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An Interview With a Man Who
'Has Soon Him.
A Very Extraordinary I * > okliiK Mur
derer From thn Account , "Which
Jlns LOUR Ileen Suppressed
By the Police.
How Jnolc Looks.
JjW Jama ( IttrJan
LONDON. July 24. | New York Herald
Cable Special to Tun BEE.I Curiously
enough an nccurato description of the Kipper
bntMiovor been published. Ho was seen by
two persons , who know him ns the Hipper ,
and the Information given by these to the
police the latter have kept until to-day , whan
it wan secured by the writer from ono of the
The Rlppor'fl llrst botched Job was accom
plished November 21 at No. It ) George street ,
Whltcchapol. There ho attempted to murder - .
dor Dark Sarah , but only succeeded lu cut
ting her throat , as the woman was unusually
strong. Dark Sarah met htm lu a
public house and remembers him
well. She was kept out of sight by the
police until the case was overshadowed by
the Hlpper'8 ' successful efforts at murder.
Where she Is now Is not known.
"Tho other person who saw the Klppor in
ITrank Huffoll , driver of u green grocer's
wagon. Ilo la a level-headed young man of
twenty-live. His Identity Is closely con
cealed by the police. Huffell said to-day :
"On the morning' when the trouble took
place at No. 10 George street I was out with
a van delivering coke nt the lodging houses.
I furnish coke at nearly all the lodging
houses about hero. I was standing on the
sldenalk , ln front of ttio house next
to No. 10 , on Homo street. I was
about ten feet from the door when a man
came out of the door und wulkcd rapidly
toward mo. Ho was about thirty years old ;
I could not tell what kind of business : ho did
not look like a workingman , but did not look
like t > ftontlmiian. Ho had on a black diag
onal suit of clothes ; his hat was a black
round felt ; ho had a light mustache , cut oft
square at the ends ; it was neither very thick
noi very thin about medium. Ho was
about thrco inches tailor than I run ; I
am 5 feet 4 Inches ; he had a
straight nose of medium size ;
it did not turn up ; it was Just an ordinary
now ; did not notice his eyes particularly ,
but I should think from the color of his mus
i tache that they were blue ; ho came out of
ri the door ; he was buttoning the top button
of his coat : It wus u cutaway coat ; ho had
no collar on ; hu put Ills baud up to his mouth ,
which was bleeding on the right side. As ho
passed mo ho looked at mo with a sort of
smile und muttered a vile remark. I said
nothing. Just after ho passed mo be begun
to run. Then I hoard a cry In No.
10 and saw a woman como down.
She said to stop the man , and I started after
him. By this time ho had turned the corner
und was out of sight. It was at least thrco
minutes after bo went away before I started
after him. When I got to the corner I could
not sco him. That is all I know about him.
Two detectives cunio for mo after the woman
had been taken to the hospital , and ques
tioned mo closely ubout the matter. I would
know the man if 1 saw him again , nnd could
idcutlfy his photo , as I hud a close view. "
Whitcehapol Is gradually resuming its
everyday appearance. Its denizens , gener
ally Hoeukiug , are u callous lot. Even the
women , who now walk in p-iirs for protec
tion , will soon recover from their fear nnd
reach u condition of inlud that the Ripper
Hoems to understand BO well. That makes
hla dreadful work so easy of accomplish
ment ,
No Hotter Than n Mud Scow.
\CHm \ ) > 'tu1it 18X ) liu Jama Onrdnn }
DOVEH , July22. [ Now York Herald Cable
Special to TUB BEI.J Lugger Paradox
was badly beaten in the channel match sailed
to-day by the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht
club between Dover and Boulogne. The
Yurana started , but gave up after losing her
bowsprit. The Paradox hud a smaller Jib
and lug sales than on Saturday. There were
cloven starters. The wind was fresh from
the west southwest. The Amphitrito
won the ilrst prize 100 pounds and the
Dccrhound second prlzo on tlmo allowance.
The finish of those well up was as follows :
Wcndur , 2 hours , 14 minutes , 23 seconds ;
.Atnphltrlto , 2:17.42 : ; Vol au Vent , 2:87.29 : ;
Gundrnm , 2:48.fi2 : ; Paradox , 3:52.30 ; Deerhound -
hound , ! i:21.2S. : Ton vessels have entered
for to-morrow's match from Dover to Os-
The Committee Hujiort on Royal
QrantH uald on thu Taulo.
LONDON , July 22. In commons to-day Sir
James Ferguson , purllmentarj secretary of
the foreign ofllco , stated that no final pro
gramme for the muiitlmo conference had
boon ugrccd upon with the American gov
ernment. Lord Georeo Hamilton , tln > t lord
of admiralty , announced that ttio construc
tion of 11 fly-two wur ships hud been begun
during the current year. Hon. W , H. Smith ,
government louder , laid on thu table the
committee report of royal grants. There-
port recommends tlmt 0,000 , ho added to thu
quarterly allowance of the Prince of Wales.
The report maintains tha right of the qunoii
to ask parliament to make further provision
for her grandchildren. The debate on the
report wus postponed until Thursday.
Gladstone , although ho censured the gov
ernment for its attitude , voted with the ma
jority of the committee nn royal grants.
The report of the committo advises that u
proper law bo passed , providing that future
sovereigns shall have no parliamentary pro
vision for their grand children.
'Iho I'armillltcifci Moor.
LONDON , July 23. Two Parnolllte mem
bers of parliament mot to-day to discuss the
subject of the Tenants , Defense league. A
resolution was adopted declaring that the
new organization was to counteract Illegal
landlord combinations formed for the pur
pose of extorting unjust rents und nr-
roars , imposing inequitable terms of pur
chase , stimulutlug evictions nnd destroying
the security of tenants in their holdings ,
Tenants nro invited to Join the league. The
meeting tlxcd the proportion of poor Inn
valuation at the lowest annual donation.
( Jllr.
LOSDOX , July 23. The Russian govern
ment has allotted a largo tract of land to tin
Mussulman population of Kabardah. Sue ) ,
gifts are unusual and are usually the pro
iudo to a conflict wlin Turkey. The gov
ernors of Odoixa and Klichuneff , In recent
addresses to their troops , are ald to have
hlntnd that Uusstu wus preparing to advance
southward ,
nimunrok 1'nrNiiadcs the Pope.
LONDON , July 23. A dispatch to tin
Chronicle says : Prlnco Bismarck , tliroutit
the Gorman ambassador at thu Vatican , dis <
BUitdod the pope from leaving Homo.
A 1'lour ' Mill Iturned.
MH.WAUKXU , July 22.--A flro 1-uCrcsse
Wit. , UustroyixV Leo & Clurku1 * llmir mill
Thfi ioa U ttt.OOO , with tlUOUO Innuruucc.
A Judgment Agalnot That Pnpor For
a FOW Uollnro.
CiiiCAtio , July 22. [ Special Telegram to
Tun Bnn. ] The Commercial National bank
went before Judge Grlnncll this morning nnd
secured a confession of Judgment for $13,701
against James J. West , editor of the Chicago
Tunes , and James J. West & Co. , which
firm included CllnUm A. Snowdcn , formerly
managing editor of the Times , As soon as
execution was obtained it was placed in the
hands of u deputy Mieriff , with orders to pro
ceed at once to make n demand on West for
the money , The ofllcer went to the Times
building , saw the editor and made the de
mand and received for an answer a refusal ,
and the further reply that the editor had no
property ho could turn over in the way of
satisfaction for the debt. The ofllcor re
turned to the sheriff's ofllce , and the
result wus communicated to the bank. The
note on which Judgment wus obtained was
originally for $ io,000. It was given October
27lbS"nnd In it West and Snowdeu promised
to pay the full amount on demand any day
after date. On the reverse side of the note
Is a credit for f 12,000 , paid Juno 0,1S83. The
interest is marked paid up until Juno , 1SS9.
The deputy sheriff then started for the resi
dence of West , nt the corner of Fifty-fifth
street and Mount Greenwood avenue , with
the expressed intention of levying on his
personal effects.
Ames , president of the Commercial na
tional bank , was extremely disinclined to
give any Information , uud two culls nnd to
bo made upou him before he would sny that
the suit was for a debt
"Of how long standing ! "
"Oh , several months.1'
"How many I"
"About u year and a half. "
Just then J. J. West himself cnme Into the
ofllce and at down. Ho had been supposed
to bo In New York city , und some little sur
prise was manifested at seeing him. Ho said :
" 1 came buck yesterday , not on account of
this , but because I had got through with my
business thero. When I cumo down this
morning I found a very agreeable , but very
linn person in my ofllco , who said ho had
come to collect SlU.OOO. I told him I didn't
have that much change with mo , so I came
over to see this Man-Afruid-of-IIIs-Horses , "
indicating Amos , who was very much Inter
ested Just then In gazing at n brick wall over
the way. West wont on to say : " 'Ihero is
nothing to this except that the bank is col
lecting n note of mine for money loaned mo
on another note of the same amount which
they nro now suing in the courts. "
"On whom is that other notoJ"
Mr. West smiled cheerily. "On the J.
Lcrcunn Printing company. I cave that ns
collateral. The company has $21,000 worth
of property , ample to secure the amount of
this note. "
"That Is being sued In the courts now , "
said Mr. Ames , "but the directors got tired
of waiting for it and directed the collection
of this amount. "
'It ' is reported that you nro nbout to got
Relinked out of ttio Times , Mr. West , and
that this present matter is only u drop to the
heavy rain which is about to full. "
"Well , I don't know how it can , " said Mr.
West . "I'm better tlx
, smilingly. in a now
than I have been for many moons. I don't
know of any moro to follow , if this is only
the first drop. No , sir , I won't bo schukcd
out of the Times , and I won't burst up. I
will bo there right along , and so will the
TimoB. "
A Negro Thief Plunges a Dirk Knife
Into an Ofllcer.
KANSAS CITV , July 22. Special Police
Ofllcer Henry Call , Janitor of the Renton
school , arrested Leo White , n negro thief ,
this morning in the act of carrying off stolen
property. The negro drew a long dirk kuifo
trom his pocket and thrust it twice up to the
hilt into his captor's breast. Ho then at
tempted to escape , but was arrested by an
ofllcer , who happened to bo passing. Call is
mortally wounded.
How Imbhy Would Manajio It.
LOSDOX , July 22. Lubouchoro , in the de
bate in the commons to-day on the grant to
Princess Louise on the occasion of her inor-
riago to the Earl of Fifo , moved the rejec
tion of the report of the committee and to
substitute therefor to the queen ono reciting
among other things that the sums already
voted by parliament to the royal family
should bo amply sufllclent for all proper nur-
poses and that If further supplies nro neces
sary they ought to be supplied through the
retrenchment of the expenses of the royal
family and not by fresh demands upon the
Nothlnir Was Accomplished.
CIHOAOO , July 23. The Transcontinental
association had two sessions to-day , but
didn't reach any of the momentous questions
which nro oxpcctnd to produce sensational
developments. There is a possibility that
the quarrel between the Northern and Union
Pacific companies over Puget Sound business
may be amicably adjusted , nnd that the lat
ter will cancel the notice of its withdrawal.
Thn action of the Southern Pacific in giving
notice of withdrawal wus brought up , but
consideration was postponed ,
Kvlotinir Unemployed Miners.
VALI.KIT , 111. , July 22. About ono
hundred nnd fifty in in era und company men
employed by the Spring Valley Coal company
who occupy company tenements , and who
have pnld no rent since the 1st of May last ,
have been served with five day * ' notice to
cither quit the premises or pay their rents.
Most of the tenants nro miners , who , on
account of the closing doxvn of the mines ,
are in very poor circumstances , Trouble
may occur when they are ejected.
Strniiitthlp Arrivals.
At Glasgow The State of Georgia , from
Now York.
At Southampton Tbo Elder , from Now
York for Bremen.
At Now York Thu Ems , from Bremen ;
the Auranln , from Liverpool , und the Etho-
plu , from Glasgow ,
At Liverpool The Kansas , from Boston.
At London Sighted , the Amsterdam , from
New York for Amsterdam ; the Hermann ,
from Baltimore , for Bremen.
At Copenhagen The Jlekla , from New
Kesoiied From it Iturnlni ; Blnauinr.
NKW BHDFOIID , Mas * . , July 22. The whal
ing uteumor Fratikllu hus arrived with
twenty-five of the crow and passengers ol
the steamer Loronia D. Baler , from Point
Antonio , Jamaica , burned nt ea July 15 ,
Two of the crew were drowned. Among the
passengers IB Jehu Dillon , of Iowa ,
The .Mormons Are Itiislllnc.
SUT LAKH CITV , July 23.fSpcciu !
Telegram to Tun BEE. I The Mormons are
working actively In vlow of the coming elec
tion , The Gentiles are confident of largo
gains. United States Attorney Varian ha ;
qualiticd und U now holding hi * ofllce.
The CoimrcHslonnl Party.
SALT L\KB CITV , July W. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TIIK HKIJ The congressional party
which has been hero for two days , loft tills
morning for Bolsu City. It was met hero bj
Hon. Fred DuboU , of Idaho.
A Homo's Fatal Kick.
A-rr.ANnc , la. , July S3.- . [ Special Telegrair
to TIIK HKK.August | Seaman , an old soldlei
living eight mllcB from hero , was kicked bj
u horco on Friday und will die ,
Three lloyu Fatally Hurt.
Pomvii.L , Pa. , July 23. 'ihrce boy
OIIK of prominent eitlious , while out driviuf
this mnniliiK , were ( .truck by an caglne. All
it .s u-iiuvcd , were fatally hurU
Jim Avorlll and Ella. Watson
Lynched By Stookmon.
A Itong nnd Sitcccnsrul Cnroor of Cat
tle Stealing Suddenly Brought
to a Clone By Hone
nnd Lead.
They Will ttuRtlo No Mnro.
CiinvENNE , Wyo. , July 23. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEB. ] A telegram received
hero to-day unnounceB the lynching ntSweot-
wntcr of Jim Avorlll and u woman named
Ella Watson , wno lived with him as his wife.
AverlH was postmaster nt Swcotwatcr ,
which consists simply of a station contlngu-
ous to n number of ranches. Ho also kept a
saloon at the point where the Uuwllns und
Lander stage road crosses the Swcotwatcr
AverlH drifted into the Swcotwator coun
try four years ago. Ho ut once took up n
government land claim nnd built n llttlo
Ella \Vatson was the woman who lived
with him , and Is the same person who re
cently figured as Catllo Kate , who held up a
faro dealer at Bessemer ami robbcct him of
the bank roll. The womitn was ouo of the
most daring riders in the country. She rode ,
mnn fashion , the most vicious brutes with
reckless abandon , and In roping cattle could
talio her place with the average run of cow
lloth have lor n long time borne the repu
tation of cattle rustlers and uro believed to
liavo been in league with Jack Cooper , u no
torious cattle thief , who died with his boots
on In that vicinity a few months ago.
The pair have ranidly been accumulating n
icrd. and as they came to the country with
out anything und wcro in n position to earn
very little , this was regarded as good evi
dence against them. This spring they turned
IOOPO twenty-llvo freshly branded yearling
calves , which completely satisfied the stock
men that they were "mavcrlckiug. "
What particular act led up to the lynching
t is yet impossible to learn , as Swectwator
s far removed from telegraph communica
tion. It Is known , however , that a small
band of masked men surrounded the cabin
ust night , and , using a decoy , succeeded in
getting Both to the door. They were cauturod
after a desperate struggle , and after being
bound , were led some distance away and to
gether strung to the limb of a tree. Their
bodies were riddled with bullets.
This Is the llftli hanging In the sama sec-
Ion slnco lust spring. Cuso after case has
been brought in all the adjoining coun
ties , but not a single conviction has
ever been secured. The most Intense
rejudice seems to exist against the big cat-
tlu outllts. When cases were not quashed
by the grand juries the petit juries have ac
quitted on evidence that was absolutely con
vincing. This condition of affairs has re
sulted ns much from fear as from preludico.
The chief muvoriekors arc all desperate men
and their neighbors will rnroly endanger
their lives by testifying against them. As a
result of it nil mob law prevails in that en
tire region. No man leaves his cabin with
out his six-shooter and riflo.
Notice has now been spread that the rust-
, crs must leave , nnd If they fail to do so there
will bo a dozen lynchings nnd incidental
shooting mutches inside of a mouth.
Ijyuchcrs Unlkcd.
CLINTON , La , , July 22. The announce
ment of last night that two negroes , mur
derers of Projtorius , would bo lyuched ,
failed , ns the ofllccrs took the prisoners to
New Orleans for safe keeping.
Wnnatnakcr Offers to Stock n Presby
terian Emporium at Now Haven.
NEW HAVEN , Conn. , July 22. ( Special
Telegram to THE BEK. j A sectarian cloth
ing .store as n means of raising a church debt
the latest idea of Postmaster General
Wanamaker , and the suggestion has created
a sensation in Now Huvon. The Presbyterian
church hero Is in debt , duo partially to the
unpopularity of Ilcv. IJr. Hogers ,
its pastor , whoso radical views have alien
ated a largo portion of the congregation.
The debt bothered him , and ho in distress
wrote to Mr. Wanaamkcr to-day. Ho an
nounced to a meeting called for the purpose
that in reply t& his cull for aid Mr. VVana-
makcr Uud offered to stock a clothing store
for the Presbyterians , providing the church
would manage the establishment. The pas
tor was to huvu general charge of the store ,
though ho would not personally conduct it.
The ofllccrs of the church would also
bo connected with the establishment ,
and all lu all It was to
Do a church affair. The pastor urged
strongly that the generous offer bo accepted ,
but the members were decidedly averse to
the scheme , claiming that they would Incur
the displeasure of every clothlnc house in the
city and that the opposition would bo moro
than of a business nature , and also that it
was not at all certain that money would bo
made in selling clothes. The matter was
immediately dropped.
Two Cattle Thieves Shot.
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , July 23. A special from
Albuquerque , N. M. , says : Last Saturday
thrco cattle nnd liorso thieves , members of
the notorious band of Mexicans who have
committed many depredations In this city ,
were captured by Deputy Sheriff Lowcns
and posse and Imprlssoned In a vacant house
near Kelly , N , M. Before capture , the
thieves , three in number , engaged the posse
In n buttle , during which their loader aim
Deputy Lowens were shot dead. Last night
n party of cowboys proceeded to the house
where the two thieves wore Imprisoned ,
overpowert the guard und hanged the pris
oners after riddllngtholr bodies with bullets.
Captured n Bua Jjlon.
MnxosiiA , Wis , , July 23. Saturday after
noon two boys spearing frogs near Laito
Winnob.igo saw a monster in a shallow pool.
Assistance was summoned and a sea lion
cloven feet long captured. It escaped from
a circus hero four years ago , and the fact
had bean forgotten , The animal had boon
seen several times in the last two years and
taken for a sea serpent or whole.
OH TnucliPB n Dollar.
NEW YOUK , July 22. There was a wild
flurry In oil this morning. There Is rumored
to bo a corner In August petroleum , and in
the scramble the price wont from UJ. ' G tc
f 1 , which Is the highest this year , then re-
uctcd two cents , and became quiet.
K. of I ; . AsHcmhly Goes Under ,
NEW YOKK , July 23 , To-day the goodf
and chattels of District Assembly No. 49 ,
In Pythagoras hall , were sold at auction. II
was the last act in the drama of the dUrup
tlon In the well-known and powerful Knlghte
of Labor organization.
Carter Beata Vltrnnuv ,
PAUIS , July 32.--Vlgnaujc , the Frencli
billiard champion , and Eugene Cartor'playoc
a match game of cushion caroms hero to
night. The gumo was won by Carter , whc
sered 100 points ogahibt Vlgnaux's 40.
A Well Known Minister Dead.
NEWAIIK , N. J. , July 23. Hoy. Edward E.
Rankln , one of the best known Presbyterian
ministers in the country , died this morning
of heart failure at tbo ago of seventy ,
A Nuuro Duelled.
COVINOTOX , Oa , , July 2J. Dan Maloue , i
negro ugod twenty-two , was lynched to-duj
for uiteuiptiiiK to ravish a whltu woman ,
FranK M. Ilrown nidfTwo ) Boatmen
Ioso Tlioti.Tjtre .
DBJJVKK , July 33. A purty of surveyor * ,
headed by Frank M. Brp\vo , loft hero May
23 for the purpose of exploring the Colorado
rlvor with a vlow to building a railroad by
that route to the Pacific coast. To-day 'tho
following telegram was received from the
chief engineer of the expedition :
KANAII , Utah , July 23. President Frank
M. Hrown was drowned In the Colorado
rado rlvor , In Marble Canon. July 10 ,
by a boat being capsized while running
the rapids. Ho was thrown Into a whirl
pool and was unable to get out of it. All
the other Doats of the expedition wont
through the rapids safely , nnd my boat
reached the point where Ilrown was thrown
out one-half minute after the accident hap
pened und less than five seconds after ho sank
the last time , Five days after , while , work
ing our way down , another boat was driven
against a cliff , nnd In pushing It off it was
capsized and two boatmen , Peter Hnsbough
and Henry C. Hlehards , were drowned. It
was Impossible to recover any of the bodies.
A I'ostoflloe AVur nt Waterloo.
WATEIILOO , In. , July 23 , [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEC.J A lively postolUco light
has commenced In this city. The city is di
vided into two parts by the Cedar river.
Tno cast sldo Is the larger , but the oillco has
been located on the west side for tbo past
thlrty-flvo years. Several times during the
past few years attempts have bean made to
move the ofllco to the cast sldo , nnd each
time Inspectors have been sent hero , on the
strength of whoso reports the ofllco lias been
allowed to remain In its present location.
The west sldcrs arc , accordingly , very much
surprised to learn that the cast sldo has ob
tained an order for the removal of the oillco.
It is openly charged by west sidors that Ex-
Governor Sherman recently went to Wash
ington and nrrangod the matter , nnd that If
any inspector was sent noneof the people of
the west sldo knew of .his presence or were
allowed to make nnv showing. Threats of
asking the courts to divide the city nro freely
made , and stops of this kind may bo taken.
If the city Is divided it will mnko two towns
of about four thousand and five thousand
population , respectively.
Hull Stuniplivtr the State.
Dr.s MOINES , In. , July 22. | Special Tele-
grnm to TIIK BEE. ] John A. T. Hull , repub
lican candidate for governor , started out on
an election tour through the state to-day.
To your correspondent ho stated that ho
thought there was no doubt but that the re
publican party in its plqtform will declare In
unmistakable language both in favor of the
present prohibition law nnd the law relating
to control of railway ) corporations in the
state. Ho seemed confident of n nomin.itinn ,
and distributes the strength of the different
candidates on the first ballot as follows :
Lnrrabeo (10 , Hutchlnson iit)0 ) , Wheeler 40J ;
the remainder for Hull and scattering. It
will tuko 570 to nominate ) . Thd" lieutenant-
governorship will ddubttass go to Senator
Puyncer , of Tauia , or Ben , Clay ton , ol Potta-
Tried to Kll | His Mother.
MASON CITY , la.July 23. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB BEB.-sTbq. ] citizens of Polo
Alto county are in a high state of excitement.
Sunday night a man named , Charles Dough
erty got on a big spree , and while under the
influence of drink went to the homo where
his mother and sister jresido and beat and
abused tbcin in a crud'l jnanner. With a
butcher knife in haud'ho'attompted to com
plete his devilish work , but he was so under
the Influence of ItqUor that they managed to
keep him away until help arrived. Dougherty
in some way managed to escape from the
excited populace and is still at largo. A
posse of men nro in ncarch of him and should
ho bo found violence is feared. It is probable
that both his mother and sister will recover.
Knilroad Olllcts to lie Moved.
KEOKUK , la. , July 23. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BEE.J It is almost a certainty that
the general ofllcos of the St. Louis , Kcokuk
& Kansas City and Kcokuk & Northwestern
railroads are to bo moved from this city to
St. Louis Humor Jms it that Howard El
liot , general freight and passenger agent ,
will remove the general passenger ofllco to
thiit city August 1 , taking with him C. W.
Alexander. C. L. Grico , K. F. Bradford nnd
Joe Delaphino. Mr. Once , It is said , is to
succeed C. G. Lemon , tbo present city ticket
agent aj , St. Louis. 'The general superin
tendent's ofllce and other departments will
bo moved about January 1.
A Clmiioo For Detectives.
DBS MoiNi'.a , la. . July 23. [ Special Tele-
pram to THE BEE. 1 Governor Larrabeo
has Issued a proclamation offering a reward
of $500 for the an est of the murderers of Mr.
and Mrs. Elkius , who wcro killed in Clayton
county July 10. The county attorney has
furnished the governor with a detailed
sketch of the case , from which it appears that
no clue to the murderers exists. The gov
ernor offers the maximum amount permitted
by law in order to Instigate discovery of
Death or n Traveling Man. 4
ATLANTIC , lu. , July 23. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BEE. | - W. A. McCutchen , a travelIng -
Ing man from DOS Molnes , aged about fifty
years , died at the Park hotel In this city at
midnight of heart disease or apoplexy. Ho
hud arrived on the evening train from the
weft. He was well known in the implement
Parson I'nvlen Anxious To Rack Pete
Against Sullivan.
NEW Yonic , July 22. Parson Dovles , of
Chicago , arrived to-night. Ho Is stopping at
the Continental. At thoJIoffman house the
Parson met E. J. Van Horn , a sporting man
from Nortli Platto. Mont. Van Horn
won $ .10,000 on Sullivan and begun
blackgnrdlug Davlcs , who was a Kllraln
man , about the backing he had given Kilrnm
and Jackson , the colored pugilist. Davie *
bocauio angry and un.ouk.ed Van Horn down.
Davlcs says Jackson cacugot0,000 bucking
to light .Sullivan. Ho is" , hero to arrange a
light if possible. |
No Newa
NEW YOUK , July 22V P. C. Campbell ,
owner of the balloon , la which the Ill-fatod
turonaut Began wen $ up , says it is not true
that ho sent a telegram to Hoean's wife at
Jucksou , Mich , , saving her husband alighted
safely on Long Islaudi Campbell has no
knowledge as to Hogaq's whereabouts , and
Is Inclined to give hlui up for lost.
LOUISVILLE , Ky.JuJjf2ji. An Inflated bag ,
answering the description of Campbell's air
ship , passed over the ally last night. It
wont from northeast , tp , southwest und ap
peared to bo about twq miles high ,
AVrHi Superior Strikers Quiet.
WEST SurmiionVta. . , July 23. Slnco the
arrest of six ring leaders of the mob hero
this morning everything has been compar
atively quiet. The determined attitude ol
General Grlflln und the soldiers was the only
thing that prevented serious trouble to-day ,
Mro at
MILWAUKEE , July 22. A flro at Poshtlgo
to-day destroyed a number of buildings , in.
eluding one owned by 13. F , Harper. Ho hoc
been drinking heavily and threatened to Uro
his houso. Ho u believed to' bo temporarily
InBuno and bus been arrested ,
Towns Seized Uy
CONSTANTINOPLE , July i'-J. The Cretan In
surgcnta have seized thn towns of YUUOH ant
Cidonla , expelled the authorities uud burnct
the archives.
She Thinks Her Northern Slstorn
Little Too Avaricious.
_ - *
Tlio Joint UoinmlsRlou nt Bismarck
Kxporlonclnc Some DIIHoulty
In Arriving at an Kiiit-
tnblo Division.
Only Ones StnudiiiR Report Mndn.
Sioux FALLS , S. D. , July 22. ( Special
Telegram to TUB Unn. ] After adjourn
ment to-day n number of members sur
rounded ex-Auditor James A. Ward , who
lad Just returned from Bismarck , to learn
Tom him something In regard to the North
Dakota convention nnd especially the work
of the joint commission. Mr. Ward had
boon invited to accompany the South Dakota
section of the commission to loud such
assistance ns might bo necessary in accounts ,
os ho has only recently retired from the state
auditor's ' ofllce. Ho says that the South
Jakotu representatives were surprised nt
the proposition of the North Dakota dele
gates regarding the division of the tcrrl-
.orlul assets and liabilities. It was assumed
, lmt South Dakota would bo requrcd to pay
, bo bonds outstanding Issued to build the nine ,
nibllc buildings In South Dakota , and North
Dakota Would redeem the bonds for the
, hreo Institutions In the north , the amounts
being about $700.000 and * 500,000 respectively.
As the whole territory had enjoyed the full
) onetlt of all the Institutions , this was
.bought to be a fair plan. But the North Da-
cotuns proposed to go Into details from the
jeglnnlng , learn what sums had cone out of
the general fund for the maintenance of the
dlflcront institutions and then strlko a bal
ance and have one-half the difference credited
a the section which had secured the least.
This , ho says , is unreasonable and will not
jo agreed to , though really the amount In
volved Is small , , as the North Dakota boys had
always managed to get their share. Mr. Ward
pays n high compliment to tha intelligence
nnd ability of the North Dakota delegates ,
oven though the farmers are In control of
the convention. Ho Hays that they have ap
propriated almost bodily the Sioux Falls
constitution , making only such changes ns
circumstances rendered necessary. Ho
thinks there is no serious disposition to
adopt the one-house legislature plans. Mr.
Ward udds that the work of the Joint com
mission will not be completed until the mid
dle of next week , which Is rather dispiriting
news to the delegates hero , as the Unance
committee has discovered that the SiO.OOO
appropriated will run low after this week.
There will bo , ho concludes , a dcllcit in the
general funds by October of ut least $100,000 ,
ono-half of which will bo tbo floating debt of
each state.
A Tcn-Mlnuto Session.
Sioux FALLS , Dak. , July 22. In the
South Dakota constitutional convention Just
one-third of the delegates were present at
the ten-minute session to-day. The only
business presented was a resolution Instruct
ing the Joint committee on the part of South
Dakota that in case of any uncertainty as to
the location of the seventh standard parallel
of the boundary line between the Dakota ? , as
fixed bythe omnibus bill , to come to the boat
possible agreement with the commission "of
North Dakota and report the same to this
A report is being circulated by members of
the convention , who claim that It is authen
tic , that in case of a disagreement of the
dead-lock in the Joint commissslon
over the division of the prop
erty of the territory , or In os-
tablishinc the boundary line , Pres
ident Harrison will by proclama
tion admit the Dakotas without a full settle
ment and refer the matte"- congress for ar
The action of the schedule committee in re
fusing to submit to the modi He J form of the
Australian ballot system will not bo llnnl. A
strong minority report will bo submitted fa
voring some form of the Australian system ,
and it is claimed that there is n suOleleiit
numbcrof dclcgittcsfavorablo to the measure
to adopt the report of the minority ,
A Ouo House IjcuNlatiiro Proposed.
BJSMAJICIC , N. D , , July 22. The event of
the day was the consideration of n resolution
providing for a single body legislature. The
leading champion of the ono house Idea was
Stevens , of Hansom , who delivered a care
fully prepared speech. Itev. Eza Turner , of
Battlncau , and Parsons , of Morton , also
spoke In favor of the ono house plan. The
question was discussed in committee of the
whole , but the committee rose without
reaching a vote. A hurried caucus showed
that over thirty-five members of the conven
tion are favorable to the proposition and that
many moro nro on the fonce. It will come
up for discussion again to-morrow.
The Williams constitution , a synopsis of
which was given in the Associated press dis
patches last nlcht , is the subjcctof much dis
cussion. All who have read it admit the
convention would notmuko any serious mis-
talc o : n adopting it in full , but is not in har
mony with some of the hobbies , and must
therefore undergo amendment und demoral
ization , if not entirely brushed aside for anew
now document. It conflicts with the Judiciary
committee , inasmuch as it favors the estab
lish jent of county courts , nnd conflicts with
the idea of county court advocates by refus
ing to abolish the ofllco of Justice of thu
peace. It antagonizes the woman suffragists
by Ignoring them altogether. It does not
please thn prohibitionists because It leaves
the question entirely with the legislature
and makes no provision for the submission
of the question to a vote.
At this afternoon's session It was ordered
that all standing committees bo required to
report by Thursday of the present week.
This Is done to force the convention to busi
ness. Harris , of iturloigh , hue introduced a
legislative apportionment bill. It provides
that until othcrwlso provided the senate
shall consist of tblrty-iivo members and the
house of seventy members.
Lander , of Hlchlund , introduced an article
discouraging the holding of largo tracts of
lands by individuals or corporations
as against the publla welfare ;
also by taxation providing that
the franchise of the roadway , roadbed nnd
rolling stock of railroads shall boaftscssnd by
the state board of equalization at their actual
value , the same to bo apportioned to the
counties , cities , townships and districts in
which the roads are located , und tbo rail
roads shall not be valued at less than 1,000
nor moro than (7,000 per mile. It also pro
vides that Income taxes may bo collected
from persons , corporations or Joint stock
companies. A number of other articles were
Bennett , of Grand Forks , Introduced a pro
vision that at the general election immedi
ately preceding ) the expiration of the term
of a United States senator from this state
the electors may by ballot express their
preference for u candidate for tuo United
States senate ,
Convict 1/nlior DIsoiisHed ,
HELEXA , Moyt. , July 22. In the conven
tion to-day the article on boundaries was
carried , also the military bill. A resolution
was carried that tbo legislature may estab
lish a bureau ol labor and industry' The
convict labor question caused u long discus
sion. Toolc moved to nmwd the bill relat
ing to leasing convict labor. Mlddlcton
asked that convicts bo allowed to work ,
Dlxon offered an amendment allowing thorn
to work , but prohibiting Interference with
free labor. Dlxon's amendment was lout by
83 to 9. Adjourned.
An Educational TM Aukort ,
OI.VHI-U , W. T. , July 23 , In the conven
tion to-ddy a petition was pretcutoa from the
teachers asking for an educational test for
voters. The report of the conunlttco on
county and municipal governments provides
that no now county shall bo created with
less than 20,000 Inhabitants , nor shall exist
ing counties bo divided so ns to leave
less than 4,000 In the old counties , debts
to bo divided pro ratn. All municipalities
shall bo created by general laws , except In
case of cities of moro than 2T ,000 , which can
elect fifteen freeholders to frame a charter
for them , this to be submitted to a vote of
the people , and if ratified become n law.
The power to Impose taxes upon counties ,
towns nnd municipalities for local purposes
is vested absolutely In the local authorities
nnd not In the legislature. An effort was
mndo to got a vote on the report favoring
prohibition , but was postponed until Monday ,
It seems It has no chance of passing : in any
shape. _
Very liittlo Progrcin HuliiK Undo l > y
the Oomtnlflfdnn.
CiiEvnxNn KIVEU Ac nsor , Dnk. , July 22.
[ Special Telegram to TUB Bun. | When
Swift Bird , Charger , Llttto-No-Hcart und
Four Bears , agreeably to n promise made
yesterday , signed the bill , it was thought a
rush would bo Inaugurated , but the signa
tures did not follow very swiftly. Only
nbout fifty have signed suico morning , mak
ing In all nbout 250 names at the present
writing. For this tharo exists n cause , but
ono hard to discover , ns an Indian never
gives uwuv anything. Careful investigation
Ims convinced the commissioner Unit the
loaders in opposition have been liberally
subsidized by those whoso personal interests
it is to have these negotiations unsuccessful
until after the election of October 8 , the
river towns for state capital furnishing the
Major Randall , a tireless worker among
cnuips , xnys that ho discovered a powerful
combination lust evening which has been
formed by this means , but hopes' to break it.
To-day another public council has boon
called for the evening , but the majority of the
Indians hnvo gone out to meet n largo party
from Uoscbud agency coming hero to visit.
Ouo of thu opposing Influences to which
reference has been repeatedly made lu these
dispatches is tlmt of ccrUiln of the missiona
ries located hero. The employes of the mis
sion located on the Pcoria bottom arc well
known to bo using strong efforts to prevent
signatures. It is said that the head of this
mission , during his recent trip to the -Had
Hiver camps to ndimulstcrtho sacrament ,
mcd his persuus'.ou against the bill.
General Crook held a council with several
wise men of the tribe who uro commissioned
to net as Judges by the department. They
asked bun to recommend the extension of
tnclr Jurisdiction to Include petty offenses
committed by white men on the reservation.
Croxv Euglo , ono of the twelve , then asked
thu general some questions relative to taking
land on the Bad river after the land was
Bold to the government. Upon the assurance
that this could bo done by the Indians , ho
was apparently satisfied , nnd will probably
sign soon. All of those present , Four Bears
( since signed ) , Uuttllug Rib and Crow
Eagle , wcro strong in their opposition , but
now nro favorable. The weakening of tlioso
chiefs now only leaves on the Choyono rlvor
the bands of Hump nnd White Swan's fol
lowing In opposition. Hump has boon mndo
an especial pet of the agenuy hero , being
given ulaco as chief of police , with the rank
of major , that his aid might bo obtained to
assist in all progressive ways the hostile
bands recently brought down from the Pop
lar river in Montana.
As tbo courier starts a council Is in iiro-
gress , at which it is thought there will bo ob
tained a largo number of signatures.
Fired JJlJon by nu Indian.
MILES Cmr , ' Mtfni ; Jiily 23. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Ben. ] Territorial Dele
gate Carter , who hus boon examining com
plaints on the Cheyenne agency , was fired on
while leaving the agency in a wagon by u
young buck Indian , who made his escapo.
The ball whizzed past Mr. Carter's ' head , but
did no harm. There Is no reason for the In
dian's act other than pure dcvlishncss.
The Lonely Death of S. S. Cartwrixht ,
a Wealthy Topeku Miser.
TOI-KKA , Kan. , July 22. [ Special Telegram
to THE Ben. ] S. S. Cartwright , a wealthy
miser , who has resided in Topeka n great
many years and is worth at least fiW.OOO ,
died this morning of heart disease. Ho was
living in a garret nnd no ono was present at
the tlmo of his death. Ho owned several
largo cattle ranches in this Btato und hud
valuable real estate Interests in this city.
Ho has two daughters and a son at Albany ,
N. Y. His will makes an oven division of
the property among them.
Bryant. Will Soil I'rnctor Knntt.
LOUISVII.LK , July 22. It Is reported that
Sam Bryant , the well known turf man , will
sell his interest in Proctor Knott and Co mo
w-Taw to his partner , George Scroggan.
Bryant will , at the same time , sell out all his
other race horses. Next ycur ho will again
come upon the turf and with an entirely now
stable. It Is said the sale is to tuke placet
after the Saratoga meeting.
Between Omaha and Lincoln niddors
NEIIIUSKA CmNob. . , July 22. [ Special
Telegram to Tun BIB. : ] The board of public
works this afternoon opened bids for paving
two districts with home-made brick. There
were four bidders , nnd the award lies be
tween Hiloy & wichham , of Omaha , and
Egan , of Lincoln , Decision was reserved
until Thursday.
Burglary at L'nlumhus.
COLUMIIUS , Neb. , July 23. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB BKK. ] Greison Bros , diy
goods , boot and shoo store , was entered by
burglars last night. The back door was
broken open. Clothing valued at HO was
taken. An old suit of clothes was left in
the store in place of the now ones taken ,
Brought Hack the Hey Burulnr.
NnmiASKA CiTr , Neb. , July 23. [ Special
Telotfmm to TIIK Bii.J : Sheriff Wilman re
turned last night from Pondloton , Ore. , with
Lewis Gornhnrdt , the boy burglar , in his
custody , who Jumped his bail several months
ago. He was going under an assumed name.
Round Over For Stealing a Heifer.
GoTiiRNiiuito , Nob. , July 32 , [ Spaolal
Telegram to TIIK Bm.l Jumcs W. Wallace ,
of Cozad , was to-day arraigned in 'Squire '
Snenccr's court for stealing a heifer , waived
examination nnd gave $300 bond for his ap
pearance at the district court.
Will Go to Washington.
HKY.NOI.DS , Nob. , July 23.- [ Special to TUB
BBB. ] Hon. W J. Pcoibprton , special axent
of the land ofllco for Montana , will KO to
Washington in compliance with Instructions
from the department of the Interior , starting
from Reynolds Thursday.
A Normal and ItiiHinnHH College.
STIIOMSIIUHO , Nob. , July 22. [ SpccUl to
Tun lir.K. | J. J. Bryant , of Burlington
Junction , Mo. , has shipped bin apparatus to
this place , and ho intends opening a normal
and business college September 1 ,
BiiM ) > ly.
CIIIOAOO , July 23. The vlslblo supply of
grain according to board of trade report Is as
follows :
Wheat , 13.105,000 bushels , decrease 510 , .
000 ; corn , 7W1,000 bushels , derreubo , 'J53-
000 ; oats , 4,003,000 , decrease 401,000 ; rye ,
621,000 , Increase 11,000 ; barley , 377,000 , nq
_ _
An Application for Hurko'n ItrlctiHo.
WiNNii'BO , July 23. To-morrow the solic
itor for Martin Hurko , the Cronln suspect ,
will muko application for n writ of habeas
corpuy , on the ground of liumlllciuiivy of evi
A Suit Against the Union Pnolfll
n.ud Woatoru Union.
It la n Tent Cso Uroucht Ily the A >
tortioy General In Horqrctnco to
Telegraph Privileges on Mnou.
WASHINGTON Htmiuu , TnnO\uuA Bus , t
513 FounTBBNTn Srnnnr , \
WASIIIVOTON. D. C. . July 22. |
On the 7th of August , 183S , President
Cleveland approved an act of congress which
provided that all subsidized railroads must
? rant equal facilities to totogrnph companies.
Under this act the roads were restrained
from entering into contracts with tiny ono
telegraph company which would qlvo thai
company undue udvantngo over Its comi'ot-
itors. It was aimed directly at the Umou
L'aclllc , und the reason for the legislation
was that numerous complaints had boon
made that the Union Pnclllu had entered
Into a contract with the Western Union
telegraph company which prevents the other
companies from using the wires along
the line of the Union Pnclflo ex
cept through the payment of the
rates which the favored corporation
chose to exact. Penalties for the violation
of the terms of the act were provided besides
vesting Jurisdiction In the matter In the
inter-state commnrco committee. Shortly
nftcr the passage of this measure through
congress the Western Unloti telegraph coui
pnny instituted suit ngntnst the Union Pucilla
to enjoin the railroad fiom violating the con
tract between the two corporations the oo
Jcct being , of course , to prevent the road
from accepting thu business of other and
rival telegruph companies on equal icrind
with the Western Union. The outcome of
this suit was tlmt u temporary injunction
was grunted nnd this Injunction Uus never
been vacated , lu order to carry out
the terms of the law , so far nt
it nppllc'B to his department , the attorney
general has decided to institute milt ugujuBl
the Union Pucllic nnd the Western Union lu
order to test thu validity of thu contracts ex >
isting between them. This was madn neces
sary by the fact that ln thu injunction pro
cccdlug instituted by the telegraph company
against the railroad the United States was
not made a party. The proposed suit IB there
fore in the order of a test case to test the va
lidity of the act of 1SSS. To-day tV > attor
ney general appointed Mr. J. J. Culihvcll
assistant United States attorney for the pur
pose of representing the government in this
matter. Mr. Culdxvull resides In Lincoln ,
Neb. Ho has been hero several days In con
nection with his new duties und loft this af
ternoon for home , und will begin the suit'at
It appears that the acceptance of the resig
nation of Colonel John S. Williams , of Indi
ana , recently as auditor of thu treasury was
duo to some discoveries maun by u secret in
vestigation into the conduct of his oillco. It
was generally supposed that Colonel Williams
would bo allowed to remain because of the
influence of his brother. General Gcorffo B.
Williams , and this might have been so had
not the discoveries referred to ibcon mado.
It appears that during the recent campaign
Auditor Williams' had made for the
use of the democratic national" com
mittee' copies of the names of all
the pensioners in Now Ybrk nnd Indiana
whoso "drafts and vouchers p'assed through
his ofllce. By this means the committee in
tlioso cities were enabled to know what pen
sioners were about to receive money from
the government nnd they doubtless mada
use of this knowledge in a very otToctlvo
way to secure votes.
There Is u report m circulation to-day that
ex-Congressman John II. Thomas , of Illinois ,
is llimllv to receive tin appointment uud that
ho will bo mndo commissioner of the cenonil
lund oillco to-morrow. The president is out
of town. Secretary Noble Is busy with Homo ,
ofllcial duty and denies himself to callers
and no authoritative continuation or contra
diction of the report can bo obtained-
The report appears to bo bused upon u slute-
mcnt made by nn olllcinl of the interior do-
prrtmcut to the effect , that ho had seen the
appointment lying upon the secretary's ' table
already signed by the president , but this ,
olllcinl cannot bo found. Captain Thomas ,
nays tlmt ho knows nothing whatever about
It , further than that several persons have
told him the announcement might bo ex
pected to-morrow. He does not know how
reliable the reports arc , und has no ofllcial
Information whatever.
Burclmrd , Pawnee county , J , C. Dart ; .
Plum Vnlloy , Knox county , Joseph H. En- ,
man ; Spring Hunehe , Clay county , Ilulph E.
Terry ; Tutan , Saundcrs county , D. S. C.
Edward Collins was appointed postmaster-
nt Coalvillo , Ulster county , Iowa.
NuurnNka and Jown 1'aiiHlons.
WASHINGTON' , July 23. ( Special Telegram
to TUB BUB. " ) Pensions granted Nebruskaps : .
Original invalid ( nav.v ) Joseph W. Stovcns >
George W. Aughinbach , Chester Ogden , D.
W. Halnes , Juinos Croumer. Increase
Gcorgo H , Jloss. Relsiiuo and increase B. .
H. Gray.
Pensions granted lowans ; Original Inva
lid Alfred R , Booth. .Tncob Ulchcl , Dcniol
H. Wuit. Leonard D. Hatllcld. Increase
George W. Combo. Reissue John S. Hob-
IDROII , Juhu Campbell. Original widows ,
otaKmmu A. , widow of Francis M. Cur *
CahlnntOnitscrN Off Duty.
WASHINGTON , July 22. Secretary Proctor
left for Vermont at 11 o'clock this morning-
for a short vacation. Chief Clerk Twoodal *
was designated acting oocrotary of wur in
his absence. This leaves the state , war und
nuny buildings without a moaiber of the
cabinet on duty.
Want a Third Tost.
WASHINGTON , July 23. The noard of ofll-
corn detailed to conduct the ofllcial trial of
thn gunboat Petrol , Saturday , its second
ofllninl test , will rucominimd to Secretary
Tracy that u third t-Uil bo and. The trial
Saturday was u , due to the Inexperi
ence of the llrcmcn.
Chill InorrnnoH Her Population.
WASHINGTON , July ! J3. The latest reports
from the tallinnm of Panama ut the Htitto
department show it is very quiet there.
Chili , desirous of adding to her population ,
furnished ! l,000of the Canul workmiin thrown
out of employ incut with trmmpoitRiiou u >
her ports.
Two Unsuccessful AitomptN to Tnka
NKW YOUK , July 22. The ouptaln of tha
Atlas line steamship Alone brines news time
on July 11 Hippolytu attempted to take Port *
nu-Prfnco. On the 12th Itihtant hu also mudq
tiovcral assaults , but was repulsed o.ich tluio
with loss. Subsequently ho retreated to
Croix-dcs-Bouquots , a point nbout nlnoir.iloa ,
from PorlAUii-Princo , where ho Is now cu-
cumped. _
KauniiN City ( tarmmtcr * Klrilcn.
KAXSA CITY , July 2J. Between 000 and
500 curpciitcrx fit ruck to-day fur u nine hou
working day Instead of the ton and eleven.
hour days. No advance of wugeu wua do-
inuuded , _
AV < * uthnr Indliiatlonn.
Nfibraskn nnd IOIVB ; Khowei * , clearing In
Nebraska , c'mlor , followed by rlelng temperj ,
nlui-n In wcbtern Nebraska , noitheriy winds.
1-Mikota ; Filr : , clnart'ig In tou'.aurn pi > r .
tlon , vvurmur , variable \vltiln ,