Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 17, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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No advertisement * will too trxkcti for
tlicrm columns nflcr 12:3O : p. in.
Terms Cnsli in nilvnncc.
Y AilvcrtlflcrncnM tmdrr ihrt hend 10 cent per
linn ( or tlio first insertion , 7 rents ( or each subsequent -
sequent Insertion , nnd 81.DO per line per month.
No advertisement taken for IPSI than 23 cents
for first insertion. Bovon words will bo counted
ttf the line : they mint run roniecutlvely nnd
inuat bo paid In ADVANCE. All niJvcrtlsc-
xncnti must bo handed In beforn 12TO : o'clock p.
'fa. , nnd under no circumstances Mill they be
tfken or discontinued by telephone.
-I'urtles advertising In these column * nnd hav
ing their answers Addressed In care of Tun llr.K
ivfll please ask for a check to enable them to get
their letters. us nonoxvlll bo delivered excepton
Yircsentftllon of check. All answers to adver
tisements nhould bo enclosed In envelopes.
All advertisements In those columns nro pub
lished In both morning and evening editions of
'Jlir. Ilnr. , the circulation of vrlilru ngtjrognte'j
morclhnn JP.OOOpixporndnlly , and give' HIP ad-
vcrtlscrB thobpnoUt , notonly of the city clrcu-
UtlonotTil ! llr.n. but also of Council muffs ,
Xlncoln and other cities and towns throughout
this tret Ion of the country.
Artvci Using for thete columni will bo taken
on the aVcrvo conditions , nt the following busi
ness homes , nb.o are authorized agents for Tin :
Ilitr. BBcclal notices , nnd will quote the sumo
rates as can be had nt the main , olllco.
O HASH & KDIIY. Ptatloners nnd 1'rlntern , 113
BouthlUli _ ( Street.
S JlTrAHNSWOUTH , Pharmacist , 2115 Cura-
Ing etrcot.
WJ. HU01IK3.1'hnrmaclst , 021 North ICth
. Plrect.
/TJ.EQ. W. 1'AUU Pharmacist , 1803 8t Mary's
WANTKD Sltimtloa by a young married
man. willing to do anything rcspnctable.
Address room 14 , St , Clalr hotel , city.
WANTED Situation M coachman In prl-
vnto family ; understands garden work ,
both ilowont and vegetables ; can give good
city reference. 0 41 flee.
by double-entry bookkeeper , v.-lth
good reliable firm. Aiidrcss.QOI , lice.
AKTKD lly us Invalid gentlomnu , rTstout
young man to take care of him at night.
Knqulro ui Eyu and Ear hospital , 41U S.Oth. .
WANTF.D-A man and wife for farmhouse
kitchen ; a oouplo without chlldien
Vroforrnd ; must be good bread and butter
nuikorti , neat ami tidy nnd not afraid to ivork.
To the right parties this will prove a good
he/moan long' as they may shooso to stay.
None but those who can furnish uunuostlon-
nblo references as to character and ability need
npply. Farm Is located 133 lulled west on the
tmlon.l'aeinc 11. U. Iloth parties npply be
tween the hours of 3 nnd 5 p. m. , Tuesday and
Wednesday , June 11) and 20 , to W. E. J. , 1'axtoa
liotel. 400-1S
'ANTED A No. 1 carpenter at the Cozzen's
note ) . M.J. Franek. 43'J 15 *
ANTED 'A good cook at N. Johnson' *
lunch counter , 3J31 Cumlng st. 408 163
TEAMS wnntod by Lnmorcaux llro. ou Mt ,
Hope comotary on military rood. 417 15
W "ANTED Men to tnlco charge of country
oltlciH : salary $40 to $00 p r month and ex
penses. Call or uddross , with stamps , Drown ,
Jloasoner le Co. , 0140 Wentworth uvo , , Kngle-
wood. 111. 4ii2 17 *
WANTED Salesman , selling gouts' furnish
ing , clothlug and dry goods trade to carry
> > est suspender made as side lino. Novelty
Btltehlcss Suspender Co. , 110 und 112 Wabash
are. . Chicago , ill. 47a-ii *
COUNTY agents wanted for an art workvery
attractive ; every family wants one. Oreat
Inducement to workers , both sexes. O. L.
Bnvln. Chicago. 4n3-u ;
men to sell Shetland mountain
ponlos. Sample pair free on husiness-
llto conditions. Largess herd spotted or fancy
colored ponies In the world. Loiters answered
If a self-addressed stamped envelope Is en
closed. II. Vanraub , Bocrno , Kendall Co. , Texas ,
AGKNTS Wanted ; General and local agents
tollmndle the new patent Chemical Ink
Xrasingpencil ; greatest novelty overproduced ,
erases lulc ln two seconds ; no abrasion of pa-
per2flu to'500 per cent profit ; sells at sight ;
territory absolutely free ; salary togooamen ;
eempla 35'.cents by mall ; for terms and full
particular/ ) , address The Monroe Krnser Co. ,
.manufacturers. La Crosse , Wis. 445 20 $
WANTED 10 first-class wlro workers and
awntngmakera. none other need apply.
Inquire Acme Iron & Wire works , u2 S. 10th st.
- 339
B I Am. Dlst. 'Tel. Co , , 1301 Douglas. 763
' > lf BN to Travel for tno FonthtU Nurseries of
JTJL Canada. We pay J50 to 8100 n month and
expenses to agents to sell our Canadian grown
ptock. Ad. Stone & Wellington. Madison , Wis.
W "ANTED Railroad laborers , rockmon and
track-layers for Washington Territory ;
good wages aud steaay work , at Albright's
jLabor Agency. 1120 Fnrnam st. fiat
Several more energetic and roll-
_ able solicitors , a'he Singer Mfg. Co. ; 1518
W ANTED Qlrl for general house work ;
KOoC 2120 Uobster st , Mrs. II.
\V. Cremer. 4 6 18 ,
W ANTED A gooa nurse girl. Apply at
11 Davenport st.
- < At once , a little girl to aisls t
WANTED- 10)3 ) Bo. Thirtieth ave. 17318t
TITANTE7 ) filrl to uo housework nt 2710
TV Jnckaon st. 450 lot
-w . [ At 1100 8. 10th st. a girl for gen.
oral housowprU. Uorman protorred. 422H > *
u"\\TANTED Olrl In confectionery store ; fl
TT dining-room girls In and out of city ; U
\vomnn cooks ; housekeeper for widower with a
children ; 3 good chambermaids ; 4 dishwash-
-era ; il laundresses , and lota good places In prL
Vfttofamilies. Host girls and best places are
iwnyn to ba found at Mrs. llrcKa'sU14VS S.5th.
girl for general housework , in
small family. 810 8. lllth bt. 41 IK
TDIT'AWTKI ) Competent girl for general
T T housework and a nurse girl. .Mr * . L. o ,
Jonoa.718 N-Mat st. 411 17
W ANTND Olrl for general housework. Olt
B. 17th street JTJO
WANTED A good llrst girl ; must bo a goni !
COOK and laundress ; wages if IB per mouth ;
references roinilrud. Call at Itoom 16 , Contl
ncntul building , or at 'MU Paul at. Uirj
Wnlst and skirt llnlihor.s at once
M. A. Walluco. 1B1U Howard. IL'1 IU
G , 8.13th , 3 In family. 1(1
ANTED Chambermaid at Dorun liouso
W 42JS , ,18th at , 1 block south ot court house
WANTED Competent nurse girl , ono thai
13 kliidnud willing. 162.1 1'arnam. 114
LQEKMANgirl for general housa work. UX
8. iit : n Bt. oua
ANTED Clmap for cash , a nice youni
- T V borso , weight ubout 1,000 Ibs. Stuto prlci
nd where It may bo seen. Address O K , can
JJee. 4 7 ll
TlflSSMINNICIClias removed her dressmakln
JJJLparlorx fromini51loward to ir.NLoaveuw'tli
J31lo v > lll bo pleased to have customers call.
In families , CJi H. 17Ui.
Ml 322t
* | I1IHST-class day board. Inquire 1003 Dougla
J * lt > S
'n/ ANTED Furnished bouse of 13 or 1
f T roome. nuttiibla for high toned class o
roomers. Location must tie entirely genteel
Jteforonces. Address O W lleo. 4141W
WANTED to rent by family of two , anun
furnished cottage in eood condition con
teinlnefior 7rooms ; must nava terms and lee
e tlon to receive any attention. Addrost D & 2
- Jiu HBNT New 7-room house with clt ;
< K > v tcr and bath. Apply 2h2J KrauKllu st ,
&e pooia WW Merchants' National bank. 478-glt
nSvil'boarding liomtsof W rooms each uni
'JL QUO of U rooms , where the furniture Is f o
kale. J'rlca from HOO to $600. Terms easy. Co
bperVtlne Land and Lot Co. . 80S N. lotli. 411 1
Oli UKNX Desirable c-roomlionse for renl
ilre. T. U You Dora , 22ud or.d Leavenwortlj
Good tenant for Jroom J house on
WANTED st. who will room ftml boartl
owner for tent. J. W. Fend , comptroller'8 omco.
NICK 7-room cottages : geol cellars , cisterns.
well , good bamt conv nlentto school nnd
church : KO per month for the summer. Apply
at once , U. F. Harrison , Merchants' Nat'uwnk.
'inoll HKNT-14-room brick dwelling , all con-
Jtt renlencoi , 6 blocks from 1' . O.plB N. l h st.
TT1011 HKNT A detftchod It-room house , nil
J.1 modern conveniences. Enq. SfcU CapitoUxvo'
'liMiJt fil'INT 7-room Hat. inquire nttho Talr ,
X' 13th nnd Howard. STB
7-ltOOM Hats. Enquire A"i2 S. 23d. cor. Mason.
317 17
Ir < OH HENT Klegant new brick rosiaunc ? .
1 corner32nd nnd IMppleton nvonue , ftll mod
ern convenience * , Inimlro Oeo. N. Hicks ,
room in , imrkorblp'fc 20a 21
ilOIi "URNT 7-vo'im corner Uat , 10th and
Jones. ( _ ; 200 _
0U 11KNT 7-room cottage.Applv HWS lOth
OH HENT G-room house. 003 1'lcrco st ,
T7M > K nfiNT fl-room cottngo on Chicago Rt.
JL1 UiKitilro 403 N. 15lh St. . Tiioa. Sttltt. 4TM7 *
* I71011 irr.NT "A"newny'room house , with mi
JL ? conveulencos ; No. Si 17 Jackson Ht.
3 a-room Hats. N. 17th St. , between Clart nnd
Orarc sta.
sroom house on Vark nvo.
10-roam house S. Kith st.
C-room houso. 1I2J N. 17th st. Apply to
Green i Williams. Flrat Nat. Hank building.
"TTIOH HENT Several very desirable nouses
JU in flrst-clasH neighborhood , pleasant nnd
healthy location ; nil modern conveniences.
Inquire Oeo , N. Hicks , room 40. Darker block.
13:31IrNCE3 In the Wm.J.l > nlblockcor.llth |
JtXnnrt Chicago Slost modern and attractive.
Will bo ready about July 10th. Apply , I'aul.lGOO
1'arimm. 413
FOH HUNT New brick houses. 11 rooms.with
every modern convenience ; on cable line ;
only til per month. C. T. Taylor , cor. nth nnd
Douglas. 023 _ _ _
T7 OK KENT-Fine basement In the Best ro-
J tall block In the city , slzo S2x85 foot. Hayward -
ward llros. . 1MB Douglas st.
. . HENT 14-room hou&e , all Improve-
JU in en to. 2812 Chicago st. 311 IS
FKKNT 5-room house , 1HO ( South 18th st
on y a iw
7 > OH ItKM1 3 , 4 , or 6-room liouso nt 038 N
. ' 13th st ; a front rooms at \Voolworth avc.
moil KENT An 8-room Uat , $ J3 1U21 Howard
1 st. meat market. 378
POH HENT A Hat In the Her building ;
7 rooms , stoamhoat , gas and bath. Apply
o A. C. Haymer hardware , ICtn and Jackson.
rpo ItENI Two furnished rooms without
-I.board , with all modern Improvements ;
finest location In the city : references required.
Apply at store 210 and 21215th s t. nuar Douglas.
4 4 tfl
FOH KENT Two rooms furnished complete
for light nousokeeplng. with furniture for
-iBls on easy payments. Enquire 1302 Douglas ,
oem C , 3rd Uoor. 43S-l it
71LEQANT furnished rooms at Qlobe hotel.
JQj 381-15J
"OOOMS by the day , week or month , with every
J-lmodcru conveniences , at Qlobe hotel.
TTIOIt KENT Asulta of furnished room'i.sult-
J nblo for man aud wife or two gentlemen ;
also a single room ; prices very reasonable ;
everything convenient. 013 S. llth st. 37214t
"filLKGANT fnrulsncd rooms at Globe hotel.
ROOMS by the day , week or month , with every
modern conveniences , at Giotto hotel.
TfLEGANT furnished rooms at Globa hotel.
JiJ < 331-15J
M IIS. TUTTLE , formerly ot 1812 Chicago St. ,
has removed to Mr. Jlerrlam's now houses.
00 and 108 So. 25th St. , and Is now ready to rent
- oems , furnished or unfurnished , with llrst-
class board. S77-15T
ROOM S by the day. week or month , with every
modern conveniences , at Glebe hotel. d
, 384-153
furnished rooms at Globe liotol.
'LEGANT furnished rooms at Glebe hotel.
Jll , 3S4-1GJ
EOH HEN'l Two rooms furnished for light
house keeping ; front two streets , sightly.
B07 Howard st. 49318t
THOU RENT Cool , shady sleeping rooms , Jl.BO
per week , upwards. 807 Howard St. 400 18 *
TnOU.UENT--Fnrnlshod front room for two ;
JP all modern conveniences ; board If desired.
S213 Dodge st. 4ho
OH KENT For one or two gentlemen , largo
JD front room with alcove , nicely furnished ;
oncnblo line , Dodge St. , opposite -5th ave.
SLEEPING HOOM with iiso of parlor and
piano , suitable for gentleman and w Uo. b20
N. 17th st. 41)4-17 ) *
TJfllQNT Parlor aud bed room on second lloor
J- ' with all conveniences for man and wife or
two gentlemen. S211 roruam 42 ?
SINGLE room and iloublo room , every con
venience. 1903 Capitol ave. 778
BOOMS for rent at 2125 Dodge st. , nicely fur
nished , terms mode.ale. U3D ltt !
furnished south room with nrst-
class board. 2J15 Douglaa. H7ol7t
T710H KENT Ono furnished front room for
-C one gentleman only at No. 2501 St. Mar
nve. 85817t
WANTED 2 rentlemen or man is wife to
take nice cool room & board. 1911Touglas.
310 17.
T > OOM and board cheap lor two , In private
-It family. 2218 Hurt. 305 17t
TT'OK KENT Furnished room , with board 1722
J } Dodge 43tl
"OOOMS and board , 100 ana 108 So. 2Kb. st.
It 270 j uly 8t
Y furnished rooms , board If desired ;
gas , bath , electric bells , etc. 100'J Douglas ,
TTHJHNISHED room for rent after June 25.
43 2024 Hurt St. 153
KENT Furuished rooms , llrst-class ac
commodations. Mrs. Tivlngler , 012 s 1.1th
street. M5
FURNISHED rooms byday , week or month ,
8t. Clalr hotel , cor 13th uud Dodge. 775
LAHGE front room with bed-room adjoining ,
handsomely f urnlsheil , gas aud heated by
steam , with use ot bath room. In ouo of the
handsomest residences In the city , without
board. Inquire n. w. cor , 19th and Loavenworth
IJIUHNISHEI ) rooms , single or en suite , hath
-U and steam ; lor gents only. 1519 Howard.
"ID OOM with or wltBout board. 1812 Dodgo.
llliNT-Koora. 1021 Howard.
TTlUnNlBllEnor unfurnished house for rent
J-J lit Tark Terrace , oppoaltn Ilanxcom park ;
nil modern conveniences. Inquiry Lea &
Nlchol , 28th aud Leavouworth , 782
T7IOU KENT 2 front rooms , en suite , modern
-E conveulences.tor gcntlamcn only.aiSN.17th.
7ii 23
"VT1CE rooms , finnlshed. IS to J12 per month ,
Li or by week. 1'eabody house , 1UU and Jones ,
705 3 26t
T , AKOK furnished room forrent , suitable for
JJJ gentlemen. 1821 Faruam. ttti
'l 5lt KENT A pleasant room , only nmmutai
J- walk from business center , all modem con.
vonlencon , cor St. Mary'u uv . and 2uth or Of ) 8 ,
jioth. brick residence. 001
" 1 OVELY south front room , every con van-
jUicnce , ) i block from street cat , 2.0j Dauglai ,
Oil KENT-A nicely furnished large front
viioio , all modern couventunces ; for furtaer
partlcutara call at 15 Dodge st. 195
TjAOll BENT Two good large "basement rooms ,
J3 rheop. 252U Pouglas st. 485 lb *
ClOH ItENT nntll October 1 , large furnished
-C house , call 01 B , 3th. 3UJ
TTtOK KENT Unfurnished rooms suitable toi
J housokevplns In suits of 3 to 4 ; conveuleni
location. Hutu lien tins Agency. ir.OI Farnam
"OOll RENT 1'ieasant unfurnished rooms
J-'overJGOl Howard st. For olKces purposes
TJ OH HEM' Stora In th very best location
TT1011 UENT-lYont ofUc * , crouna lloor , UK
J-1 a win. Ten
TTIOK KENT Stores and living rooms on Cum-
JL : Ing st. Also liouso on Cuss st. Harris , room
411. Ut Nat , llane. SM
_ _
"IJIOK HENT The 4 story brick building TTlth
JLJ or without powernow occupied by Tuo Bos
Publishing Co. . 810 Farnam st. The building
has a lire proof osmentad tmsomeut , complete
steam heating fixtures , water on nil the Ifoors ,
ga . etc. Apply at the office ot Tne e . PIS
Oil ItENT-A fine corner brick store , well
locatodO a splendid opening for a good
liquor saloon. Apply room 1 Ware blk. 3.V114
friOH HENT-Storo SJxCO ; 1118 Jackson st.
JJ Enquire 1114 Jackson. _ 783
T Oll ItKNT Storu. with rooms In the roar in
JO which family can live ; $25 per month. 0. F.
Harrison. Merchants' Nat-bank. 758
TTIOH HENT 2 floors front half UemU build-
JJ ing , power , host , electric light. Inoulro of-
floe of Item Is Omalia Hag Co. 840 J 20
TF you want your nouses rented lnt with I'nr-
JL rotte's rental agency , 10th and Doilgoi
pBUSUNAIi-A lady of this city wishing to
JU fonu the acquaintance ot arospoctablo man
of 3J years antt a good education ; money no
pbject. H F. IL K. AddreisJ' . O. _ 45. ' < 1
'ho'toi of Otnalfa baTe ball cTnb
JL. Nl on sale nt Hey it , the photographer. ( Iran-
lie block. 1M
TUST arrived at AVTlTTlonnott & Co.'s stables ,
U Capitol ave. , 1 line carriage team , I gaud
nadler , 2 single horses suitable for ladle } ' drtv-
Ing , and several gentlemen drivers. _ 411 _ 21t _
nAHE ( Hobo hotel Is newly furnished and fit toil
JL up throughout. 130. * , 1.110 , 1312 Douglai.
_ [ _ _ | _ -
. Wallace Investment ageut.has removed
fromSVi Croighton block , to 310 J.J.llrowii
building , 10th ami Douglas u. 3J4 15
T\7ANTKD-Good second-hand set of No-
f T bruska reports. Address box 2itt , Ivoar-
noy. Nob. 40t 15'
rpHE Glebe hotel Is newly furnished and fitted
JLup throughout. 130H , W10,1312 Douglas.
GG. Wallace Investmvnt agent has removed
from bh CrelL-htou blocK to U10 J. J. llrowu
building ICth and Douglas . ! ! 15
rplll ! Olobe hotel Is newly furnished and Utted
-Lup throughout. 1'JX , 1J10,11I2 ; Douglas.
O. Wullnco Investment agent , has removed
from BK Creighton block.to310 J. J. llroviu
bull ding ICth nnd Douglas sta. , I1.1415
PT M lUIIiLIjAS nui patasols coverfld"nndTo -
U paired. S17 815th Iloyd's opera house block.
n libber store. H. llalor. 701
rAHH banjo taught as an nrt by Geo. iCG
JL lonbeck. Apply at Iloe olllue. U50
F. DALEY , aower bulldnr nnd drain
laver , house drainage nnd sanitary work a
specialty. Olllco 1107 Douglas St. , Omaha. Nyb.
GKO. II. JONES , pluuiblns and giis lilting
drain laying , sewer nnd water connections
a specialty , 1414 Deuce st-in basement. Omaha ,
118 V 3
T OST On Sunday morning black pony.whlto
AJfnco nnd white feet. 1'leasu return to 501
Bo. 16th t. , and receive rewaul. f.01 17t
llotweou Over , V Schoelply's boot and
LOST store on Douglas St. aud llcyd'A
opera house , lady's pocketbook containing
nbout $19. Tno llnaor will l > o liberally ruwnrd-
by leaving the same nt lleo olllce. 41)7-17 ) r
LOST lloau colored Ilolsteln cow ; nnv lufor-
inatlou will DO thankfully received at J. L.
Brandies & Sons. 8f
CJTOUAOE at low rates at 11211'arnam St. ;
OOmuhu Auction nnd Storage. 7'JJ
rpUACKAOE , storajre , lowest rates. W.
JL Dushiuau , Wll Louvouworth. 7.U
BltANCH A ; CO. . storage , 1211 Howard.
nnd forwanlln ; . Wo collect and
STORAGE ot all descriptions , merchan
dise , furniture and baggage , at cheapest rates
for storage for any length of tnuo. vans nnd
wagons to te hivl utshortest notlca , with earn-
ful men for moving. I'acklug and shipping
from our own \varelious9 done on inn o
charge. Merchandise loaded and unloaded.
Warehouse on our own tracks' . Olllco 217 8.14th
st. : telopnono 111. Hawaii tc Co. 311
D H. NAN NIK V. Warren , clairvoyant , med
ical and business medium. 1'onuvlu diseases
a specialty. 119 N 10th st..ropms ; ! aud 3.7D5
7D5 ,
TANDA11D shorthand school , Paxton block ,
. ' ( successor to V tlpnUuo'.s shorthand lustl-
tuto ) , the largest , best equipped shorthand
school In the west : is under thu personal super
vision of Joseph I' . Megjath , an ex-olllclal re
porter and state ugont of tlio llemlngton Stand
ard typewriter , assisted by experienced Tcr-
batim reporters , ilecluinlcal construction of
machine taught by factory export. Particular
attention paid to typewriting. Stonographars'
supplies tor salo. Circular f roe : 733 _
ana typewriting. Omaha business
ness collect ) , cor Capitol ave aud Itith.
Standard methods tnuirht by C. C. Itwlng. of
San trnncisco , the best teacher ou the 1'acltlc
coast , MuiMon'a rwlsod of ' 8J a specialty ; new
plan ; blackboard illustration ; day and evening
classes ; call or wrltif for terms. 737
\Xf ANTED To ntfy coil yard or lease grgund
V > vrtth rallroaa switch ; name locationjitirlcu
and terms. Address C 4S. ea olllco. UiTlV
WANTEli To buy an established Insurance
ngeucy-or half Interest In s.une. Address
"W. II. C. , 13ll Loivonworth st. t 470-10T
WANTED Teu to forty acres high , sightly
land , north of Pnrk Mi.and within three
mile circle. Address CiH , Hoe olllce. Son
WANTED For spot rash , a forty or twenty-
aero tract Inside the four-mile limit ; no
boom prices entertained. Leave propositions at
Itoom It , Chamber of Goinmorcv. Tel. 114' .
0)7 ! )
" \X7ANTKD Furniture , carpets , stoves anil
T > household goods . ! nil kinds. Omaha
Auction A : Storage CD. , 1121 Faruutu. 80J
"A NT1QUAHIAN Hook S torV 1113 Ilxrham fit
JA Casn paid for 'nil-hand I'ooUs. magaxmes.
FOR SALE--iyilSCEl.l.AN =
fOH BALK Two parrots , tale some ; prlco
I $10 and $12 HOD South Wth St. , room 8.
471 22f
IJIOK BALIS Cheap , a modlum-sliod cart in
X' good condition. Simpson' * make. Also ,
child's sldo unddle. Apply , C07 N. I'.tth st.
441118 ?
TJ1OH SALE-ft'Mnch Expert Columbia. 1HHT ;
JL' Ingoodcondltiou ; \ \ 111 sell lineup. Addniss
room 14. Bt. Clalr hotel , city. 45J-15J
"IjlOlt SALi--Flno : match team drivers , double
JL1 haiuoss and itoubk'-boatuil surry at ! , their
value. Call 411 1'axton block. 4H ) 15r
Foil SALi : Oood lumber waon $15. Omaha
Uroom works , cor. nth and I'lirlllu. < J3J lif
FOH SALK-Cheap. funilturo of t-lntforoom :
compluto for lionsekcenlng ; central local-
Ity. Address , u . Uflo- ; . . ar.u 17 ;
BALIJ-On easy terms , the best located
coal yard Iu Council Dlutfd. - ' * ) feet truck-
ago. E. U. .May no , uiu lii-oailway , (
_ - _ _
iTHW SALE No. 2 Caflgruph typewriter" " In
JL llrtt-class order , Ailddreos , C II , Ituo.
am nt
"filOH BALi : Cheap , One bicycle , oua Tail'
JL1 den tricycle iuil ouo slnslu tricycle , good
ns now _ Apply Jouu BjJ'rlnce , Collaoum. _ 12J
' "
F'OH SALE Che.ip-About M lioaa of 1m"
proved Texas har os. crmsratlug of geld
ings , mares and coltx. stallions and mixed. Will
BCII part or all. Apply J. L. Haluort , Corslcana
Texas. 414-Jlli )
_ _ _
1DLAND Ouarautea & Trust Co. , JjOU'ar-
nain.Completoabstracts f umlshod aud titles
to real estate examined , porf ected & guaranteed ,
. _ B31
AH8TJIACT8 Lmatiaii If JIahoaey , room 608 ,
1'uxtim block. KO
TITONKY loaned for 30. eo or UO dayj on anj
-1'i.klnU of chattel eecurlty ; roasoiublo Intur-
fit ; coulldentlal. J. J. Wilkinson. 1117 l''ainam
MONEY" to loan on furniture , chattels or leu
tEtnte. Uwost rates on good loans , J , II
Kiulnger , 1117 Faruam , room U. ia7 jyO
SHALL loans , short time , good aocurlty ,
reasonable Interest. F. U. box OOJ , city.
731 J2T
BUILDING loans. D. V. Bholas , 210 llrst No
Uoualbank. K10
LOANS made on real estate nnd mortgage :
bought. Lewis S , Itued & Co. , It 13 , Hoard ol
Trade. 813
B UILDINO and other real estate loans. ,
HarrU. ruoui ) , t'reazor Ulooic. opp. I * . O ,
PROri/F.'S Financial Exchnngo Largo and
small loans for ftng ana short time , at low *
cat rates of Intereir. on real estnto mortgage
notes , chattels of AUklnds , diamonds , watches
nnd Jewelry. Doa't fall to call it you want fair
nnd cheap accommodations. O. llouscaron ,
Mgr. , room 67 , llafrfitt blk , 15th and Farnam.
' * '
_ ' ' _
MONKV to loan' ; fnsh on hand : no delay. J.
"W. Squire , 121U Jfarnain at. , First National
bank building. | ' ? ; 811
, Loan Co. will make you ft
u i loan , on hoira hold goods ,
lutttta , wagons ,
lf\nrt \ ; contracts ,
fine Jewelry , HrwcuTltlos of nny kind ,
without publicity , at reasonable ralos.
Itoom 7 , HowloT block , South Omaha ,
llooms 518-519 , 1'Axton block , Omaha , Noli.
, Vl _ 819
M : ONEV to loan nt low rates by Excelsior
: Land Co. , 81V SontU 16th street , Omahn ,
OF. IIAHHISON loam money , lowest rates.
-7 * 803
MONEV to loan. 0.1' . Davis Co. . real ostnto
and loan agents , 1515 tarilnm st. 8J3
MONEY Loans negotiated nt low rates wllh-
outdday. and purchase goods , co umorclal
paper nnd mortgage notes. B. A. Slomau , cor.
loth end I'nnmm. JB20
EYSTONE Mortgage Co. ; loans of $10 to
tl.OO ) ; get our rates before borrowing anil
save money ; loan on horses , furniture or any
approved kecurlty , without publicity ; notes
bought ; for now loan , renewal of old nnd low
est ratcs.cnllH'JOS.Shceley blk,15th& Howard st
DON'T borrow money on furniture , horses ,
wagons , oto. , or collaterals until you see C.
U. Jacobs , 410 First National bank building.
; 815
SEK Sholos. room 210 First Nat'l cank , tint ere
making your loana. 810
T7IIHST mortgage loani allow rates nnd no do-
JL1 lay. D. V. Sholos , 210 First National bank.
WANTKD-First-class inside loans. Lowest
rates. Call and sreus. .Mutual Investment
Co. , It. 1 , llarkor blk. . 15th nnd Faruaui. S17
SMALL snort tlmo loans on chattel security ,
Jill Ohio st. ; call after 0 p. m. 8W Ji'Jf '
M' ONKY ' to loan. Harris R. E. & Loan Co. ,
room 411 First National bauk. KJ1
TV TON fiV to loan on horses , wagons , mules ,
J-'JUiousiihola goods , planosorgans. diamonds ,
lowest rates. The first orgaulzed loan onicolu
he city. MnKoloans for tnlrty to three hun-
Ired and slxty-llvj days , which can bo paid In
part or wholo. nt any tlmo , thus lowering the
irlncipul und Interest. Call nnd see us wheu
ou want money. Wo can assist you promptly
nd to your advantage without removm of
iroperty or publicity. Money always on hand.
Co delay in making loans. C. F. lleod& Co. , 310
S. I3u st. , over Ulngham & Sons. itt *
MONEY loaned on furniture , horses nnd
wagons ; rati-s reasonable. City Loan Co. .
18 S.'Mi \ at. , opposite Mlllard hotel. 42i ) u
TITONEY to Loan \Vo are reatly for appllca-
-1-tlons for loans In amounts from $35J to J10-
"JOO on Improved Omaha or Douglas county real
estate. Mill Information as to rates. l < oaus
promptly closed. Good notes will bo purchased
by us. Call upon us or write. Tha McCague
Investment Co. 811
LOANS en improved and unimproved prop
erty at low rates. Odell Hro3.ACo.,312S.lUtn.
r)00,00) ) to loan nt II per cent. Llnahan & Mahoney -
$ honey , room f03 Paxton block. 8Ji
ONEY to loan on furniture , horses.wagons ,
-I'-MjU1. , or on any approved security , j. W.
Hobblus , H2JO , Shnoloy blk. l.'ith nud Howniil.
o.R HAilItlSON loans money , lowest rates.
tCILDIKG LOANS-flJ } to 7 per cent , no ad-
'dltional charged..for commlaslons or attor-
W. U. Melkle , 1'irat Nat bank bldg.
8'J )
PEOPLE'S rUiaiijial ( : Excnange The fairest ,
quietest and. mi } t liberal money exchange
In the city ; money loaned without delay or
nibllclty. In any nuiomit. largo or small , at the
I wobt rates of Interest , on any available &e-
curlty ; loans may. bo pal.l at nuy tlmo or re
newed at original rates O. llouscarcn , Mtrr. ,
rooiu 57 , Barker block , 15th und Karnnm. 81. )
MONEV to lorturon real estate nt low rate.
J. D. Zlttle , 4SO Paxton blork.
* 131-- !
TTNIMPitOVED * ana Improved property :
U loans madei promptly ; money ouiiand. F.
M. lUcliurdsoii , jiw cor nth and Douglas.
T CAN make a few loans on tlrst-class chattel
J. securities at reasonable rates. W. 1C. Pottur ,
room 10 , llarkt-r bit , K22
DO YOU > vant ijicnioy ? If PO. tlon't borr6w
before getUuSflijy'i'ates , which orattio low-
estoUhuysumfroui'Sloupto SlO.noj. '
1 mnKe loans on household goods , pianos , or
gans , horsas , , mulos. wagons , warohouao re
ceipts , houses , leases , etc. . in any amount at the
lowest poialblorates , without publicity or re
moval of property.
Loans can bo mailo for ono to six months nnd
you can pay ap rtataay tune , ro3uclni { tmth
principal nn 1 interest , if you owe n balance
on your furniture or hoisos , orluve a lonn on
them , I will take it up nud carry it tor you as
long as you desire.
If you need money you will find it to your nd-
vnntago to sao nm before borrowing.
B. F. Masters , room 4 , WUhnell building. 13th
and Harnoy. 821
PHILADELPHIA Mortgage ft Trust Co. fur
nish cheap oastarn money to borrowers ,
purchase securities , perfect rule * , accept loans
at thulr western olllce. Ueorgo W. P , Coctos ,
room 7. lloird of Trade. S27
B1 loan > . Llnnbnn & Mnhonoy.
MONKY to loan oil renl ostata security , at
lowest nit33. lloforo negotiating loans Hoe
Wnllace , Crelshton blc. , loth and Djula-j. 8-tJ
" . Ice cream pirlor. catuly
v > mauufaeturln } . ' business , grocery store , liar-
lie r shop niul meat markets.hotals ana rcstnur-
auts.Co-Uperatlve Land & Lot Co , SOiN loth st.
433 17
DllV OOODS business for sale , or partner
wanted. Uuslness well ustablished in city
of 18.lUJi ) > 30plo ; clean Block of about 8.V.OM.
1'srtuer ' -ell I'or half cash and
proruiTed , or y.'lllell
halt clear real estate ; u.ood ( opening. Aildreax ,
A. A. llopkliu , .Milliard hotel , Omuhii , Neb.
LOOK nt This A "No. 1 butcher shop for sale
In Hastings , Nc1) . , dolua a good business.
Owner going Into stock trade. ( A good opcninij
tomako money ) . J. II. Hoilgors , real estate
dea'.or. lladthiy.S , Nib. 457 0'
"filOH SALE Hpstaurant. confi-ctlonory etore
JL1 nnd lea cream parlors : doing good business ;
onN Ureot. ne.irSrth , in South Omaha.
\\T E n ave for Halo or oxchantio one of tuo
T > nncst hotel properties in un Iowa city of
0,0)0 inhabitants , the leaJun ; honso In the
placo. W. it. K. At M. E room 14 Chamber of
Cuinmorco 7CJ
03,000 to tVCOi wanted to pat Into a good uusi-
iJJ nesij ; Jirstcliias security aa.l gooa r.ito ot
Interest paid for short or Ion ? tune. Or will
tr.ko partner. I'or p.trtlcui.irJ address 1743 ,
Ueo olllco. _ " _ 14.2 _
TJIOH SALW Meat ainrkot completa ; c.m bo
JL1 hamlled for llttla cash. Call at room 4 ,
Wlthuell blk. avj
A GOOD re.ittturnat for sala : doing ; ; oed bus
iness ; Koodruasonn for boiling. Address C
41.1109. i 10)20'
TT/OH BALK AuiJ exchange , a good entab-
Jliihed paying lumber , coal and Implement
busmesj In one ot the best tovniu In northeast
Ne Lra ku on linoirtjtworailroadK. Will take
part in K"od Omisjnlresuleiice or Inside prop
erty. All cjcar 'W > ilnciunbranccs. Address
C 4i , Bee oflico , J
T71OH SALT ! Itci and bakery lniu > ,
-U good uualnewj roabon for selling. For
, Boo.
" 171 011 SALU 4 1C'itablUliecl ; ' booV-blndlng
Jl In Jwwi Lake City. Hhllev. Oro-
eholl & Co. , reul : stxV ! , bait Lake City , Utah.
THADK Hotmutlo sewing mahlue for
young , sound liorao. Will jiay cash dlttur-
e. li. L. Lovejoy. 118 No. 16th lit. 4OT IU
T710U HALKoiiwlll trade for good dwolllm ,
X1 JJ.OJD real iftii JBeMind mortgut'ca , J. J
lll'l'ayiam. { 40'J
FOIt HALi ; or oxcimuge for good unlucum
berod propeity.JIrut class arng and wul
paper stock Iu imoftttho beat cltla In South
Uukota. Address N1I. JlurrllL Huron. Dak
KXCHANnu-T have a considerable
X1 amount of tuuucumberud property In agrl
cultural laud , town lots and Improved towi
proi > erty in N braeka with perfect title , to exchange
change for cijullloi in Omalia property u
actual values. A proposition for nxchanza o
Irom Ki to t'M.W of ofiuity will bo comJort'U !
3C. B. Clarksoii. 811) ) , So. Utn St. 4i 7--'l
THOU KXCHANU-rour ; flue lots Iu north
J-1 part of tort'ir ; clear ot Inouuiberance
comer two streets and alley. Wuut neil HO am
lot. Addrfsa C. M' , llee ollice. 4bu-ll )
I WOULD lUu to trade n good two-story houa
nnd lot ) xlM ft-ei , \ > Hum ono block of 1'nrk
avo. and Park school for vacant etut front lo
In Hauscom placo. Will assume tome Incum
brunco. Address , C 45 , Iloe olllce. at)7 )
m ( { EXCHANOK for Omaha property , one o
X the beat Improved farms In Iowa , ouly one
mile from town of r.CKH inhotmantu , W. U. E
* u. K. rnnm u. iUi i , > lior ot Commerce. I'll
O Aflno farm of SOO acres In
Volk county. Neb , -I miles from Clnrks ,
Kelx , to exchange for rattle ; HO Heron under
nltlvntlon , house , barn , wagon scales nml
good feed lot. Address C. Osfcatnp , KJ15 Web-
tor > t. Omaha , Neb. 010
[ jlOTT E XC1 f ANQ Forlloslrftbl re slJ en co
JU proponjIn Omahn , nuy or all of following ;
40 choice inside residence lots in Hastings.
109 lot * In Lincoln.
do acres line farming land , Lancaster county
1'lno rtsldr.uco property , Lincoln.
Good rental property. Lincoln ,
Choice family raMdanco corner. Los Angeles.
A neat residence property In llanscom place.
Also some good mortgage not PS.
Addreo civlng location and prlco of prop-
rty , J. B. II. , care llanm Iron Co. , 1.J17 Leaven-
worth. KO
po TUADK Vor Nebraska or TCnhsns land.
JL nbout t2,5iiO of clothing mid furnishing
cooiln , nt a bargain. Address IL W. , lock box
13 , Wjmoro. Neb. 418ZU
[ 7IOU KXCHANOE-An elegant tract of land
LJ containing 1ft ) acres. In Antelope county ,
teb. , vrlth orilinnry Improvements.
A quarter-section in Hand county , Dakota ,
partly Improved.
Eighty aoren near Council DlulTs , la.
liouso ami lot on South Kith st ,
Lnrgo amount of Oil Mountain nnd PMrnllum
ompnny oil Block. Will exchange for coed
iropcrtyor tlio erection of nome hoiisoi , lleo.
. Moiusdorir , 1st National bank building.
| ? , OH KXCHANGK Tor farm In Douglas Oo. ,
JL1 smaller house , clear lots , or peed paper , n
oem noiiHo on California si. ,1 , W. Toad , romp-
roller'M olllce , city. 437 21 *
WANTKD 2,500 acres of eastern Nebraska
land unlnciiinbored , In ouo body In ox-
hango for Inildo occupied Omaha business
iroptrty , Address Ii 72 , lee ! ollice. 837
LIVIiltVittocK at ICth and Cass sts. , city , will
trudo for land or city property nnd one-
thlnl cash , fiproom hotel , JliWW. llrlck block
In u good Nobra > ka town , clear , to trudti for
city property. jri.oXI stock ot general merchan-
illsn to trudo for city or land property nnd
cash. Oo-operatlve Land and Lot Co. , 2ViN.ltth.
44W 17
FOR nXGIIAXaE 9-rootu house on Callfor-
nla si. for farm Iu Douglas Co. . smaller
house , clear lot ? , or good paper. J.V. . Vead ,
comptroller's oillce. 4.'I5 "
TlO Exchange Cash und clear property for
merchandise , or merchandise for cash nnd
clear property. Address Look llox 14 , Oothcn-
mrg. Neb.
AN Improved farm to trade for mdso. , gro
ceries preferred. J. H. Mason , Central City ,
Nob. : aj-2Jj
"VVrnsTKUN lauds , farms and city property
TT for stocks of goods. ICoom 2 , iSifi rarnam
iriOH KXCIIANOE-Lot nud small house. 30th
JL ? nndllamlltin , aud lots ; , Nelson.s add. , for
rude lor outside lots clear or ucre property. A.
' . Tuki-y. l.'ith nud Douglas. _ 3J3
To trade tor liouso nud lot in
goud location ; will assume light Incum-
iranco. Address AUgB olllce. _ , tl ± i
JL' lllalr , l.l''O fruit trees , 1 ncro grapes , plums ,
cherries , strawberries , ruspberrles , eta , best
> lace for a home In Washington Co. II. W. Me-
irlde. 178 lilj
O "llCIIAUO II1LLI ! Orchard Hllll Lot 33 ,
block ! * , can uo bouirht for $ HOO. It only
akes about 3.0 cash , balance easy ; un elegant
avlng lot. Arnold & Co. , room 527. Faxton
ilock. 450 17
'plir motor line Is built to Collier placo. The
JL Iteltlluo ruusnoar Colllor plico. The K. II.
i M. S * . 11. U. stop all pasienjjor trains ut Col-
ier place. horao car lliw will soon reach
Jollier place. IJost addition in tlio city. Price
SiihJto tlSM per lot , one-tonth casn , u lance
ouo to Hve voaro. McC.tgue. opp. I * . O.
FOH SALE At a bankrupt price , n housa nnd
lot in Omaha Ylow. Room 11 , Chamber of
Commerce. UW !
$ ; \ . Special money on good real estate so-
ctirlty. O. F. Harrison , Merchants Nat. Dank.
! 453-15
BEAiniVUL Clifton Hill , only S7M for north
fronts and J.-OO for soutli. Bea Tukey and
get a house and stop paying rent , llnlld your
own liouso aud got your time to pay for lot.
lielt line depot only eluvcu minutes to
city. Lots will bo advanced to $ ! .IWJ whan
Motor line Is In opt-rntion. Full commission to
agents. ' Ask anybody what bo thinks cif the
luturo of Olifton HU1. A. P. Tulcoy , 15th and
Douglas streets. I1S2 15
IjTOll SALE 235 feet ti-ackage on the Union
JO Paclllc railway , near IMth St. : Improve
ments ; renting fnrWO per month ; 810,500 ; this
Is a bargain. C , F. Harrison , Merchant'a Nat.
bank. 3J8-15
THE linostdrlvo In tne city's to Collier
Place. McCague. < 07J
H SALE At a bargain. One twelve and
J ono nine room house In Kountze place , on
2-lth streot. opposite the line residences of Hod-
Ick nnd McCruary , with78 and 00 foot or eronnd
with each house to ulloy. Each house has fur
nace , gas , gas fixtures , shades. nil
plumbing , hot and cold water , elegant
hirgo rooms , all papered handsomely through
out , gooil barn with each house , and an elegant
lawn all borlded. I urn prfpansd to offer splen
did Inducements as to price and terms. Call
and lit me drive you out. Yon can move Into
these houses without a dollar of expense for
anything. Those mil- tin sold soon. See mo at
oncu. O. V. Snolos , 2:0 : First Nat'l bank. 177
FOR SALK-Ur will exchange 01 western
land * , ouo of'tho lluost hotel nroportles In
Towa. llest liofl In city ot ( i.OJJ Inhabitants ,
brings In rout-it of ? ! 1) per month. Apply soon
if you expect to gut it. W. It. E. if Mor. Ex. .
Itoom 11 , Cnambpr uf Commerce. 10)
> AltiJAIN Purtof the Dick Kimball estate.
' 50 foot on ISth strait ruiiulu ? through to 17th
ave. Ono 12-room house , all modern conven
iences nnd two fl room houses. Total rental
9I.BW uer year ; price iill.OJO. M. A. Upton
Company , Itith and Parnain. 812
T710II SALE Kesldoncft lof. cor 27J and Cass.
JL will exchange for trackage pnperty ; worth
S .OOO t. . 810.0.W. C. F. Harrison , Merchants'
Nat. bank. 758
AHAHOATN A ID-room hous . barn and lot
ou Ca4 st. betwcnn IGth and lilli sts. Mark
M. J'anner , room 21 , Frcnzer block. 447-t'it
OFFER for sale for ! ! 0 days the following
I bargains : Lot7 , block 1 , "I'lalnvltiw , " ft'tli
St. , ? 1.-.0 ; now 1-room house and lot corner Ktth
wul Sahlur. lloyd's addition , city water , JI.20) ;
lot I ) , bll : ii , nenmau. on Holt line. JflJJ : lot 27.
lilk'.l , linker 1'iiice , t700. Terms easy. Knqulio
Sain'l Hums. 1W 17
rilWO bargains 5 acres In onu place and 2
JL acres ill another , ooth nluoly loc/iled ; will
cell so parties buying nnd platting ran realize
a lavRu prollt. Co ojieratlve Lund aud Lot Co. ,
2J5 N. Itlth st. 4'JS 17
FOH SALE The finest residence slto In West
Omnhu ; Justboutn of ramam outli ; .t. ;
n corner 10) < cH7 wltli Ib7 foot troutaga on
paved Btreot and joining ths haudsjino re-il-
doncaot K-rkauiVill - ou tha east , a-itl llraily.
JCasjoii and .Maitin on the south ; a perfect gem
and garden spot I'or an elegant liume *
Iluinny ( xniiil6t str.-ets , Illx107ou pavement ,
within three blocks of the court homo ; 100111
for seven ilno lionises that would runt as rapid
ly as completed. A Bplon lid permanent Invest
ment ,
Farnam and 2.M streets , 09x133 , with naw
threu-atory brick n orubulUllui ; . r''iitaiJ to good
pelmanuut tenants. Iteiital rocslots 81.2JJ per
tilx'teenth street near Nicholas , frontage fil
feet to ulloy ; good business property ,
1'arnam htreot. b3tw3ua3itli uivl .rjth. front
age 4B or ttjxl'kJ to alloy , nouth front , 1 block
fioiu pavement and Ntroet cars.
rurkavenue , opposite Hanscora parlc , 50x150
prlrort , ( 3 ; easy terras.
Paddock place , tructage , 60x112 , J..OW ; uasy
liliii street south of Ylnton st. , lot for sale or
trndii for mdso , or good farm laud.
8. A , Slomau , 1'iJl Fariium st , S3i3
Foil SALT. "in.711 acros. soo.5 , tp. 1'i , r. n w. ,
Hamilton county , Nob. House , stable , 3D.J
acres fenced , living water. I'ricu 5iK . i' . K.
AtKlns , owner , llalWroad Wdg , Denver. Col.
rpHE best money's worth of house and lot now
J- for sale In Omaha Is that which I nm now
completing near 24tHbt. ou paved Wlrt Ht , In
Kouutze I'lucu. 8 bedrooms , 2 parlors , dining
room , kitchen , 2 bath rooms , : ] -utar closets ,
lame laundry , stationary wash tubs , furnace
and coal room < tud collar , electric balls anil
speaking tube , 33 closet * . Prlco only S7.POJ on
terms to suit Llkau-lxo n dupllcatn adjoining
at uume prlca. W , T. Soamun. vast sldi lilth st
north of Nlcholaa at. Omana's l.irgast varloty
of wagons and carriages. b'JI
rPHE factories within easy reach of Collier
.1 plaro will employ a large force of men , Bo-
curd u homo and enjoy life. Price of lots $ Sf ( )
to JI.2JI. one-tunth cash. Bend for plat. Mc
Cague. opp. P. U. _ . _ 073
FOH SALE Haautlful i room hous < ) ll
modern Improveuionts , including xplondld
furnace , near Huusrom park , bast location in
tha city for school , churrh uud street car rl
lle en ; price il.OJj. C. F. Hurrluou , Mit
utitonul bank. 75s
SHOLK3 Special Lut .We pushlnl ! bar
gains und iidvertlnti tnem. List with rue.
Hue east front lot In llanscom place at Jl.tiOO
8JKH-asli. Decided bargain.
Fine lot on Farnain and ] .owe avenue , } ,759.
8S.MW buys a tiouse and lot in llanscom
Place , nortn of I'oppleton avenue.
Thu old Johu jihTKs Manufactory plant on
MUttourll'acillc railway. * mll s toutliw nt of
city , with 2 acres of ground nnd : i lurgu 'A story
bulldinga. tor SJ.WJ. A line opportunity for
some ouo.
I have special inducements luhousns and lots
In .ll part * of tun city either for taio or u-aitu.
Cull In uud bo jliowu tliem. 1 do uot try to cat
you In to ehowyou traxli , but bundle ouly good
property un'l deal equaroly. L ) . V. Saalai. 21
ilret Notional bank. en
iflONTIN UOUri Bide walk to ( XIUar putsa. < J t
V/'prlceaaud ' torius. McCouu * . (174
T710R SALE I/ots In Stewart Place on Txnro
- * nre.s Metropolitan. Cable passes property.
0-room house nnd barn , llanscom Place , a
houses and lota ou Cai St. , on easy terms.
Harris , room 411 , 1st Nat , llanfc. Ml
SMALL stock ot goods to trade for vacant
A coed liotel In Omaha , doing nice business ,
for sale or trade. Furniture nearly new ; long
Sloe * of drugs to trade for city property.
P30 acres of nlco land in Cedar county , Ne
braska , clear of Incumbrauce , to trade for
pleca of Inside Omaha property.
Honso and lot In Orchard mil. small Incuni-
brnnce , to trade for vacant lot or laud nnd
Nice nix-room collage , oncornor lot , Just west
of 11 mis com Place , to trade for land.
It youhnvo anything to t ratio or sell will nnd
gee us. .
Wo have some ot the best and cheapest lots
in Orchard Hill for salo.
How is thlsl I Lot 30 , WOOK 8. Orchard Illlt ,
forSSOO. It ouly takes nbout WOO cash , nnd bal
ance easy. Tins lays elegant ; no nlcor lot In
the addition. Arnold & Co , room C27 , Paxton
block. 47fl 17
SALE-East front lot on ) th st [ Geor-
gla nvoj ovorlooklnit Omaha and Conncll
lllulTs. line slto for n homo. Special close
price for a few dnys. C , F. Harrison , Mer
chants National bank. 113
SALE Lot on ! Kd st. Just north of
HAUSPOIH Park , fiJ.WO : easy terms to party
who will build , C. K. Harrison. Morchnul.s
National bank. lit
" ' " for plat of uollior plice , nnd when
driving for recreation follow the motor Hn
poles on loth st. , nnd Amos' avo. , nnd see th
wondorfui Improvement ! that have taken
place Just nrouud the barracks , and remember
LhnlCollior placets the kov to the situation ,
liny n lot now for the low price and nt tno easy
tonusttioy amlralmr olforoJ , ami wo are satis-
lied. One-wnth cash , balanoa one to five years.
MeCague.opp. P.O. 73
Jlnttor of application of Wm. Stoltonborg to
liquor llconso.
Notice Is litneby given Uat Wm. Ptoltenborg ,
did upon UieUli day of June A. I ) . ! > ( ' . fll hm
nppllcatlorf to the lloanl of lira and Police
Commissioners of Omaha , for license to nell
malt. Spirituous nnd Vlnuos Liquors nt No. BID
webster Street , 5th Wnrd , Omaha , Nebraska ,
from the 1st day ot January the 1st day
of January 1WO.
ICthero oo no objection , remonstrance or pretest -
test nied-within two weeks from Juna utli A
d. ISfH. thu said license will be grmitod.
f-lj \Vii. baoi.TKMiKliil , Appllcoul.
Notlof to Contrnctors.
Sealed proposals for the eroctlaa of a tratno
Church llullding In Ida Grove. Iowa , will bo ro-
rvlved bv the undersigned until 0 o'clock p. in. ,
of Juno toth , It8 . Plans and specifications now
nt otllco of J. K. & W. C. Weaver , Ida Urore ,
J. E. WEAVKR , 1
J. L. nr.EAKi.v , I
G. II. JOHNSON , \ Committee.
\VlI.UAMg , J JHd2tt
Notloo to Contractors.
The board of p'ibllel ' w orksjaud will
rerelvo bids n.s stated below :
For work aud material necessary tocllnlMi
new building forlnstltuto for the Illlnn , Ne
braska Cits' , and for inaklngMintod repairs on
the old "building nt nny time before Juno 24 ,
188 , ) , at 2 p. m.
For work and material to complete south
wing f or IndUHirlal Homo at Milford , at any
time before June 20. I'M ' ) , at2p m.
For labor nnd material to lay about 1,000 feet
of ISlnehscwer plpolortliopenitentiary. Also
for comnlet ng n smoke stack and for fnrnUh-
inc and puttlugon about l.OU ) squares of i orru-
cated iron rooting for same , nt nny time before
Juno-hft , at II a , m.
I'or electriclisht pliint nnd for barn for In
curable Insane Hospital nt Hustings , Nebraska
ntnny tlmobeforo.luno2l. ( IfrSi.
I'or material and labor to complete in cotta
ges , hospital , boiler and ougluo and lauudry
houses and for hospital , for Soldiers' Home ,
Uisuid Island , at any tlmo bcforo Juno 27. l J ,
at 2 p. m.
Tor boiler house nnd Emoko stack for lntl -
tute for Feeble Minded youth , at Hcixtrlcf , at
any time-before .Iuno28 , ISC. ' , t2i > . m.
Tor ouo building for boiler house , engine
room , olectrlc light plant nnd workshop , and
for woo 1 building for gymnasium and library ,
for State .Normal School , at Pom , at nny tlmo
beforo.lunB2j. 18M , at2p m.
Tor one three story brick workshop with
Etonobrsement ; md one boiler house and smoke
Rtack. for Imlu-tilal School , nt Kearney , at nuy
tlmo ioforo July 15 , It-8't. at 2 p. m.
All above worn to be douo -cordlns to writ
ten statement. Plvns , speculations , nnd
dftnlled ilrawlmr , now on nla with the Com
missioner of Public Lands aud Imildlngs , who
will furnish all needed Information relative
Uonds will le required of sucrrtsfnl bidders
for completion of the work and for the pay
ment of nil bills for labor and material
Byorder of Hoard of Public Xands and JJullil-
Juno 13d lot Secretary.
CourtBonso to liot Notlco to nulla-
Int ; Cotrnctorri.
Notice If hereby given that tie Hoard of Ru-
porvisirs of llutlor County , ffvbifl ku , will ro-
celve bids until (1 ( p , m. , of the dtli day of July.
A. D. 1-v. ) , tor the inrnlshiiiR of nil materials and
labor anu the building nnl ivmplotion oi a
Court House In the city ot D.ivld City , iu said
County un 1 Stata , nocorillngtoiilans uud spscitl-
otioijA thorelor turulr.hcdby Wm.Gray. , > rchl-
toct. Julie > lu , Nobruslia , to Du on lllein theollico
of the County 01 jrk of bald rounty. on andurtir
.luui" in. 1'hll. Each old imifct ba iiccorupan o I
by arortltledcheck iu the sum of H.dWp'iynblo
to the ordur of the Oouutj CJork or sold county ,
as a guarantee that the bldilorYrlll , If his bid bo
acrnpteJ , mid ivltJiin live days tlioroafler on 'T
mt i a satisfactory contract for tlio erection anil
compMIou ot Mild bulldtnjr , and that ho will
within-aid llvo days oxcuto to said county a
bond < u the Hum of i W.O 0 , with unities to bo
approvud by said Hoard , 11011 litluuud for tlio
faithful performance of said contract on his
pirt. uud tluit he will pay all labor , and for ull
miiterl.\lemplovecl pnd used upon said building.
Snld chock shiill bnforfeUadto. nnd bsratnlned
by the county , 1f the builder full to outer Into
oontruct nnd give bonds UH above contemplated.
Eucli bidder must i-ubnilt with his bid a Mimplo
of slono for foundation footings , anil cut ( .tuno
worK , and nlso Of pressed brick , proposed to bo
Tiie board will also I'tCslvo bids nt same time
tofunil-h all Ollire , Vntilt und ( "ourt lloom lur-
nlluru und flxturos , also boating for Court
The Board reserves the right ta reject any or
all bids.
Hy order of Board of Bupervlsow of lititlcu
County , Nobraska.
D. C , llurcnivus.
Coatity Clerk.
Dated at David City Nnb . .Tuna 5th IBs'J.
Jnno-lH-d-Ct avMo-July ( I
Notice is hereby glvon that wilyd bids will bo
ri'celvud by the Clerk of Adams County Nob-
iiiska , lit his o1ll7e , Hastings , Nebr.iSika. until
twelve o'clock noon ou Juiu .itli , Ifrl ) , for fur-
nlbhlng ull mattii-lul and all the labor for tha
construction , nnd to ronstruct a County Court
llousn and County Jail , at the rlty ot Haitinga
Aubrasicii. according ta certain plans and t > pecl-
llcntlonsiuiil drawings to bo ou lllo ut the ollloi
of the said County Clerk on and aftur May 2.ith
1W.I.The party or partloi with whom the said
County of Adams may contract for the furnish-
ingbuid material and labor und construction of
biild County Court House und Jail , tirj to enter
into ngooil aud milllulont bond to Iu approved
by building cominittoo coutlltlonoJ avconltiig
to law.
Klgiits reserved to reject nny irad all bids.
AUo ; during the H.HIIIB the Hiime place
the wild Clerk will vocaive saaleJ bids for fur-
nlshlni : nnd putting In cells in the proposed
Uoiuity Jail , to bii-tfioutud in the city of Hast
ing1 , Adams Ciiuuty Nobr.nia , oald bids to ( xiti.
tuhihi'piiratiioflHra on tUo two klmln of cell *
viz : Ittivnlvlng Cylinder , Htitlnuary cells , ami
nix straight sqimi-B culls , with o'.irrl.lor of nny
mHiiiifa"turu that the Uoard of 8uporvlMor < j oC
said County may adopt.
lllsl't ni'fdrvoil torojoct nuy and nil bids. Hy
order of Hoard of JjuparvUom. Muylith.lHJJ.
Co , Att'y. County Clerk.
Notiot * .
Notice Is h r by glvon tluit Hijuled bids v.'lll bo
received by the clerk oC Adami Ooj.ity , Nob-
raslcu , ut hlsoillca Hastiltga. Nojr.uicji , on or
bffdi'wtwclvu o"clo"kiiuon of July tth ; liU.i , for
thepurc'iaioof H3V 7l'y ilva -jidi : o the do-
noiuinuliouof onei housaiid dollar * oac'i to bo
Isisuod by tdoCouuty of Adatmi Iu the Stiuo of
Nobniska. tolieiiutuil July l t , H- i ) and to bo
payable at the Fl-tnil Agonfy of the Htxte of
Nebraski , city of Now Vor * . Stutu of N'oiv
Vorktwoiity yoaw ulter the ilats tliarfiof ro-
dbumulild nt any tlmo ou or uf wr ten yuat-j from
thu date tljoniof at tin option of halu county of
Ailams and to bear interest nt thu rats of llvo
per cent per itnimm piiyublo nuuuilly on tli-i
llrst d.iy of July Iu each yuar. for wJitcn lut'ir tt
coupons Khali bo nttaclieapayable at the IH-ul
JlllitK ( reserved to reject any and all bids.
lly ordorof the Hoard of hup'TVisoM , Muyl'th '
18UU. L. II. P.viiTiinmi : .
[ siur.l Comity Clprk.
JIIJIK A. OBT < I , County Attorney. m'ilutoJyii
rUimarltablo for jui'.vcrfulsvratii-botio )
touo , ] > linblo uotion a.n'l uUoniin iura- !
"biUty ; 80 years' ' ronord llio best tfuurtvn-
tco of tlio excellency of theho 't
chcaBO | ( U8. | JciarkSt.
Ifce Regular Old-EstaWIsheJ
Intel Treating wllb th Greatcrt
Chronic , Neryoas anfl Male Diseases ,
Fnlll-aa Memory , Rxlmuillne Drains , Terrible
DrcBtni , Hend and Back Ache nd nil the effect !
Icadma to c rly decuy nd r ih > p Cooiumptlon of
iQBftr.lty , treated clcnllliCilly bjr new mitliodt with
never.failinff MiccfM ,
T OYPHILiaiinil all bad blood und BVlnDU.
ca c pcrmnnrnlly cured.
* jf-KIDNEY nJ URlNAnYconiplnlntsGleet ,
Gonorrhoea , Stricture , Varlcoctle nndnildlsrMM
tf Ihi Ocnlto-Urlnnry OrRlnl aim ) promptly without
Injury to S'.om ch , Kulneyi or other Ors n .
* WNo experiments. Ajo ndexp r ! nce lm
portnnt. Consultation free ami itacred.
Cft-Send 4 ceuti p i $ e for Celebrated Works 00
Olironlc , Nervous ami Delicate Di es e .
lr-Tlioj cojtemplatlnB MauluRt nenil for Dr.
Clarke's celebrated guide Male and Femle , each
H crnu , both cenU ( itamri ) , Cotuult the old
Doctor , A Mindly letter orcnllmsy ave future lulrer.
\ax \ nml ) iame , ami odd rolJen years to lifo. ffiS-l'ooie
"Llfe'a ( SecretKrrora , " socenti.tampi ( ) . Mullein *
nnd writings tent e\crywhrrc , securafrom expoiura ,
Hourt , 8 to 8. Sui.J ) - y in n AJJre i
F. D. CLARKE , M. D. ,
100 S-\ Clark 8U CHICAGO *
Dll.U.O.YK3T'8 Nr-UVB AND UlUIN llydtorla. Dizzi
ness , OonvuUlonii. i. Its , Nervous Numl li\ ,
Hoadacho.7 oryoui Prostratlo-i ennsodbyths
uio of iilcohol or tobacco. Wukofnlnaai , Mental
Doprdsslon. Poftftiluaof the JlrnUi , rtwilllnKln
Intimity nnd Inudluuto julsory , do inyuml death.
Pjcmaturo Old Ago , llarrenu H3. I oss of 1'owof
In either B < SX , Involuntary Losses nndtU'ormat-
orluuacaused by ovor-oxortlouof thobniln.self-
anuso or ovcilnchilponcn. Koch box oontalnl
cne mouth's troatment. f l.W a box , ot six boxol
forM.UO.sentby mallprep .ld on receipt of price.
To cure any caio. With each order roeolvod by
us for six boxes , accompanied > vlth J3.00 , \ \ o will
Fend the purohasor our wrlltanKtmriintoo to re
fund the money If trie tro itment Clous not effect
Rcure. Ounranteos Isiuod only by , Qoodiuaa
Drug Co. , Uiugglsu , sole Agents. lUl ) Farnam
truet. Omaha nob. _ _
Ctbn IJnuor Hnblt. 1'nnltirclr Cared
br AdnilnlnterlnK Dr. llalnua'
Uoldcu Specific.
It rnn bo frlvon In a cup of coIToo or ton wlttinut tlio
iiiiHTliMlfUcir lhoiKr ! l > nt.nkIni ; ll ; l nli ou'olyhiu-U !
li'ti.nn.l will e'Ji'ct a spouJr unJ prrmnnent euro ,
wliutlirr tUo imili'nt In n mo Inrntu drinker or nil
nlcoliulluHrucK. TiioununJx ur.lrnukiir.H tmvu uonn
nmdn toiuiinrnta men who Imvu taken Coition Docltlo
In their ruiruo without tliulr kiiowlo Icoumt to-nny ho-
lloTOtliuy quit drinking on lluMr own Jroo will. IT
UKVUll KM 1.8. The Hrstum oticu lnipr uniiti' < l with
thn SponlMc. It hcooini s niinrtcr linpnt tlltlllty jo luu
liquor npiutillu to nxtst. l\ r ttulu IKului ACo.
DniRelsts , ISth ami Ponalai st . . nml I3th amiCum ;
luliiE At. Cnha. A. 1) . I'Tjsli'rA. llro. , Council Bltiffsla
NOTICE Is hereby glvtn that u special meet-
lug of the stockholdois of the Coliseum
Ilulldlng association , of Omuha. will be held
Tuesd'iy , June 1C Ht 4 p. in. , to discuss the pre
liminary arrangements fora gr.ind exposition ,
September uoxt , nnd dlaposo of Mich otner
business as may be brought before the meet
ing. John 8.1'rlncc , secretary. Juno 17 2t
An Army of Imported Son esters
Turned L > nose In I'oitlaml , Ore.
Wednesday tnornitinr 700 Gorman
singing birds wore libcrut < ; d in the
grounds of Cedar Hill , Mrs. II. D. Hill'fl
beautiful homo on the hills west of the
city , writes iv Porthmil ( Oro. ) corre
spondent. This was the consummation
of a plan formed several months ago by
Gorman roaidotits of the city , who sub'
scribed u nufiiuient mnount to send n
man to Germany and secure n thousand
singing birCs of different species. On
his return twmgo the nUentlmit was
siclc for four dtiys , and ! ) ( ) ! ) of the birds
died for want of euro. Tlio rest arrived
all safe last week , and liavo been on ex
hibition at the industrial fiiir building.
Among the different miocioa are song
quails , the black thrush , song thrush ,
crosdbnaks , linnetstarlings , bullilnchcs ,
nightingales , ( two varieties , one sing
ing in the day , the other at night ) ,
greenfinches , g'oldUnchos , ohallinches ,
SKylarks , etc. Most of them came
.through in excellent condition , and
when liberated made the beautiful
grounds of Cedar Hill u , veritable nvinry ,
fairly reveling in tlio sunshine. For
the moat part they are modest looking
little follows , in somber plumupe of
gray and green. Tlie bullfinches nlpno
wear bright Iiverio3. , . TJicy arc flno
little fellows , looking lilto rod-goat d
Britishers , with their , roA brcastsanfl.
black caps aud trim military bearing.
dii'i'il of Malnrin ,
George Dixon , : J I-'lorida St. , ElIzabctb.N.
J. , writes.
I have boon using AI-LOOCK. ' ? Pouous
sTUits Tor Uio last llvo ycur.J. Some two
yours ngo.uf.U" ' havingbocn Biok.for unwnrda
of six mouths with malaria , I found 'mysolf
ivlth nn enlarged spleen , uyspopllo , uni ] con
stantly troubled with n headache , nud rny
Icldnoys did not act very well clthur , Jltxv-
.ng r > pont jioat of my uionoy for mcsjluliio
and tnodicAl ndvlco , I thought to a vo ex
penses I would use AI.I.OOCK'S Pwiipus PJ.VS-
tors , Uvo on the small of my luu'.t ' , ouo on
the aple6n or nffue LMlte , and ono on the pit of
the Btonnich , just nudor the braaHt-bono. I
coutluuo.l using the Plaatuw about thirty
dnys , chunglng thorn ovary vvoeU. At tlio
end of that tlmu I wus porfoolly well , and
Imvc rcnmlnod so over siiiuo. "
A OnAct Ti-nsoilr.
Boston Courier : "Then tills is your
final answer , liss Stubbles ? "
"My final unawor. "
"Nothing can inovo you , "
'Nothing. "
"Then my lifo will bo a lonely ono ,
and my fate u huivili ono , for my iJnclo.
with whom I lived , luia just rllud and
left mo - "
'Must died ? "
"Yes , and loft mo -
"TJiat fuct Biiinowliiit ulterj fho ciwo ,
Henry. 1 cannot be liun > h to one who
Jmu ( illumined such recent bereavement.
If I could believe that you are bincoro
_ ii
"Sincoro ? Oh , Miss Stubbles ! "
"You have certainly made an Impres
sion on my heart. Give mo time to
thinlc of it. "
"Uow long ? "
"After ull. why think of it ? Henry ,
I am your . "
"Oh , Genevi vo ! "
* t * * * * *
"Ii3 ) not sfjiieeu * mo BO hard , Henry ,
Your jioor undo ! WUB ho long illy"
"Tir ) o Osiys. "
"It Iu toil bud ! You say ho hus left
you -
"Yes , ho hns loft mo. "
"How tnuuliV I suit ! ho had Ml mo ,
lln hrid nothing ijlhu to 1c wo. 1 am
tilono.irt lb j world now. homi'lons , ] > on- , but with you 1 > y my ti 1o gra-
ciou , * hn'
Soojio3H ! ! niylits inaUo iiii > | iM".Uilu by
lint ii i'1'ihlu cruiiili. bliilnh a Cviio ia
> r.'ineJy ( or you , ior Wrtlu by Oqocl
u Di-ua Co ,