Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 23, 1889, Part II, Page 14, Image 14

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Advertisements under thli hea-TlD cents per
line for the nrst in crtlon , 7 cents for ouch Mil *
ccnuent insertion , and H.N ) per line per tnontlu
No advertisement taken for loss than fti fonts
for first Insertion. Bcvrn words will bo counted
lo the line : they . ronBcrutlvely and
Uitl t bo pnld in ADVANCE. All advertise
ment * must bo hnndcd In be Torn 12:30 o'clock p.
rn. , nnl under no circumstances will they betoken
token or discontinued by telephone.
1'artlcs advertising In these columns and hav
ing their answers addressed Incnre otTnp. HKR
will plenso ask for a chock to entitle thorn to got
Ihclr letters , ns none will bo delivered except on
presentation of check. All answers ta adver
tisements Khould lie enclosed In envelopes.
All ndvet Use-ments In these columns are pub
lished In both mornlnp and ovcnlne editions of
Tim HCB , the circulation of which aggregate *
more than If.COO paporgrtaily , and gives the ad
vertisers the benefit , not only of the city clrcu-
Itttlon of TIIK HKB. bnt also of Council Illttffs.
Lincoln nnd other cities nnd towns throughout
this section ( it the country.
Advertising for these columns will bo taken
on the above conditions , at the following busi
ness houses , who arc authorized nRcnts forTiiR
Jr.B ! BDOclal notices , and will quote the same
rates as can bo had at the main oiflco.
TOHN W 11K1 L , Pharmacist , KM South Tenth
J Street.
& EDDY. Stationers and Prlntcm. 113
OHASK 10tli8trc _ t. .
H.VATlNBWOUTH , Pharmacist , 2115 Cum-
Ing Street.
W i J. Street. HUOHES , Pharmacist , C24 North 16th
EO. W. PAllll Pharmacist , 1803 Bt Mary's
Wanted by a" German "girl * in ft
SITUATION ; North Omaha preferred. Address -
dross Mrs. Voss , I4I2M N. 17th St. 705-23 *
\T7ANTED Situation where nn oducatod. ox-
TT pcrienced salesman can use hnrso and
buggy to advantage In Omaha. Address D 7 ,
Ileo. 181-gtf
TirANTED Portlier In established business.
Must bo temperate , honorable and n per-
distent worker. KCO required , Address DO ,
Boo , 721-23 *
SITUATION wanted by a German , (29 ( y. )
to do any kind of work ; Best Now York
references. Address H13M , N. 17th st. 700-23t
WANTED A situation by nn experienced
dry goods and clotnlng man : small town
preferred. Address II. K. , Iloo oillce , Lincoln
Neb. ( iSi 21 *
WANTED Hyn young lady of rcllnoment
and education , u position as governess , 01
work to do In olllco as copyist ; references vood.
Address 007. lice. 623 24 *
ANTED A situation by a lust-class baket
with references. Address Lock llox 104 ,
Hastings , Nob. 034 2ilt
AN experienced grocery clerk(23) ( ) from Uroofc
lyn wlRhcs employment : speaks German
and English. Address u Cfl , Heo. 014 i *
EXPERT accountant wants complicated
books and partnership matters to njust
Address C Co , IJeo. COSjylii *
' ( TENTS ! We make nrtlcleT that sell at
slglit ; large prollts ; particulars and BnmploE
mailed , 15 cents. "Quick , " 30 Doyut. . N. Y.
J 7G2-23t
_ _
WANTED A person to keep books a'nd at-
tend to correspondence during a fo
hours every day. Call. No. 413 3. llth st. (733-23' ( '
" | l7ANTnn Men with fair education and
' pleasing appearance to solicit ; deposit ol
125 required. Salary $ 5 nnd $75 per month. Call
on or address C.L , iloylcn , fill First National
tank. 719 a ) *
WANTED A salesman to sell suspenders on
commission. Osthelm & Walter. 21 (
Church street , Philadelphia , Pa. 703-23 *
WANTED Three good salesmen for n spec
ialty on the road. Can be carried as a side
line If desired. Address A. H. Dow , 20 W. Lake
Street , Chicago. III. TOl-'JJ *
WANTED Energetic teachers and students
to procure members for the National Lib
rury association. The business is pleasant ant !
protltablo : agents make from S2ft to 8iO pei
week. Address with references. National Lib
rary Association , 103 State St. , Chicago , 111 ,
610 24
ANTED Ten good cornl-so men. Wcsterr
Cornlco Works , 14th between Jackson ant
Jonea. 032 27
"WTANTED A thorough , competent oil sales
VT man ( for the state ot Nebraska ) ono whc
nas nn established trade preferred. A permu
nont situation , good salary and expenses wll
bo given to the right party. Address for I
days O 68 Bee. U4lSo *
AHTED-Good , Tellable men for detect
ives in every community : paying posl
tlons. Address Kansas Detective Bureau. Loci
Box 239. Wichita , Kan. G0 ! 1 *
W'ANTED A maiftblnko charge ot a rotal
lumbervard as manager , In a town on tin
F. . B. & M. V. 11. It. Need a man who 1 ? Indus
trlous and reliable , and Is thoroughly ac
qualnted with the retail trade. Will pay gooi
( salary to the right man. Address , U Ot , can
Omaha lice. COD 24
W'ANTED Drug clerk with references. Tn
quire at 13th and Center. 003-31
WANTED Amarblo cutter. Inquire at roon
14. Chamber ot Commerce , 695
WANTED A young man or boy to carr :
horse route on Dally Evening Bee. Ap
ply at Ileo olllco. a03
WANTED Experienced picture agent will
reference. Uoard and commission. 174
B. I2th et. . cor Dorcas. 60J23 *
/"tOUNTY agents wanted for an art work.vcrj
\J attractive : every family wants ono. Great
inducement to workers , both sexes. G , L
Krwln , Chicago. 403-23 *
WANTED 10 first-class wire workers anc
awntr.gmakcra. none other need apply
Inquire Acme Iron & Wire works , C12 B. Iflth st
"DOYB-Am. Dlst. Tel. Co , , 1301 Douglas.
* - * 763
MEN to Travel for the Fonthlll Nurseries o
Canada. Wo pay 50 to 8100 a month am
expenses to agents to tell our Canadian growi
tock. Ad. Stone & Wellington. Madison , Wis.
' .03
W "ANTED Hallroad laborers , rockmen and
track-layers for Washington Territory ;
good wages and Btoauy work , at , Albright' !
Labor Agency , 1120 Farnam st. Od4
W ANTED A good girl for general house
; work. Inquire 2416 Jones st. 713-23
V.I housou ork. Apply at 028 S
, Ifet. 730-23 *
; T 7AATED iXh- Monday , a lady clerks , ox
TT pMirucoa ; waitresses , M week ; housi
keener , ! O years old. mco family ; 2 chamber
inulds ; girl for olllces. famllvof2. t to 85 ; i
"waitresses. J.1 week ; 3 second girls ; 3 cooki
irlvntu families , y , ; a girls In suburbs ; 4' ) glrl <
conoralwork. Omaha Employment bureau , Hi
N. 10tli t. ' 7U723 *
, tv/ AGENTS wanted to Boll the Madann
4-lWllllamson corset. Largest sale of any pat
ent corset lu the market. Good territory. Ap
ply Agents' Manager , 18 S. Otlint. . St. Louis , Mo
WANTED-Wnlit and skirt finishers ntoncc
M. A. Wallace , Uiu Howard at. UDO2o
WANTED-Agood cook. $5 per week. V
K. MoorU. U17 South 18th. 001-23
WANTED Good girl to cook , wash an <
Iron. Mrs. W. M. Huahmnu , 814 8. 17th
_ M
WANTED A girl for general housework.m
washing or Ironing. 120J Park nveuuo.
COB 23 *
WANTED First class experienced serran
girl , good wages paid. Mrs. lit. 0. Patter
ion , aiU Farnam. C78
WANTRD-Two girls , housekeeper am
chamhormald , Hroadway and il5tli st
Couhclal Ilium. Central house. 27024 *
ANTED-A girl In family of throe. 211
California street. . 084-21
WANTED-Somo one to rare tor a baby a
their own home ; also a gooa. healthy we
nureo , ono pastry cook , or tome fair cook win
1) willing to be taught ; good wages ; lots o
( food places In private families , Mrs. Ilroga
81 Mi S. 15th. C8323 *
W'ANTED A competent girl to do genera
housework ; liberal wages. 1815 Douglas
6312 #
WANTND-GIrl for general liousowork. 01
B. 17th street. ave
" \\rANTHD- A Klrl for general housework
* J seed wugCA paid to th right party. 213
aotu at. fcisBj
AN'J'i : ! ) A good Ilrst girl ; must bo a gooi
COOK and laundress ; wages t8 ! per month
references required. Cull at Itoom 10 , Contl
nental building , or at Sins Paul st. am
WANTED Competent nurie cirl , ona thn
u kind and will Ing. 183J Famam. 114
to do dressmaking In faiul
lies Bollcltgd. MUa SturdylOSaffltU an
'l UliHSMARLNU , lu"r tulli M , CJi 6. Kth.
MJ 101 J'it
M IN NIOK hai removed her dressmak In
MISS frominiBHownrd to lS4Leavenw'tli
Bho will bo pleased to have customers call.
TpIHST-class day board. Inqulro 1609 Douglas
A FAMILY of two having some furniture
xV.would llkotopartlyfurnlsn house and board
with some one * , or would take two unfurnished
rooms with board , location north ot Uraco erIn
In Kountzo Place ; references exchanged. Address -
dross 1)2. lice omco. 004 21 *
WANTED A tow good 2d mortgages. D. K.
Johngon , 636 Paxton block. 703 25
WANTED Light liorso and wagon , either
monthly payment * or would do Job of
Dftlntln ; for part or whole amount. Address
UUUO Hamilton st. Wrlto prlco and terms.
C87 23 *
| i oil HiJN'IVCottngo of 3 rooms , In roar of
JL1 1215 Chicago , near 13th , city water and
sewer. CU1-24 *
HENT Elegant now brick residence ,
corner 3.'ml and Popploton avenue , all mod
ern conveniences. Inqulro Goo , N. Hicks ,
100U140 , llarkor block. 700 25
T UHNISHEDHonsotoUent-ltoomycottigo ,
J3 bath room. Uty water , near llanscom Park.
Inauijo at UM ( Douglas st. C8J23
lor rent-A modern nine-room ifaF.
HOUBH conveniences. No. KM Park avenue ,
luawocn Half Howard and Jackson st ? . Apply
to ( loo. .T. Stcrngdorff. rooms 317 nnd 318 First
National bank building. Telephone 401. 712-25
1J10K 11KNT A cottngo of 7 rooms near St.
JL' Mary's avenue , with or without furniture.
Apply 640 S. 2Cth avenue. 714
T710H 11ENT 11-room house , modecn convon-
JU IcncLi.saiB California st. 711-LO *
1011 HENT New 6-room house 2524 Chicago.
CU3-25 *
FOH linNT-3-room cottage , newly papered ,
Davenport Bt. , M per month. Inquire Noth-
erton Hall , room 423 , First National llank.
DM 24
HENT-C-roim cott.iso. aid near Chi-
Jv ca o , $ i" > per mouth , Inquire Nethorton
Hall , room 423. first National llank. Col ! fl
1JVR HUNT 10-room nonin , aith st. near St.
X1 Mary's ave. Notherton Hall , room 423 , First
National llank. 051 Zt
ENT Nice 8-roomllat , newly papered.
J.L' . lfl3 ! Howard st , in moat marKot. C51
TTIOH HENT 7-room corner Hat , Ifatii and
OJ Jones. _ 200
Tm HBNT 6-rooni house. C03 Pierce st ,
mWELVE-room house 23 N. 13th st. 6C02H
TJ10H KENT Cottage of six rooms to party
JE that will buy furniture at a Hacrlllee.
lleasou for solllug , going to go away. Call at
L'lO South 20th street. CH1-K )
2 NICE 7-room cottaKos ; good collars , cisterns ,
\\oll. good bain ; convxnlentto school and
church ; UO per month for the summer. Apply
nt once , C. P. Harrison , Merchants' Nat'l Dank.
TJMHl HENT H-room brick dwelling , all con-
JD venicncos , 5 blocks from P. O.plU N. lilth st.
TTIOH HF.NT Dwelling , 0 rooms , good stable
J- and all modern conveniences , Capitol ave. ,
2 blocks from High school. D. J. O'Donahoe ,
10J1 Farnum st. 5b2
TjMGIITBEN-room hotel,3ii good paying board-
Ji < ers besides transients ; now making fair
prollt ; lent reasonable ; price ot furniture
Jl.000 , $21X1 cash , bal. ns It is made out of hotel.
Co-operative Land & Lot Co. , 20 > N , 10th st.
TTIOH HENT A detached It-room housa , all
JP modern conveniences. Knq. S62 ! ) Capital avo1
" 171011JIENT A nlce8-room cottage with many
Jt ? conveniences , ( TJ7 8.17tli nvo ; rent moderate.
Adply Oil 8. lUll Bt. 071
C10U HENT T-room house with gas nnd bath ,
-L1 furniture for Bale cheap. 33K ) Leavonworth
. U2J 27 *
FOH HUNT 8-room house , bath room , sewer ,
city water , gas , etc. . $30 per inontn. 2410
Sowardst. Inqulro ut2108. 075 25t
AN attractive 10-room house with good barn ,
143 > Georgia ave. . at g i. Hutuhmson &
Wcad , 1M4 Douglas st. 074 23
RESIDENCES in the Wm..l.Paulblock.cor.UUh
XXand Chicago Most modern and attractive.
Will bo ready about July 10th. Apply , PauUGUS
Farnam. 448
HENT Fnrnli-hcd fi-room nouso. 181t
FOH St. , at $2 > per month. OOU 27t
TTIOK HENT n and 4-room houses. Inquire
-I ? Fred Kieo , 4th and Woolworth avenue.
C2o 23 *
FOH HENT One 0-room cottage , all convex
lences. Also one 2-room cottage. Incinlrc
1207 Farnam st. C37 23'
FOH HENT Naw brick houses. 11 roomswith
every modern convenience ; on cable Hue :
only $40 per month. C. T. Taylor , cor. 14th and
Douglas tt3 !
NICELY furnished front room with Ilrst'
A class board for two , iu private family. All
modern coiu e. ilences , 0 blocks from P.O. or
cable lino. Address X. I. . Dee. 725
CI112EKFUL , cool room , with or without
board , in m-lvate family , nicely situated la
modern residence. Ueterences. 2130 Harney.
TTIOH HENT Nicely furnished room , private
JD tamlly. 30 N. 18th st. oat 23 *
TTIOIt HENT A largo and small well furnished
-L front rooms , all modern conveniences , and
board , 2J05 Farnam. 004-30 ?
KI ) Hooms Handsome suit ol
FURNISH all conveniences , 1M9 Howard ,
JTlDnNISHED rooms tor rent. 021 So. Jth ! ) st ,
JO Modern conveniences. Wl-SZt
LAItGE furnished room and board. 108 So ,
iBthave. 090-27 *
FOH HENT Furnished room with or with'
out board. 1011 Douglas st. G i 27 *
T1OH HENT Throe rooms , inquire at h27S.
77224 *
17IUUN1SHED room with llrst-clcss board.
J ? 2013 Douglas. 073 28 ?
FOH HENT Two parUus front and on lrs ! > t
lloor. All modern covonlences. 160'
Douglas. OS
NICK front room with board , only f4 pel
week ; home comforts ; 1223 N. 0th st.
(53121 ( *
HENT nicely furnished , cool suite ol
1 rooms for family or 4 gentlemen , ono room
with alcove , or will rent separately , 220 N. lilth.
04U 2f *
POH KENT Furnished rooms. 1419 Dodge st ,
Kl l.Li !
> OOM and board cheap for two in private
I family. 2218 Hurt street. C5C-24J
Parlor and bed room ou second llooi
with all conveniences for man and wife 01
two gentlemen. 2J14 Fornain 2if
SINGLE room and double room , every con
venience. 1IXW Capitol avo. 778
17 OH HENT Furnished room , with board ITS
JL1 Dodge 4M
1OOMS and board , 100 ana IOH So. ajth st.
it . 270 July 8t
PICELY furnished rooms , board if desired ;
Ni gas , bath .electrlo belle , etc. 1003 Douglas ,
171UHN1SHBD room for rent after June 85 ,
J3 2U24 Hurt st 153
17OH HENT Furnished rooms , first-class ac-
JL ? commodatlous. Mrs. Ttvluglor , C12 a Llth
street. va
YftUllNlSHEl ) rooms by day. woeic or month ,
Bt. Clulr.hotel , cor 13th and Dodge. 775
EAIIGE front room with bod-room adjolnlnir ,
handsomely furnished , gas and heated by
steam , with use of bath room , in ono of the
handsomest residences in the city , without
board , luiiuiie n. w. cor. lUth and Leaven worth
C1UHN1SHBD rooms , single or on suite , bath
J } anduteam ; for gents only. 151 ! ) Howard.
T > OOM with or wltnout board. IMS Dodge.
It . ' 78 ! )
THOU HKNT-Uoom. 1031 Howard.
IjlUltNlSHKHor unfurnlshod house for rent
-L ! lu Park Terrace/ opposite Hanscom park !
nil modern conveniences. Inquire tea A
Nlchol , 28th andLeaven\\orth. 783
TT10H HENT 2 front rooms , en suite , moderr
JJ couvenlonceo , tor gentlemen only. 315 N.nth ,
NICE rooms , fuinlshed , tSto 112 per mouth ,
or by week. Puabody bouse , 14th and Jones ,
106 1 2flJ
f AHGE furuUhed room torrent , mltable foi
Jut : gentlemeu. ISiJ I'.iruam , LKI
"TriSK irENT A pleasant room , only Ommutea
J-1 walk from buulnesi center , all modern con-
venleuces , corHt. Mary'a avo. and 2uth or Kao B.
0th. brick residence. 601
"I OVBLY south front room , every convea
J Jlcncc , ) ( block now street car , ZiOi Dou
OHOOM8 LlghTUousekocplajr , IH , 131U N. 18.
t _ 715
HUNT 1 tmfnrnUhod rooms , suitable
Foil housakneplnK.all modern improvements ,
bath , hot and cold water , gas , water closet , oto.
1704 Webster St. _ CCT.
WWO second-story front rooms , unfurnished !
JL would not object to light housekeeping ; 2000
Cuss st. _ CMI 23 *
171011 HKNT-Ovor steve store , 1831 Howard
J : st. Inquire at store 606
I7IOH IIP.NT Until October 1 , largo furnished
J3 house , call SOI a 2Mb. _ 30(1 (
IJ10K linNT Unfurnlshod rooms suitable ror
JL ? housekeeping In suits of 3 to 4 : convenient
location , llutts Iteming Agency , iWl Farnain.
IlKNT Pleasant unfurnished rooms
FOll Howara st. For offlco * purposes
HUNT Two good olllco rooms on second
FOH . Whltlmoirblock. Apply to L. 11. Will-
ams & Co. , llooius 1 and 2 , Wuithnoll "lock.
HUNT Store-room , 10th ncnr Davcn-
FOU , iWj store-room , lltli near Hartley ,
I5Tii Btoro-ronm , Capitol ave. near 10th. J.T.V In
quire Notherton Hull , room 423 , First Nat.llank.
TTIOU HUNT Hear part of IMS and 1310 Far-
JP nam st. , entrance from alley and through
clear store. Also second lloor or part thereof
of Hamo bulldliiR with separate entrance. Ap
ply at cigar store , UOt ) Pnrnnm st. 730-26
- rent. Furnished elegantly or
OFFlOE-To . Uushmau block , N. B. Cor.
10 and Douglas. t ! < 8
TTOll KENT Comfortable Btoro rooms In the
JU Her building , 00x2- ; good location for har
ness shop. Also , two basements , light nun nlry ,
44x3t' , under hardware store : good location for
tin Bhop. Apply to A. C. Hnviiicr , Hardware
Htoie , llor building , corner Jackson and lUth st
TTlOIl llENT-Front omco , ground floor , 310
Jj s 15th. 2U7
TTIOll KENT Stores nnd living rooms on Cum-
JJ Ing st. Also house on Cass at. Harris , room
411,1st Nat. Dane. SX >
T71OH KKNT-Tho 4 story brick bulldlUR with
Jj or without power , now occupied by Tlio IJeo
Publishing Co. . lilt ) Farnani st. The building
has a lire proof coniontoil oaioinout , complete
steam heating 1lxtmo4 , water on all the Hears ,
gas. etc. Apply at the oillce of Tno Uoa. 015
TJ10H HENT-Store 22x00 ; 1118 Jackton st.
JO Enquire 1114 Jackson. 7M
OK HUNT 2 Moors trout , halt BomU buildIng -
Ing , power , heat , electric light. Inciulro of-
flco of Htmls Omaha Hap Co. 84 Ji."J
every city there are certain olllceM wlilch
are by common consent considered lenders
In their line or headquarters for that particular
business. These arc mailo to by their greater
volume of business and general reliability , such
an olflo Is the J. H. Parrotto rental aguucy , un
der tlie Douglas County Hank , cor. l"th and
Dodge sts. They do not simply Hat your houses ,
storerooms , etc. They runt them ns well. And
If you want to lease n house or store building ,
you will tlnd what you want on their list. Air.
Pan-otto has had ample oxpoilonco in this line
and gives his personal attention to his ImsliHMp.
TF you want your not-'jos rented list with t'ar-
Jrotte's rental agency , Iflth and Dodge.C70J2.
C70-J2.- .
WANTED Hoom and board fnrmnnnnd
\vlfo. In private family. Inside of IU-2J
Cuming-Oraco streets. Address I ) u , Iloo.
WANTED rooms , with or without board ,
by a young married cqtiple ( no children )
for a period of one to thrnui months from Jill v
C. Must bo convenient to business portion of
city. Give description of uccommodatlons ,
tctms per month nnd references. Addroso E.
W. Irish , uavenport , la. OJSai *
WASHING done , collected and delivered by
Jlrs. Andrew Sorouscn , 331B I'arkcr St. *
S'.iiJy 18
UJllHIKIiLAS and parasols covered nnd re-
pall eel. 217 835th Iloyd's opera house block ,
In rubber Btoro. H. Ualor. _ 701
niAKEN by mistake , gold turned handled silk
JL umbrella , from Jlrs. Hlckmau's , 1114 Doug
las st , 724-23 *
ri UK banjo taught as an art by Geo. J ? . del-
JL lenbcct. Apply at lieu ulln-.e. U50
EASE-a imTTde building lots. 30th and
JJodgo , for 10. 20 , 80 or H ) years , to parties
who will build good brick houses. Hog ' 3 &
Hill , UQd Farnam i > t. _ ( .03 a
JOHN F. DAUBS' , aower bulldor and drain
layer , house drainage and sanitary work a
specialty. Oillce 1107 Douglas at. , Omaha. Neb.
_ i > -Jyl i !
GiO. II. JONES , plumbing and gas lilting
drain laying , sewer am ! water connections
a specialty , 1414 Deuce basement. Omaha ,
118 JyU
T OST On 1'ork street car Imo about two
-U weeKs ago. n buund 'volume of Sunday
Magazine. Finder will please return or notify
by postal card , IW4 S. HOtti Ht. ( S88-2M
LOST lloau colored Holstein cow ; nnv infer
mation will on thankfully received at J. L.
Drnndies & Eons. 8u
LOST From Torty-seeond and Hamilton at. ,
1 black mare with 3 white hind feet. V. D.
Cooper. ' 22 23 ?
TTKUEAFTEH I will devota to buslncs 'nies-
JJ-daysand Saturdays all day , and fiom 4 to 0
p. m. other da > s. Mrs. Post , mi'.saajjo and baths ,
hair treatment.
PEF.SONAIPhotos of Omaha base ball club
K ) on sale at lleyu , the photographer. ( Iran-
ito block. 124
QTOKAQE at low rates at 1121 Farnam St. ;
OOmalm Auction and Storage. 7Ui
rpllACKAGE. storage , lowo-it "rates. W.
J. llushman , 1311 l.cavenv.'orth. _ 7iO _
BllANCH J CO. . storage , 1211 Howard.
7 t
STOHAOEand forwarding. We collect and
deliver KOOd * ot all descriptions , merchan
dise , furniture anil baggage , at cheapest rates
for storage for any lungtn of time. Vans and
wagons to be ha I ut shortest notice , with care
ful men for moving. Packing and shipping
from our own warehousa done on moderate
charge. Merchandise loaded and unloaded.
Warehouse on our own track ? . Olllco 217 S.lUu
Bt. ; tolepnono 111. llowoll&Co. 314
TVI.NANNIK V. Warren , clairvoyant , mod-
JL/lcal and business meJImn. Female disease's
a specialty. 119 N 10th st. rooms " and 3.
STANDAIIU shorthand suliool , Paxtcm block- ;
( successor to Valentine's shorthand Insti
tute ) , tbo largest , best equipped shorthand
school lu the west : Is under the personal super-
vlalonof Joseph P. Mogoath , an ox-official re
porter nnd state agent of the Homtngton Stand
ard typewriter , assisted by experienced ver
batim reporters. Mechanical construction of
machine taught by factory expert. Paitlculnr
attention paid to typewriting. Stenographors'
suppllas tor sale. Circular free. 703
ClfOUTHAND ami typewriting. Omaha busl-
Oness college , cor Capitol ave and 10th.
Standard methods tauht by 0. C. Kwlng. of
San 1'Tanclsco. the best teacher on the ParIllo
coast , Munson'srevised of ' 83 a specialty ; new
plan ; blackboard illustration ; day and evening
classes ; rail or write for terms. 707
WANTED A female Newfoundland dog , 2
to 3 years old. gentle and a good \\atch
dog ; state price , dellvorod. Address 071. Deo.
085 Kit
CJTATIONBHV-Wanted to purchase in a peed
tTJtown In Kansas or Nebraska , a medium
stock of books line ! stationery. Address , stat
ing full particulars , H. 11. Holmes , Atwood ,
Kan. OU025
TNSUHANCB Notlce-Wauted-A gentleman
of middle age ; good buslnees experience de
siring a change of cllmato from Chicago , hav
ing highest Imiik references , both hero and
Chicago , wants to ourchaie an luleredt In u
well oatabllshed insurance agency in this city.
Associate interest must bo desirable and agree
able in every particular. Answers contldentlal.
AdaressW , care 1311 Loavouworth at. city.
M Li ; *
' \XTANTKU Furniture , carpets , stovns and
TV household goods of all kinds , Omaha
Auction & Storage Co. . 1121 Farniuii , BOO
_ _ _
TTumSALfi-Whlte English bull terriers , from
J- ' prize stock ; aUo some very flno short head
bull and terriers ; full pedigree. W. C. Hook,69
Washington St. , Uoston. Mass. 701-00 ;
TTIOH BALIS A full set of ton , codee and solca
JJ cans ; also two good becond hand delivery
wagons. O. U. Moore & Co. , 1515 Dodge st.
, WW-29
TTtOH BALUpUeap. . Xo. Scallgrapb , llrbt-class
JJ ronuiUB order. Addresa D U , llee. TTl *
" 171011 BATilClicap , ? urriltiiro slnnlo room ;
JO complete hotiseKcoplne ; central location ;
address D 8 , llco. j 7SM4
F IOH BAI.K rurnltuftl'crf-a B-room flat , chain.
A. V.Mnynrt&Co.JAtt'N. 10th. 72W ! * . *
T > AHTor all of ( urnlitlroTor sale and cottage
X for rent. 414 N. liffi iftrcot , 049-87 *
TTIOHBAIiK Tlio furniture , carpets ftnd all
JU ! necessary articlesfonJioufokeoplnir , , of n
six roomed cottnco , at price to suit , cotlnRO to
rent. 210 South 2otli. ls\-V3
TJnuH SAIiE Small honl of standard-bred Jor-
JU soy cows 1'or particulars , address , H. p.
Colt , Ottumwo , la. 030 8lt
TilOllHAIiB Vnrntturo of 7-room hous * for
JL' rent , gas pndbath. .IWlfl Leavonworth.
1 ,1 caa sit
Oil BAM ? 30 hoaclof .Vounc horses , suitable -
able for Military llrldgo
barn , STith and CumlnR sX 024 SOT
TTfOIl HAI.K A good pair of small mules ,
JL' very cheap , Jos. Qarnoau Cracker Co.
COS at
_ _ _ _
T71011 BALK Clieap. One bicycle , one Tan-
JJ den trlcyclo and ono sltiRlo trlcyclo. good
as new Apply John 8. Prince , Coliseum. 123
IDIjANlTflnaraiiteo & Trust Co. , l.W Far-
liam.Complcto abstracts furnished and titles
to real estate examined , perfected & guaranteed ,
A nSTKACTB f.mahan & Mahoney , room WJ ,
xxpaxton block. axi
MONEY' to loan on furniture , horses , wagons ,
etc. , oren any approved security. , i. W.
Ilobblns , Hllii Fnrnam street , Pnzton hotel.
OG. & C. M. Anthoy , 312 First National
bank building make loausupon tarms In
Nebraska nnd Iowa and improved Omalm city
property ; money ready : title and security
puRRi'd upon here ; no delay ; favorable rates :
call or write. 633 Jy 17
MONEY loaned for no , 00 or 00 day * on any
kind of chattel security ; reasonable inter
est ; conlldontlal. J. J. Wilkinson. 1117 Fainam.
MONKV to loan on t nrnlturo , chattels or real
ontato. looat rates on Rood loans. J , II.
Kiiierlng , 1417 Farnam. room ! ! . _ 107 Jyd
MONEY to loan on horses , wagons , mules ,
household goods. planosorgans. diamonds ,
lowest rates. The Ilrst organlzud loan olllco in
theclty , MaBoloans for tnlrty to three hun
dred and Blxty-llvj days , which can bo paid in
part or whole , at any time , thus lowering the
principal and Interest , call and see us when
you want money. Wo can assist you promptly
nnd to your advantage without removal of
property or publicity. Money always on hand.
No delay In making loans. C. F. Heed& Co. , 310
8.13th st. , over Illngbam&Sons. XKS
EESIDCNCE LOANS 04 ! to 7 per cent , no nd-
dlnonal charges for commissions or attor
neys' foes. W. II. iMeikle , First Nat bank bhlg.
PEOPLE'S Financial Kxcnango Tlio fairest ,
quietest and most liberal money exchange
In the city : money loaned without delay or
publicity , In any amount , largo or small , at the
lowest rates of Interest , on any available se
curity ; loans may bo paid at any time or re
newed at original rates O. llouscaron , Mgr. ,
room 57 , Uarkor block , Iran and Farnam , 813
MONEY to loan at low rates by Excelsior
Laud Co. , 310 South 15th street , Oin'ih.i.
TTNIMl'UOVKD ana improved property :
U loans made promptly ; money on nand. F.
M. .Illchnrdson , MV'or 15th and
T CAN maeo n few loans on llrst-class chattel
JLEOcurltics at reasonable rates. W. K. Potter ,
room 10 , llnrier blk. K.'a
, ) to loan at (1 ( per oout. Linuhan & Mahoney -
$ honey , room r.OJ Pnxton block ; 8J5
MONEY loaned on Ifurntture , horses and
wagons ; rat.-s reasonable. City Loan Co. .
118 a. 13th st. , oppositeMlllurd hotel. 420 _ i
Tl/TONKY / to loan on any security
JjJL tor short time , ut low
rates. Lowest rates
on personal '
property. '
The Henderson Mortgugo Investment Company -
pany , room 401) . Paxton'-block. 00. )
OEOP MJ'B Financial * r.xchango-L.arso and
i small loins for longnudshort tlrao , ac low-
cstratos of Interest , on real estate mortsago
notes , chattels of allkln-H , illamonds , watches
and Jewelry. Don't full to call If you want fair
and clieap accommodations. O. llouscareu ,
Mgr. , room 07 , Darker blk , l tli nnd Farnam.
_ L _ , _
TVfJNEY to loan ; cash on hand : no delay. J.
JLU.W. fc'iuire ( , I''IU Farnam st. . First National
bank building. 811
S MALL short time loans on cnattcl security.
ill Ohio at. ; call after Op. m.
BON'T borrow money on furniture , norsos.
wagons , etc. , or collaterals until you see C.
U. Jacobs , 410 First National bank building.
M ON EY to loan nt lowest rates bv M.A. Up
ton company , 10th and Farnam. H80U3
LOANS made on real estate and mortgages
bought. Lewis S. Heed & Co. , II 13 , Hoard of
Trade. 812
"OUILDING nnd other real estate loans. W. M.
JO Harris , room 20 , Frenzor Ulock , opp. P. 0 ,
_ _ k80 _
FIKST mortgage loans at low rates arid no do-
lay. 1) . V. bholes , 210 First National bant.
_ 810
WANTED -First-class inside loans. Lowest
rates. Call and aeons. Mutual Investment
Co. , it. 1 llarkor blk. . 15th anil Farnam. 817
BUILDING loans. Lluahan i Mahonoy.
_ 83
MONEY to loan. O. F. Davis Co. . real estate
and loan iigunts , 1315 I'arnam st. 8W
T7"UYSTONK Mortgage Co. ; loans of 810 to
XVJ1,00J ( ; got our rates before borrowing ami
save money ; loan on horses , furniture or any
approved security , without publicity ; notes
bought ; for now loan , renewal of old and low
est UaW.Sheeley blk,15th& Howard st
SEE Sholes , room 210 First Nat'l Dank , before
making your loans. sio
JITON1JY to Loan Wo are roauy for appllca-
J-"Atlons ror loans In amounts from ffUd to $10.-
000 on improved Omaha or Douglas county real
estate. Full Information as to rites. Loans
promptly closed. Good notes will be purchased
ny us. Call upon us or write. The McCaiiuo
Investment Co. an
N KLill ASK A Mortg. Loan Co. will make you a
loan on household goods ,
horses , wagons ,
land contracts ,
fine jewelry , or securities of any kind ,
without publicity , at reasonable rates.
Itoom 7. llowlev block , South Omaha.
Itooms 618-510 , Paxton block , Omaha , Neb.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 810
MONEY to loan. Harris U. E. & Loan Co. ,
room 411 First National bank. 831
C.F. . HAUIUSON loans money , lowoat rates.
. 808
MONEY Loans negotiated ut low rates with-
outdolay. and purchase goods , commercial
paper and mortgage notes. B. A. Sloman , cor.
13th and Farnam. 82U
T OANS on improved and unimproved prop-
JL/erty ut low rates. Odell liros.&Co.,3I2S.llita.
S MALL loans , short , time , good security ,
'reasonable ' Interest , r. O. box OOJ , city.
BUILDING loans. D.IV. Bholes , 210 First Na
tional bank , , mo
MONEY to loan on real estate at low rate ,
J. D. Ulttlo , 430 Paxtou block.
. liliy-31
MONEY to loan on godd first mortgages. Im
proved or unimproved property. Mort
gages bought ana sold. Wallace , room 310
Hrown building. IBtli and Douglas. 623
DO YOU want money ? If BO. don't borrow
before gutting my rates.iwliicu are the low-
eston any Bum from HO up to IIO.UOO.
I make loans ou household , goods , pianos , or
gans , horses , mules , wagons , warehouse re
ceipts , houses , leases , otf. . , inany , amount at the
lowest possible rates , without publicity or re-
movalof property. i
Loans can bo made for ono to blx months nnd
you can pay a part at any tilne , reducing ootli
principal and interest. ' If you owe a balance
on your furniture or hordes , or havea loan on
them , 1 will take it up and carry it for you as
long os you desire ,
Ifyou need money you will nnd It to your ad
vantage to see me before borrowing.
H. V. Masters , room 4 , WHhuell building , ICtU
and Harney. 821
PHILADELPHIA Mortgage tc Trust Oo. fur
nish cheap eastern money to borrowers ,
purchase securities , perfect title * , accept loans
at their western olllco. George \V. P. Coates ,
room 7 , Hoard of Trade. tuj
MONEY to loan ou real ostata security , 'at
lowest rates , llefore negotiating loans see
Wallace , H. 310 UroMiTbldit IGth &Iougla3. bflfl
A PHYSICIAN , graduate of the Hoyal I'nuT-
alau university ot lierlln. wants a buslnco
man with louie means to open a respectable
medical and surgical inttltutu. Munt corre-
hpond in Ocruiau and liugllbli. Addrets I ) 10 ,
71011 SAtjB Cheap. An established proOta *
J- bio business. Excellent opportunity for on
ergo tic man. Address U. i' , lice , 735.35
rnOH SALi : A good paying business ot
JL' woolen knit and Bents' fnrnhhlun goods ,
with fixtures , in n good location , for cash only ,
will glvo good reasons for Belling on air "
tlon. Address Jag. F. Hit * , proprietor Omaha
National Knitting Factory , HOI South inth at. ,
, Omaha , Nob. r 59 28 *
T"UN'T ) miss this one ot the best paying and
JL/most popular restaurants in Uio city , now
full of customers , everything now , must bo
sold on account of death. J. U. Parrotto ,
Kontal Agency , loth and Dodge , C57 23
LIVKKY stnblo. ntoct and fixtures , situated
at cor. 10th nnd Cass sts. city , fSRio for nil
to exchange for lands or city pronorty and
cash , Co-oporatlvo Land & Lot Co. 205 N , 10th ,
SPEOULATOUS Am Hard up ; will neil my
equity In four improved quarter sec. Nob.
farms for JV ) cacti. For particulars address A.
U 0. , VilllBca , la. caa 23 *
QritKNDID Chanoo-Scalo or weighing book
Ohuslnoss lor sale or trade tor city property
Address llox 583 , city. ( WJ 27t
"TnOUKTEEN room house , let class In every
J. respect , now full of good paying roomers
and boarders , about .1 blocks from P. ( ) . , rent
I25 , furniture & ! , WW cash. bal. monthly ) this
place actually clears iOO to $ I > V ) per month over
expenses , Co-operative Land & Lot Co. STO N.
10th st. 01423
T710II BAliR prutt , confectionery and cigar
-L' store lu llrst-class location ; will sell cheap.
COa N. lilth , city. 001-211 *
G : OOD dividend paying stocks for sale by M.
A. Upton company , ilith and Far num.
/7J.OOI ) eight and ton per cent Investments In
VJ business property for sale by M. A. Upton
company , W\h and Farnam. RS023
FOHSALK Or trado. Now , clean Block ot
hardware , elegant location. Host of rea
sons for Belling. J. A. Campbell , Bcwiird. Nub.
. OiO-iHJ
TF you have good security you can buy ft 22-
JLroom hotel , well arranged and every conven
ience , good locality , about forty good paying
boarders now paying well. Price $1,000 ; * 0 to
fUDOcnih , balance easy , according to security.
Co-operative Land & Lot Co. , 205 N. 10th st.
681 23
TTIOH BALK Cheap. Moat market , fixtures
JL1 and too 1st , new , of the latest style , best
location In the city. Have other business to
attend to , reason for selilnsr. Will sell cheap
Ifsold soon. T. r. Lyon , Wouplng Water , Neb.
_ 0411-23,1
/-10NFEOT1ONEHY and ice cream parlor lu
\Jn good location ; grocery in good location
nnd nice business ; cigar store nnd llxtures
with or without stock ; n good barber shop.
Co-operative Land Is Lot Co.ax1 } N. 10th st. 014 23
TTIOll SALT ! Grain and lumber business.
J Address 0 69. Iloo. 6301 *
WATEU bonds of $3,500 for sale on the vll-
Ingoof Gordon. Sheridan county , Nob. W.
L. Mills , vilhigo clerk. Mllay
T"lfKfHnwiuy Houso7North Platto. Nob. , for
runt , party renting to buv furnlturo on very
easy terms ; this is a chance fora good hotel
man to make monny. Address proprietor ,
John Hawley , North 1'latte. U12 2U *
W'Knavofor sale or exchange ono of tno
Ilnest hotel properties In an Iowa city of
0,000 Inhabitants , the loading house In the
place. W. it. E. is M. E room 14 Chamber of
Commerce 703
C'3ooo to JXCOj wanted to put Into a good busl-
i > ness ; Ilrst class security and good rate of
Interest paid for short or long time. Or will
take partner. For particular * addresi U4J ,
UeojjIUce. 143 _
FOUfSALE Meat market complete ; can bo
handled tor little casb. Call at room 4 ,
Wlthnell blk. 85U
FOH SALE A WPll-estnbllBhed book-binding
business In Salt Lake City. Shlley. Gro-
shell & Co. , real estate , Salt Lake City , Utah.
871 j 30
WANTED To trade a line upright piano for
a horse and buggy. Inquire at Vila Dodge
st , 72025
TTtOH BXCHANQU $15.000 actual value equity
JL1 in Urst-cliiss Omaha Inside uulmrroved real
escute for clear city or farm lauds or good payIng -
Ing stocks. Address D 3 , Iloo. C02 27t .1
rpo EXCHANGE for Omaha property'one ot
JL the best Improved farms in Iowa , only ono
mile trom town of 11,000 inhabitants. W. H. E.
& M. E. , room 14 , Chamber of Commerce. 1'Jl
WHAT have yon to trade for young brood
maios und liorses , part Norman f C. B.
Unmer , Itoom 28 , Hellman block. 010 27 *
T WOULD HKO to trade a good two-storv house
J-and lot Mxl5J f cei , within ono block of Park
ave. and Park school for vacant east front lot
in Hanbcom place. Will assume some Incum-
branco. Address , C 45 Ileo olllco. 3U7
FOH EXCHANGE An elegant tract of land
containing 120 acres. In Autolopo county ,
Neb. , with oidmary improvements.
A quarter-section in Handtounty , Dakota ,
partly Improved.
Eighty acres near Council llluirs , la ,
House and lot on South 10th fit.
Largo amount of Oil Mountain nnd Fetrollum
company oil stock. Will exchange for good
or the erection of some houses , Geo.
Sroperty , ] st National bank building.
AN Improved farm to trade for nulse. , gro
ceries preferred. J. H. Mason , Central City ,
Neb. 333-24 ]
TTIOH EXCHANGE 510,000 stock of boots and
JL ; shoas for improved city property. Jll.OOO
Btoc.t merchandise in a gooa town and
good trade will take good city property im
proved. Clear lots Inside 2-mlle line on West
Faruam nnd northwest part of city for Im
proved city property , S1.0UO worth of second
mortgages on inside Omaha property i or an 8
or 10-room modern house in good location ,
bomu splendid South Omaiiu lots on 24th st. for
Iowa or eastern Nebraska land. Lot adjoining
Dundee Place , or ono In Omaha View for horse
and buecy. yoo acres of fine land adjoining the
now location for the fort at Hellcvuo for city
properly. Lot 6Uxl32 and 12-room house , Capital
ave. , cast of Jth , for vacant property , and cash.
Property of all kinds for trade. G rover Stevens ,
610 und G17 Paxton blocg. 717-27
FOH EXCHANGE For doslrablo residence
property in Omaha , any or all ot following :
40 choice inside residence lots in Hastings.
100 lots In Lincoln.
040 acres line farming land .Lancaster 1 county
Fine residence property , ilncolu.
Good rental property. Lincoln.
Choice family r sldenco corner , Los Angeles.
A neat residence property lu Hanscom place.
Also some good mortgage notes.
Address giving location and prlco ot prop-
'crty , J. i : . 11. , care Ilaum Iron Co. , 1217 Leaven-
worth. 833
$ 14,003 stock of general mi-rrnnndlse , clean
nnd first class , in a splendid Nebraska town ,
will trade for city pioperty and cash ; ft-'u.OJi )
stock of general merchandise lu a city of J0.0JO
population , trade for land , ono third cash ; stock of hardware to trade for city pro-
party and cash. Co-operative Land & Lot Co.
2J. N. Hill at. 01423
WESTEUN lands , farms and city property
for stocks of goods. ICooin 2 , 1502 Farnam
TTIOH BALE or will trade for good dwelling
JL1 $4,000 real estate second mortgages. J. J.
Wilkinsons , 1417 Farnam. 400
rpoTixcTiango- and clear property for
JL merchandise , or merchandlso for cash and
clear property. Address Lock llox II , Unthon-
burg. Nob. U3J Jy 2 *
TJiOIllsxcnanso Aline farm of00 acres in
JU Polk comity. Nob. , 4 miles from Clarks ,
Neb. , to exchange for cattle ; 80 acres under
cultivation , house , barn , wagou scales nnd
good feed lot. Address C. Oskamp , 2215 Web
ster st. Omaha , Neb. 010
T710H EXCHANGELotand small house. 3Hh
X1 und Hamilton , and lot 82 , NelsonH add , , for
trade for outside lots clear or acre property. A.
P. Tilkey , and Douglas. 3J8
'ANTED To trade for house ) nnd lot lu
good location ; will assume light ncura-
branco. Address A 2 Iloo oillce. itti
HEAP I Cheap I Cheap Lot facing on
motor line in North Omaha , only W50. worth
tl.Siv Full lot on Saunders st. In Plnlnvlew.
f..lOO. 2 lots near corner of Lowe ave. and
Howara stx. , II.&uo each. These are elegant lots ,
BO ft on 10th st. near Ctitnlng , .JI-'I.OW. Lot In
Myers , Hlcliards Si Tlldeu's add. , I'M. Houses
and lots la all parts of the city at reducea
prices. Graver Stevens , 510 ana 517 Paxton
block. Telephone 1123. 718-27
this coming week by Geo. N , Hicks , room 40 ,
Barker block. _ _ 720 83
9ALK The two b'cst corners in Bouth
Omaha , rented to good tenants ut I.J ( u
month in advance. Box 7S4 , City , 73l-25t
"K1OII BALE At a reasonable price , full lot
J.1 with neat and convenient cottage , liill N.
liith st. 65828 *
of the two house and lot bargains I
ONE been olferingon Georgia ave. north of
Leavonwortn , is now sold and occupied , be-
catiEo of my very low price. The south house
of the two still remains a bargain open to
sombody. First conies , Ilrst served. To be ap
preciated It needs to be examined internally. I
positively wilt not rent It , though several times
offered W per month. Price only 5 , 00. on
very easy terms Prlco after July 1 , Vvu. W. T.
Buaman , east Bide 10th St. , north of Nicholas
st , Omaha's largest variety of wagons and
carriages , CIS
bitSALB At a bankrupt price , a house and
lot In Omaha View. Itoom K , Chamber of
Commerce. VM
A l
Heal Estate ,
. , . 1657 .Farnom.
Now Is the tlmo to got yourself a lot on cnsy
payments and In n location just adapted for
DcllRhtftil Homes.
No such lots as these have over been offered
on oltr prices nnd terms nnd no prettier ground
la to bo found lu this city.
UOO to t&O
is a price much lower tlmnMirroumlmglots soil
for nnd It is no wonder people buy when n pay
ment of only
I'lftoon Dollars
down and 1 10 a month Is all required. Hundreds
of now houses surround this ground am ) It has
nil tno requisites maRlng it a desirable Invest
ment. Ilcmombor In n city ot
. . UOOOJ People
snch lots as ours , at prices nnd terms wo give
you , ro A 1 bargains.
* . ) for A Lot
that will sell for twice this in n year is some-
tnlng woith considering.
You Can Sco
this ground for yourself , nnajf it don't suit
you , iion't buy ,
Wo Know
tno low arc a bargain , and wo know they suit
the people.
Yon Know
You can como nnd see the lots and judRO for
yourself whctucr what wo sny Is correct or not.
Those are plain statements which
You can prove
foryoursolf , If you want to try nnd got some
thing that is sure to make you money.
fifteen Dollars
uown Is an easy way to make your payments
and to save your money.
Como and BOO
what Is offered you. and you will admit no
handsomer land can bo found.
You will BOO
Improvements on every hand , and the chances
are you will buy a lot , because , unless wo
know that nil wo claim for our lots Is n fact , wo
could not airord to advertise them or ask you
to investigate them. Como nnd find out Viliat
you can ilo. Conveyances always ready.
Ames , Itoal listato. 11)07 ) Farnam.
GOME and see ins and investigate somooftho
bargains wo have to olfcr. We are continually
listing now properties nnd "If. you don't see
what you want ask for It. "
Wo liavo merchandise to trade for land. Wo
have horses , cattle and mules to trade for
land. Wo have a bricK nnd tllo factory doing
a thriving business to exchange for western
Three now , C-room cottages nt Albright.
within 10 minute's walk of terminus of hourly
dummy line , for sale on terms that will only bo
fair rent.
An elevator property with largo dwelling
house , ut n b.xriralii. Elevator complete , with
horse-power , scales , ofllco furnished , etc. A
fine opening for a practical gralu dealer.
One of the best improved tarms in the state
\\lllbeoxchaiiRcd for inside Omaha property.
Two line residences in Poppleton park , on
motor line ; will bo sold on easy terms.
Houses mid lots In all parts ot Omaha for
sale and exchange.
For exchange , for Omaha property.l.OjO acres
of school land lease , In one of the best counties
In the state.
A line residence property in Omaha View for
sale at u bargain.
From $7fiOjO to 1100.030 worth of first-class
notes to exchange for Omaha property ,
Merchandise to exchange for ! 5 cash and bal
ance western lands. This is ono of the ilncst
opportunities over offered to convert land Into
cash. Investigate this.
For sale , at a bargain , hotel and livery burn ,
In a good Nebraska town. This is a Una open
ing for a practical hotel man.
For exchange for Omaha property , one of the
best farms in Kock county , Nebraska , together
with stock and machinery necessary to carry on
the place. Old ago ana falling health ot the
owner Is reason for solllnt ; .
For salo. cheap , a restaurant In ono ot the
best locations in Omaha.
280 acres of Hue land in northwestern Iowa
to exchange for Omaha property.
Wo have unsurpassed facilities for disposing
of property , having some tiOJ agents scattered
over four or live states. LUt your property
with us if you wish a quick turn. w. It. K. K
M. E. . room 14 , Chamber of Commerce , telephone -
phone J440. _ 6UO
rpHE factories within easy roach ot Collier
JL place will employ n large force of men. Se
cure a homo and enjoy life. Prlco of lots SOO
to J1.200. one-tenth cash. Send for plat. Mc-
Cague. onp. V. O. 073
rpIHS motor line Is built to Collier place. The
-L licit line runs near Collier placo. The F. 12.
& M. V. It. H. stop all pasxongor trains at Col
lier place. The horse car Una will soon reach
Collier place. Host addition In the city. Prlco
foOOto 31'JJU par lot , one-tenth casn , balance
ono to live years , McCague. opp. P. O. OW ;
rpllEbostproperty in the city for sale by M.
JL A. Upton company , IGth and Faruam.
THE finest drlvo lu the city is to. Collier
Place. McCague. _ 073
FOH SALE At a bargain. Ono twelve ana
one nine room house in Kountzo place , on
24th street , opposite the line residences of Hod-
ick and McCreary , with 78 and OJ feet ot ground
nrlth each.houso to alley. Each house has fur
nace. gas , gas llxtures , shades , all
plumbing , hot and cold water , elegant
largo rooms , all papered handsomely through
out , good barn with each house , and an elegant
lawn all sodded , t am prepared to olfor splen
did inducements as to price nnd torms. Call
and let me drlvo you out. You can move Into
these houses without a dollar of expense for
anything. These must bo sold soon. Bee mo at
once. D. V. Snoles. 310 First Nat'l bank. 177
THE best money's worth of house and lot now
for sale in Omaha is that which I am now
completing near 24tn st. on paved Wlrt st. in
Kountzo Place. H bedrooms , 2 parlors , dining
room. Kitchen , 2 bath rooms , 3 water clo eels ,
larco laundry , stationary wash tubs , furnace
and coal room uud collar , electric bolls and
speaking tube , 12 closets. Price only 87,000 on
terms to suit. Likewise a duplicate adjoining
atsamo price. W. T. Seaman , east sldo lUth st.
.north of Nicholas st. Omaha's largest variety
of wagons and carriages. _ 801
TT1OII SALE Now is the tune to buy a lot in
JL Hillside. Ileserve or Hillside addition No. 1
for a homo. This property Is only about one
mile from the postoillce , is all high and beautij
f ul ground , the streets are nil put to nn estab
lished grade. It Is only a few blocks from oiible
line and has the advantages of gas , city water ,
sewerage and continuous pavement from the
center of the city. Wo can olfer special induce
ments to parties wishing to build In this part
of theclty and ask that an 'Investigation of the
property bo made. Prices range from $50 to
170 per front foot , according to location.
Lots 7 and H. blocks , Isaac & Selden's addi
tion. price $0,000.
Lot o , block 8 , Isaac & Eolden's addition , prlco
Lot'4fl , IlurrOak , fiOxlCO foot , east front , on
Georgia avenue. Price , $1,000.
nil feet , south front , on Hamilton street , in
block 1 , Orchard Hill. Price. SljStti.
Nine-acre tract suitable for dairy purposes.
Ten-acie tract suitable for dairy purposes.
Eleven-acre tract suitable for dairy purposes
On each of the above tracts there IB a line
grove and a stream of running water furnished
from Inrgo springs ,
The property Is handy to both Omaha and
South Omuha , and dairymen contemplating
change of location should Invcstlgato this.
Homo of the property could bo exchanged for
other good inside property.
Lot 14 , block 1 , Potter's addition , prlco (1,450.
Lot o , block 62 , city of Omaha with two story
and b.isoment house , with all modern conven
iences. Pnco $14.0)0. ( )
80x122 feet , southwest corner 20th and Spruce
streets , with Kinall cottage. Price W.-/J.
This hns 122 feet frontage on 20th st. and can
be sold In L''i foot lots.
Now six room cottage with cltv water in
house. In wust part of city. Price $ J,250. Terras
to suit purchaser.
HXxl27 ) ft. 8. W. coi. 23th and Cass bts. Price
fiu > U. Will take lot and good Ilrst mortgage in
( KxlOU ft. 8. K. cor. 2 > th and California sts. ,
with Email cottage , ut a bargain if taken soon.
Potter & Cobb ,
C03 1 1001 Farnam ut.
"IXTE have a few choice farms free from in
IT cumbrances that wo oiler to soil cheap on
good terms , or wo will do better , wo will trade
It elf for good Omaha property sucli as wo want
and pay you M cash for your property or assume -
sumo mortgage at equal amount und give you
our property for the balance. Wo have excel
lent bargains wo can otrcr you , 03x110 foot on
30th Ht. and Jackson with C 3 story brick dwell-
Ingti.inouorn Improvements , and 4 It-story frumo
dwellings tor IM..OOO ; vacant lots on California
and Lowe avenue , 1 block from motor line luix
.21 ft , (14,003 ; 3 line new dwellings on California
st. , near cable and motor , VixlW ground , with all
Improvements , M.ouo , H.MWand iMWOeach : 21st
street and Grace. 7JX1U ) ; 15-room house for 112-
000 ; tormii to Hint and will sell you farms or
land almost wherever you want It. Excolnlor
Land Co. . U10 tiouth 15th stieet , Omaha. 010
"I71OU SALE Easy terms , Kounuo place.
JO Two homes , each 8-roomx , each (4,000.
Two homes , each U-rooms. each 85.0.W.
Two homes , each 10-roorns , nach (7,030.
All with modern convenience.
All largo value at the price.
Alt within u square ot the motor line.
Don't lose these opportunities.
For sale by the owner. W. T. Boaman ,
East side ICtli st , , no rth of Nicholas nt. ,
Omaha's largest variety of wagons and
rlages. BIT.
FOH SALE M'.7fl ) acres , Hoo.fl. tp. 12 , r. 0 w. .
Hamilton county , Neb. House , stable. 1W < )
acres fenced , Ilvlni : wator. Price HUM. K 1C
Atkins , owner , llalldroad bidg. Denver , Col.
FOH BALK Lots In Btewait Place on Lowe
uvo. ; Metropolitan Cable passes property.
U-room house and barn , Hanscom Place. U
houses and lota on CASS st. , ou easy turn ; * .
Harris , room 411 , 1st Nat , Bunk , 201
TTKH BALK-100 high and dosliublo.lots la
JL' Omaha View ; want to closu them out , and
will give big bargains. Loot : at them before
buying elsewhere. Hoggs ic Hill , KCW Farnaiu ,
m WO bargains , one C acre piece ncnr motor
JL line , and ono two acre piece near South
Omaha. Will sell. HO parties buying can plat
and realize a handsome prollt. Cooperative
I and and lx > t company , 20. ' N. lUth street. UK-IiO
TTKll lfALE-10 roonflioiuTe. lot MlxliO , easy
X1 terms , U6&J , W. M , Uusliman , 111 11 Leav-
envorth. _ 048
7 iONTJNUOUB sidewalk to ( jollier pU5eT aet
termi McCucut. 973
T710U BAM ! Fine improved farms Intlisf
Jbost counties in the state. J , A.Campbell
real estate agout , Be ward , Neb. f < cusj
SUOMiS SpcrUl I.nt Wo push special b f
ffnlns and advertise them. List with mo.
Hue east front lot in Hanscom place at $1.009
KCOcaMi , Decided bargain.
Fine lot on Karnara and Ixiwe avrnno.
I2.0UO buys a house and lot in llaiucom
Place , north ot Popploton avenue.
Tlio old John Dirrics Manufactory plan * on
Missouri Pacific railway.4 mllen southwest of
city , with 2 acres of ground nnd 3 largo 2 story
buildings , for Woou. A line opportunity for
Bom * one.
1 have special Inducements Inhouie * . and lot *
In KlIpartHot the city either for rate or trado.
Call In nnd bo shown thorn , 1 do not try to not
yon In to nhowyou trash , but handle only good
itroporty nnd deal squarely. D. V. 8hol ' , 31
FirstNatlonal _ bank. itt'J
BA1U1 AIN-Part of the Dick Kimbsll estate.
50 feet on 19th strost running through to 17th
nve. One 13-room house , all modern conven
iences mid two a room houios , Total rental
11,600 nor year ; prlco I3,0 . M. A. Uptoa
Company , lilth and Farnam. B48
TTIOH SALE The finest residence Bltu In Weil'
J. Omaha ; lust south of Farnam onitothst.t
n corner l ( xlS7 with 187 foot frontage on
paved street and joining the handsome rest *
deuce ot Kirkendall on the east , nud Ilrady ,
Easiou and Mai tin on the south ; n perfect gora
and garden snot for an elegant homo.
Harney and Slut streets , UlxlOou pavement ,
within throe hloeki ot tno court homo ; room
for seven line houiai that would rout n-t rapid
ly na completed. A splonlld permanent Invest *
incut ,
Fnrnam and 22d streets , 60x133 , with now
throo-story brick store bulldlntf , routed to good
permanent tenants. Mental receipts $ I.SJJ pec
Sixteenth street Nicholas frontagro 01
feet to alloy ; good business pronertv.
Farnam street , batwoan Huh nnd 3Jth , frontage -
ago 48 or ( Hxi.ti to alley , sonth front. 1 block
from pavement and atrost cars.
Park avenue , oppoilto Hanscom paric , WxtW
prlco ja,003 ; easy torms.
Paddock place , trackage. 00x112 , $ ! , OOJ ; easy
inih street south of Vlnton St. , lot for sale or
trade for indue , or good farm land ,
S. A. Sjojnan. 1U1 Fariia-n st. 838
FbHSALH-Cornorlotrtlxl.l' , with trn-kngo
nil navod , In the heart of business , suitable
for wholesale house. ' . " ' .OOO. C , F. Harrison ,
Merchants National bank , use
TT10H HALi-lloauti7uI ; a-room house , all
J.1 modem Iniproveinonts , Including splendid
furnace , near llanscom park , best location In
jlw city for scliool , church and street car priv
ileges ; price 1OW. C. F. Harrison , Merchants'
natonal bauk. 753
THOU SALE Several extremely cheap farms- *
J. bent jroperty ) wo know ot tor the money.
Hoggs At Hill , HQ8 I'arnam stroot. OO&S
HOW long are you going to Kit that I4.0xl577
south and cast front ou Hamilton und 35th ;
also fronting Charles street , stare you in tno
face forl,2.ju ? M. A. Uptun Company , 10th and
Farmaji. [ 6b023
FOH SALE And exchange , a good estab
lished paying lumber , coal and Implement
business luouu of the best towns lu northeast
No I rntka on line of two railroads. Will take
part In good Onmim residence or inside prop- *
erty. All clear of Incumbrancos. Address ,
C4lleeonici ) . _ SCO 22t
Foil SALE or exchange for good unlncnm-
berod proportjv Ilrst class drug and wall
paper stock lu ono of the best cities in South
Dakota. Address N. H. Merrill , Huron. Dak.
S END for plat of ( jollier place , nnd when
driving tor recreation follow the motor line
poles on loth st. . and Autos" avo. , and sco the
wonderful improvomunts that have takoii
place- just around tne barracks , and remember
that Collier place Is the key to the situation.
Buy a lot now for the low prlco and at tne easy
terms they are being offerad , ana wo ave satis
fied. One-tenth c.ish , balance ono to flvo years.
McCaguo , ODD. P. O. U73
iiCK'il ruittcc.
District Court Douglas County Nobra kn. Jen-
nlo E. Steven ; ! , plalntlir , vs Hattle Uebel , de
fendant. Answer.
Defendant for answer to plaintiff's petition
1. Denies each nnd every allegation In said pe
tition contained.
2. Defendant further answering said petition
alleges : That prior to the 10th day otoctobar ,
A. D. 1C87 , the said U. M. Patterson , the party
to whom the plalntlir heroin alleges that this
defendant executed tno notes and mortgage
sot forth In said Dctulon , was counselling tins
defendant as to her business matters ; was
teaching this defendant to write and inteicst-
lug himself In the property uiU welfare of this
defcudiiat , a id had promised and agreed with
this defendant to marry this defendant , nnd
this defendant nt that tlmo put full faith und
confidence In Bald It. M. Patterson , lo'.ylu upou
said 1'atterson'a alVectlon und interest lu this
defendant to cause him to properly manage
and attend to the all airs of this
uofendan' ; : that upon said loth day of October.
18S7 , this defendant could I arely wrlto her own
name , but could not rend or wrlto : thut on or
about nald lllth day of October , 18S7 , the said It.
M. Patterson , with the intention of taking ad
vantage of the confidence reposed in him by
this defendant , ana for the pu-pobo of cheating
and delta idlnir this defendant , represented to
this defendant that he would sell to this de
fendant two lots situated in South Omaha ,
Douglas county , Nebraska ; that ho would build
houses upon said lots and collect thu rents
therefrom ror this defendant , and that said
rents , together with tno increase in value of
said property , would pay the amount duo nstha
purchase money ot said lots ; that this defendant ,
relying upon the statements of Bald Patterson.
as aforoMila , signed a certain Instrument which
was presented to her by said Patterson ; that
this defendant did not read said papers , and
wosunabloto read the same ; that nt the tlmo
this defendant signed sain instruments tno said
Patterson hold this defendant's hand and
directed the pen ; that no papers were delivered
to her at said time , nnd that she bus never seen
said papers since said time ; that no money or
other property has over been dellvoro to her at
that time or since ; that this defendant has no
knowledge of the contents of said papers , ex
cept as represented to her at said tlmo by said
Defendant further alleges and charges the
facts to bo that she was induced to sltm said
papers , as aforesaid , by the falsa and fraudu
lent representations of said Patterson , and that
said puuors so sinned are the Identical notes
und mortgage described in and sot up In said
petition herein.
il. Defendant further alleges , that at the time
of the pretended purchase by the plalntllf
heroin ot said notes nnd mortgage , if such there
were , from suld It. M. Patterson , the saU plaln
tllf the said plalntlir had notice of Bald deceits.
misrepresentations and frauds practiced by ,
said It. M. Patterson , whereby the said K. M.
Patterson begullea this defendant into signing
Htdd Instruments as aforesaid. If such there be ,
mid had notice that said instruments were en
tirely without consideration , and wore value
Wherefore defendant usks to bo dismissed
wltu costs with such other and further relief
us may bo just and equitable.HATTIK
Hattle Uebel being Ilrst duly sworn on her
oath says that slio Is the defendant in the above
entitled notion ; that she has hoard ruautho
fun-going answer and knows the contents there
of and believer the tacts stated therein to 1)9 )
Subscribed In my presence and sworn to Vis-
fore mo th 1 1 - day of June , A. D. 1B8I. !
[ Seal.1 DAVID J. 8ELDEN.
Notary Public.
I. Frank E. Mooro. ) , clerk of the district court ,
Third .Judicial district or the stutoof Nebraska ,
in and for Douglas rauuty , do hereby certify
that the foregoing Is a full and true copy of the
answer In thu cuse of Junnlo E. Stevens vs
Hat 10 Uobol , us appears from the original
thereof now oullle In the olllco of the clerk of
suld court.
Witness my ttlgnatiiro and olllclal seal , this
21st day of Juno. Itta.
ISoal. ] I-'UANK U , MOOIinn.
Clerk' .
HOUR will bccomo lousy now if not
provided with dust baths und th < > hen
houses leapt olciui. Lice propagate very
rapidly Sn warm weather.
Kcop the soil around tlio cuhbugo
plants frequently btlrrcd and tlioy ivlll
[ fi'ow fiibtor. V/oodH und grass must
tot ho ullowod tunong eabbitfion.
Wet grass IH injurious to young
chicks , ovun in thu mmmior. Do not
, urn the lion und her brood out until
the HUH ia well up.
Inuccticldcs should bo used hcforo
.ho danmgo to fruit is none. It is too
ate after the insect him found n. retreat
in the fruit.
Warm water will not answer for the
cows on u warm day. Slmdo is also in
dispensable for stock in thu surnmor
Keep the soil around young pear
trees clean the flrut year , and give au
application of wood . " .uhcs occasionally.
when Hies nro very numerous in the
stiiblo it indicated thut it requires a ,
thorough cleaning.
Throw plenty of dry dirt Into the
) lg-pon and on the lloor of the ntullH.
A solution of a gill of carbolic acid lu
a bucket of water , sprinkled over the
loorsand yards of pig penn will assist
n preventing bud odors and lessen tlio
number of fleas ,
A dead limb on a tree should never bo
illowod to remain The HOOD or all
hubs and branches that uhow signs of
lecuy are cut olT the bettor. The true
will thrive better , and the now wood ,
on tlio other portloaii of the tree
inoro tfrowt ) * t