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Conmencing Monday , July I5th Until July 3ist , Prior to
ir _ Thousands of Dollars Lost i
1,000 DOZ. LADIES' HOSE , all styles , all prices ,
From 50c to 75c. ALL AT ONE PBICE ,
ALL OUR FRENCH SATEENS , 35c , 40 and45c Qualities , 2
15c GINGHAMS AT 7c Per Yard.
LOT OF PRINTED LAWNS , 20c and 25c Goods , AT 9c Per Yard. a
J I * Wllllllhiill WWI1LlB I VJ
Cost $1 to $1.25. They are the. only perfect fitting summer corset in the market.
GINGHAMS AND OT.HER WASH MATERIALS , ages 2 to 8 years , comprising-
i dresses worth , from $4 to $6 , j&T O TEl I-'BMGEs
EXTRA FINE FRENCH CHALLIE DRESSES , silk trimmedetc.ages 2 to 10
years , wortli from $6 to $12 , iLT ? OIS"M IrI2.IC > EU
A Special Discount of 2,0 per cent on our Entire
; , Wrappers , Teagowns , Dresses , Cloaks ,
i v
| * J
' } I O
Btill Wend Tholr Way to the Vari
ous Summer Resorts.
Ainusbincnta of the Great Mass of
Citizens "Who Find Omnha a
Good Enough IMaco .to
Pass the Summer.
Serenade to Gnnernl Mol'urlln.
Wednesday was the sixty-fourth birthday
of General T. A. McParlin , medical director
of the Platte , and ho has thus reached the
age which Impels him to ro'tiro Iroui service
in the army. 'He received the congratula
tions of his various associate oftlccrs , and
among his callers was Dr. Dallas Dachc ,
who succeeds htm. lu the evening the gen
eral was tendered a birthday serenade by
the Second Infantry band , at the Paxton-
hotel , which might better bo called a musi
cal reception. Many of the officers from too
fort , with their Indies , were in the brilliantly
lighted parlors , whllo a still larger number
of invited civilians wore in attendance. The
,1 lull druss uniform of the officers and the
| | L beautiful toilets of the iauMoa made the seono
* a charming one. General McParlin and
daughter received tbo guests. The band ,
under the leadership of John Luphslngor.
wr.H scaled In the rotunda of the hotel and
discoursed at Intervals the following musi
cal numbers :
Quick March "Tho Klllo Regiment" . . . .
J. P.Lousa
Introduction and Bridal Chorus "Lo-
hougrln" Wagner
Concert Waltz Violets" Waldtoufel
Spanish Fantasia "La Paloma"
Paloma"arr'g Mlssud
Gavotte "Stephanio" , . .urr'g Claus
Selection "Rlgolotto" Vordl
A largo number of people gathered In the
rotunda to listen to the enchanting strains of
this band of local renown' , and cacbtmcmbcr
was enthusiastically applauded.
Amou the oftlcors and metnbors present
from the fort wore tbo following :
General and Mrs. Frank Wheaten , Cap
tain C. A. Dcmpsoy , Lieutenant and
Mrs , H. B. Surson , Mrs. Porter , Gen
eral and Mrs. Bnrrlngcr , Mrs. Tur
ner , Miss Waring , Lieutenant and Mrs.
O. W. Kowoll. Lieutenant W. M. Wright ,
Lieutenant Sydonham , General and Mrs.
John H. Brooke. Lieutenant and Mrs. F. W.
Koo. Colonel William 13. Hughes , Lieuten
ant Colonel Dallas Bacho , Lieutenant and
Mrs. C. M. Truott , Chaplain and Mrs. O. J.
\ Jaunt Through /Sumpo.
Louis and Arthur Motz , accompanied by
Valentino Dum ) > crth , Inft Wednesday for
Now York , where tliey set sail yesterday for
Europe. At Dromon tno uarty will bo joined
by Mr. Fred Metz , the father of Louis niul
Arthur , anil the four will pnss the next six-
months visiting the principal cities and
countries of Kuropo.
Willis Imwn Sooinblu.
Tliu beautiful lawn fronting the residence
of J , G. Willis , 1017 North Twenty-second
street , was the scene of a brilliant fete on
Thursday evening. The sociable was foi
the benefit of the church of the Good Shepherd
herd and was well attended , the evening
proving auspicious. The lawn was prettily
lighted with Chinese luntorua mid the Inter
Cited Kuests moving hither and thither made
the scone one of brilliancy and animation
A handsome sum was netted from the event
and it proved a social success as woll. The
inusio was furnished by the Idlowtld drum
corps and by the Sixth ward band. Elcgau
and cooling kcfreshmoius were served
throughout the evening. Among those i > ro
cut were Mr. and Mrs , Campion , Mr. \ \ it-
lock , Mr. Johnson , Mr. and Mrs. Rowley ,
the Misses Campion , Mr. and Mrs.Holbrook
Mr. Kauanll Brown , Miss Nora Turner , Mr
Frost urn ! family , the Misses KolloRg , Miss
Morris , Mr. and Mrs. Chudwlck , Mr. Uiddel
Mr , Low , Rev. \Vithcripoon , Key. John
Villiams , Miss Corby. Mr. McConnell , Miss
Church , Miss Hutchlnson , Mrs. Giacominl
and Mr. and Mrs. Weller ,
in tlio Moonlight.
The Damenverom , which comprises the
adlcs' auxiliary to the Omaha Turnverem ,
; ave a moonlight hop at Uuser's park on
Tnursday evening. A better night for a mid
summer dance could not have been chosen.
The moon was at Its full , and the evening air
was pleasantly cool. The ladles left on the
Belt line for the park early in the afternoon ,
and effected all arrangements for the even
ing. About 7 p.m. the gentlemen arrived ,
and were treated to an elegant picnic sup
per. An hour later dancing commenced , and
lasted until 11:80. : The plcnicors reached the
city just in time to avoid the severe rain that
fell shortly after midnight. The party was
strictly a private ono , being confined only to
members of the Damenverein and their gen
tleman friends. The following wore the
[ adlcs In attendance :
The Missies Andres , Strieker , Mittauor ,
Schulzo , Hohlffo , Klclnbock , Baumor , Loh-
manu , Mntzen , SegerSchwubMrs. , Brandos ,
Mrs. Andres and Mrs. Hampul.
The following were the favored gentlemen :
Messrs. AndresHempel , BrandosIJloeclol ,
Frank and George Mitauor , HohlfT , Schulzo ,
Androson , Ernst Meyer , Kummerow , Gold ,
Buchror , Niederwicsur , Bucchnor and Sun-
Concorrtlan Dance.
On Thursday evening the members of the
Concordla enjoyed a moonlight dnnco at
Tletz' Park , northwest of Walnut Hill , and
the event , likn all other social affairs of the
club , proved an unqualified success. Early
in the evening the members enjoyed the five
miles' drive to thu park in tally-ho coaches ,
and arrived about 8 p. in. at the park. The
place was admirably adapted for social
gatherings in every way. An excellent
dance hull graces the place , and it was there
that the morr.v Concordmna passed con
siderable of their tlmo. The grove ad
jacent was illuminated with Chinese lan
terns and proved a charming resort for
strolls botwccu the dances. A bowling alloy
furnished amusement for others. Cooling
refreshments were served at midnight. It
was the Intention of the members to return ,
to Omana shortly after 1 a..m. , but the rain
pouring- down in shoots prevented such
action , and they made up their minds to
nmito the most of it. They accordingly
gathered in the hall , and to the music of the
rain drops danced all night till broad day
light , and went homo at 5 in the morning.
Many counted the rain lucky , as it doubled
the hours of merriment. Tbo pleasure-
seekers reached their respective homes
about fl a. m. , all declaring that the affair
was ono of the most thoroughly enjoyable
that they over attended. Among those who
participated in its pleasures were the fol
lowing :
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Motz. Mr. and Mrs.
George E , Stratman , Mr. and Mrs. C. L.
Grobeckor , Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Fritcher , Mr.
and Mrs. Louis Holmrod , Mr. and Mrs.
Gcorco Heimrod , Mr. and Mrs. Hy Pundt ,
Mr. and Mrs , C. Frnbm , Mr , and Mrs , Hy
Bnlln , Mr. and Mra. W. Schwerrick , Mr.
and Mrs. George LleV , Mr. and Mrs. F. Pop-
uundlck , Mr. and Mrs. II , Rosenberg , Mr ,
and Mrs. Euul Gauz , Mr , and Mrs. G , Pouiy.
The Misses Stratman , Pomy , Meyer , Lin *
Imld , Fritcher , Morris , Anderson , Klrscht ,
Buckni an nndolhors.
Mrs. Charles Motz , J. Drunker , Phil
Wlndholm , Emil Aokerman , G. Blacttcr , A.
KiiKolinun , A. Hlndskopf , Hy Bnckman ,
EniBt llonnlnghofen , H. Goodecke , George
Schauffer ,
Groan O'Urinn.
On Wednesday of last week Mr. Jerry
Gross and Mlas Mary O'Brien were united
In wedlock. The affair occurred at St. Pe
ter's church and was presided over by Ilov.
St. Lawrunco. A largo number of friends
witnessed thu nuptials. The woddiiiB recep
tion occurred at the residence '
of Mrs , Murphy -
phy , 20U3 Dodge , and was followed by h
dunce and supper. The young couple were
the recipients of u largo number of fine wed
ding presents.
Hifi ) School Alumni.
An Alumni association comprising all
graduates of the Omaha high school , was
orpaulrcd at the chapel of the high school
building on Thursday evening. About
seventy of the 310 alumni were present and
it was probably the tlrst occasion on which
nearly all the resident graduates hnvo been
gathered together. The assemblv was
paiticularly noticeable for its unusual
aggregation of intelligent young faces and
also for the predominance of young ladies.
George Strang was honored with the pre
sidency of the organization and Frank
Lelseuring with the secretaryship. The
avowed object of the association is , to pro
mote good fellowship and cultivate loyalty
to their alma mater. This will bo done by
giving an annual banquet the third Friday
after each commencement.
A very congenial and pleasant company of
friends gathered at the residence of Miss
Hattlo Duncan , 621 North Nineteenth street ,
on Wednesday evening , the 10th inst. , on the
occasion of the marriage of her neico. Miss
Georgia Duncan , to Mr. Frank C. Hollmgcr ,
a grain and commission merchant at Fre-
uiont , Nob. The wedding ceremony was im
pressively pronounced by the Uov. Win. R.
Henderson , of the Second Presbyterian
church. An elegant collation was served ,
after which Mr. and Mrs. Holllnccr loft for
their homo in Fremont , whlthor they are
followed by the hearty good wishes of their
many friends. The bride is a charming and
popular young society lady , and will bo
missed in the social gatherings of next sea
son. Her husband Is a young man of good
business ability , and the young couple start
in life with bright prospects.
Tlio Itollef Ciirns J'Jntortnlned.
The Grand Army boys belonging to Custer
Post No. 7 , were visited by the ladies of the
Woman's Relief Corp's on Tuesday evening.
The visitors came laden with flowers gra
tuitously furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Parker ,
and their delightful fragrance pervaded the
G. A. R. rooms. ' The ox-soldiers gallantly
provided 'an impromptu bamjuet for their
guests and ice cream and other cooling delica
cies were served in profusion. Short
speeches , war songs and social converse
wore the order of the evening , and caused
the hours to pass pleasantly.
Off to OInar Itakc.
A happy company of young society ladies
and gcntloman > left on Monday evening for
Clear lake , chapoionod by Mrs. Samuel
Burns. Those lu the party were : The
Misses Helen Smith , Nellie Burns , Mao
Burns , Mary Duryea , and the Messrs.
Holmes and Maurice Duryea , HpborfanU
Samuel Burns. The ladies will niako their
headquarters at Mr. Bums' pretty cottage ,
near , he lake , The party will not return
until August 1 , and a delightful tlmo is an
Xlio NcRllKon Shirt.
"The negligee shirt has como to stay. "
The words wcro uttered by the head sales
man of the gents1 furnishing goods in ono of
Omaha's vast clothing establishments.
"It la both sensible and comfortable , " bo
continued , "and consequently meets favor
with the male portion of humanity , Llko all
innovations , it was slow at first in gaining a
foothold , but now that it is established ,
every season the merchants double ibo sales
of tbo preceding ono. Already this summer
wo have sold just twlco as much as wo did
nil last year. They are Indispensable for
outings and many men will wear no other
kind of salrt during the heated term. "
"But , " asked the reporter , "aro the flan
nel shirts really cooler than those of linen 1"
"Woll , " said tha salesman frankly , "many
think they arc , but they are not. However ,
they are much more comfortable , \Vhcn a
gentleman dons a woolen shirt for the sum
mer. ho casts his vest aside and of course
feels much cooler without that close-fitting
garment , His high collar also drops into
innocuous desuetude and there is consequent
ly a fueling of relief at the throat. In place
of suspenders ho dons a bolt , The woolen
shirt hangs losoly on the greater portion of
the body and a feeling of coolness and com
fort is thu result. The man then swears by
the woolen shirt and you cant't divorce him
from it.
"Iteally a linen shirt would be cooler than
a woolen ono if worn in the same way with
out a vest , but it would soon become -
como soiled and besides it docs
not absorb the perspiration as does the
woolen ono. Hero is the Madras linen
shirt , " and the salesman opened a box con
taining some handsome check shirts of very
light material. "Tlieso also are cooler than
the woolen shirt , but like the ordinary linen
they will not absorb perspiration. "
"Hero are some shirts made of silk and
linen , and also seine of pure silk. These
are really beautiful and were made for that
class of men who object to the common neg
ligee shirt because it is not dressy enough.
But the great need was met in this handsome -
some combination , " and the salesman
throw dovm as pretty a shirt as
was over contrived for mortal tnan.
It was white cashmere with lovely silk
striped through it , and was handsome enough
to wear with a full dress suit.
"This , " continued the salesman , "moots
the need of the hour , as it combines the use
ful and the beautiful. While the silk and
linen combinations have sold well , these silk
mixtures with cashmeres have especially
proved a great card. Manufacturers gener
ally invested in them , but not very largely ,
anticipating o. fair sale , but touching them
with the caution usual with novelties and ex
treme things. The outcome is that the mar
ket is entirely cleaned out and the great pub-
lin will have to wear the very tasteful flan
nels which are to bo had in such profusion.
' The tennis sash which is an important
adjunct to the ncellgce shirt , is coming into
public favor more slowly. It is worn gener
ally throughout tho. east , but is rather too
startling an innovation for the west. A pe
culiar characteristic of the average young
westerner is a morbid dread of being called
a "dude , " and for this reason ho is slow to
don any now style of garment if it is particu
larly handsome. So ho admires the tennis
sash from a distance , aud straps on a belt in
stead. The only way in which the sash will
bo introduced hero will bo through young
men who came from cast. "
Dra mids-Fret dmnn.
At Detroit , Friday aflornoon , Mr. Arthur
Brondols , a member of the firm of A. L.
Brandois & Sons , of this city , was married
to Miss Zorlina Frecdman , daughter of Mr ,
and Mrs. Herman Freedman , ot Madison nv-
cnuo , Detroit. The ceremony took place In
the Hotel Cadillac in the presence of about
fifty guests , aud was performed by Rabbi
Louis Grossman , assisted by Rov. Dr. Hecht ,
of Milwaukee.
The brldo's costume was a rich faille
francatse , with lace overdress , tulle veil and
diamonds and bouquet'of bridal roses.
Mrs. Frsodinan , mother of the bride , was
attired in black and gold and were diamonds ,
The bridesmaids we DO iMiss Hortonso Hcav-
enrich , who were plakaUK , with pink dotted
tulle , sweet clover-.and , grasses ; Miss
Blanche Hoavonrlcn. , white silk , tulle and
ribbon ; Miss Estclla Hill , pink figured tulle ,
trimmings of roses , pearl ornaments ; Miss
Pauline Sicilian , whitb' china silk , trim *
minus of sweet pcasi ; Miss Henrietta A ,
Robinson , cream sillqti tulle overdress ,
roses ; Miss Hortqngpi Lambert , whlto
satin lace overdress , ! j > earl trimmings ;
Miss Sophia LtwaUe. of Toledo ,
green doited not : , Mlss Flora Fol-
noiithall , of Chicago'old ' rasa Persian silk ,
sweat peas , and Miss Tllllo Canman , of Chicago
cage , pink silk , tulle , trimmings of grasses ,
diamond orn ; wonts. tiAmoiJR the handsoran4
costumes worn by Rue l i were those of Mrs.
J , R. Hcsuleln , of Tolflfjo , who were black
laca with fold ; trimmlUKS. and diamonds , and
of Mrs. E. H. KohnVflll , of Now York , a
salmon falllo FrancalWcomblncd with bro
cade and diamonds. 'Th'b ' master of ceremo
nies was Edwin S. Cnninan , of Chicago , and
the ushers were Messrs. Jacob H. Freod-
mau , Benjamin Lambert , Walter and Sid
ney Heavenrich and Emil Brandcls. of
The hotel parlors were decorated with
palms and flowers and thu tables for the
wedding dinner formed a square , filled with
plants , The wedding gifts were elaborate
and embraced bronzes , pictures , cut-glass
table service and silverware in profusion.
In the evening a reception was hold at tbo
Cadillac , which was attended by prominent
members of Jewish society to the number of
Ml. At its concludon Mr. and Mrs. Bran-
dels loft for a tour of the eastern watering-
places , to remain until September , Their
future homo will bo in this city.
A Jnunt co Spirit Ijulce.
A jolly delegation of Omaha society pcoplo
loft on Monday evening for Spirit Lake ,
where they will remain for three weeks en
joying the pleasures of that resort. The fol
lowing were in the party : Mr. and Mrs. E.
B. Williams , Mr. and Mrs. Bon Koulidaux ,
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wakeflold , Miss Anna
Frcoland , Miss Powell , Messrs. Van Aer-
nam , Cartwright and Lucicn Stephens ,
Social Gossip.
Mrs. H. P. Wuitmoro is nt Lincoln.
J. Hull loaves to-day for the oast.
Mrs. Andrew Rosewater Is at Manlton.
Miss Mary H. Williams is atEdgoton , Wis.
Harry Burkntt left yesterday for San Jose ,
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Barkalow are atMani-
Miss Dolly Bailey is visiting at Ona-
wa , la.
Dr. J. E. Summers , jr. , has returned from
Spirit Lako.
Mrs. Ira P. Higby Is visiting relatives in
W. G. Albright has returned from a trip to
P. T. McGraw is back from a ten days'
stay in Chicago.
Mr. A. J , Hanscom leaves for Portland ,
Ore. , to-morrow.
Mr. C. W. Morton leaves for Paris on
Saturday next.
The Misses MeCaguo are homo from their
studies at Wollesly.
Mr. M. T. Patrick and family leave to
morrow for the seaside.
Mrs. Ellen Hart and her son Luke are vis
iting friends in Denver.
Mr. Thomas Brcnnnn left Tuesday for Now
York on a business trip.
OCarl Council will pass the next twelve
months at Jolmsbury , Vt.
Mrs. Russell Harrison and baby left on
Tuesday f.or Helena , Mont.
Ed R. Miller , of icochestor , N. Y. , is visit
ing relatives in this city.
Miss Addle Smith hns returned from her
trip to the Rocky mountains ,
Mr. 11. S. Smith will pass the present week
with friends in Toledo , Ohio.
General McParlin and daughters left last
evening for Washington , D. C ,
Mr. W. H. Brown has loft for a two weeks'
visit in Ohio and Now York city ,
The Omaha Guards will go into summer
encampment at Spirit lako.
Will Griffiths , now located in Chicago ; is
the guest of bis brother In this city.
G. L. Andersen left Thursday for a short
vacation at his old homo in Orange , N. J.
Mr. E. Rosovvntor , editor of TUB BUR , re
turned from a short trip east on Thursday.
Miss Olga Brandies loft yesterday for Mil
waukee , where she will spend the summer.
Mr. P. C. Hlmobaugh leaves the 1st of
next month for a elx weeks' jaunt in Europe ,
Mr. E. Burke loft Thursday tor an outing
that will include St. Paul and other northern
Mrs. W. J. Connell gave an elaborate tea
to a number of her friends on Wednesday
evening ,
Mrs. William White , accompanied by Mr.
and Mrs. G , L. Hello , left Wednesday for
the west.
The members of the choir of Trinity
cathedral enjoyed a plonlo to Pne's lake
General Brooke , accompanied by Lieuten
ant Trultt , returned from Wyoming territory
on Wednesday ,
Mr. W. C. Mage , of Galesburg , III , , has
been In tha city this week visiting old Kuox
college trieuds.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Kurtz have moved
from the Puxton to their elegant now homo
in Dundee place. .
Tbo young people of the First Presbyter
ian church give a social at Hanscom park
to-morrow evening : ,
Mr. and Mrs , Adolph Meyer and son loft
for Maultou , Col. , Wednesday , whore they
will spend the summer ,
CJMrs. Thomas Swobe and her two sons
have gene to Hcrklmor , N. Y. , to spend the
remainder of the summer ,
Mrs. J. W. Minor gave a pleasant tea in
honor of Miss Grace Turner of Kansas City
on Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. A , Lewis and son Albert returned
yesterday from Red Oak , la. , where they
have spent the past two weeks.
Mr and Mra. Sidney B. Locke , after thrco
yea re spent abroad , returned to Omaha to
make their residence hero a ain ,
Judge John B. Morrison loft Wednesday
evening for a thrco weeks' vacation among
thu seaside resorts of Now Jersey.
Mr. John J. Monell and his mother hnvo
loft for Colorado Springs , where they will
pass the remainder of the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kennedy have re
turned from Wilimmstown , Mass. , wheru
they went to see their son graduate ,
Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Deitz left Wednesday
for the Mammoth cave , Kentucky , -near
which place they will pass the summer.
Emil Brandcls returned yesterday from
Detroit where ho attended the wedding of
his brother Arthur to Miss Frecdman.
Mr. Charles Rlgelman and the Misses
Nora and Emma Rlgelman , of Dos Moines ,
are the guests of Mrs. H , Htller , S017 Loav-
Mrs. Robert R. Rinuwalt and Miss Ger
trude Rlngwalt left on Monday for Wing
lake , a beautiful summer resort in northern
Albert Calm loft on Wednesday evening
for a trip to Denver and other points in Colorado
rado , where ho will pass the next two or
three weeks.
Miss Zadlo Warmer , of Onawa , Conn. , who
liua been the guest of Miss Dolly Bailey ,
Nineteenth and Grace , for six weeks , re
turned homo Tuesday ,
Miss M.E. Byrnes , of Hastings , who has
been visiting her brother , W. J. Byrnes , of
Tin : BEE , the past few weeks , returned to
her homo on Wednesday.
Mra. Geowo A. Hoagland and daughter
returned from Lalco AVashlngton , Minn. , on
Thursday. Mr. Hoaclaud and sons are still
at that beautiful resort.
Mrs. Charlotte Buxhaum and children , of
Chicago , have arrived in Omaha and will
spend several weeks with her sister-in-law ,
Mrs. A. Holler , No. 2U3 St. Mary's avenue.
Al. Patrick will entertain a party of
Oninlm young men at his Fremont farm to
day and to-morrow. Among those who uro
his guests are Will Pnxton , Lew Hill , Nato
Crary and others.
Miss Delia A. Woodford , accompanied by
Miss Nellie L. Coots , started on an extensive
western tour Tuesday. Among otner places ,
they will visit Denver , Colorado Springsuiitl
several of the principal cities in Montana.
They expect to be absent from tbo city about
six weeks ,
Fremont Society.
Mrs. Clara I , Henry has returned homo ,
from Chicago.
The Misses Grace and Laura Bridge wont
to Omaha Tuesday , to visit with friends
H. B. Trent and brother Stanley , returned
Tuesday from a visit at their farmer homo at
Akron , O ,
Mrs , Snow and Miss Bowman , of Spencer ,
la. , urn In the city , guests of Dr. arid Mrs.
R. C. McDonald.
Charles M. Williams , loft Tuesday , for
Sterling , 111. , to join his wife In a visit there
and elsewhere in Illinois.
Auditor Thomas H. Beaten , of Lincoln ,
was in the city Monday , a guest of his fa
ther-in-law , Congressman , Dorsoy.
Miss Louisa Tarpln returned homo
Wednesday evening from Crete , where she
has been attending Doanu colofo [ ; ,
N. W. SuiatlH , editor of the Herald , and
John W. C , Abbott are at Spirit Lake , Iowa ,
where they will remain for about ton days ,
Thu Misses Arrotta Welkcr and Mlnnlo
Ferguson arrived in tlio city Wednesday
from Lo Grand , la. , and are the guests of
Mr , and Mrs. Abner Wellcor ,
Mr. and Mrs. John McCarn are entertain
ing their daughter and grand-daughter , Mrs.
Jlruclcman mid daughter Grace , of Reno ,
Mrs. George Turner and daughter , Miss
Nannie , left Monday for several weeks' ab
sence on a visit to relatives and friends at
Upper Falls , Mass. , und at different points in
Wednesday evening the home of Mr , and
Mrs. E. P. Montleth was the scene of a very
cnjoyabla surprise gotten up by Mrs. Mon
tleth to celebrate the forty-first birthday of
Mr. Montlotb. Tbo evening was spent In a
moat delightful manner by the twenty-fivo
or thirty guests present.
Monday evening Miss Nellie Blowott gave
un elaborate party at the magnificent homo
of her parents , Mr. and Mra , Edward Blew-
ett , on Nye avenue , in honor of her eigh
teenth birthday , The grounds and residence
were brilliantly illuminated and presented a
charming appearance , Thu iuvitcd guiitts
were royally entertained by the fair young
hostess. There were present tno Misses
Jessie Bald'ni ' ; , Alho Blaukman , Myra Lee ,
Maud May , Ratio Leo , Nellie McPherson ,
Eva Lee , Maggie Nlcodomus , Lizzlo Roberts ,
Hattlo Roberts , Kuto Scothorn , Mabel Shor-
vin , Lizzie Thomas , Anna Usher , Nellie
WmtersUion , and the Messrs. Frank Adams ,
Paul Colson , Gus Cobb , Frank Ellick.
George Godfrey , Kemp Mlddlckauff , Charles
Nicodemus , Guy Owen , Alden Packard , Ray
Rupert , Archie Smith , Dick Stanford , Otto
Schurman , Joe Shivuly , Ira Wood.
I'latrsnumui fiocloty.
V. V. Leonard has gene west for a short
Mrs. F. Carruth and son , Glen , have gone
to Denver for n month.
Walter Housoworth , of Lincoln , Sun-
dayod in Platttsmouth.
S. D. Mayor's father and mother , of Novr
York city , are hero on a visit.
Hon. William Neville has gene to Yanliton ,
Dak. , to look after contract work.
Judgu Sam M. Chapman is enjoying-
salubrious cllmato of western Nebraska.
Miss Rose Cook , of Milwaukee , Wis. , la
visiting at the homo of Hon. Frank E.
D. E. Thompson , superintendent of the B.
& M. railroad , made this city a fiyiug call
this week.
Mrs. Dr. Schildknecht and Mrs. F. T.
Davis have returned from their visit at St.
Joseph , Mo.
Dr. F. D. Burgess , ox-assistant surgeon ot
the United States army , stationed at Fort
DuChcsno , Utah , has returned to Platt8-
mouth to locate.
Hon. John Fitzgerald'and John R. Clark ,
of Lincoln , attended the aouii-annuul meet
ing of the stockholders of the First Na
tional bank of this city this week.
Brsitrlco Society ;
Miss Cora Penn has returned from her
eastern visit.
Miss Lilllo Starr , of Steele City , Nob. , is
visiting Miss Nellie Robbmi.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Wilt loft Tuesday for a
thrco months' visit with friends In Som
erset , Pa.
Mrs , A. B. Snow , of St. Paul , Minn. ; nnd
Mr. John Homier , of Dubuque , lu. , are visit
ing their brother , Mr. C. M. Homier , this
Mr. John Erlckson , a student of the theo
logical college of the Northwestern univer
sity at Evanstoii , 111. , Is at homo on a brief
The residence of Mr. W. H. Duffott , 1001
Elk street , was the scone of a brilliant gath
ering Tuesday afternoon , the occasion being
the marriage of his daughter Miss Anna J. .
to Mr. W. D , Culver , of this eit.v , Tlio cer
emony was performed by Rov. E. S. Smith ,
and was onjoyr.blo und interesting In all re
spects. The bridal couple stood underneath
a beautiful floral wreath , In which were en
twined the Initials "O. " "D. , which was '
suspended from the corner of the room.
The happy twain were made the recipients
of many handsome and elegant testimonials
from their score of friends. Guests were
present from Leavonworth , Atchlson anil
other distant points , and as a whole the af
fair was ouo of the most brilliant of tha
season. Mr , and Mrs , Culver departed for
the cast the same evening on a brief bridal
trip ,
Nebraska City Society ,
Miss Mlnnlo Lovl is homo from a visit at
Mr. Daniel Grcirf , ' has returned from a
Denver trip.
Mrs. W , H. Barnbart has returned from
visit in Now York.
Mrs. T , J , Fitohlo and daughter , Florence ,
are visiting in Chicago.
Mrs. W. C , Kidd is homo from a visit at
her old homo In Beatrice.
Mr. and Mra. Lavrson Lloyd have returned
from a short stay In Kansas.
Mrs. E. D. Wlngett , of Springfield , III. , is
the guest of Mr * . Dr. Morryman ,
Miss Vlda Burgort ami Miss Emma Curtis
were vlsltora In Lincoln the pant weolc ,
Dr. F. O. Lawrence , of Canada , Is'in the
City visiting his old friend , Dr. Roy Ross.
MUs Emma Sontar aim Mrs , John Showoy.
of DCS Mollies , uro in the city vUitliiK their
sister , Mrs , C , E. Abbey.
MUs Minnie Hawko , Miss Jessie Morton.
Mr. and Mm. Will Rector attended the lie.
Uoft rcceptlou RtLIuooUi Tuesday