Heart In Apple TrcoH.
A correspondent of the Nebraska
Farmer says black heart is usually
caused by trees growing too late in the
fall and then being caught with unrlpo
wood by the first early freo/.o. The sap
not yet having turned to starch nnd the
cellular structure not boi'ig solid , the
minute cells nro ruptured by the freez
ing , the same as water in a pitcher
turning to ice bursts the pitcher. Tlio
wood already formed now being in
jured discolors in a short time and
the question of how much injury
the tree has sustained depends on
the care which is given it later.
Thorough cultivation inducing n vigor
ous growth will usually surmount the
damaged wood with sufficient new
healthy wood to support the tree , and
the tree go forward bearing ample
crops and llvo a long timo. Injury by
f ee/.lng of the unrlpo wood , followed
by such neglect as would render the
tree unable to make sufficient growth
to support itself , would probably result
in the trees breaking olT in a short
time. Asa rule , apple trees grown In. a
Nebraska nur ory nro very well ripon-
cd before winter sots in. Our long , dry
fulls are well suited to the proper ripen
ing of the nursery wood , and as a rule
trees grown in Nebraska will bo found
well ripened. It sometimes happens
that , to give n strong growth , trees
arc pushed by high manuring or by
being grown on alluvial bottom land
where thcro is a super-abundance of
moisture , pushes the trees to late
growth , and the result is that most of
thorn are black-hearted , ofttimcs so
seriously as to impair their value.
Ingorsoll is credited with saying that
"Love is the only bow on life's dark
cloud. " If the colonel was troubled
with cramp , colic , or cholera morbus ,
he would , wo believe , admit that there
wore two and that the , 'other ono was
Chamberlain's Colic , iiolera and Diar-
rhtea Remedy. These who try this
remedy under such distressing circum
stances become its most enthusiastic
advocates. , >
A One-OnrcH Iloat.
Samuel L. Farmon , of Henderson ,
Jefferson county , N. Y. , has invented a
boat which , ho claims , can bo rowed
faster than any now in uso. Only ono
oar is used , which is thrust through the
middle of tha boat , somqwhat fiftor the
fashion of a cental-board. The boat is
propelled by working the'oar ' backward
and forward. The lovor'ngo obtained is
enormous , and the inventor says that a
small boy in his boat.-can boat a profes
sional onraman in a shell. '
For a dlaodered livr try Becctinm's Pills.
The Dariccy Ate ilic Melons.
A white man at Smyrna. Fin. , a day
or two ago bet a negro that the negro
could not eat the two watermelons be
fore them. The negro was to pay
double price for thorn if ho failed. Ho
cut the melons , weighing thirty pounds
each , up into sections , nnd It was fun to
BOO his lips slide up and down the sec
tions of those melons. Within five
minutes nothing was loft but the bare
rinds which ho turned over to the whlto
man , who just paid 76 cents for them.
A euro for chronic dlarrhtKoa. Most
persons who are afllictod with this dls-
case have been lad to believe that it is
incurable a very serious mistake.
There is ono remedy that has cured
many cases and that is Chamberlain's
Chollc , Cholera and Dlnrrhrua Komody.
A - " ) cent bottle , which can bo obtained
at any x > f our loading drug stores , will
satisfy the most skeptical on this point.
lied itnln.
Rod rain foil recently in the province
of Lublin , Russian Poland. The shower
lasted for about ton minutes. The peas
ants who mistook the rod liquid for
blood , became panic stricken , nnd
crowded the churches , where they wore
quieted by the priests. Several bottles
of the rod rain were sent to the chem
ists and mieroscopists of Warsaw for
examination. For several days after
the shower all the surface water In Lu
blin was of n dark pink color.
Sleepless nights made miserable by
that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure id
the remedy for you. For sulo by Good
man Drug Co.
Otiltlvnt-d TalentM.
A novel method of raising funds hrt9
boon tried by a Sunday school in Burl
ington , N. J. Some time ago MO now
5-cont pieces , called "talents , " wore
distributed among the scholars and
touchers , with instructions to do what
ever in reason they could to Increase
the sum. Last Thursday the talents
were called in , nnd , notwithstanding all
the scholars did not make returns , the
sum received was & 6S7-
Have -You Ciitnrrli ? There Is ono
roincdv you can try without dutignr of hum
bug. Send to A. G. Cnlcumn , chemist , Kala-
niu/.oo , Micli.for trinl | uclcngo of his catarrh
euro. His only modoof ndvoiUslngisby giv
ing it away. Postngo 2c. Judge for your
self. Mention this paper.
The Hummer Scu Serpent.
The Irrepressible sea serpent has
bobbed , up again. This time at Capo
May. The great monster had a square
black head and was of immense proportions
tions , with flappers , fins and feelers
like a crab's , and a most ugly sight to
Gerni.iny'ri Military Chiropodists.
A chiropodist will henceforth bo at
tached to every German regiment.
This may seem rather odd , but keeping
soldiers' feet in order is ono of the most
important elements of successful war.
Ail Old J rcncli Coin.
A French coin of the time of Louis
XIV. was found in a cornfield at Ma-
rengo , Intl. , a few days acp. It is sup
posed to have been there since the days
when the French traded with the In
Advice to Mother * .
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
should always bo used for children
teething. It soothes the child , softens
the gums , allays all pains , cures wind
colic , and is the best remedy for diar
rhoea , "oc a bottle.
The Kommico of n IMceon.
Conductor Parker , while at Ash Hill ,
130 miles out on the desert from Dag-
gott , Cal. , saw a pigeon Hying around
as though hunting for wator. Ho tried
several times to catch It , but when clobo
the bird would fly away. Having a
small rifle along , ho crippled one wing ,
when ho discovered that it was a car
rier pigeon , bearing a love letter in a
goose quill tied to the right wing , dated
New York and directed to a young lady
in San Francisco. The name ho would
not givo. As soon as the bird recovers
it will bo turned loose to complete its
Have you used
1NFLAMATION OF THE BOWELS , PILES , and all derangement of the Inter
nal Viscera.
RADWAY'S PILLS are a euro for this complaint. They tone up the internal
secretions to healthy- action , restore strength to the stomach and enable it to
perform its functions. Price 25o per box. Sold by all druggists.
RADWAY & CO. , Now York ,
For Bale by M. H. Bliss , Omaha , Nebraska.
Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilating
Apparatus and Supplies.
Engines , Boilers , Steam Pumps , Etc.
ENGRAVINGS , tftf lIALU'yi' &
1013 DouQlas Street , Omaha , Nebraska.
Doots nnd Shoos.
SncccMor * to Itccd , Jonci A Co.
Wholesale Manufacturers of Boots & Shoes
Aui'MU for lloston Itubbcr Bho Co. , Ufa 1101 anil 110 ]
Unroty Street. omab . Nbrj ti > .
Lager Beer Brewers ,
IVtl North Kmhtttntli itrctt.OmaJm ,
lannftctnrers of Galvanized Iron Cornice
Wliiilowrnpn nml mctalloVillthl' . John ICponcttr ,
proprietor. U6nnil 11U South lotu ttrcaU
Paper Boxoa.
Proprlelor Omaha Paoer Box Factory ,
Kos. HI * and 1319 DoHglantrcct. Omaha , K b.
Sash , Doors , Etai
.If. A. DlSaROW A CO. ,
WliolriMn munutnetnreritof
Sash , Doors , Bliuds and Mouldings ,
Hrancli offlco , 12tli ml ItnrJ streets , Omnhn. Net , ,
Mannfactiircrs of Saih , Doors , Blinds ,
Mouldlnei , Mnlr work nn I Interior linn ! wood finish ,
.Nortl > lull ttroet , Uiunha , Nob.
StoamJMUlngs , pumps , Eto.
Pumps , Pines and Engines ,
Ettam , water , r.ilhtivv nml mlnlnif supplies , etc.
Ml. ' .VI nnil ' .r-'l rarimm slruut , Oumliiv
Steam anil Water Mies.
llnlHuSj nlii'l mills , 019 nml ISO Jones it. , Omaha.
U. r. Ho , Acting AlnniiKcr.
Engines , Bailers anil General Machinery ,
SbcuUltoii wori , steam pumpj , nan mllli. 121J-I2I5
l.cnoinM rtli Mrcct.Omnlm.
Iron Works.
Wrought and Gait Iron Building Work ,
tEnnliie < . bra * work , pencral foundry , machine and
bl ck > niltli "cirk. Olllceunil wurka , L' . 1' . llj.
and 17th atrert , Omthiu
Manufacturers of Wire and Iron Railinis
licit talli , irliidnw guards , llowor Bt.imK vlro lisas ,
etc. 121.Norta Uth streetOmnlm.
Manf'rs ' of Fire and Burglar Iroof Safes ,
Vaults , jail work , Iron ( hultori nnd flro esraiiei.
U. Andreen , prop r. Corner lull and Juckion t .
Of South Omalia , Limited
Chicago , Milwaukee _ & St , Paul R'y ' ,
The llcst Houto from Omaha and Council
lilufft to
Chicago , AND Milwaukee ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis , Cedar Rapids ,
Hock Island , riecporl , Itockftml ,
Clinton , DubiKjuo , Diuenport ,
Elgin , Madison , JanosTlHe ,
Ilchlt , Wiiioun , La Cnxse ,
Anil nil other Important point * inst , Nortlieast nnJ
For tbroucli tickets call on tlio ticket tvgi nt at IHJI
Fnrnnm street , In Darker Ulook , or nt Unlum 1'icidc
Pullmnn Sloepon and the llnoit Dining Cn In th
world nre run on tlia mi\ln line of tliu Chlctuo , Mil
Trktikce & St I'll I Kallnur. nml cvurjr attention In
pnlil to passeiiKers by courteous employee of the
K. MII.I.KH. Qcncrnl Mnringer.
J. K. TUUKKK , AKlFtintGeiicral MKnngcr.
A. V. It. CAUl'lu.N'IJiH , ticnertl I'useenger nnd
Ticket Accnt.
Ol'.O. ' K.UKAKrOHD. Assistant General I'aiacnKcr
nil Ticket AKunt.
„ T. J. ULAUK , ( ituerul Snparlntandeut.
Basement First National Bank , '
COS boutliltttli Street , - Omaha
To Glasgow , IJdfnst , Dublin nnd Liverpool
From New York Every Tuesday.
Cabin pnasagofUi to KO , according tolocntlon ofstt
room. Kxcurnlon to5 to CM.
Steerage to nnd from Kurope at Luwcit Kntos.
AtihTis UALWVIN & Co. , Gen'l Anentii ,
M IlroaUnuy. Now York.
JOHN l .ioKN , Gen'l Western Agent.
KA Randolph St. , Clilcnco.
UARltr K. MOHES. Agent. Omuhii.
Reduced Cabiurataj to Glasgow K.xUlbttlia.
20to6O DAYS.
Thin IB a discmso wliloti has herotofor *
Baflled all Medical Scienco.
When Mcrcurv , Iodide of Potassium , Barsapa
rilln or Hot fiiu-inga fall , we guarantee a euro.
Wo liavo a llcmedy , unknown to anvoo * Intrt *
World ouUldu of our Coinpituv , and ouo that baa
to cure tba moat obttlnata caaai. Tea dari la
recent oases does the work , it Is the old curonla
deep Mated cases tint we BollClt. Wa have
cured bundreda who hare been abandonad by
I'liynlcianu. nnd pronounced tncurabla , ana YT *
cuiillongo the world to bring us n cano that w6
Trill not cure In lesa than alxty daj-n.
Blnco the hlHtory of m aicln u true speclflo
for BrphllU has bec/n soucbt for but never
found until our .
trai dlseorered , and we uro Juttlflod In eiylna
It U Iho only Itemuay m the World tnat will pos
itively cure , bncauso the latest Medical Work * ,
publlinod by the belt known authorities , say
inert * w s never a true speoiao befort. Our r m *
eily will cure when of erythlng else has failed ,
Why waste you1 time and money with patent
medicines tnat never had virtue , or doctor with
physicians that cannot cure you , you that hav
tried every thing else should come to ua now and
K t permanent relief , you never can eet it eUa *
where. Mark what we nay. in the end yoi ]
muettakn our remedy or NKVKK recover and
you that have been mulcted but a short tlmt
Bhould by all means come to us now , not one in
ten of nuw cases over Ret permanently cured.
Many iethelp and think they are free from th
disease , but m one , two or three ycara after 11
appears intn ( In a more horrible form. .
This is a blood Purifier and will Cure
any Skin or Blood Disease wboa
Evorytblnu Kleo l''ail ' .
NOTICE Wedoslro to caution patients in regard -
gard to parties claiming to use tlio Cook Item-
ttly. Our formula In not ami OANNOT b
Known to anyone but oumulves.
Buorjis 418 and 419. Paitnii RlocL
Agrloulturfcl llmplomonts.
Doalfirin Agricnllnral Implements , Wagons
Carriages nnd Imnlpn. Jnnr Mn > et , between Mh and
iub , era aim , ftel > r * ki .
F CO. ,
Aylcnlt'l ' Implements , Wapns , Carriage !
, etc. Oni
PAHLIX , 0iKiY/OJ < K A MA11T1N CO. ,
Wliolcinlo lo loit In
Agricnlt'l ' Implements , Wagons & Bniglei
_ ail. K , TO and 107 Jonc street , Omaha.
Manufacturer * and Jolileri In ,
Wagons , Buggies RaKel , Plows , Etc ,
Cor. Ptli and 1'aclno strnti , Omaha.
Artists' Mntorlnte-
A. iiosm , jr. ,
Artists' ' Materials , Pianos anil Organs ,
1813 Doiiglm tlicct , Om h , Kebrmm.
Doots nnd Shoos.
ir. r. MOKSK & co. ,
Jobbers of Boots and Slices ,
101,110J , llMDiiURlns street , Omnlm. Manufactory
Hummer street , Uonoii. *
Cool , 5okooml _
Jotters of Hard anJ Soft Coal ,
aw Boil til IStli Mr'ot , Omnlm , Nol > r U .
Shippers of Coal and Coke ,
311 Sim Hi K < tli t , . Oimilm , Not' .
Wholesale Lumber , Etc ,
mpnrtftl nml Amrrlcnii 1'ortlnii I cement. Slat *
ugentror Mtlw.inki n lijilruu tcimuoul HUI !
hite liino.
Dealer in Haidwccd Lumber ,
Wood carpels nn'l pnrqurt llonriiiif. rib and Uounlas
ttioi'ts , Omnlm , Net ) ,
OMAHA LUMlinil CO. ,
All Kinds of Building Material at Wholesale
Utli ( trict uml Union I'arlllc tmck , Omalia
Dealer in Lumber , Lath , Lime , Sash ,
noon , Kte. Ynrxls Corner * th nml Dotiglat. Ofllca
Corner lltth and 1'ouulai.
FRED. 11' . UltAY.
Luinbe' Lime Cement EtcEtc
, , , , , ,
Corner Oth anil Doutliu sts , Onmlia.
r. A * . DUTZ ,
Dealer in All Kinds of Lumber ,
13th nnd California ttrt'cts , Onmhii , Nebrnsk * .
Nllllinory and Notions.
T. OllFMVnLDRll & CO. ,
Importers & Jobbers in Millinery & Mans
M ) , 2W nn I 312 South nth street.
Wholesale Notions and Fnriiisliing Goods ,
1124 Hnrney htruet.Omnlia.
Commloslon and Storngo.
Stop-ge and Commission Mere W,5 ,
Specialties llnttcr , circs , cheese , poultry , gurus
1113 llotrnrtl atrect.Om.ilin , M'li.
Dry Goods and N otl o n s.
" M. E. JSJ/mf it CO. ,
Dry Goods.Furnisliing . Goods and Notions
1KB nml 1101 DoiiKhu , cor. lltli street , OmuliaNob.
Importers & Jotters in Dry Goods .Notions .
Gent's furnlshliiK' K mK Corner lltli itnd llnrney
streets , Oinnha , No Drink it.
Irnporlers nnd Jobt-cM of
Wcolens and Tailors' ' IV millings ,
anSoutU lithslrcu
Wholesale D.aler sin Furniture ,
I'nrmm street , Oinnlm , Nobrnnka.
Furniture ,
Omntin , Nebraska.
Wholesale Groceries and Provisions ,
70S , 71/7 , 70D anil 711 Soutli 10th tt. , Omaha. Neb.
McCOllD , liltAVY A CO. ,
Wholesale Grocers ,
15th and I.oavunivorth strocti , Omnhn , Nebraska.
w. j.
Heayy Wwarc , Iron and Steel ,
Bprlnns , wnsun stuck , hnnlwnro , lumber , eta , 1KB
aad 1211 llr.iuey street , Oiuaba.
Eeaiy Hirdv/are / , Iron and Steel ,
BiBg. .
Wholestfe Hardware , Cntlory , Tin Plato ,
Metals , ilieet Iron. tc. Aeants for Huwe scale * ,
illatnl powder and I.yinsu baiLednlro.
Builders' ' Hardware and Scale Repair Soon
Mechanics' tool and Ilutraln icalos , 1105 Douglal
trcot , Omalia , hob.
Toyot Eto _
It'llARDY & CO.r
Jobbers of
Toys , Dolls , Albums , Fancy Good ? ,
House furnlihliiK Kouds , children's CArrliget , 1
1 unmiu itren , Ouiubu , t\ao.
Wholesale Refined and Lubricating Oil ? ,
Alia r aio. etc. , Omaha. A. 11. BUUoy.
Wholesale Paper Dealers , .
Carry a nice tto k of prlntlug , wrtppluif in4 TUlttlf
paper. Biwlul attention dlvcn to card I paper.
Capital C40
Surplus Jan. 1st , 1880
UrNitv W. VAxea , president ,
LJCWIS H. IttKit , Vice 1'rejldeut ,
JOHN B. Cor.T.iNg.
W II , 8. HUCJUM , Cashl t