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    0 THE OMAHA DAILY BEE : ; MONDAY , JULY 8 , 1889.
Cehvcredbr carrier In Any Pnrt of bo City a
Twenty Cents rcr Week.
11. W , TILION. . . MANAGER.
RCFINCRR Orncic No. 43.
NIGHT EDITOII , No. 2) ) .
Glcnson ami.
N. y.l'lumblnfi Co.
C. U. Music Co. , D33 B'wny.
Iteltcr , tailor , 810 Hroiuhvny.
Evnns' laundry , T21 Hrondvray.
D. W. Otis , city nnd farm loans.
A laborer named AVtmlcy sustained some
lorcro bruises nnd a fractured leg xvhllc un <
loauInK machinery nttho Northwestern depot
.inlay evening.
A new daughter tins arrived ut tuo home of
AJdoruinn Lucy , on 1'nrlt nvcnuo. The
llttio strntiRcr Is of regulation wolRht nnd in
the best of health.
An Information 1ms been filed before the
Insane commissioners , charging Mrs. Jmucs
Bcguin with insanity. The ludy has become
a total mcatal wrecK from the excesslvo use
of morphine. She will undoubtedly bo tuUen
to Mt. Pleasant.
The dedication of the Second Presbyterian
church on Harmony , formerly the Hnrmony
Mission , which wus to huvo occurred yester
day , did not take pliico , for the reason that
the church building was not. entirely com
pleted. It hits bauu postponed until next
The ciwo against William Joffrtci for dis
turbing the pence nnd insulting u lady on nn
clectrlo motor train will bo heard to-day.
Jeffries has been In trouble several tunes in
police court , und hits given tliu police any
amount of bother , and an effort will bo mudo
to hnvo til m sent to jull. As the court Is
disposed to treat characters llko Jeffries with
but little lenience , his prospects uro not par
ticularly fluttcrini ; .
Shortly nftcr the 10:15 motor left the Inko
ast evening , Otto Pfclller , nn employe of
the wnter works company , who was ono of
the passengers , fell from the steps wntle the
train wus ruuing about fifteen miles mi
hour. Ho was apparently uninjured , as ho
nroso nnd started buck toward the hotel before -
fore the train could bo stopped. A stop was
niatlo , nnd n party wont back , but Pfeiffer
liad returned to the hotel nnd thu searcher
went buck to the train without him. It was
a lucky escape from injury.
There were more visitors in Fnlrmount
park yesterday than on any previous diiy
this year. Competent judges say there were
never so many pcoplu iu the park bt'foro at
onotimo. Oinalm and Council Hlnfi's were
both well represented among the visitors
who sought its refreshing shade. The start
ing of the motor line extension Is all that la
needed to cause thousands to assemble In the
park daily , It is it welcome treat to visit Its
cool nnd shady retreats these lint days , and
the people of both cities ure beginning to lind
it out.
"I cnn't see what the work of the grand
Jury 'was begun for If it was so soon to bo
done for,1 " said a citizen to Tin : UIE yester
day. "Nor can I understand why it didn't
indict Mayor Hohrer and Chief of Police
Lucas rather than I'atrolmnnlTliomns , unless
it is that the prosecution hero Is going to
pursue the same course as they are pursuing
in the Cronin case in Chicago , indicting the
smaller fellows among the conspirators with
the belief that the apparent neg
lect to prosecute the bi ones will
tnaku the little follows squeal nnd tell all
they know. If Patrolman Thomas swears
that ho got his orders not to interfere with
the gamblers and thieves who wore robbing
the crowds at the tourinunont from the head
of the polled department , and was thus
placed between tiio devil und the deep , deep
sea , to bo prosecuted if ho didn't , und dis
missed If lie did , it would clear him before
any Jury , and compel live next grand Jury to
Indict the principals. I tell you this city is
in a nice ripe condition for the investigations
of the grand jury , und if public sentiment
will sustain the present action and ent/burngo /
the county attorney to do his duty , and I be
lieve ho will do that anyhow , you will see
the greatest commotion in certain quarters
you ever dreamed of. "
Wanted A house and lot worth about
12,500 on good residence street. A. A. Clark
Kollcy & Younkennan sell groceries.
Chase and San bom coffees n specinly.
Have your old furniture upholstered , good
as now. U. Morgan , TJ& Uroadway ,
J. Zoller & Co. have moved to 100 Broad
way with the largest stock of groceries on
Upper Broadway.
Bodino roofing will lust longer nnd
pivo better satisfaction thnn any roofing
mudo ; will not crack , curl or split , nnd
makes a perfectly solid joint on the en
tire roof. Uirlcinbino Engineering and
Supply company , 115 Pcurl street , Coun
cil Bluffs , la.
I'crennnl Parriurnptn ,
Mrs. M. J. O'Neill left 'yesterday for Chicago
cage , to attend normal musical institute.
Mrs. Jennie Douglass , of Columbus , O. , is
visiting her sister , Mre. Tinnio Smith , in this
Donald Macruo left last evening for Clear
Luke , where ho will remain for several
Mrs. James Anderson will leave in a few
days to visit relatives in Mononu county.
Sue will bo absent several weeks.
Mr. A. II , McClurg wns called to Pennsyl
vania by n telegram received Saturday evening -
ing announcing the serious illness of his
Mr. and Mrs , T. B. Groonleo , of Anthony ,
Kan , , have returned homo after a wrck 's
(1 ( ; visit with her parents , JJr. und Mrs. . J.
Mrs. J. J. Malownoy nnd daughter. Miss
Coco , of Hebron , Neb. , and Miss Llllio Mu-
lowney , of Chester , Neb , , nro stopping at
Lake Manawa during the heated term.
Hugh , Jr. , Sadie and Clyde Goss , children
of Hugh Goss , on Third street , H.IVO goiro to
Charter Oulr , la. , to spend n few days visit
ing with their sister and brother-in-law , Mr.
nnd Mrs. Fred Wright.
Mrs. O. H. Simons , daughter of J. Mueller ,
and wife of Dr. O. H. Simons , consul-elect to
Hong Kong , China , is visiting relatives in
this city. She will go from here to Sun Fnui-
cisco , where she will meet her husband and
they will sail for China.
William Hutchinson , foreman of tbo Chicago
cage & Northwestern shops , Blurted cast last
evening. Ha will Join his family , who are
visiting Mrs. Hutchinson's old homo in Chicago
cage , nnd proceed with them to his homo in
Springllold. O. Thu Hutcliinsons will there
hnvo a family reunion , the llrst complete ono
iu llfteen years.
Notice Uio beautiful linish given col
lars , cuffs and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
C. n. Trunk Factory moved to Chapman's
old stand. Largest trunk factory m wost.
Parties desiring loans on real estate from
ono to flvo years in small and lurqo amounts.
A. A. Clark & Co.
Council Bluffs Furniture company for
good goods at low prices. 407 Broadway.
Have our wagon cull for your coiled
clothes. Cascade La.un.drv Co.
City steam laundry , 81 Main , tcl. 141.
Splendid bargains at Marcus' clothing
ctore before removal to now building.
Not Dead , Ilut Still Alive.
I will convince you of the fact by the
prices { will mnko you on my own make of
carriages , buggies , surreys and phaetons. I
also keep In stock eastern manufactured
work , which 1 will sell at astonishingly low
tlgijrcs. I have a largo stock , which 1 want
to reduce withlu the next thirty days. If
persons desirous of buying will call , I will
convince them of the fact that what I say I
moan , Cull und convince yourselves. H. F.
llattcubuucr , Nos. .7 to SI Jtu St. , Council
Steam and hot water heating , llrst-clnss
plumbing. Work iu both cities. JOHN GIL-
616 Pearl street , Council Hlulla.
A Now Ordinance nnd Now Shot
gun Policy Asked For.
Talk About the Imllctfcd Ofllotnls
A Deserted Wife l ngll-
lii the 1'cn
Ton Many
At the last mooting of the council the city
ranrfthnl wns Instructed to enforce the dog
ordinance , nnd It is said that ho is preparing
to do so. The marshal , however , Is of the
opinion that the council did not fully con
sider the matter , nnd ho wants the assurance
that ho will not bo molested before starting
out to carry the order Into effect. The sumo
order was given him several jears ago , and
ho proceeded to obey It , but the citizens
raised such a howl of indignation that the
council ordered him to desist , nnd since that
tlmu the dog ordinance him been a dead
letter. He now wants assurance that the
same procedure will not bo repeated before
Inaugurating a war on the canines.
It is very probable that comparatively fo w
citizens of Council Bluffs know what the dog
ordinance of the city provides. It h not the
same as Iu Omnhaor in the majority of cities ,
where the ofllcers uro Instructed to start out
nnd kill nil unlicensed dops after n certain
duv. but Is , Instead , n rather complicated
affair , nhd ono that can not but prove ox-
rpcdingly disagreeable- a large number of
people besides the dog owners In cnsn it is
The ordinance provides that it shall bo the
duty of every dog owner to appear before
the city clerk on or before tbo 1st of May of
each year nnd have Ins dog registered , payIng -
Ing SI.25 for each male nnd $ i 50 for each fe
male dog , and m'civo n mcttalic eliOL'k , on
which shall bo stumped the words "Council
Bluffs , " together with the year and the' num
ber of the check , which must boeurrly
fastened upon the neck , of the dou. The
clerk shall Ueei ) a record of the number ,
when , and to whom the check was issued.
It then provides "that it shall bo the auty
of the city marshal to procure n pound , as
may bo directed by the city council , for the
Impounding of all nogs seized by him under
the provisions of this ordinance , and it shall
be his duty to seize and impound all dogs
found rnnnini ! at large at any time which
have no cheek or which are not registered ,
na aforesaid , and to detain the same for two
days , und shall feed und care of the same ,
and on the third day nftcr the seizure shall
offer the same for sale at public auction ,
without notice , and if no bids to the amount
of 51.5'J for male dog or $3.50 for female dog ,
with cost of keeping , is offered , then it slull
be the duty of the city marshal to kill such
dog and bury ttie carcass. "
As previously stated , au attempt was mudo-
to enforce this ordinance. A pound wns
built in the rear of the city Jail , and the ca
nines were euttiered in from all parts of the
city. The two day clntlso was what caused
the trouble. Between OH ) and UOO dogs were
confined in the enclosure , nnd the horrible
din caused by their prowling , barking , howl
ing , snarling and lighting well nigh drove
the residents of that vicinity distracted.
They made such a kick that the council was
compelled to abate the nuisance forthwith ,
nnd it has not since been repeated.
It is for this reason that the marshal is
backward about starting in on another
round-up of the canine population of the city.
It is evident that the ordinance might be
vastly improved , as it Is practically , useless
in its present construction. Said Judge
Aylcsworth , in speaking of it : "There is a
great deal or red tape about it that might
Just us well be loft off. It seems ns'if , the
council might get up something that would
answer the purpose a great deal better , anil
could be enforced without so much trouble
all around. The only way to remedy it is to
pass a now ordinance , and that lies iu the
power of the council. "
There arc hundreds of worthless curs run
ning about the streets , und a general demand
is being made that they shall be put out of
the waj- before the advent of dog days. Tbo
safety of Uio public demands that these
brutes , wnich are always ut large and run
ning tbo streets , and therefore more subject
to hydrophobia than others , shall bo cither
placed under restraint or killed. Under the
present ordinance this would require the
tolerance of an almost intolerable nuisance.
The pressing demand is for a different and
more practicable ordinance , and its sttict
Dr. C. C. Hazen , dentist , Opera house
Important , to Indies nnd Gentlemen.
I have established an extensive dyeing and
cleaning works in this city and desire to cull
attention of ladles und gentlemen of Omaha
nnd Council Bluffs to the fact that 1 have
furnished my works with the latest improved
machinery known to the trade , that I have
had over sixteen years' experience , and
that I use only the very best dyes and chem
icals. I clean and dye everything but fur
goods. I call special attention to my now
cleaning process by which the garment is not
ripped and which restores the original lustre
to the goods. Ladles' nnd gentlemen's sum
mer garments , such us flannels or silk , made
to look as good us now. Dresses , clothing ,
silks , shawls , laces and plumes dyed in su
perior manner. Motor lure allowed on all
goods brought to works , or wagon will call
at residence. G. A. Schoedsack , Twin City
Dye Works , Twenty-sixth and Broadway.
Main office I1U South Sixteenth , Omaha.
The Day In the I'nrku.
Yesterday wns ono of the drycst , hottest
nud generally most oppressive days of the
summer , and the great problem people had
to solve was how to keep cool enough to got
through > ho day. Iu the churches the sultry
atmosphere was kept in violent motion by
the innumerable fans in the bands of per
spiring worshippers. The occupants of the
pulpits handled their books and manuscripts
with fingers from which the perspiration
trickled In streams and wished perhaps as
devoutly as they prayed that the fashion of
an absolute vacation from pulpit work dur
ing the two hot summer months was more
popular in Council Bluffs , Through the
principal streets of the city the red hot pave
ments doubled the heat by reflecting the
glare of tbo sun , and only in places where
the lawns were largo nnd the shade dense
nnd generous was life endurable. But
nn immense number of people sought
comfort and enjoyment out of the heat of the
city and Invaded the parks by thousands ,
blessing the beneficence of providence that
created hills and clothed them with spread
ing trees , and the wisdom of our park com
missioners that prompted the purchase of
the hundreds of acres of breezy groves that
constitute our park system. That exquisite
emerald gem In the heart of the city , Buyliss
park , formed a breathing place to multitudes
from early morn till Into at night , but the
objective point of the greatest number was
cool nnd breezy Fnirmount. At soon as the
heat began to he oppressive In the morning
the crowds commenced to pour In from
Omaha , und during the daylight hours every
motor train was loadedund tills crowd added
to the homo people who sought the park well
nigh tilled it , and every breuzy spot of shade
was occupied , and the nark , great us it is and
as generously as It Is clothed with
trees , wns too limited In shady spots
for the crowd. The relief fiom thu
heat of the cities was very grateful and the
contrast so marked tliut the Omaha people
lost some of the comfort by getting hot when
they reflected upon the stupidity of their
own municipal government that denied tlieui
n park system until It was too late procure it
In larger slices than single blocks.
On the Bhudy hillsides and on the airy tops
the multitudes sat und enjoyed tbo unalloyed
comfort the niuKnltlccnt wuk afforded. In
the cool glens , where the breezes were drawn
up through the trees , every available spot
was occupied. Hundreds of people sat
around the splashing fountain in the largo
glen und bade detlunco to the heat. In the
drinking fountains the supply of ice water
was Inexhnustlble , nnd thu blessing It con
ferred upon the sweltering multitude was
Inestimable. Bvnry driveway in the palt
win filled with carriages , und the hilltops
overlooking the heated city und sun-blistered
Omaha In the distance were covered with
people as BOOU as tlio suu got low ouougU iu
the west to make his rays endurable. A
conservative estimate of the number of
pcopla who enjoyed the comfort of the park
during the day Is 10,000.
Mnnawn and Big Iftko drew their quota ,
nnd In both places the discomforts of the
heated city wore forgotten. The Mnnawn
motor trnlnti wore crowded from the first
runs In tbo morning until the last trip nt
night , nnd hero ns nt Fnlrmount n inrgc portion
tion o ( the people were from Omaha.
When night came nnd one of the hottest
dnys of the season hud passed the convic
tion had been confirmed that Council Bluffs
afforded blessings In her park ; system nnd
pleasure resorts that will give her nn cnvl-
nblo prominence us n city where cool retreats
from the blazing heat are within the reach
of the humblest citizen and of such vast
extent that thousands of strangers can
mingle with her own people nnd not create a
crowd , where ono Individual can ndd to the
discomfort of bis neighbor. It Is fair to pre
sume that If the motor line had been running
into the park 10,000 Omnlm people would
hnvo enjoyed the blessings of Falrmount
alone , nnd that If the work Is completed ns
contemplated by next Sunday nnd the day Is
hot that more than that .number will rldo
into the park on the clectrlo cars.
No K.xplosloiis
When persons Uoop cool nnd use our
"Sun Dial" gas stoves. Four holes ,
roaster und' Imkcovon. Costs 7 cents
per hour wlion running full blast. Now
York Plumbing Co.
Call on tho' Birklnbino Engineering
and Supply company , 115 Pearl street ,
Council JihitTs , la. , and examine the
Bodino roollnp. It will pay you ; ram-
pics sent on application.
J. G. Tipton , real cstiUo. 5127 B'dway.
llio Indicted Ofllulnln.
The Indictment of the city ofllcera by the
prnnd Jury wis the subject of considerable
comment yesterday morning , but the little
cotnmntion catiscdjby It was 'of short dura
tion. It now transpires that Aldornmn Lauy
is indicted on two counts , whlln but ono is
pending1 against cither nf the others. It is
stilted Unit thu Investigation Is not yet nt nn
end , but that K will bo renewed utter thcso
cases are tried. It Is expected that evidence
will bo Introduced in these cases that will beef
of material assistance in getting Information
that will lend to now Indictments.
As the matter stands at present , Mayor
Hohrer is not disposed to Itlck very hard , hut
before the Indictments were returned , and
while ho had reason to fear that ho would bo
unpleasantly connected with the case , ho
thought that the grand Jur.v was straining at
n gnat while swallowing u c.iuicl with peed
grace. In the course of a short conversation
ho made u statement that will surprise the public , and as it purported to show
why ho ot ) Jcctcd to the grand jury's investi
gation , it is herewith given. Said ho : "It
surprises mo to think that the gr.tnd Jury
can overlook thu gambling that is going
on ovcr.v da.v , ripht In the heart of the city ,
and KO back several weeks to pick up the
proceedings of thu firemen's tournament nt
the drivinp park. I should think that they
would look into the cases of the local pr.n-
blera. Of course thi-y called rue in , and I
was compelled to testify thnt I was not a
gambler and did not run a gambling house ,
nor was I interested in one. 1 hat was the
extent of all the information that I could fur
nish them. I was sorry to sco the move
made , for I was doing my best to close the
gambling houses , und should have succeeded
but for the obstinate resistance of the mar
shal. I had fully matured nil my plans as to
the course I would pursue , nnd had counted
on his hearty co-opoiMtlon and assistance , but
I have all alon had to. contend with his ob
jections to the plan. Ho absolutely refuses
to assist mo in closing the gamb'mp houses ,
still I am in ho o of effecting that end before
very lonp. This determined opposition to
my plans has kept mu uack a great deal , and
I am afraid that this foolish move of the
prand jury will serve to retard the perfect
consummation of my plans still further.
There are some tilings connected with this
investigation that I am nt u loss to under
stand. "
The public will undoubtedly bo glad to
know that the mayor is trying to close up the
gamoling houses , as it was not generally
known that such was the case , but as that
gentleman himself is authority for the statc-
meilt , it may bo of interest to the citizens to
know it.
So far ns the gambling at tbo drivinp park
during the tournament is concerned , the ofli-
clals nil seem to have been in a state of bliss
ful ignorance regarding it. The pro\ ailing
opinion , as expressed on the street , is that
some of tlio cases will never come to trial ,
and that those that are tried will amount to
very littlo.
List your property with A. A. Clark & Co.
Insure your property witb A. A. Clark
& Co.
Desortoil HH | Family.
Peter Bartel , who lias been a saloonkeeper
In Council Ulun's for a number of years and
for a larpe portion of the time located on
Upper Uroadway , has been missing for the
past thrco weeks , and his friends and ac
quaintances have pained the impression that
ho bas deserted his family and left the city
for good. His wife has received no tUIngs
from htm since ho left , und now shares the
conviction of his friends. At the May term
of the district court Uartcl was lound guilty
of contempt of the court's injunction order
ing him to discontinue the saloon business ,
and was lined $1 000. Ho was unable to raise
this sum and -vent to Jail. After remaining
there three days his wife mortgaged her
homo for $700 nnd paid bis line , and after re
gaining his liberty ho remained In town n
row days , and then left , it is said , in compa
ny with a woman who lias figured in ; > c.indul
cases before and is said to Imvo separated
ono husband nnd wifo. She had been em
ployed as a domestic in tlio Uartol family.
After u short absence he returned , but loft
again immediately without providing for his
family or making known his intentions. Mrs.
Uartel Is in poor health , has a family of two
or thrco bright little girls , and is nearly
heart-broken over her husband's conduct , rf ;
Money loaned at L. B. Craft's t Co.'s
loan ollicc on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , por&onal property of nil kinds ,
and all other articles of vnluo , without
removal. All business strictly confi
dential. _
S. B. Wadswortb & , Co. loan money.
Pugilism docs not scorn to bo meeting with
the most flattering success in this city. Tom
Brooks , the champion lightweight of this
section , Is now in the county Juil awaiting
trial for a cold blooded murder , and Jimmy
Lindsay , Omaha's middleweight champion ,
U confined in the city jail , where ho Is serv
ing out a fifteen days' sentence and a $50 tine
for assault and battery , There nro two
more complaints pending against him , and lie
will pay ( julte dearly for his fun before he
gets through. Ho amused himself by punch
ing the passengers nnd Insulting ladies on n
Manawa motor train lust Thursday nlgtit.
In sentencing him the court stated that ho
proposed to put a stop to this practice of
rowdyism , nud would dispel the illusion In
the minds of Omaha touuhs that they could
como over here and do as they pleased.
Sunday nt the hake.
Yesterday wns an average Sunday at
Manawa. There were no special attractions
to draw a largo crowd , still the motor trains
were fairly well patronized , fully 1,000 people
ple visiting the lake during the day , Both
the bathing beaches wore well patronized ,
the managers having about all the business
they could attend to. At Munnwa bcacli the
supply of suits was hardly equal to the de
mand , but this will bo guarded UKnlnxt
In the future , us , live dozen now
suits are now on the road and will bo hero
this week , The register ut the
hotel Indicated n good day's business.
In the evening a grand display of lire-
works wns the principal feature. They were
sent up from a boat anchored a short dls-
tuiico in front of the hotel. The day was
warm cnouuh to make bathinc doubly at
tractive , wfillo tbo cool breeze blowing from
the liilco w ta a welcome chaugo from the
heat of the city.
There wns hut f nqt barber shop open in
this city yesterday. , nnd thnt wns run by n
boventh-Dny AdvBullAt , on Upper Brondway.
Ho closed his shop Saturday until 0 o'clock ,
from which time until last evening he did n
rushing business. Silld ono of the barbers
who had to remain' closed : "Thnt follow
has n dead cinch. , The bulk of Saturday's
trade Is nftcr 0 o'clock , so that ho really Rets
Saturday nnd Sunday both. His trndo to
day must hnvo uecn , worth nt least $12 , nnu
ho did nil the work-himsclf , Ho In making
his religious Ideas ' \fyy \ him n good prollt on
the cnpitnl Invested ) and I was wondering
whether It wouldn't bo wlso for some of us
to follow his example. "
Judge Aylcsworth gives his decision to
day. The anti-closers nro quite positive that
It will bo In their favor. They fully expect
to open ucxt Sunday , nnd ono of them stated
thnt ho had received quite positive assurance
that there would be no further trouble.
Fritz Bernhnrdt states that ho was misrep
resented , us ho lias no dcslro to give In or
abandon the light , but , on the contrary , will
continue to opfioso closing , and In case the
other side is successful ho will start in to
shut up every other business In the city
on Sunday , cigar stands , drug stores , news
papers nnd everything else.
The closing faction i not nt nil worried
over the outlook , as they have shut up all
the shops for two Sunduys , und believe that
the outlook for the future is In their fnvor.
In the meantime the shaviii < puhllc is taking
verv kindly to the now order of thiirgs , and
mnito it u point to drop into the shops Hatur-
dny iifternoou or evening , Instend of Sunday
morning , ns It hud always been their custom.
_ _
"ttioll BALK My np-huvncignr storr. at flt2
-L llrounwny , Is tor Milo ctieup. Will B < > 11
block mid tlxcurus cr fixtures alone. Hansons
for i-ellliit. II nVo two stores and can't attend
to but ono. tipU-nilld business cbnnce. lor
Kiniill capital. Inquire oC IrunK I.ovln , M'
TTIOU HUNT Store room , No. 18 Mam St. ,
-I ? after July 1. W. C. Jiiinos. U Pearl st.
[ ) Ois- | l
spaniel flop , small and lilitckvlth < urly
hair , long tall niiil VOM : hair cm like niton.
'the iltiilor will bo Miitnltiy rewarded by return-
ilia tliu iniliiml to the Morgun house. Lower
Main ft. Philip Morgan.
Rood girl forgunoral housowork.
WANTED Huuehott , IS ) Itn nt. _
17U I\U family team for Hale , or trade for
Jlot. ? . Inquire lit a Wosr , llroiuhvny ,
HUNT Tarnished ( for two or tbroa
months ) , thu bun se 1 occupy , No. 124 So.
ith st. U. C. Cheynoy. _ _
A V7ANTED WO piece. * 0,5 sc'on Hum 1 cxvpot.
> al'o all good sj > ! ! t-luin I furniture. A.
J. > Iumlel.Nos. _ : i i _
T7IOK r.XCHANan-Soveral goo.lfiir.ns to ex
J-1 change for Council Illu'Js lots. Johnston
Si Van 1'ntten , Kvcrctt block.
TM5AL KSTATiS-Houzut nivl soil an-t ex-
iV changed. Speclil nttonUoa given to exam
ination ot tltli-s. W. C. Jamus. .No. U Pcnrl St. .
Council Uluils. _ _
17 011 "KBNT Ka < y terms two now live-room
J houses , 11th nvu. bjt\vfl n Hlgn and Tnlnl
Ets. t-ell c.iuiip if titlcon tins weok. lutuiiio
owner. J. Dickey. 74 _ II. Way. _
1TK1K SALW Old esuib'llssul Koa.-ral mer-
J2 ch'iiuUsu busluo . ptCKX , ifxtures , wn joas ,
etc. Good room n-id lov reut , Address , J.
Dickey , "I ) H. Way _ .
Kverybf > rty iu the city to romeni-
bor Mandpi's Imruntu 1'nrnlt.ira store Is
the pluco to buy your goods. : i-tJ nnd 3:5 llroad-
\ \ ay. _
w * T"'i P * * ?
suBiuHS rJ
fg. akteeli (
. . .
ftjS l .t
* ? M [ MT * fwia r fM iiyi-f-iJ i
Ku3 ra n t ee idAbstractsof M
Agent American Iluilcllnfr and Loin Absociu-
lon. No. 30 Pearl St. , UP-WTA1 US.
CHAS. O. Mj\SOOJ > .
J. D. GllMUNn-OM. R. li ,
( res. Vice 1'red
CllAS. It. H ANNAN. Cashier.
Paid Up Capital . $ 150.00WW.
Surplus . iri.ouwx ) .
Liability to Drpojltors. . ; 2iXKrJ. ( ) (
DiiiKOTOiis I. A. Miller , I' . O. ( ileason , E. L.
Suugart , i : . I ! . Hart , .1 , 1) . IMmnnason. C'bas. It.
Hnntmi. Transact ceneral banking business.
Lar et cipltal ami surplus ot uuy bank In
southwestern Iowa. Interest ou tlmo deposit- )
'Juos. OKMC-VI. W. II. M. POSB
Corner Mntn and Broadway ,
Dealers In forettin c.nd domestic exchange.
Collfctlonb uitida und Intaroit paid oa tlmo de-
and fansamond {
CaltlMigo anil
Other Vegetable Plants.
Vegetables , Stable Plants ,
Fruits Etc ,
ttnst Tlcrcc St. Council
' W. IMTTO.X - , Prop.
Elegant rUfrs ut Heusonublo Kates.
Noa. 10 und 21 , North Muiit Street.
Council DlulTd , Iowa.
J. 3V1.
In tuo city. Gilt edged opportunities to liuuio-
dlato lnvoitorian.1 lioinojoetcrd.
2U I'earl tit. Council UlulTs.
Special Bargains in all DeparlnientslTMs Week ,
H Hydraulic and Sanitary Eiiffinoor. Plans , Estimates
, Sjieoilications. Supervision of Public Work. Brown
BuilJinjr , Council iJlutTs , Iowa.
NQP. W I I D7 Justicl ° of l'10 ' Peace. Oiiieo over American Express , No.11
. OUII Urt - Brondwny , Council BhtlTs. Iowa.
&Q I M Q AltorTioy t l TiiTriii ( tlio State and Fcd-
OIIVJ'J oral Courts. Rooms 7 and 8 Sliusart-l ; Block ,
Council Blufis. Iowa.
M QTII I l\/i \ / A f\i Attorney-at-Law. Room 4 , Second Floor , Brown
, U. O I ILLlVlnlM Block. 115 Pearl St. , Council Blurts , la. Will
piwtico in St-ito and Kutlcrnl ' Courts. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ M
SIZES FROM Especial/ Adapted ftr
25 TO 300
HORSE POWER , Mills and Elevators
clflcatlounand estimates furn'nhe 1 for compla'a uleim plimn. Uozulatlon , Dur.ilillltr KuamntaoJ.
un fcaonr letters Iroui users wlicio fuel economy I * cqtiiil with Corl ! > Non-cniiriunslui ; ,
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for catalogue. No. 610 Pearl Street , Council Bluffs.
D BlBofi-aW B BBiy B
I wish to inform the ladies of Omaha ni.d Council Bluffs that 1
huvo determined upon closing out my entire stock
ol floods at my
No. 29 , Main street. , Council Bluffs , within the next HO days , nnd
for this purpose I will sell my creeds FAR BELOW COST.
The stock coiibibts of the flncbt line of hair goods and ornaments
west of Chicago.
MBS. C. 1,7 GILI.ETT ,
Olden Koculvu * by mall 1'rornpt Attention. No , 29 Main St. , Council Bluffs ,
W. H. CHAMBERLAIN , M , D-Ske1'ftnd T < iroat probcribod. Bm'K-on- '
OIHce corner Main St. , and
PI MHMTfinR/JFRV / Surpeon and Homeopath. Room 0 , Brown
i J , IVIUn I UUlvlC. ! ) I building , 115 Pearl St. Olllce hours , 0 to 1'J.
n. in. , 2 to 0 and 7 to 8 , p. m.
Open Dally , All Specimens For Sale.
1'KO.Ml'TI.iV 1-UIjM'JIJ.
Cull nt Iiluscuin or address
O. It. CiZ , IM T ,
BIG North 10th St. , Oiniihn , for Catalogue.
While In the city do not fall to
call on the
store and see the finest and best
Music Hall on the Mo. slope.
Cj > me nnd talto a look at our
large clock of Pianon and Organs
and all kinds or musical Instru
ments up stairs and down stairs
103 Main Street ,
' \VcNt\vArtI.
Itnnnlnc boturocu Council mills ana Al
bright. In nililltlon to tlio action * mentioned ,
trntns stop nt Twentieth ana Twcnty-IouttU
streets , nml nt tlio Summit In Omixtin.
Uroitu 11 ans- Oiusua 1 Bouth
wny. fer. Cll'llOt. Shecly.jomixhti
A. M. A. M. A. M. A.M. A.M. A.M.
& ; < > 0M : ( 005 ;
CIO : fi17 ; C : : a-.ra
6:47 : 7:00 : 7:2-1
7Ti 6:00 :
f : < _ - , Sit !
Sri fi:42 :
0:01 : 0:12 : 3:30 :
0:43 : 11:55 : 10OU :
10:12 : 10:23 : 10:33 :
11:0.- : , 11:13 ll-5 : 11.3)
P.M. P.M. P.M. P.M.
1' M 1' . M. 12:05 : 12:12 12:2 : KM
rsrtS 1(6 : III ! 1:30 :
1:5 : : ! 2:0' : , 2:12 : 2:30 :
2v : : > 2:42 0:00 :
2(5 : 2:52 : 3in : nhi 3:30
' ; 3,7 , 4:10 : . 4:15 :
'a:5 : ; 4:12 : IfK 4CO :
6:10 : 6:15
4:45 : 4:52 & : U' > r.:2 : ? 8:50 :
CM : tur ) : > 1:13 : 0:2 : 0:33 :
fi:52 : 1SO :
T2 bTO
UK : 'JI.Ci V:30 :
6:45 : Bss luin : 10:75 : 10:30
11:00 : 11.07 nrll : JI 11:51 12:01 :
Iv llf > :
11:53 : 12:05 : rjo :
i Eastward.
AlI I South 6ho9lOmnna | Tran3-riroao | >
bright. Omrihn Icy. | Depot. I for. | wuy.
A. M. A.M. A.M. M A.M.
" " 6:41 : 0:57 :
"BZV 6:1 : 6o : 0:15 : fi : 7
7OJ : 7OJ : 7:1.1 : 7:20 : 7:32 :
7f 8:0 : 8:15 : 8:27
8:10 8:23 8:30 :
6:60 : 8r > 6 0:0 : 0:15 : 8:27 :
0:05 : U:10 : 0:30 : "
10:07 : 10:16 : 16:27 : 10:3J :
10:23 : , 10:33 : ' "
10:15 11:07' ' lllS : "ilS7
11:50 11.V , M. I P M. P , M. P. M.
P.M. . M. 12:07 : | 12:15 : 12:2 : 13:25 :
12 : 12M 1:07 : 1:15 1:27 1:35 :
ltO : 1:66 : 2:07 : 2:16 : 2:27 2:33 :
2M : 2:55 : 3:07 : 3:15 : 3:27 SfJtl
3:10 3:16 : sail nan
3A5 : 4:071 : 4:15 : 4:27
4:37 : 4:46 : '
4M B:07 : 6:15 : 'fi:27 6:35 :
6:20 : 6:37 : t > M
CM ; 6:07 : 0:13 : 0:27
Ci-'M 7:07 : 7:1.1 7 : 7 : *
7:60 : 7-6 : S:07 : 8:15 : 87 : : W
8.Vi : 9:07 : U:15 : :37 : 0iia
0:6 : } 10:07 : 10:15 :
10:60 : 10M : ll:07'nr. : ' 11:30 :
12:10 12:14 : 12
l.oave. | Arrtvo.
n No. 2 6OJpmn : ! No. 1 Ul : an )
U No. 0 0BO : iiinC , ! No. 6 IJilSpli )
A No. 1 lUOOam'A : ' No. 3. . . . 0:3) : pa
A No. K 0:45 : pm A No. 13 71) HUI
No. 0 0:10 : amjNo. 7 9:27 : am
No.H 8:15 pm No. 3 7I" > an
No. 4 9:23 : pm No. 6 ( ! -15 pn
Alt Trains Dally.
A No. 2 :40nmA : | No. 1 7:00nm
A No. 4 9:40 : pmA | No. U 6:45 : pia
A No. 2 0'l5a m I A No. 3 6:20 am
A No. 4 a.-iupml A No. i eiWum
A No. 10 7:05 : mill A No. 9 8:55 : nm
A No. 12 7OJpmlA : No.ll OiOOptt
A No. 8 4n.ripmA | No. 7 12:03 : m
A dully ; I ) dally except Saturday ; Oexcept
BiuiUay ; U cxcupt Momlur : fHsimull.
TJia tlmo glvtm ubuvu U for Transfer , thora
bclnc from live to tea minutes between Traat *
fer nud local ileuots. ,
S , W , Corner Farnain and 15in Ss ( ,
I'alil iu Cnitllnl , . 8500,000
0. K. riAIlKKH. President.
E. L. UIlilUIOWKlt. Vlco Prosiaent.
iMI. JOHNSON. Ciuhler.
W. S. Klitri'OH , AssUtant Ci3lilei\
mitliOTOIlH :
OEO. K. in 1 1 KI : ! i , J. II.
K. li. liiiuio ! 'iit , ( 'IIAH. MKTX
l'It ' , JOIINSd.V , J , N. COKNIHII
L. 11. Wll.MAMH , J. L. Mll.r.B ,
H. U..I(1IINSON ( , K. W. CltOV , .
K. A. ItKNSO.V , ( lllrtTAV ANIir.ll30.f ,
Acroiintx of liunkrrs , men limits
uaUrucelvtd on thu JUOHI , fuvoralilu terms-
Corner Kith anil Fuinum Streetn , Chamber
Commerce llullilliii ; .
npitnl Stuck . 8100,000
Liability of Stockholders . 800,001) )
Flvu I'cr ' cunt imlil on ilo | > oilti , leant inn'Jo OD real
ertMu a-iil | > vr un > il ncaurltn notei , wanuuli , tiocfc *
JOUNL. illl.KH , I'rcildcnt.
BAMUHI. CUTNKK. Vice I'renl'lcnt. '
DI XTKIt l 'l'HO.MAt ) , Culbler ,
110AI1I ) UK
Julin L. MIIe , Kruitun lieiiion ,
Hainuul Culner. .lolm II. Hvnm ,
Amlruiv llonutrnler. Murrli Murrlnoa.
XV. A li.llbbun , lieu. U. Murker ,
linr. Alvln i-ninulori , liriltr I. Tliumai ,
Norinun A. Kului , Jaiiiun'1'lcuuiinuu ,
1' , U. Juliuiuu , .lollu Hull ) ,
1) . Andciion.
oo { n corn 2S A WIONTH" I i >
IU gZjUi-nuao
) orkiinjforu .
- preferred who can fnrnUh u homo nnd
Klvo thvlr whole tlmu to tliu liualnoa-t. Bpur *
iiiomuiittt may bo protltnblt einployoil Mso. A
fitw vacancies In IOWIIM und cltlca. It . ( ' , JOHN *
bON & CO. IdOMrtlu St. , Itlohmond. Va ,
If , ll. 1'lecie state aye ttnil txutrUilrc. Never
MlwlaljuutKHdlniiiitaMiifvri'citli/ Co ,