Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 14, 1889, Part II, Page 14, Image 14

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NonilvrrllRcmcnts will be tnkcit for
thcftc columns nftcr 12U : ! ) p , in.
Terms CnHh in Advance.
AdMirtliementn tinder thin hrnd 10 cu . . . per
line for Ilia first Insertion , 7 cents for eaeto ub.
teqtient Itiforttrm , and $1.60 per linn per month.
No ndTcrtliemtnt token for less than 25 cent *
for ftrd Intcrtlon. Feven words wlin > ocountJ
to tlio line ; they must nm consecutively and
mum b paid In ADVANCE. All advertise
ments must ! > < handed In before 120 : ; ! o'clock p.
tn i ami under no circumstances will they b
ttifecn or discontinued by telephone.
Parties advertising In thesecolumns and hav
ing thelrnnswersnadressodlnrareof Tin : IIRR
will plcae axk for a check to enable thorn to get
their letter * , an none will bo delivered except on
presentation of check. All nnsweM to nrtvor-
itaemtnts should Iwenclooeil lu envelopes.
All ndrertlfemcnth In these column * nro pub
lished In both morning and evening editions or
TUB RKK , the circulation otvlilch nggrogatos
wore than IC.WO papers dully , nnd gives the nd-
Ytrtlscrs the b neni. not only cif the city circu
lation of TIIK HER. but also of Council Bluffs.
Lincoln nnd other ittlen and towns throughout
thisicctlonot tlmcouulry.
Advertising for three columns will bo taken
on the above conditions , at the following bust *
cess housm. who are authorized iigenuiforTHK
Ilr.r. RpeclAl notlren , and will quote the tame
talcs as can le had nt 1 he mali nice .
I N i'hir ui acla t , KM South. Ttnth
It ROI1Y. Stationers and pnnters , 113
O1IA8K leth Htreot.
O H. PAHNBWOimi , rharroaclst , 2115 Cum-
Ing Street ,
WJ. HUOIIBS. I'harraaclst , C24 North ICth
rjBO. W. PAUIt , Pnarmaclst , 1 ft. Mary's
HUOIIKS' Pharmacy , 5S08 Pniutiin St , Tele-
phone No. ! Ci.
"W7ANTKD Hy n young man from the noiitti ,
TT a good commercial iawj-er ( strictly tern-
Berate , with "A 1" business imalinoatlons und
recoinmendatlonfi ; honorable employment of
some tlnd. Addtess "K 0 , " Ilee Olllco.res
res ic *
) Situations for two first eiais
Scotcn glrlHinsamo fiunlly ; any oiw ilo-
siring 8 well trained regular uiiKtutn Hervauts
vi 111 doell to secure them. Mm. liroga. HHI5
S. 16th. 5ii5 l"it
' accountant wants compnciUea
books and partnership mattcr > to iijust ,
Address 00.1. lleo. lUfJylli ?
nifo'ino ciiildFenjfor
private family , wife must nan > o I cook.
HO ; cook and waitress for O'Neill , J.'iunud ir.j
3 cooks for boarding houses * . JJU ; f llrst cla-s
girls for odlcer's fninlly ; CO for general house-
Mrs. Ilrcga , : il4h E. 16th. _ n 13 ?
Xx ) A llrst-Fla8T sollcltor " "f or Jol )
Vr printing. Good salary and steady position.
SOth and Miami streets , opp , base Dall park.
E. II. Cannon. 656-lit
WANTED Pastry cook , fc'iO ; young man
with team and light wagon to travel
through thd country : good pay ; steady Job.
Mrs , llrega. 314VJ 8. Uth. 503 15 ;
WANTED Six good stenographers to take
positions. Apply to It A. Smith. Stund-
nrd snorthand school. Paxton block. 547-14
a > M weekly i-ollcltlug lift1 , accident and sick
tp Dene It insurance. Members accepted up to
6 yenrr. Limited reserve , J5HoiK ) . Live agents
wanted. Mutual Union , Rochester. N. V.
. CUO-14 *
THE Missouri wasner affords agents prollta-
blo business. It washes , dirtiest clothes clean
in hot steam without rubbing. Arguments In
its favor are numerous and convincing. Easily
sold. Sent on two wccks'.trlal to bo returned
nt my expense If not sntlsfactoiy. Write for
Illustrated circular und teims. J. Worth , St
Louis. Mo. '
" \\rANTED-Good salesmen for school sup-
T T piles in Iowa , commission or salary from
$75 to > 1U ( per month , with commission privil
ege. "The George S. Cllne Pub. House , " room
Oil First Nat. Uank building. 6CU-U
WANTED 3or 4'good men wno'arehns-
tiers to soil the fastest selling novelty ever
Intro-lucod to Omaiia ; for full particulars up-
li : ply to 1240 South 14th St. 620 15J
li \j\f ANTED Agents to sell the Plnloss Clothes
TT Line ; the only line ever Invented that
holds tlio clothes without pins ; n perfect buo-
CCKH ; patent recently Issued ; sold only by
agents , to wLomthe exclusive right Is given : on
receipt of 60c wo will send a sample line by mall ;
also clrculats , prlco list and terms to agents ;
( .retire your territory at onco. Addtess , Wor
cester PlnlesH Clothes Line Co. , 17 Hcrnion St. ,
IK Worcettor Muss , 613 IS *
W'ANTED Good man In every town. Salary
paid weekly. Write for particulars. Bhor
man. Tangenberg Si Co. , ICO WestLake.Chtcag ,
612 18 *
WANTED A traveling salesman acquainted
with the crockery , glnsswaio , lamp and
holiday goods trade. Oho with an established
route preferred. Address , H. 45 , care of Lord
It Thomas , Chicago , 111. 611 IK
WANTED Experienced ( lower pardoner ,
one who speaks German preferred. Ad-
dmsB 4 Bee office. 60215
WANTED Experienced elevator man ; must
bo capable of running un engine and ma
chinery : rufcience : equlred. Address LOCJC
Box 11. Tcmpltton. la. 4b016 ?
WANTED Men with fair education and
pleading appearance to solicit ; deposit of
$25 veduireil ; salary 55 und $76 per month.
Call on or address il. L. Roylen , room 611. 1st
Nat , bank. 470 14 *
ANTED A broad baker at 623 Main st. .
CouncnjimiTs. 40J-14
- Is the tlmo to soli the "His-
tovr ( it the Johnstown Flood. " We have
the largest , liest and latest , beautifully Illus
trated , bund 40c at ouco for outfit and seem e
territory. Liberal inducements. Act quickly.
White & MInckli-r. Fort Wo > no. Ind. 3i'.i 14T
WANTED A good draughtsman. Apply to
James Tylcr.urcnltect.Llm-oln. Neb , 307-14
Experienced hardware salesman
man ; knowledge of builders hardware
preferred. A. C. Itaymer. 201
to travel-for the Fonthlll Nurseries of
MEN , Wo pay $50 to $100 a month and
I expenxcB to agents to sell our Canadian grown
stock. Ad. ttono& ) Wellington , Madison , Wis.
k- BUI
W ANTED Railroad laborers , rockmen and
TT tracklayers for Washington Territory ;
nod wages and steady work , at Albright's
abor Agency , 1120 Farnain et. t > i
\X7ANTED-A good oillce man to go east ;
TT must invest$2.600 : must boa good business
man. Address the Geo. 8. Cllno Publishing
Home. 315 to 321 Wabash aye. . Chicago. 111. 7V4
" AN1ED Railroad laborers for new wont
tn Wyoming. Teamsters , wheeler holders ,
r.lck and shovel mnn , and rock and tunnel men.
Steady work and isood Job. For transportation
apply at Albright's labor agency. 1120 1'urnan )
et. . Omaha. 702
WJLNTBD-$25 weekly leprcsentattve. mala
or female. In every community. Goods
tnplo ; household necessity ; ttoll at Bight ; no
peddling ; salary paid promptly , and expenses
advanced. Full particulars anil valuable sample
case HICK. Wo mean just what wo say ; address
At one * , Standard Slh or w me Co. , Boston Mats
T\"ANTUI ) First class iiilillnen and linprov
TT era. None need apply except fully compe
t nt , , llvyman & Delcliei , I518and 1620 Farnam
P 607-16
_ _ _
ii * * WANTCD-LaUy bookkeeper , $40 : Must tig
, , uro I nm nor. Housekeeper for sinul
family. 21adyrlorks ; 2 cooks , out city. (10 ;
cooks In Uty. $5 v M ; S chamber mahli : U wait/
reaees ; p.imy cook , (7 : 60 girls general house
work. Omaha Km p. Bureau , 119 , N. K > Ui ,
W ANTHO-dlil for general housework. B
W. comer 22d and Lake bta. 621 17t
" \\rANTEll-At 60J Park avo. a compcton
TT nuiseijirl or woman , 610 1'J
"VXrANTED A competent girl to Ute care o
TT children , ono whunindorstandi plain r.c-.r
Ing ; wood w ages. Ml B. iXth t. .4H U
\\7ANTKD-At once , ft girl 14 to 10 years oh
TT that has had i-xpeikuce in miiMnc. Oal
room m , Paxtou block , between 1 aud 3 p. in.
LADY agents wanted to sell Iho Mudium
Wllllumtiou ror l. Largest salu of any paten
coitct lu the market , ( ! < > od terrltoiy. Apiilj
EeiitmnanagBr. 18 B. Cth tt. . Ht. l.ouln. Mo ,
WANTED -Gootltjlrl for housow ,
TT Gorman prefitred , uiul fa > i lly Iiuiuin
406 N..Vclat. U'l 11 *
\\7ANTED-Olrl for gcnvral hous wurlcmui
> i bo uovd cook. Call ut once at 101 ( " 4th tt
477 IS
fTANTb'D-2 oed girls for KenaraT 1
TT woik. i03W | uat rit. Mixli. v > . "
WANTED A woman , good cook and Uun
druai ; tin family ; wag * * 14 p > re k
1CQ3 California. 129
\VANTP.D- S clrli at n > . Coffmau' * . Wthinl
Tt bt. M / ' > c , { KOOiS Via i > lnw. > w
Oerroon girl ta do cooklnK "nil
WANTED - of wages pain , inquire J.
L. Brandeli , 724 8 10th t. 233
A nurse girl or woman. Appjy
WANTED . .TS/i /
MTANTED-rtlrl to no second work and take
T > raroof child throe yrs old ; none but com-
letent need apply : German preferred , 54te st ,
ilary's ave * 07
. J. WALK1E , of Chicago , and Mme ,
lirown , of Boston , ladles of 1i > years' experi
ence , will teach cutting. bastlnR. designing
and draping for a short tlmo. The Worth tailor
ystem taught , cutting and bunting done nnd
mtterns drnwn to order. 1W.1 Farnutn st.
r ADI ES It you wish yOnr dresses made In
LJall the latest styles , luivx tliom made l > y the
'ollett System ! Madame Bexnmlth , How York
) rcssmaklng Institute. ( K)7 ) S. 13th. 5. " > 0 14 ?
to do in families , U3. " > S. 17th.
DE" : NOAOEMENTS to do dressmaking in faml-
Itcn solicited. Miss Sturdy , 103 a 2'th nvo.
A HI ) and room for two more gentlemen
BO $4.CO per week. 1225 North anil street.
401 15t
TJUHST-clRSS dixy board , Inqulro 1000 Douglas
ANTIID-lllds for labor and material for
W block of live K-room housca. W , J , 1'uul.
WANT15D llrlck ; cheap , for rash or prop-
erty. I'aul.V. . J. . WJ Farnam. C8a 14
ANTE ! ) " HrlcV and bnlldlupTmatorlnl fo r
her e ( " , biigptlcs , loto , honst-n , farm nnd
.nml . W. J. rtiui , Jew Karuam street. ftB 14
" "
WANT toreirtTTor fnur 'months from August
I , well fuuilshcd hous-o of ten rooms or np-
wards. lirubtUB A , Houston , New York J.I to
building. -"Hi
TJnilTllRNT Tlinvo n number of customers
J. for houses. 4 to 7 looms ; 1 f you want yours
rented list with. I. II. 1'arrotte , llentul agency ,
UoomSI. Douglas block. C40 SU
S 21st st.
HENT-0-room cottage 30
610 14J
- 7roonv < nt 1007 Unwind
st. L. D. Holmes , Barker block. 601 lit
THOU RENT 6-room Hat. corner. Uth nnd
X' Maion , under viaduct , $10 per mo. . Call nt
612 BlSthst , 478
HUNT T-room Mat , Lange bioce. filB S
Uthst , 470
TTlOll RKNTA neat cottage at 810 S.
XM9tlmt , Inquire S17 S. 1'Jth. 413
TTIOR HKNT--0-rooin house , N.28th ave. . near
XA Miami st. luuuiro 1213 Leaven worth st.
l LI'iL.
ARGE house for rent , lie I Dodge.
451 17 *
FOR KENT $12.00 per month , a six room
building , N. i : . cor. of 10th ana Mftbon. 466
HKNT 12 room house with or without
JQ barn : large full lot ; xhado trees , Bhrub-
bery , grapes , etc. , at 15)17 ) Cass St. S. Lehman.
OU HENT-Untll October 1 , large furnished call 204 S. 2r > tn. 3CX )
HEN T Two mue room brict houses ou
Park avenue , with nil conveniences. Also
nine room frame house on t-umo street , with all
conveniences ; price J.TJ to $15 pel month. 1) ) . V
Bholes. 210 First National Uank. 811
FOll KENT $75 per montn.a first-class dwell
ing with all modern conveniences , including
stable , 2608 Capitol ave. Inquire of D. J , O'Dona-
hoe. 1C01 1 urnani st. 343
TilOU 11ENT P-room liouso , all cxinvonlcnce ;
X1 pa\ua utieet , cable tnrs ana within 6 mlu-
uteb' vi oik of P. O. N. Slielton. 1505 Farnam st.
FOH KENT 7-rodin nat , $25 per moTnliove
The Fair , 13th and Howard. Inquire ThoFnlr.
_ | _ _ _ SB _
TDIOH JIENT A nl < e 8-room cotrago with many
X1 conveniences , G27 S. 17th ave ; rent moderate.
Adply K24 B. 17th st. 071
FOtt KENT Nlco B-roomtl&t. newly papered ,
$32. 1IJ23 Howard fit. , in meat marnet. (64
I7SOH KENT 14-room house , 1811 Cumlng St. ;
X1 good barn and slieih ; modem Improve
ments : cheap to right pui-tios. O. L. Urcen , 310
8. luth st. _ | _ 82il
POK KENT Neat cottage. S per month. . C.
F. Harrison , Merchants National Uank.
_ 154
TTIOU RENT Furnished cottage of 6 rooms.
X1 L. At B. Loan & iteulal Agency , cor. loth and
Howard sts. _ H5
TjlUHNlSHEDor unfurnished house torrent
X1 in Park Terrace , opposite Hanscom park :
all modern conveniences. Inquire Leo &
Nlcbol. 28th and Leaven worth. _ BOS
F OIt RENT A detached b-room house , all
modern conveniences. Enq. 1 629 Capitol ave *
_ _ _ _ _
Foil KENT 14-room brick dwelling , all con
veniences , 6 blocks from 1 * . O 2lo N. 10th at.
FOll HENT Sleeping rooms and rooms for
light housekeeping , furnished or unfur
nished. Shady , gooU ventilatlob. $07 Howard ,
between 8th and Oth. 6l2-17t
O PUNISHED rooms , nice for man nnd wife ;
-J rent low ; all conveniences ; 2010 Grace nt.
THOU HENT 3 lurnlshcd rnoms ; every conveu-
A. ' lenco ; on motor line ; cull and see them. 1134
N. 17th 657 14 *
"VJ1CELY furnished largo front rooms with
J-N modern conveniences ; rent reasonable. 2317
Donglns st. 630-14J
rpWO furnished front rooms for rent , pleas-
X autly located , 200tiIIarnoy. DSJ-15J ,
OH KENT-0 furnished rooms for llfiht
liousokoepmi ; , reference requlrou.012 N H'tU"
525 IK
LAllGEfarnlstttd alcove room In now house ,
modern improvements. Inqulro D13 Ntrd. .
| 62 19t
/"CHOICE furnlihed room for rcntlemen. In-
Vy'qulro ' nt house S. E. Cor. N. 22nd and Hurt.
600 It
17\OU \ HENT-S'furnlshed rooms for lighthouse.
JP keeping , OCO N 17th st. 604 15t
TT10U UENT 3 rooms , furnished or unfur-
XI nlslied. 420 S. 16th. Inquire Hat 7. 4B8 HI
OU llENT-Furnlshcd rooci. Tl
"C10K HENT Flrnt-olass , cool and alrv fur-
X' nished rooms for rent at the Peabody house ,
cor 14th and Jouos sta. 494-lt
TI1OR UENT Good furnished rooms with
X1 board at the Clifton house , cor Uh and
PUrce sts. TcrmH ( I to $4.00 pur week.
170 HENT Nicely furnished rooms , with
X1 board , in private family , 207 Faruam.
TJ > UHN1BHED rooms with or without board ;
X1 gas and bath , 001 S 13th at , M lloor.
fTtUUNISIIED rr.oin In private family to a
X' gentleman of peed hnbltH ; convenient loca
tion ; references required , MS S. With St. , bet.
lUrney nnd Bt. Mni-y'n vo. WJ lilt
"fjlOlt HUNT A ploximnt front room , with
X1 bath and g , to ono coutlumoti. 2-Vl ) Ut
Mary's acnue. . 413 151
F llltfN , 19 St.
410 W
N ICnf.V fvirnhlied room * and board , 1020
' . 30414t
lURNIBURl ) room ( or res.i after Juno 25.
024 Uurt ht 158
OOD room with bath. IVt S. ti ) st.
niUUNlSIIUDrooiuH liy dny , WC < IK or month ,
K bt Cl .lr hotel , w r llth anil lo lee. tn
ooni. ! l Hovr 7uT"
| ilOKRiN7--Ttto : pirloi * front und ou flrnt
L lojr. All c. deic conl ncei , 1K09
. eta
\noniV frrr.tsne > * , rooms , Kiard it desired ;
1 > t V bain , * U-c-lu Vnllt. etc. 16W Uoiitflas ,
_ _ LI . _ 167
TTIOR RENT Mcely fuinliliad roe Vlth ex.
X' cnllen ; l-oiiril.incdtrn rouven' < 8.Ul55Parkar
209 It *
_ _
" 1/iOR ltli.s'V--iio ; iiiit toutli room tor gcntle-
J > man. 1707 Dodge > t. HB
"l OU RENT-UnfurnlfcTiiTl - Vlrur lloor , Hilt
X' thtoo lovely rooms , pantry , cellar ,
water In kltchvn. Blind * , cr.r Hiiv ; tu man urn !
wife ; none but temperate , respectable , need
apply. 2622 Cum lilt ; at. 627-111
unfurnltlJcd rooms , slnula or en-
v/aulto , for married couplo. uo cl.ildrcn. in
quire at hoiuu ti. U. Cor , K , 22nd ana Hurt.
TiWnilENT-Oier lov tJrt7 Tuj JU-vtard
X' ( . Uqulr * at itor , ( Ci
T310H UKNT THa Reed lintel , Bouth Omaha.
X" Four-dtory liulldlng , modern conveniences.
Cnll at 1811 Cats St. . city. 67MB'
TORE for rent , southeast cor 12th nnd Doug
las lit. S. Lehman , 621
ROOM to rent on llrst lloor , Karnam
DESK location nnd cheap. Address D 7 ,
llto. fvU-14 *
TTIOH RI5NT Store and fixtures for pale ; the
X1 entire btilldlnp : ono ot the best locations In
the city. 131(1 ( Farnam st. Apply to A. Polack ,
r | O RENT Desirable warehouse room on
JL track. Apply to 0. W. Keith , 714 Pacltle Bt ,
' RENT Store room with solid stone
basement nnd splendid Ice houf e In rear , on
Hart tit. bet. ITtli and 19th f > t. Rent low. F. G.
Urlnn. 1170 N. gith uv.3 < ll 14
. , . _ . . RENT The 4 story urlcc building with
X ; \\llliontpowcr , formerly occupied by The
Boo Publishing Co. , U10 Farnam st. The bulletIng -
Ing 'ms a lire proof cemented basement , com
plete cteam ; heating fixtures , water on all the
iloors , BKS , etc. Apply nt the olllco of The Hoo.
If.OR It KNT Stores and Hying rooms on Cum-
1 Ing st. Also house on Cass st. Harris , room
411 , 1st Nat , Bane. SJt >
FF1CE To rent Furnished elegantly or
uuftunished , Bushman block , N. E. Cor.
IB and Douglas. ' 148
"TJIOR RKNTBibie and 4 "living rooms In
X * tear , all newly papered ; good location for
grocery or feed store ; Hfi per month. Apply
at once , C. F. Harrison , Merchants Not. bank.
TilOH. RENT 2 Iloors front half Bomls build-
X1 Inc. power , heat , electric light. InqtiltcolUco
of JleiniHOiiinlui Bag Co , 157 Jy31
TTiOU 'RUNT Comfortable store rooms In the
X1 Her building , 00x2. ! : good location for har
ness shop. Also , two basements , light and airy ,
44x30. under hardware store- : good location for
tin lioii. Apply to A. C. Ravmer , hardware
store , Her building , corner Jackson and Kith st
6U5 Jy 18
l OR itKNT A 2 itory brick building , store
X * nix'f ) , with counters and shelves neatlv lln-
Ishcd ; good cellar ; two olllces In front up
stairs ; l.ncl : pait tor storage ; elevator , oloctrlo
light. The best position , toro room and locu-
tlonlu town. For iurthor Information call on
Chus. Ilartcls. West Point , dimming Co. Neb
, , . nothing better ,
cheaper or cleaner for summer use. De
livered free. Try It. J. A , Nauglo & Co. Telephone -
phone Bfl'l C42-10t
y E8 The Old reliable Itentnl agency Is still
X running , supplying nil that -como with
houses , lints and stores. J. II , 1'arrotte. Room
21. Douglas block. 64Cal3.
EEL1AIILE information nromptly furnished
upon any subject , except as to private chrr-
nctor. How and where to got a homestead ;
how to get n clerkship ; addresses 01 friends
hunted np ; information an to land ; prices ,
loans , rents , wuges , town locations , real estate
deals , business chances , property nntt persona ;
special reply to eveiy letter ; every matter
placed In our bauds thoroughly Investigated :
wnen information can not > bo given money re
turned ; i-trlctly honorable anil private. Send
81. Intelligence Bureau , Omaha. Neb 68414 *
MME.J.WALKlEotClilcagothBnutnorof the
"Worth" tailor system , will for a fowrtaja
bo found nt 1'fU Farnam st , Omaha , Neb. This
system oxcells fur graceful curves and perfect
fitting garments. 53'-14 ' *
SERVICE examination questions nnd
CIVIL to get government positions
sent for 25 cents. Address Bureau of infornuv-
tlan , Hamilton , Ohio. 637-14 *
A LCOHOL and magnetic baths with massage
Jtreatment by n lady graduate , for invalids
and hot weather ; Hat over 417 South llth st. up
stairs , room ! 1. 610 1BJ
BL. BNOW Attorney ; divorce n specialty.
Call on or address him room V , Collins
block. Cumlngst. Omaha. 60 ; 15t
TTMHRKL'LAS and parasols covered and ro-
vJ paired , 217 S 15th. lloyd's opera nouse block ,
in shoo store. R. Balor. too
XT ° 1'1CE Olllces can now bo selected In the
JLNNew York Life building , Geo. N. Hicks ,
agent , room 20) . 2d lloor. 31114
OLLATERAL Bank , 312 S. 18th St. . Chambo
of Commerce. Loans money on chattels and
articles of value. KH-.U-
W ASHING done , collected and delivered by
Mrs. Andrew Sorenson. 3310 Parker St. *
THE banjo taught as an art by Geo. F. Gel-
lenbeck. Apply at lleo oillce. I'M '
U'PHOI.STEKINO , draping and repairing.
Mattresses made over. First class work.
Reasonable prices. R. Lohmann , 21U N. Uth.
Steamship ticket from Hamburg to
LOST , favor David Schon. Ticket has
been stopped nnd Is no use except to owner. A
reward will be paid by returning same to
Wabash oillce , 150J rurniim. 629 16 ?
TKAYED Reward Left mv barn In
_ Kountze Place , Saturday. June 29th , tibrown
mare , tour white feet , star In forehead , cut
near left frout fool/ not healed. Suitable re
ward paid for any Information leading to her
return. Dr. B. F. Crummer. 47518
T OST A yellow shepherd dog. clipped to
XJshoulders , had on license tag 7ft. Return to
A. D. Moreci. 2G28 llnruoy or 14tn and iaruum ,
and get reward. 340
OST English Mastiff. Kcturn to 400 Paxton
block and get reward. 241-
( TIAKEN UP llrlndlo cow. Owner can have
Xsame by paying for advertisement. N. J.
Larson. West Side. 618-llt
T7IOUND Ten dollars. Owner can have by
X1 calling on 11.1) . Holsman , Paxtou Illk.
670-1 * $
TpKUs-ONAL I will glnaly tell nnyono who
X semlH me a self-addressed htainnod im-
\olopoof sometlilng I made which entirely
cured my face of blackheads , pimples and
fterkles : it gives a lovely complexion. Miss
1'lora Jones , South llend. ind. 60l-14t
1DEHSONAL-$2.75 will buy a nice Hanging
X lump , with tinted and decorated shade , nt
Moody's china store , IXU North 10th street.
OUNQ lady of ability desires to teach chil
dren German nnd music during Hutamor
for board , llest of reforeuccs , Address E u , Hue.
T ADIEB , Attention ! Madam Gueratto's
XJUoldon Spocltlc. oillce hours K to in a. in.nnd
3 to 5 p. m. , consultation free , 100J Douglas.
ANTKD-The address of A. IS. Malcolm.
Ho Is wanted to settle estate of deceased
mother. Address J. W. Malcolm , Itosevllle ,
Wurrcn Co. . 111. 41020 ;
"PERSONAL Decorated dinner setH for $10 , at
X Moody's china store , noj North Kith street.
651 14
TOIJ Pjlntliiff. Chase 4 : Eddy. 113JB 10th st.
PERSONAL Don't go on a vacation unless
you take along one of Hey n's amateur photo
outfits. Ull Dodge st. 2U3
TJEUSONAL Amateur photo outtlts com.
X pleto from $7.50 up , at Hey n's , 1414 Dodge st.
MRS. Perceval ot California , loon Douglas st. ,
fortolls the future. Ladles and gentlemen ,
r\U. NANNIE V. Warren , clairvoyant , medl-
X/cal and business medium. Female diseases
a specialty , 119 N ICth at. rooms S and 3. IKU
QTANHARDBhorthamT School , Paxton Illk"
k7iguccessor to Valentine's ) the largest exclu
sive shorthand school in the west. Teachers
are verbatim reporters. Particular attention
paid to typewriting. Mechanical construction
of machine taught by facrtoy expert. Circulars.
OMAHA Business College , cor. 16th and Capi
tel ave. Shorthand The largest and most
sticcvKsful shorthand department In the state.
Standard methods taught. Muuson'a revised
of 'tU u specialty. Cull or write for terms.
STOIfTTQT. at low rates'at irJITarnam stTJ
Oinalia Auctjouand Btoratce Op. U01
rpHArKAGE storage at lowest rates. W , if.
X lliislinun , 1311 Leavuuworth. 902
BRANCH & Co. , storage , 1211 Howard.
und forwarding Wo collect and
ditllvL-reooclii of ull descriptions , merchandise ,
fmnltiire aud bacK ee ut cheapest rate * for
Moraga for any length of time. Vans und
wagons to bo had at snort ml notice , with cure-
ful men fur moving. Packing and shipping
from our own wurrhout > o done on moderate
cl'.htu-o. " .It'ictundlso loaded and unloaded.
Warehouse ou our own tracks. Oillce217 S. luh
t , ; tolepliona 114 Howoll&Co. 904
WAN1EOtro"BUY. [
; i A hlKli counter , with or without
. rUllnc. H , H , lieuderiou , room 400 , Pax-
toullik. iOi
WANTnrImpPV > d farm , within IBmllw
ct Omaha ; nire * . be cheap ; prlca to include
commission. Address Agt. . P. 0. box 752.
fiiidrt 5i3 [ 14 *
BANK U'nntoil "to , bnya country bank In
eastern Nob. or I fire rest in ono. Address D
47 Bee. _ 0 _ S7R lf.
V\TANTED-Fnrlnf lro , carpets , stoves a d
TT liousoliold Ki lji ot all kinds. Omaha
Auction & Storage , Cy.t 1121 Varnam. _ 003
771 10I18ALI5 Curnlturo of largo house , every
X1 room rented , vrftt-class location. Parties
leaving city. A bargain. Address 188 , Doe office.
X1TO I f ll O4HJ"1
TO 8ALK--NloOitre li halt-Jersey cow. 2815
Charles st. „ WI-14
frntno house for polo , No. 1WB ( Turning
GOOD Must bo moved away at onco. Inquire
room GOO , I'axton building , fnth nnd Furnatn sts
"IT1OII BALK Cheap , for cash or on tlmo , ft
JU house of 3 rooms on leased ground and an
electric car line , Rood cistern irid outbuildings.
Call on or address II , W. Rust , Windsor hotel.
ros 15 *
Tj'OR SALE Carpets hnd lenso ot the l > cst lo-
JLJ cntcd cottage in Omaha. Very low rent ,
Address at ouco K b. Ilee olllco. 499 _
SALE-Furnltnro nnd tlxturcsof all-room
boarding and lodging house , 1510 Capitol
nvc.s house rents for&.5. 450 l4t
FOIt BALE--Ujsht three spring wagon In
good order. 16 < I7 N. Ilith at , 405 IK *
TMIKCanlleld MTc Co. being about to inovo
.Lv 111 Belli llrst-class 4-horso-powor engine
and boiler at Ji actual value. 1208 Douglas st.
PA II HOTS and mocking blrdH Just arrived at
the Illrd Store. Oil S. Uth bt. 37H 16 $
TlflDLAND Guarantee Jfc Trust Co. . 16or.rnr-
Ml nam.Complcto abstracts furnished nndtltles
to real estate examined , perfect odi ; guaranteed.
LOANS on improved and tiralmprovod prop
erty at low ratns. Odoll Bros. & Co.,312S Iflth ,
MONEY loaned on furnlturo. horses and
wngons ; rates reasonablo. City Lpan Co. ,
118H. Uth St. , opposttoMIllard hotel. 420
0. F. HARUISON loans money , lowest rates.
. 930
RESIDENCE LOANS-015 to 7 per cent , no ad
ditional charges for commissions or attor
neys' fees. W. It. Mclklo , First Nat uank , lild'g.
MONllif to loan on furniture , horses , wagons ,
etc. . or on any approved security. J. W.
llobblns. HUH Farnam street Paxtou hotel ,
SEE Sholes , room 210 , First Natl bank , buforo .
making your loans. tuu
III LD 1 NO loans. D. V. Sholes , 210 First Na
tional bank. _ 02J
( C500.000 to loan nt 0 per cent. Llnahan & MaP -
P honuy. room 601 Paxton block. _ U21
"PEOPLE'S Financial Exchange The fairest.
quietest and most liberal niouey exchange In
the city ; money loaned wltnout delay or pub
licity , In any amount , large or small , at the
lowest rates of Interest , on any available se
curity ; loans nmy bo paid at any tlmo or re
newed at original rates. O. llonacnrc-n. Mgr. ,
room 67. Darker block , llth and Farnam. B15
MONEY Lonns negotiated at low rates with
out df lay , and piuclmso ; good.8 , commercial
paper and mortgage , notes. S. A. Hloinan , cor
13th aud Inrnam. , 017
VTEUUAbKA Mo'rtgS'Loan Co. will make'you a ,
1.1 loan on household goods ,
horfes. wagons ,
land contt acts ,
fine Jewelry , or tyocurltlcs of any kind
without publicity ; at reasonable rates.
Room 7 , Ilowley block. South Omaha.
Uooms 018-510 , Paxton blocK , Omaha , Neb.
is ] 1)29 )
_ _ _
MONEY' to loarl ! on horses , wagons , mules ,
household goodH , planosnrganis diamonds ,
lowest rates. The first organized loan oillce lu
the city. Make learnt , -for thirty to three hun
dred and BlMy-tlvo , .days , which cay be paid in
pait or whole , at any time , thus lowering tne
principal nnd interest. Call aud see us when
you want money. ' 'Wd can assist you promptly
und to your udvUntajro without removal of
property or publicity. . Money always on hand.
No delay in. . maktngc loans. C. F. ItoediV Co. ,
319 S.ldthgi.voyorIllqghaui&ABqn.s. | 1)13 ) _
MONEVtoLoau \ are ready for applica
tions for loans in amounts/ from f (00 ( to $10-
000 on Improved Omaha or Douglas county real
estate. Full Information as to rates. Loans
promptly closed. Good notes will be purchased
by us. Call upon us or write. The MoCaguo
Investment Co. 1)18 )
ONEY to loan ou good first mortgages , improved -
proved or unimproved property. Mort
gages bought una sold. Wallace , room S10
lirown building , 10th aud Douglas. 622
ONEY loaned for 30 , 00 or (10 ( days on any
kind ot chattel security ; reasonable Inter
est ; confidential. J. J. Wilkinson , 1417 Fnrnatn.
_ J _ nil
T\ON'T borrow money on furniture , horses ,
X/wagons , etc. , or collaterals until you see C.
D. Jacobs , 411 Flr t National bank Inilldlnir.
MONEY to loan on real estate security , at
lowest rates. He fore negotiating loans see
WnllBce.It. UlO.nrown bldg , lt > th & Douglas. KM
TI/TONEY / to loan at reasonable rates ou 1m-
J-TLproveil property or for building purpose.
Western Land < k Loan Exch. , 311 B. Itth nt.
T OANS made on real estate and mortgages
XJootight. Lewis 8. Iteod it Co. ' , U n. lloardof
Trude. _ 02'
PIIILADULHHIA Mongaijo i : Trust Co. fur-
nlsh cheap eastern money to borrowers.pur-
chusi ) bocuiities. perfect titles , accept loans at
thcirwcfitcrn olllco. George W. P. Coates. room
7. Hoard of Trade. _ 033
MONEY to loan. Harris It. E. & Loan Co. ,
room 411 , First National bank. 'JI2
IjlIUSr mortgage loans at low rates and nodo-
XMay. D. V. Sholes. 210 First Natknal bank.
_ _ 020
PEOPLE'S Financla" Ilxchango Largo nnd
small loans for lone and short time , at low
est rates of Interest , on real estate mortgage
notes , chattels nt all kinds , diamonds , watches
and Jewelry. Don't fail to call if you want fair
and cnenp accommodations. O. Houscaren
Mgr. , room 67 , llarker blk , 16th and Farnam. _
Pit )
STHINGint & PENNY nave 11,00) on hand to
loan on improved Omaha property. Itoom
20 , Douglas Dlock , 405-18
\\7ANTED-First-class inside loans. Lowest
TT rates. Call and see ua. Mutual Investment
Co . It. 1 llarker blk. . l'ith and Farnam. t > 25
STUINGEU & PENNY , room 20. Douglas
block.hnvo money to lend on chattel security.
J 4G2 AM
_ _ _ _ _ _
MONEY to loan. O. F. Davis Co. , real estate
and loan agents , W 1 6 Farnam st , 020
MONEY to loan ; cash on hand : no delay , J.
W. Squire , 121U Farnam St. , First National
bans building. 827
UILDING and other real estate loans. W.-M.
Harris , loom 20 , Frenzer Ulock , opp. P. O.
I CAN make a few loans on llrst-class chattel
securities ut reasonable rates. W. 1C. Potter ,
room 10. Barker blk. cat
T7"EySTONE Mortgage Co.-Loans of $10 to
XVfi.Wi ) ; got our ratus before borrowing and
save money ; loiux-ori'.lior e3 , furniture or any
approved securitywithout ( publicity ; notes
bought ; for nw , Wu , renewal of old and low
est ratescalllt308jj\v''j1 \ ' < > y " ! * ISthitHowurd st.
MONEY to loan onany security
tor short itlme , at low
ruUs. LpweAt rates
pn personal *
The Henderson Juortgage Inreatment Company -
pany , room 40vi. Paxton nlock. COO
TTVO YOU wont money ? If so , don't borrow
X/before gettingoc&YTateii.whlcli uro the low
est on any sum fiom tl up to $10,000.
I make loans on household goods , pianos , or-
gaus , horBes.muleii. wugons.warehouse receipts ,
houses , leases , etcia any amount , at the low
est possible ratei/'Wltliout publicity or removal
of property. 1 't1
Loans can bo made for one to six mont us and
you can pay a piirtat any time , reducing both
principal and Interest. If you ewe a balance
on your furnlturo or horses , or have a loan on
thorn , I will take It up and carry it for you as
long as you desire.
I f j ou need money you will find It to your ad
vantage to see mo before borrowing.
H. F. Masters , roomi , Witlmell building Uth
and Harney. U33
E. & C. M. Anthony , 312 First National
bank building make loans upon larms in
Nebraska and Iowa and Improved Omaha city
property ; money ready ; title and security
passed upon here ; no delay ; favorable rates :
call or write. 638Jyl7
BALE Ono'of the best located rebtau-
1 rants in the city at half ot real vuluo on ac
count of sickness. Pro tits average $ - o per
mouth. Win , tuadelman , 627 Paxton building.
LL tne HUB new furniture of the Miller hotel !
( XW North icth Bt , Will be sold ut auction
on the premises , Wednesday at 10 a , m. All 1st
class aud new J mouths ago. Omaha Auction A :
Storage Co. CC10
F ) Tf BALE Wednesday , J uly 17 , at auction ,
all the turnlturv fit th Miller hotel , WW
North Idtn atroet , in use only 3 montlib und al )
antcluestftUo Besmn t W o'clock. WMO
16 $7,030 stock of jrrocorl * * . doing a
' [ "splendid bultlnoss ; reason for telling parties
going nway. Cigar nnd tobacco store. $ IM ) :
harbor shopl Wvroom hotel In this cltr , rent
$2iM or month ; prlco $8.600 , terms easy ; 76-room
hotel In n fine city In Nebraska , & years'lease ,
$ . " > , ) cash , balance easy ; confectionery and ice
crenm parlor , grocery nnd moat rnnrkat. Co
operative Land nnd Lot Co. , 201 N. 10th Bt.
622 1ft
B shop for snlo. 6 chairs , good busi
ness. Address OTJJ4 N. loth sC Omaha.
6CO 14-
"T/11NB stock rallllnory goodson carriage and
X1 quantity ot furniture ; will exchange car-
rlngo tor safe. 002 North I0th t. 60114t
TTlOIiaALH Restaurant , Ice-cream nnd con-
X1 foctlontry : protlts $76 to $ lrt ) per month , es
tablished trade ; fixtures now ; good location ;
Invoice about $ ' < nu to00 : slcknexs the cause ot
selling ; cheap tent. Address K 2. Ilee. 4S2 14t
2Vroom hotel , rent reasonable , centrally lo
cated ; price $ I,6U ) ; Mill take good toamof
horses as llrst payment , balance payable
monthly. Co-Op. Land nnd Lot Co. , 205 N. loth
F IOH 8ALR Lunch room. .121 8. llth.4RO
4RO II *
flMIE barber shop ot thu Windsor hotel for
X rent , together with llxtnrcs coplcto. Knqulro
nt hotel onico. 4Cti U
TJpORBALn An established contract business
X1 pertaining to public works. Material and all
neroRsary tools MOO.OO , invoice value. K 1. llco
olllco. in 14 *
WANTED 1'artnur In teal eitato business ;
young man preferred ; must bo a hustler ;
small capital required , Address D TJ , lleo olllcc.
450 14t
T710K BAI.n Tlio Gotham cigar store , Iloyd'a
-I-1 opera liouso , with or without jobbing stock.
I.ocnthin the l ) 'st. 4'H
HUNT llrlck hotnl. furnished complete
and doing agoo < l l i liiess. I.esseo must
boa good responsible party. Jixs. McKuteo ,
McCoofc. Nob. _ _ 418 Kit
P 111 V ATI : bank for mile In small town in
Northeastern Nebraska. Address i ) a' ) , lleo.
A GOOD brick and stone bank buihllni ; , with
time lock safe. In llvn to ni , Nutkolls Co. ,
Nob. Stringer A ; Penny , Douglas block.
WANTKO A TAsponslblo contractor to
llgum on the building of a number of
houses. Call or address 5H and 61U 1'axtou bid.
TO Millers and Grain llnyors.
A Uargafn.
A Hrst-class roller mill of COhbla , cap. , with
elevator attached ot 18W bush. , capacity , both
almost new and In good i mining order , will bo
sold nt
Short IT's Pale ,
at Geneva , Flllmoro Co. , July a ) . 1S80.
There Is also land stilllclent for feed lots , or
other purposes , all owned In fee simple. For
Information address C. A. lllckel , Pres't Ilxetur
Hull , Mill uud Kiev. Aasn. 1157 14J
171011 BALK Ono of thn best meat markets
A. in Omaha , or will trada for property ; pro-
Ills last year over tl.KXi. Address D 40 , lleo.
_ ; -40
FOIl BALE A good paying ralUlnery bull-
necs , established 12 years , can make from ) J1S.OJO a year net. Good reasons for
selling. It. M. Genius & liro. . 1403 Donglas st. ,
Onmna. Neb. 234
fj\OH \ BALE A complete soda and mineral
J. water manufactory with a good run of cus
tom for bale cheap , at Lexington ( formerly
Plum Creek ) Dawnon county , Neb. Apply to
John E. Winter , agent. Dick Ilros. ' gufncy
llrewlng Co. , Fremont , Nob. 21118
"IJ1OH SALE or Exchange Ilarber shopcent r-
A' ly located , doing good business ; owner has
outHlde Interests that need his attention ; will
take good clear or small incumbered let us part
payment. For particulars rail at 618 nnd Ml )
Pa.xton block Omaha 818
CASH and choice land to exchange for mer
chandise. Co-operative Laud Ac J/ot Co. , Ml
N. 10th t. 65(1-20 (
FR ) EXCHANGE-A line farm of 'JOO acresTii
1'olk county , Net ) . . 4 miles from Clark .
Neb. , to oxcnnngfl for cattle ; N ) acres under
cultivation , house , barn , wagon scales aud
good feed lot. Address C. Oskamp , 2216 Web-
stcr st , . Omaha , Neb. _ into
"WTESTEIIN lauds , farms and city property
IT for stocks of goods. Hoorn 2 , 1502 Farnam
_ 408)yU )
Tmoit EXCHANOK-For desirable residence
Jtiroperty In Omaha , any or all of following :
40 choice Inside residence lots in Hastings.
lee lots In Lincoln.
1 640 acres tine farming land , Lancaster county.
Fine residence property. Lincoln.
Good rental property , Lincoln.
Choice family residence corner. Los Angeles.
A neat residence property in Hanscom Place.
Also somu good mortgage notes.
Address , giving location and price or prop.
erty , J. E. u. , care II aura Iron Co. , 1217 Lea von-
Hortu. _ too
STOCK of general m'd'se In good country
town in Neorasica , price (14.000 , tlrst class
stock , rent 355 per mo , H cash and balance good
clear land or city property ; ( M.500 stock of
groceries In city , good location ana business , H
cash , balgood laud ; J.I/JO'J stock of hardware
In Iowa town , H cash and bal land or city
property. Co operative Land& Lot Co. ai N loth
TPOK EXCHANUK An elegant tract of land
-L' containing 120 acres. In Antelope county ,
Neb. , with ordinary Improvements.
A quarter-section In Hand county , Dakota ,
partly Improved.
Eighty acres near Council limits , In ,
House and lot on South 10th st.
Large amount of Oil Mountain and Petrollum
company oil stock. Will exchangu for good
"roperty or the erection of some houses , Geo.
s.r BternsdorlT , 1st National bank building.
WANTED To exchange some Omaha real
estate and farm lands for a stock of drugx
or groceries in or near Omaha. E. M. Park , KX)7 )
Knrnam st. 41) ) " > 1C
rpt ) EXCHANGE-3 U sections fine farm land
X and some cash to exchange for stock of gen
eral mdso in Mob. Address M. C. Farbur ,
Holyoke. Colo. _ 487 lit
$2,010 and W.OUO grocerlcs.dolng good business ,
In Omaha ; 5 deslroable trackage lots , $20,000 ;
3-story brick block , f22,000. Hutchlnson fcWead ,
1C24 Douglas st. 614 Hi
rPO EXCHANGE for Omaha property , one of
X the best Improved farms tn Iowa , only one
mllu trom town ot 6,000 Inhabitants. W. U. K.
& M. K. , room 14 , Chamber ot Commerce. IU1
CY a home In the center of the city , on
monthly payments. I will sell you a lot in
Aldlna square , DUllaaJioUEeof any kind , worth
from 12jO upwards , and you can pay for It
monthly , quarterly or yearly. Aldlne square
is on Grace street , between 22d and Jd streets ;
It has all the advantages such as paved streets ,
f > e werago. water , gas , and is a nrat-clais local
ity. Call at IKll Farnam street and HOC plans
ot buildings and get figures. 1) . J. O'Donahoe.
TOE BALE Ten beautiful acres , extending
X' from Dodge to Farnam st. , three and a
half miles from po&tolllce , at $1,000 per acre ,
Two elegant lots , corner on Orchard street ,
in Orchard Hill , fur t-iOOJ.
Good four-room houses , three blocks from
motor line. In Council Illulfs , tl.100 each on
easy imvments.
Kelly's addition. Washington Hill , lots at MOO
to moo on easy terms.
* ie want a bank , grlsi mill and harness shop
at Walmsli , fass Co. , Neb. ,
) .ots one and a half miles from business In
Omaha , near motor line , from tJM to t&OU , on
( iwy terms.
Trackage and dwelling lota to lease In
Qmaha. Curtis Ac Sacicett , ' . OH 8. Kith St. ,
Omahu. 45M5
BAUGAINB East front near Rogers' and
Wlthnell's residence. West Omaha , foi
11,700 , Full lot , on motor line , two. Grover
Stevens , 610 aud 617 Puxton Illk. r&ltl
I7KK BALE A Snap I Two elegaut south
JL front lots In lieOford Place , two lilocks from
Btato street ; worth 1 1 , TOO ; for a few days the
two lots for $1,000 cash , 'J' . C. Ilrunner. Itoom
1 , Ware Illk. _ 4BO U
TTOHBALE-OOacresS miles southwest of P.
XJ o. Make me an olfer. Hero Is aline piece
of land ; near proposed motor to Seymour park.
f. K. Purling. 43 llarkar blk. _ 4B-14 !
POll SALE East front 28th st ( Virginia ave ) ,
near Jackson : a line lot for 3residenceii
mttke oiler. K. K. Darling , 43 Darker block.
T7OH BALE A bargain ; a beautiful lot In
X Walnut Hill , on Lowe avenue , east trout , for
tl.RdO , easy payments , Address room 24Vlilt -
taker blk. Ia\enpoit. la. _ 618141
K E residence for sale to good party on easy
Fl tennti , true lllnney street , ICoiint/.u place , ail
modern conveniences Inoulre on preniliea.
_ _
offer for sale for the next f w dayt
tne follow IUK fine iiropoitUs ; A U-room
house In ImtiroMiinent Association add , , with
barn and other out door Improwueuts. A lot
lu Oklahoma add. ; 1 in Ilogera * add. ; 1 in
Cleveland Place ; 4 lots In Rosalind Plac . W , H.
IS. .V M. Kx. , Hooia 14 , Chamber of Commerce ;
telephone 14I . 30i > ,
_ _
rnll ii best money s worth of house ana lot now
J- fur tale In Omaha U that wnlch I am now
complotlnir near SUn st. on paved Wlrt t. In
Kouutze I'luce. 8 bedrooms , i parlors , dlnlnu
room , kitchen. 2 bath roonm , 3 water clo wet ,
larco laundry , stationary wash tubi. furnacu
and coal room aud cellar , electrl < ) bells aud
peaking tuba , 12 closdts , 1'rlca only tl.WO on
terms to suit Likewise a dupllcatft adjoining
ut sum * price. W. T. Seaman , east sld4 ICth si.
north of .Nicholas > t. ( ) ujaa 's larjjoit v rUty
ofw i'no and carrJagM. Wl
nd tto ni and nrestlgato somoot thi
Wbarirains we have to oirer. We are contlnit *
ally listing new properties , and "if you don' :
ne what you want , ask for It. "
We hav nerchandlxo ( o trade for land. W <
hare a brick and tile factory doing a thrlvlne
biKlnoss to exchange for western land.
Three now6-room rottngos nt Albright , with
In 10 minutes walk ot terminus of hourlj
dummy line , for snlo on terms that will only b
fair rent.
An elevator property with Utgo dwellln ;
house , ntn bargain Elevator complete , wltr
her o power , scale * , onico fiirnlnned. etc , /
line opening for n practical fraln denier.
One of the best improved farm * In the fttnto
will bo exchanged for Inside Omnhn property
Two fine residences In Popplwon park , or
motor line ; will bo sold on easy toim * .
Houses and lots in all parts of Onralm for
dale nnd exchange.
Per exchange , for Omaha proncrty.1,000 acres
ot school land lease , In one of the best countlc1
In the stnto.
A linn resldonco property In Omaha View foi
sale atn bargain.
From $ to 8100.000 vorth of llrst-clns ;
notes to exchange for Omaha property.
Merchandise to exchange for H taxli and bat
once western lands. This Is one of the Iluesl
opportnnltlfs over olTcroo to convert land Intr
cash. lnv ( tl ate this.
For sale , ntn bargain , hotel and livery barn ,
tn n coed Noornska town. This li a line opoiv
lug far a practical hotel man.
1 or exchange for Omaha property ono ot the
best farms lu Itock county , NobrasKn , together
with stock nnd machinery nocoss.try to carry
on the iiltico. Old agn nnd failing health of tlio
owner Is reason tor selling.
A line Wheeler countv farm , well developed ,
coed doll , lor exchange for Omaha propel ty.
UK ) acres of wild laud near a thriving city ,
What have you to olfor.
280 acres of fine land In northwestern lown
to exchange for Omaha property.
For salu nt a bargain , ono ot tno best 1m
proved farms In Nebraska , owner IB going tc
leave the stnto Is tlio reason for Helling.
Wo Imvo unsurpassed facilities for disposing
of property , having some 600 agents scattered
over four or UTO states. List yourprooerty
with IIH if yon wish a quick tir.n.V. . U. E. A
M. E. , room 14 , Chamber ot Commerce , tele
phone 14 40. 3m
BAUGAINB Katt front near lingers * ami
Wlthnell's residence. West Omalia , foi
IIoo. Full lot on motor line , ( sou. Grovct
Btoveu , 610 and 617 Pnxton Illk. K6-10
FOH SALW Now is the time to buy a lot In
Hlllsldo Itcscrvo or Hlllsldo addition No. 1
for , home. This property Is only about 0110
mlle from thopostollice. Is all high and bcautl
Tul ground , the streets are all put to an estab
lished grade. It Is only-a few blocks from CAble
line and has the advantages of gas , city water ,
sewerage aud continuous pavement from the
center of the cltv. Wo can olfer special inducements -
ments to parties wishing to build lu this part
of thocity and ask that an Investigation of tlio
property bo made : Prices range from tM to
170 per front foot , according to location.
J-ots 7 and . block 3 , Isaac & Soldcn's nddt-
tlon. price } il,01Vj. j.
Lot o. ulock f , Isaac & Eoldcn'a addition , prlco
LoMfl , UurrOnk , 60x150 frcr , cast front , on
Geoigia avenue. Price , $ lkK ( ) .
6 foot , HOiith front , on Hamilton street , lu
block 1 , Orchard inn. Price ; Jl.'j i.
Nlno-acro tract statable for dairy purposes.
Ten-acre tract suitable for dairy purposes.
Eleven-aero tract smtalilo tnr dairy purposes
On each of the above tracts there is a tluo
grove and a stieam of running water furnished
from large spilngs.
The property Is handy to both Omaha and
South Omaha , and dairymen contemplating
change of location should investigate this.
Fomeof the propel ty could bo exchanged for
other good InMdo nroperty.
Lot 14 , block 1. Potter's addition , price U,4oO.
Loto. block 52 , city of Omaha with two story
and basemeht house , with all modern conven
iences. Pnco 114.000.
Wxl22 feet , southwest corner 20th and Spruce
streets , with small cottage. Price $ ,2iO.
This has 122 feet frontage on 'Alth st. and can
be sold in 2T > foot lota.
New six room cottage with cltv water In
house. In west part of city. Price W,2W. Terms
to suit purchaser.
100x127 ft. S. W. cor. 2Uh and Cass sts. Prlcn
$ . \0f > 3. Wllltako lotand good llrst mortgage lu
62x100 ft. B. K cor. ft-'tli and California sts. ,
with small cottage , at a bargain If taken soon.
Lot 65. llurrOak , price Jl.iKKi. This lot Is Mix
lf)0 feet , fronts Hanscom park. The street Is
graded tn frout of It. and ft is not subject to
special assessments.
Ixts 1 and 2 , block 1 , Bedford place. Price
ll.nfO for both. These lots are within ono block
of the now furnlturo factory. The owner will
sell for ono third cash , letpurchaBor get loan to
put up building and will take sueond mortgnnc
tot balance.
Lot 12. block 2. Potter' : ; addition. Prlco H.4SO.
A few line business lots on Twenty-llfth ,
T enty-slxth , and Q streets. South Omaha ;
20. 40 , or 8J leet lots can be hud at reasonable
prices and very easy terms it purchaser will
put up building.
A line coiner , 00x178 , on 27th and llroadway ,
Council Hluirs , prlco $2.003. Tills is one of the
best corners on Hroadway , and now buildings
are going up all around It.
A row good corners ou Ilroaaway , Council
lltuire , near the carriage factory and lumber
yard , at from tl.loo to $1,200.
Lots in Potter & Cobb'n addition. Council
lilutr ? . within three-fourths mile-of the post-
office , from 1200 to KJOO each ; terms to suit.
Potter & Cobb.
258 15 1001 1'arnam tit.
FOll SALE lluslness corner. $40.000. C. V.
Harrison , Merchants National Hank. IDT ,
\7HOODS ! Geton to these bargains !
X $4,000 buys full east front lot with seven
room house and furnace in Hanscom place. Do
you believe It ?
114,000 buys a house on Parlc avenue with lull
lot. that is tlnor than silk , and elegant through
out. You cannot guess how nice this is.
f 1.100 buys a good four room house and full
lot in north part of the city ; al o for 81,000 In
northwest part of city.
1 can sell you houses and lots from $36,000
down to two and can suit you In any part of the
cltv. No trouble to show goods , even tf It Is hot.
Call In und get n good ride. If nothing more.
D. V. Bholes , 210 Firbt National Itauk. a 10
TTIOH SALB-B43.73 aero. sec. 6 , tp. 12 , r. 0 w. .
X1 Hamilton county. Neb. House , stable. 30D
acres fenced , living water. Price. $1,000. F. 1C.
AtKlns , owner , railroad nldg. Denver , Col. 010
GOOD Investment-iWxlK. corner on 17th
Ktroct , south of Cumlng , u 2-story and basement
mont , brick tenements. 10 rooms each , $30.000.
M. A. Upton company , 10th snd Faruam. 40114
rpHE finest drive in the city is ot Collier place
JL McCngue. KB
TIHE motor line is built to Collier place. Tlio
Kelt line runs near Collier place. The F. E ,
< ScM. V. It. 11. stop nil passenger trains ut Col
lier place. Tlio horse car lluo will soon reach
Collier place. Heat addition lu the city , Prlco
JMXJ to M,2QO per lot , one-tenth cash , balance ouo
to live yuara. McCague. opp. f. O. 1139
BAKGAIN8- front near Koger's and
Whltnell's residence. West Omaha , for
$1,700. Full lot ou motor line. $800. Grover
StcTJUS. 618 and 617 Paxtou block , 666-10
FOR SALE or exchange 24 ft. on Ifttti street ,
near Vlnton st. , Omaha ; 2 Improved farms
of ICO acres , each south of Chadrou , aud a Hno
quarter section In Madison county , near New
man Grove , address the uwner , Lock IJox 310 ,
Chadron. Neb. 6S2-1S
TjlOlt BALK Lot 1 , block lot ) , southwest cor-
X1 uer Uth aud Dodge sts. 00x132.
Lot 4 , block 354 , southwest cor , Uth and llurt
sts. with 3 small houses. r > oxl32.
Lot 0 , block 3.10 , with 2 houses , Hurt ft. bet.
17th nnd IHth , wixllCJ.
West 22 ot lot 2. i block 122. with building ,
Douglas st. bet. 12th and 12th its.
No fancy prices asked. Term * to suit. F.
U , Urlan , U7U N. 25th av. 30014t
EEAD this list ot real Bargains and then call
und see us ; wo can trade or sell.
Lot 20 block 3. Orchard Hill. (1.000.
Lot 31 block 14 , Orchard Hill , fHOO ,
Lot 13 block 1 , Orchard Hill. $1,000.
Lot 4 block 0. Orchard Hill , $7W.
Lot21 and22 block 0 , Orchard Hill , $650 each.
Lots 7. H and U blocic 8. Walnut Hill. (750 each.
Lots 2 and 3 ulock. 8. Walnut Hill , (1,100 ,
Lot 8 block H , LOWO'H add , $1.100.
Lot I ) block 3 , liedford place , BuO.
Lots 13 and 14 block : i , Bedford place , 11,850.
Lot 10 block 6 , Ambler plaue , ei50. !
Lot 1C block 12. Ambler place , IHOO.
Lots 10.17. IB Mock. 1 , Douglas add , $1,700 each.
Lot 7 block 17. Hanscom place * , $ .1.00J.
K ! feet south front. Park place. $ .1.500.
24 feet east front , Bauudem and Maple , 81.000.
M feet , 22d and Paul , on motor line , 13,500.
1 acre , Patterbon park , VM.
1U acres trackage on two railroads. 2U miles
southwest P. o , , $4,000. Stringer * Penny.
Douglas blork. 51514
SOUTH OMAIIA-We want to tell you that
now is the time to buy property in Bouta
Omaha1 , you can turn it this fall at a handsome
profit when the viaducts are tlnlshcd and the
motor lines are running to the stockyards. We
have nnarly every lot Hint In for vulo there , nnd
some ot them at an extra low figure. M , A. Up
ton company , icth ana Faruam. iOl li
HILLSIDE NQ. 1-1-otlO , block 2. f or f2,100 ;
jjralj It quick ; ( LOOOUJs than Value , M. A.
Upton company , lOtu und Farnam. 404 14
fjlOlt BALE or Exchange What , have you to
X' exchange for good uumcumbereU farms at
cash vuluo. Stringer & Penny. Douglas blk ,
SEND for vUt of Collm. place , and whan
driving for rtcreation follow the motor live
polus on 10th Bt. and Amoi'ave. , ami gee tile
wonderful Improvements thiU have taken place
just arouud ilia barracks , and remoml-or that
Collier place ls the key to tno situation , lluy a
lot uow for the low price and at the easy terms
they are b lng otfrred. and we are nati < illod ,
One-tvnth cash , balance out to flvoyoari. Me *
Cague , opp. P , O , VS )
| 7KH ) SALE On longtime and easy payments ,
X' handsome , new , well built houses of t * . U ami
10rooms. All convenlencen.good ueluhborhnod ;
paved strcoi | street can und within walking
distance of 1' , O. HathiinBuelton , 1505 Farnam
138 ,
BAIlOAI B-Rftsi front flflf fiogers I * lutf
Wlthnell's residence , went Omnhn , fof
H.7CO. tltll lot on motor line , 100. IroTcfc
Blevens , 515 and 817 Patlon lilt. _ fAVlO _
BAIlOAIN-Partof Uio Dlik Ktmuall cstat * '
60 feet on 18th street running through to Kill
nve. Ono 13-room house , all modern conven
ience * , and two 0-room house * Total ronul
ll.SGJ per year ; prlro * U/JO. ( / M. A. Upton
Company , Iflth and 1'urnain. tvi ;
ITIOU SALE IloauttNil H room housn. all moil *
X' cm Improvements , including splendid fur *
nace , near llaiiscoin imrlc. batt location In the
city rcrschooUehurcli and street car privileges :
Prfco000. . C. F. Harrison. Merchants National
Itauk. PM
" 171011 8ALK Kasy teems , Kountr.o place.
X' Two liumcH , each 8-rooms. n ch 1 4.UOJ ,
Two homes , each 0-rooms. each $ VOX ) .
Two homes , each IS-roomi. each I..OJ1
All with modern convenience.
All larfeoalno at the price.
\\lthtnnsquarent the motor Una.
, Don't lose these oppottunltlcri ,
For nalo by the owner. W. T. Seaman.
East side 10th St. , north of Nicholas gt. ,
Omaha's largest variety of wagons anil car-
rlngo * . _ ' _ _ BIT. _ _
\ lfll < K Imrgain. Just a short dlstnncd wcsl
-ciof the stockyards \\oliavcSacreHof beau-
tlful ground which wo will sell at a bargain.
Parties buying for speculation or for the twr-
pose of.piiltltiK nlco additions on the market ,
w ill ilo well to see us. Co-onoratlvo l vud *
Lot Co. . 805 N. ICth 5tt 431 14
rpHB factories within easy reach ot Collier
X place will omtloy n large -coofnH'n. He-
cure a houto and enjoy llto. Price of lots (903
to $1.200. one-tenth cash. Send for plat. Mo-
Cngue , opn. I' . O. K19
ICOALblants. Chase & Eddy. 113S18tlnt.
270 a5T
POK 8AI.E lo you want a choice farm 10
miles northwest of Omaha ? U so , I Imvo
just what will milt you , iiml can b bought at
JJU per acre below Its actual value. The nbovn
named farm contains 27 , ' > acres of the IInest land
tn the stnto. all enclosed with good barb wire
fence ; the buildings and orchard thereon are
tn llrst-claxs condition. Two good wells furnish
abundant water. The very low pnco of MO.OO
per ncro should coinniund a ready purctinscr.
Let mo drive you out and show you this farm.
O. J. bternsdorir. Heal Estate , Loan and Ex
change Ilrokcr , Rooms ill ? nudaiR , Firsti at'l
Hank lliilldliiK. Telcphono 4CI. UUI at )
TCIOU SALE or exchange , house and Hols for
X1 farm lands. If desirous of an oxch. call
and nee our list. Western Land & Loan Exch.
311 8.10th st. 6'lVlll
FOR SALG-Kxtra good vnlco. HamUomcst
location in West Omaha ; four lots ttix50 !
with modern house of 12 roonm and closets ( In
cluding cediir closets ) , bath , electric oolls and
burglar alaim ; all wiudown jilato glass and
sciuuned ; cellar under whole house , with fur
nace nnd teal rooms , laundry , vegetable room ,
etc. , etc. , largo Ice box In cellar. This property
h s no superior as a lesldmiua location aim Is
prow Ing rapidly in v.iluo. \ \ 111 uo sold close to
right party on easy tcims.
Ames , Solo Agents.
U07 Farnam St.
ONE ot the two house and lot bargains t
have been offering ou Georgia avo. north of
I ovenwortn. Is now sold and occupied , be
cause ot my very low price. Tim soutli liouso
of the two still remains a bargain open to
somboJy. First comes , llrst served. To be ap
preciated It needs to bo examined Internullv. I
positively will not rent It , though several time *
offered J60 per mouth. Price , on very easy
terms , * < ? ,000. W. T. Seaman , casfslde 10th st ,
north of Nicholas st , Omaha's largest variety
of wagons and carriages. 018
OK SALE The tlneat reshienco In Orchard
Hill can be bought ut actual co"t : owner
leaving town : house has 111 rooms with bathroom - *
room and every modern convenience , lot > ! Jxl30
all sodded ; large barn and nice shade trues : In
fact a perfect homo ; cull nnd lotus show you
this. Arnold & Co. , Uoom 527 I'axton block.
FOll BALE Lots In Btowart Place on Ix > wo
ave , ; Metropolitan Cable passes property.
0-room house and burn , Hanscom Place. 3
houses anil lots on Cats St. , ou easy terms.
Harris , room-411 , 1st Nat. Ilaftk. 201
/CONTINUOUS sidewalk to Colllor pUco. dot
\Jp\ Ices aud terms McCacue. Si'J
N O. 1. L.A. No. Jflj. PHOPOSAL8 KOIl AIIM V
Supplies Headquarters Department ottho
Finite , Oltico of Chief Commissary of Subsist
ence , Omaha , Neb. , July 11 , ISKH. Sealed pi o-
posals in triplicate , accompanied by gnarantea
bonds , will bo rojelvod ut this oillce until 11
o'clock a. m. . contra ! standard time , ou Thurs
day , tho2Cth dayot July , ism , at which tlmo and
place they will bo opened in the presence of
ladders for the furnishing nnd delivery nt fre li
beef In such uuuntltles as may bu from tlmo to
time required by the subsistence department.
United States army , at the cuinp of Held in
struction to be established near 1'ort Kolilnxon.
Nebr. , on the 20th ( .ay of August next. Tha
right Is reserved to reject ny or all bids. For
blank proposals and further information.
apply to this oillce. J. W. IIAIUUGKU , MB < OU
nnd C. S. , U. S. A. , Chief 0. S. JylIdItfc22-23
AHMV SUPPLIES-Depot Quartermaster's
Olllce. Omaha. Nob. . July I3th , 1SSO. Sealed
prifpo als In duplicate will be received at this
olllco until 10 a. in. Tuesday , August Mtn ,
IBM ) , at which time ana place the will ou
oncnedln the presence of attending blddeisfor
delivery of stationery , hardware , water tup-
piles , vaiulsh , packing boxes , lumber , \u. Llstsj
giving sjicclllcatlnns , quantities uud other In
formation will be furnished upon application to
this olllcc. Profeience will be given to M-tlcles
of domestic production or manufacture , condi
tion of quality nnd prlco ( Including lu the prlca
ot foreign production or manufacture tlio duty
thereon ) being equal ; and further , tluit no con
tracts shall bo awarded tor furnishing arti
cles of torul'n ) production or manufaUiira whoa
ihu nrtlclesof miltublo quality of domestic pro
duction or manufacture am ue obtained. Ilia
government reserves the right to reject any or
all proposals. Illddeis t > lionld attach a cony oC
this advertisement to their bids. JOHN SIMP * ,
SON , Captain & Ahst. Qr. Mr. . U. S. Army.
Nation to Contractors.
South Omaha , July 10 , IBM > .
Sealed proposals will bo received at the city
engineers olllco by the committee on viaducts ,
streets and alleys until noon Monday , July,22.
lissv , for grading Q street from 24th street to
22d street. Approximate estimate. 18,040 cubla
yurils , earth excavation. To cost f-p : l. Worlc
to bo completed within forty days after a con
tract therefor binds and taxes eifcct , All bids
must be accompanied by a cortllled cliocK for
three hundred dollars , said checks to bo re
turned on all bids not accepted.
The rlgnt to reject any and all old Is re
Plans aud specifications can bo neon at the
city eiiglnear's office. E. II. TOWL ,
Chairman Viaducts , Streets and Alloys.
TNSTIlimUNTB placed on record during
Xyesterdav. ,
W Renson et al to MAD Allison , lot 11 ,
blk 11. North Omaha , w d { WO
II Glass und wife to John Campbell , IdK
acres In sw so 21-15-13 , qcd a
Robert Major to O W Allen , lot 17 , bikS ,
Pruyn'i sub , w d , COO
Qcooberno etal to U Meschcndorf , lot
27. blk 4. Oberno & lloslck's add. w u. . . COO
A M Trumbull to J S Campbell , a ( i lot 1 ,
blk 1 ? , B E Roger' * dd. wd J.OOO
C Kallbcr to F llecha , lots 1 to K , blk 10 ,
Village of Millard.wd 000
L Lopuld und wlfu to J U McCormtcK ut
al , lot IV. blk 0 , Deer Park , qcd 35
E L Patrick uud wife to T L voochess , lot
6. blk ( I. Patrick's 2(1 add , wd 1,100
W R Ilomamot al to .1 L Smile , part ot
lots 17 and IB and nil ot lot 1 , blk 14 ,
North umalia. wd 700
Mllus & Thompson to M J , Suitor , lot 0 ,
blk 17 , Curtilage , w t\ 600
R AGIIdorandhusbai'il to W R Hainan ,
lot fl. Clark's aub. q c d za
O M Hitchcock and wife to Ed Stiles , lots
1 nnd 2. blk 2. and lot 8 , blk 3 , Hitch-
cock'd 1st add , w d row
Q M Hitchcock and wife to A CHtlleu , lot
li , blk2 , Hitchcock's Ut add. w I , { 00
W H lloman ot al to R K McNeil , lut 24
blko. NoithOmaha , wd 400
John lieploy to J 0 Wilcox , 2 acres lu sw
nw34-15-lfl , w d , 0600'
M U Barker and wife to K K Valentine ,
lot 14 , Clifton Place , w d 760
II Jotter and wife to school district No 3 ,
60x130 ft in n w uec U , lu Bouth Omaha.
wrt 640
J Witlmell aud wife to R N Witlmell , uud
H building on B M lot 6 , blk IJt ) , Omaha ,
wd 7.000
Patrick Scully and wltu to Swan Hofcim-
Bron , lots 2 to 12 , blk 17. Scully's dd ,
' ' ' ' ' " '
Q K Bb'rVrandVHn'e'ciaiViiasto'r 'to"o'maiii
Loan und llulldina association , part lota
13 und 14 , blk I. Jotter's add , deed *
L Shroedlr , trustee to I * M Hanson , lot I' ,
. blk 12. lirown patk. w.l. , 300
Maitlu Htner , Kuarillau to J A McShane ,
uud ii und W lots 1 and 2 , oik 2o , Omahu ,
deed , 1,575
M Myers toJ A McShane. und ! und W
loUl and2 , blkZOS.Oinalia.wd , . . . . . . . . . . 625
Twenty-three transfers f 52,061
The ( ollowmc por.niti ware UsuoJ b'y
Hulldiiiglnspoctor Whttlock .vostorday ;
OBOIKO Clonsett , three story brick stores
aim Huts , corner Sixteenth and Jon OH
( .trutts , . , i 15003
Jens Hanson , onu-atory frame cottage.
CllfUm and Hanover atrvetd J.OOO
B. Btubh , additional story to bulldlnif on
Elevuntil near Puclllcitroct . . . , COO
C. U. Spottiwood , sixteen ono and a halt-
story frame dwelling , gpiuiiainu near
Twenty-iQYenth street ' S4.000
Thred minor permits'