Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 19, 1889, Part I, Page 6, Image 6

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Ccllvcrcd by carrier In Any Part ot ho City a
Tw cnty Cents l > cr Week. . . . . , . . ,
11. W. T11.10N. . . MANAGER.
JirRiNTPB OrncE No. .
NIUIIT KniToit , N'o.23.
N. Y.PlumblnR Co.
C. U. Music Co. , C33 U'wny.
Roller , tailor , 310 Urondwny.
Additional local on fifth PARC.
Evnns1 laundry , 721Uroadwny ,
D. W. Ottls , city and farm loans.
Amnsti A. Ulohnnlson and Elizabeth
Umblo , both of this city , \voro married , yes
terday , tit Ilia odlco ot Squlro Schurz.
The cnsc ot Btato vs Ulumcnsteln noi
completed In district court , yesterday , nnd
the IndlcatlonB arc that It will require at
least two moro days.
Uulldlng permits wcro IMUCI ! yoitorday to
II. W. Manner , § 1,200 cottuiro In Sacliett'a
addition ; Horace Everett , two $000 cottages
on Gnilium nveiiuo. nndVilllnin Oronowoy ,
$100 addition , In Cider's addition.
U'ho executive committee of the tourna
ment held a mooting at the city building , last
evening , to settle up the claims of all parties
to whom they wuro indebted , and close up nil
business relating to the tournament.
The recital given last evening by Prof.
Charles Uactcns' stunents proved u much
more enjoyable musical treat than mnny
which are moro pretentiously mimed. It
was a varied programme of high order , and
well rendered.
Several Council Uluffs crows nro in nctlvo
training at Lake Mnnuwa , und will partici
pate in the ktuto regatta at Spirit Lake In
Julv. They nre dolnjj peed work , nnd will
tnako their competitors hustle to get ( Irbt
money ,
An effort will bo made to cot a 0 o'clock
closlnc agreement ninonp merchants In
Council Bluffs , to enable the clerks and their
employes to attend ( Jhuutauqua evenings.
The cost of ( i dally round trip will bo less than
a llrst-cluss opera unreserved ticket.
The tmilos display of t'.io Chautauriim nnd
the W. C. A. hospital has been closed for a
few days until moro suitablequartern Khali
bo provided. The reopening will talco place
With the ceremony of the Hag presentation
to the Council muffs Ho wing association , of
which duo announcement will bo mudn
through the dully papers of the city.
The seventy-foot cut Into Falrmount park
IB nt last completed , and the way is now open
for the electric motor company to extend its
line to that beautiful spot. A part of the
truck is already laid , nnd work will bo re
sumed us soon as the Iron arrives from
Johnstown , Pa. The flood at that place is
the cause of the delay. It is expected to
have electric cars running Into Falrmount by
tbo middle of July.
A uumbcr of the local sprinters left , Mon
day evening , for Yankton , to attend the
Dakota's firemen's tournament A running
team from Omaha and Council Bluffs will
enter in the free-for-all. Fred Stone , of
Kuw York , and Leon Lozicr , of this city ,
both professionals , accompanied them , and
nro each matched for several races , for large
There will bo a special meeting of Council
Bluffs lodge , No. 2TO , A. O. U. W. , nt IJoyal
Arcanum hall , this evening nt 8 o'clock.
Grand Master Workman Weeks nnd other
grand officers of the Iowa grand lodge , and
other distinguished members of the order
who are In attendance at the nicotine of the
supreme lodge , now in scssisn at Omaha ,
will bo present. All members of the order
nro expected to be present. Uy order of
the M. W.
Hcislor's Oyster Bay chop house nnd
rostnurantday and nipht , 503 Broad way.
Huvo our wagon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value at low rates of tntores't. No
publicity ; fair and honorable dealing.
A. A. Clarlc & Co. , olllco cor. Broadway
and Main , over American express.
Personal ParasraDlie.
Miss Kara Gioason and mother are seri
ously ill.
Mayor P. P. Kelley , ot Glcnwood , was in
the city yesterday.
Dr. Quigley , of Hawarden , is visiting
friends in the Bluffs.
Miss Lou Watson , of Polo , 111. , is the guest
of Mrs. II. O. Cook.
Mrs. J. F. Hopper , of Leavenworth , is the
guest of Mrs. W. H. Robinson.
Dr. H. F. McCoy , ot Omaha , has decided
to establish himself on this side of the river.
Gdorgo Compton , of Konnard , Nob. , is
visiting his brother , A. M. Compton , of this
Ben. Uorgneld , of New York city , is visit
ing his old college mate , Harry" Schmidt.
This Is the first meeting in seven years ,
Lucius Wells Is attending the commence ;
ment exorcises of St. Katharine's ncadnmv
Davenport , where his daughter , Miss Nunie ,
is attending school.
Hon. W. II. M. Pusoy , resident director of
the Omaha & St. Louis railroad , loft yester
day afternoon , over that line , for St. Louis ,
to attend to some business In connection with
that company.
H. S. Hyaii. who has been confined to his
room nt the Ojrdon house for some time with
n severe attack of quinsy , has sufficiently re
covered to bo out , and loft last evening for a
ehort trip among the northern lakes.
Marshal Guanolln and wlfo left , last even
ing , for Oslialoosa , where ho will read a pa
per before the annual convention of tha .nar-
filials and chiefs of police of Iowa. They
will spend u couple of weeks at Colfux
Springs before returning homo.
Call on the Birkinbmo Engineering
and Supply company , 115 Pearl street ,
Council Bluffa , In. , and examine the
Bodino rooiing. It will pay you ; sam
ples sent on application.
M.Wollmnn , jeweler , moved to638B'y.
Woolsoy < & Long paper rooms neat ,
quick , cheap. 81 Main , tel 203.
S. B. Wadsworth & Co. loan money.
The Now Ogden is catching traveling
men at 82 per day.
No 31oro Sunday Hhnvcs.
The barbers of the city hold a mooting last
evening at Priest's barber shot ) on Hroad-
wuy , according to previous announcement ,
to perfect nil arrangement * and take the
final steps to enforce the Suuday closing law ,
BO far as it pertains to the tonsorlul artist
and bis work. The attendance was larger
than at any provloun mooting , and tha busi
ness of the evening was disposed of in a man
ner that showed that the barbers proposed
to carry thulr point through to a successful
As all but three of the shops are In favor
of closing , it was decided to have n number
Of cards printed , und displayed In all such
shops , to the effect that ' This shop will bo
closed on Sunday. " Notices to close will bo
aorvod on tha others , and , if they rctuso , the
law will bo called in to compel the proprie
tors to conform to ttiu statute. No serious
light is expected , but it Is thought that one
test case will probably bo in ado. The bar
bers are sangulao , und the outlook Is fuvora-
blo for them ,
"A contented mind is a continual
feast , " and if you want to bo contented
with your purchases , look at the largo
invoice of fnns , parasola , straw and
Bummer goods just put on the shelves nt
F.V , Spotnmu & Bro.'s. 600 and 611
Main street.
Dangler vapor stoves at cost change
locution. Shugart & Co.,211 Broadway.
. .
i i. i <
Finest Ice Cream in oity. Drlosbaoh's
double parlors , 35 Main st.
Notice the beautiful ilnlsh given col
lars , oullu and shifts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
The TJiiBunl Annoyanooa In Gottlnrr
a < 3roat Enterprise Wall Started.
Xho School Itanril Tied The 8m > p
Ulook In Defense of thu Bench
h School Graduates An
Avaricious AVnttar.
AH Almnrtl For Gtinutnuqiin.
"How can I get out to the Chautauqun
grounds ! "
It was not strnntrers only who asked the
question yesterday morning. Many who
lived right hero scorned equally puzzled.
They wandered up nnd down the IJroadwny
sidewalks , looking in valu for the carryalls
and busses , with the expected banners to In
dicate their purpose. It was useless to toll
thcso eager perambulators that there would
bo plenty of conveyances nfter dinner , or
that they could go to the depot and talco a
train for the grounds. They wanted to go ,
and go rlplit away.
The opening day of the Council Bluffs and
Omaha assembly was thick with Interroga
tion points of all sorts. ' 'Where's Mr.
Harkncssl" The besought nnd besieged
manager was appealed to for ovcryttilntr ,
"What about tickets ) Are they Irani-
ferrablo ? Can I got any feed for my norsol
Can these children go free ) Have you a
tent to spare ! \Vhat time will the exercises
tale : place ! How can I got my baggage up
from the depot ! " A perfect ( lurry of queries
fell upon him like a snowstorm. The
bviwo man did the very best ho could ,
but It would have taken n man with two
heads , nnd with a double sot of tongues In
each head , nnd ench tonpuo hung in the
middle so as to answer questions at both ends ,
to have kept up with tha procession. Ho
had a largo number of assistants , but after
relieving him of nil possible , they In turn
had to add to thu number of queries which ho
nlofflj could answer.
The opening of the assembly could not but
impress ono with the crudcncss of many
features , the lack of some needed Improve
ments , but with u still deeper impression of
the possibilities of this grand enterprise.
Although formally opened yesterday there
were numerous details which were not com
pleted. Most of these will bo arranged this
forenoon , so that those who arrive to-day
will find mutters really ready for their ac
The water works system was started in
operation yesterday. The water pumped
over the grounds from springs at the foot of
the hills , was tested and , pronounced as
pure , cold nud refreshing as could possibly
bo wished for.
Thn grand amphitheater called forth many
expressions of admiration , The visitors from
the far cast , most of whom are familiar with
other Clmutauqua grounds , were among the
most enthusiastic admirers of this struc
ture.Tho following nro the official Chautauqua
train arrangements :
Leave Omaha 5:15 n. m. , 9:15 : a.m. , 1:15
p. m. , 3:15 : p. in. und 7:15 p. m.
Leave Transfer 8:40 : a. m. , 0:45 : n. m. , 1:40 :
p. m. , , ' ) :40 : p. m und 7:40 : p. m.
Leave Council Bluffs , Main street depot
0U(1 : ( a. m. , 0:55 : u. m. , 1:50 : p. m. , 0:50 : p. m.
and 7:50 : p. in.
Arrive at Chautauqua 0:23 : a. m. , 10:20 : a.
m. , 2:15 : p. m. , 4:15 : p. m. and 8:15 : p. ui.
Leave Chautauqua 10:20 : n. m. , 12:15 : p. m. ,
2:20 : p. m. , 0:15 : p. in. and 10:15 : p. m.
Leave Council Bluffs 10:4J : a , m. , 12:40 : p.
m. , 2:40 : p. m. , (5:40 ( : p. in. and 10:10 p. m.
Arrive at Transfer 10:50 : a. mi , 12:50 p. in. ,
2:50 : p. m. , G:50 : p. in. and 10:50 : p. m.
These trains , returning , will connect with
the Union Pacific dummy trains , leaving the
transfer at 10:52 : a. m. , 12:52 : p. in.,2:5i : p. m. ,
0:52 : p. m. and 10:52 : p. in.
There will bo no transfer of passengers
between Omaha and Chautauqua.
Att ; p. m. the dedication services of the
tabernacle took placo. Dr. A. H. GIHott ,
superintendent of Instruction , led In the ex
ercises. The overture by the Rogers band
was finely rendered. _ They will DO a grea t
The dodicatorial prayer was offered by
Dean Gardner.
Ur. J. T. Duryea delivered the address on
the subject , 'Tho Chautauqua Idea. " It
was replete with just such facts nnd illus
trations of the movement and methods us
would bo an inspiration to those who have
never pursued the C. L. S. C. course to try
it. Dr. Duryea was n member of the
first board of counsellors , and has
been identified with the C. L. S. C.
over since inception. Ho is no less interested
in the success of this youngest but largo
child of the movement in the west.
Superintendent Glllot then formally dedi
cated the tabernacle. The benediction was
pronounced by Dean A. A. Wright.
At G0 : ! ! p. in. the Koirors .band gave a fine
concert. At 7 p. m. C. C. Case bold the first
chorus practice meeting. A largo number
entered at once heartily into thu exercise ,
and the professor says ho Is agreeably sur
prised at the case with which the singers
take hold.
The vesper service nt 8 p. m. was conducted
by Superintendent Glllet.
A duct was sung by Mrs. Clappo and Miss
Gazzlett , of the Euterpe Quartette , of Cin
Dr. Glllot then announced that a number
of short addresses would bo delivered by
lecturers , teachers , and workers. Thu first
jolto on the "Great Gulf" between the plat
form und the seats , was gotten off by the en
tertaining Dean. Addresses followed by
Dr. Cooly , Dr. Ilarslia , Dean Gardner , Ilev.
J. T. Docking nnd Dr. Duryea.
A solo was sunn by Miss Griffiths and ono
by Miss Ga/loy.
TO-J > AY'S ' I'lioauAMiic.
0:30 a. in. Morning prayers.
8 a. ni. Day's and girl's class.
0 a. m. Ulblo study.
10 a. m. Chorus class.
11 a. m. Lecture by Dr. Vincent on "Car-
lyle. " .
1:30 : p. tn. Special classes.
2:30 : p. in. Lecture by Dean Wright , "Our
Mother tongue. "
4 Ministers' Institute , conducted by Dean
Wright. Ulblo reading by Dr. Lninur.
5 C. L. S. C. , round table.
7 Chorus class.
S > :15 : Lecture by James A. Green , of Cin
cinnati , O. , "Tho American Gibraltar. "
No ExpIOHlnns
"VVhon persons keep cool and use our
"Sun Dial" gas stoves. Four holes ,
roaster and hakcovon. Costs 7 cants
per hour when running full blast. Now
yVork Plumbing Co.
I'avlnii Prices.
"Even those who were prepared for a great
reduction In paving olds were surprised at
the figures submitted last evening , " re-
mariccd nn alderman yesterday afternoon.
"I was not prepared for quite such a turn bio
myself , aud I understood the situation , Just
think of It $1.15 pur yard for cedar block
paving. Last year it was $1.53 and upwards.
They oven offer us brick paving for $1.73 ,
which bea s last year by 10 or 13 cents ,
That will make quitean item with 20,000
yards to pave. "
A round up of the aldermen , to ascertain
their position as to material , found two of
them , Aldermen Weaver and Everett , very
pronounced in favor of brick. Alderman
Knophor was strongly In favor of brick , but
thought it would bo hotter to lot u part of the
ueason's work for cedar block , if there waste
to bo a scarcity of brick that would other
wise compel the postponement of a part of
the work until next year for completion.
Alderman Laoy Is a brick man , but takes no
decided stand uo yet. Aldermen Uolllnger
und Waterman have not looked Into the
matter buftlolently as yet to give a decided
opinion ,
The property owners will have the princi
pal voice In the matter , and streets will bo
paved a * the majority of the owners of
abutting property may request. Notwith
standing ho heavy blow given by the greatly
reduced rates for cedar , brick stock still
looms up and Booms to bo growing in favor ,
' 1 ho fact that it is a homo production helps
it greatly , and this argument is heard a hun
dred times a day ,
As the bids now stand , J. B. Smith & Co. ,
of ChlMBo. nro the lowest on cedar , $1.15.
2uiJtY ! \ ; , v'Khtamn ' , of this city , on brick
$1.73. Wlckhaiu & , Co. are the lowest on
brick , (1.82 , and the third on cedar , $1.23.
MoAuam & Amborg , of Chicago , are second
on cedar , ? 1.2TKSmith ft , Co. did quite a
largo amount of paving here throo.vcars
ago , and evidently want another slice of
Council Uluffs work.
Hnvo your old furniture upholstered'
good ns now. R. Morgan , 702 Broadway.
City steam laundry , 81 Main , tcl , 11
The Proposed 8npp Hlooic.
The report of a now business block on the
Snpp corner , corner of Scott and Uroadway ,
hns been periodically sprung on the public
with astonishing regularity for the past two
Or thrco years , but the same ancient frame
structure still disgraces the spot However ,
It Is now stated on the very best authority
that the time for the long looked for change
has arrived , nnd a handsome block , o'f mod *
orn architecture , will rise on the slto of the
present wretched shell. W. F. Snpp , Jr. , was
seen yesterday afternoon and questioned in
regard to the exact situation of nffalrs , nnd
the prospect of the prosposcd building being
erected this season. Said ho : "There Is only
ono thing that can possibly prevent It , nnd
that will bo the refusal of contractors to
build It nt a reasonable figure. The plans
and specifications nro all completed , and In
the hands of the contractors. Llds ) will be
opened Thursday afternoon , and If the prlco
Is satisfactory , the contract will bo lot and
work will bo commenced at onco. This work
has not all boon done for nothing , nnd I hope
to SDO n great chnngo made by the middle ot
next month. The building will bo an orna
ment to the city. I consider its erection an
assured fact.
Try now Metropolitan rooms and table
Dr. C. C. Bazon , dentist , Opera house
_ _
To Uullcl Or Not to Build.
It is said that history repeats itself , and
such indeed , scorns to bo the case , BD far as
the school board Is concerned , for there is
another deadlock in that august and highly
intellectual body , and the members are
again nt sword's ' points. To build or not to
build Is the question that occasions The diffi
culty. It will bo remembered that at the
annual school election , last spring , It was
voted to authorise the school board to issue
bonds for the erection of a 520,000 school
building In the wosloin part of the city.
This is richt where the hitch comes in.
Some of tha board want to build and the
others object. Arguments long and exhaus
tive are advanced by each side , nnd the ques
tion has been discussed In all its bearing at
least a dozen times , still the learned gentle
men are as much at variance as over.
These who refuse to give their consent to
n now building , urge as their reason for
doing so that the western part of the city
docs not need the proposed structure , and ,
that the idea was sprung on the public by
real estate men from motives of n personal
and mercenary nature. They admit that
the present school facilities are Inadequate ,
but propose to get around that by building
additions to present structures.
A motion was made at the meeting Mon
day evening , to build additions to the school
b.Mldinps nt Strcctsvillo and Eighth avenue ,
but the members who want the now bulldinc
would not listen to It , and the scheme was
slaughtered in Its Infancy. Then the motion
to erect the now building , as voted by the
people , came up , anil a tic vote resulted.
Three wanted to build , and thrco were de
termined that no now school house should go
up this year. So the matter still stands.
All of the members unlto in the opinion that
additional accommodations are needed , but
they can not agree on hotv they shall bo
The advocates of the now building state
that money expended on the old buildings
will bo practically thrown away , and claim
that now rooms can bo furnished perma
nently in a now building more cheaply nnd
satisfactorily than in additions where they
would uo rather out of the way. The indica
tions are n little in favor of the anti-builders ,
as It requires four votes to build , and the
present tlo will kill anything of that kind as
long as it exists.
Money loaned at L. B. Craft's & Co. 'a
loan olllco on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
and all other articles of value , without
removal. All business strictly confi
Ready For Diplomas.
The nineteenth annual commencement
exercises of the Council Bluffs high school
will take place at Dahany's ' opera house at 8
o'clock to-morrow evening. The members
of the class of ' 83 are Lena Hsadlo , Grace
Poster , Frederick Grass , Nellie Parsons ,
Lena Van Gicsou , Lee Witter , Pearl Cham
berlain , ntchlo Dickey , Carrie Honn , Will
iam I. Mansfield , Helen Dawman , Lillian
Hart , Hulda Luchow. Jennie Pile , E. J.
Woodbury , Jr. , Julia Walker. The following
is the programme :
Music . Dalbay's Orchestra
Salutatory and Oration "Triumph of
Truth" . JuimloPilo
Oration "The Plough Share" .
. Hulda Lucho w
Essay "Twilight and Morning' ' .
. Julia Walker
Oration "If" . Leo Witter
Music Selected . Dalbey's Orchestra
Essay "IllustriousVomon" . . Grace Foster
Oration "Stopping Stonus".Oarno H-nin
Class History . Nelllo Parsons
Oration "Outward Show ; Inward
Worth" . William I. Mansfield
Music Selected . Dalboy's. Orchestra
Essav "Silent Influence" . Lillian Hart
Oration "Mysteries" . Lena Van Gicson
Essay "Music and Morals" . . Hlchio Dickey
Oration ' 'Edgar A. Poo" .
. E. J. Woodbury , Jr.
Musie Selected . Dalboy's Orchestra
Oration "Builders und Wrookers" .
. Pearl Chamberlain
Class Prophesy . Helen Bowman
Oration "Duollsin in American Civiliza
tion" . Fred Grass
Valedictory and Essay "Hulus" .
. Lena Uoadlo
Music Selected . Dalboy's Orchestra
Presentation of Class by Principal of High
Presentation of Diplomas by Superinten
Music Soleotod . Dalboy's Orchestra
Ilnviiig an overstock of spring and
summer pant goods , I will sell them at
50 cents on the dollar spot cash only.
Roller , the tailor , 810 Broadway.
Too Eager for Money.
James Staloy is the latest victim to bo im
mersed in the consom mo. Jamoi Is a youth
of eighteen years , and has been acting in the
capacity of hash rustler at the Homo res
taurant for the sum of $10 a week and suoh
other perquisites an sometimes find their
way from the pocket of a customer to that
of an attentive wpltor. James , however ,
had other aspirations , ho longed for the al
mighty dollar in exceeding numoroslty , and
mourned because ho had it not. Ho gave
good satisfaction , and his employer concluded
that James was u necessary | iart of the es
Monday ovculng ho doffed his whlto Jacket
and apron , but continued to loiter about the
plncu long after work hours. Whllo the
other employes wore engaged H the front
part of the building. Staloy entered the
cook's department and helped himself to $25
that was In a desk , Ho was scon in the roar
of the promises handling thn cash , and an
examination revealed the fact that the cash
was missing. Staloy was arrested la his
room and the money found in his bcd. > His
case was called yesterday before Judge
Aylcsxvortb , but a continuance was granted
to allow him time to prepare for trial.
Bodino roofing will last longer nnd
glvo bettor satisfaction than any rooiing
made ; will not crack , curl or split , and
mattes a perfectly solid joint on the on-
tlro roof. Birklnhlno Engineering nnd
Supply company , 116 Pearl street , Couu-
cllBlurfs , la.
Bochtelo hotel , central location , flrstclass
Ho Kept Decent.
Mr. E. H. Odoll road with painful Interest
the reporter's account of tbo midnight frolics
of some boisterous bathers at Manawa. "It's
all wrong so far as Manhattan beach is con
cerned , anyway , i was there personally
until nftor 11 o'cftqf | | tliat night , nnd know
nothing of the klnitotoJrrcd nt our boacb ,
unless It wns after jtbat hour. Itnntlocaro *
ful inquiry slnco , nnrt'toy Investigation * sat
isfy mo that our bench saw no such clhgraco *
fnl proceedings. " " ( TITO deputy sheriffs nro
nlwnys on bnnd to in-Wont nnysucn conduct ,
nml they nro there mi-night. In fact I nm
determined that there lmll bo nt the bench
no persons or notion * to prevent the better
class of pntrons. Ira. find I cnn not run the
plnco decently mulMH" " order , I wllln.ult.and
cither sell or glvo It away. Uut I am positive
nothing of the kind oeUurrcd nt Manhattan
bench. Tlio newspapers do not ftnto Just
where It occurred , but some doubtless think
It wns nt tha Manhattan. I cnn not find thnt
nny such altiilr happened anywhere , but If
so , It nurely wns not nt my beach. 1 won't
permit such conduct thoro. "
I'ho Doctor unit Iho Hrokcr'n Man.
The ether Any n young London dee
tor who dnuhtloBS from nome sclontiflo
or other high motlvo had declined to
nny n bill , had n "distress" served upon
him in the most ingenious manner , suys
Tlrt Bits. His intelligence had long
fled the bloodhounds of the law , hut the
broker's mam nlono was 0110 too mttny
for him. The doors were locked , the
windows bolted , the area gnto impreg-
nnblo ; hut the genius to whom hud htfbu
intrusted the task of entering the castle
was equal to the occasion. What ho
looked for wns "the motive" that is ,
the motive which would bo most likely
to induce a young doctor to open his
door ; and ho found it in a "patient , "
lie drove up to the door in a cub an a-
chronic but well-to-do invalid. Swathed
in Humid , ho tottered up the steps , and
when the sympathizing physician lot
him in and was nbout to inquire into
bis case , ho replied : "Summons , sir ;
I'm the broker's man. "
Why She Wouldn't Stny.
Nowhere do they keep abreast of the
ago as they do in Boston and vicinity.
Says the Transcript : The olhot day a
lady in ono of our auburn towns
called , at the olllco of tlio Young Wo
men's Christian association in search < 'i ;
a girl to do general housework. Thii *
lady is quite famous among her ac
quaintances for the order and tasfci
shown in her pretty residence , nnd foi
her excellent treatment of servants.
She sound n young person well recom
mended , ono letter coining from a prom
inent tradesman nt the South ond. She
agreed to pay this young person a lib
eral salary , nnd they wont homo to
Tea time came , nml the mistress in
timated to the girl that she might pre
pare the meal. But the girl shrugged
nor shoulders nojruttvolyr
" 1 think I'll not stay with yo , ma'am , "
she said.
"Woy not , please ? "
"Because yor house an't lighted by
' instead of "
'lictricity gasl"
W'ANTiilP Mfddlb-aged woman ashouse *
keeper In small faiillly. (31vo references.
AddressJ. A. lloberta , Wcolblne , la.
\\i ANTED A goo Undy cook nt Ilumo resT -
' T tatiraut , 317 llrond\f ay.
OST Near Haylls'puJk. ' n gold breast pin
with topaz set. Finder will be rewarded by
addressing It. G. Owens. Silver City. In.
filOIl KENT Gu-the'lst ' of Julv next tlio room
Jon 1'enrl st. , SO.xTULnb.w occupied by tlio pub
lic lHn-ary.Iloracaftverett.
/1OWS for sale Will t.iko pay In grading nnd
\J nlllng nt $ J par day lor man nnd tonm , or
will take pay in painting. Horace Everett.
WANTED 500 pieces oj { second-hand carpet ,
also all gond asronil-Maud furniture. A.
J. Mundel. Nos. ! j t and iK > Uroadway.
KXCIIANQK Several good farms to exchange
change for Council llhiirs , lots. Johnston
& Van Patten , EroretfblOrV.
T710K SALE No. DOO Graham avenue. Lot
JJ 5DxliU. Now house. Will take team or
cattle In part payment ; balance on ten years'
time , annual payments , 8 per cent payable
annually. Apply to Horace Everett.
A HAKE chance for n splendid investment ,
-tl. requiring onorgv rather than largo capital.
A fortune for the right man. Half interest In
the finest practical patent ever Issued. Ad *
dress Swan & Walker , 1'earl street. Council
LINK Quick delivery between
X Omana and Council ftluirn. Household goods
end trelslit moved sifelv and promptly. I.ouve
orders at Omaha olllce , 505 So. IJth St. ; Council
llluirs 7 N Mam. II. Ileecroft.
' ' '
llrst class taxld'ermlst , Council Iliuir'a.
EAL KSTATE nought and sola and ox-
changed. Special attention ulvun to exam
ination of titles. W. C. James , No. 10 Pearl st. .
Council niuffa.
FOH SAIiK 7 room cottage , corner Tnlrd
avonno and Oth st. Easy terms. W. C.
James , lUPeurlat.
"T71OH RENT Uisy terms two now live-room
J houses. Kith live , between High and Third
Ets. Sell cheap if taken this week. Inquire
owner. J. Dickey , 740 11. AVuy.
TT10H SALE Old ostabllssed general mor-
Jchaiidlso business , stock , natures , wagons ,
etc. Good room aud low rent , Address , J.
Mickey. 710H.yay |
FOH HUNT Furnish r unfurnished largo
ten-room house , bath room , gas , furnace
etc. . at 81) Willow avo. Enquire at premlsas.or
O. H. Stlllmau. Drown block. | _ _
ITUUCSII milk cows for sain or trade for fat
JL' COWH. Swan's block yards , Uopor Uroad
way. Frank Swan.
T710U HI5NT I < argo double olllco over Frank
JL1 Levin's cigar atoro , OJlJro adway. Jnrmlro
of Frank Levin. . .
Below we give names of n few of the many
ratrons of the
lam Co.
In Council DlulTs and vicinity. The character
of the patrons named , and tlio amount en
trusted by each to the protection of the com
pany , indicates the confidence enjoyed by It at
homo where lu manner of doing business is
best known.
C. 1) . Dllllu . 8 40,00,1
Lnney Uros. &Co. . . , . U7.UJO
Charles llauglm . iVi.ox )
H.P.-Morrow . 10.U.10
John Uunnett . . . 11.7110
William O'llallurun . ( . . ,00
Charles Shields . 7.7UO
N. W.Nasn . 7riO :
I. A. illller . . . . U.UOJ
OeorgoA. Fry . . . . . nKX ( )
Henry KlBemanteUov. , . D(0) , )
buugartWait& Wlesliit . L'W
li. L. Shut-art . i.i. . 4r > , ( AXI
Komnn Cutliollo Churcb . id.O.tJ
Itomau Catholic Clittrdi , Westphalia. . . . 40.txx )
Carroll County Com t , noubo . 21,000
Ht. Francis Academy . .
Cr.iver. Steele to Austin . .
T.M. O.Logan . .Vl.l . il.ioo (
Deere , Wells ACo. . ; . . . . . . jo.OXI
OcorgB M. Williams . ; . . . y.tOO
B.D.Kohlea . , „ . . . B.MIJ
O.K. Carpenter . . . ; ! . . . . . . . , . 0,700
Alasonlo Teinplo. , . , , . . . . O.UW
Sletculf Uros. . . 7.V.I. .
C. A. lleobo & Co . ' . . r > , < XW
8.B. Keller . nj/ . . . . . a.cuo
NOTICE When one policy exceeds fi'i.fXo.dO
on property subject to destruction by a single
.lire , tha excess Is re-lnpyrucllu other companies.
- Ml * *
J $ jjs m
j t ! vi f > .
* P
3 a
W r < ? " "
Is 5a 4 *
n | e >
I S- fi s.
P $13 . ?
CB. * >
EH uim 6O
EHO m i O S
SS !
O > tu
- -
aa 38
I ti Si
Afi'l ' *
'i5ls ' |
Sr'i1 '
d aiiSe.
j. , iuo i. E. L. SmiciAiiT.
ITcs. Vice PrciJ.
CriAft. U. HANSON. Casliler.
I'atd Up Capital . ? r.O.OOO.OO.
Surplus. . . . . . -.OOO.OJ.
Liabilities to Ocnosltois. . r21.UUO.00.
DIIIKCTOKI 1. A. Jllller. K. O. Olcasan , Ti. L.
Bhucart. K. K. Hurt , J. I ) . JMmnndson. Cliis. It.
llonnon. Transact Konernl banklnit uuhlness.
Largest capital and snrplui of any uank lit
southwestern Iowa. Interest on time deposits.
Tnos. OFFICF.IU . H. M. PU3B
Corner Slain and Broadway ,
Dealers in foralgn tnd domestic otchancie.
Collections inado nud interest paid on time de-
OH , NO !
But wo do want the people of Western
Iowa to know that the
NO. 100 MAIN ST. ,
Cor. First Avenue , carry the largest
stock of BOOTS and SEIOES in this
city. That wo always load in popular
prices. That persons wanting reliable
goods can save money by trading with
us. S. A. PIERCE.
HidesTalloViPelbWool , , & FUR ,
Highest m arkct prices. Prompt returns. Nos
Mnud fcia Main st. . Council UlulTs. Iowa
Instiro In the U. S. Masonic Benevolent
Association of Council Bluffs , In. , the
youngest , largest , cheapest anil best plan
of Masoulo Insurance in the world , that
I'onllncs Us membership to its fraternity.
No. 27 Main Street ,
Over JavqiiciiiinN JTo\vulrySt ro
The Most Modern Novolltls In
A. A. IEART , Prop.
Honest Watches , Clocks , Jewelry and Silver
wuio. AH cleaning and repairing under par
eonal supervision of the proprietor. Stationery
Toilet articles and Perfumery. 1'lno Watcuiu
Time Locks and Chronometers a specially.
110 MAIN Si1. , Council lllults.
Centrally located livery and boarding stable
Host accommodations in the city. Special at-
tcutloa to truusleut custom.
W. A. HAYS , Prop.
Telephone Stiiblo. 77. lias. 82O.
il AN ]
Are thoroughly prepared to taku care of horses
oud carriage * of all visitors to the lake. Plenty
of sheds and stalls , and animals and carriages
will be safely cared lor. Charges reasonable.
Accommodating hostlers on hand night and
day. When you drive to the Lake , don't forget
W. I * PATTOProp. .
Elegant Riga at Roasonnblo Rates.
Nos. 10 and 21 , North Main Street.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
25 TO 300
gpcclflcatloni and eitlmntei furnlibcd for complete iteam riant ) . Iteirnlatlon , Durability . guarantee ! .
t'UDibuwlclicrllrou uivri wbcro luel economy li equal wllti Corlln Nun-condeimlnj.
E.G. HARRISAgent ,
Bond tor catalogue , No , 610 Pourl Street , Council Bluffs.
Special Sale of Embroideries :
Special Sale of Embroi cLeved Floimcings.
The finest line of FloXmclngs in the city. The prices Q unrnntocd
the lowest. Examine bargains marked BOc , OSc. 80c , $1.OO , $1.2O
nd $1.0O.
Special Sale of White Groorls.
Examine bargains marked Co , G l-4c , 8c , lOc , 12 l-2c , 10c , 18o
22c and 2Bc.
Special Sale of Baiching's.
Examine bargains marked Be , lOc , 12 l-2c , 2Oc and 2Bc a y ard.
Also bargains in Tourist Ruchlng , 12 l-2c , IBc and 2Oo a box.
Special Sale of Children's Lace Caps.
Examine lots marked 12 l-2c , 23c , 38c , 37 l-2c , BOc and 7Bc.
Special Sale of Ladies' Collars.
Examine lots marked Be. lOc or 3 for 2Bc.
Another case of the Celebrated Fast Back Hose , lOc a pair ; ovoi
pair warranted or money refunded.
One case of the finest Whlto Bed Spreads this city ever saw for
the money. Full sl/.e and extra weight. The prlco Is onlyl.OO
worth $1.37. *
Strive to como e-arly and receive a portion of the bargains.
Leaders and Promoters of LOW PRICES.
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
N. B. Mail orders promptly atttended to.
AssLSUle Veterinarian.
HospitalfbrLames icK
elerinarianforCouncil Bluffs
tfffiffi reEgftilico Department.
No. 131 Broadway *
IN . .st.frPcKerJvlsrnbs.&lasE.
YafeHo yJ Wel&R stai5rJn fem hf B4
m a A riud m f
. - - Tel. 20 L
fcarmed&oods. 34-
Candlog ,
ffea I Estate ft Loan A Froah
5o5feUve.Bef.Main Maclo
Every Day.
& Butler ,
You Are Invited and Welcome
While In the city do not fall to
call on the
store and see the finest and best
MUEO ! Hall on the Mo , slope.
Come and talce a look at our
large stock of Pianos and Organs
and all kinds of musical Instru
ments up stairs and down btalra
103 Main Street ,