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Delivered br carrier In Any Tart of
II. W. TII.&fr. /
JIUPINTPB omen No. a.
N. Y. P. Cd.
Olcason coal.
0.11. Muslo Co. , 633 B'way.
Belter , tailor , 810 Uroadwny.
Brans' laundry , 724 Uroadwny.
D.V. . Otis , city nml farm lonna.
Contractor GcorRO l > . Miller ho removed
hi ? onico to the Merriam block.
Tlio stcnmcr Nclllo Keller , now nt Lalto
Mnnawn , will bo taken to Lnko Contrary ,
near St. Joe , Mo.
The case of Jennie Green , charted with
keeping a disorderly house , was again con
tinued yesterday morning.
A special meeting of the stockholders of
the Omaha & Council HlulTs Chautauqua as-
Bombly will bo held this evening a . 7:30 :
o'clock at the board of trade rooms. A full
attendance Is desired ,
A ball team between two Juvenile teams ,
the Fit7gcrnlds and tho'WIlllam Arnds , on
the Tenth nvenuo grounds yesterday uflcr-
hoon , resulted In a victory for the former by
a score of VM to SO.
The temperance meetings under the
nusplccn of the Woman's ' Christian Tcmnor-
nnro union will bo held hcrcaltcr at 3 p. in.
in the Presbyterian church nnd in the even-
lag in the tent. They arc well attended.
The fourtlt annual reunion nf the old set
tlers of Pottawnttamlo and Mills counties
will bo held at Malvcrn August 25) ) . Special
trams will , bo run from Council Bluffs.
John N. Baldwin , csq. , will deliver the ad
Eugene Graham nnd Charles Spencer , two
of the old employes at Frank Levin's and
Charley Helstor's barber shops , tmvo pur
chased the simp of C. J. Hotli , No. 52'J Broad
way , and will go into business for thorn-
While Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Boardsloy were
coming irom Luke Manawa Monday evening
they were run into by it rig driven by two
prostitutes. Mrs. Bcnrdsley was thrown
out , sustaining ouvero bruises about the
hand and arm. Ono of the prostitutes U
enld to be from this city und the other from
Missouri Valley. The police are looking
after them.
Mrs. Jcnnlo MncConncll was presented
Monday evening with n , beautiful diamond
ring by Miss Belle Kobinson us a token of
her appreciation of Mrs. MacConnell's ef
forts us ntairu manager for the "Smugglers
of Senovton , " presented by u homo talent
opera club some limn ago. She was largely
responsible ! for the successful stage efforts
which were obtained. The ring will be more
highly prized , no doubt , for its ussoclatioas
even than for its intrinsic value.
L. C. Dale procured one of the dead sea
lions from Captain Eastman , whoso happy
family of twenty nmphldlnns was broken up
yesterday by a serious row between two
Jealous males , which took the form of a duel
to the death. The monster which Mr. Dale
got weighed 400 pounds. Although killed in
a deadly light with his fellows , the body was
not much injured , and is now in the hands of
Taxidermist F , J. Brazee , who is mounting it
for the high school museum. Captain Kast-
nian look the survivors east yesterday via
the Milwaukee. A dozen of them arc con
signed to Lincoln park , Chicago , and thu re
mainder KO to the Paris exposition.
* '
Dexter , employment.
The "Famous" has surprises for you.
For snlo ; two lots on motor line between
24th and 2T > th streets. MOO each If taken im
mediately. A. A. Clark & Co.
Fine jowclry , watches and diamonds ;
cleaning and repairing nt E. Burhorn.
Have your old furniture upholstered , Rood
s now. It. Morgan , TJ3 Uroadwuy ,
Have-our wagon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
J. G. Tipton , rail ostote , 627 B'dway.
Personal Parngrnphri.
Maurice Lewis is vibitlncr friends at Har-
Rev. C. Johnson nnd wife , of Alta. , are
visiting friends In the city.
John H. Morris , of Maquoketa , is the guest
of his nephew , Benny Wells.
Mrs. Dr. Montgomary and daughter Eva
have gone to Clear Lake for a three weeks'
Mr. Fred Palmer , collector of toll at the
east nnd of the new bridge , has been laid off
for the past week by u slight attack of mala
rial fever. *
R. F. Strong , of Orange City , is looking
around with a view of locating In thu drug
business in this city.
Dr. E. E. Looinis and wife loft last even
ing for tticlr homo in Janosvillo , Wls. , after
a three weeks' visit with irlends hero.
Miss Clarn L. Louis , of Avoca , is in the
city , the guest of her brothers , T. B. and
A. M. Louis , and Mrs. W. W. Bllger , her
Henry Barren , the Northwestern engineer
who was hurt some tlmo ago while making
the run from Council Bluffs to Boone , is
again on duty.
Dr. W. A. S. Murphy , a graduate , practical -
cal and scientific optician , has removed to
this city nnd yesterday opened an ofllco in
the Merriam block.
O. W. Scott , superintendent of the Oslca-
lonsa city schools , and wife , are the guests
of Prof. McNaughton and wlfo. Prof.
Bcott has just finished a term ot Instruction
et tba Mills county institute at Glor.wood.
R. B. Wescott left yesterday morning over
the "Q" for Clartndn , where ho goes for
treatment for nervous prostration , Induced
by cxcesslvo mental work during the hot
weather. Ho recently bad an epileptic
attack , and is sadly In need * of rest and
nulot. It Is hoped tnat a few weeks will see
him completely restored to health.
There never was anything llkotho Famous
in Council Bluffs. Opposite Ogden house.
List your property with A. A. Clark & Co
S. E. Wtidswortb & Co , loan monoy.
Monoyloanod nt L. B. Craft's & Co.'s
loan nlllco on furniture , pianos. liorHcs ,
wagons , person ul property of all kinds ,
nnd nil other articles of value , without
roinovul. All business strictly confi
dential. _
The "Famous , " opposite Ogden house.
C. B. Trunk Factory moved to Chapman's
old stand. Largest trunk factory in west.
Imitation * .
Certain parties , without brains enough to
originate an idea and without energy enough
to work up a trade on their own brands , are
advertising themselves as sole agents for the
celebrated Santo Hosa cigars , which wo In
troduced ton years ago , aud which now en
joy the reputation of being the best ana most
widely known of nny 10 cent cigar sold in
the eutlro west. We therefore desire to in
form the trade thai wo always have been
and nro still solo owners and proprietors ot
ths | brand of clean , and wish to caution the
trade that all brands of Santo Hoias not
made In factory No. 131 , Jlrst district. Pa. ,
are base imitations of the well known Santo
Hosa. See that the label has printed thereon
the words P. & M.'B Santo Rosa Cuban
Miulo. Alt others nro imitations aud are of
Inferior quality. Pr.umoY & MOOHB.
July SO , 16b'J. ' Council Bluffs , la.
1'Mvo Ilnrrrat Katouralons.
The Burlington Route , C. , B. & Q. R. R. ,
Will sell from principal stations on Its lines.
en Tuesdays , August 0 and 20 , September 10
cud 24 und October 8 , harvest excursion
tickets at half rates to points In the farming
regions of the west , southwoU and north
west. For tickets and further Information
concerning these excursions call on your
nearest C. , B. & Q. ticket agent , or address
P. S. Eustls , general passenger and ticket
agent , Chicago , 111.
Splendid bargain * at Marcus' clothing
Itoro before removal to new bulliUutf.
Present Status of the Trouble in the
Dodge Light Guards.
Proposition of the IJrlck Plant Coin-
puny Dentil ofn Notc l Driver
Drawings nt the Trades Dis
play Pcraonnla.
Tlio DodRn Light Gnnrd t Ifllonltr.
Judging from nil accounts , thcro Is a Rood
sized row to bo settled before pence and har
mony Is restored botwcon the ofilccrs and
privates of tbo Dodge Light Guard , Tbo
fight soms to bo based on Aitcbison ami
nntl-Aitchispn.jind ncithjr 10o | jdisposed
to quit until tbO opposition Is vlliqulshcd.
As nearly ns can bo ascertained , It seems tea
a fight between the two lieutenants , Altchl-
son and Dixon , on ono side , nnd the members
of the company on the other. An account of
tbo trouble nt tha recant election of a cap
tain has already appeared In these columns.
It Is admitted by all the members of the
company that , W. E. Foster , the captain-
elect , was elected to that position with the
understanding that ho should resign us soon
ns the company found a good man to take his
tiluco. This la Just what aggravates the
trouble. It is stated that Colonel C.istlo will
not submit to any such tricky work , and if
he tlnds that such Is nctually the case , will
set aside the election and order
another ono. Tills , however , Is , tbo
very thing which the company wants ,
The only reason for electing Foster was sim
ply to gain tlmo , as Lloutcnnnt Altchlson
refused to grunt a postponement of the elec
tion. The whole secret of the mutter Is that
the company wanted to elect Captain Mount ,
of Shcnandoah , and to this the lieutenant
objected. Members of the company were In
correspondence witb Captain Mount , rela
tive to accepting the position , but no definite
arrangements bud been made , and fur this
reason the company wanted the election de
ferred. Lieutenant Altchlson WIIB opposed
to the election of Captain Mount , and de
clared openly that ho would not servo under
him. Members of tha comuany assert that
Lieutenant Altchlson was so anxious to scr
cure the election himself that bo rushed
things a little too fast for his own good , and
they wore compelled to do ns they did to out
match him. They state that the colonel will
overlook their action when ho hears the full
particulars in the case , and they will request
to have the ofllcu of captain kept open until
they find a suitable man to fill It , in case the
recent election is sot aside. They Insist that
there Is no discord whatever In the company ,
except between the lieutenants nud
the privates , and that never bo f ore
has the company acted so unanimously re
garding any ono matter. They express the
opinion that Colonel Castle will insist on
Lieutenant Atuhlson getting Into the camp
with tbo company , or will relieve him of all
command. Atcluson has stated that bo
would retain his commission until August
12 , tha day of going Into camp , and would
then soud In his resignation. Lieutenant
Dixon was to do the same thing , thus leav
ing the company without a commanding of-
Jlcer. The boys Incline to the belief that the
colonel will promptly sit down on this plan
and will send n committee of three to Shcn
andoah this afternoon to wait upon the chief
regimental onlcer.
Lieutenant Atchison Is also corresponding
with Colonel Goalie , and has presented his
side of the caso. The situation at present Is
somewhat peculiar. The trouble originated
over a very small matter , which is nothing
serious cvon now , but a step In the wrong
direction Is liable to bring on a general out
break oven If it docd not result in the dis
banding of the company. The controversy
i cgurdtng Captain Mount was at the bottom
of the dilUculty , and If all reports are true
an explanation from that gentleman would
throw a little light on certain matters.
Lieutenant Dixon received u letter from him
stating most , positively that ho could not ac
cept the position , und members of the com
pany soy that ho wrote them before the mat
ter was decided and had given no final an
swer. Ono of the privates yesterday gave
tbo following statement of utTuirs :
"It Is certain thai Lieutenant Altcblson
would have been elected to the captaincy In
case Captain Mount would not accept , if ho
bad not shown his hand In this manner. Ho
isn good drillmaster , and that would bavo
Insured his election , with Mount out of the
field. He got hot because we didn't elect
him , nnd Is now trying to got even by downIng -
Ing the company. This talk about the colonel
making It hot for us nnd discharging a num
ber of the boys is nil buncombe. If ho dis
charges a single man , that will bo the move
preceding the disbanding of the company ,
for the boys all stand together , and would
not resign. Colonel Castle will not want to
do that , for this Is his best company , and we
have the finest equipments of any company
in tlio regiment. 1 toll you , ho will
not want to let us go. and besides ,
we have some influcnco with him.
We have ordered our new uniforms , which
are to be the finest made. They will bo full
regulation style , similar to our old ones , only
of liner material. Wo have ordered thirty
uniforms and forty helmets. Wo will got
the rest of tlio uniforms next winter , for we
can't afford It now. Wo will sleep In tbo
armory from now until time to go to camp ,
and drill from 5 to 0 o'clock every morning ,
when it is cool. Sergeant McNcal drills us ,
nnd he will take us to camp if the lioutun-
ants Hunk out on us.
"We propose to go to camp , and wo will
not come homo empty-handed. We are not
going to bo Imposed upon by anybody. Last
year the boys were all stuck on Ailchlson's
work at cauip , nud if Captain Cowles had
resigned then ho would have been elected
unanimously. That overcoat deal last winter
settled it all , and the boys have not forgotten ,
although ho says It was all amicably settled.
Captain Foster , Sergeant McNcal and
Corporal Finloy will go down to see the
colonel to-day and explain things , but I toll
you right now that discharges won't ' go. "
The "Famous , " 50oas good ns al.
Kollcy & Younkormnn sell groceries
Chuso and fcjunborn coffees a spccialy.
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , cuffs and shirtH by Cascade Laun
dry company.
Local Hearing or tlio Intcr-Slnto Lmw ,
It scorns that tbo Intor-stuto commerce law
has a bearing on the question of enforcing
licenses from the Omaha grocerymon , ped
dlers , venders and common carriers who
cross tbo bridge ti > do business in this city.
For some weeks east the mayor and city
council have Insisted that nil these par-
tics should pay a license for doing business
In Council Uluifs , and several arrests have
followed. The United States suuremo court
now steps in and says It cannot bo done un
der the provision of the Inter-stula law , and
In accordance with this ruling tbo mayor bus
Issued an order to the marshal and chief of
police that these parties are not to bo inter
fered with In the future. The ruling ap
plies to book canvassers nnd nil others hav
ing any articles to sell who coma from out
side the state. Those who leside here will
have to pay as usual If the authorities are
deposed to make them , flia prevailing idea
seems to bo that the result will ho to send
Council UlufTs peddlers to Omaha , and the
Omniums to Council HlulTs. What the final
outcome will bo it is hard to determine , but
ono thing Is settled , that tbo bowl about un
just discrimination against Omaha business
men is nt an end ,
Take your pennies to tbo "Famous. "
During tbo hoi weather many housekeep
ers compluta that "no ono seems to care to
eat meat , none of it tastes real good. " This
complaint is not made by those who bavo
bought toothsome juicy incuts from "Our
Market , " corner of Story und Main streets ,
K M. Walker knows how to select and drois
meat. Cook corned beef Is a specialty.
The Propoaetl Hriok Sinking Plant.
Interest In the now brick making scheme
Is growing apace , und the general expression
is one of hope that the projectors of the en.
tcrprlse will carry it tbiough to u successful
completion , Tbo Importance of the enter
prise Is recognized by the city onlclals und
private cilUens alike , and all unite la ex
tending encouragement , Mr. B. A. Wick-
bam , of this city , who ig ono of tbo orlgiua-
tors of the Idea , and Is pushing the mutter as
fust ns possible , stated yesterday that n
proposition would at once bo submitted to
the city council nnd board of trado. Said
ho :
"Wo will make them a fair nnd square
offer to put in n plant to cost tSO.OOO , on con
dition that wo are guaranteed n hnnio mar
ket for our brlek. Wo will not ask them to
glvo any contract for furnishing brick , as all
wo want Is a homo market , an J wo will see
to It that our prices nro such ns will secure
us the contract. If wo nro given this encour
agement , and the plant Is put In , thcro Is
not the slightest doubt but that it will be in
creased tn a $100,000 plant insldo ofi three
years. "
Members of the board of trndo who have
talked regarding the matter express them
selves as greatly In favor Of It , nnd assort
that It will result In far creator benefit to
this city than any enterprise which hus been
secured for Council 13 luffs in some tlmo. The
establishment of the plant hinges on the no
tion of the city council , If that body Is wijl-
Ing to let contracts for putting down 75,000
yards of paving the plant will bo put in ,
Qtlfcrwlso It Is not assured. The coini ) ; > jiy
floe * not Insui that the work snail bo'H&iiO
this war , In fad , Ui6y do Hot want It done
UnTilnoxt season , but they want the contract
lot to assure them tbat thcro will bo a mar
ket In the city next year. The projectors do
not rely on the homo market for their solo
support , however , as they claim to bo nblo to
compote successfully with any similar plant
In this part of the country. It is hoped that
the necessary guarantee will bo forthcoming
nnd work on the new plant commenced very
shortly ,
Houses for rent. A. A. Clark & Co.
City steam laundry , 34 Main , tol. Ml.
The biggest bargains over offered in
children's white dresses this week at
_ _
Dentil of T. W. McAtlnnis.
The many friends of Thomas W. Me-
Adauis will bo pained to learn of his death ,
which occurred aMils homo , No. 015 Fourth
avenue , shortly after 0 o'clock yesterday
morning. About seven weeks ago ho was at
tacked with Inflammation of the bowels ,
which developed into typhoid pneumonia and
brain fever , ami for a whllo his Ufa was
despaired of. Ho finally began to recover ,
and a few days ago it was reported that he
was rapidly improvingTha hope that ho
would soon bo well proved illusive , and his
death came ut a tlmo when it was wholly un
The deceased was born In Indiana March
4 , 1834 , From his boyhood ho evinced the
greatest admiration for good horses , and
when little more than a lad mounted the
sulky to drlvo some of the fastest Ilyers In
the west. During his career upon the turf
he brought out u number of fast horses , and
became widely known among horsemen. Ho
was delighted In his avocation , devoting to it
his best energies , and did his full shnro
toward making the driving circuit a success
auu elevating Tt to a plane that would ba
the delight of such men as Robert Bouncr
and the prlnc.cs of the trotting turf.
Ho was a skillful nnd conscientious driver ,
und invariably drove his races for nil there
was In th'etn. In his dcutb. is lost a most ar
dent admirer of the standard trotter , and a
man whoso warm heart and genial demeanor
had attached to himself a largo circle of
1 ho deceased loaves a wlfo and ono son.
His oarcnts arrived hero from Fort Scott ,
Ivan. , shortly before his death. A brother ,
D. J. McAdums , and ono sister , Mrs. Michael
Gallagher , aio icsldcnts of this city. The
furneral will take place from St. Francis
Xavier's church to-morrow morning at 9
_ _
Housekeepers , go to the Famous , 200
Houses for rent. A. A. Clark & Co.
Baths at Manawa Beach , near hotel. Pri
vate bathing- rooms for ladles ana children ,
Oloso of the TrailCH Display.
The trades display is over nnd the articles
disposed of by raffia have been drawn ,
What the financial result will bo has not
been announced , as the expenses are not yet
all paid. All persons indebted to the trades
display are requested to call at the Chicago ,
Burlington & Qulncv ticket office , corner of
Pearl and Broadway , between 0 und 10
o'clock this morning , and scttlo their indebt
edness. A very few of the articles yet re
main to be disposed ot , and are for sale at
THE Uisis ofllco. The affair was a success ,
and considerable money will bo turned over
to the Cbautauqua and the hospital.
Important , to Imdica and Onntlomen.
I have established an extensive dyeing and
cleaning works in this citv and desire to call
attention of ladies aud gentlemen of Omaha
and Council Bluffs to the fact that I have
furnished my works with the latest improved
machinery known to the trade , that I hava
had over sixteen years' experience , and
that I use only the very best dyes and chem
icals. I clean nnd dye everything but fur
goods. I call special attention to my now
cleaning uroccas by which the garment is not
ripped nnd which restores the original lustro
to the goods. Ladles' and gentlemen's sum
mer garments , such as flannels or silk , inado
to look as good ns new. Dresses , clothing ,
silks , shawls , laces and plumes dyed In su
perior manner. Motor faro allowed on all
goods brought to works , or wagon will call
at residence. G. A. Schocdsack , Twin City
Dye Works , Twenty-sixth and Broadway ,
Main ofllco US South Sixteenth , Omaha.
Sain or a Ttiornuglibrod.
Mr. W. M. Murray , an owaer and trainer
of thoroughbreds , returning to Sacramento
with his stable of horses , which ho had been
racing successfully at Washington park ,
leaving thcro on tbo conclusion of the mcct-
lug because his horses had got sick and out
of form , stopped over at Union park to rest
them a day. Whllo hero ho vlsitea "Tho
Maples , " the thoroughbred breeding stud of
Messrs. John T. Stewart & Son. Ho was so
pleased with the stallions and mares that ho
saw there and with their oroduco that ho in
duced those gentlemen to price him a year
ling colt , the chestnut , Pan. by Panlquc ,
winner of the Withers and Belmont ; dam ,
Ncult7on , by Imported Mortcrnor , out of Im
ported Qenesta , by King Tom , a .great
slashing fellow. The price was a pretty long
one , but ho never passed u word. Ho also
had the Messrs. Stewart price four other
yearlings , with the privilege to wire on
them from California , ns ho had room for
only ono in his cars nt this time.
Mr. Murray Is In love with the gut of
Panlquu , and predicts a great future- for him
In the stud coupled to marcs of such grand
form and breeding us those in " 1'ho Maples"
stud. Ho was particularly struck with the
yearling filly by Paniquo , Minnie S. , by im
ported Macaroon , out of imported Frey , a
wonderfully lengthy , racy looking filly of
great substance , a fine dark chestnut in
color , the yearling filly by Paniquo , dam
Mlntchcc , by Chariton , a full brother to
O/ark ; the yearling filly by Punlquo. dam Ida
B , ono of the great race horses of her day.
Mr. Murray , as well as ho likes the .yearlings ,
Is more Impressed with the present crop , now
sucklers at their dams' feet. Ho tolls us that
ho never saw so uniform a lot in his lifo.
Paniquo Imparts to hU get all of his own
wonderful noauty of shape , his intelligent ,
handsome head , his massive Jaw. the great
width and size of throttle , grand shoulder
aud saddle piece , They are not all big ones
lilto the Ncnltzen colt aud the Mlnnlo H filly ,
but they are all good slzo and have the shape
to rare.
Real estate ; snap bargains. Carriages in
walling. Courteous treatment1 A , A. Clark
& Co.
J , H. Smith , drugs , medicines , paints , oils ,
gluts. COD Main , near John Morgcn's.
Ttio Situation lUHul Him.
"I would like to bo a newspaper man for
just ono day , " remarked a well known Jlluff-
lie yesterday , "and I would glvo the railroad
companies a warming that they would re
member. I see that the Union Pacific will
go In for building a union depot in Omaha ,
for a bonus of $150,000 , provided the Iowa
lines will all come across the brldgo and run
into It. Think of it. Wants them to run by
and leave us hero for a waysldo stopping
place. These aro-all subsidized roads , mind
you , and received almost enough from
thu | xopla : to build their lines.
Now they want to go Jumping over the river
und let us whUtlo , after giving them thou
snnds nnd tbousamUof dollnrs. If thoycvor
try that on wo xviil iass a granger buy tbnt
will make their honds swim. What's the
matter with n untmrdouot for Council Uluffsl
Why nothing , of CPJIMO. It Just makes mo
liot to tbinlr nbonyVjikt , " nnd the cliolerlo Individual -
dividual started out on nn annihilating trip.
To Btiekmnkerajn Wo would llko to show
you a choice brickyard site ncnr llroadwny
in Council UluHs.O' Prlco and terms reasona
ble. Swan & Walker , No. 4 Pearl St.
liur mry.
The residence ! of Bnrnoy Bonluai , No. 809
Avenue B , was theSccno of operation picked
out for the work of the festive burglar
Monday night. .jrUo depredator entered
through n screen door nnd possessed himself
of Mr. Bonknm's clothes , which contained a
few dollars nnd some small trinkets. A
silver watch and about $4 In money was secured -
cured from the room of Sim Suwloy. who
boards there. Othnr rooms were visited nnd
ransacked , but nothing clso was missed.
There Is no clue tp Ujo
Ko Kxploslona
Whom persons kbop cool and use our
' 'Sun Dial" gns stovca. Four holes ,
roaster and bakoovon. Costs 7 cents
per hour when running full blast , Now
York Plumbing Co.
Happily Wedded ,
A happy event occurred last evening nt 6
o'clock at St , Francis Xavlor's church , belli ?
the ceremony by which Mr. Thomas Malow-
ney and Miss Dean Lutzlnger were united In
the holy bonds of mattltnony , The ceremony
was performed by Rev. B. P. MeMenomy ,
nnd was witnessed by only the relations and
intluiato friends of the contracting parties.
The couple left ever the Rock Island for the
cast Immediately after the ceremony , and
will bo absent about two weeks.
FOIt KXCHANOi : Some valuables property.
In Council Illutrs fora well Improved farm
in easiern Nebraska. Tariu must bo clear , or
nearly so , Johnson & Van Palton , K\urelt
T OSi' lly J. U. Sunders , on Friday or Sntnr-
, n pnckngo ot land deuds ; ot no value to
anybody but owner. Kinder will bo rewarded
bj leavin thorn at liechlele house , Council
us _ . _ _ _
I ) A8TUHAli : First-class upland paslu rngo
for about ICO hn.iu more ot stock ; miles
norlU of clly , on llmo kiln road ; plenty pure
wat-'r , slmdo and salt ; coed man In charge ot
stock. L. P. Jud on , fc'J Sixth avo. , Council
Uliiirs. telephone WO ; or W. W. McMahon , at
pasture. _
| 71INE family team for sale , or trade for
JL lot. In pure iiiVost llrondway.
KSTATC llought and sold antt exchange -
change : ! . SpocUl Attention elvun to exam
ination of titles. W. C. James , No. 1U Penrl St. .
Council Illnffa.
W'ANTKD ItelUMo men to solicit stoclc In
lowii for the Northwestern Loan and
llulUlim ; association. Harlan Uros. , Mtrriam
block , Council lllulls.
Council Bluffs , la.
Conducted by tha' Sisters of Charity.
An excellent educational Institution , fur
nished with nil "inodaru Improvements for
bonnllnK and day scTiool. The iiceuVmic year
consists of two sessions , beginning on the flrst
Jlomlay In September ) ami February , lespect-
Ively. , ,
TUHMS Hoard and tuition , per session. $75.
Tor further particulars address
Slotcr Supurlur , M. Krancla Academy ,
Council ilium * , In.
J. D. EoMDMisoy , ' E.L.SiiunAHT.
Tros. ' Vice Pros.
Cius. H. HASNON , Cashier.
Paid Dp Capital eim,003.00.
Surplus , t ; r . ( waoo.
Liability to Depositors. . . tfiVWaoo.
DuiKCTOue I. A. Miller , KO. Gleieon , E. k.
Shugart , K. K. Hart , J. D. Kdmundson , ( .tins. It.
Hannou. Transact general banking business.
Larecht capital nnd surplus ot any bunk In
soutlro csleru Iowa. Interest on time ile posits.
Sporting Headquarters.
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value at low rates of interest. No
publicity : fair nnd honorable dealing.
A. A. Cmrk & Co. , oflico cor. Broadway
and Main , ever American express.
Comer Main and Broadway ,
Dealers in foreign and domestic axchanca.
Collections made nnd Interest paid on tlmo d -
Aqtont American Uulldlns nnd f.oan Assoclft-
on. No. : $0 1'carl St. , -bTAMS. .
CHAH. O. KI\\001 > .
. . ,
Situations obtained for men and women outer
or employment. Competent und reliable help
guaranteed for Deopl&doslrlng it ,
OUO. n.7lXTKIt / , Manager.
llnoiu fM ; 1'earl bt. ( Up Htalrsl.
Adapted tn the , public schools. Tim only
complete thing of ( U kind in existence and In-
i Jiool loom. School boards
deblrliiK Ihe most perfect help for the teachers
are Invll to cxnmlio ) tills.
' " General Agent ,
T-'l Willow Ave. , Council Jlluirs , Iowa ,
Connect with Electric Motor and Union Pacific Dummy Trains at Ninth and Broadway
Council Bluffs Iowa. C. F. REED , President.
O llQ il Q ll O ll Q lt Q i IQ ii | o rf Q. ' | O ' ) ' o i | O IP O I' Q
Iu Iho city. Gilt edged opportunities to Imino
"dlnto Investors and liomeseoKers.
Electric Trusses , Belts , Chest Pro
tectors , Etc ,
Agents wanrca.
No. 1O Pearl St.
No. 27 Main Street ,
Over Jacquciiilii'H JctvclryStore
Seunfill Staff * " ;
% e :
It is a BEAT-ALL , because It never breaks , splits , cracks or curls.
UeciuiBO It is indestructible in the weather , und will undergo no change in
in any climate.
Because it is more durable than any other roof made , iron , tin , Blato or wood.
Because it can bo quickly put on without skilled labor aud is cheaper than
shingles , . . ,
Because it has boon proven by the soyorost trials and has never failed.
For further information apply to
Room 6OO First National Bank Building , Omaha.
Council Bluffa offlco , 116 Pearl Stroot.
- Council Hli. Iff. : : lown.
. - . I ( PiiMt cMlmntes nt vat\ \
' ? ( ( .umuiiiiK t pi'tinl attention
-i'-1'1 I MI l < > ill ' mm of linlld.
'fy- , i p. ) i.lil nml nilviitf.
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: ; a4K < Jift ) iilliln I.-M. lonn'y court
H& E l''nn ' . ii'lniite * . hotell
. , .
( M'I in liy mull piumplly nt-
tf nilcrt lo.
Adapted ftf
25 TO 300
DORSE POWER , Mills and Elevators
biiedflcntloni and cstlinitui furnliliuJ for complete itetm pliinti. HoKiiUtlon. IlurubllUjr KUirtmtoji.
tun ilivir UHtn from u e where fuel economy U uqiinl Hllh Curllii Nun-coinlenilny.
E.G. HARRISAgent ,
S nd for catalogue. No. 610 1'otirl Struct , Council Bluffs.
WH PHAMRFRIAIN M rKtlr nml Tliroi > t
i lli V/nrtlVI DLRLnlll , I VI. Glasses accurately proscribed.
Olllco corner Main St. , und
PI Surjreon und Homeopath. Room 0 , Brown
i J , buUiUnt' , 115 Pearl St. Olllco ) iourn , 0 to lli
u. in. , 2 to 0 und 7 to 8 , p , in.