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Omaha Won Yesterday'a Gnmo
Without nn Effort.
Tlie Corn lliukcrn Have n Narrow 1
capo Prom llclnc Wiped Out
ofKxUtoiicc Two Gmnes
Standing < > r the Clntts.
r Following is the standing of the Western
Association clubs , up to and including yes
i terday's games ?
1'lnyod. Won. Lost. Per Ct.
Omaha fii 80 15 700
SUl'uul 51 30 15 .700
Bloux City fil 29 23 .wi'j '
M Minneapolis. . . fil 25 20 .400
P Denver 51 S3 . 481
Dos Monies..47 130 A'M
r St. Joseph 47 10 Ul .340
Milwaukee 47 14 .293
Itnm ; Itnll To-Day.
Tlio Omaha * nnd Sioux Citys will piny two
Kiunos to-day , ono in the morning nnd ono In
the afternoon. The morning ginio will bo
called nt 10)0 : ! ) and the afternoon game at
0:80. : The two teams will have out their
fullest strength , nnd two close and hnrd
fofoght battles will bo the result. Everybody
Omnlia UVi , Sioux City O.
Sioux City , the team that cnmo down hero
flvo or six weolts ago and lambasted Omaha
for three straight games , is back agnln.
Yesterday afternoon they wont out to the
r ball park to see whether they couldn't white
wash the White Sox ono inning out of nine ,
and' they did U , but it was the closest kind
of n shave.
The Oiuahns had It In for the Corn Husk-
cr i and they all but wiped them from Iho
fnco of Iho car tli. .
In the very first inning Mr. Webber , who
was In Iho BOX for ttio visitors , fell Into tlio
sizzling puree , nnd It made the crowd of fif
teen hundred people very Jubilant.
They remembered Mr. Webber a lew
weeks back , when his drops nnd shools and
other productions pluyod such havoc with
the White Sox ,
But lot's sco how it all cnmo to pass.
In the opening inning Willis. Cleveland
and Strauss were sent to lirston bad balls in
rapid succession. Jack Crooks then c-.iiuo to
the pinto , and deluging It with u mouthful of
Yucutnn Juice for luck , ho cried :
"Get ready there , now , all of you , nnd
when I kill It , cnmo in. "
Then Webber sent him ono of his choicest
drops , nnd Jnclc met It cordially , making a
beautiful line hit to left field , on which
Willis nud Cleveland Scored.
What n shout Ihero was at that.
Everybody thought , you know , of course.
that the struggle was going to bo hot and
furious , and wanted to hooray while tlioy
Lad a chance.
The next man up was the lad with the
terra cotla curls , and before anybody real
ized it ho had smashed the bull way out over
Holnun's head for three sucks ; then
Andrews followed wilh a homer over Hie
fence ; Nnclo got lo first on nn egrecious
- muff by'Powoll ; Clarke struck out ; Willis
f \vas lilt with the ball , and Cleveland made n
fine drive for three cushions , and the result
of this fearful cannonading was nine largo ,
fat , corn-fed runs.
"Oh , Webby , Webby 1" cried the crowd.
'What ails you ! "
In tncir half the visitors also scored , but
I ono tally , however , and Cline got that. Ho
, knocked out n thrco-buzgor , and came m
after Willis had caught Powell's fly.
I Then the White Sox stepped right up for
eight moro consecutive innings , and bounded
out ono or more runs in every ono of them ,
save the last , when a bil of sharp fielding
closed them out.
Gracious , how the crowd did cheer and
i ; Jeer and guy the Corn Hushors , and when
the gnmo was over they looked like a crowd
of dyspeptics.
They did some clover stick work , however.
nnd there is no probability that Clarke found
it necessary to lot out nny extra kinks in ins
Derby last night. In the sixth inning 'they
KOt his range beautifully , and on live cork
ing singles drove in four runs , nnd had it not
liavo boon for superb fielding , would have
made as many more.
They were hopelessly behind , however ,
nnd played In a dispirited , perfunctory sort
of a way , nnd seemed only anxious to got
through with the game as quickly us possi
ble.This morning they will have Siobel in the
box , and this afternoon , Flunmignn ; and
Captain Brosmin says ho will bo woefully
disappointed if they don't take both garnet.
The score :
I/ fc /
Kuus earnea Oiuuui 9 , Sioux City 3.
Three base nits Walsh 3 , Andrews J ,
Nnglo 1 , Cleveland 1 , Cline 1 , Urosnun 1.
Homo runs Adruws.
Double- plays Clarke lo Andrews , Weber -
er , Urosnnn to Powell.
Uases on culled balls Off Weber 8 ,
Clarke 3.
Uuscs from being hit by pllchod ball 13y
Weber 1.
Struclt out Uy Clarke 8 , Wubor 4.
Passed b.ills Crony 2.
Wild pitches Clarke 1 , Weber 3.
Time of ( ; umu--Two hours and iifteen min
Umpire Urlody ,
St. iOHUll ) | JO , Ihllivur O.
DEMVUII , Col , , July II , Tlio Denver play-
era lost the first game of tlio aeries to St. Joe
to-day , owing principally to their inability to
bit pitcher Flood. Score :
r - . HT. JUS K I'll.
r li o u o r , li , o , ft , c
Palrrm | > lo,3b..l 1 1 2 u Curlwrlatit,3b..l I 2 i II
McClulltiii,2ti. . 1 1 1 UCurlls.lT . U 2 ; i U I
M'leadwuy , rrt 3 4 a U Anliier.liU . U 2 2 > ; . . . I I & U 1 McCarr , . . . . , ; ! a 3 ! l I
iVVtitU-.M. , . i - ' - ' a 1 Krlrir. It ) . . 'J 3 W J I
Bllcli , cf . u u u u Ulluunni : , ct..l l l 1 I
hbor u.lf..U 1 U U U Miullliaoo , C..I I II ; i i
Wliiin.l' . .3 I U a U Knoll. rj . U 1 U u i
U'\rluiiUmc. . . < J Ull 1 1 flood , | . < I l
TCUI . . . . . . .O l a1 Tamil
Iianier . U 0 0 1 I ! U U 2-1
. . . . . . , , . , . . . U 6 1 U i ! U U 3 -ll
nod'rmiPouter 1,81. Joe I. Two-bain hlti-
ir , Miulllmiuu , McC'ullun. Three Imtu lilu-
. \VUUu. Homo run 'I'lfujwuy. lla u ttulun-
| > enter J. bl. Joe "L IXiutilu i > luy < Mct'lullan u
jviille to Uutiii ! llutnlrj to JCrelir. ttnn-a ou Imlli
a t'fu 2 , e'J fluoa u.Vtia \ i
'tnifk out Rf Vngnn 10 , hr FIoOvl ft. fMocfl bulls
HiRllhK'finl , Tlmo ofg&mo-ahonrsnml minute * .
Umpire Molcrmott.
Milwaukee 10 , DOB Molnes O.
Mtr.wAt'Knc , Wls , , July 3. Milwaukee
jntted out a victory to-day end their players
ran bases almost with Impunity. The Des
Molnes team lilt IJrynau frequently , but
could not keep place with the Milwaukee
sluggers , Score :
, r. It. n. n. o. o. n. e.
l'nnrmnnr,2 1100 Potion. lf..l 1 0 U 1
4iiltnncf..3 3 2 I ) 1 \l % krcrb..3 : i 1 4 3
Morrl soylb..2 412 0 0 Wliltolny , cf..0 0 1 0 n
< hock , n * 1 1 1 2 2 Connell. Ill ) 0
Umd , If . . . . . . .1 2 4 0 U Smltli , lb. . , . . , . 1 12 2 2
Klrhjr.2t > .1 Sll S Oortr , rf 1 2200
Alhcrts , 3U..I 104 Jl Trnlllor , c 2 1821
Mill. " . , c , ' . .1 2 II 0 1 MncnllBMS. . . . ! S J 6 1
llr/nan , p 1 3 U 3 o Aloxaniior , ! > . . ! 2 0 6 0
Totals. . . . . . . ,19 19 13 T Totnl * . . 9 II 27 19 7
MIlirnnkCD 2 2306110 3-10
liea Molnos % . . . . . . .U ) 0
ltun < rnrnpd Milwaukee5 , Dm Moines 3. Tlirno-
Imso hln Morrlsjdjr , l.nwc. TWO-IHKO lilts Morris-
uoj- , MuslicrTrntlloy , M nculmr. Uiu | > lro Clftrk.
St. Pniil in , Mltmcapolta 8.
MiKNRAroMS , July 3 , Minneapolis lost to
St. Paul to-day through rotten playing by
llnnrnhnn. Scoroi
Minneapolis . . . .0 8
St. Paul 1 0 15
OTI113I ! IlAljU GASllCS.
CINCINNATI , July 3. Ilesult of to-day's
game :
Cincinnati 0 003000 0-3
Unltltnore 1 001000 0-3
Game called nt the end of olghth Inning on
account of rain.
KANSAS Citr , July 3. Ucsultof to-day's
game :
KnnsasClty. . . ; 3 5314013 0-19
Columbus 3 300 0803' 0 10
ST. Louis , July 3. Kesult of to-day's '
game :
St. Louis 1 30000000 4
Brooklyn 430000000 7
Liouisvu.i.n , July 3. Tfloro was no game
hero on account of rain.
KOIIFOI.K , Nob. , Juno 3. | Special to Tnn
Bui : . ] In the ball game to-day the homo
club shut out the Union Pacifies by a score
of 15. The clubs will play again to-morrow ,
making one feature of Ihu grand celebration.
COI.UMHUS , Neb. , July 3. fSpooInl Tele
gram to Tun Bun.J The most exciting game
of base ball over witnessed hero was played
on the camp grounds this afternoon between
the Claries nine and Iho reorganized team of
Columbus. Three thousand pcoulo witnessed
the game , which stiiod 8 to 7 in favor of
I'fiotta iicntB the
LONDON , July 3. The race for the diamond
sculls between Charles O. Psotla. American
amateur champion , and Ulackuioro , Iho
Knglish oarsman , was rowed ut Ilentloy to
day. Psotta won , beating his opponent by
three lengths. _
A F5lK Offer For Axt.plI.
ST. PAUL , July 3. [ Special Telegram'to
Tin : Bnn.J Frederick Burry , of Chicago ,
late this afternoon wired C. B. Williams , the
owner of Axtell , tbo Iowa colt which put the
throe year-old record down to 2:15Jij : yester
day afternoon , nn oiTer cf $80,000. Both this
offer and "that of llobort Banner of SU5.000
sent earlier in the day were declined. Mr.
Williams says the youngster has made trial
bents as low n& 3:10. and has no doubt will
lower All trotting records witnin u year. Ho
will not bo sold , ho says , for less than
? 100,000.
Washington Park Races.
WASHINGTON PAUK , July 3. The attend
ance was moderato and the track heavy ,
summary :
mile lllllea Laura
Ono , three-year-old
Davidson won , Monita Hardy second , Miss
Jackson third. Tlmo 1OI ; % .
Three-fourths of a mile , two-vear-olds
Grace M. won , Jo-.To _ second , Outright third.
Time l:3-2kf.
Mile anil ouo-sixlccnlh Glockner won , St.
Albans second , The Elk third. Time
1:531-5. : The winner was sold to Jacn Mc
Donald for $7,095.
Mile and one-fourth Gilford won. Los
Angeles second , Hindoocraft tlurd. Time
3:374-5. :
Three-fourlus of a mile , all ages Estollo
won , Cassandra second , iJulu third. Time
1:31 : 1-5.
This Attcrnnon.
There will bo another racing matinco at
the fair grounds this afternoon wilh flvo
events in the cast. Entries lo Iho road races
free. Some good horses will bo on hand ,
and much sport is anticipated.
CIcvRlnml Thrown from a Bufjiry.
SANDWICH , Maas. , July 3. Whllo ox-Pres
ident Cleveland was enjoying n carriage ride
near Buzzard's Bay to-day wilh Joe Jeffer
son , with whom he hus been visiting the past
few days , ono of the horses became unman
ageable nnd both gentlemen were thrown
out. They esca.ped with slight bruises , but
received n severe shaking up. The carriage
was considerably damaged. Cleveland loft
for ftlarion this evening.
Almost Scuttled to Dpath.
LYONS , In. , July 3. [ Special Telegram to
Tun BUE. ] Last night , after the explosion
at the paper mill , John Munks , merchant ,
anil Ills wife were looking nt the wreck ,
Accidentally , while looking over the ruins ,
ho slipped into n tank of hot water Into
which the exhaust of stoum from the engine
had been conducted. Ho was very badly
scalded and is still alive ; but his recovery is
_ _
Spain AVoultl Shelter tliu I 'ope.
MADUID , July 3. The imperial assorts
thai the govitrnmenl , tinvlng received a tele
gram from the Vatican authorities inquiring
whether the pope would bo allowed a place
of refuge in Spain in the event of his being
obliged to leave Homo , Premier Sagasta ,
after consulting with the queen and the
ministry , replied In the ufllnnatlvo , grunting
the pope an asylum at Valencia.
His CoiuiuUHlon.
A morning paper of yesterday contained a
paragraph to the effect that a fire Insurance
in nil , mimed Lee , had demanded , of C , J.
Barber , of this city , the register und blanks
of the Granite Stnto Flro Insurance com
pany , of which Barber had been nn agent ,
and thai the demand was not compiled with ,
It was also stated that Leo hud been ordered
from the ofllco under penalty of being
assaulted with paper weights and other ofllco
In reply Mi1. Barber says :
' Mr , Lee ojorod my ofllco Monday. I
told him 1 desired tie business relations with
him , ami that the company could hnvo the
register when it jmul mo what It owed me.
I also btated that I desired him to lenvo the
odlce nt once , which he absolutely refused lode
do , when 1 promptly ordered him out and
threatened to call the palica if lie did not go.
Ho went. No settlement was made with
Leo , nor was the register , which ho wus so
anxious for , turned over to him , not will it
bo until 1 receive the money duo mo from
the Uranltu State. Tno rcjfisler is the evi
dence of Indebtedness , "
a Tiu-nvordin.
Mr. Henry Kumuiorow returned yesterday
from n business trip to Fremont , where ho
went to organize a branch of the Turnbezlrk ,
to have It In readiness for a big mootlni ; Au
gust 0 , 1(1 ( anil 11. The Turnbczlrk consists
of the Oinuha , PlalUmouth , Fremont und
West Point organizations , and hus arranged
for u hi ? tlmo ut its meeting In August. Mr.
Kummeraw U instructor of physical training
in the public schools , und U now leaching u
class of Juvcullcs for'the oocasmn ,
A Holtlli'i- Killed Hy a Train.
A soldier named Williams was run over by
n train on the Hllthorn roud near Fort
Omutiu. last night about 13 o'.cluvk , and was
instantly killed , tlio body being uiunglcd In
a. horrihlii
The Louiavlllo Fiend Uliidoa the
Marshal at Alliance.
The Knltjlits of Pythias Brigade Kn-
oampnuMit nt Col tun bus Proving
n Grand Suoccns A Sulolilo
nt Sterling.
Fooled Ills Captors.
PIATTSMOUTII , Neb. , July 3. [ Spoptal Tol-
cgrnm to TUB BIG. I A telegram was received -
coivod hero ' to-dry from the marshal nt Al-
liiinco stating that Abe Kccler , whom ho had
under arrest , had got away from him last
night , but If the crime against him was seri
ous ho could catch him again. County At
torney Qc'ring nt once telegraphed the mar
shal to catch and hold him for Sheriff Elkon-
oarry , who had loft for Alliance to got the
prisoner. _
Hank FA 1 1 11 ro nt IliunlioIiU.
PAWHKU CITT , Neb. , July 3-Nows has been
received hero of the suspension of the Frtrin-
crs' end Merchants' bank of Ilumboldt ,
There are ugly rumors involving the best
citizens of that place. The charter of the
bank expired Juno 20 , and President Lam-
bertson started n private bank with a capital
stock of $10.000 , but at the expiration of two
days found lie could not get nlTalrs In shape
to meet the requirements of the new law be
fore July 10. and on Monday made an as
signment. Ho claims that the bank will nay
out or ntarly so. Thirty or forty thousand
dollars are locked up. Ton or twelve
thousand dollars were deposited on
Saturday. When the oftlcer took posses
sion Monday only $400 were found. Money
\v s received and drafts given on eastern
banks Saturday afternoon. Stockholders
and certain depositors know nn assignment
was to bo made Saturday morning. Diver. ,
Ilartnor and Lauibcrtson , who wore in the
gram and stoclc business.nro involved. They
aroxv money out of the Table Kock bank
Monday and disposed of property in a man
ner to excite surprise. Captain Humphreys
mot Divcn at Liberty yesterday mid forced
him to disgorge $ .100 he drew from the bank
nt Table liock. DIvon was formerly n Sun
day school teacher hero and stood high in the
.community. Several Pawnbo City citizens
have claims against Divon , whoso every
movement is closely watchod.
Fremont u Jinnntiza. For Rurglars.
ITitEMONT , Nob. , July a. [ Special Telegram -
gram toTni : BEE. | llurglars nro continu
ing their raids in Fremont. Last night the
St. Juhcn Hotel was entered and a gold
watch worth § 00 and 810 in cash belonging
to the landlord was stolen. This forenoon ,
nbout 10:30 : o'clock , the residence of H.
Blumonthal was entered through the front
door while the family was m the back part
of the house , and diamond rings and Other
Jewelry belonging to Mrs. Uluinentlml wor'o
stolen , tuo total value being about § 150. The
wrappers from the STOD worth of silk stolen
night before last from the store of C. M.
Stobbins were to-day found Bluffed m above
the brake beam of u freight car standing on
the I3lkhorn track. None of the burglars
have yet been apprehended.
Kscnjio of 'Jwo Hoz Thieves.
NKKHASICA. CITV , Neb. , July 3. [ Special
Telegram to Tun liisn. ] Two hog thieves
named Aikens and Brown , WHO are wanted
in Liincolu and who loft a team at that place
to escape the olllcers , were found in this city
last night through a'lettor of warning to At
hens , which fell into the hands of the police.
Wnen the ofllcors attempted to arrest them
they escaped over the river , leaving behind
hero another team and a small boy. Search
for the men continued all day to-day , but
they were not found. It is claimed thai they
belong ton gang of horse tuiovos , and the
little boy says he heard Brown boast of hav
ing killed u woman and was trying to got out
of the country , und had paid Alkous SJ.OO for
helping him.
Normal School.
Osccor.A , Nob. , Juno43. [ Special to TUB
BEE ] Articles of agreement were filed in the
oflice of the county clqi-k to-day between the
city of Stromsburgrand J. J. Bryant , of
Turlington Junction , Mo. , the city donating
the buildings and gnmnds. worth § 25,000 , to
Bryant. In five years Bryant is to establish
and maintain a normal school and business
college , with not less than 150 students after
the second year , and after said buildings and
lands are deeded they are oulv to bo
used for educational purposes in tbo suc
ceeding flvo years.
A Smallpox Sc.irc.
NnuiusKA Cnr , Neb. , July 3. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Bns. ] Some excitement
was caused to-day by the report of a case of
smallpox m town , but the board of health in
vestigated and found that n colored woman
and two children , named Green , who had
Jusl recovered from the disease , were from
Denver. As n safeguard , however , the
house was quarantined and an oHlcer put in
cluirpo for the present. It is not considered
Pytliinns nt Columbus.
COI.UMIIUS , Nob. , July 3. [ Special to THB
13r.n. ] Camp Dayton was formally turned
over to the brigadier general last evening ,
Hon. G. G. Bowman delivering the address
on behalf of the city and General Dayton
responded gracefully. Governor Thaycr
and staff arrived on the grounds last eve
ning , accompanied by the Ashland division
nnu band , and they uro the guests of the
First regiment. To-day is governor's day
and crowds are pouring in , fully 3,000 people
being present already.
Twloo Arrostoil For Forjjcry.
HASTINGS , Neb. , July 3. [ Special Tolo-
grani to Tun UEK.I M. T. IColly , the young
man arrested at Kearney and brought to
Hastings upon a chargoof forgery , was tried
to-day. The evidence was not sullicient to
hold him and ho was discharged. Ho was
immediately rearrcstcd on another charge.
A warrant has also boon sworn out for him
at Kearney , and if ho is not convicted of the
second charge hero ho will be taken to Kear
ney to-morrow.
Thlnvi'H at , ! Jnstln < ; 8 ,
HASTINGS , Nob. , July 3. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] Sneak thieves entered
the res Ul on co of M. J. Luuibard , a promi
nent citizen of this city , in broad daylight
to-day und carried off n gold watch , chain
and diamonds , all valued at several hundred
dollars. The audacity of the theft is unpar
alleled In the history of Hastings ,
Only loulmloiilly Guilty.
HASTINGS , Nob. , July 3. [ Special Tele-
cram to Tim HuE.l George a\ Work , un old
und respected citizen of Hustings , was yesterday -
terday convicted of violation of the govern
ment land laws and sentenced to sixty days
In the Colorado slate nen. Judge Work is
guilty only in a technical sense , und hus hun
dreds of friends in this city who sincerely
sympathize with him und his family.
Tim Itiuilc of itrouk Organized ,
BnocK , Xob. , July 3. [ Special to TUB
BEK.J The Bank of Brook was organized
yesterday by the following stockholders ;
Emilo Borlet , Jacob Good , Frank Keith ,
Uiloy Miller , E. 13. Good and 12. F. Good ;
Emilo Bcrlot , president ; Jacob Good , vice
president ; K. F. Good , cashier. The bank
will begin business July 10 with a capital of
813,000 ,
itiirulara Working < * o uiiit > nn.
COLUMBUS , Nob. , July a , | Special Tele
Ki-am to TUB Bun , ] The Central hotel was
cntorod by a burglar last night. The pro
prlctor , Jerry Suliook , and his wife , were
drugged and § 10 ! ! stolen. Thu thief took out
the wi'iiluiv and perfected an entrance to the
room. A millibar of other houses wore on-
teruu with small losses' .
PJ.ATTSMOUTII , Neb. , July 3. JSpecial T'ol-
egrani to Tim HBK. ] J , L. Farthing .and
Miss Lee HhtdU ) were married this evening
ut tbti lUddlo house. Tuo bride U the niece
of T. W. Ulddlc , find has been n teacher In
the high 'school. Mrl Farthing is a man of
business , nnd has an interest In the Cedar
Creek stone quitrryi'i
Govornor'-fybay nt Coliiml > u's.
Cou'Miius , ? Job.i rtTuly 0. [ Snoclnl Tele
gram to Tun Bttijt-Govcrnor's Day nt the
brigade oncauipiWpnFjrjnlform Hank , Knights
of Pythias , u'Sprncd cool and clear , A
ploasnnter day c.ouB , not bo hoped for. At
an early hour thls.mdrntng the camp dwellers
arose to enjoy the cool , refreshing breeze.
Major General CaPnnhnn came in on the
noon train to-4'nyescorted ' , by a division
from Otnahai i j nnd the Union
Paclflo band , n Ih , company with Gov
ernor Thnyor andv staff , ho was driven
to the camp , where the knights wcro drawn
up in line to rccclvo him. General Dayton
gave him n hearty welcome nnd after the ro-
copllon ho took up quarters nt the camp.
Quartermaster Wells , with part of the Second
end regiment , came In this afternoon. Part
of the Kearney division arrived on the 5:20 :
express. A division from David City came
in on the 7:20 B. & M. train.
Captain Lnscho , of Lincoln division No. 1 ,
came In this afternoon with part of his divis
ion. The balance will follow to-morrow. S.
L. Hough , of Chicago , representing the
Pythian Hccord , is canvassing for his paper
with marked success. The Pythian Spur
has headquarters on the grounds.
At 7:80 : Governor Thayer nnd stall re
viewed the Nebraska brigade , closing with a
brigade dross parade. Ho delivered n short
address to the knights , thanking them for
their kindness during his stav nnd expressed
himself as hnvlnghad a very pleasant lime.
Ho will take his departure In tlio morning.
A grand concert was given in the opera
house this evening for tlio visiting knights
by homo talent. Preparations forlho Fourth ,
or Columbus day , nro completed. General
Cowln , of Omaha , who is to deliver the oration
tion , will arrive In the city on the midnight
express. The grand prize drill nt the camp
grounds at 4 p. m. is n special fcaturo of the
Kcnrncy'u Cotton Mill.
IvKAitN'nx , Nob. , July 3. [ Special Tele
gram to THIS Bnn.1 At a public meeting
held to-night the location of the cotton mill
was disclosed. This has boon a stickler for
many who have been called upon to sub-
soribo for the subsidy , but now matters will
take another turn. T.ho mill will bo located nt
the foot of Greenwood lake , about ono mlle
west of Central avenue. There remains
nearly $50,000 lo raise. But S25OJO appeared
in sight before the mooting adjourned.
Plnttamouth'B Motor Lino.
PI.ATTSMOUTH , Nob. , July 8. [ Special
Telegram to Tim Bnc.J The cross-arms nnd
insulators for the moior poles have arrived
and the work of attaching them and putting
up the poles began to-day. The machinery ,
engines , boilers nnd attachments have all
been moved to the power house and the
track laying nearly completed except
the switches from Vine street down
to Main and out Lincoln avenue.
Duru'cll Wants a llallroad.
BumriiLL , Nob. , July 8. [ Special Tele
gram to Tiis BEE. ] A mass mooting of citi
zens of Garliold county , was held in Burwcll
last night and a committee appointed to wait
on the pfllcials of tlio 'Sioux City nnd Ogden
railroad nnd offer .thorn inducements lo build
through Burwoll nnd Garflcld counties.
The Ynnktoii & Norfolk Knilroml.
NioiniAiiA , Neb. , July 3. [ Special to TUB
BEE. ] Elections " 1o Vote 58,000 bonds in
each Lindsay and Lincoln precincts to aid in
the conslruction of Iho Gaulton , Norfolk' &
Southwestern railroad , took place to-day ,
resulting favorabjy.
Niobrarft's Nntal Bay.
NtoiiiiAitA , NobJ , July 3. [ Special to Tnn
BEE. ] Everything is alive preparing for to-
morrowis celebration , which will bo the
largest for years. Tho'Nlobrara ' wolicon and
Santce Indian brass bands will furnish the
music. .
Suicide of a'-Stcrlin'c Physician.
' '
STERLING : , Neb.j' July 3. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB HEB. ] Dr. G. L. Skinkle , the
physician who has been longest m our town ,
committed suicide at" o'clock this afternoon.
Til 13 i lll'JSIIKNTlVLi PAK.TY.
It Starts on n Special Train for Wood
NEW YonK , July 3. President Harrison
and party , consisting of Secretary and Mrs.
.Noble , Barbour , Lieuten
ant Mason of the navy department , Clarence
W. Bowman nnd Colonel 13. F. Shepard , left
on the 10 o'clock train for Woodstock. At
the depot Secretary Tracy Joined the party
A stop will bo made at Hartford and the
president will visit the stale capitol.
STAMFOUH , Conn. , July 3. The first stop
made by the presidential train after leaving
JNow York was at Stamford , at which place
the train was boarded by Governor Bulkoloy
and staff , Senators Hawley and Platt , the
four Connecticut congressmen and a number
of state officials.
NEW HAVEN , July 8. As the presidential
train drew up at the depot hero at 13 o'clock
a salute was fired. Governor Bulkeloy intro
duced President Harrison from the rear of
the last car to 3,000 people present and ho
was received with cheers. The mayor nnd
the other cily ofliclals gayo the president a
hearty welcome. To all the ovations the
President simply bowed , making no remarks
whatever. After leaving Now Haven the
party lunched.
jiAitTFoiiiij.uonn. , July 3 , President Harrison
risen was Hartford's guest for an hour nnd
u half. The city was in holiday garb , and
though'it rained quite hard , great crowds of
people were on the streets. The cauital was
reached at such a late hour that no stop was
made and the party was driven b-'ck to Iho
station and proccded to Putnam.
The.Vrnllot . In Anna AVelss Case.
ST. Louis , July 3. The coronor'i jury in
the Anna Weiss murder case brought in a
vordlot to-day to the effect that the girl came
to her death from concussion of the brain ,
caused by blows on the head delivered by
some party or parties unknown. It begins
to look as though the mystery surrounding
the murder would never bo unraveled.
Blunlcrcil Hln Mother nntl Suicided ,
JEIISBV CITY , N. J. , July 3. A tragedy oc
curred to-day In which the victims wcro Her
mann Probst , thirty-one years old , a diver ,
nnd his widowed nr1 her , Elizabeth Probst ,
The son shot his ni.nncr I'cud ' and then sent
n bullet crashing iiQP his head.
Denth of nu > | d Iron Manufacturer.
PiTTsnuno , July's. W , M.Tjyon , the oldest
iron munufacU'vcB hi the country , and ono of
Plttsburg's moit piomlnont business men ,
died suddenly of > upoplexy this morning ,
/ ged sovcnty-olght. j
Knipcrnr William Arrives nt Norwny.
BBUMN , July a.Thol Imperial yacht Ho-
hcnzollorn , with Kmpexor William on board ,
lias arrived nt StViOigdr , Norway. Tuo next
ports to bo visited' | iiro. Bcrncn mid Irond-
Lojom. : . „ , _ , ,
A Double Colored Ilnn/lii ( ; .
QUITMAN , Miss. , ulyj 3. Pnnco Fleming
nnd illclmrd Jordan , . .cplorodvoro hanged
hero to-day , for the murder of John Taylor.
colored , in the prcspncfe of u great throng of
people. ! _ ( > '
The Hit : Oil Tank Still Hurnlnir.
Pirrsiiuno , July 8 , The oil flro caused by
lightning striking nn oi ) tank near Washing
ton , Pa. . last evening , is still burning
fiercely. The loss will exceed $50,000.
AI.TOONA , Pa. , July 3. The reports last
night about the storm hero wcro greatly ox-
nggeratod. The heavy rains have caused no
material dauiago.
13. P. line's .Monument.
A vory.hundsorno grainto monument
lias boo'n placed over the grave of Ed
ward PayBon Roe , the novelist , in the
CarnwaH villngo cemetery , Upon it are
engraved n number of cinotations from
liis boat known works. The monument
was erected by MM. Hoo.
Dlsoiploa of Dlaokstono and Journal
ists at Oroto.
Corporal Tanner nnd Ex-Governor
Cumtmck , nt' Indiana , to Speak
To-Day Boiurloos Suc
cessful ClmutaiKiun.
Crowtlo on tlio Increase.
Cnnm ASSEMULT Qnotwns , July 8.
[ Special to TUB Bni : . ] It is evident that the
crowd Is dally increasing , The Crete as
sembly tins a largo constituency of the best
nnd brightest people of Nebraska ; it has
eight successful years behind It , nnd can not
bo superseded or in any way diminished by
any now organization of the kind. It was
the first Chnutnuqtm assembly over estab
lished In Nebraska , and will probably always
remain first , both m numbers nnd In real
merit. The unusually cool weather of last
night nnd this morning created a great de
mand for wraps and woolen nuparol. Trunks
were ransacked and grips were emptied of
their contents in the search for something to
keep warm , and sighs wcro breathed for
shawls and overcoats left behind. However ,
by 10 o'clock the genial rays of the sun had
sulllclontly warmed the ntmosphoro and dis
pelled the dampness , nnd comfort again
rolgu3d among the tent-dwellers.
To-day being lawyers' nnd editors' day the
thought of the morning prayer meeting
turned to those iwo great professions. The
loader road extracts from St. Paul command-
lug the keeping of the law , nnd showing that
the beginning of the law is in and from God.
Prayer was made for lawyers that they
might bo able to interpret Iho law correctly ,
and help people to understand it. The
mighty power for good or evil that the news
paper exerts was dwelt upon , and prayer
was made for editors that they may under
stand the Importance of their work , and use
their great inlhiuiico always only for the
things that are honest and pure nnd of good
report ; lhat they may servo the Lord with
their hearts and with their papers.
The regular classes of the forenoon met as
usual , and with tholr usual attendance and
interest. Dr. Duryoa's bible students' class
seemed oven moro interesting than usual.
The instructor grow so animated that ho dis
carded the chair on whicti ho usually sits
during this hour and dcltvored lo-dny's '
lecture standing. In his sludy of Iho books
of tlio bible ho has now como to the books of
Moses. The framework of these live books
Is bislory , and Iho history received some
additions after bis timo. Thu people of Israel
were responsible for these books , nnd took
care that no ono should tamper wilh thorn.
The lecturer showed the Importance of these
books to us. There is no bettor written book
in all literature for its purposes , than the
book of Genesis. It is both scientific and
philosophic , and it shows the making of the
Hebrew people a people without whom
there would have been no Christianity , u people
ple moro important in many respects than
any other Iho world has ever known. In
referring lo Iho fact , lhat Hie Hfo of Moses
was made up of twenty years of pupilage ,
twenty years of rellection and preparation
and twenty years of ollleient work , the
lecturer emphasized the furt that Moses
spent forty years in getting ready for his
work , and regretted that to-day people spent
so little time in preparing for their life work.
In showing that patriotism is second only to
love to God , ho took advantage of the near
ness of the national holiday and delivered
quite a Fourth of July speech , but speaking
in scathing terms of the neglect or IndilTor-
enco of Americans to many things tuat go to
make a righteous natlou.
At ' 13 p. ui , occurred the principal event of
the lawyer's part of the day the lecture on
"The Art of the Advocate , " by Hon. J. W.
Dotiavan , of Michigan. Moro than a score
of lawyers ocuupied seats in the large audi
ence. Upon the platform were three Judges
of as many Judicial districts in Nebraska.
After a cornet solo by Miss Park , Judge
Donavan was introduced by President Foss ,
and began ono of the finest lectures ever
deliverel on the Assembly platform. The
judge is a man of line appearance and great
ability , and has power to Interosl common
people as well as lawyers. His address was
pointed and Illustrated by many real inci
dents from Iho cotirt room , told with the
peculiar zest of ono familiar with such
scenes. The lecture must be heard to bo
At 5 o'clock Hon. William Cumbaclc deliv
ered hislecturo on "Tho Model Husband" tea
a largo and appreciate nudionco.
In Iho evening Mr. Bushnell , president of
the State Press association , delivered Iho
annual address to the editors. ' 'In the City
of Mexico" was the subject of the address.
The following is the programmo tor to
morrow :
00 : ! Prayer service.
8:00 : Children's class.
8:00 : Chorus.
9:00 : Harmony class.
9:00 : Normal class.
9:00 : Palestine class.
10:00-Biblo Student's ' class Dr. J. T.
10:00 : Temperance class.
11:00 : Lecture , with crayon illustrations-
Prof. E > ank Board.
S:00 : Platform Meeting Oration by Cor
poral Tanner ; by ox-Governor William Gum-
buck , of Indiana. Subject : "Tho American
Citizen. "
7:30 : War songs and addresses.
9:00 : Grand display of fireworks.
Y. M. C. A. Day ut Ilnntrlce.
BEATIIICH , Nob. , July 8. [ Special to THE
BEE. ] To-da. " has been another grandly suc
cessful number of the Bcalrlco Chautauqua
assembly. Being devoted to the Y. M. C. A. ,
it was an occasion of much enjoyable inter
est and was the occasion of the gathering of
a great thronz of Y. M. C. A. workers from
all sections of the state. The exercises were
under the superintendence of State Secretary
A.Nnshn8slsted , by other prominent workers.
The program mo began at 7:30 : by nn address
by W. O. Henry , assistant stale socrelury.
The address was attentively listened to and
was replete with many interesting points
nnd details of information relative to the Y.
M. C. A. work in this state.
At 11 o'clock a very largo nudionco assem
bled in the tabernacle to participate in the
conference ) on permanent work and bible
study. The cxtrelsos were conducted by
State Seerolury Nash and elicited much in
At n. in. the exercises wore opened by a
grand sacred concert by the Y. Al. C. A.
male choir , under the leadership of
Prof. M. S. Calvin. This was fo- [
lowcd by an interesting address by
General Secretary - E. C. Carroll ,
of Beatrice , on the "History of the Y. M. C.
A. " After another song by the choir Gen
eral Secretary J. A. DumtnoU , of Lincoln ,
spoke interestingly upon the "Aluthods of
Work , " and was followed by President J. II.
Markott , of the Lincoln Y , M. C. A. with a
lulling address on "Association Work From
a Business Man's Standpoint. " The "Church
nnd the Association" was the subject of
another address , nnd was followed by an
hour devoted to the "Quoslion Drawer , "
which was liberally participated In nnd con-
dueled by Secretary Nash.
Tlio remainder of the afternoon was devoted -
voted to general class work , C. t > . S. C. ,
Hound Table nnd the W. C , T. U. confer
Battery A , Nebraska National Guard ,
thirty-live strong with four t'Uns , arrived
during the day and wont Into camp on the
grounds. This batlery , with soveml com
panies of the First regiment , N. N. G. , will
participate in the great sham battle to-mor
In the evening Prof. Von Finklestoin do
livorcd another of his intensely interesting
lectures before an audience of 3,000 , people
in tlio tabernacle. Tholccturo was , asusual ,
illustrated by brilliant oriental costumers
and Is considered the best of the series thus
fur.At night the Y. M. C. A. inalo choir gave a
grand vocal concert ou the water which was
responded to from the shore by a special
chorus. Tlio effect wus indescribably grand
and beautiful and its repetition is enthusias
tically Insisted upon to-morrow evening.
To-morrow is booked as the great day of
the assembly and the following programme
Is nn indication of Its novelty nnd excellence >
TiiuiisnAT , jt't.T4 iNHKrr.NHF.NCR HAT.
0:20 National salute , by Battery A , N. N.
7:00 "Star Spangled Banner,11 bands.
7:80 Morning prayer. Hov. J. W. Stewart ,
8:00 : Ninth lesson advanced normal class.
8:00 Ninth lesson Junior normal class ,
8:40 : Primary department.
0:115 : Class in elocution.
10.00 Classes in music.
10:45-Muslc. : Bands. "Hall Columbia. "
11:00 : Morninfr address. George P. Hays ,
D. 1) . , of Kansas Oily , Mo. Subject , "Talk ,
Wlso nnd Unwise. "
3:00-MusIc. : Bands. "Tho Girl I Loft
Behind Mo. "
3:00 : G. A. U. cnmpflro.
5:00 : Sham nrtlllory battle by company O ,
First regiment , Beatrice , nnd company D ,
Second regiment N. N. G. , Fnlrbury.
7UO : Musical prelude. National songs.
8iOO Evening lecture. J. II.Young , D. D.
Subject , "Echoes From Hound Top ; The
Story of a Great Buttle. "
A report has gone out that Sam Jones , the
famous Georgia ovangollst , will not bo hero ,
asannounced , The following telegraphic
correspondence will explain itself.
HnxTiticu , July 3,1SS9.
Sam Jones , Cartorsvillu , Go. Your en
gagement for July 0 , 7 nnd S , nt Beatrice
Chnutauqua , is doubted by many. Will you
surely bo there ? L. A. Uumsiu. .
To which Mr. Jones promptly replied ;
GxiiTcimviM.n , Ga. , July 3 , 18SO.
L. A. Uudlslll , Beatrice , Neb. Will surely
bo there , providence permitting ,
States That IIuvo Tried and Kcpmlt
atod Prnhlhltlmi.
Chicago Tribune : Illinois enacted
prohibition in 1855 , but yopudiutod it at
tlio polls in the same your.
Now York passed the law in 1851 ,
tried it for two years , and gave it up as
a had job.
Mas.'ichusotts tried prohibition for fif
teen years , and repeated it us vain nnd
An clTort to restore prohibition in
Massachusetts was voted down by tin
overwhelming majority April U2 , 1889.
Atlanta tried the Inw for ono yenr
and repudiated it by an overwhelming
majority in November , 1887. The in
jury to tlio city was incalculable.
Connecticut enacted the law in 1851 ,
tried in vain to enforce it for eighteen
yetrs'and : then linully repealed it for
ever in 1872.
Ohio enacted prohibition in 1855 , nnd ,
after a few months of hitter experience ,
repealed it.
Maryland passed n prohibitory law in
1885. The I'osults wcro so disastrous ,
both to material und moral welfare ,
that after a few months' trial , it was re
pealed , and the lesson was so severe
that the question hus never been raised
again in the state.
New Hampshire tried prohibition for
thirty-four years. April 12 , 1781) ) . nn
otTort was made to incorporate it into
her constitution. This was voted down
by an enormous majorityonly two coun
ties in the stale giving a majority in
favor of prohibition.
Delaware tried it-in 1855 , nnd , nflor
two years , found that it so nlToctod the
welfare of tlio state that it was repealed
in 1857 ,
Tlio independent anti-prohibition re
publicans and democrats of Iowa nro
united for the purpose oC overthrowing
Tlio law was twine passed in Wiscon
sin and twice vetoed by the governor ,
with unanimous support of the people.
Since then the state has .boon un
troubled by fanaticism.
Rhode island enacted prohibition in
1858 , and after ton years' trial repudi
ated the law in 1803. She again enacted
it last joar , and is now trying1 to get
rid of it , after ono year of tlnancial and
moral disaster. The legislature has by
almost unanimous vote dooidjad to resubmit -
submit the matter to tlio people.
Michigan passed the law in 1853 and
kept it for twenty-two years , when ,
finding tlio futility of attempting to
enforce prohibitory measures , she
abandoned it in 1875. The fanatics
tried to saddle tlio law upon her again
this year , buther people would not have
it , and overwhelmed it at tlio polls.
Indiana and Nebraska in 1855 passed
prohibitory measures , but neither of
them leapt prohibition upon their statute
books for any length of time. Indiana
voted on the question again in 188- , and
the amendment was defeated by the
biggest majority cast in that state for
twenty years.
Texas cast 93,000 majority against the
effort to force a prohibitory amendment
into the constitution.
An effort was made to force the law
on Tennessee in 1887. The people after
a thorough discussion resolved not to
put it into their constitution.
Oregon submitted the am end in out in
1887. The amendment was buried under
an avalanche of votes.
. In November , 1888 , West Virginia
voted on prohibition. The question was
thoroughly discussed , investigations
into the working of the law in other
states were made , and the amendment
was defeated by a vote of three to ono.
Canada lias tried prohibition. Tlio
law was passed , and on a reconsidera
tion of the question April 3.1880 , the
voters slaughtered prohibition from
Lake Erie to the Bay of Fundy. Every
city and town in Canada which voted
that day repealed prohibition
In Iowa in 1880 there were 80IM Gov
ernment licenses issued for tlio sale of
liquor. In 1880 , under prohibition , the
number had increased to 4033 an in
crease of ( ) ! ) ! ) . It is not within the lim
its of ronson that any man would pay
for a license unless ho meant to use it.
For the year ceding April 5,1881 ,
before prohibition , 1881 government li
censes to sell liquor were issued in
Kansas. In the year ending April 80 ,
1887 , after live years of prohibition ,
2,097 licenses were issued ; in other
words , there were 68 per cent more
places selling liquor in the year ending
April SO , 1887 , under prohibition , than
in the year ending April 80,1881 , before
fore the enactment of tlio law. There
hud simply boon a change of name from
" " " . "
"saloon" to "drug store.
Maine had more liquor sellers in pro
portion to population than many license
states. Klioau Island has one liquor
seller to every 213 men. ( See internal
revenue reports ) .
A Simple Device lo Wipe Out Poverty.
In tlio North American Review for
July tlio Rov. James B. Wnsson sug
gests to Dr. McGlynn and Henry Goorjro
u method of abolishing poverty in
about two centuries and a half by the
simple device of investing $10,000 and
letting it go on increasing at compound
interest for that length of time , The
results are startling. Ho says : "As
suming that , when put out at compound
interest , the principal doubles itself
every liftoon years no very extrava
gant assumption the $10OUO invested
in 1029 would to-day amount to the in
conceivably enormous sum of $181,207-
! ! 00OOOI And this sum invested at the
rate of1 per cent would yield tin .annual
income of 87,808,224,400 , which sum , bo
it remembered , would bo available
every year In perpetuity for the noble
but misty objects ol tlio AnU-Povorty
society. "
Very Uroon ,
Drake's Magazine : Hotel Clerk
Good night , sir , mind nnd don't blow
OUt the { , ' 119.
Green Guest Don't blow it out , you
say , why you don't ox poet a chap to
sloop with all that light in the room , do
California sent 8,500,000 , , pounds o
honey to liuropu laht yenr.
Dnvltt Would Mtxko the Land Ques
tion the Key to Proodom.
Ho Prefers to I-'lfiht liberty's Battle
Openly Ills Conrorouon With
the Irish Hcpnblloim
The IjrmtllorilB KiiKlnml'ti Gnrrlaon.
LONDON , July n. Dnvltt continued lit *
tostluiony botoro the PnrnoH ooiunilsslou to-
tiny. Ho stntcd lie would not object to
Joining nay movement to Rocuro ttio Intio-
pcndouco of Irolnnd If such n tnovomoiit was
backed by a force strong enough to Justify
the hope of success. Ila said lie did not np-
provo of the Clorkcnxvall explosion. Ho re
gretted the ntlnulc upon the prison vnu in
which n bravo policeman \VM hilled , but np-
pluiuloil the inon who mudo the attack for
trying to save tholr friends.Vhllo
In urlson ho concluded that uiovo-
inonta by secret societies would ilo no
good , and when released lie hold n confer
ence with lenders of the Irish Hopubllcnii
brotherhood In Paris regarding the advisa
bility of nn open movement. Witness said
ho fulled to win them to approve of the
ndoution of an open movement. Ho Intended
to timku the land question the stepping slono
to the Indopomloncoof Irelnnd , treating land
lords as nn Encllsh garrison.
Witness declared that ho did not know
whether the trustees ol tlio skirmishing
fund , Dr. Carroll and Messrs. Broslln ,
tiUboy , Dovoy , Durko and Hossn , belong to
the Clan-im-Gaol. There is u hue and cry
uinlnst the Clan-na-Gaol In America for po
litical purposes. Witness declnred ho must
ho careful what he said , hut ho would say
that they were nlloxlromo natlennllsts ,
Attorney Cicnornl Webster road a resolu
tion demanding t.ho overthrow of British
domination ami the establishment of an Irish
Dnvilt admitted ho was present nt the
meeting in America when the resolutions
wcro adopted , and stated that ho did not dis
sent. Continuing , D.witt said :
"Parnoll and myself tinier , because Pnr-
nell is opposed to cuiiiDloto aeparntion , but If
ho pot his measure through 1 would loyally
support It. If ho was successful the demand
for separation would eventually die. "
Witness said ho had miulo fifty speeches In
America , in which ho aaUcil the extremists
to fairly try Parncll's movement. The
leacuo was founded as the people's league.
It then got into the hands of politicians.
Witness disapproved of the appeal to Amer
ica to support , the nationalist fund , which
Attorney General Webster had read. Uavitt
never approved of the skirmishing fund.
Pariioll entered the court room while Da-
vitt was testifying and remained until the
session ended.
Hi ; Could r\oi Ilo Hilhod.
DUIIUQUK , la. , July fl. [ Special Telegram
to Tim liEU. ] This morning n prominent
Irish-American , who is a county ofllclal , was
approached by a stranger and offered a
handsome reward if ho would toll about the
workings of the Clnn-im-Giiol in this city.
There was a branch of that society hero nt
ono time , and the Irish Nntionillits are very
strong at this place. Tom Desmond , ono of
the suspects in tlio Cronin case , has lived
here , and it is thought that Chicago de
tectives are making thnao inquiries to got tlio
inside of the Cliiu-nu-Gaol for use in tills
trial. The Irishman who was approached
indignantly spurned the offer , and the
stranger is having uoor success in Dotting
information hero.
An Important. Arrest.
MASON CITV , In. , July 3. [ Special Tel
egram to THE Bicc.J Detectives made n
very Important arrest here to-day. For BOIIIO
tlmo past a gang of counterfeiters have been
successfully ouorating in this and adjacent
states , and to-day Al Alliudall , who Is sup
posed to bo at tlio head of the gang , wis entrapped -
trapped and is now behind the bars. The
members of the organization are all scattered ,
but the officers claim to bo in possession ot
evidence that will readily lend to the detec
tion of the gang1.
The Commissioners Will Investigate.
Dns Minxes , la. , July 3. [ Special Tel-1
ogram to Tun 13m ; . ] The railroad commis
sioners have fixed Wcd-'osdny , July \0 , "nsA
the tlmo for visiting the crossing of the
Chicago , St. Paul & Kansas City railway
and the llumcstono & ahennndoaU railroad ,
in Hlnggold county , for the uurposo of ascer
taining whether depot and side track and
freight facilities nro advisable at that uoint ,
as applied for by Urn citizens of Diagonal , anew
now town Just located there.
Flro iit. lioa . "
DBS Momr.s , la. , July 3. [ Special Tolo-
fram ; to THE Bitis. | Dorham cottage , the
handsome homo of Mr. J. A. Jackson , in
North DM Moines , vvns destroyed by fire
this morning. The lire cauu'ht by friction In
the wind mill pump house near by. Loss
$10,000 , with an insurance of $7,000.
o . -
The Kurtti Am Square.
Drake's Magazine : Teacher The
oartli , you know , is round , Johnnie ,
"No it aint , it's square , 'causo the
Bible says so. "
Teacher Nonsense , Johnnie , the
Uiblo buys no such tiling.
"Yea , it does. Our miniblor road
yesterday nbout the four corners of tlio
earth ; and round thiiigd don't have cor
ners. " _ _
A BI > * Coloni/niloii Schnmc.
Sir Lopel Grillln proposes to colon i 7.0
Cashmere with : tOUUt)0 ) ( ) Englishmen as
a bulwark to the Indian empire.
Tlio greatest snuff-taking country in
the world is Franco , though it shows a
decline in the habit. In 18(59 ( tlio con
sumption was ii,000,000 : pounds , or
seven ounces per head. Now it is flvo
T'ooltlrnly Curort bj |
UiasolMtlo Villa ,
They ttlsorclIev Dls- |
tresa from Dyspepsia ] ! ,
Indigestion awl Tool
Honrty Eatlflg.J.yjci -
feet remedy iw WK'z
DOSS , Nausea. Draws
neos , Hod Taste In thc
Fain In the Side , TOR
TID LIVER , c. They regulate the BoweliJ
and prevent Conatljmtlou and 1'lles. Tht
mnallcst end easiest to take. Only cue pill n
dose. 40 In a vial. I'urcly Vegetable. 1'rlcc
35 cents.
c J' AIL . f §
< ' -
- . - - = -T ( to
r/HITE /
( tun : aizt ) ; >
ana. receive