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OfTlcor Parish , policeman nt the
"VVobatcr strcot station , is on tho'slck
The waterworks company has put its
electric light plant , nt the now. works
in Florence , in operation.
Chief Sonvoy has n watch and chain ,
supposed to ho stolen property , which
the owner can Imvo by proving prop
There scorns to bo an epldomlnof
Bumtnor complaint among very young
children , llcafoy & llenfoy reported
eovon deaths ot infants yesterday.
A laruo number of Odd Follow * and
tholr wives , from PlaUsmouth , will bo
in the city this evening to visit the
lodgoof the Daughters of Robokah.
Rov.nml Mrs. Frederick J. Stnnloy ,
of Now York , passed through Omaha ,
on route to Yokohama , and Toklo ,
Jnuan , where tnoy will look uftor the
interests of tlio American llonio Mis-
Blonaiy soctoty.
The rumor thntox-GovornorPonnlng-
ton of Dakota contemplates purchasing
the Dispatch of this city is omiihaticallv
denied by the interested parties. Gov
ernor Ponnington hnssomo intention of
locating in Omaha , but not ns publisher
of the Dispatch.
Joseph Williams , n. ten-year-old boy ,
residing with his parents on Clark
Btreot near Eighteenth , was badly bitten -
ton Thursday evening hy n vicious dog.
It is not known who owns the dog , but
ho was running at n lurgaut Eighteenth
nnd Clark streets ,
James & Patrick Fox , the contractors ,
have been ordered to begin paving
Burt street from Sixteenth to Twenty-
Bocond with Woodruff , Kansas , stono.
The Barber Asphalt company has also
been ordered to begin paving Izurd
Btreot from Sixteenth to Eighteenth.
Ida Ross , a domestic , complained In
police court , that she had < | ult working
for Mrs. Emma Christopherson on South
Tenth street , and that when she re
turned for her clothing Mrs. Christo-
phurson assaulted nnd abused her. A
warrant was ibsued for Mrs. Christo-
phorson's ' arrest.
A warrant was issued yesterday for
the nrrcBt of Robert Day for larceny as
Imileo. Ho is charged with having im
properly appropriated to his own use a
morttrago and two promissory notes of
the value of $1)25.00 ) , nnd a warranty
deed to n half block in Catalpn Grove
Addition to Hastings to the value of
81,001.25. The .larceny Is alleged to
Imvo occurred in January , and the total
amount claimed by WillinmS. Gernbor ,
the complaining witness , is $1,992.51.
, Bans , Mumm & Klugle , proprietors of
' the saloon at MbU hall , were tried ycs-
torday in the police court , for selling
JJcor on Sunday , Juno 28. A'jury trial
was demanded and u verdict of not
niiilty was the result , the witnesses hav
ing testified that the only kind of beer
sold there on Sunday was birch beer ,
which is not intoxicating.
Personal L'tirnsranli * .
M. Hopkins , of Uoonu , Is ct the Mlllard.
E. II. Shaw , of Kavonim , U at the Paxton.
C. T. Brown , of Lincoln , Is at the Murray.
, William F. Allen , of Madison , is at the
C. 13. Cooke , of Uooao , is stopping at the
Judge J. C. Crawford , of West Point , is at
the Paxton.
J. C. Hanson , of Central City , is stopping
&t the Arc.'ulo.
C. U Heed , of Weeping Wntor , is stopping
at the Paxton.
T. F. Majors and J. E. Itolloy , of McCook ,
are nt the Millard.
Lieutenant AV. A. Mann , U. S. A. , Is &
gucbt ut the Paxton.
Gertrude Vuninoter , of Nebraska City , Is a
puest at the Millard.
J. C. W. Townsoml , of Louisville , Is rcgl *
torcd nt the Millard.
J. H , Plot-son and wlfo , of Stanlon , are
guests nt the Arcatto.
E. W. ICono , of Nebraska City , Is regis
tered at the Arcade.
Juilgo Spencer , of the circuit court , St
Joseph , is In the city.
Frank P. Prlnco and wife , of Morrison ,
are guests at the Millurd.
E. S. Dean imd M. Dean , ol Ashland , are
registered at the Murray.
Miss Minnie Trant , of Chicago , Is visiting
Miss Anna Heady at 1207 Pierce street.
Mrs. Edward Daughton , of Sherman avenue -
nuo , is visiting friends In North Platto.
J. D. Kilpatrlulc and wlfo and Mrs. Samuel
Kllpatrick , of Btatrico. nro at the Puxton.
Charles Meyer , W. J. Houston , J. B. Lid
die nnil U. H. Uathboni , of Lincoln , are stop
ping at the Millurd.
Charles McClavo , of Greenwood ; H. A.
Allen , of AtkntHOii , and J. A. Hamon , of
O'Neill ' , tire guests at the Arcado.
Dr. Claude Watscn and wlfo , Mrs. Sarah
"Worthhouso and Frank MoMlllen , of No-
brasku City , are guests at the Paxtou.
' E. 0. Carnes.'bf Sbward ; J. A. Plpor , of
Alma ; Jnmcs J. Condon and N. S. Harwood ,
of Lincoln , Uro stopping at the Paxton.
Colonel A. C. Dawes. of St. Joseph , gen
eral passenger npont of the Kansas City , St
Joe ° & Council Blurts railroad , is at the
, Paxton.
Dr. J. C. Jones hai loft for a two months
sojourn lu Europo.loaving his oflico In charge
of Dr. Leopold Kohustowm , late of Now
York city.
Mr. ana Mrs. W. 1C. Kurtz have given up
rooms at the Paxton hotel and roinovod to
tholr now residence , recently completed , In
Dundee place.
Prof. P. Chamborlaln , ono of the most suc
cessful and widely known educators of Ctil-
cage , Is in the city on his way to Washing
ton from a visit to Smvard In this state. The
gentleman , though a great admlror of Chicago
cage , Hilda many things In Omaha to marvel
nt , among which nro the olcctrto motor cars ,
tlio Now York Llfo and Tun UKB buildings ,
the lust mentioned especially striking his
AVlirro Is Her HtiKbaml ?
Mrs. L. Dillncr , of Kansas City , has
written to Chlof Soavoy asking him to looic
for her husband who left , the vlllugo on the
Kaw on Juno 23 for Omaha and has not smco
liccn hoard fi om. _
Too Accommodating.
A lady passenger on tlio went bound Union
Pacific train Thursday nicht gave her purse
to u colored portor. When ho returned It-tho
amount of cash was 385 short. The pollco
investigating the case.
Ilnuk Itnlldtiit ; Company.
The American Hank Building company
filed articles of incorporation with the county
clerk , O. M. Curter , O. A. MoICmnoy and
A. C. Powell bomg the mcorporatoru. The
capita ! stock is placed at f JUO.Ooo.
Youtlit'iil Doprnvlty.
William Cuimn , a twolvo-yoar-otd boy ,
was arrested .vostorday for distributing ob-
BCCIIO llturaturo on the streets. Tlio litera
ture In question was a quack doctor's nil-
vortlsamciit. Tlio boy wiw discharged by
Jiidgo Uorka and admonished to go uud sin
no moro.
UceiiKcU to Wall.
Only ono marriage llconso was Issued by
Judpa Shields yesterday , nnd that waa to the
following parties :
Kamoandjtosidcnce. Ago
Gardner , Omaha , ft )
Nellie Gorman , Omutia , 83
In Police Court.
L. Lnreon , a street car driver , was lined
$15 and costs for knocking u hey off his car
Thursday evening on South Thirteenth
street ,
Thomas Foley , Joseph Ellis and Jataos
Powell , tried yesterday for gaining , were
UUchurgod ,
Nina cases of vagrancy and four plain
drunlts were among the matters disposed of
in Judge JJcrka's court yosturday ,
It Is Mndo AVIth n. Kovolvcr nrul Gostn
Him Jllfl Mfr.
Ed Hendorshot , the gambler who shot his
mUtroM In-Denver Thursday night and
then suicidedvns a well-known chnraotor In
Omaha , and the traffic ending of his check *
crcd career Is the subject of conversation In
gambling and pollco circles. Hentlorshot
came to Omaha In 18SO when the gambling
rooms wore running dny and night , and the
fraternity had the upper hand. Ho belonged
to the species of the f rntornlty knoxvu as the
"tin-horn , " and was the object of consider
able attention on the part of the pollco.
Soon after his arrival ha was nrrcstod for
the robbery of a Union Pacific conductor.
Ho found the ticket puncher In n saloon with
n largo sum of money In his possession.
Ho took him to the Mlllnrd hotel
ficcurcd a room for him nnit robbed him of n
gold watch mid $200 In cash. Hcndcrshot
was arrested , but escapedconviction through
the efforts of his friends , who mntlo II an
object for the prosecuting witness to bo ah.
sent from the city when the cuia caina up
for trial.
Homlcrstiot'3 next exploit of note was his
attempt , with a pnl , to rob Joaason , the jew
eler then at Thirteenth and Hurnoy , and
how on the corner of Ilnrnoy and Fifteenth.
The two mon entered the place and repre
sented themselves as prospective diamond
puruhusors. Wlillo one of thorn was exam
ining the precious atones on display and at
tracting the attention of the proprietor , the
other pocketed several valuable gems. The
pnlr was arrested , but In some manner es
caped conviction when the o.iso was called
for trial.
After thin the pollco made It uncomfort-
abln for Hcndcrshot , and arrested him fru-
Qucatly ns a vagrant nad suspect. About a ago ho was sentenced to thirty tlnys In
the county Jail on the latter charge. Sim-
tenco was suspended to give him a chance to
leave Ilia city , which ho did , and has slnco
been living in Denver.
The woman , Delia Thompson , with whom
Hondorshot lived in the latter place , was not
known In Omaha. While hero Homtcrshoi's
mistress was IJlancho Hoffman , an inmatoof
A mi In Wilson's placo. who died here nearly
two years RO. Hcnderihot was frequently
arrested for abusing tUo woman , although ho
was naturnlly of uu easy toaipcr and was. . not
given to quarrelling.
Hcndcrshot's ' piticnU live At Ottnmwn ,
Iowa , his futhcr having boon mayor of thill
placn ut one titiiA. A brother of the deceased ,
who lives In Omaha , has gone to Denver to
tnko charge of the reninlns. The body will
probably ho nvnovcd to Ottuimvn for burial.
Mil. B. F. WitATi.KY Is a prominent mor-
chiint of Huston , La. Ho says that he hiw
sold Swift's Spumflc to many persons , and
knows of somn wonderful cases of blood
Rlsuasps , and has never known of a fullura
to euro. Several cases of contagious blood
poison were cured after all the doctor * and
nil other remedies had failed.
Was lie a Pnrty to the Oalliouu Doful-
ontlon ? ,
The Impending prosecution of S. K.
houn , late deputy revenue oolloctor , for the
alleged defalcation to the amount of $ (1,003 (
of government money , was the subject of
ronyersatlon in the internal revenue collec
tor's oflico yesterday morning.
It was rumored that C.ilhoun has. made a
confession of his peculations. Although his
father has offered to make good the defi
ciency , tlio government , it is said , will prose
cute ttic Ron.
Uovenuo Agent McCoy and others in the
service do nut blame C.ilhoun so much as
they do Kovouuo Agent Burdotto , who , they
believe , is equally guilty with the deputy
collector. It is believed that the first money
talcon by young Cnlhouu was lor Burdetto's
uso. As the latter failed to malto good the
amount and Calhoun's fast method of living
prevented him r.lso from being able to maka
up the deficiency , it is believed that Calhoun
became reckless and continued his pecula
tions while ho remained in oflico.
How lillraln Hoped to Lioso His
Ed Uothory , of this cityand , W. S. Jacoby ,
of Quthrio Center , la. , returned yesterday
from the Sulllvan-Kilrain fight. Both
report having witnessed a game battle.
Speaking of the matter Mr. Rothcry said :
"Kllrain made a gnmo fight , but was
whipped before ho entered the ring. He bore
evidence of over-training in every way. His
countenance bore n haggard expression , and
ho appeared moro like a. physical wreck than
he did like a man who was to compote for
the heavy-weight championship of the world.
Noverthclest , ho showed his staying quali
ties , but ho was no match for Sullivan.
His blows wore Ineffective , but ho
displayed good generalship. To say the
least Kllrain , ns a lighter , has
selected the wrong vocation. Sullivan had
him whipped in the seventh round , but John
Li. wanted to demonstrate to the world that
ho could light all day if necessary. Ho pun
ished Kllrain terribly by landing his sledge
hammer blo'vs on his body. Kllrain fouled
Sullivan repeatedly , hoping to lese the fight
on a foul , which would have been moro to
his credit than losing it as ho did. Yes , ho
was whipped to a stand-still. "
"Ho Wasn't Properly Trained. "
Speaking of the sale of the Herald
to Mr. Hitchcock , of the World , and the pro
posed consolidation of the two papers , Dr.
Miller , the founder of the former Journal ,
aald thut while ho could not spealt of the
matter us a piece of business enterprise , ho
would say that , as far as the democratic
party la concerned , it has received a blow ,
the extent of which it docs not realize.
"Why , " aaiit the doctor , "I tried to persuade -
suado loading democrats in the city that the
best thing they could now do would bo to at
once purchase the property back at any
price , but 1 couldn't convince them of their
loss. To establish another democratic organ
here now would bo impossible , nearly , as all
the telegraph franchises uro gone.
"I understand that the paper Is to bo In
dependent-democratic In politics. What is
Indcpondcnt-democrutlol 1 don't think
young Mr. Hitchcock understands the
principles democrats most cherlsn. Ho
didn't ' have the right sort , of training. "
Nebraska's Veterans.
Major Glnrkeon says that Major J , B.
Davis , department commander of the G. A.
II. , will follow the example of General Mar
tin , of the Illinois department. In Issuing a
circular dlscouraultig the attendance of Ne
braska veterans ut tlm national encampment
at Milwaukee , August 27 31 , Inclusive.
Major Davis m ut present In
oolvlng medical treatment , and will not re
turn homo for gomo time , but to-day ho
will send circulars from that city to the va
rious posts In this BtAto asking them ta Join
In the movement to resist the
attempted extortion of the railroads.
In view of the fact that comparatively fowof
the Nebraska yotcrans will probably attend
the national encampment , nn effort will bo
mndo to boom the 8taw encampment at
Kearney , Auqust 13 , and make it n greater
success than over.
Mny Yet Stay Onr ,
Notwithstanding the resolution passed at
the last meeting of the city council , It Is not
likely tlmt oven now the board of public
works will allow the Utlca cement to bo used
In the city works. The specifications pro
vide that "tho work shall bo done with ma
terial selected by the hoard of publlo
works , " and , although members of that or
ganization nro silent In thu matter. It Is un
derstood from Imputations lot fall by at
taches of the board , that the Utlca cement Is
still to bo tabooed , under this provision of
the specifications.
Thanks From Johnstown.
In addition to the acknowledgement of the
money sent to the Johnstown letter carriers
by their brothers In this city , another has
been received from the postofllco employes
of the name placo. It acknowledges the re
ceipt of $31.75 which was forwarded Dy the
postofllco mon of Omaha , and tolls of the
losses , personal nnd otherwise , sustained by
the recipients In the flood. The contribution
was the only ono received nnd the beneficiaries
say the kind act will never bo forgotten.
Dnnrlni ; Gomes to Omaha.
William Deorinp & Co. , the dealers in agri
cultural Implements , have decided to erect a
flvo story brick warehouse at the corner of
ICIghth and Capital avenue , to cost $75,000.
Ono of the conditions of the agreement by
which the company decides to build is that
the prostitutes living In this section shall bo
required to move. Tno mayor has written
to the chief of pollco requesting that action
bo taken to have the bawdy houses In this
locality vacated ntonce. Another proscribed
district will probably bo .created.
"Who Stole the Money ?
John Nelson , an Innocent looking man ,
has been arrested on a charge of grand lar
ceny preferred by Mrs. Finn of 2o"2 Hnrnoy
street. Mm. Finn states that Nelson's wlfo
was doing some laundry work for her nnd
that Nelson came with her tfl rot urn the
work. Mrs. Finn took $3.50 from her pocket
book to pay Mrs. Nelson's claim , leaving tlio
piitso with $ ol ) in it on the table near Nel
son. Whtwi she returned Nelson and the
purse with its contents were missing. Nel
son denies the charge against him. Ho was
admitted to ball In the sum of ( COO.
I'lattrtcutflchnr Convention ,
Three years ago the National convontl on
of the Plattdcutschcr Central Vorolu of
North America was hold in this city.
The same association is again to visit
the city , though it is expected
It will tills time attract n much larger attend
ance. The convention will assemble on uoxt
Sunday when u grand picnic will bo held in
Kuspr's park. Trains will leave for the place
from the Webster street depot at 1 , 2:80i : ,
830 : ! , 7:15 : , lip. m. and 2 o'clock on Monday
Ues 31 nines' Loss Omaha's Gain.
Mr. George W. Llninger has received a
letter from Mr. L. A. Southwick , the artist ,
asking if the loss of his gallery at Dos
Molncs would affect his opening a school of
design hero in September , as contemplated.
Mr. Llningor answered hint that it would
not , and expects Mr. Southwick here next
week to inalio the necessary preparations for
opening the school.
Mr. Southwick lost $30,000 worth of pic
tures , on which he had but $5,000 insurance.
Mr. Liningcr has tendered him the use of
his collection in opening the school.
Army Naws.
Upon the request of the interior depart
ment the following oflleers have been de
tailed as inspectors of Indian supplies , to' be
delivered under contract nt the places named
for the ensuing fiscal year :
Second Lieutenant Wilds P. Richardson ,
Eighth infantry ( Fort Niobrarn , Nob. ) , to
inspect flour and corn at Valentino , Nob. ,
for the Rosebud agency , D. T.
Second Lieutenant George AV. Ruthers ,
Eighth infantry ( Fort Robinson , Neb. ) , to
inspect flour , corn , etc. , to bo delivered nt
Kushvllle , Neb. , for the Pine Ridge agency ,
D. T.
On being notified by the Indian agent when
these supplies will bo in readiness for Inspec
tion , the ofllccrs named will proceed to the
places indicated at the time appointed and
make the Inspections above ordered , and
upon completion thereof will return to their
I'ark Commission.
Dr. Miller , president of the park commis
sioners , has received a letter from Mr.
Cleveland , the landscape gardener , In which
ho stated that owing to the importance of
the work now being done by him at Minno-
haha Falls , ho could not come to Omaha
until next week. This causes no delay , how.
over , ns Mr. Hauso , the engineer , is not yet
ready with his measurements.
The board has received many applications
for the position of superintendent of the
work , but are only considering a few of
these , a majority of those making application
not having had previous experience.
Parents and Hicli School Hooks.
The suggestion of Dr. Spaulding { hat the
question of supplying high school books to
pupils bo referred to the incoming board is
attracting some attention. It has been shown
that thcso books cost almost as much as all
the other books used in the public schools.
Dr. Spaulding thinks that , ns a rule , the
parents of high school pupila are ahla to buy
books for U.olrchildren and ought to do so.
Mr. Sholos t > aid thut if ho found the
greater number of those parents wore able
to buy the books , ho would favor the aboli
tion of the present system of having them
furnished by the board.
Filled With Load.
A rnad dog rushed into Miss Fitch's room ,
in the Mandersan block , at the corner of
Fourteenth and Capitol avenue. Garbage
Inspector Goldsmith fired two charges of
buckshot Into the animal without killing it.
Tlio dog tore around the room in its wounded
condition until the place looked like a
slaughter house , . Oftlcur Shoup dispatched
the anltnal with a revolver.
n fd hy the Ifmlcil States Government. Rndoried tiy the lieada of the Oreat Unlversltlca
nrl Public Peed Alialyitf , nt the BtronKtit , Purest ind most llealthrut. nr. Price' * Cream
llakliic VowiUr data not contain AmtnonU , I.Iuieor Alum. Dr. Price's Delicious inavorluelU-
tiact , VaullUi.uiouUraUKeAluiuutlKotelctc.douotcoutaluPolMaouiOUi ; ) rCheuircals.
PRICED BAKING POWDER CO , , N w York. Chicago. St. Louis. .
DUtut Mean tu Do It.
Prcd Dosi , thonTtlnor-wurstman , who was
arrofttcd for nssAliUinR Anna Doimvan , n col
ored Rlrl , nnd catting her horn ) with n brlok ,
was ncqulttod bjiir.jury m pollco court , not
withstanding tlio diet that bo expressed a
willingness to triftad guilty It the judge would
lot him oft with rt light lino. His only Uofonso
wtw that ho "Ulita'.t moon to do It. "
After.nn Kx-Httslinntl.
Fanny Bollnnu- , the divorced wlto ot
Frank IJollainy.jjacompnulcd by hnr mother ,
yesterday mndo on assault upon her former
husband and thrtsUcncd his life. Both wcro
arrratnd upon a complaint sworn out by Bol-
Absolutely Pure *
Tills powder never varies. A marvel of pure
ly , ( -trenctli nnil wholcsomoness. Jloro eco
nomical than the ordinary kinds , and cannot
bosom In competition with the multltmlca oC
lor or shortwelKlit nluin or plioaphnto powders.
Sold only in cons. Koyal linking Powder Com
pany , f-'iJ Wall Btieet , Now 1'ork.
nni receive ft ' 3
' ( Upposlto I'axtou Hotel. )
Office hours , 0 B. m , to 8 p. m. Sundays , 10 a.
m. to 1 p. in.
Specialists in Chronic , Nervous Skin and
Tilood Diseases ,
t3B Consultatlon at olnco or by mall free.
M dlciues sent by mall or express , securely
oackcd , free from observation. Guarantees to
curn nnlckly , nafely and permanently.
stone. Physical Decay , urlslnp from I mil sore
tlon , Uxcesa or Indulgence , pi oduclnK Sleepless
ness. Despondency. Plmplei on the fiico , aver
sion to society , easily rtltcournged , lace of contl
dance , dull , unlit for study or business , and llnds
life a burden. Bafely , permanently and pri
vately cured. Consult brs. Jlettfl it. Belts , UUt )
Farnam St. , Omaha , Nab ,
Blood and Skin Diseases
results , completely eradicated without the aid
of Mercury.- Scrofula , Erysipelas , rever Sores ,
Illotches , Ulcers , Pains In the Head nnd Rones ,
Syphilitic Soro'lhroat. Momh and Tongui , Ca
tarrh , etc. , permanently cured here other *
have failed.
tfiHnnrr TfrinarTT ftn(1 Dladder Complaints ,
aKHlByi Unlldly minfui , Dimcuit , wo frequent -
quent Ilurnlngor Illoody Urine , Urine high col
ored or with milky sediment on standing , Wcalc
Back , Uonorrhna , Gleet , Cystitis. etc. ,
Promptly and Bafely Cucd , Charges HeuEonv
jnoval complete , without cutting , cauatlo or
dlllatlou. Cures eirected at homo by patient
u itbout a momenta pain or annoyance.
To Yonn ? Men and Middle-Aged Men ,
nilDD 'Jlie awful effects of early
AOIinp UlJilU Vice , which biines organlo
weaknesH , destroying both mind and body , wltb
all Its dreaded Ills , permanently cured ,
. Adress tliosa M ho hnvo impaired
MnPir.mtt i thcmsolvut by Improper liulul-
gences uud FOlltar } ' liablts. vhlch ruin botb
body and mind , unfitting them lor bustntia ,
tuily or marriage.
MAiuur.n MEKI or those entering on that liap
py life , aware ot uliyslcal debility , quickly a >
Is based upon fMts , First-Practical Hxpe
rlencri. Hocond Uvcry casalH especially Htudled-
thus starting aright. Third Medicines are pre ,
pured In our lub tory exactly to suit each cas ,
thus alfcctlng cure * without injury
tST Keua 0 ccn W Dostta for celebrated works
on Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Diseases.
U'cousandd cured ) ifyfA friendly letter or cull
may BIIVO you future uuirerinc and shame , and
add goldt-n yean to life. t7 No letters an-
awered unless accompanied by i cents In s tames.
Address or call on
. 'KETTS ft ; UKTTS ,
HOBi'aruum Street. Omaha. Neb ,
Capital $400,000
Surplus Jan. let , 1880 62,900
IlENitrW. VATES , 1'resldent.
JJJWIH 8 > JEBl ( > , Vice President.
A. B. Ton/.Al.lN.
W. v. MOIIBH ,
JOHN B. Coi.r.iN ? ,
W , II. 8. HUOIIK.E , Chiller.
COT. l-'tU nJ Farnam Sts.
A General llunkiug Uublness Transacted.
successfully uaud montlily by orer 10,000
* dieaAtoRnfe. . KJfcctualaiul Pktuant
\ vtr box by malt.or * ) druggiiU. Sealed
torMctilan S poUgo sUinpn. Addresa
Tuc Kijn"CuKUuub CXx , Vanaa , Micu.
For vale and by mull by Goodmna Drug
Company , Oinuhu.
Moro Pants nto bought in July than , in nny other month of the yortr nnd wo nro well prepared with thorn.
Wo luivo nn enormous stock , nnd ns wo would not think of milking tiny money nt this time of ! the yonr , oven i wo
could , wo hnvo mnrkcd thcso Pants so thut they shall simply ninlco n big mlvortisomont for 113.
Excellent All-Wool Pnnts , in splendid patterns , nt $1.78 , which not only will wonr well , but look clos < mt.
You Imvo often paid $3 nnd more for n pnir not us good iw thoso.
About 300 pairs at 51-00 nnd $2 in two nent shades. Thcso nro worth double the price. '
The largest line wo oflbr nt $3.2:5. : Wo Inwo about BOO pairs of thorn , nil shades nnd patterns , Cnssimercs and
Fancy Worsteds. Every pair of thcso is unquestionably u big bargain , as they nro very fine and stylish Punts and
asvcll made as any custom tailors1 which cost three times us much.
Wo also oflbr two table ? full o odd suit Punts. Our customers need not bo told what bargains these aro.
In Tliin Coats and Vests wo hnvo just opened another lot of these plain , genteel , colored Flannels at 95o for
the Coat and It is rather htlo in the reason to got in Summer Goods , but these Coats and Vests sold so quick
and the cull for thorn the pust few days has been so great Unit \vo ordered another lot. They will not last long.
The greatest , hit of the season has been made with our fine Mohair 52 Cents nnd Yosts , There are only a few
left of thorn.
The balance of the finer grades of Sinnmor Coats and Vests has been reduced in order to close them out quick ,
nJust opened , a lot of French Flannel Shirts at $1.90 ; very fine Silk Stripes nt $2.50 , and All Silk Shirts
nt $3.50 ; finest goods ever shown for the money.
Please Note During July and August we close at 6:30 : p. m. ; Satur
day at 10 p. m.
Corner Douglas and Fourteenth-streets , Omalia.
Which eanlier in the season
we sold for $2O , $2B and $3O.
House cleaning tiine comes
in every branch of business.
Ours is no exception. The re
duction of our assortment in
Men's Suits incident to the
season's trade , leaves us with
some odd numbers , and
special sizes still In stock.
These we propose to close out
at a liberal discount.
Our patrons know we are
not given to sensational ad
vertising , and we asure
them that these are bonn fide
bargains equal 'in /it , finish
and quality to the best. .
Drop in and look them over.
The size and the price may
fit you exactly.
Dr. J. E , McGREW
lu tbo Treatment of All Chronic , .Ncrruus
nuil 1'rlrnto Diseases ,
"BporDintorrliicu , Jnipotuncy nnd Vailing Manhood
absoluttilr Lured , A cure guaranteed lit all Iiirins cif
IMvato I ) | R.ISUS , fclrlcturei , Uluut. A.C. Ciiurrb ,
TUront , I.UUKS , mid lluurt Illioases , IllioumntlHin ,
Spinal ana tumble DltvisoJ , lllooa and Hr.ln lbe i
trusted auccestrulir.
ladles' und gentlemen's nultlnK rooms sjymnts
andcntlrelr priTiitv :
Oonsultatlon free , fital for book ! , T Kerretani
I'rtTnle Diionsc'sof .Mnn , ' l \Vnmun.xlIer l IJUes.ncj
lUo eacli ( slumps ) . Trvatwintby correspuudeac * )
312 1st Nat'l Bank Bulldlntr , , '
6maha , - Nebraska"
Ixiwrates for Choice I/ans. Titles and rallies
p Bied upon promptly und loans closed wltliout
ielay. Local corresuondeuta wuuUd
aadTuuiUrarunEDino knltt :
CANCER book free. ' L.U. i liUl X , D. ,
IW Wkbiuli r. , Uttiauo , lu.
i - nnw" -
The larRCst , rnalctt unit ihiest In Iho world.
- i'at seiiEcr accommodations unexcelled.
A'ew York to Liverpool vl Qiiernnlown
The Cclolirnted I The Hunt Hlpnm-l , , , ,
Ultvuf Jtomclshlp in the World. 1 JUIjf
New York to Qlatgow via Londonderry
Clrrnssln , . . . July ! ! 0 | Vurnossla. .August 10
Ethiopia July 2T | Io\onln August 17
Amhorhi. . . . Any list ; ! I Olrcussla , . . August " 1
With regular weekly sailings thereafter.
SAIOO.V to ( JlniRow. Liverpool , Perry , llelfmtor
Quecnitown MO to S Ujr < Jla iow ttviiniar * . SHiind
Uwu ) : < ls Ljr "City of Homo. " Second. Olnss WO. Steep
DKO C-11. Kxcunion nitus reduced available for cltbor
i-jnte , tuusKtvli&prlvreto ) & of poelna In ono trip the
IIIvor Mcrauv , 1'lcturcs ] uo Clyde , North and boutu ol
i.oHi.sTTiitvis. Travelers' Clrcutnr Letters of Credit
nnd Draft ! forany amount nt lowest current nuui.
Apply to nny or nucnts or to
Henderson Brothers , Otiiungo , 111.
II. B.HU.T , .
orrUluirnt or dopurllni ; fioui Now Vaik.
Slilpmonts from Kurnpocnn 1)0 ) mnilo direct tor this
Coiiipiny tonllliiliiiid 1'orts of Kntry In ttio unltud
btnti-3 , nlso toCnnnila nnd .Mexico , with or wltliuut
payment of dutlcsat New Vork.
Itatcs nsloir ni tlioso of nny responslblo company.
lIOUCAKTAlii : .
Money Orders bsucd pirnulo at 15,1X10 places In
United ttntos , Ciiimdn nnd I'urope.
.Apcnclcs In ICuronn to ivliom uhlpnionta for United
Status ran lie delivered , or If from Interior points
thonlcl ticumslimed , accompanied hy lllll ut Lading
Knil Invoice verilllcd before American Consul :
THOS.MHADOWSA. CO.iUAIlIk Street , Cliennitdo ,
Inmlnn , li.C , : 3 Water htreet , Iitvcui'ouL ; ( tl 1'lce.i- it 1(1 ( Hiinnvor Mreet , ( li.Asnow 3 ,
KIIO bcrlbo. I'-UIH. K. KICIIAHI ) . I Uuu Chllou ,
IUIIVF. N. l.UTOUTlNa&CO. , 117 Laimeintrnsso ,
Umvii.s : : otl Duvenileelh , UAUMUKQ. and 117 Am-
Union , U n.MiNiiAi'i.N.
Over 14 Millions Sold in this
Country alone.
The Best Fitting and Best
Wearing Corset Ever Made.
Is now open. I'nrtli'n closlrlnit KOOI | accommodation
on tlio now IHIKO uxpreas stuitmurs of tbo r'umoiis
Whlcli ro noted for lliclr rcKulnrllj. oqul to mil *
roail iralm , In nmkliif tliu trip tu llavru-l'urls In ono
ireuk , nru udvlsetl to .
Muliu Kurly Appliciitloit for I'crllis ,
This Is nlso nccessnry on account of tbo liearr
U nviil durtuB the uprlutf uud sumiuvr uiuntun.
MoOAOUE BROS. , 105 South 15th St. ,
UARItY E. MOORES , 16U2 KiipnamSt , ,
H. L. HALL , 1223 Fimiam St. ,
J. II , GREEN , 1501 Furiimn St. ,
Acotitt , Omulia , Neb ,
Gucccji'/r" / to John C , Jacobs J
Undertakers aiidEmbalmers
Attliorldstand UOf 1'arnam St , Ordem by
jllclttid and promptly attended ,
clephono to No. 02.
Will. Buecasful Kyflrlsnc - for EW WOTJfllW
Aifiit. .
BALA- U JiUUlij C I * fi I n V
AT ONOE , URtlnil V I BKT"l'"ct1
tt ntor > isMrUnr , OHIIsiHi I " * &
JLJltW , Ul Dearborn Bt. , Ulilcafo : itdvlofri' !
SI yearn' oxparlencu ; bUilavM cjuletly attd le <
gaily tratuactod. c
. ,
BMiFaciHtcBAppar ! .tuatndHfniedleifor8uccciiful
Treatment of every form of O'ie ' requiring
Board & Attendance , Bett Accommodation ! in West.
Braces , Truisei , Club Feet , Curvatures of Bj'inii. 1'ilol ,
Tumors , Oincer , O&tarrh , Bronchitis , Inhalation.
Electricity , Paralysis , Epilepsy. Kidney , Bladder ,
Eye , Ear , F.Kinnna Blood and nil Barciul Operations.
UK IlilHI.lTri.V 1I > IEI ) I r.TCia.IX nuMRTHEMTOk
Only HcUablo Moiiicil Ini titute miklne a Specialty ol
III. ; Uleet mnd V.rlcocele. wlib queitlon Ilit. .nii
13th and UoJgo Streets , UQAHA , NEB.
UKNT , ttgunranteod apuclQo for Hy torln. Vlzzif
DOSS. Convulsion * , fits , Nervom Nourultl * ,
HeailaoUo , Norvnus Prostration cauied by th
use ot alcohol or tobacco. Wakofulnan * , Mental
Deprosalon. Hortnnlnff of the liratn , resulting Id
Insanity and loading to mlaery , decay and death.
Piemnturo Old Age. itarrennosB , Loss of Pawef
In cither ser , Involuntary T.oasos and Sperraat/ '
orhcracaused by ovur-exortlon of the brnlnsolf
alinso or overindulgence. Kach box contains
ono month's treatment , tl.09 a box , ot lx boxes !
for n.Ud.eent by mall prepaid on receipt of price.
To cure any case , With each order received by
MS tor alic boxes , accompanied with K.OO , we will
Bend the purchaser our written guaruntoo to r&l
fund the money if the treatment does not effect
euro. Quara > tee itsuud only by Goodnm
Drug Co. . DrugRlits , Sole Affonii. UlO Furnam
Ntb. . .
f M. . .r. , HTM UUiPANTKK !
thli ipeclfle purpaie. CURK op
- * f IIP , Hobfuma. C ftll ous ) tarrvvti i
Itlrcttjr | tbrouUll witk rri ( , r tr
to Hellh u i Tlearaut blr0cth. ElcelrU
Woril eaiei | > er *
xnineiitlf < ur.d lo turcc uoatbi. H led lcl io.tutun
( WEAK TANIUUUllOHKltKNKDIUI any nnu of tbo
furthocuruof rltherL il
nfM r ( JoaerrbvtK innlted
[ kcalnl ) to any aililreu
_ _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ . 'orscn.lniumpitoiiiy | |
. l * ilm > k KlvlriK vuluftbla Information ou Ui
uborti nrnl all ulber in IvakiUlmatcik
9ft T7KTY CpRPH7Ip ( ruUicrlnolnloctIon. >
O/U'Jil I
iJriiL-llMUyorirM-iiurily. I'ruruiU
PilvaUi tll inlurn . Nrnd elf ftUdri'itni'd tnvdoiio tot
BUSUiUU UtttKUr Ut. , Cklc > | , lUlwU.
I ; ru Jr /iAowo > i/i6iui .l3kTryOnM
Oroatly Imnrovad wllli wlurlnii ; abacklm u "oa *
ell .Ea lo trrdlnB ; ' W i"'J ; .Tbo iiriinisl iietS.
mi and Klirclrn ftcofiilag to the welgbt put un lutm ,
Ad > i > t > l wi" ' .11T I1' ro-iRh country or fine
Wy < lri nr. lll l pu | > Ht atl > fitctlon.
Nee , 303-404-1 70-C04.
an n" urinary troubles enHllr. quick1
ly anil safely pured byJJOOTlYllA C j -
uilcj. Hororal cases cured in seven Oayr. tioM
t UO per box , all UruguUts. orb/ mall frcw
Jioctiua N't'K Uo. 11WblU N. V. Kull dlroo