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The Fooling in Monetary Circles Ono
of Firmness.
801111 * Improvement Noted In tlio Ijnst
Twn Jnyn of ilia Week Pnrla
ItnlcH of KxalmtiKO Ad-
A Hcniunc or tlio Country.
CHICAGO , . July 27. [ Special Tologratn to
Tun Hr.K.1Tiio feeling In monetary clrclos
is one of firmness. There Is n good demand
for loiius from the mercantile trade , and
they nro asking more favors than usual nt
this season , probably duo to the
fact thnt trade with many of them
ha * , not been nt brisk as they
expected at the opening of the season , licnco
they have been Unable to turn over their
stock with suniclunt readiness to meet their
maturing obligations , and they are forced to
seek temporary loans to tide them over.
Now crops will soon inovo freely , but the
flow of currency to the Interior has not com
menced , There Is n disposition , however ,
to prcnaro for it , nnd country bnnltars are
drawing down their balances hero nnd get
ting themselves in position to do a largo
buatnnss'thls . Itatoa of interest are flrm
and I ! par rent Is tlio Inside for call loans und
r > ) li ( per cent is frequently naked nnd oh.
tallied. On tha street there is less money
booking Investment at lowrates , and 4 per
cent In the Inside llcllro. Time loans uro
made at fl@8 p'or cent. ' 1'ho feeling In east *
orn murkutA Is firm , and an the prospects for
cheap money are not at all Mattering , rates
nro well maintained. Uull loans on stock and
bond collaterals are mudo on n basis
of 2X@W Iol ° cent. Hcports cotno from
abroad ot an advancing tendency In rates of
exchange In Paris. This will hava a ten
dency to chock further shipments of gold
from tins country. Now York exchange
was. to lid lor and rates ranged
nt 40 cents discount to par ,
nnd .closed at par. Foreign exchange
was easier and rates n slmdo lower. A fnlr
amount of bills , drawn against Hhlpments of
corn und lard , and also against , wheat , were
offered. Itutcs rangcd.'at f4.84@l.S4 .
Tbo Now York stock market was < iull dur
ing tha greater part of tbo week , and
the aggregate volume of trading
showed u moderate falling off. The opening
was weak , with considerable pressure to sell
the entire list , and moderate declines were
recorded. JSugar and lead trusts were the
weakest properties traded in , and the former
declined u'ver 'J points , while load only drop
ped ahout 1 point. The latter part of this
week witnessed considerable improvement ,
both in the tone of the market and
the extent of the trading , and
tbo early declines wore moro
than recovered. London was an important
factor In the market und bought about 75- ,
OIX ) Hhurcs. Thrfir operations exercised n de-
clilcd Inllucnco in shaping the course of
prices and induced good buying of the gen
eral list. News from tha west was mostly
"bullish , " operators nero buying nuito freely
on reports ot improved crop prospects
in Minnesota and Dakota. Thu sale
of 100,000 shares of common Chesapeake &
Ohio to the Yundorbtlt interest was looked
upon as n "bull" card , as it gives tlio latter
party moro power. This also tended to in
crease thu "bullish" ' feeling nmong operators
whoso tendency naturally inclines that wav.
Clovolaud , Columbus , Cincinnati & St. Louis
consolidated wus bought fr.'ely , and
prices advanced over live points. Hocking
vallov , after a sharp decline , hi'camo ilrnicr
nnd regained about all the , loss Thu close
shows fair gains on most of thu list over the
prices current n week ngo. Honda were
slow , hut all choice issues were held flrmly.
The ncgregiito sales on the Now Yoric stock
exchange lor the live days ending Friday ,
woro-8W.COO shares.
Cut tin.
The market was not very active and was
somo\vli\t : \ uneven In prices , being quoted nil
tho'.way from weak to strong , uccoraing to
the quality- tha eattlo offered. Choice
handy beeves sold generally stronger , whllo
others ruled steady us a rulo. Uutoliors'
stock was slow und inclined to bo lower. „
. * * " " * " - "
The market opened steady with only n
, modctute number on sale , ut which basis the
bulk sold. Toward the close the market was
easier , especially on heavy weights. The re
ceipts were finally taken , the market closing
weak ut opening prices.
There were none here to make n market.
Cattle' . 1,100
Hogs 2,700
Prevailing Prices.
The following U atii > la of prlu3ipild In
this market far tha gr.Uoj of stock men -
tloncd , :
Prime steers , 1800 to 1(100 ( Iba. , ? 3 SO 64.00
Good dtoors , 1250 to 1 mu Ibs. . . 3.70 CcW.SO
Ooodstoors , 1050 to 1300 Ibs. . . 3.35 < yl.U5 ) !
Common canners 1.25
Ordinary to fair cows 1.75
Fair to good cows 2.30
Good to choice cows 2.40 r < tJ.75 :
Choice to fancy cows , heiror.i. . 9.70 M > ; i.OO
Fnirto good bulls 1.75
Good to choice bulls 2.25 ( R2.50
Lightstackers and focdurs. . . . 2.70
Good feeders , 050 to 1100 Ibs. . 3.03 fiWI.OO
Fair to choice light hogs 4.00 001.10
Fair to cholno ho.ivy hogs 4.00 W4.05
Fair to choicn mixed hogs 3. ' . ) . * ) ( tf4.05
Kliorn sheep 3.0J ( &I.W
HnprcHoniatlvi ) Hilo * .
l.lvu Htnuk Notos.
_ H. X * Lewis brought In a car of hoes from
H. 1" . Churcn , an extenMro shipper from
Plorco. was In with a cnr of cnttlo. ' Mr.
Church n.v thnt ht noctlon of country pro
duced the beat crop of wheat this sorvion In
mnnyycnrs. Pat stock 1 pretty wall run
out from thnt part ot the country.
.1. K. Wilson , of Orotno , wns at the .yards
this mornlnp.
O. Swonson cnmo In from Chapman with
n car of cnttlo.
D. S. Vnn Ormci got In from Illland with
a shipment of stock ,
II. C. Uawoon , of Endlcott , WAS ainonp
the shippers here to-tiny ,
George n. Snulo came In from Grotna
with four cars of eattlo.
OcorRO Wjrnnt came over from Silver City ,
In. , with n shipment.
J. It , Smiley got baoTt this morning from
an extended western trip.
J. G. Unwson , of Kndlcott , was looking
over the yards this morning.
V. S. Millar , of North Hond , was in lookIng -
Ing after n shipment of eattlo.
A. C. Smith had six cars of fat cattle hnro
to-duy. Ho ship ? from Fullcrton.
Gus UrnilcnburR. nu ovcrylit.v dealer t
Mnlino , WHS here with n cnr of hogs.
O. A. Kltnmcl , a regular dealer nt Una-
dllla , was here with two cars of eattlo.
Thomas Ash ton nnd J. Sample , of Laird ,
Col. , were hero with n shipment of cattle.
Alex Gnrroxv , well known lioro , was up
from Lincoln shutting hands with numerous
.1. W. Prlco soil tnawo cars of hogs. Ono
was shipped from Urunnlng und ono from
ThmnnsMorttmor , n prominent eattlo man
locatnl ntMndlson , brought in aovoral loads
of cnttlo.
13. V Stlllev , n well-known patrsn of this
market , was here from Aurora with twn cars
of cnttlo.
S. C. Ilnvoo , of Palmer , added four cars of
cnttlo to tha receipts aad came along to look
after them.
Jacob and John Grlorson , of Columbus ,
were ut the yards looking nftor three cars of
eattlo shipped from North Plntto ,
J. 1C. Hurkholder , n well-known Iowa pa
tron of this mnrkol , was hro with a ship
ment. His homo is nt Woodbine , la.
The Realty Outlook Promising
Builtlliic nnd Ct'iiurniiQo Notrs.
Tbo real estate trado' has experienced ,
during the past wcoW.ilts.flrsl period of dull
ness during-tho present year , The transfers
for the wcelr have bcon light and almost en
tirely conflnod to small transactions in out
sit ) u property. The only deal worthy of
special mention waVtho salo'by J. W. Smith
to Molllo MoHrulo df all oHilock 4 and four
teen lots in blgcic ; ) l'crVpoJ's ; ( \ plaix ) , the
consideration being $73,500. , . .
A shrewd obscrvbr of thb ebb and flow
of the real estrute traJtr ventures his opinion
that the prcsant dullness is simply a
sort of calm bo/oro the storm ,
and that it portends a sudden
change later In thu season. Omatia
ho says , stands too solidly for any falling off
in values und us soon as tills fact Is generally
known prospective buyers .will hasten to
closu deals for w til on negotiations have long
been pending. "A largo class of citizens , "
ho continued , "havo been expecting a drop
in the realty market and h.ivo boon waiting
for that time to purchase sites for homes.
Such ideas nro being rapidly dissipated by
the rovlval of sales of suburban property
and a big business in this class of property
uiuy bo looko'l for this fall. "
The transfers for the week are as follows :
Alonauy 8 48,4tii
Tuesday : 2iS : > 50
Wednesday S.'i.o'JS
ahunuay lJb"i (
Kridnv 32,977
Sutunhiy 125,550
Tlio ftnilillni ; Hooni.
Activity in building still continues and
nearly twice as many houses are being built
as at thin time last year. Improvements in
the outskirts are especially noticed.
W. ( J. Ives is building a $5,000 homo' ' on
Spring street , near Davenport.
Maxwell Hamilton is building a $3,500 ,
homo on Thirty-first , near Pacific.
F. J. Saukott la building a $3,000 homo on
Seventeenth , noiir Charles.
Aliss K. F. McCartney will build a ? 2,000
homo in Orchard Hill , on Fortieth street ,
noarGiirlichs. '
Frank V. Lancpoud will build a $5.000 res
idence at 1412 Williams street.
Fred W. Lee will build a f4.000 dwelling on
Leavenworth street , near Twenty-eighth.
IP. O. lirown will build three $3.00 ( ! resi
dences on Leaven worth , near Thirty-first.
Ida II. Uochmo will build two $4,000 brick
dwellings on Twenty-ninth street , near Half-
II. W. Yhtes is building a $4,000 frame
residence on Nineteenth and Capitol avenue.
Michael Donnelly will build two 83,000
rcidoneei on Davenport street near Twonty-
sevdnth , and another structure on Webster
near Thirty-lirst.
C. Shaw wi 11 nuild a (3,000 rosideucc on
Douulas near Twcnty-oichth.
George L. will build a $5,000 homo
on Plnknoy near Eighteenth.
K. Gllmnro Is bulfdlng n $3,500 home on
Twenty-ninth near Spraguo. <
The permits issued for the week are as
follows :
Monday (7,550
Tuesday 22'JOO
Wednesday ; 1100 ! !
Thursday 4,000
Friday 14,0.50
Saturday . - . 8,000
Total i . , . ' , ; ; ' . . . ; $07,800
The Cloaraiico-Itacord.
The bank clearings fyr thb week were as
follows : ' I „
Monday 4. . . . ? 781,003.05
Tuesday 778,4(11.14) ( )
Wednesday ( V17.2Sl.9l
Thursday O'J..OIO.OO
Friday. 7SJ,725.t5(5 (
Saturday 841,814.ai5
Total „ . . - $4,529,201.77 ,
Increase , 40.4.
TNSTUUJIKNT3 placotl on rosorU durmit
J S Johnoou and wife to D H Johntiou.Iots
1 tn II ami 10 to 12. bile S , blk 1 , ana lots
1 tn n , ulk 4 , and loui fi and it , lilt u. Cone
iV.Ioliuaon'asill ) , wil $ 3000
SHiiiiii'l I'ruynanil wlfo to M UAhlmilst. '
lot It , blk 0 , 1'riiyn park , w d COO
J W .Smith tmil wire to Nulllu Mcllrlde , n
K lot n and u ' , ' , w H lot 0 , blk 1JD ,
Omiilm , wd / 85.000
W (1 Shrlver and wife to W II Moutnltli.
lot 4 , bite 7 , Shrlrt-r plnce.w a 300
N A Kulm tr to U Anduraon , lota 1U and
17. blk I. CrolKhtou liiiluhtti.w d 735
Samuel Strutton and wife to Samuel D
Cox. lotihlK ! 1. Patrick's add , wd 8.WO
N A Kulin , troasurur. to Wm Peterson ,
lot 7 , bU 7 , CrtMghton HolKhU , vr i\ \ . . . . (70
Mllcw .v 'J hoinpson to It 0 Unowold , lot 19.
blk 1 , Walnut Mill , wd . . . 440
IIJ I'niyn and husband to K 8 Howler.
part tux lot III , m > c 10-IO-lil. wd . . . " . . . . . 10,000
HA Hanson anil wife to Olllo l.nwrence ,
lot li. blk U , IIrlKa place , wd 1,600
J -McfJivorii to ( } N Illcks , lots a and 7 ,
blk 2 ( > , Curthactt odd. w tf 6.600
J A McShiuio to .1 H I'unn , lot U , blk 19.
West Blilo add , w d 5W
Tw elvo trausters , aggregatlnsc 1125 , WO
No Mllllonnlro Doctors.
A phyaiiilnn says. In the St. Louis
Globo-Doinoonit : "Nobody over boiird
of a millionaire doctor. Some of thorn
Imvo comfortable incoinos , but no moro.
It is not iv inonoy-makintr profession ,
and tbo gnmo amount of talent tuiil energy -
orgy ilovotod to any rogulnr business
would brlnj ? in far bettor tlnnnalnl ro-
turns. Dr. William Hammond has an
inuoinu of $100,000 a year , and i prob
ably bettor Hxod financially than any
other American doctor. Ho is a very
busy man , and will hardly move for
loss than $50. I told a friend of mine
who was going to Now York for treat
ment to got Dr. Hammond. IIo sent
hiu companion to the doctor's olllco , but
ho said ho was too busy to uo to the
hotel , only a few blocks , and recom
mended another doctor acroas the
81 root. But my friend's companion in
sisted that ho wanted Hammond , and
the preat physician flnally consented to
jro , but pave warning that ho would
cluirjjo $ . " 50 for the visit. But Dr. Ham-
mum ! ! a an exception. "
Wheat Narrow and Without Any
Particular Intoroat.
Tlio Provision Trade In Kntlior a Fen-
turolcn * Condition IliislnoHa In
Cnttlo Hloxr Hogs Oloro
Actlvn Quotations.
CIIICAOO. July S7.--fSpoclal Telegram to
THE Uun. ] The market was narrow , uncer
tain and not particularly Interesting. The
probabilities favored heavy receipts next
week , nnd advices from the seaboard pointed
to a good foreign outlet for a considerable
portion of thorn. The llmpnesa la the July
delivery pulled December down in sympathy
early In the day , but the news toward noon
WAS In the main In favor of the longs ,
and whllo July closed IJ o lower than
It did on Friday , December gained ) < o
upon the previous day's ' resting price. The
market is loaded , but whether for boar or
bull to-day's action did not give a very clear
Indication. There was not much vim at the
opening and prices gave uanustakoublo symp
toms of sagging , and did sag from 7U.fu at
the start for December to " 8 0. July , in the
meantime , from BO o nt the beginning sold
down to TOJ o on very trilling transactions.
The nervous fooling In this month's delivery
is by no means allayed , although the short
interest is not now believed to amount to
much. Hutchlnson was still showing
an interest In the deal , nnd
it wns his purchases or rather offers to
purchase , fer there was not much for nala
when his brokers bid for It which prevented
a further breutc. From TSJjfo for December
and TOj c for July there was a gradual but
spiritless rally to 70K ° for the former and
80c for the latter delivery and some subse
quent backing and tilling within a X0 raugo ,
leaving the resting llguros at 79 0 for July
and TO c-for December. The recent break In
prices has resulted in less confident soiling : ,
although a further decline. Is confidently
looked for by t. bears , * who stand
pat on recent Mos nt higher
ilgures , expecting hcav. ecclpts next week
to still further fortify tho. x > sition. To-day
St. Louis received 140,006 xshols , but the
inspection returns there , a voll as hero ,
show the effects of the recant wet weather.
Out of 37 cars inspected to-day 37 were
graded No. 2. Here , out of 204 oars of now
wheat 127 were No. 9. Cables were again
on the side of the boars. The English mar
kets were weaker on some Improvement In
their weather , according to the majority of
dispatches , although December wheat ad
vanced from 7'Jc ' to 70KC at ono time , on ad
vices from New York that late pri
vate cables received there. This was
accentuated a little Inter by returns of
twenty two boat loads having boon bought at
Kew York for export , nnd by further in
formation that of twenty-four loads of gram
for which freight cngupamonts were made on
Thursday lust , the bullc of which would bo
used for wheat. In the same connection it
was also said , but tbo saying wus not posi
tively vouched for. that freight engagements
were concluded for iho shipment of 800,000
bushels of now wheat by way of Baltimore.
The sudden drop in July wheat at Duluth
from U9e to 94c caused a momentary sensa
tion near the close , but its effect as a bear ar
gument was somewhat nullified , by an ad
vance in the September delivery In tbo same
market from S-c to S3c.
Tlio corn market was very quiet to-day
nnd , while there was not much decline , the
early tone was rather weak. Receipts were
not much different from what was ex.pect3d ,
the inspection being for 4U3 cars , of which
343 curs wns inspected contract. Specula
tion was very dull , but there were the usual
buyers of cash corn , and the demand Kept
prices pretty steady. The warm , growing
weather for crops was something of a bear
feature , but only served to weaken without
depressing- market ; to any great extent.
Later , on a good cash demand , prices wont
up some , and at the close sellers September
corn wns about , 'c better than it closed last
night , and sellers May about unchanged.
Oats continued quiet and nearly steady ,
with occasional glimpses of activity , though
in the mnln the regular market was dull ,
owing to the continued absence of outside
trading orders or news of any consequence.
There was some changing of July to August
at KC difference in favor of July , or at 2viffc
and i 2jjo respectively , wbilo deferred de
liveries were quiet and tended to easiness.
Hecomts continued fair , and withdrawals
from store were smaller. No. 2 regular in
car lots sold at 22 c.
The provision trade was in a somewhat
featureless condition. The opening was at
prices generally under the level of yester
day's closings , and during the session specu
lation was too restricted to occasion anything
moro then moderate fluctuations. The mar
ket was in a slow state , with the outsiders
giving It little or no attention and packers
inclined to allow It to drift at will. Profes
sional traders transacted the bulk of the
limited trading witnessed. Short ribs closed
for the day quotably unchanged , ivhilo lard
showed n not decline of SX Sc and pork
C@10c. For cash delivery a moderate amount
of lard was sold nt fff.liy < @u.1' % of
pork at (10.75 nnd of 10 Ib. sweet pickled
hams at $ U.9X Sixteen-pound green hatns
ranged ut $3.a7X@3.03 } . Speculative inter
est was again confined to September , which
sold at $10.05@10.80 for pork$0.17 @ 0.20
for lard and * . " > .47 @ 3.52 } for short ribs.
Pork for the same month closed at $10.70 ,
lard at 3IU7& and short ribs at (5.50.
August was quoted ut n discount from Sep
tember of 7 } o for short ribs und pork aud
lOo for lard. For January , the only winter
delivery in demand , pork sold at f9.90@ 10.00 ,
lard at f5.05@0.00 and short ribs at $5.00@
CIIICAOO , July 37. [ Special Telegram to
TnuBEB.I CATTMTrudo was slow nnd
prices rather weak. Everything saleable
wont over the scales , the general market
closing rather weak , with Texans selling So
lower. Quotations ranged at $3.40@l.30 for
good 10 choloo shipping steers , $3.9U@3 115 for
common to good shipping steers. $3 , GO@.i.90
for butchers' steers , $3.00@2.SO for stookors ,
SiO@ai ! : ( ) forToxnns , * 150j.lllfor feeders ,
S1.50 ( ( 2.75 for cows , and Jt.5U@j.75 for infer
ior mixed stock and bulls.
lions Business was fair aud prices steady
as compared with yesterday. Packers bought
rather sparingly and ttio shipping demand
was light , with the Squires party out of the
trade altogether.
NBW YOIIK , July 27. 'Die following were
the closing quotations :
U. B. < s regular. liM" } Northern Vncltto. . 2iy
U. 8. la coupons . . .U'3i ! do preferred . 03)1 )
U. 8.4HsreauUr..liMl4 : O. & N.V . ( ijj
U. H. < U4n coupons. , lutl donrorerrud . 13'J
PaclUctfaof 'W . 118 iN.Y.Ceutral . 1 <
Central Paclnc . ; HJJ I'.D.&H . , . SU
Chicago A AIUa..ia IllocWulanil. . IMU
Chicago , llurllngton C..M , & 8t.l' . uatf
&Qulnuv . D3V Uoproforred . 10H
I > . .UW . H3 | SU'aul& Omaha. . 31
Illinois Central . 11314 ilo preferred . 03
I..II. & \V. . fl'i ' { Talon 1'aclllo f.'J
Kansas .V Texas. . . . 10 ! W..8t. L. lev HVi
l. ko Shore ] Uli ? do prof erred. . . , . Mijj
Michigan Central. . Western Union. . . . 84
Missouri 1'acldo , . . .
MONET Easy with no loans , closing at 3 }
per cent.
Piiiue MnncxxTaB PAI-BB 4 } 3S per
SmuuNO EXCIUNOB Dull , but rtoady ;
sixty-day bills , tl.85 / ; demand , U87 >
Cnjoioo , July 27. 1:16 : p. ra. close Wheat
Firmerj cash , 70 > < o : September , 775 o :
December. 79 cl
Corn Firmer ; cash , SO 7-10o ; AuRnst and
September , 80 Mlic.
Oat * Steady ; cash , 2 o ; Auau t and
September , 31J < ° ,
Hye Cash , 43c
Barley No. 3 , September , C3Vo.
Prime Tlmothy-$1.45.
Flax Seed No. 1 , 11.33 .
WhUky 1.Q3.
Pork Easier ; cash and August , SIO.G3V :
September , * 10.70 ,
Lard Steady : cnsli , M.07K ; August ,
tn.07X@0.10 ; September , M.17&
Flour Dull and neglected.
Dry Salt Meats Shoulders , $5.12X05.25 (
short clear , $5.75@5.87J { ; short ribs ,
fT .40@5.50.
Uuttor Unchanged j creamery , 10J10oj
dairy , 0@14c.
Cheese Unchnncod ; full cream chrddars
nnd fiats , 7@Ho ( YounR Americas , 7 f(37Ko. (
Eggs Unchanged ; fresh , 10@llc.
Hides Unchanged.
Tallow Unchanged ; No. t solid packed ,
4@4Vc ; cake , 4tf < x . . _ , .
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour . 17,000 0,000
Wheat . 103,000 00,000
Corn . 219,000 , SUI.OOO
Oats . _ .sm,000 145,000
Mvorpool , Julyr. | Wheat Quiet , de
mand fair ; holders offer moderately.
red western , sprlnrt' 7 4tl@7sM red west
ern. xvintor , 7 C'57 2di' '
Corn Steady and. demand fair ; now
mlxod , 4s IXd. > t n
St. liOtiis , ' July1 2T. Whoixt Tjowor ;
cash , 73Jtfc ; August , 733f @ 73Ko-
Corn Firm ; o slu 8Vc ; ; September , 83c.
Oatt Nominal ; cu. < tUf 23o ; August , SlJ o.
Pork Dull nnd lower. 811-.25.
Lartl-Nomlnnl , 3:76 :
Whisky $1.03.
Butter Nominal1 creamery , 14@lGcjdnlry ,
Il@l8c. J , f
Oliiolnnntl , Julyl 07. Wheat Dull and
lower ; No. 3 red , 78Sc.
( Torn Firm ; No. 3 trilxod , OSc.
Oats Quiet but 'flrjn ; No. 3 mixed , 20 ®
27a rt-i ,
Whlskyl.03. . i ,
KunsnR City , Jnty 27. Wheat No. 3
cash , ( > 5o bid ; August , ( V > o : No. 8 rod ,
cash , 58c ; July , B7Xc ; August , WJo hid ; No.
3 soft , cash , 07c bid ; August , Coo.
Corn Weaker ; No. 2 , cash , 25o bid ; July ,
2 Xo nsltotl ; No. 2 xvhlto cash , 27o bid.
Oats No bids nor offerings ; July , 17c
Now York , July 27. Wheat Receipts.
2,200 ; exports , none ; steady ; spot firmer nnd
moro active ; No. 2 red , tiStfa In store , 89Xd
afloat , 89@905fc f. o. b. ; No. 8 red ,
83o bid ; ungraded red , 8. ) } @ 91o ; options
moderately active and higher ; July , 68c.
Corn Heceipts , 53.000 bushels : exports' ,
18,000 bushels ; spot quiet and weaker ; No. 3 ,
44c in elevator , 44W@-14/o afloat ; No. 2
vhlto , 53c ; ungradod mixed , 4l@t4Xo ; ; co
ttons dull , weak and lower.
Oats Stoidy ; options firm nnil moderately
active ; July , ' 277 < o ; August , 2Scf September.
27o ; spot , No. 3 whlto,35 > , ' @ 24c ; mixed
western , 26@29c.
Coirco Options closed steady nnd 5 points
up : sales , 46,000 bags ; July and August-
Jii.9r : @l4.15 ; Scptembor , $14.10@14.40 ; De
cember , $14.10014.35 ; spat Itlo , quiet ; fair
cargoes , 113.25.
Petroleum Firm ; United closed at $1.25.
Eggs Quiet und weak ; western , l3@13Xe. !
Pork Quiet and steady.
Lard Dull and weak ; western ,
$0.50 ; August , tfl.44 asked.
liuttor Fairly active ; western , 10@l7c ,
Cheese Quiet and unsettled ; western ,
ftlinnonpollx. July 27. Wheat Dull
and easy ; receipts , 114 cars ; shipments ,
03 cars. Closing : No. 1 hard , July , 91.01 ;
on track , $1.03 ; No. 1 northern , July , 9 < iu ;
on track , 95@Ko ! ! ; No. 2 northern , July , 84o ;
on track , 85@87c.
Mllwniikec , July 27. Wheat Steady ;
cash , 78c ; September , 7(15 c.
Corn Dull ; No. 8 , 3i ( ; c.
Oats Quiet ; No. 3 white , 2SX@20c ,
Hye-DullNo. ; 1. 43 0.
Barley Quiety ; September ,
Provisions Easier ; ork , f
Chlcaao , July 27. The Drovers' Journal
reports as follows :
Cattle Receipts , 2,800 ; nmr' " . steady ;
beeves , poor to choice , ? 3.50ji ,0 ; cows ,
$1.50(33.00 ( ; stockers , SiOO@.J.OO ; Texas
steers , § J.20@3.03 ; cows , $1.50083.20.
Ho s Receipts. 10.500 ; market steady ;
mixed , S4. : > 0@4.50 ; heavy , $4.15@4.35 ; light ,
.3.- > @ 4.75.
Sheep Receipts 2,000 ; natives , $3.50 ( $
4.80 ; western , $ } . ! ! ( X < < 14.20 ; Tcxuns. $3.40@
4.2J ; lambs , J4.73@0.00.
KniiRnn Oiiv , July 27. Cattle Receipts ,
2,200 ; shipments. 00 ; markOtQ steady
and firm ; common to choice corn-fed steers ,
$3.00@4.1G ; stackers and feeders. $1.00@
300cowp ; , ? l..r > 0@2. 0.
Hogs Receipts , 5,700 ; shipments , 2,500 ;
market steady , closing " a stlado stronger ;
iK'hr , S .17X@-t-23X ; "heavy and mixed ,
4.05 4.1 .
National * Sf > 3kiVanli. . St.
Lioiiis , July 27. Cattle Receipts , 200 ;
shipments , iiOO ; market steady ; choice
heavy native steers , $ -t04.20 ; fair to good
heavy native steers 83.75(34.10 ( ; stockers
and feeders , nominal ; " ranenrs , corn-fed ,
$2.75@3.15 ; grass-fed.S1.00@3.75.
Hogs Receipts , lksoa ; shiumeuts , 500 ;
market active and scaa'diur ; cnoico heavy
and butchers , $1.45(31.5) ( ; packing , $4.40@
4.50 ; light grades , $ lT55@1.57X.
Sioux < ; ity. JulV,27. Cattle Receipts ,
190 ; shipments , 93 ; market steao\v : fat
steers , § : j.00@3..ri ) ; Tocdcrs , $3.25@3.l0 ! ;
stockers , J3.20 ® "i. 19 ? ) Icanners ana bulls ,
75o@ l.25 ; veal calves , Si.OOSp.iJO.
Hogs Receipts , l,00i ; market lower ; light
nnd mixoJ , $4.00@4'.07 > c ; heavy ,
The RatIo ScroaiiM'in California.
It is pleasant to know , says the San
Francisco Alta , that the Fourth of July
had due honor paid it at points far remote -
mete from tbo great cities. The papers
coino in with accounts of salutes and
processions , Goddesses of Liberty and
An pels of Peace , stirring patriotic
music and orations. Of all the orations
wo think that tins from ono delivered
by Mr. Hook , at Concord , takes the
patriotic cake :
The breath of freedom fills our val
leys , is wafted to the monarch of nature
Yosomito. Yosemite booms it to
Shasta ; Shasta bows and reflects it to
Columbia ; Columbia ripple and dances
it to the pines ; the pines murmur it to
the o to rn nl glaciers of Alaska. The
glaciers with tears of joy , weep it to the
Yukon ; tbo Yukon swells and surges it
to the shores of Asia , down through the
Indian ocean through the Rod Sea , to
the classic shores of tbo Mediterranean ,
upon the breath of the lotus-laden Nile
to the loving Stanley , back on the
breath of the simoon to the Eternal
City , Mont Blano catches its bong ,
Switzerland und Franco join in the
grand chorus. On through the olive
groves of Spain to the gates of Gibral
tar it battles and thunders till all
Europe wonders , while it flies over the
Holds of England. Across the Irish Sea
it sings n song of hope at the door of the
over down-trodden son of Erin. There
the thumb and linger of American
science turns the screw that sends it
tiokl tlokl beneath the Atlantic's roar
fathoms doopl Behold it sits spark
ling upon the finger tips of ' 'Liberty
Enlightening the World ! " which
throws it to the far off Sierras , t The
Sierras glance it to Diablo ; Diablo
shimmers it to Hamilton ; Hamilton
eights it to the stara ; the stars in the
Eternal Space sing it to the nngols :
"American liberty atill lives , und shall
for all timol"
IfOnly iin Were Hern !
11. D. L. in New Yurlt World.
All through the long , bright summer day.
As J lie on the glistening sand ,
Aud see the cool waves dathlnir spray ,
With seaweed drifting towards iho land ;
Or rest In some sweet , leafy glade ,
And watch , as through a golden slevo ,
The sunlight filter through tha shade ,
I feel that it is good to live.
And when despite the sunset's frowa
His abdication over wins-
King Phoebus lays his neeptrc down
And sweet Queen Dial's rule begins ,
I sit and watch her silvery beams
To earth immortal radiance give ,
No doubting thought within mo gleams :
I know that It is good to live.
But , at last , when from-afar
The shadowy dusk Is lost to sight ;
When darknc8 , pillowed on a star ,
Lies dreaming in tbo arms of night ;
I wako from thoughts -of-rapturoun bliss ,
No heart boats warralV next my own.
No sweat lips parted w.Hh a kiss ;
Tollvol Ahyws : but jjot alonol
Cushrann's MenthoMmmlor , euros catarrh ,
headache , neuralgia , nsthma. hay Fuvor.
Trial free at your druggist , Price 50 cents.
From Chicago toNovr York by Way
of the Lnkoa.
Tlio Strnlts of Mackinaw nnil Tliulr
I'lotitrcsiiuo Islimtls , V Kuvorlto
Sutiimor ftoiort Tlio Grant
St , Clnlr Hlilp Ciuinl.
An Outing Ainniitr the Imkcn ,
POUT DAMtoxTsin , Ont. , July 16.
[ Spcolul to Tills ButMy : ] trip com
prised traversing lakes Michigan ,
Huron , the St. Gtiur rlvor and lake of
the same 1111.1110 , Detroit rlvop , Luke
Krio , the Wollntul canal , Livko Ontario
to the Thousand islands , and by the St.
Lawrence down past Montreal to the
llttlo Canadian villnifo of Soul at the
mouth of the Hlcholiou river , up the
wator-courso to Lake Champlntn , down
Clmmplain to Whitehall , taking In Fort
"Ti" and Luke George by the way.
Thence by cannl to the Hudson at Al
bany , turn from this point end in a ma
jestic sail down the grand old Hudson to
Now York , at Its mouth. In short , by
water from Chicago to Now York , the
on tire distance from Kingston , Canada ,
to Now York , to be traversed in the llt
tlo twenty-foot yacht , the lolantho ,
which was to bo car-rind on board the
nropollor Avoroll as far as Kingston.
If the noisosomo and malaria-breed
ing waters of Chicago "creek" were re
pulsive , just in proportion was iho
ngrocabla change of Luke Michigan's
milled surface of azure hluo waters as
the Avoroll plowed its surface outward
bound ,
The far-reaching waters of this
boundless heaving fresh water- sea
stretched far away upon every hand ,
hero and there dotted by the white
winged vessels , with an occasional cloud
of propeller amoko floating far up into
thin air , the noise and grime , the rum
ble and roar , hot pavements and reek
ing sewers were Inft far behind.
A line moon-lit sea greeted us on the
first night out , and together with the
captain a most agreeable gentleman
wo discussed and admired the scone in
all its varied moods until the steward
appeared and ushered us to the neatest
and smallest of cabins , far up in the
bow , and for all the world like a Pull
man car on a small scale. There were
two berths , an upper and lower , and
both rosplendant with the whitest of
Early next morning found the steamer
in Milwaukee , the city of lager beer ,
'cream buildings and thick-waistod girls.
It KO.S with dllllculty wo restrained from
llirting witn the Gorman lassies who
occasionally cast a languishing glance
our direction. Toying with the all'oc-
tions of a Milwaukee girl is quite a
serious affair , punishable by a $ 3 line
in fact.
It was the afternoon of the second
day out when the Manilou
islands were sighted rising dim and
blue from the waters surrounding.
This proved to bo the Straits of Macki
naw with their high wooded and pic
turesque islands , showing a white and
yellow clill' hero and there. The straits
are about eight miles wide in the nar
rowest portion , but the distances be
tween land are made loss by the islands
of which there is a multitude. The
island of Mackinaw with its fine hotel
is the largest. This summer resort is
connected with St. Ignatius , a little
railroad terminus opposite in Michigan ,
with a line Horry boat and the hotel is
much frequented in summer by vacation
tourists from the hob cities , north and
Night was drooping her sable wings
over the scene when Spectacle Reef
lighthouse was sighted on the north
shore of Lake Huron. This light was
built on a dangerous reef on Lake
Huron at an enormous expense by the
United States governmot. Its founda
tions are of solid block stone hold to
gether by iron rods driven down into
bod-rock. It is a Hash-light , showing
now rod , now white , and it
was a very pretty sight as the
darknessgrow denser and its carmine
and white began to Hash over Huron's
troubled waters.
The afternoon of the third day found
the ' 'Avorell" cleaving the waters of
the St. Cluir river opposite Port Huron ,
a busy little town at the foot of the lake
of the sumo name. The St. Clair river
which hero springs into existence is a
magnificent stream some thirty-eight
miles in length and together with the
Detroit river and Lake St. Clair , con
nects lakes Huron and Erie. The huge
craft on which wo were passengers
stpamcd into this deep thoroughfare
with speed unchanged and directly was
swinging down its broad bosom past
many a quaint and natty farm house
with neat grounds extending
down to the water's edge , with
natural docks for flotillas of gaily
painted boats. Hero and there a sum
mer cottage of moro pretentious and
modern design stood sheltered by its
groves of trees and surrounded by its
faultless lawns , while manystoam yachts
of no moan proportions swing easily at
their moorings , giving one an idea of
the luxurious lives of their owners. Go
ing up the mast-head the tourist gains
many a fine landscape view of small
Canadian homesteads and thriving
American farms , with their outlying
buildings and Holds , and fat , sleek cat
tle , making in all a beautiful pastoral
scone as over delighted alovor of nature
and an admirer of progress.
Spine distance below Marino City , of
Saline notoriety , the boat came out on
the St. Clair Hats , and the sight of a
steamer plowing through what scorned
at that distance a pleasant country
of trees , corn , wheat and rushes.
Gradually the trees , corn , etc. , gave
way to long fields of reeds , with occa
sionally a Hush of water showing white
among the green , and the lake of St. .
Clair , with its famous ship canal was
This great work consists of two par
allel walls , built in the lake , and is a
mile and an eighth in length. It was
designed to deepen the water at the
mouth of the St. Clair rival , which had
here previously given much trouble to
lake commerce. The sum expended
on this great feat of engineering must
have been immense. The earth form
ing its walls was dredged out of the
lake and filled into heavy wooden crib
bing and the whole surmounted by grass
and willows nnd provided with a light
house at end. The walls or
banks tire about twenty feet wide ,
It requires sixteen minutes as ordainoy
by the government to run through the
canal , with a ponnlty of $1.000 for and
Bnoed In excess of four miles an hour.
Consequently the hearse oxhaustwhloh
had kept up a continuous monotone
since leaving Milwaukee , was silenced ,
and wq glided through with scarcely
a ripple on the canal's calm surface.
Darkness was once moro hovering over
the horizon when the brilliant lights
of Dotrojt were sighted far oil over the
low shores of Lake St. Clair. The moon
rose silvery and silent over the stilled
waters of the lake , and mudo a golden
path of glorious light , in which one
might Imaglno sylphs , fnrlos
nnd nymphs dinportintj thomsolvoi.
The long , lazy ground-swell over
nnd anon would throw up their fungos
of phosphorescent water advancing and
retreating llko gems of Incomparable
bounty. The dim white painted stacks
of the boat rising ghostly In the scant
light. An ocean of silence around with
nothing to break it save the low ca
dences of some fnr away lowing cattle
on shore and you have the picture to
the eyes of the tourists who admlrod
and discussed It ,
The electric lights of Detroit now
shown out from a wall of black like diamonds
mends sparkling and Hushing in a setting
ting of onyx. . The speed boll was rung
as wo glided past sombre warehouses ,
occasionally lit upon their exposed walls
by the light towers high over hcadand
wo glide to a wharf the lines were made
fast and wo found ourselves In the most
brilliantly lighted city in America ,
"tho city of the strait.1
A Country Iloml.
It ,
Yellow with dust It sleeps In noonday tflaro ,
Yellow with dust It stretches fur away :
On the moiscd-wall the cnlpmunks frisk niul
Where golden dnUlos'hroldor nil the nlr.
Now imturo Booms to iircam 'mid fragrance
rare ,
For summer slloucu holds unbroken sway ,
Till round the bund n croAlUna wain of hey
Comes lumbering down"4 the drowsy thor
Then nil is still again ; the orchard trues
Are motionless us the distant purple hills
On which the shadows of the whlta clouds
When suddenly the whito-fleclted clover seas
All joyous tremble , whllo the bobolink
Ills wildest melodies with owrot unrest.
Sioux City Hipres.i lttl : p in luO p in
* BniorsonAccoitnnoliit'n 5r p m 4t'i a m
Oakmnil Awonnnod'n. . : : n a m 4 : ; i i p m
St. I'nul Umiteil fi:4i : p in II Ml a m
Klorenco 1'iwi nger . . . I arn a m Sli : a m
Horcnco 1'asaenKer l > :31 : p m n'll i > in
tPIorenco 0ni : ) a in 10 : ! > a nt
tKlorom-a "
1:30 : p in 5l" : > p m
Dally Except Sunday ,
tSmuinv Onlv
Rnnnlns between Council niutri and AU
brluht. In addition to the stulom mentioned ,
trains stop at Twentieth and Twouty-IourtH
streets , nnd at the Huramlt In Omatia.
ri5a livnrn.
Leave.I Arrive ,
No. 3 BstWpmO No. 1 Ul5am :
O No. 6 6:50imO : No. 5 fi:15pm :
A No.4 100i ; ) am | A No. ! ] . , . . u.-icipm
A iO.ll UI5 : nni A NoID. . . . . . .7:1J ura
No. 8 0:10 : aimNo. 7 UJ7 : am
No. 8 : n pmNo. ; 7W : tn
No.4 u8i ; pmNo.6 0-15 pm
All Trains Dally.
A No. s 0:40 : amlA No. l , . ,7:03 : am
A No. 4 0WpmA : | No. H BJ5 pm
A No. 8 1007a ; ml A No. 3 0:25am :
A No. 4 0ilipml ; A No. 1 OllU um
A No.10 7:06 omlA No. 0 8:55 am
A NoU ! 7:00 : pm A No.ll Vuopm ;
A No. 8 imprulA No. 7 KrTO m
AdfUly : n dalyl excupt Baturday ; Ovxuvpt
oonday ; D tucept Wouilny ; Taw mall.
A Good Incronso hi Clearings and
Money Reported Easy.
An K.fTort lUnile to Hoar the liocal
Antlmiclto Conl Market- '
Havana l < onf Tobacco
l.eneriil .N
In Ijocul Traili
Mr. Hughes , njnnuRcr of tlio"
house , reports the clearing * for'Uo ( iwooltt
ending July 47 at $ l,5'JS'Ot.77 , an incrcmo of
4(1 ( 4-10 per cent over the sumo poVlotl last :
your. Unlniices were ? lMr\atl.r \ > 8 , nndj
bankers generally say thut Iho monoy\
nnirkut I ) vcr.v unsy , and prime inorcnntlltK
paper is In demand at shaded ilgtircs.
General triido continues very lair for the
season nnd orders are llhcml , botli by mail
and from "snlosuion on the road. Oolleo *
tions , however , do not show upv
so well , and tno country is some * '
wheAt bohlnd In this respect , but not sorU
ously so , mid an Improvement Is ooiifUlotitly-
anticipated us soon us the small gram crops *
uro harvested. Prices nra steady , thouKtn
sugar shows n further decline , ami granm
luted ir.uv he quoted at 0 cents.
The Cozzcns house property was sold ycsv
terduy by Mr. J. IX Her to Dr. J.V. . MoMctK-
nmy for $ ! VlXh ( ) spot cash. The prlco is coin-
sldorod a low onu and liltoly to not the pur- '
clmsora handsome profit.
Loaf Trnnqultlty hut boon the prevailing ,
fi'uturo of this week's market. The prudls-t-
position on the part of buyers against that
now Vnolto Abajo leaf seems to bo incroa-j
Ing , the goods are not liked nutl although ! '
tl.o Purtldo tobacco from the present growthl
hiis given much hotter satisfaction * both )
at rcRiirds condition ot loaf and iroodf
burning , &hp ! | > ors constain from ouorm
tiup , owtiijj chiefly to the poor assortment *
of really good wrapiwrs' contained
In the lots thut nro being offered female , fill-
era not being wanted Just now. About alxi
hundred bales of now crop of Uomcitios Imvof
mudo their appearances thus -far , and toV
judge by thorn , nil the expectations enter
tained in regard to the leaf raised in thlsi
part of the inland moro suitable for thu Gorman - -
man markets are now fully upset. The to
baccos in question luivo pkmty of gum ,
and In fact the capadurai promiseto turn
out equal If not superior to thtaa grown last
Thtiltamrdlos crop Is said to have tunled
out very largo , say about sixty thousand
bales , and about , half may ho looked for toi
suit the United States trade. This willl
prove n great relief to shlppors for said mar
ket , since bo Mi Vucltas mm 1'urtldns may ou
considered tins season ns not existing ut nlll
on account of their light quality.
Cigars Absence of orders Is still com
plained of by manufacturers , nnd the pros-
out monotony In the trade has only been In
terrupted by some small strikes in various *
factories , promptly settled , however , to tho. )
atixfaction of all parties concerned.
The tobacco urnp of Stu. Clara is expected'
to add up this year no less than 2l,500 ) >
The picking of tobacco has already. com *
menoed in the district of Sagua and the qual
ity of the leaf is said to be in general quite )
At Itumndins growers entertain high ox
pcetations regarding the prices to bo ob
tained/or their tobacco crop , which seems *
to havu turned out. of excellent class nndt
rather abundant.
Mr. J. 1C. Armsby , of Chicago , in his latt.
circular has to say :
Canned corn is booming1. The packers of !
corn in the west are .strengthening their1
ideas for futures , prices having boon ad
vanced lUc per dozen during thu last two
Mr. Charles McConniolc , of this city , has
bought the . ' 500 aero stock farm of Judga
Kounts , near Calhoun , Nob. , nnd proposes to
put In n half mlle tracir and further do-
velope the property.
Fro January 1 to da to the exports of gold
from this country have amounted to50,7:13- :
b l. For the same period in IB&i they reached
i-.lllUbar ; in 1S87 , $ ll,8.T3OS6 ) ; in 18SO , ? 13-
( i'ji,514 : , and in 1SS5 , $10,47iC'JO. ) '
We congratulate the Jobbers on the posi
tion they took this year in not buying futures ,
and wo believe that their canned goods de
partment will show a fur larger prollt in
11:80 than it showed loss in ISS8.
Tlio Spreckcs | ( Philadelphia ) sugar re
finery , cauaeity 4 , JOU.CXK ) pounds per daywill
commence , oiu-ratlons about Septemberjl
next. The general opinion is that it will bo
gobbled u ) > by the trust monopoly.
Advices from Cauifurnin continue very
favorable for the crops of raisins and prunes ,
the early estimates of about lOUOtlM ) ) bures
of the former and 18,000,000 , l\n \ of the hitter
yet standing us the expected yield of these
twn important articles.
Gold coin and bullion In the United States
treasury foot up Wlii,913,878 : ; silver dollars
and bullion , ? 2 IlliS7S ! ) ; legal tender , * 4(1-
71,4 ! ! $ " ; cold curllllcatos in circulation , SUl-
! i : : ) , ! l' , ) ; silver cortilicatoi la circulation , '
J3.r > , br)7iy5 : ; currency cortlllcatcs , $10,875,000. ,
The inerclmtiulHo exports froin thfs coun
try for the last twelve months exceeded
these of the corresponding period preceding
by about $45,01)0,000 ) , more than two-thirds of
this increase being accounted for by the
larger exports of raw cotton , hoof , hog and
dairy products , and live animals.
A local dealer In making an effort to bear
thu anthracite coal market by taking ordera
lor future delivery , to bo paid for Iirad-
v.inee , at $3.7. " > and 5UOO p r ton a cut of SO
cents-but it might Do well for Intending
purchasers to require security that thu
deliveries will bo made us ngrned.
Corn and tomatoes are looking bettor ,
especially the former. The acreage of corn
planted in the western circuit In J.S81) ) was
about 10,000 acruH , against over ! ! 3IXX ) last
year. The Btoclt of old corn is beginning to
get whittled down to vury small proportions
in llrst hands and prices are Btcadily ad
The mackerel catch docs not improve ac
cording to eastern advices. No. 1 have no
yet made their uppoar.inco. No. ! 2 art ) selling
at $2J.K ( ) 4.)0 ( ) ami No. 3 nt # 18.0USSJO.OO.
There is some movement in the Irish mack
erel. The imported tlali , it Is true , nl'o very
lean , ' 'but In other respects they are doing
quite well. "
The latest agricultural reports Indicate
that the census crop of wheat will be grown
upon about :18C : , > 84,000 acres , ugnlnsti5,4Uly.i : } ;
ten yearn ago , a gam of loss than 10 per cent.
The urea of corn has increased from Cf d'.H- ' )
000 to 77,000,000 acres , the oats , artu from
10OOll.O < KI to 2S,0KOlK ( ) ) acres , nnil the cotton
area from 14bOOUO ! acres tun years uga to
iO.iiOO.OOO acres. '
As the season for the packing of vegeta
bles approaches thu bent ovidmiuo of the
proripcmlvo packs uru tlm ordera for cans
that uru placed with the manufacturers.
This subject , according to the Now Vurlr
Commercial Unlletin , has been Invuetljtoa |
by u prominent house in the trade , und thu
result is thut they Hud the proportion ] ! ] . ' ) | b
tomato cans to 1 'Mb corn. From this It
would appear thut p.u-kcrs hud ileteriomod
to jiut uj ) very llttlo corn the tonnnyjie Ron.
Kin coffee is pretty siirp to soil 'fo wiir and
purchasers are waiting for the cxpucutit
drop. The now ciop U estimated m 4XMJLOUO
bags. If to this wo add the 1,700,000 hitgn of
old coffee , it makes 5,700,000 bajjHwiiLh / U
only 1,127,000 bairn less than the raruiuU for
the lust year , and thU U more than com
pensated for by the Increase in the world's
vlslblo supply. In other words , if the now
crop U not underestimated the supply will
bo large enough to meet the world's con
sumptive rbqulrumonts and yet leave stocKfl
.at thu end of the year lamer than they wpro
Juno 1 , 1SSS.
The whole trouble ) In this dried fruit and
canned goods business luyt in a nut shell.
The entlro product nnodeU for a year's 'con-
sumption Is produced In about ninety days.
Some ono has got to curry It for the ensuing
nine months. If the p.iukeru would only
realize that If they have a good artlulo and
not too much of \ \ that the tradi , If they can
buy It as they want It. will gladly pay them a
good price for it , and let their country banks
carry it Inatoud of the Jobbers , three-quar
ters of the battle would Imvo boon fought ,
und it would very largely settle the ( jucitlou
of overproduction.