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    THE CM ATT A DAILY BJjjE ; FKIPAY , JULY 19 , 1889.
The President nnd Wlfo Return
There Next Saturday.
It In Rxpcctca Tlint Quito n Number
of Consul Commissioner *
IV ill bo Blmlo Out
WASHINGTON nunr.AU , TnBO Aiu line , j
513 FoUllTKEXT/lSTItSltr , V
WASHINGTON. I ) . C. . July 18. I
It Is probable Mint tlicro will bo no cabinet
meeting between tlio present time and the
liour for tlia departure of the president for
Deer 1'nrk on Saturday. General and Mrs.
Harrison made up their mluils to luavo again
on that day nnd will prounbly remain In the
mountains for a longer period than boforo.
The members of Iho cabinet who nro now In
the city called Informally upon the president
to-day and chatted with him concerning
matter * pending In various departments , but
contrary to expectations , there were no post
masters announced this afternoon. Tlicro
will probably bo n number of
appointments tnado to-morrow , howovor.
It Is understood Hint n considerable mimboi
of papers relating to consulates hnvo been In
the president's hands , or on his deck , for
Bomo tlmo , and It Is oxpoctcd before ho re
turns that ho will attach hi * slunnturo to the
commissions of n number of gentlemen who
have been applying for the plates. There
Will also , In all probability , bo a number of
appointments la connection with the interior
department , nnd it was In this connection
that Secretary Noble spent considerable
tlmo with the president to-day. The return
of Mr. Walker Ulnlno hero wan followed by
the most positive denial from that gentleman
of the recently published story to the effect
that his father proposes to resign the 1st of
The absolute unfairness nnd lack of de
cency with which the attacks on Commis
sioner Tanner are bolm : conducted wus
amply demonstrated to-day when the real
facts in the latest screed of the Now York
Times against the commissioner wcro un
earthed. The Times charged unfairness and
gross violation of law In the case of one pen-
loner named Phillips. It was asserted that
Mr. Tanner had re-rated this tuan from 1 to
$30 per month. The facts of the case are
that Phillips was originally rated at ? * !
a mouth unuor Lilack's administration.
This was first Increased to $1" and subse
quently to iH per mouth. Ho has not been
re-rated since Air. Tanner's administration
bcKuu. 'Iheroaro a ( Trent many moro simi
lar cases. The miti-iuhnlnistr.Uion i.uws-
papers nro stopping nt no misrepresentation
and are hesitating at no meanness to make
capital against the conduct of affairs in the
different departments , and their airows nro
generally directed as wldo of the mark aa
wns the shaft in the Phillips caso.
If Chancellor Mnnatt goes to Athens his
position promises to bo an unexpectedly
pltasant and responsible. one. It is under
stood that Minister SSnowdon prefers to pro-
Bide nt Hucharcst , where the location was
established under Arthur's administration.
In this event AlanaU will bo the only repre-
scututlvo of the United States resident in
Greece , nnd ttie state department is
disposed to do everything in Its
power to make the position tendered him
both utt motive and profitable. Mr. Matmtt
will leave Washington for Philadelphia to
morrow morning. While lucre ho will call
on Minister Suowdnn and will consult with
him about the country and the duties to
which the two gentlemen have been assigned.
thcnco ho will proceed to CliauUiuqun , and
from there homo. Howillairlve in Nebraska
about the last of next week.
win i.owur WA NOT iim.iiNKD.
Some tlmo atro Pension Commissioner
Tanner appointed Doctors M. O. Ueechlv
nnd J. U. Hiizznrd as members of the board
of medical examiners at Lincoln and nt the
saint ) time decided to ictain Dr. Lowry as a
member of the board. Tins' * action brought
down a perfect storm of wrath upon his
head and caused him to rccclvo a larpc quan
tity of loiters of protests from members of
the Grand Army. When Mr. Tanner
Visited Lincoln ho was again
reminded that the retention of Dr. Lowry
was unpopular. Mr. Tanner has nt last de
cided that the best interests of the service
would bo subserved by the appointment of
Bomo ouo moro popular among the people
with 'whom ho comes In contact , and to-day
ho submitted tbo name of Dr. J. O. Duwaon
for that of Dr. Lowrv.
Albany , Sheridan county , William D. Mo-
Intyro ; Waterloo , Douglas county , E. S.
Gumming , Warren countv , A. E. Cross ;
Imogone , Fremont county , John Eastman ;
Mcdvllln , Clayton county. Henry Meder ;
Mononn , Clayton county , F. S. Wollmoro ;
Piano , Appanooso coui.ty , Joseph S. Tarbox.
Captain Thomas Britton , Sixth infantry ,
having served moro than torty yearn in the
army , i nt his own request bv direction of
the president retired from active service on
this dato.
In December of last joar the department
Of ngricultuio received from the chief secre
tary's ofllco at Brisbane , Queensland , Aus
tralia , a communication requesting the do >
partmcut to nominate to that KOV eminent a
suitable person to bo appointed as instructor
in agriculture. SocrotasV Rusk to-day nom
inated Prof. Edward M. Shelton , of Man
hattan , Km. , for the position.
Secretary Noble has issued a poicmptoiy
order to the agent at Quappiuv , Indian Terri
tory , to Immediately remove fioin the reser
vation all cattle unlawfully herdud thurton.
I'aunccl'ota Stills lor niml.uul
WASIII.SOTON , July IS. Sir Julian Paunco-
fete , British minister to tlio United States ,
sails from Now York on the Etruriu for
England to-moirow. Ho will return to
Washington in October , bringing his family
with him.
Nohrnskn and town PuiiHlnns ,
WASHINGTON , July 18. [ Special Telegram
to Tim line. ] Pensions granted Nohras-
Jcans : Original invalid Perry Strickland.
Restoration , old war John Bishop. In
crease Geonro T. Malcom , Francis M. Law-
renco. Uelssuo Luvl Hates.
Pensions granted lowans : Original in
valid Patrick Tlornoy , alias Dunn ; Samuel
llartzlor , Charles M. Burgess. Increase
Samuel Good , Ooorga Johnson , Amos Do-
bolt. Michael Fitrpatrlek , Lucius Wood ,
Jonathan H. Huffman. Kclssuo Win. II.
Dowces. Uulssuu nnd Increase Joseph San-
ford. Original widows , etc. Bridget , widow
of Patrlok Bronnnn ; Caroline , widow of
Joseph We soll. Mexican survivor Jacob
Van U\tt \ ,
"Warrants Issnei ! Kor tlin Secretary of
iltulu nnd Other OillotiiU.
. DKXVKU , Julv 18. The grand Jury , which
adjourned last night , In Its report severely
criticised the actions of the oftlclals charged
with corruption. To-day warrants were is
sued for the urrost of the secretary of state ,
Sheriff Weber and his partner , George II.
Graham , of the fiirultuio house of Graham
& Weber , who furnished the legislative
rooms ; W. H. La wicnco fc Co , who sup
plied the assembly with stationery , and Stuto
Printers Collier ft Cleveland , ull being
charged with conspiracy to defraud the state.
The parties gave ball in sums luuglug from
11,000 to II , SCO.
' .Iho Minister * Kntertnlnod.
The pastors attending the ministerial In
stitute of the Christian churrh , together
with the members of the two local societies ,
were tendered a royal reception by Dr , Mur-
ccr lust evening at his beautiful homo on
Mercer nvcmio. The grounds nnd house
were both brilliantly illuminated , and muslo
was furnlshud both Indoors and out. Dr.
Mercer and his wife , who are unsurpassed
M entertainers , made all fool welcome and
the ovcnt was an enjoyable one ,
A HOVlM'i )
Masa. , July 18. The los on the
hone railroad stVjloi fire of last night is
about lOi > ,000 ,
SULIjlVAN Vfllili KXt'Ij/UN.
Moil or tlio mahout St < vnilln toV li
ne * n for Him.
CIIICAOO , July 18. [ Special Telegram to
TnnllBE. ] An evening paper says : The
relations of Alexander Sullivan to the
present status of the Cronln case is some
what unusual. Ho Is virtually a prisoner
by reason of the finding of the coroner's '
Jury , being under $20,000 bonds to await the
grand Jury's action * . But , although accused
ot and hold for the crime , ho cannot bo tried
till the grand Jury shall have Indicted him.
Tlio special grand Jury did not present him
with the conspirators whom they Indicted.
The grand Jury , which meets next Monday ,
will probably also rotuso to Indict him , be
cause no evidence besides that presented before
fore the coroner's Jury has been discovered
against him. On this evidence. Judge Tulcv
says It Is impossible that a petit Jury should
convict him.
"What Is the status of Sullivan's ' canal"
was naked of States AUornor Longencekor
"Just the same. "
"Have yon nny further erldcnco against
him thnn that presented nt the inquostl"
"We have not. "
"Suppose Sullivan should show that the
money used by him in the speculaions ) la
which Kbv'ns engaged wns not Irish Society
money , would this free him from suspicion ? "
"I donot cnro to talk about that view of Iho
case. His friends soy such Is the fact. I
don't want to talk about It. "
Sullivan's friends are making the state
ments set forth In the question put to Lcn-
gcncckor , ' 1 ho evidence before the coroner
showed a deadly enmity between Sullivan
and Dr. Cronln , a mutual hatred which was
very Intense. The cause of this feud was
Cronin's repeated accusations that Sullivan
had embczzlivt ceitaln money belonging
to the Clnn-na-Gaol. It wns also
asserted that Sullivan "blow In" this money
in stock speculation. .1. T , Lester < fc Co.'s
books showed that Sullivan speculated and
lost monoy. To the coroner's jurv this
seemed proof of the truth of the charges
made by Cronln , Devoy and Dillon. Tills
was the hut ) of the whole controversy. Sul
livan's ' frleuds say that he will show tbnt not
1 cent of this mouoy belonged to the Clan-na-
Gael , and they argue that If Cronin's charge
of embezzlement , be thus refuted all subse
quent suspicion of Sullivan must fall far lack
of a basis. Sullivan is reported as having
said to a friend not long since that ho would
bo liable to explain away every fact that
seemed to condemn him.
"The gist ot all the charges against mo , "
Sullivau is reported to have said , "Is the loss
of Clan-na-Gacl money lu speculation. When
the tlmo comes when I may make a
defense I will show bejond the possibility of
cavil that this money was the property of
private individuals and that I speculated with
it at their command and under their instiuc-
tlous. I will show rny authority from them
In such shape that it cannot bo disputed. I
will vouch for every action of mluo by men
of so high reputation that their word can not
bo questioned , and the people who now at
tack mo will wonder that anyone could have
accused mo. I refused to account to certain
people for the fact that I had acted us the
agent of others In speculation , bedauso
who made the demand haU no right to the in
formation. They had no interest in the
monoy. This 1 will be able ta prove beyond
question. " _
A Ijlvcly Wranjjlo Over tbo Appoint
ment of Stnmlln : ; Committee * .
Tha board of education hold a special
meeting last night. It was thomost exciting
one which has taken plate for a long time.
The fun commenced when Mr. Hees intro
duced a resolution to increase the number of
standing committees by adding thrco com
mittees of three members each , and chang
ing the committee on teachers mid text
books to two committees of tlvo members
each. After some discussion this wa
Mr. Martin then move. ! that the president
at oiicu appoint the committees.
President Goodman sprang to bin fed
with the list of candidates all prepared , now
ones nnd all. The democrats uoro all well
provided for by being given chairmanships of
the most important committees.
Mr. Mai tin moved to approve the list.
Then ensued a boated discussion. The
president rapped fi autically with his gavel
in a vain attempt to preserve order.
Mr. McConiH'H aecusud Goodman of sell
ing himself to the democrats for the sake of
getting the presidency.
Mr. Slioles said he had happened into
Goodman's store and saw Churloy Conuoyor
and Hcos in close communion with Goodman ,
arranging the committees.
Mr. Clarke remarked that he was sorry
to sec politics taking such a prominent part
in the pioctedings of the board Ho said ho
had been approached bv the cbmblno and
offered the piesiduncv if ho would agree to
keep Coburn off the committee on tcachois
and te\t books
Mr. Murun claimed that Connoyer had
taken no part In ai ranging the committees ,
but admitted that there had been a schema
among memuers of the board.
The motion to contlrm tuo list reported by
tbo president was put to vote and adopted.
The following are the committees :
Finance Clarke , Coburn , Martin , Snvlllo ,
Buildings nnd property Martin , Kelley ,
Popploton , Spaldmg , Wohrnr.
'J eachers nnd examinations Points , Rees ,
Popploton , Spatding , Felton.
Text books and course of study Coburu ,
Martin. Points , baville , Folton.
Supplies Hees , Millard , Kelly , Sholcs ,
Claims Ml lard , Coburn , McConnoll.
Judiciary Popjileton , Clark , Sholos.
Rules , forms ind printing Kollov , Roes ,
Heating and ventilation Wehrer , SpaldIng -
Ing , Folton.
High school Savlllo , McConnell , Wlllnrd ,
Special instruction Spaldlng , Hoes ,
Clarke , Saville , Points.
Salaries McConnell , Coburn. Clarke.
Boundaries tiholes , Points , Wuhrer.
C. Discipline Folton , Willaid. Kelly.
'Iho special committee appointed to Inves
tigate the Janitor at the I/.ard school re
ported that John Hall , the last Janitor , was
not a suitable person for that position , and
recommended his dismissal. Adopted.
The resignation of W J. Connell , as attor
ney for the board , was accepted , to take
effect August 1.
Demon t. the Slim t-Iluntl Man , Who
Taices It on tlio My.
At the rooms of the Standard Short-Hand
school last evening about oao hundred nnd
ilfty of the local stenographers assembled to
Witness an exhibition of opcod in short-hand
wilting by Mr. Isaac S. Dement , of Chicago ,
Mr. J. F. Boll , of the Mercury , In n few
hippy remarks intioducod Mr , Dement , who
addressed those present on the benefit ot/
associations of the kind and urged on ull
those pru-sunt the necessity of taking a lively
ntoro t In them. Those who were not par
ticularly desirous of the formality of u busi
ness mooting , mleht attend thesa of a purely
social character.
Mr. Dement is a gentleman of pleasing ad-
dicss and won the appreciation of all these
ii esunl by his very couiteous manner. Ho
u aucompaluod by his wife , wlio road * to
him , and It must bo said , as ho afterward re
marked , that It Is not surprising that ho has
attained speed , huvlntr such an excellent
reader. Her enunciation ii perfect and
every word comes clean cut , making it a real
plcasuie to listen to tier.
Mr. Dement proceeded to lxo an oxblbij
tlon of his wonderful spend , and , by
way of warming up wrote in
tbo llrst minute U35 words ,
of which he gava ready and uceurnto trans *
crlpU In his second effort , ho placed on
paper 2-13 words and in the last trial attained
u speed of 200 words per minute , all of winch
wuro immediately read back without n single
hesitation. During his writing ho was tin )
object of much interest to all tuono prencnt
lu his apparent command of the rl'.uation ,
Jottiug down the uiystorious ohuracters with
tan coolness and sang frold that was refresh
ing with the thermometer away up lu the
nineties , and the words rolling out 2.VO rn > r
After tlio speed trial Mr. Doraontwos In
troduced to all the stenoxraphurs present.
At 0 a. in. to-day he will address the students
of the Omaha Commercial college on the
subject of shorthand. Mr. Domrn * . le ve
this afternoon for Douver and P cltlu coast
WllHam Oorbon , the Negro Murderer -
doror Sentenced to Hnngr.
A StromslmrK Woman Becomes In *
Bone Ttio iMnttflinnutb Uoud
Cases LcnrnliiR nt
Carton Sentenced to Tlniic.
BBATtiicn , Nob. , Jnly 19 ; [ Special Tele-
pram to Tin : Ur.i : . ] William Carson , colored ,
recently convicted of murder In the first do-
grco for killing Chauncoy Woit , white , at n
dance lu thU city May 1 , was brought Into
court to-day nnd sentenced to bo hanged No
vember 1. When asked what ho had to say
why sentence should not bo passed , ho as
sorted ho was not guilty. Ills attorneys filed
a motion for a slay of execution nnd will ap
peal to the iiiprotno court.
The NcbrnHku Hurtloulturlstn.
TnEstoMT , Nob. , July 18. ( Special to
THE BEE. ) The second summer meeting of
the Nebraska Horticultural society convoncd
nt the Masonic Tauiplo at 0 o'olook yester
day. Prominent among the members pres
ent at the opening of the session wore ; F ,
W. Taylor , president , Omaha ; G. J. Carpen
ter , secretary , Falrbury ; Peter Younger ,
treasurer , Geneva ; W. F. Jenkins , Arcadia ;
E. D. Hammond , Norfolk ; P. A. Murphy ,
Exeter ; U. N. Day , Tokumah ; A. J. Brown ,
Geneva ; Editor Heath of the Nebraska
Farmer. Lincoln ; W. F. Hoikcs , Huntvillo ,
Alabama ; Harry Do Webber , E. A. Mar
shall , Pawnco City ; J. P. Dunlay , Dwlght ;
J. G. Neff , Raymond ; O. W. Hedge , Fre
mont ; John A. Hogg , Shelton ; L. A. Belt-
gor , Osccola During the day the attendance-
was largely increased by the arrival of fruit
growers from many parts of the state , so
that there are now about ono hundred la
President Taylor mndo a neat and appro
priate address at the opening of the session
tills morning. Ho was followed by It , N.
Pay , who read a paper on "Strawberries , "
In wnleh no discussed the best varieties and
the best modes of cultivation. Peter Youn
ger then made a five-minute talk on "Mar
keting Strawberries. " after which the topics
Introduced wcro generally discussed bv tbo
society. An excellent paper ou "Currants
and Gooseberries" was then , rcatl by A. J.
At this afternoon's session papers wora
read nnd subjects discussed as follows :
"Black and Red Raspberries , " W. J. Hcssor ;
flvo minutes talk on black raspberries , Sam
uel Barnard ; flvo minutes talk on red rasp
berries , D. U. Ueed ; paper on "Cherries. "
E. if. Stephens ; "Russian Cherries , " J. L.
Budd , Ames , la. ; "Horticulture In tlio
South , " W. T. Hoikes , Huntsville , Ala. ;
"Plantinu and Caltlvatlng , " J. A. Cage ;
"Horticultuio in France , " E. T. Dickinson.
At thu forenoon session the following res
olutions were adopted :
Whereas , It is known to this society that
In all parts of the state , agents or dealers
solicit and take orders for budded apple
trees , Claiming a grafted trco is worthless ,
being necessarily "black-hearted ; " that this
condition originates at the splice In the root ,
and spreads upward throuah the tree ; ami
Whereas , It has come to our knowledge
that thcsu persons do not deliver budded
npplo trees , but root-grafted trees , and that
they are by means of these false statements
enabled to sell such trees at exorbitant
prices , to-wit. : 40 cents to 81.50 each ; there
fore ,
Resolved. That it Is the opinion of this
society and experienced horticulturists In
general , that for a vigorous climate a root-
grafted tieo , properly made , Is bettor In
every respe < ; t than a budded tree.
Resolved , That "black-heart" does not In
auv casu originate at tuo root and spread up
Resolved That "black-heart"
, - is usually
caused by the inadaptability of a tree to the
climate , or to the Improper handling of a
proper variety.
Resolved , That wo request the press of
the state to publish thrso resolutions.
A strong resolution was unanimously
adopted recommending John Hyde , of Ne
braska , for appointment us special agent m
connection with the collection of statistics
for agricultural and horticulture under the
eleventh census. Thn society then adjourned
to me at Lincoln during the state fair. After
adjournment the members wcro photo
graphed m n group.
The Rjil Cloud T.uirnninoiit ,
KED CI.OUD , Neb. , July IS. [ Special to
Tun BEE. ] Tbo Nebraska State Firemen's
association opened yesterday with a clear
and cloudless sky , but with indications of a
hot and freely perspiring day. The paraao
took place as announced before nooa and
was witnessed by probably 5.LOJ people. The
line of march was about a mile and a half In
length , and the different organizations made
a very creditable showing , In fact the finest
overseen In Red Cloud.
Thu 11 rat event of the aftnrnoon was the
green hose race , participated in by Aurora
hose No. 1 nnd Rod Cloud hose No. 1. It
was a closely contested race. Time Aurora
54 , Rod Cloud G3 } < , for 800 yards. Both.
teams lost valuable time In breaking coup
ling and connecting nozzle , as cither team
can lower this record at least tlvo seconds.
The second event on 'he programme was
the chiets' race , UOO yards. Entries , W. E.
Caldwell , York ; O. B. Glover , Aurora , and
Andy Warner , Red Cloud. It was a very
pretty race , and was won by Caldwell. Titno
35 4-5 seconds.
The programme called next for the fore-
mens' race , UOO yards. The contestants ere
W. C. Bishop. Vork ; A. P. Lawno , Aurora ,
and J. O. Butler , Red Cloud. It was a nice
well run and was made in i5 ! 2 5 seconds by
Bishop. The Judges in the above races were
C. H. Strouth nnd J. E. Heyder.
On account of the extreme heat it is out
Justice to say Unit these records can bo bet
tered by the same men ,
Tin ; Ijonir Pine ohniitauqiia.
LoKOPiNE , Nob. , July 18. [ Special to
Tim Buc.J This Is the evening before the
first day of the assembling of the Long Pine
Chautauqua , and the whole landscape pro-
gents the appearance of a gala day. Flags
and baunois Hying , touts and cottages being
furnished , nnd the amount of adjusting
going on makes It look llko an Industrious
beo-hlvo. The buildings have been put hero
this year to stay , and the main building is
an excellent rileco of workmanship , pat
terned somewhat after the Council Bluffa
Chautauqua building , and so arranged as to
accommodate 3,000 people. Moro delightful
weather could not possibly bo expected.
Rev. J. G. Evans. D. D. , L. L. D , of Onarga.
111. , has arrived , also Mrs. Evans nml
daughter. General Manager George W.
Martin , Ph. D. , D. D. , of Kearney , Nob. , is
here making arrangements. A great many
of the teachers are also on hand preparing
for assembly work. The trains this oven lug
from the cast and west brought a great
many people , who are repairing immediately
to the grounds to begin tenting.
The IMnttfiiuoutli lloml Gaaot.
PLAT rsMOUTW , Neb , , July 18. [ Special to
Tuii QBE , ] The district court was occupied
by the mandamus case of Isaac Pallard vs
James T. Mutuavsand \ FrodGordor , wherein
plaintiff brings action to get possession of
the city poll books of the county bond elec
tion , which occurred Juno 8. The court re
fused to grant the writ prayed for agitlnst
Matlicvvs , and Gordor's case will be hoard
The temporary Injunction case of Cyrus N.
Balid v A. B. Todd ot al , declaring the I a to
bond Illegal , was to-day dUsolvod by Judge
Field and the c.isa was dismissed from the
district court , but an appeal was granted to
the supreme court ,
Monday , July 15 , William Jones otal vs A.
B. Dlcksonut al , asked tuan an injunction bo
Blunted against the issuance of f-sOUX ) bonds
to build a county court house , arguing that
their Issuance would bring on an illegal tax
lovy. The case was taken under udvltement ,
and to-day the court refused to grunt the In.
W , H. Pickuns , James Muthowft and Mr.
O'Doaahoo , Jutlf ca la the Third ward of tbo
bond election , onlctoisult against Isaac Pol-
Innl , of Weoplflg Water , to-day , to recover
damages for tna.qharpos mndo ngnlnst them ,
They were v h stria ! Wit n drunkenness , stuf
fing ono hundred inorfal votes Into the ballol
box , and supplying nn equal number ot
names on thelr pq ks , fraud , etc.
nxtonnlvo jfjoRS Near Albion.
AUIION , July 13. | Special to THE BKB. ]
A BkR reporter tfcovn out to BOO the section
of country nenr Albion that has been
devastated by lido recent hall storms.
\V'ithtn n dlstancVJf four miles of Albion the
damage wan n , Jollows : Edward BauClalr
lost all his crops , several wind mills and his
house torn to p&etts. ! Isaao Standorwlck lost
all his crops , wind mill and his house and
barn badly damaged ; , Uov. Robert Brother-
Bton lost everything , crops , house and barn
Daniel Buchanan , George Ferrco and Saniuci
Morris lost all their grain : J. T. Anderson ,
county commissioner , last 200 acres ot small
gram and corn. Many others had their
crops partially destroyed ,
Lnstnlchtntcrrlilc tliundor nnd ram storm
passed over this vicinity , but as jet no
serious damage has been reported.
Ever Thus.
, Nob. , July 18. [ Special to
TUB BiiK.J The Plattsmouth Daily Journal ,
the only democratic organ lu the county , was
taken charge of by Sheriff Elkonbary. Sher
man & Outright , the editors , had given BOV-
eral notes , nccured by mortgages , on the of-
flco fixtures. Manlor , Luso & Co. , of Chicago
cage , hold ono mortgage for $127 , and the
American Press company , of Omaha , ono for
* 34G. G. B. Maun illoU u claim of fTO. The
paper will bo published under the iuanago
mont of the sheriff for a few days to allow
the editors time to ralso the amount of In
Pulled Her Clotliiis Off.
STKOMSIIUHO , Nob. , July 18. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BBE.I Tills morning in
telligence reached here that n Mrs. Spltrcn-
Ucrger , living six miles southwest of hero ,
bed left homo Tuesday night after having
retired and had not boon soon since. A
party at once was organized for the search ,
but Just as they were starting out naws coma
from the sheriff at Oscoola that ho had her
In custody. She had wandered eight ; miles
away from homo and was caught on Wednes
day afternoon In almost a nude state and is
pronounced msano.
Hard on tlia Oats.
Ciuro , Neb. , July 18. [ Special to Tnn
Bni.J The storm last night was the hardest
known hero for several years. The damage
done to crops was great , laying the corn Hat
and badly damaging the small grain. The
excessive raius during the past week have
caused the small griin to rust badly ,
especilly the oats , consequently that crop
will not bo so good as was expected.
Fighting Union Conductors.
NEHUASKA. CITT , Neb , , July 18. [ Special
Telegram to.Tim Bnc. | Conductor Lyuian ,
running on tlio U. & M. between this city
and Lincoln , has been relieved from duty by
Superintendent Thompson. The reason , it Is
said , is because Lyuian is ono of the chief
officers of the Order of Railway Conductors.
The order has taken up thR matter and de
mands an Investigation.
Won't Buffer Next Winter.
SOUTH Sioux Cixr , Nob. , July 18. [ Spec
ial to THE BKB. ] 'Groat excitement prevails
over the discovery of a twelve foot vein of
coal here last evening. A wall was being
drilled in the public school yard and at the
depth of seventy ,9vo feet , coal was struck.
The drill stands .hi ttvolvo feet of coal at
present , but will be run through to-day ,
Horio Thloviw * Sltijr Takn Wnrnlnir.
PEMIIEH , Nob. , July 18. [ Special to TUB
BEE. I Thurston ctcivmty now has a regularly
organized anti-horse thief association , which
has a membership of-thirty , and is daily in-
croasinir. This li'nb'vigilanto , outlawry ar
rangement , but a legal organization for the
protection Of the-fanners' It is the first and
only orgau'jzatlottiof this'fcind in the state.
Overcome by the float.
BEATUICE , Neb , July 18. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BEn. ] A man
named Gorman , working on street
paving , was overcome by the heat last
evening and Is to-day in a precarious condi
tion. Yesterday was the hottest day of the
season thus far , the thermometer standing
98 in the shade.
Wood's Cnso Analn.
GBASI > ISLAND , Neb. , July 18. [ Special
telegram to TifE UFE.1 ] The case of the
state VB James H. Wood , charged witn at
tempt to rape his step grand-daughter came
up to-day. Woods waived examination and
gave bonds to appear before the district
court , which , convenes here September 3.
Three Years 1'or Itobbery.
Bi'ATiaon , Nob. , July l8.-SpecI [ l Telegram
to THE BEi-Sam F. MeConnolIconvicted of
robbing Wuh Leo , a Chinese laundryman , on
Sunday , Juno 8. was sentenced to three
years in the penitentiary by Judge Broady ,
this morning ,
Drowned AVhllo Bathfnc.
OSOKOI.A , Nob. , July 18. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bnu. | A young man named
Edward Zaman , while bathing a pond west
of town was taken with the cramps and
drowned to-night.
He Sues the Patrlok Land Company
Tor $211,157. an.
Almorln H. LIghthall filed his petition In
bis suit against the Patrick Land company ,
or the Metropolitan Cable Railway company ,
with Clerk Mooros , late yesterday afternoon.
The petition sets forth that a contract was
entered into on or noout October 34.18S3 ,
between ths plaintiff and defendant , whereby
Llghtfall was to construct ono mile of single
cable truck upon Davenport street , and waste
to receive a sum not over Slfi.OJO , This was
afterwards changed to road , ono mlle of
street rullwaj track upon California street
and Lowe nvenuo. and for this ho was to
receive $7COO , together with a reasonable
sum for extra work , not to exceed $7.500.
It was also agreed that after said mile of
track had been completed , LIghthall should
as soon as practicable commence the con
struction of four aud one-half miles of double
track caolo railway , together with power
houses and engines , .and provide the land
upon which the sanwjjliall bo constructed ;
also to furnish carfi.uuJ equipment complete.
Upon the completion c | this track LIghthall
was to receive the i uIftOf slogle track , and
the um of tJJ.OOO ii ) yy ( u , when the road had
been in operation tunlays. , . The land com
pany further agrfyia j.'to place in escrow
with some tru U company in Now
York , to bo ifttfreod on , bands of
said Metropolitan Railway company
to the amount o { fJ | # ) > QtX > , together with cap
ital stock of said company to tlia amount of
? 1)'J,3UO. ) ' ) In the meiiiUimo Llghthull wan to
form a syndicate t bjilid the cable railway ,
nnd the said stock * uiji ) bonds wcro to be do
ll verod to a duiy Hlhorizod ngnnt of thu
syndicate each motyiBi ( ! , quantities equal In
vuluo to the workyjiocformcd and malarial
furnished. The pl4UUfC | organized tuo syn
dicate , bought inucejjlil' In Bradford , Eng
land , of the Peuqu vVff Oii works , and of the
Worth Chicago rolling mills , amounting In
ulltoWMUO. , UN
Plaintiff further irtleues that the defend
ant did | iot deposit with any ( rust company
imreod upon by the parties to the contract
any bauds or stook of .tho Metropolitan Cable
railway company to * o dnllvured to the agent
of the syndicate * formed by pluintitT. He
further claims that thu Metropolitan Cable
railway company had Issued Its bonds In the
sum of ttiSO.OUO long before his contract was
tmiorad into , aud had delivered the sumo to
the Central Trust company of Now Vork ,
which fact was conwaled from the plaintiff.
The plaintiff prays Judgment against the
Patrick Land company fn the sum of 1411-
_ _
"VVt-atiief ImiUmtlons.
Terre Haute HxproBs ; When the
trump is Gred out of the free lunch
onloon it in u BlRii of a fulllnp hue room
Two young people ontlnj ; Ice creiiui is
nil Indication ot iucrousod coolnobs lu
the interior.
Hnrlcm FHoa a Complaint with the
Railway Gomtnlsslouors.
Sioux City t Northern Grading Con
tracts Awarded A. Frolaht Train
Derailed Iho Colored Odd
Ifcllima llnwkoyo Notes )
Hnrlnn's Complaint.
Dns MotNns , la , July 18. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Br.B.J A. complaint was fllei
with the railroad commissioners to-dnj
against the Rock Island road by the cltlrous
of Hurlixn. The complaint grows out of the
reduction of train scrvloo between that plnci
nnd Avoca , a distance of about thirteen
mjlos. Hnrlnn Is the county scat of Shelby
county , a place of ever two thousand uopula
tlon , but slnco last March It has had but ono
train a day between It and tuo main line nt
Avooa. The train lias boon run at Rucl
hours as not to connect with the main line
nnd compelled passengers to wait sovora
hours nt Avoca after they reached that place
They can not go from Harlan to Council
Bluffs and return , a distance of but a few
miles , without taking all the tlmo
from thd morning of ono day to
the evening of the next. For
this reason , nnd because their mail and express
press service is uUo demoralised , they ask
the commissioners to compel the Hocklslntul
to run two trains per day to their town.
This is Important , because a test case o
tbo uowor of the commissioners to order n
road to run trains wblub it alleges do not
pay oxpetisea. Last spring , when the re
duced freight rates went Into effect by the
'order of the commissioners , the Rock island
began reducing its passenger train service
on all Its oranches In Iowa. Ono of the
towns that was badly hurt by this reduction
was Harlan , and after standing the arrange
meut for several months , the citizens appoa
to the commissions for relief. If successful ,
similar petitions will bo tiled ou all the
branch lines.
Sioux City & Northern Contracts.
Sioux Crrr , July 18. [ Special to TUB
BEB.J The contract for the grading of
eighty-throe mlles of the S'oux City &
Northern railroad was let last night to E. P.
Reynolds & Co. nnd the Isoithorn Con
tracting company E-U > . Reynolds A Co. is
the aamo ilrin which has tlio contract for
grading the first 100 miles of the Pacific
Short Line the Sioux City & Denver west
of Sioux City , which has Just boon completed.
The sama parties that have been promoting
the latter enterprise are prominent lu the
Sioux City & Northern lino. The line will
only bo built from LoMars to Palisades ,
Dak. , where connection is made with a line
of the Manitoba system. From Sioux City
to LoMars , n distance of thirty miles , the
track of the Illinois Central will bo used
under.n contract uiudo several months
ago The line of the Sioux City
& Northern Is contracted to bo graded
within ninety days ready for iron , in fact ,
heavy guiding forces , several hundred grad
ing teams having been transferred from the
PaclUo Short Line m Nebraska , have been
massing for a weak along the line of the
Sioux City & Northern , to bond off any hos
tile movement from the Chicago & North
western company. The purposoof the Sioux
City & Northern is to malio connection witn
the upjmr lake Hues.
The Water Was Poisoned.
DBS MOINKS , la , July 18. [ Special Tele-
ram to Tnc BIE. ] Miss Eva Hougham , n
young lady sixteen years of ago , died to day at
Panora very suddenly and unaccountably.
She took a drink and remarked that there
must have been a fly in it. She was soon
after taken with vomiting , and died after
two days' of agony. Some think there may
have been u poison spider in thu water.
The Coloix-d Odd Folloxvs.
KEOKUK , la. , July 18. [ Special Telegram
to Tun BEE 1 The grand lodge of United
Order of Odd Fellows , embracing all the
colored lodges of Iowa , closed its tumunl
business session hero to-day. The following
ofllcors wcro elected : District master , G. O.
Terrell , Muchakinock , la. ; district deputy
master , P. S. Irwln. Otturawa ; district sec
retary , 1C. Barttell , Mount Pleasant : district
treasurer , H. Shollv , Dos Moines. The next
meeting will bo hold In Burlington.
A Fireman Killed.
la. , July 18. Special Telegram
to THE BFE.J A west-bound freight with a
double-header was ditched byspreadlng rails
ten miles from Creston nt0 : ! this nftor-
noou. Edward Muckos' , fireman of the second
end engine , was scalded to death- The
others escaped by jumping. One engine and
six empty stock cars were ditched. Mack-
oi's body was brouuht to Creston. lie
leaves a wife and child.
A Supported Fire I5ii Arrested.
MASOX Crrr , fa. , July IS. ( Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bri'.j A man eivlng his name
as Nelson was arrested in this city to-day on
advice of Butler county ofllclals. Nothing
hare is known of the nature of the crlino.
but rumors nro rife that ho was connected
with the $40,000 Incendiary lire at Shell Rock
Cut by u Mowor.
DBS MOINES , la , July 18. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim BHIS.J Miss Meissner , while
Jrivmg a mower on the farm of her father ,
William Meissnor.near Rombeck.wns thrown
from the machine and sevcicly cut and
bruised about the hands and face. When
found she was unconscious , and wus lying in
such a position that hud the team moved she
must have inevitably been killed. She is 10-
covermg from her injuries.
A Singular I'nlnllly.
DKS MOI.NKS , la. , July IS , [ Special Tel
egram to Tim Bui : . ] Yesterday afternoon
James Pettit , of Scott township , Powushlek
county , mot death in a singular way. Ho
Hitched a team to n hay rake , but the tonguu
wus out of rep lir and fell down , letting the
rake upon thu horses. They ran , throwing
ilin to the ground , nnd dragging him to a
3urb wire lenco , where ho was wound uj > In
; ho wire , and was dead when discovered
shortly after.
A Small I'ox Kniileinlc.
WATnui-oo , la. , July 18. ( Special Tele
gram to THE BUB. ] Scarlet fever Is reported
is opidomlo at Fort Dodge. It Is stated Unit
: here are u half u dozen serloun casaa and
now oases being reported every day.
Two Noiroon IJrealc Jiiil.
Dr.s Moixns , la , July 18. Special Tele
gram to Tun HUE. J Two prisoners , both
lucroes , named Harvey and Dickinson ,
) roko Jail ut Oshulooaa hist night. They dug
lirough thu wall where u sewer pip-j ImJ atone
ono tlmo been located , and the atone had
> oen much weakened. Harvey was In for
.he niurdor of his wlfo at Muchalilnock.
Jluklneon was coullncd for burglarizing ,
The sheriff and deputies are after both.
by thu
HOOVE , lu. , July 18. ( Special Telegram to
TIIK Bui : J Prank Fnuler , while working
in nn excavation , was overcome by the heat
onlay und is not exacted to live.
A. I'romlmmt 1'rloHt Ucnd.
DUHUQUE , lu , July 18. [ Special Tolegmui
to TIIK BISK. ] Father Mortol , late profosnor
of mathematics of bt. Joseph college of this
city , died this morning of bruin trouble * ,
He was prominent in Catholic circles.
Tin- Hiking MurUnr Onto.
DunuquB , lu , July 18 ' [ Spoolal Tclatfram
o Tim BEK. ] The coroner's Jury in the
Elkins murder case , m Clayton couuty , re
turned a verdict to-daj In accordance with
the facts already reported. Both the sons
are under suspicion , and. though not under
arrest , uio being closely waU-hud , und am
lot permit ted to talk to ouch other.
A MlfiBlRRlpril Dotcotlvo In Now Vork
After Kllrnln'n Second * .
NBW Yoim , July 18. A dotoctlvo fron
Mississippi arrived this morning with n re
quisltlon from Governor Lowry , calling for
the arrest of Churllo Mitchell nnd Mlko
Donovan , who looked nft or ICIlrain's ' inter
csls In the fight with Sullivan , Ho has no
requisition for Sullivan , Kllraln or Muldoon
Search 1s being made for Mitchell and
Acting District Attorney Goff said to-dav
that requisitions for the reporters and win
cipals In tbo recent Klllraln-Sulllvnu flph
bad not ynt reached hlsoflloo. "Tho men , '
ho addousho were idontllled with though
when arrested will of course bo turned ever
to Governor Lowry , nnd It Is certain tha
Governor Hill will consent when the ncco
sttry papers are shown.
d Wnrrnntl.
NRTT YOIIK , July 13. Dotoetlvo Norrls , o
Mississippi , was at police headquarters to
night and stated that ho had bccd rcfusci
warrants al the Tombs police court for the
arrest of Mitchell and Donovan , and hni
sent a telegram to that effect to Governo
Lowry. In reply ho received the following
dispatch :
"You need not nrrest mid detain tl > o
parties as fugitives from this state as yet
suggested. Wo will await the lavestlgatloi
ot the grand Jury. Ascertain tlio facts as
Instructed and report to me , Further in
structloim were mailed you yesteiday.
Ronr.iiT Lownr , Governor ,
The detective say * nothing further can bo
done In the matter ot arresting the Sullivan
Kllraln fighters until the grand Jury meets
in September. Then about eighty persons
will bo indicted.
Jnkn W.intn to Fix It.
BAI/TIMOUE , Md. , July 18. Jake Klliatn
returned to Baltimore from Now York las
night. Ho thinks of going south to see 1
the dlfllculty with Governor Lowry can bo
hulllvnn Cn Homo Tot * Alontronl.
OoDKNHiiuito , N. Y. , July 18. John !
Sullivan , accompanied by William Muldoon
passed down the St. Lnwronco this morning
on the Royal mull line steamer Passport ei
route to Montreal.
Knocked Out in Kliihtocn Hounds.
Sis FIUNCISCO , July 18. Last night Joe
Bowers and Jack Lynch , both of San Fran
cisco , fought to a finish , Marquis of Queens
bury rules , at the Golden Gate Atlilotic
club's rooms. Lynch was badly punisliei
and knocked out in the eighteenth round.
Branding of the Clubs.
Following is the standing of the Western
association clubs , up to and Including yes
terday's gam os :
Pln\cd. Won. Lost. Per Ct.
Omaha 01 42 19 . (593 (
SUPaul 04 -M 21 ,6J
Sioux Cltv 01 32 29 ,32r
Minneapolis. . . 03 31 33 , -l'JJ
Denver 01 29 33 . -IT. >
DCS Moines..59 24 33 . -107
St Joseph 53 23 35 .HIT
Milwaukee 02 22 40 .333
Omnhii O , St. Joseph 1.
ST. Ji < sii'ii , Mo. , July IS. Omaha won
the game In the third on six singles , n base
on balls and Ardner's error. McCarty
pitched the first , four innings , ICncll thu last
four. Omaha nmcto but one hit outside of
the third Inning. Clark was effective and
admirably supported. Score :
, . . . . .
MUnrly , ii Arfi ) 1 1 U 0 MtsiItU It . U U U U I
Knell , rf.v p. . . U U 1 1 ucinrlc , i . 1 1 I , | t
Totals . 1 02712 lTotula \ . fi"727Tii
St. Joseph. . UUUOOU 100 1
Uuiuliu . ' -
Knrned riini St.Jo eili | l.Omilm 1. Klr t bnia on
Imlls Cart * rliilit , Mil iirtjr , CVoiiuy , C'luTolimd.
htniclt out Krluir , Knell. , btrnuM , Androu s A Mu.f
silt , Clar I Stolen lm u Mnuiii. Dotiblu pl y
NUI.IU U > blnuisi Cioofci tonlsti u > Andrews ,
( ImMntul ti > Crooks I'uiscjil b ills MicUlm-fiu - .
Wild pitch Clirk. Tlinoof giiuie Ihour tm.l 5J ml n-
utcs. Uinjilro llrlodjr.
Sioux City III , Derivor 1O.
Siotrx CITT , lu , , July 18. The Coin
Huskers batted and run bases In the highest
style of the art to-day nnd kept the load
ironi the start. The timely batting of Pow
ell , Crotty and Tread wav was the chief feats
uro of the contest. Score :
Knrnoil runs Slour City S. Doiivor I Two Imso
hlt I'owwll , JOTIICI , 'Irtitdwny. i'hriJti Uasa bits
I'otvoll. htolcn hftsos loux Olty U , ! > ( > nver 1.
Douhlo pluys llurki tn Crntty t > ItrHflluy. I irftt Imsn
uii luillt-hfrjux Ully 1. Uenrar .1. Ull by bixll
iMIrynipla , hllcli. Struck out-lly Hiiiuunii J. ly
iHXim.l. I'asscil Ktlls IMno .1 'llrni > - . ' DJ. Uitiiilru
Minneapolis 2 , .Milw.iuki-n 4.
MINMK\i'OMS. Minn , , July 18. - Minneapolis
lis colobratfd their homo coming by winning
the best game played on the homo grounds
this season from Milwaukee. Score
TulaU. . . . 41037 Hi S Tolul 3 & M l > I
> lmcipolls ! , , 2 0 0 0 o 0 0 ( l 2 4
Mlhrnukuo U M U ( I U 0 0 0 U2
Hi 1'unl 7. Den
DBS MOINKS , July 19. Five errors , costing
Ivo runs in the third inning , lost the game
'or Des MolncH to day. Scora :
Uiin oninocltfu \liili.n .1 , HI , 1'ftuIJ Two lima
ill.-Coir , Klimnuii , lluuix. Ttirco-tusoliltn-Wor-
rlik lluutila iilityn-Mlllnr tu Wurrlck lu iln\vn >
llntiiH itiil < iii Klu > iiian , Murpliy , Uullly llatus 1111
milt lly Uinnuily.l. liy Miilni U. Hlrucli outlly
KcnnL-ily i , by Malm 7 ' 1'lino of t'oniu-1.1(5 , Utu-
lilro Hunt _
The Natlonul Jjoouuo.
pjiiLADi.i'mt : : : Jiily 18. Husult oi to day's '
{ arne
IMilladclphla .8 0 10
l'iltBburi { . . . . .000000 UP 0 U
Hone hiti 1'hlladulphla 21 , PltUbuig l ,
rcrrora-l'hlludelnhla 1 , I'ltmhurf U. Hut-
.orlcs PhlluUoliihU , Caaey aud CluiiiuntD.
L'itUburK Oalvin aud Miller. Uwiuro
WASIIIXOTON , July 18. Kc ut ! of to-di\y'a
; ame :
VashiiiKton.0 0031 10 000 5
Jlevelimd. . .0 1 0 8 0 1 0 0 0 0S
Game rullcid on account of daiknusi. llaao
iiltk Wushlngtou , U , Cleveland i . ICriors
Washington a ( Cleveland 3. Uattorlos
Washington. Oilayatul Ualy. Clovolntul
O'Urlon and Zimmerman. Umplro Curry.
YOUK , July IS. Uosult of to-day' §
Indianapolis. . . , .3 00000000-3
NmvYorK . 1 1 * 4
Unso hits Indianapolis T , Now iYork It.
Errors IndlaiinpolU 3 , Now York 8 , Hat-
torioB Indliinaitollit , lloylo nnd Huekloy ;
Now York , Kccfu nnd Kwlng. Uiuilro |
UOSTOV , July 18. Result ol to-day's eimo :
Hoston . 3 2 0 0 t 0 1 0 1 S
Chicago . 0 1
Uaso hlU Uosten S , Chit-ago 0. Urrors
Hoston S , Chicapo 0. llattcrlcs Hoston ,
Clarkson and Hrnnott ; Chicago , lloaly nnd
Flint , Umplro Powers.
The American Ansoolntton.
CISCISMVTI , July 18. Itosult ot to-dny'n
gatno :
Cincinnati . 0 00001 8 3 " 5
St. Louis . 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 , July 18. Hosult ot to-dav's '
game :
Kaunas City . 0 1
Louisville . 0 00030030 5
COI.VMIIUS , July 13 Itosult of to-liny' *
Hnltlmoro . 0 04 100000 ft
Columbus . 0 0000000 0 0
N , July 13. Hosult of to-dav's
( tame :
UrooUlyn . 3 0-11
Athletics . 0 0300 7
Ciuunov , Neb. , July -fSpeclal Telegram -
gram to Tin : Uin. : ] O'Neill ' aud Clmdron
pla.vcd the host ganio of ball over witnessed
In Clmdron to-day. Score 4 to 0 in favor of
SIM EH CITT , In. , July 18 [ Special to TUB
UKK.J The KIIIIIU of bill todabetween the
Olonwoods uud Silver Cltjs resulted in a
score of 7 to 4 In favor of the homo team.
Won ly tin * Irish TIMIII.
LONDON , July 18. The match fortho Klcho
challenge shield was shot at Wimbledon to
day and won by the Irish team , which made
a score of lt > b ! > . The Kngllnh team acoroxl
1,081 and thu Scotch team 1,0.20.
Monnioulh L'nrlc. Itnccs.
MovMotrii PAIIK , July 18. The weithcr
was delightful , and the track In excellent
condition. Summary :
Soxen furlongs Hensm Juno won in
1 ; S , Hun Clooho second , Coutiumara
Three-fourths of n inllo Cnyiipa won in
! :15 : , Devotee st'contl. Adamant third.
One and one olghth tiiilus S.xui Wood won
in 1 5S , Hoy-Day second , Miss Thomas
Ono and one-eighth miles Holla won in
l:57J4 : , Barrister second , Ueii Harrison
One mile Kirpan won In 1:1. : , Kruost
second , ICennusse third.
Three fourths of u mile Urirzlo won iu
1:10 : , Onward second , KeuiiiUind third.
Monnioiith 1'arlc Hnoi'H.
Citio f.o , July 18 A fine attendance wit
nessed the races nt Washington jiirlc to day.
The track was In a splendid condition , Kin-
doocraft doing a inilu and u quarter In the
last race within n quarter of n sccend of the
record Summary :
Onu mlle Uravo won , Wtnaua second ,
Cassius third. Tlmo lH1/ : .
Threo-yeir olds , ono and Due-sixteenth
miles Lotion won , Winning W.iyi second ,
Etrurla third. Time 1:491C.
Lake View handicap , for two-year-olds ,
three-fouiths of a mile Cameo won , Avondale -
dale second , Penn P third. Time 1.15 4-5.
'Ilnco foui ths of n mill' Josapuus won ,
Dodsman second , Business third. Time
Three-fourths of a mile Estollo won , Zulu
second , Hello thlitl. Time 1.1W.
Ono and onc-fouith milt's uindoocraft
won , Piinccss Howling second , Urandoluttu
third. Time-2 07 > 4' .
1'coria Itncos.
PnoiiiA , Juh 18. The following is the re
sult of the inccs heio to-day :
2xi : : trot , sU entries Eva won , Monogram
second , Qennia Wllkes thiid. licst tlmo
2.31'4- ' .
2. 5 pace , six entiles HlllloVon , Major
Wonder second , Frank third. Ucst time'
2:21' : ' .
Mile und a quarter running race , seven en
tiles Blush won , Ernest. Unco so cond , 1'a-
nol.1 third. Tlmu 2-10.
MII.WIUKKIVis..Tuly : , 18. The lanes to
day were wi > ll attended.
In the 2.23 trotting class John W. took
llrst money , Miiry C. second nnd Indigo
third. Host time 2:2 ! ) 1-0.
In the 3 20 trot Clio was llrst. Black Diamond
mend second and Illinois Kgbcit third. IJest
timo-'J 2 > yt
In the frce-for-iill pacing Uessomor won
Tommy Lynn second , Wilcox third. IJest
tlmo2:215 : .
ii ; Moiummtli Won.
LOVDOV , July 18 The Leicestershire
summer handicap , sti alght mlle , was won by
King Monmoiitb , St. Helen second , Stone
Cross third.
'I Inliiuh School Alumni.
The Alumni association of the high school
met In thu high school auditorium lust night.
About sixty membois were present. Tlio
constitution was amended to provide for an
executive committee to ronsist of tlio oflk'crs
of the iiRsoululkm with the president us
chiilnnau ex-onlcus nnd also provides that a
immiuot shall bo given to the graduating
cl.i'H on thu Ilisl Fiiday after each com-
inonremenU It wn moved and curried to
levy an assessment of Ilfty cents on each
member of the association to pay necessary
expenses , etc.
Gho Roclc IshiiidSoa ] ) : v trial.
Clnust I'li
Now Orleans I'iciiyuuc : Tlio rnixod
drink lit thu rin dldo will bo punch.
Some will ttiku it &lrulj.'ht.
Hlttsb Ji'K Ghi-uuiulis-Taluffraiili : They
call thoin rounds bouutmo iV.oy tultb
l > lacu in 11 Hqiiaro rlny.
Now Orloiuih 1'icayuno : Charity
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