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    THE OMAU4 : DAILY WEDNESDAY , JULY -24 , 1889.
Forty FIvo-Hundrod Dollar Bills
Handed Over
A JMorry Popping or ChninpnRnn
CorUn l < ollow Xlio "Dog Cnllnr"
to Do Melted nnd tlio Stones
Olvon Awny ,
John Wnnts to Fight Ktnltn.
Knw YOHK , July 23. John L. Sullivan
cnmo Into possession of tHO.OOO this after-
noor * . It was the stake money In the Sulll-
ran-KHralri llRht , nnd was paid over by
stakeholder Crldgc , nthis establishment on
"West Twonly-clshth street. Crldeo telo-
grnphcd from Long Branch last night that
ho would llko to meet John L. nnd his back
ers to-day. It wan I o'clock in the afternoon
when Sullivan nnd his" party arrived at
Crldgo's. IIo was accompanied by Lumley ,
Johnson and Wnkoloy. After some conver-
- Ballon Crldgo drew forth the roll of bills.
There were Just forty of them , of tbo denom
ination : of $500 oach. Sulllvnn took the green
backs , sat down on a table , counted them over
very carefully twice , nnd then , shoving the
Tvcalth Into his pocket , thanked CridRO for
occeptlnc the ofllco of stakeholder and tak
ing such eood cnro of the money. The
flBhtcr llion invited nil hands out to drink
his health In bumpers of champagne. Stake-
bolder CrldRO then sold the fcJO.OOO in cash
"Avus not all ho had'\o dispose of. Ho then
produced the Police Gazette championship
bolt. According to the stipulations of Illch-
nrd 1C , Kox , the donor of the belt , ns Cridgo
undorntood them , n guarantee must bo Riven
for Its safety before ho would surrender it.
Sullivan insisted that the bolt went with the
money and demanded it on the spot. Matters
were smoothed over by Wakoly giving the
remiHito guarantee , nnd then with the money
and belt in his possession Sulllvnn and party
left Crldgo's to celebrate the event
The first place visltod wus Mlddleton's
aloon on Urtmdwoy , where Sullivan broke
bin first { 500 bill und cracked bottles -of
champagne Raloro. Every tlmo a ohampugno
cork popped ho called for seltzer nnd lotnon.
From Middloton's the sports went to Jim
Wakoloy's resort , 'where uioro wlno was
When tbo wlno gives out Sullivan will go
over to Brooklyn and visit Charlie Johnston.
Johnston has the bolt , Sullivan contemptu
ously calls it a "doe collar , " and will have It
on exhibition. says ho will take all
the stones out of the belt , distribute them
among his friends nnd then "mult the collar"
into n solid mass. Ho will have a tag at
tached which will read :
" of the ' collar *
"This is the remains 'dog
won bv John L. Sulhvun in his fight with
JakoKilrain at Uichburg , Miss. , July 8 ,
18SO. "
.Sullivan , flushed with the recent victory ,
Is anxious for fresh laurels In the pugilistic
world. Liimloy said this afternoon that Sul
livan would accept the challenge of Join
Smith , England's champion , aud will pre
sent him with $2,500 If ho will como to
America nnd fight him Mnrquls of Queens-
berry rules , before the California Athletic
club.Tho $20,000 stalio money Is not all Sulli
van's. Ten thousand dollars goes to the
"Big Fellow. " The balance will bo divided
among his backer * us follows :
One-lmlf to tbo Now York lllustiatcd
News , one-quarter to Jim Wakelcy nnd ono-
quartcr to Charllo Johnson. It is said that
his packers will present to Muldoon $2,000.
Sullivan also intends to give him $1,000.
Btnmlliif ; ol' tha Clubs.
Following Is the standing of the Western
association clubs , up to und including yes
terday "a games :
Omuna . 05
St. Paul . 07
Minneapolis. ! . ( JO
Sioux City . 05
Denver . 65
St Joseph . 02
DCS Momes..G3
Milwaukee . 05
To-ilnj'H Uainc.
The Omahas and Dcnvers will meet again
at the local park this afternoon. The fellow-
Ing nro the positions :
Omaha Positions Denver
Coonoy . Middle . , Silch
Cleveland . Third . White
Wblsh . Short . Burks
Andrews . Tirat . , Howe
Crooks . Second . . .McClollan
Canavan . Loft. . . . , , .D.ilrymplo
Strauss . Hight . . .Tread way
Naglo . Catch . IJolan
Nichols . Pitch . . . . , Ftigau
St. Joseph 8 , Sioux City O.
Sioux Crrr , la. , July 23. A homo run hit
by Curtis in the ninth , after two men were
out , and Knoll and McGarr were on buses ,
won the game for St. Joseph. Store :
Btoux Cltr. , . . ? o o o o i o i i-e
Ut. Josopli. , . .U U U 0 2 I U 2 S-8
Earned rtitu floux City I. St. Joseph 3. Two-bnso
hlt > llraillojr 2 , 1 lannuiin , Cllno , Anlncr. Tliruo Imsu
hltii Oiliic.OurtlB. Homo ruiin c'urtls Duiiula pl r
UroMmn to 1'owolt. llradley to Cllnn to 1'oivfll.
First Irnnu on bulls-Sioux City 4 , tft.JosBpli.1. lilt by
unll-frotty ; McOnrr. htruck out lly Klimu- Knell . Tlmn of icame-1 built und UUy
mlnutud. L'uilro-Mclcraiutt. )
. lls 7 , St. I'anl 3.
fi . MINNEAPOLIS , Minn. , July 23. The frame
to-day wus a close and exciting contest up to
the seventh Inning , when Minneapolis fell on
Mains nnd batted him all ever the field. On
tbo ether hand , Mitchell wus a pu lo to the
" St : 1'aul batsmen. Scoio :
inneapolis 1 UU100 ' 500-7
U l > u,7. | . . . . U U U 0 0 1 U I 11-3
KarneflTtinB 81. Paul 1 , Mlnnoupolli 6. Tno bate
lilt > llnngln , Mlmn'lMn , L'urrull , JautiiMi. llaaus
Idlcn-lly Jluriiljjf : , llu . > \Verrlrlc S. I > rl > chal 3 ,
Mlnnelmit 2. liiu > ei on tinllOir Alulna 6 , off Mllclicll
I ) , llltbj pltcliur Mklni , UrUdiul. struck out llr
Main * u. br Mltcliull u. rained l > alli-.liiution u ,
rouuliion i , lloiu ot Knwo-l liuur AaU U wluutci.
ruplre Claiku. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
-No Onino at Den Moino * .
DBS MOINES , la , , July 3. The Dos Moines-
Mlhvaultcogan\Q w.p n > unoa on account
oi Tvofgrounds.
The National
CLEVKI.AND , July 23. Result of to-day' *
Ijomo ,
Cleveland . 0 11000100 8
I'HUlmrif . 0 00000000 0
Busohlts Cleveland 5 , Plttsburg 6. Er
rors Ulovcland U , PltUburt ; 4. lattorio
. Uoiitlu aud Sutcliffo. PUUburfr ,
taloynnd Miller. Umpire Curry.
CHICAGO , July 23. llosult of to-days
game :
Chicago . 3 5011000 10
Indianapolis . 0 1 luaOOSO fl
Ba o hits Chicago 8 , Indianapolis 11. Er
rors Chicago R , ludijnapolis 3. liattcrlos
Chicago , Iloaly and Furroll. IndlanapolU ,
Cetieln and Uuckloy. Umpire McQuald.
Hosrox , July 23. Uesult of to-day's tame :
lloeton . . ,0 8004000 3 10
Washington . 0 4
UASO hlU Bcnton S. Washington , 7. lir-
ior lioitou 0 , Woshii'.gUin 0. llattorles
Uotlou , C } rk ou , Bouuett aud Kelly.
Ington , Sullivan and Hnd Jock , Mack anil
U. ly. Umpire Powers.
, July 2J. Itosult of to-day's
Ramo ; ,
Philadelphia. * , . .4 01100001 7
Now York . 0 00100010-5
Daao hits Philadelphia in , Now York
9. Errors Philadelphia 4 , Now York 2.
Batteries Philadelphia , Sanders nnd
Slirlvor. Now York , Welch and Murphy.
Umpire Lynch.
The American Association.
COI.UMUUS , July 23 Result of to-day's
game :
Columbus . 1 3
St. Louis . 0 3 SI 0 0 0 1 * 9
PHILADELPHIA. July ' ' ,23. Result of to-day's
game :
Athlollcs . 0 10000000 1
Cincinnati . 1 00005BO * 9
BAI/TIMOUE , July" M. Itosult of to-day's
came :
Baltimore. . . ; . . .0 ' ( J
Louisville.3 0-0001000 3
July Kl. Ucsult of to-da.v's
game :
Brooklyn . 0 00300003-4
Kansas City. . . . 0 03000100 3
Amateur G a limp.
NqitFOLK , Nob. , July 23. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEH. | In Its contest with the
Kearney ball club to-day Norfolk got rnttlcd
In the second Inning and allowed Kearney ,
through errors , to score heavily. Norfolk
scored ono In the first inning , and Kearney
five In the second and two in the eighth. The
cmbs play again to-morrow.
Evnn liowlR , tlio titrnnclcr , mill Mc-
Millun , the StroiiR ninn.
Evan Lewis , the Stranglcr , and' ono of the
finest catoh-as-catch wrestlers in the world ,
Is bookad for a match at mixed styles at the
Coliseum , August 7 , with McMillon , the
strong man. The match Is for a purse of
$300 , which will bo hung up by the Coliseum
management , and the event will bo ono of
no llttlo Interest. Lewis and McMillon ara
botli stars in. this particular line of nthlotlus ,
and an the prize Is of sufficient dimensions to
Justify the best efforts of each , the publio
can rest assured of 'witnessing an exciting
contest. Lowls obtained bin uncompli
mentary title of ' 'tho Strnnglor" from his
famous , or Infamous , ncck-lbclr , which has
mudo some of the most notable urenio artists
of the times succumb.
An Enthusiastic Mooting in tbe In-
torcRM of tlio Onino Ijfxvv.
A conjoint incotlng of the members of the
different gun clubs of the city and sports
men generally was hold at G win &DunmIrc's
nporting headquarters last evening forthe
purpose of taking some action looking to
ward the enforcement of the game laws ,
which are now being notoriously violated in
the slaughler of young chicken and quail.
Among the gentlemen present were W. > V.
Biugham.W. H. S. Hughes , S. S. Hulett , Dr.
II. A. Worloy , ( Joodly Bruckor , Frank S.
Parmolco , I. W. Dunmiro , W. E. Nason ,
William Simeral , John Petty , William Townsend -
send , William Mank'and others.
Mr. Hughes called the mooting to order , at
the same time stating its object. W. W.
Binghnm was chosen chairman , and S. G V.
Griswold secretary. Mr. Bingham stated
that information of a positives character had
been received of the wanton and unlawful
slaughter of prairie chlcKon from all parts
of the state , and that while the present game
laws were very deficient , it was hign time
that true sportsmen made the effort
to devise ways and means to put
a stop to this nefarious practice.
There followed a long' nnd exhaustive dis-
cussicn of the matter , the upshot at all of
which was that the express companies wcro
the sources throuch which u bettor condi
tion of things might bo brought about , inas
much that the shipphiK of chickens at uuy
season is au unlawful act.
To show the inducement held outtolnfrac-
tors of tho'law in this regard the following
letter , received to-day by a prominent coin-
mi' ion.'mcroliant , was read :
CIIIOAOO , III. , July 23. Dear Sir : Are you
bundling any game this season ) We are
invar o that you can not handle it openly or
lawfully , but wo are In n position to bundle
nil you can Band us , providing it Is properly
put up , ' Prairie chicken ana quail in good
demand , and young and half grown birds
We quote pra'rio ' chickens $5 to$0 ; quail $5
to & > 5U. Old ba ds not wanted yet awhile.
If you ship pack in tight boxes , ice well ,
and mark XXXX poultry XXXX. Wo can
handle all you can seuiTus , anu will see thut
you uro protected. Lot us hear from you.
Yours respectfully ,
Dr. Worloy then submitted u motion that
a special meeting of all the gun clubs of the
state nnd city bo called forthwith , for the
purpose of ascertaining what they would
subscribe toward a fund to be used in check
ing tins outrageous violation of the law , with
instructions to report the result of thulr
meetings to W. R. S , Hughes , Dresldeiit of
the Omaha gun club. Carried.
Mr. Bingham made a motion that Frank S.
Parmolco , of the Omaha gun club , and W.
O. Nftson , ot the Lofovro gun club , bo ap
pointed n special committee to solicit funds
from outside parties and interested sportsmen
L-onerally. Carried.
On motion of Mr. Ilnches the mooting then
adjourned to meet next Saturday evening ,
when a definite conrso of uction u to bo
mapped out. _
St. 1'niil Itncea
ST. PACT * , Mini ) . , July 23. A clear day was
vouchsafed to the Twin City Jockey club on
this , their opening day of their inaugural
meeting , n'nd fully twenty thousand people
took advantage of the line weather and good
progiitmmo to visit the race track at Ham-
line , between tbo two cities , and the day ful
filled their expectations of line sport. The
truck was about U.o seconds slow. Sum
mary ;
Inaugural , tbreo-year-olds and upwards ,
six furlongs Mabel won , Mamio Fonao sec
ond. Benson third. Time l:15f.
Thrco-yoar-olds aud upwards , suvon fur
longs Cora Fisher won , Lotion second , Angelus -
gelus third. Time 1:30. :
Threo-ycar-olds and upwards , thirteen six
teenths of a mile Bon Air won , Castllmn
second , Thankful third. Time 1 :24K. :
Twin City Derby , three-year olds , mile and
a quarter Lo Premier won , Salllo Hairan
second , Loglo third. Tlmo 2:10. :
Maiden two-year-olds , four furlongs
Morse won , Mluunt second , Bessemer third.
Detroit Itices.
DKTIIOIT , July 23. To-day was the open
ing day of the trotting and pacing mcotlngof
the dotrlot driving clnb , nnd was called
Blun Ribbon dny , when the experiment of
throwing open tbo gates to tbo publio free
was tried. It proved to bn n great success ,
the intend unco being 12,000. The weather
was ilno and tbo track very fust. Summary :
3:33 : class , purse $3.000 Vorltas won ,
Ketch bccoud , Star Lily third , ArcaUlcu
fourth. Best . ir.o ar.-O f.
Tito second" and third races went over
until to-uiorroiv , Tbo beats wcro distri
buted whoa darkness interfered , consequently
quently the programme was not completed.
Muninnuih Pnrlc Rnocs.
MONMOXJTII PAIIK , July 23. Owing to the
death of Captain Brown's sou , which sad
event took place at Princeton this morning ,
none of his horses started to-day. Sum
mary :
Three-fourths ot B milo Tcnnoy won In
IMtf , Gladstone second , B.adga third.
Throo-fourtlis of a mlle Devotee won In
1:15 : > { , Cuyuga second , G.rnulsroy third.
One and.ono-clghth miles CliomUo won
In l:5TJf , Village Maid second , Equality
One and one-olghtb mlles Brother Dan
won in li&SJl , Bolind * second. Connomara
Ono and ono-stxtcontu miles Benedictine
won lu lilt ) , Bryu wood second , Eaui Wood
third ,
Throe-fourth * of a mile Radishah won In
1:10 : , Ouavyay second , BnUotCoU third.
Wllkiu Collliii Out of Danger.
LONDON , July 23. The physicians attend-
iof Wilklo Colljin probounco him out of daa-
A Sootlon Hand nt Table Ro'ok
Killed by n Train.
Ono of Ncbrnikn City's Dentist ? Con-
vlcecd ofn Toohnlcixl Violation
or the Jjn'w Otlior No-
braskn News. ' " '
Killed liy. a. Train.
PAWNEK CmNob. . , July ai fSpCclal
Telegram to TUB Bun. ] A sccllou hand by
the name of Brown , on the 13. A.M. nt Table
Rook , was walking on the tracft In th& rain
to-day. Ho was silling on tlio 'end of the
brldgo when the Lincoln passenger , No. 71 ,
came nlong , ana , bomcr unobserved by cither
engineer or ilroman was struck by the en
gine and instantly hilled. No ono knoxvs
whether ho was asleep or did not oosorvo
the train. lie leaves n wile only four
months married and about twenty-live years ,
Hvon.Bcnt His Washerwoman.
"Nnnn3iCA CITT , Nob. , July 23. [ Special
to TUB Hun.J W. W. Harvey , the
scheming landlord of the defunct Unr
num huso , was discharged last nl ht on the
chnrgo ng-atnst him for not maintaining flro
escapes , and Immediately gave his creditors
the slip and loft town. Now creditors are
springing up on all sides , nnd oven his wash ,
orwomnn has been swindled out of her earn
ings. His transactions havo. been most vil
lainous , and it is supposed thut ho got out of
town with several thousand dollars.
Thn Arnolil Murtler Case.
COLUMBUS , Nob. , July 23. [ Special to Tnu
BRE. ] The Arnold murder case came up before
fore the district court of ScotU Bluff county
lost weak , Judge A , H. Church presiding.
The counsel for the defendant , Judge Hoist
and Hsnry St. Haynor , illod a pica in abate
ment to the jurisdiction of the court under
the Indictment found by tno grand jury of
Cheyenne county last December before the
division of the old county at Cheyenne , of
which Scott's Bluff county at that time
formed a part. The prosecution was repre
sented by County Attorney Judge William
Hicliardson and Hon. F. J. Foss , of Crcto ,
who filed a replication to the ploaof the de
fense , alleging that the plea sot up is no de
fense to the jurisdiction , Heist and Haynor ,
relying upon the fourteenth amendment to
the federal constitution , raised a very Inter
esting constitutional question , which , they
contend , goes to ttic question that an indict
ment returned by the grand jury of a county
which is afterwards divided and the cntrio
Is ullngcd to have been committed in the ter
ritory of a new county stricken from the old ,
renders all of the proceedings had under the
indictment m contravention of the four
teenth amendment as being "without duo
process of law. " After three aays fighting
and argument on the question.the court sus
tained the plea and grautnd the indictment.
This makes the second plea m abatement
which has been sustained by the court , Hied
by the defense , the first having boon an at
tack upon the information filed by the prose
cuting attorney of Cheyeiio county , as being
in controycntion of the fourteenth amend
ment. Likewise the defense having raised
the question that under our bill Of rights and
federal constitution , no man.'accused of a
capital crime could bo placed upon his trial
unless on a presentment or Indictment of a
grand jury. The action of the court ulaccd
tlio case in the same condition it. was on
June 23 , 1BSS , when the dofcudunt was first
arrested and incarcerated , in .tho Sidney
Jail. This case has already cost Cheycna
county SC/KX ) , and before it is concluded , no
matter what the result may be , will cost
Scotls'Hluff county SlO.oap'raore. "
Court adjourned until'Augusl21 , nnd called
for a special tVemrd for a grand jury. *
Kxultemont Over Smallpox. '
KBiBNnr , Neb. , July 23. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BKB.I The people In tho'north-
3rn part of Anderson township , Phclps
county , are in great oxcitomcnLat the recent
discovery of a case of smallpox in their
neighborhood , Anthony Hufford , who lived
in this city during the spring"and early sum
mer. Ho moved to , tnc place whore bo now
lives about Juno 1 , and. was taken sick two
wecKs ago , since which time ho has boon
growing worso. It Is reported thal'he can
live but a short timo. It was not discovered
until a week ago that the disease was small
pox , and then it was assuming Its worst
form. In the meantime the neighbors hnd
called at his house nnd helped the family In
various ways. Several persons have been
exposed to the disease , anu it would not bo
surprising to hear of other cases of small
pox soon developing in thut vicinity. Fam
ilies are moving away , and the smallpox
scare Is high.
A Farmer lioljbod.
WIMIEK , Nob. , July 23. I Special to THK
BEE.J Yesterday about noon a man was
robbed about half a mlle west of Wllbor by
two strangers. Ho was"a , farmer named
Shlnfold and had sold some hogs during the
morning , having about (53 dollars on bis
person at the time of the robbery. The
scheme was concocted by tbo two follows ,
and ono of them secured a riUo with him on
pretense of having relatives in Ins vicinity.
They were met by the accomplice , who
wanted to pay the strangnr in the wagon n
debt , but could not make change. The
farmer offered to change the bill , anct on
producing his wallet It was grabbed liy tlio
fellow in the wagon und thrown to bis
accomplice , who ran into a corn field.
Kobuor No. 1 jumped from the wncon and
also got into the corn field. They wore
hunted for during the afternoon , but not
found. To-day ono is reported to * have been
captured at Lincoln on the tralu. TUo other
At Minor Union's Homo.
CiiBir.iiTox , Nob. , July 33. [ Special to
THE BEK.J The account of Miner W.
Bruno's dangerous exploit _ among the
Glaciers of Alaska , published 'in Monday's
Bix , created great interest here. Mr. Bruce
has long been identified with Crciqhton , his
family having lived hero for. about fourteen
years. In fact his father owned the original
town site and was the first settler In this
section. Mr. Bruce closed out his mercan
tile business hero lost spring and started for
Alaska as tbo special correspondent of TIIK
BBB. His articles pertaining to Alaska ,
which have been published from time to
tlmo in the Sunday edition of THE BBK , have
been road with Interest by allCrolghtonltes.
It is hoped that bo will cnmo out of the
frozen wilds of Alaska sustaining no injuries.
Ills aged mother , wife and brother , Mr , O ,
A. H. Uruce , are anxiously waiting for a
confirmation of the report that ho is afe.
riunrncy'a ' Cr.inp Meeting ,
KKAnNBY , Nob. , July 23. [ Special Tele
gram to TIIK UEB.I Wind und ruin struck
the uatnp at the lake some tlmo in the night
and blow and pattered until morning. Not
withstanding this most , everybody was
happy and many were astir utun early hour.
No serious damage was done , but the threat
ening aspect of the weather kept ' .back ; 'uu
expected crowd of people from the city , this
being the day set aside for old settlors.
After devotional exercises M , Sldenhuui , of
old Fort Kearney fuuio , In a prosy speech
related his experience in early times in the
Platte valley. Hev. A. Colli)9. | otia of the
urat settlers of Kearney , enriched the foro-
noon's exorcises by rehearsing Incidents of
pioneer life in this section , Joel Hull , of
Mlndeu , added his fund of wit and humor to
the occasion. In the afternoon Hon. A. H ,
Conner and Governor John M. Thayer au-
drested the crowd. To-morrow will bo
women' * day , and the time will be devoted
principally to the Women's Homo Foreign
Mlsilou society.
A Flood nt Supi rlor.
BUMRIOU , Neb. , [ July 23. [ gpooial Tele
gram < to TIIK BKE.J The heaviest rain
known since the settlement of this , city oc
curred here to-day. Lost crock , ireat of
town , li a rn ps iorront , far overreaching
lU banks. People living near It have bean
compelled to Icaya thdr houses and nook
shelter olsowlfttvob Escape the flood. Trains
west on both CTtd Missouri Pnclllo and the
B. & M. roads have been sidotraukcd hero
for the nlclit.'fisVho tracks nro washed SQV-
ernl hundred ffct In different plnccs , Con-
slderaoio loss will bo experienced from the
donth or live pMafc which has been swept
axvny , and thoulamago to crops will bo Im-
AlTiiTcliln Found.
CoLUMtirjH , JTcUi July 23. | bpccml Tele
gram to TIL * UtEc. ] Uolllmzcr Jennl , n
young man living with n brother In Sherman
township , twfilVjHnllos north of Columbus ,
loft his homo Stout July 0 with n borrowed
gun , leaving a note announcing his attention
to commit sulcldo. The brother of the mis
sing man , In company with the sheriff nnd
others from the city , made diligent search ,
but In vain. He was found lying dead to-day
o half mlle from his brother's house , with tuo
cun clasped tightly in his hand and a bullet
hole through his head. The body was badly
decomposed. The cau'so of his rash net is un
known. The coroner was notified and nn
inquest Is being held.
The IIOIIK Pint !
LOKO PISE , Neb. , July 23. [ Special Tclo-
pramToTiinBEB.J This was W. C. T. U.
day and the weather was beautiful. There
was nothing to mar the pleasures nnd exor
cises of the day. Mrs. Helen M. Barker , of
Fargo , JN. D. , delivered on address In the
forenoon nnd ono In the evening. Mrs. Annie
M. Palmer , of Boonsboro. la. , delivered
ono of her characteristic lectures In tno
afternoon , which was well receivedE. .
Kosowatcr , of Omaha , arrived this evening ,
and will lecture \Ycdnosdaythat being Press
Dell Skipped With the Bondlo.
NnnuiSKA Citr , Nob. , July 23. [ Special
to TIIK BiiE.l Mrs. Browa , of Lincoln , wife
of ouo of the escaped hog thieves who loft a
team behind In this city , was in town to-day ,
looking for a man named Bell , whom she
sent bore a few days ago to secure the team
and disuoso of it. Ho sold the team for
$47,50 nnd sent the woman & > . and then dis
appeared. Ho represented himself as n Lin
coln detective , and loft this city with the al
leged purooso of looking up tno thlovos.
Convicted on n Technicality.
NEUHASKA Citr , "Nob. , July 23. [ Special
to TIIK BBH. | The case against Dr. Swartz
for practicing dentistry in this city under a
physician's diploma , contrary to the provis
ions of the recent law , was heard In the
county court to-day. Ho was found guilty
aud lined KO and costs. Dr. Swartz Is a
competent dentist Tifid has uracticed for a
number of years , his conviction being secured -
cured on a mere technicality. Ho has ap
pealed the caso.
Ognllnln Cnnnl Bonds Carry.
OOALLALA , Neb. , July 23. [ Special Tolc-
grain to TIIK BEB. | The result of the elec
tion hold hero to-Oay on the question of vot-
1m ; $35,000 bonds In aid of the Ogallala canal
wus 227 for and 15 atralnst. This assures to
Ogallala a period of' prosperity heretofore
unknown. At p'rbscnt the town is illumi
nated with bonfires , cannons are booming and
our citizens nroTvild with excitement nnd
general rejoicings the order of the hour.
Bnllno County Touchers.
CIIETE , Nob. , July 23. [ Special to Tnn
BEE. I Our city'is full of school inarms at
tending thn Saline county teachers' institute- .
The number is larger than usual. The insti
tute is conducted b.V Prof. Freuch , county
superintendonV'fliijl Prof. Stdnner , super
intendent of thfCreto high school.
, -y -
A BurcInrJ-VlBlts n Hunker.
OAKLAND , Nib. , July 23. [ Special to
TUB BEE.I Acburclnr raided the house of
Banker C. T. Cjnflln last night. Ho
succeeded in iircnrrying away a lady's
gold watch , a co'rtUlcato.of . deposit on au
Oakland bank , d 'fine 'revolver und other
property to tho-owo nt of $150.
Elevators 'Burnotl'ut Blue mill
tlASjiN03'Ncb. , July. 23. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BKE.J Three elevators and
their contents , belonging to H. Kelly , E.
Strowbridgo & Co. , and Harry Hoover , at
Blue Hill , twenty miles south of hero , were
burned this morning. Loss , $50,000 ; Insur
ance , $17,000.
Struck By Ijiulitnlni ; nnd Killed.
ALLIANCE , Neb. , July 23. [ Special Telegram -
gram to THE BKE. ] Yostordav afternoon
lightning struck Lars Newman , working for
S , J. Wilson , six- miles southeast , killing
Nowtnan and his horse and throwing Wilson
from his horse Without serious injury.
Pawnro City Ko.JLCtJ Jail Bonds.
PAWNEK CITT , Neb. , July 23. [ Special
Telegram to THE BEE. | The election for
bonds for au $8,000 jail was very quiet. It is
believed the bonds were defeated all over the
county. In this precinct there were 178
votes cast , 81 for ana OS against.
Engineer Phillips Kelcnscd.
NEIUIASKA Cur , Nob. , July 23. [ Special
Telegram to Tim Bnu. ] Engineer Phillips ,
who has bocn in jail for some tlmo in default
of nail for stabbing an old engineer , wus
released the B. & M.
to-day , securing u sig
nature to his bond.
Honnat John Murphy , the Famous
HorsiMnnn , Dips of Consumption.
NBW YOBK , JuVy 23. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEE. I John Murphy , the famous
driver and trniner of horses , died this morn
ing at Hiram Houso'a road-houso on Ocean
Boulevard , near Parkvillo. The cause of
death was consumption. Among his most
Intimate friends it wus known that ho wus
seriously ill , but very few of his sporting
friends realized the end was so near. "Hon
est" John Murphy , as ho was known among
horsemen , ' was considered one of the
Equarest nnd most iwpulur drives
on the American turf. Tlio dead horse
man was born in Ireland in 1840.
Ho came to this country when six years of
ago , aud within ten years of his arrival be
came Known as a lover of horseflesh. His
first race was at Baltimore In 1SUO , when he
drove Lady Jane" against Lady Sliaw , win
ning In straight boats. Ho first attracted
public attention in 1805 , when ho handled
Toronto Chlof. That season , George B.
Alloy , owner of Dexter , hired him to ride
thut celebrated horse In a three mlle race to
saddle against the invincible gelding Stonewall -
wall Jackson' . , Dexter won nod consequently
Murphy's fumfi' wils established. When
Fleetwo&d ParlrwM opened in 1870 , Murphy
located ttiero anuiathat locality ho remained
until recently. t (
Mr. Pritclieft" Dually Preparing tlio
1'upgfKrl" tlo Case.
It Is definitely settled that John Calhoun
will bo ludictod'l off at least six or eight
counts. fil
Marshal Slau-/ilir | ; has been In close con
sultation with | i/uj / ! district .attorney , and
young Calhounurtlll ; undoubtedly bo placed
under arrest wltblrfja very few days. Mr ,
Pritchctt said ifft' ifc not able to state just
when lie woulli cjjmmcnco the case , but
thought It would UOjWithln n , fevv < lsys.
A Painful ottcgiDvat the sensational In an
evening > mt wa ubsolutoly without basis.
The subject-matter is of a very "chestnutty"
flavor. General Dennis , deputy collector ,
was busily enyagod yesterday in compiling u
list of letters which had boon received some
time ago asking about remittance * . These
letters were referred to from time to tlmo in
these columns as they were received. A list of
thorn was bniug prepared for tha district at
torney's use , and was geon by u reporter for
the evening sheet , who proceeded to dish the
matter up in sensational stylo. It may have
boon naws to the aforesaid paper , but it was
anything but new to the citizens ,
District Attorney Prltchott is busily en
gaged in preparing the papers in the prose
cution of young Calhoun. Collector Peters
has turned over to Mr. Prltchott all the
papora In his po sosslon bearing on the case ,
Including letters from all parts of the dis
trict , making inquiry about money remitted
for stum pa.
It U not definitely known just what the
total amount of the defalcation will prove to
bo , but it will bo well up in the thousands.
A Polk County Farmer SufTooatod
In a Well.
Mooting of tlio IUno GMRS
An Iov City Flouring Mill
llurncd Tlio CrcNtou
' rostoflleo ,
Suffocated In n. "Well.
tins Moons , la. , July 23. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tun BBB. ] Yesterday afternoon
Mr. Wk t\ Sold , n fanner living in Bloom-
Hold township , went to tlio hny Hold accompanied
panied by Ill's dog. The latter returned Into
In.tho afternoon nlono , nnd by Its strnngo
notions , suggested that something had hap
pened Its nmstor. Tlio neighbors wore
nrouscd , and n search for tlio missing man
wan mndo. They foun'd him nt the bottom of
nn old nilno Bhtift , where ho hnd boon suffo
cated by air damp. It Is supposed that ha
hnd fttnrton down the ladder to Rot walor to
priruo n well near by , but wns overcome by
the foul gas. Had It not bucn for the faithful -
ful dog tlio body would liuvo beou missing
much louder.
Thn niuo Ontss
Otf , la. , July 23. [ Special Telegram
to TIIK Bun. J The second meeting of the
Blue Grass league , of southwestern Iowa ,
was hold hero to-day. Tlio counties repre
sented wore Adams , Appauoosa , Clarke ,
Cass , Lucas , Madison , Montgomery , Puce ,
Pottawattamlo , Taylor , Union , Warren and
Woyno. President Hnrah , of Cruston , reported -
ported having Issued 2,000 pamphlets nnd
maps descriptive of the region , and mulled
them to eastern homo-ssokcrs ; aiso'a Kronen
edition for distribution at the Paris exposi
tion. Several now counties were ndmlttod
to the longuo to-day. A committee of live ,
with A. J. Davenport , of the "Q , " as chair
man , was appointed to arrange for excur-
slouo into the region , thollrstono to bo to
Crcston during the dates of the Uluo Grass
exposition. _
Complaint of tlio Grain Shippers.
DBS MOINES , In. , July 23. | Special Tele
gram to Tim BE K.I Tlio president , secretary
und several mouibcra of the Northwestern
Grain Shippers' association were before the
railroad commission to-day to consider about
questions growing out of tlio decision of ths
interstate coinmcrco commission affecting
grain shippers last winter. The Iowa
shippers have now the Nebraska rate of 10
cents , but they want to bo puld damages for
past discriminations , and they uro asking the
Iowa commissioners to help them. They
aon't receive much encouragement thut
damages can bo obtained.
Thrown from a Hrliljfe.
WATERLOO , la. , July 23. fSnocial Tele
gram to THE Br.n.J 1C. B. Shayer und fam
ily , who barely escaped with their livesfrom
the Johnstown flood and have been visiting
in this county since , nro the victims of an
other serious accident. They were driving
to Hudson when their team ran away nnd
they wcro thrown out on the bridge across
the Blackhnwk. Mr. Shayer was thrown
the bridge into the water below and very
seriously injured. His wife and sou were
also very badly hurt.
Fliuterinjj Crop Prospects.
MASONCm , la. , July 23. fSiecial Tele
gram to THE Bun. ] The farmers are now in
the midst of harvest. An estimate of the
yield. of crops has been made , as follows :
\Vhoat , eighteen to twenty bushels per acre ;
oats , forty to seventy bushels : corn , from
lifty tosixty. . Similar flattering reports
came from Hancock , Kossuth , Clay , Emmet ,
\Vjnnebuco , Chickasuw nnd Floyd counties.
Inspecting Crcatou's I'ostolllco.
CiiE9Toi , la , , July 23. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEB. | A postofllco inspector visited
Creston to-day to examine the business o
the Creston postofllco with a view to report
ing on the city's application for a f rco mall
delivery. It is understood that his report will
favor establishing a free delivery.
Hie Flour Ins ; Mill is 11 mud.
IOWA CITT , la. , July 23. This morning the
largo flouring mill of Ryerson & Son , burned
to tbo ground. The loss on the building ,
stock and * fixtures is about $15,003. The build
ing was insured for $0,000. The remainder
is a complete loss. Tins is the second time
the mill has been completely burned.
Drowned In the Iowa ftlvor.
DBS MOINES , la. , July 23.-irSpoclal Tel
egram to TIIK Bni : . ] John A. Overbook ,
foreman of the shipping department of the
glucose works , wont bathiug in the Iowa
river near the soldiers' homo , nt Marshall-
town , Sunday , and was drowned.
A Depot
WALNUT , la. , July 23. [ Special Telegram
to TUB | The depot at this place was
burglarized last night. Tbo safe was blown
open und all the money and valuables taken.
There is no clue to the thieves.
HE HAD A VVfjli.
A nolntlvo of Wunanmkcr Uses His
Frestijjo For 1'roflt ,
FALLS RIVEII , Mass. , July 23. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BEK.J Postmaster General -
oral Wanamaker bus been dragged into
notoriety hero by the erratic behavior of u
family connection of his. Two years ago a
Dr. Leonard , an Kclectlu physician , who
married Mr. AVanatnnker's cousin , carne hero.
Ho did very little business until his
wealthy relative became a cabinet min
ister. Dr. Leonard thereupon gave it
out that ho had a big "pull" In Washington ,
and aspirants for government positions in
that district had bettor cultivate his friend
ship. Ho was Interviewed mid written up
by the press , becoming quite u political lion.
Various aspirants for the postmustorshln
paid him marked attention , besides which
his medical practice grew amazingly. Among
his patients was Mrs. Abbey Wilbur , late
from California , who suffered from n dis
eased hip. Leonard gave her the vacuum
treatment , and temporally relieved her.
By this menus ho gained her
confidence , and getting some $500 from her
disappeared. It has boon learned that ho
has taken with him quite a largo sum , simi
larly procured from patients and else money
from politicians whom ho was nblo to impoHo
his alleged pntronugo upon. His wife ho
loft behind. Shu U much distressed , partic
ularly as her husband used her relative's
nnmo to swindle. She said ho bad doubtless
lost all the money thus procured through
gambling ,
Tlio W , O. T. U , Conference ,
MOUNTAIN LAKE PAKK , Md. , July 23. The
W. O. T , U. Inter-stato conference closed its
live days' session last evening. The day was
given to reports , election of ofllcurs und other
coufortmco business. The
in fuvor of total abstinence and prohibition ;
denounce all license as criminal ; demand one
standard of morals .cr men and women ; do-
ciy-s-St vrorse than treason to withhold the
power of tlio ballot from the virtuous und in-
tolltoont women of the homo uud ledge It
with the vice und ignorance of the saloon for
the homo's destruction , mid rccoguuo in ro
ot nt apparent reverses sure omens of victory
for prohibition. Mrs , 0.13. Buol , of Chicago ,
was choseu president.
Tlio K. of U Kxcuutlvo Knsslon.
CHICAGO , July 23. The executive board of
the Knights of Labor will tlnlsh their ses
sion to-morrow and adjourn , Bo far as can
bo learned the work of the board has resulted
in few surprises , and little was done besides
r out I no business. It bus boon determined ,
how over , to attempt n revival of the old K.
of L. enthusiasm next full. General Muster
Workman Ppwdorly will return here in Oc
tober und u big meeting will be held ,
Tlio Preside ill's Work.
DBBII PAIIK , Md. , July 21 Tno work of
the president to-day was mainly confluent to
the og.cslaoratlon of appointment * , but no
tommlsslous were issued.
Annual lima Competition of the
Department or the Plntte ,
To-morrow nt Uollovuo begins the ninth
nniiunl rlflo competition of the Department
of thoxplntto. The contestants reported
yesterday. The ofllccr In chnrgo is Major
Guy O. Henry , Ninth Cavalry , Inspector of
small arms practice. The remainder of the
organisation la composoa ns follows : Major
Dantol W. lionhnni , Seventh Infantry Com
manding CAinn ; Second Lieutenant John C.
Gregg , Sixteenth Infantry , adjutant
and signal ofllcor j First Lieu
tenant William A. Mann , Seven-
tconth Infantry. qunrtorumstor nnd
ordnance oflloory First Lieutenant William
A. Mercer , Mlghth Infantrv , acting commis
sary of subsistence ; Socoid Lieutenant
George Hutchison , Ninth cavalry , statistical
Und financial ofllcor ; Acting Assistant-Sur
geon brank L. Henderson , U. S. A. , medical
TUo range officers ares First Lieutenant
Charles H. Tyler , Sixteenth Infantry ; Second
end Lieutenant Ucorgo W , Mclvor , Seventh
Infantry ; Second Lieutenant Abraham P.
Itufihtgton , Seventh Infantry : Seventh Lieu
tenant Colvlllo M. Pattlt , Eighth Infantry ;
Second Lieutenant Harry K. Wllklns , Second
end Infantry ; Second Lieutenant Satmiol
Sciiy , Jr. , Twanty-fli-sl Infantry ; Second
Lieutenant Monroe McFarlntid , Twenty-
first Infantry.
The senior range officer will have general
clmrgn of the rnngo odlccrs , scorers , murk-
ors , and riingo party , and bo responsible for
their instruction In their required .duties.
The first three days will bo devoted to pre
liminary practice.
The progratno of firing Is as follows :
THUKSIUT , July 2r > .
A. M. Known distance ilrlngs , 200 and 300
P. M. Known distance firings , COO aud COO
rniiur , July 20.
A. M. Skirmish firings.
P. M. Known distance firings , 200 ami 300
SATUlllUY , JULT 27.
A. M. Skirmish firing.
P. M. Known distance firings , 590 and
COO yards.
A. M. Known distance firings , 200 nnd
300 yards.
P. M. Known distance firings , 500 and
COO yards.
A. M. Skirmish firings.
P. M. Skirmish firings.
A. M. Known distance firings , 200 nnd
300 yards.
P. M. Known distance firings , GOO nnd
000 yards.
TIltmsIJAV , AUOtlST 1.
A. M. Skirmish 11 rings.
P. M. Skirmish llrings.
Presentation of meduls.
The hours of practice are from 8:30 a. m.
to 3 p. m. Assembly fifteen minutes boforo.
The trams of the U. & M. H. K. will stop
at Dcflovuo rillo ran 1:0 station on request , or
by being flagged , us follows : From Onmtia ,
9:35 a. m. , 3:15 n. m. and 0:40 p. m.j from
Bellevue , 7:35 : a. m. , 0:80 : n. in. and < 50 : ! ! p. m.
Tickets.must bo bought before getting on
cars. At caoin they can bo purchased of
camp quartermaster. Faro ono way 25 ccuta ,
round trip 35 cents.
Trains on Union Pacific railroad from Al
bright , about five miles from camp , run
every hour between Albright uud Omaha.
Mrs. Pcnnoll CUUHUS Her Husband's
Arrest Tor Brutnlliy.
Mrs. Pcnnoll , a tall , pretty blonde
about elg iteon years old , made complaint at
the police court against her husband , a burly
rufllan employed at the blacksmith shop at
the corner of Cuming and Twenty-second
streets. She suid that ho had struck her
with Ills list last Friday , blacking her loft
eye and nearly breaking her noso.
An ofiicer was sent after Pennoll , but ho
could not be found. About noon yesterday ,
however , he came into the police court and
gave himself up. Ho gave bonds for his ap
pearance August 2 , on the charge of
wife boating. Ho is a tall , well built , light
complextoneu man , abouftwetity-eight years
old. with a vicious expression.
The couple have boon married a llttlo over
n year , and have had several serious quar
rels. Ho has struck his wife before , but
shu , womanlike , forgave the scoundrel. The
complaint against him was filed last Friday ,
and Saturday he drew all the money duo
him as wages uud has been on -spree over
sluco. He is In the habit of drinking , more
or less , all the time , and was intoxicated
when ho blackened his wife's eye. Ho has
threatened to kill her if she prosecuted Jinn ,
and has also mudo the sumo threat ugalnst
her If she ntteuipted to leave him. The
couple have no children , and have been
boarding at 900 North Twenty-second street.
An Unusually tiarao Amount of Busi
ness Disposed ol'
Tlio council meeting last night was ono of
the busiest of the year , 270 papers being dis
posed of. The action of the council In order
ing the committee on gas und electric light
to contract with tbo Thompson-Houston com
pany for lighting the city with electric lights ,
was rescinded. A long discussion followed
and the council finally adjourned without
taking any action In tbo oase.
The request of the Uro and police commis
sion era for the submission of a proposition to
the electors to veto bonds for additional on-
glna houses , was referred to the committee
on finance.
The commissioners wcro authorized to ex
pend $7,500 for the construction of an engine
house ut Walnut Hill.
The misdemeanor ordinance was passed
and a largo amount of ordinary mullurs
transacted. _ _
ninliop Noymoiir Married.
NEW YOIIK , July 23. Old Trinity church
was the scone of n quiet wedding , which
LOOK pluco at 10 o'clock this morning. The
contracting parties were Mrs. Harriett At.
wood-Aymnr , of Jersey City , and Bishop
deorgo Franklin Seymour , of Springfield ,
111. Hlght Hev. Bishop Potter , assisted by
Dr. Dix , tied the nuptial knot. Whllo no-
Core tiio altar the bride stood bcsido her
ivhitu-halrod apouso attired in a traveling
- ostumo with hut and gloves on. The wed-
jing was strlctljjtprlvato ,
Tim noulnni'lHts' Trial.
PAUIB , July 23. The trial of Houlanirer ,
Dillon and Hophofort before the sonata court
lias been fixed for Augusts. General Uou-
langer and colleagues have been given un
additional ten days In which to answer the
summons of the court before being out
New Yoitic , July 23. The municipal coun
cil of the Irish National languo to-night
adopted resolutions in which tno threat to
deal directly with Paruol ) U mndo. The af-
tcrnativo U a convention und the election of
new ofllcsra.
Won't Kcnnw tlio Treaty.
HKIILIN , July 23. Germany has notified
Switzerland thut the treaty between the two
governments regulating the settlement of
foreigners in Switzerland will not bo ro'
nowed. The treaty will taeroforo ornlro at
tbo end of 161W.
Positively cured by
' these Lflllo Villa.
They also rulloTO Dis
tress frora Dyepepsia , Indigestion -
ITTLE digestion and Too Heart )
Katliitf , A perfect remedy
edy for DlzzlnsK. Kuusca ,
PILLS. Urc nineiJ , UtA TanU
In the lloulli , Coated
Tongue , r ln lo the Bide.
tbp jiovrcla. I > ur ly Vct'ctable.
Do Not Dolnv tntlngllooil's SarsapnrllU
you Imvo thut fuollng.of languor Or exhaustion
which Is otton the warning sy mpton of approach-
ingslcknoss. Tills modlolno expels all linpur-
tles from the blood , emus ncrotula aud a
humor * , creates nn nppollU\ assists dlKOHtlou
strrnRthencns tha nerves anil Imparts health to
every orgnn of Uio body.
Hood's Snrsnparlllo Is sold by all drug
gists. 1'iepared by 0. 1. llooil Si Co , I ewe
For sale by Goodman Drug Co
DRINK with
Jl trill correct Ihedantaging ( ri-
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tor Mm Health FresefVljir. tat
laTlgoritlna. 0il Bo-
forAII. M But Bu
rinted Strictly- fan Md Ca ( r
tt.nttd. An EiCtUot l aoc
( or DUrrhafc , Chfliri. K rbnr > .
Dyienterjr , and nil DiMtdtr * l
tht Bowili.
, ' 87.
II Irani. I.OVKNTKAI. Bnos.
Dear Sirs : -I Imvo tried the
Hungarian IllaeVberry Julco
you no kindly sent mo. It la
ilio no iilun ultrn of summer
ilrlnkn. It Is frro from aleo-
hoi , ttllnys thlrit , toucg tlie
dlce tlvo orjnuia. I'M a nna
nromntlo flavor , nnrt In Jusi
tlio tlilnc for illnrrhtcal troub
les In tli lipatP'l term. A
TAni.r-si'ooNKtir , IN A
H oi' ici : WATEB
rorpinlpbyPriiecinti , .
Ui > ale Biidtlroccrs.
. My llttlo lioj. r old , won rick
I % vltli a dl ca Q. for \vlilch drctnri liait
I no imino. Tlio nrlH cina oil Iii4 fliir.-
I crn. nul tlio fincrH ( ; camii oft to Ilio
I inlildla li'lnt. Kur 3 yearn ha BUlTcrcd
I ilrimlfiillr ; la now Kttllng \ \ ell. nn < l I
am i-atltilicil Kulft'a HinrcICc In tlio
I clilcf came at lili Iini > nnrmclil.
Juiut Uniiir. ,
Jan. 12,368D. IVru , InJ.
. J lltllaboy liroUu out llli iprn nnfl _ _ .
ulccrn , tlio nvnlt of tlio fall of a calf coming In con
tact with n rut finger. TI'O ulccrnmo < lot'nmi < | pam.
( i\l nod rlioncd no Inclination to lutil , ljn\nilm ; )
HxIft'B \ Kpcclflc , nnil ha it now will.
Kcb. 15 , ' 89. Joux I' . llEAiui , Anlurn , Ala.
Kcml fortooki oiilllii , ' , Holtrtna Kliln Dincnoca ,
fito , Bwirr Srncirio Co. . Atlanta , do.
meewKiliiHy used inoutlily by over 10,000
.I litii. AtaSuft , Kfftctuatanii t'ltotont
y tl pi r box liy mall.or t ilruKKliU. 'tealtA
* * --l'urllculari S po Uig cumin. Acliirm *
Tu > JCunuA CIUKIOAI. Co , , UirrociTi Mini.
pt ale nnil by ms.ll by Goodinun Jrug ,