Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 17, 1889, Page 8, Image 8

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Some ono broke into a fruit stand nt
the corner of Davenport nnd Fifteenth
Btrnols yesterday morning and carried
oil throe pounds of tobacco.
John Lnbin , Fred Sly , Paul Buollor
nndJohn Klmorlv , noweboys , were ar
rested yesterday morning for stealing
newspapers from doorways. These boys
have made a practle of stealing papers
and selling them again.
William Bushoy , the painter who was
Injured by the elevator in the Boo
building , nasscd a quiet day. Ho was
able to got out of bed and sit up for n
short time. At 10 o'clock last night ho
was resting quietly , with every indica
tion in his favor.
Mr. E. M. Hayc , who was run over on
Sixteenth and Capitol avenue a few
days ago , sustaining two broken ribs
and internal injuries , is on the high
road to recovery , and is pronounced out
of danger.
Personal I'nrncrnpti .
E. M. Lowe , of O'Neill ' , Is nt tUo Arcade.
L. P. Gillette , of Beatrice , IB at the Mil-
W. A. Whcolcr , of Atkinson , Is nt the Ar-
O. E. Korbc's , ot St. Paul , is at the Ar-
J. M. Summer , of Tccumsch , Is nt the Ar-
George Yule , of Grand Island , Is at the
U. E. French , of Kearney , Nob. , Is at the
William Wnttcrmna nnd VV. II. McCann ,
of Hny Springs , arc at the Millnrcl ,
W. It. Humphrey and John W. HofOnnn ,
of Lincoln , nro registered nt the Millnrd.
David A. McKrucht , n prominent lawyer
of Washington , and wife nro nt the Murray.
William Colin , general Inspector of agen
cies for the Germnnln Life Insurance com
pany , Now York , is In the city ,
Tlio Otnnlin Oiinrels' Cononrt.
About two thousand people listened to the
concert nt Ilnnscom park by the Omaha
Guards' band , yesterday nftcrnoon. The
programme contained two'vo ' numbers of
IiiKh srado compositions and was ably ren
dered. _
Cushnmn's Menthol Inhaler , cures catarrh ,
headache , neuralgia , asthma , hay Fever.
Trial free nt your druggist. Prlco 50 conts.
A. O. U. AV.
Preparations nro now completed for the
entertainment of the supreme lodge , A. O.
U. W. , which convenes In this city to-mor
row. The local lodges luivo oxertcd them
selves to provide suitable recreation for the
visitors when they nro not engaged m legis
lating for the good of the order , nnd it is safe
to say that no stone will bo loft unturned to
leave n favertible Impression among them
concerning this city.
That "hacking coug bean bo so quickly
cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee
It. For bale by Goodman Drug Co.
A Gift to St. I'atriolc'H Church.
City Treasurer John Rush has presented
to St. Patrick's church a pipe organ costing
$1,500. , The organ has arrived nnd Is being
put in place. It will bo formally opened on
Tucsdny evening , Juno 25 , when n grand
organ recital will bo given , participated in by
the best musical talent in the city. Mr.
Hush's daughters hnvo been the inspiration
of the Hub choir of this church , nnd with
this valuable adjunct , will no doubt increase
their efforts In behalf of religious music.
"Can't oat a thing. " Hood's Sarsa-
parilhi is a wonderful medicine for
creating an appetite , regulating diges
tion , and giving strength.
A Runaway Accident.
J. P. Harris nnd Miss Li/zio Carter , of
South Omaha , had a narrow escape yester
day nfternoou.nt the Douglas street bridge.
They wire drivtntf.a < frtsky' ' cam of hays nnd
had started to Council Bluffs. Just beyond
thn toll house they mot the motor , which so
frightened the horses that thoy'bcc.tmo un-
mnnagablo , whirled around , and started like
a streak of lightning. At Ninth street ,
where the car tracks run together , the buggy
wheels struck them , upset the vehicle , nnd
throw both occupttnts violently to the
pround. Miss Caiter sustained several se
vere bruises , but was not seriously Injured.
She fell on her fnco and breast and received
wounds that caused the blood to How quite
freely , Her companion got off without a
The team ran to Seventeenth ntrectwhere
it became detached from the buggv , then
rnn north live or six blocks before bcinc
stopped. _
Though Shaken Mice a Lieaf
By the most trivial cnusos , weak nerves
nro easily susceptible of invigoration , n term
which uUo imports , in this Instance , quiotuno.
The nervous hnvo hut to use Hosteller's
Stomach Bitters systematically to overcome
that super-sensitiveness of the huiuim sonso-
rlura , which is subversive of till bodily com
fort tmd mcntnl trnnqulllty. and which re
acts most hurtfully upon the system. The
dlfllculty underlies this , as well as many
other ailments , is imperfect assimilation , no
less than Incomplete digestion of the food
In the discharge of both the digestive and
assimilative functions , the bitters are the
most potent , the most reliable auxiliary. As
the body regains vigor nnd regularity by Its
aid , the brain and nervous system are also
bciiolittcd. Persons subject to tuo influence
of malaria , dyspeptic nnd rheumatic invalids ,
and persons whoso kidneys are inactive ,
should also use the bitters.
A. O. II. El cat Ofllcor * .
The local division of the Ancient Order of
Hibernians held Its annual election In St.
Phlloincnn's hall ycsterdny nftcrnoon , nt
which the following olllcors wore elected :
President , W. J. Clnlr ; vice-president ,
Peter Dandle ; recording secretary , Martin
McICunnn ; financial secretary , M. Klll-
gallon ; treasurer , Jnmcs Douglas ; corro-
HnondliiR secretary. Michael Mcllrido ; mar
shal , Michael Dollnrd : board of trustee * ,
Con M. O'Donovan , T. J. Shorridan nnd
John Nnugle ; btnndlng committee , II.V. .
Hoclio , Con M. O'Donovan ' , E. Shields nnd
M. Nicholson.
Flro Clothing Sale.
The Insurance companies have ad
justed the loss of the Polack Clothing
company and the entire stock will boon
bale Tuesday morning at I ) o'clock , at
the old stand , at genuine lira prices.
A Busy Week In Masonry.
The present wcok will bo a busv ono with
the Masonic fratcinityln Nebraska. The
grand custodian , Leo P. Gillette , of liuatrlco ,
will open n custodian's lodge to-day , continu
ing throe days. Members of the fraternity
ar Invited to nttctid this Icdgo of instruc
tion. Sessions will bo hold In Freemason's
hall , corner Sixteenth ucd Capitol nvonuo.
On Wednesday at 7 p. m. ttio grand ledge
of Nebraska will begin its sessions , which
will probably last until Friday. There nro
WO delegates to the grand lodge , but It Is not
known just how many will bo present. The
ofUccrs uro as follows : G. M. , George 13.
Franco , Yonc ; D. G. AL , John J , Mercer ,
llrownvlllo ; senior warden , Itobcrt E.
French , Kearney ; Junior warden , liradticr
D , Slaughter , Fullerton ; treasurer , Clirls-
llmt Hurtman , Oinalm ; secretary , William
H. Uowou , Omaha ; chaplain , Jacob A. Hood ,
Bchuylor ; orator , Houry H. Wilson , Lincoln ;
custodian , Lee P. Gillette , Houtrico ; mar
shal , Samuel P , Duvluson , Tccumsoh ; senior
deacon , Lewis A. Kent , Allndan ; Junior dea
con , Ed word 0. Jackson , Ulairj tiler , Jacob
Klner , Paplllton.
The stockholders ef the Masonlo homo will
hold an adjourned mooting at 4 p. in. to-day
to decide upon the location of the homo.
Tuesday at 4 p , in. the Veteran Masons
Will hold tbclr soml-anuual mooting at the
hall , and nt 0 p. in. will dine with G. W.
tiininger at hii art gallery. Tins Is a social
ocloty composed of Masons who have boon
members of the fraternity twenty-llvo years.
The grand council of royal and select mas
ters will meet Tuesday at U a. m.
Chloride * Instantly UUIurcot
lha house drains , water closets , sinks ,
pellnrs. etc ,
Subject of Bov. Wilbur Craft's Dis
course Yoatorday Morning.
Ono of the Great Enterprises Which
It Is Proposed to Stamp Out
A Monster Petition to
Rov. Craft's Ijootttrc.
Hov. Wilbur F. Crafts , field secretary of
the American Sunday Union , preached nt
the St. Mary's ' Avenue Congregational
church , yesterday nfternoon , on the observ
ance of the Sabbath as n day of rest. Mr.
Crafts has been making a tour of the states
In the interest * of the cause of which ho Is
the champion , and on his present trip has
visited twenty-two cities. The reverend
gentleman look for his text Nohomlah XIII ,
19 "No buidon on the Sabbath day. "
Thospeaker flrst described tlio two wings
of his subject that are often confounded , the
"Christian" nnd "American Sabbath. "
These two wings boar the same relation to
each other ns crime nnd sin. Sin is an offense -
fonso ngainst God , while crime is an offense
ngnlnst man. "Tho American Sabbath is
the ono of which I shall mainly speak , " ho
said. "At present wo nro asking congress
for n law enforcing the observance of the
Sabbath on the part of the military nnd civil
service nnd mtcr-stnto employes. The na
tion should bo n model for the citizen , nnd
therefore should not countenance laws allow
ing Sabbath breaking. Wo had u petition
before congress last winter , with 10,000,000
signatures , asking for a Sunday law , the
largest petition over presented In the history
of the world. It included nil labor organiza
tions and churches of all creeds.
"Tho Sunday rest for the soldier is almost
assured , nnd is now under consideration by
President Harrison , although the papers as
sort that he has tilreudy approved of it. But
this is newspaper anticipation.
"In Toronto , u city of 140,01)0. ) the Sabbath
is strictly observed , yet there is no u > ngcs-
tlon of business and no disaster to the sick.
A telegram on Saturday or Monday answers
the place of n letter on Sunday. Half n
million of men arc at work on Sunday on the
various railroads of the country , and they
nro forced to do It. At the national session
of the railroad engineers , nt Richmond ,
recently , a resolution wns passed condemn
ing this alleged necessity and favoring in
stead 11 law decreeing the Sabbath for rest.
Monday is of no account to the railroad en
gineer as a day of rest. His wile Is busy nt
her washtub , his children arc all at school ,
his grown-up children are at work and his
fellow engineers busy. The majority of
railroad magnates admit that every wheel
car. bo stopped on Sunday without financial
losi and ttio work can bo done bettor.
"To enact a law that on ono day the laborer
shall rest , is not unconstitutional , it does
not compel him to woiship , nnd can not bo
termed u religious movement. The portion
of the constitution of tcncst repeated is this :
"Congress shall make no law for the estab
lishment of religion. ' And yet , in the fnco
of this , congicss has passed a law interfering
with the religious liberty of every civil em-
ployo when it decreed that mail should bo
handled ou Sunday. Nearly every man in
the postal .service is troubled in his con
science over this law. The United States
should stop smashing the constitution of the
United States , and the constitutions of u
majority of the states , by forcing men to
work on Sundny. There is a national' Sun
day law provided for m section 7 of
the constitution , which snys : 'Tho pres
ident shall hnvo ten days ( Sunday excepted )
to cousidor all bills. ' Thus Sundny Is dis
tinctly recognized by the constitution.
"It Is only the baser majority of foreigners
who cry 'personal liberty' when Sunday
laws are talked of. These foreigners nppcal
to our superstition of the word 'libcity.1
The liberty of the individual should extend
only as far as it docs not affect the liberty of
nil. Law requires only what gentlemen will
not nnd others must not do. Every true
man has the spirit of equity within his heart.
Every gentleman respects the Sabbath , und
others must bo forced to it.
"Tho S ibbath is a health law. It provides
needed rest for the laborer , protection for the
homo nud is the preservation of the country.
The Sunday laws thus far extend only to the
poor , ncd do not affect the rich. The little
shoo store und blacksmith stiop nrocloscd _ on
Sunday , but three great enterprises , con-
trolcll by the rich , are run with impunity :
Saloons , Sunday newspapers and railroads.
The only excuse for thciido osint'.on ' of the
Sabbath is that the people who run them are
rich. These should all bo stopped , or every
other business opened on the Sabbath. I believe -
liovo in stopping nil money-making amuse
ments on that day.
"Not liberty ; out equity , IB our watchword.
If the Christians will only cease to encourage
the Sunday paper with ttioir advertisements
and patronage , it will soon become as disre
putable as tippling. "
An Indolent Organ.
When the liver is Indolent , ns it must nec
essarily bo when it fails to secrete the bile
in suftlcicnt quantities to moo * , the require
nlcnts of digestion and evacuation , It should
bo set at work with Hosteller's ' Stomach
Hitlers. The healthful stimulus to ncllvity
imparted by this Incomparable alternative- ,
speedily evinces itself in a departure of the
uncomfortable sensations in the right side ;
the nausea ; fur upon the tongue ; indigestion ,
nnd sick headache consequent upon inuctlvlly
of Iho liver and the diversion of the bile from
its proper channel. Irregularity of the bow
els is always turn painlessly reformed .by the
corrective indicated , which is infinitely to be
preferred , both because It Is safe nnd more
efficacious , to blue pill , calomel , and drench
ing purgatives of every class. It cures nnd
prevents fever und ague , and rheumatism.
Sir. Peters I'ropnrinu to Tnlco Charge
of 11 IH Office.
Hon. John Peters , of Albion , isnt Iho Mur
ray. Ho expects to tnko charge of the inter
nal revenue office about July 1 , and is ar
ranging his affairs accordingly. Mr. Peters
came hero Saturday to complete his bonds ,
which Judge Dundy will bo asked to npprovo
to-dny , nnd then it will bo forwarded to
Washington for examination and acceptance.
Ho has not yet received his commission , but
expects It every day. The bond required in
Ihls onico is for 6100,000 , wllh bondsmen who
must qualify to being worth doubla that
amount. The law calls for Jlvo signers. Mr.
Peters has the names of nine of the best men
in lioono county on his bond. They repre
sent over 100,000.
When asked whether ho had made any se
lections of candidates to 1111 the positions of
deputy collectors , guugcrs. storekeepers nud
clerks , ho said :
"No , I hnvo not. "
Pointing to n pile of letters lying on the
table In his room , ho continued , "Ttiero are
a few of the SOU applications received by mo
Hinco the report of my appointment was
nuido public. My answer to each and everyone
ono of thorn bus been that I would not tnako
any appointments until uf tor I tuko charge of
the olllce. "
For this district , which Includes Dakota ,
ho will have the selection of llvo miugam
and not less than three deputies ono for Ne
braska and two for Dakota.
Y. M. O. A. Park.
The Musical Union orchestra will render
the following programme at the opening of
the now athletic grounds of the Y. M , O. A.
on Haniey street , between Twentieth and
Twonty-'irst , Juno 18 , at7:30 : p. m. :
Overture "Vulo of Love'1 Callln
Selection "Gaspcrone" Mlllockcr
Cornet Solo "Kesignutlon" Koppclz
Concert Polka "Esprit Francalso"Waldtoufol
Waltz "Pearl of Pokin" Kerker
Overture "Sylvester1' Scblopegrell
After the Hull , Houstet
Selection "lolnntho" SulJlvan
The Passing Hoglmonl Coverlev
March "Solid Comfort" . . . . . . , , . , .Bonnell
Admission 10 conts. If this concert is
patronized sufficiently to pay expenses others
will bo given. There will bo running and
walking races , polo jumping , etc , Ice cream
will also bo served.
Angostura Bitters makes health , and
health makes bright , rosy chocks und
huppinotis. Dr. J. G. B. Sfegort & Sons ,
bole manufacturers. Ask your druggist ,
Organization of n Unlversnllst Church
ofTlinC Nnnio.
For three or four wcclts rnst Dr. A. J.
Pattorsoa , of Boston , has been working bore
in the interest of the general convention of
Univcrsallsts , This work culminated In the
organization nt Masonlo hall yesterday of a
church of sixty-eight members. The services
were deeply Interesting. After the devo
tional exorcises , three children of Mr. Noah
Fallh were brought to the nltar nnd were
baptized. The formula in this church is
somewhat Peculiar. At least , the formula of
this minister was different from any noticed
In this city before. Kocogmzlng the scrip
tural truth that the "church Is the body of
Christ , " the organism which Is to embody
His truth and spirit and carry forward His
work in the world , the preacher took each
'Child ' In his nrms , nnd , bathing his hnnd In
the water , said , pronouncing the name of Iho
child : "I receive you lulo Iho arms of Iho
Christian church , to bo Its choice , the object
of Its love nnd care , and I dedicate you to
lrulh , purity nnd loyal Christian service , In
the nnmo ol the Father and of the Son and
of the Holy Ghost. "
Then tLo meeting wna formally organized
by the choice of Dr. Patterson ns moderator
nnd Mr. G. E. Bertram as clerk , pro tern.
After reading the list of names of these who
had signified their willingness to como into
this fellowship , n constitution , Including a
brief statement of belief nnd uniting com
pact , was adopted. Officers wore elected as
follows : Moderator , N. A. Taylor ; clerk ,
Mrs. A. 13. Hunt ; treasurer , John Wilson ;
standing committee , A. D. Morse , Hov. M.
Garnrd Andrews and John McScarlo.
Addresses were then mutlo by Hov. Mrs.
Andrews nnd Dr. Patterson. Airs. Andrews
spoke in a graceful nnd porsunsivo way of
the spirit which should animate the new
Wo sell great quantities of S. S. S. , nnd
the solo holds up well no falllngolT , or pros
pect of falling off. While many nro loud in
its praise , not ono complaint has been heard
from our customers.
J. E. SEMIS' Diit'oSroun , Waco , Texas.
A Hold Sneak Thief.
A bold sneak thief entered Iho rooms of
Iho Omaha club , on the fourth floor of the
First National bank building , Saturday
night , and robbed the lill of nbout 500. The
management of ttio club desired to keeu the
mailer quiol , but It leaked out. The janitor
says that whllo ho was engaged In cleaning
n room ou the second floor ho heard a nolso
nt Iho entry door on Fnrnnm street. Ho at"
once ran down , but could sen no one. Ho
found a bolt off the door on the floor und ttio
door open. Thinking it was broken off by
sumo of the people who sleep on the fifth
floor , and who hud occasion to go out , ho
paid no particular nttcnlion to the matter.
Ho made a tour of oxploiutlon through Iho
building but saw nothing more to cxclto hla
suspicion. Tliero was ono light on the flrst
anil 0110 on thn third floor. The janitor says
ho is only allowed to have tlicso two lights ,
so that it would have been n very easy mat
ter for anyone to have escaped his notice by
hiding m the doorways. No clue has bcun
obtained us to who the thief was.
Advice to .Mother * .
Mrs. Win&low's Soothing Syrup
should : ilways be used for children tooth
ing. It , soothes the child , softens Iho
gums , allays all pains , euros wind colic ,
and is the best remedy lor diarrhoea.
2oc u bottle. ,
It Is Al > out to Indict Dakota With
Minstrel Purl'iirinniiccq.
Omaha is gradually coming to the front ns
a musical and dramatic center. In the last
three weeks an nggrogntion , has been form
ing nnd rehearsing in ono of the opera
houses. Tais company is to bo n female min
strel troupe. It Is composed principally of
local talent , drafted from some of the largo
factories nnd stores , and also from tbo em
ployment , agencies. A rehearsal w&s in pro
gress recently , on the stage at the Grand.
There wore present sixteen of the females of
the party and six "spjcUltv" men. . The performance - ,
formanco opens with a grand inarch by thoj
female contingcnl. This was led by u vo
luptuous looking girl of Swedish extraction.
After this came the ' 'lirst part. " with song" ,
etc. The ilrst soncr was by n former resident
of the burnt district , nnd was heart-rending"
This was followed by u tlaxun-huireU damsel
with n song which moved the entire company
to tears. She scomoa to think that noise was
the thing to bo aimed nt , and the urtist who
manipulated ttio piano puffed vigorously at a
cigarette wliilo ho clutched frantically t the
keys in a vain endeavor to keep up with the
procession. The programme said the com
pany was to como in on the chorus , hut they
were so overcome with emotion that it was
Impossible for them to made themselves
heard amid the uproar. Tim stnso manager
waved his hands nnd n cano hysterically in
the air , nnd llnully headedtho , sweet singer
off , after which ho endeavored to inculcate a
few rudiments of the profession , but with no
perceptible improvement.
It was learned that Iho company will start
out with twelve girls and six mon. Their
flrst stand will bo at the Bluffs , and if they
survive their flrst aupcarancc , it is the Inten
tion to proceed to Sioux City , if tli3 roads
dry up , and from that point the route is extended -
tended indefinitely throuuh Dakota , depend
ing mainly upon the condition of the roads.
For a disordered liver try Beccham's Pills.
Vehicle Stands.
On the recommendation of the fire and po-
llco commission , the council , to-morrow
night , will consider the following streets as
stands for vehicles for the transportation of
passongois' baggage :
Farnam , cast of twelfth nnd west of Six
teenth ; on Douglas , east of Twelfth nnd
west of Sixteenth ; on Dodge east of Fifteenth -
teenth nnd west of Sixteenth ; on Harnoy ,
cast of Twelfth and wcstof Fourteenth ; on
Sixteenth , south of Farnnm and north of
Chicago ; on fifteenth , south of Harnoy nnd
north of Cupltol avenue ; on Fourteenth ,
south of Harnoy and north of Capitol ave
nue ; on Thirteenth , south of Harnoy and
north of Dodgo.
More Sidewalks.
Sidewalk Inspector Allan has ordered
sidewalks to bo Mid on the following streets
on or before the HOth of this month :
North side Clark street at Iho Intersection
of Sherman avenue , sK Toot wldo ; west side
Thirty-third street from Blonde slrcet to
Corby street , six feet wldo ; west half lot 47
In Glscs' addition , six feet wide.
If the order is not compiled with the walks
will bo laid by the city und charged to the
property owners. ' *
Absolutely Pure *
This powder never varies. Amarrelof purltr
Dtreiifth and N holasoinenens. More economical
than the ordinary iclnda , nnd cannot be sold in
competition with the multitudes ot low coit.
hortwelchUlumor phoiprnto powdtr * . Bold
* * M * l * * * ? t M ilB" * * B" > * aIBMBM a'B"111 ' * * *
Continental Clothing House
Unapprpachable Bargains in Spring and Summer Clothing to Close the Season.
Qur entire Wholesale and retail stocks combined , on both the first and second floors of our establishment , arc now offered to
close , at prices never before approximated in the west.
AGrand , Carnival Bargain Sale This Week.
Until July ist we will offer the most extraordinary attractions in every department of our establishment Ready-made Cloth
DepartmentCustom ( Department , Furnishing Goods Department , Hat and Cap Department ever shown in America.
Do not invest one dollar in any merchandise in our line you have attended our Great Closing-out Sale for the month of
The time has come for closing out all lots of spring and summer clothing.
The opportunity is yours ! Tne loss is ours I
In our Men's Ready-made Department we offer 150 suits of Men's fine Whipcord Suits in 3-button cutaways at $15.00 per
suit. These are goods which have sold in our stock all season at $22 per suit. Made from an imported worsted , elegantly
trimmed and of a suitable weight to wear at any season. We claim that this line cannot be bought outside of the Continental
for less than $22. Our price at this sale will be § 15. All sizes from 34 to 44.
If you purchase a suit of this lot and it is not found to be as represented , the purchase money will be refunded , We cannot
send samples of the cloth , but will send a sample suit to any address , and if it is not satisfactory , may be returned at our ex
pensc. Send to us for self measurement blanks. Remember the price , $15.00 , in frock suits ,
Reduced Prices on Mens' Sack Suits.
We have reduced prices on our fine Business Sack Suits to a lower average than we have ever shown since we have been in
bnsiness. We can afford to do it as we manufacture our own goods and in large quantities. We have had a successful season
and are determined not to carry over a light weight suit. July ist is the date of our semi-annual stock taking and we will reduce
stock before that date if prices will do it.
Mens' $10 Suit Sale.
The most nttractivo part of this snlo is our Inrgo line of suits marked down to $10. Wo will not uttompt a description of thcso pootls ; they must bo soon to bo
appreciated. There IB nothing in this line but pure , all wool suitings and remember , a 810 suit at the Continental is just as closely inspected In regard to making antl
trimming as the higher grade of goods. There are goods in this line that cannot bo bought outside of the Continental for less than S13. Our price Is only $10.
A special bargain line of Mons'all wool Cheviot Pants in a neat dark striped cheviot , in all about UOO pairs , will bo offered at this sale at the unheard of prlco
os $2.Uo per pair. Solid us your measure and P. O. order for $2.23 for a pair of this lot and they cannot fail to bo satisfactory. Wo know what these goods are worth
They wore never bought for less than $3.60.
Boys' and Childrens' Department Boys' Long Pant Suits , ages 1O to 14 years , Price $5.50
Wo oircr the Greatest bargain line of Boys' Long Pant Suits , ages 10 to 11 , which wo have novel-sold at $5.50 per suit. Nothing1 larger than 11 years , in pure
all-wool Cassimoro and Cheviots , goods which wo havesold all season for $7 and $3 , at the unheard of prlco of5.50 to clear up this entire lino. We cannot Bond sam
ples of this cloth , but always bear m mind that you need not hesitate to send us a poattil-noio for the amount and if the goods are not perfectly satisfactory , wo will pay
all express charges and refund your money.
Boys' Knee Pant Suits , Price $2,50.
250 Boys' Knee Pant Suits , in a neat gray and black check and brown and gray striped cheviot , are marked at this for $2.50
per suit. This is the price paid ior a cheap grade of satinet , but in this line we offer a good honest wearing material , in colors
suitable for school wear in all , one of the best values for vacation wear we have ever offered.
Our Line of Fine Suits at $5.
Complimentary remarks are made by our customers when they examine our line of fine Cassimere and Cheviot Suits at
$5.00. During this sale the variety will be larger than ever , and we arc sure of one fact , that every garment sold out of this de
partment will give perfect satisfaction , and a customer ever sold will always bring their children to the Continental to be fitted.
Our variety is larger , the quality is just as represented , and our prices arc lower than are paid for inferior goods at other places.
Furnishing Goods Department Flannel Silk Tennis and Vacation Shirts.
We are showing the largest line of Flannel , Silk and Silk-striped Shirts for vacation wear that can be found in the city.
Exclusive styles and popular prices Silk Sashes and Belts.
A large stock is always desirable in selectingamderwear. We carry a full line of domestic and foreign makes and claim to
hare the largest variety west of New York. Special bargain lines are shown on our counters to-day that cannot be equaled.
The season is so far advanced that it is desirable to close out oar light weights. Special discount prices will be made during-
the sale in the custom department , and the same superior workmanship guaranteed which has always characterized garments
made at the Continental.
In this department we are busy now on straw goods. In Men's , Boys' and Childreh's Straw Hats we are offering quantities
and prices that surprise every one. Why pay fancy prices when you can get the same grade at the Continental for 50 per cent
less than at your haftcr's ?
FREELA3SKD , , ; IiOOMISr' & Co. , Proprietors , Corner Douglas and 15th Streets , Omaha
( OppotlM Faztoa HotaU
Office hours , 9 a. n. to 8 p. m. Hnna ; , 1 ,
m. to 1 p. m.
dper.lallsts In Chronic , Nenrotu. Skin and
Blood Diseases. _
"Consultation ot ollleo or by mall tret.
Mocllclnos sent by mall or express , socurnly
packed , free from obser * . atlon. Guarantees to
cure quickly , safely anil permanently ,
a , semi.
luna. Physical JJeeny , arising from Indiscre
tion , Kxcesj or Indulgence , producing bleep-
lessncss , Dupomlency , r : nip lea on the face.
aversion to society , easily dlxcoiiraged. lack ot
confidence , dull , unlit ( or htudy or uuglnesi.and
duds Ufa a burden , pately , permanently and
privately cured. Consult IKs. Belts & liftu ,
403 Karnain ht. , Onr.iha , Neil.
Blood ana Skin Disease ? fn 'n'o9 ' ' .
results , completely eradicated without
nt Mercurv. Hcrotula , Hry.slpelns , 1'uyor Bores ,
lllotcliOB , Ulcers. 1'alrn In the Head and Uonea ,
Syphilitic Sore Throat , Mouth nnd Tongue , Ca
tarrh. Arc. , permanently cured where otnors
have fallpu.
KUtoBV , Urinary 5af.iSlMffl5 nsi&
fluent llurnlnK or Bloody Urlno. Urlno hlgn col
oreil or with milky sediment on standing ,
\Vcnk Ilnck.Oonnon-hma , Gleet , Cystitis. 4c. ,
I'romptly nndSafely Cured , Charges Heasona-
tnovul complete , without1 cuUltiK , cunsOc or
dilatation. Cures ollectcd' ' ftC homo l > v patient
without a moments nulu or anuovunce.
To YonM Won and 'Miilile-AirGil Men ,
A QIIDDTTIDD The awful Directs' of early
ft uUnli uUltD Vire , wtllcl > orlrgs organic
weakncua. deniroylnu' botlLintad and bodv , with
ell Its dreaded ills , permanently cured ,
DOC ! DUWPQ Ailt CBS t IUIUB unntiajre Impaired
DllO. DullU themselvcB by Improper Indul
gences and solitary liabU'l. which ruin both
body and mind. nndttlDf , ' them for business ,
study or marriage. . . . .
MAIIIIIBD MEN. or these .ontarlas on that hap.
Py life , aware of phyuicaVdaVlllty. quickly M
la based upon facts. First Practical Expe
rience. Bccoiia hverycnse la especially studied ,
thus starting aright. Third Jlcillclnea are prepared -
pared In our laboratory < exactly to suit each
case , tlms miectlngcurej without injury.
ESf Send 6 cents postaga for celebrated works
on Chronic , Nervous uuil Delicate Diseases.
Thousands cured. t TA friendly letter or call
may smu you futuie EulforinLr and shame , and
add eolilen jears to lite. f-iTtio letters an-
tnercd miles * accompanied by 4 cents in ctampi.
nU on
uos I'trnaro fii-tmtt , Omaha. Neb.
A dlJNTSVANTKDllolh Koneral nnil cnn-
a-Vviitssliit ; , on the new , rovUod anil Imperial
million of.ull'H KncyUopedla in live volume * ,
just issued. HeM for cash , or on. eauy nut.U-
iiicnis. 1'or liberal terms nnd Territory addicts
T. itMVOOii : ZKLI > , l'ubn I'hllaclelphlii.
Who ilcslro to lie ; \oll nnil comfortably
dressed , should not fall to look through
our complete stock ot clothmj ; nnd fut-
ulshlngs for summer near.
KBtnlill-slird 18(10.
I'rlco. Cash. Monthly.
IStelnvt ay Square fl.TO.OJ tl.l.OO $10 no
J Knabottqtiaru 175.110 15. < W 10.00
1 Unities liroj. H < iunro , . 175.00 15.00 1U.
1 Hallet , Davis & Co. eq. IBI.UO 15.0J 10 0)
1 imeHonSmiar : lOO.'JU 10.00 7.00
1 Marshal \ VVimdell 8 ( ] , 125.0 ! )
1 W. W. Klmbull Bmiaro 1UOOJ
1 Chlc.kerlii Upright ,
K5.0J 15,03
I'rlco. Cash. Monthly.
IMnson Ilamlln , used 1
your S7G.CO 810.03 HW
' I'liiyli tV 1'nrloy ,
yriir . . . . . 70.00 10.00 8.03
1 iMoy. wcA 8 nioa. , cost
now HOj. , . . . , . . , . , . . 00.03 10.00 8.00
1 llurdolto 3UO 7.01 6 IT )
1 Taylor A ; Parley 3n ( 8.00 6 00
IMnhon Haiiilln t > 0) ) 6.00 6 01) )
1 llcnttyU7 ( top < | . . . , , . . . . 4 .t 8.00 7.00
Kvury Intitriiiiieut guaranteed to bo In ( 'ood
order , llrlnt ; tills atl. ultli you , and avoid uila-
takes. Miy ot InstrunicntH taken In ox.
ctiuuga fur now ut KIUIIH ] > rlcu imy tliuo lu ono
year. Call early and get a bargain.
1522 and 1521 FARNAM STRKKT.
I D.bllll.lH llr
4ltrll ai or
f ( . . , , . HK tiliUlHTIlil la
OUHE ty llliNlw IMI'HICD
or llBUJUBOItr. Uidtfir
. CUUE or
. UOOTUINO , iBitl .
Ikclrle. - / Vltrdlrrellr ILnuiktll k r l > . Kllor-
lot Uiu > lj li i ll , llk < > d TU mi tlrot Ik. Eltelrlg
CarrtLt - V Hit ! * r tf r ll < i,0o0lneilk.
IlkLT Jk , p. r7 ( i iill l. > 4Kp. Worn cud c r.
JS [ wull , N. VT. Btnd for circulars.
miles. Buy
. _ . _ .
nftUil ) per box , all druggists , or by mail . from
Uoctiua 31't'K Uo. Ill White st N. V. Full three-
Westward. .
Running between Council muffs and Al.
bright. In addition to thf HlMons. mentioned ,
trams stop at Twentieth and Twonty-rourtta
streets , and aftno btimmlt In Omatia.
Chicago , Milwaukee & t , Paul FTy ,
Tlio IJcsl Houlo from Oinaliu nnd Council
Chlnijjo , AND
St. I'nul Ccilin * Itanlds
. , Miniicniiolh , ,
Kdck Islunil , Frccimrl , Itockfonl ,
Clinton , Ihncnpoit ,
ji'In : ( , Jiniosilllo ,
llulolt , Wlnonn , Ln Croiic ,
Aud all otliar Imporlnnt points Kait , Kortbcuit nofl
I'or thron litlckcli , ( ll on the tick" ! nzentat I'/Ol
rnriiiiui itrutt , lu llurkur Uloet.or ul Uuion I'aclilO
l' ' < pm.
I'ullniaii 8pojori | and ttio flnoit Dlnlni Cf r In the
wur.iJ oru run outlio tiuln llnu of lliu Ctilcuxo. MII >
nnukuu A hi. IMul Uulhritr. ana uierr ntlontlim II
l > ulu lu imneukcrij \ cuuHuuui vuiplujrci of ( be
It. Mil. I. Hit , General Mnnniror.
J. ! < . ' 1 U ( Klill..nlnluni Uenurnl Slunncer.
A. V. It. UAIU'ttNltUt , Uonural 1-aiiuifcor not
Ticket Avont.
IJB'I. ' K MKAKroilU.Aiilitftnt Oenorairnii c f
and Ticket .Uent.
T. JCl.AllKeneral Euperlnlenilent.
\\/"ANTi:0---l : weekly lopreacnlatlve , male
i > or funmlf. In every community , flood *
utaple ; huunhold nucoinltyi hell at sight ! no
peddling ; salary paid promptly , and expenses
advanced. 1'uli jiartlculm a und valuable uample.
ratio t IIKK. V/u mean Jiu t what wo vu ) : uddrct *
uto.itp , BTANi > AHUillVllt ) WAUI.CU. , lie * >
ton , MIB ,