Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 03, 1889, Page 4, Image 4

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D nllr ( Morning Kdltlon ) Including Sunday
Utc , On Year . . . . . . .I10CO
rorSlx Months . , . 6 < H
rorThreo Months . , . " . B W
XhoOmtihaBnnilnjr Ilco , mailed to nnj-
direM ! , Ono Yoir . i . S ft )
Weekly Itno. Ono Year . 8 iw
Omnna Olllct1 , Hoe linllillng , N. W. Comer
Borcntconlh find rnrnnm Streets.
Cnlcntw OIllr . M7 HooKcry llulMtnz. _
New Vork < . Jlooms II nuil IA Trlintno
Jtnildintt. Washington onico , No. B13 Four
teenth Street. _
All communications relating to news nnrt mil-
tortnl matter should bo addressed to tUo Kditor
ottho llee.
All buMnoM letters ftnd remittances should
bo addressed to 1 ho lieu I'libllsnlmi Company.
OmnhB rirartn. checks and postolliro orders to
bemadotiiiynblo to the order nt tlio company.
The BEG PiilsliiniHSpy , Proprietors ,
B. 1108I2WATKH , Jftlttnr.
- -1'llK lllilS.
Kwnrn Stntcinunt orCirouIntlon.
Btntc of Nebraska , I. .
County ot notiBlfts , f "
Ocorpo II. Tzsrhuck , Bccrotnry of The lice Pub-
JlililnsComcany. doesnolomnly swear that thu
actual circulation of TUB UAILT HKB for the
eclc ending Juno Zutlu 1BJ > 9. was as rollowsi
. . .
Monday. Jnno 21 . . . 18,5 , J
Tuesday. Juno 25
\Vdn < > tOny..lnnoM
Thursday. JuneCT . ' .
l-'rlday. .inno iB . t . ! *
Baturduy. Juno UD . . . .18.fiJJ
Avcnmo . 18.1122
Cworn tobrfora mo nnd subscribed to Lainy
nrrtcuce thurjth clav of June , A. D. ISXi.
Kent. N. 1' . FE1L. 'otnry 1'ubllo.
Etntoof Nebraska , I
, f Ba >
County of Douglas
Oeorpo 11. TzschucK , being duly svrorn , de-
TIOHCS nnrt says that ho Is secretary of The lleo
Publishing company , that the nctnal nverngo
dally circulation of Tlio Dally Itod for the
month1 of June , IK'S , 10.242 copies ; for July.
U8 ? . JP.OSI copies ; ( or August. 1K , 1S.1SI copies ;
for September. Jt * < , 1H.154 copies ; for October ,
JM-H , Ir.tH copies ; for November , 18.8 ( , 18.USJ
roples ; lor December , 1NM , lR,2il copies ; frtr
January. 1881 , JH.fj74 copies ; for February. 18W ,
JP.WXl copies ; for Marcn. issn , la.Kil copies ; for
April , ife ) , Wtta copies : for May , 1M > , 1 .BW
copies. OKO. it. TX-SOHtJCK.
Sworn to before mo nnd subscribed Inniy
lEcal. ] preaonco this ad day of Juno , A. 1J. ,
N. P. FEIL , Nqtary Public.
NOT to bo outdone by Chicago's Cronin -
nin mystery , St. Louis hns a sonsationnl
inurdor o her own and is correspond
ingly Imppy.
Cor.oitAno furmors fool highly clntod
over tliolf crop prospects this season.
Nevertheless , II they need nny corn
they will bo obliged to call on Nebraska.
pcoplq of Colorado are complain
ing that the lust Icjrislaturo spent
twenty thousand dollars for stationery
nlono. It is quite evident that the
Bovonty-flvo members of that body did
not maka laws for the state for tUo ben
efit of their health.
IF Mil. FHKD NYB wan ts nny further
advertising for his paper in the only
medium that roaches all the people of
Oinnlm and the section , tributary , no
will find'accommodating clerks to ro-
colvo his orders and money in th'o
counting room of THE BEE.
ONE thousand and nine building per
mits were issued during the first six
I fej
> * mouths of the year , ropresentingavaluo
of buildings finished or under construc
tion of tvo nnd onG-qunrtor millions of
dollars. Puch nn exhibit proves conclu
sively thut Omaha is not at a standstill.
THE governors of Mississippi and
Louisiana have issued proclamations to
prevent the Sullivan-Kilrain fight from
taking place within their respective
states. Chivalrous southerners nro not
likely , howovcr , to quarantine- against
the coining exciting match as if it were
thoyoUow fovor.
SCIENTISTS are at present engaged in
heated discussions in New York to show
that the murderer , Kommler , sentenced
to death , can not bo killed by electric
ity. Nevertheless , the deadly oloctrio
light wires in that city manage to dis
patch ono or rnoro victims u month ,
despite the opposition ot theorists.
KANSAS CITY offers ns an attraction
for the summer the spectacular repre
sentation of the "Last Bays of Pompeii. "
Omaha still holds fresh in memory the
"Siopo of Sebastopol , " which would
have boon an unqualified success if the
contractors of the spectacle had carried
out their ngrooineiit ns made with the
projectors of the enterprise.
carries oil the palm of
having indulged in the longest legisla
tive session of the year. It began on
the first Wednesday in January and ad
journed on the last Wednesday in Juno.
It managed to pass a good many unsat
isfactory measures and to add to the
burden of taxation in that stato. ' No re
grets were expressed over its adjourn
Tnis Fremont , Elkhorn & Missouri
Valley has wisely dotflrrtilnod to improve -
provo its local service on the Hustings
branch oy the addition ol two trains
dally. This will give the people living
on that line as far as York the oppor
tunity to nrnlco daily visits to the mo-
trppoUs , and no doubt the patrons of
the road v.'ill approciuto this accommo
Till' ' ! ynluo of a substantial fireproof
trail In boating back a great shoot-of
flame was ably domonstiatodin Chicago
a day or two ago in the burning of the
Barton block. A dozen or more fire en
gines were throwing rivers of water
into the fiery furnace , but the flames
were not checked in the least until they
mot this solid wall of fireproof tile ,
which did more to subdue the confla
gration than the united oliorts of Chi
cago's tire department.
approval of thu bonds of the pav
ing contractors by the board ol public
t works practically settles the vexed ques
tion us to who will do the paving ot the
Btroots this season. It is immaterial to
the people of Omaha whether the con
tracts bo sublet or not , so long as the
work bo done properly according to the
BpoolQentlons. That there has boon
fraud nnd crookedness in paving and
Bower construction is notorious , and Incompetent -
competent inspectors are oh lolly respon
sible for thib. It ia out ot tire question
to expect contractors on public works U
live up to specifications of the board ol
public works if the inspectors can be
tampered with or lack the ability to do Inferior materials and work ,
A pnornn
Judge Wakoloy la to bo heartily commended -
mended for the rebuke ho administered
to certain lawyers for Introducing in a
dlvurco cnsa nrntlor which the judge
declared ought to have subjected the
author to nrrost for Bonding obscene
literature through the mails. "This
court , " said Judge Wukoloy , "certainly
ought to ho kept ns pure in character
ns the United States mulls , nnd I hove
no patlonco with attorneys who scok
to contaminate it by filing petitions
thnt nro filled with obscene
literature. " There is a class
ot lawyers , far too numerous
In the profession , who sooin to revel in
the vulgarity and obscenity which can
bo extracted from most-divorce suits ,
nnd who , if iorinittodwlll spread every
nauseating detail before court , and pub
lic when there is not the slightest ne
cessity for doing so in the interest of
clients. Unfortunately , most judges ,
from n disposition to give attorneys the
largest possible latitude , tolerate this
abuse , though their own sensibilities
may bo rudely shocked and they
may bo conscious that their
court is thus made the chnn-
n'ol for the dissemination of Indo-
oentnnd matter that cannot
fail to bo more or losj widely injurious.
The celebrated divorce cases thnt can
bo called to mind , of which that of Carter -
tor against Car tor , In Chicago , was the
most recent , undoubtedly had as
malign an influence upon public morals
tia all the distinctly obscene literature
over printed. It is doubtless true that
a largo partot the testimony introduced
in these cases was necessary and una
voidable , but it cannot bo successfully
contended that all of it was , or that the
most revolting portions might not
have been suppressed , and it is
true of nearly or quite all such cusos
which involve ross immorality that
the courts allow too ti latitude to
attorneys. It limy be too inuiih to hope
that the judiciary generally will oxor-
clso its authority to remedy this , and
keep the disgustintr disclosures of divorce
vorco suits within smno limitations
thnt would show n little regard for do-
coney and the public morals , hut never
theless the example of Judge Waitoloy
merits ntltmLlon nn'd commendation.
Wo may bo sure that at least in his
court decency will suffer no more of
fense than circumstances render un-
The Now York Sun , discussing the
western railroad situation , says there
must bo no relapse into rascality. The
early promise of the intor-stnto com
merce , railway assoointion , formed with
the avowed purpose to obey -the inter
state commerce law , to maintain stabil
ity of rates , and to secure among the
railroads in the association an equitable
division of business , was most favorable
to the realization , of these conditions.
As the li'iin says , there was
abundant and gratifying evidence
of the beneficial working of the ar
rangement , rates became stable , the
administration of the railroad proper-
tics improved , public confidence was in
a measure restored , and the general
trnllic movement of the country became
natural and regular. ' 'The condition
of affairs was entirely wholesome ; honest -
est and straightforward methods of busi
ness were in ths uscondant , and the
reign of rascalitv , of private feuds , and
of personal greed and rapacity appeared
to bo at an end. "
Into this hopeful and propi
tious ' situation was suddenly thrust
the Chicago & Alton compile
cation" That company had entered the
association most reluctantly , and doubtless -
loss never had any genuine sympathy
with the agreement. In order to se
cure its acquiescence the association
consented to modifications of the
original terms of the acrroomont , which
loft a loophole that has enabled the
Alton to ro'gain its independence with
out the least difficulty or responsibility.
Whan the association , nt the instance
of the obstinate company , inserted in
the compact the provision that , not
withstanding the decision of the arbi
trators , the company claiming the right
to make any particular rate may , after
such'decision , malco such a rate on ton
days' notice , the agreement was rendered
dered little better than a rope of sand
and the Alton obtained an nvonuo of escape -
capo which it has since improved.
When ltd application to bo allowed to
make n reduced lumber rate between
Chicago nnd the Missouri river was re
fused it simply gave the required notice
and the association was tuworlesato enforce -
force its decree. Then came up the
question of n division of live stock traf
fic with the St. Taul , and al
though this was decided in
favor of the Alton that , company
found an excuse for notifying the asso
ciation of its intention to withdraw.
The complications thus introduced have
brought on others , until now the situa
tion is said to bo regarded by conserva
tive railroad men as tbo most serious
that has over menaced the western
Wo observe that Chairman Walker ,
of the railway association , takes a hope
ful view of affairs. Ho looks , it Is said ,
for a cessation of hostilities , und believes -
liovos thnt at the coming mooting wise
counsel will prevail , und that nouo of
the companies will risk adverse publiu
opinion when they will have an
opportunity to accomplish commendable
things by maintaining rates which ex
cessive crops and unprocodontodly
heavy business will give them. But
there is nothing apparent to furnish a
ground for confidence of this sort ,
Meantime , how is tlio law being ro-
spoetpdV The Now York SIM alllrms
tliat the Alton , since it withdrew from
the association , has boon engaged in
practices which bring it within the
penalties of the amended inter-stato
commerce net , and it urges that these
penalties should bo enforced. "So bold
nnd shameless , " says the Sun , "has this
defiance ot the law become that it is now
essential , in the publiu interest , that
eoino vindication ot it should ensue. It
will not do to be content with fines paid
by presidents on behalf of convicted
subordinates , Such penalties are
laughed nt nnd incurred with contempt.
The provision which involves imnrison-
incnt muat bo unforced , and not against
the EorvunU , but agutnst thu masters
whoso bidding they do. " It would bo
wall If this view could bo 90 Impressed
upon the minds of the inter-state coin-
morco commiSBlonora ns to load tiiom to
take the measures they nro authorized
to tafto for oftoctlvoly administering
the law , nnd which it would seem nro
now , quite as much as at nny time in
the past , necessary to chock violations
of the law nnd to prevent a gonornl re
lapse Into rascality.
The Instructor in manual training in
the high ichool has nskod for additional
room and also that more attention bo
given to this branch of instruction.
The special committee to whom the
matter haa boon referred should glvo
the subject of manual training careful
consideration , not only in its general
aspects as a part of public instruction ,
but with reference ns well to what has
been accomplished hero. Tie ( question
of the expediency of connecting manual
training with the public Bchools is
ono upon which nil educators nro
not ngrood , and considering the
limited extent to which this training is
associated with the schools of the coun
try , the conclusion must bo that a ma
jority ot educators nre not favorable to
it. The plan is , however , making progress -
gross , though slowly , nnd in cities
whore it has received adequate atten
tion the results have boon very satisfac
tory , nnd manual training in the
schools is strongly supported. There is
unquestionably n great deal to ho said
in its favor , but obviously when un lor-
taknn it must bo made thorough in or
der to bo effective nnd to command it
self to the public. A morcly super
ficial system of manual training is a
waste both ot thto puclio money nnd the
time of the pupil. Wo ni-o not fully in
formed regarding the course pursued
and the results attained in the work of
manual training in Omaha , but the in
ference from the recommendation of the
professor in charge of the work , that
more attention bo given to it , must bo
that it has been neglected. Wo think
the system bhould bo continued , but
only upon a basis of such thoroughness
and efficiency as will give it the high
est practical value to these who
shall avail themselves of it. A
saving in other directions could doubt
less bo made for the benefit of the man
ual training school. The matter is ono
to which the special commlttue of the
board of education should give more
than a perfunctory consideration.
Ax early decision is expected from
the treasury department on the rather
important question of thu classification
of Canadian cars employed on Ameri
can railroads. There has baon no inti
mation as to what view the department
will take of this matter , but there is
reason to believe that it Ir.w boon aub- ,
jectod to a strougtyressuro to induce it
to decide that thuso cars shall ba taxed.
The claim of thee who advocates this is
that the privilege ot frao entry now ac
corded Cauadian-built cars is being
luryroly abused , and that the im
position of a duly on these is necessary -
cossary for the protection of American
car builders. It remains to bo soon
whether the government will bo inllu-
onced by this view or by tlio moro liberal -
oral ono that so long as the Canadians
do not tax American-built cars running
temporarily into the Dominion , this
government should allow Candian-huilt
cars the privilege of passing through
the United States , provided they nro"
returned to Canada within a reasonable
length of time. Pending the decision
of this question iis interesting to note
that the Dominion cabinet has boon dis
cussing a proposal to retaliate against
the United States in tno matter of the
forwarding of fiondcd goods through
Canada from ono port of this country to
another , it having been decided at
Washington not to allow the transmis
sion of goods in bond from gno Canadian
port to another through Maine. Officials
are engaged in ascertaining the probable
result of such legislation upon tnotrajllo
rotations of the two countries , and Pre
mier Macdonald is said to regard tlio
situation as moro critical than over
before. There is danger that existing
differences between the United States
nnd Canada may become moro compli
cated und troublesome.
THU union soldiers and sailors are
well assured of just and generous treat
ment nt the hands of the present ad
ministration. It is understood to bo
the intention of the various heads of
departments to make no appointments
to office until all the votcr.tns who were
dismissed by the last administration for
political reasons shall hava boon re
stored to their former places in the
olllcos from which they were removed.
As the number of veterans dismissed
' for "of
from'tho various departments
fensive partisanship" and "pernicious
activity , " ns viewed by the last
administration , constitutes a con
siderable percentage , it will
require some time to uccomplsh their
restoration , and meanwhile the consid
eration of other applications will bo
postponed. The action of the adminis
tration in this matter , and undoubtedly
thu entire credit belongs tothe presi
dent , will lack the approval only of
these who have no sympathy with the
ox-union soldiers nnd sailors , nnd who
hailed with gratification every dismis
sal of ono such under the last adminis
tration. It is simple justice that every
veteran who lost his position in the
public service for political reasons ,
should bo promptly restored to it ,
THAT ought to bo a very delightful
trip indeed , undertaken by the sena
torial committee now on its way to
Alaska , delegated to look into the con
dition of the Indians thero. It is com
posed of Senators Dawos , Mandorson ,
Stookbridgo , Daniel and Jones of Ar
kansas , and is the first trip of 11 bonuto
committee into Alaska territory , Just
what the commission proposes to do ,
however , is rather vague. It will look
into the condition of the aborigines
und will on joy. Alaskan scenery and the
refreshing tonic of the north sea
breezes. There 1ms boon no particular
complaint concerning Alaskan Indians ,
but then as thu commission is expected
to mulcts a report on the tribes , what
bettor way to find out their habits and
relations than by a personal visit1 ! Wo
repeat , thorcforo , thut the trip will
bo n most entertaining ono to the sena
tor,1) , their ttivoa , relatives and invited
cuosts , ospeiblriiry since Undo Sam pays
IT docs noXpay to sneer or east re
flections up ? ! ) the civil service rules in
hearing of Uro-olvll service commission.
A Mlohtgnn < < collootor of customs has
boon hnulod'Otar the coals for express
ing nn opinion rtoroaatory to the civil
service laws1"Tilr. . Iloosovolt , chairman
of the commission , has given this cus
toms collector to understand thnt while
the commiss ii has no control over the
expression ofany public olllcor , it will
tolerate no violation and no evasion of
the statute. ' Ip 'other words , the com
mission would have the postmasters and
custom house 0111 cars through the coun
try obey the civil service laws , even
though they do not respect thorn.
OMAHA is not nlono in the enjoyment
of n sensational land tltlo stilt. Minne
apolis has just been stirred up from cen
ter to circumference uy the milt for the
possession of business property in the
heart of the city valued at a round mil
lion. The ndventurers of the Flour city
pressing their claims are likely to ro-
colvo as Httlo comfort for their pains as
the Omaha claimants.
THE first judicial ruling affecting
local moat inspection laws comes from
Indiana , whore a judge of the circuit
court has declared the act passed at the
recent session of the Indiana legisla
ture to be unconstitutional. The ground
taken is , that the state undertakes to
supervise nnd regulate intcr-stuto com
merce , which is clearly the province of
iMiuht Niifil n Civil Kl hta 15111.
dllnntftpnll * TtD/tiiif.
Wonder If the Africans will Insist upon
putting white passontfurs in second-class
coaches when they open the Con no railway }
for thn Mother 'Ton sue.
With casus belli , entente conlialo , anil
nmro cluusum illltnar tlio iiowspapow , the
English langujgu doui not have much show.
in St. Ijoim Too.
St. fmih niirtti-Dimtwat.
Wo wcro promised un onttro surccaso of
tlio sinnll boy's llrc-craclccra for the Fourth
of .inly , but instc.ui the nuisance began four
dnya ahead of time.
An Accurate Krror.
lloiiun J'dft.
Wo might forgive the compositor who
would kindly drop un "o" in place of the
"u" when \vo refer to the "rubber" trust
it would describe it so much moro accurately.
i ou know. _ _
Kin pcrur\V 111 in Hi's I'l-iitlrncc.
Eniporor Wlllium II. has been knisering
for over u .veurSiow anil husn't tried to whip
Euiopo slnsjlo-hahilrd yet ; from which wo
infer that bo h s been usincj his II , and is II
to ntteuipt it. [ . )
th < ; n
ni llcraM.
Someone aup o ts tho- poppy ns the na
tional liower. r'lho most numerous "poppy"
inthia countr $ was liri hntn younu , und
this fiict ought Jp kill ttio suggestion if not
the suggpstcr. ' 1
ttepiiltlti )
Dr. StnrkloH iail'uJ to tret Frankfort or
Berlin for which ho was rccoimnondud , but
ho got Something Equally as Good in the
shnpa of the Consulship at Bremen. The
small list of Missouri appointments is crowIng -
Ing slowly , but the npputitu of th-j applicants
shows no signs of iioing satiated. Dr. Stark-
loff'a good fortune will only servo to raise
the cup of expectancy to the lips of the rest.
The Krsult in Illicitly
Tr.iy Vre i.
Rhode Island
Not , Dryland.
Sunicme HcraW ,
"Oh , nlco enough nra pop nud sody ,
But I wants my baer , " snys Little Khody.
Kcw I'nilc Herald.
Can it bo that Llttlo Rhode's
Loft the prohibition boworl
Can it ba thnt she and Pons.v
Cheese the rum blossom for their Bower !
Fran' : Hoc ItitcJicltler in Drake's Magazine.
One short week slnco I Had not thought
That I could ever bo by nuzht
So sura ulltiuteil ;
I pass thu house within whojo walls
She is , and may not stop ; my calls
Are interdicted.
Alas , bow lltful is our bliss ;
1 may not go to hur , nud tins
Hy her own order ;
Hero U the note she wrotu it in ,
To mo 1 to mo , who Ion ; ? huvo been
Her heart's solo warder.
The grand slono stotis I mount no inoro ;
I may not enter , us before ,
And clasp ner to nio :
Save for u dim liijht , in her room ,
The house is silent , wrapped in gloom ;
1 too nui gloomy.
Not that she loves tno less , nlthougb
I'm exiled to uiy studio
And long-Hhunncd easels ;
But her small brother ( poor dear lad I )
lias got what I ti.ivo never line ! ,
Hang it the measles I
KTAT13 AXI ) TiaittUTOltY.
Nclmir.lcn ilnttinus.
Forty of the best citizens of Fairmont
bnvo organized n social club 11114 have organ
ized nnd hava llttod up u spacious hull.
A Friend man bns Invented a now style of
barbed wlro nnd u company has been formed
to immufuuturo the urUclu at that pluco.
A Kavcnnn man has Invented nnplln-oec- | ]
tile to bo ttirownnrom a common mortar on
shipboard for thcf purpose of subduing heavy
seas. J I
The harness stdYa' of D. A. Hopkins , at
North Hond , hasibcun closol on a chattel
mortgage for $117IJ | ) : In favorof Homo Miller ,
of Norfolk. | , \
Nebraska Citj [ dfy goods dealers are
troubled with Uioptoipaulacs , mostly women
and children , aiuluoiao of them members of
well known fumulcs'
Henry Qardln'or , uu old veteran , wno has
been nil innmto pi , tha Cans county poor
house for munv pqra , has boon admitted to
the boldiur's houio. ntj Dayton , O.
The annual rcuniot of the soldiers and
sailors of'NortliiNubraska will bo held at
O'Neill from AuRU t IS to ZT , and prepara
tions have been jaada to thoroughly enter
tain all coiners , ] 11
Tlio Hastings < < Jaitttc-Ja\mial \ , which has
bnon lying doriffuilt for soma months , haa
been rovivllloa and appeared this week as n
Sunday morning paper. U announces that
after July 13 U will publish u weakly edition ,
and a little later the daily edition vvlll bo re
sumed ,
The oflltlal procrratmnu of tha stuto flro-
men's touruumunt to babold at Red Cloud ,
July 10 and 10 has boon issued , nnd makes
nulto an extensive volume. All the prepara
tions for thu event are complete , and the
prospects for a oucccssful meeting uro most
A potltion has been filed in tbo Cass county
district court contesting the lute bond oloo-
tlon , alleging1 frauds of all kluda , Illegal voting
ing , bribing , nnd among other sensational
charges , avers that the board of elecctors In
the tlrst word of Hattsmouth on election
day drank intoxicating llquora , and m cense
quence were BO arnnk before noon that thoj
could not tell who voted.
The grand Jury in Howard has Indicted
Gsorgo W. Uonlcy for ndultory nnd bigamy
nnd ho has boon bound ever for trial in the
sum of * 1CXW. Donloy ilosonod his wlfo last
summer and wont lo Kansas City , whore no
lived with n crippled girl nnmod M.vers.
The latter died recently nnd Donoly returned
to his family In Soward.
Hilly Hum. n Uulo tough , assaulted Wil
liam McIntOMi , an InolTonsivo bookkeeper ,
with u heavy club , Inlhctlng Injuries which
it Is feared will provo fatal. Molntosu has
boon unconscious sltico the assault , nnd
Unrn can not bo found. Tha latter Is tha
same man who struck Joel Harper last yoat
nnd laid him up for ever three months.
- lowu ItoniR.
Iowa has sent out about four hundred college -
lego graduates tills your.
A Creston restaurant man was flnod $7.GO
for soiling lemonade on Sudday ,
The Kcokuk schools will bo repaired $1,200
worth during the summer vacation.
Rev. E. S. Hill tnis boon pastor of the Cen-
RroRatlonal church at Atlantic for twenty
An Osknloosa girl was lilt in the stomach
by a bullet llrod through a window , but was
not fatally wound oil ,
Dos Moines has boon selected ns the place
of holding the National convention of the
bureau ot labor statistics next .voar.
The building of the Tabor & Northern road
from Tnbor to Malvorn Is now u certainty ,
nud work will bo commenced at onco.
A Sioux City man InvoUod all his money
in a confectionery store only to find thnt
his predecessor had bought everything on
credit nnd had fallod to pay. When the
discovery was made the seller had lied.
A Muscatino genius who has boon applying
himself to the tasicof ( hiding some moUe ot
transfer that will operate noiselessly and
with speed has almost completed an Inven
tion culled n "hydraulicroadcart" which
will have a two-liorso power and niovo at iho
rate of ten miles an hour.
There is n seliemo on foot to organize a
fine stock brooders' company In DCS Moinos.
Jt is proposed to have n capital stock of nt least
& 3oOl'00 nnd to purchase several thousand
acres of laud und start nn establishment on
n largo scale. It Is tlio Intention to make
Iowa headquarters lor line stook of every de
Parties digging n well near Lotts , Louisa
county , have struck natural gas In largo
ipjiinlitios ut 1'JO I'uot below tha surface. Tha
K s oimo up with such force that It forced
thu water out of the well. The gas when ig
nited made a blaze nearly twenty feet high ,
nnd after twenty hour * ' of burning did not
diminish the size of the bhuo. It is believed
to boa rich llnd.
There is talk of organizing a military
company nt Plnnklnton.
Dakota Free Methodists will commence a
wcok'i camn mooting at Parkston July 10.
There are twenty rojldoncss bolng erected
nt Yankton with building association funds.
The board of agriculture of North Dakota
oftorSl.OOJ in promiuiis for n band tourna
ment at the fair in September.
The old settlers of Vormlllion will hold
their annual picnic on the 13th nnd will ba
addressed by .Iudso W. W. Breakings.
Leo Drape and Will Ewlng nro in jail at
Armour , charged with stealing live ponies
from the Indians near Yankton agency.
Professor G. E. liailoy I ? In succeed Pro-
fossoV Hoffman in tnis Uinir of metallurgy
at the Dakota school of mines , at Rapid
John D. Cameron , ot Sioux Falls , has .or
ganized a company nt Watcrtown for the
nmnufucturo of water gas for healing pur
jt : will cost ? 0ft"to sell liquor In Doadwooa
tKu ensuing year , , the county commissioners
having lixcd tholicense ut $500 and the city
demand inir n foopr $150.
Territorial Veterinarian Collins states
that a thorough Investigation of Eddy
county would brlnir to light thirty cases of
plundered horaea/ Montana and "Washing
ton territory wild hoi ses , it is said , have
brought the disease with them , and spread
it in several locations.
Gcorgq M. Boll , a resident of Dcadwood
for cloven years , has boon reported dead six
tunes since ho arrived in the Black Hills ,
and ( s still halo and hearty. Tha last report
of his demise stated that ho was killed in a
cyclone at T.icoma. The news reached Bell's
daughter , at Sycamore , 111. , nnd she was pre
paring to send for his body when she received
n letter from hur father dated at Dcadwood.
Bell was never in Tucoina.
Mr. Gladstone has had his portrait painted
thirty-fiva times.
Thomas Nelson "Pago , the Virginia author ,
is now making a tour through Ireland.
It is said that Russell B. Harrison has
started for Paris to write up the Exposition
for Frank L.osUo'3 Weekly.
John A. Kasson , ono of the United States
commissioners to the Samoan conference ,
hns gene to C.irlsbad ,
Chan Fran Moore , secretary to Chan Fee ,
Chinese minister at Washington , has been
recalled to China for promotion.
It is said thnt Melville Ex-Stone is prepar
ing to start a cheap morning paper at St.
Mr. Cleveland's fortune , which has boon
greatly increased by lucky investments in
real estate. Is now placed at the ? 2X,000 ! )
Tom Nnst. the famous caricaturist , has re
turned to New York from San Francisco und
will again go to work upon thu metropolitan
General John C. Fremont , who is now In
Now York on a visit , Is looking remarkably
well. His llguro is straight , his step firm ,
and Ins disposition ns sunny us cvjr.
Tlio duke of Portland has dojldcd to devote -
vote all his past and future winnings on tha
turf to the election and endowment of almshouses -
houses for the poorpeoplo of Wolbeck. The
scheme originated with the duchess.
The white- house chef Bays that President
Harrison is not nn tiulcure , but this does not
prevent him from having dainty dishes prepared -
pared for friends. Ho is particularly fond
of iish himself , and on his yachting voyages
rarely eats anything also.
When they burled JohnLawes , the blggost
man in America , at Elmiru on Wednesday ,
it took a dozen men to carry the collln to the
wacrnn. Carpenters were obliged to cut out
the HIUO of the house to get it out. The
grave was forty-two inches wldo. Two'dS r-
three is ttio nvoru'go width.
Mr. Bluinc's son-In-hiw , Colonel Coppln-
per , Is an educated Irishman of the line and
gentlemanly typo mot in Dublin within the
university walls. Ho was an ofllcor In the
Pupal Zouaves In Roma for some time , but
has resigned to coma to this country to live.
Ho 1ms an excellent record , and a big saber-
cut across his nock tolls of actual comllct In
World's Sunday School Convention.
LONDON , July 2. The World's Sunday
school convention opened in London to-day.
There uro 009 foreign delegates present ,
Including over throe hundrca from the
United States. Lord Kinnlard delivered the
address ot welcome ,
Itircn Women Drowned.
July 2. Mrs. J. 1C.
Cameron , Mrs. Lozo and Myra Loio , bor
daughter , were drowned last night in I ko
Rosscau by the upsetting of u boat.
A CtiBhlor Cms Hln Tlirout.
IUMH/rox , July 2. A man supposed to bo
W. J. Coster , cashier of the City club of
Buffalo , committed sulcido lioro yesterday
by cutting his throat with a table knife.
I'ortucnl Aureos to Arbitrate ,
Lisiiox , July 2. The government has
agreed to Lord Salisbury's proposal to sub
mit the Delagoa Hay question to arbitration.
ArlUU Awarded AIoilulN.
PAIIIS , July 2. Tim art jury ot the exhibi
tion has awarded medals of honor to Tadema
and Mooro.
It Will Rooommoud the Roloaoo o :
Two Indltius ,
The First Una Served Ntiintocn nm1
the ( Second Sovontooii Yours In
the Nebraska I'oiiltontirtry
lilnooln Notes.
LINCOLN UuncAD orTnnOMxnt.
LINCOLN. July 3.
The board of pardons , created by nn not ol
the Into legislature , will do Its first work
.Tilly 4. It Is composed of Judge Hooso , At
torney General Loose , Secretary Iiaws and
Wnrdon Hopkins. Tlio-board will recom
mend the pardon of two Indians , known as
Blnok HawK and Jnmos Whlto Water , the
former having served nineteen years nnd the
latter seventeen years In the stata ponlton-
tlnry. As staled by Tins HUB several weeks
ngo , Francis Frank , an old nnd feeble con
vict , who has served eighteen yearn of bis
sentence , would have bcou named Ihstoad of
Wliito Water , but when nskod for his final
decision In the ninttor , ho suld :
"I havu no friends living und am In feeble
health. If I should accept my freedom I
would probably end my days in the poor
house , nnd I had rather dlo wbero 1 am. "
Frank , It is said , Is past sixty-seven years
of ago. Black Hawk is forty-llvo nnd Whlto
Water fifty-throo. White Water Is a very
Intelligent Indian who reads nnd writes
nulto well , nnd ho unlls the Intelllgonco of
his rocommcndntlon fur pardon with ovldnnt
satisfaction. Black Hawk Is a atoical follow
of morose visage , nnd can not tulk English so
that ho can bo understood.
An Unreported llnbbcry.
A robbery was committed last night that
up to noon to-day had not uoon reported nt
police headquarters. During the o.irly part
of the night a sneak thlof ontorcd the resi
lience of Air. and Mrs. John McConnell uud
stole between $ ! 500 and iroo In cheeks , their
rental collections of the day. Why tlio theft
hn not boon roporjud Tin : UKK representa
tive has no means of knowing , but It is slyly
Intimated that It Is piobaply because the
city has such miserable police protection
that to report It nt headquarters woula aid
the thief in escaping and working olT his
plunder. It is openly stated Marshal
Carder has employed a lot of ox-convicts ns
special detectives nnd set thorn to watching
the crooks. Tills HO disgusts thu ecnslblo
portion of tlio city that they think it in vain
to hope for relief from the tliugs , thieves and
toughs that infest , tlio city.
Nc'\vly Incorporated Cninpnnina.
The articles of agreement for the consoli
dation of the Kansas City , Wyandotte &
Northwestern railway company und the
Loavcuworth & Olatho railroad company
under tlio name of thu former , wore Hied for
record in the olileo of the secretory of state
to-dav. The original mimosa of the com
panies was to build , equip and operate a road
to run irom Loavonworth , Kan. , to some
point near the Nebraska line In Numaha
county , same state. Now , to soisuro the
rights of eminent domain accorded by com
pliance with section U , nitlclo4 of chapter 73
of the compiled statutes of tiio state service
of process is taken upon its ofllcers by reso
lution nnd the articles of consolidation are
Hied with the secretary of state. Capital
stock , $3.200.000. Incorporntors : W. D.
Botholl. Newman Erb and 1' . McCaddon , of
Memphis , Tenn. ; Kirk B. Armour , J. D.
Chicle ana Watson J. Terry , of Kansas City ,
Mo. ; E. Summorllold , of Lawrence Kau. ; C.
F. Hutchings and Vincent J. Lane , of
Wynndotto , Kan.
The Cambridge Alllancn association , with
principal places of business at Cambridge ,
Furnas county , ulso tiled articles of incor
poration. Its purpose is the purchase and
sale of farm products and the purchase
of supplies for its members. Authorized
capital stock $30,000. Incoruurntors :
G. W. Bailey , F. M. Kathbun , Thomas An.
drews , B. 1C. Koyes , GOorgo A. Komliigton ,
\V. A. Bradbury , W. S. Holloy , J. H. Cast ,
J. J. Kelley and Freedom Bishop.
Tlio Kearney Tool Manufacturing com-
nany also ( lied articles of Incorporation , with
un authorised capital stock of $10,000. Incorporators -
corporators : G. W. Whittahcr , Carroll
Thomas. John M. Buraday ana W. A. How
ard.The Grctna State bank , of Grotna , illcd
articles of incoriioration showing an author
ized capital of .10,000 . , business couinicneo-
ment dating July 1. Incorporators : James
Davldsou , of Sarpy County State bank , Al
Howard Charles W. Key , John Crabard ,
William "M , Sattorllold and Paul Borp.
Hanking Pcpixi-imcnt Orcmilzud.
Tuo banking aopartmont of the state of
Nebraska , composed of the state treasurer ,
attorney general and auditor of the state ,
organized to'-duy by electing J. E. Hill chair
man. The examiners , A. P. Brink , T. E.
Sanders and J. C. McNnugbton , ana their
clerk , Mr. F. C. Howe , are all at thulr poats ,
While it was understood that the gentlemen
named us examiners would bo appointed ,
their appoint ! ! cut was not made until yes
terday , whim the now banking house wont
into ulTcct. It is thought hero that the new
law will work wonders in the tinancial arena
of the state. In any event , Irresponsible
banking concerns will become things of the
past. Tlio board will occupy the roqms Just
vacated by the state board of tiansportation ,
which moved into the ex-live stock comiuis-
Blonor'h looms today , r
Ilin .stijtrniun Court.
The following.cases were tiled for trial to
day in the supreme court :
W. II. Shaffer vs Fred Stull et nl ; appeal
from the district suun , of Otoo county.
Henry Matins , proponent and executor , va
Isadora Pitman j en or from the district court
of Cass county.
Grand Lodgn A. O. U. W. va Mjiry Brand ;
error from tha district court of Otoo county.
At Work on Field Notes.
I. Bubcock , county surveyor of Perkins
county , and Lon Cunningham , surveyor of
Chuso county , uro In Lincoln engaged in
writing up tlio "Held notes" of their resuoo-
tivo counties. It will take these gnntlomon
two or thrco weeks to complete their work.
Mr , liabcock status that the surveying in
Perkins county is in bail shape. It soonis
that the corners can not bo found in but foxv
of the Interior towns. The corners in the ex
terior towns , however , are in bettor condi
tion , nnd most of them can bo found. The
gentlemen aay that records in the oflico of
tlio commissioner of public lands nnd build
ings are entirely legible , and that they llnd
It easy-work to maka thulr notes. This shows
good work on the part of the surveyor gen
eral or his employes.
"Work nt btnto Hoards.
The Nebraska Electric company , Omaha ,
secured the contract for putting in the oloo-
triu light at the hospital for the Incurable In
sane at Hastings. There were three com
petitive bidders , viz. : Thompson-Houston
Electric : ompany , the Brush Elcotrlo com
pany , Cleveland and the Omaha company.
A. II , Tenner represented the company and
put In u bid for $ , ' ( ,147.50 and knocked the
persimmon. The purchase und supply board
opened the bids for furnishing the supplies
to the various state Institutions for thu ensuing -
suing quarter at B o'clock this afternoon.
The Khootln ; ; Contest ,
The shooting contest at Cushmun park this
afternoon by local sports attracted a largo
number. Tlio still wind which continued
during the whole of the contest Interfered
BOIUC , but the most of the records wcro up to
the average.
Illoyolo 'Jonrnumont.
The bicycle tournament spoken of by Tim
BUR a day or two ugo has boon arranged for.
Senator Morgan was In the city to-day and
stated that the Omaha wheel club would
coma to Lincoln in u body , July 4 , and contest -
test with the Lincoln club for a silver water
pitcher , to bo presented by Miss Helen Bald
win , the lady bloyulienne. It is understood
that the ruco will take place on the track at
the exposition grounds. The Misses Hrownt
Baldwin nnd Oakes nnd Messrs. Heading )
Knnpp nnd Morgan will also ride on that
day. Special eonvoymu-o will bo provided to
carry the publfo to nnd from tlio grounds.
Cltv MOWN nnd Notes.
G. W. Hogors , sheriff of Clmse county ,
brought Miles Henry to Lincoln to-day to
servo n Iifo sentence nt the pan for murder.
Thus tlio mnrdoror of Mahcr meets Justice.
The Knights of Pythias lodges of Lincoln
today to attend the nmuinl encampment of
the order nt Columbus. Tha boys loft san-
gulno that they would linvo n line time.
Ooorgo Scovillo of Nebraska City paused
through Lincoln today en route homo from
Grand Island , where ho wont tb negotiate a
bond sale.
Tin appointment or Chancellor Mannlt to
the consulship at Athens , Gicecc , meoti the
hearty nuprovnl of the party loaders of Lin
coln , nnd it IA said , for that matter , of tha
entire slnto. His ability nnd lltnosa for tha
position U cloarlv recognized.
The ' -llro Inddlcs" will welcome KliiR
Tnrlarnx In great shnpo on the Fourth.
Indeed , the spread In the way of docora-
tionii will outdo anything of the kind over
witnessed in * the west. The state , county
nnd city ofllelals will ride in carriages nt the
reception of tha king. Ono day more und
the small boy and his firecrackers will bo In
hN glory.
Corporal Tanner , United Stntos pension
commissioner , will arnvo In the city tomorrow
row nt 11:45. A committee of Farrngut
post , Q. A. It. , nttonded by n band will ro-
oelvo him nt the depot. During his stay In
the city ho will bo the guest of Ed Koggou
of the Capital hotel.
G. W. Falrbrothor , ox-odltor of the No.
mnhn City Times , recently appointed ono of
the deputy coal oil Inspectors , Is In the city.
It Is the opinion of Llucoln republicans that
his appointment will provo to bo n wise cue.
Mr. Fulrbrollmr has boon n stalwart repub
Mrs. J. J. Llektv received n telegram this
morning nnnonnolng the death of her father ,
Hov. L. Wnlcott , nt Sprmuvlllo , Pcnn. She
loft to-day on the lltf.or to attend his fuuorAl.
A lilst of the Mngnillncnt ColtH Who
nro to Hun in the itnoos.
The following nro the entries of colU in
tbo coming races of the Omaha Fair nssoola-
tlon , which nro to bo hold In this city , com
mencing September a. This U the largest
list of the kind that has been published in
this city , and the material , as may bo soon ,
has never been equalled. a showing of which the managers nro
proud , and on which they have the promise
that the coming oolt nicus will bo the finest
over hold in this part of the country.
The accompanying Hat shows first the
name and residence of the party entering the
colt , next the name of the nulmul , then the
sire , nnd finally tlio dam.
KOAI.S op ISS ? .
W. H. Ashby , Beatrice , Nob. , oh. s. , Chlt-
wood , Nutwood , GOO , 2Ilf _ by \ niMli-trn , W.
Ed Pyle , Humboldt , Neb. , rti. s. , Prod P. ,
Charles Caffnoy , by Tip Cranston.
It. T. Kniibs. Sioux city , In. , u. m.Botholl ,
Boaudorc , by Black Hanger.
H. Wilde , Oniah.ib.s.Trentoiistrancorby
Jay Gould.
U. F. Aukoney , Clinton , In. , blk. s. , Star
Bashaw. Star of the Basnnw Chief.
P. MuEvoy , Elkhorn , Neb. , b. s. , Snlam ,
Onward , by Hamllns Almont , 1829.
Ed Pylo , Humboldt , Nob..b. . . Hobble P. ,
Charles CalTnuy , by Long Island Chief.
U. T. ICnubs , br. p. , W. H. Barstrow ,
Beaudcrc , by Black Hanger.
E. H. Barrett. IJunlap , la. , blk. s. , Young
Hanger , John Sherman , untraced.
Doty & Zirloy , David City , Nob. , Sentinel
Belle , Patronacc. by Trump.
W. Hohvay. CallowajNob. . , b. s. , Montrose -
troso , 0053 , Dr. Frunklln , by General
J. S. Wolf , Jr. , Cedar Rapids , Nob. , Klttlo
Bird , General Gurlleld , untracod.
It. Bean , Euiorla | , Kan , Etta B. , Great
Tom. by Fisk's Humblotonlan.
O..W. Pickard , Omahn.b. . in. , Dinnb.Flaco ,
byVofuI. .
W. H. Ashby , Beatrice , Nob. , ch. s. ,
Troxol. Saturn , untraced.
W. W. McGregor , Cameron , Mo. , ch. m. ,
Velvet , Tramp , 80S , by Peacock.
II. W. Oilman , Omaha , b. m. , Lena For
rest , Forrest , by Llttlo Logan , t
Morris J. Jones , David City , Nob. ,
Pnitalus , Patronage , by Tramp' .
E. P. Fuller , David City , No ) ) . , b. a. , Mc
Gregor Wilkes , Kobert McGregor , by
George Wilkos.
D. F. Sabin , Beatrice , Neb. , bj s. , Sabln's
Counsellor. Counsellor , 1S17 , by Chloka-
magua. 4770.
A. Wolf , Jr. , Cedar Rapids , Neb. , b.s. . Dark
Night , General Garflnld , by Blueic Flying
O. W. Pickard , Omaha , ch. f. , Fame ,
Hector Wilkes , by Kentucky Prlnco , Jr.
P. Podvnut , St. Joseph. Mo. , b. s. , Ara-
vant , Avabasquo , by Adltor.
Ed Pyle , Humboldt , Nob. , bk. f. . Koto
Cuffrcy , Charles Caffroy , by Tippoo Bashaw-
Sam Balrd , Dunlap , la. , b. s. . Bun liar.
rison. John Sherman , by Black Hanger.
C. W. Beach , Auburn , Nob. , b. f. , ICHty
Vera , Tnlavora , by Seneca Chief.
Kosterson & Talleth , Pairbury. Nob. ,
ch. s. , Moncriof , lioluiont , by Woodford
Sam Balrd , Dunlap , la. , blk. s. , Adrians
Harvey , Adrian Wilkes , untrncod.
P. McAvoy , Ellnorn , Neb. , br.m.Varctta ,
Onward , 1411 , by Ilamlln's Onward , 1829.
II. W. Gllmau , Oinaha.b.a. , Derby Forrest ,
Forrest , by Little Logan.
W. McAdams , Council Bluffo , In. , b. B. ,
Harry F. , Uurango Chief , by Durant.
D. S. Giles. Irving , Kan. , b. f. . Belle G. ,
W. II. Vandorbllt. by 'iachlhouio.
L. C. Judy , Friend , Neb , br , s. , Bruce
Shurtz , Syntax , M57 , by Mritiibriuo Juciison ,
j IjJO '
J 'S. Wolf , Jr , Cedar Hapids , Nob. , b. B. ,
Hurry D. , General Garilold , by Swigert.
W. II. Ashby. Beatrice. Noo. , br. s , ,
Harris Ashby , Chltwood , untracud. *
Ed Pylo , Humboldt , Neb , blk. B. . Eddlo
Hayes , Charles Caftro.y , by TlDpoo Bashuw.
P. F. Krebs , Sioux City , In. , br. u , W. J.
Underwood , Chatham , by Billy MoMuilan.
Kcstorson * & Tolluth , Falrbury , Nub. ,
oik. B , , Avotras , Chltwood , by Svvlgcrt.
The Most Agonizing , Itching ,
nnd Itk'ciliiif , ' KC/CIMUH Cured.
> nia In Ita worrit Htnu'cn. A. raw
Horn Irom lioad to 1'cct. Hullnio. .
Dootoi-H and hnHpltals Intl. 'Irlitl
ovnryihlni : . < /iu-cl by the Cntiatira
for ! jfl.
I am cm oil of a Icnthsomn dheinc007.011111 , In
Its \\orst htago. I trli'd dlirtrriit doctors ami
'jccn tlironu'li the hoipltuli , lint all tu no pur-
liose. The aiHoaso rovciod n y nholo ) : oJv trom
ino top of my liuatl to Dm solus of my feet. My
liiilr all camu nut , leaving in' ' ) a cumpluto raw
sore , After trjlntjovorytiilng. J he.iruot vour
I'UTiuuiiA HicMKDii'H , nn ( I after itulnt ; throj
jottlos < > ( < ; uutUUA ! IU.-VINT ( ) [ ; , with UUTI-
ciiu.inud OuncunA. Sovi1 , I llnd mysulf cured
nt the cost of about f ! . 1 would not bo without
.he CiiTimniA HIIMIIDIIIS. In my liiinsit. ns I llnd
horn naojul In many rast s , und l thlnt t hey uro
thu uzily .skin and tilnod im-dli'liuis.
iSAAO Jl. aiSUMAN.Iurwboro \ , N. V.
A MOHI AVondnrlnl Curo.
I liava had a most wori'.lorfnl euro of gait
rheum ( Koroma ) . Kor flvo yeniM I liail Hiilferud
\Vlth this 1 hiul U ua my face , unn.H
and haudu. I was unable to do anything whatever -
over wltli my handHfor ovurt o ycard. I tr ed
mndrc'rts of ri'ineillea , and not ono bad tha
wnst elluct. The doc lor null ! my tuso wa In-
rurnblii. I baw your advertl oinont , anil run-
eluded to try tliu Cirncun. * itKMnuiKS ; nnd In-
crudlb.o na It may Kcam , rt r using ono box of
/UTicuitA , and two nakes of Cunuuiu HOAI- .
nnd two Dottles of OUTHJUIIA Uraflr.vxnr. 1 llnd
' am entirely cured. U'hosorlio think this let-
or oxuggcrutod may coino anil BOO mufortliom-
GUACU P. HAHIC1IAM , Hello Itiver , Ontario.
Jure every ep ctos of torturing , humiliating ,
UK. burning , ivly , am ) pimply illauasi ot
thoBltfn , ncal ] . , and blood , with los-jof Imtr ,
niu. nil humurs , blotrhcx , eruptions , Horns ,
Bcnlea , nnd crnsti , when pUyuicluns and all
othyr remfillu full ,
Hold overywlitrd. Prlcos CUTICUHA.WC ; BOAl1.
Socj HKsoi.vBsr , Jl.oo. I'rrpiuocl l > y the j'orrKit
fi/"Son < l for "IIpw to Cure Skin lIs ai > ug , " Ot
l > 3i03 , , ( ) Illustrations , 6uil 1'JJ ' tcatjmonlaU ,
' . black-hoads , red.rouyh.chappnd.and
Ml'LKi. proenteu by Uui icun A SoAr.
nnd pains , hack ache , uenk kidneys ,
rhoumatUm uud chest nalns relieved
in ONK ukiir K by tha UUTICUKA.
ANTI-I'AUM I'l.AUTeu. Tha Urst utid
only inatiiiituiioou.s paln-kllllnu plmtur.