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    8 THE OMAHA DAILY BEE : : SATURDAY , JUNE 20 , 1880.
PA special mooting of Cfirpon tors'
Union No 71 will bo held Uiis
evening. All members tire requested
to bo present.
Tlio Hohcinlnna of this city will celebrate -
brato the 4th of July with a concert in
the oveniny tvt the now Mot7. hnll , on
South Thirteenth strcot , under the di
rection of I1. ; Ko/nrk.
Corporal Tun nor will deliver an ad
dress to Phil Sheridan post , 0. A. H. ,
nt Goodrich Imll , on Saunders street ,
next Tuesday evening. The public
generally is invited.
A complaint wns lllcd In police court
nguiuBt ( Jlmrlos Baldwin , chiu-ging him
with having sold n team of mules to
George Fuller , upon which Wcsloy
Uurdick held a chattel mortgage for
A. Williams , a negro , nnd a very
suspicious character , was sent up for
twenty days by .hulgo LJorlm yesterday ,
nnd John' Arnold , iv white man , got
twenty days fen- petit larceny. Arnold
had just Ihiishodono term in the county
jail , but , ilndlnjr his surroundings BO
plcneaiit there , seemed desirous of
going back.
Hans Peterson , charged with Belling
liquor on Sunday , had a jury trial before -
fore Judge Borka yesterday nnd was
acquitted. Peterson keeps a saloon at
Fourteenth and Webster , and the wit
nesses swore that his saloon wns open
lust Sunday , but us no one swore to the
fact that liquor 'was sold there on that
day , the jury decided in his favor.
C. 13. Cooltc , of Hoone , IB nt the Murray.
11. M. Uttloy , or O'Neill , la at the Millnid.
W. S. Dcntoti , of Holihoge , is nt tlio A r-
L. . W. Gllchrlst , of Lincoln , is at the Mil-
llnrry Hlgglus , of Norfolk , Is at the
J. I3ilrd ( , of Appluton , is n guest at the
W.V. . Catlin , of St. P.itil , is at the
Eugc-no Moore , nt West Point , is nt the
P. C ! . Hanion , of Lincoln , is stopping-
tlio Arcado.
E. F. Pcttis , of Lincoln , Is registered nt
the Mlllnnl.
\V. il Ashby , of Beatrice , la n guest nt
the Pnxton.
11. V. Gntes nnd wife , of Colby , nro guests
S. M. Mnikia , of Silver Creek , is stopping
nt the Paxton.
O. J. Showers und wife , of Long Pine , nro
at the Millunl.
Willet C.ilthvell , of J3roken Dow , Is stop
ping nt the Milluril.
A. C. Pulllnm , of Children , is registered
at the Murray.
W. C. Harrison , of Grand Island , is rcgts.
torcd nt the Paxton.
John W. Drnyton und wife , of Ewinp , nro
gucnts nt the Arcudo.
Charles P. D. Mucloffcn , of London , EUR. ,
Is sojouinlng in tills city.
W. H. Gray nnd H. H. Ualston , of Grand
Islnnd , nro nt the Paxton.
W. A. Blnck and II. S. Summers , of West
Point , aront the Mlllnrd.
A. A. Abbott und W. II. Pl.itt , of Grand
Island , nro guests nt the Pnxton.
O. W. Child , H. G. Mnson und Harry Hug-
gins , of Norfolk , nro nt the Arcade.
. Irn ICurr nnd Cyrus V. Dait , of Hock
Island , nro stopping nt the Murray.
II. C. I3uliuit ! nnd James HioAdatns , of
McCook , nro stopping nt the Paxton.
W. P. Cook , of David City , Nob. , Is the
guest of his cousin. Mrs. Dr. SpauUlmg.
P. G. Hanson , of Lincoln , und John n.
Franklin , of Verdigic , Neb. , are nt the
W. D. Matbowji , of Fremont , nudV. . II.
Mathews , of Atkinson , are stopping at the
Marie MeLoud , of Fremont , nnd W. C.
Harrison , of Giund Isiand , uro stopping nt
the Puxton.
Charles D. Wind , of the Mobile & Ohio
railway , is in the city loonlng after tlio inter
ests of his road. "
Mrs , T. C. Livingston , nnd James Turned
nnd wife , Imvo goao to Saratoga Springs ,
Wyo. , to bo ubsont live weeks.
Willis Cuhuvcll of 13iokenUow , W. D.
Mnthews of Ficmont , H. W. Mathews of
Atkinson , are registered at the Millard.
Hev. Chnrles W. Savldgo nnd wife arrived
yesterday on the LJurllncton from Chicat'O.
They hail been spending n month In the cast.
Mr Snviilgo goes to Lincoln to-duy. To-
mutrow ho will picach to thu traveling men
enciimpcd at Cushmun park.
To-Dny'u K.ICC3.
The trotting matinee ut the fair grounds
this afternoon promises to bo n line
nucccss , and a large nttendnnco will surely
bo on hand. No admission will bo charged
for ladies. Among tlio utti actions of the
afternoon's card will bo nil exhibition milo
by YTou Dot and i uniting mute , and un ex
hibition by Dun D. Among the ether events
Is a match trot for ? 500 n side between two
South Omaha horses , nud two or three other
events of interest. A band of music will bo
on hand , und a good ttmo all round may bo
t Another AIMOH Hulliilng.
Mr. Frederick L. Ames upon his recent
visit to Oinuha to close the proposition for
the now building for S. P. Morse & Co. , ex-
ftrcBscd a wlllingpcss to invest several
hundred thousand more dollars on the satno
terms If tenants could bo gurranteed for the
Slnco his departure ho has been in negotia
tion with two prominent wholesalers , nnd
yesterday the contract was closed for the
erection of a mammoth five-story block on
the corner of Eleventh nnd Howard strcots.
This morning tlio work of eluaiiug away the
buildings began ,
N. Klnc Dead.
Will N. King , who was removed from the
county jnll about one week ago to St. Jo-
siph's hospital , died night befoio last , and
was buried yesterday evening by Under
taker Tnggart.
Mr. U. lj. Hice , who has resided In Denver
for some time , died nt his residence In that
city Juno 25. Ho wns sluy-nlno years of ago ,
nntl was born In Ontario county , New Yoilr ,
whence ho removed to Michigan in 1S30. In
1S-U ho married and was blchsiul with seven
children , live of whom survive him , as fol
lows : J. L. Hlco , of Omuha ; Mrs. H. L.
Bnlloy , Ionia , Midi ; Mis. Jnmes 13. CiuiU ,
San Francisco ; U , F. and P. S. Hlco , of Don-
vexMr. . L. K Hlco was one of the curly sut-
tleis of Virginia City nnd was a prominent
Mason , Mrs. Curtis arrived fromSnn Frnu-
clsco and was recognized by her father before -
fore dcuih claimed him. J , L. Hlco arrived
ut the bcdsido thirty minutes before his
father breathed his lust , too lute to bo rccug-
nueil. 'i ho funeriil will occur in Denver
Thursday morning.
Tlio A mow lUook.
S. P. Mot so savs that the contract for
building his now ury goods store will bo let
nextweok. Vanbrunt & Howe , architects
of the proposed union depot , have drawn the
pi ma nml will superintend its construction.
'Xlioy intend to do nil excellent pleco of work.
Ulio building will bo six stones Inch Fa mum
street front nnd seven on the Sixteenth
uticet side. Iho difference in the grndo
occouuta for this variety , Uccaiuo of the
offset between the main und blxtcunth street
room * , the roar lurt of the former which
Joins the latter will form a sort of
buli-ony from which one may look into
uud all over tlio store. Mr , Morse declares
thutCliarles Frances Adams has expressed a
wish that ho could own some piopcrty hi
Omnlm. "Ho oald to mo. * The people in jour
town think I have u preference for Kansas
City because I happened to dcul in and urnko
a fortune out of real estate there , but such
Is not tlio caso. ' I think Mr. , Adams would
invest some of his wealth liero l ( the oppor
tunity was offered , and it would be u good
tului : for Omuha to hold out Inducements
that ho might aucoot. "
Hood's Sursf\urilla ) ) is peculiar 10
itself and uuporlor to till other proparu
tions in Strung th , economy , uud mod lea.
Ijlkcly to Do Itcmovcd Kroin Oftdcn to
Salt I in kc.
The members of the grievance commlltco
of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
and Brotherhood of Locomotive Plrcmon
luivo concluded their labors nnd many hnvo
returned home.
Iho only matter that remain1) unsettled is
the question of changing the division
terminal from Cvonnton to Green Hlver.
The company desired to consolidate thoscv-
cnty-slX'lnlld division between Bvnnslon and
OpOrn nnd the 112-mile division between
livanston and Green Htver , making one divi
sion of 183 miles. The engineers opposed
this movement for the renson that the 1S8-
nillo run would require engineers on wny-
f rctght to bo nt tholr post upwards of twenty
hours In making the run. This they main
tained is too lone for any engineer
or llrcninn to go without rest. They
subuntttfl a proposition to the comuany
which Involycs three divisions and Which
provides for the dividing of the rend into
two divisions. This wns to extend the 7 ( > -
mlle run to Salt Lake City over the Utnh
Central which includes the rend between
Hvunston and Salt Luke nnd maintain the
division run as nt present between Green
Hivor und Uvanston. Thin would result In
the removal of the division terminal from
Ogdcn to Suit Lake and would tnako the di
vision 113 miles In length , the distance from
Opdcn to Stilt Luke being thirty-seven
miles. The Utah Central being Independent
of the connecting rend from an operative
standpoint pi evented Immediate action , but
the company has taken the pioposillofl under
MnlmiinnVlll Succeed Hnlsuy.
It Is admitted In official circles of the Fre
mont , Elkhorn A : Missouri Valley that H. C.
Mnhannn , nsslstnnt superintendent of the
Iowa division of the Chicago & Northwest
ern at Hello Plalno , will , In all probability ,
bo appointed general supeilntondunt of the
Clkhorn , as was announced exclusively In
Tun Bin : of yesterday. It now transpires
that Mr. Mnhunmi wns In Omaha Thursday
nnd hold a lengthy confeienco with
Manager Hurt , of the Elkhorn , nnd at which
conference Mr. Hurt informed him that ho
would submit his name to the ofllelals of thn
Chicago & Northwestern as successor to Mr.
General Manager Huit and Superintend
ent Mnhunmi left together tor Chicago ,
at which place the appointment will
bo arranged. It Is thmight that the ap
pointment will bo made to-day.
Tlio Attortipyx t Work.
The proposition to bo submitted to the city
'council by the Union Pacific nnd the Bur
lington in connection with u viaduct : .p inning
Tenth street , is being propirod by the attor
neys of both companies. Gent-nil Manager
Ki in bull Is of tbo opinion that the companies
will bo ready to submit their plans and
proposition to the council soon , lie stated
that thu heads of vbo lujrnl departments of
both companies wore preparing the basis
upon which the companies would submit their
plans to the couii''il together with the via
duct proposition.
1'nssi-H ft t ( jnnd. ; j
General Manager Kimball , of the Union
Pacific , has issued a circular to the effect
thai on und after July 1 passes will not bo
honored on trains Nos. ! ) and 10 , which is the
Papillion ti.iln. Special tickets entitling the
holder 10 twenty i ides and good for ninety
days nt § 1 will bo issued employes good be
tween Omaha and Papillion.
Railroad Notes.
Engine 331 of standard passcnper design is
out of the shops and will bo used in the sub
urban service.
W. C. Shoemaker , traveling passenger
agent , nnd 1S. . Allen , general northwestern
passenger ngcnt , of the Ualtimoia uud Ohio ,
are in the city.
General Passenger Agent Francis , of the
Burlington , has gone to Kansas City to at
tend n meetintr of the tnins-Mibsouil usso-
ciation. The question of runnitu * harvest
excursions will bo passed upon.
We have sold S. S. S. sincathe first day wo
commenced the drntc business , und have
heard some wonderful reports of its effects.
Many use it with best results to clounso ma
laria from the system , nnd for blood poison ,
scrofula and sncli diseases it is without n rival.
CoLuiiitwooi ) & Co. , Monroe , La.
Army > , otcs.
Dr. Brown , who has been at Port Omaha
for some time , loft yesterday for his new
station , Fort Mcade. Miss A. Brown , his
daughter , is one of the graduates of the
Omaha high school this year.
Sunday next being the lust day of the
month will bo muster day at tbo rifle
' 1 ho competitors In the department rifle
contest from the right wing of tho. bccond
infantry arc ordered to the rifle range for
thrco davs' preliminary practice between the
5th and 15th of July , under a commission-id
oflleor of that winj.
Lieutenant Thomas M. Wilson , Second in
fantry , is relieved from th ? Loavonwoith
school of application und ordered to Join his
company nt Fort Omaha.
Lieutenant W. M. Wright , Second infan
try , is detailed for the next two years at the
Leavcnworth school. Lieutenant Aber-
crombio. who was originally detailed
for tlio school ( with Lieutenant
Wright as alter n ito ) is on sick leave on sur
geon's certificate of disability.
Tlio Hle/'ii of SnhnKtopnI.
Asituld l > il Gem/Tiil H'ltlselcy , < oi eye wit
ness Of thrlUlny Interest. In The Sun
day IliC.
Merchants'jAVoelc Committees ,
Thomas Kllpatrick , president of the Mer
chants' week ontoruriso , will appoint com
mittees us follows : On llnancus to raise
funds. Press to entertain visiting writers
and to write advertising matter. Advertis
ing To distribute posters , etc. Outdoor
amusements , to take clmrgo of parades , pa
geants , etc. In door amusements , tlioatiical
und musical matters. Decorations , to sccuro
decorations. Public comfoit , accommoda
tion of visitors. Tianspoitatlon , matter of
raliiond rates. Executive , to huvo general
Every cffoi t will bo made to show the city
to tbo best advantage.
Tlioudit IIo WiiH Itolibnd.
E. F. 'Ash , a baker from Alnsworth , com
plained to the police that he had been robbed
in the City Hotel of fi5. Sergeant Wlialon
and Detective Ormsby wont with him to this
place , but won ) uiublo to Und anything.
Sergeant Whulcn concclvod the idea of
searching Ash's pockets und soon found 550
In n package of letters in his pockets. Ash
wus taken to the Jail und n thorough search
revealed the fact that lie had $91.bO in his
clothes. Ho wus locked up for safe-keeping ,
i Ash was found guilty of being drunk , and
was assessed $0.50.
Dnntli FolluuH tlio Urltlal.
Clarence Hiolts , n brother of George N.
Hicks , Is reported dylnj ? in Utica , N . Y. Ho
was in tlio employ of tlio Pacific Express
company In this city for BOUIO tlnio , but
being subject to rheumatism , ho went east
to try u change of climate. About two
weeks ago ho was married to a young lady
In Utlca , und hud Intended to return here in
the fall. Mr. George Hicus received a tol.
ngrnm yestcrduv stating thai his brother
was not expected to live through the duy.
Typhoid pneumonia is understood to bo the
The rt'\ngcs of flvo epidemics of bow
el complaint have been stayed by Cham
berlain's Cello Cholera and Dlarrliaja
remedy , adding now laurels to that
justly renowned voinody. It has boon
the moans of saving more lives than
any other known modioino. All of the
leading drucgibtu in Omaha sell it.
Tonrliit ; Up tlio I'lunlc Walk * .
The work of tearing up plunk sidewalks
and putting down > stone in tholr place wns
begun Thursday by J. E. Klloy , who has the
contract with the city for putting down
walks in the paving districts where the prop
erty owners nuvo fuilcd to do so , Mr. Hllo\
has a largo force of uion at work ,
A good , durable stone walk has already
been laid on the west sldo of Jcder-
son square , on Sixteenth etrcet , and
good stone wulk ivlll bo lulu on all etwts
from Ninth to Sixteenth , between Dodge and
Howard ,
The time for putting down these walks ex
pired In April , 1S8S , but the city has waited
on property owners from one month to an
other until It has been decided to wait no
longer. Some persons nro protesting against
the city putting down their walks , but their
protests and appeals will have but little
weight. _
Cable nnd Special Ne\vp.
T7ic 7/cc's 8pccttl 71CIUS scrt'fcc ' is Hurt-
ioc ! < ( . 1 /ortt,7ii nml domestic news of
The SuntlHV lice will be fully up to the
ustuil standard of excellence ,
Didn't Know Her Father.
A mlddlo-ngcd nnd respectable-appearing
gentleman arrived la Omaha Thursday in
scorch of his daughter. Ho had not seen
her In fifteen years , nnd ho stated that she
was but five years of ago when she loft her
homo In Iowa with her mother. The gen
tleman's name could not bo ascertained. He
stated that ho had received information that
his long-lost daughter wat in Oiniha nnd
was un inmntu of n house of Ill-repute. He
vhltod n questionable resort on Ntntli street ,
where ho mot a girl who ho Insisted was his
daughter. Ho induced the girl to UCLOIU-
pany him to the depot , but when
this point wus reached , the "duughtrr"
wqiild go no further. She stated thut she
wns not sure that the man really was her
Douotmastor Hnnoy endeavored to inves
tigate ttie mutter wltbout success. The old
man accompanied the woman up towfi again ,
memorial UoHolittloni ) .
A meeting ot the medical men of Omaha
uashcld Wednesday evening nt the Ne
braska Eye nnd Ear Inflrimiry.
Dr. Tltden was chosen chairman nnd paid
tribute to the memory of the Into Dr. Den.
Dr. Pcabody followed in n few but touchIng -
Ing remarks lauding Dr. Den for his many
nnd prominent virtues and particularly for
his high fionso of honor both professional nnd
otherwise , nr.d closing with compliments to
his great professional abilities.
Dr. J. C. Janes closed with remarks of ap
propriate character.
Tno following resolutions were adopted :
Whereas , It has pleased Almlnhty God In
His wisdom to remove to the better world
our ft lend nnd fellow physician , Einuuuol II.
Don ;
Hesolvcd , That wo , the physicians of
Omaha , take this method of expressing our
regie ! nt his do.ith nnd respect for his mem
ory as an able ph.vsiciun and courteous gen
tleman who will long bo remembered In a
community whore ho has practiced his pro
fession for more than a iiunrtorof a century ;
Kcsolvcd , That to his family and friends
wo offer our condolence In their allliction :
llcsolvcd , That n copy of thcso resolutions
bo sent to his i elativcs.
The committee consisted of Jnmes H. Peabody -
body , Harold GifCord nnd Edward J.Taggart.
Have You Catnrrli ? There is one
remedy you can try without danger of hum
bug , bend to A. G. Coleman , chemist , ICaKi-
muroo , Mich.for trial package of his catarrh
cuio. His onlv modoof advertising Is by giv
ing it auu.v. Postage 2c. Judge for your
self. Mention this paper.
The Guards' Concert.
The fourth errand sacred concert , given by
the Omaha Guards' band , will take place at
Han scorn paik to-morrow afternoon , when a
number of interesting selections will bo
played. Thcso concerts me free to nil , and
nro well worth attending. The following Is
the programme :
This is the Lord's Own Day Krcntzor
Overture di Concerto Carl
Time of Hoses Hixncr
Allccrro Grundloso ' 'Ilniinondskinder" . .
Overture "Hungarian" Kclar-Holu
Cavatlua di HravouraCornet , Solo..Franko
Scene und Miscrero "Troubadour".Verdi
Hallelujah "Messiah" ( I3y Kcqucst ) . . . .
Giand Fantatio "Lohengrin H. Wanner
Ideal "By the Grovo" Weiss
Adagio from SthSonutu Haidcn
Finale Brillantc Schirmpr
Durno's Catarrh SnufT.
When sufTorine with catarrh , cold in the
head , nervous headache , etc. , use Dnrno's
Snuff , it will iclievo yon at once. Price 23c
at druggists. _
Another Version.
Charles Montcriof says that there nro n
great many discrep mclos in the newspaper
account of the adventures of himself and
wife published Thursday. The assertion
that she loft him at onn time to clopo with
one Cleason Musselman is not true , ns ho
nnd shohnvo been continually together Mnco
they were married , nearly live years nuo.
The illegal disposition of property was not
made by Montcnot , but by Mus oluiun , over
six \curs ago. Mr. Montcriot says further
that he never was In jail until his cscauaUo
with Buidlck last Wednesday.
Avoiding Delinquency.
City Tieasurcr Ilush and his assistants are
busy thcso days taking in tuxes , Next Mon
day the delinquent law goes Into effect , and
property owners nro endeavoring to avoid
deninquoncy. Payments nro good. Mr.
Kusli says that ho has given out moro re
ceipts tin to date than for the same limn last
yt-i'r , but the people nro complaining terri
bly about their assessments being so high.
An Oiiinli.i Invention.
C. N , Nowcomb has lately patented a ,
cash or freight currier , which works
upon an entirely now principle nnd is a
practical success. Call and see it at
the Omuha Model Mnchino works , Hth
und Jackson. Stnto rights for sulo.
Off on Their Vacation.
The teachers of the public schools were
paid off last evening , mid about thirty left on
their summer vacation ; some for tholr homes
In Ohio , Illinois , Iowa , and other points , nnd
others for the summer resorts among the
lakes nnd mountains.
Incni pciratcd.
Articles of incorporntlon were fllod to-day
by O. M. Carter , C. S. Montgomery , H. II.
Gould , A. O. Powell , Lewis H. Groff and
Philip Potter for the American Savings
bank , with n capital stock of § 100,000. ,
Mc'iisod to Wed.
Only one ninrriago license was Issued by
Judge Shields , yesterday :
Name and Husldoncc. Age.
I Lllo J. Lewis , South Omaha U7
j Sady Scribner , South Omaha 10
Absolutely Purer
TliU powder naver varies. A marvel of pitrltr
jtrenctu anawUolenoinenes . Mor * economical
tlun tUe ordinary ilnds , and cannot bo old l
competition wim the multltuiUs of loir coit ,
ihortweljfhUlumor phosnnata povnUr * . Bold
Tlio Discovery > of tt Now Danger
ThrcAtaulriKttiio Amoricnn I'ooplo
Arouses tho' Inhabitants of Now
[ .Veto rorfctConwi'omlciicfV ]
"Now YotkCltrhiutbrrn raoro oicltcd durlnR the
rnst monlliovcr thonvctntlons which tomo' of the
beat known clcntUt hnvo mode , tUnn nbout imj"
tlilnx tlmt IIAB occorral before In jcnrf. Among.tho
clubs , nlicroror mcnuxi women coiiKroRMc forooclnl
cxchnnco or thoiiithMn buslnc > * rlrtlcK mm In profrM
Innnl life 1 hnvv found uno Icmllnit toplo of converai"
tlon.nnmcln tlio nlimiuia Increase of the ( -rent nn-
tlonnl Ol'ciifo 1'nrtm s. A low yenri neo Ihli
in oil em mnlnily ns iluoit unknown ! now It feeim
to be tlio nio l itrcadfnl < if all < ll en ej. Tlip be doc
tor'n-oill < .iisiln It. The llo-mls of lleilth nro m >
TpMlcntlnz Itimil fcl nU'ts ircnernlly nro nrousol.
IiiMinltr pure Hiiil fit itilr. nn hitil enough , but I Ms-
IICTO rnrnnls Mnllniu-ly wur o , both In Us nib-
tlctj nii'l fnrronlilni ; ro.ult' .
"Dr. Allen Mcl/niio llnmiltnii the lilKhc t niithorltT
In America on muiitnl nml tiermis illvnaos i > ny i "It
l nill cni > otiicuu > nl lo the nplil lirnnrth > country.
In mnnjr cnmt It Is iU > | 'Cn < Unl iiimn TlccniM nnttiiwn
nclml ovvrnnrlt nlono. Alcohollom nml syplilllllc
tllsc H'n nro frpquontly Intliiclna en i o . " I1 n r n I s
Miomltsolt In ninny illiTi rant tornis. Inihlht ) tu n-
inomlicrnnil p'nco omc fnmlilnr fnrct n pnlnnrtli'lit.
no ? In the hrnd , c iu'clnlh ncro K the oyt1 * or lm o of
the t > rnlti ! Irciiiiitil wntcrlim of the i } e ! nhrcnt'
inlndo lni' ; Oflry In li'c | > Intl. liill'OF'llillllr UiiUifo ;
n llii'liccl fnco unu Onv nml n | mlo uno the noxtt
rrcclnl mini's * nf the Into nml cyoi UICKP nri < n Irw
01 thu many nnrnliiKsur thu nitpruacli ol this ilrenil-
Cl | | | IM1IO.
"l.lkn inmt now nMlctkin * phylclnns lnuu fiiunil
iliniiully In tiroilurliiK tuns 1.IV.O mo < t crtii' ili -
cm Chen , liunpvcr , ono mnn furvrim thu i % II nml ITO-
Thlcil lor It 'Unit man wo the Into 1'rof. I'liolii of
D.irlii'.outli rnlli'ia. llc < knci\ men riqulreil MHIIQ-
thliiK lK.Tclorumntil.nonn to tuu world , nml hl < In-
TcxtlKatlcinv resulted In the discovery of I'lilm1 , * < 'cl-
cry ( oiiii'oilliil. 11 1 mlmltttil by Urn lu' t incillinl
tnU ntin tlilH city thill thl L'oninninil | Is thoonly ills-
en\try inpnlilo of thtcklnii I'urontH. ( ir rc-loiinn
the liitiln , uiul lt < | ioitil | rlty III No v \ < nk li plicnu'ii-
innl 1 hnvo liion i > urirl | u I In lenrn how kencriilly
It IH be tu uneil nml 1 lumi lioon pnmillr Kiirpr''L'rt lo
lunror UK ruKiilf. ho.tutor CMIIII. whoso Kiuiiiner
rrfldoncoIHnoir that tit tie Int * I'rnf. I'holpH nml
who hn Known of thl' Com pound slnco It * dl coxerv ,
IMI' ii'cil It ullhcrcnt fiic i" . lrniiillif ) the N. \ .
Ooiiilj Mollenl A'ro.-.iiiloii , Fiiys thnt In ni'rxotn
iirntrillion , liiKiuiinlii , Mini cvni clironlo nliohdll-iii
InllottliiKilol riiini troiiu n , It Inn * In on perfect In It *
iiower. iniu\cr > huiul I hern coo \\orils I fur It nml
the 'cntlmoiit uf .Vow York Cltj I * entirely In Us In-
vor" .
UOIjD MEDAlj , PAHia , ld78.
W. BAKr'Jl & CO.'S
Is nlifnlnld : } > HI' > nnd
it it KOIdhlc.
No Chemicals
arc iiml In UK preparation. It hai tncra
than thrtf f/rttft IA itrntgtol Coco *
mlxeilltli SUrxli , Ammiuut or Sugar ,
anil li therefore fat more fionomlcul ,
eotttiy lent ( Aoit on ? ttnt a t p. It tl
di lit lour , iiuurithliv , ilrcnptlu uln ; , Kl-
| tin DlC.lbTM ) , nml ailMilubl } cihp'nl
for tiunliili \ullai pcrioni In health *
Sold 1 * > ( Srorcis otcr ) ! iere.
W. BAKER & CO. . Dorchester , Mass.
end. receive &
Oaooftouro,8a.B.t Bp. . Sui Hf , We.
n. to 1 p. &EU
rfpcruiists in Chronic , Kerrras , GVln t&6
BlooA Dlieasen.
j3rr-ConsuHtttlon nt offlceor by mall fre .
Medicines sent by mall or express , securely
packed , free from observation , ( iunrantaoa to
cure quickly , safely and permanently.
' seml <
UVDurilTQ TlT'DIITT1VBPerwlltorr"lra'
HhnYUuO IJbDlLllI uBl l.osse3.Nlght Urals-
ilons Physical Decay , nrlsluK from Indiscre
tion. Kxcuai or ludalifcntu. producing Sleep
lessness , Uetpondcncy , I'lmples on tbo face.
aversion to society , easily dlxcouritgod. lack of
confidence , ( lull , until lor ttuuy or buslnesa.and
Buds llfo a burden , safely , pBrrnoncntly nnd
privately cured. Consult l rn. Uetts * lletti ,
403 tarnani St. , Omaha , Neo.
Blood and Skin Disease ? % srjMl&
results , completely eradicated without the aid
ot Mercurv. Scrofula , Krj slpelns. F Ter Bores ,
lllotchos , Ulcors. I'&lns in the Head unU Hones ,
Byphllltlo Sore Throat , Mouth and Tongue , Ca
tarrh.o. . . permanently cured where otliera
ITidnnir ininintr and Bladder Complaints ,
KIQIIGY , urmary , . .00 tre-
qucnt llurnlng or nioody Urluu. Urine hlan col
oreil or with milky Bedlmeni on standing ,
Weak Hack , Gonuorrh < ca. Uleet , Cystitis. 4c. ,
I'romptly andSafely Cure * , Charges Reanona-
Koval complete , without cutting , cau&Uc or
dlliitatlon. Currfl effected at home bv patient
without a moments imlu or annovance.
To Young Meu and MiMle-Agel Men ,
A < 31TDD TFIDD The nwful effects of eurly
U UUUD uUltb Vif.oblch urlnpa organic
vrenkneas. ilestinylauboth mind and ooar , vfltli
all Its dreaded lllf. perroanentlx cured.
DDO DrWC1 Anrtisstliooonouaro Impaired
llnii UDllU theiwelvrs by Improper Indul-
Ksnces and solitary liabltn. which ruin both
bodv and mind , unfitting them for business ,
Btuily or marrlnco. . . .
M A nitiBD M EN. orlhoso ontorlng oa that hap *
Pr life , aware of'pbjrulcal debllltj , quickly M
U baaed upon Tacts , first Practical Expe
rience. Second llrery case la especially itudled ,
thUBHtuitltiK arlelit. Third Medicines ara prepared -
pared in our labormtoiy exactly to suit ouch
caie. thus affect Ing cures without Injury.
pyt-end 6 cenHpoetaKO for celebrated work *
on Chronic , Nerroas and Uelloote DUeaee * .
TliouBaniU ciiredj t3f A friendly letter or call
tna\ save you futur * Buttering and shame , and
add golden > e.ira to life. fay No letters an
swered u iiles * accompanied by 4 cent * in stamp * .
tlOS unam Rrt L Omaha. Hilt.
Eppss ? Cocoa.
"Ilr a thorough knowloJ/o of tbo natural lairi
nblcliKoririi thuoiicnilloni of iluotlon nsJ nutrl
lion , mul by a enrolulatiollt-ntlon of tliu line
n of well luluctcil Cocoa , Mr. Kupi Uat provlilejour
trenktml tablui wllli uuellcaUillluvorml boreru < o
wlikIt limy euvu u U.SQJT beavy .loctor'bull. Ut *
by this juillcloui usu or nucti rtlclc of diet that a '
conilllutlun inny bu KrailimUjr built uii until tlrant
enuugb to rcilit ufi'ry tenituncr to ulttiaiu. lluu-
drtxli of rubtlu mulmilc * nre itiiuliiiK uroiind ui reu I ;
to attack nliuruvi-rtburjit u Heuk iiolnt.Vu miiy
cic pa iTianr t faint fhafl br kveiilnit our elve well
fortltleil wltn jiurublouit unii a properly nourlslioJ
Jranie. " Civil Horvlco ( inzetts.
lm1o limply wltli bolllnx wiinror mlllc. Bold only
In b lf pound Mm bjrl.roo.TB InUciuJ tlnu.
tJucceasora to John 0 , JucobaJ
Undertakers andEmbalraers
Attlioold stand Ii07 l-'urimm Kt. Order * by
telegraph tollclted and promptly utteuJvd.
tltuhonn to Ii'o. 1.
In a week or so light weight Suits will be almost unseason
able stock. We have always managed every season to close out
our goods and we are determined to do it tnis time also. We
know we have a job on hand. Our stock is considerably larger
than it ought to be. We have done a much larger business and
the accumulation ol odd Suits and broken lots is naturally
greater , but our exertions to disDOse of them will be greater.
This week we shall have a special clearing sale of Men's
and Boy's Suits. We will slaughter values and
First of all wo offer at about halt' price a good dark Cheviot Suit , of which wo
have a large lot. This is a Suit with which wo thought wo would make a great
hit at $10.50 , but the call this snasou was for light colored shades , and con
sequently this Suit did not take ao well , though it is very neat. The quality of
the goods is excellent. It is liuod with good serge , well made and will give a
good business suit , and just on account of it being of a dark color , will do well
for fall wear. However , we do not want to take any chances of its selling later ,
besides we will then need room for fall goods , and in order lo sell these suits
NOW we have reduced them to § 5.90.
Next we call attention to savoral large piles of light colored Cheviot Suits ,
broken lota , and leavings of some of our best sellers , handsome patterns , good
goods , well made and well fitting. We have redticed them to $7.60
and $7.90.
A third lot of suits whUh must go this week is a fine dark silk mixed Cassi-
mere. This is another suit which has for some reason or ether did not take , and
we have a big lot of thorn loft , all si os. The material is a first rate quality. The
suit is well gotten up and should sell for * ltf.50 , as well as any wo have in the
store at that price. To make them go we have reduced them to $8.50.
Ask our salesmen to show you these Suits.
Our thin Coats and Vests do not need any more advertising.
We have sold thousands ot them already , and every customer
that bought one advertises them.
I !
Corner Douglas and Fourteenth Streets , Omaha.
After Invoicing onr clothlni * stock , \o
find certain lines of suits that 1m ; o not
boldieadlly : coiiBcquentlr the prlco IMS
been re luojd. An curly call will bu to your
* \ - European Department receives mul
rorwimls all ilM et nt burliiei by e icli Mullbtuimcr
iirrhIncut or clepurllnK lioin Nutv urk.
FhlpmontHfrnni Iliiropounn bo muilo direct liy tlili
Compiny toulllnlnii'l ' I'm In or intry ; In the llnltcil
t-tntcs. alto toCuniKln unit Mexico , nltli or without
pa ) mont of dutlesat Now York.
Itntcs n > lotr na those of nny responsible company ,
Money Orders Uauoil pimiblo nt 15,000 places In
United VUle ! , Cunndii nnd l.iiropo.
AEenclcslii Europe to whom shipments for United
fctmes tun bo delivered , or It liom Interior points
Mionld bo lonsleninl , ncromp mlo',1 by Hill of l.udlni , '
und Int olio ccrllllLU before American Consul :
TI1OH. MKADOW3 A CO , Vlllk Street , Choninl leI
I nn Inn , 1 ! L' , U Wntcr Mrcct , htvt Itrool ; ii I'lro u
dlllylA.Nriiisrru 10 Hanover Mreet , ( ii.Asooiv. , J
ItuuVcrlbc. I'AIIIS. i : . ItlCllAltl ) . 1 Itun Clill"u
I HUM' . N. I.UICU'IINU ACO , 117 I.HiinuiiMrn'se ,
inn Mi.s ; ,4 > llo\enlli-uth , IIAMMUKU , uuU 1IT Aui
Iliilun , ;
Over 14 Millions Sold in this
Country alone.
The Best Fitting and Best
Wearing Corset Ever Made.
IB now open. I'nrtfcs tfcFlrlni ? good acrommo 1 itl on
on the now larjro express tuaiiiur of tlio 1 iimn us
Which nro noted for their rejnilnrlty. pnunl to rail-
roti I triilns , In m iKIni ; ttie til | > to Hat re-l'iirU In 0110
netk , uniiuhbe.l tu
Sliikc Ktirly AiipHc.iUou for IJcrths.
Ihlt U nlso ncccunry on iiccoimt of the
Irnvcl during the ajnlti. uml summer mo.itlis.
McCAGUHBROS. , 105 South irth St. ,
IIARIIY E. MOOKKS , 1C02 FnrnumSt. ,
II. L. HALL , 122. ° , Piii-num St. ,
J. II. GUEKN , 1501 Fiiriuim St. ,
Airouts , Om.iliu , Nd ) .
MAUIUCl ! W. HO/.Ml.Nbii ,
I4O9 DOUGLAS STREET. Aids for the Slimmer.
Travelers For Boating , Yachting , Cycling ! Fishing ,
Driving , Seaside , Mountain and Ocean Travel.
Tourists We have Fabrics suitable for each ; we tailor
them to order , QUICKLY , and at prices that
mul will leave you spending money ;
Suits , $20 to $35 ,
Trousers , $5 to $10
bo outfitted
Trousers ? Yes , all the Trouser lengths left
over from the big Spring Season you can have
' MCOMAS Made to Order for $5 , $6 and $7 , worth double.
Can't come day ? Come Monday and Satur
day evenings till 9 P. M.
' coul unit
made to order NIGQLL the TAILOR ,
Dii.U. 0. WIST'S Nmivn ANI > UUAIN TIUA : * .
U ST , n it irunteo I spoclnc tor Hysteria , UUzl <
Desa , 0 n \ uhlont , fits Nervous .Seiirnlj-la ,
lloailaclf1 , Nor/ous prostration c.iUht-il by ths
usuuf nl < ohol or tobacco , Wukufulues' , Mental
Dotirvssion , Soficnlns-of the llraln , resultIIIRla
Insanity nml Icaillimto misery , docuy nnd ileatu.
I'lonintureOld A&lluuetinesi. . Loss ot I'owor
In cither SOY. In oluutary r.ossJ anil bpcrmat-
oi'MUiKiitihodbr ' nver-axoit'unof ' tlii'tiinln.Bolf-
abuse or o\clndultrenco. Uich box contnlnj
cnc mouth's trur.tiu nt 81 03 n. box , or six boxes
forM U'.bent by m nl ivt'P'ld on receipt o ( prlco.
To cure uuy case. . \ \ ith each order received b
us for six boxes , nccompnnleil 1th f "i.OJ , o wlu
Bend tlio purchiiaer our wrltt 'n jjuarnntea to ro-
fuud the money U tlie timtmentiloes not effect
a cure. Guarantees IssiiuJ only by tioodmna
IrugCo , DnigKlitj , Solo AueuU , 1110 i'uruam
atreet. Oinahtv Neb.
N. W.Con. I3ni& Dooct his , OMAHA , NEB.
Bcci Futilities , Apparatus rndRrnciHeiforBucccacfal
Treatment of cvrry lornl of Ulteato requlrlnR
Board 1 : Attendance , But Accomiaodaiiona iu Wtit.
WWHITE TOR OIKCULAUSon Dcformltlet an !
Dracei , Trusuci , Club Feet , Uurviti r ofb | > lneI'll ,
Tumor * . Uanccr , Oatoxrh , Broncmtu , Inhalation ,
Electricity , Partlyili , Epilcpiy , Kidney , Uladdcr ,
fcyo , har , Bkln nnl Blood and all Burelcul liperatlor.c ,
Only Reliable MoJIcsl Initltuto mating a Specialty of
.utctnfull ; IrrttcJ. | tlllllo 1'i.lioa
rcmofrl rromtliciritriti without nicreurr.
Tf tilm l l r IK , , , of ) HAL I lin nt. r > rll < l ur. lle lo Hill
oiiuijrlclreiteitftt liomvl'cormiondcnrr. . AllcomniuDlCft.
tlonicnnlldrulUI. Uc llcluviorlnilruuiruuirulbyiuftllorti.
tit > nccutil/iickijuoiiiirKi lolo lltate eonleMi or ttutir ,
line | ctioiullulttlliv pnftrrrd. c.ll a-l ecnialt uior in4
bhtory or your cme , nol will ICL < ! In vUla rnrl tr , our
Unntf Tn MCU FREEI "i n iriii > i ( . nittitt or
llUuK III liltN
) KcivouiDlioni.lniioiitticj'.Hj
Illi ; Illett > ii4 > rlc < | tcllh qutillou Hit. tatttii
OMAJIA.MEUIOAI , ftBUuoioAr , jrf
13tb and Dodge Btrecti , OMAIIA ,
1 llunJrtJic/lkouKHiiltJniai J ffiBl _ Try _ OnW
Qrently Improved willi ewlnclnK u1TcVlni un oca
tide Easiest rlUll1K" ' ' < < ' uxl * . 'J ho Hiring * longlh.
rn tail rjirton accoiuluv to tuo weight put tin then.
A-lui'M niuullr uuU tu rouiti country ut line
Wtv Urlvoo Will vlra ycu litm "iitUfiictlon.
Keatutr Chulrf , Ituu * . l-uiilicu Moniy.LttUrHOf
1'ubixirUi , ( luUlu lluu , [ i * , fotiu CXxlK ,
l iat , ttc. AeHu/ cireutatt
deal Wtot'n Aittticy , ItVi t > u , Cinrk BU