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Omaha Rocolvos n. Mo3b Unmerci
ful Drubbing.
Standing of the Glub Second
of thu Grand Circuit Uncos at
Cleveland Turf and Diamond
mend Notes.
Standing of the Clnlis.
Foll6tVihg I * the standing of the Western
Association clubs , up to nnd including yes-
tcrday'a fumes :
Per Ct.
Dos aVolncs 15 , Omnhn S.
Yesterday was ladles' day at the ball park ,
and ncvcrnl hundred of the dear creatures
were on linntl to witness the coming cham
pions rcccivo one of the most unmerciful
' 'drubbings they have experienced tbls year.
Can it bo that the fair ones , with their
feathers and ribbons and smiles , ncted as a
hoodoo to the homo team !
It is to bo hoped not.
I Bo that as It may , however , we wcro most
Inglodouslv licked , nnd by the weakest team
in the whole Western association nt that.
Willis was put in the box nt tha last mo
ment , and , whllo ho was hit hard and often ,
it was not his work alone that defeated the
demons , but the general leggy and dispirited
play of the whole team.
To bo sure , the error column gives no In
dication of tbls lamentable fact , but still It
Is true that not a single member of tbo team
played as If ho cared the toss up of u penny
which way the game went. Flies were mis
judged , bases run like ice wagons , and care
less , indifferent work of all kinds marked
their playing through the entlro nlno in
Crooks took Strauss' place behind tbo bat
In the lust four Innings , nnd caught a regu
lar Dr. Bushong game. Ho was guyed a
good deal from the bleachers , and his mon-
koyshincs In return was about the only life
there was to the game.
Big fat Brodly umpired a vile camo. Ills
decision on balls and strikes , against Willis
In particular , hadn't the soinblanco of cor
rectness or justlco in them and ho seemed to
tblnk that because tie was being lilt pretty
liard ho might us well glvo it to himtoo , nnd
lie did so with a vengeance.
The gumo is unworthy of more than a
passing notice , for it was about the most
dreadful specimen of a game seen hero this
year. The score :
Runs earned Omaha 5 , DCS Molnes 7.
Two-base bits Strauss , Walsu , Andrews.
Three-base hits Whltely 8.
Double plays Walsh to Crooks to An
Bases-on called balls Off Willis 8. off
Hart 8.
Struck outr-By Willis 4 , by Hart 2.
Passed balls Straus 1.
Wild pitches Hart 1.
Time of game 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Umpire Briody.
MlnneapollH 1U , Sioux City 3.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. , July 3L Minneapo
lis won the last frame ot the scries from
Sioux City today. Crowcll was m the box
for tbo visitors nnd was pounded all over the
lot. Ihe support ho received was rather
rank , whllo on the other hand Minneapolis
put up a perfect came.
sioux crrr.
r. U. o. n. o r. h. o. a. o 0 220 CCIInc , BS 0 0162
. .itlllor.Hb. , a U Glenn. If 0 0110 4 0 0 Powell. Jb 1 110 0 0
1 U Brotnan . . . .
" „ , 2D..O 2121
Wlnnclmn"lbl ! ! _ ( Mienlns , cf..U 0300
Morrison , rf..l 1 " Bradley. 8b . . . 1 1 1 1 o
' ' Cro.tslur , c. 1 3 3 0 0
povlln. p..Y.'l 0 . Cronoll. i ) 0 U 0 4 1
iuko.p U 1 00 lCruttjrf. | u 1102
Jonlicn , o. . . . „ . ! S 10 1 "
Totals . "i siiuli
Totals . 1014 S
Minneapolis. . .130420 0-10
blouJtdtjr , .0 3 0 0 U 0 1U
Uarnoil run5-Mlmtc i > ells i Sioux City 1. Two
Jmsu WU-llonRlo , Mlnnohun , Morrison , t'owell and
OrOMlcr. Homo runa-Foster 2. btolen Imso-i-lly
Mliineliuil , lliiLu. llruilluv ttiitl Powell. Duulilu nlaya
Cllue nnd t'owo I. llnsoi on balls-on Devlin 1 , iiff
nuke4otrtruiTcllX 1IH l > v pitcher-Miller. Htrnck
ant-liv Dorflii 1 , by Iuto ! > , br CrowollS. I'ua.eil
Valla Jaiitienl.Orosslay I. l.uft on bases Minna.
niol | 5 , Sioux Cltyfl. FliTtbusooiierrorn-Mlnno-
upulls 4. Tluiu-1 hour and 60 minutes. Umplru
sr ] Jot cUor.
Mllwaulcoo 10 , Denver O.
MII.WAUKEB , VVIs. , July 31. Milwaukee
t \ on to-day's game by pounding Pitcher
Pagan all over tbo lot.
r. h. o. a. e.l r. h o. a. a
Poormanrr..2 , t 'i 0 0 nalrymnlo , ir.o 1100
If Kutton. 2b H 3 0 3 ( J McClcllan.Sb . .11221
Mortlssoy , lb.,0 2 D 1 2 Tromlway.rf..O 0011
Hliock , ss. , 3 2 S a I Wlilto. M..1 1012
j.inre. It . „ . , . . 301 ( I Hnwu.lli 10811 . . .1 221 u Klrby.ati.l 1 2 a I
Alberts , 3b 'I 2 U 1 1 llcsjICUcf o 1100
IIur y.a. 1 4 8 1 OTnlnobuin , o.l 112 a 1
) > Tleii , p 1 001 1 KHKUIIp. . . . . . . 1 10 3 a
Totals . ISI'JZI 13 5 Totals B 7ai 11 0
ilorrlssoy out fur not touching bate.
Milwaukee. , S-lil
Donvur „ . . . . U 1 U 2 1 0
luns-Mllwaukce 9 , itenver 4. Two-base
lilU-l'oormnii , Siilton. hcliocli , Alberts , Dalrymiile.
Xlrby.TwInolmra. TUroo-baso lilts-Morrlssoy. llatci
Moleii-l-oormnn 2. ttcUocU , IXDWO S , Hllcli 2 , Alberts ,
Wlilto , Huwii. ll e
iiei-DHTlcs : , BK n 4 , 'Iluiu-Two lioun , Urn-
J > Jr iliu U
' St. Paul U. BU Josopli O.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , July 31. Daly drove the
ball over the fence with three pica on bases
und won thp | ; anio. Score :
I'AUI.r. li. o. * . e. r. U. p. a. o
Muruby.ct 0 1 ' ' U
.JlBllIf.Jb 1 I 2 i olkriciT.'ir. 0 0
W nick,2b 1 044 0 Arduer.tb. . . . u s 6
Carrull. r.0 1 1 0 0 CurtwrlkbU tb ' 0 .
lllllur. 1 120 2 llotnllnl-tr. . , i'i 0 1
l > alylt V 1 2 l UHutks , i . . . : : ,
JlrviuillUno..J 1 6 S 0 hclicllba aeo. t 2 If
Valus.p _ 1 i 0 U UlilcCattr , p. . , , 0 1 1 t
Totali. . . .sli.inu'iil Total
KirneJ nius-Rt. 1'aul 4 , St. Joseph I. Home runi-
Ualns , Daly , Two-base ults-llullly , Curtis , Kliell
huse. Double i > l is-Werrlck to JUwe * . llurko U
Anlnar lo Cartwriiiht. liars oil balls-Off Mains 11
oU UoCarty I. lilt by pliolier Urouitluon , KroUl
Htruck unt-IlT Mmlns I , MrCarty 3. kfrst bssa on or
ror. bU r ulihl.Joii'pli ! ; . I'ussed ball-Hb llbass
Titua-yliuun. ( Juiplru-UcDcruiutt.
llaso Hall i , . .
Billy Ilolbort , of the old Metropolitans ,
would bo a good tnau for Cm ilia. I In is out
of nn engagement nnd could bo signed at a
reasonable figuro.
Omaha tyont doWn end St. Paul up n notch
yesterday ,
Tom Nnglo is rapidly recovering from the
Injury received Monday.
Jack Crooks makes a first class backstop.
That Was bis regular position in his college
The reporters will annihilate the advertis
ing solicitors at the ball park Sunday afternoon -
noon next.
Omaha plays la SU Paul to-day , Friday
nnd Saturday and In Milwaukee Sunday ,
Tuoiday nnd Wednesday.
The National fioasun.
CLBVISI.AND , July 31. Result of to-day's
Tame :
Cleveland .0 00000000 0
Indianapolis. . . . 0 1
Base hits Cleveland 2 , IndianuuolU 4.
Errors Cleveland 1 , Indianapolis 0 , Bat
teries Cleveland , Bakeloy nnd Xltnmer. In-
dlanapolls , Boyle nud Buckley.
PiTTsnuno , July 31. Result of to-day's
jamo :
Itain stopped the PlttiburR-Chicago ( jnme
at the end of the second inning to-day. The
homo team had scored 4 runs ami Chicago 3.
NEW Yonic , July fll. Now Vorksnt Wash-
npton , Philadelphia nt Boston and Louis-
vlllos nt. Brooklyn wore prevented by rain.
The Ainorlonn Association.
Coumnus , July Ul Result of to-day's
tame :
Columbus 0 0
Cincinnati 0 0 13 0000 3 5
BAI.TIMOIIB , July 31. The Baltimore-Kan
sas City gumo was postponed on account of
wet grounds.
HIAWATHA , ICtis. , July 31. fSpooinl Tele
gram to TUB BcB.1 The Palls City , of
. ' 'nils ' City , and Hose Company No. 1 , of
Hiawatha , played a game of ball nt the fair
grounds to-day for n purse of $50 and the
rate receipts , resulting in a victory for the
lomo team by a score of 19 to 9.
MISSOUUI VAM.KT. July 81. [ Special Tel
egram to TUB BKB.J The Noola ball club
played the Missouri Volley ball team this
afternoon here , the result being IB to 4 in
'uvor of Missouri Valley.
O'NriuNob. , July 81. [ Special Telegram
to Ti BBT3. | Stanton played O'Neill hero
to-day. The score was 0 to 3 In favor of
A UR | WriisUintr Match.
Evan Lewis , the Stranglcr , and McMillon ,
the strong man , will wrestle for n purse of
$00 at the Coliseum next Wednesday even-
ng. Tlio two athletes will arrive In this
city Saturday. The match will bo mixed
Styles , best three out of live , and will bo
a stubbornly contested battle. There is
much intorest.ooing manifested in the event
n sporthfg circles.
Cleveland Rnccs.
CLEVELAND , 'O. , July 31. ( Special Telegram -
gram to THB'BEE. ] Another favorable day
attended the grand circuit races bore this
afternoon. There was a considerably larger
attendance than on the opening day , and the
contests were oven more exciting. The
scnsatiou of. the day wus tbo fast hcut paced
by the stnlllon , Brown Hal , who lowered the
champion record of 3:13 held by himself to
2:12 > In the same race another stallion ,
lloy Wilkes , reduced bis mark to 3113.
Tbo first race was the 3:27 class , with ton
starters. Sprague Golddust was the choice
at aboiit oven money against the field , but
was not fast enough to .beat Jim Fuller m
the first boat , and the latter lowered his
record to 8:19 > . Then Sprague Golddust
jot a heat and a mark of 2:20 : , but broke
In tha. third when ho looked like u
winner , and Annie Wilkes finished first.
In the fourth inning Annie H. , who had boon
going fast but steadily , sold down and was
first , gottinpr the fifth beat also in faster
time. Sprague Golddust tried hard for the
sixth heat , but Annie 11. was too fast for
lilin , and.cndcd the race in her favor.
A great battle was looked for in the free
for all , and it exceeded all expectations.
Brown Hal was the first onoico. In the early
pools , and just before the start ho sold at 3 to
5 against the field , lloy Wilkes bringing
about the samo. _ The cracks all laid uu lu
the first heat , so'that Jewctt had it his own
way In slow timo. The next heat was a duel
between Bessumer and Hey Wilkes , both
making the Quarters first , but the \Vilkes stal
lion outlluishod Bessemer in 3:13muklng'a : tie
with the best stnlllon record. Hey was a
favorite before tbn next beat , but Browne
Hal was cut loose in this mile , nnd after JCoy
had led to the half in 1:06 Hal came so fast
that Wllkus tired nnd the Tennessee flyer
reached the stand m 2:12 : > . The veteran ,
Gossip , Jr. , also got past lloy. This made
Brown Hal n strong lavorite , but the next
heat hn was laid up and Key Wilkes boat
Bessemer in 3:15 : % Then the lot were tired
and Brown Hal took n heat in much slower
time. The sixth heat looked like a victory
for lloy Wilkes , but Brown Hnl , who was
dead Inmo , came home under the whip , being
carried off bis feet nnd winning a great vic
tory by a short head.
The 3:20 : trot was not started and goes ever
till to-morrow. The 2:24 : and 2:13 classes nro
also on , and Axtell will try to boat the stal
lion record. Guy will show a fast milo dur
ing the afternou.
puuss $2,000 , 3:27 CLASS.
Annie H ( Vanmctcr ) 0 43111
Sprague GoU Dust ( Green ) . 241534
Annie Wilkes ( Ernst ) 4 01452
Katherine S ( Irwin ) 9 88243
Tippm ( Bovcr ) 10 00305
M IBS Alice ( Walter ) 8 77930
Jim Fuller ( Stanley ) 1 39877
Marie Janzon ( Doblo ) 8337 dist
Olraed Wilkes ( Dickorson ) . , 5 r. 5 0 dist.
Harrison ( Patterson ) 7 10 10 dist.
Tlmo-3 : > * : , 3:20 : , 3:31 : , 2:2 : IK , 3:20 : ,
PUltSB $1,000 , FlIRr.-I-OU-AU , VACn.
Brown Hal ( Gours ) 5 31611
lloy Wilkes ( Uiokorson ) 3 15133
3owott ( Pettit ) ,1 44448
Bessemer ( Patterson ) . , 3 2333d.
Gossip , ] r. , ( Turner ) 4 5 3 3 5 d.
Time -U9 , 3:13 : , 2:12 : > < , 2153f ; , 3:191 :
2JOK. : !
awiii City UUCCH.
ST. PAUL , July 81. At the Twin City
Jockey oiub raeosto-day the weather was
threatening. The attendance was about
eight thousand and the track good. Sum
mary :
Thrco-year-olds , six furlongs Entry won ,
Roderick Dhu second , Vivian third. Time
1:10. :
Three-year-olds , seven furloncs Anpclus
won , War Peak tocond , Alphoiie third.
Time 1:29. :
Two-year-olds , flvo furlongs Morse won ,
Blarney Stone , Jr. , second ; Lena Bau third.
Time UOSX.
Throo-ycur-olds and upwards , ono mile-
Brown Princess won , Nevada second , Kato
Mnlono third. Time 1:43 : 1-0 ,
Twin- City merchants' handicap swoop- '
slakes for three-year-olds and upwards , mile
und seventy yards Catalpa won , Lavinia
Belle second , Woodcrnft third. Time
Hurdle , ever flvo hurdles , tnllo and a half
No More took two hurdles und then ijult
running. Nottio Watklna won by two
lengths. Time. 3:53. :
CHICAGO , July 81. fSpoclal Telegram to
TUB BEE.I To-day's beautiful weathordrow
a largo crowd jo the West Side track to wit
ness a rather unattractive sot of races. Sum
mary :
One milo Browstcr won in 1:46 : % Swift
Sure second , Charley Shahaw third.
Milo and ono-olghth Lola May won in
1:57 : % 1'udor second , J , T. third.
Leland Hotel stakes , mile nud a quarter
Little Minch won in 2:11 : % Unite second ,
Bcaoonsfiold third.
Two-year-old handicap , three-quarters of a
mile Bill Lotcher won In l:17Ki : Hod Light
fccond. Heartsease third.
Handicap hurdle , one milo , over four
hurdles Klphln won In 1:51) , John Hebcr
second , Wiaslow third ,
Rlurnt HuUtcd Returns.
NKW Yoiiit , July 81. Murat Halsteaa ar
rived on the City ot Purls to-day. Ho Bald
bU health had beta much benefltted by bis
Station Agent Rltohoy Disappears
From Running Wator.
A Crolfjliton Httslncsfl Btnn Fntnlly
Shot by Acqlaont Hcnkolmnn
Concludes to Iilccuno Saloons
The 1'cndor Murdor.
A Station Acnit Dlsnppcixrs.
NioiiiunA , Nob. , July 31. [ Special to Tnn
BKK.J J. E. Hltchoy , agent of the Chicago ,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad at Hunntng
Wntor station , ooposlto hero , has myster
iously disappeared. Yesterday morning ho
loft the station soon after the departure of
the train , walking down the track , and has
not since been soon. Search was made all
the morning nnd nld from hero requested.
A largo delegation is now scouring the whole
country. Fears nro entertained thht ho Iins
committed suicide. Ho has boon a trusted
employe of this company since 18SO. Hltchoy
was formerly a resident of Norfolk , thla
state , and n democratic ] loader. In 1370 ho
ran on the domocr.itlo ticket for secretary of
state. Ho has many friends and hopes are
entertained that all is not as bad as they
Accidentally Shot.
CnnionTON , Nob. , July 81. [ Special Tolo-
ijrnm toTim Br.R.l A very sorloUs and dis
tressing accident occurred near town this
morning. Mr. John Johnson , jr. , n member
of the Implement firm of Burns & Johnson ,
wus the victim , and will probably lose his
life. Mr. Johnson was riding to town from
Jls father's place , throe miles out , and had
n the buggy with him n shotgun and a llttlo
l > oy nbout six years old. AVhcn within n few
rods of his father's house the boy accident
ally touched the hummer of the gun with his
Toot and discharged it. The charge entered
Johnson's right side , brokaono rib and passed
through and out nt the back. The doctors
say there is small chnnca of his recovery.
Benkolinnti Will Iiloonso Saloons.
BBNICHLMAN , Nob. , July 31. [ Special Telegram -
gram to THE BEE. | After a trial of three
months , to the detriment of trade , the people
ple of Benkolman have decided to grant li
censes , and the saloons will bo opened to
morrow. It was found we could not hnvox
the required length ot school to draw the
state apportionment without the saloon 11-
censo. Benkelman draws $1,000 per year
school funds from this source.
Intense Interest Manifested.
PKNDEU , Nob. , July 31. fSpccial Tele
gram to TUB BKB.J The examination of the
Indians to-morrow on the charge of murder
causes more intense interest as the time
draws nearer. Over forty witnesses have
already been subpoenaed for tbo.defense snd
some twenty for the state. Several of the
redskins have been loitering around outside
the Jail tnis afternoon , und n lively time is
anticipated to-morrow. It is believed the
examination will occupy at least two days.
A Sad On so.
HATES CENTEU , Nob. , July 3L ( Special to
Tun BEB. | July 2S , while Seth Nodlos ,
aged twenty-three , and Page Moore , aged
fourteen , were wrestling , Moore throw
Ncdlcs on his back and head. At the time
Nedlcs btruclc thu ground ho became uncon
scious and died within two hours after
wards. Ncdles has two sisters living in
Franklin county , this state , ono boinc at the
point of death with consumption. On this
account neither of them can attend the
funeral to bo hold hero to-morrow. AH the
parties are known hero nnd well respected
and It casts a gloom over the entire com
Blnsniilc Officers Installed.
GRANT , Neb. , July 31. [ Special Telegram
to THE BcB.1 The installation of officers of
the grand Masonic lodge took place to-day in
the presence of nearly ono hundred Masons
from different points. Grand Master John
P. Mcrcor , of Omaha , Grand Custodian L.
P. Gillette , of Beatrice , and Grand Marshal
L. A. Kent , of Mlndou , were present to as
sist in the ceremonies. Heretofore the lodge
has worked under a dispensation from North
Platte. E. B. Woods was installed as grand
master. A banquet in honor of visiting
members is being held this evening.
Struck Uy n Windlass nnd Killed.
GRANT , Neb. , July 3L [ Special Telegram
to THE BEE. ] A dispatch was received this
evening from Elsie , stating that Thomas
Tatum , while working at a well , was struck
on the back of the head by the crank of a
windlass and almost instantly killed. Tatum
wan among the most prominent men in the
eastern part of the county ,
Failure of it Hastings Oroocr.
HASTINGS , Neo. , July 31. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BBE. ] W. T. Spackloford , a
grocer doing business In this city , was closed
up by creditors to-day. Too much credit is
the cause of his failure. Hargrcavos Bros. ,
of Lincoln , are bis principal creditors.
An Orerdoso of Morphine.
AunonN , Neb. , July 31. [ Special Tele
gram to Tins BKB.J Mrs. S. C. Bennett , of
Nomaha City , died yesterday from an overdose -
dose of morphine. She was accustomed to
use the drug , and It is thought her doatu
was accidental.
Burglars at Auburn.
AUBURN , Nob. , July 81. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEE. ] Burglars effected an
entrance through the cellar of J. Roscoo's
general merchandise store , last night , and
stole over WO worth of goods. No oluo to
the robbers.
Foil fr'roin nn Klovntor.
BEATRICE , Nob. , July 81. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BBE. | John Scharton , aged
fourteen , fell from on olnvator at the tlio
works this evening and broke a leg between
the thigh and the knee. He will bo crippled
for life. *
A Negro Itttsonta Atmao by Two
Drunken Rod Ainu.
STREATOR , 111. , July 31. [ Spoblal Tele
gram to TUB BEB.J T. H. Tofflvor , a negro
of Nashville , Tcnn. , shot two Indians con
nected with Adam Forcpaugh's circus this
morning. The wounds of ono at least will
prove fatal. Tolllvor was the "horsotbief"
of the circus , being lassoed by the cowboys
end finally bunged to a tree by the cowboys
ut , each performance. All thj Indians wora
on a big spree last night and on the way
hero abused the noero in various ways , cul
minating In bis shooting two of them this
morning. His story Is that ho acted in self-
defense , and it is substantiated by eye wit
nesses. Hois in jail whllo the two injured
Indians are lying at the hospital. Tbulr
names are Ucd Ear and Looks Bad ,
I < lr Dugs nt I'lttsburtc.
Pirrsiiuito , July 31. Fire bugs made an
attempt to burn the boarding house of Albert
Smith , at Duqucsno , early this morning. A
watchman who has been on duty since the
attempt was made to burn some houses a
few days ago , discovered the fiends at work ,
They were in the collar of the house , and ho
flrod on thorn. They rushed out , mid , as they
ran away , returned the shots , but none of
them took effect. Upon investigation It was
found that the miscreants bad knocked the
head out of a barrel of oil , and with a tin
CUD had thrown oil over the rafters and
other wood work in the collar. Smith keeps
a boarding house for non-union men employed
in the Duquesne stool works. Ho received a
communication a few days ago that if bo did
not close up bo would bn burned out. There
Is great excitement over the attempts to
burn the towu. and a vigilance committee
bat boon formed.
Death of a College President.
WIIBBUHO , W , Va. , July 8L Ur. W , H ,
Woolery , president of Bethany college , died
last n Igut at bU home In Bethany.
The Woman HutTrnRo Question Oomcn
Up Again.
BisvAncK , N.-tfolt , , July 31. The report of
the committee on ojcctlvo franchise was con
sidered again to-ddy nnd the woman suffrage
question came up. The advocates thereof
have asked thattlio legislature bo given the
po wor to extend vtho suffrage to women , nnd
it was upon this point the debate hinged.
Several delegates. ! insisted on having the
question sbttlod by a vote of the pooplo. The
convention agreed to glvo the legislature
power to oxtcnd _ Uxo motion to amend the
rcoort of the judiciary committee so that a
man may bo eligible to the ofllco of judge
of the supreme 'court after living In
the state throo' years Instead of flvo.
This created n lively llttlo row , but the
amendment was finally made , nnd then Hotf ,
who was yesterday defeated in nu attempt to
have the convention make some provision
against foreign voters , moved to strike out
all limitation. Ho thought n candidate for
the suurcmo boncb should have all the priv
ileges that nro given to n foreign voter. His
motion was defeated , The commission from
South Dakota , which has boon sitting with
the North Dakota commission for the divis
ion of territorial wroporty , will leave for
homo to-night.
Xhu Mississippi I ' .ill torn.
Sioux FALLS , S. D. , July 81. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BBB.J Slxty-flvo Mississippi
editors , with their wives , nrnvod to-day over
the Illinois Control , In charge of Associate
Passenger Agent Merry. Ho looked over
the city and left on a special train for St.
Paul , much pleased with what bo has soon of
the progressive northwest ,
Blow His Head Off.
PiRRHK , S. D. , July 81. [ Special Telegram
to Tun BKE. ] William Burnos , tvn aged
farmer living near Pierre , blow his bead off
with n shotgun to-day , scattering bis brains
about and mutilating his bead horribly.
Domestic troubles are said to be the causa of
the suicide.
Slim Attendance nt Sioux Falls.
Sioux FALLS , S' Dak. , July 31. About a
dozen members were in attendance at the
constitutional convention to-day , but beyond
the adoption of a few reports no business
was transacted. By to-morrow evening a
majority of the delegates will have returned.
The Preamble Adopted.
OLTMMA , W. T. , July 31. The preamble
was adopted this morning as amended , re
citing that , "Wo , the people of the state of
Washington , thanking the Supreme Being of
the universe for our liberties , do ordain ,
etc. " The report of the committee on in
debtedness was taken up nnd n clnuso limit
ing the debt of the state to WOO.OOO was
passed. The debts of cities , towns and
counties and school districts nro limited to
IK per cent of the assessed value of the
property in each on n three-fifths vote of the
people. A hard fight is being made over the
section forbidding the grunting of subsidies
and strong opposition to it prevails.
Xho Tax Problem.
HELENA , July 8U The convention to-day
considered i ho article on revenue nnd taxa
tion and finally adopted it. It exempts all
United States , chlirch , publlo property and
libraries. The tiglslaturo may pass general
laws to tax any nrpp rty , mines to bo taxed
according to lha , value paid the United
States for the samo. Machinery is subject
to special taxntlqn' < Pnvnte property is not
to bo sold for td'xOs. Public corporations'
limit of taxation ifi 3 Tmills ; if the assessed
property is over flOD OOO , 2 > $ mills ; if ever
$300,000 1 % mlllson tba dollar.
Inspector By rni-Sj Takes Him In on a
Mississippi Requisition.
NKW YOHK , July 81. "Good evening , Inspector
specter , " said John Ei Sullivan , as bo held
out his hand to Cliief Inspector Byrnes at
the door of his roptrun the Vanderbilt bouse
to-night , " 1 heard I was wanted and Intended
to come and see you. I did not know I bad
violated any law , "
"Well John , " socially remarked the chief ,
'Wo will go down to the headquarters to
gether. "
"Come in a minute and sit down , " said
Sullivan , as ho opened the door a llttlo wider.
Upon his return from his vacation this
morning Inspector Byrnes was visited by
State Agent Chllds , of Mississippi , who
handed him a requisition signed by Governor
Lowroy nnd asked for the arrest of Sullivan ,
The inspector looked for Sullivan nil day ,
but ho was off spending the time with
friends and did not return to the hotel until
evening. About 10 o'clock to-night , with
Detective Sorgount Adams , ho called at tne
hotel nnd was immediately shown up stairs.
Sullivan himself opened tlio door. Accept
ing his friendly invitation , the detectives
took chairs nnd talked socially with
Muldoon and Charlie Johnson , while
Sullivan prepared himself for a night
in a coll. Than the pugilist was
escorted to the street and drove away In a
closed curriaco which was in waiting. Half
an hour later ho sat in police headquarters.
He were a dark sack coat , dark trousers and
a derby hat. Ho puffed carelessly at a cigar
and was not nt nil disconcerted by bis ar
rest. Ho sat quietly by while the inspector
told the reporters about his arrest , nnd
said ho had nothing to say. Later ho was
taken to n cell. There ho was visited by
Muldoon and Johnson , who had followed
him down town. They remained until after
midnight. Sullivan will bo taken to the
court of general sessions for a hearing to
The Jnckfion-Ijoes Trouble.
CHICAGO , July 81. Parson Davics , who ar
rived from Buffalo to-day , was much sur
prised at the leports ho read concerning tbo
spat between Peter Jackson and Tom Loos.
The trouble was brought about by Lees at
tempting to leave the combination. Address
ing Jackson roughly , ho demanded his salary ,
aud Jackson replied that since bo ( Lees ) in
tended to leave htm in tbo lurch bo would
make him wult until ho got ready to pay
him. Lees then called Jackson a foul name.
Jackson struck him and a scuffle ensued. As
regards Jackson's set-to with Lynch , the
Buffalo pugilist , the Parson Bays that Lynch
grabbed Jackson's legs to avoid punishment
and win on a foul. Tna police interfering ,
the referee declared Jackson the winner.
Xho Australian Badly Injured In Ilia
Fight Wlth.lrank Murphy.
SAN FRANCISCO , j'lilyi 31. After the light
between Billy Murphy nnd Frank Murphy
had been postponcU last night the two men
were examined by 'ji/pysiclan. / Billy Mur
phy was found to bavpjBuatalnod a fracture
of the radius. Frank assorted that ho was
badly injured , but tu6uloetor found no frac
tures. Billy Murpllyfs * condition will pru-
cludo all possibilty.oofi- light being con
tinued for some tlma-u
pt- * <
Nebraska aUil'j'mva Pensions.
WASHINGTON , Julf ! 3 | ? , [ Special Telegram
to Tim BRB , ] Pgnsjons allowed Nebraskans -
kans : Original Invalid Stephen D. Hard-
Ing Henry Martiniiluercaso Charles Metz-
ger , John Talbot. OHglnal widow , etc.
Christian , father o/EjUirias S. Slaglo.
lowuns : OrlginfO'JpvnNu Daniel E. Clay ,
Cnblo C. Wright , Charles H. McCollougb ,
Reuben W. Young , Henry C. Herbert , Nich
olas M. Williams , Michael Kennedy , Enoch
Farmer , John H. Hanklns , William McCol
lougb , Charles W. Wilson , Simon Kylor ,
Asa Bulloy. Increase Ellas M. Halo ,
Isaac S. Dorn , James Oridltb , Evan W.
Williams , Thomas E..Sargent , John Q. A.
Dehoff , Henry .Fry , Jacob Frauzer , John 8.
Dansblll. Joseph Hudecl , Calvin L > . Brock ,
Milton W. Patterson , John W. Willfong ,
Charles Charleaou , Thomai Murray , Francis
L. King , Elliott P. Taylor , Walter Baifour ,
Isaac N , Funk , Chauncey T. Slxbury. Ho-
issuound Increase Edward H. Toft. Or
iginal widow * , oto Joseph H. , father of
Aaron lllddlo.
Fatal Machine dun Kxplosion.
PARIS , July 31-r-A machine gun exploded
on board the training frigate ( Jouronoat
Hyorress to-day , ftitrht persons wore killed
uud seventeen wounded.
Rumors of n , Ohantro In the Stock
Yards Managomont.
P. D. Armour Snld to Have Scoured
an Option on the Property Mo
Slinun nnd Pnxton In
rho Stock Yard * .
It la reported on good authority Hint n deal
Is pending which If consummated , will result
In a change of ownership of the South
Omaha Block yards.
An Individual who claims to bo fnmlllar
with the transaction , states that the prop ,
crty of the Soutn Omaha stock yards
company is likely to pass Into the hands ot a
syndicate of pork nnd beef packers nt the
liomlof which la Phillip D. Armour , the well
known capitalist. It is said that whllo Mr.
Armour was In Omaha on his recent trip ho
effected an option for the purchase of
n largo block of stockyards stock
held by AVilllnin A. Paxton and
John A. McShano. Slnco Mr. Armour re
turned to Chicago It Is reported that the pur-
ctmso was effected and that the same re
sulted In the controlling interest being put In
the hands of the packers. It is also re
ported , nnd the statement comes from n reliable
liable- source , that W. A , Paxton , vlco presi
dent of the slodtyards company , has ten
dered his resignation , to take effect nt an
early onto.
Mr. Pnxton was seen by a reporter yes
terday , nnd when asked concerning the
matter assumed a Sulltvanlstlo nttltudo nnd
said * ! "I hnvo nothing to say. The less said
about it now the hotter. You fellows are
always creating trouble. " The speaker
then retreated through nn atmosphere savor
ing of brimstone. Being pressed for an
explanation ho positively refused to talk.
Mr. McShano'a Statomo nr.
"No , sir , " sold John A. WcShano with
emphasis , ' -there Is no truth in the report
that the packing houses control the Unlon _
Stock Yards or are buying stock to control
the yards. The facts are , the packing
house companies are Acllintr Instead of buyIng -
Ing stock. "Why , Swift & Co. , alone sold
575.000 worth of stock. It is true that
Philip D. Armour has bought nome I stock ,
but that was done two years ago. Mr. Ar
mour sold $100.000 worth of Chicago , Mil
waukee & St. Paul railroad stock , preferring
to hold stock of the yards. The packing
companies don't own one-sixth of the stock
and never can control the yards. Them is
not n particle of truth in cr foundation for
the rumor that there is to bo a chnngo and
reorganization of the ynras. "
"Hut has not Mr. Paxton sold his stock ,
nnd will his place not have to bo filled ? "
modestly inquired the reporter.
"No. sir. True , Mr. Pax ton has sold his
stock , but that wan six months ago , und a
man does not have to bo a stockholder to bean
an ofllccr. There Is no contemplated
chnugo. "
"Hut , Mr. McShano , " queried THE BKK
representative , "there is a seemingly well-
founded rumor that a syndicate is bolng
organized to obtain control of the stock of
the yards. What truth is there in it , or
what is the foundation for such a report ! "
"There is not a word of truth in the mat
ter , nor is there any foundation for such a
report. The truth Is that In u largo institu
tioa like the stock yards more or less stock
is being constantly transferred. "No , sir , "
said Mr. McShano with significant emphasis ,
' there will bo no change in the stock yards ,
its management or control. "
The KorrHter t'icnic.
A special mooting of Court Magio City ,
No. 108 , Independent Order of Foresters ,
was hold Wednesday evening and arrange
mcnts were completed for the picnio at
Waterloo next Sunday. The special train ,
will leave the depot at 10:30 : o'clock Sunday
morning. The following appointments and
arrangements have been made :
Marshal. James P. Mulonoy ; aides , James
H. Fleming , Joseph Moley and Henry
Loochner ; banner bearer , John Borgerson ;
color bearer , Robert Fnrrisoe ; master of
ceremonies , Charles Singer.
Floor George J. Seltzer , Marshal Mo-
louoy and Edward P. Conloy.
Amusements Alexander Monroe , * Ber
nard D. Flood , Reed Darnell , Captain John
J. Sexton and H. M. Gallagher.
Tickets J. M , Gallagher , John Matthews ,
John D. Kearney , Oakly Hamilton , Dennis
McMahan and Anthony Smith.
Courts Mngic City , No. 103 , Teutonla , No.
195 , nnd Brokop Volky , No. 200 , and visit
ing brethren , will meet nt the hall ,
Twenty-fifth and N streets , at 8 o'clock ,
Sunday morning , the richt resting on N
street. The line of march will bo as follows :
West along N street to the Union Pacific
depot , meeting the courts from Omaha ;
thence north along Twenty-seventh street to
AI , east along M to Twenty-fourth , south
alone Twenty-fourth and west along N to
the depot , , where the special train ut 10:30 :
o'clock will take the excursionist } to Water
loo. The Union Stock Yards Cornet band
will furnish the music. A cordial invitation
is extended to all brother Foresters to attend
the picnic.
Notes About the City.
Hugh Fitzgerald is sick with cancerous
sore throat.
Dominick King of the Third ward Is ill
with malarial fever.
William Martin , who has been ill with ty
phoid remittent fever , is convalescent.
Georpo Armour and Con Dougherty were
each fined ? 3 and costs for being drunk , by
Judge King.
Miss Etta MoBrldo was ( unfortunate
enough to painfully scald herself about the
bead and fuco.
Mr. John Toner nnd Miss Ella G. Baton
will bo married at 8 o'clock Thursday morn
ing in St. Bridget's Catholic cbui en.
Ticket No. 88'J , hold by F. Mitchell , drew
the Singer sowing machine rallied off
Wednesday evening by the Chicago store.
Mcsdamcs James C. Curloy , John P.
Evers , Dwlght L. Holmes und Harry L.
Wheat went to Council Bluffs yesterday
afternoon to attend a picnio.
Mrs. C. H. Sobotkcr has extended Invita
tions to her friends to picnio in Hanscom
park Thursday afternoon. The ladies will
go after dinner and the gentlemen in time
for suppor.
A musical cyclone struck the genial homo
of Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry L. Wheat Tuesday
evening. Mesdnmes Holmes , Evors and
Dunn promised not to glvo U away , nnd
they won't.
All members of South Omaha Lodge No.
148,1 , O. O. F. , ore requested to meet at the
J oil go rooms Thursday morning at 7 o'clock
to accompany the remains of your late
brother , Joseph D. Gump , to the depot.
Walter Brandels , of Omaha , has let the
contract to build a J10.00U businesx blcck on
the northeast corner of Twenty-fourth and
N streets. The building will be of brick ,
45x00 feet and three stories high. Woik will
bo commenced ut once.
Arrangements have- been completed under ,
the supervision of the Key * . Gustuv Becker
and John G. Stewart , to organize mi undo-
nominatlanal religious service , to bo hold in
Bunt's block , N street , under Henry Hoy-
man's store. The rooms nro being suitably
fixed up ,
Messrs. John H. Wallwork , Henry Hey.
man , James Carlin , Ziba Crawford , J , 'I' .
Dean nnd Z. Cuddington will act as pull
bearers from South Omaha lodge No. 181
Independent Order of Odd Follows , nnd will
accompany the body of the late Joseph D.
Gump to Avocn , la. , Thursday inorulng.
TIio Ilrnwory Donl.
"The brewery deal stands just where it
did Tuesday night , " said Mr. Molonoy last
evening. "WhatTUB Bun printed raado us
a llttlo trouble. Wo wore talking with
Jotter & Young , the South Omaha brewers ,
and they had made us an offer , but now they
want more money. I don't know whether
wo will do anything with them or not You
see , none of them know anything about what
the other * were to got. You were wrong In
quoting us as saying the final transfers
would bo inado to-day. The final convey
ances cannot bo made for two or tbreo
months , but contracts , which moan the same
thing practically , will bo entered into In a
day or two. " ,
Sevcrnl Employes Killed Sovornl
I'/HHotifjoM Hurt.
CiffctKKATt July 81. The fast passenger
that loft Hamilton nt 7 o'clock going west ,
collided uth : n freight train , east bound ,
Iwo miles east of Oxford. The
place Is ronioto from telegraph stations
nnd definite news Is hard to obtain , It is
known , however that It was n bAd smash-up.
Fireman Leo and Baggngomnstcr Fields
were killed. A Mr , Dady Is dying nnd En-
gmcor Dougherty nnd Fliouian Hrcnunn are
severely hurt. Savon of the Injured were
brought to Hamilton by n rollot train late
to-night. It Is believed tlio numberIdllod nnd
Injured will not bo greater than fifteen ,
Later A dispatch from Oxford now snys
Fireman Cnldwell , of the freightcngtno , was
killed , nnd Engineer Dougherty , ot the pas
senger , seriously Injured. Fireman loty
nnd Bnggngcnmstor Piigh each had n leg
broken. Not n passenger' seriously hurt ,
although many were badly shaken up.
Olinsctl fly Lynolicrs.
CHICAGO , July 1)1. ) A special dispatch from
Carthage , 111. , says : Two men , ono of them
wearing n mask , entered the grocery store of
Charles Dorumn , nt Hamilton , last nlgnt *
nnd demanded money of Dorman. The latter
snld : "I'll give it to you , " nnd readied for
his money drawer. The villains , taking the
action to bo ono of solf.dcfenso , llrcd nt Dor-
man , ono bullet crashing Into bis mouth nnd
making n dangerous if not fatal wound. Tlio
ruftlnns tied without booty. Dorman was
cared for nnd n vlgitanco committee of thirty
citizens is scouring the country in ncarch of
the guilty men , who will bo hanged If
A Vnliinblo I'nccr IJend.
JOLIIST , 111. , July 01. The fast pacing
stallion , Sir Thornton , was found dead in his
stall at the race trade this morning. The
reported causaIs Indigestion , brought on by
too rapid cooling off after his rcmarKnblo
performance at Aurora. The horse was
valued nt $15,000.
LOUISVILLE , July 31. Near Harrlsburg ,
Ky. , yesterday the fine RUlllou Paladin , of
the Sherman stock farm of Kentucky , dlod
of collo. Paladin had n private record of
3:33 : nnd was valued by his owner nt 812.000.
Ha was a handsome stand nnd one of the
best Hamblotonlans In the state.
Tlic Cliorolcnn CommlHslon.
KANSAS CITY , July 81. A special from
Tahlnqunh , Indian territory , says the Chero
kee commission met In formal ses
sion for the first timo. it was
decided to cell Chief Mays before
the commission to-morrow and make the
offer S1.U5 for the Cherokee lauds. This
morning a great political picnic was held nt
which the commissioners wore present. All
the spnaiters who referred to the proposed
purchase opposed it.
Murdrrod For Ills Money.
ANOKA , Minn. , July 31 Considerable ex
citement was created here yesterday after
noon by ttio finding of the body of a man
floating in the water above the railroad
bridge. The body was identified as that of
Miignus Johnson , n well-to-do bachelor. A
bullet hole was found in his forehead. John
son is known to have had n sum of money on
his person , and it is supposed that the object
of the murder was robbery.
Tlio Dervishfs Dcltntod.
CAino , July 31. Advicas from Toskl are
that Lieutenant U.iguilar , with n dntaoh-
mcnt of Egyptian cavalry and n company of
the Eleventh Soudanese regiment , defeated
the Dervishes south of Annbi. Seventy
Dorvislios were killed and eighty tnkon
prisoner. The Egyptians lost turoa killed ;
two of them wcro officers.
A. Collupsi- Kubtjor.
NORWICH , Conn. , July 31. The Connecti
cut Uubber company , a Wnterbury Indus
try that was induced to move to Norwich by
the purchase of S.30,000 worth of its stock by
Norwich capitalists , has made an assign
ment. The liabilities nro unknown. The
assets are about $75,000.
Shot By a Wronged Husband.
MOUILB , Ala. , July 31. This morning
Henry C. Boyco , a carpenter , was shot und
instantly killed by Walton H. Williams , u
clerk in a retail store. Williams suspected
Boyco of intimacy with his wife and a di
vorce had boon agreed upon the night pre
vious whereby Boyco was to marry Airs.
Williams , provided Williams could retain
possession of his daughter.
Tolccrnph liiils
WASHINGTON" , July 31. Acting Secretary
Batchcllor has issued an order suspending
payment of all bills against the treasury deJ
pnrtment ( or telegraphing during the fiscal
current year. This action is ba&ed upon n
letter from the postmaster general to the
secretary of the treasury requesting the sus
pension of the payment of bills until the offi
cial promulgation by that department of the
order fixing rutcs.
Lithographers in Trouble.
Pnu.ADELi'iiiA , July 81. Much surprise is
created by the announcement that the Na
tional Bureau of Engraving , ono of the most
extensive lithographing establishments in
the country , Is In financial distress. The
two hundred hands employed in the works
were recently discharged , nnd the plant is
now advertised to be sold to satisfy cred
Tried to Shunt Ills Father.
LEAVKNWOIITII , Kan. , July 81. fSuocial
Telegram to Tn * Bun.I Albert Young , col
ored , aged nineteen , made n cowardly at
tempt to shoot his rather , G. H. Young , this
morning , but failed to effect Ills murderous
purpose. Ho was apprehended and is in jail.
Mho boy's father refused to furnish him
with more money ,
Tlio KmlmrrnHBod Shoo Firm.
BOSTON , July 31. Thomas K. Proctor , ono
of thu trustees of E. and A. H. Batoheller&
Co. , the embarrassed shoo firm , said to-day
that the statement of tnc affairs of the firm
which is being prepared would not be com
pleted for several days , and no meeting of
creditors would bo called for a week or two.
Three YiniiiK 1-iulICH Drowned.
Isui'-MiNO , Mich. , July ill. Thrco young
ladles of good family , named Flanagan ,
McCabe aud Furrol , were drowned last
night while trying to cross the Monomliiro
river in a boat. The bodies have not boon
recovered ,
ifx-Senntor llolllnfl Dcnd ,
PORTSMOUTH , N. II. , July 31. Kx-Sonator
K. H. Kolllns died this morning at Applednlo
house. Isle of Shoals. The deceased was
sixty-four years old.
The Irrigation Committee.
ST. PAUL , July 31 . The United States
sonata committee on Irrigation will hold Its
first session hero Thursday next to hoar
dolegntlotib from the South Dakota Farmers'
Thn Total Kroiioli Vote.
Pms , July -81. The total cantonal veto
for councils general is as follows : General
Biulungor , 15S.OOO ; republican candidates ,
1,500,000 ( reactionist candidates , OOJ.OOQ.
i > osltlfely Cured l y
tliuso Llttlo fills. I
CARTERS They also relieve Dls- |
tresi from Djspcpsld
Indigestion and To
UcAi-iy Hating. > iej- |
feet remedy tw Bizi
nesf , Nausea , Drovit-j
tesj , Bad Taste In the
llout bCo tedTcngue
FID UVEU , de. They regulate tbo Eoircli
nd prerott Constipation and I'lle * . Th
malic t and easiest to take. Only one fill t
dote. iOInavbd. IMrely V c UWe ,
_ _ _ _ _ t
The Ware Block the Soono ofa
Probtibly Fntnl Aooldcut.
Ho Steps Into nn Open Shaft and
Is Proolpltntcd n Distance ot
More Tlmu Thirty
Foot ,
1'Vll Down a. Shaft.
A most uufortuimta combination of nlr
cumstnncos occurred last night , whloh uiay
result In the death or Fred Armstrong , a
young lad about seventeen years old. Hu
has been employed for some time past In
running the elevator In the Ware block nt
night for the convenience of the Unlon [ club.
Last night after bis tour of duty was ever ,
ho ran the elevator up to the fourth floor
nnd stepped Into the club kitchen to exchange
a-word with ttio cook , leaving the door of tlio
elevator shaft open. A few minutes afterward
an elevator boy from another building , ,
whoso name could not bo learned , rang the
boll for the oluvntor several times. Ho iind
loft hla coat with young Arm.itrdiig nnd
wished to got It.
His ring not being responded to nnd think
ing , perhaps , that Armstrong had gone homo
ho opened the door of lha shaft and pulled
the elevator down. It had ronchrd n point
Bomowhcro between tbo first iind second
floors when young Armstrong came
from the club kitchnn , on tho/ourth lloor.
In answer to the summons , and stepped
through the door of the shaft into what ho
supposed was the clovitlor. Ho was precipi
tated onto the top of the elevator , about
thirty feet below , striking the double Iron
beam extending across the top of tlio clo-
valor. Ho landed ou his buttocks , nnd also
struck thu back of Ills head with suQlcIont
force to cause n severe scalp wound. '
A companion who tird been In the Itttchon
with him heard a noise nnd stepped lo the
olevntor. Hearing gro'uns bi.-low , ho ran
back into the kitchen , exclaiming , "My God ,
Fred Is killed , " nnd then ran down stairs
und Into the street to give the alarm.
A crowd quickly assembled nnd the boy
was lifted gently out ana placed on tlio floor ,
whllo others nottllud the patrol wagon nud
city physician.
Other physicians were also summoned nnd
arrived ut the scene In a few moments. An
examination disclosed two severe contusions
near the lower extremity of the spinal col
umn and two more on the back part of each
thigh , besides the sculp wound on the back
of the head. The physicians wore of the
opinion that no bones were broken. The
contents of tlio stomach wcro thrown off.
Under the dlicction of the physicians the lad
was placed on u stretcher uud convoyed to tlio
place \vlicro ho has boon boarding , No. 304
North Fifteenth street.
Dr. Halph arrived ou the scene at this
juncture ami volunteered any assistance that
might bo required. Ho also made an exami
nation und expressed the opinion tbub thu
boy would not live , us the shock had boon
very bovuro.
Young Armstrong's parents have boon out
of the city for about two months , and ho and
his brother huvo been boarding ut the above
number. Thu brother loft for DjnvorouTues
day last. Fred has been working for Spolmuu ,
thu plumber , during the day , and run the
elevator In thu Ware block at night as a
means of Increasing his income. Ho bears a
most excellent rciiutullo'i , und Is spoken of
by nil who huvo come in contact with him as
being an honest , hard working lad , always
ready to oblige , and having u pleasant word
for nil his acquaintances.
It is most unfortunate that there Is no
light in the elevator. Had there boon alight
the boy would have r.oilced Its absence and
the accident would not h.ivu occurred.
Jlronok Aiti-mpts Suicldo.
JOI.ICT , July 31 John Ilronok , who is
serving a twelve-year sentence nt the Jollot
penitentiary for making dynamite bombs for
the Chicago anarchists , made a dejpcrato
attempt at suicide to-day by severing tlio
arteries In hlsnrin with n knife. The. doctors - „
tors think ho will recover ,
A Train Dtrntled. &
IxniASAroMS , July 31. The Pan Handle
accommodation train was derailed near Kew
Castle to-night , a cross tlo having been
placed on the track. Very fortunately It {
was moving slowly at the timo. Tlio fireman - ' ,
man was badly bruised and burned and ono
passenger had an arm broken.
The Knirliiocr Wn Ignorant.
FAIUPII'.I.I > , III. . July 31. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BBK. ] A sawmill boiler ex
ploded at Golden Gate , seven miles cast , lust
evening , killing Frank Peters und fatally in
juring three others. The cause ot the exnlo-
sion was the usual one the engine room In
charge of a man who knew nothing about it.
Mi I W.i 11 It no's I'osl master
WASHINGTON- , July 31. The postmaster's
popartincnt has received the resignation of
Postmaster Paul , of Milwaukee , whose ad
ministration of the oRlco was recently se
verely criticised by the civil service commis
Htcnnislilp Arrlvnlu.
At Liverpool The Peruvian , from'BalU-
At Quooustown Tha City of Itonio , from
Now York.
At London The Illinois , from Now York.
At Now York The Noordland , from Ant
Mr. VcnkniU'ns Too llnwty.
GiiANU ISLAND , July 31. To the ICdltor of
TUB HUB : If Mr. Henry Venkor was a
trillo moro observing ho would have dli > cov-
cred thut the party charging him with in-
competency and drunkenness in Tim Bun of
July 25 , and which ho denies In Tint liicu el
July 30 , was the advisory board of the Sol-
dlcrs' and Sailors' home , nnd not TUB HUB'S
Grand Island correspondent. Thu Itoui
about which ho U so indignant is from thu
secretary's report to the commissioners of
public lauds und buildings.
A. Votint : M" n MitatH with A
tune \Vlillo JIuntliiK Tliu LnH'son It
Touches in nil Careful OIworverH.
Tlio Hon of lawyer Atkins , whlli ) hunting a
fuiv weekislnco , diank ut u sprimr. nnd nullo
doing KO , drew in a siniill llznnl. lilu iinlmul
itiutvnni1urftilly uirl cau d Ui liny much
uiit.oyunort , but Dr. Wiilnrlulu yesterday sue-
ceod'til ' In removing lt.--//Vui/iHc. / |
It xooiiis turriblo to think of nn exp rcnr
llku thi ) above , and jot million * of miniitu mil-
rnuln art ) drnvrn Into o/vry ono of our-buillos
with uacli l.rjitli ; uru tnkun in with tvoi'y drop
of water.
"What do they Hvooui" ,
"I'lio muimu boily "
"Wlmtdotluiy do'c"
" n , illsuaso amldcitth , "
"Can they bo killed cr uvohlej ? "
"Tlioynm. They are < liu > Koroun ( but theycun
uo rendered harmless Tliriiti drop * of furry
Davis' Valn-Kllior In u gl im of water will kill
ovury germ that may liu in the UUSK. | Tor fifty
y ear * Hit J great roinely Iris baen the only absolutely -
solutoly r ; ( ( i'i meatiK by which tlioau conns
could b'i killed , or tlirlr presunre In tlio bod/
previmted. ( Icruin food upon tin ) miiooun mom-
brunes of tlio body IUK ! M'J CUIIBU pain , I'aln-
Killer Vlllti Hie t'ornis and In that manner kills'
the pain. "
The present Reason nf the Is upoclutly
dangerous. The air , the water , uyeu Uu fruit llllod with germs. Shall wd prrruu
them to prey upon our lives and cauxo pain ,
perhaps death ? Shall wo nit calmly and alloir
tliU destruction to go on when by k eplni < a
supply ot I'uiu-IUIlur ou band , nnj us'.iig It
ri'nii"rly , may itvold tliefco Hiunnier dttiigora
and preserve ourlioaUh anil happtnujiir
The New Yoi Ic agent of the Oillega at Kler >
trlcal IlnulncerliiK nays ; "I Imvii studied meal
clno and traveled extenNlvoly , I Iiavo seen the
( lanu-oru nud < IoRtlu that hot weather and lun
water bring , but I have never found n bolter
medlclnu than ferry Davis' f uln-KHlor. "
Iteiuember U IH butter to prevent Htimmer
/llssmus , but I'Aln.KIIIvr will certulnly turo
tJiein arou if uetloct h s cuuied taeio.