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Conflict orabla Activity Prorallu In
Local Financial Circles.
Jobbers IMonncd With tlio Present
Outlook for Fnll Trnilo Collec
tions Knlr Ccrtnln Lines of
Groceries Show Firmness.
In Loonl Trail o Circles.
Tlio clearings footings for the week show
considerable activity In financial circles , and
a notable Increase of 43 per cent , viz : Clear-
Ings. * 5,070ilSI.G7 ; balances , ? 1,390,048.09.
Money continues easy nnd In abundant supply -
ply < Untes nro about as usual SQlOo per
cent per coot pornnnum for prlmo pa ; > or.
Excbaneo Is $1 per $1,000 premium .
Jobbers nro very muob pleased with the
outlook for fall trade. Orders both from
salesmen nnd by mall are liberal. Collections
are very fair indeed , und the pres
ent indications clearly point to nn
exceptionally ticnvy trade during the next
six months. Prices show n tendency to ad
vance. Jn dry goods , canton and woolen
flannels are 3) ) @ 10 per cent up , walla table
ell cloths are worth 25 per cent more than at
the llrst of the season.
In groceries , canned goods show consid
erable llruiucss , and as western packers
have been unable to make contracts for fu
ture delivery , nnd hence have been unable
to raise money from their bankers , It Is
thought that the pack will bo greatly cur
tailed and prices wilt rule high. Corn und
tomatoes have shown much activity lately
nnd Also stocks iu llrst hands are pretty well
sold up.
Lumber and hardware show fair activity
nnd n llvc'.y business is in sight.
Hides urouull and lower than before in
forty years. Leather , however , shows
stronger nnd the market Is atoady.
Wool is dull , but Jtho indications ara for
better prices. ,
The Now. York Commercial Bulletin calls
attention to the fact that the national banks
organbcd in the lost fivd years more than
six hundred in number less than one-eighth
have been located In the eastern and middle
states. Tbo records for the Usual year Just
closed bhow that of moro than ono hundred
and fifty now banks organized during the
year , with nearly $10,000,000 capital , about
four-JUtus of the banks and five-sixths of the
capital are In the west and south.
Bank clearings at thirty-seven cities for
the last six months aggregated J37,097,4SO,950 ,
or 18 per cent moro than in 1SSS , 7 per cent
in excess of 1887. and 17 per o < 'nt moro than
In 1880. These figures furnish a good com
mentary "on the general activity of trade this
The bank Of France "holds $237.380,000 of
gold , the bank of England $118 )59,000 and
the bank of Germany $151,800,000.
During the mouth of Juno , according to
ofilcial figures , the amount of money in cir
culation In this country was decreased $17-
324,701. The total chculutlon is now * 1,8SO.-
14H.050 , made Up of $370,055,483 in gold coin ,
$0-1,417,907 in standard silver dollars , ? 31,47- ( )
834 in subsidiary silver. 8110,792,759 in gold
certificates , 257U'2,145 ' in silver certificates ,
$317,07(1,031 ( in United States notes , und
$207,320U32 In national bank notes. The
principal change last month was In gold cor-
tiilcatos , which fell off $13,251,003. Tno uold
bullion iu the treasury decreased from fSG.-
241,805 to $ (15.5SOOS4 ( , but the gold coin in
creased $1,81)2,133. , ) There wu n net decrease
In money und bullion in the treasury of $13-
010,387. the total amount at the close of Juno
being $ ar3OSO,513. ,
Saturday , July 13.
The cattle trade was rather easier to-day ,
on , .all grades of beef and shipping steers.
L6ch ( buyers bought thq bulk of the native
steers nt , < fulrly B ead.v prices. f.A few-good ,
fat ows sold ut $ "J.uX2)3.00 ( ) ) and two loads of
choice steers nt $3.80. A lot of western feed
ers sold ut $3.50@2.70.
11 oca.
The market -was dull 'and slow , buyers of
fering about steady prices and salesmen
holding out for stronger Hguroa. The mar
ket was curried over untll.aUer noon , when
the remainder sold at morning bids.
1 Sheep.
1 There were 350 head tore that were shipped
dlroct to slaughterers.
Cattle . 1,200
Hogs . 3,400
Sheep . 350
Provnlllnjf frlooi.
The following 1 nttblo of prlcas paid In
this market for the gralaa of stoalc men
tioned :
Prime steers , 1300 to 1000 lbs..70 ) ( < $3.S5
Good steers , 1250 to 1450 Ibs. . . 3.05 0 3.75
Good Htoors , 10oO to 1301) ) Iba. . . 3.40 ( iM.GO
Common dinners . 1.25
Ordinary to fair cows . . . . 1.75 ( < $3.35
Fair to good cows . 2.30 ( i3.40
Good to choice cows . 2.40 ( VJ2.75
Choice to fancy coivs , holfers. . 3.70 ( (63.15 (
Fair to coed bulls . 1.75 $3.35
Good to choice bulls . 3.25 < gi2.50
Light ntockors and fooclord. . . . 3.70 ( ( $3.90
Good feeders , 950 to 1100 Ibs. . 3.01T (43.15
Fair to choice light hogs . T.OO & 4.10
Fair to choice heavy hogs . 4.00 ( # 1,05
Fair tn choice mixed hogs. . . . . . 4,00 01.05
Shorn sheep . 3.00 © 1.00
Representative Sales.
14 170 1 50 3. . . 103 ii 00
1 1470 210
Live Stonk Notes ,
Oattto about all sold.
Ho market Mow.
Markets weak-nnd unsatisfactory.
Mackov St Urooks , ot Farnnm , marketed
hog * to-day.
John Hlpclns como In from Lincoln with a
car of cattle.
"Fuller & Paten , of Fnllorton , sent In a
shipment of hogs.
P. Maxwell , of the saino place , was nlso
here with two loads.
About one-fourth of the cattle receipts
consisted of western stock.
John Shafer , of Noah , Utah , was here with
several cars of ran go cattle.
Western feeders averaging about 1,000 Ibs.
per head sold at(2.50@3.80 to-day.
F. C. Bliss represented Howolls on the
market to-day , Ho marketed hogs.
' ! > . S. Zimmerman came in from Charleston
with a car each of hogs nnd cattlo.
U. S. Spcrry , of Holvldoro , was at the
yards looking after n car of cattlo.
John Qlllttnnd , of HOWA , was hero this
morning with u shipment ot cattle.
M. II. Hegarty , a prominent dealer at
Ncola , In. was here with two cars of hogs.
U. Lamb and Sackott & Hawks , of Cedar
Rapids , marketed hogs and cattle this mtfrn-
1. II. Shocks , n prominent dealer at York ,
was hero with two cars of cattle and one of
\\Of3. \
J. C. Christy , a prominent nnd heavy ship
per from BurwclL was hero with three cars
of hogs.
1C. M. Gibson , na extensive dealer at
Clarks , was here to-day with four cars of
cattlo. & Sutton , Chapman's well
known rhlppora , marketed both hogs nnd
cattle to-day.
Notwithstanding the apparently very dull
cattle market. Swift purchased 4,700 oattlo
hero for the week ending Friday.
J.L. Martin has boon appointed local live
stock agent of the Hock Island. Charley
Gorhum will bo on the road { or the same
company hereafter.
LilVlS dl'OUK.
Chicago , July 13. ThoTJroyors' Journal
reports as follows :
Cattle Receipts , 3,000 ; market steady :
natives strong ; beeves , $4.00Q4.33 ; stackers
and feeders , $2.35 J3.30.
Hogs Receipts , lO.OOOmarkot. strong ;
mixed. f4.15Ql.45 ; heavy , $4.05 ( < $ i.3o ; light ,
§ i.25@4.05.
Sheep Receipts. 4,009 ; market steady ;
natives , S3.r > 0@5.10 : westerns , 53.40Q4.00 ;
Texans , s53.2334.10.
National riroak ) farll4. Knst St.
IvonlH , July 13. Cattle Receipts , 100 ;
Bhlpmontu , 800 ; market steady ; fair to
choice heavy native steers , $3.00@4.25 ;
stookors and feeders , 3.20@3.10 ; rancors ,
corn-fed , ft.SO@3.GO ) : gross-led , * at)0@3.10. )
Hogs Receipts. 1,200 ; shipments , 1,000 ;
market strong ; choice heavy tind butchers'
selections , $4.30@4.40 ; packing , medium to
prime , $4.20 ( 4.35 ; light grades , ordinary to
bust Sl.4U04.50.
HnntuiN Olty , July 13. Cattle Receipts.
1,100 ; shipments , 1,000 : market quiet and
about steady. ; common to choice corn > fed
steers , $3.90(33.90 ( ; stockersa nnd feeders ,
$3.00@3.00 ; cows. $1.2503.70.
Hogs Receipts. 4.8JO ; shipments , 000 ;
market weak and lower ; light , ? 4 > 23 } ©
4.27i < ; heavy and mixed , $4.03@4.20.
It Wasn't His Funeral.
A week or moro IIRO a gentleman
whom wo will cnll Mr. Blank died , says
the Washington Post , and the time nnd
plueo of his funeral were announced in
the papers. .Another gentleman , whom
wo will cnll Blanker , saw the notice
nnd said to himself :
'Dear , dear , my old friend and bcno-
fuctor is dead. I knew ho was in Wash
ington , und intended to call on him ;
hut now it is too late. "
And he censured himself for his neg
lect of the man who had boon his friend
when ho solely needed a friend.
Tortured by'his conscience , ho sought
to make up us boat ho then could for his
fault. He sent the most magnificent
ilornl piece ho could buy , nnd on the
day of the funornl.wnsono of the most
demonstrative of the mourners ,
-s Alter' ' the casket had boon lowered
into the grave and th'b"c.ardmonies wore
ut an end , the repentant Mr. Blanker
turned with tears streaming down his
ayQS und said to a gentleman walking
beside him towards the carriage :
"lam almost broken-hearted at the
loss of my dear old friend. "
"Was he a rolativoV" asked the ether
"No , but wo went all through the war
together and ho was my host friend and
benefactor afterwards.1' '
"Thoro must be some mistake , " said
the gentleman. "Mr. Blank was not in
the army. Ho has boon in this country
only a few years. "
"Tho deuce you say ! " said Blanker ,
forgetting his grtof ; "then , by thunder ,
I've been chlbf mourner at the wrong
man's funeral. " And ho straightway
looked up his old friend , who was in excellent -
collont health. It cost Blanker a good
deal for llowors , but that isn't a circuin-
stance to what it has since cost him for
Tin ; Snalco Swallowed A Man.
A strange discovery ono that is caus
ing the thoughtful to ponder over the
unwritten past was made yesterday by
a French citizen near Gainesville , Tex. ,
says a suecial dispatch.
Haying occasion to sink a woll. Mr.
Somines , tho. Frenchman in question ,
selected a spot in a valley , near a
ravine of great length , nnd which , dur
ing heavy rains , is transformed into a
raging torrent , doposltig in the valley
limestone , gravel , mud and other de
After reaching a depth of four foot ,
and while in a formation of limestone
gravel that had continued almost unin
terruptedly fromtho surface down , Mr.
Sonnries came upon the vortobro and
ribs of un animal. The riba wore al > out
the size of a small pig's and rapidly
CiU'ofullyunonrtliingthobonos toward
the tuporlng oud , Mr. Sorainos came to
the rattles , which ? what ) counted , num
bered seventeen , the largo'st measuring
BX inches nuross.
Attracted by the strange find , the
neighbors gathered in and the work of
unearthing the monster was prosecuted
with vigor.
After laying bare nineteen foot of
the remains of the monster of ether
time , imagine their consternation at
IIinline the qntirc skeleton ot a man of
tremendous stature iu the stomach ot
the skeleton of the snake.
The remains of thojimui and tliu sor-
Rent , ns nu' an the Horpont has boon ox-
umod , are as perfect as when first de
nuded of flash , and wora doubtless cov
er od by liiuo and gravel soon after
Near the bones of tlio man's right
hand Is a rude stone hatchet , which a
local geologist of some repute reports
to bo similar to the handiwork of paleo
lithic man.
Toby ttitalics the Growler.
Thorc is a torra-cottn-colorod St. Bor-
nnrd dog , Toby by name , that regularly
"works tliw growlor" from a little up
holstery shop on , Twenty-eighth street ,
near Fourth avenue. A Novr York
World reporter saw him issue forth , tin
pail in mouth , the ether morning , fol
lowed by a throng of admiring nnd pos
sibly envious loungersand entering tuo
sldo door of a neighboring saloon ho
eoon reappeared * with the pail full ol
beer , the froth dangerously near his
scornful-looking noso. Probably Toby
didn't rollBh the errand overmuch , oa
before accomplishing it he "worked the
growler" on his own account , standing
In the center of the street , looking bacli
nt his master with a deprecatory wag ol
Ilia tall nnd emitting exnostulatory
barks as who should aay : "Isn't It a
little early for boor ? " Hut the blpeC
thought not , for admonitory flourianoi
of n sticky banished the seruplo nnc *
produced the dram , Yet it soeroec
jioor work for a dog that came from a
iirocd of Hfo-sfivors.
Wheat SoOuroo a Firm Start In
tlio Morning.
Tlio Provision Xrado Htiow.t Homo
Improvement In Tone The
Few Native Cnttlo Ro-
colvcd Soil Quickly.
CHICAGO , July 13. [ Special Telegram to
TUB BKK. ] Wheat had a firm start this
morning. Trades In December wore made
at the opening on n basis of TSJjfc nnd In July
at 70Jfe. December advanced to 79 @ 7lfc ! ,
receded to 79o , and on bettor cables , un
settled weather In England and further re
ports about the Russian crop damage , moved
tip to TOJfiC , Then cumo n budget of reports
foreshadowing n hugo movement of wheat
from the country and the market began to
case off. This bearish news came at n time
when the scalpers wore pretty well loaded up
n anticipation of n substantial re
covery. Jt was accompanied by heavy
selling ordova from St. Louts , to
which was added the pcoulativo offerings of
the local boar contingent , with Hutchlnson
and T.inn , and Place , the Pittsburg plunger ,
n the foreground. The result of the pres
sure , moral and actual , was a break of about
lj < c iu the whole list of active futures. The
weakness in futures was Intensified by the
ibcrat selling of July against wheat bought
n the country and pointed this way. Mo-
Henry had n big line to sell ana broke the-
market from 79 fc to 70J o. There
was n reaction of } e or thereabouts
from the bottom , but uot much trading was
done after the break. December sold off to
77Jfo and September slid down to 75 % @
75Xc. On the decline ttioro Was heavy un-
oading of long wheat and towards the bot-
ta scalpers very generally tools tholr profits.
There sotnnod to bo no disposition , however ,
to take in 'any of the Important lines , Spec
ulative sentiment is decidedly bearish , prin
cipally in anticipation of the approaching
i > ig movement of winter wheat. St. Louis
ms extraordinary statements to make about
; ho wheat that is going to be received there.
Thus far the actual receipts have fallen far
below expectations , though the movement is
increasing rapidly. It will have a hard time
keeping up with the estimates , however. The
receipts nt Minneapolis are also looming up
wonderfully , and n week or ton days contin
uation of the movement at its present pro
portions will clean out the country ulovator&
and leave very llttlo grain to come forward
the first of August until the next crop be
comes available. The situation at Minneap
olis is strongly suggestive of n "corner" in
speculative grudo there and prodigious ef
forts are being made to crowd wheat into
that market for delivery en July contracts.
Little wheat has gene to Minneapolis from
here and tlioro is wild talk of wholesale
shipments. Cables wcro quiet and steady in
tenor. Now York had no export news of
importance to communicate in this market.
A fair degree of activity in the cash
market is reported. Lake engagements
for 90,000 bushels are reported
and the arrivals for Monday are
estimated at 101 cars , the most of which is
now , The visible supply is expected to show
T. decrease of something llko half a million
bushels. The closing ran go of prices was us
follows : July 76c , August 75 c , Septem
ber 73J c nnd December 77J c. As compared
with yesterday , this shows a loss of lo in
September and % o in December. The total
shrinkage in December since the market
started back three or four days ago has boon
about tj c. July has'lost about Sc.
The corn market was very dull and extremely - ,
tromely weakuat > the opauing , with a fair
show of strength- but the declining tendency
of the wheat market gradually effected trad
ing ui'tho ' other cereal und was mainly re
sponsible for its subsequent weak
ness. There was a fair- demand and
only limited offerings of cash corn. Foreign
markets were lirm nnd export inquiry at
Now York was reported good. The pros-
'poets are generally considered good for the
growing crop and this lays back of the
market and paralyzes any attempts at ad
vances. Export clearances were quite mod
erate from Atlantic ports yesterday , but for
the week amounted to 1,439,500 bushels.
Moro distant futures felt the bear pressure
in about an equal degree with seller July.
The latter declined from % o to J c nnd so
nlso did September , the closing quotations
being 35 o for July and 35 @ 35 o for
Oats were fairly active with a liberal
speculative business recorded. * The
market was nearly steady , although
the early firmness was not
fully sustained with receiving houses
free sellers. On the otbor 'hand there was
an increase for May , with September shar
ing in the activity. The first , named sold
largely at BSQMkfc , while September de
clined @ > 4C tol&i. . The noxi month "was
easy around SISjjC , with July at about J o
premium. Receipts wore liberal , nnd No. U
oats to go to store sold at 22 > c.
The provision trade showed some improve
ment In tone. The moderate buying of pork
by some of yesterday's raiders developed a
disposition among tailors nnd miscellaneous
shorts to coyer , and with a better demand
than expected the market naturally gained
in strength.
Porlc was the most active article in the list ,
and on the call tbo transactions in It approx
imated 13,003 barrels. Lard and snort ribs
also received fair attention , and , for Satur
day , business all around made quite u good
showing. Shippers' purchases of cash lard
nmounted to 3,550 tierces nt $0.22tf$0.37 ( > .
Cash meats were again slow , 1(1-1 b green
hams being quoted at & % c and 10-lb sweat
piukled hums at 10(3lu ( e. In speculative
lines prices as n ruio experienced only
limited changes. Pork at the adjourn
ment stood unchanged as compared with
yesterday's closing to Ca higher , lard un
changed to 2o butter and short ribs un
changed to a trlllo easier , Future trading
was centered mainly in September , which
sold at $11.25@11.40 for pork , $0,83K < iii0.87 p
for lard and $ j.72K@5.7ti for short ribs.
Short ribs and lard for the saino month
closed at the best prices obtained and pork
atll.)5. ! ) For January pork was quoted at
$10,00 bid and short ribs at $5.0.2& Lard
for January told at $0.02 (30.03. (
CHICAGO , July 13. [ Special Telegram to
Tun BEE. | CATTHE. Estimated receipts ,
3.COD ; last Saturday , 1,130 ; for the week ,
59,537 ; lost week , 40,370. A few natives
( only about SuO ) sold quickly at about the
same as yesterday , and Texans a shade
lower , There were about 3,500 , on the
market. Choice to extra UOOVOB , W.00@4.1i5 ;
medium to good etuora , 1,350 to 1,500 Iba ,
$3.BO@4.15 ; 1,300 to 1,350 Ibs ,
$3.70@4.00 ; 950 to 1,300 Ibs , $3.60 < aa80 ;
Btockora and feeders , $3.25@1.30 ! ; cows , bulls
and mixed , $1.UO@'J.10 ; bulk , $3J5@J.OO : ;
slop fed steers , $3.50@3.70 ; Texas cattle re
ceipts , 0,500j , slow ; steers , $3.8U@3.50 ; cows ,
$1 7533.40. The following Is a review for
the week : "Prices opened steady on Mon
day , but there has boon a gradual decline
ever alnco. Western cattle start in next
week and wo flud that the corn feeding re
gions have a large supply of cattle yet on
hand. Distilleries are not entirely empty
nnd the prospects are not very encouraging.
Experience has taught us that heavy ro-
ctiipU and lower prices ouu week causa
light rccolptu aud better prices the following
week. Heavy steers have boon slow to sell
from the opening to the closing. "
Hoes Estimated receipts , 10.000 ; * last
Saturday , 18,580 , : for the week. 07,010 ; last
week , 100,381. , Aa compared with yesterday
there wa llttlo or no change. A few lots of
speculators' "puts" and 'calls" sold at low
prices , but priino sold as high as yesterday.
New YORK , July 18. [ Spoolal Teelgrani
to TUB DEK.1 STOCKS The stock market
aeemt to b possessed of good rallying
povror , notwithstanding some dejrossing in
fluences nnd the disturbing weilcncsi in
trusts. Commission houses express the be
lief that the trade nnd Vtto public Imvo fnlth
In the ultimata settlement of the existing
trouble * nnd n return- - the buying dido ,
which will put Pflojj .pp to the past two
months. The opomngpf the market this
morning Justified this foiling. The big de
cline of Frldny was n thing of the past , and
railroad stocks sti\rted @i per cent over
the close , nnd the bnyjivpvhlch followed put
prices up additional Trnctlona nil around.
Lake Shore wont to iqjfif , Now England to
DO } , nnd Atchlson to CKX- Burlington led
the ndvnnco , going to iQOJsf , Northwestern to
107Y , Rock Island ton3J < , St. Paul to GSJ ,
Missouri Pacific to 03.and Union Pnclllo to
G7 . Trusts wore still oxcltod , though Cot
ton Oil was an exception , being quiet with
small fluctuations and well hold. Chicago
Qns led oft by opening dewn l f per cent nt
60jf ) nnd quickly dropped to 54 1 rallying to
50. .Lend opened down K per cent nt 23 nnd
in early trading displayed some strength ,
moving up Jf , but then gave way nnd dropped
to 34 , but recovered n portion of the loss.
Sugar also opened dbwn M per cent at 109
nnd declined to 10S , but afterwards recov
ered the entire loss/ American Cattle trust
opened nt 14) ) , ngolnst 10 yesterday. Load
was still extremely active , but there were
few 1,030 shnro lots sold , nnd the aggregate
of the transactions was not so largo as dur
ing the corresponding .ttmo yesterday. The
recovery in trusts was accompanied by a
firmer tone in the regular list. After 11
o'clock there wus a short period of dullness
nnd a featureless market. Uoforo the close
nt noon there was n llrmor fcollng , which
was shared by the trusts nnd regular stocks.
Sugar recovered to 111 ? | lnd closed nt IIOJ .
Lead reacted to 25Jf and closed at 31. % . Chi -
cage Qas was particularly strong and recov
ered frem 55 to 53 , _ thc closing price of last
night , nnd'clbsod at 57 , . Burlington , St.
Paul and Northwestern wore especially
buoyant , and the outiro Granger list moved
up briskly and closed at the best prices of
the day. Atchfson was 1 per cunt higher
than last night nt 33 , Burlington Ijf higher
at 100-J/ , Northwestern 1 up nt 107 % , Uook
Island K up at 9J # , St. Paul IJ up at,03J ,
Missouri Pacific 1 up at 09 and Union Pacllio
ljf per cent up at 53 > f. .
The following were the oloilni ? quotatlonl.,1
U.S. 4s.regular. liS'J Northern Pnclflc. . Z7U coupons..123'4 doproferred Ci < 4
IT. 8.4VisreBUh r. . . iiMy. 0. AN.V 107f
U. S.i',53 doprererred HCH4
I' clllo sot 'its 110 N.Y.hontral 105V
Central Paclllc P. O.AcK 21'J
Clilcnyo.V Alton . 20 ( Uocklslaud . ffU
Chlcaso.mirllngtoi ) 0. . M. & Stl ? . Ii9f }
&Qulncv . Widoprererrad. \ . . . . 108
D..L.&W. . H" > ? i St.Pnul * Omaha. . 3i'i '
Illinois Central . 113 I dopreferrad . 1)2
I. , U..y. , . U'i ' ITitlon Paclilo . r > 8'i
KunsRsitToxas. . . . 10V..St. . L. & V . irtf
I.nkoSlioro . lO-l.y dopreforred . 29 ? ;
Michigan Coutral. . S3 Western Union . 84i ?
Missouri Pacific. . . . B9 | *
r On call easy ut 3) ) per cent ,
PUIMB MttiuuxriLa PAVSII l < j5J ! per
cent. l
STBHLINO EXCIIV.XOE Dull but soady ; six
ty-day bills , 84.SO ; demand.
PKODllOlfl HA.'Uf.lCT-i.
CntOAOo , July 18. li&p. : m. close Wheat
Cash , 70 ? c ; SepteriiUpr , 75XQ75 o ; December -
comber , 77J c. if'
Corn C.ish , So c ; .August , S.Wc ; September -
tombor , 35 c. > - <
Oats Casti , 22 o ; Ajijfust , 31 % ; Septem
ber , 21 e. &
Kye 13u , nominal. Of7
Barley No. 3 , September , Olc , nominal.
Prime fimolhy $1. 4. 1.45 , nominal.
Flax Seed No. 1 , SlUi
Whisky S1.03. Van -
Pork Cash , Sll.srK nomlnal ; Aueust ,
811.80 ; September , Slli83.
Lurd Cash , So3 , . ftmilnal ; August ,
S0.37X ; September , S15.37& . ,
Short Illbs Cash , ? " > | 7J ( , nominal ; August ,
§ 5.70 ; September- , 5.7.j.vj " -
Flour DullvttteatlJpuiHtrtinchangod ; win
ter whiMt.S3OugH73iBlriug ; ! Wfcoat , 81.30 ®
5.75 ; rye' S ) . : > ® i70.1 > l ' < V o
Dry Salt M < 5at4-i-HhouTdar's , S'S.SSQ'i
short clear , ? 0:00@6.13& : ; > hort ribs , 4
' '
Uuttor Dull' and . .unchanged ; creamery ,
ll@15o ; dairy , 9@l-le.
Eggs Quiet atlOK@ll > .
Choose Easy and unchanged ; full cream
Cheddars aud tlata , 7$4@To ; Young Ainer-
ieas , 7 ? ® Sc. .
Hides Weaitor ; heavy graon salted , Co ;
light green salted , 5@5) ) o ; salted bull , 4J < o ;
green salted calf , 5 ( VS5c ; dry llintTc ;
dry Halted hides , 7c ; dry ualf , 7@3c ; dea
cons , 25o each.
Tallow Easy ; No. 1 , solid packed , 3 ; c ;
No. 2 , 3l , c ; cake , 4o.
Hoculots. Shipments.
Flour 7tJO ) 5,000
Wheat : . . 1S.OJU 52,000
Corn 27rOOJ 20J.OOO
Ojts 120,033 111,000
Now York , July 13. Wheat Receipts
13.70" ) bushels ; exports , 52,000 hushcls ; spot
dull und stronger ; No. 3 Mil , 80lf < J830&ij in
store. 83Wo ullout , 87 ? @i9o f. o. b. ; No. 3
rod , 7c ! ) ; ISo. 1 red , 99o ; options dull ; August
closing ut Sl fc.
Corn Hiicoipts , 180,203 bushels ; exports.
85,700 bushels ; spot quiet ; No. 3 red , 42 ®
)2 ) } < fo in elevator , Wo ulloat ; No. 3 white ,
4 < > Xu bid ; ungraded mixed , 41 43 0 ; on-
tions dull but linn ; August closing at , 4'J c.
Oats Receipts , 29,100 bushels ; exports ,
251) bushels ; spot dull but steady ; options
firmer but quiet ; August closing ut27ifo ;
No. 2 white , spot , 32) 0 ; mixed western , 23@
39o ; white western , 83@39o ; No. 2 Chicago ,
Coltoo Options quiet and unchanged to 10
points down , closing linn on December ; oth
ers irregular and unchnngea to 5 points up ;
sales , 33.250 bags ; July , $14.33 ® 14.40 ; Au
gust , SU.40@14.50 ! September , 814.50 ® 14.(53 ( ;
spot Kio strati ? ; fair cargoes , 817.50.
Petroleum Steady aud quiet ; United
closed at OlVo lor August.
KUKS VYcakund quiet ; western ,
fork Quiet ; moss , S13.0US13.35.
Lard Firmer ; sales , western steam ,
? 0 01 , August closing at * 3.02K.
Butter Easy ; western dairy , 10@13o ;
creamery , 13lG ( } c.
Cliueso Steady ; western , GJ @ 7Jic. ;
31 in n on poll 4 , July 13. Wlioat Sample ,
active and lower. Closing : No. 1 hard ,
July. $1.03 ; on track , * l.OIT9t.05 ( ; No. 1
northern , July , 97c ; August , 79 > o ; Septem
ber , 78) ) o ; December , 7o ! ) ; on track , 97@9So ;
No. 3 northern , July , H3o ; on track , 83@S5c.
Milwaukee , July 13. Wheat Easier ;
cash , 70 o ; Soptombor. 75 c.
Corn Steady at 03Xc.
Oats Quiet ; No. 3 white , 37 0380.
Kyo Easy ; No. 1 , 4t ! ) c.
Barley Quiet ; Noj , , , September , 39o
bid. , „ / , ;
Provisions Easy ; poxkV $11.30.
Kntisaa City , July 13 : Wlioat Steady ;
No. 3 red , July und August 03 o bid ; No. 3
red , July , 50o bid ; August , 5Uo bid ; No. 3
soft , July , Uio bid ; August , ( Ho bid.
Corn Stoadyt No. " & tcash , 27 > o bid ;
No. 3 white , cash , SlXtfbld.
Oats No. 3 , cish , lSflr ! August , 17o.
St. / < mls , July l3.tV\Vheat [ Lower ;
cash.TSWiST-aifo ; Soptwhlier , 73 @ 7
Corn Lower ; oish.'U oj August ,
September , 8ic. > < , um
Oats Firmer ; cish"-25o bid ; July ,
August , 31c. H * m
Pork Dull at $11.70. ' " " '
Lard Nominal at f8lo4
Whisky Steady atf7,03.
Butter Quiet , easy and unchanged ;
creamery , li@16o ! , < 1 tltr ,
Cincinnati. July 'Afe Wheat Lower ;
No. 3 red. 78@80a $ * - "
Corn Unsettled ; NoV3 mixed ,
Oats Strong ; No. 3 mixed , 3 < Jc.
Whisky-Steady atSl.OJ.
Liverpool , July 13. Wheat Firm ; de
mand poor ; holders offer moderately ; Cali
fornia , 7s "d@7s 3d per cental.
Corn Firm : demand , poor ; now mixed
western , BMO d percental.
A Cat's Liong Kant.
That A cat hath nine lives Is n prov
erb us ancient as the hills , anil its truth
was verified to-day , says a Johnstown
special to the Plttabiirg Dlapntoh. The
worlcmon unearthed a live cat in thd
debris near the Baltimore & Ohio sta
tion , this afternoon. Its body was re
duced to n shadow , but the animal was
still kicking. Its neck was not any
thicker than that of an ordinary bottle.
The animal wiis taken to the Rod Crasi
hospital , where they are feeding it
on bread and milk.
Bier Summer Doala pondlnff In
Omaha Realty.
Tlio llullillriK Itcoortl For the Week
Shown Well FOP tlio Dull
Benson The Clear
ance Hocoril.
The Hcnlty Market.
Some of the leading real estate men nro
taking their annual vacations , expecting the
usual lull In tho-iuarkct during the next nix
wcoks. Illght hero is whcro they nro very
apt to bo mistakun. Though the trade of the
past week has boon light there are several
things on foot which show the strong unflqr'
current nnd Indlaato plainly that the regular
annual dog-day lull In the market will not bo
uoticoablo this year. The sale of the opera
house proDorty was but a starter for the or
ganization of several schemes the consum
mation of which will create renewed activ
ity in real estate circles. It is generally ac
cepted that n now opera house will
bo built aad property owners and realty
speculators are uusy in nn effort to
secure the attention of the prospective promoters
meters of the enterprise to eligible locations.
The corners nt Seventeenth and Douglas ,
Twentieth and Dodi < g , Eighteenth and llnr-
ney , Twentieth and St. Mary's avenue and
several other sightly locations hnvo been
named as especially suitable for operr , house
purposes. The decision of Doonng & , Co. ,
the agricultural implement dealers , to erect
a mammoth -warehouse at the corner' of
Eighth street nnd Capitol avenue , is expected
to cause a great change in that part of the
city and to cause an activity in realty in thnt
part of the Thlid ward. The location is one
of the best in the city for warehouse
purposes and it is surprising that
jobbers have uot taken possession
of it sooner. The proposed Improvement
will result in tbo removal of the undesirable
class of citizens who have so long infested
that quarter nnd will render eligible for le
gitimate business several blocks especially
suitable for such improvements ,
There is reason to expect ether big deals
on Inside property. ANowYont business
man who is willing to invest 81150,000 , in good
insldo property , has had a representative in
the city for several days and has received
quotations irom several owners. Among the
locations under consideration nro the south
east corner of Fourteenth nnd Capitol avenue -
nuo nnd the southeast corner of Fourteenth
und Davenport. In 'case either site Is pur
chased it will bo improved by u line bricK
There Is considerable activity too In the
manufacturing outlook. The organization
of the Omaha Stove Manufacturing com
pany assures for Omaha another big indus
try. In addition to this , a capitalist from
North Adams , Mass. , bus boon In the city
for several days ascertaining what induce
ments Omaha would offer for the location
nnd operation hero of a mammoth iron foun
dry. While nothing detinito has been deter
mined upon , the knowing ones give verbal
assurance thnt Omaha will secure this great
J. S. Campbell yesterday purchased the
south half of lot 1 , block 18 , S. E. Roger's
addition , for $4,000.
Swan Roscngrcn paid $35,500 for 10 lots in
Scully's addition.
The real estate transfers for the week are
as follows :
Monday 5 23,457
Tuesday i 54,041
Wednesday „ 35,931 !
Thursday 01,293
Friday 55'J4t , (
Saturday 52,051
Total § 2bO,237
S iviatters.
The council will , havo. for its consideration ,
among other thincs , on Tuesday night , an or
dinance which , if passed , will very mater
ially change the present regulations con
cerning tiouso moving , Under the regula
tion ! ) that have been in vogue it has boon im
possible for a house to outlive its apparent
usefulness , ' Frame structures that wore
mere shells when erected have boon trundled
from ono street to another as room has bean
demanded for substantial improvements ,
until they are finally landed in a'dilapidated
condition on a choice lot in some handsome
residence addition , surrounded by bright ,
comfortable cottages. Here they are
patched , repaired and repainted ,
until they cost as much ns n
new house. They nro never destroyed until
n lire comes along as a blessing in disguise
und assists decay in the flnril demoli
tion of the building. But coming back to
the proposed ordinance. This .provides that
when an owner wants to move a house upon
his property ho must first ascertain the
wishes of his neighbors in the matter and if
a majority of tlioso in tlio block decide that
they don't want au old second haud structure
moved Into tlio neighborhood , that settles the
matter and the owner will have to place a
substantial improvement , if any at all , upon
his property. If the ordinance Is passed , and
most of tbo counciluion favor it , it will bo in
teresting to note what disposition will bo
made of some of the structures that must bo
moved soon for big improvements , those on
the Sixteenth street sldo of the now uost-
ofllco site for instance. It will mark a now
era if they are torn down.
The number of permits issued thus far in
July is not large , but there is u constant im
provement in the class of buildings to bo
erected. Among the permits issued during
the past week , these are prominent :
Mrs. Mnr.v L. Turner will build two resi
dences on Burdctto near Sixteenth , each to
cost L' , 500.
C. II. Sobotker will build a $3,500 homo on
Sherman avenue near Sulphur Springs.
II. B. Ircy is building a handsome $ > ,000
homo on Thirty-first street near Poppleton
Lntoy & Benson will invest $10,000 in a
brick fiat nt the corner of Half Howard and
Twoatv-nlntn , strnots.
Dr. Neville is building , a $5,000 residence
on Dodge near Twenty-ninth.
Morris Sloman is building a handsome rest-
dcnco on Mercer avenue near Thirty-ninth
street , to coat $10,000. Mr. Sloman is also
building a $3,000 residence on Low avenue
near Georfto street.
Ono of the frame "shanties" that deface
Farnam street is to bo removed. This ono
is at. 1105 Farnam , and the owner , Mr. G. C.
Moses , will erect a three-story brick store
on the site , to cost $5,000.
Thomas F. Hall will build n 823,000 brick
tenement block at the corner of Sixteenth
nnd Jones. |
It. M. Fost purchased lot 1 in block 9 , S.
E. Hoeor's ' addition , for $10,000.
Miles & Thompson purchased three lots in
J. 1. Hedick'a ' addition for $9,000.
F. V. Washerman has transferred to the
Bank of Omaha for 118,000 , two lots in
Cherry Garden and ono in Omaha view.
G. M. Hitchcock sold to J. A. McShana
tbo west 83 foot of lot 7 In block 03 on the
northeast corner of Dodge and Ninth streets.
for $25,000 ,
Chris Hartman sold to A , O. Gunter the
west half of lot 0 , block 143 on Howard be
tween Fourteenth aud Fifteenth , for $14,000. ,
Two lots in Highland place were pur
chased by Irving Allison for $9,000. ,
nLouis Mendelssohn acid to B. Turner lot 3
in block 31'Jk' , on Cumiug near Nineteenth-
for $15,000.
Lot 4 in block3 , Han scorn place , was pur
chased by L. Van Cot for $0,000.
F. M. Sloman paid 118,000 for lot 3 In block
10. West Omaha.
F. L. Ames paid $14,000 , for the wet half
of block 105.
Geprgo Clouser is preparing to build a
three-story brluk block of stores and flats at
tbo sautheast corner of Sixteenth and Jonts ,
to cost $15,030.
C. C. Spotswood will build a $2,500 rest-
dence on Spauldln ? street , near Twenty-
fourth ,
The permits for the week total as follows )
Monday $ 1.500
Tuesday 83,900
Wednesday a,500 ,
Thursday. . . . . 0,400
Friday. . . . . 0,623
Saturday 4U.800
Total. , $95,775
Tbo Clearance Record. *
Tbo bank clearlugs tor tbo week ending
yesterday exceeded $5,000,000 , an Increase of
43 per cent over tbo business of Uo oorre-
aponpmg week of last year. The following
totals show the volume of the week's busi
ness :
Monday . ' . . $ 874,433.33
Tuesday . . & 00.034.03
Wednesday . . . . . . . 78.'t,16U9
Thursday . 703,09(105 (
Friday . 1,110,530.1)0 )
Saturday . 781,930,73
Total . $3,070,331.07
Increase over corresponding week of last
year , 42.8 per cent.
How Would 1 Then Ho Loved 7
Mtiru ( J , iroortMil' .
How would I then bo loved 1 Most tenderly.
This heart doth shrink from love's florco
fever heat-
So soon the fire of passion bumcth out- ,
And lonvos us nrniuht but nshcs , gray and
I yearn but for the dew of tenderness
'Tls thus would 1 bo loved I
How would I then bo loved ) Most patiently.
With rarcs nnd many sorrows oft oppressed ,
Now do I need a strong and patient arm
To lean upon , as on thro' Ufa I tread ,
To boar mo up in level
How would I then bo loved I Devotedly
Of nil the world I must bo first and host ;
And 1111 the measure of existence full
For him whoso heart with mine doth Interchange -
Devotion , patiouco , tenderness no moro
Could humnu heart desire this sldo of
A 1'olntor 1'or ilio Tlnilil.
Don't bo alarmed whoa maidens sooin
So heedless of your passion ;
Or chldo when they should most approve ,
For this Is woman's fashion.
But thus her very weakness she
'Un wittingly discloses ;
& 'or Nnturo always wounds with thorns
Before she yields her roses.
Another Ohio Mntt Appointed ,
WASUIMOTOX , July 18 , The president has
appointed Alfonso Hart , of Ohio , to bo solic
itor of internal revenue.
Westward. .
nunnuis between Council muffs ana AU
bright. In addition to the atulons mentioned ,
trains stop at ' .Twentieth and Twcnty-toum *
streets , and at ino Hurnmlt In Ornana.
Leave. Arrlvo.
No. 3 . 5OJnm ; I ) No. , . . , . . , . : ant
No. U . 0:50 : BUI 0 No. r > , , .
A No" 4' , , . , , , . K ) : OJ amA
No. 14.
No. n , , . , , 0:10 : ninlNo. 7 , . , , fl-37 ; am
No.H , UH5 pmlNo. U 7:15 : am
No. 4 . . . :2i : piu No. 6 , 0-U pm
All Trains Dally.
A No , 8 , , Ui1amA ; ] No. , . , . , . . . :
A No. 4 , .9lipmA : | No , 3 5:15 : pm
A No. 3 ,10:07aml : A No. :35 : am
A Mo. 4 , . Uillpml A No. 1 ailOpm
A Ho. 10..7:05amlA : No. W,8Mam :
A No.13 ,7OJpmA : No.H U00pin ;
A No , B , , 4t3fpmA | No. 7 13:00 : in
Aually : U dulU except Saturday ! Qexoupt
Sunday ; D exc t Monday ! raid mull ,
Continuation of Previous Flrmnoso
in the Money Market.
Activity HulcB nil the Now York Htoolc
Kxolinngo Durliic tlio IMnt Six
Dnys , but AVItli fin HIIRO ! *
A Rcfutino ot tlio Country.
OiUCAoo , July in. fSpecial Tologrnm to
Tun DEB. 1 The firmness In the money mnr-
hut noted nt the close of lust week continue *
niul inlos arc strong nt .V < $7 per cent , the In-
slilo bolnR only nccoptocl for fnnoy collater
als. On call the majority of'banks nro do *
iiuuidlng G per cent on such loans , nnd do-
cllno paper nt loss than thnt llguro , nnd 7 per
cent Is olinrgoij for nearly nil ohtsldo paper
which thirty dnya utjo found a ready market
hero nt OQG ) per cent , Tim volume of tlio
grain and provision paper hold by tho' bank *
Is far uolow the average nt 'this data In
former years , but Its plauo is tilled by nu In-
cronso In the quantity of mor-
cimtllo and miscellaneous obliga
tions. There Is also moro than the
usual mUl-Bummor average of rono\raU , In *
dlcathm that Jobbers and tnntmfiicturos Imvo
found It moro dlfllcult ttuui usual to cotU'urt
thnirstooltainto cash. The Ltrongth of the
loan market Is also increased by the rooout
advance In rates in Now York and lioston.
This Is duo to the chnnga in the How of
money from the east to the west , as la cus
tomary lit this season , ' mid nlso to the un
easiness created by the recent heavy experts -
ports of gold from Now lark nnd foara that t
thoj will increase. Collections nro fair , 'but
in many sections , where crops wore po'or ,
they are slow * Now York axchaugo was
quiet , with niodorato offerings , nnd sold at. ,
2550 cents discount per 91,000
niui closed at 40 cents discount.
Foreign exchange developed a weaker feel-
IDR nud prices declined under increased
olTorlngs of bills , drawn mainly against
shipments of corn and provisions. Kates
ranged at $ l.84 } © 4.84 for alxty days' docu
mentary sterling bills on London , and closed
nt $1.S4J < K < 34.84 % . The Jobbing-ana general
trade continues to maintain a fair volume ,
though previous complaints of scant profits
nro repeated with increased force. Merch
ants admit thnt the compensation has boon
altogether too small for the amount of b.usl-
ticss transacted. Cotton poods nro linn and
n tmiido higher. Iron and iron goods are
steady. Groceries soil freely.
Tbu weekly bank statement shows the following -
lowing changed : Ucsorro , increase , $1,013-
( )75 ) ; leans , Uocroaso , $2,515iO : < ) ! specie , increase -
crease , Sl,030lXi , ) ) ; legal tenders , increase ,
fi ) 1,000 ; deposits , decrease , $1,813,300 , ; cir
culation , decrease , ? ll,400. ! The banks now
hold $ < ' . , OJOU)0 ) In excess of the 23 per cent
rule. Exports of spoclo from the port of
Now York hist week amounted to $1 < HHMI31. >
of winch $1.390,035 was m gold nnd . 313,09i (
in silver. Of the total exports , $1,533,705 iu
gold nnd $311,000 In silver went to Europe ,
81,533,221 In sold being consigned direct to
Paris and $51IKU In gold and § 7,91)0 ) silver
went to South America. The Imports of
spoclo for the week amounted to 818,874 , of
which 910,777 was gola and 7,397 silver. '
The Now York stele market was fairly
active , but the fooling was unsettled. During
the early part of the week tlio uncertainty
regarding the railroad situation in the west
created a distrustful feeling and Induced
free selling of "granecr" stocks , so that-tho
"short" interest created the proceeding
week was increased to such an extent as to
bo unwieldy. Union 1'acllie , St. Paul , Atchison -
ison , and Hock Island broke sharplyunder
selling pressure , but a change for the bettor
was produced by news from , the west thnt
efforts wcro being unide nt the , of
tlia presidents to lostoro harmony
umoug. the western lines. The fact
that the Alton nnd Fort Woith
were not represented nt the meeting
had a tendency to create greater uneasiness ,
and the Alton , in which little hus been dona
heretofore , sold off 9 points. "Shorts" to cover and found the market over
sold , and ju their efforts to buy they created
a brisk competition , which wan muroatou by
the report that efforts were being uindo to
secure control of the Chicago , Burlington Sc
Northern nnd take it out ni a disturber of
rates in the northwest. It was assorted that
the Chicago , Burlington & Quinoywns to
put in its 30 per cent of holdings of that
road , and otbor roads wore to supply
the money to purchase the balance.
This started sharp buying and trading
Increased perceptibly and. advances of
2 to 8 points wore recorded. The failure of
the presidents to agree , however , produced
heavy selling , mid about all the appreciation
waslost. , Speculation in trusts was less ac
tive , but the fcollng unsettled , good declines
being in turn followed by sharp advances ,
and the losses wcro about recovered at tlio
close , but a sudden turn again carded prices
down , and sugar closed with a net loss of ;
over 0 points nnd on n load of 7
points. Coal stocks wore traded in
fairly. hut they failed to attract
especial attention. The only important
t feature wan the declaration ot u quarterly
dividend ofyt per cent on Jersey Central ,
theilrstin a number of years. As It had
boon In a measure anticipated by the recent
advance , the appreciation was only 2 points.
Most , of The aotlVo list closed lower than the
preceding woek. llonds wcro fairly nrtlvo
and steady and without , special features.
The ac-gregato sales for the woolr were
1,331,000 shares , against 039,000 shares the
preceding week.
Considerable interest has boon manifested
In the leading erniu markets smooths last
weekly review and speculative trading Was
quite active. Local operators traded uiora
trcoiy than for some time past and orders
from outside partiei showed some enlarge
ment. In a general way the fooling was
consldurably unsettled and prices , fluctuated
frequently within n moderate range. Crop
prospects are quite favorable , the weather
during the past week or ton days being more
favorable for harvesting operations u nil , for
growing corn , nnd it is eciienilly conceded
thnt larger crops will bo 'secured
than last year , and the quality also wll ) no
very good. Now grain is beginning to ntovo.
and during the next month or two the re
ceipts undoubtedly will bo llbnral. Supplies
of grain in tlio principal murhoU have Won
further reduced ; excepting of outs , and the
movement of old grain from first hands lias
boon moderate. The domestic markets liuvo
shown a little more strength nnd foreign
advices were imwe favorable to holders.
Crop advice * Trom abroad exhibited very
little change generally good in , western
Europe , but rather poor IU a greater portion
of eastern Europe. The shipping
branch of the trade .lias shown
a llttlo moro activity , being oncourugcU by
the reduction In freight rates. Corn anil
oats wore forwarded ruthur freely to eastern
markets and wheat was scattered quite
liberally through the Interior to supply the
wont of millers. Pncos for the leading
cereals were on nn advancing aculo during
the early part of the wbok , with rather JTroo
purchasing by the 'shorV Interest. Toward
the close a weaker feeling was developed and
lower prices submitted to , duo to romtltlerabla
realizing by holders of small nunntltios
and also to liberal aW by
"aborts. " Provisions were unnettloa nnd
weak during the greater portion
of tlio week and lower prices wcro accepted
for all loading descriptions. The shipping
demand has fallen pff materially , while the
packing of hogs at o'l ' the principal western
points Is progressing actively considerably
in excess of the returns for la t season , The
receipts of oattlo and hogs were liberal at nil
tlio leading markets and lower prices : were
Seeds were unsettled and rather woolt
owing to better crop prospects , llnx bolus
the only exception.
- - - -
n- - i
A quaint and pretty fashion of quickly mid
charmingly draping the bodice for dinner on
a sultry evening U followed ut Saratoga nn l
ether fashionable resorts. A very loujr soarf
of tulle not or llsso Is carried around the
Uiroat , leaving a bit exposed Just wndcr the
chin. 'Iho scarf is fastened here and there
with little glittering gpm-aet Ittoe pins r.nd
then brought down a trifle below tbe waist
and the niry folds caught in miuzly ju l sc.
purely under a large clusii or biuo ! , The
long iiralftbt ends are simply lumussd. rnd
tliesu frequently ( ? acb to the foot Ot lit *