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itlrmcd by carrier In Any Part of ha City a
rJtnty Cents Per Week. . . . _ , . . .
JltrptNEfR OrncB No. 43.
NIGHT Kmtou , No.-t.
N. Y.PlumuInt ? Co.
0. U. Music Ck ) . , 533 U'wny.
Hcltcr , tnllor , 310 Broartwny.
KvmiB' laundry , 724 IJroiulway.
D. W. Ottls , city and farm loans.
S. P. CrUman nnd M. L. . Goswoll , lioth of
Omnlm , were united In murriaRO , yesterday
afternoon , nt tlm offlco of Squire Schurz.
The At > ollo club concert , which was to Imvo
boon given lit the Chuutnuqua grounds tUli
evening , 1ms been postponed until next
Thursday evening.
James Stnloy , the young man who was ar
rested n few days njro for the larceny of ! 3
from the Homo restaurant on Broadway ,
was ycsterdnv bound over to the pranil Jury
In the sum of WOO. by Squlro Ilondrlcks. In
default of ball ho was sent to the county
A colored bnso ball tournament will beheld
held In thin city on July 3 and -I , under the
auspices of the Uoston store nine , of this
city , nnd the Western Stars , of Onmtm.
Clubs will bo in attendance from Kansas
Citv , Lcavunwortli , Lincoln , St. Joseph , Ucs
Molncs , Atchlson and Omaha.
T. J. ISv.ins has jfTored to donate three
lots In HridRO addition to the Independent
school district of Council Bluffs , if the board
of education will lou.ito thereon ttio now
school building voted for that locality last
spring. As the building Is anything but. un
assured fact , the offer will doubtless KO
beffclnp , for a while ut least.
The need of an exit gate uttho Chautauqua
grounds Is apparent. Tickets have to bo
punched both la and out. and a blockade has
all-duty resulted. If this Is the result so
early in the cession , and with an ordinary
attendance , the result may bo Imagined as to
Sundays and the great days of the session.
This mutter should bo attended to at once ,
for the convenience of all concerned. ,
W. 11. Leonard , alias II. K. Day , was yes
terday bound over to the grand Jury for for
gery by Justice Scliurz , and held In the sum
of l,0 < ! 0. Leonard is the smooth traveling
man who presented a forged chock on Air.
Dewey , the Omaha proccr. at the Bcclitelu
hotel , a few days ago. Ho was unable to
Bccuro bonds , and is In Jail nwaltliir | the
action of the grand Jury , which met , yester
day , at the court house.
The school board meets next Thursday
evening to elect teachers for the city schools
for thp canning year. There uro several
changes to bo made , owing to the uncertain
and unexpected breaks of that odd individual
known us Cupid. There are over throe
hundred applications for positions , and as
thcro are but about seventy places to 1111 ,
there will bo about two hundred and thirty
disappointed onus looking for consolation
nnd other positions next Wednesday morn-
An enterprising morning contemporary de
voted considerable space to the hltrh school
commencement exercises. Unfortunately
sicltness prevented ottuof the graduates from
appearing anil tiiking p.irt , us expected. The
nbio senbo would not stop for .1 little thing
llko that , and commented very favorably on
the essay nnd the manner In which it was
rend. Tlie account read very well to these
who wcro not there , hut these who were
present must have wondered how it was that
they missed a part of the programme ; .
Notes nnd mortgages bought anil sold ,
money loaned ; tire insurance. Itobcrt
V. In nus , 30 Pcurl st.
Heislcr's Oyster Buy chop house and
restaurant day mid night , 5U3 Broad way.
Ciinutauuu | Ticket * .
Adiiilssion tickets for the Omaha and Coun
cil Bluffs Chuutauqim can bn obtained at
Chase & Eddy's , In Omaha , and nt the up
town offices of the Koolc Island nnd Mil
waukee roads , in Council muffs. Buy your
tickets to-day for the assembly to-morrow.
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value ut low rates of interest. No
publicity ; fair and honorable dealing.
A. A. Clark & Co. , ollico cor. Broadway
nnd Main , over American express.
Call on the Birkinbino Engineering
and Supply company , 115 Peiirl street ,
Council Bluffs , la. , and examine the
Bodino roofing. It will pay you ; sam
ples sent , on application.
Sheriff Garrison , of Logan , was in the city
Hcv. U. P. McMcnoiny leaves to-day for
Creston for a short visit.
Have our wagon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundrv Co.
It is reported la certain of the city papers
that a half dozen of the anti-Sunday shavers
bavo Rene over to the opposition , but this
statement Is unsupported by the facts. It
Booms that of the thrco who stand together
to llghtSuuduy closing , only two are actually
opposed The third Is ready to close If
ttio otlicVH will only accede to it. As it Is now
arranged , one of these shops , which usually
J-uns four chairs , will open to-morrow morn
ing with but two , in order to inaka the fines
lighter. These barbers will plead guilty ,
nnd the fines , which will bo paid by the pro
prietors , will bo only half at > much as
If the regular force was working.
The other two swear that they will run the
usual number of chairs , and light the case
without any half way work. Tiiero will undoubtedly -
doubtedly bo a big rush of work to-morrow
& morning nt the thrco shops which run , and
on the following morning , an increase of
business will likewise ) bo noticeable in some
of the jur.tlco courts. County Attorney
Organ Is to conduct the prosecution.
Having an overstock of spring and
Buinmor pant goods , I will sell them at
50 cents on the dollar spot cash only.
Roller , the tailor , 310 Broad way.
Bodino roofing will last longer nnd
give better satisfaction than any roofing
made ; will not crack , curl or split , nnd
miiKcs a perfectly solid joint on the cm-
tire roof. Birklnbino Engineering nnd
Supply company , 11C Pearl street , Coun
cil BlulTn , In.
BeehU > lohotoicontral locutionflrstoluss
A Crook in ( lie TollH.
A follow giving the name of A. Oagno is In
custody , charged with bulne a suspicious
character. lie carried n grip containing sev
eral articles bearing the names of different
parties. Ithas boon ascertained that ho is
wanted at Atlantic for the theft of n pair of
boots. Ho had In his possession a now hat
stamped "J. W. Calhoun , Ottuuiwa , la. "
Ho also had a case of medicines , bearing the
uamo of "Dr. Kenyou. " It is thought these
were stolen from Atlantic. Qagno claims to
bo a wall paper cleaner , but the police are of
tbo belief thai ho Is an all round crook , and
especially u sneak thief , and pretends to bo a
iiuper cleaner , in order to gal an opportunity
to study locations and effect entrances to
private residences and ofilccs.
Dangler vnpor stoves at cost change-
locution , tihugart fc ( Jo.11 Broadway.
Finest Ice Cream in city , Drlcsbaoh's
double purlorb , 35 Muln st.
Notice the beautiful linish given col
lars , cuflu und shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
No lxplonloii ;
"Whon port-oils keep cool nnd use our
"Sun Dial" gns sloyou , Four holes ,
realtor nnd bnkco'vo'n. Costa 7 cents
pCr hour whan running full blast , Now
Vork Plumblng'Co.
Try now Metropolitan rooms ami table
. . , * Utw * . , - t' " -
Several Extonslonn and a Now Line
to Omaha Proposed.
The Attendance IncrcnsiiiR Dolly
, Ycstorilny's Kincrlnlnin lit
Trouble Over n Lunch
Stnnd Personals.
Struck On tlio Trnck.
The work of laying the extension of the
electric motor trade up South Madison street
and Graham avonun to Fnlrmount parlr ,
which was commenced Wednesday morning ,
was Interrupted yesterday attcrnoon by a
strllco among the workmen employed. The
causa of the walkout , as otatod by Bomo of
the strikers. Is as follows : Tlio men have
been working for $1.33 a day , and expressed
no dissatisfaction until tlio section ganp , rce-
ularly employed by the company to take care
of the tr.inlc between this city nnd Omaha ,
was put to work on the now lluo Thursday
mornlmr. These men received tnelr rcculai1
pay , $1.40 a day , and the now men began to
growl us soon as they found It out.
At 1 o'clock yesterday they tnado a demand
on Foreman Herman for the same pay as the
regular section men were getting. Ills reply
was that they could work for what they were
getting or quit and inulto room for others ,
who would. For a while thcro was consider
able excitement around that part of tlio city ,
and two or thrco lights were reported , but
an Investigation failed to corroborate tlioso
stories of open outbreak. The foreman
llnally told the men thut they could network
anvway , and Unit If it was found necessary
to pa.v the additional prlcotlio strikers would
not bo the men who would receive It.
Hoadmanter Hrltitoii declined to take any
part in the dlfllculty , referring the matter to
the nuporlntcndent. About 4 o'clock the
strikers loft , ovidnntly despairing of secur
ing the desired concession. In the mean
time the section men had continued tholr
work andllnlshcd track-laylngup to the point
where the Htrlkcrs had stopped tearing up
the pavement. Tha ntrlko will not delay the
work very materially , us the company can
secure all men necessary to continue it. The
work is not being the switches and
curves , which were ordered nt Johnstown
bcforo the disaster , havu not yet arrived and
it is understood that they arc not made. The
rails are hero and It was deemed advisable to
lay as much of the track as possible at once ,
so that there would bo nothing to prevent
putting down the curves as soon as they ur-
rive , and getting the line In active operation
as BOOH us possible. With the exception of
two small breaks the line Is now completed
to the junction of Madison street and
Graham nvenuo. The poles are sot as far us
the cut at the entrance to the park and the
cross-wires will bo in position to-night.
The other extension oC the motor line to
the upper end of liroadwny Is also to bo com
pleted at once. The poles have been erected
along that line to the end of the Broadway
paving. It Is stated that tlio company pro
poses to run each alternate tram to Fair-
mount park , and the others to Upper Broad
way. This will give the saiucscrvico through
the central portion of the city , as at present ,
and the eastern terminal points a very con
venient service af well. It Is hinted that the
park line will bocontlnued through the lower
end of Main street , returning up South Main
and Pearl to the present line ut Broadway
and Pearl.
This story is not authoritative , so far as the
present building of the line N concerned , but
the linu is already projected , und it will bo
built as soon as the company can get to it.
It has Den the Intention of the company to
change the Main street line to un electric
road , over slnco the first line was equipped-
year ago.
It is stated that It will DO but a short time
until tbe UpperBroadway and F.ilrmount ex
tensions are completed , nnd horse cars on
Broadway will then become a thing of the
past. With the continual branching of the
electric motor lines , all parts of the city will
soon have a Ural-class service.
M. VVollinmi , jowolcr , moved to 53S B'y.
. .
Woolsoy & Lonjj paper rooms neat ,
quick , cheii ) ) . 81 Alain , tel 203.
Another Ijitio to Omnhn.
"What about this now electric motor com
pany that is soon to bo imilt over the Union
Puciilo brldgoJ" inquired TIIC BBC yester
day , of a Union Pacific ofllcial , who happened
to be in the Bluffs.
' 'I haven't heard anything new about It , "
was the response. ' ! am inclined to bo a
little skeptical oa that subject , and I will toll
you why. You see , Mr. Amei und several
otticrs arc quite extensively interested la the
electric motor line now In operation , nnd
they practically control the Union Pactllc.
This bolng the case , I hardly think they
would throw the way open for a rival line.
There is not the slightest doubt but that an
other line would pay very well indeed' , and
the route proposed would bo a splendid ono.
Of course , the present line will always huvo
the greater part of the passenger trullle , on
account nf its location. It Is the most direct
line that can be built from the center of
Omaha to the center of Council Bluffs , and it
i& bouud to got the cream of the business.
The proposed line would get a very larjro
patronage fiotn the residents of the southern
port , of the city , us well as nearly all that of
South Omaha. Itvpuld pay beyond any
doubt , but the right of way ever the urldgo
Is by no moans as sure. "
The very sumo argument is advanced by
the pushers of the new line project to show
that the right of way will bo secured. They
state that the now road would traverse n
wholly different territory , nnd would leave
tbo present line its natural patronage. They
urge that the Union Pacltlo directors will bo
Hilling to lease the present wngnn road of
th'o bridge to the motor company in order to
dorlvo ttomo revenue from it , and that this
income would more than balunco the loss In
putronago. There uro u few parties , who
ought to know , who claim that nuno of thcso
thenrlcs.or arguments touch the actual fuets
in the caso.
If tharo Is any hitch In thocaso , it la doubt
less the 0110 resulting from the chnngo In
fures that would result. The now company
would cut the rate to a 5 cent basis for a
single trip , and BO compel , the present com
pany to do the same , thus making u very de
ckled reduction In the lattor's receipts. This
U undoubtedly wlicro the trouble Is , If the
question of receipts Is what Is to decide the
Ono thing that seems to Indicate that the
now line folks have little hope of getting over
iho Union Puclllo uridgo Is tlio fact thut they
uro now talking loudly in favor of a free
bridge between the twin olttoe. "A free
bridge and no fence , " U now their cry , and
the indications ara that such will indeed bo
the case before the proposed now line and a
fi-ccnt faro becomes un established fact be
tween Council Blulld and Omaha.
Hnvo youi" ohl furniture upholstered'
good us now. R. Morgan , 702Broadway.
City steam laundry , 84 Main , tol. li
Dr. O. O. Ruzon , dentist , Opera house
The Touted College.
i The attendance at the Clmutuuqua yester
day was larger than on preceding days. Each
day sees an Increase. These who attend ono
session got enthusiastic , and Immediately DO-
cln expressing themselves In such a manner
ab to Induce othorii to attend. Thosn who go
out merely to attend ono or two entertain-
menu uro eager for more.
Yesterday morning prayers wore offered
at 0:80 : u. m. At 8 Uev. J. T. Docking ton.
ducted the exorcises In the boys' uud girls'
class , and made It evident thut the uiauago-
incut has in view the good of all ages hero
present. Ur. J , O. W , Coxo directed the
work of tliti 11 rat year's normal at the taber-
uuclu. Mr. Tranter bud the intermediate
class at tent No. 'J.
The report that a number of tents were
blown down is entirely orronaous. None
but tents erected In' private parties were
bloivn down , and of thcso only ono entirely ,
the Cyclorauia. Tlio rain has been a great
bcnellt ; the now ground will bo more com
pact , the dust is settled and the grounds all
lu order for ny number of ycoylo to go com
fortably through tlio purk. The workers are
it their posts promptly nnd nil goes well.
AtlBO ) : Dean Wright conducted the assem
bly bible study before the largest class of
any In the assembly. Ills magnetic and point
cd style , his nblo scholarship , mingled with
hicjh-tnnod art , makes him n most successful
Rogers' ' Katlonnl Assembly bund , noW
playing nt the Chnutaunua , will give a con
cert nt Bayllss' park Monday afternoon , be
tween 3 mid 8 o'clock , also In Omaha on the
same afternoon.
Persons coming to the grounds Sunday
should secure their tickets cither at the rail
way depots ; lu OmiUm at Max Meyer's nnd
Joulln Bros' , , 80S North Sixteenth street ; or
at Bushnoll's , Gavin & , Urackott's ( corner
store ) and Ur. Housloton's drne store ,
At 10:80 : Dean Wright led the first reading
In Greek , of Romans , Twenty persons were
present to Join In this first Greek reading.
At It Leon H. Vincent delivered his lec
ture on "Charles Dickens. "
At 1:30 : Dean Wright mot the beginners in
Now Testament Greek using the Lord's
At 3 p. m. the band gave a concert.
At 2:30 : the largest number of people yet
scon In the amphitheatre assembled , nearly
ono third filling the scats , to hear Dr. Hen-
son's lecture on "Backbone. " As was plainly
shown In yesterday's lecture , the doctor
tukcs hold at flrst and never lets go
till he Is done. Ho paid n line trio *
ute to the auspicious beginning of the
Western Chautautiua. Ho said , for slzj uud
arrangement nothing on the continent com-
p.ircs with the outlook of this future univer
sity of the twin cities. A blessing to which
the people iibnut will awake later on.
Kov. J. W. llnrshn , of Omaha , delivered
a sermon before the ministers' Institute on
"Foolish Preaching vs the Foolishness of
Preaching. "
There was much disappointment at Miss
Ncally Stevens , the pianist , not appearing ,
as announced In yestcrduv's pnpers. The
fault was an error of the types , rather than
failure on Miss Stevens' part. The arrange
ments were for nor to appear to-day , and she
will certainly do so this afternoon.
At n o'clock Dr. Glllott mot the (3. L. S.
C's on the platform of the amphitheatre. Ho
arranged for the future round tables und the
services of "Recognition day. " to take place
to-day. A largo number of persona ore en
gaged In the duties of the O. L. S. C. , as was
evinced by the largo gathering on the plat
The decoration of the tabernacle will toke
fplace this morning. Bishop Vincent will
give nil the time ho can spare to cnrourago
the circle renders und present the diplomas
to the graduates. "C's" of former years are
invited to Join in the procession.
Mr. James A. Green gave the third of his
illustrated lectures on the subject of the
"Homo of Longfellow. "
Buy your Chautuuqua tickets to-day for
to-morrow's session. Tickets at Rock
Island nud Milwaukee railway olllces in
Council Uluffb , and ut Chase & Eddy's , In
A Valuable Hystom.
Mr. O. R. Allen , the well-known map
maker of Council Blurts , has Just completed
a set of road plans for Harrison county of
the same kind as those made for Po tin w at ta
in Ic county several years ago , nnd which
have proved so valuable. The system upon
which Mr. Allen works is entirely original ,
and his road plans ore copyrighted. It is a
most valuable ono , ns the county ofllccrs
where It has been used can amply testify.
Pottawattamie county , for instance , is the
largest iu the state , and bus a very extensive
aud intricate road system , but by the aid of
Mr. Allen's ' charts , the location of every
road lu the county can bo seen at a glance ,
where by any other system hours of time
would bo required to find oven n
prominent road on the records. By
Ills plans a complete record of
the county roads is spread out Before the
eye , and every point whore a road has over
been located is shown. The trial that 1ms
been given the system In this county aud the
splendid satisfaction it gave , was the means
of inducing the Harrison county supervisors
to order the system , und when the Import
ance of the plans Is brought to the atten
tion of other county boards , and the im
munity from expensive nnd vexatious road
cases is guaranteedit will bo generally used.
Mr. Allen has made maps or surveys of
nearly nil the counties In western Iowa , und
ho can get up u set of these new uud valu
able plans very quickly. For the conveni
ence end use of supervisors alone , their cost
would bo saved in a few years.
Held the l'rncclo.
Harry A. McAllister is the cognomen of a
rather rapid young mau who mixed circus
lemonade and dispensed the same , together
with dyspeptic-looking sandwiches , to the
gallant fire lighters of Iowa who assembled
in this city during the tournament. Ho was
not the proprietor of the little booth which
bo occupied , but was working on con mis
sion. At the close of the week ho was the
possessor of nearly $100 in good , hard cash ,
the total receipts of his sales. Instead of
making duo returns thereof , ho proceeded
on a slirht-scoing trip , and had great pleas
ure in again distributing the cash Into the
channels of trade. When ho llnally showed
up in his accustomed haunts , un ofllcor ap
peared and took him into custody. After n
short experience in the city sweat-box , ho
announced his willingness to make good the
amount claimed , and after paying Si.UO
costs , assessed by Judge Aylcsworth , ho
was released to round-up another butch of
experience at reduced rates.
J. G. Tipton , real cstuto , 527 B'dway.
S. B. Wadsworth & ; Co. loan money.
. The Now Ogden is catching' traveling
men at $2 per day.
Money loaned at L. B. Craft's & Co.'s
loan ollico on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
und all other articles of value , without
removal. All buslncs-3 strictly confi
Council Bluffs Furniture company for good
goods at low prices. 407 Broadway.
Xtie OKI .Soldlcrfl.
A meeting of old soldiers was hold last
evening at Comrade Reed's oflico , to make
arrangements for the proper recaption of
Comrade Corporal Tanner. Comrade Reed
was elected chairman. Comrade Campbell
moved that armory hull bo secured for the
occasion. Comrade McFadden reported that
comrades would bo present fromu number of
neighboring towns. After the appointment
of several committees the meeting adjourned.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
When Baby was eli , we gave her Castoria.
Wlicn aba traa a Clilld , she cried for Cutoria ,
Whoa she became Uiu , * he dune to Castoris ,
W ! > ? niiUoImT. Children , nhocavutb em Csloria
Electric Trusses , Belts , Chest Pro
tectors , Etc ,
Agents wanted ,
C. It. JUI D ,
Are thoroughly prepared to take card of horte *
ami currluKus of all vUltorj to the lake. I'lcnty
of alicdbaiiil btalU. anil iinlmaU und carrluxad
will bo safely carocl for , CUarKes ruason&me.
AccommodutluR hostlers ou hand nlubt and
day. When you drive to the Luke , don't forjot
J3PECIA y ; > I Cm C Eg
restaurant , 3J7
WANTKn-AflMtfcttMroolcut the Iowa In
stitution for the education of the deal and
dumb Aiu | y m j > jftrjft. $ r by lottsr to Henry
w , iiothMH , ijuperlaftndeiit. _
WA tfrfif ) 5iXiloccio' ) & soJoniMiaml ctrpet.
nlio all good nftioml-lifuut furniture : A.
3. Uniulol. Nog. 333 ana itM llroadwny. _
THOU F.XCH ANnnwMrcrnl peed farms to ex
JL1 chauKoforOount-lMllmrs lots. Johnston
& Van 1'atttn , livuretc block. _
AltAKIi clmnco fond splendid Investment ,
requiring onercy rattier tlmn larRo capital.
A fortune for the rlint man. Halt interest in
the flnoit practical patent cvdr Issued. Ad
dress Swan A Walfcor , 1'carl street , Council
imiffg. _ _
T710U HHNT-Storo ronm. No. 18 Mam at.
JJ ofter July I. N. q James , 10 1'eatl st.
RISATj R8TATR Nought ncl sold and or-
chanced , Bporlnl Attention Riven to exam-
Inntlon of titles. W. 0. James , No. 10 Penrl St. .
Council UlulTa. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
BALK 7 room cottage , corner Tnlnl
FOR nnd nth st. Knsy terms. W. 0.
James , IQI'enrlst. _
T71OU KENT Kasy terms two new live-room
Jl houses , 10th avo. between HlRh nnd Thlrrt
eta. Bollchenp If tnkon this neok. Inquire
owner. J. Dicker , 743 U. Vfa.y. _
" | 7UH SAM' Old established Konoral mor-
JL' chnndtio ImiltiosH , stocK , tlxturos , waiont ,
etc. Oood room and low rent , Address , J.
Dickey , 7 10 II. Way
FOIl KENT Furnish runfiirnlshodlarco
ten-room house , bath room , Kas furnace ,
etc. . at 015 Wiiloxr BVO. Knqulra nt premlsos.or
0. 11. Btlllman. llrowu block. _
milk cows for sale or trade for fat
FUKSII Swan's stock yards , Unpor llroad-
way. Frank swan.
T71OH HUNT I.arRO double olllro over Frank
JIo ? vlu's score , UJ llro adwuy. Inqulru
of Frank Lovlu
and Nansamond
Call > ! ifc and
Other Vegetabis Plants.
Vegetables , Vegetable Plants ,
Fruits Etc ,
East I'lcrce St. Council KlnRs
558 ? } . s
> sL be. " A
oo " ' zC.
" 'ir ? , < z SI
SP , ; e , : c'i c. b P ,
n c ] i " w
- o " 2' '
g -if ?
> | c.
15 c.ri
UJ I i a I
a a ol
. o .
! j , < 'S
, s a
Centrally located livery and boardlntt stable
Itobt accommodations in the city. Special at
tention to transient cuRtom.
W. A. HA * 8 , Prop.
Telephone Stable , 77. llns. 82O.
A. A. ItJW'r , Prop.
Honest Watches , Oloolcn , Jewelry nnd Sllvo r
waio. All cleunliii' mid rupali'luii undar pa r
soiiul Biipurvlslon of tlio proprietor. Hlntloiiury
Toilet articles ami 1'crfumery. rlno Wntchos
Time Locks aud Clironditiuters a specluHy.
110MAINS'i . /'ouiicll lllulld.
Artistic Depurations !
Nos , 11 and 13 Pearl St.
It is the firm resolution at Eiseman's Peoples Store.
To clear out the stock while this great Koraoval Sale ia in pro roas. during the proa-
eut and next two months.
Calico , Batiste , Sateen , Lawn and White Embroidered Wrappaw , from 75 cents each
upwards. This is less than the coat of making.
loaded Wraps at one-half price. Ladies' , Misso's and Children's Jerseys must bD
sold regardless of cost.
We are determined to sell out our entire stock in the above lino.
In Laces , Embroideries , White Goods , Linens , Muslin and knit Underwear.
In fact , without going into details or enumerating prices , we are safe in making the asser
tion that we will save you from 25 to 50 per cent on everything you may buy during this
I 9
MAIL ORDERS receive careful and prompt attention.
Below wo give imnics of n fewer the innny
Patrons of the
i Insurance Co.
In Council Hluirs and vicinity. The character
of tlio patrous named , and ttio amount entrusted -
trusted by ouch to the protection of the com
pany , indicates the conlldenco enjoyed by It at
homo \\hcro Us mauuur ol doing uimlncs. ) is
best known.
C.I > . Dllltn $ 10,000
J < uney Bros. & Co 37.UJO
Charles llaughn r > cKXJ (
It. I' . .Morrow H'.UM
John Bennett ti.tro
William O'lUlleran WOJ
Charles ShluUls T,7 ( l
N. W. Nash 7o.TU
I. A. Miller O.WW
OeorgoA , Fry K. < M
Henry Klsemun * 0o C > ,00) )
SlmgartWalt& Wlea U.WX )
V. . 1 , . tttiugnri 4btw
itoman Catliolic Church 4io.n (
Itonmn l.'utliollc Church , Westphalia. . . . 40.'jiV )
Cnrrull County Couit House 2.I.IOJ
Abbott A ; Cooper yi.OUO
St. Francis Academy J-UtM )
Cr.ivcr. Steele A ; Austin S.1I.UKJ
T.M.C.Logan ll.wn
Deere , Wells & Co 1US J
( leorgo M. Williams IMOJ
S. I ) . iCohlc.s )
O. It. Ciirpontcr n,70J
Masonic Temple fl.'iuo
Mctculf Ilros n.fiuu
C. A. llcubo & Co fi.flOO
S.H. Keller 3.GIW
NOTICE When our policy exceeds W. " > ,000.K ( )
on property subject to destruction by a Blnsla
lire , the excess is re-Insured in other companies.
In the city. Gilt edged opportunities to Imme
diate investors nnd homo .secscra.
ao I'earl St. . Council lllnirs.
W. I * PATT4MI , Prop.
Elegant Rigs at Reasonable Rates.
Nos. 19 und 21 , North Main Street.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Hidesjallow , Pelts , Wool Furs. .
ct prices. Prompt retains.
KiJ Main St. , Council IllulTfl. Iowa
No. 27' Main Street ,
Ovur JuequemtiiN .VotvclryStoro
The Most Modern Novolitls in
Insure In the U. S. Masonic Benevolent
Association of Council 1lulls ! , In. , tlio
youngest , largest , cheapest ami best plan
of Masonic Insurance In the world , that
tontines its membership to its fraternity.
I'res. Vice > 'ro
CHAR. K. HANNON. Cashier.
I'ald Up Capital . * 1.10.000. < n.
Surplus . 2.VWU.03.
Liabilities to Depositors. . raj.CWO.OO.
DIIIBCTOHK I. A. Miller. ! ' . O. ( Jluason. K. L.
BliiiGtut , i.K. : Hurt , J. 1) . Kdmumlson , Cluis. K ,
JInnnon. Transact cunurnl banking' bualnefls. capital and sm-pliu of any bunk In
couthweHtern lowu. Inturoiit on time deposits.
Tlios. OKi-iCKlu Vf. H. M. 1'usc
Corner Main nnd nroadway ,
Dealers in foreign c.nd domostlo excliancre.
Colluctlons made uud interest paid on time uu-
RowLoolout Moths ADemetes $ $
It consists of MIIOW wliltu Hakes. A produc
tion from Coal Tar. IMiUPUOrLV 1IAUM-
LKS8. Free from oil , acid or any substance
thut would harm the most dullcato fabric or
feather. It evaporates without leaving any
residue. It kill * moths whllo camphor merely
driven them uuuy.
* V BE IP fJfVW ?
. t 15 fel4K
m. KA < > t
Bolo Agent , Council Illutla.
But wo do want the people of Western
Iowa to know thut the
NO. 100 MAIN fa'J' . ,
Cor. Firflt Avenue , carr.v the largest
stock of BOOTS and SHOES in this
city. That wo always load in popular
prices. That persons 'wanting reliable
goods can iavo money by trading with
us. 3. A. PIERCE.
cfrfcorw * i f > > - - - _ /v-r-T'is" P ? Ss _
coV T8 Pearl St. TO
cWrSToSa = No
c WHtt Aaiiv i&3Hason
Irsea ;
.k 3cs , SPOONI
' " PAiFrnfi&
m2' rt-tfAlI'
5i BeTAlbs SIGN
IX fN -Ai * i
u 3l < * S 'g Q ;
otralR rs 111 iVf
? m
iS'f ,
i d S
- iy&tti
* - 3 > J ! r.
P J. MONTGOMERY-b \ | mtll-Ro-om 0'-Brmvn
, . nLm\r St. Olllce hours , 9 to 12.
. m. , 2 to 0 nnd 7 to 8 , p. in.
' and Throat Surgeon ,
W'H. CHAMBERLAIN , M. accurately prescribed.
Ollico corner Main St. , and
I wish to inform the Indies of Omaha und Council 13lulls that I
have determined upon closing out my entire stock
of poods at my
No. 20 , Main street , Council Binds , within the next 80 days , , nnd i
for this purpose I will sell my ( roods PAR BELOW COST.
The stock , consists of the finest line of hiiir goods aud ornaments
west of Chiwitfo.
MBS. C. In. GlIrltETT ,
Oj dors by mall Iteculvd Prompt Attention. No , 29 Main St , , Council Bluffs ,
SIZES FROM Especially Adapttd for
25 TO 300 riNt ,
DORSE POWER , Mills and Elevators
tincclllciitloiignml "itlmntos fiinilshca for eonilnto : | ctcnm plitnt . lloziilatlon , Diirntjlllty gunrnntcoJ.
Can sliow letters from users wlicru fuel economy Is cqunl with CorlliB Ndii-coiidviitliiK.
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Bond for ctitnlo uo. No. 510 Poiirl Street , Council Blull'd.
L *
( Successors to Morgan , Kollcr & Co , )
T HydrauHo nnd Sanitary hiifjinoor. Plans , Estlmutos
H . SpoclllcntloiiB. SimorviBlon of
Building , Council IJUilTB , Iowa.
M I I D7 Justice of the Peiico. Ollico ever American Exmous.Fl jl
Nop tl UL. \ . Brtmdwtiy , Council niulTH , Iowa. |
9 , " l" ° Stnto und I-'ott-
Ot oral Courts. Hooms 7 and 8 Shupurt-Bono Block.
Council UlulTd , Iowa.
-Law. P.oom 10 , Shugart JJIooH :
ll U CTII I IW ! AM AUcil' ° y'llt'Law' Ko < " 4 , Second l-'loor , JSKMfil
i Mi O I ILLIVIAIN Hloolc , 116 Pcurl St. , . Umnail Bluffs , la.Ylli
priwtico in State and l-'cdornl Courta. i _