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[ No.
The Millionaire Enjoys tbo Mountain
and Seaside Air.
A\hcro Your Rich Neighbor In Spend *
Ing the Summer nnd the Pleas
ures You Are Mannwhllo
linJ yl K nt Homo ,
nine nnd Knll of tlin TltiKtlr.
What the Empress Eugenic was to the
ladles of Franco and thoprincoof Wains Is
to the society men of England , so Mrs.
Grover Cleveland Is In n degree to the fash
ionable Indies of the now world. This Is no
bettor exemplified than In the gradual rejec
tion of that time-honored institution the
bustle through her influence. Only n few
months ago Mrs. Cleveland , then the first
lady of the land , looked with 111 favor upon
that artificial hump nnd completely discarded
It , Nature had done a great deal for her ,
and she Is BO prettily formed , thnt she real
ized thnt the bustle was nn unnecessary ap
pendage as far as she was personally eon-
corned. The effect has been magical , nnd
to-day nliio-tontas of the women of the coun
try appear In shrunken proportions. First
roods took the place of bustles ,
but now most ludlcs appear with
out any artificial development , und
the flattened effect appears stranccly enough.
The lady of good taste , us usual , wears reeds
or a rudimentary bustle , or neither , ns she
appears to the best advantage , but mnny of
the dear Indies are devout votaries of FashIon -
Ion , and tnato is often offered in sacrifice
to that goddess of modern growth. If any
thing Is the fashion it must bo followed. 'Jo
do otherwise would bo sacrilege.
The bustle has boon n uoud latter in the
eastern markets for a number of months ,
but of late It 1ms been following tbo star o *
empire in Its westward course , and thu ladies
of Omaha now appear as their reduced cous
ins of the cast.
The bustle IB of voncrablo ancestry , being
n llueal descendant of the farthlngull worn
about the tlmo of Qucon Elizabeth
of England. After a sleep of
n few centuries the farthingale
ngatn came Into pnbllc notice about thirty
years ago under the new name of the hoopskirt -
skirtnnd for n while grow to prodigious
proportions. After a reign of about ten
years the front portion of the hoopaklrt Was
eliminated , nnd , the part remaining was
styled a tiller. In tile course nf iv few years
thu titters became dwarfed Into bustles , and
with the maturity of this useful article c.une
the ridiculous pull-bacit. The bustle hn.
liultl Its own ever slnco against the vicissi
tudes of tickle fashion nnd the jeers of man
kind until Mrs. Cleveland appeared on the
scene ns a dross reformer and scaled its
doom. For the present the bustle is con
spicuous by its absence , but a few snatturcd
wrecks of It are left and these tire masquer-
nil ing under the name of "reeds. "
I'nrncll I'arty nt tin : Park.
On Wednesday evening the members of
the Pnrncll Social club pave their second
party this summer ut Hunscom park. There
wore seventy-five couples in attendance , who
were transported to nnd from the park In ca
pacious carryalls and the street cars char
tered for the occasion.
Thu music for the occasion was furnished
byau orchestra with harps and violins , and
the mnlody rounded very urottily in the open
nir. The opening refrain for thodnncers was
played at 0 o'clock. From that tlmo until
13Ul | a.m. the dancing was kept up
almost unremittingly , with n brief intermis
sion for cooling refreshments nt 11:30. :
Twonty-threo numbers Wcro danced. The
committee on arrangements consisted of B.
C. Foley , 'Miohaol Kllgallaji , Martin Me-
Konna and William Selk ; the floor commit-
'ted , jof IJurnoy Shields and John N agio , and' '
thoVuieBiuJjrB-ofi llie < tdanairoment "committee
also IcnthV'tiCluliiK ha'ud. Mr. Ed O. Quihn
bore gracefully the honors of master of
ceremonies , and William Boqtiet und lady
led the grand march. The dnnco proved
such a great success that the club will prob
ably give another at the same place In thrca
or tour weeks.
Mr. W. K. Anderson , chief clerk in the
freight ofllco of the Union- Pacific , was
married 'Tuesday to Miss Moslllo Eddy , of
Bollovuo. The ceremony occurred at the
homo of the brldo und was witnessed by a
few relatives nnd Intimate friends. The
same evening the newly married couple
came 'to Omana and quietly went to houso-
kecping-in a cottage on Twenty-sixth nnd
Cnldwcll that.Is owned by the bridegroom.
The same evening they were surprised by a
suddcu'iufltuc ' of friends , and before they
could realize the situation they found themselves
selves- the recipients of numerous elegant
wedding presents nnd the hosts of a surprise
wedding reception. They gracefully ac
cepted the situation und proved themselves
royal entertainers. The brldo is well known
in Omaha , huVIng been for some tlmo a
teacher in the Dodge street school. Both
Mr. nnd Mrs. Anderson have a host of
friends who wish the new partnership noth
ing but bliss and good fortune.
Fifteenth Wcdilini ; Aiiiilvoranry.
Monday was the Fifteenth anniversary of
the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Peter O'Mnl-
loy , nnd'iu ' the evening about fifty of tholr
friends took possession of their house with
out a moment's warning nud presented them
with u handsome silver ton sot. The pre
sentation speech was made by Mr. J. T. Mo-
rlarty and sparkled with wit and oed feel
ing. Mr. O'Mulley , who could scarcely ro
ulizo the ( situation , collected his faculties suf
ficiently to make n brief and graceful re
sponse. The evening passed pleasantly in
social converse und at n seasonable hour the
guests departed , wishing tholr hosts many
happy returns of the day.
Full DTOHH Collar * and Cuffr.
The embroidery of full dross shirt fronts
proved so popular with soeloty men the past
Reason thnt there nro indications that this
decorative fancy will bo carried further the
coming year , und the collars and cuffs worn
with full dross suits will bo likewise orna
mented. Collars with embroidered points
have occasionally boon worn before , but this
is probably the llrst instance in niiin's ap
parel in which the embroidery hns been cur
ried entirely around the edgu-of both collars
and cuffs. With this upparol , taken in con
nection with au embroidered tie and
embroidered vest , n young man maybe
bo quite decorative. This style promises to
inane n hit , us there Is a tendency among so
ciety men to enliven the funereal garb worn
us full dress ut present. The use of tennis
sashes for vests and of knlckorboeker
breeches for thu present style of pantaloons
huvu hud nuiny advocates among society men ,
but these styles would otuso too sudden and
startling a chungo to please the conservative
taste ? of the majority. The embroidery
gpokun of above is moro likely to Ihfd favor ,
as it IB merely au improvement on a style al
ready in voguo.
I'nriy In Uarkn Row.
Ono of the jolllobt events of the week
among the upper circles was the party given
by the young society people living in the line
block on Twenty-fourth and Cass , known as
Clarke row. The affair was hold in the
only vacant house in the block. The floors
of thu double parlors were waxed for the oc
casion and good munlo was In attendance.
The affair was entirely informal , each con
tributing bis or nor share , the gentlemen
having the care of the muslo and
floor munagcmuut aud the ladles attending
to the refreshments. A jolly ovonlug was
passed and at midnight the young people ad
journed tp Mr. H. T. Clark's dining hall ,
where the ladies had prepared moat apjKiliz-
iug refreshments. The following iiomposod
the party : Misses Kittle and H. Lowe ,
Luna Dundy , Sharp , Porrine , Clark , Miller ,
Gilo * of Lincoln , I'orrino of Boston , Ross ,
Fonda , Hunt and Pitman. Mcairs , Both ,
Clark , Morgan , llowell , MoDougal , lto s ,
Cleaver , Wnkuley , Cliirko of Lincoln , Allee ,
Doggu , Drown.
A IJAWII I'nrtjr.
The T. Q. O. 0. gnvo a lawn party at
Haiuooui park last Friday evening. Those
in attendance report au excellent time , and
the uiauugoinont U Indebted to Messrs ,
Taylor and Mangold for flno selec
tions which were so skillfully rendered on
tholr banjo * during intermissions of the
dnnco. These present were ) MUses Mlnnlo
Mntthows , Lllllo Mntthows , Nellie Merely
of Chicago , Clara L. K. Nowmiin of Chicago ,
Mabel Smith , Hortcnso Smith , Lnura
Feathcrslono. Anua Hooton , Aluia Hlcox. T.
Holt , Corn'NIsscn , Blanche Arlcwrlght. Joan
Ruby , Carrlo Cummins , Edith Doollttlo.
Wllln Stockbnm , May Picrcy , Lnnra Long-
lire , Lena Ruobsamoti. Messrs. L. Lnrklns ,
Mntthows. T. Rubicon , R. E , Owmgs , W.
H. Slouumborough , O. N. Daveni ort , H. H.
Ncnlc , J. H. Burns , E. O. Hamilton , W. E.
Pnluintlor. J. A. Hanson , W. J. Brownoll of
Ashland , Thorpe , O. P. Clements , Stockhum.
C. F. Becker , D. M. Lewis , D. F. Cone and
B. G. Wheeler.
Itoroptlon to n Chlcnsn Iindy.
Miss Veronica Daldy , of Chicago , who Is
spending her vacation with her aunt , Mrs. J.
F. Daloy , of Prospect Hill , was tendered n
reception Friday afternoon. About fifty
young ladles welcomed Miss Daldy to
the Gate City , and she In turn was
untiring In her efforts to make nil her guests
happy. Judging from the pleasant manner
in which nil took part in the amusements
nnd enjoyed the tempting refreshments , Miss
Daidy proved n very capable entertainer.
Mr Hnuttor
A very pleasant , surprise party was ten
dered Mr. L. W. Sautter on Thursday evenIng -
Ing nt Ilnnscom park. About sixty couple
woiopresont. The party was gotten up by
Miss Nellie Kolinc. Mr. M. C. Bnscombonnd
Mr. Tom Croft , who provided refreshments
consisting of Ice cream , lemonade and cako.
A very p'.oasnnt tune wus enjoyed by all , the
party lasting until 1 a. ui.
I'lcnlo nt Syndicate Pnrk.
A score of young people , the guests of Miss
Julia Martin , ono of the popular young ladles
of South Omaha , picnicked at Syodlcato
park Thursday afternoon. These present re
port the refreshments ns elegant as the so
cial pleasure was dollghtful.
Guy Barton Is in Denver.
Miss L. Drew is visiting in Lincoln.
Dr. H. W. Hyde has returned from the
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Riall are at Salt Lake
Mrs. Lieutenant Truitt has returned from
Salt Lake.
Hon. John A. McShnno loft for the cost
Mr. B. H. Smith Is enjoying a two wooks'
rest nt St. Paul.
Robert Hunter. otTiic BKE , returned from
Kansas City Friday.
General Smith loft for a mouth's Journey
in the west Tuesday.
Mr. Charles H. Guiau returned from Spirit
Lake , la. , on Tuesday.
Mrs. W. N. Nason started Friday for n
tour through the west.
Rev. A. W. Lamar hns returned frorajtho
Long Pine CtmMtauqun.
Miss Ida Truckcy left Wednesday for Den
ver aud Colorado Springs.
Mrs. J. H. McCulloch nnd Mrs. W. F.
Vnlll nro nt Morrisci , , Colo.
Mr , and Mrs. Wallace Shane are enjoying
a brief vacation nt Wymoro.
Mrs. Thomas Swobo Is at the noted sea
side resort , Newport , N. Y.
Euclid Martin left yesterday for a trip
through Colorado and Idaho.
Mrs. Marcus Parrotto has returned from
her two months' visit in Illinois.
Thu Imperial club will give a picnio nt
Pries' lake in u couple of week.
By Smith left Mnndny for a two weeks'
rest among the lakes near Minneapolis.
Miss Lucy A. Worden , of Milwaukee , is
the guest of her aunt , Mrs. James Bonnor.
Mrs. John N. Fronzor has left for two
months' rest nnd recreation at the seaside.
Mr. and Mrs. John Oliver left Friday for
a month's Jaunt to Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Dr. D.A. Footo-has returned to this city
after a thrcd'.wceks' * " outing about tho. great
lakes. '
Miss L. Giles , a Lincoln belle , has been
the guest of Miss L. Dundy during the past
Mr. and Mrs. B. Sllloway , ot the Mur
ray , returned the llrst of the week from a
brief outing.
OMrs. E. R. Ruthvcn will leave town on
Wednesday for Denver , whcro she will Join
her husband.
The Saratoga Lyceum association gave n
pleasant dancing party at Lyceum hull on
Friday evening.
Mrs. Knuffmann. of Wymoro , is visiting
her parents , Mr. and Mrs. Gsorge Bean , 2215
Capitol avenue.
Mr. Waller G. Clark , Mrs. W. G. Clark
and Mrs. G. M. Itiobo loft for Spirit Lalto
the first of the week.
Second Lieutenant L. W. V. Kornan.nido-
do-camp to General Crook , has been promoted
to n first lieutenancy.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. II. Hart celebrated the
arrival of a now son on Wednesday In their
usual hospitable manner.
EtninotAllomoslus returned early in the
week from a trip in the west. His next
course will bo northward.
Mrs. Louis Heller and familv will pass
the remainder of the heated term In the
beautiful city of Milwaukee.
Mrs. John P. Sohnunko will remain at Salt
Lake. tlio remainder of the Reason in hopes of
boncllttingJior'healtb thereby.
Miss Nellie Morley "and Miss Clara Noiv-
man , of Chicago , arc the cucsts of Mrs. Dr.
G. It. Young. 1710 Clark street.
Mrs. ColOiiol'Henry has gene on n visit to
Clifton'Sprlugs , N. Y. , where she will pass
the remainder of the summer.
Mr. Charles L. Groboeitor , n local German
uctor , goes to Europe In tlirco weeks to fill a
year's TDiigngomont In Hnnover.
Mr. N. B. Hoxio has gone to Now York on
account of his wife's ill health , and will not
return with nor for two months.
Mrs. General M. J. Hill , of Muscatine , la. ,
is visiting her sister. Mrs. J. F. Newton ,
Thirty-fifth nnd Woolworth nvonuo.
The muslu of the Sunday concert at Hans-
corn park , this afternoon , will bo furnished
by the S'icoud United States Infantry band.
Mrs. C. W. Cleavolnud , Mrs. William F.
Allen , the Misses Gruco and Lizzie Allen ,
will visit in .Falrnavcn , Mass. , ' for seven
Mr. B. U. Young left Monday evening , in
company with his brother , Lo Grand
Young , for Weber canyon , Utah , where they
go Into camp.
Mrs. General S. O. Hill , of Muscatlno ,
In. , is the guest of her .sister , Mrs. J. F ,
Morton , Woolworth avenue , near Thirty-
Mrs. Colonel G. V. Hanry has recovered
sufficiently from her illness to goto Clilton
Springs , N. Y. , where she will remain until
Mrs. R. Hohlander , of Lincoln , has boon
the guest of Mrs. George B. Eddy the past
week , nnd was ono of the visitors at TIIK
Bun building.
The members af the Swedish Methodist
ohurch enjoyed n pleasant sociable at the
resilience of their pastor , Itov. P. J. Berg ,
on North Twentieth street , on Friday even
ing. About ouo hundred persons wore pres
Tbo Cincinnati Enquirer of the 21st inst.
contains the following personal notice : "Mr.
W , W. Hcrriuk , who ha * been spending a
portion of his vacation with old frleudo in
this city , returned to Omaha lust Saturday ,
whcro ho is at tbo present tlmo In the ser
vlco of tbo Union Paclllo Hallway company.
Miss Anna "Waterman , of Noxvport , N. Y , ,
and Mrs. Swobo , of Omaha , Neb. , registered
at the Spring house on the 17th. They drove
ever to the Cooper house the next morning ,
returning In tlmo for supper. After passing
the next day at the Springs , they returned to
Newport Thursday morning. Illchllold
Springs , N. Y. , News ,
Straight skirts , gathered 0V pleated waists
and full sleeves , Increase dally In still
greater favor ,
An appropriate brooch for the summer is a
tiny canoe of gold , with oars und anchor
trailing ever the side.
The fancy for low shoes over dark silk
lioso , oren for prouionado will bo more than
ever general this summer.
Tlio trident of Neptune is now used as a
scarf-pin. The center prong Is studded with
turquolso and the others with pearls.
The purse-bracelet , u novelty of this sea
son. Is somewhat similar to the watch-brace
let , a tiny pocket taking the place of the
Tbo handsome French poplins nnd mo
hairs nro scarcely to bo distinguished from
1'no soft-ribbed bongnllnoft and under corded
silks of their nature.
Pretty touting costumes of dark-green or
ndmlrnl-bluo serge nto worn ni the seaside
this summer , with vests , tdiocs , and long
loose Swedish gloves of pale-tan kid.
The popularity of sailor hats U still so
f/roat that milliners hero and abroad nro
using those simple Ilnt-crownod , ftlniight-
brlmmod shapes for airy models In not aud
Where nothing but a slight protection for
the shoulders is required are provided little
Carrluk cnpos which hnvo n handsomely
trimmed collar with long bows and ends of
"ribbon beneath.
Dlrcctolro rodlnitotoi of beautiful French
chnlll nro worn ever skirts of whlto watered
silk , nnd llowcr-brocndod empire gowns of
white mnhalr have plain full skirts trimmed
with gold or silver galloon.
Batistes , percales , aud lluan lawns , with
fine stripes , dots , or sprigs , nro made with
dainty dressing jackets which are pretty
ouoagh to be worn at the breakfast table at
homo , with skirts of plain white linen.
The line double-width ll ht-wclght Eng
lish serges have in u great degree taken the
place of both summer cloth nnd Ilannol suits ,
fabrics which have so long boon considered
indispensable in the make-up of an outing
Shade hats were novcr moro chnrmlnv nor
In greater variety than this season , Even
for the beach arc wide shapes made of white
or yellow laco. For garden parties thuro
arc lovely models that are both poctlo and
Whllo dotted silk net , simply hemmed and
twisted round the crown , caught here und
thuro with tluy gold and pearl plus , is B pop
ular trimming upon thu fnuoy straw nnd
rush hats for country wear , and a cloud-liko
halo graces the liner Milan braids.
Blouse waists with belts nil around , and
basques with blouse fronts und girdles nro
favorite bodices on imported dresses of light
textiles , sucn as gauze , lace , crepallne , India
silks , nnd the soft transparent , old-fashioned
lawns and muslins that have been revived by
the Icivtlng French modistes.
Hathlutc-caps this summer nro made with
some regards to good looks , and for the ugly
oll-sllk models formerly used are substituted
soft round-crowned huts of fancy water
proof silk or of black or cream-colored Cut-
ncsu washing silk , which tins boon oil-
boilud for tt.esu uses , rendering it entirely
The black toilets this summer nro ui irvcls
of refined elegance. They are fnvorod of
fashion for all occasions and in all fabrics.
For evening uro superb black not und lace
toilets , trimmed with flue gold passomuntorio
nud draped over plain skirts and half-low
bodices of gold-colored moire. Other models
arc of gold-cmbrnidurcd tulle with dcmt-
decolleto Valets corsages , with flaring collar
spreading to the shoulders , the sleeves
slashed with insertions of gold embroidery.
Smart little summer Jackets In various
fabrics accompany the pleated shirt-waists
so affected this summer. These waists are
cool , comfortable , and very chic upon n
slender , youthful figure. They have a lurn-
down collar and sailor tie , uro fastened with
small gold studs , nnd are prettiest when
made of white China silk laid In brosu
plvats , though the fashion admits of waists
in endless variety , white linen , striped per
cale , serge , foulard , cbumbury , and fianuuL
A flvo-yonr-old child in Monson , Me. , is
said to speak tnree languages.
A man attempted to drown himself in a
watering curl in Now York on Friday.
A. small town near Morgantown , W. Va. ,
has nn eccentric woman who wears a differ
ent colored wig each day in the week.
Ghostly sounds in the court house of Lock
Haven turn out to have been- made by u
small dog imprisoned in a bole m .ho wall.
Attica's wonderful sleeper is gradually
gaining strength , und hopes are imlertuinud
that in n few months she will bo able to
leave bed.
A man In Coshocton. Pa. , has a safe that
contains $125. It baa brcu loclted up tlirec
years ami ho hns forgotten the combination.
Meanwhile ho in awaiting Ihu return of the
agent of the safe company.
Mrs. Ole Oloson of Detroit , a Swedish
woman , is the proud mother of a bouncing
boy only one years old , who weighs 150
pounds. A dime museum manager offered
flOO per week for the privilege of exhibiting
the child , but the mother refused to listen to
Not long since Fred Barfiold of Unadilla ,
in Dooly county , Ga. , board a chicken squall
ing in his yard , und wont out to aee what
was the matter. He found a largo toad-frog
attached to the wing of thu chicken , trying
to swallow an object twice ns largo ns him
self. Ho bad to kill the frog to got him
A horse while drawing a reaper near Clin
ton , N. J. , bit off the heads of the standing
wheat. After ho had been nt wonc noout
two hours h suddenly dropped to the ground
nnd in five minutes wus dead. An examina
tion was made , and the back Part of thu
tongue was found to be full of wheat beards.
On opening the throat the beards won ) found
in great quantities sticking through tlio wind
pipe , from the effects of which it is believed
the animal choked to death.
A man named Robert Brown is credited
with having recently killed a bear in u pe
culiar way when about live miles from Hdgo-
wood , N. Y. The uiiimnl was feeding on
some berries when Brown first saw it. Tak
ing oft his coat , the hunter crept stealthily
up to within ' 'throwing" distance , when ho
covered thu brute's head und face with tbo
garment. Before bruin rould free himself
from the unwelcome covering , Brown had
got close enough to get his lingers around its
throat. Ho * ] nee/ed hard , and the bear
slowly but surclv succumbed lo the killing
pressure ami fell dead ut thu hunter's feet.
There Is a remarkable- specimen of de
formed humanity nU Paradise , In tlio north
ern part of Clay county , Missouri. His
name is Joseph Jesse. Ho weighs " 00
pounds , has no hands , feet , elbow joints or
shoulder blades ; but , notwithstanding these
drawbacks , tie enjoys life immensely , walk
ing about on his chair , talking well , writing
with a pen in his mouth , sinning , crowing ,
barking , und , in fact , constituting un entire
museum in himself. IIu has n wonderfully
developed chest , and can hold his breath for
three minutes without any apparent incon
At Oborlin coeducational tennis is allowed
only two days u . .oelc.
An agitation Is going on in Germany for
the admission of women to the academy of
Massachusetts has 21,000 pupils In the
evening schools , an increase- SO , per com in
ono year.
The Rocky Mountain Advocate says thu
Increase in the value of lands in and around
Denver will soon fill the treasury of thu Dcn <
vcr unlvority with millions.
Of the 217 Indian students sent homo from
Hampton in ten years' , who are nnw living ,
only seventeen uro doing poorly or have
fallen back into their old ways of living.
It has cost the city of Boston to supply
school books for thu last five years un average -
ago par year of Ui cents for each scholar.
The number of scholars is sot down ut OJ,007.
U has cust the city of Boston to supply
school books for the last live years nn uver-
ago-per year of ft ) cents for each scholar.
The number of scholars Is sot down at
(52,007. (
The Donrbon observatory , n magnlflcont
structure Jusl oroulod at the north western
university ut Evunston , 111. , to hold the
great tclosoopa of the northwestern univer
sity , has been formally dedicated.
Dr. James W. McLano has been elected to
succeed the late Dr. Daltou as president of
the college of physicians and surgeons , Now
York. This selection la In recognition of qis
eminent services for the institution.
The schools of Boston are practically the
representative of tbo entire American sys
tem in the Paris ex ] > osltlon. St. Paul shows
the primary schools , Buffalo tbo grammar
school * , Philadelphia the school of manual
training , and California the normal school.
A Buay 1'rcmoher.
Rov. Fr. Paquln , o ( Ludlnfjton ,
Mich. , has his hands full. Besides at
tending to the spiritual business of a
big parish , ho runs a'barber shop , has a
druii-store ou the other corner , owns a
good farm , controls nn lutorost in a log-
ping husinoss and. numerous other out *
ido schemes.
Where The Boo talnn Its Reliable
I. O. O. F. The .pj ntl LoilKO of Elks ,
Together \VUl Otlior Interest-
LoonM-'cnturoi ,
Pntrlnrclfl iMIIItnnt.
The sovereign granl Icdgo , L O. O. F. ,
meets in Columbus , O. , commencing Sep
tember 10 and continuing six days.
During this tlmo tie military branch of
the order , the Patrlurths Militant , will bo In
attendance and will take part in the enter
tainments provided 'or the sovereign rrand
lodjro. Exhibition .drills will bo given and
several prizes will booffcrod for proficiency.
The Patriarchs Mlltant is a semi-military
organization and istloslgiiod to take the
place of the untforinid degree ot the patri
archal dogrco of th ( I. O. O. P. It is the
hlchest ilepreo of c subordinate encamp
ment. Its constructfan is similar to that of
the United Status arny. If * unit of organi
zation , however , is mllcd union instead
of company. Cnnttiis aru organized into
battalions , rcgimnnte , bilgadcs , . divisions
nnd an army , and oflborod from lieutenant-
general , commandorof the forces , down to
mi ensign. The comntssloncd ofllcors of u
canton nro a captain , lieutenant aud ensign.
There are also six noi-commisslonodoftlcors.
Three cantous may : onstltuto a battalion ,
three battalions n rcgmont , three regiments
n brigade , three brifados a division , the
nrmy to coiupriso thovvholo.
The orlglnntor und present commander of
the Patriarchs Mlllta\t is General John C.
Underwood , of Kontuikv , now grand slro of
the sovereign grnnoUalcu I. O. O. P ,
The state of Nobnska comprises a de
partment , of which J. V. Nichols , of Omaha ,
with the rank of maorls ] commanding. The
following constitute his stuff : F. J. Hryant ,
of Omaha , lieutenant nid adjutant ; W. R
Pickering , of Kearney" lieutenant nnd quar
termaster ; Ira Johnson , of Kearney , lieuten
ant und commissary ; villiam V. Bain , of
Lincoln , lieutenant and chaplain.
There nro six cantons in the stato. at the
following points : No. , at Omaha , No. 2 at
Lincoln , No. 3 nt Kcanoy , No. 4 nt Fremont ,
No. 5 at North Pl.vtto uid No. 0 nt Beatrice.
Thcto six cantons will soon bo organized
Into two battalions.
Canton Ezra Mlllord No. 1 , is located nt
Omaha ami is onicetcd as follows' George
A. Ueunott , captain ; J A. Johnson , lieuUm-
nut , and L. J. Larsonensign. This canton
meets the second Munluy in each mouth ut
I. O. O , F. hall.
General Orders No. 'M , dated Columbus ,
O. , iid inst. , have been issued by Lieutenant
General John C. Underwood , generalissimo
of the army , Patriarchs Militant , referring
to the reorganization of the army under his
command. Throe nruy corps districts and
ono grove dcpartmott district have been
formed , the cantons Jn California , Oregon.
Washington , Ncvao ; jnd the territories of
Idaho , Utah , Arizona-ind New Mexico being
embraced in the latter , to bo known as the
First Brigade of the Pacific , in command of
Brigadier-General rE K. Uusscll , of Oak-
lanil. Next Tuesdnyiins been designated as
the time for the coiwtniug of the line ofllcers
of battalions aud rcvrAcnts for the purpose
of holding electionstflCllleld ofllci-rs. Notice
is also given of the Alfinonslration to be held
at the city of Columbia , O. , in September
next during the Sovereign grand lodge ses
sion , when prices sig'tregatlhg several thou
sand dollars will bo pwurded to the success
ful contestants in tli&competltlvo drills.
Knights of I'ythins.
Hnrvoy Fuollor , q Myrtle lodge No. 1 , is
expected homo on tnonrst of the month from
an extended Ms old homo in Penn
sylvania , Betoro' l vlusjhe was the chan
cellor coimiirtiKler otdm-1.loOaeuu < . -during
his absence aiiotiior'&H"boen , elected in his
stead. It is currently reported that * an ef
fort will tie inaao in ha lodge-to restore'him
to the ofllco of C. C. in order that hoTnay
acquire at the end of the year honors which
ho has well deserved ,
John Housa will represent Jan HUB No. 5
in Grand ledge and \V. T. Denny Will repre
sent Marathon lodge No. 82.
Quito a number of prominent Pythians at
tended u social party'on the beach at Lake
Miinuwn , given by Mrs. Sadie Elbourne last
Thursday night.
The new ledge recently instituted at
Grceloy Center has changed its name to
"Crusado. " Before , it was named after the
town In which it is located , which , according
to Pythian law , is illegal.
Past Grand Chancellor J. C. McNaughton ,
of Hastings , one of the state bank examin
ers , was in tlio city during the week on busi
ness connected withhis , duties as bank exam
A number of the members of the Uniform
Hank , in this city , are desirous of following
the example of Sioux City in the matter of
organizing a mounted division.
The ijuestiou of the bust moans of enter
taining the grand lodgo. which meets in this
city in October is revolving itself in tno
minds of the members in the various lodges
here. Since that body desires no Uniform
Hunk cnterlulninents afforded it , on account
of the amount ot time taken from the grand
lodge sessions , somoislmple form of enter
tainment seems to be'ihe most feasible.
Viola ledge , No. 80 , skipped a mooting last
Tuesday night. '
Nebraska ledge , No. 1 , has moved from
Hpyd's opera house back to its old hull nnd
will bo found every Wednesday night ready
for business ut tlio old stand.
The recent camp of tno brigade at Colum
bus proved so enjoyable to those in attend
ance that camp life nt Milwaukee has boon
quite decided upon by many of the divisions
of the V. It. which intend to visit that oily
during the session of the Supreme ledge next
Since the encampment nud the visit of
Major General Cnrnnhnn to Nebraska ovary-
thing is working smoothly in the Omaha
regiment. Its ofllcers are all devoting them-
Halves harmoniously to the upbuilding of the
regiment aud manifesting renewed znal in
thu organization of the different divisions of
the city.
The Omaha regiment , U. It. K. P. , will
hold u regimental drill some night , this week
at the ball grounds. They will bo accom
panied by the Union Pucilio bund , and will
start from the rendezvous about 0:30 : p.m.
A Correct on.
To the Editor of 0'nn Hiiis. Dear Sir : In
your Usuu of last , Sunday , July 21 , 18S9 , I
noticed un item in Uii secret society column
in which It stated ; 8lt "Omaha Division No.
12 , U. 1C 1C. of P. Wcjuld picnic ut Pries Luke
to-day. " Now , ns 3co jmanaor of said di
vision nnd for tho3rospoct | I have for the
Uniform rank , K.3of-P. , would say that
Omaha division dLl upt picnic on Sunday
last , nor over will \fitlguiy permission while
commander of aaiifVivision , it being con
trary to law for anyimston of the Uniform
rank to irivo picnics Vn the Sabbath day , I
have therefore taken , this moans'with your
kind permission , tothFif-oct an error that has
been mudo by souioj.mfrson In last Sunday's
issue. JOHN HAV\VAUI > ,
Captain Commanding Omaha Division No. 12.
O , I. I ) .
This ordpr l grow mj rapidly and taking
in the best of material , Yory little was
known tfbout the Iron Hall in Omalui until
the supreme body mot hero two months ago.
At that timothe founder of the order , Mr.
Somerby , uavo an address on Its aim * and ob
jects at the Grand 'opera house , and as i
consequence two branches yvero at once
formed , ono composed cxpluslvoly of mom-
bora of the board of trado. Tlio otbor is
presided ever by Itlr. Henry Crelghton. chief
justice , and is taking In from seven to tun
members ; every Monday night. They nro
trying to enfraga a room in tno A. O. U. W.
ball , in the Barker block , as they find tholr
present quarters qvor the Bdyd opera house
too crampod. There U A third branch now
being formed and soon to bo instituted. The
Iron Hall pays waokly benefits , In case of
sickness , of from W to (25 , 'and at the end of
soyen years' uietnberBhip the holder of a
certificate draws in cash from 300 to $1,000.
After being a member two yours , should a
member die , half thu u mount of uU certifi
cate is paid to his bull * in wsh. In case of
total disability at any time , a tnembor cnn
draw lintf his certificate In cash , ot still keep
up his Assessment nnd draw all nt the end
of seven years.
A. O. 0. W.
Georgo'W. Itcod , supreme commnndor of
the Select Knights , has forwarded n circular
letter to ouch of the supreme representa
tives , dated Topokn , Kan. , Juno Q3f request
ing tholr consent for the postponement of the
regular session from the fourth Tuesday In
August to October 23 , as also tholr prefer
ence for the plnca of mootlnir either at Chicago
cage , 111. , or Kansas City , Mo.
No IS held a rousing meeting Thursday
night. Eleven applications were presented ,
eight of thorn oy Bro. G. B. Hamilton. This
makes n total of twenty applications In the
last two weeks. Two applications were
voted on , and the degrees were conferred on
throe applicants. Master Workman Brown
performed the work without the aid of the
ritual , which Is us It should bo. The other
oftlcors are perfecting themselves , nnd will
soon bo able to do likewise. There is no
doubt the work Is much moro improsslvo
when the rituals are laid asido.
U. P. O. 13.
Dr. Hyde , the drlstrlct deputy and repre
sentative of the Omaha lodge at the grand
ledge of Elks , has returned. Ho reports the
following officers as having bcon elected for
the ensuing year : Dr. Simon Qulnlnn , of
Chicago , exalted grand ruler ; A. C. More-
land , of Now York city , grand secretary ;
John Hi Show , of Boston , grand treasurer ;
Edward Loarkin , of Omaha , ono of four
The next meeting of the grand ledge will
bo hold in Clovehind , O. The fact that tbo
lodge decided to meet else where than in Now
York city Is of itself an Important ithnngo ,
ns the sessions bavonlwnys boon held in thut
city instead of different cities , as Is the case
with nil other grand bodies.
Omalm lodge secured the lion's sharu of
the official plums , having soaurnd the dis
trict deputy and ono of the trustees. " This
ledge is regarded as the banner ledge of the
order , being ono of the largest , having the
best quarters ana the best ledge
Modern Woodmen.
M. D. 'Nlckloi , domity hena consul , or
ganized a camu of Modern Woodmen nt
Wayne on Saturday evening last. The now
cjlmp sturts out with about twenty members ,
nnd under the following ofllcors : Von. con
sul , F. P. Baker ; advisor , John 'Connor ;
clerk , J , E. McFurlund ; banker. Frank Ben
nett ; physician.E. Bradford ; escort. S. R.
Kranmtol ; watchniau , O. E. Chaffoo ; sen
try , J. M. Johnson ; Delegate , John Connor ;
managers , J. M. Ashley , E. Bradford nnd J.
H. Spears.
Deputy Htfad Consul T. E. Erton , of
Omaha , Wednesday evening installed the of
ficers and Instituted South Omaha Camp ,
Modern Woodmen of America. The ofllcers
ore : Yenor.iblo consul , S. M. Press Worthy
advisor , Charles L. Armstrong ; cleric. Otto ,
A. Hirsch ; Bunker , Samuel Hendra : escort ,
Charles E. Watson ; watchman , John Kotora ;
sentinel , Leo ICorlummol ; trustees , Mrs. E.
S. Daniels , E. Diamond and Lewis Boatty ;
representatives to the grand lodge , Messrs.
S. M. Press und Otto Hirsch. The camp
will moot in Masonic hall every second and
fourth Wednesday evening.
The chapter of the order of the Eastern
Star , which has been operating under dispen
sation since lost January In Lexington , has
received its charter aud was duly constituted
under the name of Dawson chapter , No. IU ,
O. E. S. of Nebraska. The following odicers
wcro installed for the years 1889 and 18)0 ! ) : K.
A. Hico , worthy master ; H. A. Turton ,
worthy patron ; Josie Wilson , associate ma
tron ; Julia Allyn , secretary ; Hattie E.
Swain , treasurer ; Armauda ijall , conduc
tress ; Virginia Weldcn , associate conduc
tress ; Dora Blakcslee , Adah ; Eliza Zopf ,
Kuth ; A. M. Uosonburg , Esther ; Minnie
Taylor , Martha ; Lou Andrews , Elcctn ;
Annie Cole , warder ; O. F. Scott , sentinel.
The Masons of Gundy have organized a
lodge under the direction of L. P. Gillette ,
grand custodian , nnd J. J. Mercer , grand
master. The following are the ofllcors for
the current.year : .K W. McSay , "V. M. ;
John King , S. W. ; C. C. Copley , J. W. ; J ,
H. Hughes , trcas. ; S. E. Douglass , ace. ;
John Duckwarth , S. D. ; W. M. Wilcox , J.
D. The ledge starts off in good shape with
elovou charter members.
Improved Order lied Alon.
All members of the Improved Order of
Red Mon in city of Omaha , whether in good
standing or not , are earnestly requested to
meet at Green's hall , 1415 Furnam street , on
Tuesday evening , July 30 , to make prelimin-
arrangements for instituting a tribe in this
city. _
In 1875 the supreme lodge Knights of
Pythias of the world had SC9 in its treasury ,
nnd in ISS'J It has about thirty-five thousand
Iowa has the first and only mounted divis
ion of the Uniform Itank Knights of Pylhias ,
it is located al Sioux City.
Tbo Knlehts of Pythias ledge at Hebron ,
Neb. , will erect a building this season.
The Knights of Pythias Grand ledge of
Indiana , by a vote of 1C1. ) to ( U , adopted the
following amendment to their constitution :
"No person engaged in the retail sale of In
toxicating liquors , shall bo initiated into a
ledge , and any member who may hereafter
become engaged in tbo same , shall forfeit
his membership. "
A copy of the Boston News Letter of 1721
mentions that the ship Free Mason sailed
from Boston for the West Indies , Septem
ber 18 , 1821 , says Grand Secretary Knicker
bocker. This was four years after the or
ganization of the first Grand lodga of Eng
land , and ten yearn before the establishment
of the first known ledge in this country.
A council of the lloyul Arcanum will bo
organized in Kearuoy the first week in Au
The Holy See Certainly it is only the
wicked who are blind. Sco ?
The fonl Joineth the church thinking ho
will bo able to enter heaven In the crowd.
Little Elsie ( witnessing a Fourth of July
balloon nscoason ) , O , mamma , arc thosa
mon colng to' heaven t Mother Hush , dear.
Those are reporters.
Clergyman My dear sir , do you study
your Blblol Genial Stranger Assiduously.
"How long slnco you began to study it ! "
"Ever since I became an lulldol lecturer. "
The Ilev. Primrose Your mother doesn't
seem as fond of you as she might bo. Little
Johnnie No , sir. She says If it hadn't ' boon
for mo she'd have had slstor married years
When the spire at the First Baptist church
at Wuldcboro , Mo. , was taken doivn , a few
days ago , a chow of spruce gum , covered by
n copper cent , was found stuck to the top of
the vane.
A petition to the nope asks for the canon
ization af Christopher Columbus. Wo have
sworn bv him these many years and it would
1)0 in order now to pray to hint as a matter
of atonement.
When Satan flrU wont < o Kdon ho said :
"Aro you going to the ball , Evnl" Then
Adam spoke up , harsh llkn , and said : "Not
this Eva ; Homo other Eve , Mr. Devil 1"
Adnui was subsequently Invited to attend ,
nnd Satan had things his own wnv.
Brown Mon nro getting worse and worse
cvor.v year. Just loon at tbo number of de
faulting bank cashiers. Itoblnson I don't
know about that. Hookkoepi and cashiers
were no good thousands of years ago.
Don't tlio bible say : "A a men multiplied
tnoy grow worse } "
Ono Sunday a llttlo'boy was playing with
his alphabet blocks , and grandma said :
' Didn't ' you know it was wicked to pllo
blocks on Sunday ) " The little follow , rjulto
unconclouK of his wit , replied. "I nln't.pilln'
'cm on Sunday , I'm pilln1 'am on the floor.
Tlio old sport w\s dying , There could bo
no doubt on that subject. Tbo young minister -
tor had given htm all the prepaaation ho
could for tlio Holnmn Journey , and the old
boy was calmly awaiting the fateful call.
"Parson , " said ho , "do you think you have
succeeded in squaring it all right ) " "I hope
BO. " replied thu good man , "I fool qulto con
fidant that wo will moot in heaven. " "P r-
fen , " nnid the dying man , after a few min
utes thought , "you have treated mo right.
nnd I wouldn't give you the worst of it if I
could. Toll you what I'll do. I'll but you wo
do or I'll hot you wo don't. "
Coin KnturnH.
Mr. H , E. Coin , the ro.vl estate agent , has
returned from a business trip to Denver.
An Interflow With Mr.W. A. I'nxtou
on tliri KuUlcot.
"What la the status ot the cattle market In
the wostl"
This query was put to Mr. William A.
Paxton by n reporter for Tim UER yostordny
"Over-production , " replied Mr. Pnxton.
"There's the whole thing In n nutshell. The
business Is vastly ovordono. There Is no
longer any money In It , nna whllo I don't In
tend to loaves it nil nt once or altogether , I
don't propose to woric as hard nt It hereafter
ns I have dono.'i
"To what extent Is the overproduction
"Well , slnco the really palmy days of the
big stock ranches , the increase in thu number
of cattla brought to market U about ( H ) par
cent. Say from 1873 to 1S84 , there would bo
during the months of August , September
nnd October from 1,009 to 7OxK ) hood shipped
in nday ; say nn average of 4,000 , But that
was when IK ) per cent of the oattlo thnt came
to market were brought oft the range , grass
fed , nud the receipts outsldo these months
did not amount to much of anything. Now
it is different. Ninety per cent nra corn fed ,
nnd the supply is constant , always In nil-
vnnco of the demand , which has its inevitable
effect on tho. price Of meat. I suppose that
from 3,500 to ,1,000 head of cattle roach tbo
South Omaha market every dny In the year.
There .xro 'off days , ' to bo sure , but the fig
ures I glvo are n fair average.
"Do you ask where the cattle coma from ! "
ho continued. "Wall , the farmers i-ulso
them. Every fnr'mor ' has a fow. no matter
how little hind ho has. And the big farmers
raise moro. They seem to think there's a big
profit in the business. "
"Cnn these stiinll farmers rniso cattle ns
cheaply ns they can bo raised on the rungol"
"Yes ; cheaper , because they save thorn nil.
On tlio rnngo wo lose 40 or CO.por coot of
them. The cattle growing country tributary
to Omaha is nil of western Nebraska , most of
Wyoming , und part of Colorado nnd Idaho.
Omaha Is Independent of Chicago , but the
latter is the packing canter of the coun
try , and will remain so , because
stia has shipping facilities thnt en
title her to it , Omaha' ' used to ship
most of her mcat'ucross the water , out vary
little gees over now.
"Wlil the farmers continue to boar the
market In the future to the sumo extant ns
in the past flvo yoarsl"
"Yes ; more , probably. Prices nro down
to stay , nnd big profits arc things of the past.
The fact that 1 aui going to unload a part of
my work and responsibility down nt the
stock yards don't moan that. I'iu going to pull
my interest all out. I am satisfied that wo
have a management now that will in alto n
success of the thing , and I'm content to
leave matters in its hands. "
lrr onnl
George W. Collman , ot Do Witt , and H.
E. Clark and wife , of Stella , are at tlio Pax-
Mrs. John Koynolds nnd Mrs. Ben Rey
nolds nnd children , of Wymore , uro nt the
M. U. Davoy , of Lincoln ; Mrs. Joe
Buchanan and Mrs. John Dryer , of Beatrice ,
are at the Murray.
E. S. Hood. Mrs. E. S. llood , L. Slnvert ,
Miss Grace Moore , Nellie Gray aud Mabel
Gray , of Hollywood , are registered at the
J. F. Alien , of Fremont ; Minnie Davis , of
Curtis ; J. H. W. Hawkins , of Lincoln , nnd
C. M. Hubnor nnd E. A. Brown , of Ne
braska City , are registered at the Murray.
F. W. Sprague , of KuRuvlllo ; W. E. Babcock -
cock , wife nud daughter , of Cambridge : J ,
K. Orr. of Lincoln ; D.T. Drnko , of Crete ;
J. H. Mohl , of Wnhoo ; Joe L. bulllvan end
A. U. Eduiiston , of Lincoln , are at the
J. Dtxon Avery , of Fremont ; Mrs. Ncllij
Mills , of Kearney ; J. D. Hood , of Lincoln ;
H. G. Bliss. oT Fairmount ; GOOI-RO W.
Goodcll , of Lincoln ; Samuel Cnrhnrt , of
Grand Island , aud M. T. Horn , of Fremont ,
nro registered at the Milbird.
A I'rizi ; J > ml and Hop.
The Omaha guards will give n pri/e drill
nnd a midsummer hop ut the armory Mon
day night. All friends of the company are
invited to attend.
An Knrly Clo.-iinjr Movement.
A movement has bouu started among the
merchants of Council Bluffs. It u % 'ory pop
ular and bids fair to become general. Foth-
erlughnm , Whitolaw & Co. , dry goods mer
chants , inaugurated it , to take effect Tuesday
evening , when their store will bo closed at G
o'clock. The movement is in the interest of
the clerks as well as the public , and every
retail merchant in thu city should bo encour
aged to follow their example.
I'cfHOiinl Paragraphs.
Miss May SchoQold is visiting friends in
Miss Eva Bernard Is visiting Miss Alta
Swnrtfagur , at Avoca.
Mrs. Phil Thomas and daughter have gone
to Ohio for u brief visit.
Miss Leo and daughter , of Kookuk , uro the
guests of Mrs. C. A. Lacy.
Miss Clara Lewis has returned to her
home , at Avoca , after a short visit in this
Miss Jessie M. Richardson loft this morn
ing for Sioux City , to spend several days
visiting friends.
Miss Idu Bell left yesterday for Spirit
Lake to spend a few days in sooKinp deserved
rest nnd recreation.
Mrs. G. W. Crofts and daughter , Miss
Minnie , have gone to Oregon , 111. , whcro
they will visit for about a month ,
Rev. G. W. Crofts , pastor of the First
Congregational church , loaves to-morrow for
Oregon , 111 , , on his summer vacation.
W. H. Burns , general iigcnt of thu Union
Pacific , is homo fro'n an Idaho hunting trip.
Ho bagged some big gainft , which will arrlvo
E. Trovnor , conornl bagirago agent of the
Union Pacific , has returned from Detroit ,
whore ho intended thu convention of general
boggago n ( rents.
William E. Prtttlsoq , attorney for the
Lombard Investment company , of Kansas
City , and formerly of this city , will spend
Sunday in the Bluffs.
Thomas MuAdams aud wife loft yesterday
morning for their home at Fort Scott , Kan ,
They were culled hero to attend the funeral
of their son , Thrmas MuAdams.
Rov. G. P. Williams loft yesterday for
Emerson , where ho preaches to-day. Ills
pulpit in the United Presbyterian church
will bo filled by Rov. J.V. . Onshcant , of
Dr. C. B. Judd is able to bo out again. Ho
was severely Injured u few weeks slnco by
being run over through the recklessness of
u driver a' , Lake Manawa. Ho sustained no
permanent injury ,
C. It. Soinorvillo and wife , of London ,
Ontario , uro in the city , making u short visit
with D. W. MoDormid. Mr. Somervlllo Is
auditor of the Dominion Savings bank , and
is taking a pleasure trip through the wast.
The Itov. Dr. DoForreat , president of
Tnlladoga college , arrived on Friday evening -
ing nud is n guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Wallace , on Bluff street , where his old
friends will hare an opportunity of greeting
Vunco Lane , ox-manager of the Council
Bluffs Telephone excliatiKo , and now man-
iKer of the Oumua ollleo , was in the Bluffs
last evening nu u business trip , accompanied
by Treasurer BlUQalo'uian , of the telephone
MUs Julia E. Hanson , of Downsvillo , and
Miasl annie Walkar and Miss Odio Smith ,
of Latonln , aio the guests of Miss Wind , cor
ner oj Washington nvonuo nnd Curtis street.
The young ladies cumo from Shoniiudoah ,
where they graduated from the Western
Normal school.
Curds arc received announcing the
marriage of Albert F , Ilundricks to Maria
1' . Witten , at JcilIorsonviHo , Virginia , July
" * . They will bo ut homo nt 1'ocahontun ,
Virginia. Mr. Hendricks wan for some
tlmo connected with Tint BKE Job ofHco in
Council Hlulfs. Many friends hero uro.
eager to expnw * congratulations ul the
earliest opportunity.
Mr , Al Parkinson , who hns been doing
local work for the Council Bluffs department
of the World-Herald for some tlmo past , has
accepted a position with the Midland Guar
anty and Trust company , of Omaha , and will
enter on his now duties to-morrow , His
place on the World-Herald will bo tilled by
his brother , H , B. Parkinson , who has boon
In the employ of the United States express
company ,
How It Is BnluB Oulttvntod By
Iloly Mou.
Fnots of IntorcHt nnil Importation
Picked Up Prom Various 1
' HoctlmiH IJj tlio lloo
Reporters ,
Inininniicl UnjttlNt Cliiirnli.
In September , 1SS7 , Rov. P. W. Foster ,
than city missionary of the Baptists of
Omalm , opened n Suiulny school anil began
to hold preaching son vices in a store on
Sounder street , , KounUo place , between Lo >
oust nnd Hlnnay street * . This wns the tint
preaching sorvlco over hold In that part of
On the 30th of April , 1333 , the Immnnuol
ohurch was organ I red with forty-four mom-
bora. From the tlmo the mission wns or
ganized , the chuich nnd Snndny school harp
boon mooting In n store which nccomodnt : a
about ono hundred nnd fifty people , but dttn-
ing the past Tow mouths this room 1ms often
bean too small for the congregation. Q ? >
July 3 last the trustees of this church closed
n contract willi Chnrlcs ! ' . Luce , of Lognri ,
In. , to buy n lot Just north nnd adjoining
tholr present room , to orcct n ohnpcl on tnu
same at the cost of nearly M.OOO , which will
scat nourly U7G | > oopla The building is to bo
completed October 1 , of the present .venr.
It will be 30x70 feet , with n room 20x2(1 ( for
prayer nnd Rncml nicotines , nnd n gallery.
The iloor will bo built on an luolliio , wliloh
will compensate for the length of tlio room
somewhat. Tim baptistry unu robing rooms
will bo pleasant and complete. Church unu
lot will bo worth fully f , l X ) . ,
Tlio attendance nt services in largo , and
with the now building they will bo greatly
Increased. During ttio year the member
ship has doubled. Largo number * of younfc
people ere finding a pleasant and prolltablb
plnoo of meeting and a cordial greeting is
always extended U > strati aors.
The church hns a mission Sunday school
nt Druid Hill , which is a very promising
Held , The school moots at the depot. TbU
church with its mission school occupies a
field essentially its own and hns u most
promising future.
The pastor is H v. RV. . Poster , who
established the mission , nnd has boon the
pastor ever sinco.
1HHH nml 1881) lompnrnil.
The second quarterly nporl of the stnto
secretary of the Y. M. C. A. wu Ration out
last week. 1-Yom it the following striking
comparison is taken :
In 1838 there were worn 11 associations ; In
IBs ! ) , U5. Jn 1833 thcro wore 7 young mini
giving their entire lima to thu work In the
state as secretaries ; In 1SS' ) , 'JO. The toln'l
membershiu in ' 83 was 907 ; in ' 89 , 2-125. The
total wpckl.v attenduiico ut the Young Men's
gospel mcotlngs in ' 83 was 2J3 ; in ' 811 , 800.
In 'S3 ' there wcro 4 workers' training classes ,
with an avoragu weekly attendance of 25 ;
ia'89,12 , with nu altondanca of 03. In 'S3
thuro were 6-professed conversions , nud none
united with the church ; in J89 , lit conver
sions mid none united witb the church. Ill
' 83 thcro xvcro 5 rcudlng-rooius with an uver-
ago daily nttoiulunco of 133 ; in ' 8' ) . 17 read
ing-rooms , with an average v nttondunco
of ( HM1. In ' 88 thoru were 210 young man
serving on committees ; in ' 69 , 278. In ' 63
there were U boys' branches , with n membership
of 185 la 'S'J C with
bership ; , , a membership
of 203.
St. .7unoV ; liny.
St. James' day was appropriately observed
at Trinity cathedral. Matin was road at 0
o'clock. At 10:30 : n high celebration of the
holy ouchnrist followed , Ltlshop Worthliiff-
ton oolng celebrant , with the Rev. Cannon
Scolt in gospeller and the H'ev. Dean Whit-
marsh as oplstler , The other vested clergy
were Dean Gardner , Revs. Canon Burgess ,
Canon Doherty , Canon Zahncr , William O.
Pearson und the Uov. Canpn Oliver an
preacher before the cathedral chapter.
At noon tha dean entertained the members -
bors of the chapter nnd tholr friends at n
sumptuous luncheon in the deanery. A busi
ness meeting wag held at 1 p. in. At 8 p. in ;
there was n shortened evensong < a which
Bishop Huroof tlio South Dakota con forenco ,
preached an interesting soruion contrasting
tlio condition of tlio church to-day ana the
same a hundred years ago.
V. M. C. A.
J. T. Swutmer , the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium
instructor , was called homo to Norfolk , Va. ;
Tuesday , announcing the serious illness of
his father.
Saturday marked an epoch In the history
of the Young Men's Christian association of
Omaha , the membership on that day revolt
ing SUO.
Tim State Convontlon.
Already preparations are in progress for
the stuto convention of Young Men's Chris ,
liaii associations , to bo hold In Omaha on the
34 , 25 , 80 nnd 27 of October. If the oxpocta ;
tions of the sangulno ones are but half ful
filled , the convention will bo the largest and
most important ever held in Nebraska.
A Itnilrcmii A88 < iciatlon nr. MoGook ,
A petition signed by 117 railroad mon of
McCoolt , employes of the B. & M. road , has
been rocoivcd by the .state committed of the
Young Mon's Christian association , reques
ting that n railroad association bo organized
there ut an early data.
Mr. Holdrou'gQ has been interviewed upon
the Rubjcct , and so favorably does ho regard
it that un appropriation of 850 or 00 u month
to pay the B.imry of a secretary will prob
ably 10 made. Rooms will bo hired at any
rate , nnd services conducted regularly.
Baths , and possibly u gymnasium , though
not probably thu latter , will bo added.
Commercial Travelers' Work.
At the last mooting of the state committee
of the Y , M.C. A. hold In Omaha , Mr. P.C. .
Tuttle , of Omaha , wan appointed n commit
tee on commercial travelers' ' work in the
state. Hnt little is dona nt present to attract
these men who Hhould , for the fact that so
many of their Sundays ara spent nwuv from
homo , bo offered special inducements to bring
their vim and breozv vigor to the support'of
the work. A small number of tha associa
tion address cards of invitation to meetings
nt the rooms to commercial travelers ro <
inalning in tholr towns ever Sunday.
A broad , comprehensive plan for work in
this field will be outlined und put in opera
tion during tbo coming quarter.
Nntnx ,
Aid to the amount of $275 was recently
granted by thu Hoard of Homo Missions to
Douglas , Wyo , , and Kov. 'J nonius McCaguc ,
of this city , was appointed to the Held , Ho
will go nt once ' -o begin the work , and estab
lish his headquarters at Douglas for the next
six months.
During the absence of the llov. John Gor
don , 1) . D. , the pulpit ot Westminstorchuroll
will bo tilled every inornini ; nnd evening by
llov. Charles llerron , pastor of tlio Presoy-
turian church , CumeiiHvillo , 1'a.
At the last joint mooting of the sessions of
the Presbyterian churches of Omaha , Kov.
J. G. Kteivart was employed to talto charge
of the work In Unit fertile Held South
Omaha. Ho has room enough for lots of
work nnd the prospects uro excellent.
Kov. W. Itoland Williams is homo again
from Denver and Idaho Springs , tilll
preach to-day ut his church , Twunty-fourtU
und Cuiiiing streets , at 10 a. in , und 0 p. m.
The Thoosophlcal society meets ut room
! iOTi , Phccly block , Sunday afternoon ut 4
o'clock. ' I too i n open ofory night from 7 to 0 ,
with a select occult library.
Hoard of I'ultliu Worlcit.
J K. Itiloy has boou o rile rod to at one *
bogln curbing Twenty-second street between
Davenport und California' This work should
have boon done before tills , und the board's
order to Mr. Riley wus very emphatic.
Hereafter the board won't allow partial
estimates on contracts unless the contractors
koup tliQ work up arcording to ugroomoiiL
The liarber Asphalt couiUny | yesterday
began paving Webster struct from S'xtcoutk
to Twonty-soooui ! .