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The Autumnal Celebrations to Occur
A. Ornnil Iloutilo Dill of Attrnctlons tn
bo Provided Tor Oinnlm'fl
Country Visitors Imqt
NI hl'H Meeting.
Will ho llr-M ToROtlicr.
Merchant * ' week nnd the fair ara to beheld
held nt the nama time. This was decided by
tlia Merchant's week committee Inst evening.
Joseph Gnrneau called the meeting to or
der , nnd W. O. Taylor was Installed In the
secretary's chair.
Then nroso the question of a suitable date.
Mr. W. A. L. Gibbon thought no wiser plan
Csuld bo provided than to double attractions
n the visitors. Lot the fair and merchants'
celebration cotno together.Yhllo our
country cousins are here , give thorn iimuso-
cumin In Inruo doses.-
Mr. William I. Klcrsicml approved Mr.
Glbbon'fl sentiments. lie also suggested
that ho wns a very fastidious sortof man
who would not consider a trip through TIIK
VBK and Now York Llfa buildings ixlono
worth the time ha spent In coming to Omaha.
Mr. Louis Hclmrod said something about
cutting the wcok to three days , but tils prop
osition was not considered nt nil.
John A. Wakcflcld thought the manage-
inont wns catering -too much to the fair di
rectors. ' 'If you want to advertise nnd work
for the fair why not conic out nnd say so at
on col But It seems to mo that wo might
have our Merchants' week celebration u
quiet , pleasant gathering of murclmnts. "
Mr. Wnkoflold chairman . of the commit-
.too on lltmnco nnd'an Important man on the
Unxccutivo comtnlUuo , and everyone foil bet
ter when ho caino into line after uwlulo nnd
sola ha would work as hard as anybody to
nnilte It alt u HUCCCSS.
And then there wns the ether question of
money. How to llnd out the necessary
amount , how to rniso It and what to spend it
for , were sorlous questions.
Joseph Garnoau suggested $10,000 , nud
said ho ImUn't a doubt but what $0,000 could
bo raised easily.
Mr. Wukeflold wasn't very sanguine , and
Bald ho thought hard work might raise the
Btnko to $1,000.
"Nonsense , " replied Gnrnoau , "wo can
raise $000 hero lir this mooting. "
"Put down Dewey ft Stone for $50 right
now , " Klorstoad shouted.
"We can rnlsa $500 among the packers of
South Omaha , " caino from II. H. Mcday , of
the pork-pnckintr suburb. ' 'And cveu If , ns
Mr. WaUoIlold sny , the ( air knocks KOO oft
the subscriptions , it will save $1,500 in
another way. It will bo so much amusement
wo won't huvo to pay for , * '
When this discussion undcd all committees
agreed to report thu amount they needed nt
too next meeting , and in that way show the
necessary total.
As to the way outdoor amusements should
1)0 ) conducted , no one hail u plan to urge
very strongly. Plans which hnd bcon sug
gested in Tin : UKE were mentioned , and the
following suggestions were mado. First ,
thuro might bn ward organizations of horse
men , uniformed or carrying torches , who ,
well trained , could make a pretty appear
ance. A banner to bo given the best drilled
organization would ntlmulato hard work in
the direction of ofllcloucy. Or , the old plan
of getting out n number of floats might bo
adopted. It la a little more expensive than
the others , but always good. Last , a bril
liant display of lira works might bo mndo
from the tops of the Now York Life and BUB
buildings , where everyone could sco them.
Each of these motions was well received ,
but no action was taken.
After deciding to meet hereafter every
Tuesday night , the committed adopted Mr.
\Vllliaiu F. Uochol's resolution that the oni
ce ra of the fair association'and the Coliseum
directors bo Invited to meet the executive
committee next Tuesday night.
The secretary announced the following
committees and the meeting adjourned :
Finance John A. Wakollold , W. N. Bab-
sock. W. 15. ClarV , N. H. Falconer , C. 13.
Sloore , John A. McShano , Euclid Martin ,
jjhurlcs MOtz , Robert E. Perine. ;
In-door Amusements Nate Crary , J. A.
Fuller , John Buumor , Max Meyer , Allan
Beder , W. Q. Sloan.
Public Comfort William J. Kicrstcad , C.
0. Moore , H. C. Akin , F. Coljwtzor.
i Transportation William ! ' . IJcchol , W.
V. Morse , E. W. Nash.
Out-doo- Amusements Joseph Uarncau ,
ftobert Fxissou. E. E. Uruco , Amos Field , H.
B. Msduy.
Decorations Louis Hoimrod , James Stoph-
wnson , Ernest Uiall , W. A. Pagi ) , Max Uocht ,
O. A" Votes.
Advertising Samuel flees , George Bur
row , S. P. Morso. G. H' Mack , Simon Ohcr-
foidor , William Flomming , II. Haubelus , G.
S ) . Morris , C. Burinistor , L. O. Jones.
Cnrp's Ijoltcr.
THE SUNDAY Dm ; will contain an intensely
Interesting description ol tbo Suez canal ,
with UH surrounding territory , a history of
Its construction nud a bird's-eye ' view of
lie t tin of Contracts nnd. Other Im
portant OInttera.
The board of publlc-wo lcs yesterday after-
peen opened the following bids for grading
Thirty-second nvonuo from Ed CrclgUton
ttvouuo south to the city limits. F. J. Peter-
ion , lOS-lOo ; Canllold & Fleming , 13c ; C. F.
Williams , ISJ c ; C. A. Jensen , 10 9-10o ; Ed
Cnllahan , 10U-10o ; Ed Pholau , 129-10o ;
Ryan & Co. , 12 0-lOc. Peterson being the
lowest Wilder , ho was awarded the contract.
The following bids were received
for grading Thirteenth street from Vlnton
outh to the oily limits : Unnflald & Flotn-
13 0-10 cents ; C. F. Williams , llitf cents ; C.
A. Jensen , lit cunts ; Ed Cullahau , 15 cents ;
i Ed Pliolun , 10 contss llynn Se Co. , iiw ;
cents. Canllold < fc Fleming were awarded
the contract.
For grading the ullny between Ninth and
Tenth streets on Hlcuory , Cantlold & Flem
ing nnd Ed Cnllahan both bid 17 cents. The
board told thorn to take the afternoon and
decide themselves who shall uavo the con
F. L. Heaves was awarded the contract for
building an extension of the south brunch of
the North Omaha sewer from the corner of
Thirty-first nnd Farnam streets , southwest
to Thirty-fourth and .Tones , at I.JO. )
Tim board spent consldorublo time Uii-
( nisslng whether they should throw out a bid
ubmltloit by Hiloy & Co. , which contained
n extra provision. The bid wns Dually
rejected after Mayor Furay had exhausted
the subject and himself.
Through the fault of cither the city engi
neer or the contractor who did the paving , It
IB alleged , the alley on Leavonvvorth street
between Ninth and Tenth U not properly
drained , and , In consequence , h pool of stag
nant water has formed at the pluco. It will
be Iiuiulred into and removed.
In keeping with the story told by Chair-
plan Ualcombo of the board of public works ,
regarding catacombed Htroots , comes the
lory thatTucsduy night the paving
on North Twenty-fourth street in front of
No. 1115 , fell beneath a liorso which was
landing at the pluco , The animal dropped
Into tb'.i liolo nnd was hidden up to his ghoul-
4cm. >
4cm.Lara Nelson , James Harrold nud Erastu *
Young , of Omaha , anil U. Froderlckson , of
Holdroeo , have been notlllod to till up the
pond of stagnant water U | > on their property
on Loavouworth street , betweun Twenty ,
fourth and Twouty-llfth , before August 1.
Many complaints have been made by prop <
crty owners uKiilnst this nuisance. ,
Sidewalk Inspector Allan reports seven
miles of wooden sldowulUa already laid this
eason. Only ouo-mmrtflr of a mile of atone
imvouiont has been laid ,
The editor of the Burlington Junc
tion ( Mo. ) Peat has for yours boon nub-
to cramp colic or tits of ludiffostlon.
Iiot Hutohor , the landing ilrujjRlal
tboro , advised htm to try Chainbarlaln't
Colio , Cholorn and Dlorrluuu Remedy ,
He miys : "Wo took the modioino and
not only found rollof on that occttslon
but liuvo several tliuoa since tried iu
Jls virtues and founu relief In over )
fustauco. "
TJ1E 015U IlINQ 18 IlllOltlSN.
Non-Pnrtl i\n Members Now Ponu-
nnlo the School Honrd ,
Ever slnco the last school board election
efforts have bcon made to crcnto n division
of the members , with the avowed purpose of
breaking up the old combines nnd cliques
which have prospered for n number of years.
The now members are said to have formed
n compact looking to n thorough reorganiza
tion of the commlttOQs. Secret meetings
have been' hold , and a definite line of action
was mapped out and agreed upon. Evldonco
of this first came to the surface when Mr. C ,
F. Goodman was a wcok ago elected to tbo
presidency of the board , vlco Mr. Henry T.
Mcanwbllo the old combine were busy.
They hold meetings , endeavored to induce
Bema of the newly elected members Into
their camp , nnd oven went so far ns to offer
the tatter Inducements to strengthen the
ring which had been strongly formed.
The now men held , however , that they had
not been elected as ringslcr * , that they had
been chosen in non-partisans , nhd that as
non-partisans they proposed to act.
At the adjourned mooting Thursday night n
complete reorganization of the committees
was effected. The attempt to bring about this
chunga created a hot discussion and stubborn
resistance on the part of the old faction. The
resulthowovcrshows conclusively that a now
order of things will hereafter prevail In the
school board.
A leading member of the Iwara was
seen and questioned about the com
plexion of the now committees and the
chnngo they would bring about In the affairs
of the school board. Ho said :
"Tho rooorts published in the morning
papers don't do our sldo of the question 'Jus
tice. nnd I want It explained.
"Tho public has bcon clamoring for this
very change for a long thno. Heretofore ,
all the work nnd nil the glory luivo boon In
the hands of n few mon. Now , Just consult
that list of committees and see If auyono has
been snubbed. Each ono of the fourteen
members Is chairman of BOUIO committee
nnd each name appears somowhcra on four
committees. All this tnllc about a combine-
with democrats Is bosh. Politics cut no
figurent all. I don't know anything about
Mr. Clarkn's statement as to being asked
to depose Coburn. Teachers nnd text books
were too much for ono committee so It wns
divided , and Coburn is chairman of the lat
ter named.
"Tho whole trouble Is the rlntj Is broken
and the people have what they asked for.
Tboro worn thrco kickers , Clarke , Sholes
and McCouncll. CInrko was disgruntled be
cause ho lost the presidency ; Sholes , because
he did not get the committee on buildings ,
and McConuoll , bauauso ho was taken off
the commlttoo on claims. Now , ho has had
that position for n long time nnd
when the report comes from the comp
troller's ' o 111 eo you will see that
business was done in a very slipshod manner.
An immense amount of money is passed on
by this committee and Mr. McConnell was
very looao in his methods.
"The books of the secretary nro hoxv being
chocked ui > and I am told that tnoro are or
ders and vouchers which havn never been
O K'd by any ono.
"There are ether rather serious dlscrop-
.neics which will bo reported to the council
ind board when the puoplo may judge for
.hcmselvcs . whether or not a change of com-
mittoemcn was desirable.
' . 'I consider that the pledges Implied In my
iloction on the non-partisan ticket are ro-
.eumod and hereafter two or thrco men
, von'i bo nblo to run the board. "
Mr. Kelly 1 haven't ' much to say. Some
coplo arc in the soup. The public will bo
iutistlcd , however , nnd the work is pretty
ivenly divided. Politics has no business m
ho affair at all. Mr. Sholes makes some
jhargos. Tno trouble with him is ho would
iavo given his shirt to have boon appointed
; hnlrman of the commlttoo on buildings. Ho
; old mo he wanted It. The couiblno was all
in the other side. They anticipated that the
ing was going to bo broken and they were
.round yesterday hunting votes to save It.
They didn't got them and they are hot.
Mr. Hoes Oh , I could say two or thrco
, liinirs if I wanted to , but I don't. I can't go
.utolho Coburn question. Everybody under
stands that. The object of the now move
ivm to put each member at work. Wo don't
ivant two or three men to run the board.
The new committees wo created wore
necessary. I don't see how you ara to know
ivhoro to erect a school building If thcro Is
no committee on boundaries , and Jdon'tthink '
anv man should have authority to expel u
child from school. The committee on sal
aries and discipline will remedy lhat. The
last election turned on thin very uoint , nnd
ivo have redeemed ourselves. I didn't ' notice
; ill my attention wns called to it this morn-
ng , that there were democrats on the most
mportant committees , and Itvould have
undo no difference If I hud. The other side
ilxud un their slate and wo beat them.
OiSpaulding The ventilation committee
1 consider the most Important in tbo wholu
list , and it should have experienced men.
Fclton , it is understood , is about to resign.
which will leave me on this board associated
with an Inexperienced man. On these
grounds I refused to servo.
Sheriff Coburn I was' not at the meet
ing , therefore can't ' give an opinion for
publication. It looks , however , as though
the board was bound to be dragged into a
political squabble. I have heard , for several
days , that a combination was formed to put
democratic members at. the head of all com
mittees , but knew nothing about It.
'Tho Board'H Accounts.
Comptroller Goodrich was seen in refer
ence to the reported slipshod methods of
keeping the books of the board of education ,
and in reply to n question said that It would
rcqulra upwards of ton or llftccn days to
complete the auditing , and , until that lime ,
ho could make no statement.
The conversation of the people in the oflloo ,
liowevor , implied that considerable irregu
larity was boinc discovered.
Notwithstanding the inability of the comp
troller to shed light on the subject , it has
been currant In the city for some days
that the secretary of the board of education
has been keeping his books , to say the leant ,
In an original mann r. It is alleged that ho
keeps no ledger , and that Its substitute is a
memorandum which shows entries in a style
that are far from being satlstactory to a com
petent accountant. *
It is also stated that some time ago the secretary -
rotary uudortook to keep a lodger , but aban
doned it for reasons of his own.
Tlio Vault Balcony.
It is understood that Commissioner
O'Kooffo will revive the vault controversy nt
to-day'a mooting of the board , .T , H.
Cranes , an export , employed by O'Keoffo ,
has been at work several days taking meas
urements of the b'alcony , and will have
completed by to-morrow , an Itemized report
of what the balcony should cost. The board
paid $1,500 for it. Mr. Cranes' estimate will
bo about $300. Ho takes into account every
screw , bolt nnd bar at contract prices , and
says the Job , at (500 , would leave a largo
pro lit.
Secret Booloty
Under the head of "Tho Ante Hoom" In
Sunday's DUK will bo found all the secret
and benevolent society news , attractively
pruuarod by Tiiii Uni''s corps of reporters.
1'lonlo nr , Unlliouii.
The plumbers , plasterers and bricklayers
will have a picnic at Calhoun to-morro\v ,
Arrangements have been niada to run trains
from the Webster strcaf depot at 3 nnd 10 u.
m. Muslo will bo furnished by the A. O. H.
band , and a parade will be given in the
morning. Prizes will bo awarded for danc
ing and for athlotio contests. A game of
base ball will bo played In the af ternoou be
tween the bricklayers and plumbers.
Wo have sold S. S. S. smco the first day wo
commenced the drug business , and have
hoard some wonderful reports of Its effects.
Many use It wltli best results to cloinso ma
laria from tha system , and for blood poison ,
scrofula cnJsucl. diM > acs It Is without a rival.
Monroe , La.
Pnrk I'nUcdiiioii.
The park commission is to have a police
force of Its own. At Monday night's moot.
Ing of the nro and polled commissioners ,
Frank Goodrich was mido the II rat ap
pointee to the new force. Others to thr
number of three or four will bo added ,
when UBot'Jod ul.ui Is adopted. The uniform :
will bo of grey * lulf , something after the
fushlons of tUo iritll curriers. Tbo now con-
tlimont will bo under the control of tbo chlol
of Police ,
They Want to Establish Connection
With Omaha.
County omolnli fimlonvorlng to Cnrry
\Vntcr on Iloth Shoulders A
lloiimntlo Uscnpndo from
the Knst.
Hit toll I URDU nnd Onialin.
A.L. Foraha , W , L. Moore and H. Whlto-
sldo , n delegation of loading citizens from
Hutchinson , Kan. , were In the city yesterday
on railroad business. Telegrams received
Thursday heralded their coining.
They want the Union Paclflo to extend Us
line from McPhcrson , nnd also tnko In
a new road now bolng constructed
from Hutchison south. Two years ngo sub
sidies were voted to the Union Pa-
rillc 1,000 a mlle for un air
line , through Hone , Klugmau nnd Harper
counties , but thu.v expired In the latter two
counties bcforo any worlc was done , nnd
would have expired In Keno had not u. local
company taken thorn up nnd built the rood
from ILjiteliinson to the south boundary.
This company has nail the bonds through
Kingmnu and Harper rovotcd aud will push
the worlc right along. Having connection ,
with tlio Santa Fc , Missouri Pacific nnd
Rock Island already , Hutchinson pcoplo now
demand n rend which will direct
some of their trndo to Omaha. They
begin to realize the commercial Importance
of this city , and are anxious for the compotl-
Mon that , n railroad would give them with
Cnnsni City. "Our only clmnco for snob nn
outlet Is through the Union I'aclllc , nnd wo
vixnt It , " said Mr. Foriha. "It would open
a largo , thickly populated and productive
orrltory to tlio merchant * ot Omaha , and wo
vould bo greatly pleased to give them u por-
ion of our business. MePherson Is but
liirty mile ? distant , and knowing that the
Jn'on ' Paclflo and Uoclc Island are on
'rlondly terms , wo hope that , the former can
> o Induced to make truck arrangements with
.ho hitter nnd run Its trains
to our town. This would give us nn almost
llrect route by way of Salitm , Manhattan ,
Jcatrico anil Lincoln to Omaha. "
These gentlemen , accompanied by Socro-
ary Nason and other board of trade men
mil a conference with Thomas I. . . Klmb.iU
yesterday afternoon and made known to him
their wants.
According to Mr. Forha , with whom a
5 p. n reporter talked , Keno is ono
of the richest agricultural coun
ties In Kansas. Hutchinson is a town
of 1,500 population , and gaiuing rapidly. It
"s the contural metropolis of a largo und Hour-
shing territory. Immense salt wells tire lo
cated there. "Crops of nit kinds , " said ho ,
'aro simply Immense. Wo never hnd such
yields of wlicat , oats and vegetables , aud the
corn Is simply beyond description. "
The delegation was very mucli pleased with
Omnhn. The gentlemen \ visited \ Tin : Tit * I *
building in tno afternoon , aud took the late
train for homo.
County Olllnlals Trying to Serve
Themselves and tlin Pcoplo.
The report of an nctivo movement in cer
tain democratic circles to organize for the
forthcoming campaign tmi caused consider
able oxcitcuiont. Commissioner Mount sud
denly draw In bis horns when u Bcc reporter
met him yesterday , and could not bo In
duccd to talk. Janitor Loahoy denied eve r
laving said that if Hen Knight should bo-
coma a candidate for Mount's ' scat "no other
man in the district could defeat him. "
Some of Mount's friends are giving it nut
that both the sheriff's ' and troasoror's ofllccs
vill bo occupied by democrats next year.
A gentleman who road the Item in Thurs-
duys's DEE , said :
"Tho two commissioners who nro trying to
fasten some act of dishonesty on Clerk
Kouhti ) ought to take nn inventory of their
own ollicial careers and Hnd out how they
stand. Something lilco $7. ) was paid out to
experts employed to uiuko the btartling dis
covery that Kocho hud distributed amonir
the various ofllccrs half a dozen boxes of
pens more than was necessary , but nothing
ho1 * over been done to rectify the extrava
gant mistake of expending $1,500 for u vault
that should have cost only $300. "
Illii liOVEU IllS TYPEWniTEll.
A. Chicago Merchant Arrested In
Omahn for Dcflci-tiiic His Wife.
Georto C. Hagen , a wealthy boot and shoo
dealer dolug business ut Chicago and at NewCastle
Castle , Pa. , was arrested yesterday , charged
with being a fugitive from Justice.
It is another casu of an uncon
genial wife nnd a pretty typewriter.
Tbo arrest was caused ou u telegram
from the cliiof.of police of Milwaukee , stat
ing that Hagen had eloped , dosertlng his
wife nnd taking a lot of her Jewelry. Hugcn
nnd his typewriter , a handsome young irirl ,
about eighteen years of age , named Kauhcl
Vaghn , arrived in Omaha Wednes
day evening , and stopped at the
cheap lodging house on Fanmm street
where they were registered as "Mr. Adums
and wife. " They remained in tbo place until
noon yesterday , when llagen ventured out to
call upon u friend of his to secure
Identification to enable him to get
cashed a draft for $1,200 , which ho
purchased nt the Chicago National
bank. Ho was placed under arrest by lo-
tectivo Mostyn while on his wny to the bank ,
and was placed in Jail awaiting orders from
the Milwaukee ofllcUls.
Rachel Vaghn , tha woman in tbo case ,
\vas seen by a reporter after her
icleoso by the police , u there
wuro no charges agalast her.
Her version of the escapade is apparently
honest us slio mulu no effort to deny her re
lations with Hugcu ,
"I worked for Mr. Hagen for two years as
his clerk and stenographer , " she said , "nt
Newcastle , Pa. Ten months ago ho opened
u store In Chicago and I went there to
work. Ho has never lived hap
pily with Ills wife , and last weak ho
came to Chicago , turned over all of hia prop
erty to her , except $1,300 In cash , and asked
mo to leave with him. I did so , as I love
him and know ho loves mo. Wo Intended
to come west and give his wife a
chance to get a divorce , after which
wo would be married. Mr. Hagun treated
her very well , I think , as ho left her nil of
his property. Wo went to Milwaukee and
came from there hero. Wo stopped ut the
cbenp lodgingH house because wo thought wo
would bo less llitely to be found
there than if wo put up at a good hotel. I
don't know what Mr. Hagen has In his
trunks , but I won't bollevo that ho curried
off tiny of tier jewelry , she concluded , pro
nouncing the word "her" with u vicious
"What will you do , now that Ilagan is in
jail ! " was asked.
"JDol" shu uuswcred. "Why I'll stay right
here until tha case is settled and then wo
will go on again and maico a homo for our
selves. "
Hagen ! s n man about forty years of ago
und bus the nppcarunco of u successful busii
ness man. Ho corroborated the statement
mudo by Miss Vughn nnd says ho docs not
four any sorlous result from his arrest.
The girl was witlrllugon most of the af
ternoon , und when she loft Hngon was Inter
viewed rewarding his plans , but refused to
talk , Thu girl said sho. had been encouraged
by Hucun to think that ho would bo out nnd
ail would bo well in u few days , when they
would go away airuln.
Ur. Vance nnd Mr. Halo , Into residents of
Lovviaton , now of Omaha , called on Hugcn.
They were met us tlioy cainu out and ques
tioned ns to Hngon'd antecedents. Ho was
of good family , wealthy , and moved In good
society. His wife was the daughter of a
prominent Presbyterian clergy man. Ha-
gen's actions huvo for years scandalized the
little town in a quiet way , and kept a family
war brewing.
Mrs. Hugen 1s expected to arrive from
Pennsylvania tblsu vonlng.
Cntarrh cured , ho tilth nud sweet
brouth secured by Shiloh'a Cattirrli
Remedy. Prieo 60 conta. Nasal injector
froo. For sale by Goodman Drug Co .
l.ouls I.imt Ills Ciuitt.
Thursday evening the borne of Louis Holm-
rod over his place of buslncus cu South Thlr-
tceuth street , near Jackson street , was yu-
Itod by n sneak thtof and , a gold bonded cane
and a quantity of clot hi jig , the property of
Mrs. Helmrod , word stolen , The Inmates
wore away when thotbuk-glary was commit
ted. U is thought that n Mrs. Qrobockorwho
Intended to ninko n call on Mrs. Helmrod ,
frightened the intriKJuu away before a very
close search for plumlor could bo mndo. The
lady , however , saw noihlhe of the thief , but
U Is thought that tho'lhttor ' heard her foot
steps and lied. t
ODIccrOlark SAW a man leave the building
with n bundle of clothes but as ho wns not on
duty made no luvostltfiaiun ,
Mr. Hoimrod rogrctn the loss of the o.ino
ns it was presented to rlm by the firemen of
Shrcovcport , La. , aboil } , eight years ago. In
bis rummaging , tno tliinf overlooked n box la
the closet that contained 500 worth of Jaw-
elry and diamonds.
The Mnrkut * .
Men of business should road the business
rovlow which will appear In Tun SUNDA.T
liiR. This department Is prepared with cs-
poclnl care ,
The Old Srjnnro Given Walks ) nnd
Trees , Hut No Fountain.
The plans presented by Gardener Cleve
land for Improving Jefferson square and ac
cepted Thursday by the park commissioners
at their meeting , rcqulrntho adding of slxty-
flvo moro trees to the ilf ty-ono already there ,
also some shrubs and the putting In of wind
ing graveled walks. There will bo'no foun
tain , as Mr. Llnlneor wished ; neither will
there beany ( lower bods.
The trrudo of the park will rotnnln as it is
now. There has boon some attempt toward
making the Irregularly-shaped plats of the
square cerrdspoud with each ether In curvei
nnd angles , but this has bean considered im
possible , owing to tho"dlsposltlon of the trees
already standing.
A now band stnud Is to bo erected ami out
side of the circle of seven trees about that
structures is to bo a promenade twenty-two
fcot wldo. The plats ou which the trees
will stand will be slightly elevated above the
walks , but thuro will bo no curbing to them.
The following varieties of trees are to bo
planted : Uirch. acacia , ash , linden , catultm ,
magnolia , mountain ash , Virginia lutcn , nlso
the following shrubs ; bush honeysuckle ,
syrlugn , RIIOW ball , wogulia , duntrla , hy-
drangur , lilac.
Thcro will DO sixteen plats , eight of these
will bo arranged so that two will face each
strcot and the remaining eight will Ho Just
back of these so that each path between
them will bo caused Co branch in two direc
Mr. Llningor , who has traveled oxton-
sivcly and seen the ilncst parks In the world ,
wns strongly in favor of having n fountain In
the park , > but Mr. Cleveland spoke in a
belittling mnnner of fountains , terming them
"squirt guns. " Dr. Miller , Mr. Pratt. Judge
Lauc and Mr. Millard agreed with him , and
voted for the Cleveland plans , while Mr.
Linlngor voted against them.
Mr. V. U. Cnldwell offered to soil ths S. S.
Caldwell estate , which consists of 140 acres
of land in sections 31 ana 32 , township 15 , for
pnrk nurposcs ; this was referred to the com
mittee on designation of grounds.
Mr. Thomas Swift suggested a boulevard
running from sulphur springs to the fort ;
thence half u mile west of Uelvidorc ; thence
circling ono mile westof. Dundee place past
the Davis farm to Wpiss' ; thence south forty
rods west of Seymour p.'trk ; thence south to.
the county line and' east on the latter two'
miles ; thence northhhlf a mlle to the Gas-
sidy farm ; thence northeast to Hanscom
park. This wns favorably discussed.
Mr. House reported .tliat ho had completed
the topographical survey of Hanscom park
for thodivisiogof ifinto .VMoot squares.
The secretary wns 'jin&tructcd to write to
Joseph Uerry at Minneapolis , asking upon
what terms ho would como to Omaha as su
perintendent of
Ij.-xlior Ni'ws.
A fcaturo of Tin : StiMuv BEE will bo a
carefully nrepured rovifiw of the labor situa
tion and the doings Of'tlie unions during the
past week. 1 '
Three Hundred Families Will 'Be
Evicted uy the Union 1'ncillc.
The ofllcials of the Union Pacific are pre
paring to make u crusaOo on the squatters ,
und wholesale evictions will follow in a few
days. Superintendent Kesscguio , together
with an attache of the civil engineers' depart
ment , devoted considerable ! time yesterday
preparing a profile showing the lands owned
by the Union Pacific , By Monday this will
be completed , and any individual or family
found located on the land will bo notitled to
vacate at once. In case they fall to comply
the authorities will be called upon.
Superintendent Kcssequlo states that at
least thrco hundred families are residing on
thu company's lots , a largo number of which
are in the vicinity of the lower yards and
along Fifth street adjacent to the river.
They are all squatters , and have built little
shacks upon tho.lund and "hoincsteadod" It
without the consent of the company , The
company has bcon annoyed more less while
laying track on account of obstructions in
the line of their residence. The superin
tendent ulso states , the trespassers make a
light agiinist being disturbed by the employes
of thu company. It is estimated that the to
tal number of people that will be affected
will bo about 1,203.
Excursion to y cllowHtonc Pnrlc.
Jaines Stcphenson und E. L. Lotnax , gen
eral passenger agent of the Union Pacific ,
completed arrangements yestorduy wboruby
an excursion train from this city to the Yel
lowstone park will be run August 15. Mr.
Stcphensou will take his stage coaches along
and stops will bo made at Denver , Ogilon ,
Salt Lake , Chcycnno and prominent , western
points. At Lieuvor canyon the stuue couches
will bo pressed into service , and u complete
tour of the purlr will bo mudo. The trip will
rcquiio eighteen days. The excursionists
will bo in churga of the pioneer stage man.
Mothlnt ; Known Hero.
The officials of the Union Paclflo profess
Ignorance as regards the telegraphic reports
to the effect that the Union , Canadian and
Southern Pacifies wore about to consolidate ,
together with the Pennsylvania They are
of the opinion that the report was circulated
for the purpose of booming stocks Hint are
on the decline. Nevertheless , they think
such a transaction might materially.
An Oudvn Union Depot.
A number of railway officials and many of
thu prominent cltlzin o Omaha have re
ceived Invitations to tlU opening of the now
union depot at Ogdon. 'Wednesday uoxt. A
grand banquet and Udil'wlll bo given. The
H. & M. and Union 'Pu'tillc companies are1
largely Interested In thnibulldlng financially ,
Hounlon at Itroken How.
The veterans of the Cj. A. H. In central No-
brnsku will hold a nuulon at Broken How
August 0 to 0. TheH , . & M. has mudo a
special rate to apply on these dates of one and
ouu-thlrd faro for the rtouud trip fiom all
points west of Auranl.M '
Itnllrond , N tCH.
The Trans-Continonjal association will
meet at Chicago to-day. .
Trainmaster HaxtQr.iof the Union Pacific ,
has returned from th'o west.
Engine 501 , stuniraru" freight , has been
turned out of the Uillolf'Pucllic shops.
The Union Paclflo will soon commoncoto
lay four additional spur tracks loading to the
Bruin elevator at Council HltifTs. The now
Cures 11 TlioDcst
Aohot , Polne , ( k
Cramps , , -Hb
Soreness , /7xT
Stiffness , f HTho MootRo-
Swellings , \nowneUAbroad
Strains , Js\ [ Will use no
Brulaet , ( / \ olher
Cut" ' if. Bf nuu\LR ° m e d ll
Wounds. rffUirtD.H'
consolidated company will use the building
for stoiago purposes.
Vlco President Holoomh , of the Union
I'aciflo , will return from Denver Sunday.
Superintendent Itcssomilo , of the Union
Pacific , has returned from ft trip of In
The Atlantic express on tlio Union Pneiflo
arrived from the west In two section * , the
Irst as fast freight , composed chlolly of
California fruits.
L. T. Fowler , freight agent of the Union
Pacific , with headquarters at Philadelphia ,
is in Omaha , onroutoto the Paolflo coast
Mrs. Fowler accompanies him.
General Trafllo Manager Mullen , of the
Union Pacillo , will nrrlvo from Denver Sun
day , but will go direct to Chicago , where ho
will nttcnil a mooting of the transcontinental
nental lines , at which the controversy over
.ho rate on bullion and ore from Colorado to
Missouri river points will bo tnlccu up.
An article of true merit for the atom-
nch , Mlhnlovitoh'a Hungarian black *
berry juice.
It Closes \VltIi a Lecture On "Travels
In I'nlnstino. "
The morning session of the Ministerial In-
ntituto yesterday wns devoted to business .
Resolutions were passed thanking the pastor
nnd congregation for their kindness nnd their
efforts to make the time pass pleasantly ;
nlso n resolution expressing the obligations
the association" foil to the press for their
courtesy , etc.
Another resolution was imsod condemning -
ing the liquor trafllc nnd endorsing the pending
ing constitutional amendment prohibiting the
It was decided to hold the next session of
the association nt Nebraska City In July ,
An election ot oflfcors was hold , which ro-
Bulted In the following being elected : Presi
dent , Rev. A. Martin , of Omnhn ; secretary ,
Kov.W. D. Doweoso , of Dorohestor , Neb.
The afternoon was devoted to sight seeing.
The entire party were driven to the various
points of Interest about town.
In the evening thu association was enter
tained by a lecture on "Trnvolsiu Palestine"
by Hov. L. T. Van Clove , which was Illus
trated by views thrown upon n screen. The
lecture was n most entertaining ono , the
speaker handling , his subject in a clear nnd
concise manner.
The meetings of the association have boon
very successful nnd thoroughly enjoyable In
every respect. They nro In the nature of a
midsummer vacation for the ministers of the
state , who receive material benefit from their
mutual intercourse.
The lecture last evening completed the
programme of the association , which now
stands udjournod.
Ask your grocer for Cook's Imperial
Clininpugne. It's bouquet is delicious
nnd it is perfectly puro. Try it.
Some Important Cases to Do Passed
UDOII To-day.
Judge Wakoloy will deliver decisions
this morning in the following cases :
Colpetzer vs. Nicholas , Curtis vs. Uonv ,
Parslon vs. Jones , Miller vs. Aylosworth
and ICouutzo vs. Ueitel.
J. J. Johnson & Co. have commenced suit
against Mattlo Martin and Charles Norllng
to recover J120.-JI on account of a contract
for building material.
The Douglas County bik filed suit agulnst
the Omaha Carriage aud Sleigh company
anil Andrew Decker to recover § 000 on a
promissory note.
Patrick Desmond , administrator of the es
tate of Patrick Quinlan , deceased , applied to
the court for a license to sell certain real es
tate belonging to the estate.
The case of the Omaha Carriage Top com
pany vs Ben B. Wood et al , to recover
$401.71 on a contract , has bcon appealed to
the district court.
County Court.
William J. Pnul has ucfiun suit in the
county court against Hubert Jacobbcrgor to
recover $200 on u promissory note.
The Columbia bank has brought , suit in the
county court against \Voodbridgo Bros , to
recover $131 ! : J7on n promissory note and protest fees.
S. Dessau brings suit against Joseph Drulc-
kcr for J-TO on a promissory note and inter
United States Court.
The Union Pacific Kailway company has
filed its petition in the United States circuit
court against J. Cloudt ct al , to have defendants -
fondants deliver to it the following premises
in which it claims legal estate , to wit : lot 1
in section 14 , town 15 , range 18 east , and lot
1 , section 11 , same town and range.
Lysander W. Tulloys , trustee for Clarence
1C. Hesse , has filed a bill in equity against
David S. Parkburst et al to recover on a
coupon bond for J,0)0 ( ) secured by deed of
trust on ' 5 ( > acres in Hamilton county.
The Union PaciBc Uailway company has
begun suit niralnst J. Colbora et al to recover
possession of u tract of land in section 10 ,
town 15 , range 1 ! ) oast.
A suit for foreclosure of mortgage wns
filed in the United States circuit court this
morning by the Farmers' Loan and Trust
company vs. Thomas Sullivan.
Epps's Cocoa.
"Iljr a thoronxh knowlailiu ot tha naturM lawi
nblcti unvuni tlio operilloos ot dUuitlim mil nntrl
llun , nud br acuroiul miuiluatluu of tlia line propjr
Uu or wun-soloeliHlCucoa , Mr. l'ul > tim prorlilaitour
brent fH l lablus with ndaltcnttiljr tlnroroil boruia i )
wlilthmay auvu us icaiif u vy doctors' bills. Hn
bj tlio Jutllcloua u v ol nucli rtrllclcs of illot tlmt
cuiialltutlun mar bn Knilually built up until utront
nnoiiKli to reals ! orurjr toniluncr to Him.
UreiU of lutitlo malnillMiira Hrj&tliiK around us remlr
to attack wherovertbvroia a weak oolnt.Vomar
paCMpa ni.inv n fatal ibatt by keoplntf ouriulvc wufl
tortltleii with pure blood mm a properly nourlaboj
Irniuo. " Civil Hurvlco iiH/etl .
MiHoilmpIr nlth bolllnn water or milk. Sold
In hairpounil tliu by ( Irucnrs labsloi tbud
TAMDC ! TJDDd 9. PD Homa-opathic Cheraiat
Till : 1AND OP
-A irt < cc \j- ' . _ . , J
For sale by Goodman Drug Co ,
For Dtllous nnd Nervous Dliorden , such as Wind and Pain In the Stomach , Sick lloadactio , Glddlnrlt , Fut <
ntii. and Swelling utter Meali , Diiilnen and Drowtlnoit , Cold Chilli , Flushing ! ot Heat , Lou ol AppeM * .
Shortness ol Breath , Costireneli , Scum , Blotches on tha Skin. Disturbed Sleep , Frightful Dreamt , and all
This it no nctlon. Krory eutroror In earnestly luvltod to try ono Uox ot tlicao Tills , nnd tuoy mil fee
ncknnnlmlgcHl to bo o } l'nt lrrf\il Mnltrtnr.
HEEOHAJfa FILLS , taken ns Olnxtcil. Mill quickly tv.ttora feit\t\lt to complete hoaltlu For a
they ACT LIKE MAGIC : n / " < ' < " Kill work Kondorn upon the Vital Organs ; Sttenglhenlng ttm
inusculnr Sjitem ; rpatnrttiR loiln-lost Complexion t bringing Imch the keen edot ol appetite , ntxl
rJoiidluR wHIi the ROSEDUD OF HEALTH tim ti-liolcjttij lciil tnergvol the liumnn frnmo. tlirno
nro "fncto1' mlniltKst by tuousnnds. In nil ol/\ft. c\ < off > ocloty : niul onont thobcst Rimrnulccs to the
MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. FU11 directions with cnclt Box.
rrcpnrca only by THUS. nKF.rilAM , Ht , IIrlrn . Tjincntlilro , KiiRlnnO.
PoM l > u l > rtig jitirtirrnl ( / ; / . D. F. ALLEN A Ca , 3GB and 307 Canal St. , New York , Solo Agents tor
the I7mtc < ! Blatra. triot ( \ t/niir ilrnpRlst Uooa not kooji thvtn , )
. / /
The above cut shows evidence of Mr. Johnston's
mistake. His wife having sent him for "GOLD
DUST , " but by some misapprehension he brought
home soap greatly to her dissatisfaction. After a
house-wife has once used
it is useless to offer her the old adulterated soap.
Ask your grocer for Gold Dust Washing Powder , and
take no other.
P. 8-lf hnndu . u'no " " .
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NiUllAI. : < ; iASCIATaA.llHAUACmTOOrHAUHKornnyoHiur ! PAIN , few application
act like mnglc. causing tliBnaln to Instantly stop.
Internally taken Indoioi of from thirty to .sixty drops In half a tnmlilor of water will euro In a taw
ininiUoH ( Jranii ) Spasms , Sour Stomach , Collu , I'luutulence. Heartburn , CHolur.v Morons , Dyaontry.
Dlarrlurn , Sick Hoailuchu , Nmisea , Vomiting , Nervousness. Slueplossnuss , Malaria and all Internal
pains arising from chiviRe of diet or water or other causes. .
CO Cents a Ilottlo. Sold by Urueglsts ,
"Pure" and Silver Gloss And Corn Starch
Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilating
Apparatus and Supplies.
Engines , Boilers , Steam Pumps , Etc.
1513 Douglas SL J Omaha , NcMa.
State Line.
To Glasgow , Jlcirast , Dublin nml Liverpool
From New York Every Tuesday.
Cabin imimiio fV > to t-'O , nccordlnu lolocutloii of BU
rtium. KrcurMou ttfi to fO.
bteerego to nn. | from r.uroixi at I.fjwen KiM .
Ai'su.v lUi.mvjN A. Co. , Ocn'l AKonts ,
M Ilrondnnjr , Nuw York ,
JOHN lii.KGtsCcn'l : \Ve lern Ak'ent.
li > | lUnJolpti Bt. , Clilcnya.
IIABItV K. iloilts , A cnt. Onislm.
Hoclucud Cnblurutoi to OUajiow KrUlbltlin.
Buccflssors u > John a. JacobjJ
Undertakers anuEmbalmers
Attheold stand HOT Farnain Bt. Order * by
and promptly attended ,
elepliono to No.ia
HESS I . UUHEO/ffp :
rallrtlr ArrrruuK \ > i
' ' . . . , -
r cl'il' AR CUSHIONS !
Wlilipiri CoBtrrMll.rn.uilluiltL'.lJ. C.m
_ _ _ _ , . . .
K , IIIUOOX. Hli.t HrunOwar.l r.llCll.r vrVi7ri
\VJtli Hucetaiful Kip0r1 nn for ] EWWOTpRIAt
BA.&A11I.U HOOK. ( " Auilie ,
AY ONdE , Latlu (