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Angry Over the Bolzuro of the Black
Absolutely No Ofllolnl Information nt
the Department of State Uc-
spooling the Seizure of
the British Mhlp.
\VnltltiR For Infornintlon.
OTTAWA , Ont. , July 31. The report thut
the cabinet { Is considering the Bohrlng
Bcaumttor Is untrue , Tlio minister of cus
toms has telegraphed to Victoria , 13. C. , for
a report of the affair. As soon as It comes
to hand n strong remonstrance will ho sub
mitted to the Imperial government
The Toronto Empire prints a special dis
patch from hero which snya : "Tho latest ac
count of piracy hy the United States In Bea
ring sen continues to bo much discussed In
official circles. A dispatch has been received
ntthoflshorka department from Baker , M.
P. , giving additional particulars of the seiz
ure of the Black Diamond. It appears that
the vessel was seized when suvonty miles
from shoro. Uulior says that n
Blrong feeling of rcsontmcnt and
indignation has been engendered
among the Inhabitants of British Columbia
by this wanton outrage and thut n meeting
of the citizens of Victoria is to bo hold to
express thulr Indignation. This dispatch
wus under consideration by the council yes
terday. Until an ofllclal report Is bo fora the
government no action can bo taken , and the
minister of customs accordingly telegraphed
to the collector at Victoria to forward full
particulars without loss of tlmo. The col
lector's reply was received last evening , but
it appears that the Information which ho
has to jrlvo Is no fuller than that already
published. "
ut Victoria.
VICTOIIIA , B , C. , July 31. Great Indigna
tion Is felt here over the seizure of the
schooner Ulaclc Diamond In Hchring sea by
the United States rcvonuo cutter. A public
meeting will probably bo held and resolu
tions passed for transmission to tl.o Impe
rial parliament , asking that the Imperial
government interfere In behalf of British
vessels engaged in the sealing trade , it is
believed here that if but ono man has bcon
placed aboard the Lilnck Diamond hnr can-
tain will not obey orders aud will sail for
Victoria Instead of Sitka.
WASHINGTON , July 31. Inquiry at the de
partment of state this morning was met by
the statement that there was absolutely no
information here respecting the seizure of
the Triumph and Black Diamond by the
rovontoo duller Rush for scaling in Beliring
sea , except that contained In tlio Associated
press dispatches on the subject. In
conversation with a prominent oDluial , ho said
that whutovor might liuvo boon the policy of
the last administration , it was evident tnut
the present adtninistiutlon did not look with
disfavor upon the scizuro of British or other
vessels suspected of poaching on United
Stales soul fishing grounds. As lo tno re
port that an understanding existed , by
which the British government was
not to taltc notice of such seiz
ures , ho Unow nothing. If any
such understanding existed , ho was not
nwaro of It. The case of the seizure and
bearch of the Triumph , which .was after
wards released because no sealskins were
found on board , this ofllclal intimated , mlpht
bo a moro serious matter than the seizure
and detention of the Black Diamond , for
it involved the right of the United States
to seize and search suspected vessels out
side of wliut It conceded to bo the limits of
Jurisdiction of the United States. This gov
ernment , ho said , claims that right within a
limit not yet acknowledged by England , ana
the settlement of the question , alter all , Is
to be 0110 of Jurisdiction.
An Interview With Blnlne.
BANOOK , Mo. , July ai. A reporter called
Secretary Blalno's attention to the declara
tion of a Boston papar of to-day to the effect
that it would bo Impossible for the national
government to sustain the protenaions of
Secretary Blalno that Bohrlng sea , is dis
tinctly American water. Tno sot-rotary
simply remarked that it might ho well for
the paper In question to indicate the occa
sion , olllclal or unofllela ) , whuro ho had said
anything at all on that point. Blalno made
the further statement that everything done
on the fur seal question since the 4th of hist
March was in literal compliance with the
dirocttons contained In the act of corgrcss ,
which was approved by President Cleve
land on tlio last aayof his term.
No Chll l'n Piny.
WASHINGTON , July ni. Assistant Secre
tary of the Treasury Tichonor , in a talk wltli
a Post reporter to-night , about the Bohrlng
sea sohuro , said :
"Thoro will bo no child' * play
about this administration. Tlio oftlccrs ol
the revenue cutter in Bohring sea have
plum and unequivocal orders. They will
seize every vessel , American or British ,
found violating the law. Great Britain
claims the rights to the fisheries , it is true ,
but Great Britain Is In the habit of claiming
everything. All idea of redress or indem
nity under the circumstances is absurd. The
matter will bo treated us a trespass. "
At Moor Park.
DEKU PAIIK , Md. , July 31. No ofllclal In
formation has boon received hero regarding
the seizure of iho sailing vessels , but ndvicee
nro supposed to bo waiting the return of the
president and secretary of the treasury tc
Washington. Mrs. Harrison hold n public
reception ut the white house cottugo this
afternoon. Mrs. Harrison u 111 not nccom-
pany the president to Bar Harbor.
Tlio Premier Tabes n Vary Placid
View of All ThlnuH EnuHbli.
LONDON- , July 91. Lord Salisbury , speak
ing of the annual ministerial banquet at the
Mansion house this evening , said England' :
aim In foreign affairs wii always "peace
with honor. " The thunder clouds of wai
till overcast Europe. Concerning the Im
mediate danger of u conflict ho repudod tlu
vast preparations that have been inado UE
great security for peace. The issues involved
In u War would bo so frightful that the na
tions shrank from challenging ono an
other. Events In Egypt did noi
menace the permanent prosperity of Ihul
country. DUubler on the frontier would b <
suppressed. England had entered Into en
pngcments not to abandon Egypt until HID
{ alter * , vaa able to maintain her own government
mentin the face of foes , und those engage
ments England would assuredly fulfil. Re
ferring to the Crete troubles , ho dlt
not consider there wus any need U
fear the prfsunt movement then
would load to European disturbance
Ho repudiated tbo remotest desire of seeing
England In possession of Crcto. The ropnrti
current lo that nffcct throughout tin
continent wore without foundation. Ho
forrliitf to Ireland , no bold that the result ol
tlio government's action wus bringing orUei
And prosperity throughout the country , ant
whoicver any section of ttio peusunlo
believed their interests lay rather in defyhif
than in obeying the law , that Illusion wai
rapidly disappearing.
Knrthauaka in Knit
S. FIUNCIBCP , July St. Ono of tin
liouvlcnt shocks of earthquake frit In thli
City for years occurred hero about 4:45 : thli
morning. People wore awakened by tin
rattling of window * und nlmttlnu of build
Ings. No damage l reported.
GtlltiS OF ONK MINI ) .
Princess Ijonlso'H Sisters Pleased
With Her Matrimonial Policy.
tCopi/rlflhl tssa lii ] Jnina Oonlw Itennttii ]
LONDON , July 81. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tun BBE.J Apropos ol
the royal marriage , it may bo added thut the
two younger princesses of Wales Torla and
Harry , as they nro affectionately called In
family circles are much of the same mind
an their married sister , and that they greatly
prefer Englishmen to the representatives
of any other nation. Now , therefore , that
the standard of revolt against n
perpetual policy of German unions
has bcon roused , it Is not Improbable the ox-
nmplo of the Duchess of Fifo will bo followed
by Princesses Victoria nnd Maud.
It is in contemplation to call Prince
Albert Victor to the liouso of lords
before the next session. There Is r
llttlo difficulty In the selection 01
a tltlo. To ask him to sit in the house oi
lords as the Earl of Chester Is out of the
question , since ho has a brother-in-law r
duke , and there seems nothing for It but lh <
creation of a now tltlo or the prince's as
sumption ot the dukedom of Lancaster. I' '
Is probable that tlie latter course will hi
pursued. It is not anticipated that Prince
Gcorgo will bo called to the house of peon
during the present reign.
Jlrowerv Shares FOP Snip.
[ Copt/rfy/it / ISSUJni 'am's Gtniloii Usmitr. ]
LONDON , July ill. [ New York Herald
Cnblo Special to THE Bci.l : Shares of UK
Peter Scihocnnohoffon brewing company
wcro placed on the market to-day. Tin
capital of the company consists of 7 per con
cumulative preference shares amounting t <
200,000 , ordinary shares amounting t (
200,000 and 217,000 5 per cent first mortgiiirc
debentures. The brewery is sllualci
in Chicago. The prospectus state :
that the capacity of the brewery n
200,000 barrels , and the output can hi
increased to 400,000 barrels per year by the
purchase of an additional ice machine. The
prospectus stales that the beer Is celebrated
from tno Mississippi to the Atlantic und that
its special brow Edelweiss commands $1 1
barrel moro than any other bear In the mar-
net. In the prospectus the population ol
Chicago in 1883 Is givca as 1,031,000. Sub
scrlptions are lo close on Saturday.
Studnbnkcr Gives a Banquet.
\Cn\i\iriuU \ \ 1SS3 liu James OorJai llsiinM. }
PAIIIS. July 31. [ New York Hcralc
Cable Special to THE BEE. ] E. P. Studebaker -
baker , the carriage manufacturer of In
diana. cave n dinner last evening to a brill
iant company at the Hotel Maurice. Among
these present were Whitolnw Hold , Hussol
Harrison , Consul General Ilathbonc , Consu
D. C. Halsoy , John S. Cunningham , of the
United States navy ; Mr. W. B. Franklin ,
commissioner general nt the Paris ex
hlbitlon ; Cyius H. McCormick , D. A
Lylc , of the Unllcd Slnles navy ,
H. P. Mncfurlund , Clarence R. Edwards ,
Gilbert McClurg , H. S. Spauldlng , James
It Goodman , F. H. Hubbard , Captain
Cleaver , John J. Hubbell , A. Q. Ulshoy , Dr ,
Sherwood , Judge Johnson , Alexander II.iui-
son und Theodore E. Beck. Mr. He-id de
scribed the sensations of finding himself it :
evening dress in bioad daylight. Kussell
Harrison told of his arduous labors in find'
ing period rest in Paris.
Biro. Muybrick nn Trial.
[ Ofwi/rfo/it / ISSObu Jatnes < JnrHon JJemieM.J
LoxDONJuly3l. [ Now York Herald Cable
Special to TUB BEE. ] The trial of Mrs ,
Florence Muybrick began at Liverpool to
day. The case ntlrucls considerable alien-
lion hero. The llrst wiln ess wns Ilichael
Baybriclc , brother of the deceased , and hi ;
testimony wus of lltlio account ngulnst the
pr.soner. Edwin Mnybrick , another brolher ,
said his brolhor had never taken arsenk ; as s
medicine. Mrs. Brigga , a friend of Iho May-
brick family , testified to finding several hot
ties in Muybrick's room. These she gave tc
the police. Two chemists said they soli
arsenic fly papers to Mrs. JMaybrick. The
general impression U that Mrs. Maybricl
has an even chance of acauittul. Her lawyoi
is Sir Charles Russell.
A British Admirnl Dead.
( Coii/i tuM IStO li\i \ JainM Go j don Bennett 1
LONDON , July 81. [ Now York Herald Ca
bio Special lo TUB BEE. ] Admirnl Thomas
Builllo , of Wyburgh , died ibis morning ni
Kelso. The admiral Joined Iho naval service
shortly Deforo the battle of Navarino , ir
which ho teen part , being then a lad of six
teen years , and for which ho received the
Navarino mcdul. During the Crimean wat
the admiral commanded the British fleet it
the Whllo Sea and successfully blockaded
iho Husslan fleet. Ho was an undo of tin
present earl of Haddingtou and of lord Pol
Arrested for Forgery.
iropj/rftfM tSSO l i ; James Gordon Ifcnnrtt.1
LONDON , July 81. [ Now York Hcrnle
Cable Special to THE BEE. ! On the arri
val in Lough Foylo yesterday from Nov
York of Iho Anchor line steamer Clrcassla
detectives arrested a passenger named Joht
B. Morris , of Now York , described as i
steamship aercnt formerly employed by tin
Travelers' exchange , at No. 30 , Unlot
Square. The arrest was effected in uccord-
anco with a cablegram from Inspcclo :
Byrnes , slating that Morris was wanled fo :
forgery. Ho was remanded for n wool
pending uu application for his extradition.
The Grouse Hhootinii Outloole.
l'oi > uHu/it / J8S.9 in Jamrt Gonlcn llenndt.
LONDON , July 81. fNow York Herald
Cable Special lo Tim BRK , ! There wll
bo either plenty of grouse shooting or nom
at nil this season. Reports from Scotlam
describe Iho grouse us plentiful und stroni
there , while disease has decimated Engllsl
grouso. Reports from the north of J nglnm
describe the condition of grouse in Scotlam
ns pitiable , whllo Knglish grouse weio neve
moro plentiful or quite to healthy.
HonorH to Our Klllo Team.
[ ( 'opirttfhlB89 / li'jJainet ( lurdou l1cnncU.\ \
LONUON , July 81. [ Now York Herah
Cable Spcclul to Titis BLTho | Mas
sachuBbtls rifle team left London last nigh
for Liverpool , and sailed to-day for Nov
York in the City of Chicago. The member :
called on Minister Lincoln yesterday , Hi
presented each member ot the team with i
beautiful badge. The duaign is Qxrccdtnglj
arlUtlc. 'Iho Knglish und American color :
sland sldo by side , und below is a shield bear
ing the of ilia English teams when
tha Americans have met In competition , am
under this u scroll with the legend , "England
1SSQ. " Lincoln also gave- each man a sloovi
badgn bearing the words , "Wimbledon
1&M.I. " Last night the team was given i
farewell dinner at the Ilolburn restaurant b ;
Major Woolmer Williams. Besides the leun
und tbo host there wcro proncnt several ineui
bcrs of the London Artillery conipuuy , Bl
John Puleston , M. P. , Consul Gcneiul New
Assistant Connul General Moffait , Genera
Woodwnrd , und Captain Urntwicko. Tin
dinner wns pronouncud Ike epicurean's ' own
Tlio upcakers were Malar Williams , Coloue
New , Major Frosl , Sir John Puleatou , am
Captain ( Jrutuloke.
She 1'lendn .Not Gniliy.
LnKUinxju , July 31-Mrs. Maybrlck , th
Aicorican , when arrjipneil for the inurdoro
her busbaua to-Juy , pleaded not guilty.
that Is What Everybody in Ohl-
oago Is Saying- ,
States Attorney Iionjjcncclcor Prom-
IHCS Bomn Nn\vs After tlio AVInnl-
IICK SHSpoot Arrives BCRKS
Goes Ijlbcrty Dawning.
Tlio Itny to tlio Cronln aiystory.
CHICAGO , July 31. [ Special Telegram to
TUB BED. ] Martin Burke , of Chicago , tem
porarily detained In Winnipeg , must bo the
key to the problem of the Cronln tnurdor.
"Walt till Burke gels back , " that's what
everybody says.
"Wait till Burke gets back and I'lltollyou
some news , ' ' says States Attorney Longo-
"Wait till Burke comes back and hoMl toll
you some facls that will gctmo out of here , "
says John F. Bcggs.
In either view of the matter Burke must
know a great deal about the secret history
iho real facts of the conspiracy. It is moro
than probable that the , officers hayo good
reasons for believing that Burke has n story
to toll , and that he will toll It. Burke un
doubtedly talked ubout the murder before ho
went away , and in a voln which gavp people
who Clari-r.n-Gaol
wore conversant with - -
matters an insight Into the truth. Ofllcor
Collins was a friend , n sort of chum of
Burko's. Burke talked to him and
told him certain things which at
the tinio they were revealed wcro
not significant. After Cronln's body was
found nnd the facts concerning the inner
circle of Camp SO began lo bo exposed ,
Burko's remarks to Collins acquired n now
Interest nnd showed to Collins as ho recalled
them Ihat Burke must have known the nctupl
facts with regard to the murder of Dr.
Cronin. Collins sought Burke and demanded
further details. Burke became suddenly re
ticent. Then Collins told his mispicious to
Captain Schuclller , and ofllcors were sent to
arrest Burke , but ho wns gone. Ofllcer
Collins went to Winnipeg as much for the
purpose of having a lalk with his quandom
friend as of Identifying him. But tlio Can
adian authoriiics would not permit this.
Now that Burlto must return to Chicago
Collins will bo his companion and all
his persuasive powers will bo broueht
to bear on Burke 10 Induce
him to confess. The authorities hero
think the effort will bo successful. Mean
while litllo or nothing is being done hero.
Everybody is waiting for Burke. Burke can
toll , It he will , who "J. B. Siuionds" Is. Ho
was Burko's companion nt the Clark street
flat. Ho can tell who told him to hire the
Cailson rottago , nnd who was deputed to call
for Dr. Cronin. Ho can glvo all the details
of the murder , Iho disposition of tin body ,
what was done with the clothes and the
doctor's instrument ' case , nnd where the
fatal weapons were hidden ; in fuel , it is
known that Burke can tell overylhln ? about
the conspiracy except Iho ringleaders of it ,
nnd ho may bo able to loll about them.
The warrant was sent to Winnipeg to
Chief of Police Hubbard and Lieutenant
Ross arrived in the city to-day for the pur
pose of conducting Martin Burke back lo
Chicago. Hubbard says lie will lake all nec
essary prccauilons lo prevent any attempt
al Ihu rescue of Burko.
The Bxtrnditlon Warrant Slenod.
OTTAWA , Ont. , July 31. Sir John Thomp
son , minister ot Justice , this afternoon signed
a warrant for Itio extradition of Burko.
The President of tlio Baltimore Corn
Exclmntrc Protests.
BAI/TIMOIIE , July 31. Louis Miller , presi
dent of tno corn and flour exchange , has sent
a llnal appeal to First Vice President Smith ,
of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad , urging
that the wheat rate bo-allowed to remain nt
20 cents n hundred pounds. Muller stated
that the wheat trade of Baltimore is idle and
no deliveries can bo contracled for beyond
July. General Smilh has announced that
the increase will go into effect promptly ns
agreed upon by the joint committee of the
Central Trnfllc nnd Trunk Line associations.
Ho will observe the effect upon tra'Jo nnd If
the result calls for a return to the basis of 20
ccnls , some aclion may bo taken by the Bat-
tlmoro & Ohio and the Pennsylvania.
The Transcontinental Association.
CHICAGO , July 31. The Transcontinental
association finally succeeded to-day In stav
ing off the storm that has threatened it , and
secured an extension of existence for throe
months. The dispute between the Southern
Pacific and Canadian Pacific wus settled by
a corn prom iso. The latter , though still re
fusing 'to abrogate Ills differentials onliroly ,
agreed to reduce them to the extent of from
3 to 80 per cent , which is a greater conces
sion than offered last week. The Southern
Pacific accepted the proposition on trial for
ninety days , agreeing to suspend action on
its notice of withdrawal during that tlmo.
The Northern Pacilio will hold its wiln-
drawal notice In abeyance , pending negotia
tions now in progress with the Union Pa
Tlio Postmaster Wants to
Examine tlio Envelope.
LONDON. July 31. The postmaslcr-gonornl
has requesled Sexton , lord mayor of Dublin ,
to forward to him Iho envelope which con
tained Iho letter of President Harrison to
Sexton thanking him for the generous con
tributions made by the citizens of Dublin for
the relief of the Johnstown sufferers , and
which Sexton declares wus tampered with
by Iho postoftlco authorities. Sexton , In re
ply to the postmaster-general's ' request ,
stated ho would show the letter to the post-
mnstcr-goncrul , but that ho would bo de
ceived if ho should give It to the poslofllco
department , us It had already proved itself
unworthy of trust.
Tlio Went lieuIndications. .
For Omaha and vicinity Light showers.
Nebraska and Dakota Threatening
weather and light local showers , preceded
by fair in Nebraska ; cooler , followed by
rising temperature in northwesiern Dakota ,
northwesterly winds.
Iowa Light local showers , cooler , brisk
to high southeasterly winds , becoming var
iable ,
C'oloiifl Ariel us Improving.
DBNVEK , July 31. John Arkins , who was
brutally assaulted Saturday night by
"Soapy" Smith , has greally improved. To
night ho was resting quietly , although bin
condition was such that bis physician deemed
it inadvisable for him to see callers.
A StiiKO Co.tcli Hold Up.
SAX ANI > KK\\S , Cul. , July SI. The Sflnora
and Milton stngo was stopped by Iwo high-
wuymon near Cooperopoiiso. Wells , Farga
& CO.'B sufo was blown open but found lo
contain nothing. Fifty-seven dollars from
ii was all Iho robbers got.
Tlio Valkyrie Wins Ennlly.
LONJION , July Bl. The London yacht club
hold Us annual regalia to-day , The Valkyrie
won easily , with the Trex third. Ofllclal
time : Valkyrie , n hours , 41 minutes and 11
seconds ; Iraua , 3 hours and 53 minutes ;
Irex , 3 hours , M minutes 40 seconds.
Cretan Insnrgenta Appeal so Greece.
Afiir.N'B July 81. The Cretan Mussulmen
huvo burned over one hundred houses In a
vllljgo near Cancuu , The Insurgent bodice
bavu appealed to Greece for asshuuaco.
The Now Jersey StnrnH Continues
Mlllmrn Approli'rrtslvo.
NnwAiiit , N , J. , July 01Reports from all
over Essex county ludlcnVp that the storm Is
still raging , nnd that the damage will bo
mucb greater than \va.4 thought last night.
Bloomflold suffered moei severely by the
breaking of the dam. Iflfty families were
driven from their houses , but no lives wcro
lost. The water is subsiding this morning
and the pcoplo are rcturnllig to their homos ,
The dam across the river at Zollovlllo broke
last night and flooded Mills street , doing
considerable damngo to ttio low section of
tlio town. The greatest apprehension Is felt
at Mllburn. A watch has boon placed on the
dam of the Orange reservoir , two nnd a half
miles from town und 230 fcot nbavo it. The
people are prepared to mbvo ut a moment's
notlco. '
Eight Dams AVnshod Awny.
PiAiNnr.tT > , N. J. , July 31. The damage
by the flood is greater than nt first supposed.
Eight dams In all wcro washed away near
hero. Scotch Plains is entirely cubmorgcd ,
but Iho loss Is small ) ( The damngo lo the
business portion of Plainflold , caused by the
breaking of the not less than $30,000.
Fifteen largo brick buildings are under
mined nnd in n danicrous condition. All
the bridges in Plalnflold. Fanwood and War
ren townships nro washed a\vt\y. The loss
lo Iho counties will reach $40,000 for bridges.
It is believed iho loss in and near Plalnflcld by
the storm will reach 3150,000. The water
has subsided aud repairs are rapidly being
Patterson Parlinllr Submerged.
PATTBII ov. N , J. , July 01. The lower part
of 'his city Is partially submerged. Hugo
boulders hnvo bcon washed down into the
lower streets nnd front1 yards. Blocks of
street curbing have booh washed out and
sidewalks undermined. The culverts near
the county bridge havcubcon washed away.
The Pussnlo river is rising. The dam nt
Haleton Is liable to burst at any moment.
Navigation Suspended.
EASTOX , July 01. The Lchigh nnd Delaware -
ware rivers here are rapidly rising. Navi
gation Is suspended. Tbo mills are closed
nnd trams on the Lehigh and Jersey Control
roads nro delayed , owma to the tracks in
many places being covered with water.
Over a Million and n Half in Cnsli
Yet Available.
JOHNSTOWN , Pu. , July 31. At a mooting of
the relief committee to-day a statement of
the moneys in hands of Governor Beaver was
rendered , showing that povornor Beaver
had received a total of $3,239,414.40 , and that
of that $ SUO,3l > 0.00 had boon paid out , leaving
in his hands to-day $1,554,017.80. Of this
$211,210,01 had beoa appropriated or would
bo used in the paying of contracts or bills al
ready incurred , leaving a hist balance in the
hands of the governor to-day in cash of
31.S543.801.83. To this fund , there will bo
added the funds now in the hands of the
Pittsburg committees , making $1,003,801.83
available now. There is ; also suid to bo
$150,000 in the hands of iho Boston commit
tee , as Governor Beaver" said ho had never
received anything fjrom. thero.
The Western Hoc Movement Contin
ues Modcratq1 fn .Volume.
CINCINNATI , July 31. fj&peclal Telegram to
THEBBE. ] To-morrowsi Pricij.Current will
soy : The western moVomentbf hogs continues
of moderate volume , packing returns for the
week showing a total of 18r > ,000 , , against
145.000 for the precedingwooic and 03 000 for
the corresponding tlmo last year. For the
season from March 1 the total pacicing is
4,525,000 against 8,404t)00 ) it year ago.
Place. , | 1831) ) .
The Kljihty Club Enter tain eel Mrs.
Gladstone Proncnt.
LONDON , July 31. Lord Brassoy gave an
% 1nt homo" to the EigVity fclub this evening in
order to meet Mr. and Mr ; . Gladstone. Glad
stone was unablelo bo prcscnl , and Mrs.
Gladslono in responding to congratulations
on her golden wedding said her husband was
fatigued on account of overwork and was
obliged to rest. Sir William Vernon Hart-
court in a speech denied that differences
among the liberals over the royal era n Is
meant want of fidelity W the great leader.
Every member of the party from the highest
to lowest was never , more dcvolod to the
chief than now. * -
Chamborlnin Attack * the Radicals.
LONDON , July 31. [ Special Cablegram to
THE BEC. ] Mr. Chamberlain , in a speech at
Greenwich to-night , said that the now radi
cal party bad become the loading section of
the homo rulers. They were bent upon
making important constitutional changes.
Mr. Gladstone did not effectively resist
them , whllo Sir William iVornon Harcourt'ti '
sword was at the service of the strongest
faction , Tbo close of the fourth session of
parliament saw tbo homo rulers disunited
and beyond the control of their loaders ,
whllo the government party \vas stronger
than over within and without parliament.
Ho attacked Iho now radicals as destruc
tive , not constructive politicians. Ho said
they had not proposed u'smglo measure that
was calculated to add tq the happiness of
the pcoplo. nnd if the whole of their pro
gramme were carriediout to-morrow no ono
would bo the bettor fotrit.
A Hank Tcljcfr Arrested.
SAN FHAKCISCO , Julyjb William L. Ross ,
a note teller iu the Nevada bank , has been
arrested in Victoria , Blp. , at the request of
the San Francisco authorities. HOBS ob
tained leave of absence'o'few duya ago and a
sbortago of $1,500 was Yound In his accounts
and promissory noics'for over (05,000 were
also missing. The money and notes were
found in Ins possession'whon arrested. Ho
has been prosecuted in Victoria for bringing
stolen property into thcudoinlulou.
Charlnmagnn Towor'n Will.
PHILADELPHIA , July 81. Tno will of the
late Charlemagne Towe'rT who died Wednes
day ut Walorvillo , N. V. , was admitted to
probate to-day. The * will is n voluminous
document , but contain * no public bonuest.
To his wife , Amelia Malvinla Tower , ho
gives his house nnd household appurtenances
in this city. Ho nlsp nmao a provision that
his wife should bo paid 91.000 a month semiannually -
annually , und Ills'IIvo children (500 each per
month. Four-tenths of hU residuary estate ,
the deceased leaves to his wife and the re
maining six-tenths to bis five children In
equal portions. After the dealh of his wife
her four-tenths is to bo divided equally
among tbo children , The .will ulso stales
that all rents and royalties derived from any
coal lands or olher mineral ; lands in which
the deceased may bo 'interested ' at the time
of his death shall be invested-by his execut
ors as part of tha estate.
Tha Papa's AdvJt rs.
MADWD , July 8).r-Tho ) Spanish goycrn-
rnent supports Austrju In advising the pope
to take up his residence in Portugal if he 1 *
obliged to leave Home.
ti Win
A Boy'a Hand Completely Sovorocl
From His Body.
Ordf-r of the Adjutant General on
the Dates and Places for Hold
ing the Kcglmontnl
Cut Off Ills Head.
Dns MOINES , la. , July 31. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BED. ] A twelve-year-old son
of Captain Bass , n farmer living a few miles
from Wnvorly , was driving a team attached
to n mowing machine when the machine
ttruolc im obstruction , throwing the boy off
his sent. Ho fell In front of the machine ,
nnd before ho could ninko the slightest ef
fort to save himself the sharp tooth of the
slcklo had severed his head from his body.
Tlio Itculmcntnl Kiionmpmeiits.
Dns Moixn s , la. , July 01. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin ; BICE.J The adjutant general
has sent out a final order on the dates and
places of regimental encampments of the
Iowa National Guards , as follows : The
First ? regiment , at Vlnton. commencing
August 20 ; Second regiment , at Fort Madi
son , August 5 ; Third regiment , at Newton ,
August 20 ; Fourth regiment , nt West Union ,
August 9 : Fifth regiment , at Hcd Oak , Au
gust 113 ; Sixth regiment , at Iowa Falls , An *
gust 12. Governor Larrabco , with members
of his staffand the brigade commander , will
review each regiment on the lollowlng days
during tholr respective weeks ; Firsl regi
ment , Friday nflornoon ; Second regiment ,
Wednesday aflernoou ; Third rcclincnt ,
Wednesday ; Fourth regiment , Friday morn-
lug ; Fifth regiment , Thursday morning ;
Sixth regiment , Friday morning. Cantaln J.
T. Davidson has been detailed ns inspector of
the First brigade.
Surrenders Himself.
WATEIILOO , In. , July 81. [ Special Tele-
cram lo THU Br.n. | M. E. Billings , who
was reported to hnvo escaped from Iho sher
iff nt Gary , Dak , , last Wednesday , irrlvod
here to-day. Ho at once secured a copy of
his ball bond , saying that ho wanted it in
case it bccnmo necessary to surrender him
self to the sheriff. To-night an order came
from the olllccrs at Gary for his arrest , but
when the sheriff wont after him Billings
forestalled the Dakota business by surren
dering himself on his bond for murder. Ho
says thai there is nothing the mailer in Da-
kola except a row between himself and nn
attorney , and the matter was stirred UD lo
prevent his comini : to Waterloo for trial on
the charge of murdering Khigsioy.
Sioux Crrr , la. , July 81. | Special to Tun
BIE. | J. D. Whitney , who is in charge of
the government weather station here , last
night began a course of instruction for Com
pany H , Iowa National Guards , In "Visual
Signalling. " Two rovlcws per week will bo
hold. It is a feature of military tacMcs in
the regular army. The Morsa telegraph
alphabet is used , the dashes aud spaces being
represented by motions with flags. When
details from the company nro proficient with
the fiags they will bo drilled in the use of the
heliograph. _
The Stilt Wns an O'I One.
TE9 ) Mo INKS , Iu.July HI. ( Special Tolot
gram lo Tin : BEE. | It appears' now that
the still seized by a revenue agent on the
furm of John Dolan last Saturday was an
unused still. It had been registered and last
used , so it , is claimed , In 1SGO. The fact that
it Was covered up in the gran cry and had
verdigris over It indicated that it was out of
use. It is reported that a relative had tried
to buy the still , nnd , being refused , had told
the officers of it for rovengo.
A. Correction.
TABOII , la. , July 31. [ Special to TUB
BEG. ] The statement that Canflold , Flem
ing & Co. had bean given the Job of con
structing n railroad grada from Tabor to
Malvern for the Chicago , Burlington &
§ ulney railroad is incorrect. It wns tbo
abor& Northern road that awarded the
IjoMars a Distributing Point.
LcMxiis , la. , July 31. [ Special Telegram
to Tnu BEB. ] The Consolidated Tank Line
company has decided to make this city a dis
tributing point for northwestern Iowa. The
large tanks were received to-day , and exten
sive bulldlugs will bo put up at once. Tbo
station was formerly at Sioux City.
AVooclhury County's Assessment.
Sioux Crrr , la. , July 81. [ Special to THE
BISE. ] The assessors In this county bavo
practically completed the biennial assess
ment. The tax valuation will bo between
$20,000,000 nnd $21,000.000. The valuation In
1887 was $12,544,200.
A New York Touch Knocks Ont the
NEW YOBK , July 31 , [ Special Telegram
to Tun 13F.B.I Ono of the most disgraceful
sights ever witnessed at a prize fight oc
curred in the battle between Jack Qulnn ,
the Scotch light weight , nnd nupposcd "Jack
Kelly" of Trenton. Tuo rin ? was pitched
in a llttlo pavillion attached to a hotel near
Laurnl Hill. The posts tvero drawn and
qulto a lively sccno followed the referee's
decision , which was givei at the end of four
minutes of severe b tiling. There were
mo broken heads aud probably ono or two
were badly injured. In the second round
Kelly wns knocked out and a well known
"bookie , " Ilod McMubon , stopped for
ward to the ring to ask if Kelly
was all right , when suddenly ho
received a blow on the head from a "billy"
In the hands of some unitnown person , Ilight
hero came u sccno which is seldom witnessed
at a fight. A tough named Henry Flaherty
Jumped into the ring , discharged u revolver ,
and called upon Iho spectators to halt and
throw up their hands , as ho would shoot the
llrst person who tried to louvo tbo room. Ho
hud every ono at his mercy and no ono at
tempted to stir. But ho kept on blazing
away , for what , no ono could find out. Then
there wus a mud scramble and sports and re
porters inado a dash for places of safety.
They wasted no time und no ono wns anxious
to go to go back to where Flaherty and his
gang were holding forth.
A Congress of Uathollo Imymen.
CHICAGO , July 31. The com to to-day
issued calls for a general congress of the
Catholic laity of Iho Uniled Stales lo be hold
ut Baltimore on November 11 and 13 , to cole-
brute tlio centennial anniveisary of the es
tablishment of the Catholic hierarchy. A
general discussion of inaUorH of Interest
will bo invited. Concurrentlv nth this cole-
brat ion will occur the formal opening of the
Catholic University of America ut Wash
Dnulnngcr Didn't Suicide ,
PAIIIB , July 81. Hcports were in circula
tion hero to-day that General Boulanger
hud committed suicide in London. Dis
patches from that city In response to In
quiries pronounced the reports untrue. In
on Interview to-day Houlanger expressed
much amusement at tha reports circulated In
Paris that ho had committed suicido. Ho de
clared ho had no intention of killing himself
at present. _
- Cardinal Imvlgurlo Uncovering.
LUCBUXB , July 81. Cardinal Lavigcrio ,
who was reported critically 111 yesterday , U
now recovering ,
i . 'il i.rr.7i Jin.i.ili . I" , ff.'Miii' , t. T
A Tcrrlhlo Scene of MNory nnd Want
nt Kit-en tor , III.
CiilCACio , July 81. Congressman Lawlor
and other members of the business men's re
lief commlttoo loft this morning with addi
tional supplies for the half-starved , looked-
out coal miners nt Stroator , 111. A reporter
talked with Mr. Gerathy , whoso business in
Stroator has bcon well nigh ruined by Iho
minors' troubles. Gurathy has bcon In Mil
waukee for sumo tlmo soliciting relief. Ho
said : "Wo have two carloads of provisions
to distribute lo-day. But what Will that
amount to when divided among 0,000 starv
ing miners , the mnjorlly of whom nro mar
ried men with families ! It will scarcely last
two days. The condition of the men Is almost
indlscrlbablc. I can truthfully Bay that
mnny people are slat ving. Bnblci nnd child
ren cry for bread nnd wallow in Iho muddy
streets , but their mothers hnvo become cal
lous to their cries and do not seam to mind ,
They uny but llttlo nnd complaints are in
frequent. They Just keep silent in tholr
misery. A few nro very pround. and affect
to bo light hearted when they liavon't got
a thing to oat In Iho houso. I loll you , it 11
horrible , and no ono ronllzo the awful
sufferings until no gets right In the midst of
the misery. Bushiest has gene to smash ,
nnd stagnation rules everywhere. Unless
they nro given work teen , or further relief
comes , you will soon hoar of some deaths
from actual starvation. "
The Cnnncllsvilln Men Will Go Out.
P mantiim , July 81. A special from
Scottsdulc , says : This afternoon , l'i all
probability , will bo the Inso day's work for
Iho miners und colters of iho Connellsvllle
region for somn tlmo to como. To-morrow
between 12,000 nnd IH.OOO will lay down their ,
tools nnd unite In a demand for heller wages.
Reports from all over the region Indicate
thut this Is Iho most general sirlko that has
over occurred hero. Some of the operators
are having their ovens charged as usual to
day under the belief that there will bo no
strike , or that ttio men will remain ut work
long enough to draw their coke. This the
men say they will not do , as nil the operators
huvo had sunlclcnl nolicc , and if tholr coke
is destroyed It will bo tholr own fault.
Miners Dccldo to Strike.
PiTTsnuno , July 31. The Monongahola
river minors dbctdcd to strike against a re
duction in the rate of mining in Iho llrst
Ihreo pools from 3 ccnls lo 2-tf } ccnls per
bushel. This action was lakon to equalize
the ralo In Iho fourth pool. The men em
ployed by Walton & Co. Htruci : to-d.iy and n
general suspension of work in tbo river
mines is anticipated. The strike will affect
5,000 miners.
D un I op Tnkcs Chnrco of the News
nnd Editorial Dopnrtmont.
CHICAGO , July 31. The Dally News says :
The affairs of Iho Chicago Tunes , which
have recently been Iho subject of a great
deal of newspaper comment , underwent an
other change at 4 this afternoon. Mr.
Joseph Dunlop took entire charge of the
editorial und news departments of the paper ,
his occupancy of that position signalizing a
complete lout of the J. J. West interest.
Dunlop has for the lust two years repre
sented the interest of Mrs. EurelcaC , Stoioy ,
widow of Iho lalo cdllor of Iho Times , and
when the West management became such
that ho no longer cared to bo associated with
it , ho resigned froiji the paporv The Messrs.
Huiskamp und others who uro largely in
terested in the paper tendered Mr. Dunlop
iho editorial dircclion of the Times , nnd ho
assumed tbo duties of the place to-day. Ha
is a newspaper innn ot wide experience.
Mr. John C. Eckel , formerly of the Asso
ciated press , has been appointed city editor.
Ono of the Victims Had to Be Strung
Up Twice.
LOUISVILLE , July 81. Charles Dilger , who
murdered two policemen last August , and
Harry Smart , murderer of Mctsucr Green
and wife , were hanged early this morning.
When Dllgor's body diopped , Ihe end of
the rope which formed tbo knot was seen to
unravel , and the noose refused to tighten.
The knot so far untied as to bo only
hold in place by ono coil and
the rope was caught directly under
the point of the chin. The scene was sicken
ing , the strained breathing of iho unfor
tunate man being heard ull over Ibo yard.
Two of the ofllcors reached through the Irnp ,
and catching hold ot the noose near thn nock ,
drew Dilger's body through the opening on
tbo platform. Another rope was adjusted
and the drop fell a second time. Dilger was
pronounced dead in twenty-four minutes.
The Klsh CoininiflHion's Work.
WASHINGTON , July 81. The United States
fish commission distributed during the past
fiscal year 100,000 yearling fish ot ttio in
digenous species of the Mississippi valley ,
consisting of catfish , buffalo , croppie , white
and black bass , sunfish , pickerel , white
perch , wall-eyed pike , and native carp. Of
these , 40,000 were planted in Illinois rivers ,
10,000 in Missouri waters , 10,000 in Geneva
lake , Wisconsin , and 0,000 in the waters of
Nebraska. Of brook trout eggs there were
207,000 sent to different stale fish commis
sioners. During Iho season 63,000 rain
bow Irout eggs wcro shipped from
the Northvillo. Mich. , station of the com
mission , und 110,000 , from the Wythoville ,
Yu. , station lo various state commissions
for planting In suitable waters. One-year
fish to the number of 00,000 were distrib
uted. Among Ibo allotments are those :
To Indiana , 0,000 ; Iowa , 15,000 , ; Nebraska ,
Lake trout to the number of 8,000,000 were
distributed during Iho season , 2,000,000 going
lo state commissions und 1,000,000 of fry lo
Lake Superior , near Duluih. The dis
tribution of Loch Levcn trout eggs were an
follows : Nebraska , 30,000 ; AVisoouMn ,
30,000 ; PeniiRylvunln , 60,000.
There were also deposited In the public
waters of Iho country 30,000 Gorman carp , of
which Dakota received 8,000. Sandu&ky. O. ,
a station of Iho commission , collected this year
150,000,000 , , whllo fish eggs , und Alpona ,
Mich. , 45,000,000. Of Iheso 80,000,000 were
distributed to tlio northwestern states
bordering on tbo lakes. The distribution of
fry produced ut Sandusky , Alpcna and
Duluth stations Is as folioWH : Lake Superior ,
10,000,000 ; Lake Erie , 45,000.000 ; Lake
Huron , 83,000,000 , and 5,000,000 were de
posited in the public waters of Idaho , Wash
ington territory and Oregon. Wall eyed pike
to the number of 50,000,000 wcro deposited
principally In the public waters of Minnesota
seta , Illinois , Ohio , New York and Pennsyl
vania. DuriiiR the season 101,7ftS,000 shad
fry wcro deposited on the Atlantio coast ,
The Swift City of Paris
NEW Youic , July 31. The City of Paris
arrived ut Sandy Hook light ship tit8:14 : this
morning , having completed the Journey In
five days , 23 hours und Iff minutes , which la
within three mlnutus of her former record
and boats the record of all other ohi ps from
Quccnslown. In her former record-beating
vovugo iho actual miles run by chart were
2W , whereas In her present voyage thu
actual distance was 2,707 miles , so thut she
was behind her former record three minutes
and ninety-eight miles.
Pnsspd the Hooond Heading.
LONDON , July 31 , The debate In the com
mons on the royal grants bill collapsed to
day. After a speech had been made by
Wallace , liberal , the speaker put the ques
tion on the second reading of the measure.
There being po call for udlvlslon the speaker
declared the uecoud reading carried.
Masunohnuotts Kopuhlloans ,
BosrnN , July 81 , At a mooting of the
republican stuto committee to-day , Septem
ber 25 wat fixed as iho tlmo aud Boston an
the , pluco for holding tuo state convcntiuu.
A Sohomo to Move the loolnuclora
Into Alaska.
Nothing oT n Sensational Natttra
Turned Up Yet The Payment
of Government Telegraph
5ia FouiiTonSTit STIIKDT. V
WASIIINOTON , 1) . C. , July 31. )
Among persons of n scientific turn of
mind n certain project of International Im
portance has been quietly discussed , nnd It
only needs publicity to place the subject In
the fore front of n class of topics always of
Interest to the pcoplo of thU country. It Is
nothing moro nor less than the transplant
ing of the entire population of Iceland , 75,000 ,
to Iho most habitable part of Alaska. The
historic Island of Iceland U uplacoof Inter
est on account of the culture , honesty nnel
high mlndedncss of its people , who tire the
embodiment , perhaps moro near than mother
Norway herself , of the old Norse spirit.
Cutoff for a larger portion of the year from
nil the world , living on u slcrllo '
soil , constantly becoming mnro so on
account of the Increase of the lava
from the volcanoes nnel of the sediment of
the goyoors , living in nu atmosphere of ex
treme cold , with summers too short lo pro
duce sufficient crops of grain , thesa bravo
and cheery pcoplo have barely sustained
themselves. Many ot them , it Is said , nrd
willing to move away to n more genial cli
mate , or at least to a moro fruitful territory.
Their idea Is not to go to a country wholly
different , whoio all Iho conditions of lifo will
bo reversed , but to a land in the latitude or
nearly In the latitude of Iceland. They
would not bo easily uccltined in a country
with a high temperature. The movement
looking lo their settlement in the Unllcd
States is ono of prime interest not only to Iho
Scandinavian citizens of Iho noilhwcst ,
but also to the largo number of citizens else
where In the union who have In their veins
tbo blood of some of Iho conquerors of
Britain in the fifth and ninth and tenth.
centuries. The proposition is ono of vast
impoi lance In a commercial sense , ns it in
volves the removal of an entire pcoplo , nnd
that an old , renowned nnd cultivated pcoplo.
It has behind it strong liAVjonco in high
quurlers. Sonutor Platt , of vronnectlnut. It
is stated to-day , has agreed lo defray tlio
oxpcuso of un Icelandic minister in making
the urrriigoni'onts. The valuable wooded
and feiillo region on Iho great Yukon rlvoc
is suggeslud ns Iho new habitat of the Ice
landers , if the consent of the parliament of
Iceland nnd of the Danish government can
bo obtained.
Edgeiwood.Clayton county. S. F. Richards ;
Strawberry Poiul , Clayton couuly , W. II.
W. H , McCague , a member of ihe firm of
McCnguo Bros. , of Omaha , arrived In ll.o
city to-day to confer with the comptroller ol
the currency in relation to securing n na
tional bank charter for Ins banking houso.
Ho will probably arrange the details to-mor
The Pension Investigation. "
WAsniNOTNifi Jnly 31. The commlttoo-
rocenily appointed by Secretory Nohlo to
Investigate the alleged illegal rulings of pen ;
slons by the pension bureau hits completed
the first week of its labors. The original
order of Secretary Noble directed that the
Investigations should cover all the opcrai-
tlonsofiho bureau during the last twelve
months , but a superficial examination cenT
vinced the committee that a searching exam
ination of all the cases adjudicated in thut
tmio would occupy them at least six months ,
so upon tacit understanding , ! ! not the express
direction of the secretary , the committee
bus thus far confined their work to the
months of December in last ycnr and May
in the present year. An examination cover
ing six months will probably bo completed
by next Saturday or early iu the coming
week , when a report will bo made to Secre
tary Noblo. It Is learned from parties bo-
llovcd to have knowledge of the work of the
committee that during iho month of Decem
ber last , under Commissioner Black's ud-
mlnistrution , there were found to huvo boon
made about fifteen hundred reissues of pen
sions , and during the month of May , under
Commissioner Tanner's administration ,
eighteen hundred rolssues. Those reissues
cover all classes known to the pension laws ,
and include all the cases of rorullug , which ,
it is said , average from u to 6
per cent of the whole number of reissues.
Therefore Iho rcmtiiigs found in these two
months will probably uggrcgato less than
200. . It Is stated further that the reratinga
probably do not average moro than $3 to M
per month , but the arrears In many onsen
are carried back to the date of the original
application , some of them as far as 1SU5.
The investigation , so far us it has gone ,
is believed to hnvo convinced the committee
that llicro has been u gradual increase in tbo
number of pensions rcrutcd since late in the
summer or in the early full of last year. It
is confidently asserted that the committee
has discovered nothing whutovor of u sensa
tional character , either In the number of ro-
ratings or the amount of money involved.
Dirty Amoy Oolnni ; .
WAsniNeiTON , July 81. The secretary of
the treasury has received a letter from the
secretary of state enclosing n copy ot the
dispatch received from the United States
consul at Amo.v , calling atlentlon to the In
ferior quality of much of the Amoy Oolong
tea oxporled lo the Unilcd States. Assistant
Secretary Tichonor has issued u circular
letter lo the customs oftlceis on the subject
in winch ho says : "Tho stateiiioiiis of the
consul und the documents tmcloHcd in his
communication indicate that It is a well roc-
ognl/ed fact among sellers in China tliut
Amoy Oolongs uro irenorully dirty , adullor-
alod , carelessly packed or poorly cured , and
tbat their reputation is so Vila that all mar
kets save that of the United Statex are now
closed to them , The circular letter issued
by Hussoll & Co. , of Amoy , speaks of these
Urns as the decayed vegetable ) mutter
of China nnd stales it is difficult to
see how under existing Inspection regulations
they can bo dealt in. The consul strongly
recommends that no invoices , of Amoy
Oolongs should bo admitted to entry In the
United Stales without Unit being rigidly in
spected , stating that it is only by tmcli In
spection that the American public- can bo
protected. Ho further states that tha
strictures of his letter do not apply toTansul
or Formosa Oolong teas grown on tlie adJoining -
Joining island'of Formosa and mostly shipped
via Amoy , for the mason that Formosa tea
Justly enjoys an excellent reputation , though
frauds uru not an unheard of occurrence
oycn In Formosa Your attention is called
to this matter in order that strict scrutiny
may bo made at your port of all Importations
of this grade of tea , with the view to prevent
the entrance of any which may ho found to
be in violation of the act to prevent the Im
portation of adulterated aud spurious tea * .
Hmnll Piihllo Debt Decrease.
WASHINGTON , July 81. It is cttlumtod at
the treasury department that tlio decrease In
the public debt for tha month of July is lost
than tl.OOO.WO. This Is suld to bo due to the
unusually heavy disbursements during the
month , Bggrogallng $33,000,000 , the payinenta
on account of pension * alone amounting to
over (10,250,000. ,
Killed hy nil Earthquake.
YOKOHAMA , July 81. Thirty ponW
killed and eighty injured by the ref
the Ulan d of Kloa Blov
/ '