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The Skirmish Firing at tbo Bellevue
Baugo Yesterday.
Scores Mndo lly tlin Competitors ,
Blnnnnr of Conducting tlio 1'rno *
tlco nnd tlio Blclll Which
MnKce a MnrJf mi\n.
On tlio
Yesterday was an ideal summer day. and
the scano nt Bellevue range of the depart
ment of the Platte , whore the preliminary
frnctico for the ninth annual rillo com
petition Is In progress , was ono of interesting
activity and plcturosqucncss.
As Is well known , the r.inijo is n lovely
epot , nnd soon under yesterday's genial sun-
( ddno , was only to Increase its enchantment.
The splendid weather , too , scorned to have n
: most uxtilloratlng influence upon thi oon-
to ndlngtnrtrksmon. 'Ihey entered Into their
friendly rivalry with uncommon zest , and
peed scores were the natural result.
It is a well-known fact , though ,
that man or boast performs liny
eortofu duty , or any Kind of labor better
nnd with greater satisfaction , under harmon
ious utmosphorio conditions. A soldier's
life Is a monotonous ono , at best , in times of
t > eace , and sometimes burdensome , especially
at an inland post , whcro the dully routine of
duty is confined to the unvarying proscribed
A rlllu competition , the Inspection by a su
porlor olllccr , or any event out of the seem
ingly tntcrinlnablo rut , is balled with an un-
definable delight bv the soldier as an oash in
the dreary waste of time. Is It nny wonder ,
then , that the soldier Is fuller of llfo and
plrlta , of excitement and nagorncss an the
tnornlng of an Important rifle competition , on
i Rlorlous summer day llko yesterday I
' The late rains had tempered the soft south
ern breezes until they fanned the
brow lllte a refreshing balm. The
sun shone softer nnd the birds sang
tnoro sweetly , and all nature seemed n
dream of happiness. The blue of the sky
was 07 that tender transparent tint through
which ono scorns to ponolruto to unbounded
depths , and ever it the light winds wreathed
their graceful cloud paintings. The long
rows of tents cllstencd In the sunshine like
BO many piles of snow , while the ( lashing
Blue of the restless soldiers vied with that
of the nzuro ubovo.
It is not the Intention in this article to
enter Into any of the details of camp life ,
but Instead to elaborate upon the scenes of
the rifle competition , which is tilling the
United States with tlio truest and most un
erring shots In the world. So much has
this rillo pracllco done for the regular sol
dier In the past few years that It
is the opinion of old , tried and
experienced army ofllcers that a slnirln com
pany of thcso thoroughly drilled marksmen ,
If pitted in battle on an open plain , with n
regiment of ordinary soldiers which hud not
received the bcnctits of these competitive
trials , would win the day , and would rout the
tyron of the knapsack aud the gun , horse ,
foot and the dragoocs.
It requires a cool head , a steady nerve nnd
dear a.yo to maka a rifle shot , and those es
sentials only come by practice and oxpor-
lonc.o , nnd that Is what tha soldiers of Uncle
Bam uro cutting in those rillo competitions.
It was remarkable to see with what pre
cision the skirmishers yesterday scut their
leaden projectiles crashing through the
silhouettes hundreds of yards away , firing
shot after shot with u rapidity that would
have made the soldier of twenty years ago
Bland aghast. The day's programme was us
followt ) : '
At 8:16 the chief busier sounded ' 'As
sembly , " and the sixty-tight men who wore
to enter into the skirmish firing contest
buckled on their bolts and In ialiRUo uniform
formed in company on the level plateau on
Which the range is laid.
After the usual preliminary tlio squad was
divided into minor squads of eight men and
the shooting commenced. "Skirmishers ,
forward , guidu center 1" commanded Liou-
teiiunt Tyler , the range oOlcor.
'Tu , tu , to , " sounded the bugle and the
line moved. Tlio commanding olllcor spoke
to the bugler again and this tlmo the men
quickened their pace. It was the "double"
tlmo over the green swurd they hurried
until tbo 1 ! note of tbo clarion again
sounded. was the "Halt , commence
firing 1"
Down on their backs tro the
men , and U > an instant , almost , puffs o ;
8 molt o nro seen hero and thcro , and then tin
CraoUl crack I crnckl crnckl of tlio muskot'
Js hoard. Pingl pingl go the niuihuit mis
fillcs , and , if curcful , the listener can cntcl
the "chuck" of the bullet as it strikes the
Now the men are up again In rcsponsa tc
another call fit the bugle , and again tbo sol-
tliera iulvnncn3 if before an imaginary Too
Only to halt within the noxl ono hundrci
ards , and by a performance similar to tht
One nbove described , hold them in check bj
B moment's rapid firing. And thus it goes 01
until "recall" is sounded.
Skirmish firing , it is understood , is ono o :
the important requisites in the making of t
ikillcd mark nmn nnd soldier , for , unliki
poets , line rillo shots are mauo. no
horn , Uy th * system used in the united
States army , a iimn , if his eyesight bo good ,
though ho doesn't Know rillo from a hoe , car
1)0 ) tuught to pat a bullet through a man' !
lung * lit llvo butidrod yards nlno times out o :
ton. In flrinjr nt u stationary target , at :
known distance , the task is. comparatively
ppeaklng , AivJjr , once the system Is fairly un
dorstooJ. It Is n poor soldier who can'
piakc some sort of a score , because if ho hit :
the target nt all it counts two. But hi sltir
tiiish firing tha marksman shoots at an objec
lust his own size nud made in Imitation o
bimsolf in his own position. Ho llres at i
man standing , a man lying dowi
nnd a skirmisher kneeling. The tar
coU are silhouettes uud are rnng < 3 <
In groups of three , the kneeling
etundinu and recumbent. At00 yards tin
aoldiur Urea at the latter , and very ordinary
Is ho who cannot roach his anatomy iu BO in
portion. At 300 yarils he shoots at the kneel
ing llgu-o , while from that distance up to th
COO-yard limit bangs away at the standing
flgttro. Of course ho can ilro at the it
cumbuut flguro all the time If ho chooses , am
la on export marksman , but tlio ooldic
usually adapts himself to circumstances , am
in all cases dlstnneo embraces oil circum
Stances and surroundings. The limit of pos
ibillty In scorlnc IsEOO , That is to say , i
flio soldlrr | n the forty shots atlnttou Inn
nccoetis lu penetrating thoroouiubentllgun
iorty times without u miss lie scores 20 *
AUd ns rooorn is | xrfoet , a hit couutinp : flv
uolnti. A bullet BtriUlug the kneeling llgur
counts four , whllo thu standing IIeuro count
ibroo. Ono hundred points Is rood uliootinn
nnd many a young aoldlor has consldorei
tiimsolf lucky upon making ninety-six.
Corporal Snoll , of company T , Seventh In
fnntry , was the fortunate man yustorday
peering 104 points ; Lieutenant Qnodln vu
Bocond bast , witti u score of 101. The scor
of Coruorat Huoll Is un exceedingly good one
And with him us un antagonist an onora
would havti to Keep cloio under sholtur t
ovoid being perforated. Llcutonnnt Uoodlt
too , would keup an omiotiont liustllng fo
Coiivcnlunt trton , or othur protection , and I
fact nil tha leaders In yostordi 'ii shoo
Would , ns they all made oredltnblo Hcoros.
The following scores were made bv th
ioadori yen lord ay , showing the Atanding I
both slcinnlstiingund shooting at known dl :
C. 11 , Cochrnn , second lloutcuniit Sovontl
Infantry , known distance 2 < 3 , skirmish 05
total it&i ; Albert Saludin , sergeant 1 , Eighth
200 , 73 , total C38 ; Charles M. Snell , coruorc
t , bovonth , S3J1 , 104 , total 837 ; U. U , HucV
Becond lieutenant Kixtoouth , iME
01 , to.'nl van ; William Kvam
corppral O , SlxU-cnth , 1M1 , UO , total ! ! 30
John Uitvhlson , corporal E Uighth , ' X > . 1)1 )
total & 0 ; Kdinuiul ( lerhor , sergeant 1
Vwauty-flrst , 234 , 88 , total tt 3 ; Charles I ]
llelrdon , corporal O Eighth , 233 , 31 , total 2J
Auguit Scholle , Mrtoaut 1C Savouth , IHO , &
total 'u&\ \ John Corrlo , private band Seven
tconth , i ! 7 , W , totil 1H9 ; 1'utrielc Uonaghuc
oroant | I ) Blxtoeutli , 243 , 7J , total 315
NYilllam lilorifan , sergeant D Eighth , 213 , n
total Uln.
11 The followlni ; were among the twolv <
' leaders In the preliminary practice of Thura
' day. They were also among those in th
lufcil ycsterJuv. Apixindod is a grand totu
phowlns tholr utaudlug uftor the nbootlng o
liotb tltiys in both nklnimh ilriug aud * heel
Inir nt known distances ;
AlUrrtSaladin. . . , . . . , , . 81
John Corrlo . , , . , 43
Morgan . , 41
The aftoruooii'i pro rani'iiu oouiiited c
Irlng ntltnown dUtanco ns described in yes *
torday's UKH.
Acting Assistant Surreon Henderson put
on a rod striped flannel shirt and wont out
with the first squad , Ho mndn a score of VH.
Ills position exempts him from nny adverse
comment from oftlcers , for they
might bo tnkon sick some tlmo and then the
surgeon would have them at his mercy.
Lieutenant Palmer , of the Twenty-first
Infantry , surprised Ills horde of friends
by making the superb score of 10.
Ho WAS the recipient of numerous
congratulations , nndwltu a few days'
practice bis friends think ho may bo
i\blo to reach 20. with n rest. Lieutenant
Wright remarked to the writer that a man
ought to make n bettor score than that at 200
yards with n sword.
Lieutenant Wlllclns , rnttgo quartermaster ,
claims that his best work in skirmishing is
in the vicinity of the moss tent.
Lieutenant Oroto Hntchoson Is a clover
nnd obliging gentleman , and n marksman
from way back. Ho can stand on his hands ,
so It is said , and make 110 out of a possible
Ilciiiililicnn Stnto Committee.
Thcro will bo a meeting of the republican
state committee nt Omaha , at the Millard
hotel , ut H o'clock p. \Vodncsday , August
7,1339 , for the purpose of calling a state con
vention to nominate a 1udgo of the supreme
court and two regents of the university ,
L. D. Kiciunns ,
WALTr.ii M. Snci/r , Chairman.
Ilnvo You Catiirrh ? There Is ono
remedy you can try without danger of hum
bug. Send to A. G. Cnlcman , chemist , Knla-
inaroo , Mich.for trial package of his catarrh
cure. His only mode of advertising is by giv
ing it away. Postage 2c. Judge for your
self. Mention this paper.
DonnldHon's Double Marriage I'ro-
Yftntrd by a flitncli ol Letters.
"lam the best advertised man In Amer
ica , " Is what Edward A. Donaldson wrote
from Milwaukee to a young woman at Gales-
burp , 111. , whom he had deceived and be
Edward Is a married Omahatravollng man ,
and of the most dashing Lothario's stylo. This
discovery was made through the presence In
tins city of Samuel Frollcka , n hotel keeper
at Galcsburg , who Is looking up the young
man's record. An examination of records In
in the county court discloses the fact that
two years ago a liconaa wass Issued to
Edward A. Donaldson nnd Jennie Fcnnal.
They were then Joined In the bonds of mat
rimony. Subsequently Edward mot Miss
Kate IJroughwallc , described us n tall , grace
ful , pretty girl , about nineteen years old , at
Galesburg , and foil In love with her. Home
rather handsome ns well as audacious , Don
aldson won her affection , and a courtship of
several months' duration resulted In the en
gagement , and great preparations oa Miss
Uroughwulk's pure for tne marriage.
Whllo away from homo , soiling goods ,
Donaldson corresponded with Miss } . Urough-
walk ns well ns with his own wife.
Three months ago , whllo ho was traveling
In Missouri , both women directed letters to
him in a certain town in that state whcro
they know ho expected to be detained over
Sunday , There is whcro the futes reversed
their fortunes and sot a trap for Donaldson.
The latter never received cither of these let
ters. In duo tune the missives wcro for
warded to the dead letter oWco at Washing
ton , and there passed , by chance , through
the bands of ono clerk , who after reading
them , forwarded both to the wife in this city.
This opened her eyes and trouble com
menced. Before returning home , Donaldson
received an intimation that his appearance
would cr aton sensation , and instead of
going to his own house , remained at a down
town hotel , As soon as Mrs. Donaldson
heard that her husband was in the city she
ascertained his lodging place and called to
see him. Luckily , ho happened to bo out , but
she got the key , visited his rooms , broke open
his grip and captured a bundle of letters
which ha had received from the Illinois girl.
' 1 huso missives disclosed the fact that Don
aldson nnd 13roughwallc were to have been
married within two wcoks from that tlmo.
To the latter , and her friends , Donaldson
represented that ho was somewhat compli
cated with a woman In Nebraska , moaning
his wife , but could easily get rid of her at
nny tlmo. Lint recent developments show
that in this opinion he found himself very
badly mistaken.
After Mrs. Donaldson had secured sufll-
clont proof to convince her that she was
being duped n firm of lawyers was consulted
and steps were taken to institute legal pro
ceedings. Donaldson hoard of "this and dis
appeared. From MthVtiukna ho wrote to
Miss Hroughwalk , tolling her everything ,
aud it Is.supppsod loft tha country. A suit
for divorce will follow. Frolccka says that
the Galesbury girl had her wedding trosseau
prepared'invitations sentout and everything
in readiness for a brilliant society event on
the day of her marriage.
It Is a long stride from Rosalind , so tender ,
sweet , charming and innocent , to Mary
Stuart , yet Modjcskn takes it with an air ol
ease , grace and dignity that is certainly re
freshing. Last night the madauiG presented
Schiller's wonderful creation at 13oyd's '
opera house , and only when Modjoska as
sumes the character do .theater
goers of this day and genera
tiou have revealed to them a roalizatlor
of Its masterly Importance mid terrible
meaning. To undlyzo her performance ol
the dethroned and imprisoned queen would
fill columns , still nothing more interesting
instructive nud entertaining oan hardly be
imagined. It Is rcalisim personified , passior
duplicated in natural accord with humane
feeling and sentiment , Intense action koul
within bounds of reason and judgement , nrl
as clean , pure , bountiful and finished as ovei
gr.iccd the mimic stao. It was in the
climax to the third art that she proved beyond
yond fiucMtlon the great scope of bur magnet
ism , eloquence and power. As the curtair
foil upon the scene a toriflc outburst of nu
plaube swept the audience , and did not cease
until the star inndo her appearance in nc
knowledgoment of the approving Judgmon
upon her efforts. The principal support , will
one or two exceptions , was brilliant. Jotii
A. Lane ns Itoburt Dudley , . .Earl of Leicester
ter ; Charles Collins ns Lord Burlelgh , anc
Lawrence Hanloy lu tha role of Sir Edwurt
Marline , acquitted themselves nobly. Thi
other parts were well taken.
At the uiatinco this afternoon Mad ami
ModJPHku will appear as Uoatrlca m "Mud
Ado About Nothing , " and to-night bring ho
season to a close by presenting 'Twolftt
Night , " iu which she will bo seen as Viola.
Kloctrlclty niidOas.
The matter of lighting the city by electric
Ity or gas has boon referred by the council tc
the committed of the whole , aud will bo cou
nldcred by that body at an early date.
It is understood that a definite plan will bi
decided upon as to the manner of lighting
And , in accordance with this , specification ;
will bo issued and bids nsltod thereon ,
The Bor.tlmont of the council seems to hi
in favor of urollghts , Incandescent lights am
gas.Tho are and incandescent lights will b
used In the inoro thickly settled parts of tin
city , while gas will bo extended into the out
skirts , Both the oloctrlo light and gas com
pantos express themselves as pleased will
this arrangement , and offer to have bids a
called for by the council ,
Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment wil
cure blind , blooding and itching piles whei
other ointments have failed. It absorbs th
tumors , allays the Itching at once , acts as ;
poultice , gives instant relief. Dr. Willlame
Indian I'llo Olntmunt is prepared only fo
piles nnd Itching of the private parts , nm
nothing cUe. Every box IB warranted. Soli
by druggists , or sent by tuull on receipt o
prlc . 60o and ft per box.
WILLIAMS' M'FQ ' CO. , Prop's.
Cleveland , O.
A Hit oi'lloinnnuo ,
A bit of romance was attached to a mar
riaga license Issued yesterday. Dr. O. C
Clark , of York , Nob. , and Ms ! Mary His
vlns , of Chicago , wora the contracting
parties. From Clark it wa learned thu
they were elopluir , but ho would not sa ,
whom from. Lalu yesterday uftornoo
u marriage license waa prosJi'dd and th
coupio were united.
How Stale Prunoa Are Steamed and
Disclosures Unit \Vttl Cnnno the Epl-
unro to Turn I'nlc Ono of tbo
Tricks of the Trnclo
In Omaha.
A Now Industry.
Some of tbo merchants of this city wo In
the habit of sending stale dried fruits and
other poods to a certain hooso on North Six
teenth street , for the purpose of having the
stuff steamed and refreshed , in order to
make It saleable.
A reporter visited the place to see if ro-
iort9 concerning It were truo. As ho reached
.ho place a wagon bearing the name of a
prominent wholesale house backed up to the
rear entrance of the place nml flvo barrels
of prune * wore unloaded and placed near the
aoor. The tops of the barrels \voro covered
with coffee sacks.
The reporter lifted onaof these and peered
Inside , A sickening odor of must and rot-
Lonnoss wan wafted to hit nostrils , but hold
ing Ins brcatb a moment no took another look.
ScntnporliiR hither and thither were
bugs that thrive in corruption while every
where could be scon tbo disgusting squirm
of worms.
A handful of this garbage was wrapped up
carefully In a piece of paper and hold for fu
ture roforcmco. Inside the engineer was get
ting the machinery ready to steam this ref
use and glvo it the appearance of freshness.
The place was devoted to the roasting of
! > canuts and the rojuvonatmg of infected
uruncs and other dried fruits.
' Why do you atcara those1 prunosl" was
The fellow colored , and with some hesi
tancy , said :
"To dry thorn. "
"But doesn't steaming them mnko thorn
moist ! "
The fellow looked still raoro confused and
said : "Well , yea ; wo steam them to make
them look fresh. "
"Do you stoatn only old prunes ! "
"Yes. "
"But what becomes of those wormsi" and
the lutorrogater lifted the cloth of ouo of the
The fellow cast an nngry gleam at the
questioner and in a to no indicating that the
conversation was at an end , said :
"Tho steaming kills them. "
A couple of well known and reputable
physicians wcro sought by the reporter and
the prunes taken from thu barrel woro'shown
them andsuDjcctcd to microscopic examina
" \Voll. " said ono of the doctors , "those
squirming vegetable parasites that you sue
are but a small portion of those in the fruit.
Did you notice that thcso prunes
uro covered with a myriad of
mtnuta whlto spots 1 Well , these are
sugar mites , bacteria and other germs
of discaso , the as thu microscopic in
sects that infect diseased meat and are
equally as dangerous In case they ara swal
lowed with the food. You might as well
drink the water of a sewer as far as health
is concerned. In n strong constitution thuy
may remain latent for awhile , but eventually
they will cause discaso. These prunes are
utterly unwholesome. They are rotton. "
The other physician confirmed these state
Two or three of the white spots were put
on the microscope aud the Instrument was
handed to the reporter. On peering Into It ,
three monsters were revealed , not unlike
mud turtles , each with a myriad of logs with
a continual motion that made too reporter's
flesh creep.
The attention of Dr. Ralph , city physi
cian , was called to the fact that thcso dis
ordered prunes were being sold. The doctor
said that if ho could obtain sliOlciont evidence -
donco ho would proceed against the guilty
parties at once. Thcro is no city ordinance ,
ho said , to cover the case , but it could betaken
taken euro of under the Nebraska statutes.
Such a practice , emphatic In de
claring , should bo stopped at once , ns it
could not prove otherwise than disastrous to
the health of many people.
Dr. B. T. Coppcdgo , of Verona , Mo. , says
ho has sold a largo quantity of Swifts Spe
cific , and to a great many customers , and
knows it to bo most successfully used for
maladies of the blood.
Trains Suspended and Ono Million in
Property Destroyed.
Reports were received at the Union Pacific
headquarters to the effect that the territory
in Kansas in the vicinity of Junction City
and Fort Kearney Is flooded owing to the
heavy rains that have prevailed for the past
twelve days. With the exception of trans
ferring passengers , trafilo on the Kansas
division of the Union Pacific has boon sus
pended , the road boiog so badly washed that
through taalns cannot run.
Near Fort Kearney the country is flooded
for miles in places to the depth of several
feet and the railroad track is submerged.
It seems that the Somkoy and Republican
rivers overflowed their banks and tbo bridges
spanning both streams Downed by tbo
Union I'aciflu have buou carried away. It Is
also reported that the grain crop throughout
Kansas has boon damaged to a cousidoraolo
extent and that In the Hooded districts the
crops have been almost totally destroyed.
Tlio damages have not as yet boon com
puted , but it Is thought that the loss on
crops alone will foot up close to a million
dollars , and possibly more. The damage to
the Union Pacillo will aggregate $25,000.
Further damage Is expected from the over
flow of the river.
Another IllooKiulo.
The atmosphere In the immediate vicinity
of the Union Pacltlc and Burlington depots
savored of brimstone yesterday. The
yardmaster of the Union Pacific gave orders
to transfer a chain of empty cars which was
stationed at Summit to Council Blurts , and a
train of 130 cars was made up. It required
about ten minutes fur the train to clear the
Tenth street crossing , but the significance of
this was that about this time passengers'on
their way to the Uurliugton depot to take
the train were unable to cross and several
failed to make connections and partook of
the opiwrtunlty of venting their spleen de
nouncing the impropriety of the railroads
The U. P. Squatter * .
An attache of the Union Pacific stated ,
when asked why the company was making a
move against the squatters , that It was done
for the reason that some of the squatters had
resided on the ground so long that they be
gan to feel that they had an interest la the
property. Ho was of the opinion that the
land was not desired for Immediate laying of
As regards the property of the company
contiguous to Cut-Off luke , ho stated that
the company had acquired a strip of land 80C
foot wide , through purchase and grants , ex
tending from the center of Cut-Off lake
along the river to the main line ; also , that
the company would uot Interfere -with the
uquuttors unless the latter resided on prop
erty actually needed by tbo company.
Adams Is Coming.
The private oar of President Adams of the
Union Pacific was dispatched to Portland
from this city yesterday , nnd will return with
President Adams in about two weeks. Mr.
Adams has spent three weeks In Alaska , and
the report Is that his mission In that section
Is for tbo purpose of considering the build'
ing of a line from Portland to Alaskn.theroby
forming direct connections with the CuiiU'
dian Pacific. On his return Mr. Adams will
stop over here and give the union depot
problem bis personal attention.
Ilnllrnnrt Notes.
General Manager Hurt of the Elkhorn , baa
returned from the went.
Judge Kelley , assistant general attorney ol
the Uulon PacUlc , is at Lincoln.
General Superintendent Hughes of the
Klltlioru , is inspecting the South Platte di
H. C , Choynoy , imlstant general passcn-
ger agent of the Klkhorn , bat returned trots
Qunenil Manager Holtlrojo of the Bur-
llngton , has gene to Cbliago to attend the
meeting of the transcontinental association.
W. B. Krlskorn , tuMstont general tmtion-
? or agent of the Chicago , & Northwestern , is
.n Omaha. , t
C. M. Wend , purchasing agent ol the Hur-
llngtou , has returned from a buslnes strip to
The Atlantic express on the Union Pacific ,
arrived from the woit in two sections , the
llrst being fast freight *
G. W. Loomli , chief clerk In the onlco of
the general mnnngor of the Burlington , bos
returned from n trip tq points south.
General Purchasing Agent McKtbbon , of
the Union Paclflo , has gone to Now York on
Important business connected with his de
When the Jinnralca
Use Horsford's Acid Phosphate.
Dr , T. C. Smith , Charlotte , N. C. . says :
"U Is an invaluable nerve tonic , n delightful
beverage , nnd ono of the best restorers when
the energies flag and the spirits droop , "
Submits Ilor IIuRbnnd to the Lowest
Mnrltnl Degradation.
Marriage , In W. B. Leather's case , was a
failure , distressingly so , if hit own recital of
Ills tale of marital woes can bo accepted as
correct ,
Fifteen yearn ago , Leather , then a man
forty-flvo years of ago and n well-to-do archl
toot at London , Canada , became enamored of
a dashing young girl in her teens , named
Molllo Warren , nnd finally married her.
Leather was architect of the London pbst-
ofllco nnd was very successful In business.
Ho became connected with the engineering
department of the Grand Trunk railway ana
afterwards came west and hold a responsible
position for several years in the archi
tectural department of the Santa
Fo route. His domestic relations wcro
apparently of the plcasantcst nature.
Two children blessed the union and Mrs.
Leather made two trips to her homo in Eng
land during her husband's ' stay with the
SanU i'o folks.
Throe years ago Leather came to'Omaha
and found employment in the engineering
department of the Union Pacific. Ho lived
with his wife and two children at 1513 South
Tenth street. Leather was industrious nnd
economical and secured considerable valua
ble property.
About a year ago Mrs. Leather induced
her husband to sell his Omaha possessions
and move to Council Bluffs. There Leather
purchased a neat hi > use and a laundry busi
ness , the title to both properties bolng vested
In his wife. Then trouble commenced. Mrs.
Leather found a handsomer man nnd tired of
bolng an old man's darling. The
now object of her n ( Toot Ions was duly
installed as clerk and manager.
of the laundry business , and flna'ly ' suc
ceeded Leather in his place as head of the
Leather was given a ) small room In his
homo and was compelled to bo content while
the young man usurped his place ns manager
of the property and in his wife's affections.
The domestic relations finally became so
strained that Leather decided to return to
his ola homo In Canada and leave his wife
with her new-found lovo.
Thn old man was in Omaha. yesterday bid
ding a sad farowcll to his friends in this city.
Ho loft for London last evening , leaving his
children with thulr mother and her para
Rcinomborod in a Tribute From Jinny
Medical Associates.
Whereas , It has pleased God ia his wis
dom to remove from our midst ono of our be
loved and most highly esteemed classmates ,
in the person of Mrs. Margaret P. Mclntyro ;
therefore , bo it
Resolved , That wo extend to her relatives
and many friends our heartfelt regret for
her sudden departure , and our deepen sym
pathy in this their hour of bereavement.
Resolved , That she , as a member of the
class of 1889 of the medical department of the
University of Wooster , was held in the high
est esteem by all , and that wo deeply deplore
the loss of an oxemolary member.
Resolved , That a copy of those resolutions
bo presented to the faculty , to the family of
the deceased , to the press of the oity of
Cleveland and to TUB OMAHA BUB.
Andrew J. Grlsham , of Rock , Pope
county , III. , says : "I tried Chamber
lain A Colic , Cholera and Diorrhcca
Remedy in my family for summer com
plaint and cholera morbus and it gave
the best of satisfaction. It also proved
good as a preventive of flux. I praise
it very highly and think it is the Dost I
ever saw fop such complaints. " All of
the loading druggists in Omaha soil it.
Attempted Suicide.
Mrs. Bohannon , mother of Will Bohannon ,
who dropped dead in Hoyn'a art gallery
Thursday , bos beoa so overcome with grief
ever the death of her boy as to attempt to
take her own life with poison yesterday morn-
Ing. Some neighbors who happened to bo in
the house at the time , divined her purpose , and
before she could got the fatal drought to her
lips It was knocked to the floor and the glass
containing It was shivered into fragments.
Rev. Williams , of St. Barnabas' church ,
conducted the ceremonies at the funeral of
young Bohannon yesterday afternoon.
A largo number of sorrowing friends were
present. The ceremonies were simple , no
sermon bolng preached , but very impressive.
The remains were Interred in Prospect Hill
A Country Hostelry.
Messrs. W , A. Post , B. S. Peck and L.
Hodstrom , of Stromsburg , are in the city
consulting architects with a view to having
plans made for a 813,000 hotel in their town.
Mr. Pijst is credited with having worked the
enterprise up , and Is very anxious to sec his
hopes realized. A stock company has been
organized , and just as soon as drawings can
DO made , ground for the building will bo
In a short convcrsntloa with the gentle
man , at the Millard hotel , they gave glowing
accounts of big crops , good business and
general prosperity of the people in Polk
county. _
Pears' eoap is the most elegant tolle
Civil Service Examinations.
The civil service examinations of candi
dates for positions as clerks , carriers and
messengers in the p'pstofllco employ will
.occur on August 0. Tlia'oxauilniUlon ' will bo
in reading , writing , grammar , spelling , eta. ,
and the examiners will to'F. W. Plckons , J.
E , Waters and M , Fltzpatrick. There have
bena sixty applications tiled up to yesterday.
To-day Is the last day i that papers can bo
filed with Secretary Fjtzp atrick.
A Case of hiiristrokc.
An old man named Itowkaska-was brought
into the central station about 1 p. m. yester
day suffering from sunstroke. Dr. Ralph
was summoned and thtj man was placed on n
cot In the old court roomlt Ho soon recovered
andwaiubloto go homei about sundown.
Kowkaska was cm ployed , ns a laborer at the
corner of Seventeenth nnd Izard , and liven
at tno corner of Twenty-sixth and Walnut
streets , i J
Cold's Ofiloo Kurnlturo Attached.
Frank Moorcs , as guardian of James II ,
Cole , levied an attachment on tbo oflica fur *
nlturo of H. E. Cole In the court of Justice
Dunn , to obtain t90 obtained for his ward on
a real estate deal , James H , Cola Is a colored
man , m the saloon business at No , 101B Cap
itol avenue ,
Turner's Junket.
The county clerk baa received a bill from
the Wabasti for Commissioner Turner's four
tickets to Now York , It amounts to $197 ,
There was no order issued for them.
Advloa to Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
should always bo used for children
toothing. It soothes the child , softens
the gums , allays all pains , euros wind
colic , and is thq beat remedy for diar
rhoea. 25o a bottle.
Harrison County School X&a'ama
Among the Typos ,
FAlr Femininity Iiooks nt Typnw , Rtor-
eotypna nnd I'TCBSOB , nnd Is
rioniod With What
Recreating Mind Builders.
"Well , isn't this too lovely for any-
This remark emanated from ono of 150
fomlnlno school teachers who viewed Omaha
from the roof of Tnn Bun building yesterday
afternoon , Suoh n fluttering of dainty
skirts and suppressed shrieks as the olovn-
tors shot up from tbo ground floor to thereof
roof , had never boon hoard before m TUB
BEE building.
A phalanx of the beauty and brains of
Harrison county , Iowa , assembled on the
top floor at 3 p. m. , and were escorted to
the roof by members of Tun UEB
staff , who pointed out the principal
features of the city to the visitors.
After they had been satiated with the sconlo
slilo of Omaha a descent was made to the
next floor , and they were shown through the
editorial rooms , llnpturous expressions of
delight nt the appointments of the various
odlccs bubbled from the lips of the young
ladles us the procession wound Us way
along. Near the reporters' room n water
tank was discovered and ovuryouo was
"What are wo stopping here for ! " naked a
maiden in the roar ranks.
"Oh. this Is where wo stop for 'food and
water , ' " came the reply from ono near
enough to know the causa of the delay.
As they passed the door of the reporters'
room many curious glances were shot In by
worry eves and all seemed anxious to see thu
curious "animal in his lair. The good looking
reporter who Is a myth , by the way was not
in at tha tlmo , consequently no harm was
The composing room croatna n great deal
of interest. The girls all wanted to know
what a horrid thing a "slug" was that
the foreman was calling out about , and
wanted to bo shown "tho phat man , " and
when ho was pointed out ouo of them said :
"Why , I don't think he's very fat. " The mat
ter was explained to her , nnd the other girls
gave her "tho laugh , " so to speak.
The stereotyping department was next
visited. and ns the forms were
being stereotyped the room was crowded.
The brawny young men who manipulate
the ladle wore objects of great Interest , and
the girls carried away pieces of matrix napor
nnd splatters of metal from the floor as sou
venirs. Ono of them was hoard to remark
ns she came away , "I've got three perfectly
roniantlo pieces. " exhibiting about u pound
of distorted caricatures of splatters.
Then the floors below were examined ono
after another , and tha workmanship of the
builders highly praised.
"This is ono of the best lighted nnd best
arranged office buildings I was over In , " re
marked genial Banker Holbrook , of Missouri
Valley , who uccornuaniod the party.
They all rested whllo in the court waiting
for the web press to start up. When this
occurred they filed Into the press room and
stood around the press watching ovorythlnj
with intent intelligence. Madame Modeska\ ]
was looking at the worldng of the press at
tbo time , nnd her identity was soon whis
pered around , and created qulto a flutter.
"Isn't she Just lovely , " exclaimed ono.
"Hurry along so wo can got a good look at
her , " cried another ; "I never saw a real
actress off the stage boforo. "
Considerable diligence was necessary to
keep the young ladies from getting their
dresses caught in tbo cogs of tbo machinery ,
as they pressed forward in their eagerness
to see everything that was going on.
After all had been seen they ex
pressed themselves delighted with every
thing , and carried nway material for considerable
sidorablo hard thought on the production
of a great dally.
A brighter , more Intelligent body of young
women It would bo hard to find , or ono more
appreciative. Following is a list of the visit
ors : George Smith , Bert Swan , Herbert
Crane , Arthur Lyon , Carrlo Boodle , Tllllo
Perry , Etta Ervin , Mrs. Matter , Mrs. Rid-
dell , Dollio Yatcs , Bertha Cadwoll , Clara E.
Cadwell , Bertha Klmpol , John Prichard ,
Anna Losh , Mlnnio Fry , Gcorgo Thompson.
Allco Brandlff , Ellen Hllomau , Lillian
Illllcman , Laura Cadwoll , Ada Stearns ,
Libbio Sarachon , Rosie Sarachon ,
Clarn Chaso. Delia Cole , Maud Hill. Effle
Cole , Lizzie Frock , Kate Lance , Kate Griffin ,
Llddio Hall , Ada Wilson , Anna Newman ,
Lizzio Toby , Ida Dovio , Mary Keith , Georglo
Linn , Ella Frock , Belle Wiley , Sadie O'Con- '
rior , Sarah Mathows"Mary Arbaugh , Hottlo
Wallace , Eva Wood , Grace Kelley , Hattlo
Van Arsdalo , Bertha Lewan , Grace Grcovy ,
Bertha Cole , Viola McCold , Mary McCIure ,
Abbott Little , John Vincent , Edith Lyoa.
Jeannio Johnston , Sarah Payne , Mlnnio
Christy , Flora Wade , Luella Uogors , Leon
ard HalL Edna White , Jessie White , J. O.
Servis , Laura Uinks , Claire Do Bolt , Hall ah
Hllllard , May Gilkoy , Mary Banabergor ,
Mina Cunnard , Jcannle Coo , Kate Coo , Eva
Bonney , Aggie Bouncy , Bertha Hall , Cora
Howorth , Kato Schwortloy , Emma Schwert-
ley , Carrlo Emtnorson , Mamie Emmerson ,
Jessie Pond , Carolina Wannamakor , Laura
Shurts , Anna Shurts , Jennie Giddings ,
Rose McClannalmn , B. F. McCold , W. E.
Connor , Thomas Joys , Chas. Hargons , Mrs.
Hargons , C. C. Price , Millie Chapman , Lot
tie Heedy , Emma McGee , Eliza McCabe ,
Edith Wills. Eva Lawrence , Bcllo Chin-
worth , Lida Klrkland , Julia Ollngor , Edith
E. Williams , Harry Lawrence , J. L. Tami-
sica , Susie Tamlsloa , Anna Tamision , Emma
Flnloy , Clara Smith , Jennie Smith , Flor
ence Kennedy , Gortio Kennedy , Eva
Glcason Gertie Uleason , Anna Coul-
thond , Olllo Morgan , .Anna Will
iams , Maggie O'Connor , Aggie O'Con
nor. Emma Steele , Myrtle Owens ,
Elsie Bates , Annn Steele , Fannie Anderson ,
Ora Johnson , Maud Burkot , Anna Fitzglb-
bon , Amy Lake , Anna Fountain , Mary Cody ,
Susie Ferguson , Ivy Illloy , Susie Alters ,
Bertha Poured , Lottlo Logan , Lulu Reeves ,
Mildred MoiVdon , Nora Kellar , Nettie How
ard , Alice Derry , Hugh Tamlslca , Grace
Morrow , Bessie Jeys , Myrtle Ford , Mrs , An
derson. Anna Cutler , Emily Harding , Fan-
nlo Glover , Iloxie Mills , Lillle Forburg ,
Susie Bird , Emma Little , Maggie Little.
$ ick Headache
IS a complaint from which many suffer
1 end few nre entirely freo. Its cause
is indigestion nnd a sluggish Uvor , the
cure for which is readily found in the
use of Aycr's Pills.
" I have found that for sick headache ,
caused by a disordered condition of the
stomach , Aycr's IMlls are the most reliable -
liable remedy , " Samuel C. Uradburn ,
Wortlilugton , Mass.
"After the use of Ayer'fl Tills for
many years , In my practice and family ,
I um instilled in HayliiK that they are an
excellent cathartic and liver medicine
sustaining nil the claims made for them. "
W. A. Wostfall , M. . , V. J * . Austin
& N.V. . Hallway Co. , llurnet , Texas.
"Ayer's Pills are the best modlclno
known to me for regulating the bowels ,
nnd for all diseases caused by a dls-
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digestion , and constipation. I had no
appetite and was weak and nervous
most of the tlmo. By using three boxes
of Ayer's Pills , and nt the same time
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Philip Lock wood , Topeka , I ansas.
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Strout , Meadvflle , Pa.
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Bold by all DruggUU nd i > e ! tri In Utdlclnt.
The Celebrated Aotrraa I'njm n Visit
to tlio Bon llulldlitir.
Yesterday afternoon Count .Hozcnta and
his wife , Mmo. ModjcsKo , called nt TUB Itr.K
ofllco and were shown through the establish
ment by Mr. Hosowator. The madauio had
never scon the stereotyping procons , nor H
web perfecting press In operation , and ox *
pressed herself as surprised and delighted at
what she saw In Tnu URR building , She
was not satisfied until she had boon in every
part of the building , from the roof
to the sub basement , where aha
showed the keenest intorcst in the
largo Corliss engines nnd the electric clvnn-
lima In operation there ,
Mmo. Modjoslin llrst vltltcd Omaha In 1S77
nnd she said in her conversation about the
wonderful growth of Omaha that BUO could
not help but notice the great chaniro which
had taken plnco.ln the strcots particularly. At
that time everything was rough and un
kempt To-day the ontlro city Is paved. She
thought that the improvo'mcnt In the city hud
boon uioro marked in the past two years than
for any similar period previously.
After inspecting the building the Count
and madutno called nt the residence of Mr.
At the expiration of her engagement In
Omaha , Mmo. Modjcsha goes to Chicago , the
residence of her BOH , who two years ago re
sided In Omahn. Ho Is now connected with
the Morrison engineering linn. After n
short visit with her son she goes to the At
lantic seaboard.
Count Hozcnta said In the course of Ids
conversation that ho nt ouo tlmo controlled n
newspaper In Poland , nnd later , In Paris ,
was on the staff of ono of the leading French
dailies. . Ho Is familiar with the machinery
nnd ciilnmont ] tor the production of n great
newspaper , aud scorned thoroughly at homo
lu a newspaper oDlce.
lintel , Clilenqo
Overlooking the luke , boulevard nnd
park. Pure wntor , pure uir ventilation
unsurpassed. Musio durintr dinner.
WAititKN1 F. LEtANl > , Proprietor.
This Trotting HcnKoti PromlRos to
Kollpqo Its Predecessors In Intorcst ,
Tlio coming trotting : soosou promises
to eclipse nil previous ones in intercut ,
eays the Now York Hornlil ,
The purses of the grand circuit ,
which opoiis nt Cleveland July SO nnd
closes at Philadelphia September U7 ,
nro more tempting than ever boforo.
The aggregate exceeds a quarter of a
million dollars. In thosp entries , ns
well ns those of other meetings through
out the country , the horses average up
unusually well , while many llyors
some already famous , others just loom
ing up are in training lor great ef
forts. Among expected Bonsaiions are
the trial ot speed to bo trotted in Buf
falo in Autrust by Barry Willtes , record
2:13J : , and Bcllo Hamlin , 2:131 : , and the
probable match between Guy , who has
just trottud in 2:1H : , aud Jay-Eyo-Sco ,
whoso mile in 2:10 : has been eclipsed
only by Maud S. in 2:03 : } .
Though the season has just oponcd
record breaking has begun. The young
tit ill lion Axloll scored a grand achieve
ment at Minneapolis last week in re
ducing the three-year-old record from
2:18 : to 2:16i : , while Guy. at Cleveland ,
as lowered his own time from , 2:12 : to
Thcso figures suggest the remarkable
development that twenty years have
witnessed in the speed of the typical
American horso. When the war closed
only ono trotter had ever made a milo
in less than 2:20.- : Flora Temple's Kala-
raazoo performance in 1850 was the
wonder of the world. For nine years
afterward she reigned queen of the
turf , as she had for three years before.
Yet the record which gave her fame
2:191 : has "now become commonplace.
It was reduced to 2:17iby : Dexter in
1807. Goldsmith Maid first lowered it
to 2:17 : in 1871 and three years later to
2:14. : It remained there till 1878 , when
Rarus trotted in 2 : 13 } . The following
year St. Julion brought it down ( o 2:121 :
and the next season to 2:11 : } .
In 1880 Maud S. was crowned queen
of the turf with 2:10 : } on her I rumor ,
which ho reduced to 2:10 : } Itf Ib'il. Fo <
three yoarsaho was without n pcor. lu
August , 1891 , she was dethroned b <
Jay-Eye-Seo who scored a milo in 2:10i :
But only for twenty-four honis. Tin
next day tlio great mare trotted in 2:091. :
and in 18S5 she inndo her t ccord ol
2:03 : } , wliioh still stnmlH the n arvol o (
the world.
From this rovlow it will bo eoon thai
the trotting record 1ms been reduced
hist cloven seconds in thlity years ,
That shows the superiority > f Maud S ,
over Flora Tomplo. But ll o develop *
mont of the trotter is only } arlly illus
trated by tMjompariBon of tl o achieve
ments of those two hoi-309. During tha
reign of Flora Temple there was hul
ono two-twenty trotter , i * ow there nra
scores ot.lhoin. Many hao \ trotted low
in the toons. Hundreds ol others have
on to rod the two-thirty Us' . In special
classes , such as two , th oo nnd four-
year-olds , the lowering of the record
has boon romtirkablo.
To what is this development of trot
ting speed duo ? Various causos. First ,
breeding , to which more thought , on-
torprlso nnd capital have boon given
every successive year. The horse itsoli
hits thus boon grontly improved. Than
it has bcon greatly holp'Ul ' by artificial
moans. Tlio truck of to-day ta "faster"
than the old-time course. It ia a mile
instead of a half mile , elliptical instead
of round , and with greatly Improved
footing. A Biilisy now weighs forty
"pounds. It used lo weigh eighty to a
hundred. Then there are too weights
and special shoes designed to hahuico
the trotter in his gait , boots anil Other
appliances to protect his feet and legs.
Corresponding improvements have boon
made in harness , reins aud bits. Fin
ally , a higher degree of skill hna boon
attained in training and driving. All
ot whicn have combined to increase the
speed of the trotter.
Has the limit of this speed boon
reached ? Hardly. Many think that in
her day Maud S. has boon capable of
2:03 : , 2:07 : and oven 2:0(1. : ( It is not Im
probable that her present record will bo
surpassed by some other horse. There
has been bomo speculation whether any
horse will over trot a milo in two min
utes. That is purely a matter of specu
lation. _
An AlHOlnttt Oitrr.
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Ask for the OlUGINAh AlllETINU OINT
MENT. Sold by Goodman Drug company at
25 cents per box by niall ! 1U conts. " *
Hanker Huiniiiorwlpy'n Uont.
Most loiterers on the Thames on Sun
day afternoons have soon the well-
known eight-oared shell belonging to
Mr. Bammorbloy , a li&nkor with an es
tate on the river. I : IB manned by his
family and friends , old and young mon
and girls. There is generally a young
follow at the stroke seat. After that
the crow is mixed indiscriminately with
youths , maidens and elderly mon. At
the last Henley regatta the entire bbat
was filled with girls , ull dressed alike
in cream-colored dresses and white
ailor hats with blue ribbons. The
boat is always rowed in excellent form
Blrs. Iliirnrtt'H "Phyllis. "
Mrs. Burnett's second dramatic attempt
" " is criticised the
tempt , "Phyllis , by
London papers as too weak in plot and.
slight in theme to bo redeemed by no
lack ot brilliant writing and clever , in
cisive dialogue. The story of the play
is very simple. A father , beset with
creditors , iorces his only child to throw
herself at tlio head of a wealthy young
man. Having obeyed in despair , she
falls in love with her intended victim.
Tlio plot is evidently slight enough for
a short story.
_ A-01
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