Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 19, 1889, Part II, Page 16, Image 16

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The county treasurer yesterday sent
$82,009.05 to the state treasury , being
the amount of state taxes collected In
April and Mny.
The case against John Sandahl , the
fireman of the waterworks company nt
Florence , charged with being the
father of Rosa Schultz's illegitimate
child , was settled yesterday , when San-
dahl led the wronged woman to Judge
Shields' court nnd made h6r his lawful
wife.O. Earth yesterday gnvo a bill of sale
of his meat market , ut 2121 Leaven-
worth street , to Glaus Siovors , the con-
Bldoratlon being $100.
A bill of sale was yesterday executed
by Helen Matthewaon to Emma Matt-
Bon , for $800 , on a sealskin sacqua and
fuis and a varied collection of rugs ,
curtains , etc.
Personal 1'nrnurnptis.
J. II. Drake , of O'Nolll , Is at the Paxton.U
C. P. Kilwnrds , of Auburn , Is nt the Mil-
George U. Davis , of Porfork , is nt the
U. M. Wllsoys of Blair , Is stopping at the
W. A. HrldijcsB , of O'Nolll , la a guest nt
J. A. Cnmpboll , of Seward , Is registered nt
the Mlliara.
Governor John M. Thayer will bo In the
city to-day.
II. S. Mnloncy , of Humbolt , is n guest at
the Pnxton.
S. P. Davidson , of Tccumsoh , is stopping
at the Pnxton.
C. P. Lolgh nnd wife , of Nelson , nro guests
at thoPaxton.
Henry ( St. Hayncr , of Sidney , was at t he
Pnxton yesterday. *
C. M. Lamb and W. M. Kennedy , of Chun
ton were nt the Paxtou.
Gcorgo H. Sclnimmul , of Grand Island , is
stopping at the Mlllnrd.
George F. Mllbourna and wife , of Mlndon ,
are guests at the Milhml.
L. Wcsscl , Jr. , nndV. . C. Salman , of Lin
coln , uro nt the Murray.
Mrs. Gcorgo Armstrong and daughter Kiln
have returned from the cast.
Carl Morton and wife , of Nebraska City ,
nro registered nt tlio Murray.
S. P. Heynoliln , of Wymoro. nnd Franh
W. Miles , of DoWltt , nro at the Paxton.
P. M. Gicon nnd B. J. Hunter , of Aurora ,
wcro In the city yesterday at the Paxton.
Ziwh T. Lcltwlch , wife and daughter , 01
St. Paul , Neb , arc guests at tlio Murray.
W. It. Fuller , F. H. Smith and A. W
Toil J , of Albion , nro stopping at the Pnxton
W. li. Uccsc , C. L. Williams , H. 13. Duck
worth anO wife , of Wahoo , uro nt tlio Mil
Theodore V. Day and C. F. Hull , ( of No
llgh , were among yesterday's arrivals ut tin
C. A. Patterson , of Stratton , and F. C
Martin , of Hustings , nro registered at the
W. H. McAllister , E. II. Loib anil L. A
Pnvne , of Grand Island , are registered utttu
QA. L. Towlo , James L. Cooley nnd Va
Unndn , of Nlobrara , arc stopping ut the
H. J. Wlutmoro , of Lincoln ; W. E
Krnuso nnd B. Goldsmith , of West Point. nr <
nt the Millnnl.
W. O. Lonp , T. E. Saundcrs nnd A. W.
Hnnds , of Lii.coln , wuro among yesterday' :
arrivals at the Millard.
Mason Gregg , J. W. Doweiso , Fred Do-
weiso. of Lincoln ; J. W. Wuldor. of Boat
rlco ; Win. Patterson , of Central City , wen
nt the Paxton lastiilght.
Mr. Perry S. Heath- Washington corre
spondcat of THE BUK , is in the city nnd w il
remain several days. Ho is on ii'tour of UK
west , which will extend to the mountains
Yellowstone park and thu Dakotas.
Mall 'Superintendent.
L.L. Troy , assistant superintendent of tin
railway mail service , Clilcaco , Ib a dclcg.iU
to the A. O. U. W. convention nnd called 01
the Omaha boys yesterday morning. Mr
Troy has the name of being the best man ir
the service. _
Sevonty-llvn Pounders.
E. J. Llttlcflcld , city p.issonger agent ol
the Union Pacific received a cat fish from A ,
Mnyhoiv of Waterloo. It was caught in the
Elkhorn river near Waterloo park. II
measured four feet , eight Inches in inngtl
und weighed seventy-five pounds.
Cut oir One-third.
Mr. Polack , who is selling out the rem
nants of his clothing left by the lire , is dis
gusted with the insurance business. His
stock was Insured for $35,000 , and although
all the stock was more or less Injured by
Binouc , flro and water , if not by fire , ho was
allowed but $17,00d. Ho claims that this is
only two-thirds of what ho should have.
PoHtoHico A flairs.
A. P. Predrlcks , special agent from the
department nt Washington , has boon hero
and made an Inspection of the postofllco. He
reports the business as being in flrst-clnsa
shape. Postmaster Gallaohcr says that
more carriers uro wanted nnd ho will ask an
additional.appropriation for their pay.
Marshal's Quarters.
United States Marshal Slauchter and the
chief clerk of the railway mall service have
agreed to exchange oflleo rooms. This will
give the marshal two chambers in the south ,
east corner of the nostoillco building , second
lloor , untl the mall clerk one opening on Fir
teonth street , largo enough for his uso. Al
present the marshal's room Is limited.
Her Jnw Dislocated by n Yiiwn.
Monday evening while Annlo Baumor , a dc
tncstla in the employ of J. O. Phillips nt
Twenty-third nnd Cass , was yawning , slu
dislocated her Jnw nnd was unable to shut
her mouth. The pain occasioned by ho ac
cident and the loss of all control over her Jaw
made lior frantic and threw Her Into hyster
ics until a physician afforded her relief bj
sottlug the dislocation.
A. Foolish Case.
.Tho umbrella case , in which Mrs. Bunting
was the plaintiff and her employer , Miss
Sadlo MuGariglo , the defendant , came up before -
fore Judge Borka at 11 a. in , It appeared in
the testimony that Sadie runs a dressmak
ing establishment nt 315 North Sixteenth
street , and that siio Is a lively young ladj
who Is fond of playing tricks on the girls in
her employ. Mrs. Bunting's umbrella dlsup
poured , nnd she charged Sadie witn taking
it. Later the article was found under some
strips of cloth , which had either bv accident
or roguiah Intent fill Ion upon It. His honoi
laughingly dlbinisscd the caso.
"Water Notcn.
Water was turned Into two of the settling
basins of the now waterworks at Florence
for the first time Monday , nud the test
proved satisfactory. The work on the other
two Is progressing. The l ro basins have
a capacity of 18,000,000 m of water.
Tlio work on the now waterworks nt Flor
ence is being rapidly pushed to completion ,
At present 7-3 men nro employed by the com
pany. This is outside of contract work , on
which there are soinu 800 more , making up
wurds of a thousand men. In the city ol
Omaha there uro 800 men employed by the
company ,
Ho Was Not it Woman.
Among- the motley crowd arraigned before
Judge Borka was Kit Hewing * , was a young
cowboy from Mexico , who was arrested on the
charge of vagrancy , ami who attracted con
siderable nttoutlou by his peculiar appear-
niico Ho was of small and blonilor build ,
bad refined features , a low nnd musical
vnlco , while his hnlr , parted in the middle ,
bung m silken ringlets on his shoulders.
The suspicion was that the prisoner was n
woman , but ho disproved this and seemed
very much amused over tlio Impression
caused by his uftumluuto appearance. Ha
was dressed in a cowboy outfit , and said ho
bad come here us a horse trainer , but as ho
found the city a poor place for his trade , bo
resolved to return to the west. The Judge
released him.
Itcsult of the First Conference With
the Union Pacific Olllolnls.
Yesterday General Manager Klmball , of
the Union Pacific , received a telegram from
Vice-President Holcomb and President
Adams , In which ho was delegated with au
thority to represent the company In the con
troversy between the latter nnd the Brother
hood of Locomotive Engineers over the scale
of wages to bo paid the engineers on the
ICnnsas Central. The grlovanco committee
was nccordingly notified , nnd a meeting was
arranged to open nt the headquarters nt I )
o'clock yesterday afternoon. About live
minutes before the tltno set , Clinlrmrn Vro-
man mounted the steps lending Into the bend-
quarters , followed by nil other members of
the committee. The knights pf thb throttle
were cool , but openly evidenced determina
tion.At n o'clock the committee and Messrs.
Klmball and Dickinson , the latter two repre
senting the company , formally assembled.
The engineers submitted a plain statement of
their side of the case , and the pronoscd
remedy. Mr. ICimball was very attentive ,
nnd Mr. Dickinson coolly listened to the
status of the opposite side.
Mr. Klmball , after the engineers bad given
their views , took occasion to unravel the dlfll
cultlcs which resulted In the misunderstand
Ing. In the llrst place , ho informed thoongln
cers that , as trafllo was exceeding light and
money shoi t , tho.vthoonjlneerftshouldoxor- ( )
clso clemency and bo lt > npuf ( that the estab
lishment of the reduced scale was prompted
by the dullness In business.
To this the engineers replied as follows :
"You bear In mind , " said ono of the com
mittee , "that stagnation In business has Its
reaction in our case as well. When there is
but little business you operate loss trains ,
and you do not ask our permission to reduce
the number of tinlns , either. When you re
duce your trnln sovico you reduce our wages
correspondingly , and In many cases we uro
thrown out of work in this way so you can
readily discern that n dullness in business
affects the engineers as well as the company.
We nro paid a certain amount per mile , nnd
in case business Is dull and wo make but
half time , wo , too , arc the loscra. If wo
wcro paid by the month then your nguniont
would hnvo more force. "
Mr. Klmball nmdo an occulnr survey
of nil the faces in the room , and then turned
his mind to another point. This was the ab
rogation of thu agreement that applied on the
Kansas Central when it was operated by the
Union Pncillo direct. Ho thought that in
setting ttio road out of the Union Pacific
proper , the agreement was annulled us far
as the Kansas Central was concerned. To
this the engineers replied that , inasmuch as
the agreement to p.iy a scale of SJ.S3 was en
tered into , in which the Kansas Central was
included , and In which the executive olllcora
of the Union Pacific concurred , the reduc
tion was a willful violation of the ncrec-
ment , nnd that in making tlio reduction the
manager had gone outside of thu limits ol
his domain. That inasmuch as the executive
officers ware a party to the agreement , and
the Knnsas Central was still subject to their
Jurisdiction , thu old contract should bo ad
hered to nnd had to bo icspccted.
Mr. Klmball stated that the Union Pacifir
was paying a higher scale than almost an.v
other road. To this the engineers de
murred , nnd produced the scales of wages
paid by the various roads cast uf the Kan
sas Central , showing that the statement of
Mr. Klmball was wrong. Chairman Vromar
submitted n list of fourteen roads , among
which were the Chicago , Milwaukee &
St. Paul , the Chicago & North
western , the Santa Fc , the Missouri
Pacific , the Wabash , the Chicago & Alton ,
nnd the Kock Inland. In connection wilt
this , ho produced the scale of wages paid tu
engineers on these roads , which made the
general average on each road named fS.OO ,
or 5 cents higher than the Union Pacific
This was talked over to some extent , uui
thu meeting adjourned to 10 u , m. , this mornIng -
Ing , at wnich time Mr. Kimball will give t
decisive answer as to whether the old or no\\
Bcnlo will apply on the Knnsas Central. Hi
also stated that ho wasi desirous of obtaining
some additional statistics bcforo ho gnvo hi :
reply , which ho would procure in the mean
time and bo prepared to give a final nnswoi
nt the meeting this morning. The engineer !
fcol confident that ho will sustain the ok
scale , and that no reduction will bo made.
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Councilman Davis Snys No More ol
Them Simula Bo Al ulc.
"What nas been done with the subwaj
railway question which was sprung again nl
the last meeting of the council ? " was askei
of Councilman Davis by a BEE reporter.
"I got the papers only yesterday. There
are two phases. Ono is uu ordinance in fuvoi
of the Omaha Subway company , and the
other is a resolution in favor of the electric
companies. They want the city to put down
the subwav nnd then lease It to them ut o
fair rental. "
"What action will bo taken on thotni"
"Well , I suppose some of them will he
acted upon very soon. I think the action
will bo to submit to the people the ( itiestion
of voting money to build the subways. I
think the city has given away about all the
franchises it ought to. "
"Who compose the Omaha Subway corn-
pan vi"
"Tho old Dorsctt party , with Dorsett's
name loft out. f f the ordinance is passed ,
the company will lay the Dorsott system , as
it tried to do bcforo.
Mrs. Balbach. has placed in Ray
mond's window tin oil painting of hers
which is to bo rallied for the bonoflt ol
the Johnstown sullorers. ' Tickets arc
on Bale ut the Excelsior oflleo and Ray
mond's jewelry store at SI each.
There Seem to l > o Few Angels In tlio
County RuUcllng.
County Clerk Roche says ho does not pro
pose to resign. . "If anybody desires to prefer -
for chnrges against mo , why doesn't ho do
it ? I am ready to meet them and stand trial.
There is only ono offense of which I can bo
accused , and that is the' two or three sprees
I have been on since coming into the
oflleo. If the board undertakes to im
peach mo for that , tlicro are two or three
other olllcluls in the court house who must
bo made examples of also. There is nt
least ono who has bcon off drunk for u
period of two weeks. "
None of the accusations made ngnlnst
Hoclio by Commissioner Anderson , regard
ing excessive expenditures for stationery ,
overcharges in collecting , notary
public foes , sales of mortgage
records , etc. , hnvo bcon proven ,
and the cleric says : "My books are open to
inspection. I would bo glad to have them
examined. If they nro not kept In better
shape than any of my predecessors kept
theirs , then I am willing to subside
and say no moio. All this howling
In the Herald for * mo to resign
or bo Impeached is made for political effect.
I understand Put Ford wants my place for
his soii'ln-law. Why don't some of them
file the charges they seem anxious
to have preferred I The state
ment that my bondsmen hnvo nsked
mo to resign Is absolutely falso. I told Mr.
Hllpy two days ago that If I took another
drinu of liquor during my term of ofilco I
would then tender my resignation , and that
is all that has ever been said.
"I understand that Mount nnd Ander
son were over at the Herald ofllco ,
and you know that accounts for
the attack In that shoot this morning.
They're nice people to sncalc around to trv
and got others to do what they dare not do
themselves. I wonder how it catno that
Anderson once fell off a car and broke his
leg. "
Gcorgo Jolar , 20 years old , employed In
the smelting works , died Monday night at St.
Joseph hospital from the effects of oven
heat. Ho was sick about eight hours. His
funeral will bo bold this morning from
Drexel & Maul's.
The remains of G. G. Anderson were for
warded lor burial yesterday to Moline ,
ill. , whore nn undo nnd stepmother of de
ceased reside. Tlio funeral wus held at 3
o'clock from Droxcl & Maul's. It wus
under the auspices of St. John's lodge No.
? 5. A- FA. . M. , and Forrest Lodge
Knights of Pythias.
Mrs. Jcauuio E. King , wife of the letter
carrier , Chaclcs II. King , who died Mon
day , was taken nt 8 o'clock last evening
to West Union , la. , for burial.
Thomns Holland , who hat boon employed
In the Union Pncltlo shops hero for eighteen
years , died at his homo , 810 North Tenth
street , yesterday morning. Funeral Thurs
day nt 0 o'clock , from the family residence to
St. Mary's cemetery.
Mrs. Fanny McLnughlln , wife of Bernard
MoLnughlln , proprietor of the Osborno res
taurant on Sixteenth street , died Monday
night. Funeral notice later.
The Boo Opcnlnp.
The opening of Tnr. Bnn building on its
eighteenth anniversary , which occurs to
day , owing to the unfinished state of
the main entrance nnd court floor , has beeu
limited to members of the press , nnd city ,
county nnd state officials who hold cards of
admission. Those cards must bo presented
in all cases nt the entrance.
On Monday nnd Tuesday , July 1 nnd 3 ,
between the hours of 4 p. m. nnd 10 p. in. a
reception will bo tendered to mercantile nnd
profcsslonnl men with their ladies by card
Invitation. On Thursday , July 4 , the build
ing will bo thrown open to the general pub
lic. The programme for the day's celebra
tion will bo published hereafter. The Inten
tion Is to mnko this Fourth of July cele
bration u memorable feature.
"It goes right to the spot , ' ' said tin old
man , who wus rubbed in Dr. J. II. Me-
Lonn's Volcanic Oil Liniment to relieve
rheumatism. _
How IHiich llns U Damaged tlio Doug-
Ins Street Finns ?
Mr. A. J. Popplcton yesterday , techni
cally speaking , throw a client out of the dis
trict court.
. ) ml go Doanc , It seems , gave notice that as
soon as ho' should finish the case of Joel
West against Van Pelt Bros. , ct nl , ho would
bo ready to take up ono more of the five suits
of individuals ngnlnst the Omaha and Coun
cil Bluffs Bridge mid Motor company.
Gcorgo Warren Smith figured
ns plaintiff in the first case.
Then came Gcorgo Hoaglaud , after
him Gates ot al , Barker ot nl and last , Louis
F. Bradford.
The cases are very similar nnd Mr. Pop-
piston said if he could arrange with W. J.
Connell , attorney for defendant , ho would
like to try the Iloagland case llrst and then
nil thu rcat together.
Council said hu had prepared himself to
try the Smith case first and preferred to
tube them as they stood on the bulletin.
Discovering that it was useless to press his
wishes , Mr. Poppleton , addressing the court
said , rather hotly :
"Then dismiss the Smith caso. "
The action seemed to surprise every one ,
but by throwing Smith over ho got to try the
Hoagland case and on the result of that
seems to hang the hopes of nil the others.
Mr. Connell says ho uroposes in these
cases to call things by their right mime * und
muke it warm for somebody. "Tho news
papers , " ho continued , "are tolling us that the
future of our city depends on a frco
bridge , yet what corporation is there that
can bo expected to give us a frco bridge
when such property owners as these plain
tiffs Jump on it for damages. They meowing
owing for the value of their lots now which
have been increased three fold by the build
ing of that Douglas strcetbridgc"
'Hie following bar committee appointed to
examine applicants for admission was an
nounced by Judpo GrolT : J. F. Morianty ,
J. H. Mclntosh , W. D. McUuo , H. C. Brome
and J. P. English.
Judge Doano gave notice that no case to
bo tried by Jury on the civil docket will bo
called after next week ; also that the dismis
sal docket will bo ouHud July ! iO.
The Jury in the cnso of Michael Grady
against the American Waterworks compauy
for $5,000 damages on account of personal
injuries received while lowering pipes into
trenches , returned a vcidiot in favor of
Ed Maurcr nas filed au answer to the peti
tion of Hose Andrcson , who charges him
with having defrauded her out of money ;
also lor damages en uccount of malicious
prosecution. Ho denies every allegation
made by Kose , and ruitoratos the truthful
ness of everything charged by him against
her in the ilrfat case.
Robert J. Johnson has commenced suit
against the Nebraska und lowu insurance
company for SljlbS.bli , which ho claims for
his services ns solicitor. Ho also allege )
that the concern is indebted to him for $ -i : 50
money paid out of his own pocket for hoise
feed at Irvington at defendant's request , and
83 loaned by him , with which to pav the ox-
uonso of canceling a > pulicy held by J.
Bcssov. This makes the total amount asked
for $1,219.73.
Fred W. Gray sues Delia K. Vaughn for
Sl.DDy.a'J , duo him as part payment for a bill
of lumber purchased by her last October.
Judge Giubb was engaged yesterday in
the hearing of the case ot Craft vs. Littlu-
llold , a suit for the possession of certain real
estate in the Saratoga precinct.
The trial of Edward Marsh , charged with
the larceny of $01 , from the American Ex
press company , was completed in Judge
Hopowcll's court yesterday nfternocm , and
the case given to the Jury. The case against
II. H. Nolan , clmtcod with shooting Mrs. J.
E. Gibson , Thirty-second nnd Chlcnao
streets , was culled , and will bo tried to-day.
The transcript of the case of C. F. Reed
& Co. vs. Kdholm & Akin , was filed in the
district court. The case was appealed from
the county court , where judgment was given
lor the plaintiffs for $303 on promissory
United Stutou Court.
The bridge case , In which Johnson and
McKniglit , Washington lawyers , nro plain
tiffs ; is still on trial.
A motion was made , and taken under ad
visement , for a continuance in the case of
John Fitzgerald ngainst t'uo Fit7serald-Mal-
lory Construction company forSOJ.ODO.
County Court.
Judge Shields is trying nn Interesting suit ,
In which the loan company of Bishop &
Wheeler claim to hnvo beoa beautifully
worked by three men , Fred V. Fowler ,
Gcorgo L. Dunham and William E. Unities ,
on two protnlssorv notes of iJlOO each. They
wcro held by Hnlnos , on Dunham , nnd were
made payable to Fowler , with a second mort
gage on town lots In Dunlap , In. , as secur-
itv. After purchasing the notes Bishop and
Wheeler concluded they lind been defrauded ,
nnd bring suit to recover tt.o f200.
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sjstcm. Wo challenge attention to this
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"About two years ago , after suffering
for nearly two years from ihoninatlc
gout , being nblo to. walk only with grunt
discomfort , nnd having tried various
remedies , including mineral watcis ,
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ment in a Chicago paper Unit a man had
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"Ono year npo I was taken 111 with
Inflammatory rheumatism , being con
fined to my house six months , I catno
out of tlio sickness very much debili
tated , with no appetite , and my system
disordered In every \ \ ay. I commenced
using Ayer's Sarsaparllla and began to
Improve at once , gaining In strength
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I rannot say too much in praise of this
null-known medicine. " Mis , L. A ,
Stark , Nashua , N. II.
Ayer's ' Sarsaparilla ,
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nil over llio Inml nro nowln iirncnr Now \orknwnlt-
ln tlio cortnln end , nnrt thorn li not nn Intnno asy
lum In the country in whlcli tlioro nro not numerous
cici , nf persons of miniir ImllTtilunl Importance
( loomed to dentil by pnnuiilii ,
"With tcnycnrslt has constantly nml with nlnrm-
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Innoimrt ( if tlio world Is It no frequent. And IU
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ono ( if the lilulicst Autliuntli's upon mcntnl illscn'es
in this cnnntrr , wlicn ton nlti'il i few iliiys BKO upon
the miilcct ol pnrosls for tlio purpoio of tnln nrtl- .
ClC , Dllllll
" IfcoiiBrcRldcnlof It In various astliinn nml In
stitutions , ns well IK In my prlvnlo pnicllceanil rcc-
nitnlzotho Incttlmt Ithasbi-tm ( liirlntflen yiiirs inxr'
ton Illy niul nlnrmlnaly IncronsltiK. It Is n dl ( > . nu
incident to the rnpla [ hour this conntry. In n inn-
Jnrltj of ciisci It Is dlrottly ileponiicni upon vice ,
nnit not upon nctnM over-work nlono , Aicoholliin
nml pyplililtlo UKcnsci nro frequently iniliicliiK
CllllSf" . '
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pn rosn Any one n ho will work Imrtl , tirrlnipiox-
( Itcilly , nil dny lone , kcoinit ; | up to thu tn k Itli tlio
llctltlons ciior y of ulculinllo bui inmos nml so miiln-
tulnlnK M cciimi-itpd cnnilitlon ( if the lir.tln. H fnvuf
lint n ill oimo of the lilouit Toiicln uf the brnln , n lilih
re ults In piiruHls. "
Such , Is a comletm'il view of tint terrible coin.
iilnlnt. With siu h Men M.irlim us in thu liuu nml
the incillcnl profcs < lon pmvcrlO'S to nirost them ,
wlmt ciui ho ( lone ? .Nothlntt but to trust In MIMIO inn-
romv. . 1'orlHnnli'ly , for the hclpli'i" < vlcllii , thuro
Is n msfovi- \ , anil n * cli > iitlllronp , tlnit win cum
jmreiln. Tim Into 1'rof. riii'lps. ( if Outiiuiiilli
CnlloKi' , rcnllnnK the nojil of Minn ) nbrolnti ) runudv
forivcr-bnritcni.-tl Aminmis , lu-Knn lapotlnipnllniti
niul nl ln > tul uo\cruil the nirviiily ctlchmtoil IMInux
Ci'lory Conipoiinil , An Its niiino Implies , the b.isls of
this ul coviry Is onouf tlio Krenimntrvurosloieri ,
hrnln icnunin , know.i to thu norlil , nmnulycelery.
This itrcnt ulumunt Ix iiiralully cmiiLlr.i'il wnlidiiii r
JNOII knonn properties nml furnl lies tlio 01 ly ubso-
Intely i-vrtnln juirj nn.l Kdjiitlila ri-mouy lor
pnrcKln , In nil Its iniiiiv lunl'.i.'o loriun , Unown to
molurn Bilcnoo. Ills not u nervine , n MrKiipnrllhi ,
or ( ' rente , but n nim'ovi.uv. nml It hits 110 conuilolo
Indorsement nf tlio best noni ) nml briiln exports In
tlio Inn I , I or this reason vo iirj u ml Ills liuiigtolil
everywhere nml Is doing such [ front k'ocul.
In IEKJI contrrcttd lilood 1'olsnn
of bail Ivpc , niul vvus treated with
mercury , jiotaih nrd t-rrsiicrilla
mlsltirc.qrottligorEonllllio lime.
1 took 7 nmnll bottlc-i B. S S. u hlcli
cured 1110 entirely , mid no tIfji of
tlio dreadful discard linn rc'nn id.
J. C. NAI.TI : ,
Jon. 10 , ' 69. Hobuyllle , lud.
My lltllo nlcco had lito ! fuelling
to tuch en extent that fiio v , iu ecu *
fined to tlio bid for ft long time.
Jloro ( Inn 21 i Icc3 of boco
out of litrle ? , r. : : I tiu ! doctnn tald
amputation \.ait'io cnlyicmctly to
c3\olurlUc. I refilled Iho opt rctlon
and | mt on KS.ii. m d rl-.o la now
any child. Miss ANMIJ flruuxo.
fcb. II , 'C9. Columbus , Oa.
Hook on Blood Drapes f nt free.
Swirr hi'i.cino Co.
Drawer 3 , Atlanta , Ga.
liS8 FAIINAM Siur.aT , OKAUA , Nua.
( Uppoalt * I'oitcn UotoU
OEce noura , 0 a. n. to 8 p. n. Brutal t M a ,
imperialists In Chronic , Ncrrons , Bkln nd
Blood Diseases. ,
ta Tousultatlou at office or by malt fres.
Medicines sent by mull or express. = ocuruly
packed , tree from obsen ntlon. Uuarantnos to
cure quietly , snfely anil pernianantly.
MDDTmiTC ! THniT T1 > V Spffrmutorrhnsa. semi-
nhftYUUo JJhDlLlil nlil I.osso3.NlghtEral3.
tloni , I'nyslcal Decay. nrlsluB from Indiscre
tion. Kxiesi or Indulgence , producing Sloop-
, Kefyondency. 1'lmples on the face ,
aversion to toclety , easily clk-couraged , lack ol
confidence , dull , unlit for study or buslness.and
Qmla llfo ti burden. Bnfely. permanently ana
privately cured. Consult lrs. Uetts le Bctta ,
408 l-arnnm St. , Oiuihn , Neb.
Blood and Skin Disease
results , completely erndlcfttcd without the Bid
of Mflriuri' . Scrofula , Kryslpel'is ' , Fever Sores ,
lilotches. Ulcers. 1'alna iu the Head and Iloneo ,
Syphilitic Sore Throat , Mouth and Tongue. Ca-
tarrli.c. . . permanently cureU where others
have fall ? d.
TTninanff nn(1 Bladder Complaints ,
i urinary , .
tiuent HurnliiB or nloody Urine. Urine hlgn col
oreil or with milky sedlmont on standing ,
Weak Hack , Gnnnorrhrca , Uieet , CystltK &c. ,
Promptly andSafoly Cured , Charges Reasona
moval complete , without cutting , cnusUc or
dilatation. GUI es oil octet ! at homo bv patient
without a moment ! tmlu or annovanco.
To Yonngr Men and Middle-Aged Hen ,
A < 3ITDD TIIDl ? The awful eltects"of early
li OUltD uUltD VVe , which mines organic
vriMkiiens. destroj inuboth mind and bodr , with
all its dreaded UK permanently dhrcd.
nna 07111110 Arti ess tnouo wno najre Impaired
lIuUi DullU themselves by improper indul-
gence-n nnd solitary habit' ) , which ruin both
body and mind , unfitting them for busiuess ,
etudy or marriage.
MAURISD MEN. or those entering on thathap-
PT life , aware of physical debility , quickly as
' 1SttQ ! <
la based upon facts. First Practical Brpa-
rlcnce. Second Kvory case Is especially studied ,
thus starting aright. Third Medicines are pre
pared in our laboratory exactly to suit each
case , thus atfcctlntc cures without Injury.
C "bend 8 cints postage for celebrated worka
on Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Diseases.
Thousands cured , t37 A friendly letter or call
tmiy saMi you futuie suirorlnc and shame , and
add. golden jears to llfo. ( ST No letters an
BU ored units * accompanied by 4 cents in stamp * .
IiU3 rarnain Hr-tooL Omaha. K b.
C. I. Jordan
I.ute of the University
of Now York ( 'ity nnrt
11 ow ard Untvorslty , wusli-
Inirton , 1) . O.
No. U1U and till
Cornerl'lfteunthnnd liar
ney nts.t Umaha , Neb.
IM here nil curable case
are treated with sun
, ABTKMI , Dysi-Ki-siA , ] ) KIF
CONBUI/rATIONutolllcoorbyinall. ! ! .
Oitlce hours to Ilia. m. . a to 4 ji. m. , 7 to 8p.
m. . Sunday olllce haunt from U a. m. , to 1 p. m.
ManydUeases urtf treated succcmf ully by Dr.
Jordan throuKi the inallB.and It Is thus possible
For those unable to mnko a journey to obtain
I'll Kill HOMES. , .
Ftnd for book ° u Diseases of Nose , T .roat ,
Jl. M. llnmlln , I'liiunlxlns. Co.
H. A , Orchard , Carpet Dealer ,
John Mielby. drocur.
John Ktibli , Cit/ Treasurer
Ja ubiottitrlu > 't ro rind
it is soluble.
No Chemicals
re used In lu prtptmtlon. It h i i/urt
Man ttrn llmll Hi Hrtnytt of Coco *
nilied willi bUrcb , Arrowivot or Suctr ,
and li thtrcfura fur moro ccouoinlctl ,
tatting lilt ( tan on , ttnt a cup. II U
dcllcloui , uourliUcf , iUc Kthcnln ( , L'i.
I C1I.Y DlQUTLP , lllU duilicbly tdtlittd
II for luytllji M * tl | n IHTIOUI la liralUb
bold tjroiern currnhere.
BATTER & CO , , Dorchester , Hasi
Our extraordinary sale of Summer Coats and "Vests will bo continued this
week. This is beyond a doubt the most remarkable sale oC the season , as the
goods are almost slaughtered. Wo can unhesitatingly say that never before was
such an opportunity ottered to buy at one-half their value seasonable
goods just at the time when you need them most.
Our 70c Coats and Vests are "all the rago. " We have added this week several
now patterns and you can choose now from six different styles , every ono of them
as neat and tasty a Coat and Vest as you over bought for $1,50.
Another Coat and Vest which excites the admiration of every customer is ( ho
fine Mohair at § 2. Such a Coat and Vest has never boon offered for less than $ ! .
In addition to those wo have received during the past few days several lots of
very fine grades of thin Coats and Vests. These are from the same purchase , but
wore delayed on the road through the Pennsylvania flood. Wo have marked those
goods at correspondingly low prices and offer :
Several lots of very fine Pougea Silk Coats and Vests at $3. These are gar
ments for which other houses would charge $6.
Extra fine Drap d'Eto Coats and Vests in four beautiful shades at § 3.75.
These goods are the finest that can bo had , are cut and made in the best of man
ner and fit elegantly. Fine clothing houses charge for same Coats and Vests
about $7.
One of our Douglas street windows is full of these goods and is just now the
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200 very fine blue Serge Suits , elegantly trimmed and made , at $8.90. We
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We are again on hand with the most complete line of Summer Neckwear
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former seasons. We can assure then that we will do still better this season. Our
stock is larger , stvlos are nicer and prices still lower.
Corner Douglas and Fourteenth Streets , Omaha.
Who dcslra to bo well nnd comfortably
iliessBd , sliould not f.xll to look through
our complete stock ot clothing and fur"
nlshings foraummer wear.
Kntnl > Ilslicl 1800.
1'rlco. Cash. Monthly.
1 Stelnw ay Square . JIM.OJ &r > UO gio.U )
1 KnabeHauaro . ITS.1 * ) 15.111 111.00
1 Dairies Ilroj. . iniiiro , , ITu.iX ) 15.00 1U.IX )
1 Mullet , Davis & Co. kti. llll.iK ) 10.0) 10.0.1
1 Kmi-rsoiiNiuaru . 1X.00 ( ) mo ) 7.uo
1 Marshal & Wendell sq. li"i.UO nun K.OO
1V. . W. Klmball Biuaro 100.00 ) 7.0J
1 Chlckerlns Upright ,
used -years . XH.OJ 25.03 15.00
1'rlco. Gush. Monthly.
1 JInson Hamlln , used 1
year . JT5.00 JIU.OO
J liiylor li Farley , used 1
your . : o.m 10.00 8.00
1 Ettey , iibed 8 inos. , cost
new Jl.'K.OU . 0000 10.00 8.00
1 Uurdotte 7.0J 500
1 Tny lor i : Farley . iT > oo 8.00
IMuhon llnmlln fi.OO .
1 lleatty ( .T stain ) < 0.00 8.01) ) 7.W )
H ery instrument guaranteed to bo In good
order , llrlug this ad. with you , and avoid mis-
takes. Any of these Instruments taken in ox-
cimngo for new nt name prlco any time In one
year. Cnll early and get a barguln.
1522 and 1621 PARNAM STREET.
M rUdl 1 1 V C oentral and MERVOV8 DEBILITyi
( PTTT ? T1 Wetkneu of Bodyind Mindi EffectJ
\J U JOiIA ofEmricrExceuei In Older Young.
Uoboil , KoliU niSHOdll fullr llMtorrd. lion to Eottricr > fa
Blr. lteolik \ , L.SIIKVUXJI U(11UUM ( * l'4USof IIUIIYi u.r.lllm IIOBK TIIKiHU1T-ll tlUl la \ d.j.
Hra Icitlr/ from 41 Hlctri , TtrrKorlri. und ) ortlH Caaatrlti.
Mack , foil j > l ll < , Bd iroor.Biiltc4
( ieil a > frt > . i IP | UtAlRAl CO , . DUtfAlQ. ( I 1 ,
Bucceajfully used monthly by over 10,000
Ladies. AroSafe , Effectual and 1'lea.sant
81 piTunxbymalIoratdrurKl ( > ts. Staled
I'urliculan S poitage Btanipg. Addroui
TUB EcnsKA CHEMICAL Co. , Durnoir , Micu.
For Bale und by mail by Goodinun Drug
Company , Omaha.
A pents wanted. New Utensil. Bells sight
iXHxcluslve territory , lilg lirollts. Salary
; oodimu. Howe Co. , U Hanover Bt , , IloatOB ,
20to60 DAYS.
This is tt disease which Las heretofore
Baffled all Medical Science.
When Mercury , Iodide of Potassium , Sarsnpt
rllla or Hot Springs fall , we guarantee a cure.
We have a Remedy , unknown to anyone In the
World outsideof ourCompnuy , and onutlutha9
to cure the most obstinate cases. Ton days in
recent cases does the work. His the old chronic
deep seated cases that we solicit. We have
cured hundreds who have been abandoned by
Physicians , and pronounced Incurable , and we
cnallenge the world to bring us a case that we
will not cure In less than sixty dayx.
Since the history of mealclno a true specific
for Syphilis has boon sought for but never
found until our
was discovered , and wo are Justified In saying
It is the only llemedy in the World tnat will pos
itively cure , because tlio latest Medical Works ,
published by the bent Known authorities , say
tnoro was never a true specific before. Our rem
edy will cure wuen everything else has failed ,
Why winto you time and money with patent
medicines tnatuover had virtue , or doctor wltii
physiclanH that cannot euro you , you that have
tried everything else should come to us now mid
Ki-t permanent lellof. you never can got It else
where. Mark what we say , in the eud you
must take our remedy or M3VKR recover and
you that have been allllctod but a short time
should by all moans come to us now , not one In
appears again In a more horrible form.
This is a blood Purifier and will Cure
any Skin or Blood Disease when
Everything Klso Fails.
NOTICE We desire to caution patients In re
gard to parties claiming to use tlio vJook Hem-
edy. Our formula Is not nnd OANNUT bo
Known to anyone but outuolves.
Rooms 418 and 419 , Paxton Block ,
DRINK wlth
rill cnrcctllic < l iiui/litj in-
iii'iiccofJcc tin the Ktoiiiiiclt.
ror Men Hiilth Preiervlng , for
Children XnvlfforAtlag , &nd Ke *
.frtitlDg . for All. IbeEeit BUQ.
mer Dereriee In Exlitence. War
ranted Strictly Tare ind Unfer-
mesttd , An Efficient Remedy
( or liUrrhait , Cholera Morbui.
Drienterjr , and all Dliorderi of
the Eowcli.
XASII viLi.ET NNJuno 0 , ' 67.
Irnrfilrs-Ilmvo : tried llio
JIunBnrlBii Illncklicrry Julco
> on so kindly ent inc. It In
tli ( i no plus ultra o ( Kuiiiincr
( Irlnkn. It IB fre from ali-o-
hoi , Bllajs tlilrtt , tones tliu
dlet'Stlvo orfinnn , 1ms n Jlno
nromatlo lla\or. and In Just
llio Ililnit for ( llnrrlia-nl trout ) .
CH In tlin I'pntcil ' term. A
For naloliy UtiiERliti , I.i'i '
Dealers and ( Jroctrs ,
State Line.
TodHusgow , liclfnst , Dublin and Livurnoo
From New York Every Tuesday ,
ab n passageKV > to J-VJ , according to location
of stuto room , Excursion W > tu &rj ,
Ptccrngo to nml from Europe at Lortcit lutes ,
AUSTIN HAMWIN A : CO. . ( len'l Aitents ,
M liroailway , Now 1'oric.
JOHN IJUJCJEN , Oen'l Western Agent.
101 HanilolpU Ht , , Chicago.
HAimV 15. JIOOHIIS. Agent. Oinnlm ,
Hoduccd Cabin Itutos to Glasgow Ex
Remarkable for powerful sympathotlo
ono , plinblo uctiou and absolute dura-
jlllty ; 80 years' record the best guaran
tee of tlio excellence of these instru-
Beet Facilities , ApparntiunndRrmfdlcsforSucctEifu !
Treatment of every lorm of D'teaco rfnulrlnz
Boards Attendance. Vest Accommodation ! In Weib
CCTWniTE TOR CIRCULARS on Deformities au4
graces , Truucs.Clubl'cet , Curvatures of bpme.rilej ,
Tumors , Cancer , Catarrh , Bronchlti , Inhalation.
Only neliable Medical Inttitute matl
All lilood DlKo.ti iuectiprmir treated , tirplillllli folioa
Jeinor 4 from the ijtlna llhout mercury. lfn llr > ( orillt >
Trutmcnt foi-lx , , . of I m , I oil kll. r rlle un.t-le ( o vlill
imajotre | > teUtlioiaebeorrrioi | > ' /HcommuDlci- -
lloniconajeutial. UedlclaciorlnMruiumliitutliilniilloril'
( rcii > fCurflTi | ckcJBoiiinrki lolnJIrnloconunlioritocltr.
) dconiulln
Illi ; Uleet and > > rlcooel > , vllli qucillon Ilit. jtddrrii
13th and Dodge BtreeU , OHA1IA , NED.
MK.NT , aguaranteoignocluc for Hyuterla , Dlzzl *
ness. Convulsions , I its , Nervoua Neuralgln ,
Headache. Norrous Prostration caused by th
use ot alcohol or tobacco , Wnkefulaos , Mental
Depression , Boftenluvof the Drain , resulting Itt
Insanity and leailliiK to misery , decay and donth.
I'lemutura Old Aite , Ilarrenness , I.ono ot 1'owoV
In either sex , Involuntary Lossas and Hpermixt-
orliuja caused by ovur-exertlonof the hraln.self.
ahum or overindulgence. Kucti box containd
one month's treatment. 11.00 u box , or six boxe,1
for M.UB8nt by mall prepaid on receipt of price ,
To cure any case. With each order received b *
us for six boxes , accompanied with Jj.W , o will
send the purchaser our written guaruntua to riv
fund the money If too trnitment does not eifeok
cure , auarautoas Issued only by Uoodman
Drug Co. , UrugRlsts , Solo Agcntx , Ilia Farnam
ttreet.Omahk Web. . . .
The beat cnulpml rilomuro roiort In the writ.
'Iho attention of llio i < eui > lu of Nuliruikn l called
to Ilil * near Jiunoui ruiurt for oxcurnlonl t , iilcula
liarllututc. Tliu tiuttuf rutoiidYcn on nil rullruuilf.
'llio liurk u mtuntud i nilRin fruui I.luculn , ana
contain ! Ul ncre of timber ; the lurueit and botC
noii | iil ! tufu , under tliu control of llrcmn tlio fa.
noun Lincoln caterer 'i mllci of lioiitlnui 2U i < leai *
uro koutu t muilu and dunilUK liull | buns bull
itrounui , inoucoiiiplutoln lliuwu tl TU utcnlo tsbl
wltli lonlii ipenkorn iitundi. The wnnilurful
Juflimiiu Hi > rlni ; , Uln lli tnllilnu liouioii Mbwlng" ;
liiht ropu , W > Icol loiu , n feet abuvu water. U. 11.
AuUtumuil Bon , MaunsQrn , Uuculn , Nub.
and TumoriCUItEDi nn , kotfet
beokfrio. L.u.UiiUiUiEL. , i , ,
. , Wuaay , lu ,