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r' _ , Tf T f1 r ' 1,7 ' ? ' T " I Y.IT. " Tr r * "j tyXf ' ' ,
A. L. Ward , Mo dotcctlvo of the
Jvlctropolltun police , will open a doloc-
tivo n/oncy. /
The case apaliiBt liana Petersen ,
charged with Itooplnfj hla saloon at
Fifteenth and Webster , open on Sunday
will bo heard by JudgoBorkaon Thurs
While Miss Grace Porino , the daugh
ter of P. L. Porino , wns drlvlnjr out
Farnam Btreot yesterday afternoon , she
was blltfhtly Injured by a kick from a
tractlous horso.
DTho Second United States Infantry
band and the Musical union will glvoan
excursion to Waterloo , July 7. Sov-
onty-flvo musicians will furnish music
for the occasion , and a most excellent
programme has neon prepared.
J , U. McCoy , of the revenue depart
ment. has boon assigned to duty in
charge of the division of which Omaha
is headquarters , and has control of the
revenue agents of the division. Mr.
McCoy loft last evening for Helena ,
Mont. , to tnuisfur the revenue olllco
tlioro from tlio old collector to tha now
ono.Tho cost of swooping the streets of
Omaha for the month ending Juno 212 ,
amounted to $2,401.81 , which is about
8800 more than wns over previously paid
for street sweeping in ono month.
Charlofl K. Fanning & Co. have the
contract for swooping the BtroDts , and
during the month they swept 8,012-156
square yards of paving.
The Omaha Motor company and the
Omaha Struct Rulhvay company have
paid into the city treasury up to date
for paving destroyed the sum of
822,577.83 , The companies have to pay
the city the original cost of the paving
for all destroyed in construction of tholr
tracks , and In addition to that are re
quired to put down now truck at their
own expense. '
City Physician Ralph began yester
day to put the members of tlio llro de
partment through u rigid physical ex
amination. Ho examined some of them
yesterday and will continue the exam
ination to-day and to-morrow until the
work is finished. This is the llrst time
the llromcn of Omaha have boon re
quired to undergo this kind of an exam
While the three small children be
longing to the Rinchart family , now
playing an engagement at the Eden
Musoo , worn going from tholr boarding
place to the theater , they were stopped
by a young woman who induced thorn
to go' with her to the Union Pacilic
depot. The absence of the children
was discovered when the time came for
them to go upon the stage. The thea
ter was closed and everyone turned out
to hunt for them. They wore finally
found at the depot , -but the young
woman had disappeared.
P. J. Elllclf , of Fremont , is at the Arcatlo.
John S. Stnll , of Auburn , Is ot the Arctulo.
Frunk Webb , of Lincoln , is at the Mur
ray.I. I. F. Cassldy , of O'Neill , Is at the Pax-
T. U. Socloy , of Fremont , Is at the Mll-
Eugene Moore , of West Point , is at the
C O. L. Lucas , of Lincoln , Is a guest nt the
A. W. ICInzol , of Wlsner , is stopping at
the Murray.
J. A. Siurhs , of Valentino , is a guest nt
the Millanl.
T. H. Droolto , of Tccumsoh , is registered
at the Arcado.
Job Hathaway , of Homingford , is stopping
at the Puxton.
F. O. Lock\vood , ot Grand Island , Is a
guest nt ttio Arcado.
* T. F. Ceclc and John Harrington , of Tclca-
! * ,
mah , arc nt the paxton.
John H. Mays nnd son , of Norfolk , nro
stopping at the Arcado.
It. Hooker , of Lincoln , nnd J. L. Farthing ,
of PhUtsmouth , uro nt tlio Mlllard.
W. P. Saundcrs und J. C. Kwitif , of Bea
trice , nro registered nt the Murray.
T. J. O'Day , of Ncbrdsita City , and James
S. Higton , of Crete , nro ut the Arcado.
S. it Cottrell , of Seward , nnd C. S. Clnrlc ,
of Fremont , are stoupliiK at tliu Millanl.
Colonel W. D. Hnrncs , editor of the Daily
Hotel Ucglstor , Jacksonville , Fin. , Is in tlio
Miss Helen M. Pratt and Miss Susie li.
Cole , of Drokoti Dow , uro guests at the Pax.
S. J. Whltten nnd C. K. Green , of Edgar ,
nro in the city to attcno tUo board of trade
Mrs. T. at. Marnuetto and Miss Gcrtrudo
Mnrquettc , of Lincoln , are guests at the
M. B. KeuRan. and C. W MoNnmar , of
Loxliiptou , and A. K. Wells , of OaUl.tud , nro
stopping nt the Millard.
E. 13. Dickinson , of St. Paul , C. S. Dodge ,
of Oak Dale , and W. F. Huyncs , of Sidney ,
nro stopping at the Arcade.
A Die Gradhi ) ; Contract ,
The Patrick Land company yesterday let a
contract for doing extensive grading in
Dundee Place. Seventy-llvo thousand yards
of earth nro to bo removed , and the work is
to bo prosecuted immediately.
Dniniutod tliu Hack.
Frank Elmoro , n hack driver , was tried ho-
fore u jury in tno police court yesterday morn-
ingon tlio complaint of having overcharged a
passe nucr. In defense ho showed that the
complaining nnsscngcr had damnucd the
back. A verdict of nottjuilty was returned.
Now AVntor 1'iimps.
The new pumps of the waterworks com
pany at Florence were placed In ouaratlon
yesterday morning nnd u clearer quality of
the water is promised as boon ns the machinery
is In fair working order. Work will also ho
commenced in n few duys upon the com
pany's additional 15,000,080-gullon reservoir
nt Walnut Hill.
_ _ _
Florcnco Items. ,
But llttlo intoiost was manifested In the
election of school moderator. Mho day \vus
dlsngrccnbla and but few people manifested
Buniciont interest to vote. A very small vote
wns polled. V. W. Smith was elected by a
small majority of ono veto.
Mr. Smith is an old resident nnd has hold
K position on the school board for years.
Two persons were ntiarged with drunken
ness , fined , and in default of payment wore
sent to jail. _
Myors in Kccrnt ,
The county commissioners hold a meeting
yesterday afternoon with Architect Myers ,
nnd considered matters on wlilcu ho watt
called hero from Detroit to glvo hie
opinion on.
Mr. Myers , Superintendent Coots nnd the
contracts spent the forenoon out ut the hos
pital making inspections and do-
elding disputed points. The commissioners
expected to go to the building also , but
neither Moycr.t nor tha sunorintontiont In
vited them , consequently ttiey remained at
their room In the court liouso examining
complaints from the taxpayers.
Kun on .July 4.
Superintendent Adams , of the motor com
pany , said yesterday that ho hoped to have
the Sherman avenue Hue in operation by thq
4th of July. Some of tha now cars era now
on the road.
The company was grr.ntcd n permit to ex
tend i's lines from Dorcns stieot lo Custollnr
The Omaha Street Uatlwuv company has n
laruo forv : ; of men at work laying trucks for
their oloctriu motor line on South Twentieth
The feed wires of the consolidated lines on
Pork uvonuo arc btrunu on thirty-clght foot
pole * . _
I'lutt'H OlilorlUoi
Ilcly UI > DII
for nil hou&ohold disinfecting purpoios
What In the Apostle of Itolton Cnvlng
DohiR In ttio Itocklita ?
In the Denver Kopubhcin of a recent date
appears nn article , published below , which
would scorn to Indicate that the exponent of
rotten wooden pavement was endeavoring to
got n'sllco of the tnibllo Improvements which
ire contemplated by the people of the sani
tarium of the Rockies I
lion. Jumns Crolghton , ox-chnlrman of the
jotml of public works of Omaha , U in the
city , n guest of the St. James hotel. Mr.
Jrclghton is n nromlnont character In
Dmnlm. Ho Is n leading democrat , and has
been Identified with that party in Nebraska
politics for many yours. During the past
Lhrco years Mr. Crclghton tins had on hand
a bitter fight with Tnr OMAHA. UKK" , relative
to tlio location of the Omahn city hull , In
which controversy Mr. Crelghton mine out
second best by a lurgo majority , nnd the city
hall Is to to bo erected bcsldo the Hoe build
ing. Tin : 13iiK Is crowing yet.
Last evening n reporter for the Republican
found Mr. Crclghton In the rotunda of the
St. Jutncs , Hirioklng a cigar and Intently
studying some papers which ho had In his
hands. Hosp.ld : "You have n city hero
that Omaha may well bo jealous of. It Is a
beautiful place , anil I wish I could nrtord lo
live hero. This afternoon I had the picauro
of meeting Colonel Dodge und Mr. Crocker
of your board of public works , nnd most of
the members of the board of aldermen. For
the short time Mr. Crocker has been engaged
In this business , he has become wonderfully
well rend on nil that pertains to nubile Im
provements. "
"What do you thlnicol the contemolatod
improvements for Denver ! "
"I think it U n step In the right direction ,
but you will llnd that the $750.UJO voteu for
the work won't bo a fair beginning. It will
advance property so much that people livlnir
outsldo of the sewer and paved districts will
want their properties improved , and so it
will go. It will keep branching out all the
tirno as long as the city grows.
"But you have the advantage over Omaha
nnd , m fact , over most cities in ono respect.
Every kind of material necessary for paving
you have within your borders. Dig two foot
in unv of your streets nnd you have any
quantity of the finest siintl. Omaha had to
have sand shipped forty miles nnd some
fuithor. The only thing you will have to
ship in is asphalt , and for irood asphalt pavo-
munt only from 12 to 15 per cent of pure
asphalt is used. The balance Is sund , Inno ,
etc. "
"You nro going to bid on some of this
woilt , are you not , Mr. CrolghtonJ"
"There are many things tn bo taken into
consideration In answering that qcstlon.
You have not yet got the money ; then bids
must be advertised for , and by the time the
city gets ready to lot the contract it will bo
fall. In all probability your board of public
works will glvo their first attention to the
sewer system und corner catch basins , to
tuko care of the surface drain ago and water
for heavy rains. "
Mr. Crolghton evaded answering the ques
tion In a direct manner , but his actions indi
cated that he did not come to Denver for his
health. Ho had In bis lianas a roll of blank
contracts for paving , issued by the Omaha
board of works.
"Mr. Croiphton , from your experience In
street paving , what do you consider the most
desirable I"
sxxnsTONn ion nruvv TitArric.
"I will answer that question bv telling you
what I have done in Omaha. Around my
residence I have asphaltum anrt in front of
business property that I nm interested in I
subscribe for Colorado sandstone. Sand
stone is preferable where there is heavy
tratllc , but in tl.o residence portion I am in
favor of asphalt. It is pleasant for a man to
sit in front of his home in the evening and
see people drive by , und the public will al
ways go out of their way to drive over as
phalt pavement. It is so smooth und almost
noiseless that It is a pleasure to drive on It. "
A MiiHItiKlo or Ailmcnta
The ailments which afflict the kidneys und
bladder nro so numerous , that merely to
name them would fill a space fur outrun
ning the limits of this article. to
say , that they nro both obstinate and dun-
perdus. To their prevention Hosteller's
Slomoch Bitters is well adapted. The
stimulus which it lends to thn 'action of the
hhlnc.VH when they are lethargic , servo to
counteract a tendency in them to lapse , first
into a state of pernicious inactivity , nnd
afterwards Into ono of positive organic dis
ease , which soon destroys their delicate in
teguments , poisons the blood and causes
death. A double purpose is served by this
dcpuront. It promotes activity of the kid
neys , und o\pcls impurities from the blood
which have no natural channel of outlet , ex
cept these organs. Constipation , bilious
ness , fever und nguo , rheumatism and dys
pepsia , are also remedied by this inediclno of
thorough action und wide scope.
PrnotSclnjj Without License.
F. B. Taylor , a traveling dentist , who
makes his headquarters in Omaha , was ar-
resled.m Uunlau , la. , for practicing bis pro
fession without llcenso. When arraigned
Taylor pleaded guilty to the charge and was
fined $25 nnd co ts , the total amount being
& 10.15. Taylor appealed the case to the dis
trict court and gave bonds for bis appear
For a disordered I'.ver try Bcecham's Pills.
Soiling tin : Count ) ' Hospital.
It was rumored on the street yesterday
morning that n move was being mrke to soil
the county hospital , now in course of erection ,
to the sisters of St. Francis , who have
charge of St. Joseph's hospital , ana
then Imvo the county pay them for
caring for the sick whom it mny do-
sure to Imvo tended.
Commissioners Mount and Anderson , when
spoken to on the subject , saldthnt they had
not considered such such a proposition nnd
did not think such nn ono would be made
either by the county or sisters ,
The Commissioner Now Himpeota the
County Attorney.
Chairman Mount has turno.l his attention
finally to County Attorney Mahoney , nnd
glvo expression to the suspicion that that
ofilclnl Is In collusion with County Clcrli
Mr , Mount's susi > lclonslt scornshave been
nrottscd by the fact that Mnhonoy addressed
n loiter to Hochc , asking him to prepare nnd
submit to him a statement of expenditures
last year for stationery used by the various
county officers. This transaction
wns not made known to the
board until Mahoney laid Hocho's reply nnd
report before that body last Saturday , Since
then Mr. Mount seems to have conceived the
Idcathnt'Mahono.v's letter of request should
have been shown to the commissioners.
When nsked whv ho suppressed the letter ,
Mr , Hocho said : "Jt was a private com
munication asking mo to mnko mv report to
Mr. Mahonoy. consequently was not a mat
ter with which the boitrdhud anything to do ,
I hear Mount has boon Intimating that
Mahrmcy Is In my employ , but my opinion Is
that Mr. Mahoney knows his own business ,
and the commissioners had batter not got
him started after them. "
The Boar.'l of Ttvulo Convention to
Accomplish It.
To-day delegates from forty counties
In this state nro oxpcclcd to nttsud the meot-
Intf of roprcsontulivoi of the board of trade
of Nebraska In this city.
Tlioro will bo nt least seventy delegates
prcst'tit , nnd ROIIIO of thcso will bo among
the best known men m the stutu.
The object of the irathoring Is
to bring representative men together
nnd deliberate as to what is the best means
of settling up the state and attracting us not-
tlors the best people to bo had. "There Is
plenty of room yet , " says Secretary Nason ,
'for people in this st.ile , and if wo could
double our production of corn , which last
year amounted to over ono hundred million
bushels , you can readily sen what nn m-
crouso of wealth that would afford us.
What Is to the state's advantage is to
Omaha's advantage. "
The delegates will arrive during the day
and nt S o'clock in the evening the first ses
sion will bo held In the board of trade hall.
It will bo called to order by Euclid Martin ,
the chalrnfan of the local board of trade.
Peculiar in medical merit and wonder
ful cuios Ilood's Sarsapurilla. Now is
the time to take itfor now it will do the
An elegant line of ladies' costumes in
the latest EJarismn styles now at parlor
1 , Paxton hotel. Ladies interested are
cordially invited.
Two Hosca Fnlr.
Ella Garrison , a bright lussio , was ar-
rnigneu before Judge Berku charged with
the larceny of two rases from a bush in the
yard of N. N. Edwards , ntTwelith and Vin-
"Yes , I took them , " said the llttlo mias.
"My llttlo slstor stud It was too bad that Mr.
Edwaids had w many roses nnd we had none ,
so I took two of theai and IMVO them to her.
I didn't huft the bushr and there were , oh ,
over so in Iny more loir , . I don't BOO how he
could miss just two of them , tlo you judge. "
Edwards was not present to pioscouto the
case , tlio lltthj eirl's mother having paid for
the two roses.
"This caao is dismissed , " said General
Smith the city attorney , "and I would dis
miss if it Edwards was hurc. Who don't
love roses ? Wtiv , I appropriate a couple
from a bush in my neighbor's ynrd every
moining on my way down town. "
The circulation of the blood quick
ened and enriched bears life and
energy to every portion of the body ;
appetite returns ; the hour of ivst brings
with it sound repose. Tliis can bo se
cured by talcing Dr. J. H. McLean's
Sarsapai'illul _
Hoard of 1'iilniu Works.
Permits were granted by the board of
public works yesterday to the Omaha Street
Hr.ilwtsy company to lay double tracks on
Vlnton street from Sixteenth west to
Twentieth street , and to the Omaha Motor
Railway company on Sixteenth from Hickory
street south to Vmton. 'J ho motor company
1ms made application nlso for permit to
build fiom the intersection of Twelfth and
Howard strents cast to Eleventh street , und
thence south on that street to the Eleventh
stiect viaduct , which the motor intends to
cross and run south on Eleventh street.
d to Wed
Marriage licenses were issued by Judge
Shiflda to the following patties to-day :
Numo and Residence. Age.
( Edward Hoffman , South Omaha 27
( Theresa Schiudler , South Omaha 2.'i
i.lucol ) C. .Tacobson , Omaha 80
1 Annm Danie'son ' , Omaha 20
I Mathaiis L. Mathlson , Irvington , 25
( Helo M. Hanson , Irvlnrton ill
National Board of Health , Washington , D. C. Bulletin Supplement
No. C , page 33 :
"I have tested several kinds of baking powders which I have bought
in the open market. The following table gives the commercial name of
the baking powder and the number of cubic centimeters of gas given off : "
"Dr. Price's ( the only Baking Powder that docs not contain Lime ,
Ammonia or Alum ) 380"
"Royal 348"
"R. C. KEUZIE , " ( Public Analyst. )
"To the Commissioner of Inland Revenue Department , Ottawa ( seal
of government ) , Canada : Eight samples of baking powder have been
analyzed. As the efficiency of these powders depends almost entirely
upon the amount of carbonic acid gas given off during their use , the
following comparative statement has been prepared , showing in each
instance the quantity of carbonic acid gas eliminated from five grammes
( equal to 77 grains ) of the powder. "
"Dr. Price's ( Result of Analyses ) 3Gj cubic inches. " ( Does not contain
Ammonia , Lime or Alum. Pure. )
"Royal , ( Result of Analyses ) 33 4 cubic inches. " ( Contains matter
insoluble in water 24-80 per cent , consisting of Starch , Ammonia
t and Tartrate of Lime. Adulterated. ) < , Wj SAUNDEKS , "
Ottawa , ccntda , Ai > rii 3 , IBS. "Public Analyst , Inland Revenue Dept. "
These investigations were not made for a money consideration , but
in the interests of the governments of the United States and Canada ,
We know that it will delight the millions of housekeepers who use DR.
PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER to see it endorsed as the strong
est , purest and most healthful , by these highest authorities.
DR. TRICK'S CREAM BAKING POWDER is the only baking
powder upon which the UNITED STATUS and CANADIAN GOVERN-
'MKNTS ever made a favorable rcporju
Tli Is powtl or never \-arlc3. A marvel of purity
xtruiiKlh nuti wholasomcneas. Jloro economic * !
than the ordinary Kin is , mul cmmot be sold in
competition with the multitudes of low cost ,
luorlwolghtalumor.phnspnato powder * . Sold
only In onus. Hoynl lUklns 1'owdor CoIZO
Wallstroat Now Vort
HSU * . .
RiirnfnmH ! ) ESTABLISHED Chtcago > | | | 8 , ciairkat ,
The Regular Old-Established
Is stlil Trcalkg with the Greatest
Chronic , Mons aM Private Diseases ,
/ ? NERVOUS DEBILITY , Lett Manhood ,
raillnn MemoryftCxhnustlng Urnlns , Terribla
Drentna , Head and Boclc Ache and all the elTciti
leading lo e rly dccuy and peitups Consumption ot
Itvjr.nlty , treated fcicniitcally Ly new methods with
aever-hilmz ; ucec .
3y SYPHILIS ami ell bid Blood and Skin Dls-
ca > eu permanently cured.
* VJ-KJONEYnrid URINARY mmphlnts.Glest ,
Gonorrhoea , Strictu re , Varlcocela and aU disc.-n
of the Gcrlto-Urmary Organs cured nromj > tly vithoul
injury tn Stomach , KUncys oro'JirrOryat.s.
ITS * No experiments. Age and experience lm
portar.t. CcnruUation Tree end sncred.
MS * Send 4 c'nlb pos ie for Celebrated Works on
Jhrcnlc , Nervous pnd Delicate Diseases.
co nempliting Mnn ! gt : send for Dr.
Cljrke'3 celebrated guide Male nnd Fetiale , each
13 cents , both srs ccntn ( tan'ps ) . Consult the old
Doctor. A friendly letter rrca'Imay save futurt suffer.
and shtrae , and add golden ) ears to life.
"Life's ( Secret ) Errors , " so cents ( stamps ) . Medicina
nntl writings sent e ery hrrc , secure from exposure.
Hours , B to 8. Sur.da ) < g to 12 Address
133 So , Clark 3fc CHICAGO.
Best Facilities , ApparatuiicdRcmeaicsforSuccenfu'
Treatment of every form of Dise ? > g requrins
Bora d & Attendance. Bf : t AccoEimodaiiona in Wett.
03"WRITE TOR CmCTJUUlSonODerormltlcj and
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Tumor > . Clnccr , Catarrh , Bror.cliltii , Inhalation.
Electricity , Paralyili , .Epilepsy. Kidney , Bladder ,
Eye , 1 ar , Skin and Blood and all Surgical Operations.
Only llcliaHo Medical Institute matins a Brecialty ot
AH Ulaod niicaiti tue'eiifalljr treated. SvpMIHIc folioa
rcuoi l from tlio ijul < n without ncrcury. Sr Hrilor.ll , .
Ireilmrnt Lo.s cf 1 ITAI. mil I II. 1'irtlM unitlrto vlilt
tunnj-letrcitciUt boin l > jforrcti' < ! Dilfnr . All .
llonicoaHileutlal. McdlclneiorlnitruuciitiK-jittrffiallorfr.
ircictceurclriinckcil.tiomiirktlolndlciitcconleDlioritnilt .
One pcrcouallBtcn lew preferred. CIL ! ! and conul tutor feed
limcry cryour cue. and VQ vlll tend in rUIn wroprer.our
RRftcfTfl MN EREE : Ur n rltaie , Hitel.l or
UyUiV IU tllf.ili ( .
Kcrtout Illiiiiti , mrolfnty , Hrrh.
Illi ; Olect nt > > rleucel . with ancitlcm hit.Jilroi
13th and Bodge Streets , OlIAHA , HED.
C ' tlio Ijlnnnr Habit , I'nnlllrolr Cared
by Administering Dr. Hninca1
Uolilcn Specific.
It inn lie plvun In a cup of cnnco or ten without tlio
knon lulled of tliu person Uilnn It ; UllDsnlutclyliurm-
| PH9. iiml will ollVct n uptcily nml permanent euro ,
whether tliu patlpnt is n mcilcrntu Urlnkor or tin
ulcoliol wreck Tlioununda ut drunkards liuvo IJOCM
miidu tompornta men wholiimitiU'iiiJoliletibiH'c flo
In ilH'tr cotfc n without their and to-tiny be-
MUVH tlit-y quit ilrlnklni : of tlinlr own frvonlll , 11'
NIWKIIKAII/4 , VhoeyMumonco wuli
Ilio biH'dllc. It bDfonien nn utter Impossibility for Ilio
Minor aiiprllta to oxlit. For oulo tiy Kutm .V Oo. ,
DrueulMH , l.ltli and Iinuplug att.i > ml IStli nnil Cum-
ln hUOimilm. A. II. roster A. llro. . Council Illufh.
HHNimd WOMICNiucceasfnllytrealoJ.
FunVrltiBfroni tlinrlfnM * of ) omliful follies ( ir Indis
cretion * , l > r lini t I II I li IVltn Wl'.lkmSi.'l.TVOUS
lK.b llty , I.OM nf f u rv , Uo > poiiclo ley , Aversion to
Hocluty. Kldiin , ! - -or tiny nlsonius ot tliu Qjnl-
to Urlnnry Or i ! % t ) n llnd n t > ufo and spajdy
cine. Cluirtcn rp i > ' , etpeciiilly to ttio poor
The run HI ninny Irouliitut with too frequent ovaeu-
nationB of ttio lilu Idor.oiton iiccompiinlHil by i llKht
tinartltii ! or bnrnlni : ncntntlnn , anil ueukt-nmu of t'io
M'trre In n iii.iniirr the potltnt cHiinot lucoiint for.
( In I'lnnilnliii thu urinary itopmltu u rony to.llmunt
will oflfii to lounil , nitd tomutlniea partlctca of ullm *
) non will upiieitr or tbu color bo of a thin , mlulill
liuoojaln cliaiiKlnu toivtlurk or lorjiM appuarance.
' 1 Itoruiiru many men who tllo of thin dlUlculty , litnor
nnt of the liiUMi la Ilio Mtiond lma at enml-
nnlwonkncn. 'Jha doctor tflll uuiirHiiteu u perfect
i uro I n all BUII | taro , and a liea fir rtitorallon of
tlio Kenltourlnnry orKiniConsnltat'o.1 ftos. c'lld
2-cent itanip for "Voung lUn'a trlenil or Uulde to
Woulock , " free to all. AJUrr
ion. SPINNEY & co.
Jlixln and 1Hli St. , ICnuias City , Mo.
tlf"ilt'iitlontlils paper.
State Line.
To QIusKoiV ) liclfiist , Dublin nnil Llvcrjiool
From New York Every Tuesday.
Cabin paMBgo flSto f.'O , nccorJltitf to location of ilato
room. I zurilon 1(3 to ft ) .
btccrnKOtornl from Kuropo at Ixmcitllatci.
ArsTi.N IIAI.UWIN & Co. , Ucn'l Aconti ,
U UronUwar. New York.
JOHN ULEOCK , Uen'l Weitern Agent.
1W ItaololpU bt. , ClilCDBO ,
lUniir K , MuilEg , A'k-ent. Oiualia.
Iloilucjd CiblnrAl 5 to Qlasgoir KzUl bt tlon.
A visit to our sooond floor , where wo keep our Summer Goods will convince every
body that wo are selling more light Coats and Vests than all the clothiers in town to
gether , The largo v61ume of business transacted in this department the past week is
proof positive of the remarkable -values offered. This weak we shall present oven still
greater bargains. "Wo have just opened a delayed shipment of several hundred Men's
Mohair Coats and Vests in two handsome shades which wo offer at l.50 for the Coat and
Vest. Think of itl Only $1.50 fora Mohair Coat and Vest which would bo reasonable
at $3.00.
.Boys' Flannel Coats and Vests , in handsome patterns and well made , sizes from 12 to
18 at GOc. * ' .
800 pair Men's fine All Wool Panta in elegant sfcrtpos at $1,75 , POSITIVELY
200 pairs JBoys' All Wool Pants , excellent quality , at $1.25.
150 pair Boys' All Wool Pants at $ LGO.
The above Pants are the best values we have over offered.
50 do/en very fine Silk Striped Flannel Shirts in choice patterns , elegantly made , at
$2,75 , worth $4.00.
85 dozen fine Fancy Balbriggan Shirts and Drawers , silk trimmed , paarl buttons , ia
two beautiful shades , fast colors , at 35o , worth fully GOc.
We open to-day 10 cases of fine Pique Scarfs , handsome and largo shapes , in splendid
patterns , which we offer at 25c per dozen. These are goods which other houses usually
sell at 10o a piece.
100 dozen fine Windsor Scarfs , this season's importation , at 15c ; regular price for
these goods is 35c.
In our Shoe Department we offer this week an extraordinary bargain.
200 pair Russet Low Shoes , excellent stock and solid throughout , at § 1.90. The
identical goods are sold in all shoe stores at $3.00.
Corner Douglas and Fourteenth Streets , Omaha ,
Who rteslro to IJB well nnil comfortably
dressed , should not full to , lee ! : through
our complete stock ot clothini ; nnd fur
nlshlnus for summer \veur.
r & Bro.
KHtnbllsliod 18(10.
1'rlce. Cash. Monthly.
Stelnuay Square JlviO ) el'iUO } 10U )
KnuboSiiimru l > r > UO li. ! < )0 ) 10.00
Unities llro ! . Bnuaro , . 17500 1.1.00 lUiJO
Iluilet , UavlsiCo.eq , lltt.OO 16.03 100)
Hmeraon Smiaro 100.00 10.09 7. < H
MarshulVendoll sij. U > .0a 1000 8. (
W. W. Klmbnll Bnuaro 1000J 10.00 7.0 , )
Chlckerlng Upright ,
usedSyeuis 3.T50J 25.0J 15.00
Prko. Cash. Monthly ,
1 Mason Hninlln , nnod 1
your { 75.00 J10.0J 13.00
1 'lujlor iV I'urley , used 1
yi'itr . . . 70.00 10.00 B.OO
1 fcbtey. used 8 mos , cost
new fliiUJ 0003 10.00 8.1X1
1 Uurtlctto 3I.OJ 7.03 fiUO
1 Taylor A : Knrloy : n 00 8 00 D.H (
1 Mnbon llnmltn 250J 6.00 IJ.IH
lllcatty7stupd ( ) 40.00 8.00 7.00
Kvery Instinment gnurauteed to bo In cnod
order , llrlng thl.s uU. with you , nnil avoid mis
takes. Any of thcso Instruments taken In ox-
cliange for now at mime price un > ' time In ono
yenr , Call cnrly and cot a bargain.
1622 and 1521 FARNAM STREET.
Roninrkablo for powerful sympathetic
tone , plinblu action and absolute dura
bility ; HO yours' record the host puuran-
tco of the excellence of thcso instru
MM RIH WIPnD Imt I1iii > c > i orc/ri o ;
1 M Kl i W V UUl , Ul frttl.iri . in.j t.
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Iflrllli I peslpn-Dupre.R madl
IIIBIVki. I KnJ Kt 01 r ni llumuttil TI
SHHfHSHIftfU ll . Atiolutt ucircVarlco -
illioutp.lnorcpcr tlon.
Bslecurct Cllnlaue , iM
Made to Measure ,
" At Home Seersucker Coats and Vesls
( genuine India-goods ) $15
on the Fancy Flannels ( stripes ) Coat
and Pants ( for Lakeside and
Seashore $
, $15
Ser e Coats ( no lin'ngs ) , for
or by office and street , $12
Rough and Ready Tweeds ,
Sounding Suits ( for trowsers and
mountain climbing , $20 and $25
Shores. Blue Serge and White Duck
Suits ( for yachting ) $20 and $25
Nicoll can Several Hundred Pant lengths ,
made to order , $5 , $6 and $7
outfit you Worth double.
Each , 1409 Douglas Street.
A. J. POPPLF/TON , President. II. W. YATB3 , Tro-Hmer.
J. J. HHOWN , Vlco-1'rcsldont. S. T , JOidErA'N , a.-srotiry
Paid Up Ctipllul , 81 OOoao
Fire and Tornado Insurance '
, - Lightning - - ,
Oftlccs , S. 12. Corner Douglas and Sixteenth Sin. Tclopliono l-liit. :
Directors : A. J. I'opploton , J. H. Millard , Win Wnllucn. J. W Oaimctt. II. W. Yatos. N , A ,
Kulm , U , J * fatone , O. 1) . Wooclworth , J. B , Collins , J. J , llrown , B. T. Joisulyji.
Homo ( Hike , Nos. 800. ! (01 ( , ! ! 02 , iiOU Itrowu's Illodi , - Oiniilm , Neb ,
Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilating
Apparatus and Supplies.
Boilers Steam Etc.
Engines , , Pumps , .
II , 20 , 22 , 24 , 26 , 20' , 30 AND 32 LAKE STREEf , CHICAGO , ILL.
1013 Douglas St.