Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 14, 1889, Part I, Page 8, Image 8

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Ladles' Muslin Underwear Department -
mont ,
Bcmt'Anminl GlcnrlriR Halo of Corset
Covers , NlRlit GoiviiH , Olicinlsc ,
Skirls , lra\vcr.4 , Cain *
brio Sncquos , Etc.
Plain mualln , nigh nock , perfect fit
ting ivml well mudo ,
15o reduced from U21c.
High and low nock , muslin and cam
bric , trlnunod in ombroldory and lace ,
SJ6o reduced from 40o ,
! )5c ) re chic oil from 4Go nnd COc ,
60c reduced from flfio , 75c nnd 80c ,
76o reduced from OOo nnd 81.
Plnm muslin , trimmed with cambric
rulllc , tucks uiiil Iticca ,
86c reduced from COc.
Muslin nnd cambric mother hublmrd ,
trimmed in ombroldory , insertions , ruf
fles. tucks , etc. .
6io ( reduced from 7Gc ,
76c reduced from OOe nnd 31.
$1 reduced from $1,16 nnd $1.2-5.
81.26 reduced from $1.40 nud $1.00.
Plain muslin , perfect lilting and well
made ,
line mualln and cambric handsomely
trimmed in Inco and embroidery ,
35c , reduced from COc.
60c , reduced from 76c.
7Cc , reduced from $1.
$1 , reduced from $1.25.
Fine cambric and tnuslin ( made skirt
length ) , olaborntuly trimmed with tor
chen , and val lace , feather stitching and
nuinsook embroidery , from 31.85 to $3.60
Bargains in skirts. Good muslin with
deep muslin , rufllo ( short skirts ) , 20c , re
duced frbm ! ! 0c.
Fiao muslin nnd 'cambric , deep Ham
burg rufllca , torchon luco and cambric
rulllos ( short skirt ) .
45c , reduced from COc.
GOc , reduced from 75c and 85c.
81 , reduced from $1.25 and $1.30.
81.23 , reduced from $1.50 and $1.00.
Fine muslin aifd cambric , plain ,
tucked , trimmed wltn , deep ombroldory
and cambric llouiiciiig. ( Long Skirts ) .
35c , reduced from 4oc nnd 50c.
60c , reduced from 70c nnd 76c.
75c , reduced from OOc and $1.00.
81.00 , reduced from 81.16 * nnd 31.2-5.
Good muslin , luce trimmed and clus
ter of tucks ,
25c , REDUCED FROM 45c.
Fine muslin and cambric , laca and
cmlSfoldory rufllos.
35c , reduced from 45c and COc.
COc , reduced from 05c and 76c.
75c , reduced from OOc and $1.00.
Ul.OU , reduced from 81.30 and $1.50.
And plaited lawn waists , odds and ends
regardless of cost.
In lawn nnd cambric , handsomely
trimmed with tuck and fine nainsook
embroidery , all greatly reduced
From 50o to $5.00 J3ACH.
Corner Dodge and Fifteenth Streets.
1 hero he Lilsht. "
OMAHA , Juno 24 , 1880.
To whom it ma/ concern :
In order that the greatest care should
bo exoroibofl , ivnd that the best work
and the most clllcient service be se
cured in the wiring of all buildings
where future connections with our mains
are contemplated , this company has
adopted curtain rules and regulations
governing such wiring , to which we
require a strict observance in all cases.
Notice Is hereby given to the owners ,
architects , contractors and builders ,
that in no casa will' this company con
nect its service to any building , except
where the wiring has boon done in ac
cordance with these rules , nnd approved
by the company's inspector , upon plans
showing the location , size , distance and
number of lights each circuit supplies.
That owners of buildings may bo pro
tected from irresponsible wire men ,
this company gives notice that the
Midland Electric company , of Omaha ,
is recognized by us as experienced in
electric wiring , nnd being found compe
tent to do export work , is under an
agreement to strictly follow the regula
tions established by us.
MiNOT TiRitELb , Manager.
The Midland Electric Co. is agent
for the celebrated Okonito wire , which
is universally recognized to bo the
only wire that can bo used with perfect
safety in wiring for electric , light and
other work requiring careful construc
tion. This company is the loading elec
trical house of the "west and the only
one thoroughly equipped to handle
largo contracts for construction or ma
terial. They carry a large stock of
F BUDplies and are prepared to furnish
ID anything known to the olectrio trade.
Their prices cannot bo duplicated , as
they will not bo undersold by any one.
Parties desiring prices on material or
estimates on contracts should got all
the prices they can , nnd than go to
1213 Harnoy street , Omaha , whore
they will find the largest stock and
lowest prices.
A Cliolco hist ol- Sin mil or UosortH.
In the lake regions of Wisconsin ,
Minnesota , -Iowa and the two Dakotns ,
there are hundreds of charming locali
ties pro-omptorlly fitted for summer
homos. Among the following selected
list are names familiar to many of our
readers as the perfection of northern'
summer resorts. Nearly nil of the Wis
consin points of interest within a short
distance from Chicago or Milwaukee ,
and none of them are bo far away from
the ' 'busy marts of civilization" that
they cannot bo reached in a. few hours
of travel , by frequent trains , over
the finest road in the northwest the
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul railway ;
Oconomowoc. Win , Clear IjiUu. Iowa.
MmocQUo , Wla. Lakes Okoboll , Iowa.
Wuukcatia , Wis. Spirit Lake , lowti.
Palmyra , Wla. Frontonuc , Minn ,
Tomahawk Lukes , LnUo Mlnuetonka ,
Wis. Minn.
Lakeside , Wis. Ortonvlllc , Minn ,
Kllbouro City , Wis. Prior Lake , Allan.
( Dulls of the Wis Wlilto Ucar Lake ,
consin. ) Minn.
Denver lam , Wis. IIK Stone Lake , Da
Madison , Wis. kota.
For detailed information , apply at
ticket olllcalo01 Farimm street , Barker
The Burlington Houto Fast Mnll
loaves dallydirect from the Burlington
depot , Omaha , at 0 p. in. , arriving at
Chicngo at 12 o'clocK noon next day.
Frco Chair Car and Pullman Palace
Bleeping Car. Ticket olllco , 1223
Fnrnnm street.
At Prlos Lake Sandwiches , ice
'cream , drinks nnd fruit every Sunday.
For Rum Very Cho j > .
2d and 3d floor 22-80 each of erick
building 1108 Farnam st. Gas , water
nnd freight elevator , 810.00 per month.
Just the kind for light wholesaling or
manufacturing. Gio. HJJYN ,
Gnvulto Block.
Orent July Clearing Sntc.
Summer wnsh dross goods must go
now. Fine white plaids , and striped
dress goods worth 36c , reduced to 19o
yd , Fine imported white dross goods ,
irory sheer nnd handsome , reduced to
J2c and 2Coyd. Chocked nainsook at
3c , worth lOc yd. Special bargain in
[ mllii linen nt 43o. ICe , 20c and 25o.
Fine embroidered batiste robe dress
patterns nt i their value to closo.
Dn Monday wo will offer one casa of
Quo American chnllios at 2io yd ; only
Dne. dress pattern to each customer ;
Lhls is a bargain and will go quick at
2jc yd' . 100 pieces of challics , now pat
terns , worth 20o , reduced 1o 7Jo yd. 80
in wide princess olmllios nt lOc yd. All
aur fancy best grade of French nnd
English saloonB rndncod to 1'Jc ' yd ; this
includes our ! ! f > a and 40o sateens. Yard
wide American sateen , lOc and 12ic ,
Scotch zephyr gingham , 12c nnd 15o
yd. Fine novelties in gingham nt 20o ,
worth COc. American dress gingham ,
5o yd. Amann Dutch indigo blue
prints ] ust received. 30 in wide
jiunnng for shirting reduced to 106 yd.
Wo have purchased from a large im
porting house their line of samples of
linens nt 83It per cent discount. Some
of these samples are slightly soiled in
handling , otherwise in good condition.
They will be placed on sale on Monday
in our center aisle.
The line contains the largest assort-
raontof napklnswhich wasovorshown by
any house in this country , nlso toweU of
every description nnd prices , ranging
from 5 cents up to $1.25 each , but as the
quantity is limited wo would udvibo you
to bo on hand early and got first pick.
Special bargain in bleached table
linen at 50 cents a yard , Turkey red
damask at 47 cents , cream colored
damask 40 cents , three-quarter din
ner she all linen napkins reduced to
$1.25 , 11 i size imported Mnrsoilcs
boa spread , at 81.50 , worth $2.25.
Our crochet spread at 88 cents Is cheap ,
while wo show the best white spread
for $1 in Omaha. A full line of blenched
and unbleached sheetings and muslins
at not cost. '
Remnants of table linen , toweling ,
pants goods , white dross goods , sateen ,
ginghams , shirtings , sheetings , &c. , on
Remnants of carpets , straw matting ,
Inco curtain not , scrim , &c. , on Monday.
Odd lots In wheelbarrows , veloci
pedes , iron wagons , carts , garden tools ,
chairs , rockers , odd paint of Inco cur
tains , all to bo cleared out regardless of
cost orvaluo. They must go If cutting
and reducing of prices will do it. Our
house will lead them all lor bargains
tliis week.
Odd lots of wall paper to closo.
Dry Goods and Carpets.
Sncclnl Solo all Day Slomlny.
The Two Orphans to make clearing
of all their children's suits will divide
them in three lots nud will place on
table No. 1 all suits worth $2.50 to $3.60
and give choice of the lot for $2.00 for
Monday only.
Table No. 2 will contain all suits
worth from $3.60 to $4.50 and the choice
will be $3.00 for Monday only.
Table No. 3 will contain all suits from
$4.75 to 87.00 nnd you can have choice
for $4.00.
Each table will contain knee pant
Bulls'from 4 to 14 years of age.
Three .tablesof line , clothing your
ohoice table No. 1 $2.00 per suit.
Table. No. 2 yoiy choice $3.00 per
Table No. 3 your choice $4.00 per
Two Orphans clearing sale , boys
knee pants suits. Corner Six teen th and
Open evenings until 9o'clock.
OmahVfl Latest Attraction ns a Sum
mer llcsorr.
Omaha can now count ono more at
traction us a summer resort , for last
evening the now Nntntorium , in the
Catlin building , on Fourteenth and
Howard , was opened to the public. This
institution , duo to the enterprise of Mr.
C. F. Catlin , is one of the largest and
best equipped swimming schools in tlio
west. The natatorluia proper occupies
a. room about 100 by 24 feet and includes
two stories , the basement nnd first floor.
The cemented basin is 24 by 85 foot.
At ono end it .is 2 } feet deep , sloping a
distance of 40'foot , where it attains a
doDlh of five foot. Tho.remainder of
the basin is 0 feet deep. On each side of
the hall is a gallery Ku&pondcd from
the coiling and containing about
fifty dressing rooms. From this stops
lead down to the diving platform.
Rings , a trapeze and ropes hang from'
the celling. At the south end arc situ
ated the shower baths , under which is
the spring-board. The water Hews con
tinuously , and is heated by steam coils
placed around the sides of the basin.
The apparatus for touching is complete.
In order to interest ttio ladies in this ,
the hours from 8:80 a. m. to 1:30 : p. m.
dally have been sot aside for their ex
clusive use. Miss Ethel Estorbrook. an
export swimmer from Chicago , will
have charge of the instruction in this
department. Prof. B. B. Coburn , of
St. Louis , will look after the gentlemen.
The nnt'vtorlum will bo open to the
public for inspection to-morrow after
noon and evening.
Auction nt Keslileiian
No. 1715 Lake street. Tuesday after
noon 2 o'clock. All the furniture , carpets -
pots , etc. , of above residence. Remem
ber the hour , 2 p. m. Omaha Auction
nnd Storage Co.
Flint Time to the Gist.
The Burlington No. 2 , fast vestibule
express , loaves Omaha daily at 3:15 : p.
m , and arrives at Chicngo at 7:00 : the
next morning , in time to connect with
nil morning trains out of Chicago for
the east. Tlio famous faot mailnow car
rying passengers , leaves Omaha daily at
O':00p. : m. and Council Bluffs at 0:2-5 : p. m. ,
arriving nt Chicago at 12:00 : noon the fol
lowing day , the fastest time over made
between the Missouri river nnd Chicago
cage on a regular schedule. Pullman
palace sleeping cara and free reclining
chair cars on all through trainn ,
Sumptuous dining cars on vestibule ex
press trains both to Chicago and Den
ver. City ticket olllco , 1223 Furmun st.
Telephone 2-50.
Ladles , remember that Quaker Rolled
Oats are sold in 2 pound packages only.
You cannot got them In barrels.
It Is Always Cool
In the cars of the Chicago & North
western. ' Their two dully fast trains ,
still leave at 2:45 : p , in. from the Union
Pucitlo depot , Omaha-arriving nt Chicago
cage 7 o'clock next morning. That is
faster time than other lines make. In
addition to the "flyers" there nro two
other eastern trains daily. Free chair
cars. Nowoeit and b.ost sleepers. Vos-
tibuicd trains. No changeof cars nt
Council BlulTs. Everything right up
to the times. Low rules now to the
east.City ticket ofllco , 1401 Farnnm st.
R. II. RlTClUK , General Agent.
* A- -i
Get the Heat.
Ask for Storz & ller's Vienna export
Mammoth Jllhbnn Hnlo.
Mondny wo place on sale nn immense
stock of line silk ribbons nt prices Hint
may mnko people think they are made
of cotton , Most of them nro the finest
French ribbons imported nnd every
yard is fully warranted to bo made of
finest quality pure silk and absolutely
perfect in every way.
Our sale of laces nnd embroideries for
this week will surpass all our former ef
forts. Wo have just added ranny nov
elties to our already largo stock of thcso
goods. Wo do not deny that many of
those goods wore purchased'nt the re
cent Now Yoric custom house sale nnd
will bo otTorcd nt less than import cost.
Wo nsh particular attention to our fine
display of veilings , mailings , band leer-
chiefs , buttons and trimmings , toilet
articles nnd staple notions. In Indies'
suits nnd wraps wo are still offering
wonderful attractions in styles and
prices. In
Wo Imvo on exhibition the finest
qualities nnd loveliest flowers.
Wo are thouroughly satisfying our
customers with revolution prices nnd
the finest of goods. Our great sale of
And kitchen utensils nro going on
dally as advertised , nnd our basement
is the place for all such goods at prices
all can reach. Everything is of the
very best quality in1 our great grocery
On Monday wo will make special In
ducements fn gent's furnishings. Our
$1.25 plaited bosom , Inundrlcd shirt
will bo sold at75c. .
Our $1.2,1 percale shirt , two collars
and pair cults , for ! )5c. )
Our 50c unlaundricd shirt Mondny at
Our 40c India gauze shirts on Monday-
French balhrlggnn shirts and drawers
Bfic each , former price 50c.
Our entire line of boys' shirt waists
will be closed out on Monday at the fol
lowing reduced prlccb : 15c , 25c , 6c. ( )
Gents' Shaw knit half hose two pair
for 2-C , regular price 2-3o pair.
Gents' balbnggan half hose 15c. reg
ular nrico 2oc.
Dry Goods and Carpets.
Like a man without a wife ,
Like a ship without a sail ,
The oddest thing in life
is a shirt without a .
Like n navy without boats ,
Like men without their coats ,
Like flocks of luny goats ,
Is n family without Quaker oats.
When you bet on the Quakers
You always have takers.
Would you tnko hunger and disease by
their throats ,
Buy a package of the popular Quaker
The Bee Souvenir.
At the time of the opening of the now
BEK building very elegant engraved
souvenirs were sent out by THE Bins to
the leading newspapers of the country ,
and many notices have been received ,
flattering both to the paper and to the
firm that did the work on the cards.
The design was prepared , nnd the
engraving executed by the well-known
Omaha- firm of Chase & Eddy , of 113
South Sixteenth street. The .souvenir
is composed of t.wo largo , heavily
bevelled carejs , fastened , pyramid shape ,
by elegant satin ribbon , /ringed / at the
top. On one card was a steel engraving
of the new building , the handsomest
and finest piece of work of the kind
over turned out for nn Omaha ordor.
On thu reverse was an engraving , also
on steel , of the original BBK buildinga
two story frame structure that stood at
the corner of Twelfth and Dodjro streets ,
and was better known perhaps , as Red-
Held Bro.'s printing olllcc.
A largo number of thcso were print
ed and distributed , but not enough to
meet the demand among news
paper men. Very great credit at
taches to Messrs. Chase & Edtly. They
have greater facilities than ever before
to handle such work as this , an advan
tage to Omaha , as it brings hero a largo
amount of work of n line grade from the
west that formerly went to Chicngo
and the cast.
Itnhrlinugh Ilros.
Received over 40 students into the
Omaha Commercial collpgo , corner loth
and Dodge , last week for their "six
weeks' term. " Students can enter nil
next .week. Short-hand nnd type
writing a specialty , nlso English
branches and bookkeeping. Tuition
about $1 per week :
Dr. R. C. Moore has removed his
ollice to southeast corner Dodge nnd
IGth sts. Rooms 30 and 31. Telephone
Htorz & llor's Beer.
Storz & ller's Vienna export bottle
beer for family uso. Beer delivered to
any part of the cltv. Telephone 171.
Convenient Markclf , Good Soil , Pure
AVatcf Jinil Excellent Cllmuto
Are advantages nro to bo considered
when , looking up a homo , business loca
tion , farm , etc. West Virginia , Mary
land nnd the Shonnndoah Valley Vir
ginia , affords those with many moro ad
vantages. No section of the United
States olTord superior opportunities , and
persons seeking a now homo should ex
amine those states before deciding upon
a location elsewhere. Improved farm
lands adapted to stock raisingdairying ,
grain , grass and fruit growing can bo
obtained at low prices and upon easy
terms. Thriving towns invite the mer
chant , mechanic and business man.
Abundance of coal , timber , ore , water
power , etc. Free sites for manufactur
Persons desiring further information
will bo answered promptly and free of
charge by M. V. Richards , land and
immigation agent , B. & O. R. R. , Bal
timore , Md.
At Trinity cathedral , Capitol avenue
and Eighteenth sts. , the very Rev. O.
H. Gardner , dean , , services to-day , the
fourth Sunday after Trinity , will bo ns
follows : 6 a. m. , holy communion ; 11 n.
m. , morning service nnd sermon ; 7:45 :
p , m , , evening service. The dean will
deliver the bormon nt both morning and
evening service. During the week ser
vices at 0 a. m. dally and at 7:45 : p. m.
Friday evening with address.
A I/onJT Journuy Tor O Cents.
Two weeks ago George , the thirtoen-
yenr-old-son of Mr. Herbert , of the city
engineer's office , run nwny from homo
and was not hoard of again until yes
terday , when his father received a let
ter from him announcing his safe ar
rival in San Francisco , whore ho is
cnmpod with relatives residing in that
city , enys the Denver Republican ,
When Georero faded away from Denver
his financial assets aggregated 6 cents
in postage stamps , At the close of a
1,300-mlio journey ho had an account
ing and found himself the proud
of $5. Should ho continue his
Eseasor around the world it is apprc-
idod that he will return to Denver
in possession of a handsome competence ,
Our Stock MutlBo Reduced Immo-
To This End TOfe Will Olvo n BO Days
DlHCOimt Snl6 of from ID to 4O
1'cr CeuMJfr on All Goods
from Onto.
Remember vroannko a specialty of nil
lines that wo carry ; nnd hnvo the
largest , best selected stock of knit nnd
muslin underwear , including silk union
suitsblack knickerbockerssilk vests as
low as 81 , corsets , hosiery , embroider
ies , laces , gloves , ribbons , neckwear ,
fans , baby bonnets , infants1 outfits ,
fancy work nnd materials , etc. , in the
This is no remnant stock that wo offer
nt such n discount- but n full stock of the
choicest goods "that are made in thcso
Our corset slock is immense. Wo
carry about fifty different styles , se
lected from the best manufacturers.
Summer corsets from 60c up. '
Wo are selling an elegant Pongee
silk corset , thu coolest , most pliable ,
graceful corset over put on the market.
A real Bornhnrdt.
Wo carry nil the lending makes in
ladies' and children's waists.
Our stock of hosiery is very largo and
the best that is manufactured , includ
ing cotton , lisle nnd silk , from infants'
half hose to ladies' opera lengths. A
gunr nntccd fast bla k for 25 cents.
A little French shirred Puritana
bonnet for children , the choicest' little
bonnet made this year ; hem-stitched
dresses for infants , long and short.
Hem-stitched embroideries nnd black
lace in chnntillv , plain net and other
choice designs in skirting widths.
Wo cannot mention all our goods , but
come in and see what wo have , and wo
will give you discounts on every article
in the store.
All goods marked in plain figures.
Fifteenth' street near Douglas.
Jin Became Bc-ntln ; < l in tils.Gruvc.
Old-timers of El Pnso county will re
call the killing of William Campbell on
the Campbell ranch , sixteen miles
south of this city , says the Colorado
Springs Republic. Mr. Camnbell'was
buried in a grave on thu ranch , and his
remains hnvo lain there undisturbed
over since. The Santa Fo track has
been laid near the grave , and the
widow feared its ultimate despoliation
by side tracks. When the remains
were taken up-and until exposed to the
air , they wuromai perfect as at the time
of burinl , una&tcnngo to relate , though
the deceased was clean shaven nt the
time , his beard had grown to his waist ,
nud the hair oLhisht'au had grown lux
uriantly nnd covered his shoulders.
Mr. Campbell tyvb boon 111 his grave just
twenty-five years and nine months.
Omaha MiKlO'-ijDiHtrlbittinir Point for
the Columbus Itu ulcs.
C. D. Firestone , the senior member of
the Columbus .Buggy Company , loft yes
terday for- Columbus , Ohio. Ho has
boon in Omahiiltlio past week , and was
completely captivatpd with the city and
state. He wuswo'wtill pleased with the
business of the agents nt this point ,
Messrs. Angcnb & Firestone , that in
stead of. ns formerly , being only n re
tail establishment for thu sale of the
Columbus Buggy Company's vehicles ,
the house in Omaha is now made a dis
tributing point for Nebraska and West
ern Iowa. This will necessitate the
increasing of the stock and doubling
business , in addition to carrying many
other lines in the way of novelties.
So that the Columbus Buggy Com
pany's house in Omaha will be
the loading repository of the west. Of
course this move will force Messrs. Aii-
gene Si Firestone to secure a much
larger building tlian that which they
now occupy. In fact they are now on
.tho lookout for n suitable locution in the
central part of the city , and those who
may have , or know of , such a building
will probably find it to their advantage
to call upon Messrs. Angonc & Flro-
stone , nt Tenth and Furnam.
Hotel nt Auction.
Wednesday , July 17 , we will sell by
order of mortgagee the furniture and fit
tings of the Miler hotel , No. 1)03 ) North
Kith st. This furniture has been in use
just three months , and it is1 first-class
in every respect. Fine oxt. tables , ele
gant hnttreeos , sideboard , largo "Ohio"
range ( cost $160) ) , Ist-chiss silverware
and dishes , carpets and bedroom furni
ture. Omaha Auction and Storage Co.
Tnughc 111 i Do ? to Stoat.
The following story of a soldier's dog
is told by a correspondent in an Indian
newspaper :
Shortly after things settled down ut ,
Lahore a great excitement was created
in the bazaar nnd cantonments by a dog
or dogs that stole rupees and gold
mohurs from money-changers' stalls.
Soon after dark a dog , sometimes of ono
color nnd sometimes of another , would ,
without proviovs bark or warning ,
spring onto a poddor's platform , now
in this part of thu bazaar and next in
that , and grab all the gold mohurs and
rupees it could in its mouth , and then
dash away with its prize in the dark
ness. The thing occurred about once
a fortnight or so for months. The na
tives said the dosr was many devils in
ono , as ho was never of the some color
twice and could * never bo traced , nnd
when they saw-it bolting through tlio
bazaar they gott out of its way. Men
with sticks werecstaticnod nil over the
bazaar , but thu theft wont on all the
same , and the flog could never bo hit
or caught.
The bazaar began to IMS abandoned ,
and thu poddera ; to close their shops at
dusk. The cantonment magistrate mis
ut his wits' ondiand did not know how
to catch or kilL the thiof. Ho com
municated his i trouble to thu ofllcnr
comranndlntr thecavalry regiment , who
agreed to send .him a dozen mounted
men for on houn-or two every evening.
The dog was iditosod moro than once ,
but always got away in the direction of
the mirraoks. At last the troopers
wore ordered to use their pistols , and
the poor doggie , black on this occasion ,
was bowled over while dashing away
after ono of its raids.
On examination the black dog turned
out to bo a white ono belonging to a sol
dier in ono the regiments. The man
was arrested and most of the money ,
to the value of 100 ropees in gold nnd
silver , stolen by the dog , was found in
his box. Ho made a clean breast of it ,
and uxplalnod that ho had trained the
dog to commit these thefts. Ho would
visit the bazaar with the dog , point to
what ho wanted , and then go back to
the barracks. At a suitable spot ho
would halt , cover the dog with brush
and blacklrig , and send it back to bring
what had boon pointed nt , receive the
loot , wnsh oil the blacking , and return
quietly to the barracks. The court-
martial admired his smartness and In
telligence , and gave him six months for
his roguery.
, , & CO ,
Wldo Bloachecl Muellii nt 60
ti Yard Mondny.
Domestic Clinlllcs G Cents , Standard
Calicos B 1-13 Cents , Summer
Corsets 75 Cents , Best French
Clmlllcs : I5 Cents.
Monday morning wo will olTor yard
wide bleached muslin good Sic quality
nt Co , limit 20 yards to each customer.
All of our lOonnd 12cChalllos wo offer
in ono lot Mondny nt Cc.
At our print counter wo olTor two
cases of best standard prints "lc nnd Sic
qualities at 3)o ) n yard.
Monday morninar wo offer at 7.6o our
perfect filling summer corsets , compare
thorn with others nt $1.25' .
Monday wo offer those beautiful goods
ntnn enormous sacrifice ; they havosold
up to 76c , we now oiler them at 35c a
yard. S. P. MORSE & CO.
For Rent Shoo department , crock
ery department , clothing department ,
nook" department , jewelry department
nnd grocery department In a Inrgo de
partment store to bo opened August 16.
Address C. 60. Boo olllco.
Vienna Kxport.Ucer.
Leave orders for Storz & ller's Vienna
export bottle beer with Charles Stor/ ,
corner Clarke and Saunders sts. ; Chris
Toft , 312 S. 15th st. ; .fohn Boyer , 2025
Lake St. ; Tottlc it Cahlll , 81G S. 10th st.
A Monki-y'H Itrnkcn llonrt.
Ono other incident of the journey to
.Tutigalpa was the capture of U\o spider
Those little" creatures hnil been en
countered at various points , but their
shyness had enabled thorn to always
keep out of our roach. But just before
reaching the Guayapo valley wo ob
served quite a largo troop of those
mimics sporting by the road sido.
A quick run of our party prcsaod thonl
to climb the trees , and. contrary to our
mutual ngreomeot , ono of the party
fired his rillo and wounded ono , which
commenced a most piteous wail.
It had been phot through the abdomen
men , and unother bullet "would have
ended its sufferings , but juat then Its
mate ran down from another part of the
tree and sustained his drooping strength
by holding him in her arms.
She then examined his wound and ,
seeing that it was blooding profusely ,
nulled oil with ono hand a number of
green leaves and carefully inserted
them into the hole made by the bullet
to stanch its flow of blood.
A surgeon could not have been moro
careful nud deliberate with , u patient
than was this wild denizen of the forest
with its mate , writes a Honduras corre
spondent of the Chicago News. During
this proceeding it uttered n low , mut
tering sound , ns though trying to as
suage its Buil'erings , with u' considera
tion nnd pity that Jookcd RO human.
In n few moments the wounded mon
key died , and his widow monkey tried
to } jot away with his dead bouy , but in
jumping from one limb to nnuthor fell
to the ground , where"the inozn easily
ollected her capture.
The almost human instinct displayed
by this little creature made us ashamed
of our cruelty in shdotinji her mate.
The female was then taken with us to
Jtitignlpuhoro she refused all food
and water , and the morning after our
arrival was found der.d in her cage , it
being reasonable to suppose of grief for
her dead mate.
A Dofj'8 Fust for Six Woolen.
A setter doer , owned by Robert Bru-
don , of Bristol , Pa. , has just boon found
after hiiving been locked up in u barn
without food or water for a period of
six wcfks. When discovered the dog
was ns thin as a shingle and unablu to
stand up. Ho , however , Boon revived
on bo in'r fed.
Which earlier in the season
we sold for $2O , $20 and $3O.
House cleaning time comes
in every branch of lousiness.
Ours is no exception. The re
duction of our assortment in
Men's Suits Incident to the
season's trade , leaves us with
some odd numbers , and
special sizes still in stock.
These wo propose to close out
at q , liberal discount. '
Our patrons know wo are
not given to sensational ad
vertising , and wo assure
them that those are bona fjdo
bargains equal' In fit , finish
and. quality to the best.
Drop in nnd look them over.
The size and the price may
fit you exactly.
ICxtrn Rufolnl ClenrliiR Hnlo.
Wo must fioll off every dollnr's ' worth
of summer dry goods nnd nilllino > ry In
side of a week , no matter at whnt sac
rifice. Satlnos , 12 yards for OOo. Think
of It. Trimmed hats for 40o , the bare
hat alone is worth $1.50. Wo nro not
going to carry n lint over. Twelve
yards of Longdnlo muslin for 850. All
of our 81.25 fancy dross goods nt 4'Jo ' ;
4 pair of our JI5c regular
made hose for 49o ; our $5.00 fillk
umbrolliis nt $2.75. Monday only our
$3.50 black , colored and white straw
hatsntO'Jc. ' Figured China silks nt Too
with n discount of 60 per cent , making
our prices on them R7a , Gout's fancy
flannel shirts at $1.25 , worth $2.00.
Gent's fancy undonvonr reduced from
81.25 to 69c ; not moro than two suits lo
a customer. Our $1.00 corsets down to
! Wc. Children's OOc lisle thread hose
from a bankrupt stoclc at 16c. Come
In the morning if possible.
$10.00 trimmed lints , down to $3.05 ; 2
dozen dress buttons for 6 cents ; great
sale of $1.00 skirting ombroldory at 49c ;
black clmntilly skirting Inco , 44 Inches
wide , at ( We , worth $2.00 ; children's
gray mixed ribbed hose , 80 pair ; gent's
unlnundried shirts , 85c ; ribbons , i reg
ular prices. Every article in our ttoro
to bd slaughtered.
Ladies , our gentlemanly samplers will
present you free n t Ib. package of the
nicest oat inoal you over eat , Quaker
Lots in Collier Plnco SSOO to $1,200 ,
otio-tonth cash , balance ono to five
years. Call or write for plat.
MCGA.OUK , opp.P. O.
. Auction of Hnr Fixture * .
Mondny 10 a.m. at our salesroom , 1121
Farnam , counters , mirror , largo Ice
box , etc. , all nearly now. Omaha Auc
tion nnd Storage Co.
Half Itntcs to Nn Uvllle , Teun.
For the occasion of the meeting of the
National Educational association nt
Nashville , Tcnn. , tickets will bo sold
by the Burlington route at ono faro for
the round trip , with $2 added for asso
ciation membership fee. Tickets will
bo on sale July 1 to 10 inclusive , good
for return July 10 to September 30 in
clusive. Unequalled accommodation
and choice ot routes. City ticket olllco.
1223 Farnam street ; telephone 2oO.
Wcukof July .
A Dollar Show For u Dime.
- The -
With their ( Jnlcycles.
The youngest unil best Gymnasts and Aero-
' Vims in the World.
. \ Host of attractions In all imrts'ot tlio house.
Ouo niinc Admits lo All.
ItcniilRon llros.
Hot weather prices still go. All fumv
mor goods being slaughtered , Elognnt
line figured China Silks worth SI. 00.
They go a few days yet at 47jo yard ,
Beautiful line of Chock Surahs , dark
colors. 85o yard , worth 76c ; 3,000 yards
fine Qnock Nainsooks at lOo yard , worth
lIOc. Fine dotted nnd figured Swiss
in cream nnd white , lOo
yard , worth 25o to 60c. French
Salines , ologaiit patterns , 22io yard ,
worth J15e. Big lot ginghams Monday
60 yard. Ono case hicKory. shirtings
60 yard , worth 12Jc. 60 pieces un-
hlcachod Canton flannels 4jc a yard.
Mosquito netting full 8 yard goods , lOo
bolt. A lot of Pongee parnsolsOOoonch ,
worth double. Baby carriages at one-
half wholesale prices to closo. Ele
gant figured challics 60 yard , rcgulnr
15o ( roods. A beautiful ohnlllo , 12 yard *
for 91 , worth 25o ynrd. 100 yard sow
ing silk Ho spool , 10 yard twist lc spool.
Fine ruching 60 yard. Children' *
turkey red short dresses with whlta
yoke nnd alcoves , 2 to 0 yonrs , only 25o
each. Special prices in basement on
house furnishing goods.
Cliicnuo , Milwaukee & St. I'nul
Yin Otiinlm nntl Council IlluflX
Short line to Chicago nnd the cant ,
Finest dining cars In the world.
Through sleeping cars to Chicago. Elo
gnnt free chair cars. Only direct route
to the G. A. R , omcampmont nt Milwau
kee. Everything llrat-clnss. Fast trains
to Chicago and all points east.
For further information enquire nt
Ticket Olllcc , 1601 Farnam st. , in Bar
ker block. F. A. NASH ,
General Agent.
New Colossal Shows
Largest imtl Heaviest Klcplinnt la the world.
Museum nml itnnnpnrlo. vrlU exhibit at
OmRhn.0110 w ek , nomiiicnclnp
_ . On the lota at r I
foghteenth and Charles Streets ,
r.nM.ff011' ' moral ? , howNo faftl . sharpers ot
couuaenco men allowed with thltiHliow. < roC3
A Snan in Made to Qrder
,5 , , $6 & $7
All the lengths left from
a busy season's trade ,
Hundreds of choice pat
terns , one , two' , three
each ; $5 , $6 and $7 for
Trousers made to order.
Snails Made to Order ,
$251 Twnt/-five : / Dollars I $25
that would cost you $30
to $35 any other time , or
now in any tailor shop
that keeps such styles.
Come early. Come in
the day time. Open Mon
day and Saturday even
ings. No goods charged
to anyone ,
SO , A : 7 ,
Cutlery , Mechanics' ' Tools ,
Telephone 437 , One door west of Postoffica , 1511 Dodge St.
Have exceeded their expectation * . The low prices , togetner with line work and perfect nt. nav
eatlallcd helr cimtomem that HJs thu chcapont place to uuy their garments. Tney ueo coa
" ' 'relvlnu ncyr | c ° odH for the nuinmcr trade.
1513 Douglas St , Omaha ,